A few weeks back it was rumored that Yahoo is going to partner up with Yelp in order to bolster its search product. That rumor has turned out to be true. Yahoo officially announced its partnership with Yelp today, as it looks to improve its search offering. Now when anyone uses Yahoo Search to look up local businesses in the U.S., the results will include reviews, star ratings and business information, which will all be pulled in from Yelp.


Yelp listings will be displayed on top of the link stack whereas the content will be displayed on the right hand side of the page. Yahoo Search has also been updated with a new “photo viewing experience” that will not only display high-quality photos from Yelp, but also those taken from other partners and provided by the businesses themselves. Images play an important part particularly when businesses are trying to market themselves to new patrons, it enables them to get a look at the place without actually have to head on over.

Trusted user content from Yelp makes its way to Yahoo Search as it aims to provide a much better experience to users. The company has forged similar partnerships with Apple and Microsoft, about time that Yahoo joined the fray as well.

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