Xperia_Z3__Copper_front_side.0When Sony announced the Xperia Z3+, it was quickly discovered that the handset was basically the international version of the Sony Xperia Z4. This meant that at some point in time, there is a chance that the handset could make its way stateside, but so far none of the major carriers in the country have announced their official support for it.

However the good news is that if you’re a fan of Sony’s smartphones and wouldn’t mind getting your hands on the device, you might be interested to learn that Amazon is carrying the handset and they have units in stock. Of course given that it is sold via Amazon, it means that you would essentially be buying the phone unlocked. Read full post →Sony Xperia Z3+ Now Available From Amazon

There have been a couple of Final Fantasy VII movies that have been made over the years, but given that Square Enix recently announced that they would be remaking Final Fantasy VII, could it be possible that maybe we might be treated to a new Final Fantasy VII movie in the future as well?

While we suppose anything can happen, in the meantime director Roth Rind and PermaGrin Films have put together a short video (see above) which is a concept for Final Fantasy VII: The Series which according to them, “This is an interpretation, not a translation. Final Fantasy VII: The Series is a proof of concept to show an alternative vision of a classic story and a love letter to of one of the greatest games of all time.” Read full post →Live-Action Final Fantasy VII Video Looks Downright Amazing

Unless you’re a connoisseur of cognac or have had a lot of experience drinking it in the past, you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between a bottle of the real stuff, versus the cheap stuff that someone is trying to pass off as an expensive bottle of the drink. Well it seems that cognac maker Rémy Martin doesn’t want its name tarnished, so much so that they have decided to embed an NFC chip inside of its bottle to help its customers identify if they are indeed purchasing the real deal.

The chip itself will be placed inside the cap of the bottle which according to the company, will allow the user to scan it with their phone since it is closer to the surface. From there the app will be able to tell the person if the bottle they bought is the real deal. In fact there is a mechanism inside that trips when the bottle is opened, so that the customer knows what the bottle has been opened before and that the drink could have been tampered with. Read full post →Rémy Martin Embeds NFC Chips In Its Bottles To Prove Authenticity

Facebook has one of the biggest online photo directory with over 350 million photos uploaded every single day. With such big photo directory and full control over your photos, it is likely you may like to know how you can download your photos.

Fortunately, Facebook makes it quite easy to download photos. You can easily download a single photo or all of your photos right from your Facebook profile. Read full post →How To Download Your Facebook Photos




With Windows 10 Microsoft is introducing a brand new web browser which is going to take over from Internet Explorer, a browser that many say is the best browser for downloading other, much more powerful web browsers. Edge seeks to change all that and bring Microsoft’s offering at par with the likes of Chrome, Firefox and Safari, since proprietary web plugins for media are being left behind, Microsoft too has decided to not support its Silverlight plugin on Edge.

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As car manufacturers and even software companies work on self-driving cars, General Motors doesn’t want to be left out of the fray. At the Intelligent Transport System World Congress in Detroit GM CEO Mary Barra revealed that a fully self-driving Cadillac CTS Sedan will hit roads in 2017. ‘We are not doing this for the sake of the technology. We are doing it because it is what customers around the world want,” she says.

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Bungie formally confirmed Destiny’s first major expansion back at the E3 2015 gaming convention but it didn’t really detail everything that the expansion brings. Now though the developer of this popular title is finally revealing “what’s in the box,” what players will get if they dish out the extra money for the first major Destiny expansion.

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Wargaming announced World of Warships last year and as the name suggests in this game players take control of full-sized naval warships against foes in a multiplayer setting. The concept itself is appealing if you’re into such games and this one has been developed with extreme precision, with warships being made up of 500 individual elements. With the closed beta for this title reaching its end, Wargaming has now launched the World of Warships open beta.

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You’ve read all the books and seen all the seasons, now where do you go for your Game of Thrones fix? Unfortunately it’s a pretty long wait until the next season comes out, but you can still hold on to the previous seasons by sending quotes to friends and family, after all, there’s nothing like sharing a few pearls of wisdom from Tyrion Lannister now and then. The app is, quite fittingly I might add, called Game of Quotes.

Available for iOS, the keyboard app is preloaded with hundreds of quotes from the various characters that we all know and love. It’s a pretty amazing collection considering that there are even quotes from the very first episode of the TV show.

Once the app is installed the keyboard can be pulled up within any iOS app and then preloaded quotes can easily be selected and sent.

There are hundreds of quotes from characters that have so much to do with the show’s popularity so it’s not like you can’t find one to suit any situation that you might find yourself in during a conversation, and the person on the other end would probably think you’ve typed it all from memory!

Game of Quotes is available for iOS devices and it costs $0.99.


In the coming years Apple Pay will be gradually expanded beyond the United States to various other markets, with the UK launch expected to come in just over a week. What would be the next logical frontier for Apple’s payments service? Would the company allow people to pay each other using Apple Pay? That appears to be a case since Apple has filed for a patent which covers person-to-person payments.

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