smartypanSo, you fancy being pretty useful and handy around in the kitchen, don’t you? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would know that having the right tools is just part of the program – there is also another thing which you will have to have, and that will only come with experience and skill. Still, why not have a particular utensil that can help you out in terms of your culinary adventures? The Smartypan happens to be a pan that has Bluetooth connectivity while working alongside a smartphone app.

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Hydroelectric Tidal HouseWhat you see above might be something that would belong more in the world and realm of science fiction than it would in the real world, but it looks like the latter is more likely. I am referring to the Hydroelectric Tidal House which is no ordinary home as you can tell by its looks alone. Far from it – this particular bad boy is cast in concrete, where the outer semi-circular shell will help the house to remain attached the shoreline with sand foundations.

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gmv 2014 medium box 300x250

gsmega 2Earlier this year, we saw a particular smartphone model make its way over to the FCC, which was speculated by some to it being the Samsung Galaxy Mega 2. Well, you can place all of those speculations on the backburner at the moment, as it looks as though the Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 has been spotted over on Samsung’s official website for the Thailand region, where Samsung has also listed down a slew of details in addition to some product images in order to let us have a better idea on how the smartphone would look like.

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oppo r31Oppo is a name that some of us might be familiar with when it comes to extremely slim smartphones that run on the Android mobile operating system, and it seems that they have a brand new handset that is tipped to make an appearance soon. After all, the Oppo R5 has been listed to have appeared over on the Indonesian Postel website, which normally points to a very real possibility of an upcoming release.

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snapdragonWhen it comes to the brand new Snapdragon 810 processor or chipset, it seems that there will be several candidates “fighting” it out among one another to carry the mantle of being the first handset that will sport such a processor. Chinese tech analyst Pan Jiutang claims that the Snapdragon 810 chipset might debut in either the Oppo Find 9, Xiaomi Mi5 or Vivo Xplay 5. Out of the three, it looks as though the Vivo Xplay 5 will have the highest chance to explode off the starting blocks before the rest of the market, especially when you take into consideration how the latter’s launch cycle works out compared to the rest of its peers.

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silenthillrecordIn June this year, we saw the world’s largest video game collection being put up for sale, before it was snapped up for a cool three quarters of a million dollars not too long after. Well, there are different categories of records to vie for in the world of video games, which is why a certain Whitney Chavis is proud to have been certified by the Guinness World Records. Chavis has been cited to be owner of the “Largest Silent Hill Collection,” where it is made up of a whopping 342 pieces of Silent Hill memorabilia.

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gta isisIt has been reported that Islamic State jihadists have rolled out a brand new trailer earlier this week that showed off a GTA mock up, and this particular video has the intention of actually recruiting as well as to train children for militant group’s battle, at least according to the Islamic State’s media wing alongside other news publications. IS happens to be an offshoot of Al-Qaeda that has grown powerful in recent times, being deemed by many to be the richest terror organization in the world.

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destiny timeDestiny, the biggest PS4 software launch to date, as well as being the top selling new video game franchise launch, might have racked up some pretty interesting figures in the financials department, has been on the receiving end of a rather disappointing critical reception, although it does hold its own in terms of popularity. Apparently, Bungie claims that players are clocking up average play sessions of three hours each day, and when it comes to the weekends, the average figure would go up by another hour.

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tranquil monooneIn this day and age, it is more often than not that homes would settle for all-in-one desktop computers. Not only do these computers look a whole lot better aesthetically speaking, they also make life easier since you more or less get everything required to get started right out of the box without having to make hardware decisions of your own. Well, UK-based Tranquil PC is one that churns out fanless computers and PC cases that intend to run as silent as possible, and majority of their machines happen to be media center systems. This fall, Tranquil PC has plans to introduce an all-in-one desktop that will be called the MonoOne.

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mavenNASA has had its fair share of robots, or rovers, sent over to the Red Planet in the past, and it does not look as though the facility is about to slow down in its efforts anytime soon. In fact, NASA’s Maven spacecraft has reportedly arrived at Mars on late Sunday after completing its 442 million mile journey which kicked off close to one year ago.

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