record data transferWhen it comes to data transfer, you can be sure that there will always be a need for speed. In fact, researchers and scientists continue in their quest to roll out ways where data can be transferred faster than ever before, and we have seen the baton change hands before where networking speeds and wireless data transfer is concerned. Denmark’s researchers in DTU Photonics’ High-Speed Optical Communications Group (HSOC) have managed to achieve a brand new world record when it comes to single-transmitter data transfer, making me mull over the possibility of moving to this Scandinavian country.

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Panasonic ELUGA UMost of the time, when we talk about smartphones from Panasonic, they tend to be high tech devices that are sold only in Panasonic’s home country, and that would be Japan itself. However, it looks like the Indian market is starting to get more exciting with word that the Panasonic ELUGA U will make a debut in the world’s second most populous country. What kind of hardware specifications can we expect from the Panasonic ELUGA U when it arrives?

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Have you ever heard about Madbits before? If you haven’t, chances are you will hear more about this particular company in the days to come, since this startup that was founded by Clément Farabet and Louis-Alexandre Etezad-Heydari will be acquired by Twitter. Madbits’ main focus was on enabling computers in such a manner that they could learn via the implementation of artificial intelligence, where to be more specific, we are talking about “deep learning”.

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apple stellaStellaService, a customer service analytics company, has revealed in a new report that places Apple tops among companies that offer online delivery services – in terms of speed, that is. This is a huge jump from Apple’s eighth-place ranking just earlier this year in April. Apart from that, this also marks the very first time that Apple occupied the top spot as their June performance with an average processing-and-delivery time of just 2.3 days.

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freedopop tabletsFreedomPop has been offering free limited wireless data, voice, and text to smartphone users for quite some time already, and now it looks like the time has come to extend such a service to tablets as well. After all, while tablet sales might be slowing down according to Best Buy, it remains a vibrant market at this point in time. FreedomPop will allow you to bring home either an iPad mini or Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 (nice play to offer iOS and Android options there) that will let you make phone calls, surf the Internet, or even to send text messages without forking out a single cent thanks to FreedomPop’s voice over IP network.

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maingear sparkJust like how we should not judge a book by its cover, so too, should we avoid purchasing a gaming desktop because of its relatively small size. Maingear is not all that famous in terms of its branding, but the gaming computer manufacturer has started to sell what it deems to be its smallest gaming desktop to date. Known as the Maingear Spark, it measures all of just 4.5″ x 4.23″ x 2.34″, although it does come with an AMD A8-5557M quad-core processor alongside Radeon R9 M275X graphics to keep it humming along just fine, with a starting price point of $699, depending on the final hardware configuration of your choice.

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samsung round watch patentSamsung has had its fair share of smartwatches announced in the past like the Gear Live, and it does not look as though the company is going to stop anytime soon with the wearable tech market starting to heat up. In fact, Samsung has on offer, a whole lot more variety of smartwatches compared to other companies, but they all do arrive with a square watch face. Mobile Geeks have discovered a new series of patent filing that points to the very real possibility of a rounded display on a future Samsung smartwatch, which would follow in the footsteps of the Moto 360 from Motorola.

The latest round of patent filings point to a couple of models that feature screens which resemble circles, whereas there is a third one that is roughly square-shaped, although it will come with rounded corners.

Other than the rounded screens, the watches will depart a wee bit from the current range of Gear watches as the charging port would have been relocated to the bottom of the watch band, placing it close to the clasp which will keep the band together whenever you wear the timepiece. Apart from that, all of the drawings do point to an integrated camera, which is a feature that right now remains exclusive to a select few of Samsung smartwatches.

milk music gs3 miniSamsung’s Milk Music was presented to the masses earlier this March, where it came across as a fully free music service that remained exclusive to its devices. However, it was eventually revealed that this will come to an end, as nothing remains free for life. Users will still be able to stream tunes without having to fork out a single cent sans ads, but the latest Milk Music update would include a $3.99 monthly subscription if you would like to enjoy extra features that come alongside this update.

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They say that good things come to those who wait, and for the masses who were wowed by the fact that a high definition TV could bend to become straight from its curved form factor, it looks as though you do not have far too long to wait any more. Samsung’s bendable TV is all set to debut this coming 1st of August in where else, but its home country of South Korea.

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phonebill shockIf you are a mobile phone user residing in the U.S., chances are you would have fallen under this particular category – to be a victim of ‘cramming’. Basically, ‘cramming’ involves unauthorized charges into your mobile phone bill, and the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee did share that U.S. phone users could have ended up paying a total to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars over time throughout these years.

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