pokemon go templePokemon GO is slowly taking over the world, and given the cultural impact that the Pokemon franchise has had on players young and old, safe to say that there are millions of players around the world roaming world trying to collect Pokemon. Now there is a time and a place to play the game, and previously we reported that one shrine in Japan had actually banned the game. Read full post →This Temple In Japan Actually Welcomes Pokemon GO Players

Xperia X Lime Green PIS DesignWhen it comes to smartphones, we’re certainly hearing a lot less noise from Sony these days, but that doesn’t mean that they have given up. In fact just recently several photos have been making their rounds showing off a handset with the model number F833X. So the question is, when will the phone be announced? Read full post →Sony Schedules IFA 2016 Conference For 1st September

Have you ever seen a blimp? If you’ve never seen one in real-life, there’s a good chance you might have seen one in photos and in movies/TV shows, and you know that they are huge. Given the surface area of a blimp, checking for leaks manually and by using humans would be a very tedious task, and it could also mean that there could be spots that might be missed. Read full post →Lockheed Martin’s SPIDER Robots Helps Check Their Blimps For Leaks

yahoo messengerLast year Yahoo announced that they were releasing a redesigned Yahoo Messenger. The redesigned platform was initially launched for iOS and Android devices, as well as for the web version of Yahoo Messenger. However if you’ve always preferred native desktop software, you’re in luck as the desktop version of the revamped Yahoo Messenger has since been launched. Read full post →Yahoo Releases Their Redesigned Messenger App For Desktop

twitch clipsBack in May, Twitch announced a new feature called Clips. Basically these are 30 second highlights that users can create from videos, meaning that if there is a particular moment in a stream that’s worth checking out, you can create a clip of it and share it with friends as opposed to users having to sit through the entire video, which can run for hours. Read full post →Twitch Clips Are Now Available For All Channels

ModelX_Autopilot_Pokemon-GoEarlier this month you might have a report about a Pokemon GO player crashing his car while he was playing the game. It was a silly thing to do and thankfully no one died as a result of the accident. However it seems that some drivers believe that driving and playing the game is possible, as long as you have a Tesla Model X with autopilot mode enabled. Read full post →Gamer Plays Pokemon GO While Using Tesla’s Autopilot Feature

Last week we reported that Microsoft was planning on launching a new camera app called Pix for iOS. If you are an iOS user who isn’t 100% satisfied with the default iOS camera app, or if other third-party solutions aren’t quite cutting it, you might be interested to learn that the app has since been released. Read full post →Microsoft Launches ‘Pix’ Camera App For iOS

Back in 2011, we learnt about a fan-made RPG based on the StarCraft universe, which coincidentally enough is called StarCraft Universe. Basically if you’ve ever wondered what StarCraft would have looked like if it had been chosen to be an MMORPG instead of Warcraft, this comes pretty close. Read full post →Fan-made StarCraft RPG Is Now In Open Beta

jessica-jones-netflixSo far Netflix’s Marvel TV show releases have been released at the rate of about 2 shows a year. For example last year we got Daredevil and Jessica Jones, and this year we got Daredevil season 2 and come 30th September, we’ll be seeing Luke Cage make its debut. With Jessica Jones season 2 confirmed, Iron Fist, The Defenders, and the Punisher in the works, releasing 2 shows a year means that viewers will be in for quite a long wait. Read full post →Netflix Wants To Release Their Marvel TV Shows Faster

nintendo mobileA report from the other day revealed some pretty telling details about the upcoming Nintendo NX console. According to the reports, the NX is said to be a console that focuses on portable gaming, although at the same time when players are at home, they can dock the console and play it on the big screen. Read full post →Nintendo NX Could Play Nice With The Company’s Smartphone Games