Project Spartan

Seems like Microsoft meant business when it promised the regular arrival of Windows 10 builds, and all that is happening now. It had been two weeks since the release of last build, and the company has released another build, number 10049, today. The users who are under the “fast track” of the Windows Insider program, welcome the new code. For the users who are on the slow paced cycles, wait is on the cards. However, users can change the ring setting in order to fetch the new tools readily. (This build is all about Project Spartan. It is not the one that will support Windows Phone handsets) Read full post →Microsoft Unveils Preview Of ‘Project Spartan’ In Latest Windows 10 Build

htc-one-review-m8-labshot-21It has been a couple of months since AT&T had promised HTC One M7 users that the Android 5.0 Lollipop update would be headed their way, and while it has been a bit of a wait, we suppose it’s better late than never, right? According to a recent tweet by HTC’s Mo Versi, he confirmed that the update has been approved and will be making its way to users starting tomorrow. Read full post →AT&T’s HTC One M7 To Receive Android 5.0 Tomorrow

moto-x-red-leatherA few days ago we reported that Motorola had teased a new leather option for its Moto Maker feature. At that time it was unclear as to which device the new leather could be for, but we suppose it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that it will be for the Moto X handset. If you’re planning on getting a new Moto X, then you will be able to choose the new red leather backplate option.

Just like the rest of the Moto X’s leather options, this red leather will be provided by Horween and will cost customers $25 extra on top of the handset they’re purchasing, but if you think that the leather option can be justified, why not? It should also be noted that unlike the football leather from last year, this red leather will not be a carrier exclusive. Read full post →Moto X Gets A New Red Leather Option On Moto Maker

sony-xperia-z4-leaked-pictureWe have seen flagships from Samsung and HTC at MWC 2015 earlier this month, which means that as far as the major OEMs are concerned, we have yet to see Sony’s, LG’s, or Motorola’s just yet. Now the Sony Xperia Z4 has been pegged for a launch before September 2015 and we’re sure some of you guys are wondering about its specs.

Well, wonder no more as the Sony Xperia Z4 has recently made an appearance on GFXBench. Considering that device benchmarks can be faked, it’s best taken with a grain of salt for now but the specs listed on GFXBench seem to be similar to the ones from last month that came from Geekbench, so perhaps they are indeed the same device. Read full post →Sony Xperia Z4 Makes An Appearance On GFXBench

Project Cars developer Slightly Mad Studios hopes that it will be able to satisfy fans’ appetite by giving them visuals from the game until it’s finally released. Only recently it announced that the Project Cars release had been delayed again. Last week it released a video which shows many of the tracks featured in the title. Today the developer released a video of the first DLC car for Project Cars.

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Under its “uncarrier” umbrella T-Mobile has taken certain steps that have shaken up the wireless industry in the United States. It started off with the Jump! phone upgrade program and now includes services like Data Stash. The carrier has now turned its attention towards carriers’ coverage maps. T-Mobile is doing away with “old-school” coverage maps and is introducing its Next-Gen Network Map which relies on “real-time customer experiences.”

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The world mostly relies on fossil fuels for its energy needs though sincere efforts are underway to end this reliance and shift towards greener alternatives. Solar and wind power generation are just two of the many proposed alternatives to make this happen. The People’s Republic of China has ambitions to lead the way in solar energy as it seeks to build a massive solar power station in space.

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The iPhone 5C was a bit different from Apple’s recent smartphones as metal and glass weren’t the defining features of its design like almost every other model. Many say that this was a failed experiment on Apple’s part which is why we haven’t seen the iPhone 5C’s successor yet. Recently there have been rumors that Apple is developing a smaller iPhone, one that’s now referred to as the iPhone 6C, and it’s believed to have a 4-inch display. Today a purported iPhone 6C rear shell has been outed in a picture.

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For some reason if you would like to pre-order the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge from Amazon instead of your carrier you can now do that. The online retailer today listed Sprint and AT&T models of Samsung’s new flagships. Both carriers have already confirmed the pricing for their units and it will remain the same regardless of where you place the pre-order.

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It has been rumored since last year that Apple is working on a larger iPad. The unannounced tablet is commonly referred to as the iPad Pro and is believed to have a 12.9-inch display. At one point it was claimed that this tablet would be unveiled in early 2015 and clearly that hasn’t happened. Some images have appeared online today claiming to show the purported iPad Pro.

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