LG-Watch-Urbane-LTE-07LG announced its brand new gorgeous LG Watch Urbane LTE a few days ago and today we had the opportunity to get our hands on it. Unlike its sibling the LG Watch Urbane, this model does not run Android Wear, in fact, to enable LTE connectivity and NFC payment, the South Korean manufacturer had to develop its own operating system, branded LG Wearable Platform and based on WebOS.

During the briefing, LG executives insisted that the company will still develop mainstream wearable devices with Android Wear, alongside more ambitious experimental projects on the LG Wearable Platform, in order to address a broader range of customers.

The LG Watch Urbane LTE is a stand alone device capable of placing and receiving phone calls and sending sms, and it can be connected to any Android Smartphone. LG mentioned that iOS compatibility could be an option in the future, although it was not confirmed yet. The Audi version of the Urbane is slightly different, an early prototype was spotted during CES and we will make sure to stop by the German car manufacturer to check it out.

Pricing and availability were not confirmed, however we were told that the new LTE Smartwatch will launch first in Sour Korea, probably within the next couple of months.

I spent an hour playing tieh the Urbane LTE, check my complete article to see if you like it as much as I did.

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Lumia-1320-635[MWC 2015] MWC 2015 is kicking off today and we expect there will be announcements from a variety of different companies for their new and upcoming products. Microsoft is expected to make an announcement but it looks like the announcement was made slightly earlier than expected. The Redmond company announced on their website (which has since been taken down) two new handsets – the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL. Read full post →Lumia 640, Lumia 640 XL Accidentally Unveiled Ahead Of Time

huawei-watch-live-1With its brand new Smartwatch, Huawei is following the wearable tech industry trend of designing Smartwatches which look like traditional watches and not like mini phones on a wrist. In fact, LG started this movement with the launch of the LG G Watch R at IFA last year, and, most recently, with its even more elegant LG Watch Urbane LTE powered by WebOS. Read full post →Huawei Watch: Android Wear SmartWatch

talkband-liveHuawei is coming to MWC with a pretty unusual smartband, the TalkBand B2, that is worth noticing in the ocean of fitness bands. Knowing that a lot of people stop using their activity tracker after a couple of months, the Chinese manufacturer decided that it was necessary to add more value to this type of device.

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n1-liveThe Talkband N1 is Huawei’s headset/Mp3 player for those who won’t want to exercise with their phones on them. There are countless bluetooth “sports” headsets on the market today, and many boast a great battery life, a water and shock-proof body, but ultimately, you still have to carry your phone (or a music player) which may not be waterproof nor shockproof… Read full post →Huawei Talkband N1 BT Headset

huawei-mediapad-x2At MWC 2015, Huawei is launching its MediaPad X2 tablet/phone, which is a direct descendant of the MediaPad X1 which was pretty popular in China. When I discussed about that X1 model in Shanghai (at Huawei HQ), I’ve been told that it has a loyal following of users who like using a 7-inch phone (oftentimes with a Bluetooth headset), but that this usage model isn’t as popular in the west where people have historically been reluctant to use such a large device as a phone (I remember people mocking the original Galaxy Note as well, only to be proven wrong a couple of years later). Read full post →Huawei MediaPad X2

haier-pet-tracker[MWC 2015] For some of us, having a pet is far more than just having an animal around the home to keep us company – pets can be therapeutic at times, not to mention bring us joy along the way. Well, it seems that if you were to get a smartwatch by Haier for your child as well as one for your aging father, how about poor little Fido who sits there forlornly by the corner, wagging its tail, wondering whether there is something for it as well? Fret not – Haier has not forgotten about Fido, where they have just revealed the Huawei Smart Collar.

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haier-smartwatch[MWC 2015] So, we have seen a smartwatch by Haier for the little ones, which is capable of even accompanying you underwater up to 30 meters before its seals give way to the water, but what about the adults? You know – the folks who actually have the money to pay for this kind of stuff for their progeny. Well, it seems that senior citizens, too, are not left out of the picture with a model rolled out just for them.

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haier-children-smartwatch[MWC 2015] You know for sure that the world of wearable technology is certainly growing by leaps and bounds – especially when you take into consideration how there are more and more companies introducing their very own take on what a smartwatch ought to look like – and be. With the Apple Watch being in the pipeline, things would pick up even more from there. Having said all of that, Haier of China has just come up with their new smartwatch that was specially designed to cater to the little ones.

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haier-voyage[MWC 2015] Haier, the hardware manufacturer from China that has certainly not shied away from Europe, intends to add more spark to the smartphone world with a trio of new handsets – where they will be the Haier Voyage G30, the Haier Voyage I70, and the Haier Voyage V5, which are all set to launch in Europe in due time.

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