LG SoundPlate Enhances Your Home Theater ExperienceLG intends to up the ante when it comes to improving your home theater experience, and their latest effort involves the introduction of the LG SoundPlate model LAB540. It is currently being prepared for a global rollout next month, where the LG SoundPlate LAB540 delivers a superior home entertainment experience thanks to its 4.1 channels and 320W of audio power, in addition to a wireless subwoofer.

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‘Walk’ Your Drone With A Dog LeashDrones are starting to enter our mainstream consciousness, whether it is meant for military purposes or being involved in some of the more peaceful tasks such as delivering a package to your doorstep. Heck, who knows that the day might come when some of us treat drones as pets. Sounds crazy, I know.

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Twitter Experiences Tsunami Of Malicious MessagesIt seems that Twitter, the popular online service that lets you share a message in 140 characters or less to the rest of the world, has been hit by a massive wave of malicious messages. These messages were sent by hundreds of accounts that mention about dramatic weight loss as well as offering a link to a similar site that suspiciously pedals diet pills. When one has fallen to the temptation of clicking on one of those messages, they would be on the receiving end of a warning as seen above instead.

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Android Version Coming SoonXCOM: Enemy Unknown was one of the extremely outstanding games back in the days of SVGA graphics on the desktop PC. Every single turn mattered, as it could end up as a situation of life or death. Well, it seems that the franchise did experience a sort of mini revival in recent times, what with XCOM: Enemy Unknown arriving on the iOS platform last year. How about Android users out there? Thankfully, Firaxis Games’ turned-based strategy game is touted to be on its way to Android soon.

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Russia ‘Anti Terrorism’ Laws Might Make Skype, Gmail, Facebook IllegalRussia has gone under the international spotlight for quite some time already, with the situation in Crimea and all, but it seems that the once Communist country is about to rub people the wrong way yet again. How so, you ask? Apparently, Russia has now passed a range of new ‘anti-terrorism‘ laws that which might just see online services in the vein of Skype , Gmail and Facebook to be illegal unless the respective companies alter the way they work in within a time frame of half a year.

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Microsoft Trademarks Filed Are Game Related It is under two months before the spectacle that we know as E3 2014 will happen, and since this happens to be the biggest single trade show event in the video game industry each year, it would be interesting to find out that Microsoft executives have in store. So far, they have dropped hints hinted that there will be plenty of new game announcements in this year’s show that is happening in Los Angeles from June 10th to 12th, and a slew of trademarks filed are game-related.

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Facebook Achieves 1 Billion Mobile Users Each MonthFacebook, the social network giant that has a fair number of users every single day, has announced that they enjoyed a patronage of 1.01 billion mobile users on a monthly basis all the way from January through March, where that represented a 34% jump over the previous year. This is no mean feat, considering how WhatsApp has half a billion (that’s 500 million) active users on a daily basis. Of course, some might say that this is not a fair comparison since they are very different animals, but it was meant to provide a scale to refer to.

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Panasonic 4K Ultra HD LED Video Board To Be Unveiled April 26 At Churchill Downs Panasonic is behind what is deemed to be the world’s largest 4K ultra high-definition LED video board, where this particular piece of equipment is set to be unveiled this coming Saturday, April 26, just in time for the Spring Meet 2014. The entire video screen measures a whopping 170 feet in height, and intends to deliver a stellar viewing experience for everyone at the venue over at the legendary Churchill Downs 26-acre infield.

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I don’t think that a zombie apocalypse is about to happen anytime soon, but should that actually happen, then it would be good to have something hardier to get around in, rather than a pristine looking Hyundai like the ones we see in The Walking Dead TV series. Leonid Khripounov, head of research and development at Russia’s Aton-Impulse, has worked with his team to design what is deemed to be a disaster-proof Viking-2992.

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LENMAR Mutant Supercharged Portable Power Pack A mutant is more or less considered to be an anomaly, although thanks to Marvel’s X-Men series, mutants have ended up being this next generation of mankind, or homo superior as they are called. Well, when one uses the word ‘mutant’ to a portable power pack, it is a good thing as LENMAR has done. The Mutant Supercharged Portable Power Pack happens to be the latest member of the “Undead Power” product range, where it will offer 20,800mAh of juice within a sleek, 1.1-pound power pack that targets those who are always on the move.

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