How To Turn Off WiFi On Your iPhone

When Apple introduced the Control Center feature in iOS 7, it gave users shortcuts to certain iOS features like the WiFi toggle. Users could turn WiFi on or off via this toggle, but with iOS 11, Apple made it so that tapping the WiFi toggle no longer turned it off permanently, and instead only turned it off temporarily where the next day it would be enabled again.

How To Check iPhone Battery Health

Have you noticed that your iPhone has been performing sluggishly as of late? If you have noticed that, there are several reasons why that could be, and one of those reasons is due to your iPhone’s battery degrading, in which Apple has decided that batteries that have degraded to a certain extent will result in the iPhone’s performance being throttled.

How To Turn Off AirDrop On iPhone And iPad

If you’re looking to share files between a Mac computer or iOS device, there are many ways to go about doing that, such as sending over instant messenger, syncing via a cloud storage service, sending it via email, or as Apple would most probably prefer, via AirDrop. AirDrop is a proprietary feature found on iOS and Mac computers that is meant to allow quick and seamless file transfers between compatible […]

How To Add Songs To Apple Music

Music streaming services offer a convenient way for people to listen to music on the go as it means being able to access a library of songs numbering in the tens or even hundreds of thousands. Unfortunately due to licensing reasons, as much as streaming services try, sometimes there will be instances that the song you want is not available. If you are an Apple Music user, this is how […]


How To Get App Refunds For iPhone And iPad Apps

Did you know that Apple allows users to request refunds for apps bought from its App Store? You wouldn’t think this is the case considering that the refund feature isn’t mentioned, nor is accessing it very obvious, but you’ll be happy to learn that you can request for a refund for an app.

How To Force Quit Apps On Your Mac

From time to time, programs on a computer can suddenly stop responding for no explicable reason. It can be hard to pinpoint a reason as to why a program stops responding as it could be due to a bug in the software; software and hardware conflict; a system/driver error; or maybe your computer simply does not have the resources to support the running of the program.

How To Get Refunds For Steam Games

According to Valve’s policy regarding refunds, you can request for a refund for any game for a variety of reasons. Maybe you have buyer’s remorse, or you suddenly discover that you don’t have the time to play the game, or maybe the game didn’t deliver as advertised, or maybe the game went on sale shortly after you bought it at full price.

How To Track Your Steps On Android

Whether you are into fitness or not, it is quite handy to have a step tracker app downloaded on your phone. Besides checking how much energy you have consumed on a given day, one could also use a pedometer app to measure distances.

How To Enable Night Mode On Android

Some might not know this, but the blue light emitted by your smartphone, tablet or computer screen, causes severe eye strain, which in return makes it less likely for you to have a good night sleep.

How To Enable Private Browsing On Chrome, Firefox and Edge

Whether you are using a friend’s or your parents’ computer, or you just plainly wish to keep your online tracks secret, private browsing is always a good option – a feature supported by all major web browsers.

How To Send Large Files Over Email

Sending large files over email has always been a tricky thing to do. All email clients have attached file limits, usually at around 30MBs. Therefore, if you wish to send multiple photos or videos over email, or a similar file of large size, you’ll have to find a workaround.

How To Disable Facebook Live Notifications

Facebook’s live video notifications can be quite annoying, especially since most of us don’t really care for them, unless there is something breaking going on. In this tutorial, we are going to be showing you how to disable Facebook Live notifications on both desktop and mobile (Android and iOS).

How To Use The Ping Command To Test Your Network (Win, Mac, Linux)

Testing your internet connection speed using a third party platform is something we have covered before. Though, we didn’t get a proper look at how to test the condition of your network. In this tutorial, we are going to be guiding you through the ping command, and how to use it to test your network.

How To Use Siri Shortcuts On iOS 12

Siri shortcuts are now one of the best features iOS 12 has to offer. Of course, you need to ensure that you have the latest iOS version installed and also make sure that you have installed all the app updates available (if any) from the App Store to utilize 3rd party application shortcuts.

How To Use Do Not Disturb In iOS 12

The Do Not Disturb (aka DND) mode on iOS 11 was not much useful – a lot of users request for a change (to make it more accessible and useful). And, finally, we have an improved DND feature on iOS 12.

How To Use Screen Time on iOS 12?

Getting hooked on to your smartphone more than you should? Want a healthy schedule instead? If that is what you are looking for – the screen time management feature on iOS 12 will help you organize your digital life. With the Screen Time settings, you get to know your usage patterns (how much time you’ve spent using an application per day/week/month) or which of the services do you use the […]

Unable To Shutdown Due To A DDE Server Window: 5 Ways To Fix

You get the DDE Server Window error if there is a conflict with an application or the Windows OS itself. So, before trying out any of the solutions mentioned, you should first ensure that you have the latest Windows updates installed on your system.

How To Find And Hide The Location Where A Photo Was Taken

Being able to see where a photo was taken can come in handy on multiple occasions. Though, under certain circumstances, one could also prefer to hide this information from public view.In this tutorial, we are going to be showing you how to access and hide a photo’s location information on both mobile and desktop.How to see/hide a photo’s location on Windows and MacThe process is quite simple. On Windows: Import […]

How To Hide Your Active Status On Facebook Messenger (Android/iOS)

There are always times when one simply wants his or her peace, and constant notifications from social networking apps render such thing impossible. In this tutorial, we are going to be guiding you through the ridiculously easy process of hiding your active status on Facebook’s Messenger app for Android and iOS.Hiding active status on Messenger: Step-by-stepBefore jumping into the few steps that this process entails, let us clarify what hiding […]

WiFi Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration: How Do I Fix It?

When you are using a Wi-Fi network and not able to access the Internet – you will end up troubleshooting to find the problem as -“Wifi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration”.