There are some of us who are lucky enough to be able to fall asleep in an instant without much fuss. However there are some of us who from time to time struggle with getting a good night’s sleep, whether it be due to the stress of the day, or the constant worry about the things they have to do tomorrow, and so on. Read full post →PEGASI’s Smart Glasses Will Help You Sleep Better

T-Mobile today announced that it’s improving its One data plan for international travelers and expanding its reach to cover almost the entire globe. The One plan already provided subscribers with unlimited data and texting in more than 140 countries. T-Mobile has now expanded that coverage to over 210 countries and destinations. This means that subscribers get unlimited data, text, and low rate calling virtually everywhere in the world.
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Google first introduced Smart Text Selection with Android 8.0 Oreo. It has two core components. When the user taps on a word the feature automatically selects the entire phrase and it then suggests relevant actions based on what has been selected. For example, a link to Google Maps comes up with an address is selected. This feature will soon be available in Chrome OS as well.
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If you’ve looked into low-end and mid-range smartphones then you may have discovered that many of them use chips from MediaTek. The company is well-known for its chips that are used in affordable devices. MediaTek today announced a new processor called the Helio A22 that’s meant to compete with the Snapdragon 400 series from Qualcomm.
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The IFA 2018 convention is going to take place in a couple of months and many companies will be headed to Berlin in order to unveil their new products. Sony is likely going to be one of them as the Japanese company has confirmed that it’s going to have a press conference at IFA 2018 on August 30th. The company hasn’t said what it’s going to talk about at the press conference, though.
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IBM has decided to experiment with a digital currency that’s pegged to the United States dollar. The cryptocurrency stablecoin is tied to the government-backed currency that is the USD. The idea behind tying up the cryptocurrency with an existing currency is to reduce the volatility that’s often seen with digital currencies.
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Netflix launched a new, free, and fast way for people to check their internet speeds a couple of years ago. The tool was simply called and it didn’t require you to do much else than punching in the URL into your browser of choice. Netflix has said that the site has seen “incredibly strong” organic growth in the past couple of years so it’s adding more functionality to the site now.
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Amazon created its own online shopping event called Prime Day a couple of years ago. It promises Prime members a wide variety of deals on millions of products on Prime Day. Naturally, many look forward to the online shopping event to save some money. However, as soon as Prime Day 2018 began, Amazon’s website crashed for a short while.
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Deezer’s High Fidelity lossless audio service will now be available on select soundbars and speakers from Samsung, the Korean company confirmed today. Its partnership with Deezer will enable Samsung customers to stream music and listen to tracks in the original quality on the company’s soundbars and wireless speakers. Only select Samsung products will be able to offer this to users.
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Valve had been warning developers whose games include adult or violent content to remove the explicit themes if they want the games to be allowed on Steam. It later adopted a slightly lenient content policy which allowed controversial content through as long as it wasn’t illegal. However, according to one developer, Valve hasn’t completely ended its moderation practices.
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