haier-pet-tracker[MWC 2015] For some of us, having a pet is far more than just having an animal around the home to keep us company – pets can be therapeutic at times, not to mention bring us joy along the way. Well, it seems that if you were to get a smartwatch by Haier for your child as well as one for your aging father, how about poor little Fido who sits there forlornly by the corner, wagging its tail, wondering whether there is something for it as well? Fret not – Haier has not forgotten about Fido, where they have just revealed the Huawei Smart Collar.

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haier-smartwatch[MWC 2015] So, we have seen a smartwatch by Haier for the little ones, which is capable of even accompanying you underwater up to 30 meters before its seals give way to the water, but what about the adults? You know – the folks who actually have the money to pay for this kind of stuff for their progeny. Well, it seems that senior citizens, too, are not left out of the picture with a model rolled out just for them.

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haier-children-smartwatch[MWC 2015] You know for sure that the world of wearable technology is certainly growing by leaps and bounds – especially when you take into consideration how there are more and more companies introducing their very own take on what a smartwatch ought to look like – and be. With the Apple Watch being in the pipeline, things would pick up even more from there. Having said all of that, Haier of China has just come up with their new smartwatch that was specially designed to cater to the little ones.

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haier-voyage[MWC 2015] Haier, the hardware manufacturer from China that has certainly not shied away from Europe, intends to add more spark to the smartphone world with a trio of new handsets – where they will be the Haier Voyage G30, the Haier Voyage I70, and the Haier Voyage V5, which are all set to launch in Europe in due time.

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ikeablinkIKEA, the furniture giant who made flat packs famous all the world over (not to mention their ever delicious meatballs that I simply cannot have enough of!), has the vision and will to deliver wireless charging-capable furniture from April this year onward, now how about that? The world’s biggest furniture manufacturer intends to start selling the likes of tables, work desks, nightstands and other pieces of furniture that will be able to charge up your smartphones sans wires, and this new range will hit North America and Europe this April 15, with plans drawn up to make their way to different regions in due time.

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Acer_Liquid_Leap+_Black_04Today at MWC, Acer has upgraded its Liquid Leap smartband product with the Acer Liquid Leap+ that connects with all main supported operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS) and features interchangeable bands. Read full post →Acer Liquid Leap+ Smart Activeband Multi-OS support

Acer Liquid Jade Z_black_04Acer is adding the Z, a mid-range smartphone, to its Liquid Jade lineup at MWC. Acer’s flagship, the Liquid Jade S featuring a 64-bit Mediatek Octo-core (MT6752M) was launched during CES 2015.

At 199 euros, the Liquid Jade Z is hundred euros cheaper than its sibling and gets a 64 bit quad-core Mediatek processor (MT 6732m), a similar 5-inch HD IPS display with Gorilla Glass and 4G LTE (Cat 4) connectivity.

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If you are having trouble swapping between alphabetic keyboard and numeric keyboard on your Android device while typing your messages or working on your spreadsheet, then the Microsoft “Keyboard for Excel” is for you. Microsoft has just launched the app on Thursday on Google Play Store and it’s for only Andriod 4.0 or higher. Currently the app is restricted for US users only, and supports only English characters without auto correct and gesture typing.

Keyboard for Excel, like the name suggested, is developed with Excel users optimization in mind. The app is one of Microsoft Garage projects. Basically it is a third party keyboard for Android devices that comes with the 10-key number layout(or Numpad) on the right side of the keyboard along with a ‘Tab’ key on the left, just like a full-fledged physical keyboard. Read full post →Microsoft Introduces A Keyboard for Excel On Google Play


kaymera_secure_phoneIf you are one who cares about connectivity’s security, then this might pique your interest. Kaymera Technologies is a security services company based in Herzliya, Israel, and has recently created and launched an all-in-one, holistic mobile cyber defense solution.

According to Avi Rosen, Kaymera CEO and co-founder, its ‘designed to defend against all types of advanced mobile cyber-attacks, hostile takeovers and applications misuse, and served in a usable and seamless form factor to ensure the perfect balance between security and usability and enable end user’s standard smartphone experience with maximum functionality,”

Currently, Samsung Galaxy S5 or Nexus 5 are the two models of smartphones which could be ‘flashes’ by Kaymera to supersede its own version of Android. There are already plans in line that it would support the LG-G3 in the near future. The Kaymera 360, as the solution is named, comes with four layers of security: encryption, protection, prevention and detection.

“One part of our secret sauce is that we provide military-grade security, while providing an experience as simple as any commercial device,” COO, Oded Zehavi says.

It’s Kaymera intention to use existing branded phones rather than to commission a brand new device, knowing of course that the users usually want a brand they are more familiar with. Read full post →Kaymera Mobile Security Is Now Available For Samsung S5 and Nexus 5


Finally, Swatch has revealed its update to its current touchscreen watch, specifically the Swatch Touch. Introducing the Swatch Touch Zero One, a fitness watch made to cater the needs of beach volleyball players specifically. Just like most fitness watch, STZO too can track calories burned and monitor data such as steps taken by its wearer, but the main integrated purpose of its design is in fact to track and focus on volleyball-specific maneuvers like “dive”, “spike” and even something high fiving your team members.

The STZO will then send that information to the Swatch’s app where the volleyball skill of the player will be measured and rank from zero to a hundred. The functions are not simply a “hit counter” that measures the amount of time a player hits the ball but Read full post →Swatch To Launches New Touchscreen Fitness Smartwatch