Remember in March we reported that a man in New Zealand 3D printed a tiny drill? Sure, you can 3D print anything you want as long as you have the schematics for it, but what made it even more impressive is that this is a drill that actually works. Granted you won’t be making furniture or building houses with it, but it is still pretty awesome, not mention incredibly cute as well.

Now it looks like the man, Lance Abernethy, is back and this time round, he has 3D printed what we can only assume is the world’s smallest working circular saw. The parts of the saw were designed and printed by Abernethy himself using an Ultimaker 2 3D printer. It uses a hearing aid battery to power itself and will spring into action at a press of a button. Read full post →Man Creates The World’s Smallest 3D Printed Circular Saw

instagram-signLast week Instagram announced that they were banning the #goddess hashtag, and it looks like the social network is not slowing down in its banning process. In fact according to reports, it looks like Instagram has banned yet another hashtag in the form of #edm, which for those who are unfamiliar typically refers to a genre of music.

EDM, or Electronic Dance Music, is a type of music and it seems like it would be an innocent-enough hashtag. However according to an Instagram spokesman who spoke to TIME, it seems that the hashtag was used to share images containing nudity. “In this case, #EDM was being used to share content that violates our guidelines around nudity.” Read full post →Instagram Bans The #EDM Hashtag Citing Guidelines Violation

Samsung Pay on TV

Ahead of its global roll-out, Samsung’s ambitious payment service ’Samsung Pay’ is going to make a debut on company’s select range of smart TVs. The new feature would enable users to easily purchase content directly from the convenience of their TV. In this way users will be able to buy and watch the content of their choice (including games, apps, and movies), without the need of any other device to make payments.
Read full post →Samsung Pay Makes A Debut On Smart TVs

xiaomi logoWhen it comes to smartphones, there are only a handful of OEMs who actually use processors they have designed themselves. This includes Apple, Samsung, and Huawei, but if a recent report is to be believed, it seems that come 2016, Xiaomi is expected to debut their very own processors as well.

As it stands Xiaomi largely relies on brands such as Qualcomm and MediaTek for their processor needs, but if Xiaomi were to be able to control their own hardware, it would potentially allow them to sell their products for even less money, and could lead to be more optimized experience since they have more control over what it does. Read full post →Xiaomi Could Debut Their Own Processors In 2016

drones-capture-real-estateAmazon wants to make drone deliveries a thing, but unsurprisingly regulators such as the FAA are a bit worried about that and we can see why. According to a report from the Mansfield News Journal, it seems that about a week ago, a drone flew over a prison yard at the Mansfield Correctional Institute in Ohio where it delivered a package.

The package contained 144.5grams of tobacco, 65.4grams of marijuana, and 6.6grams of heroin, which safe to say are illegal. In fact if the stories about how drugs and tobacco are used as currencies inside prison, it does not come as a surprise to learn that when the package was discovered, a fight broke out between nine inmates, presumably all of whom were trying to snatch its contents for themselves. Read full post →Drone Unsuccessfully Delivers Drugs And Tobacco In A Prison Yard

epson_printerIf there’s one thing we dislike about inkjet printers is the need to constantly buy new ink cartridges. This can be a costly process especially if you print a lot, but sometimes you just cannot help it. This sometimes results in users trying to micromanage their ink by only choosing important documents to print in color.

However Epson has a solution for you in the form of the EcoTank. This is the latest printer from the company which will apparently be able to last you years on a single cartridge before requiring you to refill it. Sounds good, doesn’t it? The only downside is that you will need to deal with a large tank of ink meaning that it might not be ideal for small home offices. Read full post →Epson’s EcoTank Printer Will Save You On Multiple Ink Refills


OnePlus has joined hands with eBay to support the UNICEF Tap Project, which works on providing clean drinking water to underprivileged kids across the world. In a bid to support the project, OnePlus will be auctioning 100 OnePlus 2 invites on eBay and all the money raised through auctioning will go directly to the UNICEF.
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So you’re thinking about starting a family. There are lots of ways to go about it, but if the idea of adopting or having a surrogate does not appeal to you, there is the time tested method of just having regular sexual intercourse. However there is more to that than just doing the deed. In fact if you didn’t know, the woman’s body’s basal temperature needs to be optimum in order to have better luck of conceiving a child.

There are several ways that women can go about measuring their basal temperature, although some options aren’t particularly convenient, and this is where the folks at Yono Labs decided to create a wearable small enough to fit into a woman’s ear where it will monitor their basal temperature, thus letting them know when is the optimal period to try conceiving. Read full post →This Wearable Helps Make It Easier For Women To Get Pregnant

With the markets being relatively global these days, it doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone if your job requires you to travel to different states or even different countries. That’s fine if your relationship status is single, but if you’re a parent with a family waiting for you back home while you’re gone for months at a time, it can get pretty rough.

However to combat this loneliness and to not miss out on his son growing up, a 30-year man by the name of Liu Haibin from China has created what he considers to be the world’s longest seesaw, thus allowing him to play with his son even though he is outstation. Of course it would be impossible for such a seesaw to connect physically, so obviously a little tech wizardry was involved. Read full post →Man Builds “World’s Longest Seesaw” To Play With His Son

LG Wine Smart

LG today revealed its plan to launch an Android-based flip phone or clamshell in plenty of markets across the world. The phone is named as Wine Smart, the device was earlier known as LG Gentle, which was initially launched in Korea. The company will be unveiling the device sometime later this month, starting with select markets such as France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Kazakhstan, Japan and the United Kingdom.
Read full post →LG Is Bringing Flip Phones Back With Lollipop-Powered ‘Wine Smart’