Earlier this year in March, Facebook introduced a new feature called On This Day, it was meant to make you nostalgic by bringing up old memories shared on Facebook a year ago, two years ago and more. Users were able to do that previously using apps like Timehop and Facebook felt the need to offer this feature on its own, however it often brought up painful memories, memories that people might not want to remember again. Fortunately Facebook is now fixing this to let you avoid painful nostalgia.

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It was discovered through Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s trophy listings that there might be a “Realistic” difficulty mode in the game and now developer Treyarch has finally confirmed this as it gears up to release the new title soon, this mode has been developed to test players skills to the absolute limit. As the name suggests this mode gets quite realistic, players get killed even if they take just one shot in the game.

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Volkswagen Phaeton

Even though Volkswagen’s Audi has the full-size luxury A8 in its lineup the car maker decided to make one that would be sold under its own brand, so the first Phaeton concept was unveiled in 1999. The production car didn’t arrive until 2003, it was positioned as more of a luxury limousine offering that wasn’t light on tech. Now there’s a new one around the corner, with Volkswagen confirming today that the next Phaeton flagship will be electric.

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A new music streaming service has been launched, called Aurous, it’s unlike the mainstream music streaming services some of which offer an ad-supported free version while many others do not. Rather Aurous takes its inspiration from Popcorn Time, a service that instantly streams TV shows and movies from torrents, earning itself the name “Netflix for pirates.”

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You can imagine that Elon Musk doesn’t have a lot of free time, you don’t get to be in his position by having a lot of free time on your hands, and it’s likely that the doesn’t have much of it after splitting time between Tesla and SpaceX. He did work on a high-speed mass transportation system called Hyperloop but is open to let other people take it further, and it turns out that he even has a design for a supersonic electric jet in his mind but not enough time on his hands to seriously develop it.

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Facebook knows that video content is here to stay and that it’s going to be pretty big in the coming years, and it certainly doesn’t want YouTube to be the sole major online destination for video content. That’s why the company today announced that it has started testing a dedicated video feed with several new features designed to improve users viewing experience.

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The lucrative holiday shopping season approaches and PayPal would certainly want to increase its percentage of online sales during the season, for this reason the company announced today that it’s expanding the free returns service “Return Shipping on Us.” For the first time since this service was launched in markets overseas it is now available to shoppers within these United States, and with the U.S. launch this service is now live in a total of 37 markets across the globe.

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It’s a big victory for folks who like electric skateboards, it really is, California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill aiming to make electric skateboards street legal into law. With this new piece of legislation coming into effect people in California will be able to ride a skateboard in all of the places where it’s legal to ride bicycles starting January 2016. Local community officials will be able to ban electric skateboards at their discretion though, but nevertheless this is a win for electric skateboard fans.

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Toshiba has launched a new tablet powered by Windows 10, called the DynaPad it’s not that different from the tablet hybrids that are increasingly becoming common these days, and might as well be taking inspiration from the Microsoft Surface. However this isn’t the first DynaPad from Toshiba, the company actually launched the first DynaPad back in 1993 when touchscreen tablets weren’t exactly common.

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Like many other companies Google is also working on delivery drones, the company’s Google X division was working on a concept called Project Wing for quite some time. It was a single-winged UAV which landed and took off vertically. It was extensively tested in Australia throughout the year but results haven’t pleased the company, so it has come up with two redesigned drones which have now been registered with the FAA for testing in the United States.

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