JQ18OHBWhen it comes to choice of browsers, there are many that users can choose from, such as Internet Explorer and Safari as the defaults for Windows and OS X respectively, Opera, Fire Fox and Google Chrome, but it seems that as far as the majority is concerned, Google Chrome appears to be the most popular browser at the moment. This was revealed by Google who claims that their Chrome browser currently has about 750 million active users on a global scale, making it the most popular browser in the world. Of course this is largely thanks to the fact that Chrome is not only available on computers, but on mobile devices as well, and also because Google has a Chrome OS. We’re not sure how Google calculated these statistics, but 750 million active users is certainly no joke, but there is a possibility of duplicates since someone using Chrome on their desktop, smartphone and tablet could be counted as 3 separate users, unless of course they bother logging in. Either way what’s your favorite browser, and do you agree that Chrome is the most popular browser at the moment?

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