wifisenseMicrosoft’s upcoming Windows 9 has seen a fair number of leaks so far, and this has caused a range of information to surface concerning the different features that will be made available when Windows 9 hits the market. It looks like yet another Windows Phone feature has made its way to the rumor mill, and the presence of Wi-Fi sense should not come as a surprise to everyone since we have already heard about the likes of Cortana as well as the notification center and a virtual desktop.

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hearthstone 20mBlizzard continues to set records with their games, and this time around, it will involve their free-to-play digital card game known as Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. The so-called straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back (in a good way) would be word that this title has managed to surpass the 20 million players mark, at least according to the official Twitter account.

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darpa laser turretDARPA certainly has a venerable number of devices and machines up their sleeves to ensure that their military will have an edge over the enemy on the battlefield. One of their more recent forays? To attach a prototype laser turret onto a test aircraft. Does this mean we could be looking at some sort of Star Wars future? I have always figured out that lasers should more or less be fired at the speed of light, and the phasers in Star Trek do seem to be a whole lot more realistic.

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georgia techWhen it comes to the world of fashion, more often than not it is the bizarre that actually turns heads these days. How many haute couture creations that you actually see up there on the runway are actually practical enough for everyday use? Having said that, fashion is meant to make a statement, or at least convey a certain idea on what clothes ought to look like. Well, Georgia Tech industrial design students have managed to fashion out a pair of high-tech shoes which went through the rigors of 3D printing for their peer, Miss Georgia, and the shoes were inspired by the school’s Ford mascot.

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Is it me, or is Doom getting a mini renaissance of sorts? First of all, we have had a Canon Pixma printer hacked to let Doom run on its tiny display, not to mention an ATM being able to run Doom as well, as well as construction companies looking to Doom to help them design a room. Now, mooder DooMero has come up with a spanking new Donkey Kong Country version, using the Doom engine as a reference point, of course, while merging it with sprites, music and general design philosophy from the trio of SNES Donkey Kong Country titles.

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doom viewThe source code for Doom has been made available to the masses under the guise of a free license for the better part of 15 years now, where it is also fondly known as id Tech 1. Just when you thought that all possibilities of applying it has been exhausted, along comes Canadian construction company DIRTT Environmental Solutions (DIRTT stands for “Doing It Right This Time”) that will make us see the Doom engine in a whole new light. The company has developed a software known as ICE, which is based on the Doom engine.

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3ds circle smashedNintendo has generally delivered quality hardware over the years, no doubt about that. Heck, I still have my first generation Gameboy that runs on a quartet of AA batteries with its dot matrix display since 1991, and close to a quarter of a century later, the bad boy still works. The Nintendo DS Lite? Mine’s running fine and dandy, and the only thing I worry about would be the battery in my cartridges of yore. Hence, it is rather surprising to hear that some gamers in Japan who have had spent plenty of time with Super Smash Bros. 3DS recently might have just “broke” their respective Nintendo 3DS’.

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strati3D printing has definitely come a long way ever since it was introduced, and with but a single push of a button, it looks as though the motor industry is also about to experience a revolution. Entrepreneurs have taken a major step when it comes to making 3D printed electric cars a reality. What you see above happens to be known as the Strati, and according to its inventors, this is the first 3D printed electric car in the world, thanks to the efforts from the folks over at Local Motors.

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google data 640x361Thanks to the Edward Snowden reports about how the NSA has been busy collecting user data from US citizens, many are understandably paranoid and concerned about the security of their personal data as well as their own privacy. Unfortunately if you were hoping that all the backlash would force governments to halt or slow down their efforts, you would be sadly mistaken.

According to Google’s latest Transparency Report (via CNET), it seems that worldwide government requests for user data has actually increased. The report has been updated and based on the new figures, it seems that government requests from around the world have actually increased by 150% over the years. Read full post →Google: Worldwide Government Requests For User Data Up By 150%

paypal apple payDuring Apple’s presentation last week, the company took the wraps off Apple Pay, the company’s newest service which allows users to pay for purchases at supporting retail outlets using their mobile phones. With Apple Pay being a new service, we’re sure many are concerned about its security, and rightfully so.

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