resistance burning skiesWhen it comes to modern day consumer electronics, we do seem to hear more and more stories about folks getting injured by an exploding battery, charger or device itself. Perhaps in the past, such news was rare simply because the saturation rate of mobile devices are definitely not at a level of where we are today, but having said that, one might want to temper love for gadgets with some old fashioned common sense. It is rather tragic that Wendy Rybolt of Bartonville, Illinois, managed to escape a fire that consumed her house, but upon realizing that her phone remained inside, she decided to enter the blazing house.

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lg g3 phone 006 640x426The LG G3 is certainly one high end smartphone that has won over its fair share of fans, never mind the fact that you would have to fork out quite a price to own one of these. One of the obvious signs that a particular device is doing extremely well in the market would be its sales figures – and according to a sales report that was published by The Korea Times earlier this month, Sophia Kim, a Woori Investment & Securities analyst did mention that sales of the new LG G3 smartphone could end up double that of last year’s LG G2.

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While BlackBerry might be a company that is not exactly in the pink of health at the moment, this does not mean that it has failed to offer upcoming products that are capable of generating interest in the smartphone market. The BlackBerry Passport has certainly picked up a fair amount of attention recently, but here we are with what could very well be the first look of this anticipated enterprise smartphone.

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kyocera brigadierIt was some time close to the middle of this month when we brought you word that Kyocera was teasing the masses with a new sapphire smartphone of their own, although it was known as the Sapphire Shield back then. Fast forward to today, and what we have is a crystal clear shot – yes sir, none of that lousy blurry cam photos, of the Kyocera Brigadier, which is a smartphone that will boast of a sapphire display – something that the iPhone 6 might look on with a tinge of envy.

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BlackBerry LogoCall it a perk or anything else that you like, but it seems that a handful of BlackBerry users who happen to be members of the Beta Zone will eventually have the chance to test out pre-release BlackBerry 10 products. How do we know this? Well, there was an email which was delivered to this select bunch of BlackBerry owners, citing that their past participation in the Beta Zone was enough to make them part of future software update testers, as well as to enlist their help in reporting bug fixes.

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xbox videoWhile there were whispers going around last week that pointed to the possibility of folks bidding adieu to the likes of Xbox Music and Xbox Video services, it was encouraging to see Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore take decisive action by denouncing the whispers concerning such a plan, touting that these services will remain as ‘key scenarios’ when it comes to Microsoft’s broader strategy to the open market. Having said that, Microsoft backed up Belfiore’s encouragement by rolling out a new update for the Xbox Video app for Windows 8.1.

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fb msgr wpFacebook has come under scrutiny in the news yet again, having introduced a new update to the Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone app. In this latest version of Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone, new features have been thrown into the mix, not to mention seeing the version number bumped up all the way to 6.0.

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amazon 3dprintingWhen it comes to selling stuff, it cannot be disputed that Amazon has done an extremely good job at this particular task, and not only that, they too, have come up with hardware that they can proudly call their own – including a Fire Phone as well as the Fire TV set top. Even then, it seems that all of these are not enough to satiate Amazon’s appetite, and the company has come up with something that might just catch your attention – a new 3D Printing Store which will put for sale a range of unique items.

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kidsmodeIt goes without saying that both hardware and software will need to get some kind of updates from time to time in order for it to keep up with the rest of the competition, and South Korean conglomerate Samsung has done a pretty good job so far with its collection of smartphones and tablets. This time around, Samsung has updated the Kids Store feature that is currently available in Kids Mode on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S.

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BlackBerry LogoBlackBerry might be down at the moment, but the company still has some ways to go before it is counted as being out. In fact, even the German government has decided that its government officials ought to use BlackBerry smartphones for one simple reason – security purposes. In fact, the Federal Ministry of the Interior currently sees approximately 3,000 BlackBerry devices that have been bundled with Secusmart being used to prevent potentially damaging cases of eavesdropping. Well, it looks as though that BlackBerry has taken the bold step of purchasing Secusmart to bring it under the BlackBerry fold.

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