robot pepper pickerI don’t know about you, but I somehow would love to have a tongue twister made out of the WP5 Robot that picks peppers. Automation in farming is not exactly in an advanced stage at the moment, since humans with years of experience on the field do a whole lot better than visual recognition systems alone when it comes to picking fruit and vegetables that are ripe and ready to be consumed. Perhaps the WP5 robot might be the first step in the right direction.

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gmaps exploreHow many of you make use of Google Maps every single day in your lives? Well, the Internet giant intends to make your Google Maps experience more enjoyable the next time you are out on a vacation, since you would spend less time looking for an answer and more time exploring the surroundings via Google Maps for Android and iOS.

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When it comes to wheelchairs, there has been advancements made in this particular department that help them get lighter and more mobile. However, electric wheelchairs which are easier to help ferry someone around who does not have too much upper body strength tend to be heavy and bulky, not to mention having other requirements such as a big-enough van equipped with ramps. Well, the Zinger electric wheelchair intends to put all of those worries and issues to bed by being small enough to fit into a car trunk, like any other regular wheelchair, now how about that?

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Facebook might be the ‘most hated’ social media company in the US according to a survey, but it also has its merits – such as helping a mom reunite with her son close to three decades later after giving him up for adoption. Well, just like how there are two sides to a coin, so too, can Facebook be abused. Some scammers have decided to take advantage of the Malaysian Airlines MH17 flight that was shot down over Ukraine by a missile, posing as victims in order to gain sympathy funds from the public.

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twitter crimeIt seems that plenty of spotlight is being shone on Russia in recent months, ranging from the standoff in Ukraine as well as the shooting down of commercial airline MH17 by pro-Russian rebels. Well, this time around, a new amendment has been discussed and signed into law by Russian president Vladimir Putin, where this law will require Internet companies to store data within the country itself, or see their services banned.

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ps4 login issuesEvery piece of hardware needs a decent firmware to go along with it from time to time in order to make sure that it remains up to date for users as well as to keep up with the rest of the competition. The introduction of firmware has certainly helped hardware maintain a longer shelf life in the market, and we are all extremely excited at the next firmware update for the PS4 which will weigh in at version 1.75, which will see the addition of 3D Blu-ray support.

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oculus dk2 shipsGood things come to those who wait, and patience is definitely a virtue if you have been waiting for what seems to be the longest time for the Oculus Rift DK2. Actually, it has just been four months as well as a self-imposed delay, but the first wave of Oculus Rift DK2 pre-order owners will be pleased as punch to hear that they have started to receive emails from Oculus that cite shipping is imminent.

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gs5 alpha 6There has been much talk circulating around the Samsung Galaxy S5 Alpha (which we have referred to as the Galaxy Alpha in the past), citing it to be a metal clad handset, but so far there has been no images on this purported device – at least not until now. You can check out a gallery of this rumored upcoming premium smartphone right after the jump.

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Many online apps and services do seem to be interconnected these days – take a look at the apps on your smartphone or tablet, how many of them have access to your Facebook account, and with that, are on a certain leash when it comes to checking out your contacts and connections? Well, Skype 5.0 for Android is now available, where it will allow Skype to go through your smartphone’s address book as it searches out matches between the names on your list and with the corresponding Skype accounts.

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It was not too long ago that a promotional video by HTC that you can view above was touted to deliver a peek into what could very well be a possible HTC smartwatch – an accessory that is starting to take the world of wearable tech by storm with many different manufacturers working on their own versions. HTC has been quick to move and squash such rumors and speculation, citing that the watch which was seen in the video above is not an actual product.

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