Google Play family screen trioWhen app stores were first launched, it was kind of a messy situation now that you think about it. Fast forward to today, app stores are becoming more organized with content curated and grouped into categories that people might be interested in. Its parental controls and kid-friendly options have also come a long way, something that Google has recently introduced with the latest update to the Play Store.

Google has recently announced that they will be making changes to the Play Store to make it easier for parents and families to find and discover apps suited for children. “Starting today, we’re making it easier to find great family-friendly content on Google Play. Parents can now find family destinations across the Play store, with new features for browsing by age and interests.” Read full post →Google Play Store Has Been Updated To Be More Family Friendly

google-logo-2011-10-25Whenever you wipe your phone or get a new one and when you redownload your apps, you’ll basically have to reconfigure everything again. This can be a bit tedious especially if you have everything set up a particular way and it’ll probably take your hours to get everything back to the way it was.

Thankfully that should no longer be the case with Android M. It seems that one of the features that users can expect from Android M is the ability to automatically backup your app data onto Google Drive, with up to 25MB of app data being allocated per app. This means that unless you somehow have app data more than 25MB, pretty much everything should be backed up. Read full post →Automatic App Data Backup Will Be Part Of Android M

One of the cool features of Android M is that it introduced a native fingerprint security API. Basically what this means is that OEMs and developers will now have access to a standardized API, compared to before where developers had to deal with individual APIs meaning that what works on Samsung might not work on another handset.

Taking advantage of this standardized feature is Dashlane, which for those of you unfamiliar is a password manager along the veins of LastPass and 1Password. The company has recently announced that they will be the first out of the door to support Android M’s fingerprint security system. Read full post →Dashlane Will Work With Android M’s Fingerprint Security

fitbit-wp81According to a report from yesterday, fitness wearable maker Jawbone filed a lawsuit against their rival and competitor Fitbit. Basically Jawbone accused Fitbit of poaching their employees and that those employees who left the company took sensitive information along with them. The lawsuit was asking for damages as well as an injunction to prevent those employees from using the alleged stolen information.

In a statement that Fitbit has since released to us, it reads, “As the pioneer and leader in the connected health and fitness market, Fitbit has no need to take information from Jawbone or any other company. Since Fitbit’s start in 2007, our employees have developed and delivered innovative product offerings to empower our customers to lead healthier, more active lives. We are unaware of any confidential or proprietary information of Jawbone in our possession and we intend to vigorously defend against these allegations.” Read full post →Fitbit Responds To Jawbone’s Lawsuit And Allegations

android-m-themesHave you ever tried to use your phone in the dark with a white/light background? It can be positively glaring which is why there are some reading apps that have a night mode. Basically this makes the theme darker so that there is less glare coming off of it in low light. That being said it looks like that feature will be applied to Android M’s settings.

According to the folks at Droid-Life who took the Android M developer preview for a spin, they discovered that there are options for changing your setting’s theme. Users will need to enable developer options first but once they do, users can choose between a Light, Dark, or automatic theme, which you can see in the screenshots above. Read full post →Android M Settings Will Have Light And Dark Theme Options

nokia-lumia-920-review-006We can only assume that Microsoft is working on new Lumia handsets that they plan on announcing at a later date. Unfortunately we can’t be sure exactly what models they are working on, but if a recent GFXBench sighting is to be believed, it seems that Microsoft has a 5.2-inch Lumia handset in the works.

According to the benchmark, it hints that a certain RM-1106 handset is being tested and based on the tests, it has been revealed that the device will feature a 5.2-inch Full HD 1080p display. That alone seems to suggest that we could be looking a upper mid-range model and thanks to its Snapdragon 808 processor, it looks like this phone is no slouch either. Read full post →Lumia Handset With Snapdragon 808 Processor Spotted On GFXBench

google mapsWhile Google Maps works great if you have a working internet connection, using it offline is a different story. Offline mode for Google Maps will only offer up the basic map view which sometimes isn’t enough but that will have to do unless you have a different app or a dedicated GPS navigation system.

However Google is hoping to change that and during Google I/O, the company announced that soon Google Maps will be getting an offline search and navigation mode. What this means is that even if you don’t have an internet connection, or at least not a stable one, you can preloaded the maps and routes ahead of time. Read full post →Google Maps To Get Offline Navigation Mode

lenovo-magic-view-02At its TechWorld conference (Beijing, China), Lenovo has presented a smart watch concept that features two displays. One is the regular face display that we all know, the second (the square one which looks like a solar cell) is a small projector designed to provide a much more immersive image.

Read full post →We Tried The Lenovo Magic View (Two-Screens Smartwatch)


Developer support is essential for the survival of a software platform in this day and age, and Google wants you to know that it has plenty of developer support for its wearable platform. During the keynote address at Google I/O 2015 today the company revealed that so far developers have created more than 4,000 apps for Android Wear. It was also revealed that Uber is launching an app for this platform, thus enabling Android Wear smartwatches to call you a car.

Read full post →Android Wear Has Over 4,000 Apps, Can Now Call You A Car


Many companies are working on virtual reality headsets and while some of them might cost fortunes, there are some that are cheap enough to be in the range of the masses. Google has a completely different approach to virtual reality. Last year it launched Cardboard, a virtual reality viewer and this year at I/O 2015 it has unveiled a new version of Google Cardboard that also has support for the iPhone.

Read full post →New Google Cardboard Headset Supports The iPhone