apple logoAny iPhone is certainly worthy of its fair share of rumors, taking into consideration how popular this particular device is on a global scale. Before this, we have heard that the next generation iPhone 7 (or at least, this is what it will be known as at the moment) will bring with it 3GB of RAM as well as waterproof capability. Well, it seems that there is a brand new rumor surrounding the super mysterious iPhone 7, citing that it will drop the standard 3.5mm headphone jack – while settling for Lightning-based headphones instead.

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instagramAre you a huge fan of Instagram? While Instagram has its fair share of users, it is still unable to carry that kind of weight that Facebook has where social apps are concerned, mainly due to the different nature of each app, not to mention Facebook being a whole lot more encompassing. Still, there is a place for Instagram in our lives, and the idea of having Instagram support multiple accounts has been thought up of by many to date, but nothing has been done by Instagram until now. Apparently, Instagram did introduce multiple account support – but just for a while, before removing that feature.

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eiffel-tower-greenThe Eiffel Tower is one of the monuments of engineering feats by us humans in the modern era, and continues to stand proud and tall until this day. It has recently been a beacon of hope and resistance against terror in the aftermath of the terror bombings in France, and this time around, it has turned a shade of green in light of the climate talks that are being held in Paris, urging smartphone users to “plant a tree” wherever they are on the Paris landmark.

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ff7-port-trophyIt looks like you can never keep a good man down, and I suppose one can say the same for a good game. Final Fantasy VII has certainly captured the imagination of many a gamer since it was released all those years ago, and certainly introduced the word “epic” to any a person’s vocabulary where gaming is concerned. This time around, we have heard that the Final Fantasy VII’s port on the PS4 has seen its PS4 trophies being bandied about, where the list itself will also include achievements such as going on a date with Barret as well as seducing Don Corneo.

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vtech-breachVTech has certainly made a name for itself over the years, particular in technologically advanced childrens’ toys such as the Kidizoom Watch, among numerous others. However, it does look as though security is not all that strong as they are supposed to be in recent times, and we have received word that a data breach has affected VTech over in Hong Kong. This happens to be a problem that while small, is on the rise.

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rainbow-six-siegeMuch has been said about Rainbow Six: Siege over the past week, with it first being announced as going live, before being delayed, and subsequently, having all of its kinks ironed out so that it will be released. Having said that, this particular title has captured the attention of many a gamer, and in a team game like this, you can be sure that there will be a small percentage of bad apples, so to speak, who love nothing but to wreak havoc on proceedings – and hence, resulting in a somewhat unofficial policy that there will be a very low level of tolerance for teamkillers.

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nokia mercuryLast year Nokia took the wraps off their first tablet ever in the form of the Nokia N1. However it turns out that despite Nokia no longer being in the mobile scene, at least not in the same capacity that they used to be, the company had actually another tablet in the works that apparently got cancelled.

Thanks to a recent tweet by the ever reliable @evleaks, a rendering of the device has surfaced. As you can see in the image above, this is the alleged cancelled Nokia Mercury tablet. Based on its design it could easily pass off as a phablet, but @evleaks claims that the device is in reality a tablet. Read full post →Leaked Render Of Cancelled Nokia Mercury Tablet

lenovo_vibe_x3Last week there was a report that suggested that Lenovo could be thinking about doing away with its Vibe brand. Instead, Lenovo would be turning to Motorola to handle all their smartphone needs. Given that Lenovo owns Motorola, the reports did make some sense. After all why would Lenovo want to compete with their own brand, right? Read full post →Lenovo Confirms That Vibe Smartphones Aren’t Being Discontinued

lg g4 beat_2If you happen to reside in Europe and are rocking to the LG G4 smartphone, then I am pretty sure that you are very stoked with the handset, and simply cannot wait to pick up the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system update. It certainly looks as though the folks over at LG are working hard to ensure that their current flagship remains up to speed where its mobile operating system version is concerned, and Android 6.0 Marshmallow would be the tune to dance to at this point in time.

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karalux-priv-1I am quite sure that many of us have heard of the name Karalux before, a company that has set up its base of operations over in Vietnam. After all, Karalux has churned out its fair share of gold-plated products – we’re not talking about a coat of gold paint, but real gold here, folks, such as the iPad Air 2 and the Apple Watch that has received the Midas, nay, Karalux touch. It looks like the Android-powered BlackBerry Priv is about to get a similar treatment this time around, with the Karalux inspired BlackBerry Priv to go on sale later this December 5th.

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