Yesterday Sony confirmed the list of Xperia devices which will receive the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update, the company didn’t reveal when they’ll get the update, but at least it confirmed which of its devices will be jumping on the latest iteration of Android. Quite a few Xperia owners will get the chance to try out said update before it’s rolled out for everybody else, Sony today revealed that it needs 10,000 people to beta test Android 6.0 Marshmallow for its devices.

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Google today announced the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project that aims to speed up mobile web, it was first reported last month that Google was working on something along the same lines and now the company has officially launched it. The goal with Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is to significantly improve the performance of the mobile web without having to do away with rich content such as graphics, videos and animations.

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Things haven’t been that great for Samsung over the past few quarters, the company has seen a year-on-year profit decline for the last seven quarters straight so it’s about time that it posts some profit growth. In the earnings guidance released today the company predicts that it will post a major profit growth in Q3 2015 as opposed to the same time last year, it expects that operating profit will be nearly double of what it posted in Q3 2014.

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Interested in self-driving cars is increasing, not only are tech companies like Google working to make cars that drive by themselves, but now a whole lot of conventional manufacturers have also embraced this vision of the future. Toyota has announced that it plans to have its self-driving cars on the road by 2020, it’s targeting the same year as Nissan, Google and General Motors, all of which expect to have self-driving cars on the road by the end of this decade.

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Just a few days ago Google unveiled its new Nexus smartphones, as expected the company has two new Nexus smartphones this year, one made by LG and the other by Huawei. The handsets were anxiously awaited by fans of the company’s smartphone program and many of them appear to be impressed with what Google has put up. Now the company is taking the handsets to new markets, Google has sent out invites to the press for a launch event in India where it will formally launch the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P in India.

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mgs remakeThe original Metal Gear game was released in 1987. This means that it’s about 28 years old today. Back then we suppose you could say that it featured some pretty killer graphics, at least for its time, but fast forward to today, those graphics are looking pretty damn dated. The good news is that one fan wants to remake the game using Unreal Engine 4.

This remake is courtesy of fan Jose Bravo de Mansilla, aka “Boker”. It is called Outer Heaven and will basically combine the story of the original Metal Gear along with the isometric camera view of Metal Gear Solid and the gameplay of the more modern version of the game. In a way you could consider this to be the mashup of all the things that made the Metal Gear series great to begin with. Read full post →MGS Fan Is Remaking The Original Game Using Unreal Engine 4

rise of the tomb raiderRise of the Tomb Raider will be officially released on the 10th of November alongside plenty of other big titles, so we reckon that day will be particularly busy as far as video games are concerned. Now if you don’t really care about the other games being released then and just want the latest Tomb Raider, digital pre-orders for the Xbox One are now live.

Gamers who are interested in placing their pre-order for the game can head on over to the Xbox Store for the details. However we should note that this is for the digital version of the game, so there will not be a physical copy. If you’d like a physical copy you’d have to pre-order that via other stores. Read full post →Rise Of The Tomb Raider Xbox One Digital Pre-Orders Now Live

sf5-betaIf you’re looking to take part in the next Street Fighter 5 beta, you might be interested to learn that Capcom is apparently prepared to make this round of beta testing more successful. In an announcement on its website (via Kotaku), Capcom revealed that the next beta test will go live from the 22nd to the 25th of October.

The company also revealed that the number of supported players will be at 100,000. This is a massive leap from the original beta which was capped at 10,000. However this is based on a translation of the Japanese website so there is a chance that we could be mistaken, but then again Capcom has been performing stress tests, so perhaps they’re thinking that this time round, they’re better prepared. Read full post →Next Street Fighter 5 Beta Will Support 100,000 Players

Resident-Evil-Revelations-2The last time we saw a major Resident Evil title released was back in 2012 with Resident Evil 6. This means that it has been 3 years with no word on whether or not there will be a successor, but the good news is that we think we’re getting close. This is according to Capcom who apparently told gamers to “stay tuned”.

In a Q&A with Resident Evil’s producer Masachika Kawata, this is what he said when asked about Resident Evil 7. “We’re currently not at a state to talk about it… but please stay tuned.” While this suggests that the game is still in development (hopefully), we could be inching closer towards hearing something officially being announced. Read full post →Capcom: Stay Tuned For Resident Evil 7

sc2_allied_commanders_3Several months ago Blizzard announced Whispers of Oblivion. This is basically a series of missions for StarCraft 2 and is meant to be the prologue, giving players a bit of backstory before Legacy of the Void is released. These prologue missions will be open to all gamers, regardless of whether they have purchased the game, and the good news is that it is now available.

This is according to a recent post by Blizzard on its website where the missions have been opened up to everyone. Prior to this, the missions were only available in the Legacy of the Void beta. To access the prologue missions, just fire up StarCraft 2, head on over to Campaign and select Legacy of the Void > Prologue. Read full post →StarCraft 2: Whispers Of Oblivion Missions Released For Everyone