So last week we brought word that NetherRealm had officially announced that the Predator DLC would be released on the 7th of July. Well sure enough it has. If you’re a fan of Mortal Kombat X and the Predator series of movies, then this is a DLC you’ll want to get your hands on since it will let you play as the Predator.

The DLC will be included in the Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pack which is basically the season pass. The season pass costs $30 which is admittedly a bit expensive, but in case you didn’t buy it, fret not as you will be able to get the Predator DLC on its own. The bundle is expected to be made available to non-Kombat Pack owners come 14th of July for $8. Read full post →Mortal Kombat X Predator Bundle Released

A few months ago, we reported that there was a possibility that the folks at NetherRealm could be thinking of including some classic fatalities from the original Mortal Kombat  in Mortal Kombat X. Now if you’re a fan of the franchise and wouldn’t mind seeing some good old fatalities given a graphics makeover, you’re in luck.

NetherRealm and Warner Bros. have announced that they will be giving away the Klassic Fatalities DLC pack to gamers for free. This is in conjunction with the launch of the Predator DLC pack. The Klassic Fatalities pack will include four classic fatalities from the original Mortal Kombat, such as fatalities for Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Sonya, and Johnny Cage. Read full post →Mortal Kombat X Klassic Fatalities DLC Released

With the Assassin’s Creed franchise featuring a lot of jumping and running about, it seemed like it would be the perfect game to recreate in real life, which is what YouTuber Devin Graham, also known as Devin Super Tramp, has been doing for the past couple of years. We’ve seen him create YouTube parkour videos based on Assassin’s Creed 4, Assassin’s Creed Unity, and now he’s back with a new video for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Read full post →Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Parkour Video Is Out Of This World

galaxy-s6-vs-galaxy-s6-edge_04Samsung’s latest phones are the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge. Both are beautifully designed handsets, with the latter sporting a rather unique design, however it seems that despite the new direction in design Samsung is headed, and despite the largely positive reviews of the phone and its camera, it seems that Samsung just can’t make enough money.

According to Samsung’s latest quarterly earnings guide for Q2 2015, it seems that the company is not optimistic that they will be able to make as much money as they did in the same period last year. The company has estimated that for this quarter, they will be earning 6.9 trillion Korean won in operating profit for the last 3 months ending on 30th June 2015. Read full post →Samsung’s Profits Are Down Due To Possible Misread Of Demand

bb-passport-whiteWe have been hearing that BlackBerry is working on a handset codenamed “Oslo”, and it seems that its Asian counterpart has the codename “Dallas” and according to recent sightings, it seems that the handset was recently certified in Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Not much is known about the Dallas at the moment save for the rumors that it is basically the Oslo, which in turn is based on the BlackBerry Passport. It is said to share the innards of the Passport, meaning that users can look forward to its 4.5-inch display with a 1440×1440 resolution, a Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor clocked at 2.2GHz, 3GB of RAM, a 13MP rear-facing camera, and a 2MP front-facing camera. Read full post →BlackBerry Dallas Certified In Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia

htc-logo-sketchPrevious reports have mentioned that HTC is planning a new hero device for the later part of 2015 dubbed the HTC Aero. Now thanks to additional rumors, we have some potential specs of the handset which should give us a better clue as to what to expect, beyond the descriptions of “awesome” and “groundbreaking”.

According to the rumors, it seems that the HTC Aero will pack one heck of a display. It will sport a QHD resolution and will also come with Gorilla Glass 4, meaning that the phone should be more than capable of taking a couple of drops and scratches. It is also rumored to sport a 2.5D glass meaning that it should sport a rather interesting design overall. Read full post →HTC Aero To Sport QHD Display & Gorilla Glass 4 [Rumor]

iPhone-6-review-7It is understandable that if you are an iPhone fan and you’re looking to make an upgrade, you are probably looking forward to hearing about Apple’s next-gen iPhones – the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. It is largely assumed that Apple will keep to their schedule of a September announcement, and now a potential date for said announcement has been revealed.

According to the folks at M.I.C. Gadget, it seems that they have heard from their sources in Foxconn that apparently the next-gen iPhones will be announced on the 11th of September 2015, which is also a Friday. Given that last year’s iPhone was announced on the 9th of September, we suppose it is close enough to be a possible date. Read full post →Potential Date For Next-Gen iPhone Announcement Revealed [Rumor]

If you like tracking things like the number of steps you’ve taken, how many calories you’ve burnt, and what your heart rate is, a smartwatch like the Apple Watch might be a good investment. However if you plan on going swimming and want to measure your biometrics, it’s apparently something the Apple Watch can’t do, or can it?

The folks at Active in Time have recently tested what they’re claiming is the world’s first swimming app for the Apple Watch, which as the name suggests will help track and measure your vitals while you swim. This includes measuring the length of your swim sessions, total distance, time, and heart rate. Read full post →World’s First Apple Watch Swimming App Put To The Test

apple watchIt is common knowledge that using your phone while driving is illegal and dangerous, but given the new rise of gadgets like smartwatches, where does that stand? Well last we heard, it was considered illegal as well. In fact over in New Zealand, road safety advocates are hoping to ban wearables from the roads.

According to road safety charity Brake advocate, Caroline Perry, “A second’s inattention at the wheel can result in tragedy. Smartwatches and other wearable technology are extremely distracting if used while driving.” As it stands, the New Zealand laws prohibit smartphones from being used while driving, but unfortunately it does not cover wearables like the Apple Watch or its competition, which is what advocates like Perry are hoping will change. Read full post →New Zealand Safety Watchdogs Wants To Ban Wearables From The Roads

Premier_Inn_room_map_bedHotel rooms are pretty standard for the most part, although in recent times some are getting a bit more hi-tech by including more gadgets, and allowing guests to unlock their room doors using their smartphone or even their smartwatch. However it seems that the Hub by Premier Inn hotel will take things to the next level by allowing the guest to control their room using a wearable.

Recently the folks at Techworld were invited to stay at the Hub hotel, which according to their report and experience, could very well be the hotel of the future. Through a dedicated app for smartphones and smartwatches, it will allow the guest to control a lot of facilities in their rooms with their mobile or wearable devices. Read full post →Hub By Premier Inn Could Be The Hotel Of The Future