Samsung launched the Galaxy Beta Program for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ several weeks ago. It has released four Android 8.0 Oreo beta firmware since then for both handsets in the United States and the United Kingdom. The program was supposed to go live in additional markets in the second phase and it appears that the Galaxy Beta Program has now entered its second phase.
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It goes without saying that electric and hybrid cars will be major players in the coming years and as one of the world’s largest car manufacturers, Toyota doesn’t want to be left behind. The Japanese behemoth has confirmed that it’s going to electrify its entire car lineup by 2025. This means that all of the cars it sells by then will have either an all-electric or a hybrid option.
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Twitter announced a new set of anti-abuse rules last month and said that the changes will be enforced starting December 18th. The company has now started enforcing its new anti-abuse policies which cover conduct both on and off the platform. The new policies also cover hateful conduct, violence, and physical harm.
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Clickbait articles was a problem that Facebook had not too long ago, and the company was working on ways to try and clamp down on them. However it looks like they’ve got a new “bait” problem in the form of “engagement bait”, which is where posts are created in a way to get people to engage with it. Read full post →Facebook Clamping Down On ‘Engagement Bait’ Posts

2017’s Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ feature a 3,000mAh and a 3,500mAh battery respectively, which is decently-sized and more or less in line with what most other handset makers are releasing. Now we’re sure that some are probably hoping that 2018’s Galaxy S9 and S9+ could change that, and that appears to be the case, but don’t expect too much. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumored To Pack 3,200mAh Battery

We’re sure many gamers are missing the good old days where when you buy a game, you get the game and that’s it. These days developers and publishers are looking for ways to milk their customers for more money beyond the initial purchase, and this comes in the form of microtransactions where gamers can pay additional money for things like skins, costumes, powerups, and so on. Read full post →Obsidian Entertainment Promises No Microtransactions In Upcoming Game

Now that the second DLC of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been released, we’re sure many are wondering about the future of the franchise. Is Nintendo working on a new Zelda title? Or could there be more DLCs in the works? It doesn’t seem like it is clear, but the good news is that Nintendo still has plenty of ideas. Read full post →Breath Of The Wild’s Director Has ‘Lots Of Ideas’ For Future Zelda Content

When virtual reality (VR) headsets were first launched, they weren’t exactly cheap, not to mention that back then, you would require a pretty powerful PC in order to support it which in turn made the whole process a rather pricey one. These days things are cheaper, and in fact Oculus has decided to make its Oculus Rift bundle cheaper by discounting further. Read full post →Oculus Rift Bundle Discounted To $379

On our smartphones, basically every app has its own purpose, which means that if you wanted to calculate something, you’d have to interrupt whatever you’re doing to pull up the calculator app. However we’ve started to see companies try to integrate more functions within their apps, like Google Maps and Uber. Read full post →BBM Users Can Now Hail An Uber Within The App

Trying to make a good impression with your partner’s parents can be tricky, and it is doubly important if your partner is someone you plan on being with for the long haul or marrying. However it seems that over in Japan, a rather interesting situation has happened, according to a series of tweets by @buppa_stone (via Siliconera). Read full post →This Girl’s Boyfriend Challenged Her Father To A Game Of Guilty Gear