jimmy iovineWith so many music services and mediums in which users can download, stream, and purchase their music, what makes one particular service more attractive than the rest? Well for one exclusivity would be the answer, or at least one of the answers. Apple has tried that with great success with the exclusive release of Beyonce’s album in the past, and it looks like they are going to try that again with several different artists.

According to a report from the New York Post, word has it that Apple’s recent hire Jimmy Iovine is in talks with various artists about the possibility of launching their albums exclusively on Apple’s iTunes. The Beats executive is said to be looking to recreate the success they had with Beyonce’s album which was launched exclusively back in 2013. Read full post →Jimmy Iovine Working On Exclusive iTunes Releases [Rumor]

Rob-Pardo-REVISEDA decade or two ago, the idea of playing video games professionally would have been somewhat laughable, but given how much money is involved and how countries and universities are recognizing the value of professional gamers, safe to say that we have come a very long way.

However are video games that big to the point where they should be introduced in the Olympics? We suppose that is up for debate, but in the meantime former Blizzard executive Rob Pardo seems to think so. Speaking to BBC during their Let’s Talk About Tech podcast, Pardo mentioned that video games are primed to be a spectator sport, claiming that gamers need to be just as agile as traditional sports players due to the need for quick reaction times and decision-making skills. Read full post →Former Blizzard Exec Thinks Video Games Should Be In The Olympics

preorder_ps4_02So we know that Capcom is working on a remastered version of Resident Evil, but is that all the company is looking to remake? Well according to a recent sighting by the folks on the NeoGAF forums, it seems that there is a chance that Capcom could also be working on a remastered version of Resident Evil Zero.

According to the forum poster, “Capcom updated their Japanese site with some screens of the PS4 pre-order theme you get for Biohazard Remaster HD. However, what caught mine and some others eyes on this one screen in particular was that there appeared to be a Biohazard Zero game icon on their PS4 menu.” Read full post →Possible Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster In The Works

netriderIf you’re out in public looking for WiFi, chances are you will find it at a local cafe or a nearby Starbucks, but what if you’re not near any of these locations? That means that users will need to rely on cellular data, which is fine, but sometimes could be slower or unavailable due to poor coverage. This essentially means that you would be without an internet connection.

Well it seems that over in Porto, a port city in Portugal, a startup company has come up with a rather novel idea of providing WiFi to the masses of the city, and how they are going about doing that to cover the entire city is by equipping several hundred vehicles with WiFi routers, 600 to be exact. Dubbed NetRiders, This allows the vehicles to roam the entire city whilst providing its residents with WiFi. Read full post →Portuguese Startup Brings WiFi To The City By Equipping Vehicles With Routers

kim-dotcom-mega-anti-nsaWith the recent spate of hacks and also revelations that the government has been spying on its own citizens, suddenly having extra secure chats, phones, and encrypted services has become a big thing. We’ve seen apps such as WhatsApp offer encrypted messages, and recently KakaoTalk has started to offer similar features as well.

Well, it looks like Mega’s Kim Dotcom wants in on the action as well and according to a recent announcement, it seems that Docom is looking to launch a fully encrypted video call and chat service in the future. This will be available as an application and can also be used in the user’s browser. Read full post →Mega’s Encrypted Video Call And Chat Service To Be Launched Soon

apple-pay-004At the moment Apple Pay is only available in the US, but if recent job listings are anything to go by, Apple has plans on expanding the service to other parts of the world in the future. That being said it looks like the UK could be one of those countries to receive Apple Pay support in 2015, if a report from The Telegraph is to be believed.

According to The Telegraph, they have heard from sources that Apple is currently in talks with the major banks in the UK to launch Apple Pay in the country in the first half of 2015. They also add that these banks have shown a bit of skepticism regarding security of the personal information of its users, but at the same time have reportedly acknowledged the impact Apple Pay has had in the US. Read full post →Apple In Talks With UK Banks About Apple Pay [Rumor]

Time sure flies pretty quickly these days, and it has not been all that long since the flagship smartphones from Oppo, the Find 7 and Find 7a, were released, but they are starting to feel as though they aren’t able to duke it out with the best of them out there. Having said that, what you see above happens to be a video that teases the upcoming ColorOS Beta, which is a smooth user experience that happens to run on top of Google’s Android mobile operating system.

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livemapRussia’s Livemap has come up with a unique motorcycle helmet that is smart – where it will come equipped with voice control alongside delivering GPS navigation straight in your field of vision. In other words, as you ride, you will be able to see the directions in your helmet display, all without having to fiddle around with a different device, or to even take your eyes away from the road.

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‘Tis the season to give and be generous, and Joe Riquelme certainly lives up to the spirit of the Yuletide season, that is for sure. After all, Joe Riquelme happens to be the developer of the iOS app known as Videoshop, and it seems that over time, Riquelme has managed to earn enough from this particular app in order to pay off his parents’ mortgage – how filial is that?

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nokia-headquarters-logo-sign-001-630x472I know that the Lumia Denim update was released not too long ago, where it certainly came about as a welcome addition to anyone who owns a compatible handset that runs on the Windows Phone platform. Having said that, should your Nokia Lumia device run on software version 8.10.14219.341 or higher, your smartphone ought to be able to download the operating system update – and subsequent ones too, of course, to a microSD memory card, now how about that? This particular bit of information comes straight from the folks over at Microsoft, who recently put up the corresponding information on its own website.

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