HTC Butterfly 2 HTC J butterfly blog 640x346The HTC Butterfly 2 was officially announced just last month, and Expansys USA is more than happy to announce that they will be offering the latest Android-powered smartphone to the masses, and it will arrive SIM-free as well as unlocked, making them one of the first retailers in the U.S. market to actually sell the HTC Butterfly 2.

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roku3 review roku3 and remoteRoku is more than happy – in fact, they are darn proud with the fact that they have already managed to sell a whopping sold 10 million Roku players in total over in the U.S., what an achievement that is! This is one huge milestone that Roku is thankful of achieving, and they are more than happy to thank all of their supporters for making it happen, as they continue in their quest to deliver (hopefully) the best streaming TV experience to the U.S. market.

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classic kb shortcutThe BlackBerry Classic has raised a fair amount of attention in recent times, with leaks appearing from here and there, raising anticipation of what could very well see BlackBerry fans return to the platform that they once loved and adored, only to ditch it when the going got tough. Having said that, when BlackBerry transformed QNX into BlackBerry 10, it also removed the much loved keyboard shortcuts, and these shortcuts helped users to tap or double tap on a single key in order to achieve something. It looks like keyboard shortcut options might be back with the BlackBerry Classic.

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jibo soldWill robots eventually be part of the family one day down the road, just like how the fictional Jetsons family has their own robot nanny? Well, that particular day might come sooner rather than later, thanks to the hit Indiegogo campaign which paraded Jibo. Jibo is Cynthia Breazeal’s project that has gained the reputation of being the most successful technology campaign on Indiegogo to date, where the original sum asked for was $100,000, which it achieved in a matter of days.

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hydrogen cycleNow here is an idea that does make an appearance from time to time – that of fuel cell bicycles. The entire process to churn out such two wheelers that are practical is definitely not an easy one, otherwise we would have long seen the market flooded with such rides – not to mention to procure a little bit of hydrogen along the way. The latest iteration of the fuel cell bicycle comes in the form of the Hy-Cycle, which hails from Australia’s University of New South Wales.

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wifisenseMicrosoft’s upcoming Windows 9 has seen a fair number of leaks so far, and this has caused a range of information to surface concerning the different features that will be made available when Windows 9 hits the market. It looks like yet another Windows Phone feature has made its way to the rumor mill, and the presence of Wi-Fi sense should not come as a surprise to everyone since we have already heard about the likes of Cortana as well as the notification center and a virtual desktop.

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hearthstone 20mBlizzard continues to set records with their games, and this time around, it will involve their free-to-play digital card game known as Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. The so-called straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back (in a good way) would be word that this title has managed to surpass the 20 million players mark, at least according to the official Twitter account.

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darpa laser turretDARPA certainly has a venerable number of devices and machines up their sleeves to ensure that their military will have an edge over the enemy on the battlefield. One of their more recent forays? To attach a prototype laser turret onto a test aircraft. Does this mean we could be looking at some sort of Star Wars future? I have always figured out that lasers should more or less be fired at the speed of light, and the phasers in Star Trek do seem to be a whole lot more realistic.

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georgia techWhen it comes to the world of fashion, more often than not it is the bizarre that actually turns heads these days. How many haute couture creations that you actually see up there on the runway are actually practical enough for everyday use? Having said that, fashion is meant to make a statement, or at least convey a certain idea on what clothes ought to look like. Well, Georgia Tech industrial design students have managed to fashion out a pair of high-tech shoes which went through the rigors of 3D printing for their peer, Miss Georgia, and the shoes were inspired by the school’s Ford mascot.

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Is it me, or is Doom getting a mini renaissance of sorts? First of all, we have had a Canon Pixma printer hacked to let Doom run on its tiny display, not to mention an ATM being able to run Doom as well, as well as construction companies looking to Doom to help them design a room. Now, mooder DooMero has come up with a spanking new Donkey Kong Country version, using the Doom engine as a reference point, of course, while merging it with sprites, music and general design philosophy from the trio of SNES Donkey Kong Country titles.

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