Earlier this year at CES 2017, LG took the wraps off their new LG Gram laptops. If you’re after a laptop that is light and easy to bring around with you, then perhaps these might be the laptops for you, and the good news is that they are now available for purchase where they are priced starting at $1,000. Read full post →LG’s Gram Laptops Are Now Available For Purchase

There are many reasons why customers might choose third-party repairs over official repairs. This is because more often than not, third-party repairs tend to be cheaper as sometimes the parts they use might not be official, but if you’re not that fussed then we guess it’s not really that big a deal. Read full post →Apple: Third-Party iPhone Screen Repairs Won’t Fully Void Warranty

A couple of days ago, a post on the Overwatch blog seemed to suggest that the next playable Overwatch character might not be Doomfist, but rather a character named Efi Oladele. It seems that Blizzard has continued with their teasing of the character by uploading the photo above on their Facebook page. Read full post →Blizzard Continues To Tease New Overwatch Character

Back in the day most photographers were faced with the decision of either choosing between a compact digital camera which was small and portable, or a DSLR which was bigger, clunkier, and heavier. However with the introduction of mirrorless cameras, consumers now have an option where they can snap high-quality photos but in a more compact body. Read full post →Fujifilm Thinks Next-Gen Mirrorless Cameras Could Beat DSLRs

If you’re looking forward to getting your hands on BioWare’s upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda, you’ll be pleased to learn that the game has gone gold. This is according to a recent tweet by the official BioWare Twitter account in which they confirmed the status of the game, thus bringing us one step closer to its release on the 21st of March. Read full post →Mass Effect: Andromeda Has Gone Gold

For those unfamiliar with Cloudflare, they are a website that helps to optimize security and performance of millions of websites. Unfortunately it seems that no thanks to a software bug, the service might have accidentally opened themselves up to a data breach in which the company warned that private data such as passwords, cookies, and authentication tokens might have been leaked. Read full post →Cloudflare Warns That Bug Might Have Exposed Private Data

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will not be making an appearance at MWC 2017, which means that we’ll probably have to wait until the end of March before we can get the details, or so the rumors are saying. However in the meantime, it looks like Samsung could be getting ready to launch a signup page for the phone. Read full post →Galaxy S8 Signup Page Leaked, Hints At The Phone’s Design

Back in 2016, a new app/feature of the Galaxy Note 7 was an app called Secure Folder. The idea behind the app is that users could put things inside of this folder and it will be protected from prying eyes and would only be accessible if the user were to authenticate themselves using their fingerprint. Read full post →Samsung Launches Secure Folder App For Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

Back in May last year, Google announced a new app/service called Spaces. The idea of Space is that it provided users with a platform in which they can share things with each other, although unlike other platforms, Spaces was designed for small group sharing as opposed to larger collaborations. Read full post →Google Will Be Shutting Down ‘Spaces’ In April

Last week it was speculated that Matt Reeves could be the director for the standalone Batman movie. Turns out the rumors were right because it has since been officially confirmed that Reeves will indeed be directing the upcoming movie which was previously meant to be directed by Ben Affleck who will also be reprising his role as Batman. Read full post →Matt Reeves Will Be Officially Directing Solo Batman Movie