fastest-internetThanks to faster network speeds and smartphones, surfing the web via our smartphones is becoming a viable alternative to using a computer. Granted the screens aren’t as big and the virtual keyboard might not be as comfortable, but while on the go and in a pinch, using your smartphone to get online is doable.

That being said it seems that for some, using their smartphone to get online is the only way they can use the internet. This is according to a recent study conducted by Pew Research in which they found that 7% of Americans rely on their smartphones solely for internet. 10% were also found to not have broadband access at home, and another 15% say that they have few other options besides their smartphones in which they can get online. Read full post →7% Of Americans Rely On Their Smartphones For The Internet

When we think of automated home systems, our mind might jump to Philips and their range of Hue smart light bulbs that can be controlled remotely via smartphones. However if there was one downside to the Hue bulbs is that they were fixed in one place, meaning that you couldn’t take it with you on the go.

However if you’re after a more portable solution, the company has recently announced the Philips Hue Go which is a more portable solution and can also be controlled using your smartphone. As you can see in the video above (which is in Italian, but you get the gist), the Hue Go is shaped like a bowl and comes with a built-in battery that lets the user bring the light with them wherever they go. Read full post →The Philips Hue Go Is A Portable iPhone-Connected Light

J5_SL_10_30_PD_SLup.highNikon might be a company famous for its DSLR cameras, but if we were to talk about mirrorless, not so much. However it looks like in terms of the design, Nikon appears to be making a more serious effort with the launch of the Nikon 1 J5, the company’s latest mirrorless camera effort, and we have to say we are liking what we see.

As you can tell from the photographs, it looks like Nikon might have taken a page out of Olympus and Fujifilm’s books as the camera sports a retro design. The textured grips are also reminiscent of the cameras from back in the day, but the modern technology under its hood should appeal to the more modern photographer. Read full post →Nikon 1 J5 Mirrorless Camera Launched With A Retro Look

moto-g-2014-review-13The Moto G Google Play Edition was launched early last year and it seems that it was good for only a year as it was discontinued early this year. Now if you were worried that support for the handset would end once it had been discontinued, fret not because it looks like it won’t. According to a handful of reports from users of the device, it seems that Google has recently begun to roll out the Android 5.1 Lollipop update to the handset. Read full post →Android 5.1 Rolling Out To Moto G Google Play Edition Handsets

OneM8SThe HTC One M9 has yet to be released but it looks like HTC has a new phone that they have recently announced that comes in the form of the HTC One M8s. Based on its specs it’s definitely not going to be as powerful as the HTC One M9, but in return it seems to come with a price tag that makes the phone relatively affordable.

In terms of specs, the One M8s sounds a bit like last year’s HTC One M8 with some minor changes. For starters it will sport the same 5-inch Full HD 1080p display, and all-metal body, but under the hood is where it gets different. The handset will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 SoC versus the Snapdragon 801 found in the One M8. Read full post →HTC One M8s Launched As An Affordable Handset

t-mobile-galaxy-s6-issues-1-620x465The other day we reported that T-Mobile had begun to send out some Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge units to lucky customers. Given that the handset has yet to be released and pegged for a release on the 10th of April, it certainly sounds like these customers were rather lucky, or are they?

According to various reports from customers who have received their units, it seems that “lucky” shouldn’t really be a term used to describe their situation. These customers are claiming that the screens of their brand new Galaxy S6 Edge have arrived scratched, and in some cases there were even some dead pixels. Read full post →Some T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Edge Units Arrived Scratched With Dead Pixels

apple-tvAs some of you might have heard, there are rumors that Apple is looking to offer a new web TV service and according to a report from Re/code, it seems that the Cupertino company is asking content producers to provide their own streams for their shows. This is versus Apple streaming the content themselves which would no doubt be more costly for the company.

That being said it doesn’t come as a complete surprise because as it stands, content providers such as Fox, CBS, Disney, and etc. all have their own streams that rely on delivery networks such as EdgeCast, so in some ways this shouldn’t really change anything for most content providers. At the same time by getting content producers to supply their own streams, it should not hold up the launch of the rumored web TV service. Read full post →Apple Reportedly Asking Content Producers To Supply Their Own Streams

WeiboHere’s the deal, when we lose our phones we’re generally pretty bummed about it and for the most part, we resign ourselves to the fact that we’ll probably never see it again. After all in a city or country with millions of people, what are the chances of us being able to find it again, right? As it turns out that sometimes fate deals the most unexpected cards which led to Buzzfeed’s Matt Stopera becoming famous in China and embarking on what seems like an incredible journey.

So this is what happened – Stopera had recently lost his iPhone at a bar and after resigning himself to the fact that he would never see it again, he started noticing photos appearing on his new iPhone in which he started to blog about it. The photos were of a man in China who was taking selfies of himself and of his life, which Stopera decided to chronicle out of fun. His posts became viral and soon the internet decided to try and help him find the mystery man in the photos. Read full post →Stolen iPhone Leads A Reporter To Fame And Adventure In China

new-retina-macbook-2Last month Apple unveiled their new 12-inch MacBook and safe to say that it was designed for maximum portability and mobility, as opposed to being a powerhouse laptop, which is why when the benchmarks for the laptop made its way online, it did not come as a complete surprise to find that it isn’t as powerful as you might think it is.

In fact according to the benchmarks, it turns out that the 2015 12-inch Retina MacBook is on par in terms of performance with Apple’s 2011 MacBook Air. Does that seem a bit disappointing that a 2015 laptop isn’t more powerful than one released four years ago? A bit, however it should be noted that the 2011 MacBook Air model was running an Intel Core i7 CPU clocked at 1.8GHz. Read full post →12-inch MacBook Benchmarks On Par With 2011 MacBook Air

lg-g3-phone-001Using a new phone with a new UI or a new platform can be a bit intimidating for some users as they might feel overwhelmed with the icons, features, settings, and so on. However it seems that LG might want to make things easier for new users to get on board with, thanks to a new rumor which suggests that the upcoming LG G4 could feature a dual-mode user interface.

What does this mean, you ask? Basically there will be two modes offered with the LG G4. One will be a basic and more general version of the interface which will be easier and more straightforward to use. This might be ideal for Android newbies or those who have not used an LG phone before. Read full post →LG G4 Could Come With A Dual-Mode User Interface