One of the features of the Apple Watch is the ability to send your heartbeat with your friends and family. It sounds gimmicky, doesn’t it? After all what use is there to such a feature? Maybe you want to share your excitement but other than that, it seems like a gimmick at best. However it seems that these new parents have found a rather touching way of making use of it. Read full post →Parents Use Apple Watch To Share Newborn’s Heartbeat

apple watchUh-oh, could Apple have found themselves in an unfortunate situation that Fitbit did last year? While it might be a bit too early to tell, it certainly seems like things are headed that way. According to a handful of user reports, Apple Watch owners have started to complain of skin irritations on their wrists where the watch is worn.

These users appear to be suffering from rashes and irritations on their wrists which are apparently caused from the Apple Watch. That being said, Apple claims that the metal used on their watches has been tested multiple times, not to mention they have also consulted with board-certified dermatologists to ensure that the materials used won’t cause any adverse effects on the majority of its customers. Read full post →Some Apple Watch Owners Complaining Of Skin Irritations

samsoniteWe have smartphones, smart cars, smart homes, so we guess having smart suitcases might not necessarily be a stretch of the imagination. Now there are plenty of suitcase makers out there not to mention a handful of Bluetooth tags available in the market that lets users track their suitcases, but we guess Samsung wants to show the world what they’re capable of.

The company has recently announced that they have teamed up with suitcase maker Samsonite and will be churning out a line of smart suitcases. Basically what makes it smart is that the suitcase itself will be embedded with a GPS chip that allows users to track their suitcases in the event it goes missing, or if they are simply curious about where it is. Read full post →Samsung & Samsonite Team Up To Create Smart Suitcases


The mid-range Lumia 640 handset could very well be among the first Windows Phone powered devices to receive the Windows 10 for Phones update when it arrives later this year, this according to Microsoft’s Scandinavian General Manager Ossi Korpela. Aside from revealing that this will be one of the first few devices to get the latest software, Korpela also touched upon some of the salient features of the Lumia 640.

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The time has come that people start wondering about a successor to the Surface Pro 3 tablet. Microsoft recently revived its Surface tablet line with the Surface 3 and naturally many started asking when the company plans on launching the Surface Pro 4. If word on the street is to be believed, then Redmond might actually be planning to do that as soon as this month.

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We have been hearing for quite some time now that later this year Microsoft is going to launch a proper Windows powered flagship smartphone. In the recent past Microsoft has seemed content with launching only mid-range and low-end device, so it’s well past time that a full-fledged flagship arrived on the scene. Specifications of two purported flagship handsets have been rumored.

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Earlier this year at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2015 Lenovo unveiled a new laptop that’s aimed at people who put portability above all. The Lenovo LaVie Z notebook is not short on power but it’s certainly lighter than quite a few 13-inch laptops currently available in the market. Lenovo has now confirmed the prices for the LaVie Z and has finally started selling this notebook in the United States.

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The HTC One Mini 2 is merely a year old and yet the company has decided to not update it to Lollipop. Usually OEMs tend to support their devices for two years which is why it was surprising to see HTC throw in the towel so soon as far as the One Mini 2 is concerned. This meant that owners of the original HTC One Mini couldn’t see much hope for a taste of Lollipop, and that has now been confirmed.

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All sorts of rumors and reports have been circulating about the Apple iPad Pro even though it’s a product that hasn’t been officially confirmed or even talked about by the company. According to a new report the 12.9-inch iPad is going to bring several features that haven’t been found on the company’s tablets before, such as Force Touch, Bluetooth stylus and even NFC (Near Field Communication).

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windows media center

We know that Microsoft stopped developing Windows Media Center back in 2009 but an unmodified version was still available in an upgrade pack for Windows 8. Now though Microsoft has made up its mind to not keep it around for much longer. The company has confirmed that Windows Media Center will not be making an appearance in Windows 10 which means that PCs upgraded from Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 will lose the feature.

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