Now, we have seen our fair share of April Fool’s Day jokes today, ranging from the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge smart knife to the Google Keyboardless Keyboard with party horn accessory, as well as Apple picking up the China-based smartphone company known as Xiaomi for a whopping $20 billion. Well, T-Mobile has decided to jump aboard the April Fool’s Day bandwagon as well, where they have launched Pets Unleashed. After all, don’t some of us call our four legged friends as our furry kids, meaning that they are all part of the family?

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Yesterday LG confirmed that it will conduct an event on April 28th, at the event it will quite possibly unveil the LG G4. The company didn’t show off its flagship smartphone at MWC this time around and instead waited more than a month to unveil it. While there have already been many rumors and leaks concerning this smartphone today listing for LG G4 cases were spotted on Amazon. The pictures probably give us hints about the upcoming flagship’s design.

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apple logoWe all know that Apple is one company that has plenty of cash, but to hear that they actually put up a whopping $20 billion on the table just to pick up the China-based company known as Xiaomi? This is sheer insanity, and rightly so. As the title suggests, this is but an April Fool’s Day joke, and thankfully, no such money was thrown in the direction of Xiaomi’s way, and the world will still be able to enjoy Xiaomi-branded handsets, not to mention continue to see iPhones roll out from time to time.

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Samsung is thanking its hardcore loyalists in South Korea by giving them a brand new Galaxy S6. For this purpose the company has teamed up with SK Telecom. Anyone who still uses the original Galaxy S smartphone can claim a free Galaxy S6. Even those who have purchased every single Galaxy S model to date will be given Samsung’s new flagship smartphone for free.

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Selfie Shoe

Okay, so this might be the craziest revelation for today: since the innovation of Selfie Sticks, we had no hope of any other “selfie-centric” product entering the market, but we underestimated the power of innovation, as now we have Selfie Shoes too. Read full post →Here Comes The Selfie Shoe

The latest movie in the Fast and Furious franchise is hitting the big screen in a couple of days. The cast is on a publicity tour, hitting up screenings and late night talk shows to generate buzz for the new movie. Vin Diesel, who plays a very important part in the entire franchise, has revealed that the Fast and Furious 8 movie is going to be based in New York.

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youtube_darudeSo you want to know what it’s like to be a DJ? YouTube has just given users the perfect opportunity to try out your mixing/remixing skills on every possible video you can think of. The catch? The only “sample” you get are clips of Darude’s classic Sandstorm track. This is very obviously an April Fool’s joke by YouTube but it’s still entertaining nonetheless.

As you can see in the screenshot above, there is now a tiny “music” button at the bottom right corner of the video’s controls. Pressing it will play a clip from Darude’s Sandstorm track. Based on our extensive testing of the feature, it seems that parts of the song will chosen at random so it’s not like you will get to listen to the song in its entirety. Read full post →YouTube Adds Darude Sandstorm Button To Every Video

Self-playing pianos aren’t exactly new. In fact some of them look and sound pretty convincing and have the keys and pedals moving up and down as if someone was sitting at the piano playing the notes themselves. However if there’s one criticism about such instruments is that they lack the human touch.

While they might be able to replicate a song note-for-note, musicians will probably tell you that it just isn’t the same. This is where Steinway’s latest piano, the Spirio, comes in. Steinway is a company known to many pianists as being one of the best brands available for pianos, so for the company to create such hi-tech instrument is actually rather surprising. Read full post →Steinway’s Spirio Makes Self-Playing Pianos Sound More Human

samsung j1As far as Samsung’s Galaxy J-series of smartphones are concerned, there is only one model at the moment – the Samsung Galaxy J1 which was announced earlier this year. However could Samsung have another J-series handset in the works? Possibly, thanks to a user agent profile sighting which revealed the possible existence of the Samsung Galaxy J7.

Just like the Galaxy J1, it appears that the Galaxy J7 isn’t particularly impressive in terms of specs, but for users after a mid-range handset with what we can only assume is an affordable price tag accompanying it, we suppose the Galaxy J7 would be it. According to the user agent profile the handset has been listed as packing a 720p HD display. Read full post →Possible Samsung Galaxy J7 Pops Up In User Agent Profile

mortal kombat xThe Mortal Kombat franchise is an extremely gory and gruesome one, with the developers coming up with all sorts of creative ways one could pull off a fatality. In fact a recent fatality compilation video had us cringing at just how gruesome things could get in the game, especially with its brand new graphics.

That being said it seems that despite the violent nature of the game, the developers at NetherRealm have a line that they will not cross. Speaking to the folks at GameSpot, NetherRealm’s head Ed Boon talked about the violent nature of the game and how there are times when even they think they might have taken things too far. Read full post →Even Mortal Kombat Has A Line The Developers Will Not Cross