destiny-taken-king-ps4Earlier this month, we reported that the Limited Edition Destiny: The Taken King PS4 bundle is all set to arrive later this September, and here is some more good news for those of you who are on the lookout for this unique bundle. Pre-orders of Limited Edition Destiny: The Taken King PS4 Bundle are now open, where you will be able to bring one home for $399.99 a pop – or $449.99 CAD if you’re living in the Great White North.

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shield-tablet-review-32NVIDIA’s SHIELD tablet, having picked up the Android 5.1 Lollipop update a couple of months ago, might seem to be humming along nicely, but it looks as though some tough times are up ahead. In other words, NVIDIA has announced a voluntary recall of its SHIELD 8-inch tablets, although not the entire batch was affected, since only SHIELD tablets that were sold between July 2014 and July 2015, that will obtain a replacement. The reason for this massive recall of a year’s worth of sold tablets? NVIDIA has figured out that the battery in such tablets do run the risk of being a fire hazard due to possible overheating issues.

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samsung-nfc-printerSamsung of South Korea has certainly come up with its fair amount of consumer electronics devices in the past, and they certainly do not look as though they are about to stop. Samsung is right now taking the lead in the mobile printing market, and they are also a leader in the realm of NFC technology where printing is concerned, resulting in a simpler mobile printing solution. In other words, as long as your NFC-compatible device remains close to your printer, you can then print stuff out – sans a computer, of course.

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bansheeGuns are used to shoot people, and are typically meant to shoot with lethal force. In fact trying to disarm someone by shooting them in the arm or leg can sometimes lead to permanent damage. That being said, it looks like the US military is said to be working on a non-lethal gun that can emit a 130-decibel noise.

This noise level is said to be equivalent to the sound of standing behind a fighter jet taking off from an aircraft carrier, and if you’ve seen the videos which are already pretty loud as it is, you can only imagine how loud and painful it must be if you were to do so in real-life. Safe to say that with a gun like this, it would no doubt be able to disable the enemy without costing any lives. Read full post →US Military Developing On Non-Lethal 130-Decibel Noise Gun

twitter new websiteMany people use Twitter, but the beauty of Twitter is that you don’t need to have a Twitter account if all you want to do is read tweets. Unsurprisingly that’s just not good for business as Twitter has since launched a new website that users who aren’t logged in will be able to view, as you can see for yourself in the screenshot above.

The idea is that the homepage will be able to curate tweets from all sorts of users, thus giving new users a glimpse as to what kind of feeds and tweets they might be able to expect, thus giving them an incentive to sign up for the service and to start following their favorite celebrities, politicians, brands, or even their friends. Read full post →Twitter Has A New Homepage To Attract New Users

android-megaA few years ago after Megaupload was taken down by the authorities, the man behind it all Kim Dotcom launched Mega, another file hosting service that promised more a secure means of storing and sharing files. However in 2013, Dotcom announced he would be leaving Mega but assured that the service was still in excellent hands.

Fast forward to today, it’s an entirely different story, so much so that Dotcom has actually denounced Mega, going as far as stating that your data on Mega is no longer safe. Apparently the site was faced a hostile takeover by a Chinese investor, and “as a result of this and a number of other confidential issues I don’t trust Mega anymore. I don’t think your data is safe on Mega.” Read full post →Even Kim Dotcom Doesn’t Think Your Data Is Safe On Mega

sharp-crystal-x-array-2Sharp is a company that many have come to associate with displays. The company creates display panels used by other companies, and they create them for their own use as well such as in their Sharp-branded TVs. However it seems that the TV market in the Americas region might be a bit too fierce for the company’s liking.

In a statement issued by Sharp, it looks like the Japanese display company will be exiting the Americas market following a deeper-than-expected quarterly loss, particularly due to its weak sales of smartphone displays. The company will also be selling off its TV manufacturing plant in Mexico and will license its brand to be used in the Americas by China’s Hisense Group. Read full post →Sharp To Exit The Americas TV Market

Remember a few years ago, scientists created a robot that had the ability to jump on water? That particular robot was created by scientists at China’s Harbin Institute of Technology, and it looks like scientists at the Seoul National University and Harvard University have joined forces to create a similar styled robot.

Similar to the water strider insect, scientists first studied how the insect was able to propel itself off the water. What they discovered was that the insects are pushing down on the water, but rather accelerate their legs so as not to break the water’s surface tension, and pulling their legs inward which helps increase the force of their push. Read full post →Scientists Create Water Strider-Like Robot That Can Jump On Water

sony gold teaserYesterday Sony’ Xperia Twitter account teased that they had something in the works, something about a way to capture photos in a split-second. It was accompanied by an image of what appeared to be some kind of gold liquid. As it turns out the image was a hint at today’s teaser because in their latest teaser, Sony mentions something about gold.

According to Sony, “Something golden is sparkling on the horizon.” Unfortunately apart from that rather cryptic message, we have no idea what Sony is going on about. It is possible that they might be referring to a new smartphone color option which wouldn’t be surprising, especially since gold seems to be the in thing in terms of color options these days. Read full post →Sony Xperia Twitter Teases Something In Gold Is Coming

Just yesterday, Rovio launched their latest Angry Birds game in the form of Angry Birds 2, which we suppose given the name could be considered to be a true sequel to the original, despite the fact that there have been various iterations and movie tie-ins of the game being launched over the past few years.

Now we had to wonder how well the game would do given that the franchise was getting a little old, but as it turns out we had nothing to worry about. In a recent tweet by the game’s developers, it looks like Angry Birds 2 has seen a whopping 1 million downloads in its first 12 hours, which is probably helped by the fact that it is free unlike the first version of the game. Read full post →Angry Birds 2 Sees 1 Million Downloads In 12 Hours