We’re sure many of you experience some frustration when you go to certain areas of your house, only to find that WiFi in that particular area is either very bad or non-existent at all. Some of you guys have probably figured out that the WiFi signal could be blocked by objects in between, but thanks to physicist Jason Cole, he has put together a rather detailed report (via Ars Technica) that showed him where the best place was to put his router.

Unsurprisingly it turns out the best spot to place a router would be smack in the middle of the house, although we’re guessing that this might not necessarily be possible for some of you guys, and so Cole has figured out the next best spot for himself which was in a corner. Through the use of visualization, he was able to map out the “tendrils” of the internet which allowed him to see where the WiFi signal was being projected and to see which area would it allow him the most reach. Read full post →Scientist Uses Physics To Visually Map Out His WiFi Signal

As we get closer to the 9th of September, you can bet that there will be a ton of iPhone 6-related leaks. Earlier today we took a look at the purported rear shell of the 5.5-inch iPhone and now thanks to a video that surfaced on Russian YouTube channel Rozetked (via 9to5Mac), it shows off an assembled iPhone 6 compared next to an iPhone 5s.

Now we can’t be sure if the parts used in the video are the real deal or if they are assembled using parts based on leaked schematics, which may or may not be accurate, but either way it is safe to say that the phone looks pretty good! In fact in the video it seems that the antenna breaks in between the pieces of metal don’t look as bad as the leaked photos make it out to be. Read full post →Assembled iPhone 6 Compared To iPhone 5s In Video

icloud 640x302According to a report earlier today, it seemed that due to an alleged iCloud hack, a variety of celebrity photos were compromised. Many of the photos involved nudity, although some celebrities have claimed that they were fake, but at the same time some did come forward acknowledging the authenticity of them.

That being said, Apple has since issued a statement claiming that they are actively looking into the matter. According to Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris, “We take user privacy very seriously and are actively investigating this report.” It has also been noted that whatever flaw or vulnerability that the hacker found has since been closed. Read full post →Apple “Actively Investigating” iCloud Hack

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BlackBerry has kept its head down for the past few months and has worked tirelessly to turn its fortunes around. This month the company’s new flagship is going to be released. Called the BlackBerry Passport it is expected to hold its own against popular rivals from the likes of Samsung and Apple. While that remains to be seen, we now hear that BlackBerry Blend may be launched alongside the Passport. Blend is a new software service that the company has developed, it has already been rumored multiple times.

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Soon after releasing a major update for OneDrive on mobile\, Microsoft has now removed the 2GB file size limit on uploads. Microsoft made the change without saying anything first, it was spotted by a reddit user initially. However the company has now confirmed that it is indeed increasing the upload file size limit for OneDrive from 2GB.

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It has been a while since Google teamed up with a hardware partner to launch a new Nexus device. Fans have waited for far too long for a new Nexus tablet and if recent rumors are to be believed, a new 9-inch Nexus device developed by HTC is in the pipeline. There have already been several rumors about this particular device and more details have surfaced online now.

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motorola sign

Motorola fans are anxiously waiting for the company to unveil the successor to the Moto X. We have already seen many rumors and reports about the Moto X+1, an official announcement is expected soon. Recently it was speculated that this time around AT&T will have exclusive on the Moto Maker variant of Moto X+1 for up to one month but a report published today claims that the exclusive status will only last three days before its opened up to Verizon.

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Apple has already sent out invites for an event on September 9th so we know when the new iPhones are going to be announced. If you have followed rumors over the past few months you’ll now that the company is expected to unveil two new iPhone models, both with larger displays. There have also been conflicting reports about the 5.5-inch model, some claim it won’t ship until next year whereas the 4.7-inch might hit shelves on September 19th. A video has appeared online showing off what’s claimed to be the rear shell of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6.

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Over the past few months there have been endless reports that Sprint is going to acquire T-Mobile. The former was said to have raised financing as well for the deal which reportedly fell through a few weeks ago. Before that happened a French telecommunication company called Iliad made a bid for T-Mobile U.S. but the price offered wasn’t accepted by Magenta’s people. It looks like Iliad isn’t giving up on its ambitions soon. Word on the street is that it is looking towards private equity firms that might want to team up for the T-Mobile acquisition.

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ps4 themes

Sony has seen unprecedented success with the PlayStation 4. The console has managed to sell over 10 million units around the world in under one year. There’s no doubt that it’s very popular among gamers. Those who have been waiting for the ability to customize their PS4 experience some something to look forward to now. Sony has confirmed that PlayStation 4 themes support is going to land on the console via a software update in the near future.

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