lg watch rIt was earlier this morning that we were talking about how LG hinted at a round smartwatch in a new teaser image, and here we are with the official reveal of the LG G Watch R, which we are quite sure will make an appearance over at IFA 2014 in Berlin, Germany, early next month. One can also assume that this is a response to Samsung’s Gear S timepiece, going to show how competitive both South Korean companies are.

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twitter logoAnything that can be measured, can be improved – or so the saying goes. For those of you out there who love to keep track on just how your social media accounts are doing, here we are with word that Twitter has rolled out its analytic dashboard to the masses, which means it is no longer restricted to just marketers, verified users and Twitter Card publishers.

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windows 8.1 updateMicrosoft has decided to introduce, or should we say, reintroduce a patch that was removed earlier this month after that installation of that patch resulted in boot failures. Needless to say, whatever bugs that were in there have been squashed as promised, so all should be smooth sailing from now on – fingers crossed, that is. In the kernel-mode security update KB2982791, there were a trio of known issues, where among them include the locking down of the fonts folder in Windows, the incorrect rendering of system fonts on Windows 8, 8.1, 8.1 RT and Server 2012 R2.

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3dprinted mac piWhile I am quite sure that many of us have come up with our very own computer building projects in the past, how many of us have actually thought about printing a computer that we can call our own? Enter the 3D Printed Mac Pi, where this unique 3D printing project will actually be able to hold a Raspberry Pi as well as carry a 2.8” TFT display. Such a tiny display does not mean that it is a pushover – it is capable of emulating Mac OS 7 in order to run old school Mac Apps, where the open-source design happens to be free to download and modify. If you are interested in picking up the 3D Printed Mac Pi, it would be a decent DIY weekend project for those who are interested in electronics and 3D printing.

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gear sFor those of you who love to jump aboard the bandwagon of whatever is the next big thing in the world of consumer electronics, then you will surely be pleased to hear that Samsung’s Gear S would definitely help enhance your smart wearable experience, and for the better to boot. After all, the Samsung Gear S does arrive with a beautiful curved design that is combined with 3G connectivity so that you will never run short of being hooked up to the virtual world.

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intel modemIntel, the leader in semiconductors, has added another feather to their burgeoning cap with the introduction of a brand new 3G modem that is so tiny, it only measures 300 sq mm in size, now how about that? If you were to compare that to something that the ordinary man on the street is able to identify, then using a penny as a physical comparison would be just about right.

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tmobile signMost of us probably take our hearing for granted. We buy new smartphones, headphones, and subscribe to music streaming services without giving it much thought, but when you are hearing impaired, suddenly you have fewer options that you would like. Now a few years ago, the FCC found that T-Mobile had “willfully and repeatedly” failed to comply with rules that required carriers offer customers a certain number of hearing aid compatible handsets. Read full post →T-Mobile’s $819,000 Fine By The FCC Has Been Finalized

htc desire 510htJust yesterday we reported that the HTC Desire 510 had been announced. The handset’s specs might not necessarily be the most impressive, nor its build quality, but it does pack Qualcomm’s 64-bit chipset which is a nice addition to an otherwise low-mid range handset. Now at that time of posting, it was suggested that the phone might only see a release in Europe and Asia.

Well the good news for those of us living stateside is that it looks like the phone will be making its way to several US carriers as well. This was confirmed in a recent tweet by HTC USA who revealed that the HTC Desire 510 will be making its way to carriers such as Sprint, Virgin Mobile, Cricket, and Boost. Read full post →HTC Desire To Arrive On Sprint, Cricket, Boost, Virgin

It’s always a good idea to backup your phone’s data every now and then because you never know what could happen. You could misplace it, drop it in the toilet, have it run over by a car, and etc., so always having a backup means that your data will always be up to date, or at least as close to up to date as possible.

Backing up your phone is not hard as all you’d need to do is plug it to a computer, but what if you are on holiday and you don’t have access to a computer? It would suck to lose all your holiday photos in one go, wouldn’t it? Well that’s where the bleep smart charging cable comes in. The bleed smart charging cable is your standard micro USD charging cable, except that it also comes with built-in storage that can backup your data at the same time. Read full post →The Bleep Cable Will Charge Your Device While Backing Up Your Data

sleekeysIf you happen to work on your tablet a whole lot more compared to a notebook, then you would surely have an accessory that will include a keyboard of sorts – it surely makes life easier if there is a huge document that you need to crank out within the shortest time possible. Here is a Kickstarter project that you might want to check out – the SleeKeys, which is an iPad keyboard that works without the need for any kind of electricity or Bluetooth connectivity.

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