yahoo-new-logoThere are times when it pays to remain ahead of the learning curve – such as now, as Yahoo requires you to update your browser or you will be using basic email instead when June 6 rolls around. The basic version of Yahoo Mail that will run on older browsers will not come with all of the other necessary trappings such as the useful spell-check or chat function.

What does “older browsers” mean in this particular case? Well, anything that is older than the two most recent versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari will qualify, so you might want to get cranking right away, or at least put a note in your reminder or calendar to do so by June 5.

Basically, if you remain adamant that you would want to maintain the existing browser version without upgrading to the recommended latest versions, you will only be able to access Yahoo’s Basic Mail, which will also lack integration with Yahoo’s Messenger chat service as well as miss out of customizable themes.

Yahoo does not in particular that those who are still running Internet Explorer 8 are bound to be the group that will be affected the most, considering how that particular browser has now been five years in existence. [Press Release]

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