firefox instagramFirefox for Android Beta has been around for quite some time already, and this time round, Firefox for Android Beta will see the introduction of a powerful set of customization features that will certainly be a boon to users and developers alike. In a nutshell, the new features would remain unique to Firefox for Android Beta, and users would be able to take advantage of additional personalization options as well as gain an even greater amount of control over their Web experience.

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More than meets the eye – that should be the exact phrase that is connected to the Wico6, a smartphone that comes right from clone hell itself. After, what looks somewhat like an iPhone ought to operate in a manner that would feature even a fake iOS version, right? Apparently not, as the Wico6 is proud to be a true blue Android-powered device.

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amazon fire phoneThe Amazon Fire phone was officially announced last month, and this time around, AT&T has made it known that the mobile carrier would be offering the first smartphone from Amazon to the masses. In fact, the Amazon Fire happens to be the only smartphone that will sport new breakthrough technologies that include Dynamic Perspective, Firefly (which allows the user to gani access to Amazon’s huge digital ecosystem of over 33 million songs, apps, games, movies, TV shows, books, audiobooks and magazines) alongside other features like Mayday, Second Screen and X Ray.

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japan selfie standHow far has the selfie phenomenon caught on? Pretty far, especially when you take into consideration how selfie became the word of the year in 2013, not to mention selfies being considered as a mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Association. Well, it seems that regardless of your ethnicity or cultural background, there is always the perfect moment to capture a selfie – and the Japanese know how to make the experience an easier one. In fact, folks over in Japan will be able to take advantage of special stands located in popular spots that allows you to leave your smartphone there so that you can capture a selfie, now how about that?

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The mobile phone has certainly come a long way since it was first introduced to the market a few decades ago. From the advent of text messaging, moving to the introduction of color displays as well as Bluetooth connectivity, it has been a constant evolution. Touchscreen displays begun to dominate with the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, and fast forward to today, just about all smartphones come with a decent camera built right into it. Well, the Samsung Galaxy S5 does have a pretty impressive camera sensor, and it has been used to record an entire short film known as ‘Sunrise to Sunset’.

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When it comes to charging your smartphone or tablet, most of the time we do not need to think twice when doing so – just plug the charger into any available wall outlet, and ensure that the other end is plugged into your device, and you’re good to go. How about taking a slightly greener route? In order to mark the bundle release of Lumia 930 alongside its free wireless charger in the UK, Microsoft has enlisted the talents of artist Caleb Charland to come up with what could very well be one of the largest organic chargers to date, where it comes in the form of an outdoor installation.

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motorola moto x plus 1 photo leakedThere has been much said about the rumored Motorola Moto X+1, where it has been touted to continue from the existing Motorola Moto X, not to mention rumored to having been spotted at Google I/O. In fact, if all of it turns out to be true, then the Moto X+1 is well on its way to be the new flagship for the company, at least for this year. What you see above happens to be leaked photos of an alleged pre-production model of the highly secretive Moto X+1.

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oyster londonDo you think that contactless payments would be the face of the future when it comes to performing transactions? After all, that is why credit cards exist in the first place, so that you carry around less cash, not to mention the Visa payWave feature letting you pay for your purchases without holding up the line. Well, Transport for London (TfL) has announced that this September 16th, your bank card will be able to send you through the Tube, Overground and DLR stations smoothly and without any hassle.

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It was in the middle of last month that Rovio announced their mash up with the folks over at Hasbro, who are preparing a totally new Angry Birds title that is known as Angry Birds Transformers. No doubt there is still excitement reverberating from the latest Transformers flick, and so to have an Angry Birds tie in with the Transformers franchise is definitely something that is worth a shot. In fact, the first Angry Birds Transformers trailer has just hit the Internet, so check it out above to see what else you can infer from it.

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galaxy tab s 8.4 02 640x426With the launch of the Tablet S 8.4 and 10.5 models, Samsung is fighting for the high-end tablet market. With an ultra-slim and ultra-light design, along with a formidable high-DPI Super-AMOLED display, it looks like a very strong contender for user willing to pay extra to get the best that Samsung’s industrial design can offer. How does it look like in the real world? We’ve used one for a few weeks, and here are the results. Read on… Read full post →Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Review