There are a lot of solutions created to help the blind “see” and the latest comes in the form of a wearable camera developed by scientists from Massachusetts Eye and Ear, along with Schepens Eye Research Institute. The camera is rather straightforward and can be worn on the body.

In fact it actually can sit inside the wearer’s shirt pocket so as to be discreet and so as to prevent it from falling out. The idea here is to help those who are blind or visually impaired from bumping into objects, but interestingly enough instead of relying on a proximity sensor which alerts the wearer if they’re standing next to an obstacle, the camera will rely on time-to-collision predictions. Read full post →Wearable Camera Helps Prevent The Blind From Bumping Into Objects

oneplus-one-cm12Despite the dubious marketing tactics and the initial difficulty of trying to secure a handset for yourself, the OnePlus One has been met with high praise, which has us wondering if the company will be able to maintain that momentum with their next-gen flagship handset, the OnePlus Two.

As it turns out not only does OnePlus think they will surprise people with the OnePlus Two, but the company’s CEO believes that the handset will prove to be as influential as some of the bigger names out there. Speaking during a Reddit AMA, Carl Pei stated that in 2015, we can expect four influential smartphones – the Samsung Galaxy S6, the iPhone 6s, the HTC One M9, and the OnePlus Two. Read full post →OnePlus Two Expected To Be As Influential As The Samsung Galaxy S6

oneplus droneLast week OnePlus posted a teaser in which they stated that they would be unveiling a new game changing product. Subsequent images revealed a product hidden under a cover and another image showed hands holding an invisible object, which at that time many had speculated could be for a gaming console.

However as it turns out, chances are the company could be unveiling a drone instead. In fact during a recent Reddit AMA, OnePlus CEO Carl Pei posted the screenshot above which more or less confirmed that the company was working on a drone. If you think that it sounds a little ludicrous, think again as a few months ago, the company actually teased such an idea although we’re not sure if many got the clue back then. Read full post →Could OnePlus Be Working On A Drone? Company’s CEO Seemingly Confirms

Eiji-Aonuma-zelda-producerIt seems like ‘Legend of Zelda’ fans have to wait longer as Nintendo announced that the Wii U’s game will not be released in 2015. Earlier, the company promised to deliver it within this year, but it failed to keep up with the promise as today, producer Eiji Aonuma, took to Facebook to reveal that delivering the game in 2015 is “no longer a priority”. Read full post →Legend of Zelda For Wii U: Not In 2015

ryan-reynolds-dead-poolSuperhero movies set the dice at the box office rolling, keeping in sync with the rising production of such movies, the creativity in unleashing the costume has also become a nuance. The upcoming movie, Deadpool, from the house of 20th Century Fox, has been in the limelight since it got on the floor. The studio is teasing every single news and update about the movie, this time the news has come from Ryan Reynold’s official Twitter account. Read full post →Ryan Reynolds Mocks Burt Reynolds In The First Deadpool Photo

Plastic that looks like metal

Plastic that looks like metal

The LG G4 is LG’s upcoming flagship smartphone. Considering the impressive specs of its predecessors such as the LG G2 and the LG G3, we’re sure many are looking forward to seeing what LG has in store for us, and we have to admit we are a tad excited about the possibilities as well.

However the question is when can we expect to see the device being officially announced? If a new rumor from The Korea Herald is to be believed, there is a good chance we could be looking at a late April release. The publication claims that the April release is so that LG will be able to take on the likes of their rivals such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 which has been pegged for a release on the 10th of April, and also against the HTC One M9. Read full post →LG G4 Rumored For Late April Release

red leatherOne of the features that allows Motorola to distinguish itself from the competition is its Moto Maker feature. This allows users to customize their handset ahead of its arrival, such as choosing its colors and backplate options. With the latest Moto X, Motorola introduced a leather option and it looks like a new option could be on its way.

The company has recently teased on its Twitter that they could be adding a new leather option to its Moto Maker feature. According to the company, “What’s your favorite #RedLeather go-to item? We’ve got a little something in the works…any guesses?” This was followed by an image which you can see above which depicts what looks like a red leather jacket. Read full post →Motorola Teases Red Leather Moto Maker Option

If you’re a fan of the Super Mario 64 that was released on the Nintendo  64 console, you might be interested to learn that it’s gotten a HD remake. Now before you think that Nintendo was nice enough to remake and release Super Mario 64 in HD, think again as actually this is the work of computer science student Erik Roystan Ross.

What Ross has done is remake the first level of the game using the Unity game engine, and boy do we have to say that it looks pretty amazing! In fact if we didn’t know any better and if we didn’t bother taking a closer look, upon first glance it looks like it could pass off as one of the newer Mario games, and the best part is that you don’t need a console as the game is playable right inside your browser. Read full post →Super Mario 64 KD Remake Can Be Played In Your Browser

The BlackBerry Leap, a smartphone that was revealed earlier this month, only to stop by the FCC just a few days earlier, has now surfaced in a new official video, and if you have been curious as all get out to know more about the BlackBerry Leap as well as its nuances, perhaps it would do you a whole world of good just to check out the video above.

Read full post →New BlackBerry Leap Video Surfaces

ab-earthhourI am quite sure that most of us would have heard of Earth Hour by now, and the efforts that some companies such as Verizon go through to make a statement concerning Earth Hour such as turning off all lights for an hour across the numerous buildings that the company owns. Well, Rovio Entertainment, the house behind Angry Birds, would also participate this March 28th where the 8th annual Earth Hour lights-off event is concerned. While most folks would turn off all lights for an hour from 8:30 pm onward wherever they are, Angry Birds friends would take things one step further.

Read full post →Rovio Takes Earth Hour Seriously Too