brainprint-systemBecause alphanumeric passwords can be guessed and cracked, it is not surprising that these days more devices are starting to look at biometrics as a way of securely logging into devices and accounts. For example fingerprint security is one of the more popular options these days, although companies like Microsoft are starting to advocate iris scanning tech as well. Read full post →Brain Scans Could Be The Login Of The Future

Honjo-650-XLLately we have been hearing a lot about the Lumia 650, a device that has yet to be officially announced. However could it be possible that Microsoft also has a larger version of the Lumia 650 in the works? According to a recently leaked photo out of China, it has suggested that Microsoft could have a Lumia 650 XL in the works, codenamed Honjo. Read full post →Alleged Lumia 650 XL Photo Leaked

facetimeA couple of days ago, a court ruled against Apple in a patent infringement lawsuit, in which the company suing Apple, VirnetX, won. The court ordered Apple to pay the company an eye-watering $625 million in damages, a number that was actually more than what VirnetX was asking for in the first place. Read full post →Apple Files For Mistrial In $625 Million VirnetX Lawsuit

Mac_Pro_BackIf you own a late 2013 Mac Pro, a report from MacRumors has revealed that there could some issues with your computer that might need addressing. To be more specific, MacRumors has received an internal notice that indicates that Apple has launched a repair program for the late 2013 Mac Pros that has to do with graphical issues. Read full post →Apple Launches Repair Program For Late 2013 Mac Pros

Headphones are great, but if there is a downside to using headphones is that it blocks off your surrounding environment. This means that if you were to cross the street wearing headphones, you might not hear cars horning at you, which can be dangerous. Apparently the danger of headphones was enough for a team in Taiwan to create the Music Wrap. Read full post →Music Wrap Are Headphones For Your Neck (Neckphones?)

twitter logoEarlier we reported that Facebook was planning on introducing a new News Feed in which it would be based on a new algorithm that determines what people want to see. This means that despite you subscribing to a bunch of pages, Facebook will determine which it thinks you prefer seeing, and will display that on your News Feed. Read full post →Twitter Reportedly Introducing A New Algorithmic Timeline

wilson-x-connected-footballSports too, is getting smarter and smarter – and so is the case with Wilson’s latest X Connected Football which will follow in the footsteps of its smart basketball that was released some time ago. With this X Connected Football, you will be able to measure your performance with the pigskin as it figures out just how well you toss the ball, letting your statistics compare with those of your friends so that all post-game comments and arguments about who has left their best on the field can be put to rest with real, definable statistics.

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google_self_driving_car_prototypeGoogle’s experiment with their self-driving car has certainly come a long way from being made legal in California a few years back, and it seems that the tech giant wants their autonomous vehicles (which have already been tested in Kirkland and Austin) to live an untethered life, too, as there are plans to include wireless charging capability for their self-driving vehicles. IEEE Spectrum has apparently stumbled upon not one, but a couple of FCC filings concerning Google’s entrance into resonant magnetic induction, which could spell the beginning of such an idea for their self-driving cars.

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sony xperia z5So you are looking forward to picking up Sony’s latest flagship model, the Xperia Z5 over here in the US after waiting for quite some time already, having been taken in by reports of its amazing camera performance in addition to its Snapdragon 810 chipset that works perfectly fine without overheating. Well, good news if you fall into that category – the Xperia Z5 as well as Z5 Compact will hit the US from the 7th of February onward, where the first retailers to carry the latest Sony flagship handsets are Best Buy, B&H, and

Read full post →Xperia Z5 And Z5 Compact To Arrive Stateside This February 7

While the Amazon Echo might have launched as a speaker with assistant capabilities, it seems that Amazon has been on a spree as of late, introducing new features and capabilities to the speaker that we can only imagine will make it extremely invaluable in the future. For example recently it has been updated to stream music from Spotify and order a pizza. Read full post →Amazon Echo Can Now Order You An Uber