nokia-here-mapsAccording to a report from last month, it was suggested that a group of German carmakers were close to making a deal with Nokia in which it would see them acquire Nokia’s HERE maps technology. Looks like it is official as it has been confirmed that the group which consists of BMW, Audi, and Daimler will be buying Nokia’s technology for a whopping $3.1 billion.

Given that there are three companies who are buying the technology, how would this work? Basically the technology will be shared equally amongst the three companies. If successful, it is expected that the deal will close in the first quart of 2016, but as is the case with acquisitions, regulatory bodies will have to be involved in approving it. Read full post →German Carmakers Snap Up Nokia’s HERE Maps For $3.1 Billion

imacThe last time we saw Apple refresh the iMac was in May earlier this year where they introduced a slightly more affordable 27-inch model. Then last month we heard the rumors that maybe a 4K 21.5-inch iMac could be in the works and now thanks to a report by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it seems that we could expect new iMacs in this quarter.

It is unclear as to what kind of refresh we’re looking at, but presumably it will sport faster and newer hardware. Interestingly enough Kuo also notes that these new iMacs could feature better quality LED displays. This will apparently involve the use of an LED phosphor material called KSF which will apparently help boost color saturation. Read full post →iMacs With Improved Processors And Displays Rumored For This Quarter

02_M5_gold_groupEarlier today Sony announced the Xperia C5 Ultra, but in case you’re after a slightly more rugged handset, you might be interested to learn that Sony has also announced the Sony Xperia M5. Just like what we’ve seen in the leaks, it seems that now the handset has been officially confirmed.

It also addresses one of the teasers that Sony put out last week in which they hinted at something gold would be coming, which is actually one of the colors of the Xperia M5. Moving on to the rest of the phone, the Xperia M5 is smaller than the Xperia C5 Ultra with a 5-inch Full HD display. Read full post →Sony Xperia M5 Officially Launched

01_C5_Ultra_Colour_RangeLast week Sony was posting teasers on Twitter in which they promised that they would be making an announcement come 3rd of August. We were then treated to leaked photos of what appears to be the Sony Xperia C5 Ultra and now it looks like the wait is over as Sony has officially announced the device.

The Sony Xperia C5 Ultra is Sony’s latest smartphone and just like the leaked photos, it has a near bezel-less border. Given that the phone has a 6-inch display, the lack of a border makes the phone a bit more manageable and potentially addresses some of the complaints users have had with regards to phablets. Read full post →Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Has Been Officially Announced

If you’re a fan of collectibles and exclusives, you might be interested to learn that if you were to pre-order Fallout 4 on the PlayStation 4, you will have access to the Fallout 4 Garage Theme which you can check out in the video above, courtesy of YouTuber MadMoneyBanks. Basically this will give you a nice Fallout-related theme for the PS4’s UI.

According to the listing on the PlayStation Store, this is only available for those who pre-order the game, so if you’re a huge Fallout fan and want to get your hands on as much content as possible, then maybe you’d like to pre-order the game. Unfortunately the theme itself is pretty static as it is more or less a background image. Read full post →Fallout 4 Garage Theme Available For PS4 Pre-Orders

europe-flagWhile Europe shares a common currency, not everything is priced the same. For example a game you buy on Steam in Germany might be priced differently compared to if you were to buy it if you were in Italy. However the discrepancy in pricings might so go the way of the dinosaur if the European Commission has their way.

According to a report from MCV, it seems that the Commission is currently proposing implementing a flat price on digital goods across the EU. This means that digital products such as games you purchase from Steam, the PlayStation Store, or Xbox Live will be subject to the same price, regardless of which EU country you live in. Read full post →European Commission Wants Flat Pricing On Digital Products In The EU

bmw-enlightenWhen we’re driving ideally we would be paying attention to the road ahead of us. This includes noticing stop signs and also traffic lights, so that if it turns orange we know we should start slowing down. In case you’re a bit of a distracted driver, don’t worry because BMW has got your back on this.

The company has recently announced that they will be integrating the EnLighten app into their vehicles, as long as the BMW vehicle has BMW Apps and it is connected to an iOS device, like the iPhone. For those who are unaware, basically what EnLighten does is that it shows the current status of the traffic light that your car is approaching. Read full post →BMW Will Let Drivers Know When Traffic Lights Change Color

windows 10 market shareA couple of days ago, Microsoft confirmed that Windows 10 has been installed on over 14 million devices which is a pretty impressive figure, but in terms of overall market share, exactly how much does that 14 million and more represent? The folks at Statcounter (via WMPoweruser) have the figures and the numbers are pretty encouraging.

As you can see in the graph above, Windows 10 is currently on a pretty steady rise and actually accounts for 2.47% of the entire OS market. Now some of you might think that 2.47% is only a fraction of the market, but as you can see in the graph it is climbing pretty quickly. In fact despite it being less than a week old, Windows 10 has since outpaced Windows Vista, Chrome OS, and Linux. Read full post →Windows 10 Now Has 2.47% Of The OS Market

samsung logo 5It would seem that despite the changes that Samsung has brought to the table with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, sales of either devices haven’t been going too well, so much so that Samsung was forced to adjust the prices in order to keep the momentum going. Unfortunately it looks like their troubles will not be helped by the Russian market.

According to a report from Bloomberg, it seems that over in Russia, several carriers and retailers have decided that they would stop buying Samsung’s smartphones. Apparently this is due to concerns over defective units and disagreements about repair guarantees. While defective units are to be expected every now and then, it seems that the percentage of Samsung is a bit too high for some. Read full post →Russian Carriers And Retailers Have Stopped Buying Samsung Phones

iphone_6_virgin_mobileIn the next couple of months we expect that the next-gen iPhones will be announced. However if you’re not too fussed about having the latest in smartphone technology, you might be interested to learn that Virgin Mobile is finally offering both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus on its network, despite dropping the iPhone from its lineup earlier this year.

Now we know that the current iPhones are almost a year old and some customers might think it’s more prudent to wait for the next-gen. However like we said if you’re not too fussed about specs and want to save some money, Virgin Mobile is actually offering both iPhones at a $100 discount. Read full post →iPhone 6, 6 Plus Finally Available From Virgin Mobile