Last week it was speculated that Matt Reeves could be the director for the standalone Batman movie. Turns out the rumors were right because it has since been officially confirmed that Reeves will indeed be directing the upcoming movie which was previously meant to be directed by Ben Affleck who will also be reprising his role as Batman. Read full post →Matt Reeves Will Be Officially Directing Solo Batman Movie

Yesterday thanks to a leak, alleged specs of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus were revealed. For the most part a lot of the specs made sense, save for the RAM which we thought was a bit weird for Samsung to go with 4GB in this day and age where we’re seeing more OEMs starting to pack as much as 6GB. Read full post →‘Standard’ Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs Revealed

Back in January during CES 2017, Samsung announced a new laptop in the form of the Chromebook Pro. Then earlier this month the laptop was finally available for purchase, but if for whatever reason you prefer making your purchases from the Google Store, you’ll be pleased to learn that you’ll now be able to purchase the laptop from Google. Read full post →Samsung Chromebook Plus Now Available From Google Store

Earlier this week it was rumored that Samsung could be working on a new tablet called the Samsung Galaxy Book. Now thanks to the folks at MSPowerUser (via SamMobile), additional details of the alleged tablet have surfaced, so if you’re after a tablet that isn’t powered by Android, perhaps this might be the tablet for you. Read full post →More Alleged Details About Samsung Galaxy Book Surfaces

When it comes to budget smartphones, there is a reason why they are budget and that is because manufacturers will omit certain features or choose to use lower-end specs compared to flagship handsets. This makes perfect sense, but sometimes customers on a budget tend to be left out of certain things. Read full post →ARCHOS Unveils New 50 Graphite, 55 Graphite Budget Smartphones

Smartphone battery sizes these days have certainly come a very long way from back in the day. However at the same time many of us are still finding ourselves in situations where our phone batteries barely get us through the day, so if you’re after a smartphone that comes with a battery that could last you all day, the LG X power2 might be of interest to you. Read full post →LG X Power2 Announced With 4,500mAh Battery

The Nintendo Switch comes with a pair of controllers called Joy-Cons. They are wireless controllers which sound like they’re a great idea, but unfortunately it seems that early reviews of the Nintendo Switch have highlighted how the controllers are currently facing connectivity issues where they occasionally disconnect during gameplay. Read full post →Early Nintendo Switch Reviews Highlight Joy-Con Connectivity Issues

Image credit – Brianna Olivas

While we have heard stories of phones catching on fire and exploding, safe to say that it was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s widespread debacle last year that more users are paranoid when their phones start to get a bit hot. Now thanks to a new video surfacing, we wouldn’t be surprised if iPhone 7 Plus users start getting a bit worried. Read full post →Video Allegedly Shows iPhone 7 Plus Catching On Fire

According to a report earlier this week, it was rumored that Apple is planning on hosting an event in March in which new iPads (and a new iPhone color) is expected to be announced. Typically what happens following these events is that Apple will release the announced product a couple of weeks later. Read full post →Apple’s New iPads Might Only Be Released In May/June

You might have heard that back in December, police were requesting that Amazon hand over data collected by an Amazon Echo in which it might be used as evidence in a murder case. However it seems that Amazon isn’t that interested in handing over the information and have filed a motion to throw out the search warrant. Read full post →Amazon Insists Alexa’s Replies Are Protected By The First Amendment