Time sure flies pretty quickly these days, and it has not been all that long since the flagship smartphones from Oppo, the Find 7 and Find 7a, were released, but they are starting to feel as though they aren’t able to duke it out with the best of them out there. Having said that, what you see above happens to be a video that teases the upcoming ColorOS Beta, which is a smooth user experience that happens to run on top of Google’s Android mobile operating system.

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livemapRussia’s Livemap has come up with a unique motorcycle helmet that is smart – where it will come equipped with voice control alongside delivering GPS navigation straight in your field of vision. In other words, as you ride, you will be able to see the directions in your helmet display, all without having to fiddle around with a different device, or to even take your eyes away from the road.

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‘Tis the season to give and be generous, and Joe Riquelme certainly lives up to the spirit of the Yuletide season, that is for sure. After all, Joe Riquelme happens to be the developer of the iOS app known as Videoshop, and it seems that over time, Riquelme has managed to earn enough from this particular app in order to pay off his parents’ mortgage – how filial is that?

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nokia-headquarters-logo-sign-001-630x472I know that the Lumia Denim update was released not too long ago, where it certainly came about as a welcome addition to anyone who owns a compatible handset that runs on the Windows Phone platform. Having said that, should your Nokia Lumia device run on software version 8.10.14219.341 or higher, your smartphone ought to be able to download the operating system update – and subsequent ones too, of course, to a microSD memory card, now how about that? This particular bit of information comes straight from the folks over at Microsoft, who recently put up the corresponding information on its own website.

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the-interviewEarlier this morning, we did bring you word on how Apple has released ‘The Interview’ over on iTunes, which opens up another avenue for the hugely controversial comedy that has drawn plenty of attention to itself – in addition to making Sony Pictures, the company behind the movie, to be hacked and having plenty of sensitive information leaked out along the way. Of course, now that a whole lot of the brou-ha-ha has already died down, ‘The Interview’ is slowly but surely making its way across numerous distribution channels. Being a straight-to-online film on iTunes for those living in the U.S. and Canada, it happens to be the best selling movie to date on that platform, too, now how about that for breaking records?

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twitter-loginI am quite sure that some of us have run into issues when it comes to signing in to Twitter for the past few hours, which means you are one who is unable to live without being connected to the Internet in some way or another for long. Having said that, the problem involving the Twitter sign in is not the case of something being wrong on your side, but rather, on Twitter’s side.

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us-internetEvery single town, county or city has its fair share of attractions – which is why there are people living there in the first place. However, some places have far more attractions that in other parts of the world, and for those who happen to live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In fact, being two steps – or rather, two years ahead of Google Fiber, US Internet intends to roll out a 10GBPS internet service.

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gmail-android-updateWe all know about the Great Wall of China – and I am sure that tech savvy folks, too, would have heard about the Great Firewall of China. Well, when it comes to Internet censorship, you can be sure that China is no stranger to it. In fact, we have received word that China has blocked access to Gmail on an IP level for a whole lot of its citizens – where theoretically speaking, it could amount up to 1.3 billion, although most likely that is not the case.

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name-marsIs this a case of much ado about nothing – or not? We have just come to know about how urine technology could be sent to Mars, the Red Planet, to help out in the Mars missions. According to Professor Gerardine Botte, the urine technology here happens to be an urine converter which is known as “GreenBox” for future Mars missions. GreenBox happens to be one of the finalists in a Mars One competition that intends to send new technologies over to our neighboring planet.

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lg-did-fridgeI know that refrigerators are not the most exciting home appliances to talk about, but here is an interesting idea from LG that has been made flesh, so to speak. We have heard about Picture-in-Picture before, but how about Door-in-Door? Yes, LG has just revealed the very first double Door-in-Door Mega-Capacity refrigerator that carries the model number LPXS34886C, where this bad boy is all set to be released next year.

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