search_noteSwapping between the desktop and your mobile device should be a seamless transition which is why modern browsers these days allows the syncing of data between the desktop and mobile versions of its software. Now you might recall last week how Google let users send directions from their desktop to mobile devices, and now it looks like they could be enabling a new feature that could allow users to send alarms and notes from their desktop to their phones. Read full post →Google Desktop Search Lets You Set Alarms And Make Notes

LG_WATCH_URBANE_LIFESTYLE_04Last week we reported that LG had announced the availability of the LG Watch Urbane. The smartwatch was to be first launched in its home country of South Korea last week and is expected to make its way to other markets by the end of the month. The good news is that if you were wondering when the watch would make its way stateside, come 28th of April might be the date you’ll want to mark down on your calendar.

According to a leaked document from Verizon that was obtained by the folks at Android Spin, it seems to hint that the wearable will be launched by the carrier on the 28th of April where it will be priced at $350. There’s no way to verify if this information is accurate so we guess we’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled to see if it pans out. Read full post →LG Watch Urbane Could Be Coming To Verizon 28th April

viberThe earthquake in Nepal is a devastating one that has left thousands dead with many more injured and/or missing. So far we’ve seen various efforts from governments around the world who are offering relief, with big name companies such as Apple, Facebook, and Google offering up relief of their own, or at least facilitating it in some way. Read full post →Viber Offers Earthquake Victims Free International Calls From Nepal

kids_games1If you were to look at families these days, it is becoming increasingly common to see parents use devices like their smartphones or tablets to entertain their children with. We suppose this is largely thanks to the fact that a single device can do so many things, such as play games, watch videos, listen to audio books, and so on.

This is why it isn’t surprising to find that according to a new study presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting (via Time) has revealed that more than a third of kids in the US who are under the age of one have experienced what it’s like to use a mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet. That number, to be more specific, is a whopping 36%. Read full post →More Than 30% Of Kids Under One Have Used A Mobile Device

facebook_safetyEarlier we had reported that Apple had launched a donations feature through its iTunes Store in which users could choose to donate varying sums of money to the American Red Cross, and where 100% of the donations would go towards the Nepal earthquake relief. It also looks like Facebook and Google have recently launched initiatives of their own.

In the case of Facebook, they have activated their Safety Check feature for the region of Nepal.  For those unfamiliar with the feature, basically it was launched last year with the intention of allowing those in disaster areas to let their friends and family know they are safe. This will be based on your location and Facebook will send users a notification to indicate their safe status, after which family members and friends can launch the tool and check up on their loved ones. Read full post →Facebook & Google Launch Tools For Nepal’s Earthquake Relief

jay-z-tidalTidal was a relatively unknown music streaming service even before hip hop mogul Jay-Z got his hands on it, but it looks like even after he did, the app enjoyed a brief bout of popularity and publicity before it started to fizzle and with it dropping out of the top 700 app ranking on the iTunes App Store.

So is Tidal doomed? Jay-Z does not seem to think so and has recently gone on a rant on Twitter in which he ardently defended the streaming service. For starters he believes that the service just needs some time to grow, and that even companies such as Spotify took many years to get to where they are today. Read full post →Jay-Z Goes On Twitter Rant Defending Tidal’s Streaming Service

itunes_nepal_earthquakeFor those who have been following the news, it was just recently that Nepal was hit by a devastating earthquake where it has been estimated that over 2,400 people have been killed in the process. Safe to say that this is very sad news, although thankfully it seems that governments around the world and NGOs have rallied to try and bring as much relief as they can to the area.

Apple is also looking to do their part as a feature has been launched in the iTunes Store in which users will be able to donate money to the American Red Cross who will then use those funds in their relief efforts. As you can see in the screenshot above, users will be able to choose amounts as low as $5 and go up to $200, 100% of which will be going to the Red Cross. Read full post →iTunes Store Now Facilitating Donations For Nepal Earthquake Relief

Consumer Reports is a name you might have heard of in the past with regards to testing electronic products. A few years ago, the company refused to recommend the iPhone 4 due to its antennagate scandal, although last year the company did come to Apple’s defense with regards to bendgate.

Well it looks like they are back and this time round, they have decided to put the Apple Watch through a rather scientific torture test. Now we’ve seen other tests conducted on the Apple Watch but if you’re looking for a more precise and scientific method of testing, then Consumer Reports’ video should not disappoint. Read full post →Consumer Reports Put Apple Watch Through A Scientific Torture Test

silent_hills_2Over the weekend it was reported that the Silent Hill’s teaser game PT would be pulled from the PlayStation Store, this led to speculation that it could also be spelling the end of the upcoming title and if comments made by some of the major players involved in making the game are true, it certainly looks like the game has been cancelled.

This supposedly came about when the game’s co-director Guillermo del Toro told attendees at a recent film festival in San Francisco that the game wasn’t going to happen. This was retweeted by del Toro’s assistant and was later picked up and confirmed by Norman Reedus who was supposed to portray the game’s protagonist (and also of the Walking Dead fame). Read full post →Silent Hills Cancelled, According To Major Figures Involved


For quite some time now PlayStation 4 owners have been able to access a playable teaser for horror title Silent Hills called P.T. on the PlayStation 4 but it has come to our attention that Konami is pulling P.T. from the PlayStation Store. Konami has confirmed this action on its website and has also given a confirmed release date after which P.T. will no longer be accessible on the PS Store.

Read full post →Silent Hills Teaser P.T. Being Yanked From PlayStation Store