android m fingerprintIt used to be that the pattern unlock feature of Android was one of the more popular ways of unlocking a mobile device, but then fingerprint scanners were introduced which proved to be an even more secure and efficient way of protecting a mobile device. However Google wants to turn those methods on their heads with Project Abacus.

The idea behind Project Abacus is to take mobile security beyond passwords and fingerprints. Instead it will be based on something more unique – your personal habits. Basically your mobile device will be constantly monitoring the things you do the whole time to determine if you are who you say you are. Read full post →Project Abacus Secures Your Device By Going Beyond Passwords

nexus-9-notification-shadeUnlike smartphones which tends to have a smaller screen, the notification pulldown feature on Android tablets does not encompass the entire screen as it wouldn’t make sense. Instead users would have to swipe down the middle of the screen in order to access it. However at times it can prove to be inconvenient due to the way you might be holding your device.

The good news is that Google appears to be working towards changing that. With Android M, Google has made it so that the notification shade on your Android tablet is adaptive to where you are swiping down from. What this means, and as you can see in the image above, the notification shade can now be pulled down from wherever your finger is at. Read full post →Notification Shade On Android M Now Follows Your Finger

If you have used an iPad, chances are you might be familiar with the split keyboard feature of iOS where you can “pull apart” a keyboard with a gesture, thus bringing each half of the keyboard closer to your thumbs, which in turn makes typing on your tablet a bit easier with your thumbs. It’s a nifty feature and one that Google is also bringing to Android M.

Now Android M was announced recently but Google did not exactly share every single change that they made to the operating system, but thanks to a new video uploaded by Tim Schofield, it demonstrates some of the changes that Google has made to the operating system that could potentially benefit tablet owners, one of them being split keyboards. Read full post →Android M Brings Split Keyboards, Multi-Windows To Android Tablets

Several years ago, the folks at MIT created a robot that they modeled after the cheetah. It featured four legs and it proved it could run at pretty fast speeds. Over the years that particular robot evolved and just last year, MIT improved upon it by making it battery-powered but at the same time maintaining its speed.

The robot could even jump heights of 40cm then but it looks like MIT has made further improvements since then. In the latest iteration of their cheetah robot, it seems that they have improved the height in which the robot can jump, bringing it to about 18-inches which when converted is a little over 45cm in height. Read full post →MIT’s Robot Cheetah Can Now Leap Over Hurdles

need-for-speed-2015There are many games these days that requires an always-on connection. This is one of the way developers and publishers are combating piracy as an always-on connection will help determine if the game running is legally purchased or if it is using a stolen key to activate it. However there are some who argue that not all games need to be always-on.

Unfortunately if you belong in that camp, you might not be pleased to learn that the upcoming Need for Speed from EA will require gamers to have an always-on internet connection. This is according to a tweet by the official Need for Speed account in which they wrote, “NFS will require an online connection, but the benefits are nice. More variety and a more rewarding experience with friends.” Read full post →Need For Speed Will Require An Always-On Internet Connection

facebookWhile the GIF format has been around for many, many years, it seems that in recent times they’ve become more popular thanks to animated GIFs being served up as an alternative to embedding videos, especially if the clip is short and straight to the point. It has also been used as hilarious memes with actions usually taken out of context.

That being said if you love the idea of being able to post a GIF on your Facebook status, you’re in luck as Facebook has finally allowed it. Prior to this, users could post GIFs in their status updates, it just wouldn’t be animated. Users who wanted animated GIFs would then have to rely on third party services which weren’t officially supported. Read full post →Facebook Now Allowing Users To Posts GIFs In Their Status

overtureEveryone is out there looking for the best bang that their hard earned buck is able to deliver, taking into consideration how difficult times are these days across the globe. It is also nice to know that there are parties out there which do not mind doing their best to deliver plenty of value for money, and the ZTE Overture 2 is one of such handsets. In fact, it holds the distinction of being one of the most affordable smartphones in the US that run on the Android Lollipop mobile operating system, now how about that?

Read full post →ZTE Overture 2 Is Extremely Affordable, Sports Android Lollipop

ara-googleioWe did mention how Project Ara might very well be featured on stage at MWC 2015 earlier this year, but it did look as though that failed to come to pass. Well, fret not, as it looks as though the Project Ara smartphone prototype was demonstrated for all and sundry to check out at Google I/O. In fact, it was Google’s Rafa Camargo who paraded a fully functioning Project Ara prototype at the the ATAP keynote.

Read full post →Project Ara Smartphone Prototype Demonstrated

Google is not just a search engine company, as they recently had an interesting announcement that hailed from their Advanced Technologies and Projects (ATAP) team, and this was none other than Project Soli. Google has already performed some rather interesting research concerning the amount of “bandwidth” that human bodies are able to generate when articulating selected parts, and they also shared on how the “load” our motor control system will be able to endure, depending on the screen size of the device that is being used at the moment. Basically, if the load on our motor controls increases, the form factor becomes smaller, which leads to the conclusion that us as the ultimate user interface will see our fingers as high-bandwidth tools.

Read full post →Project Soli Seen Up Close

xiaomi logoXiaomi can be considered to be an enigma among those who are living in the US, since the company has just opened up an online store, but did not place their smartphones up for sale, selling only accessories at the moment. Having said that, it is interesting to note that the Xiaomi Mi 4 Windows 10 ROM is said to be rolling out later this 1st of June – which is just a couple of days away, actually.

Read full post →Xiaomi Mi 4 Windows 10 ROM Out This June 1st