lg-logo-001-640x480Milestones such as birthdays are meant to be celebrated – and done so on a wide scale, too. Having said that, when it comes to hardware, there are also milestones that can be achieved, such as a number of devices sold within the shortest time possible, or crossing a really high mark that is impressive for a device in its class. LG Electronics of South Korea has just announced that they have managed to sell its 10 millionth LG TONE Series Bluetooth headset around the world ever since the range was introduced in October close to half a decade back.

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drone rescueDrones are more than a novelty and more than just a tool used to take photos and videos. In fact recently it was proven that drones have a lot more use to them and can potentially be used for rescue missions, as proven in a recent rescue effort by the Auburn Fire Department in which a drone played a key role in helping rescue some trapped rafters.

While the drone wasn’t used to hoist the trapped rafters to safety, what it did was help airlift equipment such as life jackets to the rafters who were trapped on top of a rock. It also acted as a scout and lookout for when an inflatable boat was deployed to help bring the trapped men back to shore. Read full post →Drone Used To Help Rescue Trapped Rafters

3d print officeWe’ve seen 3D printing being used for all sorts of things, like creating fake animal parts to discourage poaching, to even 3D printing supercars, so what’s next? Now we know that 3D printing a building, or at least part of a building is possible, but what about 3D printing an entire building?

Apparently that is something the United Arab Emirates National Innovation Committee is interested in as they have announced a project in which they plan to 3D print an entire office building in Dubai. The project will be led by a company called WinSun Global who had previously 3D printed an entire apartment building, so safe to say they have some experience in this matter. Read full post →Dubai Office Building & Its Furniture Will Be Completely 3D Printed

apple musicSo Apple Music is here, and thanks to iCloud Music Library you can now potentially free up a ton of space on your phone and store your music in the cloud and stream it anytime and anywhere you want. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Unfortunately it is proving to be something of a battery drain.

According to a report from the International Business Times, many iOS users are reporting that their phone’s battery is dying extremely quick while streaming music via Apple Music. Personally I have noticed the drain as well as checking my battery usage, Apple Music accounted for a whopping 22% of my battery use even though I probably streamed less than 30 minutes worth. Read full post →Apple Music Is Reportedly A Huge Battery Drain

apple logoWhile Samsung might be widely regarded as one of the larger smartphone manufacturers in the world, it seems that in the US, they have nothing on Apple. According to a recent comScore report, it has been found that Apple’s iPhone has gained a 1.8% increase in market share in the country, bringing their total market share to 43.5%.

Prior to this, Apple was sitting at 41.7% in February. As for the competition, most of them have actually seen a decrease in market share, like those from LG, HTC, and Motorola. Samsung was the exception although their market share increase was only by 0.1% putting them in second place with an overall market share of 28.7%. Read full post →Apple’s iPhone Gains 1.8% Market Share In The US

netflix-silverlight-html5Given that online services and products like video streaming, apps, digital downloads, and more aren’t tangible goods, is it possible to tax them? Well governments around the world are trying to figure this one out, but as far as Chicago is concerned, their online tax has already come into effect, which has been nicknamed “cloud tax”.

Basically this applies to services that are “delivered electronically”, which in turn includes the likes of Netflix which will be seeing a price hike thanks to the tax. The tax is valued at 9% meaning that if you’re a Netflix subscriber, your subscription just got more expensive. In a statement Netflix made to ArsTechnica, “We will be adding it to the cost we charge subscribers. Jurisdictions around the world, including the US, are trying to figure out ways to tax online services. This is one approach.” Read full post →Chicago’s Cloud Tax Now In Effect, Netflix Just Got More Expensive

mastercard-660x440In the recent years, companies have started to come up with new and innovative pays of protecting its users online. Some have turned to using one-time use codes that will prevent hackers from using your credit card if they were to intercept your number. Some companies such as Apple have introduced biometric security that uses your fingerprints.

Now it looks like MasterCard wants to try something new as well which is through the use of facial recognition. Facial recognition technology itself isn’t new per se, but it will be new as far as authorizing credit card purchases are concerned. How it works is that whenever you attempt to make a purchase online, you will have to scan your face to prove that it is you. Read full post →MasterCard’s Testing Facial Recognition To Authorize Payments

j1-aceIt does look as though the folks over at Samsung have been looking into improving the Samsung Galaxy J1, a smartphone that was made official earlier this February. Apparently, this slightly enhanced model will carry the moniker of Galaxy J1 Pop if whispers from the grapevine prove to be true, while it will carry the model number SM-J110. Makes sense if this line of thought were to be followed, especially when one takes into consideration how the Galaxy J1 happens to sport the model number SM-J100. Chances are it will not be too different from its predecessor, if you will, with perhaps just a couple of hardware upgrades here and there alongside a more recent version of Android.

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fallout shelterLast month we reported that Bethesda had promised that Fallout Shelter will be arriving on Android devices in the coming months, but other than providing a vague timeline, not much else was known about the Android launch of the incredibly popular mobile game. However the good news for Android gamers is that we now have a slightly more concrete release date.

Bethesda’s Pete Hines recently took to Twitter to answer a question posed by a fan as to the release date of the game. According to Hines, it seems that we could probably be looking at a release in August. We should note that Hines is simply providing an estimate as no solid release date has been set yet. Read full post →Fallout Shelter Arriving On Android In August

paypal xoomApart from being used as a payment method on websites such as eBay, PayPal has also been used by users to transfer money to one another, like transferring money to a friend to pay for a meal, or parents transferring money to their children while they’re away at college. However to help themselves expand into a wider market, PayPal has announced that they have acquired Xoom.

For those unfamiliar with Xoom, they are a startup company that specializes in making money transfers in international markets. The company has boasted that in the past 12 months, they have facilitated a whopping $7 billion in transfers between customers all around the world, and no doubt this is a business that PayPal would definitely be very interested in. Read full post →PayPal Acquires Xoom To Help Facilitate International Money Transfers