While the Nintendo Switch has been designed to play as a modern console and to play modern games, let’s face it, it’s fun to revisit old classics that we used to play growing up, which is why titles like Super Mario Bros. is still pretty popular even until today. Now if you remember, there used to be a classic arcade version called VS. Super Mario Bros. Read full post →Arcade Classic VS. Super Mario Bros. Could Be Coming To The Switch

Recently due to the controversy surrounding Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and its loot boxes, EA announced their plans to temporarily suspend the feature. Given that in-game purchases have proven to be a good way to generate revenue from games beyond the initial purchase, it does seem like the suspension could affect EA’s earnings. Read full post →EA: Suspending Battlefront 2’s Microtransactions Won’t Harm Earnings

These days developers and publishers love to encourage gamers to pre-order games before they are released, sometimes tempting gamers with bonus in-game content as an incentive. However some gamers might prefer waiting for the game to be released before buying, like waiting to check out reviews and so on. Read full post →Bungie Could Be Working On Free Trial Program For Destiny 2

With our electronics costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars, obviously it would be such a shame if they were to be damaged during a thunderstorm, which is why sometimes we turn to surge protectors to help give our electronics that added layer of protection. However if you were thinking of using it with the Microsoft Xbox One X, think again. Read full post →Microsoft Recommends Xbox One X Not Be Plugged Into A Surge Protector

The unfortunate reality of multiplayer games is that there will be players who are toxic to other players and might be abusive in the things that they say and do. Overwatch is no exception to this, although Blizzard is working on it. That being said, a recent post on Reddit has highlighted the seriousness of the problem. Read full post →Blizzard Reiterates Commitment To Combating Overwatch Toxicity

Loot boxes in video games, love them or hate them, they seem to be a feature that developers and publishers are putting into games these days as another means of generating revenue through microtransactions. However it seems that not everyone is a fan of them, and some have even gone as far as calling loot boxes a form of gambling. Read full post →French Senator Wants Loot Boxes In Video Games To Be Investigated

Last month HMD Global took the wraps off their latest entry-level smartphone in the form of the Nokia 2. Typically with such entry-level devices, we see them being targeted at emerging markets, but the good news is that if you’re after something cheap and has a sizeable battery to boot, the Nokia 2 could soon be arriving stateside. Read full post →Nokia 2 Will Be Coming To The US Soon

If you’re in the market for a new Android tablet and don’t want to spend too much money, you might be interested to learn that Lenovo has recently taken the wraps off two new Android tablets. This comes in the form of the Lenovo Tab 7 and the Tab 7 Essential, with both models coming under under $100. Read full post →Lenovo Tab 7, Tab 7 Essential Tablets Launched

Tesla has recently announced a new car in the form of the Roadster, which according to the company is the fastest production car in the world. The car has a “Plaid” mode which when enabled, allows it go from 0-60mph in a whopping 1.9 seconds, which is indeed insanely fast, but it seems that it could potentially go faster. Read full post →Tesla Roadster Could Be Even Faster With A ‘Special Option Package’

Google’s Pixel 2 phones have been experiencing quite a bit of issues ever since it has been launched, but the good news is that Google is (so far) aware of most of these issues and have been busying trying to fix them. One of those reported problems is a buzzing sound that can be heard when making calls, which is a fix Google will be addressing soon. Read full post →Pixel 2’s Buzzing To Be Fixed In Upcoming Update