canon cine servo 50 1000  04While I was roaming the floor of Inter Bee 2014, a high-end broadcast trade show in Japan, I spotted a demo camera equipped with Canon’s latest monster 50-1000mm lens which was announced a little less than one month ago under the “Canon CINE-SERVO 50-1000mm T5.0-8.9 Ultra-Telephoto Zoom” name. Although it also exists in Canon EOS EF mount (as well as PL), this is a lens primarily designed to shoot movies instead of still photos. It is marketed under the CINE SERVO line, and you will probably not order it from Amazon.

Read full post →$78000 High-End Canon 50-1000mm Lens: Eyes-On

atomos shogun interbee 2014Earlier this year, there was a lot of excitement about the upcoming arrival of an external 4K video recorder that could connect directly to an HDMI output from a camera like the Sony A7s or the Panasonic GH4: the Atomos Shogun 4K was then shown as a pre-production prototype. 4K Enthusiasts were waiting for something like this because using an external 4K encoder gives extra options in terms of battery and processing power available to the 4K encoding. Read full post →Atomos Shogun Add-On 4K Recorder Now A Product

adidasDo you fancy yourself as being a good photographer? Would you like to wear your photos? Well if you think you take great photos, or if you know where to get your hands on great photos, you might be interested to learn that Adidas has brought their miZX Flux service over to the US. For those who are unfamiliar, this was a service announced earlier this year.

It basically allows Adidas’ customers to pick a photo from their phone via an accompanying iOS or Android app, and then imprint it onto a shoe (they can move the photo around to position it the way they want). After they’ve done that, they can get Adidas to custom print the shoe for them where the prices start at $110. Read full post →Adidas Brings Shoe Printing Services Stateside

google logo 2011 10 25Rockstar is a tech consortium that is comprised of companies such as Apple, BlackBerry, Ericsson, Microsoft, and Sony. The consortium was originally formed to purchase Nortel’s patents when they declared their bankruptcy, but in 2013, the consortium also decided to use the patents they bought to go after the likes of Google for alleged patent infringement.

Google, safe to say, wasn’t too happy about it and while we would have expected some long and drawn out legal battle, it looks like it could be already at an end. According to a recent filing submitted to the US District Court of the Eastern District of Texas, it seems that Google and the Rockstar Consortium have agreed to settle their dispute whose details have unsurprisingly not be made known to the public. Read full post →Google And Rockstar Consortium To End Legal Dispute

iphone6plusshippingimprovements 640x446The iPhone 6 Plus has been facing supply constraints for quite a while now, with customers previously being quoted an estimated shipping time of anywhere between 2-3 weeks. Well the good news is that it looks like Apple finally has a handle on things because shipping times appear to have improved.

According to reports, it seems that the iPhone 6 Plus is now being listed on Apple’s website as having an estimated shipping time of 7-10 days. However we should note that this only applies to the 16GB model. For those who want the 64GB model, it looks like you guys will still have to wait 2-3 weeks, and for those who had their eye on the 128GB model, you could be looking at almost a month. Read full post →16GB iPhone 6 Plus Sees Improved Estimated Shipping Times

idevice smoke detector 640x209With iOS 8, Apple announced their interest in making their way into your home via the HomeKit framework. It’s an interesting move given that former Apple employee and father of the iPod Tony Fadell has made waves with his company Nest and their own home automation products, which was made even more interesting when they were bought up by Google whom many consider to be Apple’s rival.

That being said, could Apple be thinking about entering the home automation market with products of their own? Well according to a recently discovered patent, it seems like it, although instead of building a completely brand new product, the patent talks about leveraging existing products like iPhones, iPads, and so on which could act as smoke detectors. Read full post →Apple Patent Turns iDevices Into Smoke Detectors

applovin iphone 6 split 640x427When Apple’s new iPhones were released, the initial numbers showed that the iPhone 6 clearly outsold the iPhone 6 Plus, which was a bit odd as you would have thought that many customers would have gone for the larger iPhone. However it turns out it was an issue of availability of the iPhone 6 Plus that caused the numbers to skew.

In fact a recent report revealed that the iPhone 6 Plus is now outselling the iPhone 6 by a factor of 3-to-1. That being said, is there a particular demographic that might actually prefer the larger iPhone to the smaller one? Well according to a report from AppLovin (via MacRumors), it seems the iPhone 6 Plus is more favored in Asian countries. Read full post →iPhone 6 Plus Found To Be More Favored In Asian Countries

Earlier today Corning announced Gorilla Glass 4, the latest version of Gorilla Glass which we can only imagine will be tougher than its predecessors. However exactly how tough is it? To what extent will we need to abuse our smartphones/tablets with a Gorilla Glass 4 display until it actually breaks?

Well if you’re curious, the folks at MythBusters have been hired by Corning to test the strength of their Gorilla Glass series of glasses. It’s part promotion, part entertainment, and part fact as well as the videos go through the history of glass and the various innovations made over the years, especially from the likes of Corning. Read full post →Corning’s Glass Put To The Test By The MythBusters

ios 811 iphone4s 640x211When Apple rolled out iOS 8 a few months ago, it seems that many iPhone 4S owners were advised to not bother with the update due to performance issues. It was found that the update to iOS 8 slowed the device down considerably, but with iOS 8.1.1, Apple is claiming that this should breathe some new life into older devices, the iPhone 4S included.

So the question is, is this for real or is it just Apple talking big? Well the folks at Ars Technica decided to put it to the test (they also did the initial test for iOS 8 on the iPhone 4S) and found out that there really were performance improvements post-iOS 8.1.1. As you can see in the table above, they compare how long it takes for apps to launch on the iPhone 4S. Read full post →iOS 8.1.1′s Claims Of Performance Improvements Put To The Test

poo bus 640x388So we have hybrid vehicles that uses both fuel and electricity to power itself, and then we have pure electric vehicles that does not rely on fuel but will require constant charging with a limited range, but are there alternatives that is able to rely on renewable energy sources? Well, how does the idea of your car being powered by poo sound to you?

While we’ve yet to see that idea take off for regular cars, over in the UK, the country’s first “poo bus” has been put into rotation and will be ferrying passengers between Bristol and Bath. The bus will be the first of its kind in the UK and will rely on biomethane gas that is emitted from the treatment of sewage and other waste provided by the Bristol sewage works. Read full post →Eco-friendly Bus In The UK Will Be Powered By Poo