Smartphone customers are accustomed to getting thinner devices with every next generation but if purported iPhone 6s schematics claimed to have been leaked are to be believed then this time around iPhone customers will be getting a slightly thicker device. Dimensions mentioned in the schematics show that the iPhone 6s just might be slightly thicker than its predecessor, the iPhone 6.

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Rumors and reports about the Galaxy Note 5 are steadily picking up speed as September approaches with each passing day, the latest out of China suggests that this year’s flagship phablet from Samsung is going to have a feature called Write on PDF, which will let you do precisely what the name suggests. The S Pen will be an integral part of this feature and it would be the first time that a handset from the Galaxy Note lineup comes with this feature.

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LG G Stylo

T-Mobile has been offering its customers good and pocket-friendly options in June, with smartphones such as LG G Stylo and LG Leon. These two smartphones have been catering to the economical section of users and the deal just got sweeter with the arrival of Android 5.1.1 update for both the devices.
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Many of you might still be celebrating the fact that the U.S. has beaten Japan in the Women’s World Cup but now you have another match to look forward to, interestingly it doesn’t involve soccer players, this match will primarily be between giant robots. MegaBots Inc. from the U.S. had challenged Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industry to a giant robot duel, a challenge which the latter has now formally accepted. It’s on!

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BlackBerry Classic Cobalt

BlackBerry supporters have a reason to rejoice, as the company has brought out a limited edition variant of the BlackBerry Classic. This new variant is targeting those customers who want to experiment with the color of their handset. The variant is now available for purchase, it features Cobalt Blue color, which gives it a new look. Rest all is same old Classic smartphone that has been quite popular.

The device comes with a QWERTY keypad and in the middle there is a touch trackpad, which has been enhanced and optimized with accuracy. The smartphone runs BlackBerry 10 operating system along with BlackBerry Hub, which manages mails, BBM messages, social media and voice calls on the device.
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windows 10

I’m pretty sure some folks over at Redmond are having very long and even sleepless nights as Microsoft gears up to finally released Windows 10 to the public. The company has rapidly been shipping preview builds ahead of the formal launch later this month, a new report suggests that Microsoft is going to finalize Windows 10 this week and it will have a RTM or release to manufacturing build ready in the next few days.

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3D Printing is slowly and steadily trying to make its move into the toy industry, and with this latest masterpiece created with the help of 3D printing technology leaves us wanting for more. The HMC Boudicca is a 20-inch multilevel walking tank and it is a treat to watch it work.

It has been assembled with the help of 400 hand-painted, 3D printed parts and has been powered with Arduino-controlled servos, LEDs, and and motors. The outlook of Boudicca is pretty sturdy and impressive, and it comes with more detailed animated features, which are even better than R2-D2. And yes, one can own this machine of utter joy for a whooping amount of $5,000. The brain behind the Boudicca is of Michael Sng, who is a toymaker from Singapore. Interestingly, Sang used to be the lead product designer for STIKFAS chain of action figures.
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Google released Android 5.0 Lollipop late last year so it has been a lot of time since the software has been out there but still there are quite a few devices that haven’t received it yet. While many OEMs have confirmed which of their devices will be getting the update, some have not fully confirmed the roadmap, which is leading to confusion among users. Galaxy Note 2 owners know this all too well, and they won’t like hearing what Samsung UK has to say.

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amazon primeEvery year shoppers in the US look forward to Black Friday which is when a lot of items, such as clothing and electronics, go up on sale for very huge discounts, thus causing a mad rush and long queues. However it seems that Amazon plans to rival the sales of Black Friday with what they’re calling Amazon Prime Day.

This event isn’t meant to be an annual occurrence, instead it was designed to celebrate Amazon’s 20th birthday. It will also only be exclusive to Prime members so if you’re not a member, either get on board or you might miss out on some potentially great deals, although at this point in time it’s really anyone’s guess as to what kind of deals we can expect. Read full post →Amazon’s Prime Day Promises More Deals Than Black Friday

Exploding-iPhone-640x333A couple of weeks ago, we reported that an iPhone 6 in India had exploded, and unfortunately it looks like it was not an isolated case. According to a report out of Hong Kong, it turns out that a woman with an iPhone 6 Plus experienced a similar explosion, but thankfully there were no injuries as she managed to get out of the situation unscathed, at least physically.

According to the woman, she was charging her phone while sleeping and was woken up by a loud bang and a burning iPhone. She claims that she was using an official iPhone charger which means that technically there should not have been any such problems. Previously exploding phones and batteries were usually attributed to using third-party chargers. Read full post →iPhone 6 Plus Explodes In Hong Kong