sprinkersThe idea that you can connect to your electronic appliances remotely, like your fan, your lights, your TV, and etc. is a good one. For some it might seem like a novel idea, but if you ever needed proof to show that IoT is indeed the future and that connected objects will become commonplace, look no further than Australia.

According to reports, Charles Darwin University vice chancellor Professor Simon Maddocks was in Darwin, Australia when he was notified by the Country Fire Services and his friends that there was a major fire that was west of his place where he had a house and a 45-hectare wheat farm. However thanks to the fact that his farm was connected online, he could monitor the area remotely via his CCTV. Read full post →Smart Sprinkler System Saved This Man’s House From A Bushfire

swatch paymentsWhile Apple is working trying to figure out how to bring Apple Pay to China, it seems that Swatch has beaten them to it. If you might recall, a couple of months ago the Swiss watchmaker announced a new watch called the Swatch Bellamy which basically helps to facilitate mobile payments.

At the time of launch, it was only available in the Chinese market but recently the company has confirmed that the device will be making its way stateside. To help bring the Bellamy to the US, Swatch has teamed up with Visa and will be bringing the device to the US, Brazil, and Switzerland, but unfortunately no specific dates with regards to its release was shared. Read full post →Swatch’s Payments Watch Will Be Arriving Stateside

chrome_data_saveConsidering that the web is much richer these days when it comes to multimedia content compared to back in the day, this also means that the amount of data we consume is significantly more. For those who aren’t on unlimited data plans, this means that you will need to be smart about your data usage.

Now there are apps and tools, like Opera Max, that will help you save data. However if you are a Chrome user on Android, Google already has a built-in feature called Data Saver mode that as the name implies, will help you save data while browsing the web using Chrome on your Android phone. The good news is that Google has recently given the feature an update to make it more efficient. Read full post →Chrome For Android’s Data Saver Mode Updated To Be More Efficient

ios-whisper-listA couple of weeks ago, Twitch announced that their Whisper chat feature would be arriving on mobile devices. However at that time, the company stated that the feature would only be available on Android devices first before making their way onto iOS. The good news is that if you are an iOS user, it looks like it didn’t take too long for the feature to find its way onto Apple’s mobile platform. Read full post →Twitch’s Whisper Chat Feature Makes Its way Onto iOS

sony ps4In case you didn’t already know about your PS4 console, the device comes with an 8-core processor. However only 6 out of those 8 cores are made available to games while the remaining two cores are used to power the operating system of the console. For the most part this doesn’t really affect gamers as the PS4 is pretty powerful enough to begin with.

However according to reports, it seems that a group of developers have discovered that Sony might have recently “unlocked” one additional core. This means that developers will have one extra core to work with. It is unclear as to why Sony did not do this at the start, but perhaps the company was just being careful so that at launch, the console and not just its games would run smoothly. Read full post →Sony PS4’s Seventh Core Has Been Unlocked

att-signIt seems that everything just got a bit more expensive. It was recently that carriers such as Verizon and T-Mobile announced that they would be raising the prices of their unlimited data plans, and if you are on AT&T’s network and you’re feeling a bit relieved that the carrier did not raise their prices, you might be disappointed.

AT&T has recently confirmed that they will be raising the prices of their grandfathered unlimited data plan. Prior to this, it only cost customers $30 a month, but AT&T has since hiked the price up by $5 and will now cost $35 for customers every month. Granted it’s not a very big change in price, but it’s one that customers should pay attention to all the same. Read full post →AT&T Raises Prices Of Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plan

With Marvel making so many movies, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are a lot of game developers and publishers out there who want a piece of the action as well. We have seen multiple video games based around the various Marvel movies that have been released, and thanks to recent footage, it looks like we could have almost been treated to an Avengers game with a twist. Read full post →Video Of Cancelled Avengers First Person Game Surfaces

Oculus-Rift-5Earlier this year Oculus VR took the wraps off the consumer version of the Oculus Rift headset. Unfortunately in terms of pricing and a specific release date, those are still details that are still pretty much left up in the air. In fact the closest thing we have gotten to pricing is the company saying that the entire setup (which includes the cost of a PC capable of running the device) will set customers back around $1,500. Read full post →Oculus VR To Make A “Special Announcement” This Thursday

samsung-nx1100-manualThere has been rumors suggesting that Samsung could be exiting the digital camera market. After all the company had recently exited from the German market, so we wouldn’t really be surprised if other countries were to follow suit. However according to a new rumor, it seems that Samsung has some kind of major camera announcement to make at CES 2016.

CES 2016 will be taking place early next year in January. This is an event in which many companies tend to make major product announcements, so we have to wonder if this announcement is to announce that they are planning to exit the digital camera market, or if they’re coming back in full force with some kind of revolutionary camera. Read full post →Major Camera Announcement From Samsung Rumored For CES 2106

Romain-Jerome-Super-Mario-Bros-watchWhen it comes to watches, really good mechanical timepieces will set you back a small fortune, but most of the time this can be justified as the majority of these timepieces are considered to be investments that could last generations, as long as they are properly maintained.

We have also seen novelty watches that are made around movies, games, TV shows, cartoons, and etc., and these watches usually cost a couple of bucks and not more. However it seems that to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Super Mario Bros. game, Nintendo has teamed up with luxury watchmaker Romain Jerome to create a very special timepiece. Read full post →This Super Mario Watch Can Be Yours For $18,950