Many were probably pretty excited ahead of Apple’s iPhone announcements, but it seems that following the announcements, things haven’t appeared to be too good for the company. According to a report from Reuters (via MacRumors), it seems that the turnout for the iPhone 8 in Australia appear to be rather bleak. Read full post →iPhone 8 Could Be Facing A ‘Bleak’ Launch In Australia

Have you ever come across ads based on searches you’ve done on the web? For example if you were shopping for an item like a camera and you went around checking prices, and not too long after you start seeing ads for cameras on platforms like Facebook. This is done through tracking, which we guess is more or less to be expected while being online. Read full post →Facebook Will Show Ads Based On Stores You Visit

When Nintendo and Ubisoft officially announced Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle earlier this year, safe to say that this was a collaboration that not many had expected. However it turned out to be a great idea because from what we are hearing, the title is selling pretty well, so much so that it is apparently the best-selling third-party title for the Nintendo Switch. Read full post →Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Is The Switch’s Best-Selling Third-Party Title

In terms of design, the HTC U11 is certainly different from the competition. Instead of a more somber look, it has been given a rather bright and shiny finish, but if there was one thing we wish HTC could have done was reduce or eliminate the bezels like we’re seeing offered by the competition. Read full post →Bezel-less HTC U11 Plus Rumored For November

Apple’s new iPhone 8 sports a slightly new design in which the back portion of the phone is now covered in glass similar to that of the iPhone 4 and 4S. From a design point of view it looks amazing, but in terms of practicality, it looks like it could end up being prone to scratches and smudges. Read full post →iPhone 8 Put Through A Scratch And Bend Test

When I stopped by in Seoul, I visited the Smart Content Center in Anyang (near Seoul) and had the opportunity to meet with some of the companies being incubated there. SmartCenter is a government-backed incubator created in 2011 to nurture local startups from start to finish. Its stated goal is to select and help grow startups from an idea to being a global corporation.

This time we met with three companies that work on very different products, mostly hardware. That’s a huge difference from just a couple of years ago where most startups were about apps and services. The companies are: Read full post →Smart Content Center Startup Sampling in Seoul

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have a glass back. While it looks great, it is glass after all, which means that it’s susceptible to breakage. Those who have paid for an AppleCare+ plan for the iPhone will have to pay $29 to replace the screen if they ever break it. However, customers have to keep in mind that the iPhone 8 glass back replacement is actually more expensive than replacing the screen.
Read full post →iPhone 8 Glass Back Replacement Is Expensive

It appears that the iPhone 8 isn’t just smoking the competition as far as benchmarks are concerned. Camera reference publication DxOMark tests a lot of smartphone cameras and they’ve now but the new iPhones through their paces. DxOMark states that the iPhone 8 has the “best smartphone camera” that it has ever tested.
Read full post →iPhone 8 Plus Is DxoMark’s ‘Best Smartphone Camera’ Ever

It has been reported for the past couple of years that Sprint and T-Mobile have been talking about a potential merger in the United States. Nothing has happened officially over these past few years but the companies have reportedly been in talks time and again. It appears to be serious this time around, though. According to a new report, the much-reported Sprint and T-Mobile might finally be confirmed next month.
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Twitter Lite was introduced to us earlier this year. It’s a new version of Twitter’s mobile site that’s meant to be used by people in parts of the world where internet connectivity is limited. It’s a lightweight version of the mobile site that provides access to the microblogging network while using less data to increase load times. It appears that the company also has a Twitter Lite Android app in the pipeline.
Read full post →Twitter Lite Android App Being Tested In The Philippines