gear-s2-officialSamsung just announced its new smart watch, the Gear S2, which takes a new design direction since it abandons the wide display form-factor in favor of a more “watch-like” round design. In addition to this obvious change, the Samsung Gear S2 also features two buttons on the side for the Home and Back functions. The bezel can rotate, just like analog chronograph watches, except that this will be used as a control dial. Good idea. Read full post →Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch Launched


It has been a long time since Apple released a new set-top box which is why there’s a lot of anticipation these days for a new Apple TV to be unveiled at the company’s event next month. Multiple rumors and reports have surfaced over the last few days concerning the set-top box’s features and specifications, one such report has been published today and it claims that the new Apple TV is going to feature support for Bluetooth game controllers.

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If you have been looking to purchase a new Android tablet on AT&T then the latest addition to the carrier’s lineup might be of interest to you, it’s a new LG tablet with LTE support that AT&T has launched today. The LG G Pad X 10.1 is going to be sold online in the first week of September before it’s sold through retail stores later on. Even though it has a different moniker from the specifications it seems that this tablet is a slightly tweaked version of the recently released LG G Pad II 10.1.

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iHeartRadio is live on Windows 10 starting today, the app for Windows 10 brings several new features including integration with Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual private assistant. Cortana integration allows users to speak or type commands inside the app to discover new content or music. iHeartRadio didn’t take too much time in getting this app out the door, it has even managed to beat Pandora to the latest iteration of Microsoft’s operating system.

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Google self driving car public road

Google is taking its self-driving tests to the next level in Austin, the company has already been testing its autonomous Lexus SUVs in Austin for quite some time now but it’s said to be ready to bring its own fully self-driving cars out on the roads of the Texas capital. This will be the first such test of Google’s own self-driving car outside of California where there’s no driver behind the wheel.

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Cyberattacks are a major issue between the United States and China, the two sides often talk about this to try and it’s not uncommon to see accusations fly. The fact that is given the nature of these operations and the nations involved the truth is not always in black and white, particularly to the public. For its part the United States seems to be willing to impose “unprecedented” sanctions on China to punish it for a string of alleged commercial cyberattacks, claims a new report by The Washington Post.

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Sling TV is an online TV streaming service which was launched earlier this year, over the past few months it has added support for more platforms and devices, that momentum continues today. Sling TV now supports Amazon Fire HD and HDX tablets, this means that the service is now available across three different Fire devices from Amazon.

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Hobby drones are easy to come by and they’re much cheaper now than they used to be. There are many people who don’t like the fact that it’s easy to get a drone now and intrude on someone’s privacy without much effort, that’s one of the reasons why an ammunition company is selling rounds designed for taking down drones, but drones aren’t just a threat to privacy. There are serious security concerns as well, concerns that can get a drone operator arrested when his machine gets within 50ft of a LAPD helicopter.

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It has been rumored quite a few times now that Google is going to launch two new Nexus smartphones this year, one developed with LG and the other with Huawei. More information has been leaked today about the new Nexus 5 that Google is supposedly developing with LG, including information about the possible price range as well as the specifications of this device.

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We did report recently that Android Wear iPhone support was just around the corner and today Google has formally confirmed that Android Wear smartwatches can now be used with iPhones. This brings serious competition for the Apple Watch on its home turn but for Android Wear users it brings more flexibility, they no longer have to carry an Android smartphone only because they want to wear an Android Wear smartwatch. They can now hook one up with the iPhone as well.

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