Say you’re playing games on the TV in the living room when someone else wants to use the TV to catch up on the news. Instead of stopping your gaming session, if you own the PlayStation 4, you will be able to continue your session by streaming the game onto the PS Vita. But what if you don’t own the PS Vita?

While Sony does not officially support streaming onto the PC (unlike Microsoft’s Xbox One), the good news is that thanks to developer Twisted, there is now an unofficial app that will allow you to do just that. Dubbed Remote PC Play, basically this app will trick the PS4 into thinking that your PC is a recognizable remote play device, thus letting gamers stream their PS4 games onto their PCs. Read full post →This (Unofficial) App Lets You Stream PS4 Games To The PC

blockr1It isn’t surprising that many websites and companies aren’t a fan of ad blocking software. Recently Yahoo Mail has begun to lock users out of their accounts if the website detects that the user has an ad block extension installed on their computer. It has also been reported that the use of ad blockers has resulted in publishers losing billions.

This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that over in Germany, publisher Axel Springer has sued the developers behind Blockr, an ad blocking app designed for iOS. With the introduction of iOS 9, Apple has allowed apps that basically blocks content from websites, and so far it seems that most of the apps that take advantage of the feature are ad blockers. Read full post →German Publisher Sues Developer Behind Blockr Ad Blocking App

Buying shoes can be an expensive hobby, especially if you’re really particular about matching your shoes with the rest of your outfit, and if you’re concerned about having a certain look for a certain time. However what if you could have one pair of shoes that could change its look whenever you felt like it, is that something you would be interested in?

If you are, there is an Indiegogo campaign for a pair of shoes dubbed ShiftWear. Basically these are a pair of shoes that comes with a flexible e-paper display wrapped around it. This will allow the shoes to change its design whenever you like. Of course by design we mean the graphic design on the sides of the shoe, and not how it can transform from a pair of sneakers to a pair of Oxfords. Read full post →ShiftWear Wants To Put E-Paper Displays On Your Shoes

minecraft-xboxoneIt looks like the folks over at Mojang and Telltale Games have continued to keep their promise, having rolling out the third of five planned episodes when it comes to Minecraft: Story Mode. This third instalment of the adventure series happens to be somewhat based on the hugely popular Minecraft sandbox game, and for those who are interested to continue, you will first need to have to download it on one of the following platforms – PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Read full post →Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 3 Available On PC, Xbox One And Xbox 360

sprinkersSprinkler systems that work on a timer/schedule aren’t new. However sometimes such systems aren’t  very smart and could end up wasting water if not checked or managed properly. For example if it just rained an hour ago, does it make sense for your sprinkler system to go off? It doesn’t, right?

Not to mention there are places in the US like the state of California where they are experiencing a bit of a drought. Now if you’d like to keep your lawns fresh but not waste water, a company called ETWater might have the solution for you in the form of a smart sprinkler system which will only water your lawn when it thinks that it needs watering. Read full post →Smart Sprinkler System Will Help Avoid Wasting Water

hiltonA couple of months ago it was reported that the Hilton hotel chain might have been the target of a hack. The company claimed at that time that they were investigating the issue and it looks like we have bad news for you guys. If you have recently stayed at any of Hilton’s hotels, the company has confirmed that they were hacked and that payment information was stolen as a result.

According to Hilton’s Executive Vice President of Global Brands Jim Holthouser, “On behalf of Hilton Worldwide, we sincerely regret any inconvenience related to our recent announcement that we identified and eradicated unauthorized malware that targeted payment card information in some point-of-sale systems at our hotels.” Read full post →Hilton Confirms That Guest Payment Information Was Stolen During Hack

adele 25Last week it was confirmed that Adele’s latest album, 25, would not be available via streaming platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify. However it seems that the singer has decided to make her album available on Pandora instead, but given that Pandora doesn’t operate the same way as Apple Music or Spotify, trying to stream the entire album in one go might be tricky.

In a statement provided by Pandora to EW, “Good news radio listeners, you can now hear all songs from Adele’s latest album 25 on Pandora. It is clear radio listeners love Adele and are coming to Pandora to enjoy her incredible music.” They also shared some stats of the song and how many times it has played since its release. Read full post →Adele’s “25” Album Makes Its Way Onto Pandora

bmw-compactBMW happens to be the dream machine for many a yuppie, and the German automaker has certainly come up with its fair share of interesting rides in the past including the BMW i3. They are about to run out of numbers pretty soon for their range of vehicles, making us wonder whether they will soon have a 10-series or the like. Having said that, BMW has just revealed their latest concept known as the Concept Compact Sedan, which could very well the basis for the upcoming 1 Series sedan.

Read full post →BMW Concept Compact Sedan Debuts In China

lenovo_vibe_x3Lenovo’s Android smartphones are currently being marketed under the Vibe brand, like the recently launched Lenovo Vibe X3. However according to a report from DigiTimes, it has been suggested that Lenovo could be looking to kill off the Vibe brand, and that future devices will be sold under its Lemon or Motorola brand.

This should not really come as a surprise given that last year, Lenovo successfully acquired Motorola Mobility from Google. There was even talks about how Lenovo Mobility (the company’s phone division) could be folded into Motorola which makes sense. After all why create two different brands that would essentially compete with each other, right? Read full post →Lenovo Could Phase Out Its “Vibe” Brand

oneplus x ceramicIt wasn’t too long ago that the OnePlus X was announced. Unlike its bigger brother the OnePlus 2, the OnePlus X is focused more of aesthetics, thus resulting in a phone that isn’t quite as powerful as the OnePlus 2, but at the same time featuring a more elegant design (we guess this would be subjective).

The company had teased earlier that they would be launching a OnePlus X Ceramic version and sure enough they have. This will be a limited edition device and if you want to do your part for charity, the company will be auctioning off 5 units in which the proceeds of the auction will be going towards charity: water. Read full post →OnePlus X Ceramic Goes Up For Auction