Back at its Windows 10 event in January, Microsoft confirmed many things that had already been rumored regarding the upcoming iteration of its operating system, including the fact that the company is going to ship a completely new web browser with it. The browser is known as Spartan and while the company has talked about it at multiple occasions, there aren’t that many photos or videos of it in action, so the video that went live today is going to interest those who have taken a liking to Microsoft’s Project Spartan.

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angry-birds-fireworks“Truth is stranger than fiction” as well as “art imitates life” ring true today, as we bring you some sad news of children who should know better. Angry Birds, the mobile game that has seen millions of different copies downloaded and installed all over the world, across many different platforms, proved to be the fatal inspiration for children who allegedly tied live sparrows to firework rockets – with the end result being ‘real-life Angry Birds’, no doubt giving our feathered friends a painful farewell along the way.

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About an year back Microsoft launched the Xbox One preview program. Those who got on this program were provided upcoming software updates that they could test before the updates were released for everybody else. People who don’t mind getting access to such software praise this program and they will be happy to see that the company is now expanding it to cover the Xbox 360 as well. The Xbox 360 preview program will also allow console owners to get their hands on software updates before everybody else.

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audi-connect-attBoth AT&T as well as Audi of America have announced that the two companies finally arrived at an agreement which will see the entire range of 2016 model-year Audi vehicles equipped with Audi connect to also be accompanied by AT&T 4G LTE or 3G coverage. This would translate to AT&T and Audi working together, enabling what is very well the first-ever in-vehicle 4G LTE data connection in North America.

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Tesla is no longer the only company that’s going after customers who are willing to switch to an all electric car. Chevrolet recently announced its own contender, the Bolt, which promises a 200-mile range and has already entered production. A new report today claims that Ford is thinking along the same lines. The carmaker is expected to unveil an all electric car later this year which will be intended for the mass market and will offer range of more than 200 miles.

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pebble-steelPebble did make an announcement of the Pebble Time last week, but it seems that there was more than met the eye – a brand new product from Pebble has just been revealed, where it is known as the Pebble Time Steel. Judging by its name, this happens to be the stainless steel version of the Pebble Time, where apart from the more luxurious material, everything else about it would more or less remain the same, where it carries a similar user interface and software, although you do benefit from a machined metal case that will arrive in silver, gold and black finishes.

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exploding-iphone-5cAh, exploding smartphones. These do seem to happen far too often than what we are comfortable with, and after what seems to be a lull in this particular bit of news, we are not too happy to report that the latest incident involves an exploding iPhone 5c. As a result, the victim, a man from Long Island, had to be hospitalized.

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google-wireless-serviceGoogle has recently confirmed that the Internet search giant will be expanding their business focus even more, by making an entry into the world of wireless carriers. However, no matter how large they are in terms of market capitalization on the stock market at the moment, do not expect to flock over to Google right away. After all, Google has outlined its still-to-launch wireless plans to rank on a small-scale effort, as they work hand in hand with U.S. carriers in order to improve service.

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glass-block-cameraJust when you thought that a company like AVG would offer nothing more than anti-virus products, here is word that they have something far better – a pair of “privacy glasses” that might just help keep your identity safe from Facebook tags and the ilk. Basically, wearing this pair of privacy glasses make life difficult for cameras as well as various other facial recognition technologies to have a clear look at your identity. How does such a unique pair of glasses work?

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visa-pizza[MWC 2015] It seems that payment for goods are going to get even more convenient in the future. Three rather unlikely allies have come together – Visa, Accenture and Pizza Hut, having announced a spanking new proof-of-concept connected car program which touts that drivers can order as well as pay for pizza via the vehicle’s dashboard software, now how about that when it comes to versatility? This particular partnership will merge Visa Checkout’s payments features, Accenture’s technical foundation as well as Pizza Hut’s mobile app ordering procedures, all rolled into a trial network that is set to arrive in Northern California later this spring.

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