fitbit-charge-statementWhen we think of fitness wearables, there is a good chance you might be thinking of brands such as Jawbone or Fitbit. Both companies are considered to be rivals in the fitness wearables space and it looks like Jawbone is unhappy with the way Fitbit has been conducting themselves. The company has recently filed a lawsuit against Fitbit, claiming that they have been poaching Jawbone’s employees.

At the same time, they are also claiming that these employees brought over sensitive company materials over to their competitor. Jawbone goes as far as saying that Fitbit has “systematically” plundered confidential material over the years, and has put into place “clandestine efforts” in which they would then “steal talent, trade secrets and intellectual property.” Read full post →Jawbone Accuses Fitbit Of Employee Poaching

iOS-7-Messages-005Earlier today we reported on this weird Messages bug on iOS in which if a user receives a particular message from someone else, it will cause the app to crash continuously or reboot instantly without warning. It’s not exactly a “dangerous” bug per se, but it does sound like an annoying one.

Thankfully Apple has since acknowledged the issue and appears to be working on a fix for it which we’re hoping will be pushed out soon. In a statement issued to NBC, an Apple spokesperson was quoted as saying, “We are aware of an iMessage issue caused by a specific series of unicode characters and we will make a fix available in a software update.” Read full post →Apple Acknowledged Messages Bug, Working To Fix It

occulus-vr-dk2-003As you might have heard, an announcement from Oculus VR has revealed that the consumer version of the Oculus Rift will be released in Q1 2016. Sounds good, doesn’t it? However the question still remains and that is how much will the Oculus Rift cost? It has been speculated that it could cost a few hundred dollars, but recently the company’s CEO Brendan Iribe revealed that it would cost a whopping $1,500.

Now before you freak out and wondering why on earth does it cost so much, relax! Iribe revealed the price during the Code Conference today and stated that this was the “all-in” price of the device. What this means is that he expects that the headset along with the price of a gaming PC should set customers back around $1,500. Read full post →The Oculus Rift Will Cost $1,500 “All-In”

apple-pay-002While Apple Pay is currently accepted by many retailers across the US, apart from the convenience there’s no real reason to keep using the service. However according to a report by the New York Times, it seems that Apple could be planning on announcing an Apple Pay Rewards program at WWDC 2015.

The idea of the program is simple and it is similar to other rewards programs. Basically if customers were to keep returning to the same store and keep using Apple Pay, they will be afforded perks and benefits for doing so. Unfortunately the details about the rewards program was not revealed, but we can only assume it could come in the form of points, discounts, freebies, and so on. Read full post →Apple Pay Rewards Program Will Be Announced At WWDC [Rumor]

pebble timeThe Pebble Time smartwatch has begun shipping today but it should be noted that these shipments are only to its backers. For those who are interested in the smartwatch but did not back its Kickstarter campaign, you guys will be in for a wait. The company has recently announced on its blog that they will begin taking new pre-orders for the watch starting 22nd of June.

Presumably this long wait is so that the company can get all of its shipments out to those who backed the device during its Kickstarter campaign, as well as to address any potential issues that might crop up along the way. However once the dust settles, those who are interested in the device will be able to pre-order it on Pebble’s website. Read full post →Pebble Time Pre-Orders Begin 22nd Of June For Non-Backers

nexarWe all encounter drivers on the road who drive recklessly. Heck, chances are we ourselves have been accused of such driving in the past as well. Now if you’ve always wanted to record these bad drivers for posterity or so you can lodge a report, there’s an app for it called Nexar whose public beta was launched at the Code Conference.

Basically what Nexar does is that it turns your iPhone into a dash cam. However unlike regular dash cams which just records video (and potentially audio), Nexar will come with smarter features, such as prompting users to perform an action when an incident occurs, such as when you slam on your brakes suddenly or when a car zips by you. Read full post →Nexar Uses Your iPhone To Record Bad Drivers

google_searchGoogle search has a pretty cool feature in which it can eerily predict what you want to search for, which for the most part has been pretty spot on. However for the most part, you’d have to wait for the search page to load before you can get your answers, like asking for the weather, time in a particular city, and so on.

However as spotted by the folks at Android Police, it seems that Google is planning on making your lives more efficient by displaying the answer to some of your search queries in the search bar itself which you can see in the screenshots above. For now it seems that it only applies to searches in which the answers are simple and straightforward, like the weather. Read full post →Google’s Search Suggestions Will Now Display Answers As Well

airbnb-tablet-appIt used to be that when you travel to a new city or country on holiday or for business, you’d book a hotel. As it stands there are plenty of hotels to choose from, but what if you didn’t want a hotel? What if you wanted someplace more personal, intimate, and possibly more worth your money than a hotel?

That’s where Airbnb comes into play and speaking recently at the Code Conference on Wednesday, the company’s CEO Brian Chesky revealed that the service is seeing almost a million guests staying in Airbnb locations around the world every night. That number is currently around the 800,000 mark but it is expected that it will increase over time. Read full post →Airbnb Reaching 1 Million Guests Per Night

carplayA couple of days ago we reported that Hyundai would be the first carmaker out the door with Android Auto installed in its 2015 Hyundai Sonata model. Well it looks like GM doesn’t want the competition to get too ahead of them as they have recently announced that 14 of its 19 Chevrolet models will be getting CarPlay and Android Auto options later this year.

This will see both systems offered up as options to customers across a variety of the company’s Chevrolet models, ranging from the affordable Spark which starts at $15,000, up to the more expensive $55,000 Corvette, meaning that drivers who are shopping on a budget or drivers who have more money to spend will be able to take advantage of this new technology. Read full post →GM To Bring CarPlay & Android Auto To 14 Chevy Models

siriWhen it comes to voice assistant features, Apple has Siri, and Google has Google Now. The latter is admittedly a more feature-rich tool as anyone who’s ever used an Android device can attest to, but apparently this is something that Apple will not take lying down. According to a report from 9to5Mac, things will be changing drastically with iOS 9.

According to them, Apple will be introducing a new feature called “Proactive”. This is a feature that has been in the works since 2013 ever since Apple acquired a personal assistant app called Cue. Basically what Proactive aims to do is become the Google Now for iOS by relevantly broadening Spotlight and Siri’s search results. Read full post →Apple’s “Proactive” Feature Will Take On Google Now