Fallout4_PIPBoy_Edition_ContentLast month it was confirmed that Fallout 4 was in the works and that Bethesda had a limited edition Pip-Boy version of the game. This is basically a bundle that includes an actual Pip-Boy, although it will house your smartphone instead of running its own computer, but admittedly it is still a pretty cool device.

Now Bethesda did note that once the units are sold out, they will not be able to restock them and we’re sure many of you guys are asking why? Are they really trying to make it as limited as possible to create some sense of exclusivity? Does Bethesda not need our money anymore? That’s actually hardly the case, according to Bethesda’s Pete Hines in an interview with GameSpot. Read full post →Bethesda Literally Cannot Make Any More Pip-Boy Collector’s Editions

zr3000_mainImgIf you’re in the market for new compact cameras, you might be interested to learn the Casio has recently announced two new compacts in the form of the Exilim EX-ZR3000 and the EX-ZR60. Both cameras are designed to be budget compacts with the former priced at 10,000 yen (~$81) while the latter will be priced at 15,000 yen (~$121).

So what can we expect in terms of specs? For starters given their price we suppose we shouldn’t really expect too much. For the Exilim EX-ZR3000, it will feature a 12MP 1/1.7-inch BSI CMOS sensor and a 25-300mm lens. This sounds like it will be ideal for those who love zoom cameras. Read full post →Casio Exilim EX-ZR3000, EX-ZR60 Compact Cameras Launched

apple musicApple Music is Apple’s taking on music streaming. Will it be as good as Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, and etc.? It’s a bit hard to say, but according to initial reports, it seems that Apple may have since seen about 10 million subscribers to Apple Music since its launch. The service was launched last month alongside the release of iOS 8.4.

These numbers were obtained by HITS Daily Double who claimed to have been given the information from anonymous sources. Naturally these figures have yet to be confirmed by Apple, but apparently these are statistics that have been shared internally by Apple with content owners, presumably to show them how Apple Music is growing. Read full post →Apple Music Reportedly Hits 10m Subscribers Since Launch

BlackBerry-LogoIt is no secret that BlackBerry is definitely not the giant it once was. In fact a recent interview with BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen revealed that the Canadian company was looking to further reduce the amount of phones they release a year, dropping it from about 4 phones a year to about 1-2.

Obviously this is done as a means to cut costs but it looks like it might not stop there. According to a report from Bloomberg, it seems that BlackBerry is willing to exit the smartphone market entirely should their turnaround efforts fail. So far we have seen the company start to shift their strategy, moving beyond hardware and starting to concentrate in the software/security side of things. Read full post →BlackBerry To Exit Smartphone Market If Profits Don’t Turn Around

oneplus-2-launch-date-630x332In a couple of hours, the OnePlus 2 will be revealed in an official capacity. We expect that specs will be revealed and confirmed, its design shown off, and hopefully we will get a release date along with pricing as well. However if you can’t wait a couple of hours, you’re in luck because thanks to a leaked poster, the handset’s release date might have been revealed.

According to the image above, it basically states that the OnePlus 2 will be released on the 8th of August. However there is a catch and that is the handset will be released in limited quantity via its Experience stores in China, meaning that if you’re not from China it looks like you will need to purchase the handset online. Read full post →OnePlus 2 Poster Hints At 8th Of August Release

selfie-drone-072715We get it, drones are the in thing at the moment for plenty of reasons, like capturing video and photos and angles that used to be off-limits. They’re also fun and could be the closest thing many of us could get to flying a plane. However would a drone that specialized in taking selfies by something worth investing in?

Apparently that is what Samsung is working on at the moment. According to SamMobile, they have learnt that Samsung is currently working on a drone whose project name is called Project Selfie Camera Drone, which as far as names are concerned is pretty specific. Not much is known about the drone at the moment but like we said, its name does kind of hint at what we might be able to expect. Read full post →Samsung Reportedly Working On A Selfie Drone

stagefrightEver experienced stagefright before? I suppose imagining the audience to be naked might help, but when we talk about Stagefright: The Malware, then it is a different story altogether. If you are an Android user, then you might want to arm yourself with more information concerning this piece of text-message based malware, so hopefully your vendor or device manufacturer will be able to send out a fix to prevent this malware from causing havoc on your device.

Read full post →Stagefright Targets The Android Platform

BlackBerry-LogoIt looks like the banhammer is being wielded again, and this time around it is Pakistan who is the “culprit”. Apparently, Pakistan has banned both BlackBerry messaging and e-mail, citing “security reasons” as the catalyst for this government move, and this can only mean that the ruling powers are expanding the monitoring of communications within the country itself.

Read full post →BlackBerry Messaging & E-Mail Banned In Pakistan

htc-one-m9-live-2The unlocked HTC One M9 is a flagship device that is certainly worth checking out back when it was released, and it still ain’t too shabby of a handset even by today’s standards. The unlocked model, its developer edition, as well as the version that AT&T is offering have all received the Android 5.1 Lollipop update already, which means those who are rocking to T-Mobile are still playing the waiting game. Until today, that is. In fact, T-Mobile has already begun to push build 2.7.531.6 in the form of an Over The Air (OTA) update to US handsets.

Read full post →T-Mobile HTC One M9 To Get Android 5.1 Lollipop Update

oneplus-2-leaked-1OnePlus’ event is expected to be held later tonight in a couple of hours. The event will see the official launch of the OnePlus 2 whose photos were plastered all over the internet ahead of its launch. However could the OnePlus 2 be all that the company has up their sleeves? According to the rumors, the OnePlus Lite could also be part of the event.

The folks at PhoneArena are reporting that OnePlus has a OnePlus Lite handset in the works. The model apparently goes by the model number A2001 which you might recall was part of a recent benchmark that showed an alleged throttled CPU, leading us to initially believe that this was how OnePlus was planning on curtailing the heat issues of the Snapdragon 810. Read full post →OnePlus Lite Could Launch Alongside OnePlus 2 [Rumor]