For a brief period of time, selfie sticks were all the craze and we’re sure many of us were worried about how we’d be accidentally hit on the head and in the face by wielders of these accessories, but it seems that the trend has died down somewhat and they aren’t quite as prevalent as they once were. Read full post →Xiaomi Launches Selfie Stick With Detachable Bluetooth Remote

Smartphones these days for the most part come in a black/grey finish by default. Given how “safe” black or dark colors are, it’s really not that surprising. That being said as far as the LG G6 is concerned, there will be at least 3 different color options that will be offered, or at least that’s what a recent post by Evan Blass seems to suggest. Read full post →New Leak Shows LG G6 In Three Color Configurations

As you might have heard and seen by now, WhatsApp has decided to take its status updates to the next level by introducing “Stories”, a feature popularized by Snapchat, but was later copied onto Instagram and Facebook before arriving on the messaging platform. However in the process, regular text status updates were gone. Read full post →Text Status Updates Could Be Returning To WhatsApp

Think back maybe 10 years ago when you were younger. Can you remember how cringeworthy your usernames used to be? We bet many of you guys thought how clever or “cool” your handles were, but now that we’re all grown up a bit, suddenly they don’t seem that cool or clever anymore. Read full post →Twitch Will Let You Change Usernames Every 2 Months

Compact cameras used to seen as cheap and affordable cameras for the masses back in the day. However in recent years, camera manufacturers have recognized how there are consumers who want high-quality images without necessarily having to spend a lot of money on mirrorless or DSLR systems. Read full post →Nikon Still Has Plans For A High-End Compact Camera

If there is a reason why Amazon’s Alexa is garnering a lot of attention is because of Amazon’s decision to open up the platform to third-party developers. This means that Alexa’s abilities are just limited to what Amazon has decided to give it, but it is open to third-party developers who can now add skills of their own. Read full post →Amazon’s Alexa Now Boasts 10,000 Skills

Yesterday it was reported that Alphabet’s self-driving division Waymo filed a lawsuit against Otto and Uber, alleging the Otto stole Waymo’s lidar design to be used in their self-driving cars, and because Uber owns Otto, it seems that they were dragged along into the lawsuit. Unsurprisingly Uber has since responded with a statement of their own, denying any wrongdoing. Read full post →Uber Responds To Waymo’s Lawsuit Allegations

Earlier today we reported that due to a glitch, Google users were suddenly finding themselves signed out of their accounts, leading some to worry that they might have been hacked or if it could be some kind of security issue. Google has since assured users that is not the case, and coincidentally enough the same thing has been happening to Facebook users as well. Read full post →Facebook Users Are Finding Themselves Logged Out Of Their Accounts

If you love playing simulation games, RollerCoaster Tycoon is probably one of the more classic titles out there. The game had previously existed on PCs, but with mobile gaming starting to become more lucrative and viable, it didn’t really come as a surprise to see the franchise eventually find its way onto mobile. Read full post →‘RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch’ Has Been Launched On iOS

Earlier this year at CES 2017, LG took the wraps off their new LG Gram laptops. If you’re after a laptop that is light and easy to bring around with you, then perhaps these might be the laptops for you, and the good news is that they are now available for purchase where they are priced starting at $1,000. Read full post →LG’s Gram Laptops Are Now Available For Purchase