dyson pure coolDyson is a company probably best known for their home products, such as its vacuum cleaners and its bladeless fans. Just last year the company announced a new range of bladeless fans and it looks like it has recently receive an update in the form of a 360-degree glass filter. Basically what the filter does is that it helps clean the air in the room which might be handy for those suffering from allergies or who are sensitive to dust particles in the air.

According to Dyson, they claim that the glass filter is capable of filtering out as much as 99.95% of airborne invaders. The filter isn’t just any filter either as it is a high-efficiency particulate arrestance which is regulated by the US government, meaning that there are certain standards and criterias one has to adhere to so you can rest assured that you’re getting some good quality filters. Read full post →Dyson’s Pure Cool Bladeless Fan Can Now Purify The Air

toyota avalonWhen we think about cars and its more advanced features, usually these features are reserved for higher-end models. Either that or customers can choose to pay more to add those features to their car. For customers shopping on a budget, safe to say that these features will be pretty much ignored, but Toyota wants to change that.

The company has recently announced that they will be bringing its automatic braking feature to most of its current lineup, as opposed to keeping it as an option/feature for its higher-end cars. However at the start, this option will be offered to two vehicle models which includes the RAV4 Hybrid SUV and the Lexus RX crossover, but Toyota is aiming to have it rolled out to the majority of its vehicles by 2017. Read full post →Toyota Bringing Automatic Braking To Its Lower-end Models

lg g4 inviteThe LG G4 is the company’s upcoming flagship smartphone and given the success of the LG G3, many are probably looking forward to seeing what LG might have in store for us. The good news is that the wait could soon be coming to an end. LG has recently sent out invites to various press outlets for an event they will be hosting on the 28th/29th of March. Read full post →LG Sends Out Invites For 28th April Event, Possible LG G4 Launch

whatsapp-voice-calling2About a week ago, WhatsApp for Android opened up its voice calling feature to its users, although there was a small catch in which it was that users had to give other users a missed WhatsApp voice call in order for the other user to activate the feature, meaning that if you did not know anyone with the feature to give you a missed call, you were out of luck.

The good news is that it appears that the latest version of WhatsApp has enabled the feature for everyone. This means that you will not need to rely on users with the feature to activate it for you, hacks, tricks, or getarounds. However we suppose there is another small catch and that is this particular version of WhatsApp – version 2.12.19 – will have to be downloaded directly from WhatsApp’s website. Read full post →WhatsApp Voice Calls For Android Now Open To All In Latest APK

It is no secret that the Mortal Kombat franchise is a bloody and gruesome one, and with the improved graphics with every release, let’s just say that it’s getting harder to keep down our lunch while checking out fatalities. That being said, the good folks over at IGN have compiled a video in which all the fatalities and x-ray scenes can be seen at once. Read full post →Mortal Kombat X Fatality Compilation Will Make You Cringe

iPad-selfie-stick-640x412The selfie stick is admittedly a rather clever invention as it allows users to capture images of themselves or big groups of people at once. In some ways it also helps to stabilize the phone and can come in handy if you want to walk around recording a video of yourself. Some selfie sticks are advanced enough where they come with Bluetooth remote controls to trigger your phone camera’s shutter.

However it seems that the phone selfie stick wasn’t enough because it looks like iPad selfie sticks are looking to become the next big (annoying) thing. The folks at Accessory Geeks have recently unveiled a new accessory in the form of an iPad selfie stick, or rather a selfie stick designed to hold tablets. No, it’s not an April Fool’s joke because we’re still a day away from that happening, so yes, if you’re actually interested in such a device it can be yours for only $18.99. Read full post →Yes, iPad Selfie Sticks Are Actually A Thing

X-Men: Apocalypse

X-Men director, Bryan Singer knows pretty well how to tease fans on social media, he has done it yet again with X-Men: Apocalypse. Singer posted the image (above) on his Instagram account, which confirms the presence of the character Angel in the upcoming movie. Read full post →Bryan Singer Teases The Resurrection Of Angel In X-Men: Apocalypse

samsung-galaxy-s6_012One of the new features introduced by the Samsung Galaxy A-series is the Themes option. In case it wasn’t obvious already, this basically allowed users to apply themes to their handset in case the default one wasn’t to their liking. The feature also made its way to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, although it wasn’t clear as to how theme makers would be able to distribute their creations. Read full post →Samsung Theming Tool For Galaxy S6 Expected To Arrive In April

Earlier this month Jay-Z acquired Aspiro, the parent company of music streaming services Tidal and WiMP and it looks like the hip hop mogul has recently officially announced the relaunch of Tidal. Prior to this, Tidal was known as a streaming service that offered up high quality audio and it looks like it will be keeping to its roots.

However the main idea behind the relaunch of Tidal is that it is intended to benefit the artist more which will no doubt sit well with musicians who feel that other streaming services aren’t being fair to them, such as Taylor Swift who had recently signed with the service and has begun offering her music via the platform. Read full post →Tidal Relaunched As Artist-Owned, Hi-Fidelity Music Streaming Service

Just the other day we saw a rather brutal video of a lady violently throwing her Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in which the results were rather surprising as there did not appear to be any physical damage to the phone, at least as far as we could tell. That being said, a new torture test for the handset has surfaced and this time it involves dunking it into a bowl of water.

The test was conducted by Keaton Keller from TechSmartt who wanted to find out if the Galaxy S6 Edge could withstand any form of water. As you guys probably know, the handset is not water-resistant and is not advertised to have such a feature, so it would make sense if you did not think the handset would survive in the water. Read full post →Galaxy S6 Edge Survives Water Test Despite Not Being Waterproof