baby jonathan 640x301There are many ways of informing the whole world and the people you care about that you have a new baby. You could tweet it, post photos of your baby on social networks, send out cards, make phone calls, send text messages, and etc. Well it seems that more conventional methods wasn’t enough for Andreas Kleinke, a former training manager for the Apple Online Store team.

Instead what Kleinke did was take his love for Apple and his baby and mimicked the Apple website, except that instead of showcasing Apple products, Kleinke’s Apple website clone featured photos of his baby which he attempted to describe in the same way and style that Apple would have described their products. Read full post →Former Apple Employee Announces New Baby In Typical Apple Fashion

It seems that controversy follows Dong Nguyen wherever he goes. Previously there were reports that Nguyen’s game, Flappy Bird, stole images from Nintendo’s games, although in all fairness Nintendo denied that they sent Nguyen legal notices. Now with Nguyen’s latest game, Swing Copters, the developers at Open Name claim the game is a ripoff of their own Bog Racer.

Interestingly enough Bog Racer was released in July but apparently during Google’s zeal at removing all clones/copycats of Swing Copters, Bog Racer was caught in the crossfire despite it being released first. Speaking to Pocket Gamer, the developers claim that Nguyen had “heavily borrowed” the ideas of Bog Racer to apply to Swing Copters. Read full post →Swing Copters Accused Of Ripping Off Another Game, Bog Racer

coolest kickstarter 640x368Back in July we reported on a Kickstarter project called the Coolest. It’s basically a cooler that comes with a speaker, blender, and USB charger all built into the cooler itself, thus making it a perfect item to bring with you during the summer to the beach, the park, or simply in your backyard while you have a BBQ.

It’s a novel idea but apparently people love novel because the Coolest managed to raise enough money to become the third most funded Kickstarter project. However it seems that the Coolest has moved onto bigger things and can now claim to be the most funded Kickstarter project in history. Read full post →Coolest Kickstarter Crosses $10 Million Mark, Beats Pebble’s Record

Pentax K S1 camera frontMost of the time, camera designs tend to be a little understated and usually sport a somewhat somber and boring black finish. Sometimes camera manufacturers jazz it up a bit by added leather accents and different colors, although admittedly Pentax takes the cake with their recently announced K-S1 DSLR camera.

As you can see in the image above, the K-S1 camera will come in a blue finish (it also comes in a black finish and other colors) and actually sports several glowing lights on its body. For starters there are LED lights embedded in the grip itself, and there also appears to be a glowing light around the shutter button, which we suppose makes sense. Read full post →The Pentax K-S1 DSLR Is A Fancy Looking Camera

microsoft surface pro 3  21 640x426The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has been available in certain countries for quite a while now, but the good news is that if you were living in a country where the tablet was not officially available, hopefully it will be now. Microsoft has officially announced that the Surface Pro 3 will be making its way to 25 new markets around the world.

As it stands, the Surface Pro 3 is available in markets such as the US, Canada, and Japan, but with the addition of the 25 countries, the total number of markets it will be available in will be brought up to 28. Read full post →Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Makes Its Way To 25 New Markets

Swatting, for those who might not have heard of it, is a term used to describe a dangerous “prank” where someone will call the cops and claim that there is an incident going on at another person’s house, after which law enforcement could call SWAT teams over to check it out and to diffuse the situation.

It is dangerous because people could potentially get hurt in the process, but unfortunately despite the police’s best efforts, it seems that swatting is still a relatively common occurrence in the gaming community. A recent incident took place and this time the gamers who were targeted managed to film it on their live feed on Twitch. Read full post →Counter-Strike Game Interrupted When SWAT Kicks Down the Door

spotify appsIf you have a Smart TV at home and you’re an avid user of Spotify, you might be pleased to learn that Spotify has recently announced that they have added more partners to their Spotify Connect list. What this means is that there will now be some Smart TV brands that will play nicely with Spotify connect.

This is expected to kick off with Philips’ Smart TVs and other brands are expected to be added at a later date. Other partners added by Spotify include Bose, Panasonic, and Gramofon which Spotify expects to detail at an announcement they will be making at IFA 2014 which is taking place next week. Read full post →Spotify Connect Makes Its Way To Your Smart TVs

xbox one destiny pre load 640x360

Destiny is one of the most highly anticipated titles that will be released this year. Gamers around the world are anxiously waiting for it to be released. We only have to wait for a couple of weeks now but it wouldn’t hurt if we were able to download the game ahead of its release date. A listing was recently spotted on which hinted at the possibility that Xbox One owners will be able to pre-order and pre-load Destiny before its release next month.

Read full post →Destiny Pre-Load On Xbox One Might Be Possible

forza horizon2

Xbox One owners will soon be able to get a taste of a highly anticipated title. Forza Horizon 2 was unveiled earlier this year and is one of the premier driving titles for Microsoft’s new console. Microsoft confirmed today that a demo of Forza Horizon 2 will be released for the Xbox One, the demo will be available a fortnight before the game is due for its public release late next month.

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psn hacked again

Sony has announced today that it has rescheduled planned PlayStation Network maintenance to Thursday, August 28th. As a result PSN will be down for more than 12 hours between 16:00 and 05:00 BST. During this time it will not be possible to login to Account Management as well as the PlayStation Store. The PS Home will not be available as well tomorrow.

Read full post →PlayStation Network Will Be Down For Over 12 Hours Tomorrow