hangouts gmailWhenever there is an instant messaging software in the vicinity, you know for sure that one thing needs to be attended to right from the get go – to set your existing status. The reason behind this? People on the same instant messaging network will be able to know whether you are contactable at that point in time or not. Google’s Hangouts has received an update slightly more than a week ago, and now we have received official word from Google that one is also capable of setting one’s Status on Hangouts – in Gmail itself, now how about that for a close level of integration?

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uber safetyUber might be a more than decent alternative to hailing a cab, but it has come under scrutiny especially when the company has allegedly done very little to offer protection to passengers from unscrupulous drivers. Well, I suppose it makes perfect sense to shore up one’s reputation in the market if you want to remain in business for the long haul, and this has led to their recently hired Head of Global Safety, Philip Cardenas, inform customers of the numerous techniques that will be implemented when it comes to driver verification – and these would include the use of biometrics, voice fingerprinting and lie detector tests.

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street view universityEarlier this year, Google launched Cardboard which is basically a cheap DIY virtual reality headset made from, well, cardboard. There are no electronic components and in order to get it to work, you will need to use your smartphone as the device’s display along with an accompanying app that gives you virtual reality on the cheap.

Now if you do own the Cardboard, you might be interested to learn that there is an interesting easter egg which was discovered in Google Maps for Android. Basically this easter egg allows users to activate virtual reality mode in Street View and lets users tour the world in a virtual reality setting, which is admittedly a lot more fun than scrolling through photos on your phone. Read full post →Google Street View Gets Virtual Reality Mode

Given that our smartphone’s batteries don’t last particularly long, especially for heavy users, the idea of bringing around a battery pack or using a battery case is becoming increasingly common. However if you’d rather not deal with the bulk of a power bank or a battery case, then perhaps the Slimger could be the solution.

Slimger is basically an external battery for mobile devices that is slim enough to fit into your wallet like you would a credit card. Of course it is slightly thicker than a credit card, but if you don’t mind a little bulk in your wallet or purse, then it shouldn’t be an issue. In terms of battery size due to its thinness, it only packs a 1,400mAh battery under the hood. Read full post →The Slimger Is An External Battery That Can Fit In Your Wallet

Trying to take multiple photos from different angles all at once can be a tricky setup. This will involve users having to time it just right so that all shots are fired at the same time in order to capture that exact same pose held by the subject, which in some cases could be moving. Well Casio has the answer for you in the form of their SynchroShot app.

The company has recently announced the app that will allow photographers to control as many as seven Casio Exilim EX-100PRO cameras from their Android tablet. Casio is boasting that its accuracy is so precise that it is good enough for high-speed videos or continuous photos to be synchronized. Read full post →Casio’s SynchroShot App Lets You Sync As Many As Seven Exilim EX-100PROs At Once

farming simulator controllerThere are all sorts of games available to gamers to play at the moment. You have traditional games like FPS, RTS, RPG games, to mobile games that are designed to be fast paced, then you have the weird games like a Goat Simulator. Well if you’re a fan of simulator games, chances are you might have heard of Farming Simulator which basically lets you simulate the experience of running a farm.

Now we’re sure some of you guys are questioning just how popular such games are, and to be honest we are just as curious ourselves, but apparently it is popular enough that peripheral maker Mad Catz has announced a partnership with Farming Simulator’s developers Giant Software in which the former will be producing a controller to play the game with. Read full post →Mad Catz To Make Physical Controller For Farming Simulator

steam salesGames priced on Steam will vary from country to country to help match local currencies. This means that there are some countries in which games are technically cheaper if you were to convert it and measure it against USD or another currency. Well it seems that some gamers have been rather enterprising and have been gifting games bought cheaper in other countries to their friends.

Safe to say that Valve isn’t too pleased by this and has recently changed its policy in which it will now prevent gamers from gifting games bought in another country to gamers of a different country. For example if you were to buy a game from Russia, you can only gift it to your friends in Russia and not those living stateside or elsewhere. Read full post →Valve Updates Steam Policy, Prevents Game Gifting Across Different Countries

intel signWhen it comes to mobile devices, ARM’s chipsets can be typically found in most smartphones these days. Companies such as Apple, Samsung, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and more have licensed ARM’s design to make their own chipsets. Intel on the other hand have been trying to break into the mobile market as well, although their footprint isn’t as huge.

Well it looks like Intel will not be slowing down their attempts anytime soon. According to the rumors, Intel’s chipsets could be found in two Lenovo smartphones come 2015. The rumors have suggested that Lenovo will be making the announcement for their new Intel smartphones in the first two months of 2015, which means chances are we could be looking at a possible CES 2015 announcement. Read full post →Lenovo To Announce Two Intel-Powered Smartphones In 2015 [Rumor]

StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Void Tassadar 640x247During BlizzCon 2014, Blizzard unveiled the third part in their StarCraft 2 trilogy, Legacy of the Void. However unlike the previous two games, Blizzard announced that Legacy of the Void would be a standalone game, as opposed to being an expansion which we’re sure many had originally thought it would be.

As expected of Blizzard, the developer did not mention when the game would be released, but gamers were welcome to sign up for the beta if they were interested. That being said for those who are curious about the game’s progress, Blizzard has since posted an update on their blog detailing some of the changes that they would be making to the multiplayer aspect of the game. Read full post →Blizzard Offers Update On StarCraft 2: Legacy Of The Void

gtav details09122014 015 640x359Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V for next-gen consoles have already been released, but for those looking to play the game via their PC you guys have probably heard that the game will only be released come 27th of January 2015. That being said, what kind of hardware will PC gamers need in order to run the game?

After all based on the graphics of the game, it looks stunning which means that gamers could need slightly more than average hardware if they’re hoping to run the game without a hitch. Well the good news is that if you were curious about the PC requirements for the game, Rockstar has confirmed in a recent Q&A session that they will be revealing those details next week. Read full post →GTA 5 For PC Hardware Requirements To Be Unveiled Next Week