google-nexus-5-red-010If the rumors are to be believed, this year we can look forward to seeing two Nexus handsets. One is expected to be from Huawei, and the other is expected to be from LG. So far we haven’t really heard much in terms of specs. We’ve heard a few rumblings here and there, with the LG Nexus being the most leaked as we even caught a glimpse at the alleged rear shell of the phone.

That being said, a report from GizmoChina has potentially revealed the specs for both phones. Starting with the LG-made Nexus, the handset is said to sport a 5.2-inch Full HD display. Under the hood it will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 620 processor with 4GB of RAM, 64GB of onboard storage, and a 3,180mAh battery. Read full post →Alleged LG & Huawei Nexus Specs Leaked

airbus patentGetting from New York to London takes roughly 7 hours. Back in the day when the mach 2 Concorde was still flying, such a trip would take a relatively speedy 3.5 hours, about half the time a regular plane takes. However if the folks at Airbus have their way, that time could further reduced to as much as an hour.

This is according to a recent trademark that Airbus had filed that describes a new type of plane, a hypersonic jet basically, that will allow passengers to fly from New York to London in just an hour. This is obviously a huge improvement over the mach 2 Concorde which was already widely considered to be pretty fast back when it used to operate. Read full post →Airbus Patents A Jet That Flies From New York To London In 1 Hour

sony-a7r-leakFull frame cameras used to be seen as cameras aimed at professionals, and while plenty of professionals use full frame cameras, the fact that there are more options on the market right now make it easier for amateurs and enthusiasts to get in on it. That being said, in order to better compete against Nikon and Canon, Sony is expected to focus their efforts on the full frame camera market.

This is apparently according to a report from Korea Times (via Sony Alpha Rumors) in which they interviewed Sony Korea’s manager Bae Ji-hoon, who was quoted as saying, “Sony will concentrate on full-frame cameras in the future. In the short run, we will target existing full-frame camera users and then attract those who use entry and mid-class models to upgrade their cameras in the long run, raising the popularity of full-frame cameras.” Read full post →Sony Expected To Focus On The Full Frame Camera Market

square readerOne of the advantages to the Square Reader is that it turns devices into mobile payment stations, where you can swipe a credit card on the device and have it charge you like you would have expected from a regular credit card machine. However it seems that despite its convenience, it has the potential to be a huge security flaw as well.

According to recent research conducted by three grad students from Boston University, they have found that the Square Reader can be turned into a credit card skimming device with a little bit of modification. Basically what they found out that is that the device can be physically tampered with and have its encryption disabled. Read full post →Hack Turns Square Reader Into A Credit Card Skimmer

Swatting is no joke. For those who are unfamiliar with the process, basically it involves someone calling the police and claiming that a crime such as murder or a hostage situation is taking place at another address. Given the crime, the police will typically respond in force, armed to the teeth in armor and guns.

So far no fatalities have occurred due to swatting, but the possibility is there which is why the law does not take too kindly to such acts. It also seems that maybe this isn’t an issue to joke around with as popular Twitch stream Trick2g recently found out. The streamer was celebrating the fact that he had gotten 800,000 subscribers and held a 24-hour live streaming session. Read full post →Popular Twitch Streamer Fakes His Own Swatting, Gets Banned

windows_10_steamA report from yesterday revealed that Windows 10 is on a steady rise and already commands about 2.47% of the operating system market. This is pretty impressive but what about games? How does Windows 10 fare when it comes to the gaming scene? As it turns out Windows 10 is also doing pretty well on that front.

According to the latest stats offered by Valve’s Steam, it seems that Windows 10 gamers account for 2.3% of the total number of gamers on the Steam platform. We know this seems like a pretty small percentage, especially when you consider the fact that Windows 7 is at a whopping 44.91%. Read full post →Windows 10 On Steam Has Already Surpassed Gamers On OS X & Linux

oneplus invite hackUnlike other smartphone OEMs, OnePlus relies on an invite system to sell their smartphones to customers. Basically it’s a way of managing expectations as well as inventory, where only users with an invite can order a handset, while those who don’t will just have to wait. Essentially it’s a fancier pre-order system.

Now the invite list for the OnePlus 2, last we checked, is over a million meaning that if you were slow to request an invite, chances are you are in for a wait. One user by the name of Jake Cooper decided that he did not want to wait and actually figured out a way to “hack” the system, thus allowing him to cut the queue in the process. Read full post →Man Figures Out How To “Hack” OnePlus Invite System To Jump The Line

fujifilm x-t1 ir 1Last year Fujifilm announced the X-T1 which at the moment is the company’s flagship mirrorless camera, and based on all the reviews of the camera so far, is probably one of the better and understated models available in the market today. That being said the company has recently announced an update to the device in the form of the X-T1 IR.

Just in case the title and the “IR” did not already give it away, basically this is the Fujifilm X-T1 with infrared capabilities. Now for the most part most photographers might not have any interest in infrared photography which is something Fujifilm understands. The company has cited professions such as crime scene investigation and healthcare as possible markets that might be interested in such a device. Read full post →Fujifilm X-T1 IR Camera Announced For Infrared Photography

pillsWe’ve seen 3D printing being used to print medical tools such as casts. Recently 3D printing also allowed the creation of 3D models that allowed surgeons to practice brain procedures for children before actually doing it. However in what appears to be the first, it looks like the FDA has recently approved the creation of 3D printed drugs as well.

The drug in question is Spritam which is made by a company called Aprecia and it was designed to help fight epilepsy. Through the use of 3D printing, it helps create a porous 3D formula that delivers the drug in very high doses, while at the same time making it easy to swallow. All the patient has to do is take a sip of water to help disperse the drug and get it into their system. Read full post →FDA Approves The First 3D Printed Drug

twitter news feedTwitter is a great way to find out information and get up to date on the news. However just like how Facebook displays info from your friends, colleagues, business partners, brands and companies you follow, celebrities, and etc., so does Twitter meaning that sometimes when you want the news, it often gets jumbled with a bunch of other information.

However according to a report from BuzzFeed, it looks like Twitter is trying to sort that out. The company has recently introduced an experimental News tab in its Twitter app for mobile devices. It should be noted that this is an experiment and not everyone might be privy to it, but basically as you can see in the screenshot above, it helps sort out your feed. Read full post →Twitter Experimenting With A “News” Tab On Their App