microsoft privacy patentDon’t you hate it that when you’re out in public using your phone or laptop that you have strangers looking over to see what you’re doing? There are some screen protectors out there that helps prevent people from looking over your shoulder but those screen protectors can’t be applied to everything.

This is why a Microsoft patent for a privacy display sounds particularly intriguing. According to a recent patent discovered by Patently Mobile, it seems that Microsoft is looking into creating a display for computers and mobile devices that will give its user the privacy they need. Basically this involves creating a backlight system that will only allow the user looking directly at the screen to view the information. Read full post →Microsoft Patent Will Stop People From Looking Over Your Shoulder

instagramIf you follow a lot of people on Instagram, sometimes your feed can feel like it is never-ending as you scroll through what seems like hundreds of photos. Sometimes this can be a bit tedious which in turn might put you off from using the service. However it looks like Instagram does not want to lose its users and according to a recent post by TechCrunch, the social network is hoping to condense the information for you.

How this is done is by sending out emails to its users in the form of “Highlights”, kind of like how Twitter reminds you of tweets you might have missed. In the case of Instagram, the Highlights email will basically show you the best posts from some of the people you follow, which they’re hoping would reignite your interest in the social network again. Read full post →Instagram Begins Sending Out “Highlights” Emails

CortanaMicrosoft’s Cortana AI is a force to be reckoned with. Previously the virtual assistant managed to predict 15 out of 16 of the World Cup 2014 matches, and it also managed to correctly pick the Super Bowl winner, so does it really come as a surprise that when used to predict the Eurovision singing contest winner that Cortana managed to guess it right, again?

Some users decided to try and use Cortana to predict who would win the Eurovision singing contest. According to Cortana’s predictions, it chose Sweden as the country to win, followed by Russia, Italy, and Australia as the runner ups. As it turns out Cortana was almost on point as not only did it predict the winner, but the second and third place spots as well. Read full post →Cortana Correctly Predicts Eurovision Contest Winners

As our gadgets become smarter and as our regular home appliances and features become more connected, there might be a growing need to have a smart controller that controls all of it from one place. At the moment things like smart locks, smart bulbs, and etc. can be controlled via your phone, but if you’d rather not have to keep fishing for your mobile device, then the Nuimo smart controller might be for you.

The design of the Nuimo is pretty simple. It’s basically round and shaped like a hockey puck and the device itself has four main commands – click the disc, turn its dial, swipe on its surface, and even perform gestures above its surface. From there users can pair the Nuimo with a bunch apps and control it from here. Read full post →Nuimo Smart Controller Wants To Control Your Life

google_photosA rumor from last week suggested that Google could be thinking of spinning off its photos services from Google+ into a standalone service. This service would allow users to backup photos onto it as well as the ability to manage your photos and search through it by name, type, and so on.

Now thanks to the folks at Android Police, it seems that they have managed to get their hands on what appears to be the leaked screenshots of the upcoming app that would be launched as part of the new service, and based on what we see it certainly looks like it could be a very useful feature for users with a lot of photos to manage. Read full post →Screenshots Of Google’s Standalone Photo Service Surfaces

Apart from the volume rocks and sleep/wake button, the iPhone only comes with a single home button, unlike Android devices which usually features soft keys like a back button or a “more” button or a button that opens up the multitasking window. We suppose this simplifies things but at the same time, it can feel limiting.

This is something that the folks at Haloband Inc. seems to think as well as the company has recently launched a screen protector on Kickstarter dubbed the Halo Back that basically gives your iPhone a “back” button at the bottom left of your screen. This makes it easier for users of the larger iPhone 6 Plus to navigate through the different screens and menus of their phone without having to stretch their thumb to the top of the screen. Read full post →This Screen Protector Gives Your iPhone A Back Button

Back in March, Codemasters confirmed when it will release the F1 2015 title. This will be the first F1 title released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One so naturally there are quite a bit of people waiting for this game. Codemasters didn’t send out that many updates after confirming the F1 2015 release date in March, it has news now but I’m afraid it’s not good news.

Read full post →F1 2015 Release Delayed


A report out of Colorado brings news of a man who claims that his Nintendo Wii burnt all of his belongings. The man lives in his RV and he says that the fire caused by his console burnt down everything he owns, including the RV. According to the report he had powered down the console but it was plugged in, there’s nothing unusual here because that’s how almost everybody sets up their consoles. That’s the Wii you see in the picture.

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Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion brings a proper PvP endgame for this popular title, something which it has lacked ever since it was released. Sure fans had ample fun with Crucible and Iron Banner but PvP wasn’t as rewarding as it should have been for progression, and it felt disconnected from the narrative of the game. The new PvP endgame in House of Wolves fixes that and the first Destiny Trials of Osiris event has now gone live.

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If you’re like me and you don’t see the point in taking selfies then you probably won’t have much appreciation for selfie sticks. I know that I’ll never want to purchase a selfie stick but then again I just might be part of a minority because millions of people around the world are jumping on this bandwagon daily, and Pizza Hut seeks to warn you and me against the dangers of selfie stick abuse.

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