lg logoOver the years LG has been making steady progress in the improvement of their flagship handsets, to the point where along with Samsung, they are some of the few companies that are worth looking forward to at MWC every year. That being said, this year LG is expected to announce the LG G5, so let’s take a look at what we might be able to expect later this month. Read full post →LG G5 Specs, Features, Rumors Roundup

WordPress (WP) powers an astonishing 25% of the web, and it’s easy for new users to get a 1-click install WP site. Then shortly after that, they come back to their domain looking for how to log into WordPress. No sweat, it’s super easy and we’ll use this as a reference article for subsequent WordPress posts. Login is super easy, and here’s how to do it. Read full post →How To Login To WordPress

nikon_d5_amazonThe Nikon D5 was announced last month at CES 2016 where according to Nikon, the camera was expected for a release in March. So far retailers like Amazon and Adorama had initially put the release date as the 15th of March, but according to Nikon Rumors, it has recently been spotted that Amazon has since changed the release date to the 24th of March. Read full post →Amazon Pushes Nikon D5 Shipping Date To March 24

fujifilm x100tBack in 2014, the Fujifilm X100T was announced. The X100T is the third camera in Fujifilm’s range of X100 cameras, and just last year it was voted as one of the top cameras for traveling. So far the X100T has addressed most of the issues photographers had with the X100 and X100S, so we’re sure many are excited to see what its successor could bring to the table. Read full post →Fujifilm X200 Coming In Second Half Of 2016 [Rumor]

iPhone6s-2Up-HeroFish-PR-PRINTThe rumors about Apple ditching the headphone port in the iPhone 7 is starting to gain a fair bit of traction. In fact just today we heard that Apple will bundle Lightning Earpods with the iPhone 7, as opposed to wireless Earpods which admittedly would have been much preferred. Now here comes a rather interesting rumor. Read full post →Second Speaker Could Replace Headphone Port In iPhone 7 [Rumor]

ios 9 siriApple’s voice assistant software Siri is good enough to get certain tasks done, but obviously it could always be improved upon. Now if you’re a big sports fanatic and thinks that Siri might need some improvement in the sports area, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what Apple is hiring engineers to do. Read full post →Apple Hiring Engineers To Teach Siri About Sports

dr-dreThere have been talks about Apple getting into the video streaming game, and we can only imagine that the success of companies like Netflix and Hulu might have been a source of inspiration. In fact there have even been rumors that Apple could be planning their own original content, similar to what HBO, Netflix, and Amazon are doing. Read full post →Dr. Dre Filming A Scripted TV Series For Apple [Rumor]

iron man helmetIn case you didn’t already know, cosplaying can be pretty hard work. Sure, we’ve seen some costumes that don’t look like a lot of effort has been put into it, but at the same time we’ve seen some really beautiful ones that have probably taken countless hours, a lot of trial and error, and a lot of money to get right. Read full post →Hasbro & Marvel Unveil Detailed And Affordable Cosplay Accessories

apple musicLast month a report from the Financial Times revealed that Apple Music had 10 million subscribers. This is quite an accomplishment given that the platform is less than a year old, and it looks like the numbers are coming along rather nicely. During an episode of John Gruber’s The Talk Show, Apple executives Craig Federighi and Eddy Cue revealed some new numbers. Read full post →Apple Music Now Has 11 Million Subscribers

In the event of an earthquake or an impending earthquake, your phone will notify you of it thanks to emergency services that will send out public text messages. However what if your smartphone could be used to detect those earthquakes even before they happen? That’s what researchers at the University of California-Berkeley are trying to do with a smartphone app. Read full post →This App Will Turn Your Smartphone Into An Earthquake Detector