samurai warriors 4 ps4

There’s a new title coming for Sony PlayStation 4 in the near future. It was confirmed today on the official PlayStation blog that Samurai Warriors 4 for PS4 is going to be released this October, 24th October to be precise. The announcement was made on the blog by Hisashi Koinuma, the producer for Samurai Warriors 4.

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killzone shadow fall maps

Killzone Shadow Fall is a popular title for Sony’s next generation console, the PlayStation 4. Folks who play this game will no doubt be excited to hear that two new multiplayer maps have been released for this title. The best part is that both new maps are available at absolutely no cost to players. The new maps follow the release of a “comedic” multiplayer executive pack, which came out last week. These new maps are called The Terminal and Stormgracht.

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bb passport white

BlackBerry fans are anxiously waiting for the company’s new device to be launched. The Passport was shown off first at BlackBerry’s annual shareholders meeting and there CEO John Chen told everyone that the device will be released in white as well as the standard black color. All of the material that the company has shared regarding the Passport has depicted the device in black. Naturally its fans were curious about how the device would look in white. BlackBerry today officially showed off the Passport in white.

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iphone 6 mock2

Its no secret that Apple’s new iPhones are just a few months away. Traditionally the company releases new hardware in the fall and that’s what it is expected to do this time around as well. Two iPhone 6 models are believed to be on the cards for 2014 and both are expected to bring significantly larger displays that have never before been used in the iPhone. While there’s no official word about the iPhone 6 announcement event a report claims that the company has “tentatively” planned the event for mid-September.

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os x yosemite mac 640x426

We expect to see a lot of interesting new products from Apple this fall, primarily new iPhones and iPads. There’s been chatter about new Macs as well and a report published today claims that this October the company is going to release a 12-inch MacBook as well as a 4K desktop. Both products will apparently used as selling points for OS X Yosemite which is reportedly going to be released for the public in October as well.

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htc one remix verizon 640x359

At last the wait is finally over. Verizon today confirmed the launch of HTC One Remix, the smartphone we have been hearing about for a couple of months now. The device is essentially an HTC One Mini 2 which was launched earlier this year, Verizon just chose to slap different branding on it. Those who pick one up can expect to get their fair share of Big Red logos on the device.

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dad ghostThe Internet is full of stories, some true, others questionable, and a bunch of them being outright lies. However, there are true stories in the mix that causes our tear glands to work overtime, and this is one of them. A post on Motoramic saw a YouTube commenter who is known as 00WARTHERAPY00 share a cry inducing story on how he raced against his late father’s ghost in RalliSport Challenge, a racing game on the Xbox, a good decade after he had left this earth.

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google drawelementsGoogle is on a shopping spree yet again, having picked up graphics company DrawElements Ltd. This particular acquisition was done with the main purpose of improving their Android platform, and those of us on the ground have absolutely no idea on the terms and conditions that were part of the deal.

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uber cabrideApps are supposed to make our lives a whole lot easier and more convenient, especially when it comes to locating a particular restaurant in town, and with Uber, this app will allow users to call a private car on demand, operating across more than a hundred cities as well as 30 countries. Well, one particular man who must have had his fair share of drinks wanted to head to his next destination, a bar that was located some 30 meters away from where he was, but instead he was driven around the block the other way after using the Uber app on his smartphone to hail a cab in Houston, Texas.

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james thompsonFacebook might be the ‘most hated’ social media platform in the US at the moment based on a study, but this does not mean that there are zero merits attached to the social network. In fact, we have seen how Facebook has come to the rescue in a search for a kidnapped baby, as well as tracking down an alleged rapist before. This time around, a heart warming story on how a mum and her son were reunited via Facebook – 28 years after the son was given up for adoption.

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