charavani friends 003 640x360At Global Mobile Vision 2014, this intriguing game caught my attention: Charanavi Friends (by Forcrane Juice) is an app in which you build a small virtual world that contains mini-games, to entertain existing friends, but also meet new ones. You can meet and chat, which at first, made me think of a  graphically simpler version of something like Second Life. Some of the player motivations are the same, except that it is much easier to build your world using simple 2D isometric graphics. The world is also much smaller (and limited to 150 players per world), so there’s no “wandering around”. Read full post →Charanavi Friends: A Virtual World To Mingle, And Discover New “Friends”

Fire HDX 8.9 Horizontal 640x497There are many Android tablets in the market today, but what Amazon has done to differentiate themselves is that instead of offering stock Android, they have created a fork version of Android that doesn’t exactly feel like Android, and give customers easy access to Amazon’s own store where they can purchase books, videos, songs, and so on.

Now for those who are interested in seeing what else Amazon has to offer on the tablet front, you might be interested to learn that Amazon has recently announced two new Kindle Fire tablets – the new Kindle Fire HDX and the new Kindle Fire HD. The former will be priced starting at $379 while the latter will be priced starting at $99 and will see a release on the 21st of October and 2nd of October respectively. Read full post →Amazon Unveils New Kindle Fire HDX, Fire HD Tablets

gmv 2014 medium box 300x250

FireHD KidsEdition 640x640In the past we have seen many OEMs create tablets that are kids-friendly. This means that the tablets are rugged so that they can withstand a fair amount of abuse from kids who might have butterfingers, and they also come with kids-friendly apps that are fun and educational, as well as parental controls to prevent kids from stumbling across unsavory websites.

Well it looks like Amazon has decided that kids-friendly tablets could be the way to go as they have recently announced the Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition tablet. The tablet will come in two sizes – 6-inches and 7-inches, with the former priced at $149 while the latter will retail for $189. Both models have also been pegged for a release on the 21st of October. Read full post →Amazon Introduces Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet

Kindle Voyage 640x403According to a report from yesterday, it was suggested that Amazon had new Kindle e-readers in the works, and sure enough they do. Amazon has since officially unveiled two new Kindle e-readers in the form of the Kindle Voyage and an updated Kindle that will be priced at a very affordable $79.

Starting with the Kindle Voyage, this is Amazon’s most advanced e-reader, or so they claim. The e-reader will sport a new glass front and a magnesium back, making it thinner, stronger, and lighter. The device will also use a new Paperwhite display with a higher resolution and even sharper text and images. Read full post →Amazon Announce New Kindle & Kindle Voyage E-Readers

bridgecall integration android

The app is completely integrated to the regular Phone call experience. The Green band indicates if it is using VOIP or not.

Ever since the first VOIP call was created, the world has changed into a better place where it is possible to easily (and cheaply) keep in touch with people that matter in one’s lives, for a cost that was once unthinkable: free.  However, and despite the ubiquity of VOIP technology, the only way to have a truly seamless integration of VOIP in the mobile phone experience is a Carrier-supported WiFi call feature, which is very rare. Read full post →BridgeCall App Integrates VOIP Seamlessly To Android Phones

ip6 display 640x310Prior to the iPhone 6 being released, there were rumors that suggested that Apple could be outfitting the displays with sapphire. This would lend a more premium feel to the device, not to mention help differentiate it from the competition who have tended to rely on Gorilla Glass or a different type of glass.

However the phone launched and Apple mentioned that they’d be using ion-strengthened glass instead. So what gives? Well one analyst had previously suggested that last minute production issues forced Apple to drop sapphire, but now according to a report from Tim Bajarin of Time, it seems that sapphire for the iPhone 6 was never in the cards to begin with. Read full post →Sapphire Was Apparently Never In The Cards For The iPhone 6

ios7 activation lock 640x360Earlier today Apple released iOS 8 to the masses, and while there have been many big changes that Apple has made to the operating system, there are some small ones that might have gone unnoticed by many users. One of these changes that Apple has made is by enabling Activation Lock on iOS devices by default.

The feature was originally announced as being part of iOS 7, but at that time it had to be enabled manually which prompted criticism from lawmakers who felt that the feature should be enabled by default. At the same time, there were lawmakers who had also praised Apple’s Activation Lock as being a good deterrent to smartphone theft. Read full post →Activation Lock Enabled On iOS 8 By Default

HealthKit 640x604So iOS 8 was released today and with the release comes the HealthKit framework. However if you were hoping to see a bunch of HealthKit compatible apps, you might be disappointed because according to earlier reports, HealthKit compatible apps have been put on hold. At that time it wasn’t clear as to why it was put on hold, but now it seems that there was a last minute bug that did not allow the apps to be released. Read full post →Apple Confirms Bug That Delayed HealthKit Compatible Apps

assassins creed piratesHeads up Windows Phone users! While one developer might be pulling out of the Windows Phone scene for now, another one comes back in, well, sort of. You might recall that about a month ago, Ubisoft released Assassin’s Creed Pirates on Windows Phone, although they quickly pulled the game due to numerous reports of crashes amongst other things.

Well the good news that it looks like Ubisoft could have addressed the issues because the game has finally made its way back into the Windows Phone Store. However this time around if you haven’t already gotten it, you will have to fork out $4.49 for the game, but if you’re a fan of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, perhaps you could justify paying for it. Read full post →Assassin’s Creed Pirates Returns To Windows Phone

candy crush saga sodaWhat makes a smartphone platform popular? Well for starters we guess the number of apps available on it helps make it more appealing to users in general, although it’s something of a vicious cycle as developers tend to choose platforms with more users. That being said, it seems that King, the developer of titles such as Candy Crush, have been reported to have halted their developments for the Windows Phone platform.

This is according to (via WMPowerUser) who revealed that development of King’s Windows Phone games have been put on hold for now. The game have reportedly been in development since January this year, and apparently due to the lack of growth, and in some markets the decline of Windows Phone’s market share, forced King to suspend its developments. Read full post →Candy Crush Developer Puts Its Windows Phone Developments On Hold