We have seen Samsung rapidly roll out the Android 4.4.4 update for some of its devices and today it appears to be the Sprint Galaxy S5′s turn. The update was released this morning and it should start making its way to the CDMA edition of Samsung’s flagship smartphone shortly. The Sprint Galaxy S5 Android 4.4.4 update is incremental and it brings a host of important bug fixes and security improvements, apart from support for Sprint’s international Wi-Fi calling feature. It also adds an icon for HD voice.

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For quite some time now Android users have had the ability to stream content from their mobile devices to their Roku set-top boxes however the company today announced the release of a new feature that puts it at par with devices that support mirroring with either Chromecast or Miracast. The Roku Screen Mirroring feature has been released in beta today for Windows 8.1 and Android devices, it is available for users around the world and will allow them to mirror anything and everything from their device to the Roku 3 and Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI Version).

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nokia lumia 530

T-Mobile today confirmed that it will soon be offering the Lumia 530 to its customers. Starting October 15th new and existing subscribers will be able to purchase the Lumia 530 from T-Mobile. This smartphone is the successor of the popular Lumia 521 which performed particularly well on Magenta, in fact that carrier calls it “one of the best-selling Windows Phone EVER at T-Mobile.”

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psn suspend voucherAccording to a variety of reports, it seems that the Sony PlayStation Network has been hit with connectivity issues. Players who are playing from their PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, or PS Vita from Europe, North America, Australia, and Japan are all reporting that they have trouble connecting to the service.

Many of these gamers are reporting the “cannot connect to the server” error message. So far Sony different region’s divisions have yet to comment on the matter, save for Sony PlayStation Japan who had recently posted a message apologizing for the issue and claiming that they are investigating the matter. Read full post →Gamers Having Trouble Connecting To Sony’s PlayStation Network

pioneer carplay 640x233Earlier this year, Apple officially announced CarPlay which was formerly known as iOS in the Car. Apple has obviously partnered up with several car manufacturers in the process in order to bring the feature to future car models, but what about those who us who already have car and don’t think it’s a clever idea to buy a new car just for that feature?

Well thankfully Pioneer announced that they would be working on bringing CarPlay to more vehicles. Now Pioneer is a company that makes audio equipment, like headphones and car entertainment systems, and the good news for car owners is that Pioneer has officially announced (via The Next Web) a new dashboard – the SPH-DA120. Read full post →Pioneer Launches Their First CarPlay Dashboard System

ip6 china 640x339Apple’s new iPhone 6 handsets have recently been approved for sale in China. Pre-orders are expected to begin on the 10th of October with the phones officially going on sale on the 17th of October. Now we know it’s only the 2nd of October, but Chinese carriers have recently begun to take pre-sale registrations.

Well it seems that the reception over in China has been overwhelming. According to reports, it looks like there have been over 2 million reservations of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in the first six hours of carriers and retailers opening their stores. To put this into perspective, Apple had boasted 5 million pre-orders in 24 hours in the first 9 countries it was sold it. Read full post →Over 2 Million iPhone 6 And 6 Plus Units Have Been Reserved In China

lg webos smartwatch 640x426When it comes to smartwatches, Google has Android Wear which is a version of Android developed for wearables. Heck, even the Apple Watch appears to be running a modified version of iOS. Now as far as other platforms are concerned, Tizen is another player in the market and can be found in the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Gear 2.

While LG has released Android Wear devices like the G Watch and the G Watch R, it seems that the South Korean tech company has plans to release a webOS based smartwatch as well. This is thanks to LG’s developer website (via The Verge) which showed off the image above, which is the Bean Bird from LG’s webOS TV carrying a watch on its back. Read full post →LG Could Be Working On webOS Smartwatch

samsung logo 5 640x337Apple’s A-series of chipsets has typically been manufactured by Samsung, although given that both companies aren’t necessarily on the best of terms, Apple has since moved on to other manufacturers. For example it was recently discovered that the A8 chipset found in the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are from TSMC.

However there have also been rumors that suggests that Apple could be returning to Samsung for their A9 chipsets in 2015. While those were initially rumors, it seems that Samsung might have confirmed it inadvertently. Speaking at a press event, the president of Samsung’s semiconductor business Kim Ki-nam spoke about the profits of the company. Read full post →Samsung Confirms They Will Produce Apple’s Next-gen A-series Chips

Windows OS stats sep 640x360Windows 8.1 is the latest version of the Windows platform at the moment. However come 2015, Microsoft is expected to launch Windows 10, but in the meantime how are Microsoft’s other builds doing? It seems that according to the latest figures by Net Applications, it turns out that despite Windows 8.1 being the latest version, the majority of Windows users are still running Windows 7.

As you can see in the pie chart above, 52% of the operating system market comprises of Windows 7. Coming in at second place is Windows XP at 23.87%, and coming in at third place is Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 with a combined market share of 12.26%, with the remaining market share going to OS X, Linux, Windows Vista, and others. Read full post →Net Applications: Windows 7′s Market Share Continues To Dominate

Local Dimming Display 640x411The bigger the display of a smartphone, the more power it tends to draw. Many things affect a phone’s battery life although the display is a big part, not to mention leaving it at the maximum brightness will probably not do your battery any favors as well. However the good folks at Microsoft Research have been working on a way to help save battery life, which is by dimming the portion of your phone’s display in which your finger is covering.

When we use certain apps, our fingers might cover a portion of the display, such as when we’re scrolling through websites, Facebook’s News Feed, and so on. The idea behind Microsoft’s research, which has been dubbed FingerShadow, is that the portion that your finger is hovering over can be dimmed, which in turn they have estimated could end up saving 5.07%-22.32% of a smartphone’s battery. Read full post →Microsoft Research Comes Up With Interesting Battery Saving Method