moto-z-play-hands-on_09Motorola/Lenovo has just launched a new Moto Z phone called Moto Z Play. At the moment, we unit we have is a Verizon “Moto Z Play Droid”– but expect to find a GSM unlocked (and unsubsidized) version. The Moto Z Play has been designed to provide a premium experience and a very long-lasting battery life, for an affordable price. That is its “raison d’etre”, where the Moto Z is very thin, and the Moto Z Force is super-durable. Read full post →Moto Z Play Review: Big in Features, Small In Price


IO Interactive’s Hitman was initially supposed to get a physical release but it was later converted into an episodic series. This meant that a disc version would be released only when all of the episodes had been released. The studio today confirmed when it’s going to release Hitman: The Complete First Season. It will include all episodes of Season One as well as some additional content.

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lenovo-yoga-910_04The new Lenovo Yoga 910 is an update to the Lenovo Yoga 900 which was launched around the same time last year. At that time, we gave it a 10/10 in our Yoga 900 review because it was a great blend of performance, weight, and price, so it was a great “do it all” laptop in its size and price range. The Lenovo Yoga 910 builds up on this and pushes the concept even further. Read full post →Lenovo Yoga 910: Hands-On Review

lenovo-yoga-book--04Achieving efficient handwriting on a smartphone or tablet has been a dream of innovation teams around the world for decades, and Lenovo may have mastered it with its new Yoga Book.

The lightweight and ultra-thin Yoga Book is a 2-in-1 tablet that opens just like a book. On one side, you have the FHD 10.1-inch touch display and on the other side, there’s the virtual keyboard, dubbed the Halo Keyboard by Lenovo. With this super innovative computing machine, Lenovo re-invented the wheel for digital handwriting on a tablet, and here’s why: Read full post →Lenovo Yoga Book: Hands-On Review

lenovo-yoga-tab-3-plus_05The Yoga Tab Series is getting a new addition with the arrival of the Yoga Tab 3 Plus at IFA. Last year, Lenovo had introduced two models: a mid-range Yoga Tab 3, and a specialized Yoga Tab 3 Pro ($499). This year, the Yoga Tab 3 plus closes the gap and proposes a strong configuration, but without the projector. Read full post →Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus: Hands-On

Lenovo_Miix_510_5Not all hybrid devices are created equal. For example a lot of hybrids/convertibles we’ve seen are usually laptops with touchscreen displays that can spin around and turn into some kind of tablet. The only downside to such a design is that the bulk from the keyboard and innards of the laptop make for a rather hefty and bulky tablet. Read full post →Lenovo Miix 510 Launched With Detachable Keyboard

If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber the first thing you need to know is that Sony is raising the price of this subscription plan – here is everything you need to know about this hike. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at the PlayStation Plus free games for September 2016 that all subscribers are entitled to as part of their subscription.
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Nubia announced its new Z11 flagship smartphone at IFA 2016 today. It features a bezel-less design with several interesting features particularly related to mobile photography. The company claims that this handset provides users with the ability to take DSLR-grade images using their smartphones. That’s an ambitious claim and one that will certainly be put to the test by users across the globe.

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eve online
CCP Games today announced that it’s making a major change to EVE Online, its 13-year old PC MMO game. For the first time in the history of this game, players will be able to play EVE Online for free. The game has been tied to a subscription system ever since it was launched back in 2003 so it’s a big departure from the norm for CCP Games but it’s not like the company has made this decision without any rhyme or reason.
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Like many other networks, CBS also offers over-the-top streaming of its linear channel to those who are willing to pay for it. The streaming service is called CBS All Access and it provides access to live streaming of the channel as well as more than 7,500 episodes of on-demand content for $5.99 per month only because subscribers have to put up with commercials. It has now launched a commercial-free option that costs an additional $4 per month.
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