Lady Talks Her Way To Free Boob Job Via Website

Gemini Smith before her surgery on the left, sporting a confident look on the right post-surgery.

The internet has truly made the world grow a whole lot smaller. Take 23 year old Gemini Smith for instance, where she managed to raise the £4,450 required in order to enlarge her breasts to a size that she desired simply by chatting to men online. Gemini, a trainee undertaker, touts that her 34A breasts made her look like “a 12-year-old boy”, and after the operation, she has raised the stakes to 34DD, after giving her herself a chance with American website is a place where strangers can chat up with the ladies registered there while making a donation towards their cosmetic surgery dream.

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Halo: Spartan Assault Kicks Off Universal Windows Games Microsoft has just started to accept universal applications for its combined Windows and Windows Phone Store, and what better way to introduce universal apps than in the form of a game – Halo: Spartan Assault? The one time purchase of this game will be able to be used on either platform, where it has been listed as a universal app in both the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store.

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Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction Redirects Visitors To New WebsiteIs Duke Nukem, the anti-hero of sorts, going to make another comeback in due time? That remains a question that is worth mulling over, but for now, we will have to make do with what little information that we already have. The Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction website, known as, has redirected the user to, where on that particular website, it shows off an image of a lit bomb that is ready to explode in 29 days’ time.

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Off White Google Glass Sold Out QuicklyIt seems that Google Glass has dominated the news headlines today, where it went on sale to the public, not to mention having word of Android 4.4 KitKat arriving for the Google Glass, too. It took just hours to sell out its off-white Google Glass models, where at one point in time earlier today, Google did mull over the possibility of extending the sale of its wearable computers, but decided otherwise after that to end sales.

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Microsoft To Open 11 More Specialty Retail Stores In The USMicrosoft has made an official announcement today that they will be opening up the doors to 11 more specialty retail stores in the U.S. when May rolls around, at least according to what was posted on the Microsoft Store Facebook page. Over there, a list of the store locations and opening dates were posted, and as you can check out from the map above, these happen to be spread out throughout the vast country.

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Google I/O Ticket Registration Kicks Off, Lottery System ImplementedAre you feeling lucky? Google has already begun taking registrations for tickets to its Google I/O 2014 developer conference, and for this year’s edition, the tech giant will try something different, using a lottery system in order to dispense with the actual tickets. Those who intend to try their luck can do so anytime until April 18th at 2 pm Pacific Time (5 pm Eastern time) in order to sign up for the lottery. Of course, the odds should be in your favor compared to holding the winning Powerball ticket.

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For those of you out there who cannot get enough of Plants vs Zombies action, here is a little something that you might want to check out – Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare has its most recent expansion revealed for both the Xbox 360 as well as the Xbox One, where this expansion will be known as Zomboss Down. PopCap Games announced the availability of Zomboss Down for both platforms earlier today.

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Upsilon Circuit Game Can Be Played Only OnceWhen it comes to the world of video games, there is always a second chance. Sure, your save file might be wiped out after you have invested hundreds of hours into a particular game, but there remains the option to begin all over again, right from the very beginning. In a sense, “death” within a game never remains as final. Having said that, this has led to a game known as Upsilon Circuit, where it toys with the concept of perma-permadeath.

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US Military To Work On Stealth Dirt BikeWe’ve heard of stealth planes before, but what about stealth bikes? Well according to a report from DefenseTech, it seems that US military leaders have recently approved funding in which it would see the development of a stealth motorcycle that would allow soldiers to drive for long periods of time on rough terrain without emitting engine noise.

This is thanks to the fact that the stealth motorcycle will use a hybrid-electric engine, which unlike a typical car engine, is relatively silent (if you drive a hybrid or an electric vehicle, you know what we’re talking about). The bike will be built by Logos Technologies and according to the company, will be the first hybrid-electric dirt bike to ever be built.
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Let’s face it, we’ve all dropped our phones before, especially brand new ones where your heart actually feels like it skipped a beat at the idea of your brand new, and possibly very expensive smartphone goes crashing to the floor. For the most part our phones are relatively durable and can withstand a drop or two, perhaps with some chipping in the paint and some slight scratches as the result of it.

However which phone amongst the flagship phones is the most durable? Now we’ve seen the Samsung Galaxy S5 go up against the Galaxy S4 in a drop test in which it did surprisingly well, but how does it fare against thee HTC One M8, the iPhone 5s, and the Nexus 5? Well the folks at gadget warranty outlet, SquareTrade, decided to find that out in a test of their own.
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