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The IFA 2014 conference takes place next month. Countless new products are going to be announced at the event, including new flagships from Samsung and Sony. Over the past couple of months we have heard rumors of a new Huawei flagship in the pipeline. The company has already sent out invites for its IFA event and now it has also released a teaser for the upcoming smartphone.

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A few months back Microsoft outlined its vision for Windows’ future, which includes bringing it over to the Internet of Things. We hear IoT a lot these days, companies like Samsung, Intel and even BlackBerry are working on it. Internet of Things basically refers to “dumb” devices that have been transformed into “smart” devices and the endgame here is to bring about a more connected world. Microsoft has announced the release of a custom Windows 8.1 OS preview for IoT which will work with Intel’s Galileo board.

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vine new cameraIt goes without saying that apps, especially the more popular ones, will need to be updated from time to time in order to make sure they remain relevant in this day and age (Skype’s Chat notifications would be a good example). Vine has decided to grow up a notch, as this six second, looping-video-sharing service will now feature a slew of new tools for the user to play around with, making life easier for those who would like to edit videos that they shot straight from the smartphone itself.

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ms retires skypeSkype has certainly seen improvements made from time to time, where earlier this year, the Skype Chat experience was enhanced. Here we are today with a new update that will hopefully keep Skype users happy for a long, long time. Just what kind of fix did Microsoft roll out to deliver such a seemingly miraculous “cure” to their hugely popular Skype program? Apparently, Skype’s Chat notifications has been rebuilt to revolve around the user, which means it will only send notifications to the device that you are using at the moment, and not on other devices.

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On-demand ridesharing service Uber has been expanding and growing at a far greater pace than its competitors. Only recently it announced a new service that rivals similar services being provided by Google and Amazon. In its latest move the company is opening up to third party developers. It has released the API which will allow developers to work in Uber’s features within their own applications.

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Despite countless rumors Apple has not released an updated version of its set-top box but over the past few months it has been adding new content sources. Today yet another source is being added to the Apple TV. NFL Now has been released for the set-top box. The National Football League’s new video network was launched earlier this month and now it can be accessed using the Apple TV.

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gl10 vtolIn the world of science fiction, we have seen numerous spaceships that are not only capable of zipping around nimbly regardless of the atmosphere it is in, those ships will also be able to take off vertically, before zooming away horizontally. It looks like the real world has finally caught up with the realm of science fiction in the form of NASA’s electric vertical-takeoff airplane known as the GL-10 Greased Lightning.

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Earlier this year we saw Netflix ink its first agreement after reports emerged that its users were being throttled by ISPs. Under the agreement Netflix pays an undisclosed amount directly to the ISP so that its users are not throttled and they get the streaming experience that they expect from it. The online streaming giant has now signed a similar agreement with Time Warner Cable hoping to bring its subscribers on that particular ISP on faster lanes that offer significantly better connection speed to its servers.

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gta online flight schoolI know that Independence Day has come and gone, but this does not mean that you are unable to get that adrenaline rush of being patriotic, and expressing such a feeling through a video game is perfectly legit, especially with the San Andreas Flight School Update for GTA Online. This is a brand new update that follows GTA Online: The High Life update that was released in May earlier this year, as this brand new update delivers a slew of new air and land vehicles, not to mention aerial solo challenges, among others.

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uae apple storeIt goes without saying that an Apple product is more often than not described to be a device which costs a premium over other similarly built brands, and it is Apple’s design and marketing that seems to give it that edge, or the ‘X factor’ over its competitors. In fact, the numerous Apple Stores that have been set up across the world have more often than not been in posh areas, except for the Middle East countries that are full of petroleum money. Apparently, this is one “error” that is set to be corrected, if the leaked Apple job listings for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are to be believed. These job listings point to a slew of various retail store positions.

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