Microsoft has collaborated with Finnish design house Marimekko on accessories for Microsoft’s Surface products. The collection will be available starting this month and it includes four Marimekko-patterned skins. The collection will expand in the fall this year and will include two Marimekko-patterned sleeves. Products in this collection from Marimekko will be sold by Microsoft online and in its retail stores worldwide.
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Microsoft has now confirmed the lineup of games which will be offered for free to all Xbox Live Gold subscribers. That’s an incentive that they get for subscribing to Xbox Live Gold, a lineup of free games as part of the subscription fee that they pay. Xbox Games with Gold for June 2017 includes four games as well as bonus add-on content.
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Samsung touts iris scanning as a strong security feature of its new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ flagship smartphones but it’s far from perfect. As it turns out, it’s relatively easy to hack the Galaxy S8’s iris scanner and gain access to a device that’s secured using this method. A security researcher from the Chaos Computer Club in Berlin was able to trick the Galaxy S8’s iris scanner to gain access to a device that was locked.
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Microsoft launched the new Surface Pro today. It’s not the Surface Pro 5, mind you, but an incremental update of the Surface Pro 4. It comes with Intel Kaby Lake processors and other refinements that will provide a better user experience to customers. However, the new Surface Pro doesn’t have a USB Type-C port, something that’s common on almost all high-end computers now. Microsoft’s solution for that is a USB Type-C dongle.
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Huawei had to apologize recently when it became evident that the company wasn’t using the faster UFS 2.1 standard mobile storage in all models of the P10 despite claiming that it had the faster memory chip. Even Samsung claimed that all models of the Galaxy S8 had UFS 2.1 storage but quietly removed that mention from its website. HTC is promoting its new flagship smartphone at their expense by pointing out that the all models of the HTC U11 have UFS 2.1 storage.
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Facebook Live enables users to broadcast video to their friends and followers live from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection. The world’s largest social network announced today that it’s now enabling users to live stream with a friend. Facebook Live can now be used to share the live stream screen with a friend even if they’re in a completely different part of the world.
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LeEco had big ambitions for its business in the United States when it launched its products in the country with much pomp and circumstance. The reality has been different, though. The company has been facing financial issues which even caused it to abandon its proposed acquisition of Vizio. The company has now confirmed that it’s laying off most of its workforce in the United States.
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Acer has a new product out in the market for serious PC gamers. Many of them tend to prefer ultrawide curved monitors for gaming, and with good reason. Acer launched its first curved gaming monitor back in 2015 and today it has launched a new one. The Acer Predator Z35P is an updated version of the Z35 monitor and it offers better resolution than the original model.
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Google has made a product called the Jamboard which is aimed at enterprise customers that want their employees to work together and collaborate with their teammates for enhanced creativity. Jamboard is a cloud-based collaborative whiteboard that Google has made just for this purpose. It’s now available for purchase in the United States.
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Twitter has always been free. You can sign up right away and start using the service without having to pay it. However, as the company tries to come up with new ways of generating revenue, it has been thinking about launching a premium subscription-based service. Twitter is actively considering a premium service and isn’t ruling it out at this point in time.
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