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htc-galleryEvery app needs and update from time to time, and the same can be said concerning the HTC Gallery app. In fact, the HTC Gallery app is the recipient of an update over in the Google Play Store recently, which is yet another sign that smartphone manufacturers are slowly but surely introducing their system apps to Google Play rather than to let the mobile carriers approve of an OTA (Over The Air) firmware update. In fact, the latest HTC Gallery app update will see HTC users in select areas view their photos and videos in the cloud as well as on their handset simultaneously, thanks to the Cloud Gallery feature. Of course, prior to doing so, you will need to hook up your Facebook, Dropbox, Flickr and Google Drive accounts in order to get started.

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swiftkey-frozenI would like to think that if you happen to be a parent of a child aged anywhere from 4 all the way to 15, that you would have caught your child humming or at least singing “Let It Go” from the Disney hit, Frozen, a gazillion times, so much so it is expected for you as the parent to also memorize the lyrics to the song. Heck, you might even have been coerced to download or purchase the Frozen soundtrack by your little ones in the past year – but you have managed to hold your ground because it is not something that you think they need, clearly placing this under the “want” category. Having said that, what if you could get the Frozen soundtrack for free without having to take the illegal route of downloading it via a torrent site? That is now possible, as the complete Frozen soundtrack is available for free over at the Google Play Store.

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the-interviewThe Interview might not be a great movie at all with its style of comedy, but then again it has garnered a whole lot of attention in recent times, especially when you take into consideration how Sony Pictures was hacked. In fact, The Interview was made available across multiple platforms, but it has also been downloaded illegally – with the last official count being over 750,000 times in the first 20 hours after the movie was released, at least according to the folks over at TorrentFreak.

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galaxy-s6-bezelWe do know that the next version of the Samsung Galaxy S series would have arrived at the half dozen figure – that is, the Samsung Galaxy S6. I am quite sure that between now and the rumored early 2015 release date, there will be many opportunities to read about upcoming leaks of the handset, and true enough, what you see above is an alleged leak of the yet unreleased Galaxy S6, sporting the full assembly of its all-aluminum unibody alongside a colorful plastic front. In addition, there will be a couple of interesting changes, where the aluminum body offers a more premium look and feel to it, apart from a new color job that one can observe here – sporting a vivid ‘fluorescent yellow’ layer of paint.

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lg logoIt seems that the LG headquarters over in South Korea was stormed by South Korean authorities, as there is an ongoing investigation as to whether LG employees actually performed the intentional act of damaging their rival Samsung’s washing machines. It all started off innocently enough – with LG and Samsung having a rather amusing rivalry, which has since grown into a full-blown investigation, where local prosecutors have kicked off a search and seizure procedure at LG’s Seoul, South Korea headquarters. The other venue would be a factory at Changwon, South Gyeongnam Province, early this Boxing Day.

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zte-speedWhen it comes to new smartphones, there are dime a dozen models to choose from, with various mobile operating systems to boot. ZTE is not one of the major smartphone players in the market, but this does not mean that they do not introduce new handsets from time to time, right? Enter the new ZTE Speed smartphone, where it claims to deliver plenty of bang for your hard earned buck, being a lightning fast LTE smartphone which will cost you a mere $99.99 on Boost Mobile – without the need for a contract, too, now how about that?

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nus-robotNature has more often than not proven itself to be the inspiration for inventions that we have seen over the years – such as the aeroplane, or even the helicopter. Having said that, researchers do hope to work on releasing many autonomous tiny robotic sea turtles and fishes, where these robots will do the dirty work of handling hazardous missions including the detection of nuclear waste when underwater, in addition to various tasks that have been deemed to be too dangerous where a human being’s presence is concerned. Turtle robots have been proven to be the most maneuverable of the lot, and a team of engineers over at the National University of Singapore have come up with a prototype turtle robot which is capable of performing a select set of tasks, at the same time is intelligent enough to react to exigencies and obstacles.

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dlink-hubD-Link has every intention of making sure your home remains smart – or at the very least, to get some “brains” along the way – with their range of devices and peripherals that will help to keep your home connected in one way or another. Well, one of their upcoming devices, known as the DCH-G020 connected home hub, looks set to arrive taking into consideration how it has recently made the jump through the FCC, and passed with flying colors, of course. Apart from that, this particular system is widely tipped to make an appearance some time next month at CES 2015, although various items such as its manuals and photos have been spotted on the FCC already. In addition, this particular hub will control Z-Wave (low-power RF) in addition to WiFi devices, which means that it will also play nice with third-party alarms, detectors and cameras atop current D-Link WiFi cameras and accessories.

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toyota-mirai-lexusThe Toyota Mirai is truly a wonder car – where this particular fuel cell sedan has been touted to feature a 300 mile range before requiring a refill of its solitary hydrogen tank. Well, Toyota has been quite the driver (pardon the pun) for green technology on our roads, and in the world of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, they hope that the Mirai would turn out to be another winner like how the Prius took the hybrid world by storm. Having said that, Toyota has strong belief that it will be able to achieve a sales figure of approximately 700 FCEVs thereabouts in its maiden year of worldwide sales. Apart from that, Toyota does not want to put all of their eggs in a single basket, which is why it has been rumored that the Japanese automaker intends to release a new Lexus LS that will run on similar fuel-cell technology.

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unmaskWhen it comes to wearing a face mask, there are many reasons to do so – perhaps you do not want to catch a bug that is going around, or on the other hand, you happen to be a little bit off color, and do not want to be the cause of an epidemic by spreading them nasty germs around each time you cough or sneeze. In fact, throughout various countries in Asia, South East Asia especially, masks have a tendency of being worn to protect oneself against the deteriorating air quality in the area. However, you are unable to catch a lovely smile of someone behind the mask – but hey, safety first, no? Designers Simone Rebaudengo and Paul Adams have come up with the Unmask, which so happens to be an experimental prototype which intends to allow folks to show emotions via their masks.

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