amazon logo largeIt seems that Amazon employees over at German warehouses have decided to go on strike, asking for an increase in their pay as well as work conditions. This strike will last, at the bare minimum, until at December 20th, although the company does not want to leave Santa and his elves sweating with the promise that all Christmas orders will be delivered on time.

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BlackBerry LogoWhat comes after the frenzy of CES each year? Why, it would be Mobile World Congress that is happening over in Barcelona, Spain, not too long after. Having said that, BlackBerry intends to claw its way back into the smartphone game with the latest BlackBerry Classic release which is said to be confirmed to see action on AT&T as well earlier this morning. Apart from that, it seems that BlackBerry CEO John Chen intends to show off a 12-month road map for the smartphone company when MWC 2015 happens next year.

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Atari Fit PR Screen 7 360x640It is undeniable that the name Atari still has a fair amount of pulling power, having been one of the world’s most recognized publishers and producers of interactive entertainment. Well, their latest effort does not have much to do with gaming, but rather, it will target your health. Known as Atari Fit, this happens to be a gamified fitness app that intends to grace mobile devices some time early next year.

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shirtYOUAREU MAGNETIC WEAR happens to be an innovative fashion startup that has jumped aboard the wearable tech bandwagon, where they have innovated the classic shirt design by making it better, not to mention easier to use. The M-shirt happens to be an innovative magnetic dress shirt, which boasts of an extremely smart and fast closure system that comes in suave Italian style, which ought to go down well with those who live life in the fast lane and cannot be bothered with the amount of time required to button up their shirts each morning.

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blustudio7We have seen Blu introduce its fair share of smartphones in the past, where most of the time, these handsets would flirt around with the mid-range side of things, although there has been several “flagship” handsets. Why “flagship” in inverted commas? Well, they would not be able to hold a candle to the more established names out there, but are pretty much as good as it gets from Blu. This time around, we have a 7” behemoth that is aptly known as the Blu Studio 7.0.

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army blimpThe U.S. Army does have a fair number of ”toys” to play around with, where you can be sure that all of these “toys” would come in handy on the battlefield – as well as in passive defense. In fact, they have just revealed an airship that resembles that of a blimp, where this particular airship was specially designed to assist the military in detecting and destroying cruise missiles that are sent hurtling by the enemy in the direction of the capital – as well as other major East Coast cities, where it will hopefully be able to avert any potential wartime attacks.

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bing 2015 predictionWhile we did cover what the top searches of 2014 by Google was all about yesterday (granted, there is still a fortnight to go before 2014 comes to a close), here we are with something that the Bing team has done – by looking forward to make predictions on what 2015 will bring in terms of trends and the ilk.

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facebook rooms

Back in October Facebook launched a new application called Rooms. It is different from many of the social network’s other apps because unlike all of them, Rooms allows users to remain completely anonymous. Basically it lets users create forums on their smartphones, and all of it completely independent of their Facebook profiles.

Today a new feature has been added to this application. The team behind Rooms writes on its official blog that ever since the app was released “tens of thousands” of rooms have been created on a variety of topics from smartphones to gaming consoles to depression support.

Now that Rooms appears to be thriving with users, a new feature has been developed to make it easier for people to find all of the new communities that are being created. The latest update to this app released today brings an “Explore” button in the top-left corner of the app.

Navigating to this part of the app will bring up all of the rooms that users can join with just one single tap. Facebook has initially only released Rooms for the iPhone. While an Android version is expected to be available at some point so far Facebook hasn’t confirmed when one will be launched.

Assassins Creed Unity Game HD Wallpaper 640x400

The much awaited Assassin’s Creed Unity Patch 4 was released yesterday after having been delayed for one day. This patch is a 6.7GB download because it brings an updated Paris map, but since the download was supposed to replace the parts that have been changed, the download size was kept under 7GB. Looks like Assassin’s Creed Unity just can’t catch a break. A glitch has surfaced on Xbox One which requires gamers to redownload the entire 40GB ACU game when they install this patch.

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android 5.0 lollipop 640x360

It has merely been a month since Google released Android 5.0 Lollipop for its Nexus devices. Later the update found its way to Google Play Edition units. A few OEMs have also released the update for their smartphones but so far majority are still going through the various processes involved in getting a software update ready before it can be released. Now it is being reported that Android 5.1 release will take place in February.

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