Nobody was expecting Microsoft to make the announcement that it made yesterday, the company rebranded its Xbox Music service to Groove without any prior indication. There’s nothing really different about Groove and it’s going to be more or less the same as Xbox Music so the question remains why did Microsoft do this? It turns out that the Xbox Music brand was confusing and that’s why Microsoft decided that it needed to be changed.

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In just a couple of months from now Samsung is going to unveil the Galaxy Note 5 which means it’s the perfect time for the company to run promotions and offer deals to get rid of as much of its Galaxy Note 4 stock as possible. Samsung has announced a new promotion called “Notable Savings” which promises a $200 rebate following a full price purchase of the Galaxy Note 4.

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The subscription-based model seems to be “in” these days, you can subscribe to newspapers, magazines, music streaming services, online video streaming services, internet TV and much more. You might keep adding on one subscription after the other because all of them cost around $10 but add them all up and you’re spending quite a bit of money every month. A new online tool has been created to let you know exactly how much you’re spending every month on these “mini-subscriptions.”

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Samsung expects to post 48.0 trillion Korean won in consolidated sales as well as an operating profit of 6.9 trillion Korean won in Q2 which results in a 4 percent decline as opposed to the same time last year. Even though the company’s semiconductor and TV business is poised to grow it appears that the mobile business is at fault, particularly sales of the latest flagship smartphones.

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Google has launched a new program called Google Camp which will help you in keeping your child busy during the summers and expand their knowledge of science, this is a month-long online science camp by Google which is primarily geared towards children between the ages of 7-10 years. It’s a free online program that gets kids learning through fun and interactive science activities and adventures.

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L: Prototype; R: Final design

L: Prototype; R: Final design

When it comes to pocketable and programmable computers, you might think of the Raspberry Pi. This device has been used in all sorts of contraptions, but for the most part it seems to be largely targeted at grownups who might have an interest and experience with these sorts of things. However over in the UK, the BBC wants to change that.

The organization has recently unveiled its own pocket-sized computer called the Micro Bit. This is a computer that was originally shown off in its prototype form back in March, but it looks like the design has been finalized along with the intention that it will be given away to every single child in Year 7 in the UK for free. Read full post →BBC Gives Pocket-Sized Computers To Every Year 7 Child In The UK

selfie patentAs it stands, Apple relies on Touch ID for security for its iOS devices which uses your fingerprints to unlock your phone or tablet. However it also seems that Apple might be exploring the idea of you using your face to unlock your phone. In a patent recently discovered by Cult of Mac, Apple seems to have looked at the idea of using selfies to unlock mobile devices.

Basically the patent describes a system where a user will have to snap a photo of themselves to prove that it is them before the device unlocks. It sounds a bit troublesome since using your fingerprint is a lot faster than firing up your camera and snapping a photo, but it is possible that it might be used as a backup verification tool, or maybe used in two-step verification processes. Read full post →Future iPhones Could Unlock By Taking A Selfie

oneplus oneImagine you buy what you think is a new phone, only to open it and discover that someone has already stuck a screen protector on for you. Your first thought might be that you could have gotten yourself a refurbished unit, meaning that you might just have been ripped off. This could lead to you feeling angry especially if you bought it directly from the company.

This is apparently the confusion that some new OnePlus One owners are experiencing, so much so that OnePlus’ CEO Carl Pei had to take to Twitter to explain the situation. As it turns out, OnePlus was actually nice and generous enough to apply a free screen protector on their newer shipments for their customers. Read full post →New OnePlus One Units Come With Screen Protectors Applied

amazon logoJust like how Google has faced criticisms for the way it displays its search results, it seems that this is an issue that Amazon has run into as well, so much so that they’re being taken to court over the way the company displays its search results for products. The company taking Amazon to court is MTM, a watchmaker known for their “Military” watches.

Their problem in question is the fact that despite their watches not being available for sale on Amazon, searching for the product will yield alternative results and will not explicitly state that MTM’s watches aren’t available on the website. Now you might think it’s good publicity for MTM but according to the company, they believe the search results could lead to customers buying a competitor’s product instead. Read full post →Amazon Taken To Court Over Its Search Results

samsung logo 5Given the success Samsung has found with the Samsung Z1 Tizen handset, especially amongst emerging markets, we suppose it makes sense that the South Korean tech giant has plans to release a new Tizen phone. Last we heard this particular phone is dubbed the Samsung Z3 but the question is, when will it be released?

Well as it turns out the phone could very well be announced later this month. The Tizen Developer Summit is expected to be held later this month between the 30-31st of July, there is a good chance that Samsung could take that opportunity to unveil the device. With Tizen fans and developers in attendance, it seems like a good place as any to make the official announcement. Read full post →Samsung Z3 Could Be Announced At Tizen Developer Summit