Marvel today confirmed that the Ant-Man sequel will be released in 2018, it has made room in its schedule to release the sequel to this summer’s blockbuster which had a pretty nice $409 million run at the box office. Marvel also confirmed the title and release date of the next movie, Ant-Man and the Wasp is now slated to be released on July 6th, 2018 and will bring back hero Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne.

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If you’ve not been able to find the digital version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for Xbox One worry not because you’re certainly not alone. It appears that the digital version of this title for the Xbox One has been mysteriously pulled, it’s no longer available for pre-order either through and the Xbox Games Store, and to top it off there’s no official word from either Amazon or Microsoft explaining the reason behind this.

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fallout 4

There’s no doubt that Fallout fans are very excited for the latest addition to the franchise, much has already been said and written about Fallout 4 and now fans just can’t wait for the title to be released. It’s not going to be very long though and those who are planning to play on PC should take note because Bethesda today confirmed the Fallout 4 PC requirements, both minimum and recommended.

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DJI is widely known for making some of the best drones that average consumers can buy, its drones feature high-quality cameras that allow for stunning video captures with cinema-quality stabilization thanks to its gimbal technology. The company has now brought over that same level of stabilization quality literally to your hands, today it launched the DJI Osmo, a handheld stabilizer with an integrated 4K camera.

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Much has been said and written about the fate of BlackBerry’s smartphone business. Less than a decade ago the company was a market leader but it all come crashing down post-2007 when the iPhone arrive and the smartphone game changed. It was slow to adapt and was left to catch up with the pack that had leaped far ahead. As the company seeks to revive its handset business with the launch of its first Android smartphone BlackBerry CEO John Chen has said that BB might shut down its smartphone business if it doesn’t become profitable in one year from now.

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Drones can be used for a variety of purposes, the military uses them for reconnaissance and eliminating threats in a rather clandestine fashion whereas your average joe may use them to capture some stunning imagery. Companies like Amazon propose using drones to significantly cut down on package delivery times and this idea is gaining support. Singapore’s national postal service has started testing drone delivery for snail mail.

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Merely days after SolarCity gleefully announced that it had created the world’s most efficient solar panel with 22.04% efficiency Panasonic has come out with its own claim of creating the world’s most efficient solar panel, the company claims that its new panel has a recorded conversion efficiency of 22.5%. Panasonic will demonstrate the new panel at the Solar Energy UK exhibition this week.

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HBO’s over-the-top internet TV streaming service went live earlier this year, it was initially exclusive to Apple devices before being gradually expanded to cover other platforms as well. Now it’s available on some of the most widely used streaming media platforms as well as mobile platforms but Roku has been missing from that list since launch, today though HBO Now has finally landed on Roku.

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At its last event Apple unveiled a handful of new products that users had been anxiously waiting for, the new Apple TV and iPad Pro are two of those products, however the company didn’t exactly say precisely when these products will be available for purchase. According to a new rumor online sales of the new Apple TV and iPad Pro are going to begin in late October and that the devices will start appearing for sale in Apple retail stores across the globe by the first week of next month.

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Ever since it teased the handset back in March this year it has been consistently rumored that BlackBerry is going to unveil its first ever Android-powered smartphone this year, it was widely referred to by its codename Venice until BlackBerry confirmed itself that yes its next device really is an Android-powered smartphone. The device is called BlackBerry Priv and despite confirming it BB is yet to reveal when it will officially launch this handset, however there are signs that the launch just might be around the corner.

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