app storeBack in the day when smartphone apps were relatively new, there were many smartphone owners who had pages upon pages of random apps, but it looks like as time has moved on, the market has matured and according to data collected by market research firm Gartner, it seems that smartphone users these days have become more discerning about the apps they use.

This isn’t to say that the demand of apps has gone down. In fact Gartner’s research director Brian Blau states that smartphone users are just as excited about new apps as they were before, but instead of simply downloading and using any new app that pops up, users must now be convinced of its value. Read full post →Smartphone Users Become More Discerning About The Apps They Use

apple-pay-002One of the reasons why Apple Pay has gotten the amount of attention it did is because not only is it an Apple product which generates a ton of interest on its own, but also its ease of use in which users just need to tap their phone against the payment terminal, hold their finger against Touch ID to verify themselves, and the process is done!

However despite the seemingly ease of use, it seems that it has been running into issues. According to research conducted by Phoenix Marketing International, they found that 66% of Apple Pay users encountered some kind of problem while using the service to pay for their goods. This was either due to the terminals not working, transactions taking too long to process, and the general inability of cashiers to help customers who needed assistance with Apple Pay. Read full post →Apple Pay Reportedly Running Into Issues At The Checkout Counter

apple-carplayLast year when Apple announced CarPlay, they also announced support for third-party music apps such as iTunes Radio, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, and more, but oddly enough Pandora was missing from that list. At that time Pandora stated that they were working with other OEMs but the good news is that it looks like Pandora will be finally arriving for CarPlay. Read full post →Pandora Is Finally Coming To Apple’s CarPlay

apple_logoThe sound and display quality of Apple products are pretty good. They might not necessarily be the best of the best, but for the most part they are decent and depending on your preference, impressive. However it looks like Apple’s audio and display hardware could soon be getting a boost thanks to a recent hire.

According to the folks at 9to5Mac, they have learnt that Apple has recruited Dolby executive VP Mike Rockwell who will be an executive at Apple’s hardware division. Rockwell’s role at Apple has not yet be specified but it is expected that he might have a hand in helping boost the audio and display quality of future Apple products. Read full post →Apple Hires Dolby’s VP, Could See Boost In Audio & Display Hardware

apple watchThe Apple Watch has been pegged for a release on the 24th of April which is a Friday and we’re sure many are wondering if the wearable will have the same craze that the iPhone has. While wearables are indeed the trend of the tech industry at the moment, there have been a lot of mixed reactions regarding the Apple Watch.

However at least one analyst has remained optimistic. Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray has recently published a research note in which he estimated that Apple will be able to sell a whopping 1 million Apple Watch devices over the weekend. In fact he expects it to gain even more momentum as come June, Munster predicts that Apple would have easily sold at least 2.3 million devices. Read full post →Analyst Predicts 1M Apple Watches Sold Over Its Launch Weekend

Android-on-ChromeOSBoth Android and Chrome OS are different operating systems but it seems that Google wants users from Android to be able to run apps on their Chromebooks without any issues. Just last year at Google I/O, the company announced that Android apps would soon be arriving onto Chrome OS, although safe to say that the apps haven’t exactly been pouring in. Read full post →Google Announces Anyone Can Port Android Apps Onto Chrome OS

Facial Unlocking

Facial recognition is not exactly a new technology for many of us, It has been there since a while, especially for the Android users. Unfortunately, until now, iOS users have not been able to enjoy this feature (except for the jail-break hacks for iOS devices), but, today Apple has been awarded a new patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Offices, which would enable it with facial unlocking feature. Read full post →Apple Patent Takes Facial Unlocking Feature To A New Level

gopro-squareAs it is, the GoPro is a pretty small camera and it makes sense because it is an action camera designed to be worn on a body harness, a helmet, or carried around on a monopod all day, so the small body would go a long way in keeping things light and simple. However it seems that GoPro could be considering going even smaller thanks to a recently discovered patent (via Re/code). Read full post →GoPro Patent Hints At Even Smaller-Sized Camera

Google Now’s voice search is a pretty awesome feature that Android users have access to. Users can ask it all sorts of questions and it will be able to find an answer to those questions, or at least point users towards that direction, but wouldn’t it be cool if Google didn’t confine Google Now to just Android phones?

Well the good news for users and children is that Google has recently announced Google Panda, which is basically the physical representation of Google Now. It’s a cute little plushie that can act as a physical version of Google Now, allowing users to ask questions to the soft toy and have it give you back the answers. Read full post →Google Now Brought To Life With Google Panda

The HTC One M9 is a beautifully designed smartphone that many owners would probably would not want to damage, but for the sake of testing purposes, Phil Esposito decided to put the handset to the test by submerging it in water and dropping it on the ground. How did it fare? As it turns out the HTC One M9 is a tad more water resistant than we thought, but not so durable.

As HTC mentioned last time, the HTC One M9 will have the same protection rating as the HTC One M8 which makes it IPX3, meaning that the phone will be able to withstand some splashes of water, but taking it with you in a deep sea dive or a swim in the pool might be a bad idea. However the folks at TechSmartt decided to dunk it in water and keep it there for a while. Read full post →HTC One M9 Subjected To Drop And Water Test