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Cortana is Microsoft’s relatively new virtual private assistant that’s exclusive to its Windows Phone platform for now, though rumor has it that Cortana will be coming to Windows 9 as well. The company is evidently committed to improving its feature set as it has said in the past that Cortana will be updated twice a month at the very least. This will be done to ensure that Cortana keeps on evolving. The latest feature it has received as a result of this is the ability to define words.

Using the new feature is pretty simple. Just fire up Cortana and ask it to “Define” and say the word out loud. It will search online and bring back the relevant definition.

This feature can actually be quite useful for those who are trying to learn the English language. Cortana is pretty quick is fetching the results and it also takes the pain out of launching a separate app or accessing Google or any other search engine to find the correct definition.

Reports suggests that at this point in time this feature hasn’t gone live across all markets in which Cortana is available right now, some claimed to not be able to get Cortana to define a word in the UK.

With rapid upgrades for Cortana Microsoft aims to bring it at par, and take it above, Apple’s Siri. Many would agree that its on the right path with this strategy.

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On September 12th Apple started taking pre-orders for its new iPhone models, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. After just 24 hours the company announced that it had received a record number of pre-orders. Sales started on September 19th and already customers have received their units in a handful of markets around the world. Now that the smartphones are out in the world Apple has formally revealed the out-of-warranty iPhone 6 repair costs that customers will have to pay when they bring their devices in for fixing after the warranty runs out.

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China is a very lucrative market for consumer electronics and given the country’s recent relaxation of rules pertaining to gaming consoles both Microsoft and Sony confirmed the launch of their new consoles for the Chinese market. Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox One, has been trailing the PlayStation 4 as far as sales are concerned and if it was looking to make up some ground in China its hopes have been dashed for now. Microsoft has confirmed that it is delaying the Xbox One release in China.

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Virtual reality company Oculus is revamping its Oculus Share marketplace this fall. At its developer conference the company announced that it is going to launch the “Oculus Platform” for developers later this fall. Developers will be able to sell their virtual reality experiences and apps through the Oculus Platform which will initially debut on the Samsung Gear VR, a virtual reality headset that Samsung has developed in collaboration with Oculus.

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Google has finally made a change that many people have been asking for. If you have signed up for a Google service like Gmail or Google Docs in the past you would have noticed that the company required you to make a Google+ account as well. Some viewed this tie-in as a desperate attempt on Google’s part to increase the user base of its social network. Now though the company has finally made amends and it no longer forces new users to sign up for Google+ as well.

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On September 17th the much awaited new iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 8, was released for all supported iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models. Even though the download size came in at 1.1GB over 5GB of free space was required on the device just for iOS 8 to be installed. This forced many users to delete countless apps and transfer content just so they could have ample space on the device. Microsoft saw this as an opportunity and pounced on it, promising 30GB of free OneDrive storage.

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A few weeks back a major cache of celebrity nude pictures was leaked online. It was believed initially that iCloud was to be blamed. Apple conducted an investigation and found no direct breach of iCloud system. Instead it concluded that celebrities’ accounts were deliberately targeted by hackers. At the time iCloud did not have two-step authentication. Yesterday a fresh cache of pictures were leaked online and once again the widespread assumption is that this is the result of an iCloud breach.

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We have extensively covered the possibility of T-Mobile’s acquisition over the past few months and while initially it was believed that Sprint will go ahead and pick it up, now it looks like T-Mobile U.S. may come under French ownership. Recently French telco Iliad submitted a surprise bid for the carrier which was ultimately rejected for being too low. Since then Iliad has reportedly reached out to private equity firms in order to raise finances and submit a revised bid that would be acceptable to T-Mobile’s majority stake holder Deutsche Telekom.

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We’re still quite a few months off from a consumer version of the Oculus Rift but in the meantime we can feast our eyes on the latest prototype that the company has unveiled a couple of days back. The last prototype was called Crystal Cove and it was shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 back in January. The latest prototype is called Crescent Bay and Oculus showed it off at the Oculus Connect developer conference.

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Motorola’s new smartwatch, the Moto 360, started shipping recently and customers who have been waiting for it for a long time have finally been able to get their hands on it. Some customers are facing an issue which looks an awful lot like image persistence. Basically it messes up the entire display of this smartwatch and can prove to be quite irritating if you’re trying to constantly use the device.

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