We recently covered a portable rotating dual/tri-panel monitor for laptops called Slidenjoy developed by a Belgium-based startup of the same name. They launched a Kickstarter campaign for their product and the campaign has proven to be a hit raising much more than the startup’s goal, around $530,000 as of this writing. Slidenjoy now wants a meeting with Mark Zuckerberg because they think their rotating monitor solution is perfect for Facebook employees, and they’re offering 10,000 Belgian fries portions in return.

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AT&T Tower

The smartphones that we use on a daily basis have multiple radios inside them to provide services that we need, such as Wi-Fi and LTE. Many might not be aware that some of these handsets have a radio that’s deactivated by the handset manufacturer mostly for business and cost reasons. It’s the FM radio chip that’s used for local news, music as well as emergency information. In a major shift from tradition AT&T has promised to “light up” the FM radio chip inside all Android smartphones that it sells starting next year.

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It has been two years since Microsoft launched the Xbox One and leading up to the launch in 2013 the company frequently pointed Xbox One’s TV cable box features which rival PlayStation 4 lacks. Things didn’t quite turn out the way Microsoft would have wanted because gaming was still the big draw for customers and they significantly opted for the PS4 instead. Since then the company has shifted course and increase the console’s focus on gaming and while it continues to grow those features, Xbox boss Phil Spence doesn’t see  “much value” in the cable box features.

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We did report earlier this week that Yahoo could launch a new messenger app soon and the official announcement has come through just now, the new messenger app is called Yahoo Livetext and the company says that it’s a whole new way to connect with friends and family. It brings together the convenience of texting with the intimacy of video but without the audio, and this is where the app stands out.

Basically Yahoo Livetext is a new application for one-to-one live video texting, it will be available for iPhone and Android. The company says that it wanted to create a new way to communicate that blends texting and live video so that users’ experiences feel more spontaneous and real.

Yahoo says that the app is non-intrusive, real-time and quick “yet also fleeting, just like real-life conversations.” That’s why the app puts users’ words and real-time reactions at the center of the conversation.

Since there’s no audio involved users don’t have to be in a place where they can chat, you text and get to see the other person’s reaction in real-time.

Yahoo Livetext is now being rolled out globally starting with Hong Kong, Ireland and Taiwan. Tomorrow the free app will be available in the App Store and Google Play Store for users in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France and Germany.


T-Mobile has been in the headlines a lot recently due to the fact that it has made some significant announcements and it looks like Sprint is not too happy with its rival hogging the limelight, which is why the country’s third largest mobile carrier has announced what it claims to be the “best plan for families” today. The plan is said to provide more data than T-Mobile and significant savings over Verizon and AT&T for families.

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Streaming media sticks have become quite popular recently even more so after all of the success that Google has had with the Chromecast. This little dongle has sold millions of units across the globe and continues to hold its own against some of the new streaming media sticks available these days. If you’ve been meaning to pick one up now is the perfect time as a new promotion on Amazon throws in a $10 gift card for free with each purchase.

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Imagine you’re traveling in a foreign country and you’re not familiar with the language, how would you go about reading signboards and directions? You could ask the locals or you could take a chance and hope you’re down the right patch. If you’re tech savvy you’ll probably whip out your smartphone and use Google Translate’s visual translation feature which as of today supports 27 languages.

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For a few months now Google has been running a program called Google Contributor which allows you to pay the company to reduce a percentage of advertisements that you see on the web, the program can be configured to remove ads from particular websites so users can tailor this experience for websites they frequently visit. Before today Google Contributor was only available in beta but now it has been opened for all users based in the United States.

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charge phone

Your phone is your most important asset when you are outside, but only if it is powered On. You never know when you may get a deadline of 30 minutes before going outside for the best night ever, and your phone displays “Low Battery”. Fortunately, and with a little knowledge, you can charge your phone in an optimum way, and get as much juice as possible before heading out.

Below is a summary of what you can do to charge your phone faster, if you are in a real hurry right now and don’t have time to read the whole articles, this summary will give you an idea of what to do. Read full post →How To Charge Your Phone Faster

Smart umbrellas are not new. We have seen attempts at creating such devices with the Blunt + Tile umbrella and the Kisha umbrella, but another device by the name of the Haz umbrella has decided to try its hand at creating a similar device as well. The concept is pretty similar in which it is a hi-tech umbrella.

In fact it is so hi-tech that it even comes with a motorized opening and closing feature, which according to the company will apparently take about 2 seconds. Now this is actually quite slow compared to doing it yourself, but the selling point is that if your hands were full, then the motorized feature would come into play. Read full post →Haz Umbrella Will Tell You If You Need It