During yesterday’s extremely long Google I/O keynote, the company dedicated a good amount of time announcing improvements to its Google+ social networking platform. One of the major changes they announced yesterday was to its Hangouts feature, which Google was looking to make conversing to one another across platforms a much easier and seamless experience. Soon after their keynote, Google made the new version of Google Hangouts available on iOS, Android and Chrome.

We’re sure you use at least one of these platforms, thus making the unification of Hangouts that much more important to you as being able to communicate with your friends, family and associates can now be a completely seamless experience now that the new software is available. Hangouts replaces Google Talk, Google+ Messenger and Hangout video chats as the new software can allow you to chat, share images, and video chat with one person or an entire group.

Google Hangouts can now be downloaded onto your iOS and Android devices as well as your Chrome web browser by clicking on their respective links.

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