Amazon’s plans to potentially use drones for package deliveries isn’t exactly a secret, although for now it appears that it is currently undergoing testing. The idea is that drones can help to make deliveries to nearby areas and for packages that aren’t too big, thus allowing the company to make the delivery process more efficient. Read full post →Amazon Patents Idea For A Hive Of Drones

For the longest time ever, Google had adopted a laissez faire approach when it came to policing the web and search results, but as Google started to grow and become the default search engine for many, governments and various agencies have started to pressure the company to start being more “responsible” with what kind of search results it put up online. Read full post →Google To Remove Personal Medical Records From Search

The problem with RNG in games is that you never know what you’re going to get. We’re sure many players have experienced a ton of frustration where they open a treasure chest or get a drop from a boss, only to find that it’s already something that they own. This is something that has been happening to Overwatch players, but also something Blizzard wants to cut down on. Read full post →Blizzard Looking To Reduce Overwatch Loot Box Duplicates

If you’re someone who communicates quite a bit using WhatsApp, you might be pleased to learn that in a recent update, it seems that users will now be able to share just about any file format they want using the service. This means that you will no longer be limited to what was previously offered. Read full post →WhatsApp Now Letting Users Send Just About Any File Format

Did you know that Harry Potter has turned twenty years old? Yup, in case you didn’t know, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was first published way back in 1997, which meant that for some of us, we were only just starting high school when the book was first released. Safe to say that the franchise has had a huge impact on society and has since spawned movies based around the book, movies based on the Harry Potter world, plays, and new books. Read full post →Facebook Is Hiding Some Harry Potter Easter Eggs

If you’re looking to buy a pair of sneakers, you’ve got options that include going online or going to a brick and mortar retail shop. However Nike is changing that up by announcing a new app called SNKRS, which is an augmented reality-based app that will help their customers get their hands on limited edition releases. Read full post →Nike Is Turning To Augmented Reality To Sell Sneakers

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When it comes to privacy on instagram, users have the option of setting their profiles to private or public. They can also block users, delete comments, and so on. However in terms of being able to share their content with a specific group of people, that’s one feature that has been missing from Instagram, but that could change in the near future. Read full post →Instagram Testing Out A New ‘Favorites’ Feature

It is no secret that Facebook wants to be your one-stop shop for everything, whether it be a place for you to get the news, for you to reach out to customers, for you to sell/buy items, or for you to consume video content. In fact speaking of video, recently at VidCon it looks like Facebook has announced a new app that is geared towards video creators. Read full post →Facebook Announces New App Aimed At Video Creators

Apple’s iPhone sales have been on the decline for the past few quarters, but many are expecting that this will turn around with the launch of the iPhone 8. This is because the iPhone 8 is expected to usher in a brand new design as well as a bunch of highly-requested features, like an embedded fingerprint scanner, wireless charging, and more. Read full post →These iPhone 8 Dummy Units ‘Confirms’ Its Design

Without a doubt it is safe to say that Google will be returning this year with new Pixel handsets, which based on past Google announcements should be made sometime in Q3 later this year. We’ve been hearing a bit about the phones recently, but thanks to the folks at XDA additional information about the Pixel 2 and its larger sibling have been revealed. Read full post →More Alleged Google Pixel 2, Pixel XL 2 Details Revealed