the pirate bay most popular file sharing siteUsually when you heard words and phrases like “director”, “actor”, “record label”, “movie studio”, and “piracy” together, chances are you could be looking at a lawsuit where someone or an entity is suing a torrent website or an individual for allegedly downloading or sharing pirated material. However in the case of Dutch movie producer, Martin Koolhoven, his association with The Pirate Bay is anything but a lawsuit.

Koolhoven had taken to Twitter a few days ago, according to the folks at TorrentFreak, where he had asked for someone to uploaded a copy of his 1999 film, Suzy Q, onto The Pirate Bay where other people could download it. It’s an odd request, but apparently due to the fact Koolhoven does not own all the copyrights to the movie, he was frustrated at how little exposure it was getting due to all the legal hurdles that made it almost impossible for it to be available through the legal channels. Read full post →Director Requests For His Movie To Be Uploaded Onto Pirate Bay, The Internet Obeys

mi4 3 640x359A couple of days ago, Xiaomi took the wraps off their latest flagship smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi 4. The handset looks stunning and according to Xiaomi, uses premium materials like metal in its build, thus giving it a more luxurious and sturdy feel. However there were many who thought that the handset resembled the iPhone 5s, or at least Apple’s iPhone lineup in general.

Well it seems that the comparison is one that Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra didn’t take too kindly. According to Barra, he claims that the handset was inspired by Apple’s designers, but at the same time denied that the company had blatantly copied its design. He also mentioned that it was stupid for companies to work around designs that are good just because they are trying to avoid litigation. Read full post →Hugo Barra Denies The Xiaomi Mi 4 Copied Apple’s Designs

We’re sure many of you guys were in awe of the robots in the movie Pacific Rim, and we’re sure many of you were wondering just how it would feel like to pilot one of them. Well if you are curious, you’re in luck because at the San Diego Comic-Con, you will be able to, sort of. This is thanks to Legendary Pictures teaming up with the folks at Oculus VR for a Pacific Rim: Jaeger Pilot demo.

Basically it involves gamers putting on the Oculus Rift headset and take control of the 250-foot tall Gipsy Danger robot that you guys saw in the movie. Gamers will also be able to do battle in a virtual reality environment through a combat simulator against the Knifehead kaiju, which is one of the first monsters that you see in the movie. Read full post →Pacific Rim Oculus Rift Demo Lets You Experience Fighting Kaijus

Crash Bandicoot 1Back in the day of the original PlayStation, it would be impossible to see the PlayStation not showing off games like Crash Bandicoot as one of its demos. After all as far as consoles were concerned, the game was something of a breakthrough. Old school gamers probably remember the game fondly and if you were wondering if it might be time for a revival, perhaps it is.

Speaking to IGN, Naughty Dog’s community strategist, Arne Meyer, revealed that the idea of remaking Crash Bandicoot for newer consoles is “never off the table”. However Meyer adds that the studio has to think about whether a new Crash Bandicoot game makes sense for the studio, regardless of the fact that many consider the game to be a classic. Read full post →Crash Bandicoot Is Not Off The Table, According To Naughty Dog

sims 21 640x480As you might have heard, EA is working on The Sims 4. The game is expected to be released in the near future, but in the meantime if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to games like The Sims, you might be interested to learn that EA is basically giving away The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection.

For some reason EA has decided to give the game away, but we guess we can’t really complain, right?  EA had originally decided to give the game away to those who owned the original version of The Sims 2 when official support for the game came to an end, but later on EA decided to open it up for everyone. Read full post →EA Giving Away The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection

playstation 4 ps4 psn subscriptions tiered 640x280A few years ago back in 2011, Sony’s PSN was hacked. This was a huge deal as many had feared that their credit cards had been compromised. What made it worse was that Sony apparently knew that their defense systems were obsolete but yet did not make any move to change it until it was too late.

Fast forward a few years, Sony was hit by a class action lawsuit over the data breach and according to recent reports, Sony has finally agreed to settle for $15 million. While the settlement has yet to be approved by the judge, if and when it does, it will see Sony give out benefits such as free PlayStation 3 and PSP games to those affected by the data breach. Read full post →Sony Agrees To Settle 2011 Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit

titanfall burn cards 640x400We’re sure many of you guys have been playing Titanfall over and over again and participating in many matches. Well if you’re getting a little tired of the routine and want to spice things up, the folks at Respawn might have something for you. According to a post on the Titanfall blog, Respawn revealed an updated that will be introducing a Black Market to the game.

The Black Market is basically where gamers will be able to purchase customization options for your Titan along with the changing of your Burn Cards. The Burn Cards are expected to be sold in packs with each pack focused at a particular theme, so gamers will be able to choose a theme that they feel suits them best. Read full post →Black Market And In-Game Currency Arrives For Titanfall

lg g3 phone 009 640x426While LG came out the door with Android handsets that seemed to follow in Samsung’s footsteps, the South Korean tech giant has recently been making waves of their own, thanks to devices like the LG G2 which was succeeded by the LG G3. Well it looks like all that hard work has paid off, at least that’s according to LG’s second financial quarter results.

According to LG, the company claims that they have managed to sell a whopping 14.5 million smartphones, a third of which are LTE-enabled handsets. This is also an increase of 20% compared to the same period from last year, and a 17% increase from Q1 2014, which is apparently a record-breaking result for LG. Read full post →LG Announces Record Breaking Quarter, Hints At LG G3 Variants

iphone6 leak 8According to a rumor from yesterday, it was suggested that Apple is thinking about making the iPhone 6’s announcement in September. No exact dates were mentioned, but it was speculated to be around the second or third week of the month. However according to a recent report from DigiTimes, it seems that there is a chance only one iPhone will be announced then.

DigiTimes claims that there is a possibility that Apple could be announcing both the 4.7-inch model and 5.5-inch model separately. This is because they are worried about the competition between both devices, which is what happened with the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Both devices were differently priced, but it seemed that the more premium iPhone 5s model took the lead, leaving the iPhone 5c pretty much forgotten. Read full post →4.7-inch And 5.5-inch iPhone 6 To Be Announced Separately [Rumor]

Cameras are tool used by photographers to take photos. Some of them have been designed to weather the worst weather conditions, such as extreme dust, extreme cold, water immersion, and in some cases even against heat. However if you’re looking for a camera more for collection and light photography, then you might be interested to learn that Ricoh has recently announced the Pentax K-3 Prestige Edition. Read full post →Ricoh Unveils Pentax K-3 Prestige Edition