gear s2 teaserCome IFA 2015, we expect Samsung will officially detail their upcoming smartwatch, the Samsung Gear S2. Now what we know right now is that there is at least one smartwatch which is the Gear S2, but it seems that Samsung could have at least one more smartwatch and this time it is in the form of the Gear S2 Classic.

This is thanks to a recent trademark filed in South Korea (via SamMobile) in which the name was spotted. Like we said so far Samsung has pretty much only teased the Gear S2 so we’re not sure what exactly the Gear S2 Classic will entail. Could it be that this is a South Korean-only variant which is why it was trademarked in South Korea? Read full post →Samsung Gear S2 Classic Trademarked In South Korea

bb veniceBlackBerry makes pretty solid devices in terms of its quality and its operating system. However if there is one thing that they don’t have is a strong ecosystem, unlike iOS or Android where there are millions of apps to choose from. Granted you don’t need all of them, but it’s always nice to have options.

This is something that BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen admitted the company needs to work on. Speaking at a talk at the Churchill Club in Palo Alto, California, Chen said that BlackBerry devices need more apps, but interestingly enough he stopped short of admitting that the company was working on a BlackBerry Android handset. Read full post →BlackBerry CEO Admits Their Devices Needs More Apps

samsunglogoLast week Samsung launched a promotion in which they offered iPhone owners the chance to switch to one of the company’s new phones through a 30-day trial where all they’d have to pay is $1. Safe to say the allure of being able to try a brand new phone for a month for practically nothing sale the trial phones run out of stock pretty fast.

So much so that Samsung has since launched a new offer in which it makes it even more enticing for iPhone owners to switch. Now previously the company offered a 30-day trial, but now that they’re out of stock, they’re instead giving away $200 to iPhone owners who buy either the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the Galaxy S6 Edge+, or the Galaxy S6 Edge. Read full post →Samsung Is Making It More Enticing For iPhone Owners To Switch

Wallpapers keep our devices fun and attractive, they represent our own style and liking. We can customize PCs or smartphones with different wallpapers to keep its look fresh and feast our eyes on amazing images of things we love.

It is not hard to find a wallpaper according to taste, however, getting access to high quality wallpaper sources might not be that easy because there are tons of websites/apps available that feature low-definition wallpapers, and are full of annoying ads, or really hard to navigate.

Today, we are going introduce some reliable sources to download HD wallpapers with a good experience. They might have some ads (they need to earn a living, right?), but they aren’t annoying. Read full post →Top HD Wallpapers Sources

app search resultsIf you’ve tried searching for apps in Google Search, the results are pretty standard. Granted in the recent years Google has made it easier for users to launch the app store from the search results itself, but with the latest update to its search engine, it seems that Google will sort of be turning search results into a pseudo app store of sorts.

According to a report from Android Police, it looks like Google has updated its search results where if you were to search for app categories, it will display results more beautifully, and to a certain extent it reminds us of how the Google Play Store looks as well. So if you were to search for “cooking apps” or “arcade game apps” or basically broad searches for app categories, you should be greeted by the results show in the screenshot above. Read full post →Google Will Now Display Search Results For Apps More Beautifully

waze intersection warningWaze is a great app as it can warn you of upcoming traffic jams, road works, accidents, and so on. However what it can’t warn you about are dangerous intersections, or at least until now. Waze has announced on their blog that the app will now be able to warn drivers when they are approaching intersections that are particularly dangerous.

If you’ve driver before, you know that some intersections are more prone to accidents than others. Maybe it’s very high traffic, traffic lights are too quick, or maybe it’s just a bad design, but accidents happen there more frequently than others. However with the updated Waze, drivers will be given a heads up. Read full post →Waze Will Now Warn Drivers Of Dangerous Intersections

Earlier this week there was a bit of fuss kicked up over a perceived design flaw in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, where it was revealed that if you were to insert the S Pen wrongly into the phone, not only would it get stuck, but it would actually damage some components inside the phone as well.

That being said, How2Tech has recently uploaded a video onto YouTube (see video above) in which they show that the S Pen can actually be removed from the Galaxy Note 5 safely and cheaply, and best of all it can be done by yourself without having to take it to the shop which could actually incur some fees. Read full post →Video Shows How To Easily Remove A Stuck S Pen In The Galaxy Note 5

Xperia-C5-Ultra-Display_1-640x480Earlier this month Sony announced the Xperia C5 Ultra. This is a phone that packs a whopping 6-inch Full HD display, making it a pretty huge handset. So far its specs have shown that it is a decently performing phone, but unfortunately in the display department, there might be some discrepancies.

We’re not talking about the display resolution, but rather the displays being used. Sony naturally did not specify who are their suppliers, but as it turns out there are two – Truly LCM and Innolux LCM. While OEMs tend to use multiple suppliers, it would seem that in Sony’s case, the different suppliers have provided by different looking displays as you can see in the photos above and below. Read full post →Sony’s Xperia C5 Ultra Could Be Using Two Different Screens

Alcatel-OneTouch-Flash-2Last year Alcatel launched their OneTouch Flash smartphone. The device came with a whopping 5.5-inch display and basically tried to market itself as a cheaper version of the Samsung Galaxy Note series. Did it work? It’s hard to say without the numbers, although to be fair Alcatel isn’t really a brand that comes to mind when we think of smartphones.

That being said, it looks like the company will be back again this year with the successor in the form of the Alcatel OneTouch Flash 2. As you can see in the teaser image, it seems that Alcatel has decided to trim its screen size down to a more manageable 5-inches, along with the slogan that says, “The power of green,” which we’re not sure what it could imply. Read full post →Alcatel OneTouch Flash 2 Teased For 22nd September Announcement

android_m_battery_mahWhen Android 6.0 Marshmallow was announced earlier this year (when it was still known as Android M), one of the changes Google announced that they would be bringing to the operating system would be better battery management. This resulted in a feature called “Doze” in which your Android phone, after inactivity for a long period of time, will basically kill of app refreshes in the background, save for essential apps.

This ultimately trades app refreshes for better battery life. That being said, it really looks like Android 6.0 Marshmallow will have a lot of battery management features, thanks to a report from Android Police who has highlighted that in the latest preview for Marshmallow, Google has added per-app battery usage in mAh to the details. Read full post →Android 6.0 Marshmallow Adds Per-App Battery Usage In mAh