renewable_energyCompanies like Apple have been making steps towards ensuring that their operations are powered by renewable energy, but Apple is just one company. There are millions of companies and billions of people, which means that everyone needs to do their part if we are hoping for a future that does not look like it came out of a Mad Max movie.

The good news is that if you wanted a future in which the world is fully powered by renewable energy, it seems that come 2050 that future may very well come true. This is according to studies conducted by MIT, the Atmosphere/Energy Program at Stanford University, and the University of California. Read full post →Study Suggests World Could Be 100% Powered By Renewables By 2050

amazon-signAn Amazon Prime subscription will cost you nearly $100 a year, but if you think about it it’s actually a pretty good deal. Not only will you gain access to better shipping options, but you will also gain access to other features offered by the website, like music and video streaming via Prime Instant Video.

However according to a report from Bloomberg, they have heard from sources that Amazon’s Prime subscription program could soon get a lot more attractive. Like we said, a subscription will allow you access to Prime Instant Video, but the report claims that not only will users get access to those videos, but they could also gain access to video services that aren’t from Amazon. Read full post →Amazon Prime Will Reportedly Let Users Access Other Video Services

gplay giftsThe concept of gift cards has been around for the longest time ever, and we have also seen the concept applied to app stores like the iTunes App Store and Google Play. However it seems that according to a report from Android Police, there is now a new way of sending Google Play Gifts in the US.

They discovered this in one of Google’s support pages. According to the support page, there is an option called Google Play credit gifts. Basically this allows users to send credits as a gift to other people via email. Like we said, gift cards have been around for a while now but prior to this, users weren’t able to send gifts via email, so this option is a new one and more convenient too. Read full post →You Can Now Send Google Play Gifts Via Email

If you want to track your health like how many steps you’ve made, how many calories you’ve burnt, your heart rate, and more, you will probably need to turn to a fitness band or a smartwatch with those features. However in the future maybe we won’t need such wearables as biometric tattoos might be the next big thing.

Developed by Chaotic Moon Studios, these temporary tattoos are basically a combination of sensors and conductive paint. They will be able to track all sorts of things about the wearer, like their heart rate to body temperature and even their location. This might be useful if you want to share your biometrics with your doctor remotely, thus making remote checkups possible (to a certain degree). Read full post →Temporary Biometric Tattoos Can Track Your Health

bridge-inspection-droneAccording to recent reports, it has been suggested that there has been an increase in the number of shark attacks in Australia. In 2015 alone, there have been reports of as many as 33 shark attacks, which is more than the previous years combined, indicating that perhaps something needs to be done to better protect their coasts and beaches.

It seems that one of the methods that the New South Wales (NSW) government has decided to employ is by using drones. These drones will be used to patrol the waters and will be monitored in real-time, that way if the drone operator sees footage of marine life swimming in shallow waters, they will then be able to quickly alert swimmers and surfers of any potential danger headed their way. Read full post →Australia To Deploy Drones To Keep A Lookout For Sharks

3D printing is an amazing concept as we have seen it used in all sorts of things, like printing your own gadgets, printing prosthetic limbs, and once we’ve even seen 3D printing used to print an entire motorcycle! However 3D printing can be more than just a practical tool as demonstrated by Swiss design studio Drzach & Suchy.

It seems that they were inspired by water striders which are hard to spot on the surface of the water, with their position usually given away by the shadow that they cast below the water’s surface. This led them to come up with the idea of 3D printing haiku that can only be seen when placed in water. Read full post →3D Printed Haikus Only Show Up When Placed In Water

denver-thanksgivingIt looks like Google certainly knows just about everything – including asking folks not to drive at 3 p.m. on Wednesday. Denver City happens to be the 12th worst in the country when it comes to Thanksgiving traffic in 2015, and this was derived from Google search as well as maps data. Hence, if you absolutely have no choice at all but to let the rubber meet the road today, then brace yourself if you have already left at 3 pm, since that is when Google predicts that such would be the time period for the worst traffic throughout the whole Thanksgiving week.

Read full post →Denver Not The Place To Drive At 3pm On Wednesday

It looks like Kickstarter can be used for just about anything and everything, even an insanely successful potato salad project. Having said that, for those of you who have always wondered on how it would be like to enroll in a wizard school, wonder no more. There is an actual Kickstarter project to raise enough funds so that the “New World Magischola” can become reality.

Read full post →Actual Wizard School Looks To Kickstarter For Funds

facebook logoFacebook is a place where you can share photos of what’s going on in your life, and after all, a picture speaks a thousand words. It seems that Mel Rymill of Australia has sparked off something on the Internet – Facebook in particular, when she posted her post-pregnancy body in underwear and a bra, citing that this is who she is, and she is proud of her body despite what society in general thinks. You can check out Mel’s trending photo right after the jump. At least this is real, quite unlike what video games like Dead or Alive offer.

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rainbow-ssTom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege will be released come 1st of December. The open beta of the game was expected to kick off today, but unfortunately it looks like it has been delayed. This is according to a post on the Ubisoft forums in which it was confirmed that the open beta has been delayed until a later time.

According to Ubisoft’s community manager Ubi_Jax, “We’re currently seeing issues with matchmaking times and disconnection on all platforms. As such we’re postponing the Open Beta until a later time and keeping the game under Closed Beta status. We apologize for the delay and can assure you this is our top priority. We will keep everyone updated regularly as we continue to deploy improvements.” Read full post →Rainbow Six Siege Open Beta Has Been Delayed