samsung patentLast year Samsung took the wraps off the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. For those who might be unfamiliar with the device, it’s basically a smartphone where one side of its display is curved. This act as a secondary display of sorts and can be used to display contextual information, menu buttons, and more.

It is an interesting concept and if the rumors are to be believed, Samsung is looking to release a successor in the form of the Galaxy S Edge. However unlike the Galaxy Note Edge, the S Edge is rumored to feature two curved displays, one on each side, and it looks like Samsung has similar ideas too, thanks to a recently discovered patent by the folks at Patently Mobile. Read full post →Samsung Patent Reveals Phone With Dual Curved Displays

htc-logo-sketchGiven that companies like Samsung, HTC, Apple, Sony, Motorola, LG, and etc. have products all around the world, we’re sure many fans are hoping that the products would be launched in their country first. The good news is that if you’re living stateside, HTC’s upcoming wearable could see a release in the US first.

This is according to @upleaks who claims that HTC’s first wearable will be making it into the US market before the rest of the world. Given that @upleaks has a pretty decent track record when it comes to rumors and leaks, we guess there might be some truth to the claims. For those hearing about this for the first time, word on the street has it that HTC has a wearable they are working on. Read full post →HTC’s Fitness Band To Launch Stateside First [Rumor]

motorola-keylinkBluetooth dongles and keychains are a pretty common accessory to have that allows users to track misplaced keys or to remind them not to forget their keys when they leave their house. Motorola launched a similar accessory last year in the form of the Motorola Keylink and if you were thinking of getting yourself one and wondered where it went, you can relax.

A number of users have recently expressed their concern as to the disappearance of the Motorola Keylink on Motorola’s website. Many had assumed that Motorola had decided to discontinue the accessory, but it does not seem that way. The folks at Droid-Life have reached out to Motorola who has since confirmed that the removal of the Keylink on their website was simply because the company has run out of inventory. Read full post →Motorola Keylink Not Discontinued, Will Return In The Next Few Weeks

Samsung-Gear-VR-08As some of you guys have heard, there are some rumblings that the Android 5.0 Lollipop update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 should be released soon. Given that the update has already been rolled out to the older Samsung Galaxy Note 3, we guess we can’t really blame you guys for feeling a bit disgruntled, so what’s with the hold up?

How does Samsung push out an update for an older device but now a newer one? According to SamMobile’s Faryaab Sheikh, it seems that the Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headset might be the blame. As you might know, the Gear VR relies on the Galaxy Note 4 to act as its display and also takes advantages of the phone’s built-in sensors. Read full post →Samsung Gear VR To Blame For Galaxy Note 4’s Android 5.0 Delay [Rumor]

LG_G3_Stylus_500One of the unique features of the Samsung Galaxy Note series is that it comes with the S Pen and has its software optimized and designed around the stylus, giving the stylus more capabilities than just a pointing and writing tool. Back in 2014 we saw LG attempt something similar with a device called the LG G3 Stylus.

The handset wasn’t particularly impressive in terms of hardware and we supposed to a certain extent it was like a low-mid range version of the LG G3. Now according to recent trademark applications, it seems that LG might have something similar planned for their upcoming LG G4 in the form of the LG G4 Stylus. Read full post →LG G4 Stylus Trademark Filed

pirate bay rebirthIt is the 1st of February and you know what that means – The Pirate Bay is now back online! For those who haven’t been following the news, The Pirate Bay’s “.se” domain has been teasing a countdown with a timer to the 1st of February where presumably it meant that the website would be making its way back online, and sure enough it has.

If you were to head on over to the website now, you will realize that the pirate ship logo has since been replaced by the phoenix. We’re not sure if this is permanent or just a temporary design to symbolize its rebirth. So far it seems that the website appears to be fully functional, but as noted by TorrentFreak, the website lacks a moderation panel for the staff. Read full post →The Pirate Bay Is Now Back Online And Fully Functional


Wars are no longer contained to the battlefields. We have seen blowback of conflicts play out on the internet, cyberattacks being orchestrated and even private companies being brutally hacked on enemy soil. To meet these rapidly evolving challenges of modern warfare the British army is raising a brigade of “Facebook warriors” who will have social media savvy and will be trained in psychological operations to engage in non-lethal warfare.

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Mac users have a new iTunes update to play with. Apple has released an incremental update for its desktop software which brings a new feature apart from the usual tweaks and improvements that one expects from incremental updates. iTunes 12.1 is the latest version of Apple’s desktop software, OS X users should have already received a notification about this update, which can be installed from the Mac App Store’s update section.

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China’s 14-year old ban on gaming consoles ended last year when Sony and Microsoft were given the permission to launch their latest consoles. During those 14 years no sales of gaming consoles were allowed in the country, at least legitimate sales, and last year’s relaxation offered a window into a large untapped market. According to a new report China is likely to further ease restrictions on gaming consoles this year, giving companies more incentive to bring their products to the country.

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Prepaid carriers try to woo subscribers by enticing them with low-priced plans that offer added incentives like a generous amount of mobile data. Since there are multiple carriers catering to prepaid customers we often see a healthy competition between them. Cricket Wireless has established itself is a player in this market and its recent move is going to appeal to subscribers looking for more data. This AT&T-owned prepaid carrier has increased data allotment across all plans.

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