google now bills 640x373Earlier this year it was noted that there was a possibility of Google Now being able to remind you when to pay your bills. The feature appeared to be in testing at that time and it was rolled out to what seemed like a very limited group of people. Well now according to the folks at Android Police, it looks like the rollout is now reaching a much wider audience.

For those who missed out on our earlier report, the bill reminder feature will work based on the bills that you receive via your email. If you’re still receiving paper bills then we guess this feature probably won’t work. What it does is that it identifies emails in your Gmail account as bills, and will be able to create a card in Google Now with the biller’s name, amount, due date, and so on. Read full post →Google Now Bill Reminders Rolling Out To More Users

brit museumDepending on your interests, museums can be extremely fun and interesting, but at the same time it can also feel a bit boring. Well the British Museum in London is hoping to give themselves a makeover in hopes that it will appeal to a wider audience who might not have given the institution a second thought.

How will they be doing this? According to a report from the BBC, their plans to achieve this will be by recreating the museum and all of its exhibits in the world of Minecraft. This is actually not the first time that an institution has turned to the building blocks of Minecraft to give itself a makeover of sorts. Read full post →British Museum Wants To Recreate Itself In Minecraft

gmv 2014 medium box 300x250

Samsung gear live remind 021 640x426One of the features of the Apple Watch is that its users will be able to make purchases with it using the Apple Pay feature. This is something offered by Apple’s wearables that other companies have not included yet. However it seems that Samsung could be following in Apple’s footsteps in the future.

According to a report from Business Korea (via Pocketnow), they have quoted an unidentified Samsung executive who claims that they are working on a new smartwatch that will allow users to make mobile payments. However they will be taking it one step further by integrating fingerprint authentication, thus making it more secure. Read full post →Mobile Payments, Fingerprint Authentication In Samsung’s Next Smartwatch [Rumor]

samsung galaxy s5 review 010 640x360Samsung’s Galaxy S-series of handsets tend to be very popular and the Samsung Galaxy S5 that was announced earlier this year isn’t any different. In fact Samsung seems to be pretty confident about the handset and has expressed their hopes at being able to ship at least 35 million Galaxy S5 handsets this year.

Well so far it looks like the South Korean tech giant could be well on their way. According to a recent announcement by Samsung Germany, it seems that they have managed to sell 1 million Galaxy S5 units in Germany alone. Last we heard, Samsung had shipped over 10 million units within a month of its launch. Read full post →Samsung Has Sold 1 Million Galaxy S5 Handsets In Germany

It seems that every year without fail and despite Apple’s best attempts, they have always managed to sell out their iPhones, thus causing people who were late to the pre-order party to end up having to wait weeks before they could get their hands on one. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are no different, which is why it does seem a tad wasteful to see them undergo drop tests.

However if you thought some of the drop test videos did seem particularly painful to watch and a little heart-wrenching, then perhaps this is one video you will want to skip. The folks at RatedRR have recently gotten their hands on Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus, and in true RatedRR fashion, they have come up with a pretty unique way to torture the device – liquid nitrogen. Read full post →iPhone 6 Plus Meets Its Grisly End In Liquid Nitrogen “Test”

deuce 640x360Wireless chargers are useful because they don’t require the user to plug in their phone. Instead all the user has to do is place their device on top of the charging mat and they’re good to go! However the charger itself has to be tethered to a power source which is still one of the drawbacks.

That being said if you wanted a wireless charger that you could take with you on the go without having to worry about cables, you might be interested in a device called the Deuce which was created by the folks at Qimini and is currently seeking funding via Kickstarter. The Deuce combines both a wireless charger and a battery pack into one. Read full post →The Deuce Is A Portable Wireless Charger With A 2,000mAh Battery

samsunglogoWhen the Samsung Galaxy Alpha was announced, many were wondering if this could be a one-off handset from the South Korean tech giant. Well according to the rumors that shortly followed, it wasn’t. Word has it that Samsung has other similar metal-built smartphones planned as part of its A-series and so far we have heard of devices like the SM-A3000 (which is apparently the SM-A300) and the SM-A500.

Well it looks like the SM-A300 has been spotted recently in a User Agent Profile listing and on GFXBench where some of its specs have been revealed. According to the listing, the handset appears to be powered by a quad-core Snapdragon 410 processor clocked at 1.4GHz, which seems to be a bit faster than its previous sighting in which it was running at 1.2GHz. Read full post →Samsung SM-A300 Spotted In User Agent Profile

moto x 2014 review 3 640x426It wasn’t too long ago that Motorola took the wraps off the new Moto X. Based on the initial reviews of the handset, it seems that it has been pretty well-received by consumers so far, thanks to its features, its hardware, and also its customizability. That being said, if you’re a Verizon customer looking to get your hands on the device, it seems that come 26th September you will be able to do so.

This is thanks to the folks at Phandroid who have recently gotten their hands on what looks like a leaked Verizon document that reveals when the handset will be making its way to the carrier. The handset will be priced at $99.99 along with a new two-year contract, and it looks like the carrier will also be having a special bamboo promotion that will run until the 10th of October. Read full post →Moto X (2014) Reportedly Arriving On Verizon 26th September

apple logo2Patent trolls are aplenty and what they usually do is they go after companies with vague patents claiming that said companies had infringed upon their patents and they are now suing them. This is usually done so that companies will rush for a quick settlement as opposed to a long and drawn out legal proceeding.

Well it looks like one patent troll could be getting a taste of their own medicine, sort of. A while ago, a company called Linex Technologies went after tech companies such as Apple and HP, claiming that they had infringed upon their patents. They initially went through the ITC but dropped the lawsuit after a staff attorney decided that no patents were infringed. Read full post →Apple, HP Slap Patent Troll With Attorney Fees At $3.6 Million Each

57267888 640x384At the moment, most of us have monitors or use monitors that will display Full HD resolution which seems to be more or less the standard these days. However as 4K monitors start becoming more affordable, we can only assume that one day that 4K displays will become the new standard, but it seems that Microsoft could be thinking about taking it one step further. Read full post →Leaked Windows 9 Screenshot Suggests Support For 4K And 8K Resolutions