Assassins Creed Unity Game HD Wallpaper 640x400

The much awaited Assassin’s Creed Unity Patch 4 was released yesterday after having been delayed for one day. This patch is a 6.7GB download because it brings an updated Paris map, but since the download was supposed to replace the parts that have been changed, the download size was kept under 7GB. Looks like Assassin’s Creed Unity just can’t catch a break. A glitch has surfaced on Xbox One which requires gamers to redownload the entire 40GB ACU game when they install this patch.

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It has merely been a month since Google released Android 5.0 Lollipop for its Nexus devices. Later the update found its way to Google Play Edition units. A few OEMs have also released the update for their smartphones but so far majority are still going through the various processes involved in getting a software update ready before it can be released. Now it is being reported that Android 5.1 release will take place in February.

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nikon dcNikon Corporation has just announced its spanking new Download Center that was launched today. The name of this unique website would do a very decent job of explaining itself – the Download Center is basically a global download site which offers software as well as manuals for its existing range of digital cameras and other selected products from Nikon. In other words, you no longer need to scour the Internet high and low for Nikon software and product documentation, which would make life a whole lot easier.

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note edge gold 480x640If you are on the lookout for a smartphone that has a design which is different from what most of us are used to, then the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is well worth your time. After all, the name itself does give the game away, that there is an Edge display right at the front right segment, and as though that design cue alone is not enough to turn heads each time you pull the Galaxy Note Edge from your pocket, how about having it arrive with gold plating to add that overall bling look?

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galaxy e7 leakWe have heard word on the grapevine that Samsung will no longer support the Galaxy U series of smartphones down the road, and here we are with more details on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy E7 – where it was spotted over in a GFXBench. What you have heard concerning the Samsung Galaxy E7 in the past specs were just mere speculation, but now there is concrete proof that comes in the form of the GFXBench database, showing off the SM-E700 codename just as well.

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hectorbotScientists from German scientists have developed a new ultralight robot that comes with its fair share of sensors, where it sports an insect-like gait, not to mention the unique ability to be able to climb over objects. Known as “Hector”, this unique robot will feature passive elastic joints alongside an extremely light exoskeleton that allows it to get around. In a nutshell, it works in the same manner as that of its biological counterpart, sporting a decentralized reactive control concept known as the Walknet.

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Samsung is hard at work readying the Android 5.0 Lollipop update for its supported devices. So far the update has only been released for Galaxy S5 in select markets. Users in most markets, particularly North America, have been anxiously waiting for this update to drop but so far Samsung hasn’t provided a confirmed release date. Those who have a Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy Note Edge should note that there is a report today claiming both of these devices will be directly updated from their existing firmware to Android 5.0.1.

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fleksy update

Popular third-party keyboard Fleksy today released what it claims to be its “biggest update” by far. There are some new features included in this update. Fleksy says that this update comes after it felt the need to celebrate given that the keyboard has been downloaded some three million times in just one year. It says that through this update the team is “revolutionizing how you input on your mobile devices with Fleksy.”

One of the new features is called Extensions, a customizable functionality enhancement for the third-party keyboard. Through Extensions users get access to multiple useful input options.

According to Fleksy this update also makes it the first keyboard with GIF support, enabling users to send GIFs as easily as they would send emoji. It is also claimed to be the first keyboard to double as an Android launcher. The full list of Extensions available for Fleksy at launch is provided on the official blog.

Alongside these new customization options the Fleksy app is also receiving a major redesign. Additional themes are now available, even branded themes like The Hunger Games and Frozen. Fleksy says that it has got big things planned for 2015 so sit tight and wait for the company to make its offering even better.

twitter crime

Twitter is reportedly working on providing its users with relevant information, which will sit nicely with the real-time aspect of this microblogging network, and to make that happen the company wants to add a layer of detailed location information to tweets. According to a published report today Twitter and Foursquare are taking about a possible deal which could bring location to tweets next year.

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plex playstation

About two months back the Plex app was launched for Xbox One and Xbox 360. Naturally at that time people asked if an app would be released for Sony’s consoles as well. We got our answer today. The official Plex application is now available for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. It comes as a result of requests from Plex users on the company’s forums, the rise in requests made the company take note and get down to developing this application for Sony’s consoles.

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