styleswap oneplus one 640x128Earlier this year, we brought you word that the OnePlus One StyleSwap Covers have been confirmed, which means it is only a matter of time before we actually get our hands on it. Having said that, it looks like things have not gone on as planned for the company. The OnePlus One smartphone had seen a fair number of leaks before it was officially revealed to the market, hence having had some sheen and gloss removed from it. Apart from that, OnePlus was also involved in some rather tasteless promotions (which thankfully, were taken down shortly after), and the fact that those who have been hankering after a unit have so far been unable to pick one up due to the the invitation-based buying system. To pile on the accumulated woes, production of the StyleSwap covers has been announced to stop.

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ipad mini retina review chamfer 640x426Earlier this morning, there were rumors going around that come this 21st of October, Apple will be holding an event to introduce new iPads to the fold. On the surface, it does sound to make plenty of sense. After all, with all the dust having settled around the new iPhone 6 as well as its more generously sized sibling, the iPhone 6 Plus, there was no mention of a new iPad being in the pipeline. While whispers of an iPad mini 3 started to make its rounds, and Reuters going on to report that Apple is on track to introduce a couple of new iPads this coming October 21st, is that going to come to pass?

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gmv 2014 medium box 300x250

iphone 6 2 640x483Earlier today, we did talk about how Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke to Charlie Rose in a two-part interview, having addressed privacy and security concerns in the interview itself. Cook claims that Apple does not bother to collect information about you, citing that they do not read your emails as well as your iMessages. In fact, he is confident that Apple is unable to pass to the government iMessage data of Apple users because they lack the key to do so. Now we are hearing that the newly released iPhone 6 as well as its larger sized sibling, the iPhone 6 Plus, will arrive with a default kill switch to boot.

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olympus run hero 640x361Griffin Games (site in Korean), a Korean Startup, are coming up with a horizontal platform/shooter called Olympus Run. Based on the 12 Labors of Hercules, the player controls Hercules, who has to do successfully execute Griffin’s vision of the Labors level after level. I have tested the game on an iPad, which seems to be the ideal size for a demo, although I suspect that the controls will work just as well on an iPhone. Read full post →Olympus Run: Classic Arcade Feel, With High-DPI Visuals

goat sim android iosBetter late than never, as the game known as Goat Simulator is finally making its way over to both iOS as well as Android platforms, thanks to the efforts by developer Coffee Stain Studios who will deliver this crazy game idea to the mobile platform after rolling out versions of it on the likes of the PC, Mac and Linux platforms.

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It looks like 3D printing is really getting more and more popular, what with a 3D printed electric car being yet another possible viable transportation option down the road. Having said that, a research team that hails from the University of Virginia has come up with a 3D printed UAV drone that will see action over at the Department of Defense. This is a labor of love that has been in the making for a good three years, and the UAV drone is no larger in size compared to a remote-controlled plane, and it is capable of carrying a 1.5-pound payload to boot.

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gmaps missingThere is nothing quite like being able to rely on the power of collaboration and synergy when trying to achieve an objective, in particular, one that might seem to be impossible for a single person. Having said that, Google Maps have proven itself to be extremely helpful in delivering a comprehensive guide to those who are traveling to unfamiliar places. However, since nothing is perfect in this world, locals know best, which is why Google will now enable users to include missing places and points-of-interest to Maps straight from the mobile app itself.

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castle siege 640x640Close to the end of last month, we did bring you word that Age of Empires: Castle Siege will be making its way over to two different Microsoft operating systems – one for computers in the form of Windows 8.1, while the other would cater to the portable device platform, and Windows Phone 8.1 ends up as the vehicle of choice, so to speak. Well, we are pleased to say that Age of Empires: Castle Siege has now been released on the Windows Store, thanks to the folks over at Microsoft Studios for making it possible.

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destiny ps4It does look as though the game known as Destiny will continue to set records, as it has been announced by Sony to be the PS4’s biggest software launch to date, at least in North America. In fact, Destiny is deemed to be the fastest purchased and most played PS4 game during its first week on sale, and true to the notion that good games move hardware, it looks as though the previous week was when the single biggest PS4 hardware sales week happened – since Christmas 2013, off course, and that goes to say a whole lot.

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Can you say that Rovio is a one hit wonder with their Angry Birds franchise? Sure, the franchise might have been around for quite some time now, and new generations of children continue to get smitten by the idea of flinging birds against green pigs to destroy them in a puff (where else are we going to get our bacon from anyways?), and on the back of such success, it can be pretty challenging trying to break free from its past success with new releases. Hopefully the latest iOS title from Rovio, known as Plunder Pirates, will be able to change such a conception

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