oneplus-01The OnePlus Two is a handset that many users are looking forward to, and thanks to a new report additional specifications of the handset has surfaced. According to the new rumors, word on the street has it that the OnePlus Two could come with what they are calling a “laser focus” fingerprint technology.

It is unclear as to what this means but basically fingerprint scanning technology could be embedded in the OnePlus Two’s home button. Perhaps it’s just a more accurate/faster way of scanning fingerprints, but we guess we’ll just have to wait and see. The rumors are also claiming that the front of the handset also looks like the Oppo Find 7 which means that OnePlus could be keeping the design changes to a minimum from its predecessor. Read full post →Rumored OnePlus Two Specs Include Laser Focus Fingerprint Tech

Hacker_430013533Over in China censorship of certain content online and speaking out against the government are activities that the authorities over there don’t look upon favorably, which is why it isn’t surprising to find popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, and more are banned from being accessed by the general population.

That being said a coding website in the US – GitHub – has recently come under attack courtesy of a DDoS which apparently has been routing traffic meant for China’s most popular search engine to the website. Given the massive population of China, we can only imagine that this would be an insane amount of traffic that the website would have to deal with in a short matter of time. This has resulted in the website being paralyzed for periods at a time. Read full post →Coding Website GitHub Hit With DDoS Attack, China Suspected

They say that one day machines could replace humans in terms of jobs and to a certain extent, some of that is already true. For example some machines have replaced the need for humans in a factory’s assembly line, and in the future the job of delivery people could also be replaced by drones, but what about machines replacing animals? Read full post →This Drone Can Herd Sheep As Well As A Sheepdog


Fans of the Tekken series were anxiously waiting for the new title to drop. The last title, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, was released back in 2011. Before that Tekken 6 arrived in 2007. So it has certainly been quite a long time and Tekken 7 filled a void that many fans had been feeling. Three new Tekken 7 characters have been confirmed by the new title’s director and producer Katsuhiro Harada.

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Some of the best performing videos on YouTube are unboxings and reviews of mobile devices. Videos in which such devices are subjected to all forms are torture tend to do well too because people often like to see how tough a smartphone or tablet is before they actually spend money on it. Since the Galaxy S6 is due to arrive in just a couple of weeks there’s no doubt that YouTube will soon get flooded with such videos. There’s one Galaxy S6 Edge drop test video online already.

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One of the reasons why the PlayStation 4 cost $100 less than the Xbox One when both console came out in 2013 was because Sony decided to offer the PlayStation Camera separately while Microsoft bundled Kinect with its new console and demanded $499 for it. Microsoft later had to unbundle Kinect from Xbox One just so it could match the PlayStation 4’s price point, and this did improve its sales, even though PS4 remains in the lead even today. Those who are still on the fence about purchasing Sony’s new console can take advantage of a new PS4 bundle which includes a PlayStation Camera.

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There have been many reports over the past few weeks that Apple is developing an internet TV streaming service of its own. The service is expected to be unveiled at Worldwide Developers Conference 2015 this June before it goes live in the fall. There have been rumors that Apple and Comcast have had a falling out and as a result Comcast is withholding NBCUniversal content from the service. Comcast’s attorney has set the record straight in a letter he wrote to the FCC.

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Last month Pebble launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring its new smartwatch, the Pebble Time, to market. The campaign has finally ended. Just a couple of weeks into it this actually became the biggest crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter ever. The finally number stands north of $20 million. This is one crowdfunding record that’s going to stay put for quite some time.

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All browsers come with balanced fonts, readable and easy on the eyes. However, there are times when you just get tired of watching same font style or maybe the font size is not big enough for you. Some people have weak eyesight so they need to make the fonts bigger to be able to read comfortably.

For all these reasons, all browsers come with the option of changing fonts, both size and type. If you are having issues with the fonts you can easily change them from your browser’s settings. Although the process for reaching these settings is not same for every browser. You need to know how you can change fonts on your particular browser and we are here to help. Read full post →How To Change Browser Font (Style and Size)


A couple of weeks back Sling TV announced that A&E channels and Lifetime will soon be available on its $20 per month internet TV streaming service. Earlier this week we heard from Sling TV when the channels went live on its service. Many Sling TV subscribers, including me, have noticed that certain content from these channels is blocked on Sling TV. Shows that are blocked carry a “content unavailable” tag while content that’s available streams without even breaking a sweat.

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