firefox_logo_newWith so many browsers to choose from, users are often spoilt for choice. Now if you are a fan of Mozilla’s Firefox browser and you love using it across your mobile devices and computers, the latest update for iOS might be worth taking a look at, especially with Mozilla’s claims that the latest build is more battery efficient. Read full post →Latest Firefox Build For iOS Improves Its Battery Usage

BriefTube-4YouTube is a great place for videos. It has all kinds of videos from the funny, sad, bizarre, vlogs, skits, and even educational videos. However sometimes educational videos can be rather lengthy since we guess the point is to educate, as opposed to trying to focus on production quality. This means that sitting down to watch these videos is an investment of your time. Read full post →Chrome Extension Makes Learning On YouTube A Lot More Organized

Want to know exactly how polluted your city is? If you are and maybe if you want to raise some awareness at the same time, you might be interested in checking out a line of shirts called Aerochromic. These shirts have been specially designed to change its pattern when it detects pollutants in the air. Read full post →These Shirts Will Change Patterns When It Detects Air Pollutants

music-piracyWhy do people pirate movies, software, games, music, books, and so on? The basic answer is that if you can get it for free, why pay for it? So does that mean that there is no hope at eradicating piracy? We suppose to eliminate it entirely is impossible, but in terms of containing it, director James Cameron believes the theater experience is the key. Read full post →James Cameron: Theater Experience Could Contain Piracy

xiaomi mi notebook airXiaomi is known mostly for their smartphones, although they are also doing pretty well in the wearables department. The company has also expanded its offerings by launching drones, and it looks like they are planning on competing in the computer market as well as the company has launched the Mi Notebook Air. Read full post →Xiaomi Launches Their MacBook Air Competitor, The Mi Notebook Air

There are a ton of puzzle based games available out there, although for gamers of Nintendo’s DS/3DS handheld console, you guys might be very familiar with the Professor Layton franchise. The good news is that if you have enjoyed the franchise, you’ll be pleased to learn that we have a new game that will be joining it. Read full post →New Professor Layton Game ‘Lady Layton’ Announced

pokemon go plusWhen Pokemon GO was first announced, there was also an accessory that was revealed alongside it called Pokemon GO Plus. The accessory was originally slated for a release towards the end of July, but unfortunately for gamers looking forward to getting their hands on it, it looks like you won’t. Read full post →Pokemon GO Plus Launching In September Instead Of July

porta-pottiesThe idea of recycling our bodily waste into something more useful isn’t new. In fact last year Bill Gates was part of an initiative that turned human waste into drinking water, a feat which he gladly demonstrated on video. Now it looks like scientists over in Belgium are trying to do something similar, except that it will turn urine into drinkable water. Read full post →Scientists Create Solar-Powered Machine That Turns Urine Into Water

apple_payApple Pay went live in Australia last year, but it was limited in terms of credit cards accepted, which was limited to American Express for a while. Apparently Apple had a hard time trying to get banks on board with Apple Pay, and it was only a couple of months ago that Apple finally convinced ANZ to adopt their platform. Read full post →Australian Banks Looking To Collectively Boycott Apple Pay

xiaomi_redmi_proFor those shopping around for a smartphone that doesn’t come with an exorbitant price tag, you might be pleased to learn that Xiaomi has launched the Redmi Pro. This is the company’s latest handset and it comes in three different variants, but basically at the end of the day the real difference is its Helio processors. Read full post →Xiaomi Redmi Pro Has Been Officially Launched