Michelle PhanMore often than not, we come across a YouTube video that uses a song as its background music. Whether or not the video creator actually got the rights to use the song is unknown, but so far we’ve seen many a YouTube video use songs by other artists with no problem. In fact YouTube star, Michelle Phan, has been doing that for a while now, but for some reason, Ultra Records, decided to put a stop to it.

For those unfamiliar, Ultra Records is a record label that plays home to EDM artists such as Kaskade, Deadmau5, amd Calvin Harris, just to name a few. According to the label, Phan has used music by their artists without permission and has profited from it (via the ads in YouTube videos). They also claim that they have warned her several times but she has not taken any action to remove the offending songs. Read full post →EDM Record Label Sues YouTube Star For Copyright Infringement

iphone 5s review 007 640x426Apple is expected to release a new iPhone later this year, or two, depending on whether or not you believe the rumors that we could see a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch model. That being said, a report from The Wall Street Journal (via Business Insider) has revealed that Apple has placed one of their largest orders for the iPhone to date.

The report claims that Apple has ordered anywhere between 70-80 million iPhones to be produced before the end of the year. To give you guys some perspective, back in 2013 Apple had ordered around 50-60 million units of the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c, meaning that Apple is anticipating a huge demand for their new iPhones later this year. Read full post →Apple Places Order For 70-80 Million iPhones For 2014 [Rumor]

ios 8 640x426We’re pretty sure that many of you guys are excited at the upcoming iOS 8, not so much for the visual changes (which are basically improvements over iOS 7), but at some of the new features and changes that Apple will be making to its mobile operating system. That being said, it looks like the rumors were right as Apple has since released iOS 8 Beta 4 to developers.

According to the folks at MacRumors, Beta 4 for iOS 8 does not appear to have any major changes made to it. Instead there are some minor interface tweaks and modifications that they claim makes the operating system feel more polished and faster, but we guess we will have to try it out for ourselves in order to make a more objective observation. Read full post →iOS 8 Beta 4 Released

itunes 12 640x441We knew that with OS X 10.10 Yosemite that Apple would be introducing some visual changes to the operating system, and it looks like with the new beta of Yosemite being seeded to developers, Apple also released a preview of the upcoming iTunes 12, which according to Apple will sport an “elegant new design”, as you can see in the screenshot above.

Based on what we can see, it looks like the new iTunes 12 will be borrowing some flat designs ideas found in iOS 8. The app does indeed look “flatter” and we guess the more obvious visual changes would be to the top left corner of the app, where the minimize, close, and expand buttons have been redesigned. Read full post →Apple Releases iTunes 12 Beta Sporting A New Design

apple logoWith the Snowden reports revealing that the NSA has spied on US citizens and might have even convinced your favorite tech companies to collect data on you, safe to say there is a lot of mistrust at the moment, and unfortunately it does not look like the mistrust will be going away anytime soon. At least not after what a security researcher had revealed about Apple’s iOS devices.

According to security research, Jonathan Zdziarski, he had recently presented at a conference where he revealed that Apple might have willingly installed backdoors in all of their iOS devices. He notes in his slides (obtained by ZDNet) that while Apple has worked to make iOS as secure as possible, there are some questions that Apple needs to answer. Read full post →Apple-Installed Backdoors Found In iOS, According To Security Researcher

toyota sienna 640x360We can only imagine that driving a car with a row of kids screaming at the back can be a very distracting experience for the driver, and sometimes it just becomes too noisy for parents to yell at their kids to keep it down. Well it looks like Toyota has a minivan designed with parents in mind. This is the 2015 version of the Sienna minivan which has been nicknamed the Swagger Wagon.

One of its interesting features is for the driver to activate a microphone in the front, which will then help to amplify his/her voice in the back, meaning that you could basically yell over the ruckus that your kids are making. The good news is that the microphone will only work for the driver, so you don’t have to worry about your kids trying to match your levels either. Read full post →New Toyota Sienna Lets Parents Yell At Their Kids To “Keep It Down!”

oculus rift 640x394Earlier this year, Facebook announced that they would be acquiring Oculus VR for a whopping $2 billion. In many ways it came as a surprise as not many had expected Facebook to have any interest in the technology, but we guess that it’s one way of diversifying the company and expanding into new territory while taking advantage of their huge resources.

That being said, for those who were rooting for the deal to go through, you will be pleased to learn that the regulators have given Facebook and Oculus VR the greenlight, ultimately making the sale of Oculus VR to Facebook official. According to a joint statement released by both companies, “We’re looking forward to an exciting future together, building the next computing platform and reimagining the way people communicate.” Read full post →Oculus VR Sale To Facebook Has Been Officially Completed

As we’re sure many of you guys are aware, Bungie’s upcoming Destiny will be released across multiple consoles and console generations. It will be playable on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, as well as next-gen consoles like the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Naturally given that the hardware on the PlayStation 4 is more advanced and superior compared to the PlayStation 3, what sort of graphical differences can we expect?

Well the folks at Digital Foundry have put it to the test by comparing the beta versions of Destiny for the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4. Upon first glance the differences aren’t that obvious, although later on it becomes more apparent that the PlayStation 4’s version of the game is more detailed, and the lighting is more dynamic as well, making it look more “realistic”. Read full post →Destiny Beta Compared Between PS3 And PS4

macbook air 2013 3 800x270 640x216If you’re using a MacBook Air and you’re wondering why sometimes it takes a long time for the laptop to wake up from sleep, or why its fans suddenly kick into high gear for no reason, you might be pleased to learn that you’re not alone with your problems. In fact there have been several reports about this in the past which has prompted Apple to issue an EFI update.

The EFI firmware update 2.9 will supposedly fix the issues we mentioned above, although we should note that these are issues reportedly plaguing the mid-2011 models, so if your MacBook Air is a newer/older model, then this update might be applicable to you. However for mid-2011 owners, you should probably check this out and hopefully it will resolve the issues we mentioned earlier. Read full post →Apple Issues EFI Update For Mid-2011 MacBook Air Models

microsoft logo1Heads up Microsoft fans, it looks like the company has announced that they will be holding a new event on the 4-8th of May 2015. Yes, it is a little bit early to announce a new event that will only be taking place next year, but we reckon it makes sense because with this event, Microsoft is expected to combine the content from the company’s separate events.

The event will combine content from events such as TechEd, SharePoint, Project, Lync, and Exchange, which we guess is to help condense them and to save time from having to attend so many separate events. However Microsoft does not that TechEd will still live on as an event of its own, and that this huge event will actually be considered part of it. Read full post →Microsoft Announces Unified Tech Conference For May 2015