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Privacy advocates often blast Facebook and though the company has taken some concrete steps to ensure that its billion-plus users have adequate privacy options on the social network, it seems to find itself in a pickle every now and then. The social network is now facing a class-action lawsuit following a ruling from a California judge, it is accused of scanning users’ messages without their consent to deliver targeted ads.

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We’ve covered the Sony Pictures hack from day one, how computer systems at the studio were taken over and sensitive data was stolen and leaked online, resulting in SPE pulling the release of its controversial movie “The Interview.” When all was said and done Sony decided to release the movie online yesterday through multiple channels, limited to folks in the U.S.,” but that hasn’t stopped the vibrant and massive torrent user community from seeing Sony’s latest work.

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It looks like you will find it hard to get a good gaming session in over Christmas. Just yesterday a hacker group going by Lizard Squad took down both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live for a while, causing a great inconvenience to gamers around the world. Something similar seems to be happening now as gamers are once again facing problems with PSN and Xbox Live. Both Sony and Microsoft have confirmed that they are investigating the issue.

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Some of HTC’s most popular smartphones are going to receive Android 5.0 Lollipop in the very near future. We have been following the Lollipop release progress for HTC One (M7) and (M8) for quite some time now and currently this update is expected to land in the first week of January. The update won’t bring a new version of the Sense UI though, that’s rumored to come around May 2015.

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Nokia may have sold its devices and services division to Microsoft but its not completely out of the game just yet. Not so long ago the company unveiled a new Android tablet that it has been working on, called the Nokia N1, and now the launch date of this tablet has finally been confirmed. We reported on a rumored launch date earlier this week and that has turned out to be true.

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Earlier this year Google announced Android TV, yet another attempt to increase its presence in the living room. The software is going to power set-top boxes and other devices, Asus was the first one out with the Nexus Player, which is powered by Android TV. This device has software that’s developed to provide a great user experience on TV, its basically a subset of Android 5.0, but doesn’t have as many features as the full OS.

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It has been a relatively good year for BlackBerry. The three devices it launched this year have all received good press. BlackBerry Z3 did extremely well in emerging markets whereas the BlackBerry Passport held its own in the high-end, exceeding the company’s own expectations. Good things are being said about the BlackBerry Classic which only came out a couple of weeks ago. To celebrate the holiday season the company has cut prices on select models for a limited time, so get ready to grab one if you’ve been on the fence.

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Are you getting a lot of DVDs or Blu-rays this holiday season? Would you like to have that same content in digital format as well so that you can watch using a mobile device and an internet connection? Then take a look at Vudu. Its a service from the movie studios that lets you do just that, scan a digital copy code and get the same content for your digital library, though sometimes you might have to pay a couple of bucks for this.

Just in time for the holiday season the folks behind this service have pushed out a major update for the Vudu iOS app, which works natively on both the iPhone and the iPad. It has been completely rebuilt from the ground up to be faster than ever before and more response, the app also brings “several highly-requested features” which make it easier to stream and download Vudu purchases or rentals on the iPhone or iPad.

This new user interface has already been released on Vudu apps for other platforms like Roku and PlayStation. It brings a cleaner design with better sorting options, TV season grouping, improved search that lets users find a title without scrolling, episode lists and details apart from the ability to download content to watch offline.

The Vudu team promises that it is planning more improvements for this application which will arrive at some point in 2015. Vudu for iOS is available as a free download from the App Store.


India is one emerging market that many up and coming smartphone companies are focusing on. We have seen Xiaomi and OnePlus pay particularly close attention to this market but unfortunately the former was recently hit with a ban in India, it had to stop sales until a court reversed that decision. The country then placed a similar ban on OnePlus forcing the nascent smartphone maker to stop sales but that ban too has now been set aside.

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One would think that hackers would recede in their lairs for the holidays but the reality is different. A notorious group which goes by the moniker Lizard Squad is taking credit for the attack on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live that took place on Christmas Eve. This group has been involved in similar attacks in the past as well, which basically overloads the servers intentionally by sending bogus traffic.

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