us-internetEvery single town, county or city has its fair share of attractions – which is why there are people living there in the first place. However, some places have far more attractions that in other parts of the world, and for those who happen to live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In fact, being two steps – or rather, two years ahead of Google Fiber, US Internet intends to roll out a 10GBPS internet service.

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gmail-android-updateWe all know about the Great Wall of China – and I am sure that tech savvy folks, too, would have heard about the Great Firewall of China. Well, when it comes to Internet censorship, you can be sure that China is no stranger to it. In fact, we have received word that China has blocked access to Gmail on an IP level for a whole lot of its citizens – where theoretically speaking, it could amount up to 1.3 billion, although most likely that is not the case.

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name-marsIs this a case of much ado about nothing – or not? We have just come to know about how urine technology could be sent to Mars, the Red Planet, to help out in the Mars missions. According to Professor Gerardine Botte, the urine technology here happens to be an urine converter which is known as “GreenBox” for future Mars missions. GreenBox happens to be one of the finalists in a Mars One competition that intends to send new technologies over to our neighboring planet.

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lg-did-fridgeI know that refrigerators are not the most exciting home appliances to talk about, but here is an interesting idea from LG that has been made flesh, so to speak. We have heard about Picture-in-Picture before, but how about Door-in-Door? Yes, LG has just revealed the very first double Door-in-Door Mega-Capacity refrigerator that carries the model number LPXS34886C, where this bad boy is all set to be released next year.

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samsung logo 4Samsung intends to embark upon a “world’s first” yet again – this time around, introducing the very first LTE Advanced tri-band carrier aggregation smartphone in the whole world. In fact, this spanking new technology is capable of delivering download speeds of up to 300Mbps, which is four times faster compared to LTE services – theoretically speaking, of course, so do not expect to enjoy 300Mbps speeds all the time.

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ios-812-batteryIt does seem as though the battery issues associated with Apple’s iOS 8 has been talked about a whole lot – and it seems that in the past few month, the folks over at Apple has tried to fix it through several attempts without meeting any success. Perhaps the battery issue is the most persistent one of the lot, where the battery drain continued to plague the most recent range of iOS 8 devices. Most of the time, the battery drain is not attributed to the operating system itself, but rather, due to the kind of individual third-party applications that are run.

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LGD 55-inch Ultra HD Art SlimLast time it used to be that if we wanted to watch a movie with good quality imagery and sound, we would have to head to a cinema to do so. However with technology advancing rapidly, we are able to achieve those levels of quality, if not better in some cases, all from the comfort of our living rooms.

If you’re in the market for a new TV, you might be interested to learn that LG has recently announced that they are planning on debuting new TV panels at CES 2015 which is taking place early January. These new TV panels are part of LG’s Art Slim series which will combine a slim profile and lightweightedness for those who don’t want a bulky looking TV in their living room. Read full post →LG Display Unveils New Art Slim TV Panels For CES 2015

psnAs many gamers who use Sony or Microsoft’s gaming services have noticed, both PSN and Xbox Live were taken offline during Christmas due to the attacks of a hacker group who call themselves the Lizard Squad. Now it appears that the hacks have stopped and that the services are back online, but we’re sure many are wondering when the next hack will be.

The good news is that the Lizard Squad has decided to call it quits on the Sony and Xbox hacks. This is according to the group who confirmed that they will not be hacking Xbox Live or PSN anymore, which means that if and when either services are hacked, they will probably be at the hands of another hacker, assuming that the Lizard Squad keeps to their word. Read full post →Lizard Squad Says They Will Stop Hacking Xbox Live And PSN

Movie studios and record labels hate piracy, which is why many studios have gone after pirates with a vengeance. That being said it is also ironic when these studios allegedly engage in piracy of their own, which is what Sony is currently being accused of. According to reports, Korean singer Yoon Mi Rae is accusing Sony of using her song “Pay Day” in The Interview movie without negotiating rights or paying her in any way for its use, which essentially is piracy.

According to a statement released by her label, it seems that Sony and Yoon Mi Rae were in discussions to use the song for the movie, but at some point the discussions ceased and were not followed through, and it was only after the movie had been released that they realized that Sony had gone ahead and used her song anyway. Read full post →Sony Accused Of Pirating A Song In “The Interview” Movie

Lumia-1320-635We have been hearing some rumors regarding the Lumia 1330 which is said to be the successor to the Lumia 1320. According to the rumors, the camera of the Lumia 1330 is said to be a huge upgrade over the Lumia 1320, bumping it from a 5MP sensor to that of a 14MP sensor, and thanks to recent GFX benchmarks, it looks like the rumors could be true.

A recent sighting of the device on GFX Benchmark’s website has revealed the camera specifications for the upcoming handset, along with additional specifications that seems to confirm what we have heard so far. Starting with the camera, it really looks like we can expect a 14MP camera on the back as well as a 5MP camera on the front. Read full post →GFX Benchmarks “Confirm” Lumia 1330’s 14MP Camera