apple logo 640x359Is there a brand that you might associate with being “cool”? We suppose at the end of the day it really boils down to personal preference and taste. For some a streetwear brand could be considered “cool”, while others might think that a company that produces supercars could be considered “cool” as well.

However according to the CoolBrands list, it looks like Apple has managed to snag the title of the coolest brand for the third year in the row, putting them ahead of other brands such as Aston Martin, Nike, Google, YouTube, Chanel, and so on. The votes were cast by 2,000 consumers along with a panel of 37 people who were deemed “key influencers”. Read full post →Apple Snags “Coolest Brand” Title For Third Year In A Row

foxconn factory 680x3821 640x359Earlier this year it was reported that one of Apple’s assembly partners, Foxconn, had announced that they will be deploying robots called Foxbots to help assemble Apple’s new iPhones. Presumably with the aid of these Foxbots that the production of the new iPhones would be faster, but unfortunately that does not seem to be the case.

According to a report from the Taiwanese media, it seems that Foxconn’s CEO Terry Guo is not particularly pleased by the efficiency of the company’s new Foxbots as they have failed to meet his expectations. Apparently the first-gen Foxbots fell short in terms of efficiency and flexibility Read full post →Foxconn’s Foxbots Reportedly Not Performing Up To Scratch

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ios 8It was just last week when Apple released iOS 8 to the masses. An initial report had revealed that iOS 8’s adoption rate was significantly slower compared to iOS 7 from 2013, and now thanks to a new report courtesy of Mixpanel, Appsee, and Chitika, it seems that iOS 8’s adoption rate is continuing to lag behind.

While it has been less than a week since its release, it has been reported that iOS 8’s adoption rate is currently at around 30%. This is compared to iOS 7 which managed to nab a whopping 52% market share within its first week. However we suppose this is to be expected as iOS 7 was a much more drastic change compared to iOS 8. Read full post →iOS 8 Adoption Rate Sitting At Around 30%, Still Lower Than iOS 7

beats music 640x480According to an earlier report, it was suggested that Apple could be thinking about shutting down Beats Music. On one hand it would not have been a ludicrous idea as Apple’s acquisitions are typically acqui-hires where Apple usually wants the people or the technology involved, not so much the end product.

That being said we’re sure this piece of news can’t have sat well with many of you guys out there who might have already paid for Beats Music subscription. Well the good news is that it looks like the rumors weren’t true after all. This is according to Tom Neumayr, an Apple PR rep who told the folks at Re/code that the rumor was not true. Read full post →Apple Not Killing Off Beats Music, Could See Rebranding Instead

iphone 61 640x637Prior to the iPhone 6 being launched, it was speculated that the new iPhones could be shipped with reversible USB cables and new chargers that would support faster charging. Unfortunately both the rumors fell flat on their faces, although in the case of the latter, it was somewhat true.

According to the folks at iLounge, they discovered that the new iPhones have been equipped with the necessary hardware that would allow them to support 2.1A charging, thus allowing them to be charged faster which makes sense as both phones do feature larger batteries. However it was also discovered that unfortunately Apple has only include a 1A charger in the box. Read full post →Apple’s New iPhones Will Support 2.1A Charging

ipod classic views 640x388A couple of weeks ago during Apple’s announcement of their new iPhones, it seems that Apple had also quietly removed the iPod Classic from their stores at the same time. Given that the iPod Classic is about 7 years old now and hasn’t really seen an updates since, we guess this was to be expected.

That being said, how does the father of the iPod, Nest’s Tony Fadell, feel about the discontinuation of the device? For those unfamiliar, Fadell used to work at Apple and is known for helping to create the original iPod from way back in the day. He had also at one point in time tried to push for the use of the iPod’s software in the first-gen iPhone. Read full post →Tony Fadell Comments On The Discontinuation Of The iPod Classic

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Well this is interesting. According to a new report Apple is mulling over a possible decision to shut down Beats Music, the music streaming service it got as a packaged deal when it purchased Beats earlier this year. Apparently many engineers have been shifted from Beats Music to other projects at Apple, such as iTunes, but it is not known for sure right now when the service will bite the dust. TechCrunch reported this possibility today citing “several prominent employees” at both Apple and Beats.

Read full post →Apple May Kill Beats Music

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Football fans are spoilt for choice this month as demos of two separate football titles have been released. The FIFA 15 demo has already been released and today we are treated to the Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 demo for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and the Xbox 360. The demo was expected to be released for players across Europe yesterday but it didn’t come up, today the demo went live across Asia.

Read full post →PES 2015 Demo Released In Several Regions

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iOS 8 was released last week and already users have started complaining about issues they are facing after updating to the new iteration. This behavior is not unusual for a new major software update and whatever kinks are surfacing now will surely be taken care of in future incremental updates. Another behavior usually seen after a major software release is a bump in crash rates and iOS 8 is no different. iOS 8 crash rate is reportedly 78 percent higher than that of iOS 7.

Read full post →iOS 8 Crash Rate Found To Be Higher Than iOS 7

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Apple’s first wearable device was unveiled earlier this month. We had been hearing rumors about the iWatch but instead the company decided to call it the Apple Watch. The company showed off its design and features but if you want to get your hands on one you’ll have to wait until next year. In the meantime it appears that the company’s engineers have been tasked with testing the Apple Watch out in the real world, at least two people have spotted Apple engineers sporting the wearable device out and about.

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