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We reported yesterday that it was possible for Batman Arkham Knight to have yet another story-based DLC that revolves around the Red Hood. A Harley Quinn story pack for the title has already been announced. The leaked promotional image hinted that perhaps the DLC might be exclusive to one retailer and that is indeed true. GameStop has since confirmed that it will exclusively offer the Red Hood DLC which would allow users to play as this capped vigilante.

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lenovo prototype smartglasses

The smartwatch market didn’t take a lot of time to get populated. Almost every other major manufacturer has jumped on this bandwagon and more are thinking of doing the exact same thing. But another form of wearable devices which intrigue many people is smartglasses. There are only a handful of companies that have shown off their products up till now, Google Glass is a prime example, but don’t you think that others are not considering this form factor. Lenovo has just shown off a prototype of its smartglasses.

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Reddit bills itself as the front page of the internet and there aren’t a lot of people who would disagree with that statement. You can find just about anything on the website given its endless list of categories or subreddits populated by perhaps one of the most loyal userbase on the internet. It has now launched its very own live blogging platform called Reddit Live. This would allow people to regularly update a post when new information becomes available without having to worry about Reddit’s regular submission process and the rules that govern it.

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Facebook is the largest social network in the world. Its overall userbase crossed the one billion milestone a few months back. The social network can be accessed using a desktop as well as many of its mobile applications. Latest figures from the company itself show that majority of its users are now using mobile devices to log into Facebook. The company revealed that Facebook now has nearly 400 million mobile-only users, meaning that this massive amount of users only login using a mobile device.

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A few days back HTC’s VP of product management who goes by the @moversi handle on Twitter confirmed that the company was eyeing a release late next week for the Android 4.4.3 update for unlocked HTC One M8. The company has previously rolled out the same update for HTC One M7 which is last year’s flagship. The update has been released right on schedule, it is rolling out now for unlocked and developer edition units of HTC’s 2014 flagship.

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If you happen to have a Sony Xperia L and have been waiting for some official update love fear not because there is another way to get your device on latest software. Sony Xperia L was released in 2013 and has performed well as a budget device internationally. Those who want a new software experience on this smartphone can now look towards CyanogenMod. The official nightly builds of CyanogenMod for Xperia L have now been released.

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There have been all sorts of rumors about Apple’s first wearable device. The iWatch is expected to be released at some point later this year. We heard one of the most unusual rumors yesterday when it was claimed that Apple is working with Swatch on the iWatch. Apple isn’t a company that you would normally see leaning on someone else for a new product and typically it likes to control all phases of production. While Apple kept mum on the rumor the Swatch Group has released a statement denying any partnership with the Cupertino company.

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the pirate bay most popular file sharing siteUsually when you heard words and phrases like “director”, “actor”, “record label”, “movie studio”, and “piracy” together, chances are you could be looking at a lawsuit where someone or an entity is suing a torrent website or an individual for allegedly downloading or sharing pirated material. However in the case of Dutch movie producer, Martin Koolhoven, his association with The Pirate Bay is anything but a lawsuit.

Koolhoven had taken to Twitter a few days ago, according to the folks at TorrentFreak, where he had asked for someone to uploaded a copy of his 1999 film, Suzy Q, onto The Pirate Bay where other people could download it. It’s an odd request, but apparently due to the fact Koolhoven does not own all the copyrights to the movie, he was frustrated at how little exposure it was getting due to all the legal hurdles that made it almost impossible for it to be available through the legal channels. Read full post →Director Requests For His Movie To Be Uploaded Onto Pirate Bay, The Internet Obeys

mi4 3 640x359A couple of days ago, Xiaomi took the wraps off their latest flagship smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi 4. The handset looks stunning and according to Xiaomi, uses premium materials like metal in its build, thus giving it a more luxurious and sturdy feel. However there were many who thought that the handset resembled the iPhone 5s, or at least Apple’s iPhone lineup in general.

Well it seems that the comparison is one that Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra didn’t take too kindly. According to Barra, he claims that the handset was inspired by Apple’s designers, but at the same time denied that the company had blatantly copied its design. He also mentioned that it was stupid for companies to work around designs that are good just because they are trying to avoid litigation. Read full post →Hugo Barra Denies The Xiaomi Mi 4 Copied Apple’s Designs

We’re sure many of you guys were in awe of the robots in the movie Pacific Rim, and we’re sure many of you were wondering just how it would feel like to pilot one of them. Well if you are curious, you’re in luck because at the San Diego Comic-Con, you will be able to, sort of. This is thanks to Legendary Pictures teaming up with the folks at Oculus VR for a Pacific Rim: Jaeger Pilot demo.

Basically it involves gamers putting on the Oculus Rift headset and take control of the 250-foot tall Gipsy Danger robot that you guys saw in the movie. Gamers will also be able to do battle in a virtual reality environment through a combat simulator against the Knifehead kaiju, which is one of the first monsters that you see in the movie. Read full post →Pacific Rim Oculus Rift Demo Lets You Experience Fighting Kaijus