So we’ve heard how airline companies have ditched traditional flight bags filled with manuals for iPads. The idea is that because all this information can be condensed into apps or PDFs that the need for physical books is past, and we guess it makes sense. However maybe ditching old technology completely for new technology isn’t such a good idea. Read full post →Skipper Crashes Boat After Relying Solely On iPad For Navigation

[MWC 2017] Following the proliferation of smartphones and seeing the success of Android and iOS, many companies decided that they too would try to create a mobile platform that would take over the industry. Unfortunately no one has really come that close, and one of those attempts was Sailfish OS by Jolla. Read full post →Jolla To Bring Its Sailfish OS Onto Sony’s Xperia Devices

If the rumors are to be believed, Apple has new iPads in the works. In fact the rumors are saying that Apple could even introduce a new iPad size in the form of a 10.5-inch model. This is interesting as Apple would have iPads whose display sizes are pretty close to each other, with the 7.9-inch model, 9.7-inch model, 10.5-inch model, and the 12.9-inch model. Read full post →Rumored 10.5-inch iPad Rumored To Sport 2224×1668 Resolution

[MWC 2017] One of the problems with drones is that typically their battery life leaves a lot to be desired. For consumer drone usage this might not be a problem, but if one is using drones to make site inspections, then this could prove to be very troublesome as it means either bringing along multiple drones, or having to constantly charge them. Read full post →Huawei Imagines Cell Towers Wirelessly Charging Drones

Gadgets these days have certainly come a long way in design, where many companies are realizing that form can be just as important as function, or that there are many customers out there who would actually prioritize aesthetics over functionality. If you do you prefer your gadgets to look good, then maybe Turn Touch could be of interest to you. Read full post →‘Turn Touch’ Is A Beautiful Wood Remote Control For Your Home

Recently you might have heard that over in Germany, a particular children’s doll had been banned for sale over privacy issues. Because toys these days come with smarter features such as internet connectivity, the ability to record video and audio, we can only imagine the nightmare should these recordings be leaked or should these toys be hacked. Read full post →‘Smart’ Teddy Bear Leaks 2 Million Recordings Of Kids And Their Parents

While there might be tour packages that take you exotic locations around the world, if you’re looking for something that’s a little more out of this world, you might be interested to learn that space tourism will be a thing in the future, and the folks at SpaceX appear to be getting ready for that. Read full post →SpaceX Wants To Spend Two Tourists Into Space Next Year

If you love saving articles for reading later, then there’s a good chance that you might have used Pocket. For those who are unfamiliar with Pocket, basically this is an app that lets you save websites for reading later. You can curate a list of websites and they’ll be made available to you whenever you want. Read full post →Mozilla Announces Acquisition Of Pocket

[MWC 2017] A lot of headphone manufacturers typically pride themselves on how much outside noise their headphones can block. This is important because cancelling outside noise means that users can hear their music better, which does help to improve the overall listening experience. Read full post →Sony Unveils Xperia Ear Open Style Concept Headphones

A new report from Korea claims that the next OnePlus smartphone is going to be called the OnePlus 5 and it brings us some purported specs of this handset. You might be wondering what happened to the OnePlus 4, it’s possible that the handset might never come out, given that OnePlus decided to launch a slightly updated version of the OnePlus 3 last year and call it the OnePlus 3T. However, there might be another reason for that.
Read full post →OnePlus 5 Specs Rumored