whatsapp callsThere have been various hints that WhatsApp could be gaining voice calling functionality but until now we have yet to see the feature launch. Last we heard it would only arrive in 2015, but when exactly? Early? Middle? Late? Well for those hoping it would be early, you could get your wish, thanks to a sighting of a folder in the latest build of WhatsApp for Android. Read full post →WhatsApp Calls Could Be Coming Soon, Reference Spotted In Latest Update

Facebook-liteNot all Android phones are created equal, especially if you’re in an emerging market and where the priority is cost, not so much whether its display is made from Gorilla Glass 4 or sapphire. It also means that your hardware might not be as powerful, or OEMs turn to cheaper brands which might not be as good.

This also means that your experience in running apps will differ from someone with a high-end device. However it looks like Facebook has taken that into consideration and has since launched a “lite” version of their Facebook app on mobile devices. The new Facebook Lite app has been launched and designed to run on low-end phones and markets that still largely rely on 2G networks. Read full post →Facebook Lite For Android Launched, Targets Emerging Markets

nexus-6-review-cameraWhen Apple introduced Touch ID to the iPhone 5s, subsequent phones released by competing companies all featured fingerprint sensors, however interestingly enough Motorola/Google was not part of that bandwagon. As you can obviously tell with the Nexus 6, the phone does not come with a fingerprint sensor, but apparently it almost did.

Speaking in an interview with The Telegraph, former Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside revealed that the handset almost came with a fingerprint sensor. In fact the dimple on the back of the phone where the Motorola logo resides is where the sensor should have been placed. However it seems that Motorola’s supplier was unable to meet their quality standards which is why they had to abandon the feature. Read full post →Nexus 6 Almost Had A Fingerprint Sensor, Motorola’s Former CEO Confirms

tpbIs The Pirate Bay making a comeback? While they haven’t actually come out and said it explicitly, all signs seem to point to yes. The site has a countdown timer that is counting down to the 1st of February, there are numerous assets found in the code and in the images that hints at a revival, and it looks like the latest update more or less confirms it.

The Pirate Bay website has recently been updated once again. However gone is the pirate flag, instead it has been replaced with the image of a phoenix smack in the middle of the page, and assuming they are using the image of the phoenix to symbolize rebirth, there is a good chance that all this speculation could be right on the money. Read full post →The Pirate Bay Updated With Phoenix Image, Rising From The Ashes?

emoji-500x338Emojis are the fun and bright images that we accessorize our text messages with. Sometimes we use them exclusively, after all a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Unfortunately words hurt and words can get you into trouble, and so can emoji. It seems that a 17-year old teen has been arrested after posting emojis that appeared to threaten police officers.

Osiris Aristy from Bushwick, Brooklyn posted images of himself with guns. He also posted images of little emoji guns pointing at the heads of emoji police officers, and when those messages and emojis were spotted, he was arrested. It turns out that Aristy’s Facebook page was part of a routine police surveillance and he has since been charged with making terrorist threats. Read full post →Threatening Emojis On Facebook Leads To Teen’s Arrest

lizard-squad-malaysia-airWith all the incidents that happened last year surrounding Malaysia Airlines, many had hoped that 2015 would be a fresh start. Unfortunately it looks like that did not happen as barely into the start of the year, Malaysia Airlines’ website has been hacked. The hack is courtesy of the Lizard Squad, the same group of hackers responsible for the Xbox Live hacks last year.

The group took over the website and replaced it with the screenshot above where they claimed to represent the Cyber Caliphate. They also added the tagline “404 – Plane Not Found” as reference to the missing flight of MH370. In some cases, the title of website also read, “ISIS will prevail”, while in other cases the title read, “Lizard Square will prevail”. Read full post →Malaysian Airlines Website Hacked, Lizard Squad Claims Responsibility

best_buy_emailLast year Nintendo announced that they would be releasing a remake of Zelda’s Majora’s Mask for the Nintendo 3DS. We later learnt that there would be a limited edition bundle of the game where a special Skull Kid figurine would be included. For the most part, most of us would just order one unit for ourselves.

However there are some who are enterprising and might order more than one in hopes of reselling it for a higher price down the road. Well it looks like Best Buy has caught on and has reportedly started to cancel some pre-orders for the Limited Edition Majora’s Mask New 3DS XL units. Given that retailers sometimes limit limited edition purchases to one per customer, we guess this hardly comes as a surprise. Read full post →Best Buy Cancelling Some Limited Edition Majora’s Mask 3DS XL Orders

ArenaNet’s MMORPG Guild Wars 2 was launched back in 2012, and if the constant updates wasn’t enough to feed your need for more content, you will be pleased to learn that the developers have recently announced the game’s first expansion pack – Heart of Thorns. The expansion’s release has yet to be determined and appears to have been in the works for the past few years now.

Heart of Thorns will allow gamers to explore the Heart of Maguuma, a brand new jungle area that is split up into three distinct biomes, which according to ArenaNet is one of the largest areas they have ever built. The expansion will also introduce the Mastery system which is an endgame, account-based PVP progression system. Read full post →Guild Wars 2’s First Expansion Heart Of Thorns Announced

minecraft-xboxoneeditionJust last week, roughly 1,800 Minecraft usernames and passwords were leaked in what was suspected to be a hacking incident. For those who are now a little paranoid over the security of Minecraft, you can rest assured because Mojang has come forward to clarify that the incident was not so much a hack, but rather a case of phishing.

For those unfamiliar, phishing is when an attacker tries to disguise themselves as a trustworthy entity in order to glean sensitive information off you. For example phishing could come in the form of emails where the sender could pretend to be from your bank and are asking you for your login details in an attempt to “verify” who you say you are. Read full post →Minecraft Password Leak A Result Of Phishing, Systems Not Compromised

att-lumia830We have been hearing about a bunch of Lumia devices that could be launched soon. One of the devices we have heard about is the RM-1072 and now thanks to the folks at NPU, potential specs of the upcoming handset have been revealed. According to NPU and based on the specs of the device, it looks like the RM-1072 could end up being a more affordable Lumia 830.

For starters the handset is expected to pack a 5-inch 720p HD display. It is also going to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor (clock speed unknown at this point), and will come with an 8.7MP rear-facing camera, a 0.9MP front-facing camera, 8GB of onboard storage that can be expanded upon via microSD. Read full post →Upcoming RM-1072 Could Be A Cheaper Lumia 830 Alternative