While Watch Dogs is a beautiful game, no doubt about that, it certainly looks different from the demo that Ubisoft showed off back in 2012. However as you might recall, one modder discovered hidden files in the game that basically unlocked the high-res texture and graphics, thus making the game look closer to its 2012 demo.

Well the good newsis that according to Eurogamer, the modder, Federico “TheWorse” Rojas has put the finishing touches on the mod, thus releasing the finished version of the mod at version 1.0. Or at least the version that is most stable. Previously the mod was still in the process of being completed, but was still available for testing. Read full post →Watch Dogs’ Hi-Res Graphics Mod Gets Final Release

A few months ago, we reported that in an effort to test the durability of the Samsung Galaxy S5, someone decided to take a hammer and beat the heck out of it. No prizes for guessing correctly that the handset was destroyed, but in the process, the person filming the video accidentally hammered onto the battery.

The battery started to hiss and spouted out a ton of black stuff while expanding dangerously. Thankfully nothing else happened, but in a new video that surfaced, someone decided to test whether or not batteries explode when a hammer is put to it. The battery used in the video was a Samsung battery, but presumably this is the result that one can expect from most, if not all, li-ion batteries used in smartphones. Read full post →Hammer Versus Samsung Battery, Results Unsurprising

bang mini speakerThe problem with most speakers on mobile phones these days is that the minute you take it to a crowded or noisy environment, you can’t hear anything anymore. We suppose that’s what headphones are for, but if you’d rather have your music and videos blasting on speakers for your friends and family to enjoy, then perhaps portable speakers are the way to go.

Along with the announcement of the Nokia Lumia 530, Nokia took the wraps off a new set of portable speakers from Coloud. Dubbed the Bang mini speakers, as you can see in the image above, the speakers are almost half the size of the phone itself, meaning that you could slip it into your pocket just fine. Read full post →Nokia Unveils Bang Mini Speakers By Coloud

nokia lumia 530Just yesterday we reported that the Nokia Lumia 530 had been spotted on a Vietnamese retailer’s website. We weren’t sure if the retailer was simply listing it as a placeholder, especially since we have been hearing rumors about it for a while, but as it turns out, the retailer might have jumped the gun because Microsoft has officially announced the Nokia Lumia 530.

The handset is the successor to the Nokia Lumia 520 which was one of Nokia’s cheaper handsets, but yet managed to end up being one of Windows Phone’s best selling handsets to date. As expected, its successor is still a pretty low-end affair and if you wanted a more powerful Windows Phone handset, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Read full post →Nokia Lumia 530 Is Microsoft’s Attempt At Budget Smartphones

google maps store listingsWe have seen changes made to Google Maps from time to time, and most of the time, such changes are more than welcome. At the moment, those of us who simply are unable to live without Google Maps in our everyday life, already depend on a slew of information concerning nearby stores whenever one is hunting down a particular store, but advertisements themselves, one of Google’s “bread and butter”, so to speak, has not gotten the kind of treatment that Google wanted them to have – until now, that is.

Read full post →Local Stores See Google Maps Offer Detailed Ads

leagueoflegends toxic banWhen you play alone, there is no worry of offending anyone with your words other than yourself, although it does lack the element of teamwork and socialization. However, along with the good comes the bad, and that includes callous name calling which could lead to racist comments. League of Legends intends to bring such behavior to a halt as toxic players and racist comments could eventually serve a 14-day ban if deemed “guilty”.

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yahoo new logoYahoo is a company that still retains a huge command of users although the growing dominance of Google across many different spheres in the virtual world has made it pretty difficult for Yahoo to remain to its pinnacle, back in the early dot-com days. Well, this does not mean that Yahoo is too poor to purchase other companies – they did pick up Vizify earlier this March, while snapping up mobile analytics firm Flurry this week.

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lg g pad global 1The LG G Pad 10.1 that was first announced in May earlier this year before it was introduced to the masses a month later, has finally appeared from under the covers in the US – albeit via a single channel only, and that would be Best Buy. Do take note that this particular model on offer would be the Wi-Fi-only version of the tablet, without any whisper on when there will be a LTE-capable model rolling out, so prepare $249.99 if you so desire to pick up the LG G Pad 10.1 from your nearest Best Buy.

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htc sense inputThere are some manufacturers these days who intend to push out updates in the form of apps on platforms such as the Google Play Store instead of rolling out these changes in the form of a firmware update. This move would allow the app to be downloaded at the user’s convenience without having to wait (patiently at ties) for a carrier update. HTC has jumped aboard the bandwagon with their HTC Sense Input app that can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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hiv virus deletedThere is a first time for everything, but this particular achievement would definitely be of interest to many – it seems that scientists have managed to ‘delete’ the HIV virus from human DNA, paving the way for a possible cure for HIV and AIDS patients.

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