Samsung galaxy note 4 00 640x427The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which has been confirmed for an October 17th release, is now put up for pre-order over from the folks over at T-Mobile, where this will happen from next Wednesday onward, September 24 at 9am PDT. Will the Samsung Galaxy S4 see a record breaking “performance”, so to speak, just like how the Apple iPhone 6 as well as the iPhone 6 Plus has done so far? This is a rhetorical question, and only time will be able to tell. However, initial rumblings have pointed to the very real possibility of a high level of demand.

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driving smsTexting while driving is a definite no-no, and it should be anathema to all those behind the wheel, pretty much the same when it comes to taking a swig of your favorite poison. After all, there are horror stories of texting while driving which has led to tragedies, and you certainly do not need a simulator to teach you that, do you? Apple has already patented a technology that can prevent users from texting while driving, and here we are ComSonics, a Virginia-based tech company which performs calibration services for speed-enforcing equipment, radar guns included. It looks as though ComSonics will expand their repertoire of services to include a new device that can actually detect the presence of texting drivers, now how about that?

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There’s no denying Minecraft’s popularity and undoubtedly countless PlayStation 4 owners were happy when this game finally landed on their console earlier this month. So far its only available for purchase through the PlayStation Store but plans have been finalized for the disc release. Sony confirmed today that the Minecraft PS4 Edition disc release is going to take place on October 3rd.

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Staples, primarily a mammoth office supply retailer, has formally announced today that it too will be offering the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus starting tomorrow. Apple’s two new iPhones will hit stores tomorrow after being put up for pre-order on September 12th. Staples has said that the new smartphones will be available from some of its selected brick and mortar stores. With this announcement it joins the list of retailers that will be offering the iPhones. Walmart, Target, Best Buy, RadioShack and Sam’s Club will have the devices up for sale tomorrow too.

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idriveWith the recent celebrity nude photos leak scandal where Apple has washed their hands from any responsibility concerning iCloud, it is definitely a good idea to take a pause and think about where you would want to store your most private and personal images, making sure that nobody will be able to gain access to them other than yourself. The best would be to avoid snapping such personal intimate photos altogether, but what of other sensitive documents? Here is an alternative – IDrive that offers 2TB of cloud storage for less than $5 per month.

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Hmmm, it does look as though the HTC Nexus 9 (which is also known as the Volantis in other circles) tablet has gone through the rumor mill block more than once in recent times. Additional details of the Nexus 9 did make their way to the Internet earlier this month, and was even speculation that October 8th would be the reveal date for the upcoming device. However, very little else is known about this device, and new information (or should we say, rumor) has pointed to the direction of an October 16th release date of the Nexus 9, at least according to MoDaCo founder Paul O’Brien.

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Google Glass is a very expensive piece of wearable technology but nevertheless many “Explorers” have spent over $1,500 on their units just to see what the fuss is all about. The device has to be paired up with a smartphone which is why there are companion apps available for both iOS and Android. A feature that has been available for long on the latter has made its way to the MyGlass iOS app. It is now able to sync photos taken with Google Glass.

Google’s wearable device has a 5 megapixel camera and taking pictures through it is as easy as saying “Okay Glass, take a picture.” Previously the pictures taken with Google Glass did not sync with the iPhone so users couldn’t edit or send them using their smartphone.

That changes with the latest update for MyGlass iOS app. Now photos taken with Google Glass will be synced and they will be available both in the MyGlass app as well as in the Photos app in iOS where they were be stored under a separate MyGlass album.

Once the app has been updated the user will be prompted about the sync feature and will be asked if they want to turn the feature on. After this has been done all photos will be synced with the iPhone automatically. MyGlass for iOS is available for free via the App Store.

iOS 8 brings a new feature that has been requested many times by Apple fans, and that’s the ability to install system-wide third party keyboards on iOS powered devices. The feature was confirmed bact at WWDC 2014 when iOS 8 was unveiled and some of the biggest names that create keyboards for Android committed to bringing their solutions over to iOS. One of them is Fleksy and today the Fleksy iOS 8 keyboard has finally been released.

Just yesterday Apple rolled out iOS 8 for supported iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models. The software is now available for download over-the-air and millions of people are upgrading their devices to see what changes have been made in Apple’s mobile platform.

Fleksy’s iOS 8 launch comes a day after the software was rolled out. This isn’t its first app for the platform. Previously it has been available on iOS through integrations with many third party applications. But iOS 8 changes things as it provides the keyboard system-wide access which means that this third party keyboard can be used in any application, be it native or one from an independent developer.

Fleksy brings support for more than 40 languages and multiple keyboard layouts. The keyboard has advanced predictive typing technology and it learns the way the user types in order to accurately make predictions. The keyboard is customizable and its size can be adjusted to suit the user’s fingers.

Available now from the App Store, Fleksy for iOS 8 costs $0.99. It comes with a handful of three themes and those who want more can pay an additional $0.99 for premium themes.

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Last year when Apple released the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c China was one of the launch markets for both new smartphones. There’s no denying the fact that Apple has focused a lot on China and has succeeded in getting its smartphones across all major carriers in the country. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be released in a handful of launch markets tomorrow but China is not one of them. This time around the launch of Apple’s new smartphones has been blocked in China by regulatory and licensing issues.

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Netflix is a very popular online video streaming service. Even though its only available in select markets right now across North America and Europe the service has thousands of users from different parts of the world who connect to the service using a VPN to make it seem like they’re in a supported market. If reports coming out of Australia are correct the possibility exists that using Netflix through VPN might become difficult, may be even impossible.

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