force_touch_trackpad-640x360One of the rumored features of the upcoming iPhone 6s is the inclusion of Force Touch, a feature that originally debuted with the Apple Watch and was later introduced to Apple’s MacBook trackpads. Now in June we had heard that orders for the component had been placed, and now it looks like production is starting to ramp up.

This is according to a report from DigiTimes who claims that production of the component for the iPhone 6s has since ramped up, with as many as 36-40 million iPhones estimated to be built during the September quarter, followed by another 50 million in December. The ramping up in production doesn’t really come as a surprise. Read full post →Production Of Force Touch Components For iPhone 6s Ramping Up [Rumor]

safari batteryChrome is a great browser, especially if you’re a heavy user of Google’s products and services. However its performance on Apple’s OS X platform is not particularly great and it has been found to be something of a battery drain. Now if you’re looking to extend the battery life of your MacBook, then perhaps switching to Safari would be a better idea.

Before you think we’re getting paid by Apple to promote Safari/bash Chrome, we’re not. This is based on actual numbers conducted by the folks at Battery Box where they found that using Safari will actually help improve your MacBook’s battery life. This was discovered after one of their colleagues was experiencing much better battery life after making the switch, and they decided to put it to the test. Read full post →Using Safari On A MacBook Helps Improve Battery Life

CTB-LockerWhile many users are reporting that they have received their Windows 10 updates, there are some who are still waiting for theirs. Now as Microsoft has stated, the rollout could take days or weeks to reach you, so if you have reserved your copy, you can rest easy knowing that it will make its way to you eventually.

However for those who are impatient, here’s a little warning for you guys. According to a report from Cisco’s Talos Group, it seems that Windows 10 scam emails have been making their rounds on the internet. In fact the spoof seems to real that it even comes with a “real” domain. Read full post →Windows 10 Scam Emails Are Already Making Their Rounds

yamazakiWhisky is usually aged in barrels made out of oak. The belief is that the qualities of the wood will help give the whisky its distinct taste, although the length of aging will really depend on that particular line and the company, with cheaper brands and companies going for an artificial form of aging.

Now if you’re a whisky connoisseur, chances are you might have heard of the Japanese company Suntory. The company is known for their premium alcohol and in an interesting experiment on aging, it looks like the company is planning on sending up some of the whiskies into space and see how a zero-gravity environment will affect the taste of their products. Read full post →Japan’s Suntory Wants To Age Whisky In Space

bmw i3Last week there was an interesting rumor which suggested that Apple and BMW were apparently in talks at one point, with Apple being interested in using BMW’s i3 electric car as the base of their own electric car. The rumors then suggested that eventually the talks fell through, and now according to a report from Reuters, we know why.

According to their sources, the reason the talks fell through was because Apple was more interested in developing an electric car of their own, as opposed to working with BMW and possibly licensing some of their technology. It was also suggested that it was because BMW played their cards too close to their chest as they did not want to end up being a mere supplier of hardware to tech giants such as Apple. Read full post →Apple And BMW Car Talks Could Resume In The Future

apple watchHow is the Apple Watch doing? According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, not so well. The publication reports that according to analyst Mark Li who works at Bernstein Research, it seems that a comment made by one of Apple’s suppliers has hinted that the Apple Watch might not be selling as well as it should.

The supplier in question is Taiwan’s Advanced Semiconductor Engineering who is responsible for assembling the system-in-package component for the wearable. According to an ASE subsidiary, it seems that even shipping 2 million units a month to Apple did not even reach break-even volume. They also added that they do not expect to hit the break even point in the third quarter ahead of the holidays, hinting that Apple isn’t ordering enough units, which in turn might hint at the lack of demand. Read full post →Supplier Hints At Poor Apple Watch Sales

Things around the home do seem to get smarter and smarter these days, and hence, it is far from surprising to hear that there is a new smart mirror in the pipeline that is known as the Wize Mirror. The Wize Mirror intends to play the role of a seasoned primary care physician who tend to be able to notice symptoms in a patient by simply taking a look at them. Signals to watch out for are skin tone, heart rate, and body temperature, and the Wize Mirror will make use of a camera, sensors and other technologies to do the same.

Read full post →Wize Mirror Keeps Tabs On Your Health

softbank-pepper-rentBusiness is all about opportunity cost – most businesses would like to own their premises, but reality dictates that rental is the way to go until one makes such a huge profit and finds a suitable seller. Having said that, one’s business would also need to make adequate profit to cover the costs of operation – rental include. Hence, it is not surprising to hear that renting a robot might actually be beneficial in the long run as this novelty would certainly attract more customers to your premises which might then be translated to sales. SoftBank of Japan is pleased to take in pre-orders for the enterprise model of its Pepper humanoid robot from October 1 onward, calling it “Pepper for Biz”, where it will have an asking price of 55,000 yen (approximately $440) each month to rent.

Read full post →Enterprise Pepper Robot Can Be Rented For $440 Monthly

Last year Apple and IBM announced a partnership in which it would see Apple make a bigger push in the enterprise market. Earlier this year, IBM was reportedly planning on purchasing as many as 50k MacBooks to give out to employees by the end of 2015, but now thanks to a leaked internal memo video obtained by MacRumors, that number appears to have jumped to as much as 200,000.

The video features IBM’s CIO Jeff Smith who said that he had met up with Apple’s CIO Niall O’Connor and talked about the possibility of purchasing more MacBooks for their employees. According to the transcript, “And I said, ‘Well who’s your largest corporate customer?’ And he said ‘Well, that customer has got about 25,000 MacBooks a year.’ And I said, ‘Well we could be 150-200,000.’ And he goes ‘Jeff, that’s a great idea! We’re gonna come here, you know, next week…you bring your whole team,’ and that’s exactly what happened.” Read full post →IBM Reportedly Plans To Buy Up To 200k MacBooks For Employees

There are several different virtual reality headsets in the market that we can already get our hands on. This includes the likes of the Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard, where the latter can either be built by yourself or you can purchase pre-built ones by other manufacturers. If there’s one thing these headsets have in common is that they rely on smartphones to power it.

Now if you’re looking for another VR option, you’re in luck as a company by the name of Paralo has launched their own VR headset called the PLAY. Just like the Gear VR and Cardboard, the PLAY VR headset is basically a mount for your smartphone that you wear on your face, and together with specialized software it helps create a virtual reality experience for the wearer. Read full post →Paralo’s PLAY Is A VR Headset Looking For Funding On Kickstarter