Where would the Ninja Turtles be without pizza? How about Italy’s economy if that dish were not part of their national menu? Having said that, if some of the zanier simulator games include those that involve goats and rocks, why not something else which we are more familiar with, such as pizza? This particular pizza simulator game will put you in the shoes of the person in the kitchen, making pizzas for the hungry masses.

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evermindGetting the proper medical help and assistance can prove to be time consuming, not to mention expensive, in the long run, especially when a caregiver is concerned. Still, there are times in life when one is unable to move away from a current situation and drop everything within a moment’s notice just to attend a medical condition of a relative, and yet it also causes one to worry unnecessarily about the relative’s condition from afar. With the Evermind, perhaps it might be able to help you sleep better at night.

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swing coptersIt looks like the earlier report was correct – the creator of Angry Birds, Dong Nguyen, has come up with yet another game that might help you tear your hair out, simply because the game of Swing Copters will follow a simple premise that is not too different from that of Flappy Birds, except that this time around, you will step into the shoes of a pint sized guy with one of those fancy copter hats. Don’t ask about the physics of the hat that can actually generate enough lift, you have a hard enough time avoiding them swinging hammers as it is.

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led carWhen it comes to self-driving cars, I am quite sure that much more testing needs to be done, not to mention a whole lot of standardization being agreed upon before it is rolled out on a global scale. After all, machines are not 100% foolproof all the time, especially not when we hear about Google’s research team allowing their self-driving cars to actually break the legal speed limit. Driving around during the daytime on a bright and sunny day should not be a problem at all, but what happens when dusk falls? That gets a whole lot trickier, so is there something which can be done to help such vehicles out? Perhaps, and flashing LEDs could very well be the answer.

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Porsche Design 9983While there is a whole lot of buzz surrounding the upcoming BlackBerry Passport smartphone, make no mistake about it, BlackBerry does not look as though they are about to bet the entire farm on a single smartphone release. There is yet another device that has received certification, where it is known as the BlackBerry P’9983. Of course, any device from BlackBerry that carries such a model number would fall under the Porsche Design range, so it would not be too far off the mark if one were to describe this as the BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9983.

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amazon prime air 640x330Folks living in the U.S. would know by now that when it comes to testing out drones, there are just very few areas that have been designated for such testing to occur. The rules, however, are a whole lot more relaxed elsewhere, such as in India as the world’s second most populous country looks set to be the place where Amazon will roll out their plan to perform deliveries to customers using drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

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cyborg mothIf you think that entities such as the Phalanx in the X-Men series, or the Borg from Star Trek are uber cool due to their bionic enhancements, perhaps we have taken an extremely small step in such a direction. Researchers over at NC State are currently working on developing cyborg moth biobots. In other words, researchers are using live moths whose flight muscles are controlled using electrical impulses remotely. In other words, one is able to control the direction of an actual moth, and I am quite sure that the military as well as intelligence agencies would be more than curious to see a fully working model being in action on the field.

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xbox one titanfallEarlier this year, the folks over at Microsoft did introduce an Xbox One bundle that came with Titanfall. The reason behind such a release was to have the game itself showcase the capabilities of the console, with fingers crossed that it would eventually end up as a killer app for the latest generation console from Microsoft. This proved to be a winning combination, since much hype had already surrounded Titanfall even before the game was released, and arriving in a bundle meant that one would also be able to save more money in the long run, which is a good thing, too.

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toyota tis nexusWhen it comes to in-vehicle entertainment systems, you can be sure that plenty of leaps in technology has been made in this aspect, and gone are the days when you can just play a CD and be happy with it. Old school video game consoles have even been integrated into head units on a car seat, while more complex operating systems are being introduced as well. Toyota has worked alongside Asus-owned Unimax to deliver what they call the “Toyota Intelligent System”, which is actually a Nexus 7 that has been docked into certain vehicles.

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nokia lumia 920 review 016 640x4261If you happen to own the Nokia Lumia 920 and have been waiting patiently for the longest time to see the official Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia Cyan update, it looks like there is not much longer that you need to wait. Apparently, many areas of Western Europe have reported that the Lumia 920 have started to see the update, and for the rest of the world, this particular update too, has arrived.

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