A game that many next-gen console owners had been waiting for has recently been delayed. We’re talking about WWE 2K15 here. The release date has been pushed back by a couple of weeks and it will now come out for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in November. 2K is taking the additional time to polish the title in order to ensure that the title delivers the “best possible WWE experience.” We’ll leave that up to you to decide when the game actually launches but right now we have the official WWE 2K15 gameplay trailer for you to check out.

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Now that Apple has released iOS 8 for all supported iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models developers have got down to the business of updating their apps so that they can take advantage of everything the new iteration of iOS has to offer. One of the most popular browsers has been updated with iOS 8 and now it includes support for a major new feature called Extensibility which allows apps to proverbially talk to each other in the system.

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On Friday, September 19th Apple’s new smartphones were finally released to the public. The day the pre-orders opened up a record number of pre-orders were placed for both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Understandably there was a lot of hype for both devices which bring displays larger than any display on a previous iPhone. Carriers too had a great launch weekend due to its hype, Sprint even said that the iPhone 6 release led to its “most successful” iPhone launch in history.

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Over the past few months we have been constantly hearing rumors that Apple is working on a 12-inch MacBook with Retina display which its going to unveil later this year. Word on the street is that this notebook might be unveiled at the company’s iPad event in October, though there’s no official confirmation of that. Until the announcement happens the rumors will keep coming in and the latest suggests that Apple’s 12-inch MacBook is going to have support for reversible USB Type C.

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xiaomi bt controllerNormally, we would associate the name Xiaomi with that of smartphones – affordable smartphones that will also come with a slew of hardware specifications that are a notch above its regular price, of course. Apart from that, the China-based company also does the likes of tablets and TVs, and this time around, it would be a Bluetooth game controller that will capture our attention. In fact, in order to promote the Xiaomi Bluetooth game controller all the more, the first 300 customers to pick it up this September 25th will be able to do so for a mere 1 Chinese Yuan (which is roughly the equivalent of $0.16 after conversion).

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Ask someone to list the most popular mobile games and there’s a good chance that Fruit Ninja will be in that list besides staples like Angry Birds and Candy Crush. Ever since the first version was released back in 2010 the game has been downloaded over 500 million times across all platforms its available on. The developer has said today that it has a major Fruit Ninja update up its sleeve which will be released next month for both iOS and Android.

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29 android logoWhen it comes to operating system versions for mobile devices, Google’s Android looks set to roll out the Android L version in the near future, taking over from where the existing Android 4.4 Kitkat is. However, even before Android L has been made official, there are already whispers about Android M that has been picked out within the Android source code itself. It is a no-brainer to figure out that Google relies on a naming scheme that will have each major release named after a certain confectionery, so it goes without saying that Android M will take over the soon-to-be released Android L.

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A title exclusive to Xbox One is going to be released in the near future which is why both Microsoft and Insomniac Games, the developer, are involved in promoting Sunset Overdrive. In a bid to raise hype for the title ahead of its release the duo have filmed a Sunset Overdrive live action trailer which has been released online for public consumption today.

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Remember the Bee Gees hit, “How Deep Is Your Love”? Well, forget about the depth of your love, but rather, check out the Y-40 in the video above. It might seem surreal, but the Y-40 is actually touted to be the deepest swimming pool in the world, and you will be able to find it located over at Montegrotto Terme in Italy.

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IKEA logoWhen it comes to going green, many different companies out there happen to take the initiative to have some sort of eco-friendly mantra going on, but there are others who take the environment a whole lot more seriously than the rest. Furniture giant IKEA is one of them, and they had already begun to sell solar panels over in the UK not too long ago. In fact, IKEA CEO Peter Agnefjäll has just mentioned that this initiative will be extended to another eight countries in the next one and a half years.

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