All White Canon EOS 100D Announced For The UKBack in 2013, Canon announced the EOS 100D DSLR camera. The camera is pretty small as far as DSLRs are concerned but we guess it makes it easier to carry compared to the higher-end professional cameras which tend to be much bigger and heavier. That being said, it seems that Canon has an exclusive model that they have announced in the UK in the form of an all-white EOS 100D camera which you can see pictured above.

As you can see in the image above, the entire camera has been painted white, save for certain parts of the camera, but safe to that pretty much the entire camera has been given a new coat of paint which we have to say is pretty striking. We can only imagine that it will look pretty good and sleek in the snow, especially if you’re trying to camouflage the camera.
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Lumia Icon Power Button Unresponsive After Windows Phone 8.1 UpdateWindows Phone 8.1 has yet to be released to the masses. As it stands only a Developer Preview has been released but at the same time, we’re sure more than a fair share of Windows Phone users have downloaded it anyway. That being said it seems that there are reports of how Windows Phone 8.1 has affected Nokia Lumia devices in a bad way.

According to reports, some Nokia Lumia users are experiencing issues with the power button. To be specific, the Lumia handsets affected are the Nokia Lumia Icon handsets where the power button is being unresponsive. Some have reported that it now takes about 2-3 presses of the power button in order to wake up the handset.
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Swedish Politicians Compete In A StarCraft 2 Tournament Against Each OtherStarCraft 2 is a great game to teach gamers about strategy. It’s also a way to study the effects of aging, and it seems like it can also be used as a platform to help raise awareness about politics as well as politics amongst gamers, or at least that’s what Swedish politicians had in mind when they took part in a StarCraft 2 tournament over the weekend.

According to a report from The Daily Dot, the tournament was played for fun and was meant to help “raise awareness about eSports in politics, and politics among gamers.” It’s called “Politikerstarcraft” and was created by Jonathan Rider Lundkvist, a member of the Swedish Pirate Party that was put together in 2006 to help focus on issues like net neutrality, censorship, copyright, and so on.
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Samsung Uses Eco friendly Packaging In Galaxy Series DevicesIn time to come, we will all go through the motions of replacing our aged devices with new ones, and that would mean sending our existing but well used smartphone to the digital graveyard, thinking that it is no longer our problem but the landfill’s. It will come back to haunt us, with all of the silicon junk piling up with nowhere else to go. Disposing it in an improper manner can lead to harmful effects on the environment and possibly health, so it is always good to get off on the right foot in the first place. Samsung has announced that they will expand applications for eco-friendly packaging in its Galaxy series of devices in order to reduce energy use and support the recycling of unused resources.

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Sony will be rolling out the PS4 update 1.70 really soon, and this is set to be a major system software update for your next generation console (that has recently passed the 7 million mark in terms of sales, by the way) which will see the introduction of some exciting new features which many gamers have been looking forward to. SHAREfactory would be one of those features, where it functions as a new rich video editor app for PS4 which makes it a snap to customize your gameplay videos.

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Missing Boy Found In Coin Operated Claw MachineA missing child is always a scary thought to have for any parent, and the long arm of the law, too, would pull all the stops just to make sure that both child and parent(s) are reunited at the end of a long search. In Nebraska, a mother called the police after she could not locate her son from her Lincoln home. According to the 24-year old mother, she figured out that her 3-year old son must have gone out of the unlocked apartment unnoticed, while she was in the bathroom. Guess where was the little toddler found in the end? In a coin operated claw machine, that’s where!

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Maxpad Windows 8.1 PC TV LaunchedApek of Brazil (coincidentally, the word “Apek” also means “uncle” in the Malay archipelago) has just launched a large screen Windows 8.1-powered PC-TV that is called Maxpad. Not the most exciting of names, this I know, but if it works, then why not? Large sized touchscreen Windows 8 PCs have gone on sale before, but majority of these, if not all, have mainly targeted the business market. Well, the Maxpad from Apek will arrive in three sizes – 39”, 50” and 64.5” models, where all three of them feature touchscreen displays at Full HD resolution.

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Life without music is not worth living at all, at here we are with more details concerning the Mi.Mu gloves that we talked about not too long ago. Sure, there are 16 days left to go with slightly more than 33% of the funds required been raised, which means that time is running out from turning this into reality. Basically, Imogen Heap, the company behind the Mi.Mu gloves for music is looking for supporters who have an interest in owning a pair of these puppies, but would just want to be part of the ‘queue’ so to speak by pledging £10 before Imogen Heap discovers how to manufacture these bad boys for a cheaper price point and in a more efficient manner, and that would take some time – maybe up to a couple of years from now.

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MIT Looks At Floating Nuclear Plants I am quite sure that the 2011 earthquake and tsunami double whammy that struck Japan still remains fresh in the minds of many, especially when the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant was at the heart of the disaster, resulting in contamination that has yet to fully run its course. The after effects of the disasters, including the lack of cooling for the reactor cores in particular, is a major contributor to the environment’s groaning all around. Is there a safer way to house a nuclear plant? MIT professors Jacopo Buongiorno, Michael Golay, and Neil Todreas, working alongside others from MIT, the University of Wisconsin, and Chicago Bridge and Iron, a major nuclear plant and offshore platform construction company, are exploring the possibility of designing a nuclear plant that is built on floating platforms.

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