Motorola’s much awaited successor to the Moto X (2013) was finally unveiled earlier this month. The company showed off the new smartphone, simply called Moto X (2014), on September 4th and announced that it will be available for pre-order starting September 16th. At that day the unlocked and AT&T variant went up for pre-order. Now reports are coming in that the first batch of pre-orders have started shipping.

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Valve announced today that its digital distribution platform called Steam has passed a major milestone. The platform now boasts over 100 million “active” users, it crossed this mark earlier in the week. Valve last provided an update on the numbers back in January. Since then the digital distribution platform has added more than 25 million customers and now has over 3,700 unique titles in its library.

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ms retires skype

Just yesterday Skype rolled out an update for its iOS 8. The update brought support for the latest iteration of Apple’s mobile platform called iOS 8. Since the new software was released on September 17th developers have wasted little time in updating their applications so that they fully support the new iOS release. Interestingly yesterday’s update didn’t have support for the significantly larger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus display sizes. Now Skype confirms that an update with this support for both new iPhones will be released next month.

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It was reported yesterday that Apple is thinking about shutting down Beats Music and incorporating its streaming end of things into iTunes. The logic provided was believable, Apple already has a streaming service in iTunes and it doesn’t make sense for it to run two similar services. Apple rubbished the report by saying that it was “not true,” but didn’t go beyond those two words. Then a report suggested a possible rebranding of Beats Music, which is now believed to be unveiled in February.

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Tomorrow is without a doubt a very big day for BlackBerry, one that the company’s fans have been anxiously waiting for about a few months now. The company is going to conduct three events across the world simultaneously to unveil its latest flagship device called BlackBerry Passport. It is arguably one of the most innovative devices the Canadian manufacturer has ever produced and to mark this occasion the company has set up a BlackBerry Passport release event live stream for tomorrow so that you and I can watch things unfold from the comfort of our homes.

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Today is a good day for virtual currency backers. Bitcoin is arguably the most popular virtual currency that is already accepted by many companies and retailers who allow their customers to pay them through the crypto-currency instead of dollars, euros or what have you. PayPal Bitcoin integration has finally been announced today albeit some limitations. The online payments giant is going to allow its digital goods merchants to accept payments through the PayPal Payments Hub.

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Earlier this month we picked up on a rumor about the future of Samsung’s laptop business. We know that it has been a considerable time since Samsung has launched a new laptop, which is why there’s speculation these days about whether or not the company is planning to stay in the game as far as laptops are concerned. Well we now know for sure that at least in one region, Europe to be precise, Samsung is indeed throwing in the towel on its laptop business.

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blizzard logoBlizzard is one video game company that has churned out one hit title after another, so much so that each release is looked forward to with plenty of anticipation. While we have heard whispers of the rumored Titan MMO last year, a project that involves more than 100 team members, it seems that the Titan MMO project has just been booted into the bin. Yes sir, you read that right – this particular project that has been in the making for 7 long years will never see the light of day.

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iphoneteardownWhile a recent teardown of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus points to 1,810mAh and 2,915mAh batteries stashed underneath the hood, respectively, here we are with another teardown that points to a rough guesstimate of how much Apple would have had to fork out to build each new handset. So far, the $200 mark had not been breached in the past where estimations were concerned, with different iPhones speculated to cost anywhere from $188 to $199 thereabouts. However, it seems that the iPhone 6 Plus has managed to surpass the $200 mark, while the iPhone 6 remains right on target.

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pixma ip110Canon recently introduced a slew of new PowerShot cameras, but they are also knee deep in a different segment of the imaging business – one that involves printers, of course. Here is an interesting device from them that is known as the Canon PIXMA iP110 Wireless Mobile Printer, and we do wonder whether this particular printer will also be able to be hacked to run a game of Doom on it.

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