So we have been hearing a fair amount about 3D printers recently and how they might be used in the medical industry. Now as far as prosthetic limbs are concerned, they do get pretty expensive especially when it involves movable parts, like in the case of Jose Delgado Jr. Jose was born without a left hand and in the past year, he had been using a prosthetic hand that costs $42,000.

The device receives signals from the muscles in Jose’s forearm and will allow the mechanical fingers of the device to move like a real hand would. Perhaps interested in seeing how a 3D printed limb might hold out against a more expensive and hi-tech one, Jeremy Simon from 3DUniverse decided to pay Jose a visit and offered to print him the Cyborg Beast prosthetic hand made from ABS plastic which only costs about $50 to print.
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lg-l65So the other day we caught wind that LG could be working on another L-series handset known as the LG L65, and it turns out that the rumors were right because LG has since officially announced the handset on their Russian website which has us wondering if the device will make its way stateside, but then again there are carriers such as MetroPCS who stock the LG L70 so there is a chance that maybe it will.

It also seems that the rumors were right about the phone and some of its hardware specs. For starters the phone will come with a 4.3-inch IPS display but as far as resolution is concerned, the LG L65 will only come with a WVGA 800×480 display which is admittedly pretty low as far as modern smartphones are concerned.
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When it comes to creating tablets, Xiaomi might not necessarily be a company that comes to mind. Smartphones maybe, tablets not really. In any case thanks to a recent teaser by the company (via GizChina), it seems that they could be unveiling a new tablet on the 23rd of April is only a few days away.

The teaser image shows off a side-profile of the device which upon first glance, reminds us of either Apple’s Magic Trackpad, Apple Keyboard, or Lenovo’s Yoga tablet. Unfortunately at this point in time, there’s not much known about Xiaomi’s tablet efforts, meaning that as far as hardware specs and features are concerned, it is still a mystery.
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rufus cuffOne of the things that smartwatch makers are doing is that they’re trying to replicate the same size and comfort that normal watches offer, with the difference being that these watches are a lot more interactive and will do more than just tell the time. That’s one way of going about it, but what about those who’d rather a much bigger display?

Well that’s where the Rufus Cuff comes in and it is really is a “monster” on your wrist, at least compared to smartwatches. The Rufus Cuff will pack a 3-inch display and will come with a host of features that users might appreciate. This includes GPS, voice control via a built-in microphone, speakers, a camera, and even has access to the Google Play Store!
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moto-G-review-17Despite the Moto G hardly being the most powerful Android device out there, it has proven to be quite a success which only goes to show that people truly appreciate an affordable device that is well-built. That being said, we have recently heard rumors about a possible successor/variant to the Moto G called the Moto E, and now according to new rumors, it seems that Motorola could also be expanding the Moto G lineup with some variants.

These variants allegedly come in the form of the Moto G LTE and the Moto G Ferrari. The former is pretty obvious since it will basically be the Moto G with LTE connectivity, a feature which is currently not available in the current-gen device and we can only imagine how much more popular the handset will be with LTE. Other than that its hardware is expected to remain the same, so the only difference would be its LTE connection.
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logo_facebook-rgb-7inch2.png.648x0_q90_replace_alphaJust like how Google has AdMob and how Apple has iAds, it seems that Facebook themselves could be thinking about launching their own mobile ad platform. This is according to Re/code’s sources who have mentioned that it is possible that Facebook could be announcing their own mobile ad platform at their F8 developer conference in San Francisco which will be held at the end of the month.

Since Facebook has pretty much all of our user information, such as the type of company we work for, our education background, our likes, and so on, they are said to leverage that information to make their platform a more attractive space to advertise on since advertisers will be able to create even more targeted ads.
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BlackBerry PlayBookThe BlackBerry Playbook is BlackBerry’s first attempt at a tablet and while we have been hearing rumors that BlackBerry is planning on a Playbook successor, well safe to say we haven’t really seen or heard anything since.

This isn’t to say that BlackBerry is opposed to the idea of a Playbook successor, but when exactly might we expect such a device? Well if John Sims’ statement is anything to go by, it seems that BlackBerry is pretty excited about the idea of a tablet which will hopefully translate into a new device hit the market in the near future.
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screen-shot-2014-04-18-at-11-23-08-am-650x0 (1)So we’ve seen how 3D printers can be used to print medical-related gadgets, such as a portion of a skull, and while those are great and serve as viable alternatives compared to current implants and whatnot, wouldn’t it be better if those 3D printed medical gadgets/accessories could actively help your healing process as well?

Well perhaps now it can, thanks to a prototype cast which not only acts as a regular cast, but at the same time uses ultrasonic vibrations that will help speed up the bone healing time. This design was put together by Turkish student, Denis Karasahin, who managed to win the 2014 Golden A’Design Award for his idea.
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touchless_patent_0A few years ago, we were still interacting with our smartphones by pressing on keys and buttons in order to perform certain tasks. Nowadays we have phones that are able to do our bidding without us actually needing to press any buttons, just the screen itself. In fact there are even features which we can use that won’t even require us to touch the screen, although there aren’t that many phones like that at the moment.

So what’s next in smartphones? Could Project Ara be the future of smartphones? The idea of being able to swap out parts if and when we need sounds pretty cool, but in a patent filed by Microsoft, it seems that perhaps one day we might not even need to touch our phones. The patent, discovered by Patent Bolt, describes a device that will feature two cameras – a visible light camera and a depth camera.
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It looks like the first generation Apple TV units are unable to connect to iTunes. Users from around the world seem to be facing this issue. This was first reported on April 17th when a thread was started on Apple’s official support forums. By now that thread has become quite lengthy with repeated complaints by first-gen Apple TV users who are unable to make their set-top boxes connect to iTunes. The first generation Apple TV was released back in 2007 and the company sold it until 2010, so there are quite a few of them out there.

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