minecraftSometimes there are games created with a huge hype and ambition that falls flat on its face. Then there are games like Minecraft whose creators probably did not envision it would be seeing the cult following and blockbuster success that it is seeing. In fact according to Mojang’s Daniel Kaplan, it seems that the PC version of the game has sold 20 million copies to date.

Kaplan announced this on Twitter in which he wrote, “20 million copies of Minecraft PC sold. Thst [sic] is crazy. Thanks everyone for supporting us <3 and thanks for stickning with us for so long!” That’s pretty impressive especially when you consider that it was only last year that they were sitting on 15 million copies sold, so 5 million copies in a year is very good! Read full post →Minecraft For PC Has Sold 20 Million Copies To Date

surface-3-1Back in March Microsoft announced the Surface 3 tablet which is basically a smaller and more affordable version of the Surface Pro 3 which was launched in 2014. It also came with support for 4G LTE, although at the start the LTE model was only made available to the US market. However if you’re living in Europe, you’re in luck.

Microsoft has officially announced that they will be bringing the 4G LTE Surface 3 model to the UK and Germany come 3rd of July. They have also announced that the model will be making its way to France and Spain and a later date, although for those two countries Microsoft did not offer up any specific dates so we guess we’ll just have to keep an eye out for it. Read full post →Microsoft Surface 3 With LTE To Make Its Way To UK, Germany

s6-edge-plus-leakWe have been hearing rumors that Samsung could be working on a new phone called the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ (or Edge Plus) but like we said, these are just rumors. However as spotted by GalaxyClub.nl (via PhoneArena), it seems that the phone could be more than a rumor; it could very well be real.

This is thanks to a recent trademark filing of the name “S6 EDGE+” over in the US which seems to suggest that the phone is indeed real. As expected, the trademark filing does not reveal anything about the phone apart from its name, but like we said the name filed and the rumors are in line with each other, leaving us to wonder how much of the previous rumors could be accurate. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Trademarked In the US

apple-garageband-10-1-macBack in March, Apple launched their new 12-inch Retina MacBook and updated MacBook Pros and the one thing in common that the laptops have that Apple’s older MacBook lineup does not have is the new Force Touch trackpad. The good news is that if you love creating music on your laptop, Apple has recently updated GarageBand which will now be able to take advantage of Force Touch.

The app has been updated to version 10.1 and according to the changelog, Force Touch support has been included. Through Force Touch, users will be able to make finer changes to their music and settings, as well as make subtle changes that previously might have required a music controller or an external mouse instead of the trackpad. Users will also be able to use Force Touch and take advantage of the virtual morph pad. Read full post →GarageBand For OS X Update, Will Now Take Advantage Of Force Touch

apple musicSo yesterday Apple Music was officially released alongside iOS 8.4, but for those running on the iOS 9 beta, they noticed that there was no Apple Music available for iOS 9, at least not on their mobile devices. Well if you are running on the iOS 9 beta and wanted to test out Apple Music, fret not because you won’t have to wait too long for it. Read full post →iOS 9 Beta With Apple Music Dropping Early Next Week

If you’ve always felt that watching YouTube on your mobile device somehow sacrificed some quality, you would be right. YouTube for the desktop offers streaming at 60fps but on mobile devices like its app on iOS and Android, 30fps was pretty much the cap, at least until now where YouTube has announced that 60fps streaming would be arriving on mobile.

Now while you can watch YouTube on BlackBerry and Windows Phone, it seems that this only applies to the official YouTube app for iOS and Android, so for those running on non-iOS and non-Android devices, it looks like you guys would be out of luck, at least for now, but then again 30fps is a very watchable framerate so we suppose it might not be that big a deal for some users. Read full post →YouTube For iOS & Android Now Supports 60fps Video Streams

official-iphone-5c-1There were some rumors earlier this year that Apple might be considering bringing back the “C” model which made its debut in 2013 with the iPhone 5c. The handset was largely considered a flop which even Apple’s CEO Tim Cook admitted, but could Apple be thinking about bringing it back with the iPhone 6C?

According to the latest rumors, the answer is yes. This is according to Jefferies analyst Ange Wu who claims (via PhoneArena) that Apple will be debuting the iPhone 6C and that unlike its predecessor which came with a plastic build, Apple will instead be using a metal chassis and that the phone could see a release come H1 2016. Read full post →iPhone 6C Will Sport Metal Chassis, Released In H1 2016 [Rumor]

f35-f16-640x438The F-16D fighter jet is based on a design from 40 years ago, but it seems that despite today’s modern technology and more advanced designs, a recent mock dogfight showed that sometimes it really boils down to who is flying the plane. According to a report obtained by David Axe of War is Boring (via ArsTechnica), it seems that during a mock battle between a two-seater F-16D and a F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the former managed to best the latter.

According to Axe’s report, he claims that in theory the F-35 should have had the advantage due to the fact that the pilot claimed to have a “clean” configuration for the test, meaning that it had nothing under its wings or weapons bay, while the F-16D had external fuel-drop tanks which would have put it at an aerodynamic disadvantage. Read full post →F-16 With 40-Year Old Design Bests F-35 In Mock Dogfight

sprint_signIn the latest move by Sprint, it looks like the company is pulling an Apple and has announced that they will be doing away with the 600Kbps speed cap that was originally part of the company’s recently announced All-In plan. Just yesterday, Sprint announced that they will be introducing a new unlimited plan called All-In.

Basically it charged customers $80 a month and gave them unlimited text, calls, and data. Now the data is probably of the biggest interest to most users, but it seems that in a footnote, Sprint noted that they were capping the speed limited of online video streaming to 600Kbps. The carrier claimed then that this was to ensure that everyone on their network would get an equal experience. Read full post →Sprint Backtracks On 600Kbps Cap On Their “All-In” Plan

linksys_antennasDue the placement of our wireless routers, sometimes there are some areas of the home or office that might not have the same amount of coverage compared to other areas. This could be due to a variety of reasons, like walls getting in the way, or the router unable to transmit far enough because of its range.

However if you’d rather not buy a WiFi extender for fear of losing some speed, you might be interested to learn that Linksys has begun shipping their high-gain antennas. As you can see in the image above, these are antennas designed to be attached to your wireless router which in turn will help to boost its range, thus covering a wider area. Read full post →Linksys’s High-Gain Antennas Are Now Available For Purchase