twitter_logoIn this modern day and age, warfare does not only involve troops on the ground, but off it as well. Other than the conventional battlefield that we see out there, there is the virtual battlefield – and this is where ideas go up against one another for supremacy. Twitter made an announcement earlier this afternoon, citing that they have done their bit in the war on terror by suspended 125,000 Twitter accounts at the bare minimum since the middle of last year, and all of these happen to be related to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

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samsung logo 5The famous Russian tech blogger Eldar Murtazin did reveal some time last week through a tweet that touted how the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 would sport a battery that is capable of up to 17 hours of non-stop video playback, and at full brightness, too, on a solitary charge. Well, that is a rumor since nothing official from Samsung has been revealed just yet, so do take it with a grain of salt – and this includes all of the other rumors surrounding the Galaxy S7. Since then, Murtazin has a follow-up tweet on the matter, where one carries a diagram that does seem to imply as though the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be able to last for 48 hours straight, now how about that?

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tinder bernie sandersTinder, for those unfamiliar, is an app used for dating. People view each other’s profiles and swipe left or right to indicate their interest, and only when two people have expressed interest in each other that they are allowed to chat with one another. However in the past we have seen some creative uses for Tinder for non-romantic purposes. Read full post →Woman Campaigns For Bernie Sanders On Tinder

facebook logoThe other day we reported that if you were to post images of yourself smoking weed on Instagram, it could technically land you in trouble with the law. Turns out that Facebook is subscribed to federal law because according to reports, it seems that the social networking website has recently been deleting Facebook pages that are related to medical marijuana. Read full post →Facebook Deleting Medical Marijuana Pages

iPhone6s-4Color-RedFish-PR-PRINTWe have often heard stories of how sometimes the cost of repairing an iPhone at the Apple Store is so expensive that it is ridiculous. This is why sometimes people send their phones to unofficial Apple repair shops, which for the most part gets the job done for a much lower price. However if you are considering going down that route, here’s something to take into consideration. Read full post →Latest iOS Update Bricks Your iPhone If You Repaired It Unofficially

Every now and then you read about technology that helps to bring or create fresh drinking water for places that might not have access to it. For example last year Bill Gates was part of a project which turned human waste into drinkable water, thus providing places without access to clean drinking water a way to get rid of waste, and create water for themselves at the same time. Read full post →Scientists Use Batteries To Turn Seawater Into Fresh Water

Yesterday we reported that according to the rumors, Apple is said to be introducing a screen protector program where if you were to buy screen protectors from one of their partners (one of the reported partners is Belkin), there is a special machine that Apple retail staff will use to help apply your screen protectors. Read full post →Apple Stores In Japan Have Machines That Applies Screen Protectors

fujifilm x-pro2The Fujifilm X-Pro2 was officially announced last month, and so far based on initial reviews of the handset, many photographers are pretty taken with Fujifilm’s latest mirrorless camera. Now for those who were excited for the device and wanted to get their hands on it, you guys were probably anticipating its February release. Read full post →Fujifilm X-Pro2 Release Delayed To March

hangouts-peer-to-peer-e1454646827660If you think that the current call quality on Google Hangouts still leaves a lot to be desired, you might be interested to learn that Google could soon be changing that. According to several user reports, it seems that Hangouts has recently undergone an update last week, and along with the update, users are claiming to have seen popups like the one you see above. Read full post →Peer-To-Peer Connection Will Improve Hangouts Call Quality

lumia 650 leaked 2A couple of days ago, a rendering of the Lumia 650 was leaked. It wasn’t anything special as we have seen various renders in the past, but it looks like just a few days later, new renders have leaked which shows off more angles of the phone. The renders come courtesy of and seems to show off what appears to be an aluminum frame. Read full post →New Lumia 650 Renders Leaked, Possible Pricing Revealed