iphone se lineupWhat goes up must come down. Last year analysts had predicted that iPhone sales could be seeing a decline and sure enough they have. Earlier this year Apple reported their first decline in iPhone sales and unfortunately for the Cupertino company, it seems that this trend appears to be repeating itself. Read full post →iPhone Sales Continue To Drop For The Second Quarter In A Row

Artificial intelligence is capable of many things, and now it looks like AI could potentially given screenwriters a run for their money. There is a movie that has been launched on Kickstarter called “Impossible Things”, and while movies seeking funding isn’t exactly new, what makes this project so unique is that the script was co-written by AI. Read full post →‘Impossible Things’ Is A Movie Written By Artificial Intelligence

touchid-130916-1If you’ve been with Apple and their iPhone from the start, there’s a good chance that you’re a little paranoid about the home button and its longevity. Earlier iPhone models seemed to have issues with the home button, although this is something that Apple seems to have addressed in their newer models. Read full post →Next-Gen iPhone Could Have A Flush ‘3D Touch’ Home Button

amd-radeon-pro-SSGAMD has surprised the graphics world with a new GPU sporting M.2 slots to accommodate SSD drives to boost the internal storage capacity to 1TB. This is a highly unusual solution for a simple problem: many workstations have to deal with datasets that go beyond the normal VRAM capacity of GPUs. This means that large amounts of data need to be swapped over the PCIe bus, and this situation creates performance problems. Read full post →AMD Radeon Pro SSG Supports 1TB Of Flash Memory On-Board

flex-2-review-32We have heard rumors that come 2017, Samsung could be unveiling a smartphone with a foldable display. We know that Samsung has been working on the technology, and 2017 could be when it will finally be available commercially. We then heard another report suggesting that LG could be following suit. Read full post →LG Display To Invest $1.75 Billion In Flexible OLED Screens

redditThe next time you post something to Reddit, there is a chance that it could be used for a marketing campaign. Just like how we see marketers rely on social media personalities on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to promote and market a product/service, it seems that Redditors could soon be part of that narrative as well. Read full post →Reddit Will Let Marketers Sponsor Posts By Users

dota 2Every year Valve has been hosting their own official DotA 2 tournament called “The International”. The company pumps some of its own money to the prize pool, which the remainder is left to gamers and fans of the game, in which contributing to the pool will net them some pretty cool in-game rewards and the likes. Read full post →2016’s ‘The International’ DotA 2 Prize Pool Broke Last Year’s Record

Apple TV_Remote_iTunesMovies-MazeRunner-PRINTThere has been much speculation about the Apple TV and what it was supposed to bring to the table. However apart from getting a redesigned OS and a redesigned remote, the latest Apple TV isn’t exactly what many would call a game changer. However according to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, what we are seeing now is just the tip of the iceberg. Read full post →Tim Cook Hints That Apple’s Plans For TV Is Bigger Than We Think

tesla_model_x_5Last month we reported that a Tesla driver was killed while using the autopilot feature of the car. Now it seems that Tesla has decided to part ways with the company, Mobileye, that made the chip for its autopilot system. According to a report from Recode, they speculate that this means that Tesla is probably going to work on their own chips instead. Read full post →Tesla Parts Ways With Company That Provided Its Autopilot Chips

osram smart bulbThe thing about connected objects like smart locks, smart thermostats, smart bulbs, and etc. is that when it comes to the security of these devices, there isn’t exactly an established standard yet, meaning that while some products might be harder to hack, others could have left themselves wide open. Read full post →Security Flaw Discovered In Osram’s Smart Lightbulbs