Apple’s iPhone battery life has always been a contentious issues amongst iPhone owners as they aren’t as big or as long-lasting compared to other phones. That being said if you’re the owner of an iPhone 5, you might be interested to learn that Apple has discovered an issue with some iPhone 5 units where the battery has been affected.

According to Apple, they have discovered a very small percentage of iPhone 5 units that have been affected by this issue which has led to shorter than expected battery life. According to them, this batch of iPhone 5 units that are affected were sold between September 2012 through January 2013, so if you bought your iPhone 5 then, your device could be one of the affected unit. Read full post →Apple Offering Battery Replacements For Some iPhone 5 Owners

music piracyPiracy has long gone beyond just the seven seas, and the digital world does have its fair share of Blackbeards. In fact, records have been set and broken where online piracy is concerned, and in the latest bit of news concerning piracy, a British man was sentenced to jail for close to three years after he recorded a movie in a cinema (which is illegal, of course), followed by distributing this online.

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smartskinThe modern day aircraft is an incredibly complex piece of engineering, where it is capable of withstanding a whole lot of external stresses, and yet will need to perform at a very high level for a stretch of time without any compromises. This would translate to the engineering department perform plenty of ground checks to make sure that they’re safe to fly, although researchers over at BAE Systems claim to have developed a new generation of ‘smart skin’ for aircraft that will help minimize down time.

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iphone6renderWhen it comes to a smartphone like the iPhone 6 (or whatever it is going to be called when it is finally announced next month according to various sources), you know for sure that the hype is unbelievable prior to an official announcement. We have seen our fair amounts of leaks of the iPhone 6, but this has not stemmed the tide, and one of the most recent ones could also end up to be one of the more interesting ones. This particular leak points to allegedly authentic data sheets that sport the Foxconn logo, showing off the design and dimensions of the 4.7” and 5.5” iPhone models.

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aem xMickey Mouse in space? Perhaps, as Disney already owns the Star Wars franchise, but this is not science fiction that we are talking about here, as NASA intends to send rodents in to space next. I would suppose that these will be the next generation of literal lab rats, where NASA intends to send them rocketing up to the International Space Station in the name of science. Of course, this would not mark the first time that rodents have escaped away from the earth’s atmosphere as they have ridden in a space shuttle before, but the upcoming space mission could actually last from a month all the way to three.

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If you are having thoughts of using a hashtag in your upcoming tweet, which is something that many of us do in this day and age without cracking our heads too much, you might want to take note that Twitter could take advantage of this “reflex action” by attaching an image, or even a video, to your message. In a promotion that saw ABC’s new TV comedy “Selfie” showed just how that Twitter was able to prompt users to attach media to a tweet, depending on the kind of hashtags that accompanied those tweets.

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algorithm iphoneApple might not have that many devices as those running on the Android platform, but this does not mean that such a hugely successful smartphone line is not susceptible to security compromises. Apparently, if you happen to own an iPhone, you might want to sit up and read this carefully. A Copenhagen-based developer claims to have chanced upon a rather simple method of automatically make your handset actually dial numbers that are embedded in a web page.

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samsung gs5 alsThe Samsung Galaxy S5 might be a nice looking flagship device, but do bear in mind that it is not a shrinking violet where smartphones are concerned. In fact, it managed to go through a torture test and passed with flying colors. With all the various ice bucket challenges that is going around the world, even the Samsung Galaxy S5 could not resist having a go at it. Of course, this is not some sort of fan made video, but rather, a clever marketing stunt by the South Korean conglomerate that is in tune with what’s going on in the world.

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swing coptersThey say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and it is certainly interesting to note that Dong Nguyen’s Swing Copters has already seen a fair number of clones hit the Play Store not too long after it was released. Being more of a vertical version of Flappy Bird, Swing Copters’ clones has pushed the real game down the pecking order so much so that the chances of actually downloading a Swing Copters clone to the unsuspecting user is a whole lot higher than actually getting it right the first time around. Google has stepped in to make sure that this particular setting will not continue, and has decided to bring out the broom.

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monkey selfieThe selfie has certainly attracted a fair amount of attention in the past, and even in recent times, there was this particular monkey that snapped a selfie, leading to a particular debate as to who owned the rights to the image? After all, the selfie was snapped by photographer David Slater’s camera by the monkey itself, leading Slater to lay claim to the rights of the image, and he ought to be paid for the image’s use although Wikimedia, the party that claims that since the monkey was the one who took the selfie, Slater had no part to play in owning the copyright. Playing the role of Solomon, the US Copyright Office has declared that any image snapped by an animal is unable to be registered and copyrighted.

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