blackphone2Do you remember Silent Circle? The company might not ring a bell, but when you bring into the picture the security-oriented Blackphone, then surely you would remember what that is all about. Well, Silent Circle has just unveiled a couple of new handsets, in addition to what they have dubbed as “the world’s first enterprise privacy platform.”

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idol3[MWC 2015] Alcatel is normally not the most sought after name when it comes to new smartphone releases, but this does not mean that the company is not flamboyant. No sir, their past offerings have, in fact, featured some brightly colored handsets – and the new Alcatel IDOL 3 happens to come packed with best-in-class components as well as software – or so they claim.

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OrangeKlif[MWC 2015] You might think that just about everyone has a smartphone these days, and accompanying the smartphone would be a corresponding data plan in order for you to maximize the handset’s capabilities. Well, having said that, this particular trend might be true in developed countries, but emerging markets might still have a large segment of the population that are more occupied with bread and butter issues as opposed to figuring out which is the best data plan for one’s handset. Having said that, the new Alcatel Orange Klif has been announced, where it’s main focus is to bring accessible Internet to the masses.

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zte-grand-s3The Samsung Galaxy S5, before it was released, did experience a fair number of rumors, where one of them actually involves a built-in eye scanner. Well, the Galaxy S5 came and went, and there was no eye scanner integrated within. Having said that, here we are with the newly revealed ZTE Grand S3 that will boast of an actual eye scanner – now how about that for a feature in a flagship smartphone that cannot be found in majority of other handsets?

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Samsung has recently accepted Movius Corporation, as an official Silver Partner under Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP). For those who don’t know, Movius is the global leader in mobile identities and converged messaging solutions and in a bid to mutually promote each other, Samsung has agreed to showcase Movius’ myIDs Secure  with Samsung KNOX at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain as Movius’s PR has just announced.

Movius is the industry’s leading mobile solutions provider that offers multi-line and messaging capabilities on a single SIM card, as well as enterprise split billing capabilities for both voice and data. Which in another word, allow corporation’s employees to split the bill between personal and work claimable. Furthermore, as said in the PR release, it is the only mobile multiple identity solutions vendor to offer high quality of service through both VoIP and circuit switching, resulting in uninterrupted, clear communications and usage based on minutes instead of data. Read full post →Movius’ myIDs Secure To Be Shown With Samsung KNOX At MWC

windowsinsider[MWC 2015] It was on stage in Barcelona at this year’s MWC that Microsoft’s Stephen Elop made mention on how their Windows 10 Insiders program has racked up over 2.8 million users – which is an impressive figure by any means. After all, it was just at the end of January this year that we saw the number of Windows 10 Insiders swell by a cool half a million in a matter of 8 days, so this just goes to show how strong interest is in the program.

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5g-nokia-docomoSome time in May last year, we did talk about how NTT DoCoMo of Japan intends to test out 5G technology – which was obviously a kind of technology that existing hardware among consumer electronics users are unable to support just yet. Well, here we are with word that NTT DoCoMo has partnered with Nokia Networks for the standardization of 5G technology, where this partnership will explore and harness the potential of Nokia Networks mmWave technology in the 70 GHz spectrum band.

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There is a new sheriff in town, Bradley Horowitz, a seasoned Google vice president of product has just announced via Google+ (of course), that he will take on the new lead position for Google Photos and Streams; two products the outcome of the Google+ splitting up.

“Just wanted to confirm that the rumors are true — I’m excited to be running Google’s Photos and Streams products!” Horowitz said in a post Sunday. “It’s important to me that these changes are properly understood to be positive improvements to both our products and how they reach users.” Read full post →Google+ Splits Into Google Photos and Streams

street-view-jungleGoogle has certainly dipped its fingers in a wide range of industries, including the vision of a self-driving car, but this time around, the Internet search giant has ventured into a place where it is virtually impossible for a regular car to make a trek through – right at the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Basically, the folks over at Google have attached a Google camera on zipwire, and upon letting it go, this particular camera is capable of achieving speeds of up to 100 km/h (62 mph) on its zip wire journey.

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nue_N100_purpleAudience, the company renowned for its audio-processing chips is going to the next level by using its Neuroscience intellectual property (IP) to provide smartphones with a higher level of context-awareness, thanks to the interpretation of data from sensors embedded into the phone. Increased awareness may lead to even smarter devices that know when you’re holding them, or when they can turn off functions to save power in ways that were not obvious before. Read full post →Audience N100 Chip Aims At Natural User Experience