apple_logoiOS 8’s adoption is on the rise albeit slowly. Last month we had heard that iOS 8 was sitting at the 72% mark and according to the latest figures, it seems that the number has since risen to 75% in March 2015. Granted the 3% jump is a bit small but it shows that iOS 8’s adoption is on the slow and steady rise.

As for older iOS builds, it looks like iOS 7 is still holding strong at 22% but we expect that those numbers will eventually decline with iOS 8 continuing to dominate. Earlier iOS builds are at 3% and presumably these are for devices that are too old to be upgraded to iOS 7 or iOS 8. At the rate iOS 8 is being adopted, we reckon it should be able to the hit the 90% mark or higher upon iOS 9’s announcement/release. Read full post →iOS 8 Adoption Hits 75%

apple logoWhether or not it is true, the rumors about Apple building their own electric car are out there and safe to say it has generated a fair amount of interest. Some have warned Apple against such an endeavor, but others look at it as an opportunity to increase their mark in the automotive industry, with German-based company Continental being one of them.

According to a report from Reuters, the company’s CEO Elmar Degenhart has come out publicly to show their support for Apple’s efforts and also to claim that they are interested in partnering with Apple on their vehicle, assuming that such a vehicle is even in the making at all. Degenhart was quoted as saying, “Apple has an excellent reputation on information and communication systems, and has incredible financial strength.” Read full post →Continental Expresses Interest In Working With Apple On Electric Car

apertureAs some of you guys have heard by now, Apple will soon be putting an end to support for Aperture. Instead Apple will choose to focus on their upcoming Photos for OS X which is expected to launch this spring. Now if you’re worried that Photos for OS X will not be powerful enough for your editing needs, you can still go ahead and purchase Aperture. Read full post →Aperture Will Continue To Be Sold Until Photos For OS X’s Release

apple watchMost, if not all smartwatches house all of the processing power and display into the main unit itself, thus leaving the strap open and free to users who want to swap it out for something more formal or trendy, depending on what they need. However could Apple be thinking of the watch strap as being more than just a strap?

According to the folks at TechCrunch, they have learnt that the Apple Watch has a port hidden inside the strap connector. Apparently this is used for diagnostics and debugging purposes, but they have also speculated that it is possible that eventually this could be opened up to third-party developers who might want to create something special for the Apple Watch. Read full post →The Apple Watch Has A Hidden Port That Could Be Used For Smart Bands

shazamOne of Shazam’s core features is its ability to identify songs being played on speakers just by holding your phone to the sound source. It also later gained the ability to identify TV shows the same way, but is the ability to identify songs and TV shows enough? Could Shazam be used for something more, something greater?

That’s what Shazam’s CEO Rich Riley has planned for the company. Speaking to Reuters during MWC 2015, Riley stated that he hopes to expand Shazam’s abilities beyond just music and TV shows, but unfortunately he did not state exactly what he had planned. According to Riley, “Shazam is already a verb. We want to expand the universe of what you can Shazam.” Read full post →Shazam Wants To Extend Their Services Beyond Just Music

nexus-6-review-3We have been hearing rumors and seeing evidence that the Nexus 6 would be arriving on Verizon’s network. In fact we have heard several possible release dates come and go and if you’re wondering if it will ever arrive on Verizon, the folks at PhoneArena claim to have received some evidence that it will, eventually.

They have recently received a photo which is apparently a package containing merchandising material for the Nexus 6. These materials will be used to help promote the handset within Verizon’s stores and is just more evidence that the handset will eventually make its way to the carrier, but when exactly remains to be seen. Read full post →More Evidence Of The Nexus 6 Arriving On Verizon

fairphoneFairphone of the Netherlands has the vision and dream to deliver ethically sourced, long-lasting smartphones, targeting environmentally conscious consumers. Hmmm, this is definitely not something that you would hear of in the smartphone industry, but perhaps more in the coffee and clothing industry, as well as the organic food movement. Well, there is a decent market for it, considering how Fairphone has successfully sold all 60 thousand units of the first-generation Fairphone that you can see above. It seems that this success has spurred them on to launch a second model.

Read full post →Fairphone Looks At New Ethically Sourced Smartphone This Summer

Logitech G303If you are a gamer – and a serious one at that, surely you would know of the importance to have the latest and greatest hardware, as any little bit which will allow you to gain that slight competitive advantage over your opponent could be the difference between victory or a loss. Enter the Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex, where it claims to offer Logitech’s best optical sensor for maximum tracking accuracy.

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s5-fireExploding smartphones, or handsets that catch fire, are no longer front-page news, but they do still deserve a certain level of coverage – especially when that particular handset is a hugely popular one like the iPhone 4S, since it would bode well to alert as many people as possible to the potential dangers in order for them to take the necessary precautions, just in case. This time around, we have received word that a Samsung Galaxy S5 allegedly caught fire.

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spartan-4While Microsoft has failed to roll out a spanking new build of Windows 10 for a few weeks now, this dearth of news does not mean that there is no way else where we are able to check out the Spartan browser from the software giant. In fact, there is a recent leak from a Windows 10 build that has yet to be released, but it does feature more of what the Spartan browser would look like, as you can check out the photo gallery of several screenshots right after the jump.

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