Despite having been delayed multiple times the much awaited racing title Project Cars has already been released, though it’s arrival on the Nintendo Wii U has been sidelined repeatedly. There’s word from Slightly Mad Studios that it’s finding it hard to run the title up to the mark on this console, it’s struggling at 720p 23 frames-per-second. The studios’ Ian Bell has even said that they might wait for the Nintendo NX console to arrive before launching this title.

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Selfies have become quite popular and now it’s no longer surprising to see someone out in the world taking a picture of their face with something interesting in the background, or just taking pictures of their face because they want to. It may not make sense to some people but apparently almost everybody is doing it these days. Even iconic WWE wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who now holds the world record for most selfies taken in under three minutes.

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Major tech companies spend insane amounts of money to build their offices around a certain theme and design language, it’s yet another avenue for them to show off their creative sides. Silicon Valley is peppered with such buildings as it’s home to some of the world’s biggest technology companies. On the other hand a Chinese game development outfit is happy to take inspiration from Star Trek’s USS Enterprise for its new offices, the facility has been developed at a cost of $97 million and it does resemble the Enterprise.

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Even though Samsung hasn’t released that many mobile devices that run on its Tizen platform that company has made it clear recently that Tizen is here to stay. We can expect the company to release smartphones and tablets that run on this nascent operating system in the future. If a leaked picture out of Korea is to be believed the company will soon release an LTE-capable version of the Samsung Z1.

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Intel has added several new models to its NUC lineup which basically consists of cheap and low-power desktop computers that are packaged in nifty little boxes. The new models added in the NUC lineup include 6 watt processors based on Intel’s Braswell architecture. Since there are no fancy specifications and this is really a barebones solution, prices are very reasonable, starting at $140.

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It’s no secret that Charter has wanted to acquire Time Warner Cable for quite some time now. It went in with an offer for the company back in 2014 but it was rejected and Comcast come in with a much better competing offer. However Comcast’s plans to acquire Time Warner Cable didn’t go through because regulators were not in favor of it. This has given Charter another chance and if reports are to be believed, it’s making full use of it.

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Over the last couple of years we have heard time and again that BlackBerry might be acquired by some big company. At one time it was believed that Lenovo was seriously considering picking up the ailing Canadian manufacturer but that didn’t happen and instead the company received over a billion dollars from its biggest shareholder, along with a new CEO and top management. Once again there’s speculation that BlackBerry is being eyed for an acquisition and this time Microsoft’s name is coming up.

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Apple released the current iPhone models late last year and while there’s still a long way to go before new models are due, speculation is already heating up about the 2015 iPhones. As always the company is remaining tightlipped on the matter and we can’t expect it to confirm any details about its new smartphones. Word on the street is that the iPhone 6s is going to use a 12 megapixel RGBW rear camera sensor provided by Sony.

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Most major Android OEMs unveiled their flagship smartphones at Mobile World Congress 2015 and subsequently released them in markets all across the globe. LG decided to skip the festivities in Barcelona and conduct its own event for the LG G4 a few weeks back, and now it’s new flagship is slowly being offered up for pre-order. U.S. cellular has confirmed today that its customers will be able to pre-order the G4 starting May 29th.

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Windows_10While Windows 7 was very well-received by users around the world, Windows 8 was not so much. It had to do with the brand new user interface introduced by Microsoft that threw many off their game, which is why many are looking forward to Windows 10 which will not only offer up new features but hopefully addresses the problems people had with Windows 8.

Unfortunately it seems that not everyone is too thrilled about the upcoming operating system. Intel is one of them. Speaking at the company’s annual shareholder meeting, Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich expressed his doubts about Microsoft’s upcoming operating system, claiming that in the long-run, he doubts that Windows 10 will have a positive impact on the industry. Read full post →Intel Not Overly Optimistic About Windows 10