For users looking to charge their smartphones while they’re driving, they’d have to buy a in-car charger and in turn plug the charging cable into their device. It’s a pretty convenient solution but for those who think that in-car charging solutions could be better, you will be pleased to learn that Qualcomm and Daimler have teamed up to develop something new.

Both companies will be looking towards creating wireless in-car charging solutions and at the same time, looking at how wireless charging technology could also be applied to electric vehicles. Imagine how convenient it would be to charge your car wirelessly, as opposed to having to seek an outlet to charge your car. Read full post →Qualcomm, Daimler To Develop Wireless In-Car Charging Solutions

iPhone-6-review-8With every iteration of the iPhone, Apple has endeavored to make it better than its previous one with changes that might not necessarily be just on the outside. According to a recent rumor, it has been suggested that one of the changes Apple could be making in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is the use of smaller backlight chips.

These chips, for those unfamiliar, helps to light up the display. According to the rumor, Apple will new smaller chips that measure 3×0.85×0.4mm versus the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus which features slightly larger chips at 3×0.85×0.6mm. Now the difference might not seem like much, but every little bit counts in terms of overall weight and thinness. Read full post →Apple’s Next-gen iPhones Could Feature Smaller Backlight Chips

Xperia_Z3__Copper_front_side.0When the Sony Xperia Z4 was originally announced, many were surprised by its specs and the fact that it was announced in Japan, leading some to speculate that perhaps the handset might not see a global rollout. Well it turn out the speculation was half-right as Sony has recently announced the Xperia Z3+.

As it turns out the Xperia Z3+ is the global version of the Xperia Z4 which in turn is basically a slightly upgraded version of the Sony Xperia Z3. We’re not sure what Sony’s strategy is but if you loved the Xperia Z3 and wouldn’t mind getting the phone in pretty much the same design but with slightly upgraded specs, then perhaps the Xperia Z3+ is for you. Read full post →Sony Xperia Z3+ Launched, Global Version Of The Xperia Z4

Joby_S2_4If companies like Amazon have it their way, drones in the future could very well help deliver packages to our doorsteps, thus increasing efficiency. However it seems that apart from being used to deliver packages and used to capture photos and videos, there could be more use to drones than we thought.

That’s exactly what Joby Aviation is planning to do which is to take drones and use them for less conventional means, such as using them as a personal transportation device. The company has been working on a two-seat electric aircraft since 2005 and are now exploring the idea of creating transportation drones for people. Read full post →Drones In The Future Could Act As Personal Transportation Devices

men-in-subway-using-phone-and-tabletUsually in subways getting a signal on your phone can be a bit difficult meaning that if a hacker wanted to attack you, it would be pretty hard to try and grab ahold of your signal, or at least that’s what you think. According to research conducted by researchers from China, it seems that hackers can now track your movement not using GPS, but by using your phone’s accelerometer.

The idea behind it is that every subway in the world has a unique fingerprint in the way it moves, meaning that assuming a hacker is privy to the way subways around the world works, they will know where you are and which line you are taking in which country. According to the researchers, they claim that “there are no two pairs of neighboring stations whose connecting tracks are exactly the same in the real world, the motion patterns of the train within different intervals are distinguishable as well.” Read full post →Hackers Can Track Movement In The Subway Using Accelerometers

As we go about our daily lives and walk to work, walk to school, walk to the subway, walk to the restaurant, there’s a lot of kinetic energy that could be potentially harnessed for the greater good, which is what a company by the name of Pavegen has been doing. What they’ve done is that they’ve created a high-tech floor product that can harness kinetic energy which in turn could be used to help keep your lights on.

So far the rollout of Pavegen has been pretty small which is why the company has decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube in hopes that the money they raise and increase the scale of their efforts. So how does this work, you ask? Basically Pavegen helps to generate energy through a combination of electromagnetic induction and flywheel energy storage technology. Read full post →Kinetic Pavement Pavegen Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

mkx tanyaThe Mortal Kombat X game was released with a pretty full roster, but knowing that some gamers are pretty fast at completing games, we’re sure that there are some of you guys out there who have gone through every character available in the game. In case the recent Jason Voorhes DLC wasn’t enough, you might be pleased to learn that the Tanya DLC is on its way.

This is according to a tweet by NetherRealm’s Ed Boon in which he confirmed that the Tanya DLC is on its way and it should be released in early June. No specific dates were mentioned by Boon seemed to be pretty confident about its release, so we guess in the meantime we will just need to keep an eye out for it. Read full post →Mortal Kombat X Tanya DLC Coming In June

re zero hdLast year it was revealed that Capcom was working on a Resident Evil HD remaster. Given the classic status of the game in the horror franchise, safe to say that many gamers are looking forward to replaying the game with updated graphics. Around that time there were also hints that Resident Evil Zero could be getting the HD remake as well and it looks like the rumors were right.

Capcom has officially announced that they will be releasing a HD remaster of Resident Evil Zero which will be released come 2016. The game will be available across all platforms save for Nintendo, meaning that it will be available on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and for the PC as well. Read full post →Resident Evil Zero HD Remake Confirmed

iron_man_galaxy_s6_edgeLast week Samsung teased that they would be launching the Iron Man edition of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Well for those who are fans of The Avengers, Iron Man, or Marvel comics in general will be pleased to know that the handset has been officially launched, and boy based on the photos we have to say it looks pretty damn good!

The innards of the handset will remain exactly the same as the regular Galaxy S6 Edge, however it’s the exterior that will see the more obvious changes. As you can see in the photo, the handset has been given a coat of new paint in gold and red, following the theme of Iron Man’s suit of armor in the movies. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition Officially Launched

mastercard_sendIf you have ever sent money to someone before using internet banking or PayPal, you know that sometimes the transfer of funds isn’t exactly instant. It can sometimes take a couple of hours to even a few working days before the amount is successfully credited to the other person’s account, but it looks like MasterCard wants to speed things up.

The credit card company is looking into a new system called MasterCard Send. According to MasterCard’s description of this new feature, “MasterCard Send enables funds to be sent and received typically within seconds – far superior to existing solutions that either limit transfers within a closed-loop network or that involve ACH which can take several days for funds to be received.” Read full post →MasterCard Send Will Help Speed Up Money Transfers