line mix radio

We have known for some time that messaging client LINE wants to get into the music game and today’s announcement leaves no doubt about that. It has just been announced that LINE has agreed to purchase MixRadio from Microsoft. This is the music streaming service that Nokia launched back in the day, Microsoft got it as part of its acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services business, which it’s unloading to LINE now.

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pandora xbox one

Popular internet radio service Pandora announced today that it is releasing an app for the Xbox One, Microsoft’s gaming console, just in time for the holiday season where mind you the Xbox One has been performing quite well. Through the app users can tune into their favorite radio stations using the gaming console, which also does its very best to double as an entertainment device.

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4k streaming comcast

As 4K technology slowly starts entering the mainstream content providers are moving to make access to content in Ultra High Definition more easy. Online video streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon have already started streaming content in 4K. Now a major pay-TV provider, Comcast, is getting in the game as well.

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gta online festive surprise

I’m sure that many of us are quietly slipping into the festive mood this time of the year, with the holidays just around the corner, and Rockstar has deemed it fit to provide us all with a bit of a surprise. It rolled out a new update for GTA 5′s online mode today which revolves around the festive theme. The update itself is called GTA Online “Festive Surprise,” and makes some fun additions to the game, like the ability to have snowfights.

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minuum multilingual 360x640

Minuum is one of the highly regarded third-party keyboard applications for Android. It is not just limited to smartphones and tablets, the app has also made its way to smartwatches. Today an update was released for the Android version of Minumm. It brings simultaneously multilingual support, though this feature is classified as “experimental” at this point in time.

This new feature is going to be very useful for people who type in multiple languages. Simultaneous multilingual support will provide a single row of characters on the bottom using which one can type and receive recommendations from two and more languages simultaneously.

There is a slight caveat though. Multiple languages aren’t built directly into the keyboard app itself. In order to access the multiple languages users will to download language packs. Minuum tries to make the wait of downloading a pack easier by displaying an in-app progress bar that shows status of the download .

Apart from this new feature the version 2.16 of Minuum for Android brings several tweaks and fixes which enhance the user experience. Learning of compound words has been improved alongside secondary character selection. Free and paid versions of Minuum have both been updated and they’re already live for download through the Google Play Store.

minecraft story mode 640x278

A fan-favorite game called Minecraft is going to receive a very special release in the coming year. Today a story mode was confirmed for this game. For this purpose Mojang, which is now owned by Microsoft, has teamed up with Telltale Games which is the studio behind popular titles like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. The new game is going to be aptly called Minecraft: Story Mode.

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djay pro mac 640x433

djay is a very popular application for the iPad, it also happens to be one of the best selling apps of its kind. This is a DJ app that has been around for a very long time on Apple’s tablet and today a new version arrives on the Mac with even more features, and Spotify integration baked right in. This new app comes from developer Algoriddim and it’s called djay PRO.

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android tv launcher

Earlier this year Google unveiled its latest plan to conquer your living room. With its previous effort having failed quite miserably the company come back with a proverbial bang by unveiling Android TV. Even though the project is in its infancy at this point there has been some positive response from consumers. Google today released the Android TV launcher on Google Play Store.

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apple pay 002 640x360Similar to how we do know that a particular smartphone is about to hit the market, so too, can one make a rough guess-timate as to what a particular organization is up to through the vacancies that are being advertised at this particular point in time. Case in point, it seems that Apple intends to step up another gear for its Apple Pay launch in China by putting up a slew of vacancies, where an “Apple Pay Site Reliability Engineer” happens to be one of them. This position will be a 40-hour-per-week role, where it will require one to work alongside peers in the U.S. as well as in Europe. Apple has deemed this to be a “follow-the-sun team”, and chances are whoever lands this job will have to be prepared to work odd hours due to the time difference across the different continents.

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judgy vending machineAh, vending machines. These particular machines do serve a very useful purpose – sort of like being a mini convenience store of sorts, minus the manpower. Of course, the products that are available are also limited to the amount of space within, but when you have an entire row of vending machines that “specialize” in different items, then life ends up being a whole lot more convenient round the clock. We are so used to vending machines serving us what we have selected, so much so that running into the Luce L2 Tough TV vending machine might come across as a culture shock to some.

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