apple pay 002 640x360Similar to how we do know that a particular smartphone is about to hit the market, so too, can one make a rough guess-timate as to what a particular organization is up to through the vacancies that are being advertised at this particular point in time. Case in point, it seems that Apple intends to step up another gear for its Apple Pay launch in China by putting up a slew of vacancies, where an “Apple Pay Site Reliability Engineer” happens to be one of them. This position will be a 40-hour-per-week role, where it will require one to work alongside peers in the U.S. as well as in Europe. Apple has deemed this to be a “follow-the-sun team”, and chances are whoever lands this job will have to be prepared to work odd hours due to the time difference across the different continents.

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judgy vending machineAh, vending machines. These particular machines do serve a very useful purpose – sort of like being a mini convenience store of sorts, minus the manpower. Of course, the products that are available are also limited to the amount of space within, but when you have an entire row of vending machines that “specialize” in different items, then life ends up being a whole lot more convenient round the clock. We are so used to vending machines serving us what we have selected, so much so that running into the Luce L2 Tough TV vending machine might come across as a culture shock to some.

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barclaycard gloveWe have migrated from the barter system to one that makes use of currency, but it does look as though payment systems of the future will not even require you to fork out cold, hard cash to complete a transaction. I know that some of us might see this particular mode of transaction to be around for quite some time already, ever since the advent of the credit card, but I am referring to paying without carrying even a single credit card. How about using a pair of smart gloves to get the job done?

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transparent mouseWhen we talk about a transparent mouse, chances are, one would think of that computer peripheral that manipulates the screen’s cursor. Not so with this particular group of Japanese researchers, where they have successfully discovered a method that will be able to turn tissue to be transparent in mice, so that one will be able to check out the various cellular networks in a mouse, achieving a better understanding of the creature’s biological systems along the way. According to the researchers, this particular breakthrough could lead to a deeper comprehension of autoimmune and psychiatric diseases, where it is able to assist in 3D modelling of organs – and that includes the brain, too.

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dutch smart bikeWhen it comes to the world of bicycles, there are simply way too many models out there that will cater to every budget as well as need – so much so that making an informed decision could prove to be difficult, especially when one is fickle minded. Well, since we are into a world of smart-everything, why not apply the same principle to that of bicycles as well? The Netherlands has launched the first “intelligent bicycle” of its kind earlier this week, where this unique two-wheeler will come fitted with a bunch of electronic devices that will (hopefully) help lower the relatively high accident rate among elderly cyclists in Holland, which is one country that is crazy about bicycles.

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mid air bulletTruth can be stranger than fiction at times, but there are moments when fiction does inspire some amazing technological advancements in the real world. For those who have watched “Wanted” that starred Angelina Jolie a few years back, you would have seen how the Fraternity’s assassins were able to curve bullets – but knowing that achieving such level of marksmanship in real life is impossible, perhaps the next best thing that is considered to be “doable” – would be to roll out bullets that are capable of changing directions in mid-flight.

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cell phone towersI am quite sure that just about all of us have experienced this before – you walk into a building, and have pretty decent network coverage on your smartphone, only to discover later on that in certain areas of the building, the network coverage magically drops to zero. Zilch. Nada. That can prove to be rather frustrating at times, especially if you tend to walk around during a conversation. Is there a way to remedy such a situation? Well, the UK government has arrived at an agreement with local operators to solve these network coverage woes, where the likes of EE, O2, Three and Vodafone will invest a whopping minimum figure of £5 billion in order to improve mobile infrastructure by 2017. The end result? To provide 90% of the UK with voice as well as text coverage.

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ps4 hrdware large25 640x334Earlier this month, we did learn of how Microsoft managed to score a win over its bitter rival, Sony, in the realm of console sales figures with the Xbox One actually overtaking the PS4 for the particular month of November. However, in the big scheme of things, Sony does not have that much to worry about since the Japanese firm has successfully moved more than 16 million PS4 consoles ever since it was released.

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internet explorer 11 640x400It seems that if you happen to be an avid Windows user on your desktop or notebook, and happen to live in Europe, you no longer be offered a choice of different browsers. It seems that the Windows Browser Ballot has been put to bed at last, and just in case you are wondering what the heck is the Windows Browser Ballot all about, it is a delayed punishment for Microsoft by the European Commission as the software giant opted to include Internet Explorer with the Windows operating system at the beginning of this millennium.

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lumia 535Good things do come to those who wait after all, and what looked and felt like an eternity has finally come to a halt – it seems that the Lumia Denim update has finally arrived, and it will not be confined to just China alone as we talked about not too long ago, but it will be a worldwide release this time around, as it encompasses Europe and the second most populous country in the world, India.

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