Android logoAh, figures and numbers – these are the stuff that folks always look forward to, whether it is the kind of market performance, or how a vehicle works, or even the total number of sales, all of such data works wonders in shaping the opinion and perception of the man on the street. We do know that in this recent quarter, Apple managed to arrive reached an important milestone where it managed to sell its billionth iOS-powered device. Sounds impressive, but that pales in comparison to what Android has achieved. In 2014 alone over a billion Android devices were shipped – at least according to Strategy Analytics. The analyst firm figured out that out of the estimated 1.3 billion smartphones shipped last year , more than a billion of those were powered by the Android platform.

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Imgur is a network that is undoubtedly going to keep the GIF alive forever. Most of the GIFs I come across everyday can easily be traced back to the vibrant Imgur community so its only fitting that this service launch a tool which makes it easier for people to create them. That’s just what Video to GIF does. It’s the Imgur GIF maker we have all been waiting for.

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snapchat-featureIt would seem that Snapchat users and investors alike were shocked when it has been announced that the ‘Best Friends’ feature will be removed. This is one feature that will depict the most repeated contacted individuals, but thankfully for those who received this rude shock could heave a sigh of relief later on, as the ‘Best Friends’ feature will be restored not too long down the road. Snapchat happens to be a photo messaging application developed by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, and the company also kicked off a service within the service that is known as ‘Discover’. Discover would allow users to check out curated content from a range of sources alongside the likes of CNN, ESPN, and Cosmo.

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instagramInstagram, a subsidiary of Facebook, has gone offline again – unfortunately. This particular outage definitely does not bode well for the company, as even a half hour outage would mean plenty of lost revenue in terms of advertising for Instagram. In fact, the outage this time around would follow Facebook’s longest ever period of inactivity for some time now, when the servers of Instagram, Tinder, AIM and Hipchat were shut down for a total of 2.5 hours. The entire Instagram went offline this time around lasted for approximately an hour – and this is a worldwide outage, where for select users, it translated to roughly 30 minutes of the inability to post stuff on Instagram.

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Late last year Jolla launched a crowdfunding campaign for its first tablet. The Jolla Tablet needed $380,000 for production to begin and the team reached this goal in just a couple of hours. Before the campaign ended in December 2014 over $1.8 million had been raised in pledges. Jolla now goes back to Indiegogo to raise even more money and the added incentive for backers is the option of a 64GB Jolla Tablet.

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hermes chinaThinking about buying a loved one a luxury gift? There are plenty of options to choose from, such as branded clothing, a luxury watch, a fancy pen, cars, jewelry, and etc. Those are all valid options, but as it turns out over in China, gifting a loved one an Apple product would be the ultimate luxury gift.

According to a report from Reuters (via 9to5Mac), it seems that Apple has managed to nab the number one luxury gifting spot in the country. Who held the previous spot, you ask? It was none other than luxury fashion house Hermès International SCA, who for those unfamiliar brand makes all kinds of fashion items. Read full post →Apple Now Leads The Luxury Gift Market In China, Overtakes Hermès

dual simWhen we choose our smartphones, some of us choose the one with the best hardware, the biggest screen, the fastest processor, best camera, and etc. Other choose depending on operating system, price, durability, and so on. There are also some who choose devices that have the ability to support dual SIMs, but exactly how popular is this feature?

As it turns out it is rather popular. According to a report from OpenSignal (via GSM Arena), it seems that 25% of all Android devices out there have the dual SIM capability. This is based on the 1 million or so users who have OpenSignal’s Android app. The report also goes to show that such a feature is especially popular in Nigeria, followed by Bangladesh, Tanzania, and Guatemala just to name a few. Read full post →OpenSignal: 25% Of Android Smartphones Have Dual SIM Capabilities

Gamers who love the hack and slash RPG genre of Diablo have most probably heard of the Torchlight franchise which basically offers a similar playstyle albeit in a different setting and universe (obviously). It has been several years since Torchlight 2 was released, but its availability for Mac has yet to come.

In fact last we heard, it was in 2012 where its developers Runic Games promised that the Mac version was only a few months away. Now we’re in 2015 but where is the Mac version? Well gamers will be pleased to finally learn that the Mac version of Torchlight 2 is ready for release. Its developers have announced via YouTube that it will be released come 2nd of February. Read full post →Torchlight 2 To Finally Make Its Way Onto The Mac Next Week

video unlimitedAs some of you might have heard, Sony has decided to put an end to their Music Unlimited service, instead choosing to partner with Spotify in a launch of a new service called PlayStation Music. The new service has yet to launch but it will be available on Sony’s PlayStation consoles as well as Xperia smartphones and tablets.

Now it looks like Sony will be doing the same to their Video Unlimited service, although in this case Sony will not be shutting the service down, but will instead be rebranding it. Much like how Sony now has PlayStation Music, they will also have PlayStation Video which is basically the rebranded version of Video Unlimited. Read full post →Video Unlimited To Be Rebranded As PlayStation Video

Let’s say your friend helps you buy a movie ticket for a show you guys are about to watch. They then send you a copy of the receipt/ticket via email and here you have some options. You can either choose to pay them back for the ticket when you see them, you could do a bank transfer via your bank’s website or an app, but if you’re a Gmail user, you could just send them money via Gmail itself.

This is a feature that has been in the US for quite a while now, but the good news for our readers in the UK is that it looks like the feature will be finally making its way to your fair shores. The feature is pretty simple and straightforward to use. At the end of an email, you will see the “£” symbol. From there users will be able to select the source of their funds, type in their amount, and hit send. Read full post →Send Money In Gmail Feature Now Available To UK Residents