Not too long ago WhatsApp released an online version of its insanely popular instant messaging client that’s already available for a wide variety of platforms, this meant that people could just fire up their browsers if they wanted to use WhatsApp without having to pick up a mobile device. Initially the web client was restricted to work with Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera only but soon support for WhatsApp’s web version will be added to Microsoft Edge.

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note 5 leak

Samsung has an event lined up for next month where it’s going to unveil the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+, both handsets will be officially announced at the Unpacked event on August 13th. There have already been many leaks and reports related to this device, today we have a reddit user providing us with the first hands-on impression of both handsets.

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BlackBerry is going to launch a new handset soon though it’s not going to be the slider-flagship that many of the company’s fans have been waiting for, instead it’s going to be a new variant of the BlackBerry Passport, the company’s flagship from last year. Renders of the device have been leaked online and a media gallery went up briefly on BlackBerry’s own website, now a Swiss retailer has revealed some additional details about this upcoming device.

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Microsoft is currently in the process of remastering the first Gears of War title for Xbox One and while it won’t be remastering all of the previous titles for the console Xbox One owners will still be able to play them. Not too long ago Microsoft announced that backwards compatibility is coming to Xbox One and this feature will enable owners of this console to play previous Gears of War titles even though they haven’t been remastered.

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Apple is reportedly in talks to launch a phone service of its own, it’s mobile virtual network operator service is expected to be offered in Europe and the United States. The company is said to be considering launching such a service in the U.S. but is also believed to be in talks with telecom companies in Europe for launching the service across the pond as well.

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It hasn’t been long since AT&T’s acquisition of DirecTV was approved, this move brought together the country’s second largest mobile carrier with its biggest satellite TV provider. It was evident that AT&T would capitalize on DirecTV’s offering and the company is wasting no time in putting its new asset to work. AT&T has launched a new wireless-and-TV plan worth $200.

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For about a decade Samsung has been involved in a dispute with many workers from its chip and display factories and their families as they claimed that prolonged exposure to radiation and dangerous chemicals at Samsung factories had made them sick with illnesses like lymphoma and leukemia. Samsung made a significant shift in its stance on this issue by making a public apology to those workers and families in May 2014 and now it has announced that it’s setting up a multi-million dollar fund to compensate them.

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Most people don’t even know that they are constantly being tracked and that all their locations are being recorded in Google servers. Every place you visit is being tracked using Wi-Fi, mobile networks and GPS. This option is enabled by default and usually makes the user experience better and more convenient.

There are many applications and services that depend on your location, such as “Google Now” or showing your location in Tweets and Facebook posts, etc. so your movement is constantly tracked.

Even though tracking your location has many benefits, however, privacy conscious people are not comfortable with this privacy breach and don’t want to give away their exact location. For those people there is an option to disable this function and also delete all the previous location history.

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Previously Amazon Prime members were able to share two-day free shipping, which is one of the major selling points of the $99 Prime program, with four other adults but Amazon has now made some changes to the way members can share this privilege with other adults. Free two-day Amazon Prime shipping can now only be shared with just one other adult, thus effectively ruling out the practice of sharing it with friends.

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Sprint has released a new update for Galaxy Note 4 today which brings up the device from Android 5.0 to Android 5.1.1. Aside from bringing all of the improvements that are part and parcel of Android 5.1.1 this update also brings a critical security vulnerability fix. Sprint has patched the Stagefright vulnerability discovered in Android recently with this software update for the Galaxy Note 4.

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