zenfone3-leakIt does look as though the folks over at ASUS have been pretty busy, what with trying to make sure that the upcoming ZenSation event is going to run nice and smooth, as well as whispers of a ASUS ZenFone Selfie smartphone being worked on. Having said that, it looks as though there is yet another smartphone from ASUS that is in the pipeline, as it has been spotted on TENAA, China’s somewhat equivalent of the FCC. As for the identity of this mystery device, one can only make an educated guess that this is the ASUS ZenFone 3, although do take this guess with a pinch of salt.

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windows10leakMicrosoft has promised that the Windows 10 update would be a really comprehensive one, which in other words, the “no man left behind” concept is promoted. However, there were whispers that having just 512MB RAM on a particular device is not going to cut the mustard if one were to be able to enjoy the full Windows 10 experience, and it might result in limited functionality. It looks as though those whispers were right to a certain extent, as leaked Windows 10 documents detailed how legacy devices can be expected to run with just 512MB RAM.

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sony-xperia-logoSo we have seen how Sony rolled out the Sony Xperia Z3+ this week via an announcement, and interestingly enough, the Sony Xperia Z3+ happens to be the global version of the Sony Xperia Z4. They are essentially the same device which the world first saw as it launched in Japan, and you can be quite sure that a certain degree of confusion is bound to arise from this situation among smartphone fans. Hence, what should we call the successor to the Xperia Z series, if there is one lined up for the future?

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huaweoihonor-lowWe did take a look at the very first Huawei Honor handset a fair number of years ago, and it is nice to see that the company has grown from strength to strength. In fact, a brand new low-end Huawei Honor handset has been spotted over at TENAA, which is China’s certification body much like our FCC, and this particular smartphone will feature a gold frame for that added touch of elegance.

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gionee-elife-e8-leakOne thing is for sure, leaked images or renders of upcoming handsets are nothing quite like the Emperor’s new clothes, if you know what I mean. In fact, the Gionee Elife E8 (from the maker of the world’s thinnest smartphone) has been spotted in the latest round of new renders seen online, where one will be able to check out various aspects of the handset from different angles, including its front and back, as well as side by side.

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gold apple watchAin’t it grand to be a dog that has not one, but two gold Apple Watch editions? Well, having said that, the rest of us ordinary people who have to slog through the week just to scrape up enough money to get by might be pleased to hear that native app development will be making its way to the Apple Watch platform in a future SDK (Software Development Kit) update. This started off as a rumor, before being confirmed by Apple senior vice president of operations Jeff Williams as he made this particular announcement at the Re/Code annual Code Conference.

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xiaomi-mi-storeIt looks like the Xiaomi online store will be supported in a few new countries from June onward, and these are not third world countries that would find it difficult to spend money on a smartphone, as life as it is is already tough enough. No sir, we are looking in the direction of US, France, Germany, and the UK to enjoy the benefits of a Xiaomi online store from June onward.

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asus-logoIt looks like the selfie craze is not going to end anytime soon, never mind the fact that Disney World has banned selfie sticks on some rides due to safety reasons. ASUS of Taiwan is said to be working on a new Android-powered smartphone, presumably under the ZenFone range of course, where this will be a selfie-centric handset. Taiwanese website Sogi claims that the name for this new smartphone is pretty much straightforward – you do not get any simpler than it being known as the ASUS ZenFone Selfie.

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yotaphone-2We do know that the YotaPhone 2 campaign over in the US has kicked off to a flying start, and that is good. However, we have received word that this relatively new handset is all set to have a successor already, despite the fact that the YotaPhone 2 will ship to the US only after August. Techno Buffalo claims that Yota’s Managing Director for the Americas has confirmed not too long ago that the company is working on “a next-generation product line up”, where among them include a couple more devices – namely the YotaPhone 3 and the YotaPhone 2c.

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An incentive that PlayStation Plus members get is free games, they need to subscribe to this service in order to play games online but free games add more value to the money that they have to spend in order to play online. The PS Plus June free games have been revealed by Sony and it has published the names of all titles that PlayStation Plus members will get to play for free in the coming month.

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