huawei-honor-7__01Launched in the U.K just days ago, the design of the Huawei Honor 7 comes directly from another success story of the brand: the Huawei Mate 7. The Honor 7 is the new top phone in Huawei’s line of “Honor” phones, which is crafted as a premium product for their most demanding customers.

At the same time, it is designed to be affordable and retails for nearly half the price of classic high-end phones. Yet, Huawei is a huge company with a great business, so how can this all be reconciled? We took the Honor 7 for a spin and put it to the real world test, along with synthetic tests to observe and analyze how good it is, and where it stands in a competitive smartphone world. Large screen, large battery, great camera – at an affordable price. Let’s take a closer look. Read full post →Huawei Honor 7 Review

google-sign-newWhile iBeacon has yet to become more mainstream, you’ve probably heard stories of how it has been used for all sorts of purposes. Basically for those unfamiliar with iBeacon, it relies on Bluetooth and your proximity. Say you enter a store which has iBeacon. From there your phone could then be prompted about deals the store has today and so on.

As it turns out, it seems that Google had something similar in the works called Google Here. However we said “had” because according to a report from Fortune, it seems that Alphabet’s CEO Larry Page decided to kill off the project as it proved to be a bit too invasive for their liking, and that they weren’t sure if enough retailers would get on board for it to be useful. Read full post →Google Here Was A Rumored Secret Project Similar To Apple’s iBeacon

pirate bayLast year Swedish authorities raided The Pirate Bay’s servers effectively shutting down one of the world’s largest torrent websites for a while. However it seems that despite the attempted shutdown, it did not slow piracy down one bit as users simply turned to the myriad of alternatives out there.

That being said, it seems like movie studios and record labels aren’t giving up in their attempts to have the website blocked. In the last case as reported by TorrentFreak, a new lawsuit has filed been against The Pirate Bay and it seems that the lawsuit is hoping to have the website blocked in Norway. Read full post →Movie Studios, Record Labels Sue To Have The Pirate Bay Blocked

wifi logoThere has been a fair amount of debate on whether Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) is a real thing, but it seems that over in France, the courts have decided that a woman’s affliction, or to be more specific, her alleged allergies to WiFi are real and that they have decided to grant her disability allowance.

According to the woman, she claims that exposure to WiFi and other electronic devices like the TV or her phone have caused her severe discomfort. Prior to this, the French courts have basically ruled against giving out disability allowance to previous claims of EHS, so safe to say that this win will set a pretty big precedent for future cases. Read full post →Woman With WiFi Allergies Granted Disability Allowance

samsung-logoOne has to wonder at what size can a tablet be considered a tablet? If you might recall, last week it was rumored that Samsung was working on a whopping 18.4-inch tablet. That being said, a new report has surfaced in which it claims that Samsung is now pitching the idea of the tablets to telcos in South Korea.

These carriers include SK Telecom, KT, and LG U+. The report goes on to claim that mass production of the tablet is expected to begin in Q4 2015, which means that either it will be released by the end of the year, which does seem a bit tight in terms of production schedule, or it could be launched early next year during CES or MWC 2016. Read full post →18.4-inch Samsung Tablet Reportedly Pitched To South Korean Telcos

iphone-6s-plus_1Without doubt there are many who are looking forward to seeing what Apple might have in store for us with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and come 9th of September we should find out all the details. That being said, new photos have made their way online that shows off the alleged display of the iPhone 6s Plus.

The photos come courtesy of Apple Club in Taiwan, a website that acts as an online store for Apple components, while at the same time propagating leaks and rumors related to Apple, and we can only assume that this photo is the latest one. Upon first glance you might think it’s the iPhone 6/6 Plus. Read full post →Alleged iPhone 6s Plus Display Photos Pop Up Online

duckweed_01Most of us can safely say that we have never been lost at sea. We can only imagine that it is a scary and dangerous thing, and from what we know, exposure to the elements like the sun and the lack of drinkable water means that being lost too long out at sea will most likely lead to death.

However designers Zhou Ying and Niu Yuntao have created a concept survival shelter called the Duckweed Survival House. As you can see in the images above and below, this is not your typical life raft. One of the more obvious changes is the fact that it is covered, meaning that it will protect its inhabitants from the harsh sun and rain, although we’re not sure if it can keep users warm. Read full post →Duckweed Survival House Could Help Improve Survival Rates At Sea

fallout_4_steelbookThinking about getting your hands on extra content for Fallout 4? We’re not talking about DLCs here, but rather physical merchandise like artbooks and whatnot. The bad news is that if you are, you might be disappointed to learn that the Fallout 4 Steelbook and postcard set, along with the cute Vault Boy bobblehead will be exclusive to retailer GAME in the UK.

We suppose this is only bad news for those who don’t live in the UK, but if you do live in the UK, you can go ahead and pre-order the bundle which will set you back £47.99 and will also come with a copy of the game. Now admittedly the bundle isn’t as cool as the Pip-Boy Edition which actually comes with a Pip-Boy (more like a smartphone holder), but we suppose it’s the next best thing for Fallout fans. Read full post →Fallout 4’s Steelbook And Postcard Set Exclusive To GAME UK

If you’re looking to replay some of the old Resident Evil titles on your newer consoles, you’re in luck as Capcom has officially announced the Resident Evil Origins Collection for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. This bundle will include titles such as Resident Evil 0 and the Resident Evil HD remake.

That being said, if you’d rather play only Resident Evil 0, Capcom has also announced that they will be selling a downloadable version of the game come early 2016. It will be available for the PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and the current-gen consoles, but that’s only if you want Resident Evil 0. If you want both titles then the Resident Evil Origins Collection will be a better idea. Read full post →Resident Evil Origins Collection Announced For PS4, Xbox One

moto 360 announcementIn the past week or so, we have started seeing more photos leaked of the upcoming next-gen Moto 360. The only question is when will the smartwatches be officially announced? The good news is that Lenovo has cleared all doubt by announcing on Weibo that come 8th of September, all will be revealed.

The company posted a teaser image which you can see to the left that depicts the upcoming wearable. Safe to say that the teaser leaves little to the imagination as to Lenovo will announce. However what was not mention is whether there will be one or two models. We know that there will be at least one Moto 360, but recent leaks revealed that the company had a Moto 360 Sport in the works as well. Read full post →Next-Gen Moto 360s Will Be Officially Announced September 8