drug pumpSay your computer got hacked and you lose your files in the process. Sure, it sucks, but it’s not necessarily the end of the world. However imagine if you are hooked up to hospital equipment that’s in charge of pumping drugs into your system, or maybe even keeping you alive like a ventilator, imagine if that got hacked!

As it turns out that’s exactly what the FDA is worried about and has recently issued a warning to hospitals in the US. The warning is over the use of a drug infusion pump created by medical company Hospira, claiming that the device is apparently susceptible to being hacked. The FDA is now advising hospitals who are still using the system to quickly switch to an alternative system. Read full post →FDA Issues Warnings To Hospitals Over Hackable Drug Infusion Pumps

rise_of_the_tomb_raider1Rise of the Tomb Raider will be the sequel to the Tomb Raider reboot from 2013. We expect that there will be a lot of new features and things for players to do, and for those who want to get the best value for their money, you might be interested to learn that the game will actually be 3 times as big as its predecessor.

This means that gamers will have a lot more things to do and areas to explore. Speaking to GamingBolt, the game’s director Brian Horton revealed some additional details of the upcoming game, like how there will not be any loading screens which will help towards creating that seamless experience from start to end. Read full post →Rise Of The Tomb Raider Expected To Be 3 Times As Big As The Original

yahoo polyvoreYahoo has been on a roll recently and has been acquiring companies all over the place. Their latest acquisition comes in the form of Polyvore, which for all you fashion lovers and shoppers online are probably familiar with. The acquisition has since been confirmed by Yahoo on their Tumblr page (another online platform that they’ve acquired as well).

According to Yahoo’s announcement, “Polyvore is a leading social shopping site that enables its users across the globe to shop their favorite products, discover new inspiration and express their style. The acquisition will accelerate Yahoo’s digital content growth strategy across the areas of social, mobile, and native.” Read full post →Yahoo Gets Into Fashion, Acquires Polyvore

passport silver editionThe BlackBerry Dallas is a handset whose name has been floating about for a while now. In fact the handset has even been spotted recently at the FCC where hopefully this means that we are inching closer towards an official announcement. That being said obviously Dallas won’t be its final name.

Now thanks to what appears to be a leaked slide, we could have an official name for the handset in the form of the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition. The name itself isn’t too surprising given that for the most part, the handset’s features and designs are pretty close to the original Passport. Read full post →BlackBerry Dallas To Be Named Passport Silver Edition

sony-online-store-shutdown-screenshotIf you typically head on over to Sony’s online store to purchase their products, as opposed to going through another retailer like Amazon or maybe Adorama for your Sony camera needs, you might want to start looking for another retailer. Sony has recently begun to send out emails to its customers, notifying them that their online store will be closing.

Their store is expected to close come 28th of August so if you have any gift cards or if there are some products that you’d like to purchase through its website, you should probably do so before the 28th where it will shut its doors at 1PM PST. However this isn’t the end for Sony’s online experience as they are expected to launch a new store soon. Read full post →Sony Shutting Down Online Store 28th August

note 5 leakWe have been hearing a fair bit about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+. We have seen some leaks and here and there but thanks to the ever reliable @evleaks, we could be looking at our first press rendering of both devices which you can see for yourself in the image above.

The Galaxy Note 5’s rendering seems to be in line with some of the photos we’ve seen recently. It appears to sport pretty thin bezels thus giving its display a larger-than-expected look, although at the moment based on these rendering it’s hard to tell how big the phone is, but last we heard the handset is said to pack a 5.7-inch display. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+ Press Renders Leaked

force_touch_trackpad-640x360One of the rumored features of the upcoming iPhone 6s is the inclusion of Force Touch, a feature that originally debuted with the Apple Watch and was later introduced to Apple’s MacBook trackpads. Now in June we had heard that orders for the component had been placed, and now it looks like production is starting to ramp up.

This is according to a report from DigiTimes who claims that production of the component for the iPhone 6s has since ramped up, with as many as 36-40 million iPhones estimated to be built during the September quarter, followed by another 50 million in December. The ramping up in production doesn’t really come as a surprise. Read full post →Production Of Force Touch Components For iPhone 6s Ramping Up [Rumor]

safari batteryChrome is a great browser, especially if you’re a heavy user of Google’s products and services. However its performance on Apple’s OS X platform is not particularly great and it has been found to be something of a battery drain. Now if you’re looking to extend the battery life of your MacBook, then perhaps switching to Safari would be a better idea.

Before you think we’re getting paid by Apple to promote Safari/bash Chrome, we’re not. This is based on actual numbers conducted by the folks at Battery Box where they found that using Safari will actually help improve your MacBook’s battery life. This was discovered after one of their colleagues was experiencing much better battery life after making the switch, and they decided to put it to the test. Read full post →Using Safari On A MacBook Helps Improve Battery Life

CTB-LockerWhile many users are reporting that they have received their Windows 10 updates, there are some who are still waiting for theirs. Now as Microsoft has stated, the rollout could take days or weeks to reach you, so if you have reserved your copy, you can rest easy knowing that it will make its way to you eventually.

However for those who are impatient, here’s a little warning for you guys. According to a report from Cisco’s Talos Group, it seems that Windows 10 scam emails have been making their rounds on the internet. In fact the spoof seems so real that it even comes with a “real” microsoft.com domain. Read full post →Windows 10 Scam Emails Are Already Making Their Rounds

yamazakiWhisky is usually aged in barrels made out of oak. The belief is that the qualities of the wood will help give the whisky its distinct taste, although the length of aging will really depend on that particular line and the company, with cheaper brands and companies going for an artificial form of aging.

Now if you’re a whisky connoisseur, chances are you might have heard of the Japanese company Suntory. The company is known for their premium alcohol and in an interesting experiment on aging, it looks like the company is planning on sending up some of the whiskies into space and see how a zero-gravity environment will affect the taste of their products. Read full post →Japan’s Suntory Wants To Age Whisky In Space