It has been quite a while since a new device arrived under the Google Play Edition moniker. Devices released under this program were sold unlocked and for full price, customers got unlocked bootloaders as well as the assurance that after Nexus devices GPE units would be next in line for major Android OS updates. Samsung’s only entry in the GPE program was the Galaxy S4 and according to a new report the Android 5.1 update for this device is coming soon.

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Apple is the only company out there that’s selling a solid gold smartwatch. The gold Apple Watch is understandably very expensive, it can cost more than $10,000 and that’s not what the average user is going to spend on a smartwatch. This is probably why only a handful of Apple stores are selling this model any way since the company knows only selected customers will purchase it. The company isn’t offering a gold color option for people who don’t want to pay for the precious metal but there’s a company out there that’s offering a gold-plated Apple Watch for a fraction of the cost.

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It’s not like the Galaxy S6 doesn’t have an adequate amount of RAM, on the contrary it touts 3 gigabytes of the latest DDR4 RAM. However some users don’t appear to be too pleased with the way their new handset is managing available RAM. Many of them have taken to forums and social media to complain about aggressive RAM management by the Galaxy S6.

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Anime fans are surely going to love this. 18 years after Dragon Ball GT ended it has now been confirmed that a new Dragon Ball series is going to debut this July. Its going to be the first new Dragon Ball series in almost two decades, and what’s even more exciting is the fact that series creator Akira Toriyama will once again be in charge of the new series.

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SoundCloud’s podcasting features have been tested with a private group since 2011 but starting today it’s allowing everyone to get in on the fun. The website is already quite popular with people who work with music, and even those who just want to listen to music without any of the frills, so it’s safe to say that it may very well find traction with podcast aficionados as well.

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Microsoft is still seeding preview builds of Windows 10 so it goes without saying that the new software is not exactly finished. The company is expected to release Windows 10 later this year but until then it will continue with the preview program so that people can test out the new software as Microsoft puts the finishing touches. It appears that internal builds of Windows 10 might include a blurry glass effect on the Start Menu.

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Working with multiple people on a document can be tricky since it can often be hard to keep track of what everybody is doing. This involves a lot of back and forth conversations which are usually spread across different platforms like email, chat windows and instant messenger conversations. Those who use Dropbox a lot for collaboration will appreciate the fact that Dropbox will now allow them to add comments on files stored with the cloud storage service.

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When OnePlus decided to come out with a smartphone it chose Cyanogen as its software provider. Initially the relationship was off to a good start but late last year we started seeing some problems. It became apparent once OnePlus announced that it will start developing its own software for its smartphone that it will no longer continue with Cyanogen. Speaking at a conference in Beijing, Cyanogen’s Kirt McMaster and Steve Kondik have confirmed that their company’s partnership with OnePlus has ended.

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Over the past few months we have seen YouTube work very hard to keep its top content creators from moving to its rivals. It launched YouTube Spaces in a handful of countries around the globe to provide content creators with studio space and equipment so that they could create better videos. YouTube also launched the Creator Hub for this purpose. Now it’s teaming up with some of its top creators to bring more original series to the world’s biggest online video website.

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lg-g4-industrial-design-16Probably to avoid the noise at MWC, LG decided to launch the LG G4, its new flagship a little later, and today, we are happy to finally get our hands on this highly anticipated device.

Featuring a 5.5-inch Quad HD IPS display, a 16 MP front shooter and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, the LG G4 is expected to ship in Korea on May 29th.

For the US market, LG plans for end of May or early June. The exact price was not disclosed during the pre-briefing, it was confirmed to be in the LG G3 price range (at launch), which was about $600-$650 at launch time. These details are usually announced by the local wireless carriers who will partner with LG.

Overall, LG’s new flagship is very impressive and the Korean manufacturer pushed the envelope on the display technology, the unique leather design, and the camera, to deliver a state-of-the-art next gen communication device.

We had the opportunity to play with the LG G4, so read the complete article to take a peek at our first impressions.
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