Robots are starting to invade the various spaces of our lives – and this does not mean that such mechanical wonders are going to stop their march anytime soon. No sir, in fact, we continue to see increasing exposure to robots among the younger generation, where projects such as the PiKit Modular Robot will contribute to the overall cause. This is a unique robotic kit that happens to be based on the Raspberry Pi platform, and it wants to learn robotics.

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gtav ps4Rockstar has issued a warning that might hit some in the gut squarely – especially those who feel that they are unable to upgrade to the existing generation of consoles in the immediate and near future. After all, Rockstar warned that future GTA 5 updates could be released only for the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions of the game, although the publisher has iterated their wish to be able to offer updates for the Sony PS3 and Xbox 360 “for as long as possible”.

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here maps android 640x430Those who happen to swear by them Windows Phone-powered handsets from Microsoft tend to rest in the knowledge that this device holds one particularly strong point over the rest of its competitors, and that would be their HERE Maps suite. Well, it seems that this particular cutting edge will be no more in due time, since it has been said that Nokia will put a stop to the development of its HERE Maps suite for Lumia handsets.

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lg g3 screen 1The LG G3 is a fairly new handset, and hence it is more or less a no-brainer to figure out that this particular flagship device would be on the receiving end of the latest software updates that are in the pipeline. Having said that, folks over in Europe who are rocking to the LG G3 have already started to enjoy the Android 5.0 Lollipop update, starting with Poland first before other countries in the Old World such as Austria, the Baltics, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain and the UK, picked it up. As for us over in the US, there is still no word as to when the Lollipop update for the LG G3 will arrive, but it is rather sad to hear that even folks living in India have already seen their respective LG G3 smartphones get bumped up with Android 5.0 Lollipop.

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galaxy note 3 review 18 640x426It was not too long ago that there were screenshots which appeared online, seemingly depicting a SM-N900U handset that in reality, happens to be a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phablet which runs on an Exynos processor, except for one glaring exception – this particular Samsung Galaxy Note 3 happens to have Android 5.0 Lollipop as the mobile operating system of choice, which is a novelty since this particular model has not received the official Lollipop update as of today.

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uber safetyUber might be a more than decent alternative to hailing a cab (albeit more expensive, of course), but it has come under scrutiny especially when the company has allegedly done very little to offer protection to passengers from unscrupulous drivers. Well, I suppose it makes perfect sense to shore up one’s reputation in the market if you want to remain in business for the long haul, and this has led to their recently hired Head of Global Safety, Philip Cardenas, inform customers of the numerous techniques that will be implemented when it comes to driver verification – and these would include the use of biometrics, voice fingerprinting and lie detector tests.

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pacman restVideo games certainly have a major impact on our lives over the years, and it goes without saying that some of the more hardcore fans of certain video game franchises would love to eat at a restaurant that runs along a similar theme. We have seen an unofficial League of Legends restaurant open up in China, not to mention a Resident Evil restaurant in Japan alongside a World of Warcraft eatery in action as well, and here we are with word that Namco Entertainment intends to open the doors to their Pac-Man themed restaurant located near Chicago’s Woodfield Mall (as seen above) next January.

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hangouts gmailWhenever there is an instant messaging software in the vicinity, you know for sure that one thing needs to be attended to right from the get go – to set your existing status. The reason behind this? People on the same instant messaging network will be able to know whether you are contactable at that point in time or not. Google’s Hangouts has received an update slightly more than a week ago, and now we have received official word from Google that one is also capable of setting one’s Status on Hangouts – in Gmail itself, now how about that for a close level of integration?

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r6Terra Motors happens to be the top manufacturer of electric two and three wheelers over in the Land of the Rising Sun (which is Japan just in case you were wondering), and Terra Motors has recently unveiled what they call the ‘R6’ Japanese electric three wheelers – of which will go on sale from next year onward.

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street view universityEarlier this year, Google launched Cardboard which is basically a cheap DIY virtual reality headset made from, well, cardboard. There are no electronic components and in order to get it to work, you will need to use your smartphone as the device’s display along with an accompanying app that gives you virtual reality on the cheap.

Now if you do own the Cardboard, you might be interested to learn that there is an interesting easter egg which was discovered in Google Maps for Android. Basically this easter egg allows users to activate virtual reality mode in Street View and lets users tour the world in a virtual reality setting, which is admittedly a lot more fun than scrolling through photos on your phone. Read full post →Google Street View Gets Virtual Reality Mode