ps-vita-slim-review-12Sony’s PS Vita was designed to be a handheld gaming console, however given that Sony now has to compete with the likes of smartphones and tablets which can also play games, video streaming and non-game related features were included as part of the console as well. However it looks like Sony has decided to start trimming the fat and do away with a couple of features.

Sony has recently announced that they will be ending support for the PS Vita’s Maps and near features in an upcoming update. The update, which is set to arrive in March as a firmware update, will automatically remove the Maps feature and the near feature will lose its ability to obtain locations or display maps, which essentially renders the feature rather pointless. Read full post →Sony To End YouTube, Maps, Near Feature Support In The PS Vita Soon

iron-man-floating-figureThere are plenty of Iron Man figurines lying about. Some are not officially licensed, some are fake, and some are so meticulously crafted that you can see the strands of hair on Tony Stark’s face. However for the most part, these figurines/toys are stationary and are often posed to make it look like he’s shooting or flying.

However if you wanted a more “realistic” Iron Man toy, then the Iron Man Mark II Special Floating Edition might be a toy worth checking out. This toy is part of Beast Kingdom’s Egg Attack series. According to the description, “Iron Man’s every detail is meticulously crafted, including the armor, joints, and flying mode air deflector. The Iron Man 3 Mark II Magnetic floating version’s main body is painted with high-quality metal coating, showcasing Mark II’s steel-like armor.” Read full post →This Iron Man Toy Will Float Thanks To Its Magnetic Base

Kickstarter plays home to all sorts of different projects, ranging from the really cool, to the really weird, to the really useless, and sometimes even scams. That being said if you’re curious as to which Kickstarter project might be the most backed project of all time, that honor would belong to Exploding Kittens.

For those unfamiliar, Exploding Kittens is a card game illustrated by famed web comic artist Matthew Inman from The Oatmeal. The game has received the honor of being the most backed project on Kickstarter and as it stands, it is the seventh most funded project on the website. As it stands the Coolest Cooler is still the most funded followed by the Pebble smartwatch, the OUYA Android console, the Pono music player, The Veronica Mars movie project, and the Reading Rainbox which comes in at sixth place. Read full post →Exploding Kittens Kickstarter Becomes The Most Backed Project Of All Time

blackphoneYou might recall that last year a handset by the name of the Blackphone was launched. Unlike other OEMs, the creators of the Blackphone focused mainly on its security and encryption features in a bid to create a phone that would be the ultimate privacy device, safe from the prying eyes of the government and hackers.

Unfortunately it looks like even one of the most secure phones in the world is prone to bugs. It seems that a bug was discovered in the Blackphone that basically allowed hackers to decrypt messages, steal contacts, and control vital functions of the phone, which more or less rendered the entire phone’s concept moot. Read full post →Bug Discovered In Blackphone Rendered Most Of Its Security Features Pointless

nintendo-wii-u-review-14We’re sure many of you guys are wondering how Nintendo is holding up. After all the Wii U console has been lagging behind in terms of sales compared to the likes of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, although it seems that Nintendo is slowly recovering. In the previous quarter, Nintendo had returned back to the black and it looks like with their latest financials, this would make it their second consecutive quarter.

According to Nintendo, they have announced that they have managed to sell a 9.2 million Wii U consoles to date. However in terms of the company’s financial year which is from the 1st of April until the 31st of December (thus far), they have managed to sell 3.03 million units and expected that by the end of the fiscal year, they should be able to meet their target of 3.6 million units sold. Read full post →Nintendo Sold 9.2 Million Wii U Consoles To Date, Latest Financials Look Promising

So we have things like smart thermostats, smartwatches, smartphones, smart cars, so why not smart beds, right? If you were thinking that would be a good idea, then perhaps you might be interested in an Indiegogo project for the Luna smart mattress. Now this isn’t so much a mattress but rather a mattress cover. This will slip over your mattress so if you have a favorite mattress, you won’t have to swap it out.

The sheet itself is made from polyester and it packs an array of sensors inside of it. It has the ability to monitor the temperature, your breathing, and your heart rate. It can also sense ambient light and humidity, all of which will go towards certain automations such as adjusting its temperature to make you feel more comfortable. Read full post →Luna Will Turn Your Mattress Into A Smart One

far cry 4A couple of days ago we reported that Ubisoft had deleted digital copies of Far Cry 4 from Uplay accounts who might have bought the game from third-party resellers such as G2Play and G2A. Unfortunately as far as Ubisoft is concerned, these purchases weren’t legitimate and it seemed that apart from advising their gamers to speak to the resellers, they weren’t going to do anything on their end.

Now the good news is that one of the resellers has since responded. G2A has recently released a statement (via VG247) on their Facebook page which reads, “As some of you may already know, steps have been taken to remove games purchased indirectly from a publisher, via main marketplaces in the web. G2A.COM is not in any case responsible for any of these procedures.” Read full post →G2A Responds To Deleted Far Cry 4 Copies, Will Look Into Compensation

acer-windows-phoneWhen you think of Windows Phone handsets, Nokia probably comes to mind, but given that Nokia’s cellphone division is owned by Microsoft, we guess you will probably think of Microsoft in the future. This isn’t to say that there aren’t other Windows Phone OEMs, it’s just that Nokia/Microsoft have been the most aggressive.

That being said if you’re looking for more variety in the Windows Phone department, it seems that we can look forward to Acer making some Windows Phone announcements at MWC 2015. This is according to a report from DigiTimes in which Acer’s CEO Jason Chen confirmed that the company had plans to announce new Windows Phone hardware at MWC which kicks off in March. Read full post →Acer To Debut New Windows Phone Hardware At MWC

iPhone-6-review-8Just yesterday Apple announced during their earnings call that they had managed to sell a whopping 74.5 million iPhone units in Q1 2015. Now we’re sure many of you guys are wondering how are the sales split between the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and some of Apple’s older models like the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

Unfortunately Apple did not provide us with a breakdown of those numbers, but according to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, it seems that for the most part the iPhone 6 proved to be the most popular device. According to Cook, “Obviously to sell 74.5 million devices, they were all popular. Both did incredibly well. We’re really proud of them, along with the iPhone 5s and 5c.” Read full post →Tim Cook Confirms iPhone 6 More Popular Than The iPhone 6 Plus

apple-store-chinaChinese company Xiaomi has big dreams. Last we heard, they were aiming to overtake both Apple and Samsung to be the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer, and while the company has seen a fair bit of success, it looks like their dreams could be put on hold for now as Apple has actually managed to overtake Xiaomi in their home country of China.

According to research firm Canalys, they have released a report which has suggested that Apple has actually overtaken Xiaomi in China as a smartphone manufacturer. Previously Xiaomi had been leading the way in their own country, but the latest report puts Apple in first place, followed by Xiaomi, Samsung, and Huawei. Read full post →Apple Overtakes Xiaomi As Leading Smartphone Manufacturer In China