With the world’s population closing in on 7 billion rapidly, it goes without saying that life on the planet is starting to get all the more suffocating, unless someone is able to solve the problem of space and resources which will be enough for everyone. The toilet is a basic necessity for everyone, but how do you make it all the more efficient? This is where the DryFlush comes in, where it claims to be “a truly incredible invention that can solve so many problems for travelers, disadvantaged areas with poor plumbing and sanitary conditions, military units, off-grid homes, boaters, ice fishers, you name it!”

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ASUS C200 Chromebook Available For Pre Order From Select StoresIf you are in the market for a brand new Chromebook, might I invite you to check out the ASUS C200 Chromebook? It is widely expected for this particular device to arrive on the streets this coming May for $250 a pop, where interestingly enough, it is already up for pre-order over at select stores, never mind that ASUS themselves have not released and officially acknowledgement of the upcoming Chrome OS laptop.

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Minecraft Xbox One Will Enjoy Saved Files From Xbox 360So you have decided to take the plunge when it comes to next generation game consoles like the Xbox One from Microsoft and the PS4 from Sony. Those might be the new wave of gaming entertainment in your living room, but there is a stark vacuum where backwards compatibility is concerned, as making the leap to newer hardware more often than not means leaving majority of your older games and progress in them (some which might have been the result of hundreds of gaming hours) behind. Not so for Minecraft on the Xbox One, according to Phil Spencer.

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Jumpr Juices Your Phone, Jumpstarts Your CarFor those of you out there who never had the ignominy of actually experiencing a dead battery in your vehicle simply because you did failed to turn off the headlights after you parked your car, good for you. As for the rest of the driving population out there, chances are we would have experienced a dead battery at least once in our lifetime, which is more of an inconvenience than anything else – unless there is a zombie apocalypse happening, of course. Well, the Jumpr from the folks over at JunoPower has the potential of being a lifesaver, where this ultimately portable battery pack has more than enough punch to be able to jump start a car, as well as power your smartphone, of course.

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Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 was released back in 1998 meaning that it’s a game that’s about 16 years old. What this also means is that as far as graphics are concerned, it does seem a little dated, which is why fans have been clamoring for a remake of the game. Capcom obliged fans with a remake of the original Resident Evil which was met with huge success and has stated that if there was enough demand, they might consider a remake of Resident Evil 2 as well.

While it remains to be seen if a remake of Resident Evil 2 will ever surface, a fan of the game and YouTuber, Rob Lima, has taken it upon himself to recreate certain portions of the game as a proof of concept to show that a remade version of the game could look like. Like we said this is a proof of concept, so if you were hoping to download it, you’d be out of luck.
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Mark Zuckerberg Tried Out Sonys Project Morpheus Before Acquiring Oculus VRBack in March, Facebook stole the headline for a couple of days when they announced their surprising acquisition of Oculus VR, the company behind the virtual reality headset, the Oculus Rift. However according to PlayStation marketing executive, Guy Longworth, it seems that prior to Mark Zuckerberg acquiring Oculus VR, he had requested for a tech demo of Sony’s own virtual reality headset, Project Morpheus.

It is unclear why Zuckerberg wanted to test out Project Morpheus, although Longworth jokes that he would have preferred if Zuckerberg had acquired their technology instead. That being said, we can only assume that Zuckerberg’s interest in Project Morpheus might be as simple as checking out the competition to see how far they have come, and to see what the Oculus Rift needs to be headed.
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Mandatory Kill Switch Bill In California Fails To PassLawmakers have been pushing for OEMs of mobile devices to introduce kill switches in their phones. They believe that by doing so, it would deter smartphone theft since a dead phone is essentially a worthless chunk of plastic, glass, and metal. That being said a bill was recently introduced in the state of California that would make kill switches mandatory, but unfortunately it looks like the bill has failed to pass.

According to a report on CNET, it was reported that the bill failed to gain the majority of the votes. The bill required a minimum of 21 votes in its favor, but unfortunately lost with 19 votes saying yes, and 17 votes saying no. However it seems that California State Senator, Mark Leno, will not be giving up on anytime soon as he was quoted as saying, “The game is not yet over.”
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Search engines come in handy to answer specific questions, ranging from general knowledge issues such as the weather in San Francisco to the capital of Bolivia. Pinterest, however, intends to help you out by answering questions that will have more than just a single “correct” answer. For instance, where would your next vacation be, or what are you going to have for dinner tonight? Such open-ended questions might require you to see the various options available before you are able to settle on the right answer. In order to assist you in hunting down the best ideas, here is Guided Search for Pinterest.

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Acer Iconia B1 730 HD Could Arrive SoonWhen it comes to Android-powered tablets, one of the more popular names that you can see folks carry around would be Samsung of South Korea. Of course, there is also a plethora of cheap tablets from China, but if you want a name that has some “weight” behind it, then Acer might be your cup of tea. The Acer Iconia B1-730 HD could very well be introduced as early as next week, considering how Acer has already organized a “A touch more connected” event that is tipped to happen this coming April 29th.

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Microsoft Office 365 Has 4.4 Million Paid Users NowMicrosoft’s Office 365 has had its time under the limelight recently, and since the software giant had rolled out the subscription-based consumer software service more than one year back, they have managed to achieve a total of 4.4 million paid users as per the latest quarterly financial results. It does seem to point towards the success of making that switch from using standalone software for its Office products to a monthly or yearly subscription model, considering how it was just in January this year that there were 3.5 million Office 365 Home subscribers.

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