Bungie, the developer behind Destiny, has confirmed that the Iron Banner competitive multiplayer event is coming back today. It’s bringing back Iron Banner in time for the Fourth of July weekend where folks are obviously going to have a lot of time on their hands for gaming. This is the second such event that’s arrived since Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion was released in May.

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sony ps4

Sony has revealed that the PlayStation 4 has done remarkably well across Europe, the company says that its console actually dominates the gaming console market in Europe with up to 90% market share in certain country. In all European countries the PlayStation 4 has a market share greater than 70% which is certainly a remarkable achievement on the company’s part.

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apple music

The day many had been waiting for is finally here, Apple’s music streaming service is live now as the company has released iOS 8.4 for all supported devices. Updating to the new software is required since Apple Music is a part of the native Music app for iOS devices, it provides subscribers with a vast library of songs all for $9.99 per month.

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Square today launched a new product called Payroll and as the name suggests it’s meant to simplify payroll management. The company says that existing solutions are geared more towards large businesses with salaried employees and not towards small businesses where people are generally paid by the hour. Thus Square Payroll is geared more towards small businesses that particularly employ people who are paid by the hour.

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Were you hoping to pre-order a Steam Machine from Valve and hoping to get in on the initial run that’s guaranteed delivery by October 16? Well you’re out of luck because Valve has confirmed that it has sold out off all pre-orders from the initial stock. Even if you place an order for a Steam Machine right now you won’t get delivery before November 10th, which isn’t a terribly long time to wait if we’re being honest.

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LG G4 owners on Verizon Wireless should keep an eye out for a software update that the carrier is rolling out today, it’s nothing major, only an incremental update that brings some bug fixes and overall improvements for the smartphone as well as a couple of important tweaks. The changelog has gone live on Verizon’s website and the update should start rolling out shortly to all G4 owners on the country’s largest mobile network.

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Airplanes are fascinating machines and they’re capable of doing much more than we give them credit for, often pilots will go that extra proverbial mile just to show the true capabilities of an aircraft and for all of us who can’t fly a plane the images are pretty spectacular. Check out this video of a MiG-29 getting right up behind the open rear door of a paratrooper plane, it’s a testament to the stability of this aircraft and the pilot’s amazing skill set.

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The music industry has opened up to streaming services which have had a major impact on record sales, however still there are some bands and artists that have held out and not put their music on these services. AC/DC is one such band, and its popularity knows no bounds. After having held out for so long next week AC/DC is expected to bring all of its records to popular streaming services that include Spotify and Rdio, as well as the one that launches today, Apple Music.

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SpaceX conducted a routine mission with the Falcon 9 rocket on Sunday, it was a resupply mission for the International Space Station. Unfortunately merely two minutes after liftoff the Falcon 9 rocket exploded in mid-air, fortunately though it was an unmanned mission so there was no loss of life. SpaceX is still trying to put the pieces together and because of this incident it has been forced to alter future planned launches.

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While Minecraft was probably created a simple open world game that let gamers build their own worlds and constructs, it eventually evolved and over time, it has become more than just a game. In fact educators have found that the game is pretty useful in the educational scene where it can teach children about science, technology, and even how to code!

That being said as powerful as the tool is, teachers must first know how to use it before they can use it to teach others, right? It’s like how teachers need to be educated on certain topics before they can teach them, so the same would apply here, so much so that Microsoft is actually launching a site dedicated to teachers to help them master the art of Minecraft. Read full post →Microsoft Launches Site To Help Teachers Master Minecraft