They say that staring too long at a computer screen or television screen can make your eyesight worse, or at least that’s one of the favorite arguments that parents tend to make. That being said, it is a little ironic that there’s now an app available on the iPhone and Android devices that will supposedly help to improve your eyesight.

The app is called Ultimeyes and we’re sure that some of you guys have heard of it before. The app was originally released for computers before it was recently announced for mobile devices, thus allowing users to improve their eyesight while on the go. The app, developed by Carrot Neurotechnology, is basically an interactive game that will supposedly help improve the player’s eyesight.
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Former Apple Exec Thinks The iPad Needs To Be More MacBook likeThe iPad is one of the products released by Apple that took the world by storm. Tablets have been around for a while but it’s safe to say that with the iPad, things really started to catch on and we’re starting to see a lot more tablets compared to before. However analysts seem to be a bit pessimistic about Apple’s upcoming Q2 2014 earnings and expects that the Cupertino company will announce that iPad sales have dropped.

Assuming that is indeed the case, why is this? After all the iPad mini with Retina display basically gave users what they wanted, not to mention the iPad Air is a pleasure to hold as it is both light and slim. Well according to former Apple executive, Jean-Louie Gassee, he believes it is because of the iPad’s ambiguity – the fact that it is not a smartphone, nor is it a computer. He was also quoted as saying that the tablet’s “meteoric debut raised expectations that it can’t currently meet.”
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Nintendo Game Boy Officially Turns 25 Years OldThe Nintendo Game Boy is a classic piece of gaming equipment. Every kid wanted it back in the day, and if you had one, you were pretty much the most popular kid in school. Well if you have fond memories of the device, we should note that the Nintendo Game Boy is officially 25 years old. Yup, you read that right, if you had fond memories of playing with the handheld console, there’s a good chance that this post might make you feel a bit old.

The handheld console was originally launched on the 21st of April 1989 and basically revolutionized the handheld gaming industry, much like how Sony’s Walkman changed the portable music landscape, and how the iPod changed the way we consumed music digitally. Safe to say it was a classic. The Game Boy went on to evolve and saw upgrades over the years, such as the Game Boy Pocket that introduced a much slimmer profile, and also sharper images.
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Resident Evil 7 Could Be Announced At E3 2014 [Rumor]Resident Evil 6 was announced and launched back in 2012 and in 2013, we heard the rumors that Resident Evil 7 could be announced at E3, but unfortunately those rumors did not pan out. However thanks to recent rumors as per an article on Sankei Shimbun, a Japanese economic newspaper, they claim that Resident Evil 7 is expected to be announced this year at E3 2014.

The gaming convention will be taking place in the middle of the year and the report claims that Capcom is expected to unveil the new Resident Evil title then. The title is also said to be non-exclusive to any particular platform and that will be most likely make its way onto multiple platforms, so that’s good news for gamers who might be a little worried about exclusivity.
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LinkedIn Polls For Groups Will Be Shutting Down 15th MayWhile Facebook is seen more as a casual sort of social network, LinkedIn could be thought of as a more professional version of Facebook where people use it to connect to others of varying professions, like to build up a work-related network so to speak.

It is also because of the number of professionals that use LinkedIn that it can also be used to poll professionals who use the website, but unfortunately it looks like that feature could soon be shutting down.
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Unlike software, hardware isn’t updated frequently. If an application has any bugs or security flaws, a patch will fix it in no time, but if a piece of hardware is made and released to the public and there are some glaring issues, a hardware recall might be necessary. That being said, wouldn’t it be nice if you had a piece of hardware that could evolve over time?

That’s what the folks being Binauric are trying to do with a speaker they are calling the Boom Boom. The speaker itself is pretty straightforward and will pair with your smartphone via Bluetooth, but the main difference is that the longer you’ve had the Boom Boom speakers, the more functionalities it will get.
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Unfortunately not everywhere we go comes with free WiFi. In fact research has shown that perhaps using public WiFi might not be the safest idea, especially if you’re trying to send confidential files or have data you’d rather not have intercepted. That being said, you can create your own hotspot using your phone but that drains battery, so what else can you do? How about the BB.Suit?

The Bb.Suit is essentially a jacket in which through a special 3D technique is used in the knitting process, it leaves space for WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, and GPS connectivity which would turn the wearer into a walking hotspot! In fact the BB.Suit doesn’t look geeky at all and could totally pass off as a regular hoodie.
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Sony Pictures Register BioShock Movie DomainsGiven the steampunk nature of BioShock, we can totally see how the movie might be pretty appealing to moviemakers, although oddly enough we haven’t really heard anything about the possibility of a movie, at least until now. It seems that Sony Pictures has recently registered for a trio of domain names:,, and

The latter doesn’t really tell us much although the former two domain name registrations seems to suggest that Sony Pictures could be interested in making a BioShock movie, or are at least looking to protect the IP in the event that a movie is made. Of course it is possible that the domain registrations are fake as we have seen in the past, but at the same time it’s not so far-fetched.
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LG G3 Mini Rumored To Be In The WorksWe have been hearing rumors about the LG G3 for a while now and what we know about the device is that it could feature a 2K display, but other than that, the rest is pretty much speculation. However thanks to new rumors that have surfaced, it seems that not only will there be an LG G3, but there will apparently be an LG G3 mini as well.

We’re not sure what it is with Android OEMs and creating mini versions of their handsets, but presumably there is a demand out there otherwise they wouldn’t have bothered, right? In any case the LG G3 mini rumors have started due to a “B2 mini” codename that has surfaced. Given that the LG G3 is expected to be known as the B2, the B2 mini is presumably the LG G3 mini.
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BlackBerry Classic Pegged For November ReleaseDuring MWC 2014, BlackBerry announced that they were working on a device called the BlackBerry Classic. Unfortunately apart from the fact that we know that it will pack an integrated trackpad, much like the BlackBerry devices from the good old days, not much else is known about the device, such as how it looks like, hardware specs, and availability.

The handset is currently pegged for a release later this year but thanks to a recent interview that BlackBerry’s CEO, John Chen, did with USA Today, it has been revealed that the BlackBerry Classic will most likely see a release in November, although no specific dates were mentioned, but it’s definitely something to look forward to.
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