Nokia spent a few years under Microsoft’s wing as the company tried to compete in the lucrative smartphone market by relying upon Nokia’s iconic branding. It did churn out a couple of good handsets but they never really caught on. Microsoft took a hit on the Nokia deal and is now trying to completely shake up the smartphone industry, but that may take a lot of time. Until that happens, we can feast our eyes on a canceled Windows Phone 7 handset that features a physical keyboard.
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The Trump administration enacted a new ban earlier this year, passengers on flights to the United States from eight countries can not carry-on devices larger than smartphones with them into the cabin. They are thus prohibited from carrying on tablets and laptops, all such devices have to be checked-in. If the latest reports are believed, the laptop ban may be extended to flights departing the United States as well.
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It was confirmed earlier this month that new Hitman games had been placed on hold because Square Enix had decided to withdraw its investment from Hitman developer IO Interactive. The future of the much-loved Hitman franchise remains in limbo as Square Enix attends to the business matters. The company says that the sale of Hitman studio IO Interactive doesn’t necessarily mean that this franchise is going to end.
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Chipotle has confirmed that a hack that left malware on its systems compromised credit card information of customers at its restaurants across the United States from March 24th to April 18th. Chipotle first said that it had been the victim of an attack back in April and it has now shared more details about the debacle. It hasn’t said how many customers have been affected by this hack.
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Google runs a wide variety of services that many people use on a daily basis, services like Google Drive, Docs, Gmail, YouTube, Photos, to name a few. Users normally have a significant amount of data stored across these services and Google is now making it easier for them to search for their content using Google Search. It has added a new “Personal” tab to Google search for precisely this purpose.
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Prior to Ubisoft confirming details about Far Cry 5, it was reported that the upcoming addition to this franchise would be set in the United States. Ubisoft has now released the official Far Cry 5 launch trailer which confirms that the game will indeed be set in the United States, the rural part of the country to be precise.
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It was reported a couple of weeks back that hackers had apparently managed to steal a copy of Disney’s upcoming blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and that they were threatening to release it online if Disney did not pay their ransom. Those reports may not have been true as Disney CEO Bob Iger has dismissed them.
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BMW has unveiled its new concept zero-emission motorcycle at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2017. The new concept is inspired by BMW’s Motorrad Vision Next 100 and is called the BMW Motorrad Concept Link. The company says that the concept combines digital connectivity with the demands of urban mobility on two wheels.
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Google’s DeepMind division has created the artificial intelligence-powered AlphaGo which has taken on some of the best players of the ancient Chinese board game Go and has beaten them. It recently took on Ke Jie who is currently ranked as the world’s best player of Go. AlphaGo beat Ke Jie 3-0 at the Future of Go Summit in Wuzhen, China. Google’s DeepMind division has now confirmed that AlphaGo is retiring from competitive Go.
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LG launched its new “V” series of flagship smartphones a couple of years back. They’re a big unique in that the handsets have a secondary ticker display on top of the main display. If reports to be believed, LG is going to kick things up a notch for the third addition to the series. A leaked original concept for the LG V30 suggests that the handset may have a slide-out secondary display.
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