marissa-mayer-yahooSeveral days ago, we reported that according to the rumors, Verizon and Yahoo were close to inking a deal that would see Verizon acquire Yahoo’s internet business. While there have been reports of other companies such as Google being interested, Verizon has remained at the forefront of the rumors. Read full post →Verizon Announces Plans To Acquire Yahoo’s Operating Business

pepper-saleAre robots the future? Given the advancements in AI, we don’t see why not. In fact Japanese company SoftBank has been making some strides in the robotics department with its Pepper robot that has been making its way around the world to countries such as France and the US, just to name a few. Read full post →SoftBank’s Pepper Robot To Make Its Way To Taiwan

no-mans-skyIt goes without saying that Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky is probably one of the more highly anticipated games of the year, so much so that when the game was delayed, its developer claimed to have received death threats about it. That being said, for those wondering about whether or not a PlayStation Plus subscription is required, it turns out you don’t. Read full post →No Man’s Sky Will Not Require PlayStation Plus

pokemon-goAs far as Asian countries are concerned, so far it seems that Japan was the only country in the region to get their hands on Pokemon GO, at least officially. The good news for other gamers in Asia, a tweet by the official Pokemon GO Twitter account has revealed that the next country in Asia to get the game is Hong Kong. Read full post →Pokemon GO Has Launched In Hong Kong

htc desire 530Earlier this month we reported that the HTC Desire 530 was launched in the US, and for those eager to get their hands on this uniquely designed phone, you will be happy to learn that you will now be able to purchase the handset either from HTC directly where it is priced at $179 at full retail price, or you can pick it up from T-Mobile where it will be priced at $6.67 a month over the course of the next 24 months with $0 upfront. Read full post →The HTC Desire 530 Is Now Available For Purchase In The US

htc nexusLast month thanks to leaked information, it was revealed that HTC will be working on two Nexus handsets this year codenamed “Marlin” and “Sailfish”. If the rumors are any accurate, the Marlin is expected to be the flagship model, while Sailfish is said to be the “smaller” model which presumably would have meant that it would come with lower-end specs. Read full post →HTC ‘Sailfish’ ROM Dump ‘Confirms’ Snapdragon 820 Chipset

ford carplay android autoSo far it doesn’t really sound like infotainment systems like CarPlay and Android Auto are really taking off, or at least it’s not exactly the infotainment revolution we were promised. We’re guessing this is because so far carmakers have been selective about which models get the feature, and also because people don’t change to new cars as often as new phones. Read full post →Ford To Bring CarPlay & Android Auto To All Of Its 2017 Models

ipad pro 2Last year Apple launched the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which means that this year we can probably expect its successor, assuming that Apple is keeping to its annual refresh cycle of its products. If you’re wondering how true those rumors are, you might be interested to learn that the folks at AppleInsider have managed to get their hands on photos of the alleged device. Read full post →Photo Of Alleged iPad Pro 2 Surfaces In China

ideapad 700 15-inch in Black_Windows 10So we know that Microsoft has been rather aggressive when it comes to pushing out upgrade notifications for Windows 10. Some would say that it’s almost forceful in nature how they want users to upgrade. However if you’re holding off for whatever reason, perhaps now’s not the best time to do so. Read full post →PSA: Windows 10 Free Upgrade Will End July 29

Image credit - Christine Daniloff/MIT

Image credit – Christine Daniloff/MIT

Glasses-free 3D displays aren’t new. We’ve seen them on phones, the Nintendo 3DS, and on some TVs, but TVs are probably the biggest implementation that we’ve seen so far. Unfortunately for moviegoers, this means that you’ll still have to put on those clunky and uncomfortable glasses when you watch movies in 3D. Read full post →New Display Tech Could Allow Glasses-Free 3D Movies In Cinemas