If you’re like Oklahoma City Thunder player Paul George and love sneakers and Sony’s PlayStation console, then you’re definitely going to like Nike’s new PG-2 sneakers. Nike created the PG-2 in collaboration with Sony and George. It’s the NBA star’s latest signature shoe and since he considers himself to be one of the biggest gamers in the league, he wanted a shoe that represented his love for the PlayStation when he’s out on the court.
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Minecraft has been around for a while now and the community seems to be as active as ever before, if not more. It has been confirmed by Minecraft’s new boss that the game achieve a new record for the most number of active players ever. Minecraft head Helen Chiang has revealed that the game hit 74 million active players in December 2017.
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Xiaomi has emerged as one of the fastest-growing smartphone manufacturers in the world in a relatively short amount of time. The company’s strategy of offering aggressively-priced devices with robust specs has paid dividends. It’s now looking to go after Samsung even aggressively by expanding its retail presence in a key market. The company has largely been focused on driving sales through online channels but it’s clearly shifting gears now.
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Apple’s iPhone battery controversy has taken a life of its own. The company’s failure to properly explain why an iOS update was going to reduce the performance of iPhones with older batteries led to conspiracy theories and a lot of bad press for Apple. Government units in multiple countries have launched an investigation into the matter and South Korea has joined the list as well.
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Facebook’s Snapchat Stories clones have proven to be quite popular on Instagram and WhatsApp. It has relentlessly pursued this feature and has even added it to Facebook proper. Even though the feature may not have received as much traction as the company might have wanted on its primary platform initially, it seems to be doubling down on Stories on Facebook by allowing users to upload Stories via the desktop.
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It seems like foldable smartphones will be all the rage in a couple of years. Whether or not they take off in the market is another matter entirely but quite a few manufacturers are believed to be working on this form factor. ZTE was one of the first to bring one to market last year and it appears that LG might have some foldable smartphone ambitions of its own.

LG has filed a patent with the World Intellectual Property Organization which details a folding tablet and smartphone hybrid device that it has dreamt up. LG describes this device in the patent as a “mobile phone with a flexible display which can be folded in half.” If that’s not the simplest description of a foldable smartphone, I don’t know what is.

A model included in the filing showcases a foldable smartphone with a camera component on the back panel. When it’s folded, the device can display information like the time on the screen. It’s only when the device is folded out that one can presumably access all of its functionality.

It goes without saying that just because LG has patented a foldable smartphone doesn’t necessarily mean that the company is working on one. Its rival Samsung is expected to launch its much-rumored foldable smartphone at some point later this year so it won’t be surprising at all if and when LG decides to throw its hat in the ring as well.

Microsoft continues to update Office 2016 for Mac in order to provide new functionality to users. It also rolls out security updates and non-security updates for the productivity suite regularly. The January 2018 release for Office 2016 for Mac is rolling out now and among the several new features that it brings, it also adds real-time collaborative editing to the productivity apps.
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GoPro launched a 360-degree 5.2K camera called the Fusion last year. It looks like the companys’ Hero action cameras but offers different functionality. The camera launched in November 2017 to good reviews but there was a catch. It wasn’t compatible with Android devices at launch. That finally changes today. The GoPro Fusion Android support has been rolled out even if only for a handful of devices.
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It has been over a year since Amazon teased a concept brick-and-mortar grocery store of the future. There won’t be any cashiers at a store and no checkout lines. Customers will be able to walk in, take stuff off of the shelves, and just walk out. All of their purchases would be charged to their accounts automatically. The first of Amazon’s retail stores of the future is going to open its doors tomorrow as part of an experiment that could permanently change the way we shop.
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Instagram recently rolled out a new feature for direct messages which shows people how long ago a user was active on the app. It’s similar to the “Last Seen” feature on WhatsApp. It quickly tells other users with the user was last online. It’s unclear why Instagram felt the need to add this feature even though its app is not necessarily used for text-based communication like WhatsApp is. This obviously causes anxiety for users who don’t want others to know when they were last online if they want to avoid unwanted DMs. Fortunately, there is a way to disable Instagram’s Last Active feature easily.

The feature does appear to be useful for those who are trying to get in touch with a business on Instagram. It lets them see at a glance just how long it has been since that account last replied to direct messages on Instagram.

It can prove to be a nuisance for the average user as well because it means that their activity on Instagram DMs can be tracked by other users that they may not want to receive a direct message from. That can lead to awkward conversations about not replying to someone’s DMs even when they can clearly see that you’re active.

Users can easily disable Instagram’s last active feature from the app’s settings menu by scrolling down to the “Show Activity Status” option and turning it off. Do bear in mind that once this feature is disabled, you won’t be able to see the activity status of other users as well.