apple-tvAs some of you might have heard, there are rumors that Apple is looking to offer a new web TV service and according to a report from Re/code, it seems that the Cupertino company is asking content producers to provide their own streams for their shows. This is versus Apple streaming the content themselves which would no doubt be more costly for the company.

That being said it doesn’t come as a complete surprise because as it stands, content providers such as Fox, CBS, Disney, and etc. all have their own streams that rely on delivery networks such as EdgeCast, so in some ways this shouldn’t really change anything for most content providers. At the same time by getting content producers to supply their own streams, it should not hold up the launch of the rumored web TV service. Read full post →Apple Reportedly Asking Content Producers To Supply Their Own Streams

WeiboHere’s the deal, when we lose our phones we’re generally pretty bummed about it and for the most part, we resign ourselves to the fact that we’ll probably never see it again. After all in a city or country with millions of people, what are the chances of us being able to find it again, right? As it turns out that sometimes fate deals the most unexpected cards which led to Buzzfeed’s Matt Stopera becoming famous in China and embarking on what seems like an incredible journey.

So this is what happened – Stopera had recently lost his iPhone at a bar and after resigning himself to the fact that he would never see it again, he started noticing photos appearing on his new iPhone in which he started to blog about it. The photos were of a man in China who was taking selfies of himself and of his life, which Stopera decided to chronicle out of fun. His posts became viral and soon the internet decided to try and help him find the mystery man in the photos. Read full post →Stolen iPhone Leads A Reporter To Fame And Adventure In China

new-retina-macbook-2Last month Apple unveiled their new 12-inch MacBook and safe to say that it was designed for maximum portability and mobility, as opposed to being a powerhouse laptop, which is why when the benchmarks for the laptop made its way online, it did not come as a complete surprise to find that it isn’t as powerful as you might think it is.

In fact according to the benchmarks, it turns out that the 2015 12-inch Retina MacBook is on par in terms of performance with Apple’s 2011 MacBook Air. Does that seem a bit disappointing that a 2015 laptop isn’t more powerful than one released four years ago? A bit, however it should be noted that the 2011 MacBook Air model was running an Intel Core i7 CPU clocked at 1.8GHz. Read full post →12-inch MacBook Benchmarks On Par With 2011 MacBook Air

lg-g3-phone-001Using a new phone with a new UI or a new platform can be a bit intimidating for some users as they might feel overwhelmed with the icons, features, settings, and so on. However it seems that LG might want to make things easier for new users to get on board with, thanks to a new rumor which suggests that the upcoming LG G4 could feature a dual-mode user interface.

What does this mean, you ask? Basically there will be two modes offered with the LG G4. One will be a basic and more general version of the interface which will be easier and more straightforward to use. This might be ideal for Android newbies or those who have not used an LG phone before. Read full post →LG G4 Could Come With A Dual-Mode User Interface

oneplus-02If you’re the proud owner of the OnePlus One, you might be disappointed to learn that the CM12 OTA update for your phone has been delayed. This was recently confirmed by the folks at OnePlus who wrote that due to certification issues, it seems that the CM12 update has been delayed, and unfortunately it looks like there is no word on when it will be released.

According to OnePlus, “Unfortunately, CM12 won’t be OTAing today due to certification issues as well. All parties are working together to resolve the problems as soon as possible. I understand the frustration and we will definitely be more careful with our ETAs in the future.” It seems that CM12 isn’t the only platform affected by certification issues as the company’s own OxygenOS has been similarly delayed due to the same problem. Read full post →CM12 Update For OnePlus One Delayed

airline-smartphoneSmartphones are starting to become ubiquitous and it’s becoming hard to find someone without one. This sentiment appears to be relatively true because according to the latest research conducted by Pew Research, it turns out that more than half of Americans now own a smartphone, 64% to be exact.

This is quite a huge leap especially when you consider that about three years ago, that number was at the 35% mark. That being said despite smartphone ownership being on the rise, the ability to maintain the device is also becoming increasingly difficult for some. The research found that 23% of smartphone owners and 48% of those who are dependent on the device has had to shut down or suspend their service due to its cost, which in some cases and some plans could run in the hundreds every month. Read full post →Pew Research: 64% Of Americans Now Own A Smartphone

apple_logoThe idea of a trade-in program is to provide customers with a way of getting rid of an old phone while saving money on a new phone in the process. In some ways it is a win-win situation and rarely does one expect to profit when it comes to making a trade-in. However it seems that Apple customers in China aren’t too happy with the prices Apple has been offering.

As you might have heard, Apple has recently launched a trade-in program in China in which customers can bring in old phones and trade them for a new one at a lower price. However according to reports, the prices offered by Apple for older devices are significantly lower than what these customers could get outside. Some even claim that it is half the price of what another retailer would pay them for their device. Read full post →Apple Accused Of Lowballing Customers With Trade-In Program

whatsapp-voice-calling2WhatsApp’s voice calling feature is available for Android users, and it looks like customers who purchased the Samsung Z1 have something to rejoice about as WhatsApp for Tizen has been updated with voice calling support as well. If you’re the owner of the Samsung Z1, you’ll just need to launch the WhatsApp app and you will see the new feature available for your use.

At this point in time Samsung Z1 owners will only be able to call Android devices who has the updated feature, or other Samsung Z1 owners. This effectively brings the voice calling feature to two platforms – Android and Tizen, with iOS users left having to wait for their update which has been scheduled for a rollout in the coming weeks. Read full post →WhatsApp For Tizen Updated With Voice Calling Feature

surface 3If you’re thinking about getting your hands on the new Microsoft Surface 3 but want to take it for a spin first, you won’t have to wait until the tablet’s availability to test it out. Microsoft has recently confirmed that customers who are interested in checking it out can go ahead and pop on over to one of the Microsoft Stores and try it out for themselves first before making a decision.

Prior to this it was reported that testing was only available via appointment only, but a Microsoft spokesperson got in touch with the folks at Windows Central confirming that no appointment was needed, and that “We invite everyone to head to their local store to get their hands on Surface 3 and check it out for themselves.” Read full post →Customers Can Go Ahead And Test Out The Surface 3 At Microsoft Stores

Mewtwo DLC

Nintendo has finally announced the details for Mewtwo, which is the first downloadable character for Smash Bros Wii U, 3DS. The company has teased the character in October 2014 and since then many were waiting for its release. The company has also revealed another DLC character, blonde-haired Earthbound Scuffle fighter, Lucas.

Read full post →Super Smash Bros. 3DS Gets Mewtwo DLC Price And Release Date