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Last month Samsung unveiled another device alongside the Galaxy Note 4. It was the Galaxy Note Edge which was described by the company as a “limited edition concept device.” So one can understand that it wouldn’t be widely available like the Galaxy Note 4. However it looks like all four major U.S. carriers will offer this device at some point and particularly T-Mobile might release the Galaxy Note Edge on November 14th.
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Evolution Studios’ Driveclub was supposed to be launched alongside the PlayStation 4 last year as a launch title but its release was delayed by well over a year. A couple of weeks back Driveclub was finally released but it immediately hit some bumps. Server issues frustrated many players who were trying to enjoy the title’s online gaming features, which is something that the developer takes pride in. Because of those issues it has been decided that Driveclub PS Plus edition release will be postponed.
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cat s50While it is nice to see smartphone manufacturers take the initiative to come up with tough looking handsets, not to mention making them more durable in the presence of water, such as the Sony Xperia Z3, this does not mean that such handsets are so durable and tough, they will be able to survive any kind of drops and knocks. No sir, but there are some highly specialized phones out there like the CAT S50 that are tough as nails. First unveiled at this year’s IFA expo, the CAT S50 has now crossed the Atlantic, making this one of the most tough Android-powered smartphones to hit the US.

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The much awaited system software version 2.0 was released recently for the PlayStation 4 but it appears to be plagued with bugs. We reported yesterday how a large number of users have been facing problems ever since they updated the software on their console, with some even finding their console permanently in “rest mode.” Sony has acknowledged the issues and is currently investigating the matter.

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moto 360 gold
It has been a while since Motorola’s Moto 360 smartwatch has been up for purchase though availability has proven to be tricky. The Moto 360 is regarded as one of the most beautiful smartwatches one can buy today given that its round design has received praised from most of the public. Those holding out for a gold color option would have been ecstatic to learn that it did become available on Amazon, but was pulled shortly after.
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angry birds transformers
There’s a new Angry Birds title out for Android today but its a bit different from what you may have come to expect from this Rovio franchise. Starting today Angry Birds Transformers is available for Android and it can be downloaded right away from the Google Play Store.
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Over the past few weeks you might have heard many rumors and seen many reports about the Droid Turbo, a new smartphone that Verizon was expected to add to its Droid lineup. That’s exactly what it did a few days back. The Droid Turbo is now official and starting today you can pick one up exclusively from Verizon. Its manufactured by Motorola but the device remains exclusive to Big Red.
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If you’re a fan of Samsung’s wearable devices then you’re going to love the announcement that has been made today. The company’s 3G-capable smartwatch, Gear S, will soon be arriving in the country. Today the U.S. release date for Samsung Gear S has finally been confirmed. This smartwatch will be available for purchase through all four major U.S. carriers namely Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

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The goal of Nexus devices has been to provide the best possible Android experience at a very competitive price, but the Nexus 6 contradicted that very goal, which led to many people asking questions about the direction Google is taking with its Nexus lineup. In an interview the vice president of engineering for Android at Google, Hiroshi Lockheimer, has explained Google’s strategy for the Nexus 6.

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Ads are nothing new to Instagram users but starting today the popular photo sharing service’s users will start to see video ads. These 15-second video spots will appear in the feed in exactly the same way as sponsored images have been appearing for nearly a year now. Instagram has been testing out its video ads over the past few months and now its finally pushing it out.

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