Ever since it teased the handset back in March this year it has been consistently rumored that BlackBerry is going to unveil its first ever Android-powered smartphone this year, it was widely referred to by its codename Venice until BlackBerry confirmed itself that yes its next device really is an Android-powered smartphone. The device is called BlackBerry Priv and despite confirming it BB is yet to reveal when it will officially launch this handset, however there are signs that the launch just might be around the corner.

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You might have heard that Microsoft has unveiled its two new Lumia flagship smartphones, the Windows Phone community had been waiting for these handsets for a very long time, but some were disappointed to find out that not all carriers in the country would have the devices at launch. Instead the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL are actually exclusive to AT&T. To set the record straight T-Mobile CEO John Legere took to Twitter to clarify that Magenta didn’t actually turn down the new Lumia flagships.

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If you’re a Harry Potter fan without an Apple device then perhaps today’s announcement is going to make you run out and get one, digitally enhanced versions of all seven Harry Potter books have been released today and they’re exclusive to Apple. They will only be available for download via the company’s iBooks Store which works across its desktop and mobile devices. These books feature interactive animations and custom covers as well as annotations written by none other than J.K. Rowling herself.

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verizon sign

If you’re on a grandfathered unlimited data plan from Verizon, a plan that the carrier stopped offering to new customers back in 2011, you’re going to see an extra $20 on your bill real soon. Verizon has announced that subscribers on the aforementioned data plan are going to get a $20 price increase, customers not currently on contract will see the first increase in their bill after November 15th, but a small minority that still remains on contract won’t see the price increase until the contract expires.

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As the creator of some of the most widely used third-party ROMs for Android devices you can be sure that many users were anxiously waiting to find out when Cyanogen was going to start working on Marshmallow builds. The company confirmed today that work on CyanogenMod Marshmallow mods has already begun, the ROMs will be based on the latest iteration of Android and will feature many of the software improvements and enhancements that CyanogenMod users have come to know and love.

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sony ps4

It was expected that Sony will reduce the price of the PlayStation 4 before the lucrative holiday season starts and the company has confirmed that today, last week a leak from Target showed that Sony could discount the PS4 price by as much as $50. Sony officially announced today that it’s discounting the PlayStation 4 by $50 giving those who have been on the fence about purchasing this console an added incentive to put money down and pick one up.

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logitech_z533_3If you’re in the market for a set of speakers for your computer and don’t feel like shelling out thousands of dollars for audiophile-grade equipment, Logitech is a brand worth checking out. The company has a wide range of audio products ranging from affordable to higher-end models, thus catering to customers with different budgets.

The company’s latest offering is the Logitech z533 Multimedia Speakers that will be available this month and will be priced at a very affordable $99.99. In terms of speakers, the Logitech z533 is pretty standard in terms of its offering. It features a 2.1 setup with a subwoofer with 2.25-inch full range drivers, so it should be able to pack quite a punch. Read full post →Logitech Unveils New Z533 Multimedia Speakers

amazon_handmadeLooking to pick up a brand new camera? Amazon could be a potential stop. Looking to buy some books? Amazon is another potential stop. Looking to buy gadgets and electronic equipment? Safe to say that there is a reason Amazon is one of the world’s largest online retailers for all things big and small.

Now if you’re after less commercially-made products and want something more personal, something handcrafted, you might be interested to learn that Amazon Handmade has been officially launched. If you’re wondering why this sounds so familiar, it is because back in May this year, there were reports that Amazon was planning such a website. Read full post →Amazon Handmade Has Been Officially Launched

drones-masterIf you’re a hobbyist looking to get into drone flying for fun, maybe just to snap some photos and shoot some video, you might want to do some research on places where you are allowed to fly. If you don’t, you could end up like drone film company SkyPan who could be facing a fine of a whopping $1.9 million for allegedly operating in airspaces without proper authorization.

The fine is being proposed by the FAA who wrote, “Between March 21, 2012, and Dec. 15, 2014, SkyPan conducted 65 unauthorized operations in some of our most congested airspace and heavily populated cities, violating airspace regulations and various operating rules, the FAA alleges. These operations were illegal and not without risk.” Read full post →FAA Slaps Drone Film Company With Proposed $1.9 Million Fine

geekbench_tsmc_samsung_a9As some of you guys might have heard, it was recently discovered that the A9 chipset found in Apple’s new iPhones is made by both Samsung and TSMC. This means that there will be some chipsets made by Samsung, and some made by TSMC. This shouldn’t really be an issue and so far most benchmarks don’t show that there is too much of a different.

At least this was until recently where a Geekbench 3 benchmark made its way on Reddit (via MacRumors), in which it shows an iPhone with the A9 made by TSMC lasting almost 2 hours longer than the one made by Samsung. As you can see in the screenshot above, the TSMC-made A9 clocks in at 7 hours 50 minutes, versus the Samsung-made A9 which clocks 6 hours and 5 minutes. Read full post →Apple’s TSMC-made A9 SoC Reportedly Provides A Longer Battery Life