BlackBerrys CEO Really Likes The Idea TabletThe BlackBerry Playbook is BlackBerry’s first attempt at a tablet and while we have been hearing rumors that BlackBerry is planning on a Playbook successor, well safe to say we haven’t really seen or heard anything since.

This isn’t to say that BlackBerry is opposed to the idea of a Playbook successor, but when exactly might we expect such a device? Well if John Sims’ statement is anything to go by, it seems that BlackBerry is pretty excited about the idea of a tablet which will hopefully translate into a new device hit the market in the near future.
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3D Printed Cast With Ultrasonic Vibrations Helps Speed Up RecoverySo we’ve seen how 3D printers can be used to print medical-related gadgets, such as a portion of a skull, and while those are great and serve as viable alternatives compared to current implants and whatnot, wouldn’t it be better if those 3D printed medical gadgets/accessories could actively help your healing process as well?

Well perhaps now it can, thanks to a prototype cast which not only acts as a regular cast, but at the same time uses ultrasonic vibrations that will help speed up the bone healing time. This design was put together by Turkish student, Denis Karasahin, who managed to win the 2014 Golden A’Design Award for his idea.
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Microsoft Patents Kinect like Feature For Future Smartphones/TabletsA few years ago, we were still interacting with our smartphones by pressing on keys and buttons in order to perform certain tasks. Nowadays we have phones that are able to do our bidding without us actually needing to press any buttons, just the screen itself. In fact there are even features which we can use that won’t even require us to touch the screen, although there aren’t that many phones like that at the moment.

So what’s next in smartphones? Could Project Ara be the future of smartphones? The idea of being able to swap out parts if and when we need sounds pretty cool, but in a patent filed by Microsoft, it seems that perhaps one day we might not even need to touch our phones. The patent, discovered by Patent Bolt, describes a device that will feature two cameras – a visible light camera and a depth camera.
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First Generation Apple TV Facing Issues When Connecting To iTunes

It looks like the first generation Apple TV units are unable to connect to iTunes. Users from around the world seem to be facing this issue. This was first reported on April 17th when a thread was started on Apple’s official support forums. By now that thread has become quite lengthy with repeated complaints by first-gen Apple TV users who are unable to make their set-top boxes connect to iTunes. The first generation Apple TV was released back in 2007 and the company sold it until 2010, so there are quite a few of them out there.

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Moto E Specifications Leaked

Recently we picked up on a rumor about Motorola launching a new smartphone this May. Apparently this device will arrive in three different models and will primarily be destined for emerging markets. Latest reports suggest that this smartphone might be called Moto E, and much like the existing Moto G, it may be slim, compact and competitively priced. It is actually expected to be thinner than the Moto G.

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10 Hidden Features Of Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung has a habit of loading feature packed software on its premium smartphones, not that I’m complaining, though this often makes it hard for the average user to figure out just how all of them work. Most users don’t go beyond some of the device’s biggest features, which are often touted in advertisements and promotional materials. Fact is, often there are quite a few features that go unnoticed. Not to worry though, the 10 hidden features of Samsung Galaxy S5 list created by the company itself has your back.

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BlackBerry is soldiering on despite quarter after quarter of losses. The company looks towards the future as it aims to be profitable by 2015. To do that it must revamp its hardware offerings and improve software. BlackBerry is working hard on both fronts, with new devices expected in the coming months, as well a major software update. A video has appeared online of a very early BlackBerry 10.3 OS build, showing off some of the features that are expected in this update.

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HTC Hires Former Samsung Marketing Guru

Its no secret that HTC has an image problem. The company itself has accepted that it needs to do more when it comes to marketing. Despite the fact that it has created some of the most well received high-end smartphones, they haven’t been able to compete against their rivals. Earlier in the week it was rumored that HTC had hired Paul Golden, a former US chief marketing officer from Samsung. HTC has confirmed the hiring, Golden initially has a three month contract and will report directly to HTC chairperson Cher Wang.

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Sketchy Photo Of iOS 8 On iPhone 5S Appears Online

At Worldwide Developers Conference 2014 Apple is expected to unveil iOS 8. While we have already heard a lot about what to expect from the upcoming major software update we still haven’t seen official images, and we won’t until WWDC 2014. However a sketchy image has appeared online showing off what is claimed to be an iOS 8 beta build running on iPhone 5S. Even if it corroborates with some of the rumors we have heard about iOS 8, it is highly likely that this photo might be fake.

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Verizon Galaxy S4 KitKat Release Expected May 2nd

Even though Google released Android 4.4 KitKat last year it has still taken carriers a lot of time to roll out the latest update for their customers. In the U.S. Verizon is one of the few carriers that still haven’t released KitKat for the Samsung Galaxy S4. That might be about to change in the near future though. A purported leaked internal memo from Big Red reads that Verizon Galaxy S4 KitKat update release is going to take place on May 2nd.

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