[MWC 2017] So the LG G6 has just been announced and it does pack some pretty amazing hardware specs, not to mention a rather unique design feature in the form of its 18:9 display, which we’re sure will probably take some getting used to. However LG believes this will become a popular ratio in the future. Read full post →LG G6 Owners To Get $200 Worth Of In-Game Purchases

The LG G6 is the first handset to use a wider 18:9 (or 2:1) aspect ratio that allows for a larger screen without impacting the general grip of the phone. If the rumors are correct, both Samsung and Apple will introduce a similar screen size later this year. LG’s overall theme for the G6 is simplicity, reliability, user experience and value to the user. From the industrial design to most other decisions about the phone, this focus can be found. LG has officially open the smartphone battle of 2017. Is the LG G6 for you? Let’s find out. Read full post →LG G6 Review

The green circle shows the Snapdragon 821 chip where the thermal paste is

The rumors were right: the new LG G6 uses a Snapdragon 821 and not a Snapdragon 835. The majority of potential buyers won’t pay that much attention to this, but savvier technophiles may wonder why LG did not integrate the latest Snapdragon 835 which was officially unveiled recently. There are multiple reasons, and here is our take based on some information gleaned from LG, and what we can gather elsewhere. Read full post →Why The LG G6 Uses Snapdragon 821 Instead of Snapdragon 835

LG’s announcement of the LG G6 is one of the highlights of MWC 2017 (don’t miss our LG G6 review). The general positioning that LG is taking in the premium space is to divide up its product line into the G-Series and the V-Series, with the G6 and the V20 being the current representatives.

The LG G-Series used to be what the market normally considers to be the “high-end” or “flagship” phone. The arrival of the LG V10 marked the split with that category, and the arrival of the G6 and the next generation V-Series, the trend will be more contrasted. Read full post →LG G6: Who Is It For?

With battery life/capacity being undeniably identified the top “must have” from customers, LG has upped the battery capacity of the LG G6 by ~18% (3300 mAh) from the LG G5 (2800 mAh). Not surprisingly packing such battery density may trigger questions about how safe this is, especially after the multi-billion dollars recall & termination of the Galaxy Note 7 due to faulty batteries. Since LG produces its batteries, it was eager to show the world that tests were more than serious. They are sometimes extreme. Read full post →LG G6 Battery Goes Through Rigorous Testing

BlackBerry announced not too long ago that it has signed away the global licensing rights to its brand to China’s TCL. What this means is that BlackBerry will no longer be making its own smartphones. TCL is going to develop, manufacture, and sell BlackBerry-branded handsets in most markets across the globe. TCL showed off its first BB device earlier this year at CES 2017 codenamed BlackBerry Mercury and has made it official today at MWC 2017. BlackBerry Mercury has been officially launched today as the BlackBerry KEYone. Find out all of the details about its specs, price, and release date after the jump.
Read full post →BlackBerry KEYone Official: Price, Specs, And Release Date

For a brief period of time, selfie sticks were all the craze and we’re sure many of us were worried about how we’d be accidentally hit on the head and in the face by wielders of these accessories, but it seems that the trend has died down somewhat and they aren’t quite as prevalent as they once were. Read full post →Xiaomi Launches Selfie Stick With Detachable Bluetooth Remote

Smartphones these days for the most part come in a black/grey finish by default. Given how “safe” black or dark colors are, it’s really not that surprising. That being said as far as the LG G6 is concerned, there will be at least 3 different color options that will be offered, or at least that’s what a recent post by Evan Blass seems to suggest. Read full post →New Leak Shows LG G6 In Three Color Configurations

As you might have heard and seen by now, WhatsApp has decided to take its status updates to the next level by introducing “Stories”, a feature popularized by Snapchat, but was later copied onto Instagram and Facebook before arriving on the messaging platform. However in the process, regular text status updates were gone. Read full post →Text Status Updates Could Be Returning To WhatsApp

Think back maybe 10 years ago when you were younger. Can you remember how cringeworthy your usernames used to be? We bet many of you guys thought how clever or “cool” your handles were, but now that we’re all grown up a bit, suddenly they don’t seem that cool or clever anymore. Read full post →Twitch Will Let You Change Usernames Every 2 Months