faa amazon droneDrones can be pretty useful at times, especially when one needs to capture large swathes of a particular land area, Martha Stewart’s farm included. This would also place the drone to be in an ideal position of looking for lost persons or a missing vehicle, and that is exactly what happened when a model drone successfully assisted in the search for an elderly man in Wisconsin. This elderly gentleman went missing for three days before he was found.

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apple dndWhile Samsung looks on enviously in Nokia’s direction at the number of patents that they hold, here we are with yet another patent revealed by Apple, where it will adjust iOS notifications that are based on a user’s physical activity. This would include sending the iPhone into silent mode, or perhaps the unicorn-like iWatch being silenced whenever the wearer happens to be exercising. Alternatively, this patent might bug the wearer to start sweating it out should it detect a prolonged period of inactivity.

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fish driveSo there is this particular expression that goes something like this, “when pigs fly”, which more or less denotes something that is virtually impossible to happen. Having said that, why not introduce a twist to such a saying by coming up with your very own version? I am referring to saying “when fish drive” the next time around, which is a surefire way of raising some eyebrows in the process. However, you would be able to fulfill such a saying thanks to Dutch designers who have managed to construct a prototype ‘car’ for our finned friends.

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ecb hackWhen Steam was hacked, both credit card as well as personal information of users were compromised, and that did not come across as a surprise in this digital day and age. This time around, it seems as though a “bigger fish” has been caught – as the European Central Bank has fallen victim to hackers as its website was hacked, not to mention having some personal information stolen in the process. Still, there does seem as though there is some light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

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xperia z3 leak@evleaks has revealed yet another two more images that depict the alleged Sony Xperia Z3, which has so far been touted to drop by the FCC while passing all the tests necessary with flying colors. You can enjoy the other image right after the jump and see whether it has the kind of looks which are capable of making you part with your hard earned money when it arrives.

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xperia z3 fccThe upcoming Sony Xperia Z3 which has seen its fair share of rumors in the past, has just dropped by the FCC where it has managed to pick up the relevant certification, and that more or less signals the readiness of the smartphone to roll out in the near future. Not only that, it seems as though the Sony Xperia Z3 has also managed to obtain its Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC certification processes along the way.

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Earlier this morning, we brought you word that Facebook has close to 400 million mobile-only users at the moment, which is a vast increase considering earlier this Q2 2014, the figure stood at a “mere” 341 million – which means there is a rise of more than 50 million mobile-only users on the social network between then and now. Well, we also mentioned that Americans tend to spend an average of 40 minutes each day on Facebook.

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oneplus 01 630x640The OnePlus One smartphone has remained pretty elusive so far, where it is even touted to arrive with a bamboo back plate that is set to ship next month. Most of us know that OnePlus One smartphones do run on a custom build of CyanogenMod 11, where this custom ROM is capable of delivering a mind boggling number of options for one to make the user interface bow down to your every whim and fancy.

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zte blade vecFor those of you out there who are mulling over whether to pick up a high end smartphone or not, chances are you would come across the chance of picking up a Google Play edition that remain unshackled from added apps and software from the manufacturer. Well, ZTE’s latest Blade Vec 4G smartphone will now arrive with the Google Now Launcher where that would be its default interface.

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