nestle pepperRobots do seem to be all over the news these days, as they continue in their quest to help out humanity with a various number of chores and work, including making your regular morning cup of joe. Having said that, Nestle is not a brand that one would connect the dots to see it involved in the world of technology, apart from Android 4.4 KitKat, but here they are with their efforts at closing sales in public – through the help of a robot known as Pepper.

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A new Call of Duty title is on the horizon so its understandable why a new trailer has been released, it’s not uncommon to pump up the hype a few days before the release. However this trailer isn’t like every other trailer, its actually a live action trailer which makes everything seem a bit more real and believable.

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london police crimeThis is going to sound all too familiar, and credit to for the image of Tom Cruise in the movie, Minority Report, above. In that utopian fantasy world, crime rates were virtually zero – since they have thought police in the future who could arrest someone based on the intent and possibility of commiting a crime – even before it happens. Well, the London police might be going down a similar path, as they test out a new system which would enable them to figure out who is most likely to commit a crime before the dastardly action is carried out. Not quite Minority Report standard just yet, since this predictive technology does not cover regular joes, but rather, it will target gang members.

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targeted chemo brainWhen it comes to the presence of intracranial neoplasms, those do happen to carry a negative reputation by the simple fact that they are extremely notorious to “kill”. One of the major issues would be the problem of delivering chemo drugs to the brain. At the moment, one of the most common methods would be to inject such compounds into the blood stream, and fingers crossed that the injected compounds would arrive at the targeted area to do its job – while minimizing the amount of damage to the body. The blood-brain barrier is another obstacle that prevents maximum effectiveness for chemotherapy to “attack” intracranial tumors, but all of this could be relegated to a thing of the past soon. Researchers from MIT, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Johns Hopkins University have come up with small, implantable capsules which are capable of releasing chemo agents straight into the brain.

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ios 8.1 main

The jailbreak community isn’t as active as it used to be back in the day nevertheless Pangu made some ripples last week with its release of an iOS 8.1 jailbreak. This Chinese team released the first jailbreak for iOS 8.1 even though it was meant for developers mostly and didn’t even include Cydia, which is considered as an alternate App Store for jailbroken devices. Today the Pangu team has said that they may release an updated version of their iOS 8.1 jailbreak tomorrow with Cydia baked in.

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os31 river restaurantOS31, a British design firm, has managed to win the bid to construct a restaurant. However, what makes this hotly contested winning bid all the more interesting would be the location of this particular restaurant, since it is meant to be located in one of the coldest places worldwide. Those living in Manitoba, Canada, would know how it can be too cold to do anything outdoors during winter, but OS31 has been tasked to come up with a pop-up restaurant on a frozen river during winter. This is one of the most ambitious plans to date, and we would like to think that the success of setting up a proper building over a frozen river is an engineering feat worth applauding – and celebrated.

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If you happen to follow developments in the world of gaming then you would be aware that a new Assassin’s Creed title is being launched in the near future. What many did not know until today is that Unity isn’t just limited to the period of the French Revolution. A trailer for the title released today shows a very surprising plot twist that folks looking out for this game might not have even expected.

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skin patchMore often than now, a blood sample is required when it comes to diagnosing a slew of diseases, and I would like to think that this is a necessary evil. After all, being jabbed with a needle is not everyone’s cup of tea for sure, and children are not the only ones averse to this. In addition, obtaining blood samples would require the presence of trained staff in the vicinity, which can be a rare commodity in underdeveloped nations. A bunch of Australian researchers with Simon R. Corrie of the University of Queensland at the helm have come up with a skin patch which could soon open the doors to an easier and pain-free method of obtaining blood samples to diagnose a particular medical condition.

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galaxy note edge t mobile 640x323
Last month Samsung unveiled another device alongside the Galaxy Note 4. It was the Galaxy Note Edge which was described by the company as a “limited edition concept device.” So one can understand that it wouldn’t be widely available like the Galaxy Note 4. However it looks like all four major U.S. carriers will offer this device at some point and particularly T-Mobile might release the Galaxy Note Edge on November 14th.
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driveclub white ps4
Evolution Studios’ Driveclub was supposed to be launched alongside the PlayStation 4 last year as a launch title but its release was delayed by well over a year. A couple of weeks back Driveclub was finally released but it immediately hit some bumps. Server issues frustrated many players who were trying to enjoy the title’s online gaming features, which is something that the developer takes pride in. Because of those issues it has been decided that Driveclub PS Plus edition release will be postponed.
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