iphone-7-bottomIs Apple envisioning a future in which all our devices are pretty much completely port-free? With the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Apple has removed the headphone jack. With the 12-inch Retina MacBook, Apple has furnished the laptop with a single USB-C port, and last we heard, Apple could be considering removing the headphone jack from the MacBook as well. Read full post →Could Apple Be Looking To Remove The Lightning Port Next?

ios-10-adoptionLast we heard, within a week iOS 10 has managed to be installed on nearly a third of iOS devices. So now that we’re about 2 weeks since iOS 10 was released to the masses, how is Apple’s latest platform faring? Turns out it is doing surprisingly well, or at least that’s based on Mixpanel’s iOS 10 adoption tracker (via MacRumors). Read full post →iOS 10 Installed On Nearly Half Of iOS Devices

whatsapp-logo-newIf you use WhatsApp, you will probably have heard that the company has recently updated its policy where they will now collect and share your data with Facebook. Obviously this has not gone down well with users, and over in India, the country’s high court have ordered the company to delete the data of users who opted out of the privacy policy changes. Read full post →WhatsApp Will Not Comply With India’s Request To Delete Users Data

skype-callkitThere are plenty of VOIP apps around, and they all have their own dialers and interfaces which is fine, but sometimes it can be a little confusing when you hear your phone ringing and see a different phone UI compared to the one that your operating system uses. Apple has tried to remedy this with CallKit, and the latest version of Skype will be taking advantage of that. Read full post →Latest Skype Update For iOS Integrates Itself Into The iOS Phone UI

apple-watch-2-rose-goldThe Apple Watch might be marketed as a lifestyle product or a fitness product, but if there’s one thing we’re sure Apple did not envision, is that it could be used in the F&B industry, which is exactly what New York City restauranteur Danny Meyer plans to do when he will be equipping his staff with Apple Watches. Read full post →New York Restaurant To Equip Its Staff With The Apple Watch

bb-passport-whiteThe BlackBerry Passport was a pretty unique device in terms of its design and its features. It was also the last time we saw BlackBerry launch a BlackBerry 10 smartphone before transitioning to Android with the BlackBerry Priv. However we’re sure some of you guys might be wondering, why didn’t BlackBerry just build an Android version of the Passport? Read full post →This Is Why There Wasn’t An Android Version Of The BlackBerry Passport

When Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, it caused quite a stir. It even prompted this prank video that taught users how to get the headphone jack back by drilling a hole into their new devices, which obviously ended badly for those who actually followed through with it. Read full post →This iPhone 7 Case Will Give Users Back The Headphone Jack (For Real)

spotify_desktop_transparentSpotify has been available for a long time in many countries, but Japan has one of the markets that the music streaming platform has not been available in, or at least until now where the company has announced that starting this Thursday, residents in Japan will be able to subscribe to their music streaming service. Read full post →Spotify Finally Makes Their Way To Japan

Yesterday BlackBerry made the official announcement that they would no longer be remaining in the hardware business. Instead the company will be focusing on software development, and will also be licensing its brand so that other companies can make BlackBerry devices in the future. It sounded like like this was pretty much the end, at least as far BlackBerry-designed phones are concerned. Read full post →John Chen Reassures That The QWERTY BlackBerry Will Live On

Image credit - Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Image credit – Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Have you ever tried searching for something on Google, only to have the search results return some pretty shady-sounding links? Yup, we’ve all been there, and now it seems that during the 10th annual McAfee Most Dangerous Celebrities study, Intel Security has found actress/comedian Amy Schumer to be the most dangerous celebrity to search for. Read full post →Amy Schumer Is The Most Dangerous Celebrity To Search For