iPhone 6 review 5 640x426The iPhone 6 Plus is one of two iPhone handsets Apple launched last month. It is also the largest model Apple has ever offered to date with a Full HD display with a screen size at 5.5-inches. Unfortunately it also seems to be the iPhone with the largest amount of problems. We had heard about Bendgate and now according to new reports, it seems that the iPhone 6 Plus is experiencing a lot of crashes.

There have been multiple posts on Apple’s Support Communities forum in which users are complaining that their iPhone 6 Plus is constantly crashing on them. In some cases, some users have been unfortunate enough to have their phones stuck in a reboot loop which meant that they had to bring it back to the Apple Store to get it fixed. Read full post →iPhone 6 Plus Owners Reporting Frequent Crashes On Their Device

google nexus 5 red 003 640x359The recently announced Google Nexus 6 smartphone is a beautiful phone. It looks good and the specs are pretty amazing. Unfortunately the phone is not following in the footsteps of other Nexus handsets and is priced above $600, which is the asking price for flagship devices from other OEMs.

This also means that it puts the phone out of range for some customers. Well the good news is that you could always turn to the Nexus 5 The Nexus 5 briefly disappeared from the Google Play Store, although it was not clear as to why. There were some a little worried about its disappearance but the good news is that it is back. Read full post →Nexus 5 Reappears On Google Play After Brief Disappearance

John McAfee, while no longer related to the McAfee anti-virus company he helped found, has been pretty vocal about mobile security. It wasn’t too long ago that McAfee released an app called DCentral 1 which basically helps users identify which apps had what permission and allowed them to modify that permission as they saw fit.

Well it looks like McAfee is back and this time he has a new app in tow – D-VASIVE. The app will run in the background and has the ability to log activities of your apps to see which app might have recently accessed something they should not have. One of the examples is that the app will look out for other apps that might need to enable your microphone or monitor. Read full post →John McAfee’s D-VASIVE App Prevents Apps From Spying On You

motorola symbol tc70Not all smartphones are created equal, that is for sure, and we are pleased to see more and more manufacturers start to look at the practical side of things, such as infusing smartphones with waterproof capabilities. After all, I am quite sure that each of us have a horror story to tell of how one particular handset of ours happened to have “drowned”, so to speak. Motorola has unveiled their latest Symbol TC70 touch computer, which they claim to be the most rugged, powerful enterprise mobile computer ever released that runs on the Android mobile operating system.

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ac unity xbox one bundleIt has not been a good day for earnings announcements for Amazon, but Microsoft has a very different picture painted after announcing that their Q1 fiscal year 2015 financial results also saw a whopping 2.4 million Xbox consoles sold in the same corresponding period. In terms of percentage, Microsoft claims that this would number a 102% growth where unit sales are concerned. Do bear in mind that the Xbox brand happens to be part of the Devices and Consumer division, which also saw a 47% increase where revenue is concerned to hit the $10.96 billion mark.

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lumia officialWhen it was first announced that the Nokia Devices & Services business will eventually end up as part of Microsoft, it was also divulged that Lumia, the smartphone brand, would end up as part of the Microsoft family, too. Well, there has been transitions and changes made from Nokia to Microsoft in various websites, not to mention packaging and other consumer touch points, but Microsoft Lumia is now official.

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cs halloweenAt the end of this month, chances are pretty high that you will have received invitations to various Halloween parties, and while you are still up in the air as to which particular fancy dress costume to go in, without being a repeat vampire, mummy or zombie, why not skip all of the social engagements out there and decide to spend the time at home, playing some Counter-strike: Global Offensive? Yup, that is correct – it might not be the latest game in town, but it has a new update that will see range of new cosmetic touches thrown into the mix.

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verizon sony smartwatch3We did bring you word that the Sony Smartwatch 3 has already appeared over on the Google Play Store, but here we are with word that Verizon Wireless is also offering one of the latest smartwatches from Sony, the Sony Smartwatch 3, for pre-order. In fact, the Sony Smartwatch 3 happens to be the first smartwatch from Sony that will boast of the Android Wear operating system, and it also happens to be the very first Android Wear smartwatch that sports built-in GPS capability, enabling one to make use of Google’s latest location tracking features – even when you do not happen to carry a smartphone around with you at that moment.

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We all know that Netflix will soon offer the entire Friends series for your viewing pleasure at your own pace and time, but this is not all the goodies that Netflix is set to offer to the masses. Here we are with word that the streaming media service has already announced yet another three more original series to its TV lineup, which would definitely leave the user spoilt for choice. The three new original series would include a new animated comedy from Bill Burr, as well as a sci-fi thriller series that stars Nickelodeon actress Jennette McCurdy.

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google inbox invite ebayDo you remember how it felt like to be on Gmail all those years ago, having received a precious invite from a friend? Well, it seems that Google’s latest service, known as Google Inbox, has generated a far higher level of interest from the masses, not to mention the number of invites happen to be a whole lot more scarce than what Gmail offered all those years ago. The number of Google Inbox users happen to be a whole lot less, and they are only able to dish out three invitations at most each round. This has resulted in online congregations, so to speak, to be inundated with people asking – or even begging if you would want to put it in a more direct manner, for invitations.

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