Before January 21st the reports were that Microsoft is going to unveil the consumer version of Windows 10 and talk more about its new web browser codenamed Spartan. No new hardware was expected. It surprised everyone when Microsoft unveiled HoloLens, a new device that aims to bring hologram technology to the masses. Could it at some point support Xbox One and PC? Microsoft isn’t closing the door on this possibility.

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Many have been waiting on Microsoft to confirm when it is going to release the next version of its productivity suite for desktop PCs. Microsoft has confirmed that the next version will be called Office 2016. It has also said that we should expect the Office 2016 release to take place later this year.

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Today we finally have a confirmation on the Homeworld Remastered Collection release date. This new title is a revamped version of the first two installments in this popular strategy series. Gearbox Software not only confirmed the title’s release date today but also as promised it showed off some gameplay footage as well earlier today at the Inside Gearbox Software Panel that’s taking place at PAX South.

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mother-blind-sees-baby-electronic-eyesA blind mother was able to see her newborn son for the first time thanks to a pair of special glasses. The eSight glasses capture an image and video and then present it in real time with enhancements for people with low vision. These enhancements make the eye perceive more than it would have otherwise been able to.

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The Nexus Player was the first retail device powered by Android TV. This set-top box has been manufactured by ASUS and it runs on the relatively new platform from Google that’s aimed at taking over your living room. This device has only been sold through the Google Play Store ever since it was launched but that changes today. The Nexus Player is now available through U.S. retailers. Amazon, Newegg and Best Buy have the device in stock.

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MakerBot Mobile has been around for iOS for some time now. The app lets users control various aspects of their 3D printer. MakerBot had said that it would release a version for Android and now it has. The MakerBot Mobile app for Android brings MakerBot Cloud Library as well as all of the features and options necessary to control supported 3D printers.

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Earlier this week it was confirmed that The Interview is going to arrive on Netflix. The online video streaming service has followed through on this promise and has started streaming The Interview. This controversial movie can now be streamed on demand by any and all Netflix subscribers. Its yet another move by Sony, relying on digital distribution, to get this movie out in front of as many people as possible.

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Last year Apple showed off its home automation technology aptly called HomeKit. Device manufacturers will build home automation products that use this technology. A new report suggests that it may take until spring 2015 for these devices to hit the market. That will mark one full year since the announcement of HomeKit to the launch of the very first products to use it. HomeKit was unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2014 in San Francisco.

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Snapchat is known around the world as an application that allows users to send pictures and videos to each other that disappear automatically after a few seconds. The company appears to be branching out to publishing original content. According to reports Snapchat is going to produce original content like videos and articles in-house. It has reportedly hired several journalists and video producers over the past few months for this effort.

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Mars rovers have collected a lot of data about the Red Planet but its not like they don’t run into problems up there. The surface of Mars is extremely tricky to navigate and this can make it tough for the rover to travel long distances in a Martian day. The solution being proposed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory involves using an autonomous drone dubbed as the Mars Helicopter. It would fly ahead of the rover and capture images while would then help the NASA engineers back on Earth to plan the best possible driving route for the rover.

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