Apple is not due to unveil new iPhones until the fall this year but that doesn’t mean that the wheels aren’t already in motion to get everything ready in time for mass production. A new report claims that Apple’s primary chip partner, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. or TSMC, is going to start volume production of the A11 processor in next month. This chip is going to debut with the iPhone 7s and iPhone 8.
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Apple has long been said to have an interest in augmented reality, even the company has hinted that much, and considering that it hasn’t done anything to bring the joys of virtual reality to iPhone owners it may be more interested in the other technology. According to a new report, Apple is now “stepping up its efforts” by setting aside more resources for development with the idea of eventually shifting it from a research project to an actual consumer product.
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Wells Fargo today announced that it has become the first large bank in the United States to upgrade its entire fleet of ATMs with card-free account access through the One Time Access Code technology. It now offers more than 13,000 card-free ATMs for its more than 20 million mobile customers. Moreover, the company has also confirmed that Apple Pay-based ATM transactions will go live later this year.
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Microsoft released Cortana for rival platforms a long time ago. For the past few months, it has been running tests that give Cortana a presence on the Android lock screen. The tests appear to have gone off well because the company has now decided to launch the feature to the public. Cortana has now arrived on the Android lock screen.
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The Facebook Messenger team today announced a new way for users to share their location in Messenger. The new Live Location feature is being rolled out globally for users on both iOS and Android starting today. It will make it simple and seamless for users to choose to share their location with their friends and family.
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OnePlus recently launched a special edition of its OnePlus 3T handset that was branded as the colette edition. The handset was only sold at colette, the luxury retailer in Paris. It featured the retailer’s branding and only 250 units were made available to those who were in Paris to went there just to get their hands on one. The color scheme of this handset really appealed to OnePlus fans to demanded that the company make more and it has agreed to do so. The OnePlus 3T Midnight Black is going to be available for purchase at midnight EDT tonight. It won’t have the colette branding.
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Over the past few years, we’ve seen smartphone manufacturers push the envelope on design by opting to develop smartphones with minimal bezels. One such example is the Mi Mix from Xiaomi. If the leaks are to be believed, the upcoming Galaxy S8 is going to be a fine example of this as well. Being one of the fastest growing smartphone companies on the planet, how can Huawei stay out of this? The company has revealed that it’s working on a nearly bezel-less smartphone.
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Samsung has millions of Galaxy Note 7 units lying in warehouses as it had to recall the units it had shipped after it decided to discontinue the handset merely weeks into the launch due to battery issues. The company has since figured out what caused the handset to catch fire for no apparent reason. It has now confirmed that the Galaxy Note 7 will be making a comeback as a refurbished smartphone.
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All companies have different ways of testing their phones, such as its batteries. However following the snafu last year that was the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7, it seems that companies are now starting to emphasize the safety of their batteries. In fact according to a report from The Investor, LG has detailed the various ways they test the batteries for the LG G6. Read full post →LG Details How They Test The Batteries For The LG G6

We suppose compared to the PS4 Pro or maybe even Project Scorpio from Microsoft (based on what we know), the Nintendo Switch isn’t exactly what you would call a powerhouse. However then again Nintendo has never really been one to focus a lot on power, but it seems that had it not been for Capcom, the Switch might have come in even more underpowered. Read full post →Capcom Convinced Nintendo To Increase The Switch’s RAM