Call recording is quite an amazing feature, every day we make many calls and some of them are quite important as well. Someone told you an address on call and you didn’t write it down? Just listen to the call again. May be you called a customer service and want to listen to the instructions again? Read full post →How To Record Phone Calls (Android)

Video compression is extremely important, especially in this era of internet and technology. Even if you are an ordinary user, you may still end up in a situation where you have to upload a video on the web.

Now, raw videos are actually quite big in size, which is not good for web, you need to compress the video to make its size and format acceptable for the web, or for your own upload convenience. Video compression is a trade off between size and quality, you need to lose some quality to decrease the size of the file.

However, in many cases the decrease in quality is not too noticeable and the decrease in size is worth it. You just need to know right requirement of the video to ensure you get the least size with best attainable quality. Read full post →How To Compress Videos

lumia 520Owners of the Lumia 520 and its siblings, the Lumia 521, Lumia 525, and the Lumia 526, are reporting that their phones have bricked after installing the latest Windows Technical Preview for phones. So what’s the deal? Was there a bug with the technical preview? Or do these phones not have the capability of supporting Windows 10?

Thankfully Microsoft has since issued a statement on the matter. Apparently it seems that due to the size of the technical preview, the handsets were rejecting the recovery images that were being flashed onto their handsets. “The blocks of data were too large for some devices to handle, and the memory on the device was having trouble with the speed at which the data was being written.  In short, devices were getting too much data, too quickly.  This would cause the failure as the new software is corrupted.” Read full post →Microsoft Responds To Bricked Windows 10 Lumia 520 Handsets

calendar-700x375It is only logical to think that Sony has new cameras they are planning on announcing this year, although exactly what model and when the announcements will take place remains to be seen. However thanks to the database of Sony documents on WikiLeaks (via Sony Alpha Rumors), it seems that a few models have been outed in the process.

As you can see in the screenshot above which looks like a table pulled from an internal Sony document, it shows the company’s roadmap for the first quarter for the financial year of 2015 which begins in April and ends in June. Based on that, it seems to suggest that Sony has a new A7 series coming, which has been speculated to be the Sony A7rII. Read full post →WikiLeaks Sony Document Hints At Upcoming New Cameras

The joys of using a digital camera or your phone to take photos is that you can take as many photos as you like (as long as you have enough memory) without worrying about wasting film, something that kids these days might not be familiar with. However for those that do, there is a bit of nostalgia in the excitement of seeing how your photos developed, and being careful with your shots.

Now while film cameras are still around and are still being used, Photojojo thinks that that logic can be applied to smartphones and has since released their Disposable Camera app for the iPhone. How the app works is that the app itself is a free download, however users will have to pay $12.99 for a roll of “film” which consists of 27 shots. Every shot you take reduces that count and users won’t be able to see what kind of photos they’ve taken either, at least until it’s been printed. Read full post →Photojojo Wants To Turn Your iPhone Into A Disposable Camera, Sort Of

In the past we’ve seen 3D printers create all kinds of solid objects, such as bone-like material used for medical purposes, to even replicating a full-sized motorcycle just because they could. So what’s next in the future of 3D printing? Well as it turns out, maybe 3D printing soft toys could be next.

Disney Research has recently come up with a new type of 3D printer which they claim will be able to print soft and deformable objects using layers of off-the-shelf fabrics. According to their description, “Our printer employs an approach where a sheet of fabric forms each layer of a 3D object. The printer cuts this sheet along the 2D contour of the layer using a laser cutter and then bonds it to previously printed layers using a heat sensitive adhesive. Surrounding fabric in each layer is temporarily retained to provide a removable support structure for layers printed above it.” Read full post →Disney Research Found A Way To 3D Print Interactive Plushies

Macro photography is a rather interesting style of photography that gets viewers up and close with the subject, seeing details that our eyes might not have been able to make out otherwise. Now in some instances, macro photography requires the right amount of light to cast the right shadows and to illuminate different parts of the subject.

However if you find that common lighting solutions to be a bit too unwieldy, then perhaps the Adaptalux might be a system worth checking out. Adaptalux is a Kickstarter project for a modular lighting system aimed at macro photographers. As you can see in the video above, basically it’s a series of lights that can be adjusted and angled so that you, the photographer, can get the right lighting you need. Read full post →Adaptalux Is A Modular Lighting System For Macro Photography

boxer cmIn a bid to take Android away from Google, Cyanogen has partnered up with other companies to replace some of the default apps and services found in Android, such as replacing the default email client on Android to that of Boxer. Now for those who agree with what Cyanogen is doing, here’s something to take note of.

It seems that despite Cyanogen’s best intentions, their partnership with Boxer might not necessarily be the best idea for users who value their privacy. This is according to Boxer’s Privacy Policy which reads, “The Boxer mobile software may record data from your phone or tablet, such as how frequently you use the app, what actions you take, performance data, the type of hardware and software you are operating, and others.” Read full post →Cyanogen’s New Partnerships Raise Privacy Concerns

arlo-security-camera-12As homes are getting smarter and more connected so have the number of cloud-connected home-surveillance webcam offerings on the market. Until recently, customers had to choose between cheap hardware and awful user interface or expensive hardware and better interface. Admittedly, there were also some awful-everything.

Arlo is a refreshing take on a market currently dominated by products like Dropcam Pro, which has been acquired by Nest, which was acquired by Google… Arlo does not compete directly with Dropcam however, on the contrary: Arlo is meant to be an outdoor camera which is just as easy to use. This addresses a market that has been glaringly ignored by Dropcam, despite a huge demand from its user base. Read full post →Arlo Security Camera Review

Modern-productivity-Office-on-Windows-2It’s an interesting choice that Microsoft has made when they launched touch-friendly/optimized versions of their Office productivity suite for iOS and Android devices before releasing it for their own mobile devices, but for iOS and Android users, we suppose this is a good thing. That being said if you’re a Windows Phone user looking for the Office experience, you probably won’t have to wait much longer.

Microsoft recently made an announcement that come this month, they will be releasing a set of Office applications for handsets running their Windows 10 platform. This is part of Microsoft’s Office strategy in which there will be two versions of Office. One will be Office 2016 which is meant for desktop use, and the other will be a more touch-friendly version of Office that has been optimized for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Read full post →Touch-Friendly Office For Windows 10 Phones Promised For This Month