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Gamers around the world are anxiously waiting for September 9th, that’s when Bungie’s Destiny finally gets released. A lot of hype has already been created for this title, primarily because of the fact that it cost Activision some half a billion dollars.However Bungie isn’t going to stop promoting its new title. The developer has teamed up with Google Maps to present the Destiny Planet View. Its a fictional version of Google’s popular mapping service that’s set in Destiny’s fictional world.

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If we come down to sheer numbers alone then Android has a significant lead over iOS, its closest rival which comes in as the second most popular mobile platform out there. A few months back it was formally announced that over one billion devices around the world are now powered by Android. Google’s own apps have passed major milestones on Android but Facebook is first non-Google app to have achieved over one billion downloads on the mobile platform.

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In a couple of days Sony will be unveiling new devices that it has already teased. The announcement will take place at IFA 2014 which takes place in Berlin. Sony Xperia Z3 is likely to be the flagship smartphone that gets unveiled at the trade show. There have already been many rumors about this device. Even though we’re so close to the official announcement the leaks don’t stop coming in. A photo that has appeared online today apparently shows off the Sony Xperia Z3 specifications.

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A few months back Microsoft’s popular productivity suite finally made its way to the iPad. The tablet is undoubtedly one of the best selling tablets in the world and is extensively used across both education and business sectors, two sectors where Microsoft Office also enjoys a majority. Today Microsoft has announcement some changes to the way customers are charged for unadulterated access to Office for iPad. They will now be allowed to pay monthly as opposed to paying upfront for an annual subscription.

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The online streaming giant Netflix already allows users to pair their Facebook accounts and suggest content to their friends. Any content recommended on the world’s largest social network previously used to be posted to the user’s timeline. Now though the Facebook integration has been tweaked a bit. Netflix will now allow its subscribers to send private recommendations to their friends on Facebook, if they ever come across something that’s meant for a particular pair of eyes only.

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cell phone towersThe next time that you walk past a cell phone tower, you might be want to be a little bit more wary if you so happen to be talking on your smartphone at the same time – especially if your smartphone runs on the Android mobile operating system. This is what Les Goldsmith, CEO of ESD America and developer of the CryptoPhone 500, has warned the masses about. Goldsmith mentioned that his team, having used the custom-developed CryptoPhone that offers a hardened version of Android while boasting a wide range of unique security features, managed to pick up dozens of fake cell phone ‘towers’ that are not property of any carriers, but rather, they intercepted the device’s signal.

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samsung logo 640x389While the world looks on in anticipation where the Apple iPhone 6 is concerned, do remember that there are other players in the market as well, and it looks as though the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 too, will cause quite a stir when it is released. This is a high end phablet, and apparently its price has already been spotted on Media Markt, which so happens to be the world’s second largest electronics retailer right after Best Buy. If you have not heard of Media Markt before, that is all right, since it is the top electronics retailer in Europe, and the Galaxy Note 4 pricing has been spotted in the Russian branch, which does look as though it will be similarly priced to that of its predecessors during the launch period.

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nokia headquarters logo sign 001 630x472Right now, many mobile carriers have already jumped aboard the 4G LTE bandwagon, although having 4G LTE signals wherever we go is not going to be all that commonplace just yet, as 3G continues to reign supreme – for now. Does this mean that whoever are behind such communications technologies are going to rest on their laurels and think that 4G LTE speeds are more than enough – not only for today, but for tomorrow as well? Nokia Networks – or at least the segment of the company that has a well-established networking unit, has decided to come up with a test 5G network which ought to get those of you out there who always want to adopt the latest and the greatest drooling in anticipation.

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Reddit probably has one of the most loyal user base of any online property, which also happens to be one of the most diverse. There’s a section on reddit that’s known as AMA or Ask Me Anything. Here celebrities, scientists, professors, politicians and others hold their sessions where they get to interact directly with reddit users. A new reddit iOS app has been released today just for AMAs, the aim is to make reading these threads much more easy.

Whenever someone particularly intriguing is conduction an AMA session on reddit the thread tends to go out of hand. Uncountable questions are posted and obviously not every single question gets an answer. Moreover other users jump in between with their hilarious comments often laced with pop culture references that those who are only interested in the AMA questions and answers only are left with having to do quite a bit of scrolling.

The new reddit iOS app for AMAs changes the game. This app can be used to filter out the questions that have not been answered by the person conducting the AMA. Basically this means that users can read the entire question and answer session as if they were reading an interview on a conventional online property.

For now the reddit iOS app developed just for AMAs is available on iOS only, the Android version is expected later this week.

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I am sure that a lot of people like me are anxious to see what Apple has in store for us next week. The company has confirmed that its going to hold an event on September 9th where according to popular reports it is finally going to unveil the iPhone 6. There has been no shortage of rumors regarding this smartphone. A full crop of rumors about the iPhone 6 having a sapphire display has already made its run in the rumor mill but today an analyst claims that Apple may make the sapphire display exclusive to only the 64GB model of the iPhone 6.

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