All right, so we have more or less established the pattern that there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world. Well, if that is the case, are there anything else that will be free? Apparently so, as one will be able to enjoy free gaming on Xbox Live over this weekend on the Xbox 360, now how about that? This just goes to show that Microsoft does have a heart for the older generation hardware owners. It must be said, however, that Microsoft did hold regular free multiplayer weekends for Xbox Live Silver members as well in the past, so that they can be hopefully enticed to end up as subscribers, but over the passage of time, such weekends ended up as less frequent, being a real rarity these days.

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ms-ntrigIn February earlier this year, we did bring you word on how Microsoft is mulling over whether they should pick up the company known as N-Trig or not. Well, now that we are in May, it looks like a deal has been done and dusted, a confirmation has trickled out from Microsoft concerning their N-Trig purchase. Just before we continue, it would be good to refresh one’s memory concerning what N-Trig does – this is the company that deals with advanced digital pen technology, basically high tech styluses.

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passwordSecurity in the digital world can be a particularly sticky subject – and regardless of what you hear, there is no 100% foolproof way of ensuring that a particular digital system is truly secure and failsafe. It simply does not work that way, although cracking some systems can be a really tough job, but not impossible. In one of the more recent events concerning security, it looks as though system passwords at one of London’s busiest railway stations have been shown off in a BBC documentary, where that sensitive list was printed and attached to the top of a station controller’s monitor.

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transparent-oled-displayA window is just that – a window, right? Well, it seems that there is more than meets the eye where modern day windows are concerned. In fact, here is a new method or technology that would not let you look at a window in the same manner, ever again. We are talking about a high-tech light shutter which will be able to transform your windows into LCD displays.

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dna-microscope3D printing technology has certainly jumped by leaps and bounds over the years, and it does not look as though it is about to slow down anytime soon. Well, researchers over at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) have come up with a highly affordable 3D-printed attachment which is capable of transforming smartphones into sophisticated microscopes. When used alongside this new device, a smartphone is capable of detecting single DNA strands, while analyzing them to diagnose diseases which will range from cancer to Alzheimer’s without bulky and expensive equipment.

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backyard-smithBackyard blacksmith Phil Baumhardt has a creative streak in him, so much so that he is capable of transforming vehicle trash into what would be deemed to be treasure by the Vikings. When Baumhardt was still scavenging for materials, he came across a pair of suspension leaf springs, and these were, in all probability, thrown out during a trailer or vehicle repair. He realized that these were made out of high carbon steel, which is the similar material that is used to make survival knives and stage combat swords. Hence, he ended up smelting that to harvest required material to make a Sax, which is what you would call a single-edged short sword that were used by the Vikings of yore

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nfc-implantImplants – these are extremely useful in helping prolong and improve the quality of life of someone. The thing is, they can prove to be rather costly. Some implants can control high blood pressure without the need for drugs, while others like brain implants claim to restore one’s memories, or an eye implant that might lead to more effective glaucoma treatments. How about implanting a tiny NFC chip within your hand? It is definitely not a major surgery, far from it, and hacker Seth Wahle claims that if you know how to get it done right, an NFC implant might even come in handy.

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verizon-logo-stone-wallIt is a good time to be a Verizon subscriber at the moment, as Verizon has just put forward a spanking new offer to make a deal for its prepaid customers to be enticed. How so, you ask? Well, whenever Verizon prepaid customers sign up for monthly auto pay as well as settle their first payment, they will be on the receiving end of an additional 1GB of data each month. For instance, if you happen to pick up the standard $45 monthly plan that will come with 1GB data, assuming you decide to go for the auto pay arrangement, you will end up with 2GB of data each month – for free, yo!

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apple_watch_appsApple has finally performed an update to their Apple Watch support documentation, and the changes within does confirm that the smartwatch does run into issues whenever it is worn by those who happen to have tattoos on their wrist on which the smartwatch is worn. These tattoos do interfere with the Apple Watch’s ability to track their pulse, and it will also cause additional issues, which means a fair number of footballers who are heavily tattooed can forget about wearing the Apple Watch if they would like to maximize its functionality.

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ipad-pro-renderYes, we did bring you word on the possibility of a case for an upcoming tablet from Apple, which would has been dubbed by many to be the iPad Pro, which was leaked out by certain quarters earlier this morning, where it depicted what case manufacturers are betting that Apple would roll out. Well, yet another leak has surfaced, which is an alleged industrial rendering of the said 12.9” device, which certainly point us in the direction that there might very well be a 12.9” model instead of the 12.2” model.

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