Kindle Voyage 640x403Amazon lifted the veil on a slew of new Kindle devices last week, where the Kindle Voyage took centerstage. It looks like the $199 price tag proved to work, as checking out the Kindle Voyage page on Amazon pointed out how this particular e-reader has seen its shipping times delayed all the way to the second week of December.

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japan space elevatorIn February earlier this year, we brought you word that there might be a more affordable way to transport people to space and back which does not require a spacecraft, and neither will it burn as much fuel along the way. That was the idea of a space elevator, and here we are with another idea – also from Japan, concerning a space elevator. Construction company Obayashi intends to roll out a fully functional space elevator by the time the year 2050 rolls around.

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gmv 2014 medium box 300x250

In July last year, we brought you word that UPS has started to offer a 3D printing service to the masses, and taking into consideration that such an effort was in its infancy back then, it made plenty of sense to see the 3D printing service being limited to just several stores and not see a widespread adoption rate. However, it looks like the experiment to deliver in-store 3D printers apparently went on just fine, and UPS has decided that it is time to start expanding the availability of the vaunted 3D printing services.

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dartmouth appCan a machine actually be able to quantify feelings? That remains a very difficult question to answer, and until someone can come up with a clear cut formula to determine whether you are depressed, angry, sad, or joyful, there is no clear cut indicator for those who are on the borderline. Well, a smartphone app might just open up Pandora’s Box, as researchers over at Dartmouth have come up with an Android app which will be able to check on student behavior.

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iphone6waittimeApple and their customer service team managed to handle the high volume of incoming call traffic when the iPhone 6 launched recently, but fast forward that by a day, and it looked as though the customer service team was overwhelmed by callers – resulting in increasing wait times of up to 20 minutes for some.

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att logoAT&T intends to keep you well entertained in the comfort of your own home through the introduction of a new Broadband Bundle. After all, customers are always on the lookout for the best bang for their buck in this day and age, so it makes perfect sense to actually shop for the package that delivers the most amount of value without having to spend too much. AT&T intends to deliver a package that will include the likes of HBO, Amazon Prime Instant Video, broadband and broadcast networks for a mere $39 each month, which is a whole lot more affordable compared to what pay-TV subscriptions normally cost in terms of service bundles.

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lumia 930 build leakIt looks as though the Nokia Lumia 930, a smartphone which was released earlier this April 2014 will be on the receiving end of a new software update that will be known as the Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1. On the Lumia 930, this would see the firmware version number getting a bump up to 14353 from 14252, and the operating system itself will now carry the number 14157, which would place it on par with that of the existing Preview for Developers.

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mangalyaan mars missionOne particular indicator that a country is ready to move forward to the next level of technological advancement would be space travel and exploration – and while the U.S. and Russia kicked things off with the race to the moon in the 1960s, here we are with more recent advancements in this field such as the Maven spacecraft finally arriving in the orbit of Mars after traveling for close to a year. India has taken steps to make their first interplanetary mission a success after passing a critical test that involved testing of the main liquid engine of the $75-million Mangalyaan Mars Orbiter for four seconds.

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uplocket3D printing has certainly come a long way since its early days, where we have seen custom heels churned out, in addition to an electric car (not all of the parts in that will be 3D printed of course), as well as a 3D printed UAV drone. This time around, we have a new Kickstarter campaign that will feature a device known as the UpLocket. This looks like something worth getting for your better half – whether as a gift, or as a peace offering, or simply to commemorate a special event, but the UpLocket is no ordinary heart-shaped locket.

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google play store uiWhat do you think of the freemium model that many apps adopt these days? I personally do not like it – it is somewhat even more frustrating than just a demo, since expectations are tempered somewhat while playing a demo, as you know just how many levels there are available that you can enjoy before you need to make the decision to play the game. As for freemium games, they allow you to dive right into the game and go farther than in a demo, but at a certain point when you want to pull ahead of the pack, you find out that investing time in the game delivers diminishing returns, unless you fork out some real world money.

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