nexus x leakIt looks like the Nexus X is not one to shy away from rumors, as yet another leak has hit the news today with French retailer showing up a listing for the device – before said page was removed after someone at must have spotted the faux pas. In the revealed listing (which thankfully, some fast thinking person managed to grab a screenshot of it in the first place), it pointed out that the Nexus X will arrive with a 5.2” display, running on a Snapdragon 805 processor, carry a 13MP shooter at the back, and of course, Android L as the mobile operating system of choice.

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london safety shieldA good city is one where it has all of the necessary infrastructure to get it going, and that includes an efficient public transport system to handle the huge number of commuters who go to work and return home to the suburbs in the same day, not to mention having plenty of tourists who would want nothing better than to soak in the entire atmosphere. Having said that, it looks as though the public transport network in London is slowly but surely getting more advanced, with Transport for London (TfL) having deployed 800 hybrid and a bunch of all-electric buses on the capital’s streets already.

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time warner cable 640x359Is it a case of outage musical chairs that is being played out at the moment? Time Warner is the latest company to fall victim when it comes to its Internet services offered to those living in the U.S., and it certainly looks as though the East Coast has been affected a whole lot more seriously than anywhere else. Needless to say, Time Warner customers who were less than pleased with the outage and had not so kind words to share over social media showed just how short on patience we are these days, and it is to be expected in such a fast paced world, not to mention how we do expect a certain minimum level of service or uptime with the amount of money we fork out for such services.

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lg gx2It seems that LG is on a roll when it comes to smartphone launches. Earlier this week the South Korean tech company announced the LG G3 Stylus but apparently that’s not all they had up their sleeves. According to a recent announcement by LG (via Engadget), LG has recently taken the wraps off a new handset dubbed the LG Gx2, which should not be confused with the LG G2x.

That being said, the LG Gx2 does not appear to be a high-end smartphone, although it does seem to have borrowed certain features from the LG G3. For starters, the phone will sport a whopping 5.7-inch 720 HD display. It will be powered by a quad-core processor clocked at 1.2GHz and will be accompanied by 1.5GB of RAM. Read full post →5.7-inch LG Gx2 Announced, Borrows The G3′s Laser Camera

surface cardboard 640x360While cardboard might not necessarily be the most hi-tech material available at the moment, it has a lot of use, such as building boxes, and in some instances forming the frame of a virtual reality headset which is what Google debuted a couple of months ago. Perhaps Microsoft is taking a page from Google’s playbook because it seems that over in Australia, Microsoft has started sending out cardboard versions of the Surface Pro 3 in an attempt at marketing the device to various schools in the country.

According to a report from The Verge, it seems that the cardboard version of the Surface Pro 3 is actually functional. Granted it probably won’t let you type up documents, watch movies, or surf the web, but it does come with functional electronic components. For example it has a working display which lights up to highlight some of the hardware specs of the actual Surface Pro 3 tablet. Read full post →Microsoft’s Cooks Up Functional Surface Pro 3 Made From Cardboard

macbook air 2013 3 800x270 640x216The MacBook Air is a pretty thin as far as laptops are concerned, but apparently Apple thinks that they could go even thinner. According to a recent report from DigiTimes (via MacRumors), word on the street has it that Apple could be thinking about creating a new thinner MacBook laptop that could see a release by the end of the year or early next year.

Unfortunately the report did not mention how thin it would be, and if it could be thinner than the current MacBook Air laptops or if they meant that it would be a thinner version of the MacBook Pro lineup. However the report claims that Apple will cease production of the 13-inch non-Retina MacBook Pro by the end of the year, suggesting that perhaps this new laptop could take its place. Read full post →Thinner MacBook Rumored For End 2014/Early 2015 Release

When Chair announced the first Infinity Blade game, safe to say that many gamers were amazed with the graphics of the game, especially given the fact that it was designed for mobile phones in mind. With every new release of an Infinity Blade game, the graphics and the gameplay got a little better.

However it looks like the Infinity Blade universe could soon be coming to an end. Chair has recently announced to Pocket Gamer that they will be issuing a new update to Infinity Blade III called Kingdom Come. The update will be arriving on the 4th of September and will introduce a new environment, new items, and so on. Read full post →Infinity Blade III: Kingdom Come Will Be The Last Update In The Series

nintendo wii u review 25 640x423We have heard stories of how video games have managed to save lives. For example earlier this year we heard how an 11-year old who played Grand Theft Auto managed to save the life of his grandfather, and now according to a report from the UK’s Daily Mail, it seems that a woman has recently attributed the Nintendo Wii U to saving her life.

According to the woman, 36-year old Emma White, she claims that she was playing a dancing game on the Wii U console when she suddenly lost control of her bladder. Given that this is the first time it has ever happened to her, she went to her doctor who found that she was bleeding from her cervix. Additional tests revealed that White had cervical cancer. Read full post →Woman Attributes Wii U Dancing Game To Saving Her Life

madden 25 amazon nfl sunday ticket directv 640x382Back in the good old days, developers would release games, you would pay for it, and that would be the end of it. Nowadays developers are starting to realize the hunger that gamers have for new content so not only are they releasing new games that gamers have to pay for, but they are also releasing DLC and in-app purchases which ends up with the gamer spending more than they had initially thought they would.

Say what you will about such practices but EA seems pretty determined to take full advantage of that. According to a report from Bloomberg, it seems that EA is hoping to pull in $1 billion in extra content sales across its entire portfolio in the current financial year. Yup, this is not including the actual sales of their games, but the additional content that they are planning on releasing. Read full post →EA Expects To Earn $1 Billion From Add-On Content From Their Games

kinect for windows2Microsoft took a rather bold decision of not bundling the Kinect sensor with their latest console, the Xbox One, on store shelves, and yet this strategic move was not enough to sway the tide of popular opinion when it comes to the current generation console war, as the Sony PS4 has continued to sell in droves that even Sony executives are at a loss for an explanation, after taking into consideration how close both the Xbox One and Sony PS4 are in terms of performance. Having said that, Microsoft has decided to make available the Kinect sensor to purchase as a standalone device for $149, and this will happen some time in early October, where some rumors are flying around with an October 6 date.

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