uber carMost of the issues faced by passengers of Uber’s services have usually been driver-related, but imagine if you could eliminate drivers from the equation, wouldn’t that make the service much more reliable? As it turns out this is something that Uber is considering. According to a report from the Pittsburgh Business Times, Uber’s test car was spotted on the roads of Pittsburgh recently.

On the side of the vehicle, the words “Uber Advanced Technologies Center” were spotted as well, giving away its identity. A statement provided by Uber spokeswoman Sarah Maxwell reads, “This vehicle is part of our early research efforts regarding mapping, safety and autonomy systems.” It should be noted that this isn’t a self-driving car (yet) but a vehicle that Uber uses for its research purposes. Read full post →Uber Moves One Step Closer To Creating Self-Driving Cars

swattingBy now we’re sure most of you guys have heard of the term “swatting” which is basically where the instigator calls the police claiming to have done something wrong and serious, and spoofing/giving them the address of their victim, in which an armed police team will storm that house to try and diffuse the situation, only to find out that it was a prank call.

Now this is an extremely dangerous prank as feelings are tense and the wrong move could result in an innocent person being shot. Recently in Canada, a 17-year old teen was arrested and has pleaded guilty to 23 counts of swatting and making false police reports. Based on a report by Canada’s Tri-City News, it seems that most of his victims were female gamers who declined or ignored his friend requests on games such as League of Legends or on Twitter. Read full post →Canadian Teen Pleads Guilty To 23 Counts Of Swatting

google-maps-update-1Earlier this week Google Maps came under fire when it was discovered that typing in a racial slur in the search box would zoom into the White House in Washington D.C. and also yielded results for Nairobi, Kenya. This snafu came about a month after the previous scandal in which a user used Google’s Map Maker tool to upload an offensive image to the service.

In all fairness this isn’t really Google’s fault per se, but rather its users who have abused the system which depends on user contributions to help expand Google Map’s features and functionality. However at the same time Google has since come forward and apologized for the screw ups all the same. Read full post →Google Apologizes For Recent Google Maps Incidents

iPhone-6-review-7Apple’s iPhones are typically announced in September followed by  a release a couple of weeks later, but all of this could change this year. According to a report from the China Post, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has seemingly confirmed that the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus could be unveiled slightly earlier this year.

This corroborates an earlier report in which it was also suggested that this year’s iPhone could see an earlier-than-expected announcement. As for the release of the phone, Kuo states that he believes its release will be followed about a month after its announcement. We suppose to be fair, this kind of balances it out as iPhones are usually released two weeks after its announcement, so waiting a month makes up for its earlier announcement. Read full post →KGI Securities Analyst “Confirms” August iPhone Announcement


If there’s one thing that Google is good at, it is that they can suggest things you might be interested in checking out based on what you have searched for in the past. This has manifested itself in ads and also Android’s Google Now cards that displays news and announcements that Google thinks you might be interested in.

Now it seems that Firefox wants a crack at that market and come next week, users of the latest Firefox beta should be able to look forward to “Suggested” tiles appearing whenever they open a new tab. How does this work? Firefox’s suggested tiles will be based on your browsing history, so if it detects that you might have been searching for new cameras, it could start displaying tiles for photography news websites, or retailers, and so on. Read full post →Firefox’s Suggested Tiles Ads Will Be Based On Browsing History

iphone_16gbWith the introduction of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple did away with the 32GB model and introduced a 128GB model. This meant that users could only choose between 16GB models, 64GB models, and 128GB models. Now anyone who has ever used an iPhone knows that 16GB won’t get you very far, which is why it isn’t surprising that Apple might want to discontinue that model in the future as well.

This is according to a report from Trendforce (via G 4 Games) who revealed that there is a possibility that Apple might do away with the 16GB model for future iPhones. In its place it seems that Apple could be bringing back the 32GB model which will act as the entry-level model for would-be iPhone customers. It is unclear if the price will remain the same but either way we suppose this is good news for iPhone customers. Read full post →Apple Could Discontinue 16GB iPhone Models In The Future [Rumor]

nexus-9-review-7There have been talks that HTC could be developing a low-end 7-inch tablet codenamed the HTC H7 and it looks like those rumors are starting to gain traction, especially in light of new evidence which seems to suggest that the tablet is real. According to recent sightings, the device has been spotted on Zauba, an Indian import/export website.

The listing makes specific reference to the HTC H7 tablet and as the name implies, it will feature a 7-inch display. The listing also reveals some of its specs, such as its 1.2GHz quad-core chipset, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, dual SIM capabilities. Unfortunately the make and model of the processor remains unknown. Read full post →7-inch HTC Tablet Spotted On Indian Import/Export Website

photoshop_touchFor photographers who love editing photos on the go, there are a ton of apps that they can choose from, although given the popularity of Adobe’s software on the desktop, it isn’t surprising that many might go for Adobe’s mobile apps such as Photoshop Touch. Unfortunately it seems that Adobe will be discontinuing the app come 28th of May.

According to a blog post on Adobe’s website, “Sometimes building for the future means we need to make hard choices and today I am also announcing that we are discontinuing Photoshop Touch. For those of you who have been using Photoshop Touch, thank you and please continue creating amazing work with it; while it will no longer be available in stores as of May 28th and we won’t ship further updates, it will remain completely functional on your devices for the foreseeable future.” Read full post →Adobe Pulling Photoshop Touch From App Stores

facebook-chat-idDue to how easy it is to add people as friends on Facebook, sometimes you have no idea who it was that just messaged you. It could have been a friend of a friend you met once months ago, or it could be someone you met at an event who recently found your Facebook profile. That being said instead of making conversations awkward by you acting confused, Facebook Messenger wants to change that.

Facebook has recently pushed out an update for its Messenger app where it will now display biograhpical information about the person you’re chatting with at the top. This information will be displayed when chatting with someone for the first time who might not be on your friend’s list, or for people whom you’ve not chat with in a long time. Read full post →Facebook Messenger Will Show Bio On People Who Aren’t Your Friends

If you’re in the market for a new tablet and don’t need anything particularly fancy, as long as it is able to do the job, then perhaps you might be interested in a tablet that AT&T has recently launched. The carrier has recently announced that come 29th of May, customers will be able to get their hands on the LG G Pad F 8.0.

It is a rather inexpensive tablet priced at $149.99 with a two-year contract, or alternatively customers could opt for the interest-free installment plan which is priced at $12.50 a month. Granted this adds up to more at the end of the contract, but at $12.50 a month it certainly makes it a lot more accessible to the masses who might not be able to shell out $150 upfront. Read full post →LG G Pad F 8.0 To Launch On AT&T 29th May