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We had reported last week that the Lumia Denim update will be released soon for Lumia 830 and the Lumia 930. That information had been provided by an unofficial source but today there’s a clear indication from the folks behind Lumia that this update really will be rolled out quite soon. This was revealed through the official Lumia account on Twitter.

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In just about a fortnight Destiny fans will receive a DLC that’s going to keep them busy for a little while. This will be the first expansion that Bungie will release for the title. The developer had previously been confirmed that the DLC will be called The Dark Below. An intro was leaked online recently and the video appeared on YouTube, but today Bungie itself details The Dark Below DLC for Destiny.

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Telltale Games has already confirmed that the first episode of its Game of Thrones game will premiere soon. As per the game’s listing on Steam the premiere might be slated for December. The developer has also confirmed that it is “anticipating” a December premiere for the first episode, and that it will make an announcement in the near future over Twitter.

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The MPAA, or Motion Picture Association of America, represents six of the major studios in Hollywood and it asked Google to remove homepages of countless “pirate sites” that offer links to pirated movies. Google refused the request for majority of the URLs provided by the MPAA because it viewed the takedown notices as being too broad.

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bing recipeWhen it comes to Thanksgiving, you know that the twin essentials of family and food make it all the more memorable. After all, without either, Thanksgiving would not be the same. Of course, when families gather together, whipping up a feast could prove to be a challenge, but thankfully there is the Internet to help you try out new recipes that will make you the talk of the family for years to come. Having said that, Bing intends to help make your search for recipes a whole lot easier, as you can now browse through them in a single place.

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Taking one look at the BlackBerry Passport is enough to make you realize that the company really did think out of the box for this device. The square-shaped device with its full QWERTY keyboard, that doubles as a trackpad, has been available for purchase since September but only in black color. We knew that this smartphone will be released in red and white colors as well, those who have been waiting for these colors can now rejoice. The BlackBerry Passport in red and white colors is now available for pre-order.

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new samsungYou must have heard of this before – that insanity has been described as doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Samsung has managed to make a name for themselves in the past few years as a smartphone powerhouse, rolling out device after device with unerring reliability, seemingly targeting the entire gamut of possible phone users out there, ranging from the entry level to the mid-range before making its way to the high end side of things. Well, Samsung has gotten themselves into a rather rocky patch at the moment, which is why they intend to do things slightly different next year. Word has it that there is a new Samsung SM-E500F in the pipeline that ought to reduce the number of new smartphones released in a single year.

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LG has been among those OEMs who are working hard to bring the latest Android experience at least to their flagship devices. Soon after Google released Android 5.0 Lollipop for Nexus smartphones and tablets, LG did confirm that the G3 will receive this update in the very near future as well. Lollipop for the LG G3 is already out in Poland and next in line is the company’s home turf: South Korea.

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Who would have thought that a game like Goat Simulator would end up being successful enough, that it has been warranted to deserve its very own MMO? Well, for those who have had their fair share of fun with the latest Goat Simulator MMO, you might have missed out on this particular tribute – an Easter Egg that pays homage to the famous Cow Level found in Diablo 2.

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11 RedboxWhen it comes to pricing, Redbox has always played the part of the aggressor. For instance, if you were to walk home with a DVD or Blu-ray from one of Redbox’s rental kiosks, it would definitely be a whole lot more affordable compared to watching the very same movie over on iTunes or Amazon. However, price hikes, which is as inevitable in this life as taxes and death, is set to fall upon Redbox, where their 24-hour rentals is touted to increase by a minimum of 25% from December 2nd onward.

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