beoplay a2 640x400Bluetooth speakers have typically gotten a bad rep simply because there are some who do not believe that speakers are meant to be wireless as it could distort some of the audio qualities. That might be true, but at the same time they are incredibly portable which makes them great if you’re going on a trip.

That being said, the folks at Bang & Olufsen have recently taken the wraps off the BeoPlay A2. These are the company’s first Bluetooth speakers which is interesting given that the company has been known for their high-end home theater systems, and surprisingly they cost around $399/€350/£299 which is less than what we had initially thought. Read full post →Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A2 Bluetooth Speakers Unveiled

fastest internet 640x640There’s a quote which says, “Nothing is certain except for death and taxes.” For the most part this is true as people around the world are being taxed by their governments for all sorts of things. Sales tax, service tax, import/export taxes, income tax, and interestingly enough in Hungary, internet tax.

The Hungarian government has recently proposed a bill which could see the implementation of internet tax come 2015. The idea is to tax data transfers which would see internet service providers pay as much as 150 forints (around $0.60) per gigabyte of data transferred, although the “good news” is that it will allow for companies to offset corporate income tax at the same time. Read full post →Hungarian Government Plans On Taxing Internet Data Transfers

yahoo mail updateWouldn’t it be awesome if your email was more than just a service that would let you read your mail and send messages? Wouldn’t it be awesome if it was more intuitive and could display timely reminders of upcoming events or flights? Well if you agree, you might be interested in checking out Yahoo’s latest update to their mail app.

The company has recently issued an update to their mail app in which Yahoo Mail for iOS and Android is made a lot more intuitive and interactive than before. Like we said earlier, this includes the ability for the app to display your flight information as well as to see whether it might have been delayed or cancelled. Read full post →Yahoo Mail App Updated With Flight And Event Notifications

fuelbandNike and Apple have a pretty good working relationship. After all the company’s FuelBands were pretty much an iOS exclusive, and let’s not forget the Nike+ technology that allowed users to embed a chip into the sole of shoes and collect information and transmit them to an iOS device for review after.

Well it looks like both companies could be working on something new again. This is according to Nike’s CEO Mark Parker who was interviewed by Bloomberg. In his interview, Parker does not specifically mention what kind of device they are making, although he did make a lot of comments on the wearable front, thus suggesting that perhaps a new Nike and Apple wearable could be in the works. Read full post →Nike Hints At Possible Wearable Collaboration With Apple

image2 300x300So you have an Android Wear device and you want to use it to perform searches just by using your voice. An obvious answer to that solution would be to launch Google Now, especially since Google was the one behind Android Wear to begin with, right? Well if you’re looking for an alternative, Microsoft has the answer for you.

Yes, you read that right, Microsoft has recently released an app for Android Wear. Interestingly enough this follows Microsoft’s release yesterday when they announced the Next lockscreen for Android phones. Moving on, the app by Microsoft is called Bing Torque. It has been designed for Android Wear and to activate it, all you’d have to do is twist your hand back and forth. Read full post →Microsoft Launches Bing Torque For Android Wear

nfc hand 640x520Right now we can use our phones with NFC to make mobile payments. However what if you could do away with the phone and use your own body to make payments with? Imagine being able to go up to a counter, tap your hand against the terminal and have it automatically charged to your credit/debit card.

While that is an interesting idea, one man has actually taken that idea and made it a reality, sort of. Robert Nelson has essentially taken an NFC chip and implanted it within his hand. Apparently such kits are readily available online, although for safety reasons we won’t link to them lest you end up hurting yourself if not properly applied. Read full post →Man Implants NFC Chip Into His Hand

hemingwrite 640x468The typewriter is not used a lot these days, although admittedly there are still some uses left for the device, and we suppose there are some writers out there who prefer writing on a typewriter versus a computer, simply because it affords them no distractions since there aren’t any apps, games, music, videos, or the internet.

Well if you’re after something similar but don’t want to get a typewriter, you might be interested in a device called the Hemingwrite. As you can see in the image above, the Hemingwrite looks like a typewriter, sort of, except that it is a more digital version of it. It will feature a keyboard made from mechanical keys so you still get the “clack” when you type, and the e-ink display will show you what you’re typing along with the time and date. Read full post →The Hemingwrite Could Be The Typewriter For The Next Generation

report cyberbullying 640x205Whenever photos or videos are posted online, without a doubt it will only be a matter of time being internet users start leaving comments. Sometimes when posted in a private forum with moderators, these comments are pretty tame and normal, sometimes even constructive, but post it on Facebook or YouTube, well safe to say that’s where the trolls start to come out.

According to a recent study by Pew Research, it seems that a whopping 73% of adult internet users claim to have witnessed someone being harassed online, while 40% claim to have experienced that harassment personally. The study which involved 2,849 adults aged 18 top 50, defines harassment as being called offensive names, to threats, and stalking. Read full post →Study Finds 40% Of Adults Have Experienced Online Harassment

goodwell kit collage png project body 640x526There are different types of toothbrushes out there. Some are just your standard fare, and some are little more ergonomic which promises to clean those hard to reach places, in between your teeth, and whatnot. There are also those electric toothbrushes which supposedly does a better and more efficient job.

That being said if you’re after something a little more hi-tech, perhaps Goodwell’s crowdfunded smart toothbrush could be the job done. For $150, Goodwell’s smart toothbrush will come with built-in sensors like an accelerometer that will allow the brush to “track” your movements so you can see what you’re doing right/wrong. Read full post →Goodwell’s Smart Toothbrush Seeks Crowdfunding To Become A Reality

If there is one thing that Apple’s iPads are known for, it would be their long battery life, which is actually a stark contrast to their smartphones. This is thanks to the huge batteries Apple has managed to squeeze inside the tablets. That being said, it looks like with the iPad Air 2, Apple might have ended up sacrificing battery life for thinness.

This is according to the folks at iFixit who have recently conducted a teardown of the iPad Air 2 and found that instead of a 32.9 watt-hour battery configuration used in last year’s model, the iPad Air 2 instead feature a 7,340mAh battery with a 27.62 watt-hour configuration. Interestingly enough Apple is still boasting 10 hours of continuous use per charge, or 9 hours on the WiFi + cellular model. Read full post →iPad Air 2 Teardown Reveals Smaller Battery Than Its Predecessor