If there is one thing we’ve noticed that a lot of phone manufacturers do, such as Samsung, is that they tend to keep the better hardware and software features to its flagship handsets, meaning that if you’re shopping on a budget, then there could be quite a few things you’ll be missing out on. Read full post →2018 Samsung Galaxy A Series Rumored To Feature Bixby Button

Whenever new phones are announced, a lot of the attention is focused on things like the handset’s design, display vividness, resolution, size, camera megapixels, processor speed, and so on. However not much attention is paid to the speakers, although with the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, Apple did emphasize on how its new speakers would be louder than before. Read full post →iPhone 7 VS iPhone 8 Speaker Volume Test

A couple of weeks ago, Apple announced their latest Apple TV which has the ability to playback videos in 4K, something that Apple TV users have been asking Apple for for the longest time, and the company finally delivered where users can expect to enjoy 4K videos from the likes of iTunes and Netflix. Read full post →Apple’s New Apple TV Won’t Play YouTube In 4K

Image credit – Square Enix

Recently it was reported that Square Enix was apparently exploring ways to bring Final Fantasy XV onto the Nintendo Switch, or at least that was according to the game’s director Hajime Tabata. However it turns out that maybe gamers shouldn’t hold their breath for the game just yet. Read full post →No Official Plans For Final Fantasy XV For The Switch Yet

Image Credit – Joseph Xu, Michigan Engineering Communications & Marketing

There are several ways that doctors can spot cancer cells, but given that there are billions, if not trillions of cells, this could take a while, and could slow down the treatment process, or in some instances doctors might miss it entirely. However thanks to efforts by researchers at the University of Michigan (via Engadget), that could change thanks to this chip. Read full post →This Maze-Like Chip Can Spot Aggressive Cancer Cells

Apple’s Find My iPhone feature is meant to be a recovery feature of sorts, where if you’ve misplaced your iPhone, you will be able to locate it using the feature. Unfortunately it seems that in recent times, hackers have managed to exploit the feature and in turn have been locking Mac users out from their computers unless they pay the ransom. Read full post →Hackers Exploiting ‘Find My iPhone’ To Remotely Lock Mac Computers

So Bose recently unveiled the new QC35 II headphones which comes with Google Assistant built into them. However if you’re not really in the market for a pair of over-ear headphones, then you might be interested to learn that the company has also recently unveiled their new SoundSport Free wireless earbuds. Read full post →Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Earbuds Announced

Image credit – Daimler

We’re sure many of us have experienced this while driving, where cars coming from the other side of the road might have headlights that are too bright and can blind us while we are driving due to the glare. This is annoying and especially dangerous if the road you are traveling on is narrow or dark and you are unfamiliar with it. Read full post →Mercedes Develops Smarter Headlights That Won’t Blind Other Drivers

With iOS 11, Apple has introduced a bunch of new features to the iPhone and iPad devices. One of those features is to allow users to make a quick call to emergency services where if you press the lock button five times in a row, you will be greeted by a screen that lets you power the device off or to call emergency services. Read full post →Toronto Police Asking iPhone Users Not To Test iOS 11’s 911 Feature

Want to know if someone on Instagram is following you? One way to go about doing this would be to check your followers list, but in case you’re someone who has thousands of followers, not to worry because it looks like Instagram is finally testing out a feature that many reckon is long overdue. Read full post →Instagram Testing Out ‘Follows You’ Feature On Android