toshiba-chromebook-cb30-007While Google’s Chromebooks aren’t exactly powerhouses or are feature-packed, they do have the advantage in the sense that they are generally more lightweight in terms of its operating system which in turn makes it faster and less complicated to use. It is also cheaper which is ideal for students who might need a laptop to surf the web and type up assignments.

This is why it does not come as a surprise to learn that a report from Gartner has revealed that the firm is estimating that sales of Chromebooks this year will rise to 7.5 million. This is an increase from 2014 in which Chromebook sales amounted to 5.7 million, so for it to rise an additional 1.8 million in 2015 is pretty impressive. Read full post →Chromebook Sales Expected To Hit 7.5 Million This Year

htc-one-m9-live-5When it comes to smartphones, safe to say that Apple and Samsung usually produce handsets with the best cameras. Last year the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were found to have the best camera, although come 2015 it saw the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge usurp their position. While HTC might be able to compete in terms of industrial design, it seems that its camera department still needs a lot of reworking.

According to a recent review of the HTC One M9’s camera by DxOMark, it seems that the device found itself ranked 21st, thus putting it way behind the rest of the competition. It seems that despite being launched a year after the HTC One M8, HTC has not done much to improve its optics as the handset barely shows an improvement over its predecessor. Read full post →DxOMark Ranks The HTC One M9 Way Below The Competition

nokia-lumia-1520-review-1If you’re a fan of the Windows Phone platform and if you’re looking for a phone with a large display, Microsoft could have something for you. According to a recent sighting on Zauba (via Windows Central), an Indian import/export website, there is some evidence to suggest that Microsoft could be working on a 5.7-inch Windows Phone handset.

The listing on Zauba points towards a 5.7-inch phone in the making. However it does not mention a platform nor does it mention any brand. However it has been speculated that the device could be a Windows Phone handset as the country that the device was shipped from is Finland which is where Nokia operates from. Read full post →5.7-inch Windows Phone Could Be In The Works

nexus-9-review-7The Google Nexus 9 tablet was released last year and it basically introduced a new form factor to the Nexus tablet lineup which includes 7-inch and 10-inch options. So in 2015, what can we expect from Google on the Nexus tablet front? A larger tablet? Refreshed specs? Well as it turns out, neither.

This is according to a report from Android Police who has heard from their sources that there is no new Nexus tablet planned for 2015. What this means is that for those looking to get their hands on a Nexus tablet, it seems that the Nexus 9 will still be your best bet as no new device is in the works, so the Nexus 9 will remain Google’s flagship tablet for the year. Read full post →No Nexus Tablet Planned For 2015 [Rumor]

nexus-6-review-heroGoogle I/O 2015 will be taking place later this week and we expect that Google will most likely announce the next version of Android which many believe will be known as Android M. That being said what can we expect from the upcoming update? While we expect that there will be tons of new features, the folks at Android Police are reporting that battery and RAM management will be the focus of Google’s next major update to the Android operating system.

Starting with the battery, apparently it seems that Google is looking into Android M being more efficient at managing its power. What this means is that Google will be looking into better performance from apps and also the smarter use of features that would not drain your battery too much, and given that Android phones typically feature pretty sizable batteries, hopefully these improvements will lead to an even more impressive battery life. Read full post →Android M’s Focus Will Be On Battery And RAM Management [Rumor]

flipboard-on-webSome of you guys might be familiar with Flipboard, a magazine-style app that delivers news onto your smartphone and tablet based on the topics you might be interested in. It’s a pretty nicely-designed app that makes reading the news more fun, and if the rumors are to believed, it seems that Twitter might be interested in acquiring the company.

This is according to a report from Re/code who claims to have heard from their sources that Twitter and Flipboard have reportedly been in a series of talks, although their sources have told them that recently these talks have stalled somewhat. The talks, which began earlier this year, is apparently thanks to press from Wall Street who has been pushing Twitter to grow its audience and innovate its products. Read full post →Twitter Reportedly In Talks To Acquire Flipboard

Just last month, Audi surprised the world with its groundbreaking development when they unveiled that they had successfully created synthetic diesel using just carbon dioxide and water. This is a big deal but what about those of us who drive or operate machinery that requires gasoline, not diesel?

Thankfully Audi has a solution for that too as the company has recently announced that they have successfully managed to create synthetic gasoline as well, and what’s amazing about this discovery is that it could potentially be sustainable as it is made using plants (or at least part of it). According to Audi’s project partner Global Bioenergies CEO Marc Delcourt, “To me this is a historic moment. It is the first time that we have produced real gasoline from plants.” Read full post →Audi Develops Synthetic Gasoline Made From Plants

jony iveFor anyone who’s familiar with Apple’s products and its design, chances are Apple’s design exec Jony Ive probably comes to mind. Well as it turns out it looks like Ive has been recently given a promotion at work and has now taken a new role at the company in which his title will be Chief Design Officer.

This is a step up for him from his previous SVP position and it will see Richard Howarth lead the industrial design team as well as Alan Dye who will head up the user interface team as well. While the title is different, Ive’s role has not changed much as he will still be in charge, except that with his new position he is given more free time to pursue other things he’s always wanted. Read full post →Jony Ive Is Now Apple’s Chief Design Officer


The spring update for Battlefield 4 is going to be released tomorrow and it’s going to bring new weapons as well as a new multiplayer mode. Gamers who have been wishing for something new to arrive for this title only have to wait until tomorrow, they’ll be able to get their hands on the new mode as well as some new weapons. This should keep the game interesting for the time being, before they decide if they want to go up to Hardline or not.

Read full post →Battlefield 4 Spring Update Comes Tomorrow With New Weapons

Street Fighter fans have a chance to play the upcoming title next month. It has been confirmed today that a playable preview of Street Fighter 5 will be open to attendees of the Community Effort Orlando next month. This announcement was made during yesterday’s stream of the Combo Breaker tournament. This will be the first chance that the public gets to try out the next title in the Street Fighter franchise.

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