burning manIf you’ve ever seen photos of the Burning Man event, you will have realized that this is an event unlike any other. It seems to encourage all kinds of self-expression and according to the event’s description, it’s been called “an experiment in community, art, radical self-expression, and radical self-reliance.”

That being said, it seems that two companies that pride themselves in experiments are rumored to be interested in creating a permanent Burning Man. This is according to a report from NYMag who claims that Google’s Sergey Brin and Tesla’s Elon Musk have recently taken a tour of a property in Northern Nevada which could play home to a permanent community that houses the ideals and principles of Burning Man. Read full post →Google And Tesla Might Be Interested In Creating A Permanent Burning Man

ios 9 bannerWhen iOS 9 was announced, it was discovered that within Safari, Apple has allowed developers to create apps that could potentially block certain types of content from being displayed, such as ads, although we can only imagine the feature was probably designed to block potentially harmful media.

Unsurprisingly in a report from The Wall Street Journal, publishers aren’t too happy about the feature. Given how many iPhone owners there are in the world, implementing this feature could dramatically reduce the number of eyeballs looking at ads, which at the moment is estimated to be a $70 billion a year business. Read full post →Publishers Unhappy Over iOS 9’s Potential Ad Blocking Feature

lg watch urbane luxe_1Earlier this year the LG Watch Urbane was announced. This was probably the classiest smartwatch we’ve seen from LG and probably from other smartwatch makers as well, but it looks like LG will be taking it to an even higher level. The company has officially announced the LG Watch Urbane Luxe, which is basically a 23-karat gold version of the original.

This essentially confirms our earlier rumor that LG had a more premium version of the Watch Urbane in the works. The watch will be given the 23-karat gold treatment and will come with an alligator leather strap, and will be sold inside a piano-gloss lacquer case, which you can check out in the photos below. Read full post →23-Karat Gold LG Watch Urbane Luxe Announced

mortal kombat xWhen Mortal Kombat X was launched, it was announced that it would be arriving on last-gen consoles as well, like the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. However earlier this year we reported that its release was delayed to the summer, and now it looks like Warner Bros. has decided to cancel the launch on last-gen consoles entirely.

According to a post on the Warner Bros. forums, “After months of development, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has come to the regrettable conclusion that we cannot release Mortal Kombat X for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.” Apparently this had something to do with quality issues that they felt they were unable to meet. Read full post →Mortal Kombat X’s Release For Last-Gen Consoles Cancelled

apple tidalIt is no secret that all the music streaming services view each other as competitors, although the rivalry between Apple Music and TIDAL is interesting given that both services involve legends in the hip-hop scene, Dr. Dre and Jay-Z respectively. That being said, it seems that TIDAL has recently accused Apple of blocking its livestream of Drake’s recent performance.

Basically TIDAL was livestreaming a charity music event that helped to raise money for children affected by Hurricane Katrina. The entire event was livestreamed on TIDAL’s website, at least until Drake’s performance where they cut the stream and displayed the message above, which basically accuses Apple of interfering. Read full post →TIDAL Blames Apple For Blocking Livestream Of Drake’s Performance

The idea of attaching a camera to a drone is nothing new. However getting stable footage from a camera attached to a drone is a different story. Usually the resulting footage isn’t particularly stable due to movement from the drone, along with the vibrations, wind, and so on. Now thanks to a study by Stanford engineers, future drone cameras could be a lot more stable.

How is this possible, you ask? Through the study of swans. If you’ve ever seen swans take flight before, you’ll realize that despite the exaggerated body motions and flapping of wings, their necks remain relatively still and stable. By attempting to understand this process, the result is a more superior stabilization system. Read full post →Study Of Swans Could Lead To More Stable Drone Cameras

nexus 8_1We have been hearing the rumors that Google could be working on an 8-inch tablet which will (unsurprisingly) be known as the Nexus 8. In fact the device has allegedly been spotted on Geekbench 3 where some of its specs have been revealed. That being said if you’re wondering what the device looks like, it seems photos of it have surfaced.

We should point out that the photos are from China and are allegedly dummy units. This means that the device pictured isn’t the actual working Nexus 8 tablet, but rather a fake unit designed to resemble the tablet for promotional or just for measurements purposes. According to the measurements, the tablet is about 200mm in length which does fit an 8-inch 4:3 tablet nicely. Read full post →Alleged Google Nexus 8 Dummy Unit Spotted In China

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-5-17Our smartphone’s built-in speakers usually aren’t very loud. Also the way they are designed, usually placed on the rear of the phone or at the bottom means that watching videos can sometimes be a bit weird as the sound’s direction isn’t always ideal. If you’re the proud owner of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and you want to boost your audio, now you can.

Thanks to a mod created by XDA developer sshafranko, you will be able to create some kind of pseudo surround sound effect for your Galaxy Note 5. How does this work, you ask? Basically the mod will “force” your earpiece’s speaker to play sound as well, meaning that you will be getting sound played from the original speaker and the earpiece speaker at the same time. Read full post →Galaxy Note 5 Gets Surround Sound With Software Mod

spigen rose goldIt is largely assumed that the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will launch in at least three different colors: silver, space grey, and gold. However recent rumors have surfaced which has suggested that we can look forward to a rose gold option, and perhaps either basing this off the rumors or maybe they have some insider knowledge, Spigen has started teasing rose gold options too.

For those who are unfamiliar, Spigen is an accessory maker for smartphones. The company has in the past gotten ahead of themselves by publishing case designs for phones that have yet to be launched, so perhaps based on their track record, maybe they aren’t necessarily the most credible source. Read full post →Spigen Teases iPhone 6s/6s Plus Rose Gold Option

htc-one-m9-live-5Word has it that HTC has a new phone planned for later this year. This will supposedly be a high-end device and from what we know, the device has been given the codename “Aero”. Now thanks to a recent tweet by @evleaks, the device’s official name has been revealed to be the HTC One A9.

This will be the first time in recent years that HTC has deviated from M-series for a high-end handset which we can only assume is the company’s attempt at revitalising itself, especially in the face of the HTC One M9’s poor sales. That being said, what kind of specs can we expect from the HTC One A9? Read full post →HTC Aero Will Be Known As The One A9 [Rumor]