As PC gamers have more choices when it come to deciding what kind of hardware goes into their rig, safe to say games on the PC have the potential to look better than what consoles can offer. This is unfortunately true for Bethesda’s Fallout 4 in which the PC version of the game ended up looking noticeably better than its console counterparts. Read full post →Latest Fallout 4 Patch Improves Console Graphics

Apple TV_Remote_iTunesMovies-MazeRunner-PRINTIt has long been rumored that one of the major changes that Apple wanted to make to its Apple TV platform would be to turn it into a streaming service, like Netflix or Hulu. However last year we had heard that Apple had put their plans on hold, and now a recent CNNMoney interview with CBS CEO Les Moonves has revealed that talks with Apple have stopped completely. Read full post →CBS CEO: Streaming TV Talks With Apple Have Stopped

destiny-ps4Earlier rumors had pegged Destiny’s sequel for a release in 2016. However a report from last month has suggested that the game was delayed, meaning that it’s anyone’s guess as to when it will be released. The good news is that we now have official word that the sequel to Destiny will be officially released in 2017. Read full post →Destiny Sequel Will Be Released In 2017

youtube_recommended_notificationsLast month it was revealed that one of the new features YouTube added to its Android app was the ability to add videos from its notifications to the “Watch Later” list. However according to a report from Android Police, it looks like YouTube’s notifications are starting to take things a little too far. Read full post →YouTube For Android Will Now Notify Users About Recommended Videos

apple_logoLast week we reported that in the latest iOS update, some users have reported that their iPhones were bricked after updating to it. The reason is because these users were found to have gotten their phones repaired from unofficial parties that might have affected the Touch ID component on the phone. Read full post →Apple Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over “Error 53”

snapdragon wear 2100As it stands, Qualcomm provides chipsets for several different smartwatches, like the 2nd gen Moto 360, the ASUS Zenwatch 2, the Huawei Watch, and so on. These devices are powered by Snapdragon chipsets and so will future wearables, except that in the future, we can expect them to be powered by the Snapdragon Wear 2100. Read full post →Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon Wear 2100 Chipset For Wearables

foursquare deliveryAs you might have heard, Uber has expanded beyond just ferrying people around, to ferrying food around and right to your doorstep. Now it looks like Foursquare wants in on the action as well. While the app started out as a service that allowed users to check into locations they have visited, the platform has evolved over the years to providing reviews of said places, and now they want to deliver you your food as well. Read full post →Foursquare Wants In On The Food Delivery Business

privacyWhen you setup your new phone, you might be prompted to enable location tracking. This isn’t so much that companies care where you are all the time, but more so because some apps will need your location for it to work, like Google Maps, Waze, Foursquare, public transportation applications, and more. Read full post →Turning Your Phone On Apparently Means You Consent To Being Tracked

pandora_main_610x336It was just last November that Pandora announced that they would be acquiring Rdio’s assets for $75 million. If anything, it sounded as if the company was doing pretty well for themselves and were just acquiring one of their competitors in the music streaming scene. However a report from the New York Times has suggested that Pandora could actually be trying to sell themselves. Read full post →Pandora Reportedly Considering Selling Itself

fb_messenger_multi_accountSeveral days ago, Instagram made multiple account support official. This means that from a menu, users will be able to access different Instagram accounts at once, as opposed to having to login and logout, which can be troublesome and time consuming. Now according to a report from Android Police, Facebook Messenger could be gaining a similar feature as well. Read full post →Facebook Messenger Could Get Multiple Account Support As Well