mgs v groundzeroesFor those of you living in the US, the very idea of actually packing your bags and uprooting yourself so that you end up in Europe can be an exciting experience, or a terrifying one, depending on your personality as well as the direction in which you are heading. Having said that, here is one reason to be in Europe if you have not quite made the effort to go there even for a visit – apparently, the final sticker price for boxed versions of Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes has received a reduction. Not only that, this particular price reduction is said to be a permanent one in the Old Continent.

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google wallet transfersThere is nothing quite like the wallet – in there, some of us store plenty of personal and private information, not to mention a line of credit, be it in the form of cash as well as other instruments such as cheques as well as the all important credit cards. Well, when you live in a digital world with the likes of Google Wallet and Apple Pay in the scene, things do change a bit as the cashless revolution goes through another change. Google Wallet cannot be used at just about everywhere just yet, but if you happen to be a user who performs semi-regular transfers from your bank, then the latest update would certainly jive with you, since one can now activate recurring bank transfers.

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xbox storeIt looks as though the Xbox One store is well on track to receive a major revamp of its user interface and overall cosmetic look, especially when next month’s Xbox One system update arrives. I am quite sure that there will be a fair share of people who are curious to see as to what is about to be released, or how it will look like, but our hats off to players in the Xbox Preview Program for making it possible for us to have a sneak peek at what it will look like today.

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Microsoft Band Hero 2 640x463One thing is for sure – interest in the world of wearable technology is definitely on the uptrend, and the Microsoft Band which was just released earlier today for $199 a pop is now sold out, not to mention having lines forming over at retail stores, now how about that? What makes this all the more remarkable is how Microsoft Band actually crept up and made its way into the scene, since there was nary a press event (apart from a leak) beforehand to have it build up hype for the overall release. It seems that taking the “ninja” route this time around has paid off handsomely for Microsoft.

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bing image searchThe folks over at Microsoft did update their Bing image search engine not too long ago, and earlier this week, there was also a new update that allowed users to actually run search queries through Bing using emoji in lieu of words, which is a novelty, really, although there are some moments where being able to do so might just come in handy, especially in the instant messaging generation, don’t you think so? Well, a brand new feature has been introduced to Bing today, where it allows users to be able to perform a search for animated GIFs in an easier manner.

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firephone display2 640x426There are many factors when it comes to the success or downfall of a particular piece of hardware, and where smartphones are concerned, this extremely cut-throat business environment leaves very little room for error. In fact, it was not too long ago that the Amazon Fire Phone received a writedown of $170 million – which is not going to hurt the company’s bottomline too much, but it is still a massive bleeding of money no matter which angle you look at it from. The device did not manage to pick up high scores in reviews, not to mention garnering a fair amount of customer review scores that resided on the low end side of things, not to mention taking a massive critical hit, if you will, on its unsold stock in the recent quarterly report. Amazon’s reason behind the issues behind the Fire Phone? Its price, apparently.

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xiaomi budget tabletXiaomi, a company that has been speculated to being the third largest smartphone manufacturing company in the world, did roll out their very first version of a tablet earlier in 2014. It does look as though the company could now be developing a second model that will arrive with a larger sized display – we are talking about 9.2” here, which would be really huge, alongside a less powerful processor – but that should not matter, since it ought to be able to help get the job done in the process – without breaking the bank, that is.

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us theaters google glassIt was just yesterday when we brought you word on how the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) as well as the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) has decided to advise movie theaters to utilize a zero tolerance approach when it comes to wearing various “intelligent” devices to the cinemas. In other words, all wearable technology with video recording capabilities oughto to be banned. Does this include the budding segment of devices known as smartwatches? It really depends on the individual theater operator, really.

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play books updateIt goes without saying that from time to time, companies would update their fair share of apps online in order to bring them up to speed, and to make them relevant with the rest of the industry, and for the users as well. It seems that Google Play Books for Android has just been updated, and to make sure that your eBook reading experience will be more parallel to that of reading actual paper-based books, this update allows you to skim through eBooks now.

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ambulance droneDrones might have come into negative light recently, including an instant where it reportedly came close to crashing into an aircraft – which could end up in disastrous results, not that the world needs another aviation disaster to round off the coming to the end of 2014. However, there are positives to be drawn from the use of drones for sure, where a Dutch-based student has recently unveiled a prototype of what is known as an “ambulance drone”. This particular drone happens to be a flying defibrillator which is capable of reaching heart attack victims within minutes – as there is no need to weave through rush hour traffic, buying perhaps some precious life-saving minutes in the process.

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