Oculus-Rift-5If you are planning on getting yourself an Oculus Rift headset, you might be interested to learn that not only will you be getting the headset, but you will also be getting yourself a four month trial to Unity Pro. For those unfamiliar, Unity Pro is a game engine so if you are a developer, this offer will actually be pretty sweet. Read full post →Oculus Rift Customers Will Get 4 Months Unity Pro Trial

titanfall-downtimeLast we heard, Titanfall 2 was expected for a release in the fiscal year of 2017. This means that anytime from the 1st of April to the 31st of March, 2017 is a possible release date. However the good news is that we might not have to wait until 2017 to get our hands on the game, at least according to McFarlane Toys. Read full post →Titanfall 2 Expected For Release In 2016, According To Toymaker

altos adventureLast week it was announced that popular iOS game Alto’s Adventure will be making its way onto Android today, and sure enough it has. For gamers who are wondering what all the fuss is about, you will now be able to find out for yourselves. For those unfamiliar with the title, Alto’s Adventure is a title based on the endless runner genre of games. Read full post →Alto’s Adventure Now Available On Android

street fighter 5When developers make games, they will offer support for the game for a couple of years before moving on to newer titles. However Capcom believes that Street Fighter V has so much potential that they think that they could even end up supporting the game for an entire console generation. Read full post →Capcom Plans On Supporting Street Fighter V For A Very Long Time

microsoft logoIf you were thinking of getting yourself an Acer smartphone or tablet in the second half of 2016, you might be interested to learn that in a new partnership struck between both companies, Microsoft will bundle their mobile productivity suite of apps onto Acer’s Android-based smartphones and tablets. Read full post →Microsoft To Preinstall Their Apps On Acer’s Smartphones And Tablets

htc-logo-sketchIf the rumors are to believed, it seems like HTC will be skipping out on MWC 2016 to announce their flagship smartphone, which right now is rumored to be the HTC One M10. Instead HTC is said to be choosing to announce the handset in April at a separate event of their own, and now a tweet by @evleaks has suggested when we might be able to get our hands on it. Read full post →HTC One M10 Available In The US 9th May [Rumor]

hackingThere has been a huge debate in the US regarding encryption, in which many tech companies are fighting against requests from law enforcement agencies to provide them with backdoor access to computers and mobile devices. The argument is that if they were to weaken encryption to provide backdoors to the good guys, who’s to say the bad guys won’t find their way in as well? Read full post →Proposed Bill Could Ban States From Demanding Encryption Backdoors

apple-iwatch-diversityThere are numerous watch faces available for the Apple Watch now, but it seems that Apple is interested in adding more, as well as creating new features and functions. According to a recent job listing discovered by AppleInsider, Apple is looking to hire a software engineer to help craft new watch faces and complications for the Apple Watch. Read full post →Apple Looking To Hire Software Engineer To Design More Watch Faces

There is more to creating a cocktail than just mixing various beverages together. One needs to think about how much of one particular beverage to pour, what kind of beverages compliment each other, and so on. That being said, what if you could create cocktails based on tweets? This has led to the creation of the Data Cocktail. Read full post →Machine Turns Your Tweets Into Cocktails

google android ios appsFor those who are unaware, a couple of years ago Google launched a Right to be Forgotten program. Basically what this does is that it supposedly removes links in Google search to any articles or websites that might contain information about you that you would rather not have the public know. Read full post →Google Updates Right To Be Forgotten To Appease The EU