iPhone-6-review-7It is understandable that if you are an iPhone fan and you’re looking to make an upgrade, you are probably looking forward to hearing about Apple’s next-gen iPhones – the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. It is largely assumed that Apple will keep to their schedule of a September announcement, and now a potential date for said announcement has been revealed.

According to the folks at M.I.C. Gadget, it seems that they have heard from their sources in Foxconn that apparently the next-gen iPhones will be announced on the 11th of September 2015, which is also a Friday. Given that last year’s iPhone was announced on the 9th of September, we suppose it is close enough to be a possible date. Read full post →Potential Date For Next-Gen iPhone Announcement Revealed [Rumor]

If you like tracking things like the number of steps you’ve taken, how many calories you’ve burnt, and what your heart rate is, a smartwatch like the Apple Watch might be a good investment. However if you plan on going swimming and want to measure your biometrics, it’s apparently something the Apple Watch can’t do, or can it?

The folks at Active in Time have recently tested what they’re claiming is the world’s first swimming app for the Apple Watch, which as the name suggests will help track and measure your vitals while you swim. This includes measuring the length of your swim sessions, total distance, time, and heart rate. Read full post →World’s First Apple Watch Swimming App Put To The Test

apple watchIt is common knowledge that using your phone while driving is illegal and dangerous, but given the new rise of gadgets like smartwatches, where does that stand? Well last we heard, it was considered illegal as well. In fact over in New Zealand, road safety advocates are hoping to ban wearables from the roads.

According to road safety charity Brake advocate, Caroline Perry, “A second’s inattention at the wheel can result in tragedy. Smartwatches and other wearable technology are extremely distracting if used while driving.” As it stands, the New Zealand laws prohibit smartphones from being used while driving, but unfortunately it does not cover wearables like the Apple Watch or its competition, which is what advocates like Perry are hoping will change. Read full post →New Zealand Safety Watchdogs Wants To Ban Wearables From The Roads

Premier_Inn_room_map_bedHotel rooms are pretty standard for the most part, although in recent times some are getting a bit more hi-tech by including more gadgets, and allowing guests to unlock their room doors using their smartphone or even their smartwatch. However it seems that the Hub by Premier Inn hotel will take things to the next level by allowing the guest to control their room using a wearable.

Recently the folks at Techworld were invited to stay at the Hub hotel, which according to their report and experience, could very well be the hotel of the future. Through a dedicated app for smartphones and smartwatches, it will allow the guest to control a lot of facilities in their rooms with their mobile or wearable devices. Read full post →Hub By Premier Inn Could Be The Hotel Of The Future

Microsoft might have their own Windows Phone platform to deal with, but it seems that the company has no issues with developing for competing platforms as well. In fact recently Microsoft announced a new app called Tossup that was designed specifically for both the iOS and Android platforms.

What is Tossup, you ask? Basically it’s an app by Microsoft Garage that is designed to help schedule meetups with your friends and family. According to Microsoft’s own description, “Tossup is a lightweight and fast mobile experience that helps groups plan and make decisions by giving them the ability to vote and suggest choices. It’s an ideal tool to make decisions about timing, availability, what to do, nearby venues and spending limits.” Read full post →Microsoft’s Tossup App Helps Schedule Meetups With Friends & Family

apple packagingWhen you walk into an Apple Store, you will notice that there is a glaring difference in design between the products offered by Apple in the form of official accessories, versus third-party accessories. The packaging is obviously different due to the fact that third-party manufacturers all have their own style when it comes to packaging their products.

However according to a report from 9to5Mac, it seems that all of that will soon change. According to their report and photos, it seems that Apple will be repackaging the products of third-party accessories to make them look more in line with the way Apple packages their own products. Read full post →Apple Reportedly Planning To Repackage Third-Party Accessories

Hyperkin-Smart-BoyIt is always nice to see a concept or an idea take off and make its way to reality, and the same can be said of the Hyperkin Smart Boy. This particular concept was depicted in April earlier this year, and it seems that the folks over at Hyperkin are going to do their darndest best to ensure that the peripheral itself will end up on store shelves. Basically, the Hyperkin Smart Boy is a controller case that will let one enjoy whatever original Game Boy cartridges that you still have on your smartphone itself.

Read full post →Hyperkin Smart Boy Going To Be A Reality

fcc-gg1While the idea of wearing a pair of Google Glass is certainly cool, it did not manage to take off in a big way, and had its Explorer program shut down earlier this year as well. Perhaps there is time to regroup and rethink on how to make things better, and word has it that there might very well be a new version of Google Glass that is in the pipeline – at least according to an approval by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of a new device from Google that is simply called “GG1.”

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robotaxiSelf-driving cars happen to be an idea that has yet to take off fully for the very simple reason that it has not been fully tested out just yet – after all, there are still niggling issues to work out, such as close calls on the road. Well, if it were to be successful, self-driving robot taxis might be part of the solution to a global problem – that of global warming.

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Facebook might very well be the most happening social network around, and parents would need to make sure that their children know who they are interacting with since you can never quite tell just what kind of offensive material that they might come across. It could be violence, smut, foul language, the list goes on, which is why policing the Internet and anything associated with it might be deem to be an impossible task. Still, not for the want of trying, Faceglória has been launched in Brazil, where the owners claim that 100,000 people have already signed up for it – as this site bans content that is deemed offensive to monotheistic faiths.

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