If you own a Windows-powered computer, particularly one that is touch-enabled, and take screenshots often then you’re going to love Microsoft’s new tool. It’s called Snip and it has been released today in beta, Snip lets you easily take screenshots and then annotate on them and even record audio over the top. So if you want to easily create a screen tutorial on your computer all you need now is the Microsoft Snip app, it’s that easy.

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It appears that T-Mobile and BlackBerry really have repaired their relationship. Last year the carrier launched a promotion inviting BB owners on its network to switch to the iPhone, this obviously didn’t sit too well with the company and it decided to end business dealings with Magenta. The relationship was mended when BB’s recent device was launched on T-Mobile and now the carrier is running a new promotion that wants BB owners to come back.

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At the end of last month, we learnt that the worldwide launch of Street Fighter 5 will happen on the same day, which is always a nice thing to have since everyone can jump aboard the game and share their thoughts about it on online forums right after having a few rounds with it. Before you get all too excited, here is one more thing about the game – it looks like the fighter roster has just been expanded with another femme fatale – Rainbow Mika.

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Now that Windows 10 has been released for computers we’re waiting on Microsoft to roll out the latest iteration of its operating system to smartphones as well. The company has said in the past that it will release Windows 10 Mobile over the fall but no confirmed date has been provided yet.

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apple-2015-annoYou know that Apple has something big up their sleeves this coming September 9, but the thing is, we have no concrete idea on what the Cupertino firm is going to roll out, other than an inkling. Well, it is not too far away, and a fortnight from now, all buzzing questions will be answered, so it is far from surprising that the company had already sent out invites for a press event that will be held on that day in where else but San Francisco.

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tesla model s p85dYou might not have to like an all electric car, but this does not mean that it is not an engineering feat to be pooh poohed at. The 2015 Tesla Model S P85D is said to be a real killer on the road with the kind of mad acceleration capability, and it even comes with a “Ludicrous” mode to boot, and you can be sure that it is going to be the king of the electric car hill when it is released, assuming nothing else trumps it before that, of course. Well, here is another record which the Tesla Model S P85D has achieved – it is officially the highest-rated vehicle ever tested by Consumer Reports.

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Burger King used social media to call for a one-day truce with McDonald’s yesterday, it published an open letter to Ronald McDonald’s outfit suggesting that the two companies put all rivalries aside from one day to encourage world peace. BK suggested that they create the McWhopper that combines “all the tastiest bits of your Big Mac and our Whopper” in one delectable “peace-loving” burger. McDonald’s has responded: it’s not interested.

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ashley-madisonThe Ashley Madison hack certainly raised more than just suspicious eyebrows, but I am quite sure that it also wrecked a handful of marriages along the way, taking into account how this site encouraged married people to sign up in order to have an affair, citing that life is short. Well, with details of more than 32 million accounts being shared, that would certainly account for a number of tiffs in households recently. However, the question remains – who is behind this hack? A security researcher claims that it might have performed by a Twitter user who happens to be known by the handle “Thadeus Zu”.

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The Turing Phone was first shown off in April earlier this year, it’s a smartphone which promises supremely high build quality with an emphasis on security. Last month Turing Robotic Industries announced that it has started taking pre-orders for the handset and now the company is saying that those who have pre-ordered their units will start receiving them from December 18th this year.

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google logoThe European Union’s top antitrust official has claimed that Google, the technology giant from the US, could very well be in violation of antitrust laws in that part of the world, citing that Google has favored several of its own search results over those which were hunted down by its rivals. However, Google claims that there is the implication that a rising amount of competition within the region’s online search market thanks to the company’s activities in the region, and this has been submitted as a response to the European Commission.

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