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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos denied it for years, but last month the company finally announced its Fire Phone to the world. As of July 24, U.S. folks can buy one starting from $199 with a two-year contract and $649 unlocked so long as they’re okay with AT&T as their wireless carrier.

Amazon selling its own smartphone isn’t a surprise. After all, the company already sells its own e-readers, tablets and set-top box. What was surprising at the unveil event was just how hard Amazon went to design a smartphone with features other smartphones don’t have.

Features like the four extra cameras on the front that let you tilt the device to see the OS and apps in a 3D “Dynamic Perspective.” And Firefly which lets you ID website URLs, emails, phone numbers and over 100 million items including movies, books and songs, and then take action. These two features are the Fire Phone’s marquee features.

I’m no stranger to smartphone gimmicks (hello Samsung Galaxy S4!). But if gimmicky features work well, then I’m down for change. The big question is if the Fire Phone’s quirky features are game changers or not. Let’s find out. Read full post →Amazon Fire Phone Review

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Apple single-handedly created what we know to be the tablet category. Before the iPhone was even a darling of the world, Steve Jobs had a vision to create a tablet computer. Of course, as we all know now, Jobs decided to put what would eventually become the iPad on hold to launch the iPhone first.

In 2010, riding on the success of the iPhone, Apple launched the iPad. It received mixed reviews. Critics laughed off the iPad as a really large iPad/iPod touch.

But Apple proved them wrong. Bolstered by thousands of tablet-optimized apps (and iPhone apps that scaled up), the iPad has gone on to become the poster child for the “post-PC” era, a move away from the traditional desktop and laptop PC towards an instant-on, mobile one.

Introduced last fall, the iPad Air is the latest version of Apple’s flagship tablet. With so much competition from Android and Windows, is the iPad Air still the king of all tablets? Read on for my full review. Read full post →iPad Air (2013) Review

reebok bulletprooNone of us are that fictional superhero Superman who is of alien origin, and yet boast a physical appearance that is robust – so much so that he is capable of shrugging off bullets as though they were nothing but irritating insects. Well, from next year onward, Reebok intends to deliver a wide range of fitness apparel that are made using Kevlar, touted to be one of the world’s strongest fibers.

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london safety shieldLondon, a potpourri of people from all over the world, and one of the major financial markets out there, also has a pretty iconic public transportation system, what with their red buses and black taxis. Well, it seems that at least four of these buses will be able to keep up with technology as they are equipped with radar and cameras to help make London an accident-free city as far as possible.

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lenovo yoga 3 proWhen it comes to the world of tablets, you know for sure that competition in this particular arena can be deadly tough. It is a dog-eat-dog world after all, with iOS and Android owning the bulk of the market while Windows intends to make a dent in both armors. Lenovo, a name that does have its fair share of hybrid notebook-tablet devices in the past, has recently seen an unannounced Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro appear over at Indonesia’s version of the FCC.

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samsunglogoSamsung did not do too well in its earnings report for the previous quarter, and in order to return to a position of strength, they would definitely need something that is capable of wowing the crowds – and what better way to revitalize the market than with a release of newer and better handsets? Apparently, Samsung’s senior vice president of mobile communications business Hyun-Joon Kim, dropped hints concerning the upcoming devices, citing that one will find innovation and a large display, while the other will be “a very attractive new model that uses new materials and new displays”.

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htc one wp euWhen it comes to an unreleased smartphone or device, you can be sure that based on the popularity of it, there will be a corresponding number of rumors and whispers that surround said device. As for the much talked about HTC One M8 for Windows, it does look as though this particular model is all set for an European debut when the time comes, too.

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sony pxw x70When it comes to recording your memories for tomorrow or the years to come, gone are the days of the videotape – it has been digital all the way for quite some time already. Having said that, Sony has its latest professional camcorder known as the Sony PXW-X70 XDCAM, where this compact device will bring with it all the positive points of the 1″-type Sensor as well as XAVC technologies, all packed within the confines of a handheld model.

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ms protest layoffA couple of weeks ago, it was announced by Microsoft that they will be shedding their worldwide workforce by a whopping 18,000 jobs – which proved to be one of the biggest layoffs ever in the software giant’s years of existence. Out of the 18,000 layoffs, apparently over 66% of those (12,500 jobs in total) will affect the staff who are employed at Microsoft’s Nokia division, a division which was picked up by Microsoft earlier this year for $7.17 billion.

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google bargeRemember the Google Barge project? Having arrived at Stockton in March earlier this year, it looks as though the whole idea surrounding Google Barge has sunk before it was even able to go ahead with full steam. The floating showroom of Google has just received a cease and desist instruction from headquarters, and there has been no development concerning Google Barge ever since it was relocated from the San Francisco Bay to Stockton.

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