keurig20The thing about coffee machines like Nespresso or Keurig is that they “force” you to use capsules made by them. This isn’t a big deal if you love the taste of their capsules, but there are some coffee drinkers out there who might prefer having more options or cheaper options. Keurig attempted to lock in their customers by enforcing a DRM in their machines which basically did not allow other capsules to be used with the machine.

Naturally this did not sit well with customers and third-party coffee pod makers who essentially just lost out on a whole lot of business, but thankfully according to recent reports, it seems that the DRM Keurig implemented has since been “defeated”. This was announced by Mother Parker’s Tea & Coffee who revealed that that their RealCup capsules are fully compatible with the Keurig 2.0 machine. Read full post →The Keurig 2.0′s DRM Has Reportedly Been “Defeated”

Motorola Luge Verizon 640x375A few days ago we reported that Verizon had a new Motorola smartphone that was on the cusp of being launched. Dubbed the Motorola Luge, it was essentially a rebranded Droid RAZR M and we have to wonder why Motorola and Verizon would even bother with such an old device, but for those looking for a smartphone that doesn’t break the bank, Verizon has officially announced the Motorola Luge.

The handset will cost Verizon customers $200 off-contract, meaning that the phone can be yours for that sum of money and you will not be tied to a new contract with Verizon. However given that the Droid RAZR M was launched two years ago, its specs are out of date but we guess if you just want a backup phone, perhaps it could be the phone for you (although we think there are better phones that can be had for the money). Read full post →Motorola Luge Now Available From Verizon For $200

moto yo contest broken 640x640We know there are many of you guys out there who can’t wait to get their hands on the Moto 360 smartwatch, and one of the ways you could guarantee yourself the watch is by participating in a contest that Motorola and Yo held together. For those unfamiliar, Yo is a messaging app that seems to have garnered a lot of attention for its simplicity.

That being said, Motorola only had plans to give away 20 Moto 360 to 20 winners, but unfortunately due to a glitch or perhaps it was by accident, by Motorola seems to have sent out congratulatory messages to definitely a lot more than 20 contest participants. This resulted in a lot of excited users who rushed to try and claim the watch, only to be met with the error message above. Read full post →Moto 360 Giveaway Contest Hits A Snag, Leaves Many Fans Frustrated

lg watch rSo yesterday LG took the wraps off the LG G Watch R which is basically an smartwatch that sports a round face, as opposed to the LG G Watch which has a square-ish face. Unfortunately LG did not mention the price of the LG G Watch, although it seems that they might have let it slip in their German PR.

According to the press release (via Android Police), it seems that LG had stated that the watch would be priced at 299 Euro. Now if we were to do a direct conversion of 299 Euro, it would result in a watch that would be priced around $400 stateside. Now that is a understandably a lot of money to ask for a smartwatch, especially considering the LG G Watch is priced at $229. Read full post →LG G Watch R Priced At 299 Euro, According To German PR

qualcomm htc tease 640x320Come IFA 2014, HTC is expected to take the wraps off a new 64-bit Android handset which presumably is the HTC Desire 820. HTC has teased the existence of the device and now thanks to a teaser image uploaded by Qualcomm on their Twitter account, it more or less confirms what we have been hearing all this while.

The image of the phone used by Qualcomm seems to be the same one used by HTC, so presumably they are talking about the same device. Now it would not be correct to say that the HTC Desire 820 will be the first 64-bit phone from HTC – after all HTC did announce the HTC Desire 510 a couple of days ago. Read full post →Qualcomm Teases 64-bit Smartphone For IFA 2014

chrome beta 640x297A couple of days ago, Google announced that they had released a stable version of their 64-bit version of Chrome for Windows computers. Well the good news is that if you’re a Mac user and you’re looking to take advantage of the 64-bit Chrome, you’re in luck because in a recent post by Google, they have announced the release of the beta build for 64-bit Chrome for Mac.

As expected with the 64-bit Chrome for Mac,it will come with the same speed and security improvements that Google implemented in the Windows version. According to Google, “In cases where Chrome was the last remaining 32-bit app, there were launch-time and memory-footprint penalties as 32-bit copies of all of the system libraries needed to be loaded to support Chrome. Now that Chrome’s a 64-bit app too, we expect you’ll find that it launches more quickly and that overall system memory use decreases.” Read full post →64-bit Chrome For Mac Now Available As A Beta

iphone 6 sideSo we guess it’s not really a secret that Apple will most likely be introducing the iPhone 6 at their event which will be held on the 9th of September. However could Apple be unveiling both the 4.7-inch iPhone and the 5.5-inch iPhone? Well according to a recent report from Chinese website, IT168 Mobile (via Cult of Mac), the latter iPhone 6 will not be making an appearance.

They claim that Apple will only announce the 4.7-inch model and will most likely be introducing an 8GB iPhone 5s which is meant to replace the iPhone 5c as the more “affordable” model in the iPhone lineup. Now given that IT168 Mobile doesn’t really have a track record when it comes to Apple rumors, we’re not sure what to make of their claims. Read full post →5.5-inch iPhone 6 To Skip 9th September Announcement [Rumor]

steve wozniak windows phoneAre wearables the next big thing in technology? Well at the rate companies are releasing their smartwatches and fitness bands, it would certainly seem to suggest that the wearable revolution is upon us. However understandably there are some who remain a bit skeptical, at least of the current landscape.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak appears to be one of them and according to a conversation he had with CNET, Wozniak stated that he believes that wearables are a hard sell to customers. “They are go-betweens for your smartphone but are an extra piece and need special advantages that the smartphone doesn’t have, in my opinion. If they are just a Bluetooth go-between then it could wind up in the category of Bluetooth headsets: Fun to wear and show off for a day.” Read full post →Steve Wozniak Believes Wearables Are A Hard Sell, But Apple Could Do It

facebook unfollowWe have heard the stories where a careless post on Facebook or Twitter have landed a person in trouble, and we guess to a certain extent it is to be expected since it’s public and anyone can see what you have written. However oddly enough it seems that one mother’s Facebook status update has resulted in her son being expelled from his preschool.

According to the reports, Ashley Habat had recently posted on her Facebook about how her son’s school did not give enough notice about picture day. While Habat claims her post was private, it seems that she tagged the school in her post, although we can’t be sure if this was on purpose or by accident. Read full post →Mom’s Facebook Update Results In Her Son Being Expelled From School

pornhub traffic mobile2When it comes to viewing adult videos, it makes sense for it to be viewed on the computer because presumably your computer will have a larger screen and maybe better speakers. However at the same time we guess there are some people out there who don’t mind viewing it on their mobile devices.

Well have you ever wondered which platform might have a higher preference for viewing porn on their phones or tablets? Well according to a recent infographic released by Pornhub, it turns out that Android devices are in the majority, although in all fairness it seems that iOS devices aren’t too far behind. Read full post →Android Smartphones Used More To View Porn Than iOS