dji-zenmuse-z30Apart from being used by hobbyists and filmmakers, drones are also ideal for industrial purposes where they can be used to survey areas, inspect certain machinery that would be hard for humans to reach, and so on. Just recently Verizon themselves announced how they would be deploying drones to help with site inspections following Hurricane Matthew. Read full post →DJI Unveils Zenmuse Z30 30x Zoom Lens Camera For Its Drones

switch-patentRight now not much is known about the Nintendo Switch save for what it looks like. It has been speculated that console could have touchscreen functionality and a remote that will function similarly to the Wii Remote. We also know that Nintendo wants to make it a single-screen experience, but beyond that it’s really anyone’s guess. Read full post →Nintendo Patents Hint At More Potential Unannounced Switch Features

titanfall-2-battlefield-1Sometimes there are perks if you buy games from the same developer/publisher, something that the folks at EA have recently demonstrated by announcing what seems to be an exclusive skin in Titanfall 2 that will be available to gamers who also own a copy of Battlefield 1. Both games are published by EA. Read full post →Battlefield 1 Players Get Exclusive WWI-Inspired Skin In Titanfall 2

lg-v20-hi-fi-devices-side-by-side-bLaunched in fanfare in early September 2016, the LG V20 (read our complete LG V20 Review) has the most powerful audio hardware in the smartphone space today. Smartphones are starting to push further into high-end audio features and this is not something that most people are familiar with. There were previous “premium audio” handsets such as the HTC 10 or ZTE Axon 7 which featured improved digital to analog converters (DACs). Read full post →LG V20 Quad DAC: How Does It Work?

nintendo-switch-skyrimNintendo’s decision to only show off the Switch’s design and keep the rest of the information until 2017 seems to be backfiring. If they thought they were doing their fans any favors by showing off what the console looks like, they might be mistaken because this has simply left many gamers (and investors) more confused than ever. Read full post →Nintendo: Games Showed In Switch Trailer Do Not Represent Actual Footage

Halloween is coming up which means that not only can we expect restaurants and cafes to start getting into the swing of things, but we can also expect websites and also apps to start getting more Halloween-y. For Pokemon GO gamers, if you haven’t already noticed, the folks at Niantic have given the app a Halloween-themed update. Read full post →Pokemon GO Gets A Halloween-Themed Update

Politicians love to make claims during their speeches, whether it be to discredit their rivals/opponents, or to help further their agenda. Now sometimes these claims can be true, maybe a bit exaggerated but for the most part true. Sometimes they can be false and embarrassingly so. Read full post →The Amazon Echo Will Now Let You Fact Check Politicians


Today at its Global Summit in San Diego, Intel Capital announced $38 million of new investments in 12 startups that develop technology I four categories: autonomous machines, data and connectivity, sports and health and virtual reality.

According to the company, the 17th Intel Capital Global Summit gathers nearly 1,000 entrepreneurs, investors and technology business executives who will help create the future of technology. Among the distinguished speakers are Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff, PayPal Chairman John Donahue, and Intel CEO Brian Krzanich.

This morning, representatives from all 12 startups were sharing their insights on stage during four panels, see below a brief overview of their technology. I met a few of them, and I will publish a few articles with more details regarding their particular products and technologies.
Read full post →Intel Capital Announces $38 million Investments in 12 Startups

pokemon-go-app-annieNiantic’s Pokemon GO is definitely not experiencing the same level of hype or enthusiasm today that we saw when it first launched. However it seems that the app is still holding on strongly because according to the numbers from analytics firm App Annie, it has been revealed that in the past 3 months, the app has pulled in a whopping $600 million in revenue. Read full post →Pokemon GO Reportedly Pulled In $600 Million In Revenue In 90 Days

google-pixel-phone-launch_03When the Pixel phones were officially announced by Google, or actually even before they were officially announced, it was revealed that they would not feature the same level of water-resistance that we have seen from various Samsung phones or the iPhone. Instead the handset was revealed to only have an IP53 rating. Read full post →Google Ran Out Of Time To Make The Pixel Phones Waterproof