Multiple companies are hard at work to bring gigabit internet to residential users in the United States, even Google is taking part in this effort through its Fiber program. It’s up against behemoths like AT&T and Comcast who have steadily been rolling out their gigabit services in various markets across the country. Cox Communications is in the fray as well and today the company confirmed that its gigabit internet service is now available in more cities in the United States.

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There aren’t that many OEMs that have agreed to make smart TVs powered by Roku software, most of them might even be relatively small as opposed to major brands, as they include partners like Hisense, Insignia and TCL. Now a major manufacturer from Japan has joined forces with Roku to create smart TVs powered by its software, Sharp is the latest OEM that has agreed to enter into this partnership with Roku.

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Google’s much rumored mobile network has recently unveiled officially and now the first batch of invites are being rolled out, those who are hopeful to try the service must have a Nexus 6 because the service won’t work with any other handset for now. Those who do have a Nexus 6 and extensively use Google Voice, they might want to particularly pay attention to this report, as Project Fi’s signup process can end up causing problems for you.

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Sony recently launched a comic book based drama series that it produced exclusively for the PlayStation console. The first episode was released for free and subsequent episodes were later provided at a charge to PlayStation owners. According to a new report Sony has decided to renew this original series, called Powers, for a second season. The next season will air at some point in 2016.

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If you haven’t been able to get over the fact that Microsoft is killing Windows Media Center for good perhaps this new report might cheer you up. Word on the street is that Xbox One TV DVR feature is just around the corner, and when this feature arrive it will make the company’s console a must-have gadget in the living room. The TV recording feature for Xbox One is expected to be released before the end of this year.

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If you have a 4K TV from Samsung you can already stream 4K content through Comcast’s Xfinity in UHD application but later this year the cable provider is going to launch an all new 4K Ultra High Definition set-top box to bring this technology to more people. The Comcast Xi4 set-top box will be released at some point later this year, it will be the first box from Comcast to support 4K from the get go. Comcast has also said that next year it might release a model which adds support from content in high dynamic range or HDR.

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The $25 Motorola Keylink accessory is a nifty little device that can make it very easy for you to locate your phone or your keys if you’re prone to misplacing them often. This accessory has been out of stock of nearly three months now primarily because quite a lot of people decided they really needed it. Now though it’s finally back in stock and can be purchased from Motorola’s online store.

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Smartwatches are the new “in” gadgets these days which is why almost every other tech OEM seems to be coming out with one of their own. This trend has also put pressure on the centuries old Swiss watch industry that has led the world in mechanical watchmaking. Several major Swiss watchmakers have entered the fray and luxury brand IWC is jumping in as well, though the IWC Connect is far from a conventional smartwatch.

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Samsung’s latest flagship devices appear to be doing very well in the market. Some analysts expects that by the end of this year the company will have moved up to 70 million units of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge combined. It appears that the Gold Platinum color option is driving bulk of the demand in Europe. Samsung has revealed that one in four customers across Europe have opted to go for the gold Galaxy S6.

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pizza hutIf you’ve ever placed an order for food delivery via an app, you will realize that there’s usually a section in the app that allows users to add comments. These comments could basically range from warning the delivery person of an aggressive dog, or to bring extra napkins, and so on. However one woman in Florida was smart enough to use the comments section to send a help message after being held hostage.

According to the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office press release, the woman in question Cheryl Treadway had been arguing with her boyfriend who pretty much held her as a hostage while carrying a large knife. However “Ms. Treadway eventually convinced Mr. Nickerson to let her use the cell phone to order a pizza which is when she sent the message to Pizza Hut.” Read full post →Hostage Sends SOS Message Via Pizza Hut App