nintendo-switchWhen the Nintendo Wii was launched, it was an odd console but it worked and gamers took to it. This led to Sony and Microsoft coming up with motion-based gaming solutions of their own. Then came the Wii U which was the successor to the Wii and in many ways was supposed to be an improvement, but unfortunately it was anything but. Read full post →Ubisoft Believes Nintendo Switch Will Have Same Impact As The Wii

zelda_breath_of_the_wildThe thing about RPGs is that they typically come attached with a story. Many video games in the past have demonstrated just how important a good story is, and from what we can tell from the expansive open world that is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it definitely looks like there might be an interesting story behind it. Read full post →The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Backstory Revealed

google_search_spottyWe’ve all experienced this where due to poor reception or maybe a hiccup in the internet connection, our search results aren’t returned and we are greeted with the dreaded “offline” message. This means that sometimes you might forget to go back to your search when the connection comes back online, but Google wants to fix that. Read full post →Google Search Will Now Work Even With Spotty Connections

nostalriusIt seems that Nostalrius’ negotiations with Blizzard regarding creating an official legacy server did not go well because if you might recall, last December Nostalrius basically gave the code to the servers to the Elysium Project where they would run the servers instead. We speculated it wouldn’t last long as Blizzard would probably be all over it. Read full post →Legacy World Of Warcraft Server To Shut Down (Again)

Back in the day finding a demo (or shareware) version of a game was pretty easy. Video game and computer magazines would be more than happy to bundle CDs packed with demos for video games and software, although oddly enough these days developers and publishers aren’t so quick to offer up trials. Read full post →Ubisoft Now Offering 3 Hour Free Trial For Watch Dogs 2

There is a debate going on about the security of smart home appliances, connected objects, the Internet of Things, and so on. Basically there doesn’t seem to be some kind of standardized security that all manufacturers adhere to, which means that while one smart home camera could be secure, another make and model might not. Read full post →Hackers Manage To Break Into Samsung’s SmartCam

xbox_one_sExclusive titles are what defines a console. For example Sony’s had God of War and Destiny, while Microsoft has had Forza, Gears of War, and Halo, just to name a few. This is well and good but we guess after awhile it does get a bit boring which is why it isn’t surprising that there are some gamers hankering for something new. Read full post →Xbox One To Get A New IP In 2017

samsung-logoWhile Samsung has not said anything, many have assumed that the company’s next flagship smartphone will be the Galaxy S8. This is because based on the naming schemes we’ve seen so far, it makes perfect sense. Of course Samsung could shake things up but given how beloved the Galaxy S-series is, it makes sense that they’d want to continue leveraging it. Read full post →Samsung Files Trademark For ‘Galaxy S8’

Sharing videos from YouTube is typically a pretty straightforward process. You copy the link and then send it to your friends or family members by pasting the link in a chat. However it seems that YouTube has decided that maybe it’s time to change the way we share videos and maybe make the experience a bit more social. Read full post →YouTube Rolls Out New Sharing Feature In Canada

Last week it was reported that ASUS Philippines had started to roll out the Android 7.0 Nougat update for the phone. It was then expected that the update would eventually find its way to other ZenFone 3 handsets around the world, but it seems that you might have to wait a while because the update has since been put on hold. Read full post →Asus ZenFone 3 Android Nougat Update Has Been Put On Hold