Are you getting a lot of DVDs or Blu-rays this holiday season? Would you like to have that same content in digital format as well so that you can watch using a mobile device and an internet connection? Then take a look at Vudu. Its a service from the movie studios that lets you do just that, scan a digital copy code and get the same content for your digital library, though sometimes you might have to pay a couple of bucks for this.

Just in time for the holiday season the folks behind this service have pushed out a major update for the Vudu iOS app, which works natively on both the iPhone and the iPad. It has been completely rebuilt from the ground up to be faster than ever before and more response, the app also brings “several highly-requested features” which make it easier to stream and download Vudu purchases or rentals on the iPhone or iPad.

This new user interface has already been released on Vudu apps for other platforms like Roku and PlayStation. It brings a cleaner design with better sorting options, TV season grouping, improved search that lets users find a title without scrolling, episode lists and details apart from the ability to download content to watch offline.

The Vudu team promises that it is planning more improvements for this application which will arrive at some point in 2015. Vudu for iOS is available as a free download from the App Store.


India is one emerging market that many up and coming smartphone companies are focusing on. We have seen Xiaomi and OnePlus pay particularly close attention to this market but unfortunately the former was recently hit with a ban in India, it had to stop sales until a court reversed that decision. The country then placed a similar ban on OnePlus forcing the nascent smartphone maker to stop sales but that ban too has now been set aside.

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One would think that hackers would recede in their lairs for the holidays but the reality is different. A notorious group which goes by the moniker Lizard Squad is taking credit for the attack on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live that took place on Christmas Eve. This group has been involved in similar attacks in the past as well, which basically overloads the servers intentionally by sending bogus traffic.

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We’re almost at the end of this year. This is a time when many people look back and remember the things that happened throughout these 12 months, good or bad, and since many of those moments make their way to Facebook nowadays the social network has launched the “Year In Review” app again to help you recap your entire year. The app is now live and you may already have started to see 2014 recaps from your friends in the News Feed.

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Christmas is here, its a time of joy and gift-giving, with gift cards being one of the most common items exchanged over the holiday season. If you got a card of a retailer that doesn’t sell anything that might interest you, worry not, because you won’t have to chuck that card out of the window anymore. Starting today Walmart is kicking off a new program in which it will take in your gift cards and give you a Walmart card in return, which won’t expire and can be used in both the online and retail store.

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Autonomous cars are the future which is why many carmakers are now devoting substantial time and resources to develop vehicles of the future. Even companies that aren’t related to the automotive industry, like Google, are trying their hand at self-driving cars. Mercedes-Benz would be one manufacturer that you would expect to lead the charge and it has its own efforts going. The German company is teaming up with LG which will be tasked with developing a stereo camera system for MB.

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There may be lots of cross-platform messaging services available right now but WhatsApp is a clear market leader. It was one of the first services of its kind to work cross-platform and has since captured hundreds of millions of users around the world. Others have tried competing with it by offering features like voice and video calling. This is one area where WhatsApp has lagged. We’ve been hearing about WhatsApp voice calling for a while now and a new leak shows us just what this feature may look like.

The folks at Android World took apart the latest WhatsApp for Android update and claim to have extracted the layout for WhatsApp voice calling feature complete with text and the relevant image files. These files were then used to put together screenshots which should show what the feature would look it when it goes live.

It’s not entirely impossible to fake such screenshots so do keep an open mind when viewing these. While we know that soon enough the voice calling feature will be added to this cross-platform messaging application it can’t be independently confirmed as yet if this is what the feature will really look like.

There has been no peep out of WhatsApp on these screenshots, and it hasn’t even provided a timeframe in which we can expect voice calling to go live on the app. We’ll just have to wait and see when that happens.


Some manufacturers are trying their hand at larger tablets. While 7-inch and 10-inch tablets are a dime a dozen in the market only a few manufacturers are daring to touch the 12-inch barrier. Even Apple is expected to do the same in 2015 by launching what’s commonly referred to as the “iPad Pro.” A new rumor suggests that Sony may walk down this path as well and launch its own Android powered 12-inch tablet.

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Asus C720P - left side angle

The Chromebook fits between an iPad or Android tablet and a full-fledged laptop computer. While not quite as portable as a tablet, since it certainly can’t be used one handed, or without a table or at least a lap to rest it on, it does offer the potential for more functionality since it has a built in keyboard. One can of course argue that it’s simple enough to use a Bluetooth keyboard with a tablet, but the Chromebook still offers a larger, better screen, and better connectivity than an iPad due to built in USB ports and an SD card slot. Whether or not a Chromebook in general or the Acer C720P in particular is right for your needs will depend on careful consideration. Read full post →Acer C720P Review


Some of the titles that we played on previous-generation consoles have made their way to our new gaming machines as “remastered” versions. Not only did this allow the game developers to make more money it gave gamers a chance to play these titles on newer hardware, particularly those who had not played them on old consoles. Resident Evil is one such title that’s coming to the PlayStation 4. Its pre-orders have gone live on the PlayStation Network with support for cross-buy.

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