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Bungie’s popular title Destiny was released a few weeks back and it was met with a great response, the game made over $500 million on its first day. Millions of people around the world are now playing this meticulously developed title though many had concerns about how engrams worked. In case you haven’t played the game engrams are loot collected during gameplay which need to be decoded by the cryptarch. Destiny 1.0.2 patch was said to fix engrams and now its finally out.

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driveclub compatible wheels

In just about a week’s time one of the most highly anticipated games for the PlayStation 4 is going to be released. Driveclub was meant to be a launch title for Sony’s next-generation console but the title was delayed multiple times. Now nearly an entire year later Driveclub is set to be released in a few days time. Those who want to use a peripheral to enhance the gameplay experience need to read on as this post lists the wheels that will be compatible with Driveclub upon its release.

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It all started with AT&T’s announcement last week that it will be offering double the amount of data to all new and existing subscribers provided that they signed up for this promotion by the end of October. Then they’ll retain the double data for as long as they stayed on that particular plan. Earlier today Sprint retaliated with its own double data promotion and it looks like seeing two of its rivals do the exact same thing didn’t sit well with Verizon, which is why it has jumped in the fray as well.

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bb passport white

BlackBerry’s new flagship smartphone was released about a week back. It is off to a good start as the company was able to sell more than 200,000 units. The Passport was quickly sold out after release even though its only available in one color option right now: black. The company had already confirmed previously that it would be available in white as well. Customers who have been waiting for the white BlackBerry Passport may very well have to wait until November.

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20 cr 48They say that everyone has a price, and in a free market, you know that money definitely talks. Throw enough dough in the right direction, and you are more or less sure that there will be someone out there who is willing to get the job done. Google, for instance, is rich in terms of stocks and assets, that it would not be too much of a hassle for the company to reward people who are able to discover bugs in their software and apps, such as what they are doing with the Chrome browser. In fact, it longer the reward program is in place, the more difficult it is to discover vulnerabilities.

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Companies like Microsoft and Google tend to focus some of their products towards the education sector. Just yesterday the latter announced unlimited cloud storage for students who use Google Drive for Education. Today Microsoft has made its own announcement but it has to more with hardware and less with software. The company confirmed a 10 percent price cut for its Surface Pro 3 tablets aimed squarely at students.

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galaxy note 4 release infographic

Samsung is gearing up to launch its new flagship in multiple markets around the world. The release date for U.S. customers has already been announced and the company’s regional arms have also confirmed release dates for their respective markets. To ensure that customers have no confusion regarding the release date in their market the company has posted a new infographic on one of its Facebook pages which lists Galaxy Note 4 release dates for majority of the markets this device will be available in this month.

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billshock 640x341Trick me once, shame on me, trick me twice, shame on you. Having said that, it goes without saying that one ought to take responsibility and the necessary pro-active steps in order to ensure that one does not return to an insane phone bill because you forgot to turn off data roaming on your exotic holiday. This is what happened to Patricia Al who hails from southwest London, after she failed to follow the required steps prior to making her way to Turkey.

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lumia830 china

A couple of weeks back Microsoft unveiled a new Lumia smartphone which it dubbed “the first affordable flagship.” Microsoft has tried to provide high-end specifications in a thin and lightweight body with a price tag that’s not as high as other flagships that are available in the market today. The company had said that sales would begin in October and today it announced that the Lumia 830 has gone on sale in certain markets around the world.

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Last week Microsoft released Xbox One in China after it was delayed for a few days. The new console has been launched as China has relaxed the ban on gaming consoles after more than a decade. Ever since the Xbox One was launched back in November 2013, the same month in which Sony’s PlayStation 4 came out, it has been beaten its rival and surely the console needed a win somewhere. Looks like it got that break in China.

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