starbucks cardsGift cards are handy if you don’t know what to buy someone. It can also be used like a prepaid system like iTunes Gift Cards where you can purchase a $50 card for yourself and limit your app purchases to that amount. However it seems that security research Egor Homakov has found a way to hack the Starbucks gift card to create unlimited amounts of money.

According to Homakov (via Business Insider), he claims that this is done by exploiting a bug in payments software systems known as “race conditions”. There’s a bunch of code involved in explaining how this works, but basically it involves transferring the money from one card to the other and because of the bug, he found out how to increase the amount which in turn let him transfer more than what he really had. Read full post →Man Hacks Starbucks Gift Card, Creates Money Out Of Thin Air

BlackBerry-LogoblaWhile it is possible that BlackBerry could one day find themselves performing like how they used to in their glory days, it certainly does not look that way at the moment. In fact the company which is known for its handsets has recently announced that they will be laying off an undisclosed number of employees in their device division.

The layoffs are part of the company’s strategy in which they will be refocusing their efforts towards the development of smartphone software and applications. It is also part of their goal to increase its margins which in turn will help to fuel its growth, which is actually an interesting direction that the Canadian company is headed towards. Read full post →BlackBerry To Layoff Some Employees In Its Device Business

If you love cars, racing, and just random acts of destruction, then Mad Max: Fury Road is a movie you’ll want to check out. Let’s not forget the movie also features a pretty impressive cast of actors and actresses, such as Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, and Nicholas Hoult. That being said YouTuber Kris Sundberg has decided that the trailer of the movie could use a rework, and that’s exactly what he did.

Given that the trailer of the movie featured a lot of car chase scenes and cars being blown up, tossed in the air, and so on, Sundberg decided that a mashup with Nintendo’s Mario Kart was a good idea and we have to admit that it is hilarious. The trailer features parts of the movie interspersed with elements from the Mario Kart game. Read full post →Mad Max Meets Mario Kart In Hilarious Mashup

etsyAmazon is a great place to go if you’re looking for more mainstream commercial goods, but if you’re after some handcrafted or unique, then chances are you will turn to Etsy which plays host to a ton of independent artists who sells handmade goods on its website, ranging from fashion, to toys, to accessories for your smartphone, and so on.

However according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Amazon might be thinking of taking Etsy on with a new platform called Amazon Handmade. Apparently this is according to emails that Etsy sellers have been receiving from Amazon, inviting them to test out Amazon’s upcoming Handmade marketplace. Read full post →Amazon Handmade Wants To Take On Etsy

As gamers might recall, a couple of weeks ago Konami took P.T. down from the PlayStation Store. The company also later confirmed that Silent Hills had been officially cancelled, but this does not mean that P.T. has to die off completely, does it? Well as it turns out it doesn’t as P.T. has been remade in none other than Minecraft.

In the video above you can watch the folks at Eurogamer playthrough the Minecraft version of the game. Surprisingly despite the Minecraft version being more blocky and cartoony, there is still a rather scary element to it. Perhaps we’re just recalling the original game which is why it still feels a bit scary, but that being said this fanmade version is pretty close to the real thing. Read full post →P.T. Recreated In Minecraft, Surprisingly Just As Scary

800X-headset3There are plenty of gaming headphones available in the market at the moment, but when it comes to gaming, a few brands pop into mind and Turtle Beach is one of them. Now if you’re an Xbox gamer looking for a new pair of headphones, then you might be pleased to learn that the company has recently announced the Elite 800X pair of headphones.

This headset has been designed specifically designed for the Microsoft Xbox One console in mind. The company even goes as far as calling one of the most advanced gaming headsets ever launched and based on its specs, it certainly looks and (hopefully) sounds like quite a monster. Read full post →Turtle Beach Elite 800X Headphones Announced

If you ever want to feel old, you should know that Pac-Man, an all-time arcade classic and favorite, has recently turned 35 years old. Yes, there are probably some of us who weren’t even born when Pac-Man was first introduced, and there are probably some of us who were in our teens when the game was launched.

That being said the game is getting a makeover in celebration of its 35th birthday. The folks at Bandai Namco have recently tapped developers Hipster Whale to recreate the game. The end result is a title called Pac-Man 256 which is based on the original game’s infamous glitch at level 256. Read full post →Bandai Celebrates Pac-Man’s 35th Birthday With New Pac-Man 256 Game

chrome_for_androidWe’re sure there are many users out there who rely on Google’s Chrome browser for their Android devices. After all with it being able to sync with the desktop version and its deep ties and integration with Google’s services, it is only natural that heavy users of Google’s products and services can see the benefits of using Chrome.

However it isn’t necessarily the perfect browser, but what if you wanted a Chrome-like browser without the issues? Wouldn’t that be ideal? As it turns your wish could be granted. Google’s Chrome Android Software Engineer Aurimas Liutikas has recently announced on Reddit (via OMG! Chrome!) that the Chrome browser for Android is almost entirely an open source platform. Read full post →Chrome For Android Is Almost Entirely Open Source

philips ledApple’s iBeacon platform is one of the ways that many believe will change the way we do our shopping in stores. Basically for those unfamiliar with the technology, it uses Bluetooth to detect when a customer is nearby, which in turn could prompt them on their phone with announcements such as discounts on a particular food product, and so on.

However Philips might have something up their sleeves too with the company’s LED bulbs which can also be used as an indoor navigation system. Recently over in France, a Carrefour supermarket has become the testing ground of Philips’ LED navigation system. How it works is that the LED bulbs can transmit codes via light waves. Read full post →Philips Uses LEDs To Guide Shoppers Indoors

appletv-hbo-go-watchespnOne of the perks of subscribing to cable TV or using devices like Roku, Amazon’s Fire TV, or the Apple TV is that you get access to non-local content and content on demand, which is kind of why customers choose to subscribe to such services to begin with. However it seems that Apple could be thinking of working backwards.

According to a report from Re/code, it has been suggested that Apple is thinking about including local TV stations in its upcoming Apple TV refresh. The idea behind it is that it will help distinguish the Apple TV from the competition as we’re sure that there are customers out there who don’t mind on-demand content but wouldn’t mind having the option of switching to local TV stations too. Read full post →Apple Rumored To Include Local TV Stations In Upcoming Apple TV