huawei-p8-maxIt seems that the Huawei P8 Max is about to become reality soon – especially when alleged photos of it have leaked out as you can see above. Two of the shots do point to a rather slim profile for the upcoming handset, and there are already whispers going around that this flagship device will measure all of just 6mm, which would see it shed 0.5mm from its predecessor, the Huawei Ascend P7.

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htc_logoWhile we have heard that a rose, by any other name, would smell just as sweet, what about the naming convention of smartphones? Apparently, the HTC A55 might very well be the same handset as that of the HTC One E9. After all, the HTC A55 did manage to make its way all over the place last month in terms of rumors which carried some high end specifications to boot, although it was then rumored to be a Desire smartphone. Well, it seems that its retail name might very well be the HTC One E9 when it eventually arrives in the market.

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apple-iwatch-front-uiBack in February we had heard the rumors that Apple had invited several developers to work on developing apps for the Apple Watch, and now thanks to a recent report by Bloomberg Business, additional details about Apple’s involvement in helping developers create apps for the smartwatch has surfaced.

One of those invited to Apple’s workshops was Starwood Hotels whose VP and creative director Stephen Gates revealed that they were working on an app that would allow hotel guests to unlock their room doors via a smartwatch app. According to the Bloomberg report, “Internet access is blocked inside the rooms, and no outside materials can be brought in to the labs with the test watches, a person who attended said.” Read full post →New Report Details The Secrecy Of Developing Apps For The Apple Watch

iphone-5s-review-019Last year Apple announced an iPhone 5 battery replacement program. For those unfamiliar with the program, basically there were a small percentage of iPhone 5 owners who were affected by bad batteries. This led to their phones draining noticeably faster than others which in turn required them to charge their phones more often.

The program stated that they would accept iPhone 5 units up to 2 years after purchase meaning that iPhone 5 owners had until the 1st of March 2015 to get their phone batteries swapped, if their handsets were the affected ones. However according to a recent update Apple made to the website, it seems that they have extended their battery replacement program. Read full post →Apple Extends iPhone 5 Battery Program

sony-xperia-z3-z3v-review-05In case it wasn’t obvious by now, Sony did not announce their new flagship smartphone the Xperia Z4 at MWC 2015. What does this mean? Well it pretty much means that we can only expect to see the announcement later on in the year, but just in case you were a bit skeptical, Sony has reassured us that the phone will be coming.

This is according to Tim Harrison, Sony’s VP of Global Communications and PR who spoke to the folks at TrustedReviews. According to Harrison, “Z4 is the next-generation of product that we’ll be announcing.” Harrison also stated that Sony has not moved to a more traditional 12 mount product cycle. Read full post →Sony Xperia Z4 Will See A Launch Before September 2015

vaingloryTo help demonstrate the hardware prowess of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, developers Super Evil Megacorp unveiled a MOBA designed for mobile devices called Vainglory. At that time it was an exclusive to iOS devices and the good new is that if you were hoping to see the game make its way to other platforms, you’re in luck. Read full post →MOBA Vainglory To Enter Into Closed Beta For Android

nexus-6-review-heroA couple of days ago we reported that Google had pretty much confirmed that they plan to launch their own wireless business. This isn’t so much Google becoming an actual carrier themselves, but will instead piggyback on other carriers to help provide coverage to their customers.

That being said it seems that there is a small catch to using Google’s service. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, it seems that out of the door, only the Nexus 6 handset will be supported by Google’s network. What this means is that customers who own other devices hoping to use Google’s network will be out of luck, at least initially. Read full post →Google’s Wireless Service Will Reportedly Only Work With The Nexus 6

acer_chromeboxIf you’re in the market for a new computer that is neither powered by Windows or Mac, perhaps you might be interested to learn that Acer has recently announced their new Chromebox CXI. This is Acer’s latest Chromebox offering and it will be powered by a fourth-gen Intel Core i3 processor which will support external displays of the 2K and 4K variety. Read full post →Acer Announces New Chromebox CXI Starting at $350

apple_logoiOS 8’s adoption is on the rise albeit slowly. Last month we had heard that iOS 8 was sitting at the 72% mark and according to the latest figures, it seems that the number has since risen to 75% in March 2015. Granted the 3% jump is a bit small but it shows that iOS 8’s adoption is on the slow and steady rise.

As for older iOS builds, it looks like iOS 7 is still holding strong at 22% but we expect that those numbers will eventually decline with iOS 8 continuing to dominate. Earlier iOS builds are at 3% and presumably these are for devices that are too old to be upgraded to iOS 7 or iOS 8. At the rate iOS 8 is being adopted, we reckon it should be able to the hit the 90% mark or higher upon iOS 9’s announcement/release. Read full post →iOS 8 Adoption Hits 75%

apple logoWhether or not it is true, the rumors about Apple building their own electric car are out there and safe to say it has generated a fair amount of interest. Some have warned Apple against such an endeavor, but others look at it as an opportunity to increase their mark in the automotive industry, with German-based company Continental being one of them.

According to a report from Reuters, the company’s CEO Elmar Degenhart has come out publicly to show their support for Apple’s efforts and also to claim that they are interested in partnering with Apple on their vehicle, assuming that such a vehicle is even in the making at all. Degenhart was quoted as saying, “Apple has an excellent reputation on information and communication systems, and has incredible financial strength.” Read full post →Continental Expresses Interest In Working With Apple On Electric Car