gs5 alpha 6There has been much talk circulating around the Samsung Galaxy S5 Alpha (which we have referred to as the Galaxy Alpha in the past), citing it to be a metal clad handset, but so far there has been no images on this purported device – at least not until now. You can check out a gallery of this rumored upcoming premium smartphone right after the jump.

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Many online apps and services do seem to be interconnected these days – take a look at the apps on your smartphone or tablet, how many of them have access to your Facebook account, and with that, are on a certain leash when it comes to checking out your contacts and connections? Well, Skype 5.0 for Android is now available, where it will allow Skype to go through your smartphone’s address book as it searches out matches between the names on your list and with the corresponding Skype accounts.

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It was not too long ago that a promotional video by HTC that you can view above was touted to deliver a peek into what could very well be a possible HTC smartwatch – an accessory that is starting to take the world of wearable tech by storm with many different manufacturers working on their own versions. HTC has been quick to move and squash such rumors and speculation, citing that the watch which was seen in the video above is not an actual product.

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uber wpBetter late than never, or so the saying goes. For those of you who are rocking to Windows Phone, you need not fret any longer since Uber is finally available for this particular platform of your choice. Touted to be the “private driver” in over 40 countries, we have heard stories on how Uber is changing the way one commutes to work, although during those moments when you let your hair down, it might end up costing you more instead.

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wordpress logo largeOnline security can be quite a challenge to maintain these days actually, and it does not help when users are less than knowledgeable. In fact, approximately 50,000 sites have been allegedly hit by backdoors no thank to malware that target a popular and vulnerable WordPress plugin, at least according to Daniel Cid, a researcher.

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Liquid Jade black 01 640x575Earlier this year, Acer announced the Liquid Jade smartphone and the Liquid Leap fitness band. Well if you’re looking forward to either device, you might be interested to learn that the Liquid Leap is expected to see a launch in August, while the Liquid Jade’s launch remains unknown. However it seems that an improved version of the Liquid Jade Plus has been pegged for an August launch as well.

According to the report, the Liquid Jade Plus is a slightly upgraded version of the Liquid Jade. It will feature 2GB of RAM which is an improvement over the 1GB on the Liquid Jade, and will also have its default storage bumped from 8GB to 16GB. Other than that both phones are expected to remain identical in terms of its specs. Read full post →Acer Liquid Jade Plus, Liquid Leap Pegged For August Release

alpha controller lines d0gBack in 2013, Valve took the wraps off the Steam Controller which was designed for Steam Machines in mind. It was an odd design and somewhat controversial as it seemed to go against convention. Valve later revealed a newer design which was still a little weird but at the same time looking more like controllers we are used to seeing.

However it seems that Valve could be announcing an even newer design, thanks to an unearthing of an image spotted by Steam Database which you can see in the image above. For the most part, the controller appears to be keeping the same design as its predecessor, except that instead of directional buttons, it looks like Valve could have swapped that out for an analog stick. Read full post →Steam Controller Could Be Getting An Analog Stick

1392150652 md sonyexmorrssensor2For those who didn’t already know, Sony’s camera sensors can be found in a variety of different smartphones, such as those made by Sony (obviously), and in the iPhone as well. According to a report from Reuters, it seems that Sony has decided that not enough OEMs are using their camera sensors and have since announced their plans to invest 35 billion yen (about $345 million) to increase the production.

The investment will go towards the increase in production of sensors used in both smartphones and tablets, and interestingly enough, Sony has also announced that they will be courting more handset manufacturers to get orders for front-facing cameras, which we guess is Sony’s way of capitalizing on the selfie trend. Read full post →Sony To Invest In Producing More Sensors For Smartphones

fleksy ios 8 640x425With the announcement of iOS 8 back in WWDC in June, Apple finally brought a much-requested feature to their operating system – customizable keyboards. Customizable keyboards has been available on Android for a long time. This allows users to swap out the default Android keyboard for something else, like SwiftKey, Fleksy, Swype, and so on.

Now both SwiftKey and Fleksy have announced that they will be bringing their keyboards to iOS 8, and now thanks to the folks at 9to5Mac, additional features and photos of the Fleksy’s upcoming keyboard all have been revealed, as you can see in the photos above. As expect, Fleksy’s iOS keyboard won’t differ much from its Android counterpart, and it looks like it supports different themes as well. Read full post →Additional Fleksy For iOS Details Revealed

swatch watch 640x363Given that there are several smartwatches in the market to choose from right now, one of the ways Apple could get a leg up on the competition and differentiate themselves would actually be to work with Swiss watchmakers, who have been renowned for their timepieces. We have heard rumors of how Apple had tried to hire some of them but were ultimately refused.

However according to a recent report from VentureBeat, it has been revealed that Apple and Swatch have been working together on the iWatch, and that the partnership will result in a range of watches from “geek to chic”, or at least that’s what VentureBeat’s sources claim. While Apple does typically favor controlling the production from software to hardware, their sources claim that in this case Apple does not mind sharing the brand. Read full post →Apple Reportedly Working With Swatch On Multiple iWatch Devices [Rumor]