NASA is looking into several methods of space exploration aside from the obvious one which requires rockets and expensive spacecrafts that require a lot of fuel to carry out their business up in space. The agency is working on a new spacecraft concept which will basically hitch a ride on a speeding comet to discover the solar system, some of these comets and asteroids are whizzing by at over 22,000 miles per hour which is actually considered to be on the slow end.

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Not too long ago the first trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released, the little robots that featured in the trailer caught many fans attention most of whom though that the tiny robots looked quite similar to a giant Sphero robot with a little floating head. Orbotix was then asked if it would create a version of this popular Sphero robot that would look just the same as the one in the trailer. It’s already making the big one being used in the movie and now the company has developed a small version of that as well.

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google_fun_factsSo it seems that not only does Google have a new logo, but it seems that they have also invented a new way for you to procrastinate doing your work or your assignments. Basically if you were to search for “Fun Facts” on Google, you will be greeted by a dynamic box (see screenshot above) that serves up random fun facts that you can share with your friends.

Users can go ahead and click the “Ask another question” button in which the search query will then change to “I’m feeling curious” and where the dynamic box will display new fun facts. You can click it as many times as you’d like and each time a new fun fact will be delivered, so like we said if you’re looking for a way to waste some time, this seems like a fun and somewhat educational way of going about it. Read full post →Google Search For “Fun Facts” Is A Great Way To Procrastinate

iPhone-6-review-10At the moment the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sport 1.2MP front-facing cameras, something which iPhone owners have lamented for a while, especially when you consider that many competing brands and phones out there offer up much more despite being low-end devices. However it seems that iPhone 6s and 6s Plus owners can expect more.

According to a recent note to investors issued by KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo, he has basically “confirmed” that the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will feature a 5MP front-facing camera, a pretty substantial upgrade over its predecessor. However Kuo did not confirm if the rear-facing camera would be upgraded, but last we heard it would also see an upgrade to 12MP. Read full post →iPhone 6s, 6s Plus Rumored To Sport 5MP Front-Facing Camera

A photo taken indoors in less-than-ideal lighting conditions

A photo taken indoors in less-than-ideal lighting conditions

We have been hearing a fair bit about the LG G4 Note for a while now, but the question we’re sure many are wondering is when will the handset officially launch? For those who are wondering, a new rumor has surfaced which has suggested that come 10th of October, the LG G4 Note will be officially announced.

LG has not sent out any invites or made any indication that there might be an event, so take it with a grain of salt for now. So far what we know about the device is that it could feature a removable battery, a plastic build, and will come with a stylus. However the question is whether or not the stylus will offer up features like the Samsung S Pen, or if it is merely an accessory that could be replaced by any third-party stylus in the market? Read full post →LG G4 Note Rumored For October 10 Launched

samsung logo 5It is widely believed that 4K will become the new standard in terms of resolution, just like how Full HD is still considered to be the standard today. However given that there still isn’t a lot of content available in 4K or physical copies of movies and TV shows released on 4K, safe to say that it could be a while.

However it looks like Samsung wants to get ahead of the curve as they have announced that they will be launching an Ultra HD Blu-ray player. The Blu-ray Disc Association has seemingly given Samsung their blessing in terms of licensing the format last month, so Samsung’s latest announcement at IFA 2015 doesn’t really come as a surprise. Read full post →Samsung Announces Ultra HD Blu-ray Players

mkx charactersEarlier this week, NetherRealm Studios’ Ed Boon teased that they had something big to announce and it looks like we might know what it is. As you can see in Boon’s latest tweet, he posted a photo (see above) which shows four shadowy outlines which we can only assume are brand new characters headed to the game.

Unfortunately it is anyone’s guess as to who these new characters could be. However it has been speculated that the new characters could be part of the Kombat Pack 2, which is basically a DLC. However given that neither Boon nor the studio have actually confirmed anything yet, safe to say it could be anything. Read full post →Four New Characters Teased For Mortal Kombat X

tomtom sparkJust like Garmin, TomTom is a company that used to specialize in navigational devices, and while they still do, it seems that the company has followed in Garmin’s footsteps and have released a sports watch that will is also able to double up as a fitness tracker. Dubbed the Spark, this is actually TomTom’s fourth-gen sports watch, so safe to say that there have been some upgrades.

If you’d rather not lug your smartphone around with you in the gym to enjoy your music, fret not as the Spark has you covered. The wearable comes with 3GB of onboard storage which should be enough songs for your gym sessions and will play nicely with Bluetooth headphones, if you have one at home. Read full post →TomTom Spark Sports Watch Announced

Many are probably familiar with the Philips Hue smart lightbulbs, but in case you didn’t know, the company had also previously launched the Hue Lightstrip, which in case its name wasn’t obvious already, is a strip of LED lights. Now previously many had criticized the Hue Lightstrip because it did not offer white lighting.

Instead it only offered up colored lights which can be a bit annoying when you just want something simple. It was also short at just 2m in length, meaning that if you plan to use it all over your home, it could get expensive. However Philips has heard the critics and has since announced the Hue Lightstrip Plus. Read full post →Philips Launches Hue Lightstrip Plus

LG G4 StylusIt would seem that the LG G4 Note will not be the only phone that LG has up their sleeves. According to a recent report, it seems that over in South Korea, LG has trademarked the names of at least two more devices called the LG G4 Graphy and the LG G4 Script. However apart from the names, not much is known about these devices.

However given that they do sport the “G4” moniker, there is a chance that they will be part of LG G4 family, or at least be some kind of variant. That being said, there are some who speculate that these devices, along with the LG G4 Note, could be handsets that sport styluses. We’re not sure about the “Graphy”, but the “Script” certainly elicits the image of a pen writing, which in turn could easily be a stylus. Read full post →LG Trademarks “G4 Graphy” And “G4 Script”