guleek-i8-intel-minipcWhat happens when one makes use of the innards of an extremely affordable Windows tablet, and having placed them into a pocket-sized, screenless chassis? Why, you end up with an extremely portable, low-power desktop machine. If there is one thing that those devices lack, it would be a battery, but such a setup is not what the new GULEEK i8 would come with, since it will be accompanied by a battery to have you make use of it wherever you are – as long as the battery is charged, of course.

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elitebook-820g-broadcomThe EliteBook range of notebooks have certainly made their fair share of appearances in the past, and as for the HP EliteBook 820 that was introduced late last year, it does look as though the device is due for an update or upgrade of sorts. Right now, we do know that the existing models of the 12.5” notebook would run on Intel Haswell processors underneath the hood, although it seems as though new models that will sport the more efficient Intel Broadwell processors are on the way. How do we know this? Well, there has been a listing of the HP EliteBook 820 G2 having appeared on the HP Malaysia website not too long ago.

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venue-10-keyboard-fccWe have heard about the Dell Venue 10 earlier this year, and this time around, the device looks set to be on its way to the commercial market – especially after it has gone through the paces over at the FCC. The Dell Venue 10 is widely tipped to be a 2-in-1 Android tablet that sports a 10” display alongside a keyboard station which would allow you to hook up the tablet in a manner where it would function as a notebook.

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tesla-roadster-updatePurchasing a car is more often than not the second biggest purchase that one can buy right after a home – and hence, it would take plenty of research to look into just how reliable a particular ride can be in the long run, the availability of spare parts and the ilk. Having said that, how about checking out an electric car for the year ahead? Tesla is a pioneer in this department, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has decided to do things a little bit differently this time around – having teased the masses over Twitter concerning their Roadster range. In effect, the tweet mentioned that there would be an upcoming upgrade that would provide the Tesla Roadster with a range that is close to 400 miles, which would be more than enough to drive all the way from San Francisco Los Angeles, without having to pull over for a recharge halfway.

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gta-online-festive-surpriseTrue to their word, Rockstar Games has released the Festive Surprise for GTA Online on Christmas Day, which would introduce the ability to engage in a snowball fight with other people, and that is just the icing on the cake as there are other various features and functions that come with this particular update. The city of Los Santos in San Andreas would be blanketed in snow this Christmas, where snowfall would allow you to engage in a friendly snowball fight, although one ought to be warned that these digital snowballs do pack quite a punch when it finds its target. Of course, since it is impossible to please everyone, some gamers have commented that they are sick of snow – even in video games, especially when one lives in an area that has plenty of snow all their life long.

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kinlong-startrekHow many of you out there love the reboot of the Star Trek movie franchise that had full of lens flare under the guidance of J. J. Abrams? Well, the third installment look set to be released half a year after Star Wars: The Force Awakens – hitting cinemas in the summer of 2016. There is even an exact date associated with the movie’s release, which would be July 8, 2016.

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floppycloudBoth NES and SNES emulators have come and gone on the App Store, where they are removed almost as quickly as they are put up by the ever watchful eyes of the App Store moderators. This means having to lie in wait patiently, and keeping one’s ears attuned to the buzz on the ground. It does seem as though it is a good Christmas for those who are on the lookout for such emulators on the App Store as Floppy Cloud, which is capable of handling both NES and SNES ROMs, has arrived on the iOS App Store, managing to last a full day before it was pulled. Perhaps this is due to the moderation team being off for their Christmas holidays, but it definitely is an opportune moment to release the app.

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patentRockstar Consortium, an outfit that picked up the patent portfolio of bankrupt telecoms firm Nortel, has decided to sell of most of the technology involved to a company that touts itself to be a dedicated crusader of reducing patent litigation. RPX Clearinghouse intends to sweep up all of the 4,000 “zombie” Nortel patents from the consortium for a cool $900 million, according to Reuters, which might sound like a lot. However, when you place a $100 million shy of a billion next to the $4.5 billion which Rockstar paid in entirety back in 2011, it certainly looks like a bargain not to be missed.

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wicked-laser-lightsaberThe first look at the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer certainly set tongues a-wagging’, especially when it came to the cute little ball-like droid that rolled along the desert landscape, as well as the red crossguard lightsaber which obviously belongs to someone who practices the Sith way of the Force. Well, while this world has not come up with its working version of a lightsaber just yet (which would be a very dangerous proposition, actually), this does not mean that lasers cannot offer a similar visual trick. Wicked Lasers, being famous for their high-powered products, has just come up with a concept for that very red crossguard lightsaber which has set the Internet alight – with both for and against arguments.

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t-mobile logo 2It does look as though when it comes to the year 2014 among tech companies in the U.S., T-Mobile has experienced a far more remarkable year than the rest of the pack – at least this is what CNN reported. For sure Apple had announced the yet unreleased Apple Watch as well as the growing Apple Pay system, while Microsoft is on a streak with their new CEO Satya Nadella taking over the reins in February earlier this year, while Netflix managed to solve whatever speed issues it was experiencing, and Facebook certainly set the instant messaging realm buzzing with their purchase of WhatsApp. T-Mobile did their fair share of actions in 2014, thanks to its “Un-carrier” marketing push that does away with pesky contracts so that folks can switch handsets all too frequently, with free international roaming to boot – and all of those were in 2013. This year, T-Mobile even offered to pay off rivals’ early termination fees, while making sure that streaming music will not eat into your data plan.

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