Apple has recently launched its Apple Music service along with a curated radio station— Beats 1, which is garnering a lot of attention from the rival services such as Spotify and Rdio. In order to combat Apple Music’s growing popularity, Rdio has come up with more and more curated stations that offer better individual-selected tunes.
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Tinder has already marked its niche in the dating world, now a company known as T3, is coming up with a whole new version of the popular dating app for Apple Watch. This new version is dubbed as “Hands-free Tinder” and it does not require users to use their hands to swipe right or left, instead the app detects user’s heart beat to find a match. T3 has come up with this app after Apple introduced its Watch SDK that detects a user’s heartbeat.
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The age of internet TV streaming is upon us and the race to capture cord cutters is well and truly on. There are multiple online TV streaming services already while cable giants are launching their own solutions in an already crowded market. Showtime recently announced that it will offer the channel over the internet without requiring a conventional cable subscription and the option to pay for it month to month, the Showtime streaming service has now gone live on the Apple TV.

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Republic Wireless has announced a new program through which it’s going to refund users for unused data allocation. Users have the option to set a 4G LTE data allowance to their plan and Republic will then refund them for any unused data after the billing cycle is up. It first started testing this program back in April and now the carrier is rolling this out for all of its users.

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It has only been a couple of months since LG released the G4, it’s 2015 flagship, and the company wants to remind you that it’s still in the running for your hard earned money. The handset is up against the likes of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge so it’s not all smooth sailing for the G4, but the handset did find plenty of clear skies when LG hooked it up to a drone to show off the handset’s camera and optical image stabilization feature in a new promo.

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Star Trek fans will immediately recognize the iconic sci-fi show’s Communicator which has up till now only been a prop on a TV show, but it’s going to serve a real purpose very soon. It has been confirmed that the Star Trek Communicator will be released as a Bluetooth accessory so you’ll be able to use it with your Bluetooth enabled smartphone. It has been manufactured by The Wand Company and will make its first debut at the San Diego Comic-Con later this week.

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Apple is opening its first ever brick and mortar store in the borough of Queens in New York so it’s certainly a big deal, the company has announced that the grand opening of the Queens Center Apple Store is going to take place this Saturday. Doors will open at 10 am on Saturday and we can be sure that a steady stream of people will then head inside to see Apple’s first store in Queens.

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If you like to watch a lot of videos on Facebook you might be irritated by the fact that it has not been possible to scroll through the News Feed and watch the video at the same time. You either have to watch the entire video or leave it in between to continue scrolling through the various posts, updates, photos etc. Facebook is finally making this right by testing floating videos in News Feed.

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Google started working on self-driving cars a long time back and as more and more traditional car makers decide they want a piece of the pie too, the Mountain View company keeps its head down and continues with its work. Google has been testing its technology with retrofitted Lexus SUVs but it has also developed prototypes of its own self-driving car. The Lexus SUVs from Google have up till now been tested on real roads around Mountain View but they’re now headed to a completely different state.

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Withings jumped on the smartwatch bandwagon with the $350 Withings Activité last year and earlier this year at the International Consumer Electronics Show the company launched a much more affordable option called the Withings Activité Pop. Both smartwatches are now available for purchase and if you found their existing feature set to be lacking, the company has made one great feature addition today. Swim tracking is now live on the Activité and Activité Pop.

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