stuxnet_001_16x9A few years ago, a Stuxnet campaign was successfully launched against Iran, hindering the country’s nuclear program by causing an overload that destroyed a thousand nuclear centrifuges. In the wake of that successful attack, a report from Reuters (via The Verge) has revealed that the US government had attempted a similar attack on North Korea as well.

However unlike the campaign launched against Iran, the US attack on North Korea was a failure as it was unable to breach the country’s systems. One of the reasons why it failed is because it was initially assumed that North Korea’s systems would be similar to Iran, but thanks to the country’s isolated web which is strictly controlled by the government, it made it a lot harder for malware to break in. Read full post →US Reportedly Launched Stuxnet Attack Against North Korea

uberAt the moment Uber’s app on iOS and Android will only track your location when you launch the app. However in a recent post on Uber’s blog, the company has announced that they will be making some privacy changes and that the app will now have the ability to track your location even when it is running in the background.

According to Uber, the change “would allow Uber to ask for access to a rider’s location when the app is running in the background and get people on their way more quickly.” That being said we’re not sure if the extra seconds used to pull your location data are really all that crucial, but if this results in better service, why not? Read full post →Uber’s Apps Can Now Track Your Location In The Background

xbox one controllerYesterday we reported that it appeared that Microsoft had a new Xbox One controller in the works. For the most part the design of the controller would remain the same, but the biggest change is the fact that it would come with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, thus allowing users to use just about any pair of headphones with it.

Recently it would seem that Austrian retailer Libro might have accidentally leaked the image of the controller. The image does not really tell us much about the new controller but like we said, the new controller’s design will remain more or less identical with the main change being the headphone jack, but it does show off one of the possible color themes that users can choose. Read full post →New Xbox One Controller Leaked On Retailer’s Website

bbmIt seems that BlackBerry might have something new to announce with regards to BBM. The official BBM Twitter account has recently tweeted an image followed by a caption that reads, “Something new is coming…” While we’re not sure what this means, based on the icon it has been speculated by the folks at N4BB that we might be looking at a Material Design update for the Android version of the app. Read full post →BBM Teases “Something New” Announcement On Twitter

tidalWhen Jay-Z relaunched Tidal, he didn’t exactly do it alone as there were 15 artists in total, all of whom have an ownership stake in the company. Now while Tidal is billing itself to be a hi-fidelity music streaming service that plans to compensate artists fairly, it seems that it could potentially be in trouble no thanks to legal issues.

So much so that half of Tidal’s founding artists could see their music pulled from the platform. According to a report from Bloomberg, Jay-Z was initially counting on an investment deal with Sprint to help cover some of the costs related to music licensing with Sony. However Sprint has since come forward and stated that their deal with Tidal is not “a financial investment or exclusive partnership.” Read full post →Half Of Tidal’s Founders Could See Their Music Pulled

Chocolate-recipe-match-2Browse Instagram long enough and you’re bound to come across many food photos. Some of these photos are extremely well-photographed and if you’re on a diet, let’s just say that it becomes quite a challenge to not be hungry and go grab yourself a snack. That being said if you’ve always wanted to make those delicious-looking food you see on Instagram but don’t know how, you’ll be pleased to learn that there’s an app for that.

Called Handpick, this is a discovery app that has been in the market for a couple of years, since 2013 to be exact. However in a recent update to the app, what they’ve done is that they’re taking food from Instagram and coming up with recipes for them. Given how many photos are posted onto Instagram, Handpick has essentially transformed itself into a sizable recipe book. Read full post →This App Will Turn Instagram Into A Huge Recipe Book

Earlier today we reported on Google’s Project Jacquard which for those of you who might have missed it, is Google’s attempt at creating interactive fabric by weaving conductive material through it, which in turn could result in creating fabric-covered surfaces or even clothing that could be used to control all sorts of devices.

Now if you’re a fan of wearable technology, and we’re not just talking about smartwatches and fitness bands, you will be interested to learn that Google has announced that they will be teaming up with Levi’s to create Project Jacquard infused clothes. Given that Levi’s is a brand best known for their jeans, we could be looking at some high-tech pants in the future. Read full post →Google Partners With Levi’s For Project Jacquard

apple-vanAs it stands, Apple relies very heavily on third-party mapping information for its Maps service. This means that as far as the accuracy of the information is concerned, Apple is pretty much at the mercy of these third-party services such as TomTom and also on user submitted reports and corrections.

This is compared to Google who constantly has vehicles on the road to collect and update their own in-house mapping database. However according to recent images captured, it turns out that Apple has been stepping up their efforts as several Apple-leased vans with mapping technology have been spotted out and about on the streets gathering data. Read full post →Apple Vans Spotted Gathering Data For In-House Mapping Database

“These are not the droids you are looking for.” Wouldn’t it be cool if we could the Force in our lives? Imagine being able to do all sorts of things just by speaking it out loud, that would be awesome, right? Well Google is looking to give you that chance by announcing Hands Free, a new payment method in which you can pay for purchases by using just your voice.

Yup, there would be absolutely no need to dig through your pants or bag for your wallet, cash, credit cards, or even your phone. All you’d have to do is walk up to the cashier and say the magic words: “I would like to pay with Google”, after which the payment would then be made and you’d be good to go on your way. Read full post →Google’s Hands Free Lets You Pay Using Your Voice

android m fingerprintIt used to be that the pattern unlock feature of Android was one of the more popular ways of unlocking a mobile device, but then fingerprint scanners were introduced which proved to be an even more secure and efficient way of protecting a mobile device. However Google wants to turn those methods on their heads with Project Abacus.

The idea behind Project Abacus is to take mobile security beyond passwords and fingerprints. Instead it will be based on something more unique – your personal habits. Basically your mobile device will be constantly monitoring the things you do the whole time to determine if you are who you say you are. Read full post →Project Abacus Secures Your Device By Going Beyond Passwords