For gamers who enjoyed the concept and characters from the first Injustice game by NetherRealm, you guys have probably learnt by now that we will be getting a sequel in the form of Injustice 2 that was announced last month, and it looks like we will have at least 2 new characters to look forward to thanks to an announcement made at Comic-Con. Read full post →Injustice 2 Adds Wonder Woman & Blue Beetle To Its Roster

pokemongo_peakWith the meteoric rise of Pokemon GO, we’re sure many are wondering if its fall would be just as meteoric, or if Niantic could somehow manage to sustain it and keep it popular for years to come. Given that the game is less than a month old, we guess it’s still a bit too early to tell, but for now it seems that recent numbers have shown that the game might have peaked in the US market. Read full post →Pokemon GO Has Reportedly Peaked In The US Market

Along with Mario, SEGA’s Sonic character is also one of the more recognized characters in video game history. So far we have been seeing Mario get remade and reintroduced in new games, and the good news for fans of Sonic is that it looks like the character will be getting a new game as well, sort of. Read full post →SEGA Announces New 2D Sonic Mania Game

ios 10 wifiConnecting to WiFi is a great way to save your data for when you might need it, but sometimes connecting to WiFi might not be a good idea. For example while public WiFi is a nice feature, it can be dangerous as it means that other users can hook onto the same network and if they know a vulnerability, they could possibly hack into your smartphone or laptop. Read full post →iOS 10 Will Warn Users About Unsecured WiFi Networks

3d pokemon caseHave you played any of basketball games on your smartphone, where basically the net is in front of you and you have to swipe the ball towards it to get it in? If you have, you’ll know that sometimes it can be frustrating to miss a shot and have it go wide when you’re pretty sure that your finger was moving in a straight line. Read full post →This 3D Printed Case Makes It Easier To Catch Pokemon

pokemon goEven if there were no numbers to look at, it’s hard to deny that Pokemon GO is one of the most popular games in the industry right now. In fact Apple has confirmed that as far as iOS apps are concerned, the game has managed to break an iTunes App Store record by being the most downloaded app in its first week in history. Read full post →Pokemon GO Has Broken The iTunes App Store Record

blackberry-priv-review_ubergizmo_17So according to the rumors, there is a BlackBerry handset codenamed “Hamburg”, but it also seems that there could be another BlackBerry device codenamed “Rome” that was recently spotted on Geekbench, which means that come next week, we could be treated to maybe more than one BlackBerry phone. Read full post →BlackBerry Handset Codenamed ‘Rome’ Spotted On Geekbench

apple_logoWith the iPhone 6s, Apple made the jump from 1GB of RAM to 2GB of RAM, and it was rather noticeable in terms of speed. However as we have seen in the past, Apple isn’t the sort of company to introduce huge upgrades, like going from quad-core to octa-core and such, which also explains why until today, the iPhone still sports a dual-core processor. Read full post →Analysts: iPhone 7 Will Come With 3GB RAM, Lightning-To-3.5mm Dongle

There are many things that one can associate with a brand or company, like how the swoosh is indicative of Nike, or how a red and white combination could be associated with Coca-Cola, and so on. Tech companies like Google and Apple have created fonts for themselves and their products to make it feel more cohesive, and it looks like Samsung will be hopping on that bandwagon as well. Read full post →SamsungOne Is Samsung’s Official Universal Typeface

google_alloA couple of months ago during Google I/O, the company announced a new messaging app called Allo. Unlike other messaging apps, Allo is supposed to be “smarter” as it comes with Google Assistant built into it, thus allowing users to chat with the assistant to help them do all kinds of tasks, like booking restaurants, finding directions, and more. Read full post →Google’s Allo Messaging App Could Be Default On Android Nougat