moto e styxBack in 2014, Motorola launched the Moto E handset. It was an entry-level handset aimed at customers who did not want to splurge on a high-end device, and given that we’re already in 2015, a successor to the Moto E might not seem like such a stretch. In fact a leak earlier this month revealed a possible successor in the form of the Moto E Styx.

Now thanks to the folks at Android Police, they have managed to get their hands on a purported rendering of the Moto E successor, which you can see in the image above. Based on the rendering, it looks like Motorola has decided to give the handset a slight makeover in terms of its design. However it is a bit suspicious that there is a huge gap between the top speaker grill to the display of the phone which was not present in the original Moto E. Read full post →Alleged Moto E Successor Render Leaked

qualcomm-logoWe have been hearing rumors that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 will be ditching the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset. The rumors are suggesting that this could be due to an overheating issue, while other rumors have suggested that Samsung’s decision was not so much a technical one, but a business one in which they are hoping to promote their Exynos chipsets instead.

While we can’t be sure if this is indeed the case, Qualcomm has since confirmed that at least one of their larger customers will not be packing the Snapdragon 810 chipset in their products. This was confirmed during Qualcomm’s earnings report in which they claimed that the Snapdragon 810 will most likely not be making its way into a “large customer’s flagship device”. Read full post →Qualcomm Confirms A “Large Customer” Won’t Be Using Their Snapdragon 810

slatepro techdeskWhen we look for a desk to put our computers on, as long as it it big and sturdy enough, for the most part we are fine with it. However if you’re a power user who wants to get the most out of their desk as possible, you might be interested in the SlatePro TechDesk SE. If the name sounds vaguely familiar, it is because last year the company launched the SlatePro TechDesk.

The SlatePro TechDesk SE is basically a special edition version of the original with some updates to its design and features. Now just in case you missed our report from last year, the SlatePro TechDesk is a desk for laptop users where it comes with vents to help cool your laptop, docks for your smartphone and tablets, as well as better cable management. Read full post →SlatePro TechDesk SE Is A Table For All Your Tech Needs

google moviesIf you were to perform a search on your mobile device for a movie either using the Google Search app or Chrome for Android, you will get the results to links about the movie, some photos, and also some links to the cast of the movie. This has been the way Google has displayed movie results for a while now, but it looks like Google has introduced a new UI for movie-related searches.

The new search results are now displayed in a gallery that is similar to what you might expect from the Google Play Store or other apps, and as expected it looks like Google has given the search results a Material Design treatment which was what the company introduced to its apps with the Android 5.0 Lollipop update. Read full post →Google Search For Android Gets New UI For Movie-Related Searches

Samsung-Gear-VR-05One of the reasons why Samsung managed to arrive in the VR market ahead of Oculus VR and Sony is because unlike the Oculus Rift or Project Morpheus, the Samsung Gear VR relies on existing technology – the Galaxy Note 4 – to act as its display, versus the other two headsets in which all of its hardware is baked into the headset itself.

However as it stands the Gear VR will only play nicely with the Galaxy Note 4, but a new report from SamMobile has revealed that the Gear VR will also be able to support the upcoming Galaxy S6 and the rumored Galaxy S Edge. This is a particularly interesting rumor given that the Note 4’s display is set a 5.7-inches, while the Galaxy S6 and the S Edge have been rumored to feature 5.1-inch displays. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy S6, S Edge To Feature Gear VR Compatibility [Rumor]

samsung j1Some of you guys might recall that a couple of weeks ago, leaked information revealed that Samsung had a handset by the name of the Galaxy J1. We even saw its priced leaked by an online retailer and for those curious about the handset, wonder no more because Samsung has officially launched it.

Now the Samsung Galaxy J1 is by no means a powerful handset, although given that it is part of a new J-series of smartphones, we can only assume that its siblings would come with better specs. That being said for those who are curious as to what kind of specs the Galaxy J1 packs under the hood, here it is. Read full post →The Samsung Galaxy J1 Is Now Official

ftc logoThere are many carriers around the world, not just in the US, who advertises that they offer their customers unlimited data. To a certain extent that is true, but the catch is usually after you’ve exceed a particular amount of data, your speeds will be throttled, so while technically you get unlimited data, the slow speeds make it near impossible to use it at all.

That being said over in the US, the FTC does not seem too happy about carriers who advertise themselves as offering unlimited data and have recently slapped prepaid mobile provider TracFone with a $40 million fine for slowing down the speeds of their customers who believed that they had subscribed to the carrier’s unlimited data plan. Read full post →FTC Unhappy About Carriers Who Falsely Advertise Unlimited Data Plans

bill gatesWe’re sure there are many of us out there who can’t wait for a future in which artificial intelligence gets to the point where our robots and computers can interact with us like they do in the movies. One the other hand we’re sure some of you might be worried we would end up with a Terminator-like outcome.

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has expressed his concerns and it seems that he’s not alone. Bill Gates recently expressed his own concerns and agreed with Musk. This was revealed during a Reddit AMA that he did earlier today in which Gates stated that he agreed with Musk and was wondering why there wasn’t more concern about such a possibility. Read full post →Bill Gates Agrees With Elon Musk, Expresses Concern About AI

wow dungeonLots of people get into gaming. Some just want an escape from reality, some play it for competitive reasons, and some play it in order to connect and to better understand a friend or family member. Recently a post made its way onto Reddit in which the man, a 50-something year old, recently got into World of Warcraft in a bid to get to know his son better.

According to the poster, “So im older (late 50’s) and my son used to play lots of WOW while he was recovering after getting hit by a mortar in iraq. Recently he passed away and I decided that I wanted to connect with areas of my sons life I never understood.” Unfortunately the game proved to be a tad complex for him which was why he started the thread, to reach out for help. Read full post →Dad Gets Into World Of Warcraft To Better Understand His Son’s Life


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 owners have been anxiously waiting to receive the Android 5.0 Lollipop update. They might have felt irked when they heard that Samsung has already rolled out the update for Galaxy Note 3 at least in one market. However there’s some new evidence to support the presumption that the Galaxy Note 4 Android Lollipop update release isn’t that far off anymore.

Read full post →Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Android Lollipop Update Release Draws Near