xiaomi-amazfitOne of the reasons why Xiaomi has managed to grab themselves a hefty chunk of the wearables market is because their Mi Bands have been priced very competitively, at least compared to the competition. Recently the company’s sub-brand Huami has launched their latest wearable in China called the Amazfit Watch. Read full post →Xiaomi’s Huami Brand Launches The Amazfit Smartwatch

iphone seOne of the rumored changes that Apple will be making to the iPhone 7 would be the removal of the headphone port. This means that using headphones with future iOS devices means that you’ll either need to connect it via Lightning, or get a pair of Bluetooth headphones, or maybe purchase an adapter of sorts. Read full post →Apple Granted Eurasian Certificates For ‘AirPods’

lg_monitorIf you’re in the market for new monitors, you’re in luck as LG has announced a trio of new ultrawide monitors ahead of IFA 2016. These monitors are of the 21:9 variety and are sized between 34-inches to 38-inches, so safe to say that these aren’t necessarily for the average computer user. Read full post →LG Unveils Trio Of Ultrawide Monitors Ahead Of IFA 2016

galaxy-note-7-design_22-camera-rearWhile we have started seeing some OEMs adopt the dual lens setup, Samsung has yet to officially hop on board the bandwagon, but if the rumors are to be believed, that will change in 2017. According to the latest rumors, word on the street is that with the Galaxy S8, Samsung will finally introduce dual-lens cameras to its smartphones. Read full post →Galaxy S8 To Come With Dual-Cameras, Iris Scanner, New Selfie Sensor

As promised, Blizzard has launched the latest expansion of World of Warcraft: Legion, and it is now live. Gamers who have pre-ordered the game can check it out by firing up the Battle.net launcher, but do note that because the expansion is pretty fresh, don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly facing massive queues trying to get in. Read full post →World Of Warcraft: Legion Is Now Live

hackAs a student, we all know how nerve-racking exams can be, so if there is a chance an exam could be delayed or postponed, which in turn gives us more time to study (or try to study), that can only be a good thing, right? However it seems that one teenager in Sri Lanka decided to take things into his own hands. Read full post →Sri Lankan Teen Hacks President’s Website To Get Exams Delayed

Image credit - Colin Ross

Image credit – Colin Ross

A simple post on Facebook can sometimes be the difference in you getting a job, you getting fired from a job, getting kicked out of school, and etc. This is why sometimes we need to be careful with what we put out there, and in some cases, the right thing can also do wonders for others. Read full post →A Simple Facebook Post Helped Turn This Restaurant’s Business Around

pokemon-goA couple of weeks ago, Niantic announced that they would be permanently banning Pokemon GO players who were caught cheating or using tools such as bots and so on. However it looks like in the process of perma-banning players who were cheating, they also ended up perma-banning players who were wrongly accused of cheating. Read full post →Niantic Reversing Perma-Bans For Some Pokemon GO Players

It probably goes without saying that USB-C is the standard we can expect in the future in terms of device connectivity. So far we’ve seen many Android OEMs adopt the feature, and we are also seeing laptop manufacturers adopting USB-C ports as well, but the problem isn’t so much the adoption, but the creation of USB-C cables. Read full post →Anker Issues Recall For Their USB-C Cables

samsung-cf791_01Samsung has just introduced two series of monitors aimed at the highly competitive Gaming market. It’s a bit strange to think that the company wasn’t already in, but it’s never late to join the party, especially since things are still moving fast in that world. The CFG70 series has a 24” and a 27” monitor, but the true highlight (for me) is the 34-inch curved Samsung CF791 model (above photo). Both monitors will be shown during the IFA tradeshow in Berlin this week. Read full post →Samsung Enters Gaming Monitor Market In Style