It was reported a few months ago that Apple was working on its own peer-to-peer money transfer service to rival the likes of Venmo. The service would presumably exist under the Apple Pay umbrella, enabling users to easily and quickly transfer money to each other in a manner not too different from Square Cash and Venmo. According to a new report, Apple’s work on this payment transfer service still continues.
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For the past few months now we’ve been hearing all kinds of rumors and reports about the iPhone 8. At that time the rumor mill appeared to be in consensus that Apple was going to release this iPhone later on in 2017. Over the past few weeks, we’ve started seeing reports that question whether or not the iPhone 8 will be out this year. Various reasons are being provided, including but not limited to supply shortages of the OLED display panel. A new report brings gossip from Apple’s contract iPhone manufacturer from Foxconn which will have us believe that the iPhone 8 won’t be launched this year at all.
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Amazon proved with its Echo lineup of devices that there’s significant demand for devices in the market that are powered by artificial intelligence smart assistants and are always listening for the user’s voice commands. We’ve seen similar products from Google and even Microsoft is working on one that’s backed by its Cortana assistant. Previous reports have suggested that Apple is developing a similar product which will be backed by Siri. A new report claims that Apple is now close to finalizing the design of this device.
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Video replays are common in almost every other sport that’s played professionally but not soccer, which is also known as football in many parts of the world. Traditionalists have almost always frowned upon using video replays to question the call made by a referee on the ground. However, after more than a decade of considering whether or not video replays should be allowed in professional soccer matches, the sport’s governing body FIFA has confirmed that the 2018 FIFA World Cup will be the first ever world cup in which video replays will be used.
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A new report today claims that Apple is going to introduce a revamped version of its popular music streaming service with the next major update for iOS. It’s said that iOS 11 is going to bring a revamped version of Apple Music that’s going to focus more on video content. The report mentions that the revamped Apple Music might host up to 10 original series by the end of this year.
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It was no doubt a landmark moment when former President Obama decided to reset U.S. relations with Cuba after decades of nonexistent ties. It was a big step and plenty of American companies tagged along with the president to show the Cubans that opportunity was knocking at their door. Google was one of the companies that made the trip and it has now become the first foreign internet company to store content in Cuba.
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Samsung isn’t wasting any time in getting its mobile payments service to more markets across the globe. It already covers key markets in North America and Europe. We’ve been seeing it focus on Asia and the Middle East as well. Samsung today announced that it’s continuing with the global expansion of Samsung Pay by rolling it out in four more countries.
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We’ve known since late last year that TCL has developed a BlackBerry-branded smartphone that runs Android and features a full QWERTY keyboard. This handset was officially announced a couple of months back and now the company has finally confirmed when it’s going to be released in the United States. TCL first unveiled the BlackBerry KEYOne properly at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in February this year.
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Amazon launched its first Echo device over a year ago and since then they have proven to be quite popular. The company has expanded the Echo lineup by adding multiple devices that further its hardware agenda. Just yesterday, Amazon announced a new product in this lineup called the Echo Look. According to a new report, Amazon might launch another Echo product next month and that it may even have a built-in display.
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Nintendo came out with an impressive earnings report but it also confirmed something that enthusiastic fans of the company might not like too much. The company today confirmed that its legendary hardware visionary Genyo Takeda is stepping down as Nintendo’s director effective June 2017. Nintendo fans will know that Takeda has played an instrumental role in developing both Nintendo software and hardware.
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