The spring update for Battlefield 4 is going to be released tomorrow and it’s going to bring new weapons as well as a new multiplayer mode. Gamers who have been wishing for something new to arrive for this title only have to wait until tomorrow, they’ll be able to get their hands on the new mode as well as some new weapons. This should keep the game interesting for the time being, before they decide if they want to go up to Hardline or not.

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Street Fighter fans have a chance to play the upcoming title next month. It has been confirmed today that a playable preview of Street Fighter 5 will be open to attendees of the Community Effort Orlando next month. This announcement was made during yesterday’s stream of the Combo Breaker tournament. This will be the first chance that the public gets to try out the next title in the Street Fighter franchise.

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Last week EA and developer Ghost Games confirmed the new Need for Speed title that will be released later this year. The reboot of this popular racing franchise carries a very simple moniker, it’s just Need for Speed this time around, they’ve decided against an elaborate moniker for this year’s title. Not much has been revealed about this title but we have come to know that Need for Speed uses the latest version of EA’s Frostbite engine, the very same engine that’s powering Star Wars: Battlefront.

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There were rumors recently about an unreleased tablet from Asus, the ZenPad 7, and it appears that the company has more than one tablet up its sleeve. Purported press renders have appeared online today of a new tablet called the ZenPad 8. The renders show what this tablet looks like from the front and the back. Asus has a habit of releasing multiple models of smartphones and tablets so it won’t be surprising to see ZenPad 7 and ZenPad 8 debut at the same time.

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The Droid lineup of devices from 2013 is getting a new software update today but those who own these devices shouldn’t get their hopes up, Verizon and Motorola are merely releasing an incremental software update, it’s not the jump to Android 5.0 Lollipop that most users have been waiting for. This particular lineup of handsets is developed by Motorola and it’s exclusive to the country’s largest mobile network.

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Asus hasn’t been fast in sending out the Lollipop update for the Zenfone 5 and it appears that the company is delaying the release event further. The last update regarding the status of Lollipop for Zenfone 5 came earlier this month when the company said that Lollipop will be released for this handset in “mid-May.” Don’t keep your fingers crossed because that’s not going to happen.

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Despite having been delayed multiple times the much awaited racing title Project Cars has already been released, though it’s arrival on the Nintendo Wii U has been sidelined repeatedly. There’s word from Slightly Mad Studios that it’s finding it hard to run the title up to the mark on this console, it’s struggling at 720p 23 frames-per-second. The studios’ Ian Bell has even said that they might wait for the Nintendo NX console to arrive before launching this title.

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Selfies have become quite popular and now it’s no longer surprising to see someone out in the world taking a picture of their face with something interesting in the background, or just taking pictures of their face because they want to. It may not make sense to some people but apparently almost everybody is doing it these days. Even iconic WWE wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who now holds the world record for most selfies taken in under three minutes.

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Major tech companies spend insane amounts of money to build their offices around a certain theme and design language, it’s yet another avenue for them to show off their creative sides. Silicon Valley is peppered with such buildings as it’s home to some of the world’s biggest technology companies. On the other hand a Chinese game development outfit is happy to take inspiration from Star Trek’s USS Enterprise for its new offices, the facility has been developed at a cost of $97 million and it does resemble the Enterprise.

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Even though Samsung hasn’t released that many mobile devices that run on its Tizen platform that company has made it clear recently that Tizen is here to stay. We can expect the company to release smartphones and tablets that run on this nascent operating system in the future. If a leaked picture out of Korea is to be believed the company will soon release an LTE-capable version of the Samsung Z1.

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