Apple today released a new software update for OS X 10 Yosemite. It primarily brings bug fixes and improvements. With this software update Apple has fixed many Wi-Fi related issues that have been plaguing Yosemite users. Improvements for iCloud, VoiceOver, Bluetooth headphones and Safari are also included.

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Apple has come under fire from critics ever since iOS 8 was released because the new software required a substantial amount of storage to be available on the device before it can be installed. Most users are running on fumes as far as free storage goes these days so one can imagine what a pain it would be to either move or delete data to make space for the update. Apple has finally released an update to fix that. iOS 8.1.3 also brings additional bug fixes and improvements and stability as well as performance.

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apple pay

Its proving to be a good day for Apple Pay. A few hours back Western Union announced support for Apple Pay meaning that the service can now be used to fund money transfers and bill payments. Now USA Technologies has pushed out a press release announcing support for Apple Pay at over 200,000 self-serve and vending machines across the country.

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On January 21st Microsoft unveiled Windows 10. The company laid down its vision for the future of its operating system at the event. There it also talked about Windows 10 for phones and all of the new features and improvements that this iteration is going to bring. Microsoft is not done talking about it yet. Its putting together a video demonstration which is going to detail some of the major Windows 10 for phones features.

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htc-desire-826The HTC Desire 826, a smartphone that we talked about earlier this year when CES hit the ground running in Las Vegas, Nevada. Well, the handset had already been unveiled over in the world’s most populous country, China, earlier this morning. Just what will this particular model deliver right out of the box? Let us go through a little refresher course right after the jump before arriving at a possible purchase decision.

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The Lizard Squad has struck again it seems. This is the group that claimed responsibility for knocking down PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live over Christmas 2014 and recently it broke into the Malaysia Airlines website. Lizard Squad’s latest victim appears to be one of the most popular celebrities on social media. Taylor Swift Twitter and Instagram were hacked today and there are plenty of indicators that this was a Lizard Squad job.

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spyware-rent-to-ownNow this could be a particularly chilling thought – how do you like the idea of a government agency keeping constant tabs on you as you move around? It sure as heck sounds unnerving, to say the least, but we have received word that the United States’ Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) happens to be spying on millions of Americans each day, while ensuring that they know where their targets are traveling to around the country. The Guardian claims that this is done by the constant tracking of car license plates.

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music-piracyWhen it comes to the issue of piracy where digital content is concerned, how does one approach the topic? Is there really a way to ensure that such piracy will not happen ever again, or at least the number of such acts are reduced? Perhaps, and for the country of Norway, it seems that the issue surrounding music piracy has more or less disappeared after a few years of introducing music streaming, now how about that? Perhaps several factors other than policies also come into play, such as the general culture of the people as well as nation’s core values.

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google_logoIt does take a fair bit of guts to say that one is sorry when one has done something wrong – and for a company to do so would go some way in gaining back some of the goodwill in which it has lost due to a recent gaffe. In fact, Google has just issued an apology after they were bombarded by messages from unhappy users, who claim that their translation software did not perform as expected, rolling out homophobic terms.

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Ever since Edward Snowden leaked a treasure trove of classified documents that revealed just how vast the scope of electronic surveillance is many of us have come to know that they myth of online security is just what it is: a myth. A new cache of documents leaked by this NSA whistleblower reveal that British and Canadian intelligence agencies used a program called “BADASS” to spy on smartphones.

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