ac_japanThe latest Assassin’s Creed game, Unity, is based in Paris, France and come later this year, the game is expected to be set in London with a Victorian theme, so what about 2016? Well some have speculated that 2016’s Assassin’s Creed could finally be headed to Japan. Given the synergy between ninjas and assassins, this seemed like a natural choice.

The speculation that 2016’s Assassin’s Creed could be taking place in Japan is thanks to Ubisoft forum member Cornik22, who was browsing through Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag’s official art book when he noticed an image of the Abstergo building which had some images belonging to past and present Assassin’s Creed games. Read full post →2016’s Assassin’s Creed Speculated To Take Place In Japan

mobile gamingMost of us have games installed on our mobile phones. Some of us might play games to help pass the time on the subway or bus to work or school, while others might be a bit more hardcore and actually turn to their mobile device as one of their primary means of playing video games on. That being said, it hardly comes as a surprise to see that there has been a rise in popularity in mobile gaming.

This is according to the NPD who recently revealed that the amount of time spent playing games on mobile devices has seen an increase to an average of 2 hours. This is versus 2012 where the average amount of time spent on mobile games was around 1 hour and 23 minutes, thus representing a 57% increase. Read full post →NPD: Mobile Gaming Popularity On The Rise

lumia-435Earlier this month, Microsoft announced the entry-level Lumia 435. The handset came with very basic features and based on that, we can only assume that it will come with a very affordable price tag to match, making it the perfect handset for those who want a smartphone but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a high-end one.

Indeed it does have a very affordable price tag as it was announced that it would be priced at €69, but unfortunately during the announcement, Microsoft did not mention if it would arrive stateside. However according to the folks at NPU, they have spotted the handset being listed on Microsoft’s US website and that it has been listed as “coming soon”. Read full post →Microsoft Lumia 435 Could Be Seeing A Release Stateside

microsoft__logoDuring Microsoft’s Windows 10 announcement last week, the Redmond company also took the wraps off Project Spartan which would be the new and official browser that will come preloaded on Windows 10 devices. Now there have been some rumors regarding the browser and that it might even come with support for Chrome extensions.

The good news is that if you were hoping for this to be true, you’re in luck as it seems that Microsoft has confirmed that extensions will be supported by Project Spartan. This is according to a statement Neowin received from the IE Dev Chat Twitter account which reads, “Yes. We’re working on a plan for extensions for a future update to Project Spartan.” Read full post →Microsoft Confirms Project Spartan Will Support Extensions

microsoft-surface-2-hands-on-1Microsoft’s Surface 2 tablet has been out for a couple of years now and has since been succeeded by the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, which is why we guess it doesn’t come as a complete shock to find out that Microsoft will no longer be manufacturing the tablet, so if you are still looking for the Surface 2, you will need to try your luck at retailers who might still have some stock left.

In a statement released to The Verge, “We are no longer manufacturing Surface 2; however, those still eager to buy Surface should visit Microsoft Retail Stores,, third-party retailers and resellers for the latest availability.” Unsurprisingly Microsoft’s decision to discontinue the Surface 2 was so that they could focus on the Surface Pro 3. Read full post →Microsoft Surface 2 Manufacturing Has Ceased

One of the great things about digital cameras is that we get to snap as many photos as we want, and get to keep them in our computer, phone, hard drives, and so on without it taking up much physical space. This is unlike back in the day where photos had to be printed and stored in photo albums.

However there is a certain nostalgic feel when it comes to printed photos, not to mention they make great gifts, and if you’re looking to start printing photos again, the Prynt smartphone case could be worth checking out. As the name implies, Prynt is basically a smartphone case that has the ability for the user to print photos from it. Read full post →Prynt Smartphone Case Comes With A Printer Built Into It

photos os xLast year Apple announced that they would be ceasing the development of their Aperture photography app. However the Photos app would be taking its place where it is expected to come with both basic and advanced features, allowing the novice and professional to edit their photos with ease.

Apple did not provide a specific date as to when the app would be released, but it was part of the OS X Yosemite announcement and according to Apple at that time, we could expect its release in early 2015. Unfortunately it looks like that might no longer be happening. According to a tip received by the folks at 9to5Mac, Apple has begun to remove all mention of the Photos app on their website. Read full post →Photos For OS X Removed From Apple’s Website, Hints At Possible Delay

wifi hotspotYou might recall that the Marriott hotel recently got into some hot water with the FCC when they decided to block the personal hotspots of their guests, which ultimately forced guests to pay for the hotel’s exorbitant WiFi fees. Marriott later backed down in their decision, but it seems that their earlier move was one not appreciated by the FCC at all.

To that extent the FCC has recently announced that they will now be “aggressively investigating and acting against” hotels that engage in such behavior, which is the blocking of personal WiFi hotspots. Marriott had previously argued that it was for security purposes and even tried to appeal to the FCC to allow the blocking in their meeting and convention rooms, all of which were ultimately and thankfully denied. Read full post →FCC To Aggressively Go After Establishments That Block Personal WiFi Hotspots

android gamesIn terms of smartphone platform market share, it is no secret that Android is leading the way. This is thanks to the fact that there are many Android OEMs out there, versus iOS in which pretty much Apple is the only company churning out iOS devices, although Apple’s latest figures show that they have no problems standing on their own.

That being said despite Android’s larger share, developers tend to favor the iOS platform, but why is that? Apparently iOS is more profitable, but it looks like things could be changing soon as it seems that profitability on the Android platform is on the rise. According to DAU-UP, a gaming marketing company, they have found that Android’s average revenue per user (ARPU) has seen a steady increase. Read full post →Android Games Starting To Become Just As Profitable As iOS

sony-xperia-z3-z3v-review-06Unlike Samsung or LG, Sony isn’t doing particularly well for themselves in the mobile market. While they might still be somewhat thriving back in their home market of Japan, over in the US and other parts of the world, Sony phones seem to be taking a backseat to other brands. In fact last we heard, Sony was planning on trimming their portfolio in a bid to reduce costs.

Now according to a report from the Nikkei daily business (via Reuters), it looks like Sony is looking to trim the fat further from its workforce. It seems that Sony has plans to cut another 1,000 jobs from its smartphone division, although these cuts will mainly affect Europe and China. These 1,000 jobs are in addition to the layoffs from last year, meaning that 2,000 employees could potentially lose their jobs. Read full post →Sony To Cut An Additional 1,000 Jobs From Their Mobile Division