A few days ago Google finally released Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the company has already sent out the update for Nexus devices and now the wait begins for the rest of us who have devices made by third-party OEMs. As anyone who has ever used an Android device is well aware new updates tend to arrive quite a bit later after they’ve landed on Nexus, nevertheless OEMs are gradually revealing which of their devices will receive Marshmallow initially as users start to ask when said update will arrive for their device.

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We have recently been treated to a new Apple TV, new Fire TV and Fire TV Stick from Amazon and even a new Chromecast. In this battle of streaming media players Roku remains a contender, and following rumors that a new Roku is on the horizon with 4K support, the company today announced Roku 4. As expected, the Roku 4 does feature support for 4K and also brings several improvements to the table.

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More than a billion people use Facebook and not all of them have high speed internet connections, many of them are coming online through 2G networks in remote parts of the world. Their connections certainly can’t load data-intensive content that a high speed internet connection can without even stuttering for a second. Facebook is aware of this and that’s why it has decided to improve the News Feed experience for those users who are on slower connections.

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iOS users can now download an updated version of the YouTube app, the team has made a couple of major changes to this application, it gets an entirely new look and feel which brings the layout in line with its Android counterpart. The app also gets some editing tools so creators can easily polish up their videos on the device itself before deciding to publish them on the world’s largest online video website.

The new user interface will be quite familiar to you if you’ve already recently used the YouTube app for Android. It now has the same three tabs on top. Home features videos from recommended videos and channels, Subscriptions will show latest videos from channels you’re subscribed to and Account will provide a summary of your YouTube account.

It really cleans things up and puts the focus on content, which YouTube is all about. Creators will appreciate the new in-app editing tools which allow them to make various edits on the device itself, the features will come in handy when there’s no professional software nearby and you just need to make some relatively easy edits before you publish the video.

Google has already started to roll out the new YouTube for iOS application so user will soon receive a notification to update the app, it’s also going to send out an update for the Android app which is going to add the in-app editing tools on Google’s own mobile platform as well.


Microsoft’s augmented reality headset made quite a few heads turn when it was first unveiled earlier this year, the company had said that it would provide information about release and pricing today, and now we know those crucial details. Microsoft has confirmed HoloLens release today, units will start shipping Q1 2016, but they’re not intended for the average consumer.

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Sadly people often tend to do stupid things to capture selfies that they think would get much traction with their online communities, there have been countless reports of people getting hurt while they desperately try to get that perfect selfie. A teen in Russia met a far worse fate, he reportedly fell to his death from a 9-story building as he tried to capture an extreme selfie.

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google logoLast month Russian search giant Yandex filed a complaint against Google to the Russian anti-monopoly body. According to Yandex, they claimed that Google was monopolizing the smartphone market by preinstalling their apps and services on Android phones, which for the most part is standard practice and to a certain extent, welcome by a lot of Android users.

However Yandex feels like this is an abuse of Google’s power and it looks like the authorities are siding with Yandex. According to a report from Reuters, the country’s anti-monopoly agency has told Google that they now have to change the contracts with its Android manufacturers with regards to preinstalling its own software and services. Read full post →Google Could Face Hefty Fine In Russia Over Alleged Monopolization

No one likes warm beer. Heck, in some countries in Asia, it is common practice to add ice to your beer to ensure that it stays cold. If you’re an avid beer drinker and would like the perfect beer fridge, you might be interested to learn that beer makers Bud Light have recently taken the wraps off a smart fridge called the Bud-E Fridge.

So what makes this a smart fridge? For starters the fridge does what all fridges do, which is to keep its contents cold. In this case, the fridge will attempt to keep your beers cold. However this is where the smart part comes in. The fridge will be able to tell how many beers you have stored in it with a maximum of 78 bottles. Read full post →Bud Light Unveils The Smart Bud-E Fridge

apple_logoYesterday we reported that according to security researchers Palo Alto Networks, an iOS malware dubbed YiSpecter was discovered. Based on what was described, which was a malware that could infect both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices, it sounded like quite a threat.

However if you’re worried about the security of your iOS device, you can rest easy as far as YiSpecter is concerned. In a statement issued by Apple, the Cupertino company claims that YiSpecter was actually addressed back in iOS 8.4 and if you have updated to iOS 8.4 or later, you should be fine. Read full post →Apple Claims YiSpecter Malware Was Addressed In iOS 8.4

Just last week Sharp announced a trio of new smartphones. Turns out that was not all Sharp had up their sleeves as the company has recently announced a new smartphone called the RoboHon. However in terms of design, the RoboHon will not look anything like the smartphones in today’s market.

As you can see in the video above, the RoboHon actually resembles a humanoid figure, a robot basically. Now we have to admit that it does seem a little hard to use a phone in this manner, but it’s definitely a unique idea that was cooked up by famed roboticist professor Tomotaka Takahashi. Read full post →Sharp Launches Humanoid-looking RoboHon Smartphone