androidswitch 640x367One of the reasons some Android users have given in the past about why they don’t want the iPhone is because it has a small display, at least compared to most Android phones. Heck, even with the iPhone 5, the increase in screen size still put it behind the competition. Well with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, some Android users have since probably gotten their wish.

In response to the possibility of Android users making the switch from Android to iOS, Apple has since published a support document in which they will guide Android users through the process of transferring the content from their phones, like their emails, contacts, calendars, photos, and more to their new iPhone. Read full post →Apple Posts Guide On How To Switch From Android To The iPhone

10504 2759 140916 iCloud 2 Step l 640x357About a couple of weeks ago, there was a breach of private photos by celebrities that made its way onto the internet. Many had initially believed that this is due to iCloud being hacked, although it turned out that it was just a very targeted attack that used brute force hacking tools to gain access to these celebrities’ accounts.

Regardless of who was at fault, it did highlight the fact that iCloud security is a bit lacking and it was an area that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook had promised to address. Well true to his word, it looks like the two-step authentication has been activated for those trying to access Read full post →Apple Enables Two-Step Authentication For

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ip6 gpu 640x258Given that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are the latest smartphones from the Cupertino company, many would have expected that Apple would include the latest and greatest hardware in their new flagship smartphones, right? Granted there have been many jokes about its “old” specs like the dual-core processors, 1GB of RAM, and etc., we’re sure some would have thought that its performance would silence some of the critics.

Unfortunately that does not seem to be the case, thanks to the benchmark charts over at Rightware which seems to have revealed that the iPhone 6 has ranked number 17 in terms of GPU benchmarks. In fact Apple’s ranking puts them behind not only devices released in 2014, like the Samsung Galaxy S5, but also older devices from 2013 like the Sony Xperia Z1, the Xperia Z Ultra, and the Nokia Lumia 1520 (which is currently sitting in the number one position). Read full post →iPhone 6′s GPU Ranks 17th In Benchmarks

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EA is seriously clamping down on coin sellers that it believes compromise the gameplay experience for all players. Last last month EA confirmed that players who indulge in coin trade will have their entire online access banned as the buying and selling of coins amounts to cheating and will not be tolerated. In a forum post today it revealed that the Trade Offers feature is being removed from FIFA 15 Ultimate Team mode.

Read full post →FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Mode Won’t Have Trade Offers Feature

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We first heard about a new title in the Resident Evil franchise last month when some box art was leaked online. It was formally confirmed earlier this month that Resident Evil: Revelations 2 release is going to take place on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the PC. Some evidence has surfaced online which may point to a possible Resident Evil: Revelations 2 release on PlayStation Vita.

Read full post →Resident Evil: Revelations 2 PS Vita Release Possible

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In just a couple of weeks one of the most highly anticipated titles for Xbox One is going to be released. Forza Horizon 2 will ship with over 200 cars that have been built from the ground up for the Xbox One. After its release Forza Horizon 2 will continue to receive new content through downloadable updates. To commemorate the launch a Launch Bonus Car Pack will be made available for all players free of charge, it brings eight cars.

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dipjar 640x640It does look as though the world is making a slow but sure move to a cashless society. After all, carrying a bundle of cash around is never safe regardless of where you are, not to mention that you will also have less peace of mind and one more thing to worry about. A debit card would work a whole lot better, while credit cards too, will be able to help you out in a tight spot during an emergency. How about the tipping jar? Where does cashless come in then? The answer to that question lies in the DipJar.

Read full post →DipJar Hardware Lets You Pay With Plastic

shazam gplayIt looks like those who wished to see Shazam exhibit more “muscle”, so to speak, in the world of Google’s Android mobile operating system, will finally get to see their wish come true. What does Shazam offer this time around? Basically, whenever you Shazam a track on your smartphone or tablet (either way, they ought to run on the Android platform, off course), you will be able to purchase said song in a jiffy on Google Play with but a single tap.

Read full post →Shazam And Google Play Offers A Better Experience Now

engoWe all live in an era where mobile devices are the norm, and some of us even tote around at least a couple of gadgets whenever we leave the home. Can’t live without them and all that jazz, of course. Well, there will be times when our device starts to run low on juice due to over-extended use on a particular day, which is why the idea of an ENGO charging station can be rather appealing.

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Apple doesn’t like to talk about the amount of RAM its mobile devices have during their announcement and it stuck to that tradition on September 9th when announcing the new iPhone 6 models. Both are powered by the new A8 chip with a M8 co-processor but Apple didn’t say if it increased RAM from 1GB. Purported iPhone 6 part leaks show that it may only have 1GB of RAM but a new report today suggests that things might not be so different for the iPhone 6 Plus as well.

There aren’t many differences between the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus apart from the obvious display size. Both have the same processor and same camera but the latter does have optical image stabilization as opposed to the former’s digital image stabilization.

Some believed that perhaps the larger model will have a greater amount of RAM. While it does have a larger battery as opposed to its 4.7-inch sibling it doesn’t look like the iPhone 6 Plus has more than 1GB of RAM.

An alleged screenshot from an iPhone 6 Plus running an iPhone monitoring app called System Status has appeared online and it shows the device’s RAM hitting its ceiling around 1GB. The authenticity of this screenshot has not been verified but then again there’s no official word from Apple on the RAM capacity that we can go on.

It is easy to criticize Apple for sticking with 1GB RAM on its flagship smartphones even when rivals have pushed up to 3GB, but we know that Apple doesn’t work that way. It evens everything out with battery life and performance, and strives to achieve the desired results through perfect cohesion between hardware and software. Apple probably won’t increase RAM size just to have more on paper while having it compromise on battery life.

That’s not to say that more RAM in a smartphone is a bad thing, but its just not the way Apple works.