Fake news is a huge problem and recently ahead of the elections in France, it seems that the country has been trying to deal with a flood of fake news hitting social media. France isn’t alone in their concerns over fake news because in a report from The Guardian, it turns out that the UK government is just as worried. Read full post →UK Government Worried About Fake News Ahead Of Elections

Before the Apple Watch was officially unveiled, there were many rumors surrounding the device and there was a lot of hype, especially about how Apple could revolutionize the wearables industry like they did with smartphones and tables. Unfortunately that did not exactly happen. While the Apple Watch isn’t exactly a flop, it wasn’t really the game-changer we expected. Read full post →Consumer Interest In The Apple Watch Might Have Peaked

We know that there will come a day when a lot of jobs could potentially be taken over by robots. After all with robots never needing rest, they don’t complain, they don’t have many demands, it makes sense why robots would be a more efficient employee than a human would. It seems that future isn’t so far off because in this short film titled “It’s No Game”, its script was actually written by AI. Read full post →This Short Film Used AI To Write Its Script

The stream of iPhone 8 related leaks seems to be continuous because it wasn’t too long ago that a dummy unit that is allegedly based on the iPhone 8 surfaced online. Now thanks to newly leaked schematics posted by Benjamin Geskin reveals some additional details about the phone, or rather it seems to “confirm” them. Read full post →New iPhone 8 Schematic Does Not Show Rear-Facing Touch ID

Earlier we reported that thanks to a sighting at the FCC, it seems that a pair of Google branded headphones were uncovered. This led to speculation that we could soon see Google launch their own pair of headphones, although admittedly these aren’t exactly the most stylish of headphones we’ve seen. Read full post →Earlier Leaked Google Headphones Are For Employees Only

About a week ago, it was confirmed that the next Call of Duty game would be set in World War II, and if you’re looking for more information you’re in luck as Activision and Sledgehammer Games have officially unveiled launched the trailer for the game which if you have a couple of minutes to spare, you can check out in the video above. Read full post →Call Of Duty: WWII Official Trailer Released

We have been seeing reports recently suggesting that DJI has a small drone in the pipeline. The company today sent out invites to the press for an event next month. It’s now expected to launch said drone at this event. From what we know right now, the unannounced DJI Spark drone is going to be smaller than the DJI Mavic Pro.
Read full post →DJI Spark Drone Launch Possible At May Event

We’re seeing a lot of rumors and reports recently about Motorola’s next-generation Moto E smartphone. This is an entry-level lineup from the Lenovo-owned company so the specs won’t really be anything to write home about. However, it appears that the Moto E4 Plus is going to have a massive battery, one that will be enough for almost two days of use, if not more.
Read full post →Moto E4 Plus May Feature 5,000mAh Battery

Google is no stranger to making hardware products. It made the great Pixel smartphone, the Chromecast dongle, Google Home, and more. It appears that the company has made something that we’ve not seen from it before. Google has apparently come up with a pair of on-ear Bluetooth headphones. The Google-branded on-ear headphones have been spotted out of the blue in a recent FCC filing.
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Devices like Google Home are great for use in the kitchen. They’re powered by artificial intelligence-backed smart assistants that can help with simple queries like how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon or even provide full recipes for delicious meals. Google Home is now much better at helping out in the kitchen. Google today announced that it has increased the number of recipes available on Google Assistant, which powers Google Home, to more than 5 million.
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