Trading stocks is exceptionally easy these days, you can literally make trades in seconds these days thanks to brokerages that allow their customers to access the market through trading platforms for computers and mobile devices. It’s all safe, generally, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t incidents where such brokerages are hit by hackers, that’s precisely what has happened with Scottrade, a firm that millions use to manage their investments in the market.

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Xbox One preview members are testing out a major software update for the console these days which brings the Windows 10-powered dashboard to the Xbox One. The software update brings many new features with Cortana integration being one of the biggest features but it turns out that the Xbox One Cortana release isn’t actually going to take place until 2016.

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Last year Nokia released a nifty little accessory that actually serves a great purpose particularly for those who are prone to forgetting things, called Treasure Tags, the accessories were basically tags the size of a matchbox attached to things like keys and wallet. They connected with the smartphone via NFC and Bluetooth and would sound an alarm if the user left the premises with their tagged items left behind.

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If you drop your phone into the toilet or the pool, you can always fish it out. Whether or not it is still working is an entirely different story, but at the very least you still have your device and a small chance of getting it dried out and working again, or sending it in to get fixed. However drop your phone into the ocean and it is an entirely different story, or so we thought.

A report from the Daily Mail has revealed that Miami Heat dancer Teressa Cee was swimming with the dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean when she dropped her phone into the water. Like we said this is pretty much the end of things as we know it, but in Cee’s case, one of the dolphins named Cacique saw the device dropped into the water and dove in after it. Read full post →Dolphin Saves Miami Heat Dancer’s iPhone From A Watery Grave

weird display bugThe difference between the new iPhone 6s and the iPhone 5, 5s, or 5c isn’t just its display size. It’s also its display resolution in which the iPhone 6s sports a higher compared to its predecessors. That being said according to user reports, there are some users who are encountering a weird display bug when restoring their iPhone 5/5s/5c backups on their new iPhone 6s.

As you can see in the screenshot above, for some reason the displays on the iPhone 6s has been zoomed in, and not in the regular way. This has been zoomed in where the sides of the display has been cut of, kind of like the content was not optimized for the display/resolution of the iPhone 6s. Read full post →iPhone 6s Users Encounter Weird Display After Restoring From Backup

spotlight_siriWhen Apple first demonstrated Siri, it was heralded as being the ultimate voice assistant feature. However it kind of fell short of expectations when it was launched. Over the years Apple has made some pretty huge strides in terms of improving upon the feature, and now thanks to a recent acquisition, Siri could be getting an additional boost.

A report from the Financial Times (paywall; via Re/code) has revealed that Apple had recently acquired a UK-based speech technology startup called VocalIQ. The company specializes on creating spoken interfaces that can be used in all kinds of applications, ranging from cars, to wearables, to internet-connected devices, all of which Apple has a stake or interest in (think Apple Watch and HomeKit). Read full post →Apple Buys Speech Technology Startup VocalIQ

moto-x-2014-review-3Earlier we reported that Motorola had published a list of handsets that would be getting the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update. The list pretty much contained Motorola’s 2014 and 2015 handsets, save for the 2015 Moto E which was rather odd. We had suspected that maybe it was due to hardware issues, but now it looks like the 2014 Moto X has been left out of the loop too.

As we mentioned in our previous post, the Moto X (2014) models would get the update, but this was limited to the Moto X Pure Edition (basically the non-carrier branded version) and the Moto X for Latin America, Europe, and Asia. When asked about the fate of the AT&T and Verizon version of the 2014 Moto X, there was some bad news. Read full post →AT&T & Verizon’s Moto X (2014) Will Not Get Android 6.0 Update

ZTE-Grand-S-vs-Huawei-Nexus-6PThe Nexus 6P made by Huawei was launched a few days ago. It is a beautiful handset with a metal build and an interesting camera design on the back, with the black bar across it separating it from the rest of the device and creating a nice contrast. While it seems that everyone is pretty chuffed about the Nexus 6P, ZTE isn’t one of them.

According to a recent post by ZTE’s marketing head Lu Qian Hao on Weibo (via Pocketnow), he has pointed out how Huawei might have copied one of their designs. To be more specific, the design of the ZTE Athena from 2013, which made its way around the world where it was mainly known as the ZTE Grand S. Read full post →ZTE Claims Huawei’s Nexus 6P Copied Their Design

surface pro 4Are you excited to see what Microsoft could have in store for us with the Surface Pro 4? We’re sure many are pretty curious about the rumored tablet which from what we know, will be unveiled at Microsoft’s event on the 6th of October. Now the specs of the tablet are still a bit of a mystery, but thanks to a new rumor, one possible feature has been revealed.

According to the rumor, the Surface Pro 4 is said to feature extremely thin bezels around the display. To be more specific, the top and side bezels are said to be nearly invisible, while the bottom bezel is said to be thicker in which the hardware Windows key could be placed. However this is more than just aesthetics. Read full post →Surface Pro 4 Could Feature Shape-shifting Bezels [Rumor]

army-drone-swarmA well equipped drone is powerful enough an adversary on the battlefield, but there is strength in numbers as history suggests, which is why the military has managed to figure out a method of ensuring that a whole bunch of small drones can work together as a swarm, giving rise to the possibility that we might be looking at a digital horde of Zerg in the future. .S. Army tacticians are working on hundreds of these small drones to work in sync with one another.

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