Square Enix today released the first English teaser trailer for Mobius Final Fantasy, the upcoming smartphone fantasy role-playing game that the developer promises features “action battles, deep character customization, and console-quality HD visuals.” The game has already been available in Japan for quite some time now and is soon going to be released across the globe, which is why there’s a need to launch an English teaser trailer of this game.
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Some retailer listings were spotted recently which gave rise to the possibility that a Darksiders remaster could be in the pipeline for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U. This has now been officially confirmed by Nordic Games at Gamepolis 2016. The developer has confirmed that it’s working on a Darksiders remaster for the aforementioned consoles. The release is currently scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year.
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Sony’s PlayStation Vue TV streaming service will soon become very attractive to sports fans, football fans in particular. It has been announced today that both NFL Network and NFL RedZone will soon be available via PlayStation Vue. NFL Media has signed a deal with Sony for national distribution of NFL Network and NFL RedZone on its internet TV streaming service. Both live TV channels will be added to Vue in time for the 2016 NFL football season.
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Amazon recently introduced two subsidized smartphones for Prime members. The Moto G4 Prime Exclusive and Blu R1 HD Prime Exclusive are sold at a significant discount compared to their normal retail value, the catch being that customers have to put up with ads on the lock screen and notification tray. Both subsidized smartphones have been hacked, meaning that users can root them and even install a custom recovery.
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Gold has long been reported as an upcoming color variant of the OnePlus 3 and it has finally been officially confirmed by the company today. This new color variant is called “Soft Gold,” OnePlus says it’s not your “typical gaudy gold smartphone” because it has toned down the color for a light and elegant look.
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If you’re in the market for a new computer, Microsoft would really like you to take a look at the Surface Pro 4. The company today released some new promotional videos of the Surface Pro 4 to highlight some of the abilities of this device. The videos showcase this laptop/tablet hybrid’s versatility as well which is often touted as one of the biggest selling points of the Surface Pro 4 by Microsoft.
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Nintendo recently made us all very nostalgic by announcing that it’s bringing back the NES in a new way. The company launched the new mini NES Classic Edition which comes pre-loaded with 30 games. Sega wants to get in on the action as well. The company has announced that it’s reviving the Mega Drive brand and is now launching a two-player home mini console and a portable gaming machine.
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Audi previously announced plans to launch one electric car every year starting in 2018 and it’s keeping true to that promise. The company’s CEO Rupert Stadler has reiterated that Audi is going to release three electric cars by 2020. Audi is bullish on the performance of its electric cars and expects that they will account for a quarter of its annual sales by 2025.
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A lot of rumors are floating around these days about Apple’s upcoming iPhones. Most suggest that the upcoming handsets won’t have a redesigned chassis which leaves the door open to the possibility of them not being given the “iPhone 7” moniker. Rumor has it that the 2016 iPhones could actually be called the “iPhone 6SE” instead. Talk about a confusing name.
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There are two kinds of hackers, without going into specifics, think of them as the good and the bad hackers. The good hackers look for vulnerabilities and then report them to the companies responsible so that they can be fixed while the bad ones exploit those vulnerabilities for their own gains. Avicoder is one of the good hackers and was able to download the entire source code of Twitter’s popular video sharing service Vine.
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