samsung logo 5With reports of the Note 7 exploding in markets around the world, we guess we were kind of surprised that the lawsuits did not come in sooner, but we guess it was only a matter of time. So far we know that there are at least two class-action lawsuits pendings, one in the US and the other in Korea. Read full post →Samsung Is Apparently Anticipating More Lawsuits Over The Note 7

oneplus_3_001It has been rumored that OnePlus could be thinking of discontinuing production of the OnePlus 3 in favor of a slightly newer handset that last we heard, could be called the OnePlus 3S. However it turns out that might not be the case because according to the latest reports, the handset could be known as the OnePlus 3T instead. Read full post →OnePlus 3T Moniker Spotted Online

A lot of the smartphones these days tend to come with water-resistant features. Samsung has been doing it for a while, and recently Apple has decided to make its iPhone 7 IP67 certified as well, which is why when the Google Pixels were unveiled, it was a bit disappointing to find out that they were only IP53 certified. Read full post →Google Pixel Submerged Underwater For 30 Minutes And Survives

Remember last week we reported on a gamer called Rudeism who played a round of Overwatch using bananas as a controller? Prior to this, he also used joysticks to play the game, and recently he is back with a new controller: a bow. If you’re wondering why it seems random, it really isn’t. Read full post →Guy Plays Overwatch Using A Bow As A Controller

one-handed-keyboard-iosLet’s face it, as great as the iPhone Plus models are for watching videos and playing games, more often than not they tend to be a bit too big to be used with one hand. If you have small hands then you probably know what we are talking about. Apple has tried to address that by letting users double tap the home button, but it’s not really a perfect system. Read full post →iOS Has A Hidden One-Handed Keyboard That You Can’t Use

the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrimEarlier this year, Bethesda announced Skyrim Special Edition which in reality is pretty much a remastered version of the game. Now the game was announced for a release on the 28th of October, and for those wondering about when the game would be playable, Bethesda has since revealed the unlock times. Read full post →Skyrim Special Edition Unlock Times Has Been Revealed

htc-vive-hardware_17Virtual reality isn’t exactly new technology, although in more recent times the technology has certainly progressed very far to the point where it has been adopted by many big name tech companies and commercialized. HTC is one of those companies who have adopted the tech and it looks like things have been progressing relatively well for them. Read full post →140,000 HTC Vive Units Have Been Sold To Date

blizzard-hearthstone-teaseAhead of the reveal of the Nintendo Switch, Blizzard posted the image above on Twitter along with the caption that reads, “.@NintendoAmerica We see you #mario. #nx” This has led to gamers speculating that Blizzard could be bringing Hearthstone onto the console, but following the reveal of publishers/developers for the console, Blizzard’s name was not on the list. Read full post →Nope, Hearthstone Is Not Arriving For The Nintendo Switch

ps4_slim_ffxvThe Sony PS4 Slim was announced not too long ago where it will retail for $300. It isn’t too bad of a price considering that this is essentially a slimmer version of the PS4 which retailed for $400 when it first launched several years ago. However if you are considering getting the console, maybe you’ll want to hold off for about a month or so. Read full post →Sony’s PS4 Slim Could Be Priced At $250 During Black Friday

nintendo-switch-amiiboBased on what we have heard and seen as far as Amiibo sales figures are concerned, it would seem that it is one of the better-selling Nintendo products. So with the launch of the Nintendo Switch, we’re sure many are wondering, especially those who might have invested hundreds of dollars into the Amiibo, will the Switch support the toys? Read full post →Amiibo Support For The Nintendo Switch Is Confirmed