james thompsonFacebook might be the ‘most hated’ social media platform in the US at the moment based on a study, but this does not mean that there are zero merits attached to the social network. In fact, we have seen how Facebook has come to the rescue in a search for a kidnapped baby, as well as tracking down an alleged rapist before. This time around, a heart warming story on how a mum and her son were reunited via Facebook – 28 years after the son was given up for adoption.

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vsn mobile 360camWhile we have seen our fair share of cameras in the past, this particular model from VSN Mobil does offer something different to the mix in the form of the V.360° Camera. In fact, the VSN Mobil V.360° Camera is touted to be the very first device available to consumers that is capable of capturing 360 degrees of video thanks to its 16 Megapixel imager, and doing so in full 1080p high definition resolution to boot. It does not matter whether you are going to make use of this model for business or for pleasure, the V.360° camera is more than capable of capturing the experience from all angles, simultaneously.

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new foursquareFrom time to time, companies “reinvent” themselves by rolling out a new logo as well as introduce new features to their apps and services, and Foursquare is no different, either. In fact, Foursquare will be migrating all check-ins to their new app that is known as Swarm. Fret not, however, as all the check-ins in the past, your entire slew of friends, the gamut of photos acquired, will automatically be seen in Swarm as well.

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hoverbikeThe original Hoverbike design was revealed a few years back in 2011, where a certain Chris Malloy came up with this particular idea of moving folks around in a futuristic looking mode of transportation. That dream has continued since then, with the Malloy Aeronautics team making a fair number of changes including ditching the dual rotor design and moving to that of a quad rotor design, all the while introducing additional stability credentials. In fact, Chris Malloy has not turned to Kickstarter to raise funds in order to make the second-generation Hoverbike drone a reality.

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egg qberEggs – this is a staple food that I simply cannot live without. Sure, eating too many eggs might not bode well for my health, but that aside, there is nothing quite like having some scrambled eggs to kick off a morning, right? It does not matter if you love your eggs fried, poached, half boiled, in an omelette, or arriving in the form of Eggs Benedict, they are simply yummy. How about introducing a twist to your meal with the Egg Q-ber?

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sony xperia logoIt does look as though much has been said about the Sony Xperia Z3, a smartphone that has not been released to date – neither has it been made official in any way, and this time around, the latest rumors from @evleaks point to some hardware specifications of the oft-rumored Xperia Z3. It does seem as though the D6603 as it is also known when spotted over at the FCC, will arrive with a Full HD 5.15” display, which is a measurement that is slightly different from what most folks are used to.

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smart4powerNot everyone is able to own a high end smartphone, and more often than not, it would be the entry level and mid-range models that are the “bread and butter” for many a smartphone manufacturing company. Vodafone has just revealed a decent smartphone that will not blow away competition like the Galaxy S5, but rather, the Smart Power 4 that ought to offer affordable performance to the masses.

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Prestigio MultiPhoneIt was not too long ago that Microsoft shared with the world that they will be working with other new hardware partners when it comes to pushing out additional products or devices for its mobile operating system that is known as Windows Phone. In fact, Microsoft is not going to rely on their very own Nokia brand any more, and Prestigio, one of the companies who showcased at least a couple of Windows Phone-powered smartphones at Computex last month, intends to push forward the Multiphone 8500 DUO.

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ms retires skypeIt was earlier this month that we brought you word that Skype for Mac has received an update, and this time around, Microsoft has issued a warning to Skype users that this particular app will see older versions retire in due time, which means that one ought to get on with the program and update it to the latest model as soon as possible.

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facebook unfollowEveryone likes to be loved by the masses, as we mortals do want to be accepted by our peers as well as strangers, even. The approval of men can be an empowering feeling, and we do know that Facebook is one of the most popular social network companies out there. Well, the American Customer Satisfaction Index has revealed something surprising this week – that social media sites including the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn happen to rank among the lowest-scoring companies in the US.

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