dota_2_prize_poolIf you’re a fan of Valve’s DotA 2 MOBA, chances are every year you look forward to The International, which is basically the biggest DotA 2 championship tournament of the year. Last year’s The International saw its prize pool nearly hit the $11 million mark, but it looks like this year’s tournament has surpassed that and with time to spare too.

As it stands, the prize pool is sitting at a whopping $15 million which is not only way past the near-$11 million mark from last year, but it even surpassed the prize pool of more traditional sports, such as the 2015 Masters golf tournament from this year whose prize pool was “only” $10 million. Read full post →DotA 2’s The International Prize Pool Hits $15 Million

xiaomiAccording to a report from a little over a week ago, it was suggested that Xiaomi had managed to ship 35 million devices in the first half of 2015. Now as we pointed out shipped and sold are two very different things as the latter simply indicates potential demand while the latter actually affects revenue.

Well Xiaomi has since confirmed in a press release sent to us that they have indeed sold nearly all the units that they have shipped. To be more specific, Xiaomi has confirmed that they have sold 34.7 million smartphones and this is only in the first half of 2015, indicating that by the time 2015 is out, chances are we could be looking at possibly close to 70 million units sold. Read full post →Xiaomi Confirms 34.7 Million Smartphones Sold In First Half Of 2015

batman-arkham-knight-1Batman: Arkham Knight showed a lot of promise in terms of storyline, gameplay, and graphics. While gamers on the console are no doubt enjoying the game as we speak, the same cannot be said for a good many PC gamers who found a ton of issue with the game, so much so that the publisher Warner Bros. had to suspend sales until the problems could be fixed.

However the question everyone’s asking is how could a game that was so obviously riddled with bugs be allowed to be released in the first place? Surely there must have been some QCs done along the way, right? Well as it turns out, Warner Bros. had known about the issue for months but still decided to push ahead with its release anyway. Read full post →Batman: Arkham Knight’s PC Issues Were Known For Months

windows-8.1-updateWe suppose out of all the Windows versions that have been released in the past decade or so, Windows XP and Windows 7 are probably some of the favorites. Windows Vista kind of bombed and Windows 8 was met with a rather chilly reception to, no thanks to its redesign which left many users confused on how to use it.

So much so that for a while there, Windows XP continued to outpace Windows 8 despite it no longer being supported by Microsoft. Well we suppose it’s about time that the platform started to catch up and according to the latest figures from Net Applications, it looks like Windows 8.1 has finally overtaken Windows XP in terms of marketshare on the desktop. Read full post →Windows 8.1 Finally Overtakes Windows XP On The Desktop

Cycling on the roads can be dangerous as many drivers out there don’t really think too much about cyclists or take them into account. Also due to the fact that bicycles typically do not come with side or rear-view mirrors, remaining aware of their surroundings can be tricky, which is why Garmin has introduced the Varia.

The Varia Rearview Bike Radar is an accessory designed with cyclists in mind. It attaches to the back of a bike and has a sensor that can scan for cars or traffic as far as back 140m behind the cyclist while acting as a rear light at the same time. The information gathered by the sensor will then be transmitted to a compatible Garmin Edge system or a handlebar-mounted system, which you can check out in the video above. Read full post →Garmin Varia Wants To Help Keep Cyclists Safe

bmw-i3Earlier this year the internet was abuzz with rumors that Apple was working on a car of their own. Whether or not those rumors are true remains to be seen, but in the meantime should Apple be working on such a project, or if they are at least interested in the idea, it seems that BMW wouldn’t mind collaborating with them.

This was revealed by BMW’s production chief Oliver Zipse who stated that the company would be open to the idea of forming a partnership with Apple to build such a vehicle. Zipse was quoted as saying, “We live in a world of partnerships,” when asked if he could picture the company building cars for another company, such as Apple. Read full post →BMW Open To Idea Of Working With Apple On Car Project

When the name Olloclip comes to mind, chances are you might be thinking of the clip-on lens designed for smartphones, where all the user has to do is slide the lens onto their phone and they’re good to go. However it looks like Olloclip wants to take things further as the company has recently announced the Studio System.

The Studio System is basically a set of smartphone accessories designed to give users the best possible photography tools for their phone. Instead of just offering a lens, the Studio System includes accessories such as a finger grip, a kickstand, cold-shoe adapters, and two 1/4-20 clips for either landscape or portrait modes. Read full post →Olloclip Launches Studio System Photography Accessories

sony-srs-x77-x88-x99-970x0If you’re looking for some wireless speakers to bring with you from home, to work, to school, or on holiday, Sony has you covered. The company has recently debuted a trio of new wireless speakers in the form of the SRS-X77, SRS-X88, and the SRS-X99. In terms of design, they don’t look very different from the SRS-X11, SRS-X33, and SRS-X55 models released last month.

However we suppose that’s not a bad thing considering how sleek and clean the design of these speakers are. So what are we looking at in terms of performance? Well starting with the biggest of the trio is the SRS-X99. This wireless speaker will be able to output 154 Watts thanks to two super tweeters, two front tweeters, two mid-range drivers, and a single subwoofer. Read full post →Sony Introduces Trio Of New Wireless Speakers

oneplus oneCome 27th of July, OnePlus is expected to make the OnePlus 2 official. We had all assumed that the company could be only launching a single device, but now a recent sighting at the Bluetooth SIG (via Droid-Life) has revealed that there could be more than one model in the works – the A2001, A2003, and the A2005.

Now the A2001 has been spotted on benchmarks before which gave away its Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, which the company has since confirmed, but as for the other two models, it is unclear as to what they might be. Some speculate that it might simply be the different storage sizes the phone will be offered in, while others believe that it could be the difference in the backplates used, although we’re not sure why this would warrant a different model number. Read full post →Three Versions Of The OnePlus 2 Spotted At Bluetooth SIG

ipod refreshLast month Apple made it clear that the iPod would no longer be a priority to the company by removing a direct link to their iPod product page from their website. This doesn’t mean that the iPods have been discontinued, but rather Apple will choose to focus on less on it now than they did before.

However it looks like the iPod might not be completely ignored. It has been spotted that in the latest iTunes 12.2 update, new iPod images surfaced. The image above is shown when the user plugs their iPod in for the first time and as you can see, it looks like we can expect at the very least new iPod colors in the near future. Read full post →iTunes 12.2 Hints At Potential iPod Refresh