The Nintendo Switch plays home to a ton of great games, but we’re sure that as much as gamers love Nintendo’s titles, they would also love the ability to access other more mainstream games found on the PC or other consoles, such as Activision’s Call of Duty, for example. The good news is that Switch gamers could have their wishes granted. Read full post →Call Of Duty Could Be Headed Onto The Nintendo Switch

Last year following the success of the second season of Stranger Things on Netflix, it was confirmed that a third season would be developed. However it seems that even before the third season has been released, it looks like it has been confirmed that there will be a fourth and possibly a fifth season. Read full post →Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ Will Have A Fourth Season

Battlefield 1’s developer DICE has been issuing monthly updates to the game. This is a good way for the developer to stay on top of bugs, but also to constantly ensure that the game is updated with bug fixes, security loopholes patched, along with gameplay improvements, new content, and so on. Read full post →Battlefield 1’s Monthly Updates Will Be Coming To An End

SEGA’s Sonic franchise features some of the most popular and recognizable characters in video game history, and while gamers these days might be more focused on current titles, it seems that gamers are proving to be a nostalgic bunch because according to SEGA, Sonic Mania has managed to sell 1 million copies to date. Read full post →SEGA Reveals That Sonic Mania Has Sold 1 Million Copies

Image credit – Jonathan Olley/Walt Disney Pictures/LucasFilm

Solo: A Star Wars Story will be released next month and it will basically tell the tale of a young Han Solo and his adventures when he was young. So far we’ve only had one spin-off Star Wars movie and this will mark the second, but it does not necessarily mean the end of Alden Ehrenreich’s Han Solo character. Read full post →Alden Ehrenreich Could Continue Playing Han Solo In Other Star Wars Movies

Over the years there have been plenty of chat apps designed for gaming, but in more recent times it’s starting to look like Discord could become the staple of chat and communications for gamers. This is evidenced in a recent development where according to an announcement on Major Nelson’s website, Xbox gamers can soon link their Discord accounts to their Xbox accounts. Read full post →Microsoft To Allow Xbox Gamers To Link Their Discord Accounts

Many are understandably curious as to what the future might hold for consoles. Could companies be looking to launch brand new consoles, or could it be like the analysts predict and that we might see incremental upgrades with every refresh? That definitely remains to be seen, but as far as one analyst is concerned, 2020 could be the year we see next-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Read full post →Analyst Claims Next-Gen Xbox & PlayStation Will Arrive In 2020

Following the success of the Wonder Woman movie, it wasn’t surprising that DC and Warner Bros. greenlit a sequel. Now given the events that happened in the first movie and also Wonder Woman’s appearance in Batman V Superman and Justice League, you might have assumed that the sequel will be based on present times. Read full post →Wonder Woman 2 Will Be Set In The 1980s

Apple’s late co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs’ stance on the stylus was pretty clear, and for years following his passing, Apple seemed to agree with it, at least until the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil was launched. However could it be that the stylus could also be finding its way onto the iPhone? Read full post →Analyst Claims That 6.5-inch iPhone Could Support The ‘iPen’

There is a debate as to which is better – writing the good old fashion way with pen and paper, or typing it onto a computer. No doubt the latter is more efficient in terms of speed and accessibility, but there is a charm about putting pen to paper, not to mention there has been some study done suggesting that handwritten notes are more effective than typed ones. Read full post →Researchers Develop Cheap, Touch-Sensitive Paper To Digitize Writing