vibep1It looks like the folks over at Lenovo have something really interesting up their sleeves this coming IFA that is all set to kick off next month – it seems as though Lenovo will be rolling out a smartphone that has a massive battery. All the better for it to last you through the whole day, don’t you think so? The device in question would be the Lenovo Vibe P1, where it is said to carry a battery that has the capacity of 5,000mAh.

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Apple has quietly made a rather significant change, this time around it’s going to live stream its September event to Windows users as well. The company is going to provide iPhone 6s event live stream to Windows 10 users provided that they use the new Edge browser. Previously Windows users either had to rely on VLC or another media app to live stream an Apple event where the company usually unveils new devices like iPhones and iPads. It’s going to be different this time around.

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Sprint has been hard at work trying to steal subscribers from rival carriers and its recent move has AT&T squarely in the sights. You might have heard recently that DirecTV merged with AT&T and apparently this is something that Sprint feels it should “celebrate,” in the spirit of celebration it has decided to troll AT&T by offering free service for one full year to all DirecTV customers who switch to its network.

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Instagram has become synonymous with square pictures, ever since it first arrived on the scene and even after its acquisition by Facebook, Instagram has remained loyal to square photos so much so that it didn’t even allow portraits or landscape formats. That changes today. Instagram has confirmed that in addition to square photos users can now share photos in both landscape and portrait orientation, there’s more, this change also applies to videos shared on Instagram.

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If you have moved from your old browser to Microsoft’s new Edge browser, then you might like to move your old bookmarks to Edge. Microsoft Edge makes it quite easy to import bookmarks from other browsers, however, it still lacks some features as it is not finalized yet.

You can only import bookmarks from Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox and it doesn’t support HTML file format (yet) to import bookmarks manually. It means that you cannot import bookmarks from browsers other than Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox, and as the HTML file is not accepted, you can’t easily edit your own import file either.

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If you own a Windows-powered computer, particularly one that is touch-enabled, and take screenshots often then you’re going to love Microsoft’s new tool. It’s called Snip and it has been released today in beta, Snip lets you easily take screenshots and then annotate on them and even record audio over the top. So if you want to easily create a screen tutorial on your computer all you need now is the Microsoft Snip app, it’s that easy.

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It appears that T-Mobile and BlackBerry really have repaired their relationship. Last year the carrier launched a promotion inviting BB owners on its network to switch to the iPhone, this obviously didn’t sit too well with the company and it decided to end business dealings with Magenta. The relationship was mended when BB’s recent device was launched on T-Mobile and now the carrier is running a new promotion that wants BB owners to come back.

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At the end of last month, we learnt that the worldwide launch of Street Fighter 5 will happen on the same day, which is always a nice thing to have since everyone can jump aboard the game and share their thoughts about it on online forums right after having a few rounds with it. Before you get all too excited, here is one more thing about the game – it looks like the fighter roster has just been expanded with another femme fatale – Rainbow Mika.

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Now that Windows 10 has been released for computers we’re waiting on Microsoft to roll out the latest iteration of its operating system to smartphones as well. The company has said in the past that it will release Windows 10 Mobile over the fall but no confirmed date has been provided yet.

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apple-2015-annoYou know that Apple has something big up their sleeves this coming September 9, but the thing is, we have no concrete idea on what the Cupertino firm is going to roll out, other than an inkling. Well, it is not too far away, and a fortnight from now, all buzzing questions will be answered, so it is far from surprising that the company had already sent out invites for a press event that will be held on that day in where else but San Francisco.

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