cricketThere was one point in time where AT&T and T-Mobile had a great relationship, which was a few years ago when both companies agreed to merge with one another. However due to regulatory disapproval, that deal never happened. Instead AT&T was forced to pay T-Mobile a breakup fee amongst other things.

From there on, their relationship has gone down hill. Now it looks like AT&T’s pre-paid carrier, Cricket Wireless, has taken jabs at T-Mobile too. In a recent promotion that Cricket Wireless launched, they are targeting T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers by offering them a $100 credit towards their bill if they were to make the switch. Read full post →Cricket Offers $100 To T-Mobile & MetroPCS Customers To Switch Carriers

MOTO X OLD NEW WHITE 640x311The Moto X+1 has been talked about for quite a while now and is expected by many to be the successor to the Moto X from 2013. Recently thanks to a parting gift from famed leaker @evleaks, we caught a glimpse of the handset’s press rendering and now thanks to Brazilian online retailer Livaria Logos (via Droid-Life), the specs of the upcoming handset and the new Moto G have been revealed.

Now why should we believe a retailer’s specs, you ask? Well for starters, Livaria Logos was responsible for revealing the accurate Moto E specs ahead of its announcement, so there is a good chance that the specs they’ve got for the Moto X+1 and the new Moto G could be accurate as well. Read full post →Alleged Moto X+1, New Moto G Specs Revealed By Retailer

Come 3rd of September, there is a very good chance that Samsung will be taking the wraps off the Galaxy Note 4. Given Samsung’s history of unveiling Galaxy Note devices at IFA 2014, we guess it makes sense that Samsung will be taking this opportunity to reveal their latest handset, and thanks to a recent teaser video by Samsung, we guess it’s all but confirmed.

The South Korean tech giant has recently released a teaser video which seems to be dropping hints about the Galaxy Note 4 all over the place. The video has been titled “Ready to Note?” and even mentions “Your Note for Handwriting”, which like we said seems to allude to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Teaser Video Released

htc tablet wifiIt has been several years since HTC had released a tablet, but if the rumors are to be believed all of that could change in 2014. According to reports, HTC is apparently set to release the Nexus 9 tablet and if recent photos are proof, we could have caught our first glimpse of it. Now we know some of you guys are understandably skeptical, and we are too ourselves.

However according to a recent sighting on the WiFi Alliance website, it seems that we have pretty solid evidence that a HTC tablet does exist, although to be fair we can’t be 100% certain it is the rumored Nexus 9. As you can see in the screenshot above, the WiFi Alliance lists a tablet made by HTC. Read full post →HTC Tablet Certified By WiFi Alliance

project ara 640x426Assuming that everything goes according to plan, there is a good chance that Google could be set to release Project Ara in 2015. Now given that we still have a few more months until 2015, this means that there are probably still plenty of revisions Google could make to Project Ara ahead of its release.

Well the good news is that it looks like one of those revisions includes an upgraded processor. In a recent Google+ post, Google announced that they expect to have a prototype unit of Project Ara in 2015 that will come with a new Rockchip CPU. Google’s choice to go with Rockchip has raised a few eyebrows, namely because Qualcomm seems to be the popular choice for smartphone SoCs. Read full post →Project Ara To Get New Rockchip SoC

bbm android iphone 3A couple of days ago we reported that according to a security company, they had found that Apple’s iMessage messaging service is a hotbed of spammers. Apparently the ease of sending spam messages makes it a very attractive tool to be used by spammers in their daily activities. This is unfortunate for Apple who touts iMessage as being one of their exclusive services.

Well it looks like BlackBerry has wasted no time in grabbing the opportunity to boast about its BBM services. In a recent blog post by BlackBerry, the Canadian company took the opportunity to share some of the key features of BBM, and in some of their points, they seem to have taken a subtle jab at Apple and the iMessage spam issue. Read full post →BlackBerry Promotes BBM In Wake Of iMessage Spam Issues

iwatch 640x360Earlier rumors have suggested that Apple’s iWatch could be launched this year, although more recent rumors have indicated that we might not be able to see the iWatch until 2015. According to a recent report from China’s Economic Daily News (via Cult of Mac), it seems that they are supporting the 2015 release window.

The report claims that their sources have informed them that Apple’s suppliers are only expected to begin sending their component to Apple’s assembly partners starting this September. What this means is that assembly of the iWatch is only expected to kick off in September at the earliest and is also expected to take months before they have enough units for sale. Read full post →iWatch Assembly To Only Begin In September [Rumor]

reversible lightning 640x291According to the rumors, one of the accessories Apple plans on shipping with the iPhone 6 is its reversible USB Lightning cable. However as we mentioned before, despite Apple having a patent for the accessory, the fact that a similar accessory already exists could cause Apple some legal issues upon its release.

However it seems that might not be Apple’s only problem. According to reports, it seems that some manufacturers have since released reversible USB Lightning cables of their own which looks similar to what Apple is rumored to offer to iPhone 6 owners and future iOS users. One of the manufacturers is Truffol and they have begun selling these cables on their website for $9.99. Read full post →Third-Party Manufacturer Releases Reversible USB Lightning Cable

bb passport whiteOne of the unique features of BlackBerry’s more recent handsets is the use of their Natural Sound technology, and it seems that BlackBerry has been further refining the technology and the good news for would-be BlackBerry Passport owners is that you guys look like you could be getting access to an exclusive feature.

According to reports, it seems that BlackBerry Passport owners will be able to expect their smartphones to feature the ProReceiver function. Natural Sound comprises of two different technologies – ProVoice and ProReceiver. The latter is an advanced acoustic processing engine that will help amplify your calls, especially during noisy environments. Read full post →BlackBerry Passport Will Feature ProReceiver Technology

windows 81 desktopNow if the rumors are to be believed, Microsoft could be getting ready to announce the next generation Windows operating system in the form of Windows 9 on the 30th of September. It is unclear when the operating system will be released, but we suppose at the very least it could be made official on that date.

There have been many rumors regarding some of the features of Windows 9 and according to a recent report from the folks at Neowin, additional details of the operating system have been revealed. According to Neowin, it seems that Microsoft has included a button that allows users to upgrade builds just by clicking it. Read full post →Windows 9 Rumored To Feature One-Click Upgrade Button