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Black Friday is upon us which means that folks are out looking for the best deals that they can find. Electronic devices are often some of the best selling items during Black Friday because reduced prices given people who’re on the fence about some device an added incentive to drop their money on it. Since Apple and Samsung create some of the most sought after electronic devices, particularly smartphones and tablets, why not take a look at some of the best Apple and Samsung 2014 Black Friday deals.

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Before Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was even released a trailer made its way online which showed off that the game could have a zombie mode. When the game did arrive as expected on November 4th the zombie mode was nowhere to be found. Many suspected that it might arrive in a later update. Today a trailer has been officially released which confirms the new Call of Duty zombie mode, and we now know that this is actually called Exo Zombies.

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The day many Game of Thrones fans had been waiting for has just been confirmed. Telltale Games confirmed the release date for the first episode of the Game of Thrones title it has developed. This episodic adaptation of the popular HBO series has been divided into six episodes, with the first one called Iron From Ice, that’s going to land on PC, consoles as well as smartphones and tablets from next month.

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Customers looking to purchase the Moto X (2014) will have another location to consider come next month. Republic Wireless has announced that it will start selling the new Moto X from December 10th. The launch comes right around the holidays so the timing is perfect to say the least. Republic Wireless is offering it at a significant discount as opposed to the regular off-contract price for the second generation Moto X.

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Ubuntu OS doesn’t really have that much of a presence in the smartphone market even though ROMs have been released for compatible devices like the Nexus 4 but Canonical hopes to change that through partnerships with OEMs that will put Ubuntu OS on smartphones from the get go. Chinese manufacturer Meizu has formed one such partnership with Canonical and it has confirmed that its first Ubuntu powered smartphones are coming in early 2015.

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We often see Twitter experimenting with new features and it appears to be doing something along the same lines these days. The new feature Twitter is testing shows engagement stats directly in tweets. If that doesn’t make sense to you it basically means that Twitter is detailing the number of people a particular tweet was shown too and how many people engaged with that tweet by either replying to it, retweeting it or tapping on the star to favorite it.

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Given that it has become sort of a trend these days to make wearable devices, it really doesn’t surprise anyone when another company jumps into the fray. Things are heating up in the wearable space as new smartwatches, fitness monitors and activity trackers are being introduced frequently. Lenovo seems to be thinking along the same lines. There’s a report saying that the company’s wearable devices are going to enter production very soon.

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Now this is one rumor that’s going to ring a lot of bells. Throughout this year we kept hearing that the iPhone 6 is going to come with a sapphire display. In September when Apple unveiled both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus it made no mention of sapphire in the display. Now though it is being rumored that the next generation iPhone, not due for nearly an entire year, is going to have a sapphire display.

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Many people around the world are looking forward to the movie on Steve Jobs that’s written by Aaron Sorkin, based on the official biography of the Apple co-founder penned by Walter Isaacson. So far the cast has not been confirmed even though some very big names have been rumored for roles, including but not limited to Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale. While both of them were rumored to play jobs, word on the street is that Natalie Portman has been approached for a role in the Steve Jobs movie as well.

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Anyone who picked up Assassin’s Creed Unity on the day it was released would know that the game had too many bugs from the get go. Many were wondering why Ubisoft had released the game in this state anyway. Even though it got down to fixing those bugs right away and started quickly releasing patches, still that didn’t take the pain out of gamers’ experience. In order to atone for the botched release of this title Ubisoft is offering the first DLC for Assassin’s Creed Unity absolutely free.

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