HP Slate 6 VoiceTabEarlier this year, we did bring you word on the HP Slate 6 VoiceTab that was set to hit India later in 2014, which it did, and within the same calendar year, here we have HP rolling out that particular tablet’s successor, where it has been uncreatively called the HP Slate 6 VoiceTab II. For those who are curious to know whether the HP Slate 6 VoiceTab II is going to function as a real significant upgrade compared to its predecessor, you will be disappointed that this is not the case.

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gs5 1dollarJust what can a dollar do these days in terms of purchasing power? Well, it is enough to provide someone living in a third world country with a nutritious meal, but in the US, it ain’t gonna do much other than get you some trinkets at the dollar store, or perhaps buy you a cheap burger at a fast food joint on a promotion. This coming Black Friday, however, would see Best Buy offer you the Samsung Galaxy S5 for a mere $1 – although the catch would be requiring you to sign up for a two-year contract, which is not too much of a catch at all in the first place.

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Obama google hangoutThe most powerful man in the world, President Barack Obama of the US, has just signed the E-Label act into law today, and this particular move could result in all of those ugly logos that are printed on the back of your mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets should be a thing of the past some time down the road.

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karbonn sparkle vWhen it comes to Android One powered smartphones, those used to be launched in India across several smartphones, and it seems that the Android One bandwagon is about to cross over to Europe – in the U.K. in fact, with Indian handset manufacturer Karbonn having introduced the Karbonn Sparkle V in that part of the world.

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sennheiser storeIt seems that what was once temporary is now made permanent – at least until December 28th this year, with premium audio brand Sennheiser having opened up their temporary stores. These experiential stores will boast of an audiovisual design concept that is rather novel, and customers are invited so that they can enjoy the pleasures of excellent sound. These stores will be based in the trend-setting neighborhoods of New York’s Lower East Side and San Francisco’s Mission District.

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sony a7 II 2014 11 20 01It was just a few days ago when we brought you word that the Sony Alpha A7 II was tipped to arrive over in the US some time in January or February next year. Well, here are some details on the company’s collection of full frame cameras which will see another four models thrown into the mix, while there are also price cuts for some of the current models. The upcoming Sony A7 full-frame interchangeable-lens camera, known as the A7 II, is the main catalyst for Sony’s permanent price cuts.

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firephone display2 640x426Amazon might be one of the more famous tech companies which hail from the US, but this does not mean that all they do will be infallible in nature. While there are hits, surely there are misses along the way, and the Amazon Fire Phone happens to be one of them. In fact, Amazon has just dropped the price of its Fire Phone to just $199 – in an unlocked form factor, which means you can choose to use it with other compatible networks. The big question is, with this $250 discount taken into consideration, would the Amazon Fire Phone still be worth picking up?

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tumblrSize does matter, and Facebook with its 1.35 billion monthly users happens to be the largest social network in the world – and looks set to remain so for some time to come, but there is the very real “danger” of the figure having arrived at a saturation point. In Global Web Index’s most recent report, it has stated that Tumblr is the fastest growing social network at the moment, with it boasting of a growth rate of 120% in the past 6 months alone. In comparison, Facebook grew by a mere 2%.

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vlcThe sign-up program for VLC Media Player for Windows Phone beta was filled up in just a few hours after it was announced yesterday, which means that the long-awaited beta of VLC Media Player for Windows Phone is close to a release. One ought to remember that this happens to be a closed beta – at least in the here and now so only those who were successful in signing up yesterday would have the pleasure of giving this version a go.

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jolla new 640x336The Jolla Tablet was announced some time last week by Finnish company Jolla that it will be released in 2015 in select markets. This Sailfish OS-based tablet has already experienced a relatively successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, having passed the 1.2 million mark along the way, where Jolla did mention that the Jolla Tablet would be made available to customers over in the US, the European Union, Norway, Switzerland, Russia, China, Hong Kong, and India. Things look set to brighten up in other countries that were not listed originally though, as you can read on further right after the jump.

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