With the iPhone 5, Apple did away with the 30-pin dock connector and replaced it with a smaller and reversible Lightning connector. Sure there were some complaints at the start, but eventually Lightning became the standard connector for the iPhone and many accessories that were launched for it. Read full post →iPhone 8 Could Replace Lightning Connector With USB-C

[MWC 2017] Whenever we hear about new Android smartphones that aren’t of Samsung or Huawei’s making, more often than not we’ll hear about how they are powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon series of chipsets. However this year at MWC 2017, Xiaomi is doing things a little differently. Read full post →Xiaomi Mi 5c Officially Announced

[MWC 2017] There have been a few companies that have debuted proprietary fast-charging technology. For example last year Oppo unveiled their own Super VOOC charging technology, and OnePlus also debuted their own technology in the form of Dash Charge, so it doesn’t really come as a complete surprise that Meizu decided to create something of their own as well. Read full post →Meizu Debuts Their Own Fast-Charging Smartphone Technology

[MWC 2017] A week ago Xiaomi confirmed that they would be sharing details about its “Pinecone” processor at MWC, and sure enough they have. The company has officially announced the Surge S1 which is Xiaomi’s first in-house chipset that will be used to power the Xiaomi Mi 5c handset. Read full post →Xiaomi Officially Announces Its Surge S1 In-House Chipset

The iPhone 8 rumors are pretty much all over the place, with some saying Apple will make the full switch to OLED, while others are claiming that Apple will have an iPhone variant that sports the OLED display, while the rest will continue to use LCD. Whether or not this is because of shortage of OLED panels or by choice is unclear. Read full post →10th Anniversary iPhone Rumored To Sport Curved OLED Display

Every now and then, developers will offer discounts on their apps. Whether it be to celebrate the anniversary of the game’s launch, or maybe it’s a seasonal offer for Christmas, whatever the reason is discounts do happen. However to better reflect these discounts, it seems Google has made some changes to the Play Store. Read full post →Google Play Store Will Now Show App Sales And Free Offers

With Android Wear 2.0 having already been released, we’re sure owners of Android Wear devices are wondering when their smartwatches can expect the upgrade. On Google’s website they have pretty much confirmed which devices are eligible for the update, and Fossil’s smartwatch lineup are some of them. Read full post →Fossil To Update Their Smartwatches To Android Wear 2.0 Mid-March

Back in 2014, ZeniMax took Oculus to court in which they allege that Oculus apparently “misappropriated ZenMax trade secrets”, or so they claimed. Earlier this month a jury in Dallas, Texas ruled in favor of ZeniMax where they awarded the company a whopping $500 million in damages. Read full post →ZeniMax Wants The Courts To Halt Oculus Rift Sales Completely

[MWC 2017] Back in 2016, the folks at Waverly Labs launched an Indiegogo project for a pair of earbuds called the Pilot Translation Earpiece. Basically these are earbuds that can translate languages on the fly in real-life, meaning that you won’t have to wait for someone else to make the translation for you. Read full post →Waverly Labs Pilot Translation Earpiece To Launch Later This Year

When it comes to LG’s VR efforts, we have to say that the company hasn’t really seen much success in that regard. Last year they launched the LG 360 VR headset and the LG 36 CAM camera for capturing content in VR, but safe to say that it did not exactly take off the way that LG had anticipated. Read full post →LG And Valve To Team Up For A StreamVR Headset