lg webos 2LG has confirmed that it will present a large line of televisions that are powered by WebOS 2.0 at the upcoming CES 2015 show which starts on January 5 when news are concerned.  LG promised this update during the summer. LG’s initial unveiling of Web OS for television was quite successful (8M units shipped), and it was one of the hottest TV-related product of the show, and certainly the most exciting software for TV in 2014. LG acquired the technology from HP, which bought WebOS along with Palm, before cancelling WebOS devices and writing-off $3.3B. Read full post →WebOS 2.0 Update For LG 2015 TVs

171983 cell phone use publicAs much as going to church is a religious experience for some, there are others who are there simply out of obligation despite their busy lives and schedules. This means that sometimes they might have to take a phone call during a sermon, reply to messages or emails, and so on. Safe to say this is a process frowned upon by many, much like you would frown upon someone chatting on their phone in the cinema.

Well it looks like one priest has had enough and decided to install a cellphone jammer in his church. According to a report from the Daily Mail, Father Michele Madonna had recently installed a $60 cellphone jammer in his church Santa Maria di Montesanto in Naples, Italy, after he got fed up of churchgoers whose phones kept going off during sermons and even funerals. Read full post →Priest Installs Cellphone Jammer In Church To Curb Disruptive Churchgoers

The Sony Pictures hack was initially thought to be the work of North Korea, especially when the hackers demanded that Sony pull The Interview movie, a movie which depicted the fictional assassination of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un. The movie was initially protested by North Korea upon its unveiling which is why many had suspected the country being involved in the hacks.

North Korea had denied their involvement with the FBI backing their claims, stating that they did not find any evidence of North Korea’s involvement. However it looks like North Korea is back in the crosshairs of the US government as senior intelligence officials have told news outlets (off the record, of course) like the New York Times and CNN, just to name a few, that they believe that North Korea is “centrally involved” in the hack. Read full post →North Korea Once Again Accused Of Being “Centrally Involved” In Sony Pictures Hack

apple pay 002 640x360As it stands, Apple Pay is currently limited to the US, although a slight tweak to the settings will actually allow the feature to be used in overseas countries such as Australia as long as the retailer has the compatible hardware. This is unofficial, of course, but it looks like Apple is starting to looking at the expansion of its mobile payment services.

This is thanks to a job listing spotted by iClarified in which the company is looking for an “Apple Pay Intern” who will work with the Apple Pay team in expanding Apple Pay beyond the US borders. According to the job summary, “Apple Pay is a new and exciting area in Apple that is set to expand across Europe, Middle East, India and Africa.” Read full post →Apple Pay Expansion Plans To EMEIA Markets Revealed In Job Listing

macbook air 2013 3 800x270 640x216Given how many products Apple sells, it is safe to say that many component manufacturers are looking to do business with the Cupertino company. However Apple has been accused of being a bully and abusing their power to get their way with suppliers, such as with GT Advanced Technologies who called their contract with Apple “oppressive and burdensome”.

Well it looks like GTAT is not alone in their complaints as Japanese MacBook component manufacturer Shimano Manufacturing has recently filed a lawsuit against Apple, alleging patent infringement while at the same time detailing why it was so hard to work with the Cupertino company due to their demands. Read full post →Apple Sued For Patent Infringement By Japanese MacBook Component Maker

The iPhone 6 is not a cheap handset by any means, but yet despite its asking price, there have been numerous iPhone 6 videos which have surfaced which shows the device being tortured. For example we saw the phone frozen in liquid nitrogen before being smashed to smithereens, and we’ve also seen it shot at with a sniper rifle, and it looks like those torture tests are nowhere close to coming to an end.

YouTuber TechRax has recently released a new video in which he shows the iPhone 6 being boiled “alive” in Coca-Cola. His video is titled, “Don’t Boil Your iPhone 6 In Coca-Cola!” is rather ironic since it seems like the last thing that anyone, save for himself, would do. We guess there are no surprises here that the iPhone 6 was completely ruined after his experiment. Read full post →iPhone 6 Gets Boiled In Coca-Cola, Just Because

oneplus invite 640x428The other day OnePlus teased an announcement for today and sure enough the company delivered as they had announced a 10,000mAh power bank which would sell for a very affordable $15. However along with the power bank’s announcement, OnePlus also announced that they would be selling the OnePlus One handset without the need for an invite.

Previously the company required users to have an invite in order to purchase the handset. Presumably this was done to help manage their inventory as the company is a new one, so safe to say that they probably don’t have the same supply levels that other companies such as Apple or Samsung has. Read full post →OnePlus One Sales Now Open To All, No Invite Required

android oneEarlier this year Google announced that they would be releasing an Android One series of handsets. These are devices designed for emerging markets that will come with affordable price tags and will feature reference designs so that OEMs looking to produce such a handset can easily hop on board the Android One bandwagon.

Now several Android One handsets have since been released and it looks like we can expect a second wave of Android One devices in 2015. This was previously rumored back in September but recently an executive from Karbonn had revealed slightly more specific dates. According to the executive, Google’s next wave of Android One handsets could arrive by the first quarter of 2015. Read full post →Second Wave Of Android One Devices Could Arrive Q1 2015 [Rumor]

inboxWith Google Inbox allowing users to invite other users and with Google holding a “Happy Hour” of invites back in November, it is safe to say that many of you guys have probably gained access to Inbox as of late. If you haven’t you could probably try asking around to see if your friends have any spare invites.

That being said, the good news for Inbox users with Android Wear devices is that it looks like the app for Android has recently been updated to include Android Wear support. It’s odd that this wasn’t a feature that was available right out of the box considering that both Inbox and Android Wear are Google products, but perhaps Google wanted to get Inbox right first before they moved it onto wearables. Read full post →Inbox By Google Updated With Android Wear Support

Weather apps are probably some of the more underrated apps around. They are incredibly useful if you’re trying to figure out if you should bring an umbrella with you today, or if it might be a good idea to have a BBQ in the afternoon, and so on. Well if you’re looking for a weather app, perhaps Yahoo Weather could be worth considering.

The app for smartphone devices has recently been updated that will introduce animation effects to the app. Basically the app will animate its display based on the weather in your area, so for example if it is raining outside, the display should also display a rainy effect, and the same will apply if it is snowing, if there are thunderstorms, cloudy, and so on. Read full post →Yahoo Weather App Updated With Additional Weather Effects