295352-piepiepieThere are plenty of YouTubers who are famous for creating video game vlogs, reviews, walkthroughs, and playthroughs, but PewDiePie is probably one of the more famous ones around. In fact it seems that PewDiePie, also known as Felix Kjellberg in real life, is so famous to the point where he has made a whopping $7.45 million in profit back in 2014 from his videos.

This is according to a report from Swedish tabloid Expressen who claims that the YouTuber made that amount in the year of 2014. Is this surprising? We suppose in some ways it isn’t, especially when you consider that back in 2013, he made around $4 million, so we suppose to see an increase in his income makes sense the more famous he gets. Read full post →YouTuber PewDiePie Made $7.45 Million In 2014

journey-game-screenshot-1-bIf you’re a fan of indie games, there is a good chance you might have heard or even played ThatGameCompany’s Journey. For those unfamiliar, it’s game involving your character who journeys through a desert, relaxing to the beautifully-composed soundtrack from Austin Wintory. There was a multiplayer aspect in which other players could join you on your journey, but there was no chat feature meaning that you’d both play in silence.

It was a unique experience and some of you might have heard, Journey will be making its way onto the Sony PS4 much to the delight of indie game fans everywhere, although last we checked there was no specific release date on the port. However it seems that its release date might have been leaked which has pegged it for a potential release on the 21st of July. Read full post →Journey’s PS4 Release Date Potentially Leaked

instagram-redesign-1Instagram is meant to be consumed on a mobile device, such as your smartphone, and because of that, photos displayed by the app tend to be pretty small. In fact its resolution is set at 640px which is definitely nowhere near what our smartphone displays are capable of these days.

However it seems that Instagram has recently decided to increase the size of the photos displayed. This is according to a report from The Verge who claims that photos uploaded onto Instagram are now of the 1080px resolution. It should be noted that the new resolution isn’t available to everyone just yet. Read full post →Instagram Now Hosting 1080px Photos

lg-g4-industrial-design-16The LG G4 is a powerful handset, what with its Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, 5.5-inch QHD display, and a 16MP camera with Optical Image Stabilization. It also sports a rather sleek design with a leather back that gives off a rather classy vibe, which is why we can’t say we’re too surprised to learn that Consumer Reports has ranked the phone pretty high.

The handset managed to score 78 out of 100 in terms of performance, and interestingly enough despite the fact that LG isn’t as mainstream a brand compared to Apple and Samsung, it managed to beat out both the flagships of Apple and Samsung, with the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 ranked fifth together. Read full post →Consumer Reports Ranks LG G4 Higher Than The Competition

samsung z1_1Samsung’s first Tizen smartphone was the Samsung Z1. It was assumed that the Samsung Z2 would be its successor, but apparently there is a Samsung Z3 in the works, and thanks to the folks at SamMobile, they have gotten their hands on some of the alleged specs of the upcoming device.

Starting with its display, word on the street has it that the Samsung Z3 could pack a 5-inch HD Super AMOLED display. Its use of a HD resolution is a tad disappointing if true, but then again it could help to keep its price point down which in turn would allow Samsung to market it to customers with smaller budgets, such as those in emerging markets. Read full post →Alleged Samsung Z3 Specs Leaked

samsung-logoThe Samsung Galaxy S6 is the South Korean tech giant’s flagship smartphone of the year. It packs a brand new design with more premium materials, it has killer specs, a great display, an awesome camera, but it seems that despite all these positive traits, investors in the company are apparently a little pessimistic about how it will perform.

According to a report from Reuters, it seems that investors are a little cautious about Samsung’s performance for the second-quarter and have lowered their expectations. This isn’t because the phone is bad or that customers aren’t reacting well, it’s just that due to Samsung underestimating demand for the Galaxy S6 Edge, the curved display variant of the phone, investors believe that this missed opportunity could be a big deal. Read full post →Investors Not Overly Optimistic About Galaxy S6 Sales In Q2

fb gifIn a previous update to Facebook Messenger, Facebook allowed users to turn to third-party apps and services to do more activities with your friends instead of just chatting, and sending animated GIFs was one of them. However this process wasn’t always obvious but it seems that Facebook is trying something new out.

According to recent reports, it seems that Facebook is conducting an experiment with its users (and not in a bad way). There have been some Messenger users who are seeing the “GIF” option in their app (see screenshot to the right). This allows users to quickly choose from a pool of animated GIFs to which they can then send to their friends. Read full post →Facebook Messenger Experiment Lets You Share GIFs Easily

nintendo-wii-u-review-10The Nintendo NX will be the company’s next console and will presumably learn from the mistakes that Nintendo made with the Wii U. Given that one of the complaints developers had about the Wii U was that it wasn’t as powerful as the competition out there which made it hard to develop games for it.

However if the recent rumors are to be believed, Nintendo still has no intentions of competing on power. This is according to a recent tweet by Liam Robertson of Unseen64, who has in the past been accurate with his insider info, so maybe there might be some truth to his claims. According to his tweet, “The NX is definitely not aiming to compete with the likes of PS4 on a power level. Absolutely sure of that now.” Read full post →Nintendo NX Won’t Be As Powerful As The PS4 [Rumor]

bmw-hydrogen-fuel-cell-edrive-technology-27-1While electric cars seems to be the way of the future as far as creating more eco-friendly vehicles are concerned, there have been other methods explored in the past, like using hydrogen for example. Now BMW had previously experimented with hydrogen cars with its hydrogen 7 Series, but now they’re back with a newer and improved model.

During the company’s Innovation Days 2015, they took the wraps off their latest experiment – the BMW hydrogen 5 Series GT. This is based on a 5 Series Gran Turismo model which will sport hydrogen fuel cell technology that was jointly developed with Toyota. Hydrogen has been seen as the alternative to electric cars, namely because unlike EVs, they will not need to be charged. Read full post →BMW Unveils Hydrogen-Powered 5 Series GT

squid-skin-ucsbThe problem with trying to coordinate or match your shirt, pants, skirts, and etc. with the rest of your outfit can be hard, especially if you don’t have the right colors. However in the future, it could very well be possible to purchase clothes or even gadgets that could change its color on a whim, and this will all be thanks to squid skin.

No, you will not be actually wearing squid skin, but researchers at UC Santa Barbara have recently discovered (via Engadget) that magical properties of the California market squid which has the ability to control its own iridescence. This is thanks to the presence of protein sequences that allows the squid to change specific light reflections whenever it wants. Read full post →Squid Skin Could Change Colors Of Our Clothes Or Gadgets On A Whim