age restriction google plus 630x263We should always be careful of what we share online. After all you never know who might see your post. Well the good news for those who are active on social media but want to share responsibly, Google has recently updated their Google+ social network and will now be able to let users choose the location and age of the people that can see their posts.

Now given that you have to enter your age and location when you sign up for Google+, the new feature will you choose the demographic you want to appeal to. For example if you want to share an article or a video that might be questionable, you can choose to allow those aged 18 or over, or 21 or over, to view it. Read full post →Google+ Updated With Age And Location Post Restrictions

lg g flex 06 640x427Trademark and patent filings are usually a good sign of what a company might have planned. Of course whether these filings actually materialize into an actual product is a different story, but it does get people talking. That being said, LG has recently filed for three product names via the USPTO.

The names in question are the LG G Flex Frame, the G Frame, and the F Frame. Unfortunately these names do not tell us what kind of products we might be able to expect, although the G Flex Frame does sound like LG’s curved display smartphone, the LG G Flex, so it is possible that the G Flex Frame could be its successor or some kind of variant. Read full post →LG Files For G Flex Frame, G Frame, F Frame Trademarks

gmv 2014 medium box 300x250

miley 640x369While it is inevitable that kids will someday stumble across an inappropriate music video or song, we guess parents will probably want to do everything they can to prevent that. Well it seems that over in the UK, parents will be getting their wish. According to a report from the BBC, come this Friday a trial will begin.

This trial will basically be a ratings system for online music video where certain videos will be closed off to certain age groups due to the content involved which might be deemed inappropriate. The results of the trial are expected to be announced at the end of the year and in the meantime, popular websites and services like YouTube and Vevo have agreed to take part in the trial. Read full post →Online Music Videos In The UK To Trial Age Rating System

lg f60 640x440While most high-end smartphones these days tend to support 4G LTE connectivity by default, the same cannot be said for low-mid range handsets. Well if you’re in the market for an affordable smartphone, LG has you covered. The Korean company has recently announced the LG F60, which judging from its specs will not be breaking the bank.

The handset will sport a 4.5-inch WVGA display and will be powered by a 1.2GHz Qualcomm quad-core processor. However the selling point here would be 4G LTE connectivity, so like we said if you’re after an affordable phone that will allow you to surf and download at fast speeds, then the LG F60 could be for you. Read full post →Mid-Range LG F60 With 4G LTE Announced

withings activite fccWithings does have its fair share of wearable devices, and this time around, the Withings Activité wearable device has appeared over at the FCC – which means it ought to be well on its way to the market in due time. After all, we have already seen a fitness tracker that is known as the Pulse O2 which can be clipped onto a belt or clothing, or simply to keep track of the number of your steps taken each day. Alternatively, you can also slap on the Pulse O2 on your wrist like a watch – which looks rather out of place, of course. The Withings Activité is a whole lot more aesthetically pleasing, as it resembles more like a Swiss watch which sports a bevy of motion sensors that are hidden right under the surface.

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ipad air goldThere is just something about a shade of gold that automatically makes a particular device seem to be a whole lot more desirable, don’t you think so? Bloomberg claims that Apple’s next generation iPad Air will arrive in a shade of gold – and of course, this is not a gold plated tablet that will be insanely expensive, but rather, it will follow the footsteps of the likes of the iPhone 5s that arrives in a shade of gold, too, that appealed to plenty of people when it was first introduced.

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sniffing bombsBeing in the sewers are no fun at all, despite all the adventure that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles seem to advocate. You don’t know what kind of vile creatures that live underneath there, not to mention the cesspool of water that stinks to the high heavens. Not only that, sewers also pose a potential danger in the future – where dirty bombs could be planted there, and it is going to be really difficult in weeding them out. This is where the EU-funded project known as Emphasis comes in, where it will attempt to design a network of hi-tech sensors for sewers.

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Brite R450For those who happen to live in the northern hemisphere, you would most probably be aware by now that we are all thrown into the first week of autumn, and what a welcome it is! The leaves have started to perform their annual ”trick” of changing color, while the air starts to get a whole lot cooler and crisper – with days being shorter too, of course. However, this weather does not have a positive effect on everyone, since there are some who suffer from what is known as “cabin fever.” Salutron intends to help those who suffer from such a condition with the LifeTrak BRITE R450.

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google nexus 5 red 011 640x359Is it true, that the yet unreleased Android L mobile operating system is currently undergoing testing over on the Nexus 5? That seems to be the case, as the Chromium issued tracker on the Chromium web site does point to Lemon Meringue Pie build LRW87D that happened to be running on the Hammerhead. Just a little bit of revision, Hammerhead proved to be Google’s code when it came to describing the Nexus 5.

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steam canadaWhen it comes to our neighbors who happen to live in the Great White North, it is nice to see what is available over in the US also being made available there. Having said that, we did read about how Google Glass will be released in Canada soon, not to mention Spotify launching in Canada, so why does it not surprise us one single bit when we hear about how Steam will add support for the Canadian Dollar this coming October 7th?

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