wilson-x-connected-footballSports too, is getting smarter and smarter – and so is the case with Wilson’s latest X Connected Football which will follow in the footsteps of its smart basketball that was released some time ago. With this X Connected Football, you will be able to measure your performance with the pigskin as it figures out just how well you toss the ball, letting your statistics compare with those of your friends so that all post-game comments and arguments about who has left their best on the field can be put to rest with real, definable statistics.

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google_self_driving_car_prototypeGoogle’s experiment with their self-driving car has certainly come a long way from being made legal in California a few years back, and it seems that the tech giant wants their autonomous vehicles (which have already been tested in Kirkland and Austin) to live an untethered life, too, as there are plans to include wireless charging capability for their self-driving vehicles. IEEE Spectrum has apparently stumbled upon not one, but a couple of FCC filings concerning Google’s entrance into resonant magnetic induction, which could spell the beginning of such an idea for their self-driving cars.

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sony xperia z5So you are looking forward to picking up Sony’s latest flagship model, the Xperia Z5 over here in the US after waiting for quite some time already, having been taken in by reports of its amazing camera performance in addition to its Snapdragon 810 chipset that works perfectly fine without overheating. Well, good news if you fall into that category – the Xperia Z5 as well as Z5 Compact will hit the US from the 7th of February onward, where the first retailers to carry the latest Sony flagship handsets are Best Buy, B&H, and Amazon.com.

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While the Amazon Echo might have launched as a speaker with assistant capabilities, it seems that Amazon has been on a spree as of late, introducing new features and capabilities to the speaker that we can only imagine will make it extremely invaluable in the future. For example recently it has been updated to stream music from Spotify and order a pizza. Read full post →Amazon Echo Can Now Order You An Uber

h1z1 just surviveH1Z1 is an interesting game. It has been described as a zombie survival MMO and over the years since it was launched, we have seen many gamers attempt various social experiments in the game, which admittedly is rather interesting to watch since this isn’t your typical MMO like World of Warcraft. Read full post →H1Z1 Will Be Spun-Off Into Two Separate Games

steam_lunar_saleThere are parts of Asia in which the Lunar New Year is a big deal, and for some, it also means holidays. The good news is that if you are off for the Lunar New Year, you will be pleased to learn that Valve has launched a Lunar New Year for Steam. This is actually rather surprising given that Valve hasn’t exactly celebrated the holidays before, but hey, win-win! Read full post →Steam Launches Sale For The Lunar New Year

tmobile-signLast year T-Mobile launched an upgrade program called SCORE!. The idea behind SCORE! is that by paying $5 a month, you would be able to upgrade your phone to another, and potentially newer model every 6 months. The only downside to this program is that it seems to apply to entry-level handsets, so for those who desire higher-end devices, this isn’t the program for you. Read full post →T-Mobile SCORE! Program Is Being Discontinued

htc-one-m9-live-3Last week Sprint’s HTC One M8 started to receive its Android 6.0 Marshmallow update. During that time, HTC’s VP of Product Management Mo Versi also confirmed that the update for the HTC One M9 was also in the works and would most likely be released the following week. Turns out he was right. Read full post →Sprint’s HTC One M9 Receiving Android Marshmallow Update

pinkipodtouchIs the iPhone 5se real? With the flop of the iPhone 5c, many would have assumed Apple might have taken away something from that lesson, but recent rumors have suggested that the phone could be launched as early as next month. Now assuming that’s true, a report from Macotakara (via MacRumors) has revealed additional details. Read full post →Bright Pink Option Rumored For The iPhone 5se

htc-vive-pre-user-guideWhenever a particular product is about to be released to the masses, you can be sure that there will be a fair number of leaks that abound, especially those which have proven themselves to be popular among the masses. And as for these leaks, they tend to hail from two sources – the company itself as a teaser, or from an insider who’s got the scoop. HTC decided to take up the mantle of the leak this time around by revealing the user manual for their HTC Vive PRE VR headset.

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