It used to be back in the day that whenever you made a purchase using your credit card that you would have to sign the receipt to acknowledge the purchase, as well as proving that you are who you say you are. However these days things are changing and according to Mastercard (via MacRumors), signatures will soon be completely eliminated. Read full post →Mastercard To Eliminate Signatures In 2018

When it comes to our smartphone displays, usually we have to settle with whatever the handset maker has decided to use, which is why sometimes displays play a big part in choosing which phone to go for and which brand or model. However sometimes handset makers do offer users the ability to customize their displays, and this is something Google is considering as well. Read full post →Pixel 2 Could Get More Display Color Options In Future Update

China is notorious when it comes to online censorship and also dictating what can or cannot be accessed on the internet, which is why it did not really come as a surprise to learn that the Apple Watch Series 3’s cellular connectivity feature has been blocked in the country following concerns about its eSIM. Read full post →Apple Watch Series 3’s Cellular Access Blocked In China

With Apple introducing a new family of iPhones in the iPhone X, one has to wonder what this means for 2018 onwards. Will Apple eventually phase out the older iPhone models that still retains a physical home button, or will Apple continue to push multiple families of iPhone models? Read full post →2018 iPhones Rumored To Feature Some iPhone X Features At Lower Price

One of the unique features of the Nintendo Switch’s hardware is that the left Joy-Con comes with a dedicated button that allows gamers to capture screenshots easily. However for gamers hoping to do more than just capture screenshots, you’ll be pleased to learn that Nintendo has updated the firmware of the console to include video capture as well. Read full post →Nintendo Switch Updated To Version 4.0, Adds Video Capture Feature

Nobody is going to hold a grudge against you if you forgot about the Mac mini. Apple hasn’t updated this product in over three years but it seems that the company isn’t pulling the plug on the Mac mini just yet. In response to a query about the Mac mini’s future, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that it remains an “important part” of Apple’s product lineup.
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Microsoft released the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update yesterday. It has been discovered that the update brings a new anti-cheat feature for games. PC game developers can use this feature to prevent cheating in their titles. The feature, called TruePlay, was first mentioned in a Windows 10 Insider Build over the summer. Microsoft didn’t really reveal many details about it back then.
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Facebook has confirmed that it’s going to start testing news subscription models in Instant Articles with a select group of publishers in the United States and Europe. This is going to happen over the next few weeks. The company has confirmed that the test is going to be rolled out on Android devices first.
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Google has added a new feature to the Gmail app on Android. The app now allows users to send and request money on the go with the popular email app. Whether users have to split a dinner bill or have to figure out the finances for a group trip, they now have a fee-free way to settle up with friends without having to leave the Gmail app.
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Gigabyte announced a new laptop today that’s really going to appeal to serious gamers. The company has thrown in some “world’s thinnest” and “world’s first” buzzwords in the press release for good measure. While the angular look of the gaming laptop might not appeal to all customers, the hardware specs are as serious as they come.
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