Fingerprint security on smartphones these days are pretty common, which is why it wasn’t a surprise to see the LG V10 include that feature in their phone. However it seems that recently, it has been discovered that the LG V10 might have a security vulnerability for its fingerprint scanner, in which non-authorized users will be able to add their fingerprints to the list. Read full post →LG V10 Fingerprint Security Vulnerability Discovered

android-6.0-marshmallowAre you looking forward to getting the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update on your HTC One M9 handset? Last we checked, it was just last week that Sprint starting rolling out the update for their devices, but if you’re a T-Mobile user, don’t worry because neither T-Mobile nor HTC has forgotten about you guys. Read full post →T-Mobile’s HTC One M9 To Get Marshmallow Update Feb 16

space-nigerian-scamBy now we’re sure many of you guys have received or have at least heard of the Nigerian Prince email scam. For those who haven’t, basically it is an email that says that a Nigerian Prince needs to transfer money out of his country, and if you were to help him, you will get a portion of it. Read full post →New ‘Nigerian Prince’ Email Scams Are Making Their Rounds

apple logoIt looks like folks who are looking forward to a couple of new offerings from Apple – in particular the 4” iPhone 5se as well as the iPad Air 3, will skip on the pre-order period, as a report claims that both of these devices will be unveiled this coming March 15th (which is in line with previous rumors), and will be made available for purchase three days down the road on March 18th. No idea on whether the bright pink option for the iPhone 5se will be part of the deal though, and neither can we confirm at the moment as to whether the iPad Air 3 will sport a 4K display.

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lg-logo-001-640x480We all more or less know that the upcoming LG flagship device will be known as the LG G5, where its Quick Phone cover has already been revealed, while alleged benchmarks results have been spotted. The thing is, there might be a “Lite” version of its with a model known as the LG H840 being benchmarked, and hence, having some of its specifications revealed as well, leading to the very real possibility of an LG G5 Lite.

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HTC might be consolidating their smartphone operations while taking a plunge into the world of virtual reality with the HTC Vive, but what about the smartwatch arena? There has been rumors circulating around concerning an HTC smartwatch for some time already, but it does not look as though there has been any progress from just whispers of a smartwatch to the reality of things. Not until now, at least, as Evan Blass has tweeted concerning a HTC smartwatch being made available for purchase by the masses before April is over, now how about that for sudden and unexpected?

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It has been a wee bit more than three years since we talked about how DARPA has a robotic ship that will hunt down silent submarines, and it seems that such a dream is now a reality as DARPA prepares to roll out its latest 132-foot submarine-hunting drone some time later this April. It has been a long time in coming, really, but all’s well that ends well, don’t you think so? This rather unique drone will be known as the Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel, and in order to prevent our tongues from getting all tied up, it will be called the ACTUV in short, as it prepares to embark on its maiden mission this coming April 7th (at least it is not six days earlier which will certainly raise some eyebrows) – with the main task of tracking down stealth submarines autonomously.

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EcoBee-Amazon-Echo-ImageRecently it seems that Amazon’s Echo speaker has been gaining a ton of functionality, from being able to call you an Uber, stream music from Spotify, to ordering you a pizza. Now it looks like it can even control aspects of your home, thanks to ecobee who has recently announced that their ecobee3 smart thermostat will now see integration with the Echo. Read full post →Ecobee3 Thermostat Can Be Controlled By Amazon Echo

We all know that drones in the hands of amateurs can be a rather dangerous tool, especially since there has been instances of a drone causing a toddler to lose an eye after crashing into him, not to mention being a danger to babies as well. Having said that, it looks like a new kind of drone has emerged from Russia – one that carries a bazooka.

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independent-quitsRunning a business is no easy task, otherwise just about everyone would have done so already. It takes plenty of skill to guide a company through turbulent times and choppy waters, and it seems that The Independent will call it a day where print production is concerned, resulting with a minimum of 75 journalists being made redundant in the process. That is three decades’ worth of print legacy ending, and The Independent will make a shift to an online-only presence, as part of the group’s move to ensure a “sustainable and profitable future”.

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