Back in February we reported that some Pixel and Pixel XL owners were claiming that they were experiencing random Bluetooth disconnections on their phones, where for some reason the Bluetooth connection would drop. It’s not exactly a breaking bug, but we reckon it can be annoying if you’re trying to use it with Bluetooth devices like headphones or speakers. Read full post →Bluetooth Disconnection Issues On The Pixel Have Been Fixed

As you have probably heard, the US and UK governments have issued a ban on flights flying out of certain countries to the US and UK in which larger electronic devices have to be checked in. This means that basically any electronic gadget larger than a smartphone has to be checked in, which we can only imagine can be rather inconvenient. Read full post →Emirates Offers Workaround On Electronics Ban

By now we’re pretty sure that most World of Warcraft gamers have already burned through the Legion content that Blizzard has released until now. So if you’re hankering for more content, you’ll be pleased to learn that the upcoming Patch 7.2 will be released on the 28th of March, and with that Blizzard has also launched the Tomb of Sargeras trailer. Read full post →World Of Warcraft ‘Tomb Of Sargeras’ Trailer Released

A defining feature of Google’s Pixel phones would be its Google Assistant software, which for several months remained as an exclusive to the handsets. However Google has since announced that the feature is now rolling out to non-Pixel devices and the good news for OnePlus owners is that it is finally making its way to you. Read full post →OnePlus Confirms Google Assistant Rolling Out To OnePlus 3/3T

Samsung’s Gear S3 smartwatches are pretty nicely designed, but if you were hoping to see more variations, then you might be interested to learn that during Baselworld 2017, Samsung has taken the wraps off several new Gear S3 models, as well as unveiled a couple of new wearable concepts that we’re not sure if it will ever be put into production. Read full post →Samsung Unveils New Gear S3 Models And Concepts At Baselworld

Apple’s new MacBook Pros don’t come cheap, which we suspect is one of the reasons why there are still quite a few customers out there who might be hesitating on pulling the trigger. However in recent times, we’ve started to see refurbished models go on sale, like earlier this month where the MacBook Pro without the Touch Bar was spotted. Read full post →Refurbished 2016 15-inch MacBook Pro With Touch Bar Now Available

Touch ID is a great security measure for preventing unauthorized users from getting into your phone. However kids can be pretty creative and as we have seen in the past, putting a sleeping parent’s thumb or finger on Touch ID without their knowledge is a pretty funny way of bypassing the security. Read full post →4-Year Old Saves Mom’s Life With Touch ID And Siri

As if Apple’s iPhones weren’t hyped up enough already, this year’s iPhone is expected to be on a completely different level, maybe because of all the rumored changes and new features, and also maybe because of the fact that Apple has kept the same design for its iPhone for the past 3 generations. Read full post →iPhone 8 Rumored To Launch In Limited Quantities

As you might have heard, a group of hackers have recently come out and threatened Apple that if they did not pay a ransom, they would remotely wipe millions of Apple devices. Apple has since come forward and denied that iCloud and Apple IDs have not been breached, and that they will be actively monitoring the situation. Read full post →Hackers Still Threatening To Wipe Apple Devices

When you think of Corsair, you might think of a company who specializes in creating computer parts, such as RAM, PC cases, keyboards, mice, and so on. However it seems that the company wants to expand their offerings and have since announced the Corsair One, the company’s first complete gaming PC. Read full post →Corsair Unveils Its ‘Corsair One’ Gaming PC