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Its another day and there’s another Galaxy S6 rumor. There have been many particularly over the past couple of weeks as Mobile World Congress 2015 draws near and Samsung’s announcement of its upcoming flagship gets hyped up. The latest rumor suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S6 is going to have a proprietary connector on the back that will bring support for multiple back covers, these covers will add more functionality to the device.

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united-app-inflight-entertainmentRoutehappy, which is a product differentiation platform where air travel is concerned, has recently highlighted the increasing significance of in-flight Wi-Fi. In fact, it has been revealed that the number of in-flight Wi-Fi services made available by airlines has increased, which is a good thing for travelers, of course. The report from Routehappy is known as ‘Global State of In-Flight Wi-Fi’, where it features a comprehensive infographic on the availability, not to mention the quality of in-flight Wi-Fi – worldwide.

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twitter-dmTwitter has been accused by various parties of moving at a glacial pace when it comes to introducing groundbreaking changes and improvements to their products, and it seems that Twitter intends to prove all the naysayers wrong with the introduction of the group direct messaging capability alongside native video sharing and editing.

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We recently reported that Snapchat is going to launch a new feature soon that’s going to offer more content to users. Today it made the formal announcement. Snapchat Discover has been launched today and it brings a new way to explore Stories from various editorial teams. For this purpose the company has teamed up with some of the world leaders in media to put together a storytelling format that “puts the narrative first.”

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dakele-3As far as iPhone clones go, the Dakele 3 is surely one of them that would go on to be an extremely memorable one – where it will run on the Android mobile operating system instead, complete with a regular microUSB port. The Dakele 3 is shameless in the manner in which it copies the general shape as well as form and size of the iPhone 6, not to mention the iconic circular physical button. Needless to say, the home button that clearly resembles that of the original lacks the built-in Touch ID fingerprint scanner, but at first glance, you might think otherwise.

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Western Union today announced support for Apple Pay. Countless WU locations across the country will now accept payments through Apple’s service, allowing people to transfer money and pay their bills using their iPhones. Apple Pay is already supported by major banks and financial institutions in the country. It was launched late last year and has quickly grown its user base since then.

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hp-spectre-13-x360If you’re in the market for a new laptop, you might be interested to learn that HP could have a new laptop in the works in the form of the HP Spectre 13 x360. This is thanks to a recent leak by (via Liliputing) which revealed the existence of the device, although it is unclear as to when the laptop will be officially announced and when it might go on sale. Read full post →Upcoming HP Spectre 13 x360 Laptop Leaked

qualcomm-lg-ces-2015Here’s an interesting rumor and potential drama for you guys. Remember an earlier rumor had suggested that Qualcomm could be working on a modified Snapdragon 810 chipset for Samsung that would supposedly solve its overheating issues? The thing is LG had previously claimed that overheating was not an issue so we’re not sure if modification was even necessary to begin with.

However a new report out of Korea (via G4Games) has revealed that LG isn’t too happy with Qualcomm’s decision and that they are considering suing the chipset manufacturer if they were to give Samsung the modified Snapdragon 810 chipsets. To a certain extent we guess that makes sense since LG’s G Flex 2 is running the “regular” Snapdragon 810, so to give Samsung a modified version would certainly look like they are playing favorites. Read full post →LG Might Sue Qualcomm If They Provide Modified Snapdragon 810 Chipsets To Samsung [Rumor]

hololensLast week we caught a glimpse at the future of wearables at Microsoft. The company announced the HoloLens wearable headset alongside Windows 10. For those who missed the announcement, the HoloLens basically brings holographic technology into a wearable headset that would supposedly revolutionize the way we play games or use our computers.

That being said, the HoloLens is kind of a like a computer on its own. It comes with its own GPU and CPU and interestingly enough according to the folks at PCWorld, the CPU in question is apparently that of an unreleased Intel Atom chipset that is based on Cherry Trail. Cherry Trail is the successor to Intel’s Bay Trail which is currently found and used in tablets and low-end PCs. Read full post →Microsoft’s HoloLens Is Apparently Powered By Intel’s Cherry Trail Atom Chipset

mi note_2A couple of weeks ago, Xiaomi announced their latest smartphone that came in the form of the Xiaomi Mi Note. This is the company’s latest smartphone along with the slightly more powerful Mi Note Pro, and it looks like the company already has a hit on their hands. According to the reports, it seems that Xiaomi has managed to sell out their first batch of Mi Notes in a matter of minutes.

Unfortunately Xiaomi did not mention how many units they actually sold, but a Xiaomi VP had recently revealed that they had received 220 million reservations, so it is safe to assume that they sold quite a fair bit. This kind of reception to Xiaomi phones isn’t new. Previously we had seen the Chinese company move tens of thousands of smartphones in minutes, sometimes hundreds of thousands. Read full post →Xiaomi Mi Note Sells Out Its First Batch In Minutes