With devices like the Oculus Rift, gamers are already experiencing a more immersive form of gameplay where their view is the entire game and its world, as opposed to just staring at a computer monitor or TV. However it seems in a bid to make these games feel even more realistic, an engineering team at Rice University have created a glove that allows gamers to “feel” objects within the game.

Dubbed the Hands Omni glove, the device relies on haptic feedback to provide gamer with the feeling of touching something inside the game. According to one of the students working on the project, Thor Walker, “What we’ve made is a glove that uses air to inflate bladders underneath your fingers. So you can hook this up to a video game and when you reach out and grab a virtual object, it feels like you’re actually grabbing that object.” Read full post →Hands Omni Haptic Glove Lets Gamers “Feel” Virtual Objects

system_on_carAt the moment the headlights of our cars help to illuminate the roads we are driving on at night, and while there are some cars with smarter headlights that will be able to follow the car’s turning around bends, Carnegie Mellon University’s researchers have come up with even smarter headlights that could make its way into vehicles in the future.

These smarter headlights are basically programmable headlights that will help aid the driver in all sorts of situations. For example the researchers are working getting it to avoid illuminating raindrops or snowflakes in poor weather, and can even help to reduce glare when the high beam is being used. It will also be able to detect the lane you are driving on and illuminate it more brightly compared to adjacent lanes. Read full post →Car Headlights Of The Future Could Do More Than Just Illuminate

DRONE212At one point in time growing up, having our parents drop us off at school, kiss us, hug us, and fuss over us can be a bit embarrassing especially in front of your friends, but it looks like this dad from Knoxville, Tennessee has taken home the award as the world’s most embarrassing dad through his antics of following his daughter to school via a drone.

Chris Early, the dad in question, was told one day by his 8-year old daughter Katie that she wanted to walk to school on her own. According to Early who spoke to WVLT, “She said you’re not going to come watch me, but I had another idea,” and boy what an idea that was. He decided that if he could not be there to watch her, he’d have a drone fly above her and ensure that she got to school safe. Read full post →Dad Follows Daughter To School Via Drone

Xperia P2Recently Sony announced the Sony Xperia Z4 handset but oddly enough its launch was limited to just Japan. We later heard rumors that the Xperia Z4 is a Japan-only handset and that another flagship for the rest of the world was on its way, and if the recent rumors are to be believed, that handset could very well be the Sony Xperia P2.

Specs and dimensions of the Xperia P2 were recently posted onto a Chinese website. It’s hard to tell if these specs and dimensions are the real deal, so take it with a grain of salt for now. That being said, its specs do seem to point towards it being a high-end device. For starters it is said to sport a 5.2-inch Full HD display. Read full post →Sony Xperia P2 Is The Company’s Flagship For The Rest Of The World?

apple watchElectronics in Brazil are subject to extremely high prices, a little ironic considering that some of the companies that make your electronics such as Foxconn have operations in the country as well. That being said did you know that Apple’s most expensive Apple Watch in the country will set customers back a whopping $30,000?

This is according to MacMagazine in Brazil who has listed the prices of the Apple Watch in the US against that in Brazil. The most expensive model is the Apple Watch Edition which in the US would have cost an absurd $17,000, but after applying taxes and whatnot, it rockets to $30,000 in Brazil. So if that’s the most expensive, what is the cheapest? Read full post →Apple Watch Edition In Brazil Will Set You Back $30,000

ubeam prototypeWireless charging technology at the moment isn’t really wireless per se. You’d still have to put it on a wireless charging mat which means that there is only so much freedom you have when it comes to moving it around. The only upside is that you’ll have one less cable to trip over. However last year we reported on a company called uBeam that was developing technology that would allow for wireless charging via ultrasound.

The good news is that if you wanted to see that technology made available, the folks at TechCrunch are reporting that there are several major brands who are vying for the opportunity to invest in the company in hopes of scoring exclusive deals, which in turn would allow them to offer uBeam’s wireless charging technology at their retail locations. In fact Starbucks, a company who currently offers wireless charging in some markets, is said to be close to landing a deal. Read full post →uBeam’s Ultrasound Wireless Charging Is About To Be Funded

jony iveLast year Apple’s Jony Ive was reportedly quoted as saying that Swiss watchmakers were in trouble in the fact of the upcoming launch of the Apple Watch. This sentiment was shared by Swatch’s co-inventor who felt that the Swiss watch industry might have missed the boat on the whole smartwatch market.

However in a recent interview with Jony Ive and Marc Newson at the Conde Nast International Luxury Conference, Ive’s comments seem to suggest that luxury watchmakers have nothing to fear from the Apple Watch. Vogue International’s editor Suzy Menkes asked the duo on their thoughts of how the Apple Watch impacted the luxury watch industry. Read full post →Apple Watch Not A Threat To Luxury Watchmakers, Jony Ive Claims

Going green is all the rage these days and companies with huge operations, like those who run data centers and server farms have started implementing greener ways of generating power, such as through the use of solar panels. That being said who’s to say that other industries or buildings can’t be just as energy efficient as well, right?

Stanford has had such a project in the works for several years now and has recently converted to a new system that relies on heat-recovery to help generate some of the energy it requires, and in turn will also be able to act as a model that large organizations such as utility companies and governments will be able to use. Read full post →Stanford Has A Heat-Recovery System That Makes It Energy Efficient

halo-5-guardians-leakIf you’ve held off on purchasing the Xbox One and are only planning on doing so with the release of Halo 5: Guardians, you might be interested to learn that there will be a limited edition version of the Xbox One that could be launched alongside the game. This is according to Halo 5: Guardian’s studio head Josh Holmes who responded to a question posed by a fan on Twitter.

When asked if there would be a Halo 5 Xbox One, Holmes replied in the affirmative by saying, “There is a limited edition console coming, yes. It hasn’t been revealed yet, but it’s pretty sweet.” Unfortunately Holmes did not provide a date as to when we might be able to expect the console to be unveiled, but if we had to venture a guess we’d say that it might be unveiled closer to Halo 5’s launch date. Read full post →Limited Edition Halo 5: Guardians Xbox One Coming

p9984-1-640x217BlackBerry has teamed up with Porsche multiple times over the past few years, resulting in devices being given a makeover and accompanied by a rather hefty price tag. That being said if you were after a BlackBerry Passport that would be given the Porsche Design treatment, you could be in luck.

Recently a couple of images have made their way online courtesy of China-based DT BlackBerry, and they are allegedly that of the BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9984 “Keian”. The handset was officially announced at MWC 2015 where the Canadian company revealed their roadmap, but unfortunately apart from its name, not much else is known about the device, although many were hoping it would be the Porsche Design version of the Passport. Read full post →Possible BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9984 “Keian” Leaked