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Yahoo Downplays Concerns That Hackers Will Misuse Recycled User IDs

06/20/2013, Last week Yahoo announced that it would be resetting user IDs that have been inactive for 12 months. Some people have voiced concerns that hackers might misuse these recycled user IDs, that it could lead to online identity theft. Yahoo's Dylan Casey has...

Yahoo Redesigns Its Web Search Page

06/05/2013, Yahoo web search page for the U.S. is getting a new design. The page load times have been improved and results are shown higher than before.

Yahoo Buying A Share In Hulu [Rumor]

05/26/2013, Rumor has it that Yahoo has submitted an offer to buy a stake in video streaming site Hulu. The value of this offer is not yet known.

Yahoo Will Not Restrict Tumblr’s NSFW Content Post-Acquisition

05/21/2013, We’re sure that for the most part, you guys are well aware that Tumblr contains some NSFW material. Some of it is just good old fashion porn, while some of it we guess could be thought of as artistic nudes. Either way it’s out there and you guys...