If you truly wanted to stop people from looking at your feed, the only option was to make your account private. Even if you blocked someone, if your account was public, they just needed to bring up your account in a private browser window to access the entire feed. Instagram is now testing a feature that will provide users with public accounts with some more control over who can see their feed.
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This isn’t the first we’re hearing of a Bixby-powered smart speaker from Samsung. The company is believed to have developed an Amazon Echo rival of its own. The Wall Street Journal reports today that Samsung’s Bixby smart speaker is set to arrive in a few weeks. The report even gives us an idea of what this product might cost and what might it be able to do.
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Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is shuffling things around over in Mountain View. The smart home device maker Nest which previously operated as an independent entity under Alphabet will now be operating under the team responsible for Google’s Home devices. Subsequently, Nest CEO Marwan Fawaz is stepping down.
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High-end audio company Bang & Olufsen has decided to phase out its B&O Play sub-brand. The company now prefers to sell all of its products under the primary Bang & Olufsen brand. This may help alleviate confusion as the Bang & Olufsen brand has long been associated with quality audio products. Customers who were perhaps not aware that B&O Play was indeed the company’s sub-brand may have unintentionally avoided purchasing its products.
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Every year without fail, Samsung will release a new Galaxy S phone which is part of the company’s flagship lineup of smartphones. This year gave us the Galaxy S9, and next year we expect that there will be the Galaxy S10.

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Your smartphones are about to get more durable. Corning’s Gorilla Glass is widely used in the industry for the cover glass on consumer mobile devices. The company today announced Gorilla Glass 6 which it says is the most durable cover glass to date. It improves upon the Gorilla Glass 5 by not only surviving drops from higher heights but also surviving mutiple drops.
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LG is due to launch a new flagship-level smartphone later this year that will take on the likes of the Galaxy Note 9 and Apple’s new iPhone. A new report from South Korea states that the LG V40 ThinQ is going to be released in October 2018. LG will reportedly release the handset ahead of the new iPhones in a bid to effectively compete with the market darling.
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Microsoft today confirmed that it will be attending the gamescom convention in Cologne this August. The company will bring a great lineup of games from developers across the globe. It will host a special episode of Inside Xbox which will be broadcast live from its Xbox booth in the Koelnmesse. Also on the agenda for gamescom 2018 is “all-new Xbox hardware,” according to Microsoft.
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Google has received a record-breaking fine of €4.3 billion or $5 billion by regulators in the European Union. The European Commission has held that Google has abused the market dominance of Android in three main areas. The company bundles its search engine and Chrome apps into Android, blocks smartphone manufacturers from making devices that run on forked versions of Android, and that it “made payments to certain large manufacturers and mobile network operators” in order to bundle the Google search app exclusively on smartphones.
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A detailed investigation by Motherboard has revealed that hackers can find their way around SMS-based two-factor authentication by stealing a target’s phone number and reassigning it to a different SIM card. They can then use it to reset passwords and sell stolen accounts online for bitcoin. Instagram has now confirmed that it’s developing a safer, non-SMS-based two-factor authentication system.
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