sony selfie phone 2The Sony Xperia C3, touted to be the first “selfie phone” from Sony (never mind the fact that just about any other smartphone out there has a front-facing camera that lets you capture selfies with impunity, although credit must be given to the Xperia C3 for its 5MP front facing shooter), might soon have a sibling to join it on the shelves. What you see on the right looks like a prototype device, and it certainly is reminiscent of a perfume bottle, and obviously it is a female figure adoring herself before snapping a selfie. Right after the jump, you will also find more samples in the photo gallery that point to how this is one smartphone that guys would most probably avoid purchasing.

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x47b jointThe X-47B drone has been considered to be a winner in the books of many others, especially when you take into consideration how it is able to land on the deck of an aircraft carrier all by itself. However, in order to push its performance capabilities to the next level, how does it fare when it comes to normal flight operations? Those questions, as well as any doubts that anyone has, has been answered recently, as the Navy conducted a bunch of joint maneuvers alongside an F/A-18 Super Hornet, and all of the action happened aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

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lego minecraft caveIt goes without saying that the partnership of Lego and Minecraft is all too natural – after all, the two of these worlds do deal with blocks, building blocks, that is. While the previous Lego Minecraft sets were definitely up there in the cuteness factor, it is nice to take note that there will be upcoming Lego Minecraft sets that do resemble more like the standard Lego sets, and these will arrive with their fair share of mini figures.

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omate xIt was earlier this morning that we brought you word on the next Omate smartwatch which will target fashionistas, and apparently the Omate X just been announced officially. What kind of vision or image does the Omate X want to project for its wearer? Well, it will target those who love an updated wardrobe every single season, while telling the time – in style, of course, nothing less will do.

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icarusEbooks are surely gaining popularity among the masses, but when it comes to the number of ebook reader releases in the market, those are not as popular as a regular tablet, leaving consumers with not that many choices in the first place. However, the relative few ebook readers in the market do show a sizeable number of them running on Android-based software, such as Barnes & Noble’s NOOK eReader. Enter the Icarus Illumina HD that comes with a 6” E Ink display alongside Android 4.2 as the operating system of choice, not to mention boasting of the Amazon Kindle app right out of the box.

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jolla third osWhen it comes to the market share of a particular product, competition can get pretty tough. So far, we do see Android leading the smartphone market with a whopping 84.7%, while Apple remains in second place with a 11.7% share, and Microsoft’s efforts with their Windows Phone platform stands at a paltry 2.5%.That would leave the remaining 1.1% of the market to be shared by the rest. Jolla from Finland, the company that was formed by ex-Nokia employees, happens to fall into the “Others” category with its Jolla handset that runs on the Sailfish OS, saw its chairman Antti Saarnio step forward to claim that the Sailfish OS occupies third spot.

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hitchbot journey endsIt looks like all good things must come to an end, and where the hitchBOT is concerned, the same applies as well. We have followed the hitchBOT’s adventures even all the way to its halfway mark, and we are glad to say that it has completed its epic (for a robot, anyways) hitchhiking journey safe and sound.

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biohazard revelations2There world does not look as though they are about to get weary when it comes to zombies populating and dominating the earth in a post apocalyptic setting, although when it comes to zombies, one does think of the paradox – they’re all flesh and brain eating zombies, so when they’re done with their victim, it should be just nothing left but bones, right? How come popular literature and movies always depict the victims, who were previously overwhelmed by a horde of hungry zombies, come out looking no worse for the wear? But I digress, if you still love zombies, then you will be pleased to hear that the Biohazard Revelations 2 box art has been spotted on

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adthiefWhile Apple’s devices are relatively free from virus attacks unlike hardware that runs on a rival platform, this does not mean that there are no security loopholes to exploit on Apple’s side, either. Virus Bulletin has revealed that more than 75,000 iOS devices have already been infected by a malware that is better known as AdThief, or in other circles, “Spad”.

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music flowIf you love grooving to music and think that there is no meaning in life without music, then surely you would be pleased to hear that South Korean conglomerate LG has just announced the LG Music Flow speakers, where one can choose from H3, H5, and H7 models, with the Sound Bar (model HS6), Network Bridge (model R1) and the companion Music Flow Player application that works on smartphones and tablets, allowing users to enjoy a convenient and smart Hi-Fi audio eco-system right there in the comfort of their own home.

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