If you’re on Facebook and you have your birthday listed, there’s a very good chance that once a year, your Facebook page will be flooded with posts from your friends, colleagues, and relatives wishing you a happy birthday. However this can get rather messy if there are a ton of messages, which is why Facebook wants to streamline the process. Read full post →Facebook Will Recap Your Birthday Messages With A Video

whatsapp-blackberry-q10There are several services and online websites that require users to have two-factor authentication. A good example would be banks where you might be required to key in a one-time code to verify you are who you say who are when making purchases online, or when trying to transfer funds to someone else. Read full post →Two-Factor Authentication Could Be Coming To WhatsApp

facebook_whatsapp_icons-1Thinking that deleting your WhatsApp chat is good enough to erase it from existence? Maybe if you’re trying to hide a conversation from someone not so tech savvy, we guess maybe it could work, but for those who are more skilled, like law enforcement agencies or security researchers, it seems that your deleted chats aren’t 100% deleted. Read full post →Your Deleted WhatsApp Chats Aren’t Completely Deleted

htc nexusBuild quality has always been one of the criterias that customers look at when shopping for phones, especially with metal builds that used to indicate a more premium handset. That being said if you still favor metal as your choice of material for your phone, you might be interested in this piece of information regarding HTC’s rumored Nexus handsets. Read full post →HTC Marlin & Sailfish Handsets Made Of Different Materials [Rumor]

gtx 970When you buy a smartphone or tablet that says it will come with X amount of storage, but when you check and it’s actually less due to preinstalled apps plus the operating system, do you think that the company is deceiving its customers? Or do you accept that technically it’s true that it did come with X amount of storage, but some of it was used for other apps? Read full post →NVIDIA’s GTX 970 Class-Action Lawsuit Finally Comes To An End

Wireless chargers aren’t new, and for the most part they’re pretty boring. Granted they are wireless, but the fact that you need a charging mat/base kind of kills it. While we’re still waiting on “true” wireless charging tech to become mainstream, if you’re in the market for an alternative then perhaps OvRcharge might be worth checking out. Read full post →This Wireless Charger Will Also Levitate Your Phone At The Same Time

The Xbox One and PS4 have different specs from each other, meaning that the way a game looks on one console might not necessarily be the same on the other. Of course developers aim to try and reduce the differences as much as possible so as to not show any favoritism, but sometimes the differences are pretty obvious. Read full post →Rise Of The Tomb Raider PS4 Gameplay Trailer Released

htc_marlinThe rumors are saying that HTC could be working on at least two Nexus phones this year: the Sailfish and Marlin. Now earlier a rendering of the Sailfish made its way online and was based on information told to Android Police, and now thanks to the folks at TechDroider, renderings of the Marlin have now been revealed. Read full post →This Is What The HTC Nexus ‘Marlin’ Could Look Like

Last week we brought you word that Blizzard was planning a new Hearthstone adventure that they would be unveiling this week. The speculation was that based on the invitation that Blizzard sent out that it could be based in Karazhan, an area in the Warcraft universe and also where Medivh, one of the key characters in the lore used to reside. Read full post →Hearthstone’s New Adventure ‘One Night In Karazhan’ Announced

rotary-inputOne of the features of the Apple Watch is its digital crown. Before the Apple Watch, smartwatches were mostly interacted with by touching its screen, however the digital crown on the Apple Watch provided users with another way of interacting with their smartwatch. However could the digital crown make its way to future Apple products? Read full post →Apple Patent Envisions A Digital For iOS Devices