cd ripIt seems that Ford, a company that will ditch the BlackBerry and provide iPhones for some of its employees, alongside General Motors who are working on wireless charging capability for its vehicles, are under scrutiny by the Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies. Both Ford and GM were named in a class action lawsuit due to the fact that some of their vehicles feature CD-ripping capability, where the music industry group touted that both Ford and GM’s vehicles have violated federal law in such a manner, and are asking compensation to the tune of millions of dollars.

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samsung logo 640x480It seems that Samsung has settled into a very comfortable pattern, that is, to time the release of its flagship devices during certain times. For instance, Mobile World Congress that happens in Barcelona, Spain, is held every February and that is where the latest Galaxy S model gets announced, while IFA in Berlin, Germany, which happens in September often sees the latest Galaxy Note version arrive. This has certainly led to speculation that the latest Galaxy Note 4 will be announced on the 3rd of September at IFA 2014.

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hubertnguyen playing ps4 e3 2013 640x425When the Sony PS4 and Xbox One were announced, industry watchers as well as gamers alike were definitely interested in seeing just which of the two consoles would come up tops in due time. The Nintendo Wii U, of course, can be said to be a non-starter in this race if one were to take into consideration the graphical prowess of current generation consoles as a comparison point. Well, Sony has reported some mighty impressive figures from their Q1 2014 financial report, with word that the PlayStation platform has outsold the Xbox platform 3 to 1.

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internet orgIf you happen to live in Zambia, then take note of this – there is the app from Facebook that will enable users in Zambia to gain free access to the likes of weather as well as health information, jobs, and Google Search, among others. In other words, free Internet! This is definitely worth an effort from the folks over at Facebook for sure. After all, while over 85% of the world’s population live in areas that do have cellular coverage, only 30% of them happen to have access to the Internet.

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unuWhen it comes to our mobile devices these days, we do make sure that our respective devices are fully charged the night before so that we will be able to meet the next day’s challenges head on without having to worry about running low on juice, especially when it comes to a particularly important phone call or email. uNu Electronics, a smartphone accessories manufacturer, has made a name for itself in the world of portable batteries and charging cases, and intends to roll out the new Ultrapak range.

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bbm wp1You know what they say – better late than never, but is it a case of being a little bit too late when it comes to BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) for Windows Phone beta? What we do know is this – BBM for Windows Phone beta hit the 10,000 sign up figure in a matter of 24 hours. Having said that, it is finally available for download over at the Windows Phone Store, which means as long as your Windows Phone device runs on Windows Phone 8 or newer, you will be able to get it up and running.

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onewatch 640x269When it comes to the world of smartwatches, more and more companies do look as though they are about the jump aboard the bandwagon. OnePlus, a company which has been rumored to ditch CyanogenMod for their very own ROM on their smartphone that is known as the OnePlus One, is back in the news with rumors of a possible OnePlus smartwatch that is in the pipeline.

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Runtastic Orbit 630 wideThere are plenty of fitness trackers in the market at the moment from manufacturers such as Fitbit, Jawbone, and Samsung, but if you’re looking for another option that you add to your shopping list, perhaps Runtastic’s Orbit could be worth taking a look at. For those unfamiliar with Runtastic, they are a company who has made apps designed for fitness.

These apps includes running apps that can track your distance, pace, and etc., and they have also dabbled in wearables such as GPS watches, armbands, heart rate monitors, and so on. However if you wanted something sleeker and more compact, the Orbit might just do the trick for you. Read full post →Runtastic’s Orbit Fitness Band Announced For $119

oneplus 01 630x640One of the unique features of the OnePlus One handset is that it comes with CyanogenMod preinstalled. While CyanogenMod has been around for a while, there are only a handful of phones in the world that actually comes with the ROM preinstalled, and given what a huge fanbase the ROM has, safe to say that many flocked to the OnePlus One upon its release.

However according to a report from Sina Tech (via Tech In Asia), it seems that OnePlus is thinking about dropping the use of CyanogenMod and could be thinking about replacing it with their own Android ROM instead. According to the folks at Tech In Asia, they reached out to OnePlus to confirm the rumor. Read full post →OnePlus Rumored To Ditch CyanogenMod For Their Own ROM

Earlier this year, Sony announced PlayStation Now. For those unfamiliar, PlayStation Now is a game streaming service in which gamers will be able to stream and play games on their Sony PlayStation 4. Well the good news is that if this is a feature you’ve been looking forward to, you’re in luck because Sony has recently announced that PlayStation Now has entered into open beta.

Unfortunately it seems that for now, the open beta will be limited to those living in the US and Canada, so if you’re from a different side of the world, we guess you’ll just have to wait until Sony brings the service over to your shores. Alternatively you could always fire up a VPN and try to get into the beta, although your experience might vary. Read full post →Sony PlayStation Now Launches Into Open Beta