apple logoWe have heard the rumors that Apple could be planning a mobile payment system of their own. This is hardly new, but according to a new report from The Information, it seems that Apple’s mobile payment system could be launching as soon as this fall, which would coincide with the release of the new iPhone 6 and iOS 8, assuming that Apple keeps to schedule, of course.

The report goes on to state that Apple has been in talks with Visa about a possible partnership that would allow users to use their phone to make payments, thus bypassing third-party payment processors which could in turn save customers money. It has been speculated that features such as Touch ID and the Secure Enclave for the A7 processor will be utilized for this mobile payment system. Read full post →Apple’s Mobile Payment System Could Launch This Fall [Rumor]

xbox oneWe have heard many hilarious stories of how thieves and robbers have managed to get themselves caught simply because they did not know that they were being recorded, and it looks like that has just happened again over in Tenterden Close, Eastbourne. According to a report from The Argus in the UK, this burglary took place on the 1st of April.

A 19 year old Jay Georgiou and an unidentified man broke into the flat of three men, tied them up, and demanded for drugs and money. However little did they know that prior to them breaking in, the people in the flat were enjoying a game of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 online with one of their friends who heard everything over the voice chat. Read full post →Police Arrest Burglar After He Was Heard On Xbox Live Chat

marvel unlimited 640x275Heads up comic book fans! If you’re the sort of comic reader who prefers consuming their comics in the digital form rather than buying physical comics, you will be pleased to learn that in celebration of Comic-Con kicking off tomorrow, Marvel has announced a new promotion where you will be able to enjoy all of their comics for a mere $0.99.

That’s right, if you were planning on catching up with your Marvel comics, their entire library can be accessed for just $0.99. However and unsurprisingly there is a catch, and that is this promotion will only run for a week. For those who are quick on the draw and subscribe before the promotion ends, the subscription should be good for an entire month, so what are you waiting for? Read full post →Marvel Unlimited Subscription Drops To $0.99 For A Week

xperia z3x 640x479Back in 2013, Sony announced the Xperia Z Ultra which was a smartphone that seemed to have blurred the lines between smartphone and tablet, especially with a display sized at 6.4-inches. It was an interesting device to say the least, but could Sony be getting ready to make a come back with a successor, or was the Xperia Z Ultra a one-time thing?

Well according to an alleged leaked rendering (via digi-wo), it seems that a successor could be in the works. The rendering itself appears to be a bit suspect but even in the event that it is proven to be a fake, we guess it would still make for pretty interesting discussion anyway, especially about potential specs for a possible successor. Read full post →Alleged Sony Xperia Z3X Pictured With Outlandish Specs And Accessories

southwest airlinesDue to the fact that our tweets are public (most of the time), minding what you say can sometimes save you from embarrassment, criticism, and in this case, from being ejected from a plane and refused boarding. That is what happen to a certain Duff Watson who complained about a rude gate agent while boarding a Southwest Airlines flight.

Watson was given boarding priority while his children weren’t, but we guess he did not like the way the agent told him about it where he tweeted (according to his retelling of the story to the local CBS station) “Something to the effect of, ‘Wow, rudest agent in Denver. Kimberly S, gate C39, not happy @SWA.’” Read full post →Man Booted From Plane After Tweeting About Rude Gate Agent

Assassin’s Creed Unity is expected to see a release later this year, and perhaps to celebrate the launch of the game, YouTuber Devin Super Tramphas put together another video of people dressed like assassin’s and performing parkour stunts in the street. Except that this time around instead of using just one assassin, he has used four – Ronnie Shalvis, Simon Nogueira, Yoann Leroux, and Johan Tonnoir.

This seems to be in line with Assassin’s Creed Unity’s co-op mode where up to four players will be able to play alongside each other as a different assassin each. That being said, Devin Super Tramp has released a couple of different Assassin’s Creed themed parkour videos in the past, although safe to say that this is probably one of his more ambitious projects to date. Read full post →Assassin’s Creed Unity Gets Awesome Real-Life Parkor Reenactment

samurai warriors 4 ps4

There’s a new title coming for Sony PlayStation 4 in the near future. It was confirmed today on the official PlayStation blog that Samurai Warriors 4 for PS4 is going to be released this October, 24th October to be precise. The announcement was made on the blog by Hisashi Koinuma, the producer for Samurai Warriors 4.

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killzone shadow fall maps

Killzone Shadow Fall is a popular title for Sony’s next generation console, the PlayStation 4. Folks who play this game will no doubt be excited to hear that two new multiplayer maps have been released for this title. The best part is that both new maps are available at absolutely no cost to players. The new maps follow the release of a “comedic” multiplayer executive pack, which came out last week. These new maps are called The Terminal and Stormgracht.

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bb passport white

BlackBerry fans are anxiously waiting for the company’s new device to be launched. The Passport was shown off first at BlackBerry’s annual shareholders meeting and there CEO John Chen told everyone that the device will be released in white as well as the standard black color. All of the material that the company has shared regarding the Passport has depicted the device in black. Naturally its fans were curious about how the device would look in white. BlackBerry today officially showed off the Passport in white.

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iphone 6 mock2

Its no secret that Apple’s new iPhones are just a few months away. Traditionally the company releases new hardware in the fall and that’s what it is expected to do this time around as well. Two iPhone 6 models are believed to be on the cards for 2014 and both are expected to bring significantly larger displays that have never before been used in the iPhone. While there’s no official word about the iPhone 6 announcement event a report claims that the company has “tentatively” planned the event for mid-September.

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