It’s not uncommon to see parts and components believed to belong to a new Apple product leak online before the device itself is actually announced so this assembled iPhone 6s display isn’t going to surprise many people. This is the first time that a picture of a fully assembled purported iPhone 6s display has been leaked and it just might show what the rumored Force Touch implementation might look like from the inside.

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Sure hitchBOT the hitchhiking robot made its way across Canada but it didn’t have the same luck in the United States, barely two weeks after it set out to see the entire country hitchBOT’s journey has come to an end. It’s not because the robot was not up to the task, it’s become the poor robot was vandalized by humans. As hitchBOT said on its Twitter account “sometimes bad things happen to good robots.”

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If Dropbox is your cloud storage service of choice and you happen to have a Roku hooked up to your TV then you’re going to like what the two have to offer. Dropbox has arrived on Roku and it lets you view photos and movies stored in your cloud storage directly on the TV by using Roku’s streaming media player. It’s quite capable as it lets you search for items by name, view thumbnails and slideshows and browse through folders.

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It has been widely believed that the popular show Game of Thrones is not going to go beyond seven seasons which is obviously something that fans find hard to digest but we know all good things must come to an end some day. HBO programming president Michael Lombardo has dismissed the notion that there won’t be an eighth season of the popular show, instead he says that Game of Thrones season 8 is very much on the table.

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Tesla certainly has ambitions to produce truly self-driving cars but for now it’s making do with the “autopilot” mode which is basically an optional semiautonomous mode on the Tesla Model S. It uses ultrasonic radar to sense and avoid obstacles, pedestrians and other cars. It’s even capable of automatically changing lanes. Two new features are currently in the pipeline and they’re going to be added to the autopilot mode very soon.

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The U.S. has spent a lot of money developing the F-35 fighter jet, close to half a trillion dollars have been invested in this project which at times has been criticized particularly when results were not favorable. There’s good news for people who have been waiting to see this jet take to the skies because it has passed its biggest milestone: The U.S. Marine Corps has declared the F-35B ready for combat as the jet has achieved initial operational capability (IOC).

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Four children with life-threatening cerebrovascular malformations (abnormalities in the brain’s blood vessels) were being treated at the Boston Children’s Hospital and their treatment posed some special challenges which is why surgeons wanted to practice the high-risk procedures before performing them on the children. They turned to 3D printing and synthetic resin to recreate the patient’s affected body parts and practice the procedure.

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One big advantage of subscribing to PlayStation Plus is that every month members are provided free access to multiple titles for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Even though Sony has been providing these titles for months PS Plus members have no way to get their say in what games go free, this is going to change soon, as they’ll be allowed to vote which games will be included in the coming month’s free PlayStation Plus lineup.

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Sling TV is among the many services out there that are catering to the increasing amount of cord cutters who would rather pay monthly for TV instead of going with a traditional cable TV subscription. This move has even forced players like Comcast into the game but these companies don’t appear to be getting alone. Sling TV says that Comcast’s owned and operated NBC stations are blocking its new TV advertisements.

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Unlike Windows, the stock Android system doesn’t come with a built-in file management system. However, Most users don’t even need the file management system on Android anyway. Everything is managed for them and they can easily access apps in the app drawer and the media in the phone gallery.

On a daily basis, file manager might not be required, but there are times when you need to use a file manager or may like to tap into your phone’s system. Although, some manufacturers do add a file manager in their phones, but they are not as robust as third-party file managers and lack many features. Read full post →How To Use A File Manager In Android