nubia-z9A couple of months ago, ZTE announced the Nubia Z9 Max and Mini. Both handsets featured pretty decent specs but an otherwise rather conventional design. Now if you are looking for a phone that looks good on the outside and the inside, you might want to start considering the ZTE Nubia Z9 Elite and Classic.

Unlike the ZTE Max and Mini, the Elite and Classic versions of the handset will sport a bezel-less display which you can see in the image above. What this does is it allows the phone to sport a larger display without having to feature a bigger body to accommodate it. It also allows for some interesting ways to interact with the handset, such as swiping the edges of the frame to launch apps, adjust settings, and so on. Read full post →ZTE Nubia Z9 Elite & Classic Have Been Officially Launched

galaxy-note-4-avengers-cases-620x312The Avengers is probably the hottest movie at the moment and rightfully so given how many fans there are of Marvel, not counting the new ones Marvel made from its previous comic book movie releases. This is why it does not come as a surprise to learn that Samsung is taking advantage of the show’s popularity to create Avengers-themed handsets. Read full post →Galaxy Note 4 Customers In The US Get Free Avengers Case

elon-musk-newSome of you guys might recall that it was a few months ago that there were wild rumors that Apple could be building a car of their own. It sounds a bit unbelievable but for a while, it was some of the hottest news in the tech scene. Now whether or not that is true remains to be seen, but in the meantime Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk appears to be more than happy to welcome Apple to the automotive industry.

Musk’s statement was in response to an analyst asking if the company was worried that Apple could somehow threaten Tesla’s business model, in which Musk replied by saying, “I actually hope Apple gets into the car business, that would be great.” So why is Musk so relaxed about this? As it turns out part of his confidence is the fact that Tesla appears to be hiring more Apple employees than Apple is Tesla employees. Read full post →Elon Musk Welcomes Apple’s Rumored Electric Car

google-color-enhancerFor those of us with regular eyesight, we suppose in some ways we’ve taken colors for granted, and when designing for the web, it’s not often that we think about users who might be color-blind which in turn could have allowed us to create more color-blind friendly websites and themes. However if you are color-blind or know someone who is, Google has recently announced a new Chrome extension aimed at color-blind users. Read full post →Google Releases Chrome Extension For The Color-Blind

z4_0Last month Sony unveiled the Sony Xperia Z4 handset which oddly enough was limited to the Japanese market. Now according to a report from Russian website MobilTelefon (via TheDroidGuy), word on the street has it that Sony could be getting ready to announce the smaller version of the handset in the form of the Sony Xperia Z4 Compact.

Does this come as a surprise? Given that Sony has over the years displayed a habit of launching smaller versions of their flagship handsets, this is not a surprising move for the company. According to MobilTelefon, the device was spotted as part of NTT DOCOMO’s summer lineup but how accurate their information is remains to be seen. Read full post →Sony Xperia Z4 Compact Rumored For Launch Next Week

watts apple watchThe Apple Watch comes with a ton of features which allows users to use it in all sorts of manner. For example some could use it as a music playback control, some might use it to read and reply messages, some might use it for fitness, but in the case of Molly Watt, she actually uses it to help enhance her lifestyle.

This is about taking advantage of the accessibility features on the Apple Watch. Watt, as described on her blog (via 9to5Mac), has Usher Syndrome Type 2a which basically means she suffers from hearing loss and visual impairment. While there are accessibility features on her iPhone, it’s the Apple Watch that really took things to the next level. Read full post →Inspiring Apple Watch Review Shows How Accessible The Device Is

iphone 6While smartphone OEMs are churning out phones with larger displays each year, it seems that the US market is one that has somewhat resisted the urge to get on board. However all of this seems to be changing, according to the recent numbers shared by Kantar Worldpanel in which it was revealed that phablet sales accounted for 21% of all US smartphone sales in Q1 2015.

Now 21%, depending on how you look at it, can be thought of as a small percentage of the market, but when you consider that last year that number was at 6%, this is a pretty huge increase and is a little over three times than the previous year! So who can the US smartphone market thank for this increase? As it turns out, Apple. Read full post →Phablet Sales In The US Sees Huge Increase From Previous Year

12809-7080-applestore-ioswatchcheckout-lIf you’re thinking of picking up an Apple Watch, at the moment your only option is to purchase it online, however according to Apple’s online store, it turns out that picking up your brand new wearable in Apple’s retail stores will soon be an option. As you can see in the image above, there is an option for picking up the device in store.

However at the moment it is unavailable to be selected as it says that the option will be made available soon. We can’t be sure of when exactly in-store pickup will be made available, but the fact that it is now listed does hint that it should be coming soon. In fact a report from last month suggested that online purchases are expected to carry on through May. Read full post →In-Store Apple Watch Pickup Coming Soon

lg-g4-industrial-design-33The LG G4 is the company’s latest flagship handset and while it does not use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, it still uses a Snapdragon chipset which means that it should support Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 technology. For those unfamiliar, basically Quick Charge 2.0 allows users to charge their phone in minutes.

However oddly enough it seems that the feature is not present in the device, meaning that if you were thinking of grabbing a Quick Charge 2.0 compatible charger, think again as it probably would not make a difference. We’re not sure why LG decided not to enable Quick Charge 2.0, perhaps there are additional fees they’d have to pay to use it. Read full post →Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 Not Enabled On LG G4

SMS (aka “text”) and Email are the most common means of communication. You can easily send a text or email to anyone if you know their required contact details and it doesn’t cost much either. However, there are times when you want to send a message across these two platforms. You can easily send a text to anyone’s email or email as SMS to any phone and there are many reasons for doing it:

  • Sending to an email address without data access
  • Sending SMS to a phone without paying an SMS fee
  • Sending an email to someone who only has SMS (no email)
  • Sending an SMS from the comfort of your computer

Whatever the reason, we are going to show you how you can send Emails to SMS and vice versa. The process is not difficult, but there are a few things to know. Read full post →How To Send Email To SMS (and Vice Versa)