facebook unfollowRevenge porn is nasty business and it seems that in several parts of the US, it has actually been banned. For those unfamiliar, revenge porn is usually where an ex-lover posts intimate photos and/or videos on the internet for the whole world to see, usually as “payback” for breaking up with them.

While there are plenty of revenge porn websites around, it seems that the last place one would expect it would be Facebook, but yet according to a recent report from TheWrap, the social networking giant has been slapped with a whopping $123 million lawsuit over a revenge porn page. Read full post →Facebook Hit With $123 Million Lawsuit Over Revenge Porn

imac27 mid2014 640x224Earlier we reported that thanks to an Apple support document for the Boot Camp software, a certain mid 2014 Mac Mini was spotted. It was interesting because the last time Apple released a Mac Mini, it was way back 2012, suggesting that a refresh is definitely in order. However it seems that another Apple computer has been sighted in the support document, as spotted by the folks at Consomac.

As you can see in the screenshot above, it references a 27-inch iMac for mid-2014. Considering that the last iMac refresh took place last month and it was for the 21.5-inch iMacs, we guess it is also about time that Apple refreshed their 27-inch iMac as well. However Apple has yet to make any announcement and last we checked, the Apple Online Store’s listing has not changed. Read full post →Mid-2014 27-inch iMac Listed In Apple Support Document

nokia z launcher androidBack in June, Nokia launched their first Android launcher called the Z Launcher. What made the Z Launcher so unique compared to other launchers is the fact that users would be able to swipe and perform gestures in the launcher itself to launch apps. For example drawing the letter “M” could bring up apps like Mail, Messages, and so on.

The launcher has also been designed to display your most used apps at a glance, so users won’t have to dig through their app drawer or folders to find their apps. Now the good news is that the launcher was launched in beta and recently Nokia announced that they have made some updates to the launcher as well as opened up the beta to more users. Read full post →Nokia Z Launcher For Android Updated

google search updateOne of the handy and convenient features of Google is that it knows your searches based on your previous searches. It also knows what you’re up to based on emails you’ve received, which is why sometimes Google Now will display reminds for upcoming flights and so on. Some might think it’s creepy, but others find it useful. Read full post →Google Search Suggestions Will Take Hotel Bookings Into Consideration

ea access 640x286Just yesterday EA announced EA Access which is basically where Xbox One gamers can gain access to EA’s catalogue of games by paying a subscription fee of $4.99 a month. Given that sometimes games can be pretty expensive, $4.99 a month does seem like a pretty good price to pay, right?

Well unfortunately not everyone feels that way, at least not Sony who is Microsoft’s direct competitor as far as gaming is concerned. Speaking to Game Informer, Sony felt that the EA Access subscription program was not representative of good value to the PlayStation gamer, which is why they decided to pass on it. Read full post →Sony Passes On EA Access, Claims It Doesn’t Represent Good Value

lg g vista verizon 640x394So we have been hearing a lot about the LG G Vista. According to the rumors, the handset could be headed Verizon’s way and according to the folks at Droid-Life, they claim that according to their sources, the handset could be released as soon as this Thursday. The handset is expected to be priced at $99 with a new two-year contract, or $499 for those who’d rather not be tied down. Read full post →LG G Vista Rumored For Thursday Launch On Verizon

volvo self driving 640x426In some ways it is understandable that some governments are a little apprehensive about self-driving cars. After all humans themselves make errors while driving, should we trust a computer to be behind the wheel? Well for those living in the UK, you might be pleased to learn that according to a report from the BBC, it seems that self-driving cars will be allowed on public roads come January 2015.

According to Business Secretary Vince Cable, “Today’s announcement will see driverless cars take to our streets in less than six months, putting us at the forefront of this transformational technology and opening up new opportunities for our economy and society.” Ministers will also be ordering a review of the UK’s road regulations to help provide appropriate guidelines for self-driving cars. Read full post →Self-Driving Cars To Be Allowed On UK’s Public Roads In 2015

iphone 6 clone 1 640x473It has long been rumored that Apple could be turning to the use of sapphire for the iPhone 6’s displays. As it stands, only the Touch ID component and camera lens cover uses sapphire, but with the iPhone 6, the entire front display could feature the material. However according to recent report from market research firm, TrendForce (via AppleInsider), that is apparently no longer the case.

They claim that if Apple had plans to start using sapphire in a larger way, they would have begun shipment of the material to their assembly partners in June, assuming of course they are planning on launching their iPhones in September. However given that those shipments have yet to surface, they believe that either we will see a delayed release of the iPhone 6, or that quantities could be constrained. Read full post →Sapphire iPhone 6 Displays Unlikely, Market Research Firm Claims

facetime 640x610Apple’s recent announcement of their partnership with IBM is definitely a sign that the Cupertino company has serious plans to get into the enterprise market. However what works for regular consumers might not necessarily work for enterprise customers, FaceTime being an example. While FaceTime’s quality isn’t horrible, it isn’t particularly stellar either.

It’s great for regular folks who just wants to video call, but for enterprise customers, we reckon the pixels and blurred images probably won’t cut it. Well thanks to a recent patent by Apple, it looks like the Cupertino company could be thinking about a more high-definition and enterprise-friendly version of FaceTime. Read full post →Apple Patent Hints At FaceTime Designed For The Enterprise

huawei mate 2 review 06 in hand 640x426When it comes to smartphone shipments, we guess we can’t blame you if you thought that companies such as Apple and Samsung would be taking the largest slices of the pie. After all both brands are extremely well known and extremely popular amongst smartphone users, but it seems that they are slowly being displaced by the likes of companies out of China, such as Huawei and Lenovo.

This is according to the recent figures released by the IDC (via 9to5Mac) which shows that while Apple and Samsung continue to maintain the lion’s share in smartphone shipments, they are slowly starting to lose ground to said companies. Read full post →Apple, Samsung Starting To Lose Market Share To Huawei & Lenovo