Image credit - Christine Daniloff/MIT

Image credit – Christine Daniloff/MIT

Glasses-free 3D displays aren’t new. We’ve seen them on phones, the Nintendo 3DS, and on some TVs, but TVs are probably the biggest implementation that we’ve seen so far. Unfortunately for moviegoers, this means that you’ll still have to put on those clunky and uncomfortable glasses when you watch movies in 3D. Read full post →New Display Tech Could Allow Glasses-Free 3D Movies In Cinemas

nintendo-wii-u-southwest-airlinesIf you have been following the news in the past week or so, you probably would have thought it was a great time to buy Nintendo shares. This is because the company’s share prices have been on the rise and it does not appear to be slowing down. It even surpassed Sony in terms of market value. Read full post →Nintendo’s Shares Fall After Investors Realize They Don’t Make Pokemon GO

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-5-20Back when cameras on phones used to be a novelty, there really wasn’t that much emphasis placed on image quality and megapixels. Today it’s an entirely different story as there are some phones whose cameras can rival those of compacts. Samsung so far has proven their prowess in the camera field, so what’s in store for their next flagship? Read full post →Zauba Listing Reveals 12MP Camera For The Galaxy Note 7

google alloA report from several days ago suggested that Google’s Allo messaging app could become the default messaging app on Android. It was even suggested that Google could slowly phase Hangouts and Messenger out in favor of Allo being the main app that handles chats, SMS, and more. Read full post →Google’s Allo Might Not Replace Hangouts Or Messenger After All

note-7-iris-scanner-leakedIris scanners on phones aren’t exactly new, although the ones that we’ve seen before weren’t exactly mainstream. If the rumors are true, Samsung could be taking it mainstream by launching it on the Galaxy Note 7. So far leaks and rumors have more or less “confirmed” its existence, and now it looks like more details have emerged. Read full post →More Details About The Galaxy Note 7’s Iris Scanner Emerge

Image credit - Miya.m

Image credit – Miya.m

Just like taking a selfie, there are times when playing Pokemon GO might not necessarily be appropriate, such as in religious landmarks which is why over in Japan, one of the country’s oldest and most important Shinto shrines Izumo-taisha has banned visitors from playing Pokemon GO on its premises. Read full post →Religious Shrine In Japan Bans Pokemon GO On Its Premises

injusticeWith the first Injustice: Gods Among Us game, there was also a series of comics that was released that acted as a prequel to the videogame. It gave gamers some background story as to why Superman became bad/evil and it’s actually a pretty good read, especially for gamers who love themselves a bit of lore/backstory. Read full post →Injustice 2 Will Be Getting Its Own Comic Series As Well

wow legionIf you have been playing the Warcraft franchise throughout its entirety including World of Warcraft, chances are your knowledge of the game’s lore should be pretty up to scratch. However for those getting into the game for the first time, or for the first time after a long time, there are probably man “huh?” moments for them. Read full post →Blizzard To Launch Audio Drama For World Of Warcraft

pokemon-goTrying to get from one country into another without valid documentation can land one in a lot of trouble and could even lead to arrest, and it seems that a couple of teens from Canada nearly caused an international incident when they accidentally (and illegally) walked over the US-Canada border. Read full post →Teens Accidentally Walk Over US-Canada Border Playing Pokemon GO

For Final Fantasy fans, you might have heard that a new Kingsglaive movie for Final Fantasy XV is being made and will be released soon. In fact just last month we caught a glimpse of the movie in a trailer, and now it looks like for fans of the franchise who just can’t wait to see it, a new trailer has been released. Read full post →New Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive Trailer Released