Detouring a photo consists in removing the background behind a photo subject. This is very useful if you want to integrate the subject in a document for example. If you need to do that, we are going to show you how to.

The process to get rid of an image background is not that hard. With few clicks, anyone can easily remove the background of any image, and we are going to show you how you can do it, for free. Read full post →How To Remove Image Backgrounds

re2So it has been confirmed that Capcom is working on a Resident Evil Zero HD remake, and while that has yet to be released (it has been pegged for 2016), it seems that Capcom is looking to embark on their next Resident Evil project, which at the moment sounds like it could be a Resident Evil 2 remake.

This is according to a recent post on the official Resident Evil Facebook page in which Capcom wrote, “Enthusiasm for a Resident Evil 2 Remake is something we’ve been hearing from you over the years, and has drawn some recent attention in the media.” They then went on to ask gamers if a Resident Evil 2 remake is something they might be interested in. Read full post →Capcom Wants To Know If You Want A Resident Evil 2 Remake

goddess hashtagThe term “goddess” can be used in a variety of context, such as either literally referring to female deities, or used as a term to describe how beautiful a woman looks. However it seems that Instagram isn’t too pleased with the #goddess hashtag, so much so that the photo sharing social network has decided to ban the use of it.

It does seem like a pretty innocent hashtag so why would Instagram ban it? As it turns out, there have been some users using that hashtag to share images that apparently violates Instagram’s Community Guidelines, which has since been confirmed by an Instagram spokesperson to the Daily Mail UK. Read full post →Instagram Gives The #goddess Hashtag The Banhammer

2877888-fallout4_trailer_handy_1433355596As you might have heard, Bethesda is not able to make anymore Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Collector’s Editions. No doubt this is a huge bummer and disappointment for gamers who might have been a bit slow when it came to pulling the trigger on the purchase, but the good news is that you now have another chance, sort of.

Bethesda and Loot Crate have recently announced that they will be working together in creating a limited edition series of Fallout 4-related Loot Crates. Granted this isn’t the Pip-Boy but if you’re after rare and limited edition merchandise, then perhaps these Loot Crates might be worth signing up for. Read full post →Bethesda Planning Limited Edition Fallout 4 Loot Crate

hearthstone preorderA little over a week ago, Blizzard announced their next expansion for their Hearthstone card game, The Grand Tournament. Basically this expansion will be centered around the Argent Tournament which you can see and participate for yourself in World of Warcraft’s Icecrown zone, and if you are planning on playing the update, you might be interested to learn that it is now available for pre-order.

That being said, the pre-order is actually more about grabbing booster packs which if you have the time and patience and the skill, you could farm for gold and purchase them that way if you’d rather not spend real-life money. However if you’re a fan of collecting in-game items and whatnot, then perhaps this might be worth pre-ordering. Read full post →Hearthstone’s The Grand Tournament Now Available For Pre-Order

xbox-playstation-wall-e3-2013-bIt is no secret that Sony’s PlayStation 4 is selling better than Microsoft’s Xbox One. It helped that the console was priced cheaper at launch, giving Sony a considerable head start over Microsoft before the Redmond company wised up and decided to slash their prices as well. Unfortunately for Microsoft, it looks like Sony is still in the lead.

According to the recent financial reports from both Sony and Microsoft, it has been revealed that Sony’s PS4 sales are on the rise and are actually double the total amount of units of Xbox One and Xbox 360 unit sold. This is based on the latest quarter which starts from April and runs till June. Read full post →Sony’s PS4 Sales Are Double That Of The Xbox One, Xbox 360

wow expansionA few days ago we reported that Blizzard would be in attendance at Gamescom 2015 where they would be holding a press conference. At that time it was unclear as to what might be announced, but we had speculated it could be a Diablo 3 expansion, especially since the previous expansion was also announced at Gamescom.

However it turns out that won’t be the case. Instead Blizzard has since confirmed that they will be announcing a new World of Warcraft expansion. This is actually something of a surprise especially when you consider that Warlords of Draenor was only released in November 2014. Then again knowing Blizzard’s schedule, chances are this new expansion won’t see a release until 2016. Read full post →New World Of Warcraft Expansion To Be Announced At Gamescom

amazon top gearEver since Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May of Top Gear UK fame left the show, everyone was wondering where they’d go next. All three TV personalities displayed a strong sense of camaraderie when they decided that they would only do a show together or not do it at all.

We have been hearing rumors of where they might end up, with some speculating that they would make their way onto Netflix, while others speculated that they would end up on Sky or iTV. However it looks like all the speculators were wrong because according to a recent tweet by Clarkson himself, it looks like Amazon Instant Video will be their new home. Read full post →Amazon Signs Former Top Gear Presenters For A New Show

acer-liquid-m220When it comes to smartphones, Acer isn’t the most well-known brand. They might be known for their computers and displays, but smartphones not so much. However the company might want to change that perception because according to the rumors courtesy of Roland Quandt of, Acer will be unveiling four new Windows Phone handsets at IFA.

According to Quandt, he claims that Acer will be bringing four Windows Phone handsets to IFA 2015 which takes place in September. Unfortunately not much is known about Acer’s rumored devices, but it will be interesting to see what the company has up their sleeves, although based on what we’ve seen in the past, we doubt we will be seeing a high-end handset. Read full post →Acer Rumored To Bring Four New Windows Phones To IFA 2015

japan laserWe shudder to think that one day in the future, we could see Death Star-like spaceships helmed by the baddest villains of the universe who go about obliterating planets that don’t bow to them. Actually we might not have to wait too long because over in Japan, scientists in Osaka have recently fired off what can only be described as the world’s most powerful laser.

How powerful are we talking about? The Laser for Fast Ignition Experiment (LFEX) is said to be capable of producing a 2-petawatt laser beam, which just to put it into context, is basically a beam of power equivalent to 1,000 times the world’s total electricity consumption, or so the Japanese scientists claim. Read full post →Japan’s Scientists Have Fired Off The World’s Most Powerful Laser