iOS 13 was announced at Apple’s WWDC 2019 recently. It may not have been the most exciting release (it is subjective, of course) – but it surely features a ton of useful (new) additions.

Even though we know about the new features, we wouldn’t recommend you to install iOS 13 beta just yet. For now, you should wait for iOS 13 public beta to go live (if you don’t want to mess up your primary device).

But, before you get it installed (developer beta or public beta), you should be aware of the features to try them out on your device. So, in this article, we will let you know what’s new in iOS 13.

iOS 13: Top 6 Features

iOS 13 introduces a bunch of features. So, first, we shall talk about the best features and then move on to mention the rest of the details in brief in the later part of this article.

1. All-new Photos App UI

photos app ios 13

This is a major overhaul that you will be getting in iOS 13. The Photos app on iOS 13 gets a complete makeover to change the look and feel of it. Personally, I am a fan of the new user interface.

It lets you navigate through your photos in a more organized manner. You can filter by days, months, year, or choose to view all the photos at once. When you filter by “Days“, it will automatically highlight the photo you might like in a bigger grid while also auto-playing the videos or live photos (as you can see in the image above). Similarly, it puts up a collection when you want to filter by months or years.

This makes it super easy to look through all your stuff quickly.

2. Video Editing built into the Photos app

video editing iOS 13

In addition to the user interface, they have also improved the editing tools that you get built-in with the Photos app. So, you don’t need to rely on a 3rd party app. Before iOS 13, we had an extensive set of photo editing tools – but now you can also edit the videos with more control.

You can change the perception of the video, rotate it, control the noise in the video, adjust brightness, and perform a few more useful tweaks.

3. Dark Mode

iOS 13 dark mode

It is one of the most exciting additions to iOS 13. You get to toggle the dark mode right from the control center. Of course, it only works for in-built apps (System, Clock, Photos, etc). For every other 3rd party application like YouTube, you will have to manually toggle the dark mode from within the app settings.

4. Sign in with Apple ID

iOS 13

You must have observed the social login options like log in with Facebook or Google. However, with those sign-in methods, you share the real email address with the app/service you want to sign in. With iOS 13, you get to utilize a new sign in method by Apple which lets you log in using your Apple ID without sharing your real email address.

In a nutshell, it uses a random (but unique) alias to your email ID to sign in to the service. This way, your privacy is protected.

5. Swipe to Type

Android had this feature for several years now – but iOS didn’t have it built-in. So, it is definitely impressive to see this baked into the default keyboard without needing to utilize a 3rd party keyboard app. Of course, it is not something new for the world but it is a great deal for iOS 13 to finally have this feature.

6. Smaller App Sizes and Downloads

Finally, iOS users will have smaller app downloads and the update size will also be significantly smaller in size.

Other Improvements

1. All-new Reminders App

iOS 13

The reminders app also got an overhaul to make it more useful by utilizing Siri Intelligence and smart lists as well.

2. New Siri Voice

Siri will now sound more human-like with the use of an advanced neural text-to-speech technology. This may be a subtle change to the digital assistant – but it does have an impact over the experience with Siri on iOS 13.

3. Built-in Shortcuts app

shortcuts app

You had to install the Shortcuts app separately to make use of Siri Shortcuts. However, with iOS 13, the app will come pre-installed.

4. Audio Sharing with AirPods

airpods sharing

To make use of Bluetooth 5.0, iOS 13 gives you the ability to share the audio feed between two pair of AirPods. With this, you can share a single playlist from a single device and listen to it together. It could come in handy when watching movies together on an iPad too.

5. 360-degree view in Apple Maps

You can now enjoy an immersive 3D experience of your city through Apple Maps. Obviously, not all the cities (or countries) will be available. But, if you are someone in the United States, you should expect it to work flawlessly soon enough.

6. Memoji Personalization

memoji ios 13

Memojis can now be customized to help make a personalized avatar. You can even bring these memojis as a sticker set to use via any 3rd party app or the messaging app itself.

7. A New CarPlay Dashboard

carplay iOS 13

The new CarPlay interface tries to squeeze in more information in the dashboard to make your driving experience easier.

8. Performance

With iOS 13, you can expect a much faster unlocking experience with the Face ID. In addition, the overall performance improvements will have a noticeable impact on app launch times and usability on iOS 13.

Wrapping Up

For now (at the time of publishing this), iOS 13 beta is super unstable. But, of course, there is time for the public beta to arrive. So, if you already have it installed, go on exploring it. In either case, feel free to let us know your thoughts on iOS 13 in the comments down below.

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