google data 640x361Thanks to the Edward Snowden reports about how the NSA has been busy collecting user data from US citizens, many are understandably paranoid and concerned about the security of their personal data as well as their own privacy. Unfortunately if you were hoping that all the backlash would force governments to halt or slow down their efforts, you would be sadly mistaken.

According to Google’s latest Transparency Report (via CNET), it seems that worldwide government requests for user data has actually increased. The report has been updated and based on the new figures, it seems that government requests from around the world have actually increased by 150% over the years. Read full post →Google: Worldwide Government Requests For User Data Up By 150%

paypal apple payDuring Apple’s presentation last week, the company took the wraps off Apple Pay, the company’s newest service which allows users to pay for purchases at supporting retail outlets using their mobile phones. With Apple Pay being a new service, we’re sure many are concerned about its security, and rightfully so.

PayPal appears to be one of them and the company has since taken out a newspaper ad in which they question the security of Apple Pay, and have also made a subtle jab at Apple and the recent scandal regarding leaked nude selfies of celebrities which were apparently stolen from their iCloud accounts. Read full post →PayPal’s Ad Questions Apple Pay’s Security

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Screenshot 2014 09 14 22 34 57 1 750x566 640x482Google’s suggested searches are pretty convenient as it saves you time from typing out your whole query. However it seems that Google could be making your life even more convenient by displaying the results to your questions before you even ask for it. This was discovered in the Chrome browser app for Android in which the results to your queries are displayed in the search suggestion list.

For example if you were to ask for the weather in a city or country, instead of taking you directly to Google’s website, the answers can be shown in the search suggestions. This saves users a step which might also come in handy as it would load a lot faster than a complete website, thus saving users time as well if all they need is a quick answer. Read full post →Chrome For Android Displays Yours Answers In Search Suggestions

Samsung galaxy note 4 21 640x426There are so many different smartphones out there in the market today and most of them use a variety of display technology and different methods of calibration to get it to what the companies believe makes for a good display. However with so many to choose from, is there a “best” display? Well according to the folks over at DisplayMate (via SamMobile), it seems that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s display takes the cake.

According to DisplayMate, they have found that the Note 4’s display is the “best performing” display to date. In fact DisplayMate has regularly found Samsung’s displays on its flagship devices to be some of the best in the market, and that with every release, Samsung has managed to improve on its technology even more. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Found To Have The Best Performing Display

With the Snowden reports revealing that the government has access to our personal data and how they are allowed to submit requests to companies to request for even more data, we’re sure many of you guys out there are a little paranoid and not too happy that such practices are going on.

For the most part, tech companies such as Apple have come forward and claimed that they will be transparent when it comes to government requests, but yet there are many who are worried all the same. In fact the recent targeted iCloud hack seems to have cemented peoples’ opinions that our data isn’t as secure as we would like to think it is. Speaking to Charlie Rose in the second part of a two-part interview, Apple’s CEO has come forward to address some privacy concerns. Read full post →Tim Cook Addresses Privacy And Security Concerns

apple iwatch sms read 640x360The Apple Watch was announced last week and unfortunately it wasn’t the round display that many had assumed it would be. Now some of you guys might dig the design and some of you won’t, but if you were to think about it, doesn’t the Apple Watch’s design remind you of the sixth generation iPod nano?

If you recall several years ago, Apple launched the sixth-gen iPod nano which had a square face. Perhaps it was unintentional but many quickly realized the possibility of using it as a watch, which prompted the release of straps and accessories by companies. Well as it turns out, the Apple Watch did get its inspiration from the iPod nano. Read full post →iPod Nano Inspired The Apple Watch’s Design

image HTC Nexus 9 keyboard caseAn earlier report had revealed that NVIDIA had inadvertently confirmed the Nexus 9’s existence. The tablet is said to be made by HTC and it looks like it is a tablet that could be following in the footsteps of Microsoft’s Surface tablets by launching with a keyboard accessory of its own.

Well if you’re wondering what that keyboard accessory could look like, thanks to a sighting over at China’s National Communications Commission’s database, photos of the accessory have surface. Interestingly enough it seems that despite the accessory spotted being meant for the Nexus 9, there are some differences compared to the earlier drawings. Read full post →HTC Nexus 9 Keyboard Accessory Spotted At The NCC

sprint lg g3 vigor press 0 640x480A couple of months ago, LG trademark names like “LG G3 Vigor” and if you were wondering what the phone is about, wonder no more because both AT&T and Sprint have recently announced that they will be officially carrying the handset. The phone will feature a similar design to the LG G3, although it will not pack the same high-end specs.

In fact the specs of the LG G3 Vigor appear to be similar to that of the LG G3 Beat, suggesting that we could be looking at a rebranded device. After all the LG G3 Beat was announced for China, Europe, and CIS markets, so we guess the LG G3 Vigor would be its US equivalent. Read full post →AT&T, Sprint To Offer LG G3 Vigor

imac 2012 speakers 640x584According to the rumors, Apple could be getting ready to launch new 5K Thunderbolt displays and possibly 5K iMacs as well. However according to our previous report, it was suggested that this might not be possible due to the DisplayPort 1.2 standard that is being used. Well the good news is that it looks like these 5K displays could be back on track.

According to a post by VESA (via 9to5Mac), they have recently announced that they are introducing their latest DisplayPort technology that would effectively bump the version to DisplayPort 1.3. This will bring support to 5K monitors thanks to its maximum link bandwidth having been increased to 32.4Gbps. Read full post →DisplayPort 1.3 Could Pave The Way For 5K iMacs/Thunderbolt Displays

applewatchpay 640x416Given that wearables are starting to kick off and become the next big thing in tech, many are starting to wonder about security and privacy of user data in these wearable devices. This is a question that is always raised whenever there is a new product or product category that has been announced, and we guess the recently announced Apple Watch is no exception.

Recently it seems that Connecticut’s Attorney General, George Jepsen, has issued a letter to Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, and has asked him to explain just how the Apple Watch will be collecting and storing user data. If so, Jepsen wants to know what are Apple’s plans to safeguard the information. Read full post →Connecticut AG Asks Tim Cook How They Will Handle Apple Watch’s Data Security