When it comes to calendars, there are quite a few different services to choose from and it really depends on the platform that you are working most on. If you use Microsoft’s Outlook services quite frequently for your email and scheduling your appointments, then you might be interested to learn that Amazon Echo can now use Outlook’s calendar as its default. Read full post →Outlook Can Now Be Used As The Amazon Echo’s Default Calendar

While fingerprint sensors aren’t new, it’s hard not to give Apple credit for making it “cool” again with the introduction of Touch ID on the iPhone. However there have been some rumors that suggests that Apple could be getting rid of the feature in favor of a different biometric security scanning tool, which last we heard could be a facial scanner. Read full post →Apple Reportedly Acquires Facial Recognition Startup

According to a recent report, it was revealed that HTC had planned to get out of the entry-level smartphone market. However it seems that maybe the company won’t be making that move just yet, or if they are they still have some devices left that they might want to release before transitioning. Read full post →Alleged HTC One X10 Budget Smartphone Leaked

If there is one facet of life that all of us cannot escape from, it would be the fact that if you work, you have to pay taxes. So the question s, if a robot were eventually to take over a job that you’re doing, like in a manufacturing facility, does the robot have to pay taxes too? Bill Gates certainly seems to think so. Read full post →Bill Gates Thinks Robots Who ‘Steal’ Jobs Should Pay Taxes

If there was a criticism to be made regarding the Wii U or 3DS, it is that in a world of cloud computing, for some reason games purchased would be linked to hardware instead of your account. This means that if you buy a new hardware you’d have to transfer your purchases which can be rather troublesome. Read full post →Nintendo Switch eShop Purchases Will Be Tied To Account

Google’s Pixel handsets are functional and there is a bit of debate as to whether or not the handset’s design is aesthetically pleasing. That being said, Google wants to know what you think about the Pixel’s design because presumably they will be taking that feedback and apply it to the next-gen Pixel. Read full post →Google Seeking Design Feedback Possibly For The Pixel 2

ZTE recently had the idea to crowdsource ideas for a new smartphone so it decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign for what it initially called Project CSX. The handset was later called Hawkeye and it had two unique features: a self-adhesive back and eye-tracking. However, the handset didn’t have high-end specs and that didn’t sit well with most people so ZTE decided to think about the project once again and it has now decided to cancel the Hawkeye Kickstarter.
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Sony recently announced a price cut for the PlayStation 4. It has dropped the price to $250 for a limited time and Microsoft is now following suit. Redmond has confirmed that a new Xbox One price cut has gone live. It’s matching the price of Sony’s console as it continues to try and compete in the market against the PlayStation 4.
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Apple has been particularly focusing on the Chinese market as it sees a lot of potential for growth in the world’s most lucrative smartphone market. However, local rivals are giving the company a tough time. Under increasing pressure from brands like Huawei and Xiaomi, latest data shows that the iPhone lost its fourth place and fell to fifth in the Chinese smartphone market.
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Livestreaming service Beam was acquired by Microsoft in August last year to provide enhanced game streaming services to players on the Xbox One and Windows 10. Many described this as Microsoft’s answer to Twitch, the popular game streaming service that’s owned by Amazon. Testing for the service on Microsoft’s platform started with select users last month and now Microsoft is kicking things up a notch by releasing the Beam app for Xbox One to those who are in the Insiders program for its gaming console.
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