checkin glassAh, Google Glass, where the DVF Google Glass frames are now available over in the U.K., is back in the limelight – and will target the traveling crowd this time around. Flying used to be glamorous back in the day, but it is so normal now that folks continue to seek out the next best experience, such as business class as well as spending time in all of the various airport lounges. Having said that, the Edinburgh airport intends to be the first in the world that will integrate Glass for their customer service representatives.

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hardware dominator 640x640It was a love story that started more than 15 years ago. All the way back in 1997 when many of the current teens were still not in existence, a certain person by the moniker of Hardware Dominator decided to pick up an NVIDIA Riva 128 graphics card. Of course, his story with NVIDIA and the different kinds of video cards that they have rolled out over the years did not end then – it was just the beginning, and here we are with an extremely proud Hardware Dominator showcasing his GPU collection that has surpassed the 600 mark – and something tells me that there are no duplicates at all.

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gmv 2014 medium box 300x250

nvidia shield tablet 05 640x359NVIDIA has this particularly good habit (or should we say, tradition) of rolling out patches for its Shield tablet according to a timetable that more or less remains one month apart thereabouts. Having said that, we are pleased to bring you word that NVIDIA has just introduced a spanking new update to their NVIDIA Shield tablet, bumping up the update version number to 1.2 this time around.

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win10 1It looks like it has been quite an exciting morning today, don’t you think so? After all, there has been the announcement of Microsoft skipping the numeral “9” in order to jump straight to Windows 10 as the next version of the operating system, where it is widely touted to arrive some time early next year, all the while rumored to carry similar hardware system requirements as that of Windows 8 – which is good news for those who might not want or have the budget to actually perform a hardware upgrade. Having said that, we might as well enjoy a bunch of screenshots that have been released by Microsoft for Windows 10 Build 9841.

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samsung wordYou know what they say – if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. It has been more than 20 years of Samsung relying on its very own productivity suite for all of its offices, before the South Korean conglomerate took the decision to make the jump to Microsoft Word – and this is a move which will affect all of its offices around the world.

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windows10Microsoft decided to skip the numeral “9” for reasons that are only known to them as they introduced Microsoft Windows 10 earlier this morning, and with this spanking new operating system that is tipped to arrive some time next year, one will definitely be able to enjoy a slew of whole new features. As for the system requirements, will this brand new operating system require more from your current generation computers compared to Windows 8? After all, that does seem to be the natural progression for many a software life cycle. Apparently, that does not seem to be the case as there are indications that Microsoft might just buck the trend.

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moto x 2014 review 3 640x426There is the Moto X, and then there is the Moto X Pure Edition, which will be a particular model that does not come with all of the bloatware which is normally associated with a carrier branded device. Having said that, it seems that there is a new update out there that will be able to bring bands 3, 5, and 7 support all the way to the new Moto X. Originally, the unveiled specifications of the Moto X Pure Edition as well as the AT&T model were touted to be able to support LTE bands 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 17, and 29, which ought to be more than capable of handling just about a slew of other networks worldwide.

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Wutang Sweatshirt 640x480Back in the day when we wanted to buy an album, we’d go to a record store and pick up an album there. However as time moved on, the way we consumed music changed. We started frequenting record stores less and relied on digital purchases and downloads to consume our music, but even then that is changing.

Well perhaps it’s a marketing gimmick, or perhaps it could be a new medium of selling music, but hip-hop group the Wu-Tang Clan has recently released their new album, and one of the ways to purchase the album would be to buy a specially designed wearable speaker that contains the group’s music in it. Read full post →Hip-Hop Group Wu-Tang Clan To Sell Their New Album Inside A Speaker

As you might have heard, Microsoft has officially announced Windows 10, the company’s next-generation Windows operating system. According to Microsoft, the reason they went with Windows 10 is because they felt that it was not right to call it Windows 9. Speaking at the event, Microsoft’s Terry Myerson was quoted as saying, “Windows is at a Threshold and now it’s time for a new Windows. It wouldn’t be right to call it Windows 9.”

That’s all and good, but the question is when can consumers expect to get their hands on the latest operating system? According to Myerson during a Q&A session, he revealed that Microsoft has planned for a mid-2015 release of Windows 10 and it seems that Microsoft will be hosting a BUILD conference in April 2015 where presumably more details will be shared. Read full post →Windows 10 Pegged For Mid-2015 Release

apple pay 004 640x360According to recent reports of iOS 8.1, it seems that the update has a hidden Apple Pay settings which seems to suggest and confirm Apple’s earlier promise of enabling Apple Pay in the near future. It also seemed to suggested that Apple Pay could be arriving on the iPads. However according to new reports, it seems that Siri will be involved in Apple Pay as well.

As it stands if you were to ask Siri to show you a credit card, it will bring up Apple’s Passbook app, which unfortunately at the moment does not allow users to add credit cards to the list. However with iOS 8.1, it has been reported that users will be able to use Siri to pull up credit cards that they might have on file. Read full post →Siri Can Be Used To Access Apple Pay Credit Cards In iOS 8.1