test sony nex 7 aufmacherRumors of Sony launching a successor to the NEX-7 have been floating about for a while now, although it was just yesterday that we heard that a possible successor to the camera would be known as the Sony A7000 which seems to be keeping in line with Sony’s naming scheme, especially in the way of Sony dropping the “NEX” moniker.

That being said, the folks at Sony Alpha Rumors have recently gotten a tip from a source who claims to know some of the specs of the alleged Sony A7000 camera. For starters, the A7000 is rumored to feature a 256 phase detect system with 125 contrast detect points. It will borrow the NEX-6’s viewfinder, feature Tri Nav, a touchscreen display, and a sensor that has been engineered for high sensitivity. Read full post →Sony A7000 To Feature 256 Phase Detect System, Body Priced At $699 [Rumor]

samsung galaxy alpha 640x426Word on the street has it that Samsung is working on more devices similar to the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, which is to say that these handsets will feature more of a metal build as opposed to a plastic one. One of these devices in question is the rumored Samsung A7 and thanks to the User Agent Profile spotted on Samsung’s website, some of the specs of the handset have been confirmed.

According to the User Agent Profile, the Samsung A7 will sport a Full HD display as well as an ARMv8-A CPU of the 64-bit variety. Unfortunately apart from the confirmation of the handset’s display resolution and its processor, not much else was revealed in the process, like its screen size, storage options, camera, battery size, RAM, and so on. Read full post →Samsung A7 Specs Spotted In User Agent Profile, Confirms Full HD Display

foxconn factory 680x3821 640x359As it stands, Foxconn’s role in the production of Apple’s products is more or less in assembling. They receive the components from Apple’s suppliers and piece together the final product which they then ship back to Apple where the company then puts it on sale. However it seems that Foxconn wants a bigger slice of the Apple pie.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, their sources have informed them that Foxconn could be thinking about helping Apple build their displays as well. At the moment companies such as Sharp, LG Display, Japan Display, and Samsung are responsible for the creation of displays used in Apple’s products. Read full post →Foxconn Rumored To Be Interested In Helping Apple Produce Displays

moto 360 smartwatch review 1 640x426As it stands, Google has the lead when it comes to wearables in the market. There are multiple smartwatches in the market at the moment powered by Android Wear, and the Apple Watch has yet to be released. But if there was one way Google could really steal some market away from Apple, it would be to make Android Wear devices compatible with iOS.

Unfortunately as it stands, it is not compatible meaning that even if you loved devices like the Moto 360, unless you’re willing to get an Android phone to use with it, well you’d be out of luck. That being said, we’ve seen Google release their products and services for iOS before, and it looks like Android Wear will be no different. Read full post →Google Wants To Make Android Wear Devices Compatible With Other Platforms

mesa arizona 640x197According to our report from a couple of days ago, Apple and GT Advanced Technologies had reached a settlement regarding the latter’s bankruptcy filing. The settlement would also see GT Advanced Technologies begin to wind down production at their Mesa, Arizona plant and possibly sell off some of their furnaces to help repay their debt to Apple.

However interestingly enough, Apple has since come forward to state that the plant might not be completely shut down. Instead the Cupertino company could have their own uses for it and might repurpose it for something else. Read full post →Apple Could Be Thinking Of Repurposing GT’s Mesa Sapphire Plant

Nintendo has released Pokemon for iOS devices! Well, sort of. While it’s not a full-fledged version of the game, it is based around the Pokemon franchise. Dubbed Camp Pokemon, this is actually one of many Pokemon-related apps that Nintendo has released for mobile which includes Pokemon TV, Pokemon TCG Online, and the Pokedex.

That being said, the app has been designed for kids in mind, although we don’t see why adult fans of the Pokemon franchise can’t get a kick out of the app as well. The game will see players travel to Camp Pokemon where they will get to take part in Pokemon-themed activities that will ultimately teach them how to become Pokemon Trainers. Read full post →Nintendo Releases Camp Pokemon For iOS

iPhone 6 review 5 640x426The iPhone 6 Plus is one of two iPhone handsets Apple launched last month. It is also the largest model Apple has ever offered to date with a Full HD display with a screen size at 5.5-inches. Unfortunately it also seems to be the iPhone with the largest amount of problems. We had heard about Bendgate and now according to new reports, it seems that the iPhone 6 Plus is experiencing a lot of crashes.

There have been multiple posts on Apple’s Support Communities forum in which users are complaining that their iPhone 6 Plus is constantly crashing on them. In some cases, some users have been unfortunate enough to have their phones stuck in a reboot loop which meant that they had to bring it back to the Apple Store to get it fixed. Read full post →iPhone 6 Plus Owners Reporting Frequent Crashes On Their Device

google nexus 5 red 003 640x359The recently announced Google Nexus 6 smartphone is a beautiful phone. It looks good and the specs are pretty amazing. Unfortunately the phone is not following in the footsteps of other Nexus handsets and is priced above $600, which is the asking price for flagship devices from other OEMs.

This also means that it puts the phone out of range for some customers. Well the good news is that you could always turn to the Nexus 5 The Nexus 5 briefly disappeared from the Google Play Store, although it was not clear as to why. There were some a little worried about its disappearance but the good news is that it is back. Read full post →Nexus 5 Reappears On Google Play After Brief Disappearance

John McAfee, while no longer related to the McAfee anti-virus company he helped found, has been pretty vocal about mobile security. It wasn’t too long ago that McAfee released an app called DCentral 1 which basically helps users identify which apps had what permission and allowed them to modify that permission as they saw fit.

Well it looks like McAfee is back and this time he has a new app in tow – D-VASIVE. The app will run in the background and has the ability to log activities of your apps to see which app might have recently accessed something they should not have. One of the examples is that the app will look out for other apps that might need to enable your microphone or monitor. Read full post →John McAfee’s D-VASIVE App Prevents Apps From Spying On You

motorola symbol tc70Not all smartphones are created equal, that is for sure, and we are pleased to see more and more manufacturers start to look at the practical side of things, such as infusing smartphones with waterproof capabilities. After all, I am quite sure that each of us have a horror story to tell of how one particular handset of ours happened to have “drowned”, so to speak. Motorola has unveiled their latest Symbol TC70 touch computer, which they claim to be the most rugged, powerful enterprise mobile computer ever released that runs on the Android mobile operating system.

Read full post →Motorola Reveals Symbol TC70 Touch Computer