Given that companies can’t possibly make everything themselves, it isn’t surprising to see that sometimes companies bundle third-party apps/software with their releases to help bolster its appeal. Unfortunately this also means having to trust that these third-party apps do not come with issues of their own, which was not the case with some versions of Windows 10. Read full post →Critical Flaw Found In Bundled Password Manager For Windows 10

According to the figures, iOS 11’s adoption is currently sitting at 59%, which is much higher when you compare it to Android’s latest release. However as far as previous iOS releases are concerned, it is still lower, which some are saying is due to how in recent years Apple has been letting some pretty bad software bugs slip past, thus discouraging users from upgrading. Read full post →Apple’s Recent Spate Of Software Bugs Attributed To A ‘Bad Week’

The idea of whispering is so that you can tell somebody something without everyone else around you hearing what’s being said. So imagine if you were to whisper to your friend, and then they blurt it out loud in front of everyone, how embarrassing would that be? Unfortunately our digital assistants aren’t schooled on social etiquette, but that’s something Apple wants to fix. Read full post →Apple Patent Hints That Siri Could Be More Discreet In Its Replies

For those of you who own like a Google Cardboard or a Daydream View VR headset, then chances are you might be familiar with YouTube VR which basically lets you enjoy YouTube in virtual reality (VR). The good news is that if you own a different VR headset like the HTC Vive, then you’ll be pleased to learn that YouTube VR is now available for it as well. Read full post →YouTube VR App Now Available On Steam

One of the drawbacks to chemotherapy is that it affects the entire body, meaning that the rest of your body which isn’t affected by the tumor/cancer gets affected, which is why many patients undergoing such treatment experience a variety of side-effects, such as nausea. However scientists might have found a way to overcome that by more effectively delivering the treatment. Read full post →Researchers Use Sperm To Help Deliver Tumor Specific Chemo Drugs

Fake news is a problem in which it can sometimes prey on those who might be naive enough to believe everything they read on the internet, in which they take the false information and spread it while believing it to be true. Google has been working on trying to curb fake news, and have recently made some changes to its rules that will hopefully further cut through the noise. Read full post →Google To Hide News From Sites That Hide Its Country Of Origin

There is this debate which has been going on for a while now as to whether or not our cellphones give off radiation to the point where it can cause cancer and other health complications, such as causing infertility in men. While there is still debate about that, California’s Department of Public Health has decided that maybe we shouldn’t take our chances. Read full post →California Advises Users Against Keeping Their Phone In Their Pockets

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If you’ve ever taken a look at a comments section on Facebook, you know that sometimes especially when it comes to hotly contested topics, that people can get rather abusive and attack others who do not share their opinion. While having a healthy debate can be conducive, sometimes these comments are anything but. Read full post →Facebook Testing Private Comments Features

When it comes to choosing a smartphone, there are many things to take into consideration, like display size, resolution, camera, and so on. However if there is one thing that users should probably also consider is the amount of RAM that comes included with the phone, because as the video above shows, the amount of RAM certainly has a huge impact on performance. Read full post →iPhone X VS Razer Phone VS OnePlus 5T Speed Test

The iPhone X is Apple’s latest flagship and as we have seen with Apple flagships in the past, it was expected to do really well. However the shipping times which have dropped dramatically since its release seems to be telling a different story, that and report which claims that component demand for the handset has been weakening. Read full post →Analyst Claims iPhone X Isn’t Doing As Well As Apple Hoped