twitter_logoHow many of us actually remember the birthdays of our friends and close associates without the help of electronic tools such as social networks? I suppose only a small handful, as the likes of Facebook, Skype, et al have been used as the primary method of wishing someone else happy birthday. Well, Twitter looks like they would like to get on the bandwagon as well, taking a slightly different look at the situation by having a new option that will let a user share his or her birthday with selected audiences – the public included, although one can also just opt for a user’s followers, as well as a more closed group where “we follow one another.”

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google_play_musicIf you’re subscribed to Google Play Music and you’re wondering why is it that as of late, your songs have been wiped from your SD card, well fret not because it seems that you’re not alone in experiencing this problem. There have been several complaints from users who are experiencing a similar problem. Read full post →Google Play Music Wiping Downloaded/Cached Songs On SD Cards

galaxy-note-4-review-02In previous versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note series, like the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung offered microSD support for memory expansion. However it seems that support for microSD could be ending with the Galaxy Note 5, according to a report from SamMobile. It should be pointed out that this is just speculation for now and nothing has been confirmed.

So how did this start? Well for starters with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Both phones do not support microSD which is something some users have taken issue with. However it was done in an effort to make the devices thinner, and also because Samsung has decided to go with UFS 2.0 technology which is apparently much faster than eMMC 5.0 memory technology used in most smartphones these days. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Might Not Sport A microSD Slot

sony_xperia_streamingTwitch and YouTube are great platforms if you like watching video game streams, playthroughs, reviews, and more. However most of the games that are streamed are typically PC games, meaning that as far as mobile games are concerned, it is still a relatively untapped market. Now the good news is that if you wanted to cash in on that, Sony has an app for you.

The company has recently launched an app called Live Screen Streaming. It’s designed specifically for mobile devices and what it does is that it actually streams directly to websites and platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. This means that if you already have a following on those platforms, this is a new way for you to interact with your followers. Read full post →Sony’s Live Screen Streaming App Will Stream To YouTube And Twitch

facebook logoWhen you are a company the size of Facebook, and in the industry in which they are in, having a data center that is reliable would be on the top of their list of priorities – at least one of them. A data center does require a fair amount of juice to run, that is for sure, and Facebook are constructing a brand new data center over in Fort Worth, Texas, which will eventually fully run on renewable energy, now how about that?

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apple-watch-reserve-strapIt looks like the Apple Watch, once touted to be the next big thing, where there were high hopes of it changing the way that the smartwatch industry worked in the same manner as that of the smartphone industry was impacted by the iPhone, is not exactly all that it was hyped up to be. Sure, there were people lining up to purchase the Apple Watch, but generally, the mood was not all that optimistic. In June, Apple sold approximately 2.8 million smartwatches in the period of April to June, with an initial momentum of 200,000 Apple Watch units sold daily, but things do not seem to be growing from strength to strength here.

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mi5-specsheetsLess than a week ago, we did bring you whispers of alleged Xiaomi Mi5 specifications, where its current soon-to-be predecessor, the Xiaomi Mi4, is about to arrive at its 12-month retirement age. An image of the device has appeared on Weibo, alongside claims that it has more hardware specifications detailed, so we will just have to take this bit with a grain of salt. Or more, depending on your tolerance for smartphone rumors.

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dominos-apple-watchI would say that pizza is one of the great comfort foods that everyone around the world enjoys, as it is universally appealing, not to mention affordable for just about everyone. Pizza delivery has also been around for quite a while now, and Domino’s Pizza intends to leverage on modern technology in order to further cement their position as the recognized world leader in pizza delivery and digital ordering technology. Hence, they have decided to ensure that you can keep track of your pizza via an app on the Apple Watch – and this will no doubt include the famous Domino’s Tracker.

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jolla-splitJolla of Finland has been around for quite some time, and it seems that the company is going to split its business – meaning the hardware side of things as well as the software bit will be separated. To be more detailed and specific, Jolla Ltd. will be the “face” that concentrates only on developing and licensing Sailfish OS, and then once summer is over, there will be a spanking new company that will be started in order to ensure that the manufacturing and sales of devices, including the Jolla Smartphone, the Jolla Tablet, as well as all of the other future Jolla-branded hardware products, will be done by that particular body.

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appletestedcasesApple has a few cases made by the Cupertino company for its iOS devices, however for the most part the company largely relies on third-party manufacturers to create accessories for its products. However we’re sure some of you might be wondering if a particular product is good or not, and that’s what reviews are for.

However perhaps in a bid to further reassure customers, Apple has launched a new page on its online store called “Tested cases”. As the name implies, this is a dedicated page on Apple’s website in which the Cupertino company themselves has mentions how they go about testing accessories that boasts the Made for iPhone/iPad certification. Read full post →Apple Launches “Tested Cases” Page To Online Store