Asus C720P - left side angle

The Chromebook fits between an iPad or Android tablet and a full-fledged laptop computer. While not quite as portable as a tablet, since it certainly can’t be used one handed, or without a table or at least a lap to rest it on, it does offer the potential for more functionality since it has a built in keyboard. One can of course argue that it’s simple enough to use a Bluetooth keyboard with a tablet, but the Chromebook still offers a larger, better screen, and better connectivity than an iPad due to built in USB ports and an SD card slot. Whether or not a Chromebook in general or the Acer C720P in particular is right for your needs will depend on careful consideration. Read full post →Acer C720P Review


Some of the titles that we played on previous-generation consoles have made their way to our new gaming machines as “remastered” versions. Not only did this allow the game developers to make more money it gave gamers a chance to play these titles on newer hardware, particularly those who had not played them on old consoles. Resident Evil is one such title that’s coming to the PlayStation 4. Its pre-orders have gone live on the PlayStation Network with support for cross-buy.

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The holidays are almost here which means its time to wind down, relax, have some great food and maybe play some games you’ve been meaning to all year. Electronic Arts wants you to do just that which is why its holiday sale has kicked off on Origin. Some great deals are being offered so do take a gander if you prefer playing games on the PC as well and not just on gaming consoles.

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We’re all getting in the Christmas spirit because its merely a day away now so don’t be surprised to see Telltale Games make an announcement of its own. Though limited just to the Xbox One, Telltale has announced that it will offer all of its games for this console for just $55. The Telltale Games Collection for Xbox One brings all released episodes from its four franchises and even yet to be released episodes in the existing seasons.

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Over the past year Facebook has tweaked Pages multiple times, often based on feedback from users, to make sure that they were only shown content that would interest them. It has made yet another update to the Pages product and this time around its more cosmetic. The entire Video section of Pages has received a visual overhaul which shows what direction Facebook wants to take with this down the line.

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Sonos happens to be one of the widely used services for wireless music streaming, its speakers and hubs provide a great experience, while users are not just limited to music on their devices because Sonos allows them to stream from online services like Pandora, Spotify and more as well. So far there has been no official Sonos application for Windows Phone but the team behind it has revealed that this application is now “in testing.”

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the interview

After taking a lot of criticism for its decision to pull the release of its controversial movie “The Interview,” Sony has now made what many are calling the right decision. The company has just announced that it will release this movie online starting today and tomorrow, the original release date for The Interview, many independent cinemas across the U.S. will also screen this movie.

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A few weeks back Galaxy Note 3 owners on AT&T received the Android 4.4.4 KitKat update from the carrier. Shortly after Android 4.4.4 was released for this device AT&T stopped the roll out because of a bug in its phonebook sync application. This resulted in yet another wait for the update to be released, which ends today, as AT&T has started the roll out once again after halting it last month.

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Since tablets and phablets have enough screen real estate that at least two apps can be opened simultaneously OEMs have baked in such split-screen features into their devices. Samsung probably has the most popular feature, called Multi-Window, which essentially does what I’ve already mentioned above, allows users to run two apps at once. Acer is joining the fray as well through a software update for the Iconia Tab 8.

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Facebook has been working to improve its online video product, both for users and for advertisers, and it has now gained a major new partner. Clips from the National Football League will be displayed to Facebook users with a caveat, these clips are ad-supported, so highlights from the game will come with advertisements from Verizon, the largest mobile carrier in the country.

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