grandma wifi blockerFor many of us, not having a decent signal on our smartphones, or even being in a “dead zone” while the entire home has been set up to feature Wi-Fi connectivity is a nightmare, but for 72 year old grandmother Stefanie Russell, that would be heaven. It is not because she is a Luddite, but simply because she claims to suffer from a condition where being in the presence of a cellular signal or Wi-Fi network would end up giving her headaches as well as nausea.

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iphone bend burntI am quite sure that many of us are more or less fed up with the entire BendGate debacle concerning the iPhone 6, as there is a new DyeGate that has emerged as well. Having said that, it looks as though the end of the BendGate issue is not yet in sight, especially after it was alleged that an iPhone 6 was bent, catching fire afterwards, resulting in a second-degree burn to its owner. The iPhone 6 happened to be enclosed in a leather case that could very well have offered a certain degree of protection, but that did not seem to be the case – pun not intended.

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robot cheekYes, we have read about a robot that can help combat malaria, with the potential for robots to provide a brighter future in the fight against the ebola virus, but here we are with a robot which is capable of performing brain surgery – through a very different means. This particular robot will go about its duty through the patient’s cheek, now how about that? Not just any brain surgery in general, but to make its way around corrective epilepsy brain surgery in particular, and doing so with a far lower risk than the normal method, not to mention in a less invasive manner.

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ebola robotWhile we do know that robots are extremely handy when it comes to automating the entire manufacturing process, are there other ways in which robots will be able to help humankind? The bitter fight against the ebola virus is on, and there is a remote possibility that robotic technologies which used to be deployed in rescue and disaster situations to be repurposed in order to help contain the Ebola epidemic.

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transformer robotI am quite sure that many of us are stoked by the very idea of a cybernetic lifeform, especially one that is capable of transforming into the latest model Ferrari and zip down the highway, turning back to its humanoid form as and when required. While that remains a fantasy at this point in time, and will rightly be in the science fiction category for a long, long time to come, humankind might have made a small step towards the impossible thanks to the likes of Brave Robotics, Asratec Corp. and Tomy Co. Ltd. working together. As a result of their collaboration, they have come up with J-deite.

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xbox video updateIt has not been too long since the most recent update for the Xbox Video app on Windows Phone was released, but there is a general feeling that it has taken a whole lot longer ever since the app did bring a significant update – or updates as well as enhancements apart from the now standard arrangement of “bug fixes and improvements”. Having said that, there is a new update for Xbox Video on Windows Phone, although do not get your hopes up too high that this will be a life changing update for everyone.

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iphone6 dyegateWhile the iPhone 6 as well as the iPhone 6 Plus has seen its fair share of issues right after release, this does not mean that interest in the two handsets have waned. On the contrary, they have actually buoyed Apple to a new record where quarterly earnings are concerned. Unfortunately, right after the entire bending chassis issue, there might just be another iPhone 6 flaw could raise the ire of those who have been loyal to the iPhone brand all this while – which would be having dye from a blue pair of jeans actually discoloring the plastic strips that are located on the back of the phone.

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microsoft logo1In its latest earnings report, the folks over at Microsoft did make mention that they shifted 2.4 million Xbox console units over to retailers, which means that not all of them have been sold and made their way into the homes of consumers. What other kinds of gems can we unearth from Microsoft’s latest earnings report for the first quarter of the fiscal 2015 year? Well, it seems that the Redmond-based company has also sold 9.3 million Lumia handsets in the process, which is a fair number taking into consideration their current market position.

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lg g3 screen 6Isn’t it exciting whenever there is a brand new version of a mobile operating system announced? Having said that, it looks as though the LG G3, too, would be on the receiving end of the Android 5.0 Lollipop update before the year 2014 comes to a close, which would place the flagship LG G3 to be on par with that of the Samsung Galaxy S5 as reported earlier this morning. This particular bit of information was made by a LG representative for the Netherlands and Belgium, having being cited by TechTastic.

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oppo device launchIt does look as though the folks over at Oppo are doing their darndest best to ensure that the upcoming Oppo N3 is going to roll out without a hitch, and with plenty of fanfare to boot. As the date draws closer, you can be sure that the company is all set to ramp up their efforts, and perhaps dropping even more hints and teasers to those who are waiting. In fact, one of the more recent teasers point to a second device that is located right next to the teased Oppo N3 which is behind a red curtain.

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