The battery life of the Apple Watch has always been a major concern with Apple initially admitting that it might not last beyond a day. However recent reports have suggested that Apple has managed to improve on it to the point where it will still require a daily charge, but should last the wearer until the end of the day.

However if you’d rather be safe than sorry, third-party developers Lane Musgrave and John Arrow have recently unveiled the “Reserve Strap”. As the name implies, this is a watch strap designed for the Apple Watch that allows it to charge the smartwatch while you wear it. Essentially it’s an external battery pack for your smartwatch. Read full post →Reserve Strap Will Give Your Apple Watch Extra Battery

yurekaLast year Indian phone manufacturer Micromax teamed up with the folks at Cyanogen to unveil the Yureka Android smartphone. The device proved to be extremely popular and sold out in a matter of seconds, so much so that the company behind the phone, Yu Televentures, has decided to follow up with a new phone dubbed Project Caesar.

This was confirmed by Yu Televentures’ Rahul Sharma who was quoted as saying “Yu is working on smartphone codenamed “Project Caesar” which will be launched in India in April.” Unfortunately not much is known about Project Caesar for now, but presumably it will be another affordable handset that would most likely be limited to the Indian market. Read full post →Project Caesar Announced By Yu Televentures

whatsapp-logo-newEarlier this year it was reported that WhatsApp was done with users using third-party clients, and they even went as far as banning these users for up to 24 hours if they were found accessing the service via third-party clients. However it seems that the punishment has become more severe and could see users banned for life.

According to several reports, some users are claiming that they have been permanently banned from using WhatsApp. This is following repeated warnings and bans from WhatsApp telling them to stop using third-party clients, to which they defied those warnings thus leading to the permanent ban. Once this happens, it seems that you’d basically have to create a new account with a new number which sounds highly inconvenient. Read full post →Third-Party WhatsApp Clients Could See Users Banned For Life

z4-z3-compare-1The Sony Xperia Z4 was missing from Sony’s announcements at MWC 2015, although the company did recently confirm that the handset will be announced later this year. It is unclear if Sony will be going with a major redesign for the Xperia Z4, but thanks to an alleged leaked photo of the handset’s frame, it certainly does not look that way.

As you can see in the images and below, there does not appear to be any major changes in design of the frame of the Xperia Z4, at least compared to the Xperia Z3. Both appear to be identical in design but according to sources, the Xperia Z4 is said to be 1mm slimmer, but we’re not sure if it is obvious or noticeable in these photos, let alone in our hands. Read full post →Alleged Sony Xperia Z4 Frame Compared To The Xperia Z3

samsung logoWhen Samsung announced the Galaxy S6, it did not come as a surprise to see that Qualcomm was not the company powering the handset. This seemed to line up with earlier rumors that Samsung might have ditched Qualcomm for their own brand of Exynos chipsets. So does that mean Samsung will now use Exynos chipsets in all future handsets?

Maybe not as according to a recent rumor, Samsung might have approached MediaTek to supply them with chipsets. As it stands MediaTek’s chipsets can be found in HTC and Sony’s handsets but has yet to find their way into Samsung’s phones, but if the rumors are to be believed, Samsung could have placed some orders with MediaTek. Read full post →Samsung Rumored To Be In Talks With MediaTek

applewatchbatteryWhile the Apple Watch might be a device many are looking forward to, there are reports that the device’s battery life might not last beyond a single day. However last we heard, Apple was still working on fine tuning the device’s battery life and now according to a report from 9to5Mac, they have heard from their sources that Apple has made some improvements.

Prior to this, we had heard that the Apple Watch would last anywhere between 2.5-4 hours with heavy usage. However after tweaking the device, 9to5Mac’s source who has had hands-on experience with the device tells them that the watch’s battery life has since been extend to about 5 hours with heavy usage. The wearable is also expected to last an entire day with a mix of active and passive usage. Read full post →Apple Watch Battery Life Might Not Be As Bad As We Thought

It wasn’t too long ago that the Hearthstone expansion Goblins vs Gnomes was announced, and in case you’ve managed to work your way through all the cards or if you’re looking for additional content, you’re in luck. Blizzard has recently revealed during PAX East the latest Hearthstone expansion called Blackrock Mountain.

However based on what we know, Blackrock Mountain will be a slightly smaller expansion compared to Goblins vs Gnomes and will be similar to the Curse of Naxxramas. The expansion will introduce 31 new cards to the game that can be collected by playing your way through 5 wings, with each wing released every week and with players battling 17 bosses in total. Read full post →Blackrock Mountain Hearthstone Expansion Announced

samsung-galaxy-s6-edge_004Are you looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy S6? Well if you are, chances are you’re not alone in your enthusiasm and while the handset will only go on sale on the 10th of April, Verizon has announced that they will begin accepting pre-orders for the handset on the 1st of April. Yes, April Fools day, and no that’s not a joke.

However while the handset will be up for pre-order on the 1st of April, Verizon has yet to confirm when the handset will actually go on sale. Samsung did previously confirm the handset’s release for the 10th of April but chances are the dates might be different for some carriers, but either way you go ahead and reserve your handset on the 1st of April anyway. Read full post →Verizon’s Pre-Orders For Galaxy S6 Open 1st April

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is the latest handset to be announced by Samsung and while we loved the handset in our review of it, it seems that there might be some problems with the handset that a simple software update can’t fix. According to a report from G For Games, they cite another report from South Korea which claims that there are hardware issues plaguing the Galaxy S6’s display.

Basically the problem here is that the edges of the Galaxy S6 are not registering touches. While most of our input tends to be more towards the middle of the phone, having the edges fail to register touch can be quite annoying as there are many apps out there that might require interaction from the edge, such as swiping in from the left or right. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy S6’s Display Might Be Facing Some Issues

tofufuryAmazon Game Studios was announced back in 2012, where this development house has done its fair share of work, churning out a slew of video games for its range of Fire Phone handsets, the Fire TV, as well as the Fire family of tablets. However, it looks like Amazon Game Studios intent to extend their territory by announcing that it will offer some of its games on the iOS platform – which would mean both iPhone and iPad owners will eventually be able to get a taste of Amazon Game Studios’ work.

Read full post →Amazon Game Studios Look To Create iOS Games As Well