The UK-based Raspberry Pi quickly became popular because of its very cheap programmable computer. Over the years the Raspberry Pi has grown even more powerful and yet remained incredibly affordable for people who like to make stuff. Now Raspberry Pi has yet another nifty little programmable computer for us and this one is the cheapest it has ever made, called the Raspberry Pi Zero, this little computer only costs $5.

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Copyright infringement actions are nothing new, pirates who illegally distribute software and content do get slapped with legal action from time to time with punishments ranging from jail time to fine or both. In this particular case the software pirate is unable to pay so he’s now required to appear in a PSA about his life as a pirate and if that video doesn’t get 200,000 views on YouTube he ends up with a big fine.

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There are some parts of the world that still don’t have 4G LTE networks while on the other hand there are some that are working hard to go beyond 4G and commercially introduce 5G networks within this decade. Japan’s NTT DoCoMo is one of those carriers, it has actually started conducting real-world tests of its 5G network technology in collaboration with Nokia Network.

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If you have ever been inside one of London’s iconic black cabs you might find yourself wondering why most of them don’t accept credit cards or contactless payment services, that’s because the required framework has not yet been put into place, but there has now been a development which makes it quite likely that taxis in London will start accepting contactless payments from next year.

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The Mate 8 is now officially Huawei’s top large-display phone, with a 6-inch FHD (Full HD, or 1080p) display and a Display to Body ratio of 83%, which is at the top of the scale.

The industrial design uses an evolution of the design language from the Mate 7 and Honor 7, which has proven to be successful. Huawei has not yet revealed all the information related to the size and weight of the product, but looking at the photos, the phone seems thin and premium-looking. Read full post →Huawei Mate 8 First Details, Release Date

Swatting is a “prank” that’s anything but funny. For those unfamiliar, basically it involves one person calling the police pretending to have hostages, killed someone, or is having their house robbed. They provide the address of their victim, and minutes later, an entire SWAT team (hence the term swatting) will arrive guns cocked and ready, only to stumble across an innocent victim.

This isn’t funny because you have a group of armed officers ready to open fire, so imagine making the wrong move only to be shot. We have seen this happen many times in the past which like we said, isn’t funny. While it is considered illegal to make false police calls, states have had to deal with it individually, but now Rep. Katherine Clark is trying to make swatting an illegal issue federally across all 50 states in the US. Read full post →Swatting Could Soon Be Made Illegal In All 50 States

star_wars_android_wearIf you’re a huge Star Wars fan, there is a very good chance that you might have already downloaded the official Star Wars app on your Android phone (which basically acts as a hub to deliver notifications on announcements, themes, emojis, GIFs, and more). If you have, we have great news for you because it seems that the folks at Disney have not slowed down the promotional train and have recently issued an update. Read full post →Official Star Wars App Now Has An Android Wear Watch Face

renewable_energyCompanies like Apple have been making steps towards ensuring that their operations are powered by renewable energy, but Apple is just one company. There are millions of companies and billions of people, which means that everyone needs to do their part if we are hoping for a future that does not look like it came out of a Mad Max movie.

The good news is that if you wanted a future in which the world is fully powered by renewable energy, it seems that come 2050 that future may very well come true. This is according to studies conducted by MIT, the Atmosphere/Energy Program at Stanford University, and the University of California. Read full post →Study Suggests World Could Be 100% Powered By Renewables By 2050

amazon-signAn Amazon Prime subscription will cost you nearly $100 a year, but if you think about it it’s actually a pretty good deal. Not only will you gain access to better shipping options, but you will also gain access to other features offered by the website, like music and video streaming via Prime Instant Video.

However according to a report from Bloomberg, they have heard from sources that Amazon’s Prime subscription program could soon get a lot more attractive. Like we said, a subscription will allow you access to Prime Instant Video, but the report claims that not only will users get access to those videos, but they could also gain access to video services that aren’t from Amazon. Read full post →Amazon Prime Will Reportedly Let Users Access Other Video Services

gplay giftsThe concept of gift cards has been around for the longest time ever, and we have also seen the concept applied to app stores like the iTunes App Store and Google Play. However it seems that according to a report from Android Police, there is now a new way of sending Google Play Gifts in the US.

They discovered this in one of Google’s support pages. According to the support page, there is an option called Google Play credit gifts. Basically this allows users to send credits as a gift to other people via email. Like we said, gift cards have been around for a while now but prior to this, users weren’t able to send gifts via email, so this option is a new one and more convenient too. Read full post →You Can Now Send Google Play Gifts Via Email