lg k4Last month, LG sort of made the LG K4 official. They also announced that they would be selling the device in markets such as Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia. Unfortunately they did not mention anything about the US, but for those who are looking for a low-end handset, you could be in luck. Read full post →LG K4 Possibly Spotted In Verizon’s Database

galaxy s7 wirelessEver since a few generations ago, Samsung introduced wireless charging to its smartphones, making it fuss-free for its users to charge their devices without having to fumble around for cables and whatnot. While we haven’t heard rumors of wireless charging for the Samsung Galaxy S7, you might be pleased to learn that it looks like it will be sticking around. Read full post →Retailer Lists Wireless Charger For The Galaxy S7

Meat is murder! Or does it have to be? A company called Memphis Meats has recently created a beef meatball that has been grown in a lab, meaning that no animals were harmed in the making of the dish. And no, we’re not talking about fake meat made from soy/tofu that are sometimes used in vegetarian dishes, this is real meat. Read full post →This Beef Meatball Was Grown In A Lab

samsung galaxy a9Towards the end of 2015, Samsung launched the latest handset that is part of their Galaxy A-series. This came in the form of the Samsung Galaxy A9, but could there be a variant of the phone in the works? There very well could be, thanks to a recent sighting on GFXBench (via GSMArena) that revealed a possible variation of the handset. Read full post →Alleged Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (SM-A9100) Spotted On Benchmarks

google-self-driving-carLast week, we reported that the Isle of Man wanted to become the testing hub for self-driving cars, which makes sense since self-driving cars need to be tested on a variety of roads and different conditions. Turns out that the deputy mayor for transport in London, Isabel Dedring, feels the same way. Read full post →London Wants Google To Test Self-Driving Cars On Their Roads

cardboard-cloneLast month there were reports that Google could be planning on creating their own virtual reality hardware. This was based on recent job sightings that seemed to indicate that Google was interested in virtual reality beyond just providing schematics for a cardboard virtual reality headset, like the Google Cardboard. Read full post →Google To Release Their Own VR Headset This Year [Rumor]

Microsoft has outdone themselves by offering us a fantastic deal of free Windows 10 upgrade for one full year. It is not surprising that many people have taken advantage of this great offer which saves them from spending over $300 on a new operating system. While some persons have given Windows 10 great reviews and recommendations, not everyone is content with Microsoft’s new operating system. Such persons are not content because they: Read full post →How to Downgrade Windows 10

Capcom has gradually been introducing new characters that will feature in Street Fighter 5 by releasing trailers for the upcoming title. There will be 16 playable characters in the game and four of them are completely new. One of those new characters is called Necalli that has been profiled in a new trailer that Capcom has released for Street Fighter 5.

Read full post →Latest Street Fighter 5 Trailer Introduces Necalli


Titanfall proved to be a very successful game even though it was an Xbox exclusive and was also released for PC. It was reported last year that Titanfall 2 is going to be multi-platform and that it could have a traditional single-player campaign as well. In a new interview Jesse Stern, the lead writer who worked on the first game as well, confirms that Titanfall 2 will have a single-player campaign.

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It’s easy enough to hold most modern smartphones in one hand and consume content but it’s not uncommon to feel the need for a stand or just something to prop up the phone against so that we can free both hands, maybe eat a burger while we watch that video on YouTube. Samsung might fix that dilemma in a Galaxy Note handset of the future which will feature an S Pen that doubles as a stand for the handset.

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