2014 galaxy tab4 10.1

The largest member from Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 4 family is the new addition to the tablet lineup that Verizon has on offer. The carrier today formally announced the launch of Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1. It is available for purchase online starting today and will make its way to the carrier’s stores by tomorrow. Its a mid-range tablet with a 10.1-inch display and compatibility with Verizon’s nationwide LTE network.

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chromecast streaming

I can’t believe it has been one full year since Google unveiled Chromecast, its $35 HDMI streaming dongle. It was off to a great start in the U.S. with Google selling more units than it had originally anticipated. After a few months the dongle was finally sold outside of the company’s home turf and it performed well in other markets as well. Google is now celebrating the first Chromecast birthday by offer users in the U.S. free All Access subscriptions.

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os x yosemite mac 640x426

Apple came through on its promise of opening up a public beta of its next major Mac update. Yesterday it asked people who were interested in trying out the software to sign up for it. Apple is only going to allow the first one million people who signed up yesterday to download OS X Yosemite beta. The process has now been completed and those that have received their redemption codes from Apple can now download OS X Yosemite beta from the Mac App Store starting today.

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imoji iphone 640x326

The meteoric rise of messaging applications have made emojis and stickers very popular. Some people would now find it hard to have a conversation through a messaging app without having emojis to rely upon, they have become such an integral part of conversations now. If you find that the standard set of emojis that come preinstalled on an iPhone aren’t enough for you then you should take a look at the Imoji for iPhone application. It is capable of turning any image into a custom emoji.

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playstation 4 ps4 psn subscriptions tiered 640x280It seems that Sony has decided to settle for a $15 million preliminary settlement when it comes to a class-action lawsuit concerning the 2011 data breach that happened to the PlayStation Network (PSN), Qriocity as well as Sony Online Entertainment services. That was certainly an event that reverberated around the world, with Sony UK slapped with a £250,000 fine a couple of years later even. Sony, however, has maintained their denial on allegations that Sony’s network did not have the proper security measures in place that resulted in the hack eventually.

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gs5 alpha 1 359x640We did talk about leaked images of the purported Samsung Galaxy Alpha yesterday, and in our rantings, we did mention how the alleged Samsung Galaxy Alpha could arrive with a display that carried either Full HD capability or cater for Quad HD performance instead. It made much more sense sticking to Full HD resolution considering the screen size which would be overkill if Quad HD resolution were to be implemented, but it seems that 720p resolution might seem to be a more plausible solution.

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faa amazon drone

The Federal Aviation Administration is tasked with coming up with regulations for the use of commercial and personal drones in the U.S. and while its deadlines loom, a new report suggests that President Obama will issue an executive order in the meantime in order to develop privacy guidelines for commercial drones operating in the U.S. The order is reportedly going to put the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, a wing of the Commerce Department, in charge.

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the pirate bay piratebrowserPirate Bay, which is worthy of laying claim to being the most censored site on the Internet, has seen it go through some rather tumultuous times, having been blocked by national firewalls in different countries worldwide, is not fazed by it all. In fact, you can more or less say that more and more folks tend to make use of it each day, so much so that over the course of the past three years, traffic to the Pirate Bay has doubled.

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xbox one smartglass beta

While Microsoft has its own mobile platform obviously not every Xbox One owner is going to have a Windows Phone device. This makes it crucial for Microsoft to support customers of its gaming console even if they’re on a rival platform. Today’s update for the Xbox One SmartGlass beta app for Android is definitely going to appeal to those customers. The app finally gets the ability to purchase games remotely, users can even purchase add-on content for games through the application.

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fridge smsA computer science professor thinks that the pace of interaction between consumers and their appliances will increase at a rapid pace in the future, and this might see your fridges informing you remotely whenever you start to run low on essential items, i.e. milk. Dr. Kevin Curran claims that it is a matter of the next five years advancing technology to have home appliances sent text messages to humans, in a manner that is far more often than from humans to humans even.

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