iwatch-fuelbandWe did bring you word earlier today that there were layoffs which happened at Nike’s FuelBand unit, although Nike has since reassured customers and potential shoppers that their FuelBand device is not going to go away anytime soon. Well, it seems that the adage of “one man’s loss is another man’s gain” rings true, as there are now rumors of these dumped FuelBand staff jumping over to Apple to work on Cupertino’s much hinted iWatch, where a conceptual idea of it can be seen above.

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fb-paper-updateFacebook has just announced a major update to its iOS app, where it claims that there are new features thrown into the mix, including the likes of new story buttons, notifications, and photo comments, among others. Facebook’s Paper App was first introduced to the world at the end of January before it hit the iOS platform in the next month. After 2 months of use, Facebook Paper has “grown up” to arrive at version 1.1.

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Forget about the audio visualizers that your eyes have seen during the days of Winamp – those were pretty trippy, but I would say that none were able to hold a candle (pun not intended) to the Rubens’ Tube Pyro Board that you can see in action for yourself in the video above. This two-dimensional Pyro Board depicts the unique standing wave patterns of sound within the box, where it is made possible thanks to the pressure variations created by the sound waves that affect the flow rate of flammable gas from the holes in the Pyro Board. This in turn would also see changes made to the height and color of flames. The Pyro Board itself is a 2D plane that comprises of 2,500 Bunsen burners.

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sony-robotI would suppose that Sony’s most famous robot release would be their beloved Aibo, which happens to be a robotic pooch that was the bomb back in the day, although the $1,900 price tag back then would make any potential customer think more than just twice as to whether to splurge that kind of money on what is essentially an expensive toy. I think that even when we factor in inflation today, $1,900 can still do plenty for the average man on the street who is more interested in bread and butter issues. Well, it seems that Sony is not quite out of the robotics scene just yet, having filed for a patent that will focus on a camera lens that could be used in a robot hand.

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fingerreaderAll the way back in 1829, Frenchman Louis Braille came up with a tactile system that was capable of letting those who suffered from vision impairment to “read” books using the tips of their fingers, which has evolved to what we know today as the Braille system. The Braille system comprised of a series of raised dots, as the finger trails over a line of braille text, where the reader would interpret it in the same way a sighted person is able to read using ordinary letters. The thing is, Braille can be pretty tough to understand and master, and there are still plenty of reading materials that have yet to get a braille edition. MIT researchers intend to circumvent this situation by rolling out the FingerReader, which is a new piece of wearable technology that can read books out loud to those with vision problems.

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An idle mind might be the devil’s workshop, but there are times when idle minds end up as the hotbed of innovation, the “Eureka!” moment, so to speak. Well, for those of you who cannot get enough of modern day CGI that makes it possible for movies to turn our favorite comic books into reality, then here is Patrick Priebe’s proof-of-concept web-shooter that belongs to the one and only, the amazing Spider-Man.

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xperiazultra-gpeIn the past week, we did hear about how Sprint mentioned about Android 4.4.3 KitKat for the Nexus 5 smartphone, which leads to the question as to which particular device is going to be the next one to receive this particular mobile operating system update. There is every chance that the Sony Xperia Z Ultra Google Play edition is all up for it, at least according to the Bluetooth SIG.

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For those of you who have been on the receiving end of error messages on your Samsung smartphone, and had been scratching your head all day long, trying to figure out just what could have led to such a situation, it is time that you no longer wonder. Apparently, the Samsung.com website was not made accessible to the masses on the Internet simply because of a fire that happened at the Samsung SDS building which is located in Gwacheon, South Korea. The particular site was unavailable, where it led to error messages on many of Samsung’s products, where these include their array of smartphones, of course. The website outage happened until this morning at 6:15am EST, when the site returned online, with the entire gamut of services restored as well.

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nessie-boatApple Maps might be able to get you from point A to point B in an unfamiliar territory, but this does not mean that it is the first app or program that people go to in order to find their way around. Google Maps is, no doubt about it, still the undisputed king when it comes to navigational apps, and Nokia’s free HERE Maps too, does a pretty good job. Of course, there are some strange events in Google’s online services including a lady who caught her fiance cheating on her, now what are the odds of that happening? Apple Maps is not immune to its own strangeness, too, as some claim that satellite photos offered by Apple shows off what could be Nessie, the nickname for the fabled Loch Ness monster. The thing is, ‘Nessie’ happened to be nothing more than a boat, plain and simple.

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steam-greenlightBefore MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, EVE Online, and so on, there were titles like Ultimate Online, Everquest, and Dark Age of Camelot, some of the more classic MMORPGs from back in the day. Heck, Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camelot are still up and running and it seems that both games have recently made an appearance on Steam Greenlight.

Both games have been taken over by Broadsword Online Games and the listing on Greenlight was spotted a month after the takeover, suggesting that Broadsword Online Game had something to do with it. Assuming that both titles are approved, the games would be free to download via Steam, although we should note that both games do with a subscription fee so unless you plan on paying for it, you’d be out of luck.
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