How To Delete Chrome Extensions

Adding Chrome Extensions is easy, but to remove them, you might have to go deeper in the settings. We can do it in 2 clicks or six easy steps.

How To Convert Kindle Books to PDF in Minute (Win, Mac, Android)

A 1-minute method to convert Kindle Books to PDF files online. Works on all platforms, and does not require software installation to your computer.

Best Commands for Google Home: The Essential

A list of essential commands that will help you get the most out of Google Home and Google Assistant, without spending much time learning about it.

Best Amazon Alexa Commands

The top Amazon Alexa commands to really make Alexa work for you and save you time, effortlessly. This list will broadly expand your usage of Alexa. Utilize your voice-assistant fully.


How To Reverse Image Search On iPhone

If you have an image for which you want to know where the image originated from, you need to utilize the reverse image search technique. It easy to perform on a desktop (just to head to and upload the image you want the details for). For iOS devices, it depends on what browser you are using (or if you want to get an app installed to perform a reverse […]

How to install Android on PC

Android does not have an official desktop version. However, there are some workarounds by which you can install Android on PC (partially). In this article, we will discuss some of the methods available to install Android on PC.

How To Fix A 504 Gateway Timeout Error

A 504 gateway timeout error is a type of server error – meaning that the server accepted your HTTP request (A request message from a client to a server) but an error prevented the completion of the request. There are numerous reasons as to why it happened in the first place. So, let us take a look at some of the potential solutions to help fix a 504 gateway timeout error.

How To Encrypt Your Android Phone or Tablet

There is no doubt that we store a lot of sensitive data to our phones these days; from sensitive photos and personal emails to a social security number and banking statements. Therefore, there is definitely a lot of data in there that you would want to keep away from any prying eyes.

3 Ways To Reduce Data Usage on Android

If you go online on the go as much as I do, then you probably already know how easy it is to burn through a few Gigabytes of mobile data each month. Unfortunately, though, that won’t make the data plan’s check any less expensive. Thankfully, there are a few seamless ways of reducing mobile data usage, so let’s go through them.

How To Access Files On Android

Looking for files on Android can occasionally become a very frustrating process. Whether it is an mp3 file that just won’t show up on your music app or a downloaded image that you cannot find on the phone’s gallery app, navigating through Android’s file jungle is a tricky business. In this tutorial we are going to be taking a look at two very simple ways of exploring files on your […]

How to Sign Out of Gmail

Log out of GMail in seconds. The quick tutorial to sign-out from the web, or from your Android or iOS device. Super easy, once you know.

How To Use A Custom Email Address With Gmail

Many users have at least two email accounts; one for personal and another for professional use. So what happens when you have a custom email address (non domain) and wish to manage it (send and receive email) via Gmail? The process is fairly simple, just let out step-by-step tutorial guide you through.

How Do I Make A Zip File?

Almost every Internet user must have downloaded a ZIP file from the Internet, but not all of them know how they are created in the first place. Do you need a 3rd party software to create a ZIP file? Does the operating system on your system includes a native support for Zip files? How do you start creating compressed ZIP files? Fret not, in this article; we will show you […]

How To Use Guest Mode on Android

Thankfully, since Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google has added a functionality called “Guest Mode” that is meant to keep any third party using our smartphone – with our consent – limited to a specific set of apps. Setting up and using Guest Mode is very simple, and we are going to be guiding you through the process step by step.

How To Move Photos To SD On Android

  The particular guide involves using your device’s File Manager app, without needing to consult your computer. If you are not familiar with the File Manager app, you can take a look at our tutorial. To kick things off, open the File Manager app, which is located somewhere in your phone’s home screen along with the other apps. Depending on your device’s manufacturer, the app’s name might vary – Files, File […]

How To Free Storage Space on Android, Without Computers

On Android, the result of maxing out your storage is the appearance of the annoying “insufficient storage available” notification. Freeing up your device’s storage usually involves plugging the device into your computer, where you can unload your photos and videos. In this tutorial, we will guide you through tips on how to seamlessly and wirelessly clean up storage space on your Android smartphone and tablet.

How To Mirror Android Screen On Your TV

Mirroring your Android smartphone or tablet to a TV used to be quite an ordeal, which usually involved rooting the phone or using a bunch of cables. Not anymore, though, thanks to manufactures integrating Mirroring in their very own UIs, a slew of free apps on Play Store and Chromecast. In this tutorial, we are going to be showing you how to easily mirror your Android device’s display to your […]

How To Turn Off In-App Purchases on Android

In this tutorial we are going to be showing you how to seamlessly disable automatic in-app purchases, thus giving you a few seconds before ultimately making the decision whether to buy those extra credits, or preventing a malicious third-party from purposefully maxing out your credit card. The process is very simple.

How To Use Google Pay

A new form of payment has managed to find its way into the mainstream: smartphones. Both major smartphone manufacturers, Apple and Samsung, have developed their very own ‘smart pay’ apps, called Apple Pay and Samsung Pay respectively. Google’s counterpart is Google Pay.

How to Set Your Home Page On Edge, Firefox and Chrome

The first screen (or tab) that you observe while launching a browser is the “homepage.” You may even refer to it as the start page of your browser. As per your preference, you may set it to anything you like. It could be a blank window, a search engine, or a blog. To save time, you should set your favorite website on the Internet as your homepage. Fret not; it is […]