whatsapp_gdriveLast month we reported that according to a tip, WhatsApp for Android could soon see the option to backup their data onto Google Drive. The good news is that if you’re an Android user with WhatsApp installed on your phone, it seems that the latest update to Android (version 2.12.45 which is only available via APK Mirror at this time of writing) has indeed brought that feature to the messaging app.

As you can see in the screenshots above, there is now an option for users to backup their data onto Google Drive. Users have the option of choosing how often they want to backup their data and when to back it up, as in should the app only backup when connected to WiFi or is backing up using cellular data a preferred choice. Read full post →New WhatsApp For Android Update Comes With Google Drive Backup Option

samsung logo 5It wasn’t too long ago that Samsung took the wraps off their latest flagship handsets, the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge. Both handsets took the world by storm which is something Samsung did not anticipate and it seems that it has helped the company with its global market share, which according to recent stats from TrendForce (via SamMobile) has seen an increase from last year. Read full post →Samsung Sees Rise In Global Smartphone Market Share For Q1 2015

s6_fake_1It is often advised that customers looking to buy new phones should turn to legit channels as this reduces the chance of you purchasing a fake product. Of course not everyone listens as MalcomSex on Reddit had recently found out when he bought a Samsung Galaxy S6 for cheaper than advertised, only to find out it was just a very impressive-looking clone.

According to him, “Bought on craigslist from a dude claiming it was a G920i bought off ebay, which did’t [sic] work on CDMA. I met him in a public space 20 minutes from my house, and popped in my AT&T SIM in so I could verify that it was in fact unlocked. I asked him for his number so I could call him, but he didn’t have it memorized as it was temporary (huge red flag). The phone worked, and the hardware looked legit, so I paid him just under $500 and proceeded to drive away without recording his license #.” Read full post →Man Buys Impressive Galaxy S6 Fake, But Performance Was Terrible

oneplus logoA report from Bloomberg last week revealed that OnePlus is gearing up for two handset launches this year – one will be the OnePlus Two and the other is said to be a cheaper model. Now thanks to the folks at DroidPile, it seems that they have managed to obtain some additional information with regards to the cheaper model.

According to them, their sources have told them that the cheaper model will be called the OnePlus One Lite. Now before you think that this is a downgrade over the OnePlus One, think again because apparently it will have better specs than the OnePlus One, but it will be less powerful than the OnePlus Two, which makes us think that it would have been better off named as the OnePlus Two Lite. Read full post →OnePlus One Lite Rumored To Be The Cheaper OnePlus Handset

league of legendsAs skillful as you might be at a game, lag will negate that because if the server registers the other player’s move before you do, you will come out on the losing end even though you think you might have clicked first. This is a problem that League of Legends players were facing and dealing with, and something that Riot had announced early this year that they were looking to fix by launching their own network.

The good news is that if you’re an avid League of Legends gamer, you might be pleased to learn that Riot has begun the testing of said network. The company has installed the necessary hardware in a select few regions in the US and that gamers on the eastern seaboard should already be taking advantage of it, although they note that gamers might not necessarily see that much reduced ping just yet. Read full post →Riot Starts Testing Their Reduced Lag League Of Legends Network

Bethesda_E3_Invite-670x377Early this year Bethesda confirmed that they would be hosting their own showcase at E3 2015, making it a first in a long time which also seems to suggest that the company has something to announce. Recently they also released a teaser image which you can see above in which the company seems to be dropping some hints as to what might come.

Basically for those who are unfamiliar with Bethesda’s franchises, the various placards you see sitting in the seats are characters from Bethesda’s games. We are seeing characters from the likes of The Evil Within, Wolfenstein, The Elder Scrolls, Dishonored, and more, so safe to say that this will definitely be a game announcement of sorts, but what exactly remains to be seen. Read full post →Bethesda Teases What’s To Come AT E3 2015 Showcase

greater riftsA while ago one of the patches that Blizzard released for Diablo 3 introduced the feature called Rift Trials. For those unfamiliar, it is basically a mini-game in which players will have to fight off waves of enemies, and the longer you last and the more waves you hold off, the greater your reward will be.

Does it sound like a good idea? On paper it might have, but apparently it seems that the majority of players in the game did not like it as they found it tedious, so much so that Blizzard has since decided to remove the feature entirely. This is according to the game’s senior technical designer Wyatt Cheng who spoke during a Twitch broadcast. Read full post →Blizzard Removes Rift Trials Feature From Diablo 3

smash brosYou might recall that last year Sony was hacked and a bunch of information was stolen. Recently all that stolen data was put on WikiLeaks in which users could search for it, and amongst the emails that were leaked was an interesting bit which hinted at Sony Pictures’ plan to create movies based on Nintendo franchises.

According to the folks at ArsTechnica, this was evidenced in the emails sent back and forth between Sony Pictures’ then-co-chair Amy Pascal and producer Avi Arad. The email talked about a “full court press” with regards to an animated version of Super Smash Bros, and also mentioned Arad “planning to meet with his Nintendo guy (who he has been courting for a couple of years) when he goes to Japan.” Read full post →Sony Hack Reveals Plan For Movies Based On Nintendo Franchises

imac hackWhen reading about malware and hacks on computers, most of the time it involves Windows-based machines. This isn’t to say that other platforms and computers, like Apple’s OS X, isn’t invulnerable, it’s just that all this stuff seems to happen to Windows users a lot more often than anyone else.

That being said, that doesn’t mean that computers like the iMac are considered “safe”. In fact recently during an Infiltrate conference that was held over last week, Business Insider spoke to the attendees and found that for the most part, most of the hackers that attended the event did not want to have anything to do with the iMac in their room. Read full post →What Elite Hackers Do Upon Encountering An iMac

Sony has announced that it will be releasing its new ultra-thin 4K TVs in the United States this summer. The new lineup features a sleek design and is powered by the new 4K Processor X1, Android TV is also present onboard. The 2015 lineup includes six new series of 4K Ultra HD TVs, the X830C, X850C and X930C/X940C which can all be pre-ordered today and they’ll arrive in May. X900C/X910C will be available in the summer.

Read full post →Ultra-Thin Sony 4K TVs Will Be Released This Summer