Samsung Galaxy Note 4 owners have been anxiously waiting to receive the Android 5.0 Lollipop update. They might have felt irked when they heard that Samsung has already rolled out the update for Galaxy Note 3 at least in one market. However there’s some new evidence to support the presumption that the Galaxy Note 4 Android Lollipop update release isn’t that far off anymore.

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Google may be the leader in online search but its rivals are always looking around for new opportunities that could help them steal away some market share from Mountain View. Yahoo’s recent deal with Mozilla, which made it the default browser on Firefox, did show that it stole some share from Google otherwise it wouldn’t be trying so hard to win Firefox users back. Could Yahoo score a similar deal with Apple to become the default search engine for Safari? CEO Marissa Mayer says that if this happens her company is going to “welcome the opportunity.”

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The bulk of HTC’s smartphones run on Android. It has dabbled with Windows Phone devices but for now the Taiwanese company’s handsets are almost exclusive to Google’s mobile operating system. That doesn’t mean it won’t look at other options. A rumor floating around today claims that the company is running tests on Firefox OS.

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We are rapidly seeing cloud storage services come up with new photo storage features in a bid to win users over from their rivals. Its just one of the ways these services are trying to increase the number of users they have. Microsoft’s OneDrive team made a similar move today by announcing new photo features which includes a brand new search feature that’s going to make it much easier to locate your photos once they’re sent up in Microsoft’s cloud.

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Amazon isn’t one to shy away from taking bold steps and today it reiterated that resolve by launching a new email service, it comes under Amazon Web Services to be precise, and is initially geared towards business users only. Called WorkMail this email solution provides secure managed email and calendar that’s not essentially different than what Google and Microsoft offer.

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Facebook is the world’s biggest social network and it goes without saying that whenever there’s a major sporting event Facebook is one of the places where people share a lot of content. The social network’s own data says so. During the 2014 Super Bowl more than 50 million people joined in on the conversation and this time around the numbers might be higher.

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Delaware has set its sights on the milestone of being the first state in the United States to allow drivers to carry a digital license. This means that drivers wouldn’t need to carry a physical license instead they can use an app on their smartphones to pull it up as and when required. The Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles is now studying this possibility after the state legislature adopted a resolution a few days back.

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There have been countless reports over the past few weeks about Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor. This chip is going to power most of the flagship devices due to be released in 2015. Qualcomm is reportedly facing overheating issues with this processor which might cause delays for smartphone manufacturers. It was rumored recently that LG may sue Qualcomm over these issues but the Korean company has released an official statement to set the record straight.

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Verizon Wireless, the nation’s largest mobile carrier, has increased the fees that it charges customers for upgrades and activations. By the end of last year this carrier had more than 108 million retail connections which brought in some $23.4 billion in revenue during the October-December quarter. The new fees don’t go in effect immediately but the change is substantial enough that customers will notice.

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Yesterday Apple announced record breaking quarterly results. iPhone sales have soared taking the company’s profits along with them. $18 billion was earned in profit over the previous quarter that’s the most profit any company on the fact of this planet has ever posted in a single quarter. Not only that Apple CEO Tim Cook also revealed during the quarterly conference call that the company shipped its one billionth iOS device during the December quarter. That’s right, the one billionth iOS device.

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