beats musicAccording to an earlier report from Billboard, it was suggested that Apple’s relaunch of their Beats Music service might skip the rumored June date. Apparently this has to do with the record labels and Apple who are still unable to reach a deal with one another. How true is this? It’s hard to say but according to a new report from 9to5Mac, they are reporting the opposite.

They have learned from their sources that the Beats Music relaunch will take place in June. It is expected to be announced at WWDC 2015 which kicks off early in the month, and the new service will go a few weeks after. The launch of the service will be part of iOS 8.4 and iTunes 12.2 and is expected to be available in a long list of countries upon its release. Read full post →New Report Suggests Beats Music Relaunch In June Still Happening

There are plenty of smartwatches in the market today and with the launch of the Apple Watch, many are wondering if the device managed to live up to the hype and expectations. Now reviews of the device have been mixed, with some praising its built quality while others have lambasted it for its performance.

That being said the folks at Consumer Reports have conducted further tests following their initial scratch test and have come to the conclusion that the stainless steel Apple Watch is worthy of topping their rankings of smartwatches available in the market at the moment. Additional tests of the watch include measuring how accurate it is at counting steps compared to the competition. Read full post →Stainless Steel Apple Watch Tops Consumer Reports’ Rating

google play offlineMobile games are priced all over the spectrum, with some adopting the free-to-play model, while others charging as much as $10. However the question is, what’s a fair price to charge for a game, or an app if we’re speaking in general? Naturally a lot of things are taken into consideration, like the time spent developing it, testing it, marketing it, and etc.

However it seems Google is more than happy to allow Android devs to experiment with its prices. According to a report from The Information (paywall; via Engadget), the company is reportedly thinking of introducing a feature where Android devs could price their apps differently, meaning that one person could see it priced at $1, while another could see it priced at $2. Read full post →Google Could Allow Android Devs To Experiment With Prices

If you are not careful enough and download/install every software without looking, then there is a good chance you have already met Ask Toolbar. While downloading software you might give a software permission to add Ask toolbar as well. So installing Ask toolbar is not an issue at all, but removing it can be a little headache. will not only install the Ask Toolbar, but also other things that are difficult to get rid of. They will add an extension and change your search engine that will not be removed with the standard removal process.

Although, do offer a removal software after being criticized so much, but still there is a chance that it might not be removed, so you need to know both manual and automatic methods.

Tip: While installing, try to read everything before clicking on “Next”, “OK” or “Install”. Ask toolbar is not the only software that can get in your system like this, uncheck any added software if you don’t need it. Furthermore, if there is an option of “Custom Installation” in any installer, select it, instead of going for the “Recommended”. Read full post →How To Remove The Ask Toolbar

home depotEarlier there were reports that Home Depot had dropped their support for Apple Pay, and if you’re a shopping at Home Depot who uses the feature naturally you would be disappointed. However the good news is that the reports were wrong and that Home Depot has not dropped their support for Apple’s mobile payments service.

In fact, the retail giant plans to be one of Apple Pay’s largest supports with more than 2,000 of its retail locations supporting the payment feature. According to a report from Bloomberg, the company was upgrading its point-of-sale systems and in the process, disabled the use of Apple Pay which led to many speculating that Home Depot had dropped their support, despite the fact that there was no formal announcement of support to begin with. Read full post →Home Depot Plans To Support Apple Pay With More Than 2,000 Stores

urbane batteryNowadays a lot of our devices tend to have designs that don’t allow its battery to be easily replaced, as opposed to back in the day where one could just pop off the back cover and purchase a new battery. This is especially concerning if you’re talking about smartwatches where some users might not be pleased to find that after a year, its battery barely lasts them a day.

The good news is that if you were eyeing LG Watch Urbane and are wondering how its battery replacement fares, you’re in luck as the folks at iFixit have found that its battery is actually pretty easy to replace. According to their description of the battery’s removal, “With a quick twist of our opening pick, we remove the battery faster than a mariachi player running through his scales.” Read full post →LG Watch Urbane’s Battery Can Be Easily Replaced

microsoft__logoAt the moment there aren’t as many Windows Phone OEMs compared to Android and there are a number of reasons behind this, one of which is the licensing fees that Microsoft charges to use its operating system or its patents. Now in a bid to attract more OEMs, a report out of Korea claims that Microsoft has lowered the patent fees for both Samsung and LG.

Now it is unclear as to what the goal is by reducing this fee. Perhaps it could be used to attract more OEMs to create Windows Phone handsets, or maybe it’s a deal that Microsoft is offering Android OEMs where patent fees will be lowered in exchange for helping to churn out Windows Phones on Microsoft’s behalf. Read full post →Microsoft Reportedly Lowers Patent Fees For Samsung & LG


Software maker OpenTV on Tuesday slammed Apple with a lawsuit against alleged infringement of five patents associated to transferring and storing the digital content to personalized electronic devices.
Read full post →OpenTV Files A Lawsuit Against Apple After iTunes Infringes Five Patents

Back at MWC 2015, Sony took the wrap off the BSP60, a Bluetooth speaker. Now while Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen, Sony’s offering is rather unique thanks to the design of the speakers which we have to admit looks pretty damn cute. For those who liked what they saw and was wondering how to get their hands on it, wonder no more.

Sony Mobile has recently announced on their blog that the Sony BSP60 Bluetooth speakers are now available for pre-order via the Xperia Store. Unfortunately for those of us living stateside, those orders have yet to make their way to our shores as it is currently only available in Europe where it is priced at 300 EUR. Read full post →Sony’s Adorable BSP60 Bluetooth Speaker Now Up For Pre-Order

Left to right: 4.7" Moto X (2013) with 720p, 5" Moto G (2014) with 720p, and 5.2" Moto X (2014) with 1080p

Left to right: 4.7″ Moto X (2013) with 720p, 5″ Moto G (2014) with 720p, and 5.2″ Moto X (2014) with 1080p

Android 5.1 Lollipop has been released for a while now. In fact recent Android distribution figures puts that particular version of Lollipop at 0.7% on all Android devices, and the good news for Moto X owners is that it looks like this particular build of Android will be making its way onto your devices for both the first-gen and second-gen models.

This is according to recent documents from Motorola that have been made public which basically shows a list of changes that Android 5.1 will be making to either device. Like we said Android 5.1 has been around for a while now but the fact that Motorola has made it public that the update would be arriving on both handsets is a pleasant surprise. Read full post →Android 5.1 Coming To Moto X (First & Second Gen)