power-bar_recall_16.9-1280x720Battery packs are great because they provide us with additional juice while we’re out and about. However it seems that due to the fact that they basically pack lithium-ion batteries under the hood, there is a certain degree of danger to them. In fact last week we reported on how a woman suffered burns to her hand when her EE Power Bar exploded, shot across the room, and caught on fire.

At that time we suggested that maybe this is a one-off occurrence but as it turns out, that might not necessarily be the case. In fact the folks at EE have announced that they will be recalling some of their Power Bar units. Before you get too alarmed, EE notes that only a very small number of incidents have happened where the device overheated. Read full post →EE Recalls Power Bar Over Potential Fire Hazard

garmin forerunner 25While Garmin might be known as a navigation company to some, there are fitness enthusiasts out there who swear by the company’s fitness products. Garmin has in the past launched several fitness trackers, although admittedly some of them were kind of pricey. Now if you’re after a Garmin wearable that doesn’t break the bank, you’re in luck.

The company has recently announced the Forerunner 25 which is apparently a sort successor to the Forerunner 15. However it does come with a slightly lower price tag of $170 for the core model, and $200 if you want to get your hands on it with an external heart rate monitor (as opposed to a monitor that’s integrated in the device). Read full post →Garmin Unveils More Affordable Forerunner 25 Fitness Tracker

hello jeansWearing skinny jeans means that putting bulky items into your pockets such as keys, a thick wallet, or an external battery pack can be rather unsightly, which is why the folks at Joe’s Jeans have created a pair of skinny jeans for women dubbed the #Hello jeans. These are a pair of jeans that look normal on the outside, but in reality it hides a portable charger.

As you can see in the image above, there is actually a special pouch on the back of the jeans that you can slip your phone into. There is another slot in which a custom battery pack and a cable for charging your phone is hidden, so when you do need a charge, you can discreetly connect it to your phone and no one will be the wiser! Read full post →These Pair Of Skinny Jeans Will Charge Your Phone

activision-blizzardA couple of months ago, Microsoft made a surprising but welcome announcement in which they revealed that the Xbox One would offer backwards compatibility, meaning that if you have some games you bought for your Xbox 360 that you’d like to play on your new console, you will be able to do so.

However there was a catch and that is developers/publishers need to agree to offer backwards compatibility support, meaning that this isn’t necessarily an automated process. Now for gamers who are looking forward to playing Activision Xbox 360 games on their Xbox One, you could be disappointed as Activision’s name was not on the list of companies that would offer backwards compatibility. Read full post →Activision Might Not Offer Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Support

On the 1st of September, gamers can expect to get their hands on the latest game in the Metal Gear Solid franchise in the form of The Phantom Pain. While there is a possibility that there will be new Metal Gear Solid titles, this will be the last one where Hideo Kojima is involved in producing it, so safe to say many are looking forward to it. Read full post →New Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Gameplay Trailer Revealed

master jousterAvid Hearthstone players are probably more than well-aware that Blizzard has already announced the latest expansion to Hearthstone in the form of The Grand Tournament. Apart from new cards, and new features, there are expected to be new mechanics as well, which during Blizzard has announced during its Gamescom media briefing.

According to Blizzard, the new mechanic is called “Reveal” and what it does is that it allows players to take a sneak peek at the next card in their opponent’s deck, thus allowing them to make decisions ahead of time and to be better prepared for what’s to come. This mechanic is shown off in a card called Master Jouster. Read full post →Blizzard Unveils New “Reveal” Hearthstone Mechanic

lumia-950-front-psYesterday thanks to several leaked images, photos of Microsoft’s upcoming Lumia 950 XL was revealed. Now in those photos, the handset pictured appeared to be encased in a protective case which presumably is meant to hide its design and also to protect it from bumps and drops, and if you’re wondering what the phone looks like without the case, you’re in luck.

Thanks to new photos that have made their way online, we now have a better idea of what the handset could look like without the case. It should be pointed out that in the photo to the right is the original photo. The photo to the left of it has been Photoshopped to virtually remove its case, thus giving us a glimpse at the handset’s design. Read full post →New Lumia 950/950 XL Photos Leaked

deathstalker chromaIf you’re into gaming accessories like a gaming keyboard or maybe a dedicated set of buttons for MMOs or MOBAs, you might recall that over the years Razer has launched similar devices, such as the Razer Deathstalker and the Razer Orbweaver. For the most part both devices followed the theme of Razer’s design, which was black with green lights/highlights.

However it looks like Razer has decided to give both accessories a color update as the company has officially announced both the Deathstalker and Orbweaver Chroma editions. So what is the difference? Basically if you’re not a fan of the green lighting, Chroma is here to help deal with that by offering up the ability to swap between a myriad of different colors, as you can see from the photos. Read full post →Razer’s Deathstalker And Orbweaver Peripherals Get A Chroma Makeover

Remember in March we reported that a man in New Zealand 3D printed a tiny drill? Sure, you can 3D print anything you want as long as you have the schematics for it, but what made it even more impressive is that this is a drill that actually works. Granted you won’t be making furniture or building houses with it, but it is still pretty awesome, not mention incredibly cute as well.

Now it looks like the man, Lance Abernethy, is back and this time round, he has 3D printed what we can only assume is the world’s smallest working circular saw. The parts of the saw were designed and printed by Abernethy himself using an Ultimaker 2 3D printer. It uses a hearing aid battery to power itself and will spring into action at a press of a button. Read full post →Man Creates The World’s Smallest 3D Printed Circular Saw

instagram-signLast week Instagram announced that they were banning the #goddess hashtag, and it looks like the social network is not slowing down in its banning process. In fact according to reports, it looks like Instagram has banned yet another hashtag in the form of #edm, which for those who are unfamiliar typically refers to a genre of music.

EDM, or Electronic Dance Music, is a type of music and it seems like it would be an innocent-enough hashtag. However according to an Instagram spokesman who spoke to TIME, it seems that the hashtag was used to share images containing nudity. “In this case, #EDM was being used to share content that violates our guidelines around nudity.” Read full post →Instagram Bans The #EDM Hashtag Citing Guidelines Violation