ms miracast dongleTo say that Microsoft has been supporting Miracast for some time now is an understatement, as Miracast technology enables one to share content without the need for any wires between a pair of devices. In order to assist Microsoft’s quest for a streaming ecosystem, it looks as though there is work being done on a dongle which will allow one to share content in a jiffy via the Miracast route. It is not exactly the same as Google’s Chromecast, but there are many similarities between the two, at least according to what has been revealed to date.

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facebook logoFacebook has gotten tangled in court cases before, where back in 2012, the social network company was sued for $15 billion concerning alleged privacy infractions. Not too long ago this month, we heard about Facebook being hit with a class action lawsuit concerning alleged privacy violations. Well, it seems that the chickens are slowly coming home to roost as Facebook has to go up against a huge privacy class action lawsuit over in Vienna.

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MOTO X OLD NEW WHITE 640x311Earlier this evening, we were talking about how some press renders of the alleged Moto X+1 surfaced online, thanks to @evleaks as a “parting gift” of sorts to the world of smartphone rumors. Having said that, it was also discovered that the Moto X+1’s possible release date might have been revealed, and the upcoming smartphone looks set to sneak in to be part of Verizon’s smartphone range. Not only that, it is interesting to note that an app was spotted on the home screen of the
“”>Moto X+1, and that would be the Verizon Messages app.

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meizu antutuThe Meizu MX4 smartphone is certainly one particular device that many of us are looking forward to, especially with its impending September release date looming over the horizon. Having said that, leaked images of it do point to an extremely slim bezel, although some work on it will still need to be done before it is capable of arriving at the aesthetically pleasing level of the Sharp AQUOS Crystal smartphone. Still, the Meizu MX4 has proven itself to be no pushover, especially after it was caught delivering a score of 52,811 on the AnTuTu benchmark site (version 5).

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BB Blend 640x391In the past, BlackBerry relied a lot on exclusivity as a means of attracting customers to its products and services. For example BBM used to be exclusive to BlackBerry phones and we’re sure there are many users out there who have bought BlackBerry handsets just to use the feature, but the Canadian company has since opened up the messaging service to non-BlackBerry handsets.

Now as you might have heard, BlackBerry has a new feature called BlackBerry Blend which is said to be part of the OS 10.3 update. It had previously been thought to be an exclusive to BlackBerry handsets, but according to a recent post by N4BB, it seems that the BlackBerry Blend feature is expected to make its way onto iPads, Android, and Windows tablets as well, although oddly enough it seems that there are no plans to support the BlackBerry PlayBook at the moment. Read full post →BlackBerry Blend Rumored For iOS, Android, Windows Tablets

google search 640x526A little over a week ago, we reported that Google was planning on updating its voice search feature on Android to support multiple languages at once. Prior to this, users had to change languages if they wished to perform voice searches in different languages. Well the good news for those who speak multiple languages is that according to the official Inside Search blog, Google has begun rolling out the update.

If you have yet to update your Google Search app on your Android device, you should be able to find the latest version (version 3.6) from the Google Play Store. Once you’ve downloaded and updated it, head on over to the Settings menu, go to Search & Now -> Voice -> Languages, and select the languages that you want Google Search to understand. Read full post →Multi Language Support Update For Google Voice Search Rolls Out

Samsung Multi Charging Wall Charger 1So your wall outlet or charger has only one USB port, what does that mean? Does that mean you will have to decide between charging your phone, your tablet, your media player, your camera, and so on? Sometimes it can be a tough decision, but Samsung has decided to make your life easier by unveiling a 3-in-1 micro USB cable.

Now such cables aren’t exactly new, although usually they come in a variety of plugs to support different types of devices, but if you have no need for Lightning cables and other cables and just need micro USB, then perhaps Samsung’s cable could be the one for you. It’s pretty straightforward – you plug the USB into the charger or computer, and you will have 3 micro USB cables at your disposal. Read full post →Samsung Unveils 3-in-1 Micro USB Cable For $40

google play copycat 640x456As we’re sure most of you guys have heard, Dong Nguyen’s Swing Copters has made its way onto iOS and Android. For those unfamiliar with Nguyen, he was the developer behind the highly addictive and frustrating Flappy Bird game, and it seems that he has not lost his touch because Swing Copters appears to be equally frustrating and addictive, if not more. Read full post →Google Play Store Already Flooded With Swing Copters Clones

imessage spam inline3 640x383iOS users are probably pretty familiar with the iMessage function on their devices. Just like how BlackBerry’s BBM was, iMessage is currently an exclusive to iOS devices and can be used for sending and receiving messages, photos, and so on, which at the same time makes it ripe for sending or receiving spam as well.

According to security company Cloudmark (via Wired), they claim that iMessage is now a hotbed for spammers. They claim that almost a third of mobile spam messages are sent via iMessage, thanks in particular to the ease of sending said messages via Mac computers. According to Cloudmark’s Tom Landesman, “It’s almost like a spammer’s dream. With four lines of code, using Applescripts, you can tell your Mac to send message to whoever they want.” Read full post →iMessage Reportedly Being Used Heavily By Spammers

applepatentA few months ago, we reported that Google Now had been updated for Android where it could now remember where you parked your car. The feature is pretty basic as it more or less just saves the location of your parked car, but it looks like Apple could have something similar planned that appears to be slightly more hi-tech.

Apple has recently filed for a couple of patents titled “Automatic identification of vehicle location” and “Vehicle location in weak location signal scenarios” (via Cult of Mac), both of which seem to describe methods in which Siri, Apple’s voice assistant feature for iOS, could be used as a way to help drivers locate their cars in parking lots. Read full post →Apple Patent Describes Using Siri/CarPlay To Locate Your Parked Vehicle