iPod Ad Impressions Are Actually Higher Than BlackBerry And Windows Phone DevicesGiven how much we rely on our mobile devices, it isn’t all that surprising that companies like Apple and Google are looking at mobile advertising as a means to generate more revenue through platforms such as iAds and AdMob respectively. That being said in a recent report by Opera Mediaworks (via Forbes), it has been found that Apple’s iPod touch is actually generating more ad traffic compared to Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Symbian combined!

Then again this isn’t all that surprising. After all the iPod lineup is one of the products that Apple is known for, not to mention recent reports of Windows Phone and BlackBerry’s market share has shown just how little of the market they actually control, which is why it isn’t that surprising that they aren’t doing too well on the ad traffic front.
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Facebook Acquires Company Behind Moves Fitness And Activity Tracker AppFacebook has expressed their interest in standalone apps that can accomplish specific tasks, like how Messenger is an app that allows chatting with Facebook friends. However we doubt that Facebook will be able to churn out that many apps in a short period of time, which is why acquisitions make sense. The company recently acquired WhatsApp and Oculus VR, and now they have acquired a Finnish company by the name of ProtoGeo who developed the app Moves.

According to a post on the Moves website, they confirmed the acquisition. “Today, we’re delighted to announce that Facebook has acquired our company and the Moves app. Since we launched Moves, we’ve been focused on running a simple and clean activity diary that millions of people have enjoyed using.”
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The Feeling Skin Is An iPhone Battery Case And MoreThere are numerous battery cases for the iPhone available in the market right now from brands like Mophie and Belkin, just to name a few. There are also battery packs but those are a less elegant solution. However if there’s one problem that most of these battery cases have is that in order to get it to charge your phone, you’d have to manually activate it.

This isn’t an issue but if you’re the type that does not pay attention or are too busy, your phone could die on you before you get to charge it, meaning that you’d have to wait for the phone to charge up sufficiently before you are able to turn it back on. This is one of the problems that The Feeling Skin iPhone battery case is hoping to solve, amongst other things.
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Mobile Payments Are An Area Of Interest To Apple, According To Tim CookWith about 800 million iTunes accounts having a credit card linked to them, Apple has already established a system in which mobile payments could occur if they decided to implement it. After all we’ve seen how iTunes can be used to purchase apps, music, movies, subscriptions, and so on, so why not use it to pay for real-life stuff, right?

The rumors have been flying that Apple could be looking into mobile payments and that they are  apparently “very serious” about it, but those are just rumors, or are they? Speaking in a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, Apple’s Tim Cook was quoted as saying that he found mobile payments to be a very interesting idea.
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Mac Pro Shipping Estimates Are ImprovingThe latest Mac Pro sports a pretty interesting design and it also is a change from Apple’s typically production habits which involves other countries such as China who will be responsible for putting the computer together. Instead Apple has tapped local factories to help produce the Mac Pro and ever since the computer has launched, there have been numerous delays.

We’re not sure if it’s either because demand of the computer has way exceeded Apple’s estimations, thus the delay, or if it could be the US-based production facility that is still catching up to speed on the quantity and yields that Apple demands, but the good news is that it looks like those delays are starting to catch up to demand.
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Windows Phone Overtakes BlackBerry In The US [Report]While iOS and Android remain as the top two mobile operating systems and have a chunk of the market share, let’s not forget that there are other platforms out there, like Windows Phone and BlackBerry, both of whom have been vying for third place. We expect that their respective companies would prefer if they were in 1st or 2nd, but third will have to do for now.

Well it looks like Windows Phone has managed to pull ahead of BlackBerry, at least according to the recent numbers by Nielsen which revealed that Windows Phone now commands 3% of the US smartphone market, versus BlackBerry’s 2%.
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MGS 5: Ground Zeroes Platform Exclusive Content Will Be Opened For All

Konami has announced that platform exclusive content for Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes, such as exclusive missions, will be opened for all next month. Basically what this means is that content that was previously exclusive to Xbox would be available for PlayStation and vice versa. Konami won’t be charging for this changeover, which will come through a DLC or downloadable content pack that will be released in May.

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Flexible Displays Rumored For Galaxy S6 And Galaxy Note 5

Its a bit early for these rumors but that has never stopped the rumor mill from churning. Apparently Samsung is going to resume work on one of its factories that will be dedicated to producing flexible displays. The company has made no secret of its intention to bring curved displays to the masses, and even latest rumors about Galaxy Note 4 suggest that it may have a curved display. The rumor claims Samsung wants to use flexible displays in both the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy Note 5.

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Amazon Reportedly Wants To Be Its Own Delivery Service

Order a package through Amazon and you may expect a UPS or FedEx truck to pull up outside your door bearing the goods. What if, in the future, it was Amazon that was delivering goods that you orders through its online marketplace? Word on the street is that Amazon is currently testing its own delivery service for the “last mile,” which is the final leg of a package’s journey to the customer’s doorstep. The service is reportedly being tested in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York where trucks with packages are going around, driven by contractors that Amazon supervises.

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Battery Life Improvement Noticed After iOS 7.1.1 Update

Earlier this week Apple released iOS 7.1.1 for iPhone, IPad and iPod touch. This is the first incremental update for iOS 7.1, which brought quite a few changes for Apple’s popular mobile platform. Some users had complained about loss in battery life after updating to iOS 7.1. The update actually had quite a few bugs that have been fixed by iOS 7.1.1. It appears that the latest update has also addressed battery life concerns as most users now report an improvement.

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