You might have known Pandora only as an online radio service but the company is now going to be more aggressive in the game of selling concert tickets, but instead of building a setup entirely from scratch Pandora has acquired an established ticket selling service called Ticketfly. The acquisition was announced today with Ticketfly saying that this will bring about the creation of the “most powerful fan analytics platform in the world for venues, promoters, and artists.”

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The title that Xbox One owners have been anxiously waiting for is nearing release, the excitement increases with each passing day, fans of the Halo franchise will be delighted to know that Halo 5: Guardians has gone gold today. What this means is that major development work has been completed and the game is deemed ready so to speak, discs are being pressed today before they’re packaged and sent out.

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Barnes & Noble got out of the business of making its own tablets a long time ago but it found a way to work around the very expensive process of making your own hardware. B&N decided that it will team up with Samsung and use the company’s tablets as a base on which it will offer exclusive software that provides users with an experience they can’t get on any other tablet. That’s how Samsung and B&N got in the business of making tablets together and today they’ve unveiled a new one, it’s the Galaxy Tab E Nook.

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There was a time when Facebook had just one app through which you could catch up on the stories in your News Feed and also chat with friends, then the company decided to break out Messenger as a standalone app. This enabled Facebook to add more powerful features to Messenger and really position it as a cross-platform messaging service. Today one of the features first made available to Messenger is jumping to the main Facebook app.

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Many of you might be aware by now that Beats was acquired by Apple, the company not only got its music streaming service but it also got the lucrative hardware business which churns out expensive headphones, speakers and earphones. Apple decided to keep Beats hardware around and not to rebrand its products, and today Beats launched its first new speaker since joining the fruit company. As can be expected from any of the company’s products the Beats Pill+ isn’t exactly cheap.

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Amazon might be one of the largest online retailers in the world but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any companies trying to compete with it, Jet is one such company, and it aims to take the fight straight to Amazon by undercutting the giant on prices. However unlike Amazon which allows everyone to purchase products through its website without necessarily signing up for Amazon Prime, Jet required everyone to purchase a membership which cost $50.

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If you have tuned into the news at any point over the past couple of weeks you might have heard about the emissions scandal that Volkswagen is involved in, millions of VW vehicles were found to contain software that enabled them to cheat on emissions tests, the scandal has major repercussions for the company as not only does it face lawsuits but over $25 billion has already been erased from its market value. The company’s new CEO Matthias Müller has said that the Volkswagen recall is going to start in January 2016 provided if everything “goes to plan.”

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Over time Twitter has added several features to the micro-blogging service that enable users to interact with live TV shows, this has been an area of focus for the company and now it’s going to get some competition. Facebook has now made it much easier for its users to interact with live TV shows, it’s going to offer broadcasters a new range of tools that will allow them to easily increase engagement with their viewers.

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It was alleged in a recent report that Porsche decided against opting for Android Auto for its in-car infotainment system because the agreement with Google mandated excessive data collection from the car that included things like speed and even oil temperature. Porsche said that this is why it went with Apple’s CarPlay instead, but Google is having none of it, the company has released a statement rubbishing the report about Android Auto’s supposedly excessive data collection.

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It was first reported about a couple of months back that Samsung has a new tablet in the pipeline that’s unlike any other it has released up till now, it was said to be a giant 18.4 inch tablet powered by Android. Samsung later confirmed this tablet as the Galaxy View and it’s expected to launch it in the coming weeks. A FCC filing reveals the possibility that AT&T might be one of the carriers in the United States that offers the giant tablet to its customers.

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