When Apple first launched FaceTime, many mocked the company. This is because the concept of FaceTime back then was simplistic – a video calling tool. This was also at the time when many other competing handsets as well as third-party apps already supported the tool, but yet for some reason, it took Apple a while to not only bring front-facing cameras to the iPhone, but also video calling.

However, fast forward to today, FaceTime has become the default video calling app not just for iPhones, but iPads and also Mac computers, allowing users within Apple’s product ecosystem to quickly video call each other.

With the launch of iOS 15, Apple also introduced a new tool in the form of screen sharing, where users on FaceTime calls could now screen share with each other. This is useful for collaborating on work or school projects, or if you simply want to show someone something on your phone.

Screen Share In FaceTime

To screen share during a FaceTime call, you will need to have at least iOS 15.1 or newer installed.

According to Apple, devices that are eligible for the iOS 15 update include:

  • iPhone 6s or later
  • iPhone SE first and second gen
  • iPod touch (7th generation)
  • iPad Air (2, 3rd, 4th generation)
  • iPad mini (4, 5th, 6th generation)
  • iPad (6th-9th generation)
  • All iPad Pro models

Assuming you have a device that’s compatible and have updated to the latest version of iOS:

  1. Launch FaceTime on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Tap New FaceTime
  3. Select the contact you want to FaceTime with
  4. Tap the green FaceTime button to start the call
  5. Once the call has been connected, tap the SharePlay button at the top right corner of the screen’s control panel
  6. Tap Share My Screen
  7. After a 3-second countdown, your screen will be shared

During screen sharing, you can launch other apps and do other things on your phone while the FaceTime call is still active. The other person will essentially see everything you’re doing, so make sure you’re not opening anything sensitive that you don’t want the other person to see.

You will also notice a purple SharePlay icon at the top left corner of the iPhone or iPad’s screen to indicate that screen sharing in FaceTime is currently active. You can tap on it to bring up the FaceTime control panel and tap the SharePlay icon to end screen sharing, or you can just end the call which will end screen sharing as well.

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