beats solo2The folks over at ColorWare are famous for coming up with custom paint jobs that look extremely professional, ensuring that the piece of consumer electronics device sitting in your hands or in the middle of the living room will be very unique, and not likely seen elsewhere, too. This time around, ColorWare will offer the Beats Solo² headphones, where the pair of headphones itself is comfortable to wear for long hours on end, thanks to the presence of plush ear pads and a cushioned headband.

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fcc htc sprintThe FCC is one particular “loophole” that upcoming consumer electronics devices ought to go through before they are approved for commercial release. However, do take note that not all devices that gain FCC approval will eventually end up on the open market. This time around, a HTC handset has been spotted over on the FCC, where it carries the model number 0PCV100, making it a CDMA-based device that carries support for LTE bands 25, 26, and 41.

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opera windowsOpera Software recently announced that they and Microsoft have come together to sign a contract so that Opera Mini will arrive as the default pre-installed Internet browser where Nokia’s feature phones are concerned. In other words, the current Xpress Internet browser, which has been developed in-house by Nokia, and sees action on the Nokia Series 30+, 40, and Asha models, will eventually be a thing of the past. Existing users of such feature phones are encouraged to perform the update, and owners of new devices need not lift a finger since those handsets will arrive with Opera pre-installed, reading to go right out of the box.

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tesla s remote startIt looks like there is more than meets the eye where the all-electric Tesla Model S car is concerned, considering this 2014 ride will be able to play nice with an Apple iPhone. And by that, I mean the iOS-powered smartphone will be able to get the Tesla Model S started, now how about that? For those of you who are still on the side of Google and its Android mobile operating system, it is not a time to be a headless chicken at the moment, since it is mentioned that there is a version for Android in the pipeline at the moment, although the release date has yet to be determined, and it remains to be seen whether this remote start feature will be enabled to boot.

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Strike 1Some gamers believe that with gaming keyboards and mice, they are able to perform better than with regular keyboards and mice, and to a certain extent there is some truth to their justification. For example gaming keyboards and mice tend to have more buttons which gamers can assign with macros.

Gaming mice also tend to be faster and more sensitive, which is important when playing FPS games. That being said if you’re in the market for new keyboards and mice, Mad Catz might have something for you as they have recently added some new products to their Tournament Edition range of gaming peripherals. Read full post →Mad Catz Unveils New Tournament Edition Gaming Keyboard And Mouse

world of warcraft 640x400Gamers who have played World of Warcraft can probably attest to the fact that the game is highly addictive. For many gamers the reasons as to why they are addicted to the World of Warcraft will vary from gamer to gamer. For some, the addiction comes from being able to play with friends, and for others it could be the storyline, and for some it could be because they’re competitive when it comes to gathering loot.

However outsiders might not necessarily have the same view of the game, calling it a waste of time and are unable to see why some people are addicted to a mere video game. Well according to a Manhattan College professor of religious studies, Robert Geraci, he believes that Blizzard’s World of Warcraft represents more than just a video game, and to a certain extent can provide some kind of religious experience as well. Read full post →College Professor Believes World Of Warcraft Is More Than Just A Game

free with goldLet’s face it, there are some video game trailers, descriptions, photos, and reviews which makes games seem more fun than they really are. In some cases, the reviews and trailers are spot on in what the game offers, but sometimes they end up not being what you expect, which is why trials and demos help gamers try games before they buy.

Well it looks like Microsoft has something similar planned for Xbox One gamers. According to a report post on Reddit (via Eurogamer), it seems that Microsoft has begun trialing a new program in which gamers are allowed to download games and play them for free for a limited time, thus allowing gamers to experience the game in full before deciding if they should buy it. Read full post →Microsoft Testing Limited Time Free Game Program For Xbox Live Gold Gamers

galaxy s5 4gpSamsung has a few variants of the Samsung Galaxy S5 handset depending on which market they are selling the phone in. For example in South Korea, the company unveiled the Galaxy S5 LTE-A which is basically the same phone with LTE-A capabilities and a QHD display (jealous!), and now it looks like they will be unveiling yet another variant, except that this time it will be aimed at the Singaporean market.

According to Samsung, they will be launch the Samsung Galaxy S5 4G+ in Singapore. Just like the South Korean model, this model will also support LTE-A and will play nicely on local carrier SingTel’s 300Mbps LTE-A pipeline. However the difference is that the Singaporean model will not pack a QHD display which is unfortunate, but if you’d rather have faster internet speeds, then we guess it’s a fair trade off. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy S5 4G+ Variant Unveiled For Singapore Market

ipad air 2 componentIs Apple working on a refreshed version of the iPad Air? Assuming that Apple keeps to their schedule and their habits, there is a very good chance we could be looking at the iPad Air’s successor later this year. In fact there have been rumors about the tablet, such as how it will sport Touch ID sensors and how it could pack 2GB of RAM.

Now thanks to newly leaked photos, it seems that alleged components from the iPad Air 2 have been leaked. The components in question are the flex cables which includes antennas for WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS. According to the French website iPhonote that published them, they claim that the photos came from a second-hand source who has connections to a Shenzhen parts supplier. Read full post →Alleged iPad Air 2 Flex Cables Spotted

firephone display 640x462A few months ago, Amazon finally took the wraps off the Fire Phone. Given that the rumors of an Amazon smartphone have been floating about for a while now, safe to say that many were eager to see what Amazon had to offer. Unfortunately it seems that despite all the features that Amazon has offered, the Fire Phone isn’t quite catching on as well as they had thought.

According to recent figures revealed by research firm Chitika Insights, it seems that out of the tens of millions of ad views across 350,000 websites, the traffic generated from the Fire Phone only account for a mere 0.02%. You might argue that the phone is still relatively new and that perhaps traffic could increase in time, and while that is true, it certainly does not hold the same for the LG G3. Read full post →Amazon’s Fire Phone Not Selling As Hot As Expected