TrackR Bravo is one of the most durable tracking devices available on the market. It enables people to easily locate things like keys, luggage, and even their pets using their smartphones. The tracking device is getting even better today as new features have been introduced. The features include Family Sharing and Custom Printing. Both features are designed to make the bravo smarter and more personal for users.
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Sony today revealed that it has been hard at work on the next major system software update for the PlayStation 4 and it needs a little help from the community to test the update before it’s released to the public. Starting today, PlayStation 4 users can sign up for a chance to be selected as a beta tester for PlayStation 4 system software version 4.0. This will enable them to get a look at some of the improvements and new features coming to PlayStation 4 ahead of everybody else.
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Facebook is not in the business of making cameras but it’s heavily invested in virtual reality. It owns Oculus which makes one of the best virtual reality headsets that money can buy, and it also supports 360-degree content on the world’s largest social network, so it wasn’t surprising when Facebook introduced a 360-degree camera at the F8 developer this year. In an interesting move, the company has opened up the entire project to the public, all of the blueprints and everything is now out in the open.
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Verizon is working towards a potential launch of “wireless fiber” in 2017, it wants to one of the first major wireless companies in the United States to provide broadband speeds over wireless connections. This, despite the fact that next-generation wireless technologies and standards like 5G are still in development.
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It’s been over a year since Apple came out with its first smartwatch and there’s a lot of excitement to see how the company is going to improve the Apple Watch. The company itself hasn’t confirmed anything about its Apple Watch plans just yet, but rumor has it that the Apple Watch 2 could arrive later this year in September or October, possibly soon after the new iPhones are unveiled in September.
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A feature that has been in beta for quite a while is finally out today, at least for those who own an Android device. Twitter today introduced the night mode feature for its app. As the name suggests, the feature switches the app from its usual white interface to a dark one that’s better suited to firing off tweets in pitch black.
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Microsoft today introduced a new feature for Word that’s going to make it easier for you to write research papers. The feature is called Researcher, and it helps users find and incorporate reliables sources and content in their paper. Users can explore material related to the topic of their paper within the Word document itself. With one click they can add it and its properly formatted citation to the document.
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Many Surface Pro 3 owners are reported significant battery issues with their tablet/notebook hybrid and Microsoft has taken notice of the problems. The company says that it’s investigating the matter. Reports of Surface Pro 3 battery drain have been coming in since May this year and many users are now reporting that their devices barely last for an hour after being fully charged. That’s certainly not normal and requires a fix, one that Microsoft will hopefully have ready soon.
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You’ve already seen the Gears of War 4 Xbox One S bundle but that’s certainly not the only one. A couple of new Xbox One S bundles have been detailed today that pair the smaller, 4K-compatible Xbox One console with popular titles like Madden 17 and Halo. Both bundles have been detailed today and they will be shipped late next month.
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Adobe today announced the launch of Lightroom for Apple TV. Adobe’s goal with Lightroom is to enable users to enjoy their photography and allow them to share it with anyone with the best possible quality across multiple devices. Now that’s possible on the big screen with Adobe Lightroom for Apple TV. The app has been released today for Apple’s set-top box.
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