collision-avoidanceThere are smartphones and smart watches these days, but so too, have we come across the likes of smart walking sticks in the past. Smart walking sticks do come in handy to assist visually impaired people in their moving around, since it would help them in avoiding the numerous obstacles that are in their way. Well, such technology could have been deemed to be useful and yet annoying, since the beeping could drive anyone nuts after a while. As for a true blue smart proximity sensor, it ought to do things differently – such as predicting a chance of hitting an object instead of letting the visually impaired person know that there is a nearby object. Researchers from Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Schepens Eye Research Institute have come up with a device that is worn on the body that does what was intended and mentioned.

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more-chromebooksThe world of Chromebooks is starting to get more crowded, as more and more models are being churned out. Having said that, this can only mean one thing – with a larger array of models to choose from, consumers will have a greater say as to what the next step the Chromebook industry should take. it has been four years since the Chromebook was introduced, and it looks like more models are set to hit the market soon. I am referring to the Haier Chromebook 11 that is available at Amazon as well as the Hisense Chromebook that can be picked up at Walmart. Regardless of which model you decide to pledge your allegiance to, these new Chromebooks will be speedy, lightweight, and come with an all-day battery life with a pre-order price tag of $149 a pop.

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Dropbox announced today that when you now preview a document using a web browser it’s going to load faster, look even better and offer more functionality. The biggest change that Dropbox has made is that the document toolbar is now at the bottom of the preview. This allows the toolbar to adapt to the type of file being previewed, be it a document, spreadsheet, presentation or PDF, on any major web browser.

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An embarrassing privacy breach by an employee of the Australian immigration department resulted in the personal details of world leaders who attended the G20 summit last year being leaked. Leaked information included visa details, passport numbers as well as other personal identifiers of all world leaders who attended the summit in Australia. The details were inadvertently emailed to organizers of the Asian Cup football tournament.

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If you think Amazon’s one-click ordering system makes it very easy to purchase things from the online retail giant then Dash Buttons will certainly make you think otherwise. Announced today, the Dash Buttons will let you order products with simply one press of a button. You don’t need to pull out your smartphone, laptop or tablet for it to work. No need to launch the Amazon app or website. Just press the button and your order will be placed.

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nasa-flying-saucerIt was last week that we received word that details to the NASA asteroid redirect mission were revealed. This time around, it will not be something in the same vein, but rather, NASA intends to livestream the ‘flying saucer’ Mars lander test, which should set more than just a few tongues wagging, that is for sure.

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yahoo-androidIt was not too long ago that the Yahoo app on the iPhone received a brand new look, and having picked up a fair bit of great feedback from the community, it does look as though a similar refined as well as vibrant experience is set to arrive for Android users over in the U.S. In fact, the folks over at Yahoo have thrown in the likes of interactive features – and among these will include photo slideshows, community polls, and an image slider which would enable one to check out how photos transform right before one’s very own eyes, in order to turn the dozen digital magazines or so into an even more engaging experience.

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pac-man-googlestreetsWe did bring you Samsung’s attempt at an April Fool’s Day prank earlier this morning, where it involved the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge smart knife, which was a smartphone and a piece of kitchen utensil, all rolled into one. Of course, one would shudder at the thought of having a razor sharp edge as your smartphone, since holding on to it too hard might end up leaving you with more than just a few cuts. But I digress – Google has decided to usher in April Fool’s Day via tinkering with Google Maps.

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We reported recently that Microsoft will soon unveil a new Surface tablet. Even though it would be the Surface 2’s successor it won’t be relegated to Windows RT. That’s precisely what Redmond announced today. Microsoft has formally announced the Surface 3 tablet. It’s the thinnest and lightest Surface that the company has ever shipped. Surface 3 runs full Windows and desktop applications, comes with a one-year subscription to Office 365 and even has a 4G LTE compatible model.

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alcatel-onetouch-watch-preorderThe Alcatel Onetouch Watch certainly wowed the masses when it was first announced at CES earlier this year, and it is nice to see that close to three months after the initial announcement, something more concrete concerning the timepiece has been revealed. In fact, pre-orders for the Alcatel Onetouch Watch have already opened up, which should be of interest to those who would want something different apart from the standard Apple Watch that looks set to be all the rage when it arrives.

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