monitor3For gamers who are looking to get the best out of their gaming rigs, they’ve probably scouted around for monitors with the fastest response times, and in the case of NVIDIA GPU owners, probably looked for monitors that supports NVIDIA’s G-Sync technology. So where does this leave AMD gamers?

While to some gamers this might not be a big deal, there are some who strongly believe that this matters, and if you’re an AMD gamer you’re in luck because Samsung has recently announced two new monitors that will support AMD’s FreeSync which is the company’s answer to NVIDIA’s G-Sync technology. Read full post →Samsung Unveils New Monitors With AMD’s FreeSync Technology

google contributor 640x247Ads on websites can be done properly and tastefully so that they don’t really interfere with the way users browse and consume content from a page. However some ads can be very annoying which results in users download extensions such as AdBlock to disable all ads from display entirely.

Great for users, bad for website owners as ads are one of the ways that they make money. Well what if you could subscribe to websites and view them without ads? While subscription-based websites are around, Google wants to apply it across all websites via a “Contributor” system. Through this system, it seems that users can donate anywhere between $1-3 a month and view partner websites without any ads at all. Read full post →Google Contributor Lets You View Websites Without Ads, But Only If You Donate

Windows Phone Store 3When Microsoft was trying to court developers into making more apps for the Windows Phone platform, which at this point is still lagging behind the likes of iOS and Android, they put a lot of effort into it and did all they could to make it easier for developers to create apps for their platform, but it looks like that goodwill could be coming to an end.

Previously Microsoft had arranged it so that whatever developers sold, Microsoft would take a 30% cut, with that cut dropping to 20% if the app raked in more than $25,000 in sales. Sounds like a good deal, right? Unfortunately it seems that come 2015, Microsoft will be making some changes to the developer agreement where Microsoft will start taking more money. Read full post →Microsoft Changes Windows Phone Developer Agreement, Takes Bigger Cut

foxconn factory 680x3821 640x359According to a report last month, it was suggested that Foxconn could be thinking about getting into the display business by setting up a display production plant that would help Apple produce the displays it needs for its current and future iDevices. Given that Foxconn gets a ton of business from Apple, it would seem that this could be a worthwhile investment.

Well according to a report from Bloomberg, those plans could soon be put into motion as Foxconn is reportedly gearing up to spend $2.6 billion in building a dedicated Apple display plant over in Taiwan. The construction of the new factory is expected to done over the next two years. While Foxconn’s display unit Innolux Corp.’s PR rep Sophia Chang did confirm that equipment installation would begin next month, she declined to confirm if their client would be Apple. Read full post →Foxconn Will Reportedly Invest $2.6 Billion Into Apple Display Plant

billboard music awardsBack in the day music consumption came from purchasing an album in the store, going over to your friend’s house and listening to it, or hearing it on radio. Nowadays we have more options – we can watch a music video on the likes of YouTube or Facebook, we can purchase songs individually or albums via the internet as digital downloads, and we can also stream music via services such as Spotify.

Now with all these new methods of consuming music, shouldn’t it be time that music tracking services such as Billboard and Nielsen be updated to reflect that? Well if you’re wondering how the music scene does these days with the new methods of consumption thrown into the mix, you will be happy to learn that both Billboard and Nielsen have recently announced that they will start tracking streaming music and video services. Read full post →Billboard & Nielsen’s Charts To Take Into Account Music And Video Streaming

paaschenThe iPad is great for viewing movies, photos, making music, surfing the web, and we guess to a certain extent taking photos, but what about productivity? Well for those of you who think of the iPad as more of an entertainment-only device, think again. Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Starwood Hotels’ CEO Frits van Paasschen has credited the iPad for improved productivity.

According to van Paasschen who spoke about how and why he made the transition to the tablet, “I thought, you know what, I actually don’t use [my desktop computer]. I do all of my work via mobile so essentially my office is wherever I go, and I can be much more productive.” Due to the fact that he has to rely on the onscreen keyboard or a Bluetooth keyboard, the emails he sends tend to be shorter. Read full post →Starwood Hotels’ CEO Sees Productivity Boost Thanks To The iPad

moto g 2014 review 1 640x426Thinking about getting your hands on the 2014 Moto G from Motorola? Well if you are, perhaps you’ll want to hold off on your purchase for now. According to a smattering of reports from Moto G (2014) owners, it seems that there is a memory management bug that is plaguing the phone, so much so that apps are force closing themselves.

Now before you think that these are users who have maybe like 10-20 apps running in the background, it does not appear to be that case. Instead these are users who are reporting that they have maybe 1-2 apps open, and instead of apps being closed to the background, they are force closing themselves instead. Read full post →Moto G (2014) Reportedly Suffering From Memory Management Bug

nexus 6 review hero 640x426The joy of owning a Nexus device is that it is a “clean” device in the sense that not only is the hardware chosen and approved by Google, but the version of Android is as what Google had intended. This compared to Android phones built by other companies who tend to modify Android to a certain style and who throw in a ton of other apps and features that might not be necessary.

Unfortunately if you are looking for a clean Nexus 6 handset, you might have to get it from Google directly because according to reports, it seems that AT&T’s version has been slightly modified. No, AT&T has not throw on a skin/theme. Instead the carrier has decided to emblazon the back of the handset with their own logo. Read full post →AT&T’s Nexus 6 Will Have Its SIM Locked And Carrier Ringtones Preinstalled

17lg9l5dhk5iqjpgOver the past year or so, we have been hearing reports about how online accounts have been hacked and email address. home phone numbers, credit card details, home addresses, and more have been stolen, but is this efficient? After all hacking one particular account only grants access to one service, right?

Well according to recent research conducted by data-protection company IBM Trusteer, they have found that the next target that cyber criminals could be targeting next would be none other than the master password to password manager services, such as 1Password and LastPass, just to name a couple. Read full post →Citadel Malware Aims To Steal Master Password For Password Managers

basis peak 640x429Earlier this year, Intel announced the Basis Peak wearable. This device is the successor to the Basis B1 from CES 2014 and if you liked what you saw and you wanted to get your hands on it, Intel has announced that the wearable is now available for purchase via retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy in the US, followed by Amazon UK in December. It is priced at $199.99.

Just in case you might have missed our coverage from a few months ago, here’s what you can expect from the wearable. For starters it will be a health tracking device which means that users can look forward to feature such as heart rate tracking during exercise along with sleep tracking which seems to be a pretty popular feature these days. Read full post →Basis Peak Fitness Tracker Now Available For Purchase