Just like how a knife can be used to attack or defend oneself, the same can be said when it comes to the usefulness of drones, where depending on who is using it and what they’re using it for, it can be a good or bad thing. For example someone flying a drone into a fire and hindering the efforts of firefighters is clearly a bad thing. Read full post →Firefighters In South Africa Use Drones In Their Rescue Operations

Since human nature is sometimes unpredictable, there are certain situations in which we can only react to as opposed to acting early and preventing them from happening. However it has not stopped researchers from trying to predict events before they happen, like creating algorithms to detect when/where terrorists might attack. Read full post →Twitter Is Apparently Better At Detecting Riots Than The Police

Will the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 feature dual cameras? According to recent leaks, it would suggest that is the case. However prior to this Samsung has yet to launch a handset with such features, and many had expected the Galaxy S8 to be the first, although clearly that did not happen. Read full post →Samsung Shows Off Isocell Dual Camera System

While many see Xiaomi as a company that makes phones, over in China Xiaomi is a company that dabbles in more than just mobile devices. For example the company has launched devices like an electric screwdriver and an air purifier, which is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that the company’s latest product is an Android-powered short throw laser projector. Read full post →Xiaomi Unveils An Android-Powered Short Throw Laser Projector

Whenever Apple launches a new product, it’s almost guaranteed that there will be people who mock them for it, whether it be for the design, price, features, specs, and so on. The AirPods was such a product that was made fun of when it was first announced, especially given its price and design. Read full post →Analyst Thinks AirPods Will Be Bigger Than The Apple Watch

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According to the rumors, Apple is expected to introduce a fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 8 that could be embedded under its display. Samsung was similarly rumored to do so for the upcoming Galaxy Note 8, but we have heard that the company is still trying to work out the kinks, so much so it looks like the competition has beaten both of them to the punch. Read full post →Vivo Beats Apple And Samsung To The Punch With Embedded Fingerprint Readers

Back in the day when the internet was still in its early stages, there were plenty of free email services around, but eventually users quickly settled on a handful, some of which remains popular and in use even until today. One of those services is Yahoo Mail, which unfortunately in recent times has gotten a bad rep no thanks to various security breaches. Read full post →Yahoo Mail Gets A UI Makeover And A New ‘Pro’ Version

The Xbox One X is the latest console from Microsoft and if there is one advantage the console might have over the competition, is that it will be capable of true 4K gaming, as opposed to scaling up from 1080p. Given that 4K is expected to become the new standard in resolution, you could say that purchasing the Xbox One X is almost like futureproofing your gaming. Read full post →Xbox One X Predicted To Sell 17 Million Units By 2021

You would think that with all the new technology we have these days that we should be safer than ever from attacks. Sure, current security methods do a pretty good job at protecting us against more common forms of attacks, but it doesn’t mean that we should be lax when it comes to security. Read full post →Dropbox Launches New Security Checkup Tool

SSD prices have dropped dramatically over the years ever since they were first introduced. However for the most part they are still pretty expensive compared to regular HDDs, and unless you truly need the speed and stability of an SSD, or if you have some extra money in your PC budget, you can get away without using one. Read full post →Intel’s Latest SSD Is Pretty Affordable