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If you’ve ever used a smart TV or a set-top box chances are you’re not quite happy with the way text entry goes. It can be a pain in the sitter to input text on most of these devices and often they leave you wishing for voice dictation. The new Apple TV didn’t have this feature when it first came out last year, making text input just as painful, but Apple is finally making things right.

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There’s a lot of excitement these days about the new handsets that some of the biggest companies on the planet are going to unveil next month. Both Samsung and LG are going to show off their new flagships on February 21st. Just yesterday what appeared to be the first live image of the Galaxy S7 leaked online and now we’ve what appears to be the first live photo of the Galaxy S7 Edge.

It’s easy to distinguish between this device and the Galaxy S7, it has a dual-edge curved display much like the Galaxy S6 Edge, however, the display is a bit bigger than its predecessor as per rumors. It certainly seems so in this photo.

We can also see that an AnTuTu benchmark test has been run on this particular handset and it scored an impressive 134704, it should be noted that this score is a bit higher than the one we’ve already seen for the Galaxy S7 about a week ago.

Other than that, it doesn’t look like Samsung has made any radical design changes to this year’s flagship smartphone. For the most part it does look like its predecessor, simply put, it looks good.

Obviously, it can’t be said for sure if this is the real deal of just some prototype Samsung tested at some stage of the production process. We’ll find out for sure come February 21st when the real Galaxy S7 Edge is formally unveiled.


Samsung recently updated its internet browser with an API that enables ad blocking plugins to tap into it and block ads and tracking for users when they’re browsing the internet using Samsung Internet. Merely a couple of days after Adblock Fast, Samsung’s launch partner for this initiative, gained tens of thousands of downloads Google removed it from the Play Store. Today it has restored Adblock Fast to the Play Store.

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It was reported earlier this month that Instagram was testing a new feature which would allow users to manage multiple accounts without having to sign out and sign in for each individual account. The feature might not mean much to people who just have one account but if you’re in the social media business and handle Instagram for your clients, or if you have a small business and would like to easily access its Instagram account, then account switching is definitely going to make your life a lot easier. Instagram has finally rolled out this feature to both iOS and Android.

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Xperia Z5 Black_group

Folks in the United States have had to wait for a long time to get their hands on Sony’s current flagship. It was reported last week that the Xperia Z5 and Xperia Z5 Compact will be released in the United States on February 7th. Sure enough, both handsets were officially released in the U.S. yesterday and they’re now available for purchase off-contract and unlocked from Amazon, Best Buy and other participating retailers.

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Street Fighter 5 release draws near with each passing day. It has been a while since a new title in this iconic franchise was released so naturally fans are very excited about finally getting their hands on it. Capcom is building up the hype for Street Fighter 5 by regularly releasing new trailers that showcase features like some of the new characters that are playable in this game. Today Capcom has released a cinematic trailer for Street Fighter 5.

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Apple Watch Hermes

Right off the bat, Apple positioned its first smartwatch as more than just a conventional smartwatch. It presented it as more of a fashion accessory, pairing up with the likes of Hermès to really drive the point home that it’s offering was more fashionable than the rest. It looks like this partnership with fashion might go further. According to a new report, people wearing an Apple Watch will get VIP treatment at Tommy Hilfiger’s next fashion show.

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Most people aren’t happy with the Wi-Fi in their home. It’s either because the modem and router combo the ISP has hooked them up with isn’t as good as they want it to be or if they’re not sure how to set up the various products available in the market to improve Wi-Fi range in the house. You’d think that the White House will be exempt from this problem, because it’s the White House after all, but you’d better think again.

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A hacker claims to have access to names, email addresses, phone numbers and job titles of more than 20,000 Federal Bureau of Investigation employees as well as similar details of more than 9,000 Department of Homeland Security employees. The same hacker claims to have downloaded several hundred GBs of data from a Department of Justice computer but that data hasn’t been published yet.

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Google already offers 15GB of free Google Drive storage for everybody, there are paid options available to those who want more storage, but last year it offered an additional 2GB free to all users if they did a security checkup of their account. It hardly took more than a couple of minutes and as reward users got 2GB additional free storage forever. Google has brought back the incentive this year as well. All you need to do is perform a security checkup on your account.

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