With consumer drones being relatively new technology, it wasn’t surprising that it took regulators awhile to come up with rules on how they should be operated. For example in the US, drone owners are required to register their drones with the FAA, which we suppose creates a sense of accountability and responsibility when it comes to operating your drone. Read full post →Operating A Drone In Canada Just Got A Lot Harder

A couple of weeks ago it was rumored that Blizzard was potentially working on a remastered version of StarCraft. Turns out the rumors were true because Blizzard has since officially announced StarCraft Remastered, and just like the rumors, it looks like the game is set for a release this coming summer. Read full post →StarCraft Remastered Officially Announced For This Summer

Back at E3 2016 last year, Sony took the wraps off the next installment in the God of War franchise. However in case you missed the announcement, the game will not be a continuation of the previous titles, but will act as a reboot of the franchise and will actually see Kratos fighting alongside his young son. Read full post →God Of War 4 Could Be Released In 2017

With all of Blizzard’s RTS games such as Warcraft and StarCraft, Blizzard has bundled a map editor in which gamers can create custom maps and custom games. To a certain extent Blizzard does that with Overwatch where custom games can be created with their own rules and what not. Read full post →Overwatch Map Editor Is Part Of Blizzard’s Long-Term Plans

At the end of the first Deadpool movie, it was revealed that Cable will be part of the second Deadpool movie, although exactly who will be picking up that mantle remains to be seen. We had previously heard that Kyle Chandler was up for consideration, and recent reports have suggested that Michael Shannon is one of the frontrunners for the role. Read full post →Brad Pitt Apparently Considered Playing Cable In Deadpool 2

Just like with most pieces of technology, how a person decides they want to use it is really up to them. Sure there are rules like what’s legal and what’s illegal, but at the end of the day it’s up to someone to decide if they want to use the internet to sell illicit drugs or if they want to use the internet to promote knowledge about a worthy cause. Read full post →Experts To Meet With Federal Government To Discuss VR Ethics

When Activision announced Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare last year, they faced a ton of backlash because it seems that not many gamers seemed to appreciate the fact that it was set in the future. However if the sales figures are accurate, it seems that ultimately players did not seem to mind too much. Read full post →2017’s Call Of Duty Could Be Set In World War 2

It seems that in addition to Google killing off SMS integration with Hangouts, there will be additional services that Google will be sunsetting, and one of those is Google Talk. However all is not lost because while Google Talk will be shutting down, Google has announced that it will be integrated into Hangouts instead, so there is always that option if you’re interested. Read full post →Google Talk Will Be Shutting Down, Integrated Into Hangouts

If social apps are your kind of thing, you might be interested to learn that Google has a new app that is in the works that may or may not be released in the near future. According to a report from TechCrunch, it seems that Google has some kind of group photo editing app that they are working on. Read full post →Google Has A Social Group Photo Editing App In The Works

If you have noticed, Samsung’s Exynos chipsets seem to be largely exclusive to Samsung’s own smartphones and devices. You might have assumed that it’s a similar situation to Apple where the Cupertino company’s A-series of chipsets are exclusive to iOS devices for marketing and performance purposes. Read full post →Qualcomm Reportedly Prevented Samsung From Selling Exynos Chipsets To Others