sharp-crystal-x-array-2Sharp is a company that many have come to associate with displays. The company creates display panels used by other companies, and they create them for their own use as well such as in their Sharp-branded TVs. However it seems that the TV market in the Americas region might be a bit too fierce for the company’s liking.

In a statement issued by Sharp, it looks like the Japanese display company will be exiting the Americas market following a deeper-than-expected quarterly loss, particularly due to its weak sales of smartphone displays. The company will also be selling off its TV manufacturing plant in Mexico and will license its brand to be used in the Americas by China’s Hisense Group. Read full post →Sharp To Exit The Americas TV Market

Remember a few years ago, scientists created a robot that had the ability to jump on water? That particular robot was created by scientists at China’s Harbin Institute of Technology, and it looks like scientists at the Seoul National University and Harvard University have joined forces to create a similar styled robot.

Similar to the water strider insect, scientists first studied how the insect was able to propel itself off the water. What they discovered was that the insects are pushing down on the water, but rather accelerate their legs so as not to break the water’s surface tension, and pulling their legs inward which helps increase the force of their push. Read full post →Scientists Create Water Strider-Like Robot That Can Jump On Water

sony gold teaserYesterday Sony’ Xperia Twitter account teased that they had something in the works, something about a way to capture photos in a split-second. It was accompanied by an image of what appeared to be some kind of gold liquid. As it turns out the image was a hint at today’s teaser because in their latest teaser, Sony mentions something about gold.

According to Sony, “Something golden is sparkling on the horizon.” Unfortunately apart from that rather cryptic message, we have no idea what Sony is going on about. It is possible that they might be referring to a new smartphone color option which wouldn’t be surprising, especially since gold seems to be the in thing in terms of color options these days. Read full post →Sony Xperia Twitter Teases Something In Gold Is Coming

Just yesterday, Rovio launched their latest Angry Birds game in the form of Angry Birds 2, which we suppose given the name could be considered to be a true sequel to the original, despite the fact that there have been various iterations and movie tie-ins of the game being launched over the past few years.

Now we had to wonder how well the game would do given that the franchise was getting a little old, but as it turns out we had nothing to worry about. In a recent tweet by the game’s developers, it looks like Angry Birds 2 has seen a whopping 1 million downloads in its first 12 hours, which is probably helped by the fact that it is free unlike the first version of the game. Read full post →Angry Birds 2 Sees 1 Million Downloads In 12 Hours

Remember last month we reported that there was a possibility of Ubisoft dropping the Wii U exclusivity of their game ZombiU? It looks like after the various sightings on ratings boards, Ubisoft has officially confirmed the game. Simply dubbed Zombi, the game will now be making its way onto the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

According to a recent post on Ubisoft’s website, the developer has confirmed that the game will no longer be an exclusive to Nintendo’s Wii U platform, thus leading to it dropping the “U” in its name. Given that the game already exists, we suppose creating a port will take less time than creating a brand new game, which is why come 18th of August, it will start to make its way to gamers on other platforms. Read full post →Zombi Officially Announced For The PS4, Xbox One, And PC

ms unlock patentWhen it comes to smartphone security, there is your usual variety of security options, such as implementing a passcode, using a pattern unlock, or as is the rage these days, using your fingerprint which appears to be one of the more secure ways at the moment. However it looks like Microsoft might have something else planned.

According to a recently discovered Microsoft patent (via WMPowerUser), it shows a gesture-based unlocking system which sounds simple enough, but how will it protect your phone? Basically it will protect your phone by detecting some very minute details about the way your fingers are positioned on the screen. Read full post →Microsoft Patents Gesture Unlock That Only Works For You

op2_invitesA couple of days ago we reported that the OnePlus 2 invite reservations had crossed the 800,000 mark. This is pretty impressive considering the handset was only announced recently. However it looks like that number has since increased and is now over the 1 million mark as you can see from OnePlus’ website.

However we should point out that this is just a reservation for the right to buy the phone, as opposed to being a pre-order. That being said the high amount of interest shown in the handset is a good sign for the company nonetheless. While the system might seem odd for some, it’s actually a pretty clever way of managing expectations. Read full post →OnePlus 2 Invite Reservations Have Are Now Over A Million

google-logo-2011-10-25As you might have heard, Google in Europe agreed that they would entertain requests for the right to be forgotten, basically giving internet users a chance to have information about themselves delisted on Google’s search pages. However as expected, this would only apply within the European region.

This meant that if you’re in the US or Asia or other regions, you will still be able to find said information. This did not sit well with France’s privacy watchdog CNIL would requested that Google delist those links on a global scale. However if you were hoping for CNIL’s request to be agreed upon, you would be out of luck as Google has basically rejected the idea. Read full post →Google Rejects France’s Request To Delist Links Globally

windows 10 updateYesterday we reported that according to unconfirmed numbers, it was suggested that Windows 10 had been installed on at least 10 million devices since it was released. It was unconfirmed so we couldn’t be sure if the numbers were true, or at least close to being true. As it turns out the numbers were almost on the mark.

According to a recent post on Microsoft’s Windows blog, the Redmond company has since confirmed that the number of devices that Windows 10 is installed on has in reality crossed the 14 million mark. Microsoft goes on to note that 14 million is just the tip of the iceberg as there are plenty of devices out there that are on their way to being upgraded. Read full post →Microsoft: Windows 10 Installed On Over 14 Million Devices

battlefield hardlineJust like how Activision has a new Call of Duty game every year, EA has a new Battlefield game on an annual basis as well. In fact this year EA released Battlefield Hardline. That being said the Battlefield franchise has been going on for a while now but it looks like EA is not done milking that cash cow just yet.

During the company’s latest investor call, the company’s CFO Blake Jorgensen revealed that a new Battlefield shooter would be making its way onto consoles come 2016. This was in response to a question asked about future core titles in which Jorgensen basically confirmed that a Battlefield game for 2016 was planned. Read full post →EA Confirms New Battlefield Title For 2016