lg_g6About a week ago, casemaker Ghostek published renderings of its upcoming case for the LG G6, which in the process revealed a render of the handset in question, or at least that was what was thought. Turns out the render might be pretty close to the real deal, thanks to a recent report from The Verge. Read full post →LG G6 Photo Leaked Ahead Of MWC 2017

qualcomm-logoLast week Apple announced that they would be suing Qualcomm. The company alleges that Qualcomm attempted to “extort” them by withholding payments as a form of “punishment” for Apple’s cooperation with Korea’s FTC. Qualcomm later denied those allegations and called Apple’s claims baseless. Read full post →Qualcomm Reportedly Considering A Countersuit Against Apple

apple-macbook-pro-2Heads up Mac users, it seems that in addition to releasing iOS 10.2.1, Apple has also announced the release of macOS 10.12.3. Given its version number it looks like this seems to be a relatively small update that will bring about various bug fixes and improvements, so don’t expect any groundbreaking new features just yet. Read full post →macOS Sierra 10.12.3 Released With Graphics Fix For MacBook Pro

airpodApple’s AirPods are marketed as the perfect Bluetooth headset for iOS devices. This is thanks to the use of the new W1 chip that allows it to pair with iOS devices considerably quicker than regular Bluetooth headsets. However it seems that it has recently run into some issues, such as users who are reporting dropped calls made with the device. Read full post →Some AirPods Owners Are Reporting Dropped Calls

Image credit - iFixit

Image credit – iFixit

If you’re looking to repair your electronic gadget, taking it back to the place you bought it is usually a good idea. This is because the repair work is mostly guaranteed, plus with the company making the product, they should be more familiar with how to fix it. The only problem is that this can take longer and in some cases, cost a lot more. Read full post →‘Right To Repair’ Bill Introduced In Five States

bioshock iosBack in 2015, the folks at 2K Games pulled BioShock from the iTunes App Store. The reason behind is that there were some compatibility issues with iOS 8.4, which meant that rather than gamers downloading the game and running into bugs and problems, 2K decided it would be simpler to just pull it. Read full post →It Looks Like BioShock For iOS Is Officially Dead

iOS_10_PhotosIf you are experiencing any weird bugs on your iOS device, then perhaps you might be interested in updating to the latest version of iOS. Apple has recently released the iOS 10.2.1 update which given its version number probably means that we’re looking at an update aimed more at squashing bugs and minor improvements. Read full post →Apple Releases iOS 10.2.1 Update

There are many rumors surrounding the iPhone 8 at the moment, ranging from its design to its hardware specs, although it is unclear as to what we can expect since it would be impossible to verify all these claims. That being said, what if all the rumors were true? What kind of iPhone would we be looking at? Read full post →iPhone 8 Concept Shows What Could Be Possible

china-flagThere are a good number of reasons why people use VPNs. Whether it be to mask their location or to access content that is blocked locally either due to local censorship laws or due copyright/availability, there are many reasons why people choose to use it. There are plenty of services out there, but soon many of them will be made illegal in China. Read full post →China Has Made Using Unauthorized VPNs Illegal

samsung-note-7-batteryIn what is probably the final chapter of the Galaxy Note 7 recall and termination, Samsung has presented an apology and a technical explanation of the biggest smartphone phone commercial disaster to date. Samsung will lose at least $3 Billion dollars (some estimates were as high as $17B back Oct), and its market capitalization has lost Billions as well. But this could be the light at the end of the tunnel, and the closure of a painful chapter for the world’s largest smartphone maker. Read full post →Note 7 Apology From Samsung Sounded Credible, Sincere