nus robot walkerWe have seen exoskeletons like the Honda Walker in the past that will help patients who have difficulty moving about to be able to get around without human help, and this time around, another effort from a research team headed by Assistant Professor Yu Haoyong at the National University of Singapore have come up with a robotic walker that intends to help physiotherapists out.

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victoria secret heart rate bra 480x640A sports bra that comes equipped with a heart sensor is not new, but this does not mean it is one market niche that should not be explored. Lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret has jumped aboard the wearable tech bandwagon this time around, where they are selling a new sports bra for approximately $75, and this sports bra comes with integrated electrodes which will hook up to a heart rate monitor.

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amazon logo largeIt seems that Internet retail giant Amazon has teamed up with Royal Mail, where this collaboration of theirs would allow customers’ items to be delivered to post offices for collection, adding even more value to their respective services and helping make lives easier for everyone. After all, Amazon is known for always wanting to up their game, so to speak, with one of the more recent efforts being the promotion of installation services alongside their products. Basically, this agreement would mean that Amazon customers can have their parcels delivered by Royal Mail to 10,500 post office branches.

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facebook beta stickerMicrosoft has just introduced a brand new update for its Facebook Beta app for the Windows Phone platform, where there will be a slew of updates and changes made available, including allowing users to view sticker comments – which is the very first time in fact. In fact, the latest update for the Facebook Beta app for Windows Phone would bump up the version number to, where you can read up on the full list of changes introduced right after the jump.

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star wars minecraft skinMicrosoft has just announced the availability of the Star Wars Classic Skin Pack for Minecraft, where this will be made available to folks who happen t be rocking to the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Microsoft has worked alongside Disney and Lucasfilm so that they can deliver this particular downloadable content pack, where it will boast of whopping 55 skins from Episode IV through Episode VI, all for just $2.99.

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eangelThere are many different kinds of online services made available to the masses, but eAngel happens to be one of the more useful ones out there, where it will deliver human autocorrect straight to your Gmail outbox for a mere $5 monthly. How does eAngel work? Well, it will rely on a Chrome extension, which will see the inclusion of a second ‘send with eAngel’ option to your Gmail compose window.

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gofundme 426x640It has taken a total of five months of traveling, veterinary work and crowdfunding, but it was all worth it as Leo the paraplegic dog has a second shot at life, having settled in the Great White North at long last, ready to see out the rest of his days in a far happier manner than before. Meagan Penman found Leo while she was in Thailand for a vacation, and saw that it was dragging its hind legs on a beach.

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nasa 3d printerThe folks over at NASA are certainly knee deep in research and development as well, and they have been working on the possibility of 3D printed food before. Well, it seems that there is yet another milestone achieved this week where human spaceflight is concerned – a 3D printer was turned on in space, which in turn resulted in the first official 3D print on the International Space Station (ISS).

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dell venue 8 7000 fccThe FCC is more often than not the last hurdle before a piece of consumer electronics device is rolled out to the market. Having said that, the Dell Venue 8 7000 Series tablet that runs on the Android mobile operating system alongside an Intel Atom Moorefield processor keeping things humming, has arrived at the FCC – which means it is about to embark on a market release.

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apple 700bThe Apple gravy train continues to roll forward without any sign of slowing down, where the stock has experienced a 7-to-1 split earlier in the year, before the company embarked on a phenomenal run of new product launches and announcements that has seen its stock price climb up higher and higher. In fact, earlier in November, Apple was theoretically worth more than the whole Russian stock market alone, hitting a new “personal best” this time around – with a market capitalization of $700 billion.

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