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Not too long ago the National Football League launched a new digital video network. It is working hard to bring this network over to as many devices on as many platforms as it possibly can. After landing on streaming set-top boxes in the recent weeks NFL Now is making its way to Yahoo’s video service. It has been confirmed that NFL Now is making its way to Yahoo Screen.

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Earlier today Apple finally confirmed when it will be unveiling the new iPhones. Invites were sent out today by the company for an event that will take place on September 9th. This date had already been rumored quite a few times before Apple sent out the invites. The possibility that this year the company might increase the price of its smartphone has been debated upon a lot over the past few weeks. Sources within a Spanish carrier claim that the iPhone 6 price will certainly be more than its predecessor.

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Netflix is a very popular online video streaming service that offers thousands of movies, TV shows and documentaries for on-demand streaming. It regularly adds new titles to its lineup usually without much fanfare. However when a show is a major network’s poster child, and one that fans would certainly want on Netflix, the hype machine starts up. A report published today confirms possible launch of The Blacklist on Netflix.

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gaswatch 640x640If you like to entertain family and friends over in your backyard through numerous BBQ sessions, then I am quite sure one of the more indispensable products that you will ever own in such an environment would be the Smart GasWatch Scale. It will deliver peace of mind for you to ensure that the BBQ grill will remain fired up in the summer, as well as inform you as to whether there is adequate levels of propane gas left available in a tank when it comes to warming up your outdoor patio when the mercury falls in winter.

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30 CSGO7What started out as an ordinary day of gaming for Jordan Mathewson, who goes by the handle ‘Kootra’ when gaming online, turned out rather unexpectedly as his office which was located near Denver, happened to see some guests barge in unexpectedly. These guests were armed police, and to make matters more embarrassing, the entire incident was broadcast live online.

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bing koreaFor those of you who happen to reside in Korea, or at the very least have the intention of actually making your way there some time down the road, Microsoft’s Bing Maps intends to be part of your adventure by offering both maps and navigation solutions. In fact, Bing Maps have actually announced that they have performed a major revamp of its Korean maps experience, which should bring about a smile on the faces of Bing fans. Most of the work has been deployed in stages over the past one and a half years, but today marks the crescendo of all that has happened.

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sapphireWhen the first iPhone was released, it was pretty much similar to the Ford Model T – you could only get it in one make, and one color to boot. However, the passage of time has seen Apple come up with more and more options for their iPhone range, and as of last count, the iPhone 5s would arrive in a choice of several colors, where gold proved to be the most popular among the lot for obvious reasons. Having said that, an investment note from analyst and GTAT investor Matt Margolis points to the possibility of you having a say in whether you want the upcoming 4.7” iPhone 6 to arrive in either sapphire or Gorilla Glass for its screen.

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gta5So, if you happen to own either a Sony PS4 or are rocking to an Xbox One from Microsoft, surely you are also itching to get in on some Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) action all this while? Well, taking into consideration that good things come to those who wait, here we are with word from the folks over at GAME that GTA 5 for the Sony PS4 and Xbox One would have a ‘provisional release date’ of November 1.

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nexus9 benchmarkIt seems that the upcoming Nexus X device that will be manufactured by the folks over at Motorola has seen a fair amount of rumors on it circulating recently, but what about the upcoming Nexus tablet? Not too much has been revealed about it, but a CPU-Z report that has something to do with a certain Nexus 8.9 has pointed to such an Antutu benchmark leak which might just pique your interest.

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Several of Sprint’s devices have already received the Wi-Fi calling update. It allows the device to make voice calls over a Wi-Fi network. The feature is great for when a user is stuck in someplace where there is no or little cell reception. Sprint is now expanding the scope of this feature today by rolling out the international Wi-Fi calling update.

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