galaxy-s6-vs-galaxy-s6-edge_01The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are the flagship smartphones for Samsung at the moment. Both pack pretty impressive hardware and both phones have cameras which appear to be beating out the competition with relative ease. However it seems that despite all its advantages, the handsets aren’t selling too well.

So much so that Samsung has recently announced during its quarterly earnings that they will be making adjustments to the price of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge to help maintain its sales momentum. While Samsung was not explicit in what they meant by that, a person familiar with the matter apparently said that this means that the prices of the phones will be cut. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge Expected To Receive Price Cuts

tianhe-2As it stands, the world’s fastest supercomputer is China’s Tianhe-2, a computer that runs at 33.86 petaflops. For those wondering how fast that is, basically it is capable of performing 33.86 quadrillion floating point operations per second. However it looks like President Obama does not want the US to play second-fiddle to anyone.

So much so that he has issued an executive order (via Motherboard) in which he says that the US must build their own exascale supercomputer, with the goal of being 30 times faster than China’s Tianhe-2. Dubbed the National Strategic Computing Initiative, ultimately this will be a computer that is capable of mimicking the human brain, which apparently isn’t possible with today’s technology. Read full post →Obama Wants To See The US Build An Exascale Supercomputer

wp-store-leakBreaches in information as well as leaks are commonplace in this day and age, and it seems that the latest leak involves data concerning the Windows Phone Store that dates all the way back October 2011, where that was when Windows Phone 7.5 launched. Whatever that was leaked showed that Facebook happens to be the app that is downloaded the most, achieving more than 112 million installations along the way.

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uberFor those of you who have made use of the Uber service before, have you ever wondered just what the heck is going on when you see a slew of cars that are available, and yet you are still given a relatively long waiting period? Perhaps there is an explanation behind this riddle – the cars simply do not exist at all. Motherboard has picked up on this particular “scent” through a study, citing that the app’s map activity does not jive with what is going on in the real world. Now the next question to as would be, “Why?”

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vw-carplayIt looks like Volkswagen has also jumped aboard the CarPlay bandwagon, which is similar in nature to that which is found in Honda’s 2016 Accord model. In fact, the very first batch of Volkswagen models that sport CarPlay support is set to arrive at dealerships later this week, so if you have been holding out on a new Volkswagen purchase, good for you. Sporting a 2nd generation Modular Infotainment Platform (MIB II), this is set to be an important part of Volkswagen’s Car-Net connected vehicles platform, where it delivers a seamless app platform integration with the likes of CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink.

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henryVirtual Reality has not really taken off in a big way so far, partly due to the restrictions in hardware capability. However, this does not mean that there has been no advancements made in this particular department. In fact, Oculus might be the first to break the mould where movies are concerned, having released a film called ‘Henry’ that might just be the tipping point for movie buffs as well as Hollywood concerning the use of Virtual Reality as a viable storytelling medium.

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acer-logo-largeAcer of Taiwan has just revealed that folks who would want to dive right into the Windows 10 platform will be able to do so from today onward, thanks to a new range of E Series notebooks that happen to be Acer’s maiden attempt at Windows 10-powered products. Other devices from Acer that will ship with Windows 10 in tow would arrive later next month, so fret not if you missed the boat this time around.

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nuu-mobile-z8All smartphone manufacturers would need to have a flagship – after all, a flagship would show the rest of the world the kind of technology that a company has in its pocket, so to speak. Well, the folks over at NUU Mobile have just unveiled their latest flagship model, which would be the Z8, and it has hit the US for $299.99, unlocked.

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robot-modelThe world of fashion can be deemed to be a quirky one – and it is far from surprising at all to see how robots can play a role in fashion. Androids have made their way into fashion magazines as well as runways recently, where designers like Thom Browne and Rick Owens, alongside newcomers like David Koma, have touched on fembot imagery in the fall 2015 collection. Basically, models dressed in frocks that have been patterned with soldering dots and faux computer circuitry strutted their stuff.

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windows-10Microsoft’s Windows 10 is now live and for some of you guys who were lucky enough to have installed the update, you should probably know that there is a patch on its way, but for those who haven’t, fret not because you can always force the update. Now as it stands, Windows 10 is said to weigh in at around 6GB.

However like we said, a patch is on its way and it is a rather hefty one. According to reports, it seems that the upcoming patch will weigh in at 1GB meaning that this is more than just your average patch, but then again this is the day one patch for Microsoft’s brand new operating system so we reckon there are probably a ton of things to fix. Read full post →Windows 10’s Day One Patch Weighs In At 1GB