About a week ago we reported that thanks to a leaked box art image, it was suggested that Nintendo could be looking to launch a Wii U bundle themed around Mario Kart 8. Given that the game is one of the more highly-anticipated Nintendo games of 2014, we guess it’s not really a stretch of the imagination, but Nintendo has since come forward to confirm it.
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While the Samsung Galaxy S5 might not necessarily be the most luxurious looking smartphone in the market at the moment, its design is more than capable of getting the job done, not to mention it is pretty nice to look at as well. Then again we expect that there are people out there who might prefer something a little more “bling”.

Enter the Crystal Collection. Yup, you read that right, Samsung will be teaming up with the folks at Swarovski, the company famous for their crystals, in creating a Crystal Collection for the Galaxy S5 that is expected to launch in May. Not much details are known at this point in time, but given that it is called the “collection”, we expect that there will be different versions to choose from.
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As a kid growing up, you probably never really understood why your parents would freak out over certain things, like making you wear safety gear when going out on bike rides, even though it would make you look extremely dorky, but as we grow older, we can appreciate and understand their overprotectiveness.

Now thanks to technology, that overprotectiveness has been taken to another level with the MiniBrake. This gadget was created by a team of Hungarian inventors who decided that it would be a good idea to create a secondary brake unit for bicycles that could be controlled remotely, thus allowing parents to apply the brakes on their child’s bike if they feel like they could be headed into danger or who are starting to learn how to ride their bikes.
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Updated MacBook Airs Could Be Launched Next Week [Rumor]The last time we saw Apple refresh their MacBook Air laptops was back in June 2013. This was a pretty significant update because it not only incorporated Intel’s Haswell chipset, but it also came with improved graphics and an extra long battery life, thus making it a pretty decent laptop to bring around, and also if you wanted to get some gaming done on it.

Now according to new rumors, Apple could be refreshing both the 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air models as early as next week. This is according to MacGeneration who claims that their sources have informed them of an impending update. Unfortunately it was not mentioned as to what kind of updates we could be looking at.
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Samsung Galaxy Beam 2 Officially Launched In ChinaA few years ago, Samsung announced the Galaxy Beam which was basically an Android powered device that came with a built-in projector. It was a pretty novel idea although we expect that there are those out there who have use for it. Well it seems that Samsung has decided that there is apparently enough demand to create a successor which has resulted in the Galaxy Beam 2.

The handset was rumored to be in the works but we guess it is now official, although interestingly enough Samsung has decided to launch the handset in China with no mention as to whether it will be making its way to other parts of the world, like the US or Europe, for example. Also just like its predecessor, the specs aren’t exactly the highest but we suppose the main selling point would be its projector.
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Microsoft Surface Mini Accessories Listed By Amazon RetailerWe have been hearing rumors that Microsoft could be looking to launch a smaller version of its Surface tablets in the form of the Surface Mini. Given that smaller tablets are more than welcome by those who do not need bigger tablets of the 10-inch variety, not to mention following the success of other smaller form tablets like the iPad mini, Nexus 7, and Kindle Fire, we can see the appeal.

However so far we haven’t really heard anything from Microsoft, except for the rumors that the device could be announced in June, but in the meantime it seems that one particular retailer might have gotten ahead of themselves by listing Surface Mini related accessories on Amazon. The accessories in question are a Smart Cover-like case and a detachable keyboard case.
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Bank Of England Reportedly Hiring White Hat Hackers To Secure Financial SectorWhite hat hackers have been around for a while now, and unlike their more nefarious counterparts, white hat hackers hack for the greater good, which basically means that they use their skills to help test security systems, discover security holes, and so on, all of which are meant to prevent black hat hackers from entering.

That being said it seems that the Bank of England will be embarking on a “groundbreaking” move by hiring white hat hackers to help test and improve the security and resilience of the networks behind 20 of the UK’s largest banks and financial services. The Bank of England has yet to confirm this but this is according to the sources of the Financial Times (paywall).
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Samsung Patent Could Hint At Galaxy Note 4s Design [Rumor]Besides the Samsung Galaxy S5, the next highly-anticipated smartphone of 2014 includes the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Not much is known about the device for now except for the rumors, but earlier in the year it was suggested that the Galaxy Note 4 could feature a new design that would see display components placed on the side of the device as well, thus creating a three-sided display.

These rumors aren’t that far-fetched because thanks to a Samsung patent, it looks like Samsung could have toyed with the idea of a wraparound display, at least on paper. In fact this patent seems to be in line with earlier rumors that hinted that Samsung could go with such a setup. After all with devices like the Galaxy Round, we know for a fact that Samsung is able to achieve flexible displays on devices that have actually made it to the market.
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LG V700 And V400 Tablets Spotted At The FCCLG isn’t exactly a name that one thinks of when it comes to Android tablets. ASUS, maybe, Samsung, probably, but LG? Not so much, at least until the South Korean company released the LG G Pad 8.3 back in 2013. In fact it seems that the device was so well-received that a Google Play Edition was even created for those who’d rather have a stock version of Android.

That being said we doubt that the LG G Pad 8.3 is the company’s last tablet efforts and recent FCC filings have proven otherwise. Two LG devices along with diagrams have recently made its way to the FCC sporting the model numbers V700 and V400. Based on the drawings along, it is pretty clear that both devices are of the tablet variety, either that or they’re really big smartphones.
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Samsung Galaxy S5 Outsold The iPhone 5s In Its Opening WeekendThe Samsung Galaxy S5 is the South Korean tech giant’s latest and greatest handset. Given that it is also part of the extremely successful Galaxy S-lineup has help build anticipation and hype over the device, but how is it faring against the competition?

Well according to recent data released by a retail management software provider, it seems that it is doing quite well and might have even outsold the iPhone 5s during its launch weekend.
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