The Browser User Agent is a unique browser identity that tells web servers what type of browser the user is using. Depending on the user-agent, the web server can decide to build web pages using different formatting (mobile vs. desktop) or information (OS-specific pages).

However, the user agent can also be changed right from inside the browser to “trick” the web server into providing information in a specific way. This is very useful for developers to test their sites, to see how their website looks on different browsers and devices.

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Yesterday was a very big day for Microsoft as it finally rolled out Windows 10 in 190 countries across the globe. As part of the launch the company has also released Office Mobile apps for Windows 10 which are now readily available to download in all launch markets. These apps have been built from the ground up for a superior experience on touchscreen devices while maintaining all of the capabilities that people expect from Office apps.

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street fighter 5

Waiting for Street Fighter 5? There’s some good news for you. New games are often released a few days apart in different markets, whether its due to the demographic that’s being focused on or just to avoid any problems with a roll out on a global scale. There are no such concerns for the upcoming title because it has been confirmed that Street Fighter 5 worldwide launch is going to take place on the same day.

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One way or the other ridesharing service Uber always finds itself in the news, whether its due to protests in a country where it’s trying to operate or the behaviour of some driver. Yesterday a report claimed that Uber shows “ghost cars” to users in its app to give the impression that a large number of cars are available for them to catch a ride on even when users are given long waiting periods for requested rides. Uber is denying that it does this.

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From the looks of things drones are going to have a major presence in our lives just a few years down the road whether we like it or not when the technological challenges are overcome and regulatory hurdles are cleared. Amazon is already calling for drone-only airspace while it tries its hand at delivering packages using drones. A Johns Hopkins doctor is conducting a new study to see if it would be feasible to have drones carry blood to emergencies.

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As modern vehicles become connected they also become vulnerable to attacks from hackers. Only recently it was demonstrated how hackers can remotely gain access to a Jeep and run it into a ditch even while being miles away from the car. Hacker Samy Kamkar has discovered a vulnerability in OnStar which can allow hackers to remote unlock and start the car.

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It was rumored a few months back that Samsung might be developing a new variant of the Galaxy S5, its 2014 flagship and while there has been no official confirmation from the company as yet multiple reports and leaks have revealed that it carries model number SM-G903F and is called Galaxy S5 Neo. This handset has been spotted today at a Dutch online retailer where it’s available for purchase with plans being provided by three of the country’s major carriers.

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Microsoft may have released Windows 10 for PCs but there’s a version of this operating system that’s still being anxiously awaited by many people across the globe, Windows 10 Mobile is poised to arrive in a couple of months and today Microsoft has confirmed the models of Lumia handsets which will be the first to receive this new update. This is where you cross your fingers and hope that your Lumia device has made it on the list which is available after the break.

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It was reported last week that Huawei appeared to be on track to overtake Microsoft as the world’s third largest smartphone vendor and today there are concrete numbers to support its rise, Huawei has indeed taken this position from the Redmond-based company. The latest data from market research firm Strategy Analytics shows that Microsoft has lost considerable ground to Huawei over the second quarter of this year.

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Gambia, West Africa-based The Wife Project has launched a new Kickstarter campaign today to create a mobile application and website which is going to help connect female farmers in Gambia connect and sell their produce directly to customers in urban markets. The Wife Project engages 300 rural women farmers in gardening, farming and entrepreneurship to reduce their poverty and helps them create a better life for themselves.

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