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The option to switch between dark and light modes in apps aren’t new, but they are typically offered from app to app which means that should a developer choose not to include it, there’s not much users can do. This is why there are calls for companies to implement it on an OS-wide level. Read full post →WebKit Code Hints At Dark Mode For macOS 10.14

One of the features of Samsung’s more recent phones is that they come with a dedicated hardware button that lets users launch Bixby at the press of a button. Now it looks like LG could be borrowing the feature for its upcoming LG G7 ThinQ which is expected to be the company’s next flagship. Read full post →LG G7 ThinQ Rumored To Feature Dedicated Google Assistant Button

These days we’re starting to see more traditional education institutions offer online courses for those who want to learn a new subject but don’t have time to go to school in person, live in another country, or who are looking for a more affordable course than paying for a full diploma or degree. Read full post →Full Sail University Will Use VR To Help Online Students Feel Less Isolated

It goes without saying that Apple’s A12 chipset that will probably find its way into 2018’s iPhones and iPads will be faster and more powerful than its predecessor. However exactly how much faster are we talking about? Apparently it will be about 20% faster and 40% more efficient, or that’s what the speculation is at the moment. Read full post →Apple’s A12 Chipset Could Be 20% Faster, 40% More Efficient

When you shop online, you are usually presented with several ways of payment. The most common way would be to either use your credit card directly, or more often than not you will find PayPal as one of the options as well which is one of the more popular ways of making online payments. Read full post →Credit Card Companies Planning New Checkout Button To Compete With PayPal

Going on holiday is usually a relaxing thing to do, but different people have different ways of relaxing, and if playing games is your way to taking a load off, then the Hilton hotel in Panama might be worth checking out. Why, you ask? This is because the hotel has furnished a room complete with Alienware hardware. Read full post →Hilton Hotel In Panama Has An Alienware Gaming Room

If you bought a 13-inch MacBook Pro without Touch Bar between October 2016 to October 2017, it seems that you might be eligible for a battery replacement. This is because Apple has recently launched a battery replacement program for the laptop where they claim that there is an issue with its battery. Read full post →Apple Launches Battery Replacement Program For Some 13-inch MacBook Pros

Scholarships to schools are usually given on the merit of the person applying for it, and in the past it used to be based on either how smart the student is based on their grades, or if they were athletic enough where they could represent the school that they are applying for. However these days we are starting to see a different type of scholarship where schools are giving them out to students who perform well in eSports. Read full post →Ohio’s Ashland University To Offer ‘Fortnite’ Scholarships

In recent times, Apple has started including eSIMs into their products, such as their iPads. What this means is that users who want cellular connectivity on their iPads simply have to activate the SIM with a carrier as opposed to using a physical SIM which can be troublesome, especially if you’re looking to switch carriers. Read full post →AT&T, Verizon Under Investigation Over Alleged eSIM Collusion

According to the latest rumors, it has been suggested that the iPhone SE 2 will not come with a headphone jack. Considering that Apple has been doing away with the headphone jack since the iPhone 7, we suppose this shouldn’t really come as a surprise but this is just a rumor for now so take it with a grain of salt. Read full post →iPhone SE 2 Might Not Come With A Headphone Jack