nasa-arx-paxThe Hoverboard which we talked about last year proved that it might not be possible to travel to the future, but one can certainly develop ideas from the future in the here and now. It seems that Arx Pax, the company behind the Hoverboard, has been tapped by NASA through a Space Act Agreement, where this particular partnership will see the use of Arx Pax’s Magnetic Field Architecture (MFA) technology that will be embedded in order to come up with micro-satellite capture devices which are able to manipulate and actually couple satellites from a distance. In other words, we are looking at a tractor beam.

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youtube-logo-bigA Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigation has been made public today, and some of the information gleaned pointed fingers at Machinima, citing that they have actually forked out up to $30,000 to YouTubers to mention nothing but positive words concerning the Xbox One. This happens to be part of a secret 2013 agreement with Microsoft concerning an advertising campaign.

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There are plenty of reasons to be happy when it is your birthday. After all, this is a day that happens only once a year, so why not take full advantage of it by revelling in the situation? Some of us might even want to take the day off just to sleep in, while others would prefer to settle for spending the time playing their favorite video game. If you are a huge fan of the Metal Gear Solid series, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain (have you watched the trailer?) has something for gamers who play on their birthday. You will actually end up receiving an urgent message that you will need to make your way back to Mother Base.

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samsung wifi baby monitor

Pictured for illustration purposes only

Baby monitors are seemingly innocent devices that allow parents to keep an eye and an ear on their sleeping child. However given that more of these devices have started to connect to the internet to allow remote viewing, it also means that they are susceptible to being hacked, as we have seen in a case a couple of years ago.

Now one would think that given the scare, more baby monitor companies would step up their efforts in creating more secure devices, but recent research conducted by a cybersecurity company Rapid7 have found that there are at least seven baby monitors that are still open to potential attacks. Read full post →Many Baby Monitors Found To Be At Risk To Hacks

big picture modeAs many have heard by now, Valve is trying to bring Steam onto new platforms, thus the creation of Steam machines which basically will allow gamers to enjoy their videos games in the living room, using a new controller to play games that they might normally played on the PC, and interacting with Steam in new ways.

That being said, playing on a TV and playing on your computer’s monitors are very different experiences. TVs tend to be larger meaning that a UI designed for the computer might not necessarily be ideal for a TV, which is why Valve has recently announced some changes that they will be making to Big Picture Mode (via Engadget). Read full post →Valve Testing New UI For Steam On The TV

plexThe Plex media platform made its way over to the Xbox One in 2014 before it debuted on the PS4 and its predecessor, the PS3. Well, what does the Plex app bring to the table? For starters, it will function as an extremely powerful media streaming tool which is more than capable of pulling video, images as well as audio content from a computing device which at the moment, resides on your network all the way to the different devices that are on a similar network. It is nice to see that Plex for Xbox One has now received an update, which is a good thing.

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continuumWindows 10 is a platform where Microsoft intends to use it so that the level of productivity will be able to be improved – and not just on a single device, of course, as we are looking at various other devices as well as form factors and platforms. Where mobile devices are concerned, this has seen the rollout of Continuum, which happens to be a feature that remains exclusive to Windows 10 Mobile, where it will allow you to enjoy your smartphone with the benefit of a larger display, letting it work in the same vein as that of a normal computer.

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asus-rig-PG348Q[IFA 2015] When it comes to gaming, you can be sure that gamers – serious ones, that is, would want to settle for nothing less but the very best. As long as they can afford it, of course, as it would be crazy to go into debt in order to fan one’s ego. Having said that, ASUS has just revealed a really, really huge monitor. Just how large is it? We are talking about a whopping 34” here people, which is larger than some of the TVs in households today. Not only that, this is no flat 34” monitor, as it will boast of a curved ultra-wide 21:9 screen, where it abides by the model number PG348Q.

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iPhone 4S Review

Games aren’t using the full hardware potential, but it will come… eventually

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have yet to be officially announced, but it seems that there are rumors swirling about regarding 2016’s iPhone, the iPhone 7. The rumors come courtesy of DigiTimes who claims that the iPhone 7 could turn to the use of familiar technology found in the early iPhone models.

This technology is none other than glass-on-glass display technology which has since been replaced by in-cell display tech. The reason is apparently because in-cell display tech is notoriously hard to produce, meaning that delays in production can largely be attributed to it. It has also reportedly held back the use of higher resolution displays as vendors are finding it impossible to make display resolutions as high as 4K with them. Read full post →iPhone 7 Rumored To Return To Early iPhone Technology

If you have seen Jurassic World, you might recall some scenes in the movies where people get onto this hamster-ball like vehicle which drives them around the park automatically, giving them a (safe) tour of the area. It’s an interesting idea and one that has been sort of brought to life over in Singapore.

Recently MIT has announced that together with National Research Foundation of Singapore, they have created a self-driving vehicle in the form of an autonomous golf cart. The goal of the cart is to ferry around tourists and visitors in a large public garden in Singapore, giving them a brisk and relaxing tour of the venue. Read full post →Autonomous Golf Carts Will Drive Tourists Around Singapore