no-mans-sky-officialA couple of months ago, Hello Games announced that No Man’s Sky had been delayed to the 9th of August. The developer cited the need for extra polish as one of the reasons for the delay which we guess is a valid reason for the delay, but now it looks like the PC version of the game could be facing additional delay. Read full post →No Man’s Sky PC Release Appears To Have Been Delayed

blizzcon goody bagEvery year without fail, Blizzard hosts their own annual gaming event called BlizzCon. The event basically highlights all of the company’s games and more often than not, new games are also announced and debuted at the event, which is why BlizzCon is usually something worth looking forward to, especially if you enjoy Blizzard’s games. Read full post →BlizzCon 2016 Virtual Tickets Are Now On Sale

google maps updateWhen it comes to navigation platforms, Google Maps is probably one of the more popular and commonly used platforms today. If you are an avid Google Maps user, you might be pleased to learn that Google has recently introduced some changes that will hopefully help enhance the experience of using the service. Read full post →Google Maps Updated With Cleaner Look & Areas Of Interest

iPhone6s-Hand-SafariQuickAction-PR-PRINTIf the rumors are true, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could come with an iris scanner. Iris scanners aren’t new, but with Samsung’s reach it is possible that the company could make it a more mainstream feature, kind of like what Apple did with fingerprint sensors when they introduced Touch ID in the iPhone. Read full post →2018’s iPhones Could Sport Iris Scanners [Rumor]

faa-amazon-droneWhen Amazon first announced their plans to launch drone delivery systems, it was quite an exciting time, although back then the US government and regulators were a little apprehensive on the idea. It was only in recent times that the US government has relaxed their stance and allowed the company to test out their system. Read full post →Amazon Partners With UK Government To Test Its Drone Delivery Systems

Sony-Xperia-F833X_1Last week we reported on a series of leaked photos of an unannounced Sony Xperia handset. Now it seems that the very same handset is reported to be on sale over in Croatia, and given that the phone has yet to be released officially, there is a good chance that the device sold is a stolen prototype or it could be a fake. Read full post →An Unreleased Sony Xperia Handset Is Being Sold In Croatia

note-7-spigen-casesBy now and unless Samsung pulls a fast one on us, we kind of know what the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 will look like. Perhaps corroborating the rumors, or maybe just hopping onto the bandwagon, smartphone accessory maker Spigen has unveiled a series of cases that they claim are the best cases for the Galaxy Note 7. Read full post →Spigen Unveils The Best Cases For The Galaxy Note 7

pokemon-goThe issue with apps that have such a meteoric rise is whether or not they can sustain its popularity. For example Flappy Bird burst onto the scene but looking at today’s mobile gaming scene, little to nothing is said about the game today. Nintendo’s Miitomo also appeared to be on the fast track to success, but that eventually fizzled as well. Read full post →Pokemon GO Is Only 10% Of The Final Product

apple_logo2Apple’s iPhones are incredibly popular, so much so that in the past, iPhones used to be the favorite device to steal, at least until better anti-theft measures had been put into place. Apple also has over the years successfully created iPhones that have outsold their predecessors, meaning that every iPhone created was more or less guaranteed to sell. Read full post →Apple Could Sell Their Billionth iPhone This Month

brie larson captain marvelFor a long time, Marvel has had plans to launch a Captain Marvel movie. There have also been rumors about who could land the role, and there have also been some who have petitioned Marvel for the role. For example former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey had publicly expressed her desire to play the part. Read full post →Brie Larson Has Been Cast As Captain Marvel