Want to get an early peek at the very first trailer for “Halo: Nightfall”? Well, you do not need to fiddle around with your thumbs any longer, since the folks over at Microsoft has already relented and let fans of the franchise check out what the upcoming digital video series will look like, in addition to teasing the uninitiated to jump aboard the bandwagon. After all, the Halo franchise has already gained and built up quite a following over the years.

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Games have gotten so realistic these days, it is no surprise then to see a whole lot of work go behind the scenes, so much so that one might even think that shooting a movie is a whole lot easier. Having said that, a couple of Ubisoft developers made their way to Nepal as part of their adventure in researching any kind of inspiration for Kyrat. Kyrat happens to be the fictitious Himalayan setting in the upcoming Far Cry 4, and during their trip, part of it included being privy to the ritual sacrifice of a goat.

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harken 452x640As the world continues to move on with various kinds of smart devices and vehicles, incorporating sensors into everyday objects like a watch, so too, will all of these collected information be put to good use with the hope of saving lives. Researchers from Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia (Biomechanics Institute – IBV) over in Spain have worked hard to integrate sensors into a car’s seat as well as seatbelt, hoping that these sensors can keep track of the driver’s heartbeat and breathing patterns.

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blinkWhile Blink proved herself to be one of the more unique looking characters in the latest X-Men movie, she did not play too much of a role in it other than looking cool while opening and closing portals with her elf-like ears in tow. Having said that, the Blink that we are talking about here is of a different kind – it is a Kickstarter project that happens to be a wireless connected security camera without costing too much, bringing a smile to new homeowners who are just starting out in their careers.

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passport flip coverThe BlackBerry Passport has certainly divided opinion right down the middle even among BlackBerry loyalists, for the simple fact that its form factor is not exactly what you would deem to be eye catching, or one that will revolutionize the industry. In fact, some folks even lean toward the notion that it might set BlackBerry back as the company desperately tries to make itself relevant in this day and age. A new shade of white for the BlackBerry Passport is not going to do wonders, so perhaps taking the accessories route might help? What you see above happens to be a leather flip cover case for the upcoming BlackBerry Passport that might add a dash of class to the entire shebang.

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tron lightcycle illegalThere are times when vehicles from a movie franchise look way too cool to pass up in real life, assuming someone comes up with a replica that functions close to what the movie version is capable of doing. The Batmobile is one particular ride that has been rehashed many a time, but when it comes to the coolness factor, there is no way the Tron Lightcycle can be dismissed. In fact, a collector did fork out a rather handsome amount of money for it with hopes of riding it around town, only to realize that his hefty ride is deemed to be not road worthy by the local authorities over in China.

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swarm windowsphoneFoursquare, fresh from a new look, did make an announcement in the past to ensure its check-in app no longer remains as a singular entity, but rather, will be split into two – Swarm and Foursquare. The former will be more focused on check-ins and the like as it arrived on both Android and iOS platforms just a few weeks after the initial announcement, with Windows Phone owners left hanging on just two words – “soon after.” It seems that the clock has since ticked on pretty fast until now, and there is still no sight of Swarm on Windows Phone. We are glad that Foursquare has not forgotten about Windows Phone users, having introduced a trio of screenshots that depict Swarm for Windows Phone.

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gs4 lte 442They say that good things always come to those who wait – if you happen to be rocking to the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE (otherwise known by its model number as the GT-I9506), then you would be pleased as punch to take note that Samsung has begun to introduce the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for this particular model.

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galaxy mega2 fccWhen it comes to sequels for smartphones it seems as though this is a trend that does not look like it is going to stop anytime soon. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy series is now in its 5th iteration, alongside the iPhone, but what about the Samsung Galaxy Mega? It looks as though the Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 which carries the model number SM-G7508 is set to succeed and continue from where last year’s Galaxy Mega 5.8 and Galaxy Mega 6.3 left off, according to this FCC filing.

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htc clock appHardware manufacturers these days seem to want to introduce changes in their software to the masses using app stores instead of going through firmware updates with mobile carriers. Case in point, we did bring you word earlier this week concerning the HTC default keyboard that can be downloaded via the Google Play Store, and now it seems as though HTC has also taken the same route with its HTC Clock app.

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