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LG jumped on the circular smartwatch bandwagon with the G Watch R. It has been a while since this smartwatch was unveiled by the company and today it has finally confirmed the G Watch R release plan for major markets around the world. Some European countries will be the first to receive availability whereas folks interested in picking one up here in the U.S. will have to wait for a bit before this smartwatch becomes available in North America.

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HTC introduced “Eye Experience” at its Double Exposure event a few weeks back and it did promise that these new camera features will make their way to some existing devices through a software update. One such update has already been released for the T-Mobile HTC One (M8) and today it is Verizon HTC One (M8)’s turn. The device has received Android 4.4.4 update which includes everything that comes part and parcel of the Eye Experience.

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Over the last week we reported that an Android Wear update was rolling out for LG G Watch and the Moto 360 in some regions and today Google has formally announced this update. It is actually a big update for Android Wear, which is a relatively new wearable device platform developed by the Mountain View company. This update adds GPS and music features to Android Wear devices.

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playstation experience

A couple of weeks back Sony announced that it is going to conduct a PlayStation Experience community event in December which will span over two days and will feature “over 400,000 square feet of PlayStation.” Activities at the event include contests, panels, signings, collectible memorabilia and chance to play some upcoming PlayStation titles. The event will take place between December 6th and December 7th in Las Vegas and tickets for PlayStation Experience event go on sale tomorrow.

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os x yosemite

It has not been long since Apple released OS X Yosemite for all supported Mac machines and it looks like some of them have developed problems apparently related to Bluetooth after they were updated to the new software. Some users have contributed countless posts to a thread on Apple’s official support forums complaining about Bluetooth problems that surfaced after they updated their machines to OS X Yosemite.

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stevejobs movie

In case the Ashton Kutcher starring movie on Steve Jobs was not your cup of tea rest assured that there is another project in the works. Aaron Sorkin, of The West Wing, The Social Network and The Newsroom fame, has written a movie based on some of the most important moments in the professional life of deceased Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. There were rumors about the actor who will be tapped to play Jobs but now confirmation has come from Sorkin himself. Christian Bale will play Steve Jobs in the biopic.

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Microsoft has announced, rather quietly, that the free Xbox Music streaming service will bite the dust on December 1st. This service allowed subscribers to stream unlimited music for the first six months after which they were limited to 10 hours of streaming per month, along with advertisements being played at regular intervals.

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Carriers are battling it out these days over family plans and Sprint today announced a new offering that may entice low-end data users. For $20 the carrier is now offering 1GB of share data allowance with the Sprint Family Share Pack. The third largest wireless carrier unders its rivals Verizon and AT&T with this latest offering, since the former only offers 500MB data at this price and the latter only 300MB.

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leeo smart alert 1 640x359Not only are our phones getting smarter, but our homes are starting to become just as smart as well. Now we have seen efforts from the likes of Nest, Philips, and Belkin just to name a few who have introduced appliances in our homes that will learn our habits and will be more intuitive instead of just sitting here consuming electricity.

Well if you’re in the market for more smart home objects, the Leeo Smart Alert might be a product worth taking a look at. As you can see in the image above, one of the features of the Leeo Smart Alert is to function as a nightlight, and a very beautiful one at that. However it also has the ability to listen for alarms that might come from your smoke/monoxide detectors. Read full post →Leeo Smart Alert Is More Than Just A Beautiful Nightlight

world of warcraft 640x400World of Warcraft players come from all over the world, which also means that in some parts of the world, the amount of lag players experience will differ from those living in the US or in Europe where some of Blizzard’s servers are located at. Now the good news is that after what seemed like forever, Blizzard has finally announced that they will be deploying new servers to cater to the Australian and New Zealand market.

This should ultimately mean that gamers living in those regions or who are playing close to those regions will experience smoother gameplay. “Players currently on an Oceanic realm—Barthilas, Frostmourne, Thaurissan, Saurfang, Caelestrasz, Jubei’Thos, Khaz’goroth, Aman’Thul, Nagrand, Dath’Remar, Dreadmaul, and Gundrak—should automatically experience improved latency once the new game servers go live.” Read full post →Blizzard Launches Australian World Of Warcraft Servers