iphone6preorderskaput 640x464Usually when Apple announces a new iPhone, more often than not if you were a bit slow on the draw when pre-orders go live, it would be pretty hard for you to get your hands on the device unless you don’t mind waiting a couple of weeks or trying your luck at one of the Apple retail outlets instead.

Now previously we had reported that the iPhone 6 Plus’ pre-order shipping estimates had slipped to 3-4 weeks, but if you had your eye on the iPhone 6, you might be interested to learn that you could end up waiting as well. This is according to the iPhone 6’s pre-order page in which the 4.7-inch model seems to have an estimated shipping time of 7-10 days. Read full post →iPhone 6 Pre-order Shipping Estimates Slip To 7-10 Days

chinese phone laneMost of us are guilty of walking and texting, or walking with our noses buried in our smartphones. For the most part this is still legal (although there are some places where you could get in trouble for it), but it is also dangerous. This is because you could potentially bump into someone and knock them down, or you could walk into traffic without knowing it. Read full post →City In China Gives Cellphone Users Their Own Sidewalk

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google logo 2011 10 25One of the ways to get noticed on the internet is by being relevant enough where Google will list you as one of the results in its search pages, but interestingly enough in a bid to draw attention to himself and his new work, an artist by the name of Dan Roach had submitted a request to Google, asking them to for the “right to be forgotten”.

The odd thing is that the link was an article about Roach himself which was neither disparaging nor offensive. In fact it was a piece written by Peter John of the Worcester News in which Roach and his was praised as being “excellent” and “very talented”. According to Roach in a statement he gave to Worcester News, “The decision to ask for the link to be removed from Google was based on no more than a wish to highlight my new work, rather than the old.” Read full post →Artists Asks Google “To Be Forgotten” To Highlight His New Work

fingerprint gunThere have been a lot of debate about gun safety over the years, and there have been many suggestions that have come up. For example earlier this year gun manufacturer Armatix came up with a solution which is to pair a gun with a smartwatch, thus allowing it to fire only if the smartwatch is in range. This means that if you don’t have the watch, you can’t fire it, which would hopefully help reduce accidental shootings or gun theft.

Well it looks like we now have another possible contender for smarter guns, thanks to a 17-year old by the name of Kai Kloepfer, a high school student from Boulder who won the $50,000 grand prize in the SmartTech for Firearms Challenge. Kloepfer’s answer to gun safety was to embed a fingerprint sensor on the gun, thus unlocking it only if an authorized fingerprint is detected. Read full post →High School Student Creates Smart Gun That Only Unlocks With Fingerprints

flipboard iosFor those who are unfamiliar, Flipboard is a magazine-style app that helps to curate news from various sources based on topics that might interest you. While there are many other similar news-style apps available, the magazine layout of Flipboard with its images makes it a bit more attractive and easier on the eyes.

Now the good news for Windows Phone users is that if you were looking forward to getting the official Flipboard app on your phone, you might be pleased to learn that the developers behind the app have recently announced that the Windows Phone version should be coming soon. Read full post →Flipboard For Windows Phone Should Be “Available Soon”

my go gofone windows phone 06 story 640x341So we have heard the rumors that Microsoft could be getting ready to drop the Nokia and Windows Phone branding from its future smartphones. The Nokia brand is understandable as the name still belongs to Nokia over in Finland, but to drop Windows Phone? That could be potentially confusing.

Well thanks to the eagle-eyed folks over at Neowin, it certainly seems like that is the case. They have spotted a Windows Phone made by My Go called GoFone GF47W on an unlinked micro website in which images of the upcoming handset were spotted. One of the images, shown above, is of the back portion of the phone in which it just says “Windows” now. Read full post →Upcoming Windows Phone Handset Spotted With “Windows” Branding Instead

blackberry passport t mobile

BlackBerry fans are no doubt excited about September 24th. The company has confirmed that on this day it is going to formally announce its new flagship smartphone which is called the BlackBerry Passport. Information about its release will be provided at the event, some believe that its destined to hit the market on October 1st. If a leaked picture is to be believed it looks like T-Mobile might carry BlackBerry’s newest device in the U.S.

Read full post →T-Mobile Might Carry BlackBerry Passport

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Google has formally confirmed that the 32-bit Chrome for Mac is going to meet its end this November. It will no longer release future updates for the 32-bit version of its popular Chrome web browser for Mac. On the other hand the company will continue to support both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Chrome on Windows.

Read full post →32-Bit Chrome For Mac Bites The Dust This November

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Motorola fans should mark Tuesday, September 16th in their calendars because the company has announced through an official blog post today that its new products will be available for pre-order on the aforementioned day. It has also confirmed that Moto 360 will be up for pre-order as well so if you missed your chance to get your hands on the wearable device the last time around, you get to try once again.

Read full post →Motorola Announces New Products Will Be Available For Pre-Order On Tuesday

tag heuer

Mobile device manufacturers are jumping on the wearable device bandwagon by launching smartwatches. Even Apple has come onboard with the AppleWatch, many believed that what Cupertino will unveil is going to send shivers down everyone’s spine in Switzerland as they were anticipating another iPhone-moment but it doesn’t look like that has happened. Regardless, it looks like some Switzerland-based luxury watchmakers are now exploring the smartwatch niche.

Read full post →Tag Heuer Smartwatch Could Be Released In The Future