chile dog streetviewGoogle’s Street View is a fantastic online service that allows one to check out other places worldwide, such as the iconic Angkor Wat, without having to pack and head for the airport. Well, in order to get such shots, Google has used what they call the Street View car in order to capture 360-degree shots of the places that they are covering. In fact, we have also seen some hilarious moments on Street View like a staged murder or on a more serious note, a cheating fiance, but has a Street View car actually run over a dog before while on its mission? Perhaps, if you check out the image above.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Review 5 640x481

Last year Samsung followed up the release of the Galaxy S4 with a watered down version of its flagship aptly called the Galaxy S4 mini. It offers mid-range specifications with the looks that people have come to expect from Samsung’s flagships at a relatively lower price. AT&T is one of the carriers that offers the device in the U.S. and today the carrier has released Android 4.4.2 update for the Galaxy S4 mini.

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braggiesSome selfies are simply not meant to be sent out, despite the fact that Sony has already come up with what they call the selfie phone – in the form of the Sony Xperia C3. Well, it looks like a couple of segments over at the Garoupe beach which is located in southern France will be designated as a ‘No Braggies Zones’ – which means one will no longer be able to capture selfies of themselves enjoying their time under the sun.

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htc one max review 15 640x424

There’s good news for those who own a HTC One Max on Verizon. The carrier today released an over-the-air update for the device which enhances the user interface and user experience for One Max owners. Bumping up the software version to 3.09.605.2 the update brings a revamped user interface with a “vivid color palette,” and many other tweaks to the overall experience.

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fish sf2 twitchFish are not exactly the smartest creatures on the block, so how the heck are they supposed to be able to handles stuff like games? Well, we have seen Grayson the betta fish handle Pokemon in the past, but this time around, here we are with another Twitch livestream that points to how a couple of fish sharing a tank being involved in a game of Street Fighter II.

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07 ATT Tower

Gigabit internet services are slowly being rolled out across different cities in the U.S., no one company is offering a nationwide service as of now, that may take a while. AT&T is one of the few companies that’s working in this space and today it announced that its gigabit internet service will be launched soon in Silicon Valley, Cupertino to be precise, which we all know as Apple’s backyard.

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It looks as though the London Metropolitan Police (otherwise known as ‘the Met’) has the strong belief that every new smartphone that is sold in the UK ought to feature a password for security purposes. In fact, the Met looks as though they have been lobbying the government and device manufacturers, Apple and Samsung included, for the past couple of years so that this particular policy can be implemented. The Met’s National Mobile Phone Crime Unit (NMPCU) has performed a research that pointed out that up to 60% of devices used by the British are not password protected, or PIN-code protected.

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htc octa coreThe HTC Desire range is not exactly top on the wish list for many people, but this does not mean that it is not a smartphone that is unable to deliver for a device of its class. Having said that, we have word that the next Desire device might actually be equipped with a brand new octa-core 64-bit processor, now how about that?

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samsung patentsPatents can be said to be the new “bullets” for companies, and do bear in mind that not all design patents that you see surface on the Internet will make it as an end product eventually. In fact, Samsung has a bunch of design patents which have been spotted, where they describe what possible directions that potentially new Samsung devices will arrive in.

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galaxy tab4 nook 524x640Earlier this June, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK was announced, and we are glad to bring you word that the tablet is now ready to be purchased. This 7” tablet will bring together Samsung’s leading technology as well as Barnes & Noble’s extraordinary NOOK content and reading experience. This co-branded tablet happens to be a pioneer of its own, being the first-ever full-featured Android tablet that has been optimized for reading.

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