Sea of Thieves is going to get a DLC update later this month. The DLC pack titled “Cursed Sails” was first teased at the E3 2018 gaming convention last month. It has now been confirmed when the update is going to be released for the title. Players will also be interested to know how much the DLC costs and there’s some good news for them on that front. The first DLC for this title was released back in May.
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DC fans will be well aware that it has been working on its own streaming service for DC movies and TV shows. The service has aptly been titled DC Universe and now the company has revealed some more details about it. What DC fans were most looking forward to find out was just how much a subscription to this service would cost. We now know that a DC Universe subscription is going to cost $8 per month.
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Huawei today announced the launch of a new wearable device, the Huawei TalkBand B5. It’s the fourth generation of the company’s TalkBand products and the successor to the Huawei TalkBand B3 which was launched in 2013. It features a 1.13 inch AMOLED touchscreen display with 160×300 pixel resolution. The display is 2.4 times bigger than that of its predecessor.
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Facebook requires that users on the social network and Instagram be at least 13 years of age. That is partly due to the requirement to comply with the U.S. Child Online Privacy Protection Act. However, a recent investigation revealed that those rules were often ignored. The investigation was conducted by an undercover journalist from UK’s Channel 4 who started working as a Facebook content reviewer.
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It was first reported about two years ago that Google was likely working on a new operating system called Fuchsia, at least internally. The reports at that time suggested that instead of Linux it used the Zirzon real-time kernel. The OS is being developed to run on a variety of devices including but not limited to smartphones and notebooks. A new report today claims that Google now has more than 100 engineers working on Fuchsia and may be ready to ship it on smartphones within five years.
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Huawei has a stated goal of becoming the world’s top smartphone vendor but it has to overtake Apple and Samsung to get that title. Samsung has long been at the top of the list comfortably while Apple has cemented its place in the second position. Huawei wants to challenge them both and it has done a good job of that this year. The company has revealed that it has sold more than 100 million smartphones so far this year.
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Android is all about flexibility and customization. You can choose to change the appearance of your home screen or you can completely change your phone’s default font style. Installing an icon pack is one of the most popular changes which often involves installing a third-party launcher as well. But, there are tons of icon packs at the Google Play Store but fret not, we will help you with the decision by selecting the best icon packs (free+paid) of all time. Read full post →Best Icon Packs For Android

A new update is now being rolled out for the VLC app for iOS devices. The app’s version has now been bumped up to version 3.1.0 and the changelog mentions that VLC for iOS now has full Chromecast support, a feature that was often requested by users. This means that iOS users who have VLC installed will now be able to stream local content to a TV through the Chromecast.
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If you don’t like having to use separate cables with separate virtual reality headsets for PC then rejoice because you may not have to in the future. A new standardized spec has been confirmed by the VirtualLink Consortium, a group that includes GPU manufacturers NVIDIA and AMD as well as Microsoft, Valve, and Oculus. All three are competitors in the virtual reality market but have come on the same page for this single cable spec for future VR headsets.
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Neptune is 2.9 billion miles away from Earth and the only better pictures that many of us remember seeing is when the Voyager 2 flew by the planet back in 1989.

There isn’t any spacecraft orbiting Neptune clearly but the latest images of the distant planet show incredible detail. It’s interesting to note that these images have been captured using special telescopes right here on Earth.
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