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At the IFA 2014 trade show in Berlin Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 4. Samsung didn’t reveal the precise U.S. release date for this device at the event, it only said that customers should expect to get their hands on it later in October. Today the wait finally ends for those who have been waiting for this device. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date has officially been confirmed today, it will be available in the country starting October 17th.

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Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers in the world and it has forked out some serious money just for exclusive access to the .Buy domain name based website. It was up against Google in an auction which was also interested in purchasing the .Buy top-level domain but ultimately bid $4.6 million to get what it wanted.

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anki starter kit

Last year the Anki racing game was announced. The starter kit for this game contains a track and two toy cars that are backed by artificial intelligence so they don’t just go round and round the track, they actually have some pretty cool tricks up their sleeves. The companion app can be used to control the cars and use weapons against opponents on the track. Today it has been announced that the Anki Drive prices are being cut and that support for Android is coming in October.

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Airbnb is a popular service that people around the world can use to rent out their homes. Its an easy way to make money if you’ve got an extra room in your apartment as its basically a no frills service but the company has faced certain regulatory issues particularly in San Francisco and New York. Regulators in San Francisco have been pushing to get Airbnb to pay hotel taxes on behalf of its hosts, after months of negotiations on the finer details, Airbnb has finally agreed to start collection 14% hotel tax in San Francisco.

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We have heard and read some bizarre reports about people doing some unthinkable things over electronic devices and the one we have today is equally shocking. 28 year old Daniel Zeitz from Roswell, Ga., has been shot dead allegedly by a 16 year old girl in a bid to steal his PlayStation 4, which Zeitz had advertised for sale on Craigslist.

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Verizon has long carried the Droid lineup which contains some of the best selling smartphones on Big Red. If latest reports are to be believed then it appears that Verizon and Motorola are joining forces yet again to bring another Droid device to the market. This particular smartphone will reportedly be released next month and one of its main features would be rapid charging.

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sony a77 II  alpha a77 III  03 640x558Back in the day when photographers wanted a more advanced camera, they’d have to turn to an SLR or DSLR camera. However in today’s day and age, photographers have the option of turning to mirrorless cameras which are smaller, lighter, and possibly cheaper than their DSLR counterparts.

In fact there are several professional photographers who have sworn and made the full switch to mirrorless since. Given that Sony has recently released their full frame mirrorless cameras, it is understandable why. So what does that mean for Sony? Could they possibly be thinking about moving more towards mirrorless cameras in the future? Read full post →Sony To Keep Developing Both A-Mount And E-Mount Systems

office2 1020 verge super wide 640x409So with Windows 9 possibly pegged for an announcement on the 30th of September, could there be more to the announcement than just Windows 9? After all the invite did say the future of windows and the enterprise, so could a new version of Office be in the works? Well apparently so.

According to The Verge’s sources, it seems that Microsoft is preparing an Office Technical Preview as well which would basically be the next version of its Office suite of productivity apps. Their sources have also informed them that Microsoft has been distributing copies of Office to their partners and testers, giving them a preview of some of its new features. Read full post →Next Version Of Microsoft Office Screenshots Leaked

Metal Gear Solid is probably one of the more recognizable video game franchises at the moment. The studio behind the game has made great strides in terms of improving the gameplay and graphics with every release, and safe to say that many are looking forward to the next installment of the game – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Well the good news is that during the Tokyo Game Show 2014, the game’s director Hideo Kojima confirmed that we would most likely be seeing the game’s release in 2015. Unfortunately Kojima did not mention when exactly we would be seeing it, but it certainly lines up with previous reports that hinted at a 2015 release. Read full post →Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Confirmed For 2015, Trailer Released

mkx controllerDifferent games can be played with different types of controllers. For example FPS gamers can choose to play using the keyboard and mouse, or by using a gamepad. Arcade fighting games can also be played using the gamepad, although there are some who swear that using fight sticks feels more authentic and handles better.

We suppose at the end of the day it really boils down to your personal preference. That being said, if you’re looking forward to the upcoming Mortal Kombat X, you might be interested to learn that there could be a custom Mortal Kombat X controller in the works. This is thanks to a photo snapped by Alex Jebailey, the community manager for Iron Galaxy Studios, who spotted the controller at the GameStop EXPO last week. Read full post →Custom Mortal Kombat X Controllers Spotted