huawei p9If the rumors are to be believed, Huawei is working on a new handset called the Huawei P9. Now thanks to recently tweeted photo by Steve Hemmerstoffer (of and @OnLeaks fame), one of the handset’s potential features has been revealed in the form of a dual camea setup.

Interestingly enough there are two panels shown in the photo, one saying LTE and one saying Delux, making us wonder if perhaps there might be two different models of the Huawei P9 that will be made available. However apart from that, both the panels appear to be similar with a dual camera setup, a flash unit, and another cutout which we’re not sure what it could be for, but laser autofocus is a possibility. Read full post →Huawei P9 Rumored To Feature Dual Camera Setup

vr proposalThe HTC Vive was announced this year and from what we know, it is only expected to roll out en masse come 2016. This means that for now, there aren’t many people who have it, save for employees at Valve and HTC where the device was developed thanks to the collaboration between both companies.

Taking advantage of this exclusivity is Valve employee Chandler Murch who decided to use the HTC Vive virtual reality headset to propose to his girlfriend (now fiance) Kelly Tortorice. According to Tortorice’s Facebook post, Murch had invited her over to Valve’s offices under the guise of testing out some of the virtual reality features. Read full post →Man Proposes To Girlfriend Using Valve’s VR Headset

xboxonecontrOne of the features of Microsoft’s Xbox One Elite wireless controller is the ability for users to remap the buttons on the device. Unfortunately for that privilege, it will set users back $150 which is admittedly a bit pricey just for a controller. However if you’d rather not spend that money, you’re in luck.

Recently Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra tweeted that the regular Xbox One controller will soon be able to have its buttons remapped as well. This is in response to a question from a gamer who asked why the feature was not present on the regular controller, in which Ybarra replied by saying, “It’s coming for all controllers soon.” Read full post →Xbox One Controller Button Remapping Coming Soon


Earlier this year EA confirmed that a new Need for Speed title is going to be released in a few months, many fans of the franchise were excited about the excitement particularly since no new addition was made to NFS last year. The new title, simply called Need for Speeds, comes after a hiatus of one year but does prove that it’s going to be quite a capable of game. Just looking at the in-game screenshots is going to make some fans’ jaws drop.

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If you use Instagram or follow viral trends on the internet then you might have heard about the #freethenipple campaign, it was against Instagram’s strict policy concerning images posted on the service that contain nudity. The photo-sharing website is very quick to remove images that show women’s nipples even if there’s nothing remotely pornographic about the image, that’s what led to the campaign and now Instagram has tried to explain by saying that it’s hands are tied due to Apple’s strict guidelines for assigning age-appropriate ratings for apps.

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Windows 10 Mobile will soon be released and Microsoft will certainly need new handsets to push the updated platform in the smartphone market, merely updating existing supported devices isn’t going to be enough. The company is already expected to unveil two new flagship Lumia handsets later this month and now it’s being rumored that it has a new mid-range Lumia in the pipeline that features a metal build.

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Apple TV_Remote-Hand_MainMenu-Movies-PRINT

Apple recently announced its new Apple TV that not only brings powerful hardware but also an entirely new software experience for the company’s set-top box. It certainly took its sweet time to come out with a new Apple TV but many fans are happy with what the company has achieved. One of the features it showed off was universal search on the Apple TV, the company says that it’s going to open this feature to more applications down the line.

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asus zenwatch 2

Asus is just one of the many OEMs making Android Wear powered smartwatches, the first ZenWatch received quiet a bit of praise because of its good design and relatively affordable price tag which is why many were waiting for the ZenWatch 2 to go on sale in the United States. Those who have been waiting to pick one up can now head over to the Google Play Store and purchase the Asus ZenWatch 2.

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It has been a while since Microsoft launched new handsets and fans are anxiously waiting for the company to show off some new hardware. In a post on its official website about discovering new apps for Windows Phone that work well with Cortana the company appears to have provided a glimpse of an as-yet unannounced Lumia handset.

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Car makers and technology companies are both dreaming of a future where self-driving cars are normal, you’ve got companies like Google working on such projects whereas conventional car makers are also in the game. The Daimler group, best known through its Mercedes-Benz brand, previously showed off its self-driving big rig truck but now it has tested one out on an actual public road, Autobahn 8 in Germany to be precise.

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