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Microsoft To Stop Supporting Outlook.com Linked Accounts

06/17/2013, Microsoft has announced that it will stop supporting Outlook.com linked accounts in the next couple of months. Linked accounts were introduced back in 2006, they offered an easy way of switching between multiple e-mail addresses from Outlook.com.

Digg Reader Version 1 Launches On June 26th

06/17/2013, Digg Reader version 1 will be launching next week, with everyone getting access to it by June 26th. Digg has revealed various features that this free Google Reader alternative will bring.

States Photo ID Databases Widely Used By Law Enforcement

06/17/2013, Since the attention on citizens privacy has been heightened by the noise surrounding the PRISM surveillance program that is said to involve giant Internet companies (which they deny) and the U.S government, it is interesting to know that facial photos...