Amazon made July 11th its own shopping holiday because why not? When you’re one of the biggest online retailers on the planet, you can afford such a luxury. Who needs Black Friday or Cyber Monday then? The company has confirmed that it’s bringing back Amazon Prime Day on July 11th, 2017.
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Keeping up with its mission to make Instagram a safe place for users to express themselves freely, the Facebook-owned company today announced that it has created a new artificial intelligence-based filter that automatically blocks certain offensive comments. Instagram has also launched a new spam filter in nine languages.
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Some people tend to do really risky and dangerous acts just to get their big break on YouTube. They’re enticed by all of the success stories to come out of the online video network, they see the fame and fortune and decide anything is worth risking for that. Things can go horribly wrong some times, as 19-year-old Monalise Perez of Norman County, Minnesota can now attest.
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Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk voice an idea a couple of months ago that involves boring tunnels underground in order to ease up traffic congestion on the roads. The city of Los Angeles was apparently open to the idea though a project of this magnitude would obviously require a formal approval. Musk today announced that The Boring Company has actually completed the very first section of its tunnel in Los Angeles.
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Earlier this year it was confirmed that the Castlevania video game franchise would be finding its way onto Netflix as an animated series. We have no idea how the show will turn out, but no doubt that fans of the series will be tuning in to check it out. Recently in a video uploaded by producer Adi Shankar, the cast of the series has since been revealed. Read full post →The Cast Of Netflix’s ‘Castlevania’ Series Has Been Revealed

Back in March, the folks at Square Enix announced a new game in the form of Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, which is essentially a spin-off of the Final Fantasy XV title. However back in March the game was only soft launched where it was only available in New Zealand and Australia. Read full post →Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Has Been Released

As you might have heard, Cano recently announced their latest full-frame DSLR in the form of the EOS 6D MK II. Given its specs and features, it is not surprising that it is pricey, but for amateurs on a budget or the casual photographer, perhaps such high-end specs aren’t necessary. Read full post →Entry-Level Canon Rebel SL2 Announced

About a week ago, there were rumors that Canon had a new camera in the works in the form of the EOS 6D MK II. Photos and specs of the camera were leaked, and for those who are wondering about the camera, wonder no more as Canon has since officially taken the wraps off their latest DSLR. Read full post →Canon EOS 6D MK II Officially Announced

Will the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 come with a dual camera system? According to the leaks and rumors, it’s certainly looking that way. In fact Samsung might have hinted at it themselves when during MWC Shanghai, the company unveiled a new Isocell dual camera system which has only served to fuel the speculators. Read full post →Galaxy Note 8’s Dual Camera Rumored To Be ‘Better’ Than The Rest

With messenger apps like LINE or even iOS Messages, whenever you type a word/phrase that might have a corresponding emoji, you will be prompted as and given the option of using it. However with WhatsApp, you would still have to search for and insert emojis the good old fashioned way – manually. Read full post →WhatsApp Gets Searchable Emoji Feature