htc-re-review-12When HTC launched the Re Camera, it was an agreeable surprise from the phone company. Re is a small companion camera that is designed to be waterproof (IP57 standard) and used by either holding it, or attaching it to a mounting accessory. Seen from 10,000 feet, this is HTC’s GoPro, but in reality these products are designed for different use cases. The HTC Re’s design is more “human” and fit for a spontaneous use in the palm of your hand, while the likes of GoPro would be typically part of a usage that requires more “preparation” (mount etc…). I have used this camera for some time now, and I will try to distill the pro and cons to give you a good sense of how it feels to use it. Let’s turn it on… Read full post →HTC Re Review: Designed For Humans

metal-gear-solid-5-the-phantom-painAfter completing the somewhat short but incredibly fun Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes, we’re sure many gamers are looking forward to getting their hands on the next installment in the series, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. The game was obviously not released last year but according to the rumors, we had heard an early 2015 release was possible. Read full post →Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain’s Release Date To Be Announced Soon

mba-leaked-1Rumors that Apple is working on a 12-inch MacBook AIr have been floating about for quite a while now. Last we heard, the laptop was pegged for a possible release in Q1 2015 with production reportedly already taking place. Now we’re sure many of you guys are wondering what this laptop could look like, and now thanks to a series of leaked images obtained by ifanr (via Electronista), we could have a rough idea.

The photos leaked revealed some alleged components that are said to belong to the upcoming laptop. They are also compared to other Apple products to give an idea of its size, thickness, and its design. One interesting feature is that the Apple logo on the 12-inch MacBook Air appears to be black, similar to that found on iOS device versus the translucent logo that lights up on other Apple laptops. Read full post →Alleged 12-inch MacBook Air Photos Surface

os-x-yosemiteEarlier this week, Google’s security team Project Zero released a report which highlighted some vulnerabilities found in Apple’s OS X. The good news is that if you’re an OS X user and worried about the potential security risk you are facing, you can rest assured in knowing that Apple has already patched one of the three vulnerabilities, and the other two are in the works.

According to the folks at iMore, Apple is already working on patching the remaining two vulnerabilities in OS X 10.10.2 which is currently in developer testing. It is unclear as to when the latest build of OS X will be released, but at the very least we can rest assured knowing that the next OS X update will address these problems. Read full post →Google Disclosed OS X Vulnerabilities Patched In OS X 10.10.2

screenshot-2015-01-23-10-50-16Many had speculated that with the Apple Watch, Apple would try to approach the marketing of the device as one might expect from a luxury watch maker. This is why Apple’s recent hires have been executives from the fashion and luxury industry. That being said it looks like Apple’s efforts have not slowed down as their latest hire is that of Chester Chipperfield.

Chipperfield is/was the Vice President of Digital and Interactive Design at Burberry. According to previous job position, Chipperfield was “responsible for User Experience and Digital Design for all channels.” According to his LinkedIn profile, Chipperfield’s position at Apple will be for “Special Projects”, whatever that means, although some are speculating that he would have something to do with the launch of the Apple Watch. Read full post →Apple Hires Another Burberry Exec For “Special Projects”

215210-1280Apple’s iPhone is truly a handset that is high in demand. We’ve seen that in markets such as South Korea where Apple currently commands a 33% market share, but what about back home? How is Apple handling the competition back in the US? As it turns out, pretty good. According to the latest numbers offered by CIRP, 50% of Q4 2014’s activated phones belong to Apple.

According to Josh Lowitz, Partner and Co-Founder of CIRP, “The strength of the September 2014 launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus fueled Apple’s dominance in US mobile phone sales this quarter. Apple had virtually double the sales of Samsung, and five times that of LG. No other brand accounted for as much as 5% of US sales.” Read full post →iPhones Account For 50% Of US Smartphone Activations Last Quarter

iphone storageThe unsurprising reason as to why some iPhone customers choose the 16GB model is simply because it is cheaper. Unlike Android devices, iPhone storage can’t be expanded via a cheap microSD card, meaning that choosing the amount of storage is important when choosing your phone as you’re pretty much stuck with it.

That being said, how often do you run out of storage on your phone? A recent study conducted by cloud photography app IceCream and Ondevice Research has found that at least 42% of iPhone users find themselves out of storage once a month. The survey interviewed 1,000 iPhone users in both the US and the UK, and as you can see in the graph above, a total of 42% iPhone users find themselves running out of space within the space of a month. Read full post →42% Of iPhone Users Run Out Of Storage At Least Once A Month [Survey]

beats musicThe great thing about these music services offered online these days is that it gives us access to a huge library of songs. These songs can either be the latest radio hits or they could be oldies from back in the day, but unfortunately it looks like those oldies might no longer be made available if the lawsuit against Beats, Sony, Google, Rdio, Songza, Slacker, and Grooveshark were to succeed.

A lawsuit has been filed against those companies over alleged unpaid royalties for songs recorded prior to 1972. The suit is being led by Zenbu Magazines who are the owners of several of these songs. The lawsuit also alleges that these companies had misappropriated its content and are illegally profiting by selling subscription services without paying royalties to the owners of the songs. Read full post →Beats, Sony, Google, And More Hit With Lawsuit Over Pre-1972 Recorded Music

samsung-galaxy-s5-review-026When it comes to camera modules in smartphones, Sony is actually doing pretty well for themselves in that regard. They have made modules used in Apple’s iPhone lineup, as well as Samsung’s Galaxy S-lineup as well, but if the rumors are to be believed, it looks like Samsung and Sony could be parting ways with the Galaxy S6.

According to previous rumors of the Galaxy S6, the handset is said to come with a 20MP rear-facing camera with optical image stabilization. However it also seems that instead of going with a Sony camera module for the Galaxy S6, Samsung is instead expected to use their own technology for the Galaxy S6’s camera. Read full post →Samsung To Use Own Camera Module For The Galaxy S6 [Rumor]

Sprint-signIt seems that T-Mobile has a knack for getting on everyone’s nerves, especially when they are competitors that they at one point in time was interested in merging with. We have seen AT&T and T-Mobile bicker and try to steal each other’s customers in the past, and now it looks like there is no love lost between T-Mobile and Sprint as well.

Sprint has recently announced their latest offer in a bid to try steal customers over from T-Mobile’s network. The offer will basically see the carrier offer T-Mobile customers a minimum value of $200 when trading in their smartphone, which is on top of the extra $350 in credit they would get if they were to make the switch from T-Mobile to Sprint. Read full post →Sprint Tempts T-Mobile Customers With Trade-Ins And Credit