cellphone unlock 640x359Several weeks ago, the cellphone unlocking bill was passed by the Senate and not too long after, President Obama said that he would soon be signing the bill that would make it go into effect. Well that day has come as President Obama has officially signed the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act.

What does this mean? Well this means is that your phone, which could be locked to a carrier, is now unlockable and is no longer considered illegal! Of course there are several provisions, one of which is making sure that you are no longer under any contractual obligations to your carrier before you unlock your phone. Read full post →President Obama Signs Cellphone Unlocking Bill, Makes It Legal

itunes radio australia 640x394As you must have heard by now, Apple’s acquisition of Beats is now official as they have recently announced it on their website. Now there are some who are still trying to figure out how the acquisition of Beats will play into Apple’s plans, or what their plans are for the company, although some believe that it could be a talent grab.

While it remains to be seen how true that is, The Wall Street Journal has recently reported that Apple has appointed Ian Rogers to head up iTunes Radio, which is Apple’s take on music streaming. For those unfamiliar, Rogers heads up the Beats Music subscription service while back at Beats, so we guess it’s not that surprising that he will now head up Apple’s services as well. Read full post →Head Of Beats Music To Now Head Up iTunes Radio At Apple

apple beats 640x324It was expected that Apple and Beats could officially seal the deal on the 1st of August, pending regulatory approval, and it looks like it has. A few months ago, Apple confirmed that they would be acquiring Beats and at $3 billion, it has to be one of Apple’s larger acquisitions to date. Apple has since officially welcomed Beats to the Apple family with a special welcome page on their website.

According to the message on the page, “Today we are excited to officially welcome Beats Music and Beats Electronics to the Apple family. Music has always held a special place in our hearts, and we’re thrilled to join forces with a group of people who love it as much as we do.” Read full post →Apple Officially Welcomes Beats To The Family

microsoft surface pro 3  36 640x426If you had your eye on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 but felt that the i5 was too expensive for your liking, or that it wasn’t powerful enough for your tastes, well you’re in luck because Microsoft’s retail stores have officially begun stocking both the i3 and i7 variants of the tablets. Those who have pre-ordered the different configurations should be receiving email notifications that Microsoft has begun fulfilling their orders.

That being said, the i3 variant is pretty affordable, at least more so than the i5 version. It will pack 64GB of onboard storage and will be priced at $799, not too bad, right? For those who are looking at either the i5 or i7 versions, they will be priced starting at $999. However 64GB isn’t a lot of storage so if you were hoping to store movies and music and photos, you’ll probably be running out of space really quick. Read full post →Microsoft Retail Stores Now Stocking i3/i7 Surface Pro 3 Configurations

windows 81Can we look forward to more Windows 8.1 updates in the future? Well there have been rumors suggesting that there could be a third update to Windows 8.1 in the works, but now according to a report from ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, there is a good chance that the third update could be canned.

Instead what Windows 8.1 users can look forward to is a minor update which has been pegged for a release in August. So what’s the deal? Well apparently Microsoft is currently focused on getting Windows Threshold/Windows 9 ready which is why they are opting to forgo a third update in favor of that. Read full post →Microsoft Could Skip Third Windows 8.1 Update, Focus On Windows 9 Instead [Rumor]

chrome windowsphone 81It is no secret that Windows Phone does not command the lion’s share of the smartphone market at the moment. In fact some have even advised Microsoft to just give up and go with Android, which at the moment is the more dominant OS. That being said, recent figures released by NetApplications has revealed that it isn’t all doom and gloom for Windows Phone at the moment.

According to their findings for the month of July 2014, they have found that in terms of web usage, there is a slight increase in Windows Phone users. This is based on a combination of both Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows Phone 8.1 where they now account for 2.48% of all mobile usage. Read full post →Windows Phone Sees Increase In Web Usage

microsoft  logoWhen you hear about lawsuits concerning Samsung, there is a good chance that Apple will be involved, but not this time. It seems that Microsoft has recently taken Samsung to court over Android royalties which Samsung is apparently no longer willing to pay. As most of you guys know, Microsoft owns Android-related patents which forces OEMs to pay them if they want to build Android devices.

For example we have companies like ZTE, ViewSonic, Acer, and even Samsung at one point agreed to pay royalties to Microsoft, but that is changing now. According to Microsoft, Samsung claims that with Microsoft officially taking over Nokia, they had invalidated the cross-license IP agreement meaning that they were no longer obligated to pay Microsoft anymore royalties. Read full post →Microsoft Takes Samsung To Court Over Android Royalties Dispute

huawei invite 640x328According to a rumor we heard a few days ago, the Huawei Ascend Mate 3 is said to be arriving in September. However as it is a rumor, it’s hard to tell if it is true or not, but thanks to a recent invite that Huawei has been handing out, there is a good chance that those rumors could come true.

As you can see in the image above, the invite is for an event that Huawei will be hosting on the 4th of September in Berlin, Germany. Given that the time and location is when and where IFA 2014 will be held, safe to say that Huawei’s announcement is most probably IFA-related, with some speculating that it could also be for the Huawei Ascend Mate 3’s announcement. Read full post →Huawei Sends Out Invites For 4th September Event

HTC M8 Windows 640x511HTC will be holding an event on the 19th of August, as evidenced by the invites that they’ve started to hand out, but what exactly can we expect? Well it has been speculated that HTC might use the event to announce the HTC One M8 for Windows, which is basically the Windows Phone variant of the HTC One M8.

Now the question is, how do we know that the device is even real? Wonder no more because it seems that Verizon might have accidentally confirmed it for the rest of us. Thanks to a Verizon URL, it links to an image of the phone which as you can see in the image above is basically the HTC One M8 with Windows Phone running on it. Read full post →HTC One M8 For Windows Spotted On Verizon’s Servers

firephone apps

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos denied it for years, but last month the company finally announced its Fire Phone to the world. As of July 24, U.S. folks can buy one starting from $199 with a two-year contract and $649 unlocked so long as they’re okay with AT&T as their wireless carrier.

Amazon selling its own smartphone isn’t a surprise. After all, the company already sells its own e-readers, tablets and set-top box. What was surprising at the unveil event was just how hard Amazon went to design a smartphone with features other smartphones don’t have.

Features like the four extra cameras on the front that let you tilt the device to see the OS and apps in a 3D “Dynamic Perspective.” And Firefly which lets you ID website URLs, emails, phone numbers and over 100 million items including movies, books and songs, and then take action. These two features are the Fire Phone’s marquee features.

I’m no stranger to smartphone gimmicks (hello Samsung Galaxy S4!). But if gimmicky features work well, then I’m down for change. The big question is if the Fire Phone’s quirky features are game changers or not. Let’s find out. Read full post →Amazon Fire Phone Review