newbee dota2 640x426As you might have heard, the DotA 2 finals took place the past couple of days and it looks like the winners have officially been crowned! For those who have yet to watch the finals, then we suggest you might want to close this window as there will be spoilers, but for those who don’t care, then you might be interested to learn that Chinese team, Newbee, took home the first place.

What does this mean? Well it means that the team managed to net a cool $5,028,174 in prize money! That’s a lot of money and we can’t imagine what they plan to do with it. As for the second place, it was also another Chinese team by the name of ViCi Gaming where they managed to nab $1,475,660 in prize money. Read full post →The International 4 DotA 2 Winners Have Been Revealed

21 HTC FlyerAccording to the rumors, HTC is said to be working on the Nexus 9 tablet which has been given the codename Flounder/Volantis. However according to a recent rumor from @evleaks, he has revealed that HTC is working on two more tablets apart from the Nexus 9, making this a pretty big tablet effort from HTC.

While HTC did try their hand with tablets back in 2011 with the HTC Flyer, the tablet failed to gain much traction and while there were rumors about HTC releasing a new tablet after that, nothing surfaced, suggesting that HTC had pushed back their tablet plans. However if @evleaks’ post is to be believed, we could be looking at a pretty big push from HTC. Read full post →HTC Working On Two More Tablets Apart From Nexus 89 [Rumor]

last of us liveNaughty Dog’s The Last of Us game has proven to be a pretty big hit, so much so that they will be releasing a Remastered version for the Sony PlayStation 4. Sounds pretty cool, right? After all wouldn’t it be fun to play it again on newer hardware? Well if you thought the Remastered version was a great idea, you might be pleased to learn that Sony and Naughty Dog have teamed up to release the game on a new platform – live theater. Read full post →The Last Of Us Will Be Making Its Way To A Theater For One Night Only

galaxytabs issue 640x359If you’ve recently picked up the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S, you should probably take note that there are several issues with the tablet. According to the reports, it seems that the Galaxy Tab S is prone to overheating and in some cases, the back cover of the Galaxy Tab S has warped, although in a recent statement made by Samsung, they claim it is not due to overheating.

Starting with the overheating, Samsung claims that this is a bug that causes the tablet to overheat. Samsung has since advised users with tablets that are overheating to head on over to the store they bought it from to return it for a new one. As far as the warped back covers are concerned, Samsung claims that this is due to manufacturing issues and that it is a rare issue. Read full post →Samsung Issues Statement On Overheating/Warping Galaxy Tab S Devices

tmo unlock 640x353Earlier last week it was announced that the phone unlocking bill had been passed by the Senate. What does this mean for the average user? Well it basically means that you are allowed to unlock phones legally, where previously a law had made it so that unlocking your phone was considered an illegal act, thus making it difficult for users who travel a lot to use a different SIM card.

So with the new law in effect, users are allowed to unlock the phone themselves, head to their carrier, or seek out a technician to do it for them. However it seems that T-Mobile could be thinking about making the process a lot simpler and straightforward. Read full post →T-Mobile’s Rumored Cellphone Unlocking App Surfaces Again

oneremix 631x640A few weeks ago, we had heard the rumors that the HTC One Remix would be making its way onto Verizon and now according to @evleaks, we have a more specific date to look forward to. According to @evleaks and assuming the information is right on the money, it seems that we can look forward to the HTC One Remix’s announcement on the 24th of July

It is unclear if Verizon will announce the handset and sell it at a later date, or if its availability will be on the same day itself, but do check back with us then for the details. In the meantime for those who might have missed the news, the HTC One Remix is expected to be somewhat similar to the HTC One mini 2. Read full post →HTC One Remix Rumored For 24th July Announcement

mi4 1 640x359Several weeks ago, it was reported that Xiaomi would be launching the Mi 4 on the 22nd of July, and sure enough they have as the Chinese company has officially announced their latest flagship handset, and we have to say that it is look pretty damn good! According to the company, they claim that the Mi 4 is the company’s fastest and most gorgeous handset to date, and while speed is subjective, it is pretty stunning in terms of its looks.

It seems that Xiaomi has borrowed some design ideas from the competition like HTC and Apple by using metal as part of the handset’s frame. The chamfered edges also seem to be a nod towards Apple and its design of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, although as we can see in the images, the back is a little bit more curved. Read full post →Xiaomi Mi 4 Has Been Officially Announced

When the OnePlus One was announced, they revealed that the handset would get gaining Moto X customizability in the sense that they would get interchangeable back covers. One of the choices was revealed to be bamboo and the good news is that OnePlus has since announced that customers will now be able to choose the bamboo back cover from the OnePlus Store, although the cover will be shipping at the end of August.

Unfortunately the bamboo back cover does not come cheap as customers will have to fork out an extra $49 to get their hands on it, but at the same time it is admittedly pretty unique as far as smartphones are concerned, so it could be worth the extra money that you’d have to pay for it. As for the other covers, like the Silk White and Sandstone Black version,s they will be priced cheaper at $29. Read full post →Bamboo Back Plate For The OnePlus One Announced, Ships In August

htc wearable 640x426With LG and Samsung having released smartwatches of their own, we’re pretty sure HTC isn’t going to sit by the sidelines and let them reap all the rewards, right? Well we’ve heard rumors about HTC planning a smartwatch of their own and according to a recent post, the possible design of the HTC smartwatch might have been revealed.

Now the question is when can we expect HTC to make an announcement? Well it seems that it could be soon, thanks to a recent video posted by HTC for a “behind the scenes” look at the company’s design studio. The video is seemingly innocent enough and shows us what HTC gets up to behind closed doors. Read full post →HTC Might Have Accidentally Revealed Their Smartwatch

When Apple announced their plans to acquire Beats, many were puzzled by the move. After all Apple did not need headphones since the company isn’t exactly in the headphones business. They also didn’t really need Beats Music because they had iTunes Radio, so why on earth would they buy the company?

Well some believe it is to access the connections that Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre have in the music and fashion industry, in a bid to help rebrand Apple and make them look more accessible and “hip” to the youngsters That is a sentiment shared by Spotify’s CEO during a recent interview with Fortune, which you can check out in the video above. Read full post →Spotify CEO Thinks Apple’s Acquisition Of Beats Is More About Branding