We have read about how the latest Great Jedi Purge – nay, the Instagram purge, has resulted in celebrities as well as users actually lose their fair number of followers, as fake accounts are weeded out in order to provide a better reflection of what’s going on in reality. This means it is not worth trying to prop up your Instagram account by coming up with fake accounts – although a New Jersey District Judge William Martini has ruled that the police are able to do so. In fact, the police will not need to get a warrant before they open a fake Instagram account.

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lg g pad 83If you happen to be a Verizon subscriber and are rocking to the LG G Pad 8.3, then you would be pleased as punch to hear that an update has just been released by the mobile carrier – although this happens to be a minor update. This particular update would remove support for the Redbox Instant app (which some would welcome with open arms, of course). The Redbox Instant app happens to be a streaming video service, which was a joint venture between Verizon and Redbox, and the partnership shut down in October this year on a permanent basis. After installing this minor update, the LG G Pad 8.3 will be able to support 4G LTE roaming in selected markets, while there were other issues that users had grappled with where powering up the device is concerned, is now a thing of the past.

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easy migration appIntel has just announced the reveal of its Easy Migration app, which so happens to be an app for first time Chromebook users that will enable them to enjoy seamless transfer of data and files onto Intel-based Chromebooks. This particular app will be made available to two of the most popular mobile operating system platforms – iOS and Android, in addition to the Windows operating system, of course.

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Microsoft Band Hero 2 640x463One thing is for sure concerning the Microsoft Band – there has been way more demand compared to the availability of the hardware itself, and this does come across as surprising, taking into consideration how low key, relatively speaking, the piece of wearable technology was before it was introduced. In fact, the Microsoft Band has proved itself to be so popular, so much so that it has been sold out and unavailable online since late last month. Priced at $199.99 a pop, it comes with a heart rate sensor, and will boat of integration with Cortana whenever you pair it up alongside a Windows Phone 8.1 handset.

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Google Nexus 4 Review 13 640x426Android 5.0 for the Nexus 4 handset was released just last month and while that might normally be good news for users, there have been many who reported issues with the dialer following the update. Well it looks like not only does the update cause some issues for Nexus 4 owners, but it looks like Nexus 4 owners will be missing out on some camera features as well.

According to a post on the Google Issue Tracker, it looks like some of the new camera APIs introduced in Android 5.0 will not be available on the Nexus 4, like full manual controls and DNG support. This is apparently due to hardware constraints with the Nexus 4 that prevents the support for new camera features. Read full post →Nexus 4 Will Miss Out On Some Of Android 5.0′s New Camera Features

john chen contextBack in 2013 there were many doom and gloom predictions for BlackBerry. Many had speculated that BlackBerry could end up selling itself or at least a bulk of its patents to other companies in order to keep it afloat, but what ended up happening was a cash injection to help the company survive.

Well it looks like BlackBerry has managed to do exactly that. The company has recently churned out a couple of new handsets in the form of the BlackBerry Passport and Classic, both of which have managed to sell out via BlackBerry’s website, and the company’s recent financials look pretty good too. Read full post →John Chen 99% Sure BlackBerry Will Survive

galaxy s6 metal frame 2 640x360With every release of a new Galaxy S phone from Samsung, many have high hopes for the device. While the Galaxy S5 is not a bad phone in any way, it did not exactly sell as much as Samsung had hoped. In fact we heard that Samsung sold 40% less than what they had anticipated.

This is why reports of Samsung approaching the Galaxy S6 with a completely new vision makes sense. Previous Galaxy S devices have been made largely out of plastic but according to rumors the Galaxy S6 could sport a metal design, and now thanks to leaked images from French website nowhereelse.fr (via BGR) seem to “confirm” that. Read full post →Alleged Samsung Galaxy S6 Metal Frames Leaked

the interviewFollowing the hack on Sony Pictures and the threats made by the hackers, Sony has decided to cancel the theatrical release of the comedy “The Interview”. Recently Sony had commented saying that they’re still exploring their options on how best to distribute the movie (it seems that they aren’t backing down a second time), with Sony’s Crackle service being a rumored possibility.

Well it looks like if Sony doesn’t come up with an idea soon, hacker group Anonymous might do their job for them. Anonymous has posted a series of tweets in which they lambasted Sony for giving into the hackers’ demands so easily and also offered to release the movie themselves as a “Christmas present” for internet users. Read full post →Anonymous Offers To Release “The Interview” For Sony

Lumia 1320 635Back in 2013 Nokia released the Lumia 1320 which was basically a slightly less powerful and cheaper alternative to the Lumia 1520. It was aimed at those who wanted a large screen without the hefty price tag. Well it looks like the Lumia 1320 isn’t going away anytime soon because according to reports, two variants of the device have been recently spotted at the FCC.

It seems that Microsoft might have recently upgraded some of the specs of the Lumia 1320 because it seems that the cameras have undergone some changes. Previously the Lumia 1320 featured a 5MP rear-facing camera and a 1.2MP front-facing camera, but it has since been upgraded to 14MP and 5MP cameras respectively. Read full post →Lumia 1320 Variants Spotted At The FCC With Upgraded Cameras

snapchatWhen it comes to the Windows Phone platform, developers haven’t exactly been showing a lot of love for it. Many apps tend to have apps released on iOS and Android, and usually with Windows Phone released as an afterthought (look at how long it took Instagram and BBM to arrive).

Now Snapchat is an app missing from Windows Phone, although in all fairness there are plenty of alternatives, or rather there were many alternatives. According to a report from Windows Central, it seems that most, if not all, Snapchat alternatives have been removed from the Windows Store including popular apps like 6snap. Read full post →Unofficial Windows Phone Snapchat Clients Reportedly Taken Down