DARPA certainly has its fair share of unique projects that are not only interesting, they also happen to have a potentially practical aspect to it all. In fact, the organization has put down some money for a mind-controlled robotic arm that was tested by Pittsburgh native Jan Scheuermann, where a subsequent paper was published to detail just how far this mind-controlled robotic arm has progressed in the past couple of years. Prior to removing the implants on the test subject, named Jan, she was already able to move the arm in addition to its wrist and fingers, while Jan reportedly beat her brother at a rock-paper-and-scissors game to boot.

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orlando magic applepayEarlier this morning, we did talk about how dozens of banks and retailers have already signed up for Apple Pay – with NBA franchise Orlando Magic being one of them. Well, here we are with additional details concerning Orlando Magic’s adoption of Apple Pay. Orlando Magic plays over at the Amway Center, where it will soon be the first arena in the entire NBA to accept Apple Pay. In other words, you will be able to make purchases using your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch – never mind the fact that the Apple Watch has not been released just yet.

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nokia lumia 735  02 640x450It seems that a bunch of Nokia Lumia models over in China, the world’s most populous country, are starting to be on the receiving end of the Lumia Denim update from today onward. We are referring to the Nokia Lumia 520, Nokia Lumia 525, Nokia Lumia 526, Nokia Lumia 625, Nokia Lumia 720, Nokia Lumia 720T and the Nokia Lumia 1320, which happen to be recipients of this Lumia Denim update. Of course, with any new update, there will be brand new features that are part of the deal – and one of them would allow you to activate the virtual personal assistant known as Cortana simply by saying, “Hey Cortana.” Needless to say, this particular feature would require you to own a smartphone that runs on a Snapdragon 8xx CPU.

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assists2The upcoming busy holiday season would certainly need you to be on the top of your game when it comes to working out the schedule, especially when you have a really busy social life. Gmail’s Inbox intends to make life a whole lot easier when it comes to focusing your priorities through the addition of Reminders that is located right to the top of your inbox. This is the reason as to why Inbox offers more than twenty different kinds of Assists, where these extremely handy pieces of information will be able to help you with the next step.

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smj100hThe Samsung SM-J100F did appear in the GFXBench benchmark database not too long ago, were it did reveal the kind of hardware specifications in which what first device in the Samsung J series of devices would carry, following up on the Samsung Galaxy A and Galaxy E range. The SM-J100H (there is also a variant of the J100F for the different countries which are located outside of Europe) has also appeared online, where the device itself has just gotten even more “official” in a sense, being listed on Samsung’s mobile website.

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cicretIn this day and age, there are many great ideas that could take off – but only if you happen to be able to convince the rest of the masses that you believe so, as you require a sum of money to get that particular project off the ground. The Cicret team have begun to look to crowdfunding to work on what they call the Cicret Bracelet. As the name reveals itself, you wear this bad boy in the same manner as that of a bracelet, and whenever you like, it would be able to project a display of a mobile device on your arm.

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lg webos 2LG has confirmed that it will present a large line of televisions that are powered by WebOS 2.0 at the upcoming CES 2015 show which starts on January 5 when news are concerned.  LG promised this update during the summer. LG’s initial unveiling of Web OS for television was quite successful (8M units shipped), and it was one of the hottest TV-related product of the show, and certainly the most exciting software for TV in 2014. LG acquired the technology from HP, which bought WebOS along with Palm, before cancelling WebOS devices and writing-off $3.3B. Read full post →WebOS 2.0 Update For LG 2015 TVs

171983 cell phone use publicAs much as going to church is a religious experience for some, there are others who are there simply out of obligation despite their busy lives and schedules. This means that sometimes they might have to take a phone call during a sermon, reply to messages or emails, and so on. Safe to say this is a process frowned upon by many, much like you would frown upon someone chatting on their phone in the cinema.

Well it looks like one priest has had enough and decided to install a cellphone jammer in his church. According to a report from the Daily Mail, Father Michele Madonna had recently installed a $60 cellphone jammer in his church Santa Maria di Montesanto in Naples, Italy, after he got fed up of churchgoers whose phones kept going off during sermons and even funerals. Read full post →Priest Installs Cellphone Jammer In Church To Curb Disruptive Churchgoers

The Sony Pictures hack was initially thought to be the work of North Korea, especially when the hackers demanded that Sony pull The Interview movie, a movie which depicted the fictional assassination of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un. The movie was initially protested by North Korea upon its unveiling which is why many had suspected the country being involved in the hacks.

North Korea had denied their involvement with the FBI backing their claims, stating that they did not find any evidence of North Korea’s involvement. However it looks like North Korea is back in the crosshairs of the US government as senior intelligence officials have told news outlets (off the record, of course) like the New York Times and CNN, just to name a few, that they believe that North Korea is “centrally involved” in the hack. Read full post →North Korea Once Again Accused Of Being “Centrally Involved” In Sony Pictures Hack

apple pay 002 640x360As it stands, Apple Pay is currently limited to the US, although a slight tweak to the settings will actually allow the feature to be used in overseas countries such as Australia as long as the retailer has the compatible hardware. This is unofficial, of course, but it looks like Apple is starting to looking at the expansion of its mobile payment services.

This is thanks to a job listing spotted by iClarified in which the company is looking for an “Apple Pay Intern” who will work with the Apple Pay team in expanding Apple Pay beyond the US borders. According to the job summary, “Apple Pay is a new and exciting area in Apple that is set to expand across Europe, Middle East, India and Africa.” Read full post →Apple Pay Expansion Plans To EMEIA Markets Revealed In Job Listing