Windows_10While Windows 7 was very well-received by users around the world, Windows 8 was not so much. It had to do with the brand new user interface introduced by Microsoft that threw many off their game, which is why many are looking forward to Windows 10 which will not only offer up new features but hopefully addresses the problems people had with Windows 8.

Unfortunately it seems that not everyone is too thrilled about the upcoming operating system. Intel is one of them. Speaking at the company’s annual shareholder meeting, Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich expressed his doubts about Microsoft’s upcoming operating system, claiming that in the long-run, he doubts that Windows 10 will have a positive impact on the industry. Read full post →Intel Not Overly Optimistic About Windows 10

security_questionsThe idea behind security questions is that it is assumed that these are answers that only you know. Some of it might be personal that no one else knows which is why it makes sense that many online services tend to offer up the feature as a means of logging into an account in the event you forget your password.

However according to a recent study conducted by Google, it turns out that as well-meaning these questions and security methods are, security questions are actually not as secure as many would think they are. According to Google the simple reason behind this is because either the answers to these security questions are too secure or too easy to remember. Read full post →Google: Security Questions Aren’t That Secure

Ecocapsule-by-Nice-Architects-9When we think about living off the grid or go camping, usually these are less than luxurious accommodations as water and electricity supply is hard to come by in areas that aren’t as developed. However Bratislava-based Nice Architects have come up with a concept called the Ecocapsule that will make living off the grid a somewhat comfortable and stylish experience.

The idea behind the Ecocapsule is that it is self-sustaining. This is thanks to the fact that the pod powers itself by solar and wind energy, meaning that you could live pretty much anywhere in the world and still have access to energy sources courtesy of mother nature. The architects have imagined it will feature a 750W wind turbine and a 2.6 square-meter array of solar cells. Read full post →Ecocapsule Lets You Live Off The Grid In Style

When developers release new games, they sometimes tend to neglect their older titles and accessories. A good example would be the upcoming Guitar Hero Live title from Activision in which older Guitar Hero controllers would not be compatible with the game, so gamers who spent money on these controllers would be pretty much out of luck.

Fortunately that will not happen to Street Fighter IV gamers. As you might have heard, the game is going to be launched on the PlayStation 4 come 26th of May and we’re sure many gamers were worried that their PS3 fight sticks would not be compatible with it. Given that these controllers do not come cheap, it was an understandable concern. Read full post →Street Fighter IV PS4 Edition Will Support PS3 Fight Sticks

flying mountWhen Blizzard introduced flying mounts to The Burning Crusade expansion for World of Warcraft, it made everyone’s lives a lot easier and faster. Flying was introduced in every expansion and it eventually made its way over to the older zones as well. This allowed gamers to pretty much breeze through content.

However with Warlords of Draenor, Blizzard decided to not allow flying mounts at least at the start, and the bad news is that it looks like they will be sticking to their decision here on out. The developer has recently confirmed that from here on out Warlords of Draenor will not allow flying mounts in its zones. Read full post →Blizzard Confirms Warlords Of Draenor Will Not Have Flying Mounts

electric-shopping-trolleyPushing a supermarket trolley isn’t exactly hard work nor is it really considered a workout, but sometimes it can get pretty heavy if there are many items in it and this could be very inconvenient for those who might be too old or handicapped to push around. This is why Israeli engineer Avraham Hagay decided to come up with an electrical supermarket trolley.

Speaking to Gizmag, Hagay was inspired after seeing how there were some shoppers who had a hard time pushing the trolley around. “It all began when I saw old people having difficulty driving the heavy trolley in the super[market]. I noticed that it is hard also for young women.” This led to him doing some research and coming up with his prototype. Read full post →Electrical Supermarket Trolley Helps Lessen The Load

microsoft privacy patentDon’t you hate it that when you’re out in public using your phone or laptop that you have strangers looking over to see what you’re doing? There are some screen protectors out there that helps prevent people from looking over your shoulder but those screen protectors can’t be applied to everything.

This is why a Microsoft patent for a privacy display sounds particularly intriguing. According to a recent patent discovered by Patently Mobile, it seems that Microsoft is looking into creating a display for computers and mobile devices that will give its user the privacy they need. Basically this involves creating a backlight system that will only allow the user looking directly at the screen to view the information. Read full post →Microsoft Patent Will Stop People From Looking Over Your Shoulder

instagramIf you follow a lot of people on Instagram, sometimes your feed can feel like it is never-ending as you scroll through what seems like hundreds of photos. Sometimes this can be a bit tedious which in turn might put you off from using the service. However it looks like Instagram does not want to lose its users and according to a recent post by TechCrunch, the social network is hoping to condense the information for you.

How this is done is by sending out emails to its users in the form of “Highlights”, kind of like how Twitter reminds you of tweets you might have missed. In the case of Instagram, the Highlights email will basically show you the best posts from some of the people you follow, which they’re hoping would reignite your interest in the social network again. Read full post →Instagram Begins Sending Out “Highlights” Emails

CortanaMicrosoft’s Cortana AI is a force to be reckoned with. Previously the virtual assistant managed to predict 15 out of 16 of the World Cup 2014 matches, and it also managed to correctly pick the Super Bowl winner, so does it really come as a surprise that when used to predict the Eurovision singing contest winner that Cortana managed to guess it right, again?

Some users decided to try and use Cortana to predict who would win the Eurovision singing contest. According to Cortana’s predictions, it chose Sweden as the country to win, followed by Russia, Italy, and Australia as the runner ups. As it turns out Cortana was almost on point as not only did it predict the winner, but the second and third place spots as well. Read full post →Cortana Correctly Predicts Eurovision Contest Winners

As our gadgets become smarter and as our regular home appliances and features become more connected, there might be a growing need to have a smart controller that controls all of it from one place. At the moment things like smart locks, smart bulbs, and etc. can be controlled via your phone, but if you’d rather not have to keep fishing for your mobile device, then the Nuimo smart controller might be for you.

The design of the Nuimo is pretty simple. It’s basically round and shaped like a hockey puck and the device itself has four main commands – click the disc, turn its dial, swipe on its surface, and even perform gestures above its surface. From there users can pair the Nuimo with a bunch apps and control it from here. Read full post →Nuimo Smart Controller Wants To Control Your Life