Four children with life-threatening cerebrovascular malformations (abnormalities in the brain’s blood vessels) were being treated at the Boston Children’s Hospital and their treatment posed some special challenges which is why surgeons wanted to practice the high-risk procedures before performing them on the children. They turned to 3D printing and synthetic resin to recreate the patient’s affected body parts and practice the procedure.

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One big advantage of subscribing to PlayStation Plus is that every month members are provided free access to multiple titles for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Even though Sony has been providing these titles for months PS Plus members have no way to get their say in what games go free, this is going to change soon, as they’ll be allowed to vote which games will be included in the coming month’s free PlayStation Plus lineup.

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Sling TV is among the many services out there that are catering to the increasing amount of cord cutters who would rather pay monthly for TV instead of going with a traditional cable TV subscription. This move has even forced players like Comcast into the game but these companies don’t appear to be getting alone. Sling TV says that Comcast’s owned and operated NBC stations are blocking its new TV advertisements.

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Unlike Windows, the stock Android system doesn’t come with a built-in file management system. However, Most users don’t even need the file management system on Android anyway. Everything is managed for them and they can easily access apps in the app drawer and the media in the phone gallery.

On a daily basis, file manager might not be required, but there are times when you need to use a file manager or may like to tap into your phone’s system. Although, some manufacturers do add a file manager in their phones, but they are not as robust as third-party file managers and lack many features. Read full post →How To Use A File Manager In Android


A couple of months back Microsoft demonstrated its hologram projecting device that it called HoloLens. It has been on a few outings with Microsoft since then but the company has not yet provided it to developers. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has said that “V1″ of HoloLens will be shipped to developers at some point in 2016. He says that this first version of this device is going to be primarily geared towards enterprises and developers.

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It has been a while since music mogul Dr. Dre came out with a new album and his fans can now start counting down the days because Dre has confirmed that there’s a new album just around the corner. Unsurprisingly his first new album in 16 years is going to be an Apple Music and iTunes exclusive, Dre joined Apple when his company Beats was acquired by Cupertino and has already provided his classic album The Chronic as an exclusive for Apple Music.

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User safety is obviously a priority for Facebook and that’s one of the reasons why it has dedicated teams and intelligent security systems to ensure that users have a safe experience on the world’s largest social network. Users are also provided with optional security controls that they can turn on for additional protection, it’s up to the users to decide which features they want to use. Facebook has now launched a new tool called Security Checkup that makes it easier for you to secure your account.

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The world has been outraged by the killing of Cecil the Lion after the famous big cat was lured out of his sanctuary and killed by a hunter. Amid calls for bringing the hunter to justice many have turned their attention to focus on conservation efforts and are generously donating money for the purpose. Goldgenie is a company based in the UK that specializes in goldplating popular smartphones and other electronic devices, it has created a goldplated version of the HTC One M9 as a tribute to Cecil the Lion.

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Last month the U.S. Office of Personnel Management was hit by a drastic cyberattack which resulted in personal information of millions of current and former U.S. government employees to be stolen. While the Obama administration has refrained from pointing fingers it’s believed that the attack originated from China, a new report claims that the administration is mulling a possible retaliation against the People’s Republic.

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drug pumpSay your computer got hacked and you lose your files in the process. Sure, it sucks, but it’s not necessarily the end of the world. However imagine if you are hooked up to hospital equipment that’s in charge of pumping drugs into your system, or maybe even keeping you alive like a ventilator, imagine if that got hacked!

As it turns out that’s exactly what the FDA is worried about and has recently issued a warning to hospitals in the US. The warning is over the use of a drug infusion pump created by medical company Hospira, claiming that the device is apparently susceptible to being hacked. The FDA is now advising hospitals who are still using the system to quickly switch to an alternative system. Read full post →FDA Issues Warnings To Hospitals Over Hackable Drug Infusion Pumps