The web was thought to displace paper, but it turns out that it wasn’t the case. However, managing documents digitally provides advantages that paper could never meet: durability, multi-location backups, search, and availability. The process of turning paper into digital documents remain the main point of friction, and we’re going to show you apps that will make this easier. Read full post →Best Scanner Apps

sag-aftraIf there are some video games that you are looking forward to their release, there’s a chance that it could be delayed. This is because video game voice actors have officially gone on strike. This means that any game in production that has not hired voice actors before the 17th of February, 2015 will be affected. Read full post →Video Game Voice Actors Have Officially Gone On Strike

insta-liveFacebook has a feature in the form of Facebook Live that allows users to post videos live on the spot. This is great if you want to share with your friends and family members updates about yourself and where you are at, as well as interact with their comments and reactions. Now it looks like Facebook-owned Instagram wants in on the action as well. Read full post →Instagram Is Testing Out The Ability To Post Live Videos

fabriq-alexa-speakersThe Amazon Echo is both a speaker and a smart assistant built into the same device. However Amazon has since opened up Alexa to third-parties which has resulted in devices like the CoWatch, a smartwatch that comes with Alexa’s capabilities built into it. However if you’re after a speaker that isn’t the Echo, you’re in luck. Read full post →Fabriq Is The First Non-Amazon Alexa-Powered Speaker

china-nintendo-switchDespite Nintendo announcing the Switch a year ago (when it was known as the NX), it took the company more than a year to officially reveal what the console looks like. The reason behind it was because Nintendo was worried that by revealing the console too early, their competitors might steal their ideas. Read full post →China Had A Nintendo Switch-like Device Since A Year Ago

If you don’t know how shoes are made, we can’t blame you since it isn’t exactly a process that many people are familiar with unless they are either curious or work in the industry. However according to Reebok, part of the process involves the use and creation of molds which is apparently both expensive and time-consuming. Read full post →Reebok Uses 3D Drawing To Create Shoes Without Using Molds

nintendo-switch-cartridgeWith Microsoft offering backwards compatibility with the Xbox One for Xbox 360 games, we’re sure some are wondering if maybe Nintendo had a similar plan for the Nintendo Switch and some of their older consoles. Interestingly enough there is some good and bad news on that front. Read full post →Wii U Discs & 3DS Cartridges Not Compatible With The Nintendo Switch

note-7-banned-trainsAirline companies and government bodies around the world are banning the Galaxy Note 7 from being brought onto planes. We’re talking about an outright ban where they cannot be brought onto planes, whereas previously the phones could still be brought onto planes but weren’t allowed to be charged or turned on. Read full post →Amtrak Bans The Note 7 From Being Brought On Trains

htc-boltThe HTC Bolt is a handset made by HTC that has been making its rounds recently. Its name has been speculated to be a codename and now thanks to a recent tweet by famed leakster Evan Blass, he has revealed that the HTC Bolt will most likely be marketed globally as the HTC 10 evo. Read full post →HTC Bolt Could Be Known As The HTC 10 evo

lg-g5-modules_10LG was pretty ambitious with the LG G5 earlier this year by launching it with the Friends modules. However it seems that the concept never really quite took off because sales of the LG G5 wasn’t exactly what you would call stellar. The phone itself has no issues, but rather the fact that the modules were expensive and required the phone to be rebooted each time it was swapped out made it hard to adopt the ecosystem. Read full post →2017’s LG G6 Could Abandon The ‘Friends’ Modules