The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active has yet to be confirmed, but given Samsung’s history of releasing “Active” variants of its flagships, we wouldn’t be surprised if they were to release one this year. In fact there have been some leaks that reveal that the phone is indeed in the works, and now leaked photos of the phone have made their way online. Read full post →Alleged Photos Of The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Surface

If there is one thing that veteran World of Warcraft players love to complain about, it would be how easy Blizzard is making the game these days, especially for newbies who are playing it for the first time. However can you really blame Blizzard? After all with subscribers on the decline, they’re trying to make it as accessible as possible. Read full post →World Of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Gets Its Own Legacy Server

The Mass Effect trilogy is a much beloved franchise but unfortunately for BioWare, what many were hoping for in a new chapter in Mass Effect: Andromeda kind of proved to be a bust. While it was by no means terrible, it did not exactly live up to the expectations that many were hoping for given the success of its predecessors. Read full post →Grand Theft Auto V’s 2017 Sales Have Surpassed Mass Effect: Andromeda

Apple has long touted the abilities of its AI assistant Siri ever since it was first unveiled to the public many years ago. However despite showing off what Siri could do on stage, real-life usage hasn’t exactly been 100% similar, leaving behind the impression that Siri isn’t quite as good as the competition. Read full post →The Rock Meets Siri In New Ad

Given that phones these days vary more in features and design rather than specs, sometimes it’s not surprising to see companies “recycle” certain hardware specs for newer devices. A good example would be the recently announced LG Q8 which based on its specs, sounds like it is essentially a smaller, waterproof version of the LG V20. Read full post →LG Q8 Is A Smaller, Waterproof Version Of The LG V20

As with most Blizzard games, gamers have the choice of purchasing the “regular” game, or a deluxe version of the game that usually comes bundled with several in-game goodies. In the case of Overwatch, Blizzard has a “Game of the Year Edition” which is basically Overwatch plus a bunch of in-game items, as well as other in-game items for other Blizzard games. Read full post →Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition Will Be Getting Retail Release

Given how much data is being collected on us these days, it’s safe to say that privacy is considered to be a pretty big deal to many. This is why ad blockers are increasingly popular, as well as other apps and extensions meant to curb the amount of data that is being collected on us. Read full post →Mozilla’s Firefox Focus Has Hit 1 Million Downloads On Android

While many of us might be familiar with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s profession as an actor, he also does other work, such as running a production company called HitRecord. In fact the company has actually managed to land some pretty big name clients, such as LG in which they did marketing campaigns for the LG V10 and V20 in recent years. Read full post →LG & Joseph Gordon-Levitt Team Up For LG V30 Marketing Campaign

While the comments section for websites is immensely helpful for people look for feedback or to generate discussion, more often than not these days the comments section is filled with trolls, harassers, and spammers who are usually bots that post links to malicious websites for personal gain. Read full post →YouTubers Can Now Block Spam Comments Automatically

Dual camera smartphones are starting to become pretty commonplace these days. Depending on the goal of the manufacturer, these dual cameras can help users capture sharper, more dynamic images, or in some instances create a bokeh-like effect that mimics photos taken on DSLRs. Read full post →Dual Cameras Teased For The ASUS ZenFone 4