The Android lock screen has improved a lot since the early days. The lock screen has become a major battleground for productivity because it is where information is seen first. But productivity always comes hand in hand with personalization because we all have specific needs and wants. We bring you a list of the best Android Lock Screen apps and tell you about their strengths and weaknesses. Read full post →Best Lock Screen Alternatives For Android

Doom players take note: A major update for Doom is going to be released tomorrow. Bethesda and Id Software have revealed that this latest update for Doom brings two new multiplayer modes, new demons, and more. A bunch of Hell-themed content for the SnapMap level creation tool is included in this update as well. A short video has been released online which details what you can expect from this update.
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The latest iteration to the very popular King of Fighters franchise is going to be released for PlayStation 4 later this year. King of Fighters 14 was announced as an exclusive for the PlayStation 4 at the Tokyo Games Show 2015 and it was confirmed back then that this game would be released at some point in 2016. The latest trailer that has been released today introduces us to Team Psycho Solider.
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Apple TV_Remote_MainMenu-Movies-PRINT
We have been hearing for the longest time that Apple is going to launch a standalone online TV streaming service at some point in the future. A few months ago it was reported that the service had been delayed because the company was not able to agree to terms with content providers who actually own the channels that Apple wants on its service. A new report today suggests that Apple “alienated” content providers by making very low offers that were not acceptable to them, hence the impasse.
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If you have a PC running a genuine installation of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 then you are eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 10. Actually, you have been eligible for this free upgrade for an entire year ever since Windows 10 was released on July 29th, 2015. Microsoft made it clear from the start that this offer is limited to one year only and that year is up tomorrow, so this is quite literally your last call for the free Windows 10 upgrade.
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amazon echo
Alexa, the virtual private assistant that powers Amazon’s Echo, Tap and Echo Dot connected devices, can do so much more than what other assistants can do. It’s capable of calling you an Uber, controlling your lights, checking your bank account, and so much more. Alexa is picking up a new trick today. Now that it supports August Home smart devices, it’s capable of locking and unlocking doors at your home on command.
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samsung z1_1
Samsung is expected to come out with a new Tizen-powered smartphone in the second half of 2016. The company normally releases its Tizen smartphones in select markets like India and Bangladesh but a new rumor suggests that it’s going to release the upcoming handset in additional markets. Some of the markets are said to be located in Africa and Southeast Asia.
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The TSA offers screener-friendly locks that use one of the seven master keys that only the TSA can use. Back in 2014, The Washington Post inadvertently published a picture that showed all seven keys laid out on a desk. It didn’t take long for a group of security experts to copy the designs and release their 3D models online. The eighth and final TSA master key has now been deciphered and its 3D models are now also available online.
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If you have a child that made an in-app or in-game purchase on Facebook without your content then you might want to take note of this latest development. A class action lawsuit has been decided today with the California court ruling in favor of the plaintiffs. This lawsuit was originally filed by two children and their parents in 2012. Facebook has been ordered to provide refunds for those purchases at the request of the parents.
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Apple is due to come out with new iPhones in a month or so which is why we’re hearing a lot of rumors and reports about the iPhone 7 these days. One rumor has even suggested that the company’s new smartphones may not be called the iPhone 7, but that’s what it’s widely referred to right now for the sake of convenience. The latest suggests that iPhone 7 pre-orders will go live on Friday, September 9th.
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