htc one w8 wifiWord on the street has it that the Windows Phone version of the HTC One M8 would be known as the HTC One M8 for Windows, alongside another rumor that points toward this rumored smartphone arriving on Verizon this 21st of August. Well, apparently this particular smartphone has already received its Wi-Fi certification all the way back earlier this 13th of June. Just in case you were wondering, the 13th of June happened to fall on a Friday, which just goes to show that there are times when there is no room for triskaidekaphobia to manifest itself.

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onenote inkIt seems that the OneNote app for Android from Microsoft recently picked up an update that sports a unified user interface, although the beta version did roll out not too long ago. In fact, here is an update to the beta version of this particular app, where it will be accompanied by a slew of features that are sure to be handy – including the support for handwritten notes.

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amazon hdx antutuHere we are with yet another rumor, which would concern the successor to the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 tablet. Apparently, this particular device has already been put through the paces in an AnTuTu benchmark, where it does come with two obvious differences – a processor as well as a different version of Android that runs it.

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BlackBerry LogoSeveral years ago, the idea of using an Android phone or an iPhone as a government or corporate device seemed a little ludicrous. This is thanks to the fact that back in the day, BlackBerry devices were at the forefront of mobile security, and thanks to features like BES, it made the lives of IT admins a little easier.

That being said, if there is at least one government that is steadfastly holding onto the BlackBerry platform, it would be the German government. In fact if anything, the country’s Federal Ministry of the Interior has expressed their desire for more government officials to use BlackBerry handsets. As it stands, the Ministry has about 3,000 BlackBerry devices in use that are also bundled with Secusmart which makes them harder to be eavesdropped on. Read full post →German Government Chooses BlackBerry For Its Security

john chen contextIt is safe to say that BlackBerry is definitely not in the best shape of its life at the moment. The company has seen better years in the past, although it seems that at least for now, the turmoil and uncertainty regarding the company’s future has been quelled somewhat ever since John Chen took the reins.

Now for those who are still wondering if BlackBerry would still be sold off to another company, you can rest assured knowing that for now, they are not. This is according to Chen who spoke with Bloomberg and was quoted as saying that there are no offers for the company at the moment. Read full post →John Chen: No Offers To Buy BlackBerry At The Moment

MacBook Pro with OS X Mavericks 640x393A couple of days ago, it was rumored that Apple could be getting ready to refresh their MacBook Pro lineups. The rumors also claimed that the refresh could be announced on the 29th of July and sure enough it looks like those rumors have panned out. Apple has since officially refreshed their 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina displays.

Starting with the 13-inch model, there will be three different models to choose from. All of them will come with 8GB of RAM, and the main differences would be its storage options and processor type. There will be an Intel Core i5 and i7 models to choose from, with the Core i5 base model priced at $1,299 for 128GB of storage, while the Core i7 model clocked at 2.8GHz with 512GB of storage will go for $1,799. Read full post →MacBook Pro With Retina Display Updated With New Specs

sx400 640x480One of the upsides of using zoom lenses is that it allows you to snap photos from a distance without having to get too close to your subject. This is great for street photography if you’re particularly shy about approaching your subject, and if you’re in the market for a new zoom camera, you might be interested to learn that Canon has officially unveiled two such cameras.

These cameras come in the form of the PowerShot SX400 IS and the PowerShot SX520 HS. The former will be priced cheaper than the latter and will sport a 24-720mm lens. The latter will feature a 24-1008mm lens, so if you’re looking for an even longer zoom, the PowerShot SX520 HS might be the camera for you. Read full post →Canon PowerShot SX400 IS, SX520 HS Cameras Announced

There are many of us out there who would love to get in shape, get ripped and toned muscles, but for some reason we always find ourselves giving the excuse that we don’t have the time. Well if you don’t have the time or the money to pay for a gym subscription, how about exercising in your own home then?

For those out there looking to get into shape, you might be interested to learn that Beach Body’s P90X has made its way onto the Microsoft Xbox One console. For those unfamiliar, the P90X is a workout program designed for those looking to get ripped muscles. It has also been designed for working out at home, or at least for those with some kind of equipment (such as weights). Read full post →P90X Fitness Program Announced For Xbox One

htc one review m8 labshot 12 640x359According to an earlier rumor, it has been suggested that the name of the Windows Phone version of the HTC One M8 has been revealed. Tentatively dubbed the HTC One M8 For Windows, the folks at Windows Phone Central claim to have learnt from their sources that the handset could actually be pegged for a launch on Verizon for the 21st of August via the Microsoft Store.

This seems to be in line with an earlier rumor which has hinted that the phone could be potentially released in the third quarter of 2014, and that its release would be no later than the end of September, so guess a launch in August does make sense. The handset has also been rumored to be priced the same as a normal flagship, meaning that it should retail for $199 on contract and around $610 off-contract. Read full post →HTC One M8 For Windows Arriving On Verizon 21 August [Rumor]

nokia lumia 720 hands on 640x424While the concept of taking photos of oneself is not new, we guess the term “selfie” has been coined and sort of made it “official”, so to speak. That being said, word has it that Microsoft could have a new handset in the works that could be aimed at the selfie-taking user. This is according to a recent report from NokiaPowerUser who has revealed the existence of the device.

Unfortunately it seems that the handset will not be a high-end one. Instead, customers can look forward to a mid-ranged handset, which we guess is fine if you’re shopping on a budget and if a good front-camera would be more important than other hardware features of a phone. The handset is said to sport a 5MP front-facing camera and is expected to see a release in the later part of the year. Read full post →Nokia Lumia 720 Successor With “Selfie” Camera In The Works [Rumor]