Mass-Effect-Characters-MuralRemasters are pretty popular these days, especially when it comes to older titles with huge followings, such as Final Fantasy VII, Skyrim, Resident Evil, and so on. However if you were hoping that maybe we could be getting a remaster for the original Mass Effect trilogy, you would be disappointed. Read full post →EA’s Peter Moore Says No Plans For Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster

metal-gear-solid-5If you have played Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, you know that the game pretty much ends after Mission 50. However if you’re a huge fan and have been following news about the game, you might have heard that there is a Mission 51 whose footage was shown in the Collector’s Edition disc, but for some reason it was not included in the game. Read full post →Konami Not Finishing Metal Gear Solid 5’s ‘Mission 51’

Apple TV_Remote-Hand_MainMenu-Movies-PRINTAbout 5 years ago following the death of Apple’s co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs, and the release of Walter Isaacson’s biography of Jobs, it was revealed that Apple was working on a TV set of its own, or at least there were plans to do so. It was famously revealed in Isaacson’s book in which Jobs was quoted as saying he had “cracked” TV. Read full post →New Report Confirms Steve Jobs’ Plans For An Apple TV Set

google_photos_iosAs convenient as it is to store photos online, sometimes there are just some photos that are worth printing out and keeping in physical format. Unfortunately in this digital age, the act of scrapbooking is no longer as common as it used to be, but Google wants to lend a helping hand. Read full post →Upcoming Google Photos Update Could Include A Photo Book Feature

Sony-Xperia-XZ_3-640x427So we know that Sony will be hosting a press conference at IFA tomorrow. Given that Sony creates a multitude of products ranging from TVs, to speakers, to headphones, to cameras, to smartphones, it’s hard to say what will be announced. However if these leaked renders are anything to go on, we can expect a couple of mobile announcements from the company. Read full post →Alleged Sony Xperia XZ, Xperia X Compact Photos Leaked

One of the rumored features we have been hearing about for the GoPro HERO5 is voice control, in which users will be able to activate the camera and have it perform certain tasks through the power of your voice. GoPro has yet to make the HERO5 official, but it looks like as far as action cameras are concerned, Garmin has beaten GoPro to the punch. Read full post →Garmin Virb Ultra 30 Action Cam Comes With Voice Controls

iPhone6s-Hand-SafariQuickAction-PR-PRINTOne might argue that some of the ideas that Apple has introduced to its products aren’t exactly original. For example many believe that the newer iterations of iOS have borrowed heavily from Android, or how fingerprint scanners on phones were actually introduced by Motorola many years ago, and so on. Read full post →Apple’s Suppliers Reportedly Gearing Up For Curved iPhone Displays

iphone 7 256gbAccording to multiple rumors, Apple is said to be planning on introducing 256GB as a storage option for its iPhones this year. This has been supported by the fact that Apple also recently introduced a 2TB tier to its iCloud plan, which would obviously go a long way for 256GB users who want to completely backup their device. Read full post →iPhone 7 Plus Packaging ‘Confirms’ 256GB Storage Option

360-in-news-feedOne of the drawbacks to virtual reality is motion sickness, and this is something that hardware developers have worked at trying to eliminate completely. So far we haven’t really heard many complaints of motion sickness, but there’s always room for improvement and this is something that Facebook thinks they can help with. Read full post →Facebook Wants To Help Stabilize 360-Degree Videos

It looks like HTC has a new phone in the works that they are planning to announce soon, at least that’s according to a recent teaser video that the company had uploaded onto Twitter. The video doesn’t really tell us much and neither does its caption, save for the tagline that says “Be Edgier”. Read full post →HTC Teases An ‘Edgier’ Phone For September 20