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spotifyCompanies make updates to their policies all the time to reflect changing times and new products. However a couple of weeks ago, Spotify updated their privacy policy which had many users fuming. The reason was because of the language Spotify used, which was basically legalese to help cover all possible angles, many felt that this new privacy policy was very Orwellian.

This prompted Spotify’s CEO to quickly step forward and offer up an apology, promising that a new and updated privacy policy, that would also be clearer, would be released. For those wondering what has become of that, you’re in luck as Spotify’s latest and updated privacy policy has since been released. Read full post →Spotify Releases Updated, Clearer Privacy Policy

parrot_zik_3The first pair of Parrot Zik headphones was announced in 2012. This was a collaboration between the company and industry designer Philippe Starck, and over the years we’ve seen Parrot release updated models along the way. This year is no different as during IFA 2015, Parrot announced the Zik 3 headphones.

In terms of design, Parrot appears to have stayed along the same course. However as noted by Engadget, the company claims that some slight changes have been made, which they are referring to as a touch of couture. This basically means there will be more options in terms of design, such as croc texture, an overstitch detail in black or ivory, and a black leather grain option. Read full post →Parrot Zik 3 Headphones Announced With Wireless Charging

batman-arkham-knight-ps4-xbox-oneYesterday we reported that someone had let the cat out of the bag a bit early. And by cat, we meant the interim PC patch for Batman: Arkham Knight. The good news is that if you were wondering when the actual patch would be released, you won’t have to wait anymore as it has been officially released.

According to a post on Steam, “Good news – testing for the interim patch has been completed and it is now available for those who already have Batman: Arkham Knight for PC.” The post also details some of the fixes that gamers can expect, which includes reduced framerate hitches, optimizations for system memory and VRAM usage, along with improved performance on all GPUs, just to name a few. Read full post →Batman: Arkham Knight Interim PC Patch Released

runtastic-moment-press-ledeWhen you think of Runtastic, the runner-centric fitness app probably comes to mind. However it seems that after being acquired by Adidas, the company has started to branch out beyond just creating apps. Recently at IFA 2015, Runtastic announced the Moment series of fitness trackers which you can see for yourself in the photo above, which are also currently available for purchase via Runtastic’s website.

As you can tell, there are different designs and models that are offered. However all of them share one design trait which is that they are designed to look like a traditional watch, but at the same time offer up fitness tracking capabilities. There are four different models to choose from: the Moment Fun, Moment Basic, Moment Elite, and Moment Classic. Read full post →Runtastic Moment Fitness Tracker Watch Announced

samsung gear s2Out of all the smartwatches that Samsung has released to date, we have to admit that the Gear S2 is probably the classiest of the bunch. However it looks like Samsung will be attempting to make it even classier. During IFA 2015, Samsung announced that they will be teaming up with renowned Italian designer Alessandro Mendini.

With this partnership, the Samsung Gear S2 is expected to receive some exclusive watch faces as well as different straps that will offer up a new look to the wearable. According to Younghee Lee, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing, IT & Mobile Division at Samsung, “Our partnership with Alessandro Mendini on these exquisite watch faces and bands for the Gear S2 is part of our continued commitment to deliver more custom options that help users express their personal styles while they stay connected.” Read full post →Samsung Teams Up With Italian Designer For Gear S2 Accessories

hangouts errorIf you’re still in the habit of sending MMS messages and you’re an Android user, there is a very good chance you could be using the Google Hangouts app. Now if you have yet to update your Hangouts app to version 4.0, you might want to hold off on the update. There have been reports of the latest version causing some issues.

According to several user reports, it seems that after updating to version 4.0, these users have encountered problems sending MMS. Basically whenever they try sending a message, they will be greeted by an error message that says, “Message not sent. Touch to retry.” Repeated attempts and multiple messages don’t seem to have solved it either. Read full post →Users Run Into MMS Issues After Updating To Hangouts 4.0

Firefox-for-iOSWhen it comes to browser choice on mobile, Android seems to have more picks. In fact if anything, Android has the option of using Mozilla’s Firefox. iOS on the other hand did not have access to Firefox, at least until now. Mozilla has recently released the first public preview of Firefox for iOS.

Unfortunately Firefox for iOS has only been soft launched in New Zealand. This means that if you’re living in the US, you won’t be able to find the app in the iTunes App Store. According to Mozilla, the company plans to use its soft launch to collect feedback on the app. Based on the feedback, they will then introduce updates and changes to improve upon it. Read full post →Firefox For iOS Soft Launched In New Zealand

alcatel_go_watchWearable tech is all the rage these days and while Alcatel isn’t necessarily a brand that comes to mind, the company is trying their hand all the same. At IFA 2015, Alcatel has officially announced the GO WATCH smartwatch. As you can see in the image above, it does not look like your typical smartwatch.

In fact upon first glance we had to make sure that we weren’t looking at Casio G-SHOCK. That being said, the design is pretty obvious that Alcatel has designed the watch for active users in mind. According to the company, it will feature water, dust, and shock resistance which is good news if you plan on being a bit rough with it. Read full post →Alcatel Announces GO WATCH Smartwatch At IFA 2015

android-payIt was rumored last month that Android Pay would be going live on the 26th of August. However given that there has been no news, safe to say that rumors were a dud. That being said, we have a possible new date thanks to the folks at Phandroid. According to a leaked Verizon memo they obtained, a possible new date has been set.

Based on the information, it has been suggested that come 16th of September, Android Pay will be officially launched. This is further supported by the fact that Google Play Services 8.1, which sets up the base for Android Pay, has begun to roll out to users. This means that if anything, any date from now is a potential launch. Read full post →Leaked Memo Suggests Android Pay Launching On September 16

alcatel onetouch xess_1What on the street is Samsung has an 18-inch tablet in the works. Whether or not that is true remains to be seen. However it looks like Alcatel has beaten Samsung to the punch with the OneTouch Xess tablet which they have announced at IFA 2015 which will come with a 17.3-inch display.

As you can tell from the photo the Alcatel OneTouch Xess has a rather unique and obvious feature. This comes in the form of an adjustable built-in stand and handle. This will allow users to prop the tablet up to view videos or to view websites. Admittedly this does not make the tablet particularly portable (its 17.3-inch display probably doesn’t help either) but if you plan to use it at home or in the office, it should be good enough. Read full post →Alcatel OneTouch Xess Tablet Features A 17.3-inch Display