luneos screenshotFor a while it did seem like webOS did have the potential to become the next big smartphone platform, but we guess it looks like iOS and Android managed to beat them to the punch. HP had attempted to release some webOS devices and tablets but ultimately fell flat on its face, but the good news is that webOS continues to live on.

That being said, a recent post by webOS Ports (via Engadget) has revealed that they would be renaming the operating system where it will now be known as LuneOS. It should be noted that LuneOS currently plays nicely with the HP TouchPad (which runs on webOS but has been a favorite amongst Android modders), the Nexus 4, and the 2012 Nexus 7 with WiFi. Read full post →webOS Ports Renamed To LuneOS, Will Focus On Nexus 4 And HP TouchPad

windows 9According to the rumors that we have heard a couple of weeks ago, Microsoft is apparently getting ready to announce the preview of their upcoming OS Windows 9 on the 30th of September. Given that Windows 8 hasn’t been around that long and considering that there has been no official word on Windows 9, it does seem like a bit of a stretch, or is it?

It seems that someone at Microsoft could be in big trouble as they might have jumped the gun regarding Windows 9. As spotted by Cnbeta (via The Verge), Microsoft China might have accidentally posted a teaser image/logo for the upcoming Windows 9, which you can see in the image above. Read full post →Windows 9 Logo Let Out Of The Bag By Microsoft China

iwatch conceptThe rumors regarding the iWatch are a little confusing at the moment. Some of the rumors claim that the iWatch will be announced alongside the iPhone 6 on the 9th of September, while some claim that we might only be hearing about it in 2015. There is also a happy middle in which the rumors claim the iWatch will be announced in September but might only be available next year.

That being said, a new report from DigiTimes is claiming that the device is still being manufactured. They claim that their sources have revealed to them that the iWatch is in its engineering verification test phase right now and will have to enter production verification testing before it is mass produced. Read full post →iWatch Reportedly Enters “Engineering Verification” Test Phase

bitesizeWhen we went to school, we are taught basic skills in a variety of subjects, such as math, language (this will vary depending on which country you’re in), science, history, and so on. However it seems that many, including President Obama, believe that computer programming is the way of the future.

While computer programming courses have long been offered and taught in colleges and universities, they were mostly optional and for people who wanted to get into those fields. However like we said, some believe that programming is the way of the future and that it should be made a necessity to learn them at an early age. Read full post →BBC Launches Coding Initiative, Teaches Kids How To Program

destiny1 640x359Heads up Xbox One gamers, we know many of you guys are looking forward to getting your hands on Bungie’s latest game, Destiny, and if you’re the sort of gamer who keeps every single game they play on their console’s hard drive, well here’s hoping you have enough space to install the game in full.

According to one user who has received their copy of Destiny a little ahead of time, he/she has posted images of the cover art of Imgur and according to one of the photos, it shows that the game could take up as much as 40GB on your console in order to play it. For those who have preloaded the game, you might have noticed that it has only taken 18GB. Read full post →Destiny For Xbox One Could Take Up 40GB Of Storage

gear s blingJust yesterday we reported that LG and Swarovski had teamed up to offer a crystal-studded OLED TV. Well it looks like Swarovski has been pretty busy because they had also teamed up with the folks at Samsung by creating a blinged up version of the recently announced Samsung Gear S smartwatch.

The smartwatch from Samsung was announced last week and we expect that we will most likely hear and see more of it at IFA 2014 later this week. We’re not sure if the Swarovski version of the Gear S will be on display at IFA 2014, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for it. Read full post →Samsung Gear S Gets A Swarovski Crystal Makeover

elgato battery 640x426There are many external battery packs available for smartphones and tablets at the moment. For the most part they are pretty “dumb” in the sense that you just plug them in and it starts charging, nothing more, nothing less. Then again there’s nothing wrong with that setup since it is just a battery after all.

Well if you were hoping for something a little more intuitive, Elgato has recently unveiled the Smart Power external battery pack. The battery pack will come with a 6,000mAh battery that should be able to charge your smartphone a few times over, and will measure 83 x 83 x 23mm and weigh 160g. Read full post →Elgato Smart Power Is A Smart External Battery Pack For Mobile Devices

vortex vrThere are a couple of virtual reality headsets being developed at the moment. One of them is the Oculus Rift and the other would be Sony’s Project Morpheus. Neither of these devices are available commercially yet but if you’re looking for an alternative virtual reality headset, perhaps the Vortex VR VRTX I could be of interest to you.

One of the differences between the VRTX I and other headsets available in the market at the moment is that it does not come with a built-in display. Instead it seems to rely on the user having an LG G3 handset of their own whose display will be used as the display of the headset as well. Read full post →Vortex VR Uses The LG G3 For Its Virtual Reality Headset

passport battery life 2 710x434 640x391The BlackBerry Passport is the Canadian company’s upcoming handset and it seems that there is plenty to be excited for. Not only does the handset sport a rather unique design and an interesting keyboard, but according to its specifications, it is also expected to pack an impressive 3,450mAh battery under the hood.

Given that most Android handsets these days fall under the 3,000mAh mark, safe to say that the Passport will most definitely lead the way when it comes to battery life, but exactly how long are we looking at? Well according to N4BB, one of their friends who has the Passport sent in a screenshot of their device. Read full post →BlackBerry Passport Screenshot Shows Off Impressive Battery Life

HTC and tablets do not really make for a good marriage as what had transpired in the past did not prove inspirational for the Taiwanese company, although they look set to strain ahead and move forward with the rumored Nexus 9 from Google, where HTC is touted to be the hardware manufacturer for this device. Well, how about phablets? HTC has had better luck in this particular department, and in the latest rumor that hails from the serial leakster over at @upleaks, it would be the HTC Y5 that would come under scrutiny this time around.

Read full post →HTC Y5 Is A Mid-Range Phablet (Rumor)