Pretty much all smartphones on the market today cap out at 256GB of native storage. This can be expanded on some phones via microSD, but like we said we’re referring to native storage. However the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could break the mold and feature 512GB of storage. Read full post →More Reports Hint At Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Packing 512GB Of Storage

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Last year the World Health Organization (WHO) decided that they would classify “gaming disorder” as a mental health issue. Unsurprisingly there were some who disagreed with this, but now it looks like the WHO is back with a new mental health problem that they have classified, which according to the organization is “compulsive gaming”. Read full post →WHO Calls Compulsive Gaming A Mental Health Problem

Last year Google announced that Uber would be integrated within Google Maps. This meant that while searching for location of places, users would also be able to hail an Uber within Google Maps itself. This meant less steps for users which could also help drive the number Uber rides. Read full post →You Can No Longer Book Uber Rides Within Google Maps

When calls are made to 911, ideally the caller would be able to provide their location which is of course vital if police, firefighters, or an ambulance has to be sent to the location. However this isn’t always possible and while 911 can get a location, sometimes it might not be precise enough. Read full post →iOS 12 Will Let First Responders Know Your Location

Thanks to social media, various minority groups now have a voice and platform to share their thoughts and opinions. However the downside is that it has given everyone, good or bad, a voice. This has proven to be a problem as extremist groups have been using such platforms to spread their hate and propaganda. Read full post →Extremist Groups Are Reportedly Starting To Turn Towards Google+

Our phones have definitely evolved to do many things, such as take photos, play music, surf the web, play games, used for augmented and virtual reality, but at the end of the day, it is still a phone which means that it needs to make phone calls, otherwise it wouldn’t really be appropriate to call it a phone, right? Read full post →OnePlus 6 Update Will Improve Its Call Quality

One of the supposed “revolutionary” features introduced in the iPhone 6s is 3D Touch. It was supposed to be a new way for users to interact with their phones beyond just pressing on the display. However it’s safe to say that 3D Touch was not as well-received compared to other iPhone features, but according to UX engineer Eliz Kılıç, she has an idea on how to fix it. Read full post →This Is How Apple Could ‘Fix’ 3D Touch

Imagine you apply for a job or a scholarship to the company or school of your dreams, somewhere you know will advance you in your life and get you to where you want to be, only to be told that you were rejected. It’s a terrible feeling, but imagine that it was all false, and that the rejection was actually sent to you by an ex-partner who just didn’t want you to leave. Read full post →Musician Sues His Ex For Hacking Into His Emails & Turning Down A Scholarship

There are plenty of compact cameras available in the market today, many of which offer users long-zoom lenses for those that like to get up close and personal. However if you have the cash to splash and wouldn’t mind getting a new digital compact camera, Leica might have something for you with the Leica C-Lux. Read full post →Leica C-Lux Is A Long-Zoom Compact Camera

Not all emails are equal, where there are some that you’ll probably want to reply to ASAP, and others that you can probably take your time with (although you should still reply somewhat promptly). The good news is that Google has announced that they have updated its iOS app with smarter notifications. Read full post →Gmail App Lets Users Limit Notifications To High Priority Emails