You probably might not think twice about the antacid you drop into a glass of water here on Earth, sure it makes fizzy sounds and what not but the process is not one you’d categorize under “cool.” It’s a completely different story though if you’re on the International Space Station, as a video from up there shows dissolving an antacid on the space station is much cooler than it is back home.

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Back in April Google launched custom voice actions on Android which allowed users to control select third party applications using the “OK Google” voice command, which brings up the Google Now digital assistant that can help with a wide variety of tasks including but not limited to performing online searches. Custom voice actions have been expanded to some of the most popular instant messaging apps which means you can now use the OK Google command to send a WhatsApp message without ever having to pick up your device.

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Microsoft is finally going to release Windows 10 to the public tomorrow and those who are looking to purchase new PCs that come with the software installed right out of the box can look towards the likes of Dell and HP since they’ve promised delivery for tomorrow. Acer is in the mix as well, the company is going to make its new Windows 10 powered PC line available for purchase starting July 29th.

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Samsung confirmed today that it’s going to conduct an Unpacked event on August 13th and while it hasn’t said anything about what’s going to be on the agenda, it’s a pretty good bet that the company will formally launch Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+. Previous reports suggest that a new smartwatch might be thrown in the mix as well, and a report today says that a limited scale launch of Samsung Pay might also be announced during the event.

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We reported on a newly discovered Android security vulnerability yesterday, hackers can gain access by simply sending a MMS message to the target’s device and it doesn’t even matter if that message is opened or not, Android’s default media handling system would automatically process the message and activate the code. Naturally this has raised security concerns and Google has now come out with a statement on the matter, it promises a fix for this flaw by next week.

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T-Mobile has recently made a string of “un-carrier amped” announcements, it’s improving some of the initiatives that it launched last year to further provide value to its subscribers and entice more people to switch over from other carriers. Music Freedom is a previous un-carrier move by the company which doesn’t count music streaming against a user’s monthly data bucket, it already supports some of the most popular services and now Music Freedom supports Apple Music as well.

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Moto X Style

Motorola’s Moto X has been a successful device and now the company has come up with its next generation variants, named as Moto X Style and Moto X Play.

The Moto X Style will be called Moto X Pure Edition in the US, and it will come with pervasive LTE banding, which would enable it to be compatible with every carrier. The unlocked device will cost $399. On the other hand, the Moto X Play comes with a bigger battery, but a slightly smaller display. This time around, Motorola is focusing more on providing Android in its purest form along with its customization-focused Moto Maker service. It means that the Moto X Style can be personalized with the help of Moto Maker.
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Google Maps provides amazingly detailed routes and makes navigation very simple. You can easily get to any area without finding yourself lost. However, the issue with Google Maps is that it requires an internet connection. If you are traveling to a place where data roaming is not available (or too expensive), this may not be an option.

Downloading the World’s map in that app does not seem like a feature coming anytime soon, but Google does offers you the ability to download a map of a specific area (square km max). If you are going to a place that will not have access to the internet, then this feature can be extremely handy.

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windows-10In about a day, Microsoft’s Windows 10 platform will be officially released to the world. Of course you might recall that a previous report stated that not everyone will get the operating system right away and that it might be a while before it makes its way onto your computer, even if you have already reserved your copy.

However according to several user reports, it seems that Windows 10 has already begun to pre-download itself onto PCs that have reserved their copy of the operating system. Some users have reported that the GWX folder has begun to fill up with files related to Windows 10 which seems to be in line with what Microsoft had promised earlier. Read full post →Windows 10 Has Reportedly Pre-Downloading Itself Onto PCs

moto-g-3rd-genToday is the 28th of July which means that Motorola will be kicking off their event later today where presumably we will be treated to devices like the Moto X (2015) and the Moto G (2015). However it seems that over in India where Motorola is also hosting an event, the company has officially announced the new Moto G (2015) handset.

We can only assume that during Motorola’s US event that they too will announce the phone, but for now it seems that Motorola India might have gotten ahead of them. That being said, the device should be the same in India and in the US, so in terms of hardware, we doubt there will be any differences. Read full post →Moto G (2015) Has Been Officially Announced In India