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azeroth choppers 640x227World of Warcraft is one of Blizzard’s top money makers and one of the more older MMORPGs still around and active. The game still has many players who enjoy the game and it was a few months ago that Blizzard launched a web series called Azeroth Choppers. It basically tasked two teams from the World of Warcraft development team to design a chopper to have an Alliance or Horde theme.

Well the votes were cast and the winner was revealed to be none other than the Horde (for the Horde!). Now according to Blizzard, they did promise that the winning chopper design would be made available to players in the game as a free mount, and the good news is that the mount is now live. Read full post →World Of Warcraft Horde Chopper Now Redeemable In-Game

sprint event 640x352Sprint has recently started to hand out invites to an event that they will be holding on the 19th of August. Not much is known about the event, save for the tagline which reads, “Take The Edge Off”. It is unclear as to what Sprint could be implying, although there has been some speculation as to what it could be about.

For starters, some have speculated that the announcement could be about the successor to the Kyocera Hydro Edge which was announced around this time last year. Given the handset’s somewhat ruggedness, we have to wonder if it will tie in with the Kyocera’s Sapphire Shield display that they have been teasing recently. Read full post →Sprint Sends Out Invites To Event On 19th August

chrome material 640x414Google’s Android L update is set to be a pretty big one for Google, at least as far as aethetics are concerned. In some ways it is similar to how Apple redesigned iOS from iOS 6 to iOS 7. Material Design is the new design language that Google is going for and we can expect to see it applied across the board.

That being said if you can’t wait for the update to eventually make its way to you, you might be interested to learn that Google has recently updated its Chrome Beta app for Android, giving it a Material Design makeover and giving us a taste of the design before it takes over the entire operating system. Read full post →Chrome Beta For Android Gets Material Design Makeover

destiny3So we know that the Destiny beta is live on both the Xbox and PlayStation platforms, so for gamers who have pre-ordered the game, you guys should be able to enjoy the beta as we speak. However if you have not purchased the game and want to get in on the beta action, well you’re in luck because Bungie has recently announced that they are opening the beta to the public.

According to Bungie’s blog, “Help us deliver the game you deserve. Before we shut this party down, we’ll welcome everyone who wants a preview of this brave new world. If you have yet to play Destiny, look for offers to download the Beta directly from your console later on this afternoon.” Read full post →Destiny Beta Now Open To Everyone

k920 teaserAbout a month ago, a certain Lenovo K920 made its way online. The handset is said to be the next flagship device for the company and now according to reports and a post on Weibo, it seems that the official announcement could be taking place on the 5th of August. This is according to a teaser image that was uploaded onto Weibo which shows off the back of the device.

While the teaser image certainly does not name the device in question, its rear-facing camera is similar to previous leaked images, suggesting that we could indeed be looking at the Lenovo K920. The teaser also seems to confirm the fact that the camera will be of the 16MP variety and will sport a dual flash unit. Read full post →Lenovo K920 Teased For 5th August Announcement

When the Moto 360 was announced this year, safe to say that the smartwatch was definitely in a class of its own in terms of design. Other OEMs have gone for square-ish displays while Motorola has decided that they will keep to more traditional watch designs, thus resulting in what we’re sure many can admit is a beautiful device.

That being said apart from its design, we have heard how the Moto 360 plans to stand out from the competition by offering wireless charging, and now according to a video by TechCrunch, it looks like that the Moto 360 will be coming with an additional sensor that other OEMs have neglected – an ambient light sensor. Read full post →Moto 360 Smartwatch Will Come With Ambient Light Sensor

SamsungGearVR 7 640x283About a month ago, Samsung trademarked the name Gear VR. It was speculated that this could be Samsung’s attempt at a wearable headset, but unlike Google Glass, Samsung’s efforts would be more towards virtual reality and would most likely compete with the likes of the Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus.

A couple of weeks ago, an alleged photo of the headset surfaced and now thanks to the folks at SamMobile, they have managed to get their hands on a handful of screenshots which are apparently that of the accompanying Gear VR app. As per the app’s screenshots, it pretty much confirms that the headset will focus on virtual reality. Read full post →Possible Samsung Gear VR App Screenshots Surface

lg g3 phone 006 640x426Bloatware – no one really likes them, but unfortunately in the US and in other parts of the world, carriers tend to shove them down your throat in a bid to get you to use their services. Some might not mind, but some do, considering that these apps and services can either lead to a laggy experience or taking up unnecessary space.

Now the good news is that if you’re a LG G3 owner and you got your phone from Verizon, Droid-Life is reporting that Verizon is currently testing out a new program in which they will allow users to remove bloatware. While the apps will be downloaded and installed during the activation process, users will be able to remove them as easily as they would if they were uninstalling a regular app. Read full post →Verizon Allowing Bloatware Uninstallation For The LG G3

iphone infographWhile Apple’s iPhone is designed in California, as per the labeling on the back of the phone, its components are sourced for all over the world, so much so that according to a report by The Wall Street Journal, it has actually contributed significantly to the economies in Asia, boosting it by as much as 8.6%.

This is based on the calculations of analysts and government officials. Over in Japan, a government official has estimated that the amount of components ordered by Apple could help boost the country’s electronics exports by as much as 5%. Taiwan’s industrial production back in June was up 8.6% which analyst have attributed to Apple. Read full post →Apple’s iPhone Reportedly Helps Boost Asian Economies

flexcablesOver the past couple of weeks, we have seen a variety of alleged iPhone 6 components leaked. We have seen the alleged Touch ID sensor, the Lightning cable port and headphone jack, and even the rear casing which will supposedly play home to a light up logo. Well new images have surfaced, courtesy of Apple.club.tw which shows off three components – the volume/mute flex cable, the power button flex cable (both of which can be see in the image above), and the SIM card tray (pictured below).

We have actually seen similar components leaked in the past, so safe to say that they’re nothing new. However it does serve to “confirm” the rumors in which Apple has relocated the sleep/wake button to the side of the phone along the side of the SIM tray, as opposed to the top right corner where it usually is. If the rumors of larger iPhones are to be believed, repositioning the button makes sense as it would be easier to access on the side than at the top corner. Read full post →Alleged iPhone 6 Volume/Mute Flex Cables, SIM Card Trays Leaked