smart-scarf-2Microsoft’s interesting in the wearables market is well-known. Just last year we saw Microsoft launch the Microsoft Band fitness wearable, and during their Windows 10 presentation this month the company also unveiled the HoloLens headset, and now it looks like the company is continuing to explore the types of wearables that could be possible in the future.

During a presentation at a conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction at Stanford University, researchers at Microsoft showed off what appeared to be a scarf. It wasn’t a regular scarf but a smart scarf which basically acted as a proof of concept as to the different ways that people could physically interact with technology. Read full post →Microsoft Demonstrates Smart Scarf With Swappable Modules

taiwan kidsHow often have we gone out and see tables where there are families seated, but no one is talking to one another and everyone is either playing with their phone or their tablet. Or maybe you even do that yourselves, which is admittedly rather anti-social behavior. Granted it is something of a social faux pas, but over in Taiwan you could actually be fined for it.

According to a report from Taiwan’s ETTV (via Kotaku), Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan (basically the country’s version of Congress) approved new regulations that would fine the parents of children under 18 who have been found to spend too much time on electronic devices, with the heaviest fine set around $1,600. Read full post →Kids Spending Too Much Time On Their Phones? Taiwan’s New Regulation Could Impose A Fine

samsung logoLast we heard, Samsung was planning on reducing their smartphone portfolio by as much as 30% in 2015. This is meant to help the company reduce their costs and to improve their profit margins, but if recent trademarks filed by Samsung are anything to go by, it certainly looks like the South Korean tech giant is not slowing down.

According to recently discovered trademarks, Samsung has filed for trademarks for four new devices. They are the Samsung Galaxy E3, the Galaxy J3, the Galaxy J5, and the Galaxy J7. Unfortunately it is unclear as to what we might be able to expect from Samsung with regards to these phones. Read full post →Samsung Trademarks Galaxy E3, J3, J5, J7 Names

selfie-camWe’re sure many World of Warcraft gamers are looking forward to getting their hands on Patch 6.1, and why is this? Well for starters Patch 6.1 will finally introduce the updated Blood Elf models which is one of the last races in the game to receive its updated textures and animation. The patch is also expected to introduce an Heirloom tab and also a new method of purchasing Heirlooms in the game.

However what makes Patch 6.1 interesting, or rather novel, is that Blizzard will be introducing a selfie camera to the game. Yes, you read that right, and no it is not one of Blizzard’s April Fools jokes, this is the real deal. The selfie camera is basically an item that will let you snap selfies in the game. To obtain it, gamers will need to complete a Follower Mission which is about 4 hours long and costs 20 Garrison Resources. Read full post →Patch 6.1 For World Of Warcraft Lets Players Take Selfies

viberLet’s face it, we’ve all received calls from people that we wish we could block, and while that might be a feature available on other VoIP apps, unfortunately such a feature was not available for Viber users on the Windows Phone platform, but the good news is that the app has been recently updated with some new features, and call blocking is one of them. Read full post →Viber For Windows Phone Updated With Number Blocking And More

farcry4Sometimes purchasing games from non-authorized retailers could cause some problems, which is what some Far Cry 4 gamers are experiencing at the moment. According to the complaints, some gamers are claiming that their digital copies of Far Cry 4 have been deleted from their Uplay accounts.

However it turns out that the gamers affected by this are the ones who bought the game from storefronts like G2Play and G2A. To make things worse, it seems that Ubisoft wants nothing to do with the issue at hand and have asked gamers to contact the original seller, as opposed to offering a refund or credit or some kind of solution. Read full post →G2Play-Bought Far Cry 4 Digital Copies Deleted From Uplay Accounts

10545-2835-140919-A8-lApple and Samsung don’t exactly have the best relationship. Granted their lawsuits against one another have stopped gracing the headlines as of late, but it is safe to assume that their relationship will never be the same again. However if the rumors are to be believed, it looks like Apple will still need to rely on Samsung for future A-series processors.

According to the latest rumors, word on the street has it that for the upcoming A9 chipset, Apple could be relying heavily on Samsung for them. Samsung is said to supply 75% of Apple’s A9 chipset where presumably the remaining will be supplied by TSMC. The A9 chipset is also said to be produced at the company’s factory in Austin, Texas. Read full post →Samsung To Produce 75% Of Apple’s A9 Chipsets [Rumor]

There are some phones out there that come with expandable memory where you can pop in a microSD card and you’re good to go. Then there are some phones where the memory is fixed so you will have to decide carefully on how much space you will need before buying it, otherwise you’re pretty much stuck.

The good news is that perhaps you won’t have to make that choice in the future, thanks to a smartphone case called the ExoDrive. The ExoDrive is basically a smartphone case that accepts microSD cards. When connected to your phone, it will give you extra storage based on the size of the microSD card that you popped inside. Read full post →ExoDrive Is A Smartphone Case With A MicroSD Card Slot

ipad_pro_4The iPad Pro, if the rumors are to be believed, is an upcoming iPad from Apple. However unlike the regular iPad or the iPad mini, the iPad Pro will actually feature a larger display which according to the rumors could be anywhere between 12-inches to 12.9-inches. It also has a feature which Apple has avoided all along – a stylus.

While it’s anyone’s guess as to what the tablet could look like, designer Martin Hajek has thrown together a few renders of what he thinks the device could look like, at least based on what we know so far, as well as taking some creative liberties. Hajek has been known for creating some pretty realistic renders of potential Apple products so his work should not be unfamiliar to you guys. Read full post →iPad Pro Concept With Stylus Shows What The Tablet Could Look Like

whatsapp callsThere have been various hints that WhatsApp could be gaining voice calling functionality but until now we have yet to see the feature launch. Last we heard it would only arrive in 2015, but when exactly? Early? Middle? Late? Well for those hoping it would be early, you could get your wish, thanks to a sighting of a folder in the latest build of WhatsApp for Android. Read full post →WhatsApp Calls Could Be Coming Soon, Reference Spotted In Latest Update