ios 8 iphone 4s 640x197So iOS 8 is here and we guess one of the good things to using iOS devices is that for the most part, Apple tends to support older devices with major OS revisions for years after, which is good news for those who might be holding back on updating just yet. However it seems that if you are still a proud owner of the iPhone 4S, you might want to hold off on updating to iOS 8 for now.

Why is this, you ask? While your device will technically be able to run iOS 8, the folks at ArsTechnica have done some testing and they found out that the end result might not necessarily be a good one. As you can see in the chart above, it shows that with iOS 8 installed, launching time of apps has slowed down somewhat. Read full post →iOS 8 On The iPhone 4S Might Not Be Ideal

Samsung SM A500 640x390About a week ago, we reported that Samsung had a new handset in the works that went by the model number SM-A500. Based on the model it is presumably part of Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha series of handsets and thanks to China’s TENAA (the country’s equivalent of the FCC), photos of the upcoming handset have been revealed.

The images reveal just how thin the SM-A500 with its thickness measured at 6.7mm, thus making it as thin as the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. However based on its design, it seems that Samsung has made some revisions to the overall design and it does not sport the weird grooves at the side which is what the Galaxy Alpha had. Read full post →Samsung SM-A500 Spotted On TENAA Website

gmv 2014 medium box 300x250

ios 8 640x426Are you thinking about updating your iOS device to iOS 8 that was released just yesterday? Well if you’re still thinking if the update is worth it, you might be pleased to learn that for those who value privacy, iOS 8 could be worth updating to. Why is that, you ask? Well apparently in iOS 8, Apple has changed the way that they are encrypting your data.

The company has recently revealed via its website (via Gizmodo) that they are no longer able to bypass a user’s passcode, meaning that if and when law enforcement asks them to turn over your data, they will be unable to access your data, thus resulting in the search warrant being somewhat moot. Read full post →iOS 8 Changes The Way Apple Handles Law Enforcement Data Requests

halo reach demoThis coming November 2014, we will see the good people over at 343 Industries deliver a slew of remastered titles that make up the core Halo games, namely Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4. Talking about all these titles can be quite a mouthful, which is why they are officially known as “The Master Chief Collection,” and if that is not enough, Halo fans have voiced out that the other Halo titles, too, should see a port being made to be delivered up to the Xbox One.

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xboxmusic updateMore often than not, whenever a brand new software update is released, most of the users of said device(s) affected by the update would be impatient to obtain it, as chances are we will see new features introduced as well as old bugs squashed. Well, Microsoft’s most recent effort at updating the Xbox Music app has resulted in it appearing over in the Windows Phone Store. For those who were hoping for a brand new update that comes jam packed with features, sorry to burst your bubble, but that is simply not going to be the case.

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Wheelchairs that are laden with bits and pieces of technology are not exactly new, as we have seen a fair number of those in the past. In fact, we have also spotted an eye-tracking wheelchair that makes it easier for the disabled to get around. Intel, a name that is more often than not synonymous with computers and microprocessors, has also dipped their fingers into the smart wheelchair market, and who else better to deliver a glowing recommendation other than the scientist Stephen Hawking who himself has been wheelchair ridden for years?

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Line, the instant messaging company from Japan, intends to narrow down their focus when it comes to multimedia apps after introducing SnapMovie as a standalone app. For those who are wondering just what SnapMovie is capable of bringing to the tablet, this so happens to be an app that brings Vine-like features, and right now, it is a standalone download – which will cater for Android devices only.

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totemIt does look as though the Oculus Rift is the de facto virtual reality headset for developers to work with at the moment, but are there any decent alternatives in the market? Perhaps so, as the Vrvana Totem headset that you see above, worn by a seemingly enthusiastic test subject, would allow you to explore a virtual world with one major advantage – you will not lose awareness of the world around you.

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Square Enix has rolled out a fair number of hits under the Final Fantasy franchise over the years, and the game studio does not look as though they are going to slow down anytime soon with this particular franchise. Sure, there has been some misses along the way, but considering the company’s track record in delivering RPGs that are engaging – storyline-wise as well as through stunning visuals and great sounding audio, I am quite sure that whatever misgivings can be forgiven. In fact, their upcoming major title would be known as Final Fantasy 15, where a new trailer of the game has been revealed, showing how you are able to drive a car inside.

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sangriaSure, Amazon might have wowed the masses earlier this afternoon with a slew of Kindle releases, namely the Kindle Voyage leading the line, coupled with updated Kindle Fire e-readers. However, having good hardware would not be of much use, if there is no equivalent software to help you along. Amazon knows this, which is why they have decided to update the software which powers their range of tablets and smartphones, calling it the Fire OS 4 “Sangria” that is based on Google’s Android 4.4 KitKat mobile operating system. Similar to the previous versions of the operating system, this one will carry with it a distinctly Amazon design.

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