At the moment the AirPods from Apple are only offered in a white finish. This is pretty standard practice for Apple as so far, pretty much all of their accessories including their cables are white. However if you’re after something a little more funky or unique, you’ll be pleased to learn that ColorWare will do that for you. Read full post →ColorWare Is Offering Apple’s AirPods In Multiple Color Options

There are many obvious jobs that a robot could easily replace humans with. A good example would be manufacturing where instead of putting humans along the assembly line, a lineup of robots would be more efficient. However there are some fields where you think that maybe humans aren’t so easily replaced. Read full post →StyleShoots Live Takes Studio Photos Without A Photographer

If you’re planning on doing a bit of online shopping, you might want to do it today because Amazon has announced that for one day only, they’ll be giving all of its customers (regardless of Prime membership) a $8.62 discount on their order. This appears to be Amazon’s way of thanking its customers for helping them rank #1 in the annual Harris Corporate Reputation poll. Read full post →Amazon Is Giving Its Customers A $8.62 Discount Today

Depending on where you live, Waze might be more than just your standard navigation app. Now you might recall that back in 2016, Google launched a ride-sharing service using Waze. The initial rollout of the service was limited to San Francisco, but a report from The Wall Street Journal (via Fortune) has revealed that Google plans on expanding further. Read full post →Google To Expand Waze’s Ride-Sharing Service

With NASA recently announcing the discovery of 7 Earth-sized exoplanets (planets that are outside of our solar system), it is clear that there are still a ton of other planets out there in the universe that we have yet to discover. So much so that the developer of EVE Online, CCP Games, has announced that they’ll be helping to crowdsource the search for exoplanets. Read full post →EVE Online To Crowdsource The Search For Exoplanets

There are some who say that to think that Earth is the only planet in the universe that has living creatures is a very arrogant way of thinking, but so far from all of our explorations into space, there hasn’t really been much evidence to suggest otherwise, or at least as far as living creatures/organisms are concerned. Read full post →NASA Discovers 7 Earth-Sized Planets 40 Light Years Away From Us

While having good core gameplay is obviously important to the success of a game, developers also need to think long-term and how to keep players interested. This has resulted in updates, expansions, and DLCs in which we see new game modes, skins, quests, weapons, items, and so on being added to the game to extend its playability. Read full post →‘Live Fire’ Mode Announced For Titanfall 2, Coming February 23

If there is one area of hardware that amateur/beginner photographers tend to overlook it would be the storage on cameras. This is because sometimes the higher-end SD cards tend to be more expensive, and some beginner photographers might not necessarily see the need to pay so much, especially after potentially forking out thousands for the camera body and lens. Read full post →Sony Debuts New SF-G SD Cards

When it comes to gaming hardware, NVIDIA and AMD are usually seen as rivals to one another, especially in the GPU department. Now recently AMD confirmed the pricing and availability of its Ryzen processors, and it seems that NVIDIA isn’t going to let its rival show them up because they’ll be hosting an event on the same day. Read full post →NVIDIA Seemingly Teases GTX 1080 Ti GPU On Its Website

Earlier this week the Sony PlayStation Ireland Twitter account seemed to have confirmed that the upcoming Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy would be an exclusive to the PS4 platform. Given how closely linked the franchise is to the PlayStation consoles, we guess it made sense, although it was a bit of a bummer for non-PS4 gamers. Read full post →Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy Might Be A Timed PS4 Exclusive