3D printing is awesome as it has given us a ton of cool projects, like 3D printing an old Honda motorcycle and recently, a man from New Zealand managed to 3D print a tiny drill that works. Speaking of tiny 3D printed objects, Formi Lab’s Michael Curry has recently decided to 3D print a tiny television, which when combined with a tiny display will actually work. Read full post →This Cute, Tiny 3D Printed TV Actually Works

A couple of days ago we reported that thanks to Unity developer Erik Roystan, he managed to get the classic Super Mario 64 up and running in web browsers through the use of the Unity engine. It also helped to boost the graphics quality of the game, which is rather old, making it look like it is a relatively new game released for one of Nintendo’s current consoles.

Now with Nintendo talking about making games for mobile devices, how would a game like Super Mario 64 run on a smartphone? James Fletcher from Mobot decided to see what that would be like and basically converted Roystan’s Super Mario 64’s Unity project into an iPhone project, throwing in some virtual controls in the process. Read full post →Here’s What Super Mario 64 On The iPhone 6 Looks Like

sodastreamThe idea behind SodaStream and their machines is to make carbonated water, which in turn makes it less “boring” to drink and can also allow home users to whip up different types of soda flavors by adding a bit of flavored syrup to the carbonated water. It’s also a lot easier than having to continuously buy soda water/tonic.

However if there was one limitation it was the fact that the SodaStreams could only carbonate water, but the company has decided to change that with the launch of the SodaStream MIX. This device is expected to debut at the Milan Salone del Mobile next week and is apparently capable of carbonating just about any liquid, or so the company claims. Read full post →Yves Behar-designed SodaStream MIX Can Carbonate Anything

From time to time, we all suffer from stress whether it be work-related or personal, and if you were looking for a way to better manage that stress, perhaps the Emvio smartwatch might be a wearable you could be interested in. According to its creators, they have dubbed it as the first watch that has the ability to monitor your stress levels in real time.

How it works is that it has the ability to measure your pulse rate to determine on a scale of 1-10 how stressed you are feeling. The levels can be displayed on the smartwatch’s display itself so that users won’t have to turn to their smartphone to get more information. It will also only display at a press of a button so that your stress levels won’t be shown to the rest of the world. Read full post →Emvio Smartwatch Can Detect And Manage Your Stress Levels

apple watchThinking about getting yourself an Apple Watch but you’re unsure as to which model to get or which band combination would look best? We suppose one could always hop on over to the Apple retail store and check out the various combinations, but if you’d rather not make the trip, you can do so virtually.

The folks at 9to5Mac have heard from their sources that Apple is said to be planning a virtual try-on and personalized setup process for the Apple Watch. Basically what this means is that prior to your purchase, you will be able to chat with an Apple Online Store representative who will try-on and model the different Apple Watch collections and bands combinations for you to see what it could look like. Read full post →Apple To Offer Virtual Try-Ons And Setup For The Apple Watch

apple-watch-editionThe Apple Watch Edition is Apple’s highest-end wearable and is expected to be priced starting at $10,000 and will go up to as high as $17,000. At these prices, one could easily nab themselves a luxury timepiece of the traditional variety, so why would anyone want to drop $10-17,000 on an Apple Watch? The red carpet treatment, of course. Read full post →Apple Watch Edition Customers Will Be Given Preferential Treatment

htc_one_e9pThe HTC One E9+ has been making its rounds as of late and is said to be an upcoming handset by the company. For those who are still skeptical about the authenticity of the handset and its leaks, you can rest assured that it is very real as HTC China has recently created a page dedicated to the upcoming handset along with photos of the device, pretty much confirming everything that we have seen so far.

HTC has scheduled an event for the 8th of April where the HTC One M9+ is expected to be announced, so there is a good chance we could hear more about the HTC One E9+ too, although if anything the launch of the website seems to have pretty much ruined the surprise for everyone, unless of course they weren’t planning on announcing the device at the event. Read full post →HTC One E9+ Makes An Appearance On HTC China’s Website

vine videosFor users looking to record short videos, Vine is a great solution, although we’re sure there are some users who weren’t too thrilled about the video’s 480p resolution. Given the short nature of Vine clips we suppose it didn’t really matter, but just in case you are one of those users who are looking for higher quality Vine videos, you’re in luck.

The company had recently announced that the iOS version of Vine has been updated and will support the ability to capture and record videos in 720p. The difference in quality can be seen in the image above in which the left is a video in 480p, while the image on the right is that of 720p which we suppose does look a tad sharper. Read full post →Vine For iOS Updated With 720p Support, Android Coming Soon

apple watchThinking about walking into an Apple store on the 24th of April and picking up the Apple Watch for yourself? Think again. According to recently leaked Apple documents, it seems that at the start of the Apple Watch’s launch, customers will not be able to walk into an Apple store and buy an Apple Watch just like that. Read full post →Apple Watch’s Availability In Retail Stores By Reservation Only

oneplus-01The OnePlus Two is a handset that many users are looking forward to, and thanks to a new report additional specifications of the handset has surfaced. According to the new rumors, word on the street has it that the OnePlus Two could come with what they are calling a “laser focus” fingerprint technology.

It is unclear as to what this means but basically fingerprint scanning technology could be embedded in the OnePlus Two’s home button. Perhaps it’s just a more accurate/faster way of scanning fingerprints, but we guess we’ll just have to wait and see. The rumors are also claiming that the front of the handset also looks like the Oppo Find 7 which means that OnePlus could be keeping the design changes to a minimum from its predecessor. Read full post →Rumored OnePlus Two Specs Include Laser Focus Fingerprint Tech