Screenshots are quite handy when you need to show someone what is happening on your screen. There are also many methods to take Screenshots in Windows making the process even easier. However, there are times when screenshots are just not enough to present what you want to convey.

Screenshots work great when you need to provide step by step instructions, but sometimes you just need to make a movie of a process, especially, a complex one. To make a video of your screen, Windows doesn’t offer any built-in feature unlike Screenshots.

However, there are some third-party tools, both free and paid that will help your make a video of your computer screen. Most of the tools are actually paid, but we will like to introduce a free tool that get the job done perfectly. Read full post →How To Record Computer Screen (Free)

moto-x-2014-review-3The Moto X series of phones from Motorola have been pretty impressive devices that Motorola has released over the past couple of years, which is why we have to admit that we’re pretty excited to see what Motorola will be bringing to the table with this year’s Moto X. The good news is that if you’re just as curious, the folks at STJS Gadgets have recently managed to get their hands on the alleged specs of the upcoming device.

Now it should be taken with a grain of salt for now, but given the natural progression of technology, some of these specs don’t sound like they’re a stretch of the imagination. Let’s start with the display which according to the leaked specs, will feature a 5.2-inch AMOLED screen and will have a QHD resolution. Read full post →Alleged Moto X (2015) Specs Leaked

google logoWhen searching for information online, do you find yourself using your mobile device more than your PC? After all our phones are with us all the time, when we’re out, when we’re in bed, while commuting, and even in the bathroom so the convenience of being able to search for information anytime and anywhere is understandable.

As it turns out, yes, it seems that mobile search is starting to increase and according to Google executive Jerry Dischler, there are instances in which mobile search actually outpaces that of desktop searches in some countries, such as in the US and Japan, for example. Dischler’s revelation was part of a Google announcement in which the company announced the expansion of their suite of ads in which it will now be more optimized for mobile devices. Read full post →Mobile Search Beats Out Desktop Searches In Some Countries

Xperia_C4_colour_rangeLast year Sony announced the Xperia C3 which is a phone aimed at the selfie-taking lover. The handset featured a 5MP front-facing camera with a wide-angle lens which made it easier to take selfies with, and also came with some camera features and functionality that allows for easier group selfie shots.

Now it seems that Sony does not think the selfie trend is going away anytime soon as the company has officially announced the Sony Xperia C4 and the Xperia C4 Dual. Essentially these are phones aimed at selfie lovers and are basically the successors to last year’s Xperia C3. Read full post →Sony Xperia C4 Is Official, Aimed At Selfie Lovers

htc-one-m9-live-3One of the features of the HTC One M9 is that it uses Gorilla Glass 4 which is Corning’s latest glass technology that is supposedly tougher and more durable than its predecessors. However it seems that not all HTC One M9 handsets were made equal as a tweet from @upleaks has revealed that some handsets were made using Gorilla Glass 3.

According to what seemed like a leaked document @upleaks obtained, it mentions that some HTC One M9 handsets were made with Gorilla Glass 3, and some were made using Gorilla Glass 4. It is unclear as to which batches these are and if they might be sorted by region or just chosen at random, but if it is true it certainly will not go down well for HTC. Read full post →Some HTC One M9 Handsets Use Gorilla Glass 3 [Rumor]

galaxy j1 verizonEarlier this year Samsung announced the Galaxy J1. This is a handset whose specs aren’t particularly impressive, but given its low-end hardware, it came with a very affordable price tag as well. Now if you’re in the market for a cheap phone perhaps to use as a secondary device, or maybe one to give to your kids, you might want to keep an eye out for the handset.

Thanks to the folks at TechnoBuffalo, they have managed to get their hands on leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy J1 with Verizon’s branding on it, all of which seems to suggest that the phone will be arriving stateside and will be sold on Verizon. It is unclear if there will be other versions for other carriers in the US, but for now the leak only points towards Verizon as the most likely candidate. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy J1 With Verizon’s Branding Spotted

mirror's edge 2The first Mirror’s Edge was released in 2008 and it was a unique game as it offered gamers an interesting perspective and take on first-person action games. For those unfamiliar, it basically puts gamers into the shoes of a character who is skilled in parkour and has to make her way around the city and battle her enemies using the skills at her disposal.

Safe to say this made many fans curious as to what the sequel might be like, which it was finally announced during E3 2013. That was 2 years ago and if you’re wondering when the game might be released, it seems that you will have to wait just a little bit more. According to the game’s publisher EA, they have confirmed that Mirror’s Edge 2 will be released in the early part of 2016. Read full post →Mirror’s Edge 2 Release Date Confirmed For Early 2016

steam-canadaSometimes there are bugs that are easily spotted, and sometimes there are bugs that aren’t. The easily spotted ones get fixed pretty fast, but oddly enough it seems that there are times when they are just outright ignored by the developers. This is something that has been plaguing Steam users for years now, and Valve has finally done something about. Read full post →Valve Finally Squashes Years Old Bug In Steam

daimler truckWe’ve heard of self-driving cars, but what about self-driving trucks? You might recall that over the years, Daimler has been working on a self-driving truck where the goal is to have the trucks drive themselves which in turn would allow the drivers to rest, catch up on some sleep, and ultimately reduce the amount of accidents caused by truck drivers who have been driving for days on end trying to make deadlines.

The good news is that it looks like that future is here, sort of, as the Daimler Freightliner Inspiration has officially hit the road, making it the world’s first self-driving semi-truck. The truck is based on the regular 18-wheeler sold by Daimler around the world, with the main difference being that this particular model has been given a hi-tech makeover that allows it to drive itself. Read full post →World’s First Self-Driving Semi-Truck Hits The Road

While there are some photographers who have over the years learnt how to position their food properly and angle it nicely so that it looks good on Instagram, unfortunately the reverse is true where some users just snap photos without thinking about the food or what it looks like. However if you’re looking to take your Instagram game to the next level, this restaurant can help you with that.

The restaurant is based in Tel Aviv and is dubbed Catit. They have teamed up with Carmel Winery and have created plates which supposedly helps make food look more interesting and photographable for social media websites such as Instagram. For example some of the plates have raised backs that helps provide a solid background for your photo to help eliminate distraction, kind of like what you might expect from devices like light boxes. It even has special holders for your phones. Read full post →Restaurant Designs Plates That Helps Make Food Look Good On Instagram