iPhone6C_003With the iPhone being as popular as it is, Apple has no trouble placing huge amounts of orders with their suppliers. In fact according to a recent report, it seems that Sony is having some trouble keeping up with the orders for their camera sensors which apparently Apple is wanting a lot of at the moment, so much so that other smartphone OEMs are having a hard time trying to get hold of components.

The sensors ordered by Apple are apparently going towards the rumored iPhone 6c, a handset which may or may not sport a 4-inch display and a plastic body which is similar to that of the iPhone 5c. So far the rumors claim that the device may not be launched this year but in this particular report, it claims that it will. We can’t be sure until Apple makes an announcement so take it with a grain of salt for now. Read full post →Apple Reportedly Hogging Sony Camera Sensor Orders

myfitnesspalFor fitness enthusiasts who keep track of their calorie intakes, apps such as MyFitnessPal are probably known to them. The app is free to use and for the most part does a great job of keeping track of what you eat, your weight, and more. However it looks like the company will be taking things further by launching a paid premium service.

This premium service will cost users $9.99 a month or $49.99 a year. This will not replace the free features currently offered by the app. Instead it will add more features to the app and will also not come with ads that might otherwise be annoying or intrusive for users. According to the app’s founder Mike Lee, “People want to go beyond the calorie. We want to offer them a way to make custom reports, to dig deeper into the nutrient density of the food, and to customize the measurements used to plan their meals.” Read full post →MyFitnessPal Launches Paid Premium Service

apple watch goldThe Apple Watch Edition is priced starting at $10,000 which puts it way beyond the reach of most people, but as you might have heard, some companies are starting to offer to gold plate Apple Watches so that customers can have the same look, even if it isn’t exactly the same thing but unless you’re a die-hard Apple fan, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell either.

Well as it turns out gold plating Apple Watches is a great idea and more jewelers have caught onto it and have started to offer up their services as well. For example there are companies such as Watch Plate that will gold plate your Apple Watch for $399. All customers have to do is send them your wearable and within 3 working days, they should be able to send the final product back to you. Read full post →More Jewelers Start Offering Gold Plated Apple Watches

samsung z2Early this year Samsung officially announced the Samsung Z1, making this the company’s first Tizen smartphone ever which is saying something as this has been in the works for quite some time. Oddly enough it seems that Samsung could already be working on a successor according to the rumors.

Now thanks to the folks at Tizen Experts, they claim to have gotten their hands on what appears to be the successor to the Samsung Z1, the Samsung Z2. The handset is rumored for a launch in the first half of 2015 and assuming that is true, it certainly makes sense that photos of the handset would be surfacing by now, although how real they are is anyone’s guess. Read full post →Alleged Samsung Z2 Tizen Smartphone Photos Surface

htc-m9eEarly last month, HTC announced the HTC One M9 Plus which we thought was odd given that some aspects of the phone was better than the HTC One M9, which is the company’s flagship phone at the moment. That being said it seems that the One M9 variants are still being churned out by the company.

According to the folks at Engadget, they have spotted in China’s TENAA database another HTC handset, this time going by the name of the HTC One M9e. Based on its specs it seems like this is a variant of the HTC One M9 Plus, except that instead of sporting a metal body, the handset will feature a plastic build instead which could also help make it more affordable. Read full post →Plastic HTC One M9e Spotted In China

mkx androidEarly last month along the same time as the console and PC release of the game, Mortal Kombat X was also released for iOS devices, but unfortunately the Android version of the game had yet to be launched. Well the good news for gamers is that if you are looking forward to the Android version of the game, you will be pleased to learn that it is out. Read full post →Mortal Kombat X Makes Its Way Onto Android

If you’re looking for some interesting pop cultured inspired characters to play in NetherRealm’s Mortal Kombat X, you might have heard that Jason Voorhes of Friday the 13th fame would be making itself into the game. Well if you’re curious as to how the character plays and how gory things could get, wonder no more.

The folks at NetherRealm have recently released the trailer for Jason and as you can imagine, him being of the famed Friday the 13th horror franchise, his moves are pretty gruesome. They’re brutal and straight to the point, demonstrating the same coldness and strength that we have seen from him in the movies. Read full post →Jason Voorhes Mortal Kombat X Trailer Released

android distroIt is the month of May which also means that it’s time to look at the Android distribution figures. Now if you remember, last month we reported that Android 5.x Lollipop’s distribution was sitting at the 5.4% mark which we have to say wasn’t particularly impressive. However it means that those numbers have since jumped and in the process nearly doubled.

According to the latest numbers found on the Android website, Android Lollipop’s distribution is at 9.7% which like we said, is almost double that of last month’s figures. Granted this isn’t exactly the same 80% mark that iOS enjoys, but for the numbers to almost double in a month is pretty impressive. Assuming they keep this up, we could be looking at some pretty high numbers before the next major Android build is released. Read full post →Android Lollipop Distribution Nearly Doubles In Latest Figures

Many might remember that a few months ago, The Pirate Bay was raided by the Swedish police and in the process was taken offline. However it eventually made its way back online and for those who thought that things were back to normal, it does not look like that is the case. According to pirate-bay-flagreports, it appears that The Pirate Bay has gone offline once again.

Attempting to navigate to the .se domain results in an Error 526 which is apparently due to an invalid SSL certificate. Like the error suggests, this could be due to a misconfigured or expired SSL certificate, thus resulting in the website being unable to be accessed by its users. It could also signal that the website could have run into some legal troubles once again. Read full post →The Pirate Bay Is Down Again

Fan made Iron Man Edition

In accordance with a report published by Korea Times, Samsung will soon be unveiling Iron Man editions for Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. The company might launch the devices sometime in May or June.
Read full post →Samsung Confirms Working On ‘Iron Man’ Edition For Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge