It was reported back in February that the Chinese Army apparently has a whole cyber-wing with the ultimate purpose of launching cyberattacks on the U.S., specifically targeting government agencies and major companies. According to an Akamai report, cyberattacks originating from China tripled last year, making China reportedly the biggest culprit of state-sponsored hacking. The Administration has already said that it will take a firm stand against Chinese cyberattacks, there are a number of options that the U.S. might pursue including but not limited to visa restrictions. The New York Times now reports that such attacks against the U.S. have started to originate once again from the People’s Republic.

It has not been revealed which companies have been hit by these attacks, the names have not been made public due to various agreements, though it is said that these same companies were targeted the last time around as well. It has also been reported that this cyber-wing focuses quite a bit on companies that have direct access to the U.S. national power grid. Obviously nothing is known for sure, and with U.S. and China already agreeing to the formation of a working group for cybersecurity, it wouldn’t be the best of ideas to outright blame China without an official confirmation of its alleged actions.

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