apple_logoThe idea of a trade-in program is to provide customers with a way of getting rid of an old phone while saving money on a new phone in the process. In some ways it is a win-win situation and rarely does one expect to profit when it comes to making a trade-in. However it seems that Apple customers in China aren’t too happy with the prices Apple has been offering.

As you might have heard, Apple has recently launched a trade-in program in China in which customers can bring in old phones and trade them for a new one at a lower price. However according to reports, the prices offered by Apple for older devices are significantly lower than what these customers could get outside. Some even claim that it is half the price of what another retailer would pay them for their device. Read full post →Apple Accused Of Lowballing Customers With Trade-In Program

whatsapp-voice-calling2WhatsApp’s voice calling feature is available for Android users, and it looks like customers who purchased the Samsung Z1 have something to rejoice about as WhatsApp for Tizen has been updated with voice calling support as well. If you’re the owner of the Samsung Z1, you’ll just need to launch the WhatsApp app and you will see the new feature available for your use.

At this point in time Samsung Z1 owners will only be able to call Android devices who has the updated feature, or other Samsung Z1 owners. This effectively brings the voice calling feature to two platforms – Android and Tizen, with iOS users left having to wait for their update which has been scheduled for a rollout in the coming weeks. Read full post →WhatsApp For Tizen Updated With Voice Calling Feature

surface 3If you’re thinking about getting your hands on the new Microsoft Surface 3 but want to take it for a spin first, you won’t have to wait until the tablet’s availability to test it out. Microsoft has recently confirmed that customers who are interested in checking it out can go ahead and pop on over to one of the Microsoft Stores and try it out for themselves first before making a decision.

Prior to this it was reported that testing was only available via appointment only, but a Microsoft spokesperson got in touch with the folks at Windows Central confirming that no appointment was needed, and that “We invite everyone to head to their local store to get their hands on Surface 3 and check it out for themselves.” Read full post →Customers Can Go Ahead And Test Out The Surface 3 At Microsoft Stores

Mewtwo DLC

Nintendo has finally announced the details for Mewtwo, which is the first downloadable character for Smash Bros Wii U, 3DS. The company has teased the character in October 2014 and since then many were waiting for its release. The company has also revealed another DLC character, blonde-haired Earthbound Scuffle fighter, Lucas.

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Atmel Chip

With the changing times, the use of internet in smartphones, tablets and other devices has increased by notches, due to which, the desire for low-power chips has also increased. Thanks to Atmel, which has come up with a low-power chips that can last for “a decade” on a single battery charge. Read full post →ARM-Powered Chip Aims To Run For “Decades” On One Battery Charge


For all those who can’t wait for official Android updates from the manufacturers, here is a reason to try another unofficial CyanogenMod 12.1 ROM, which carries Android 5.1 Lollipop to Motorola Moto G.

As a heads up, Custom ROMs are developed by unofficial sources and installing it on your device is not a child’s play. While installing, you might come across few bugs, as per the user feedback on the XDA Developers, it actually seems pretty stable, and it doesn’t appear to break any key features.

The CyanogenMod 12.1 ROM is based on the Android 5.1 firmware, and it improves ability to switch between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections via Quick Settings, better theft protection. The update also enhances Dual SIM card support, and better control over notifications.

The pre-requisites to flash the update are: the device should be rooted along with an unlocked boot loader and a custom recovery tool. You can download the firmware package from XDA thread through this link.


Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham Knight has already got many gamers anxiously waiting for the title to drop. It was actually supposed to be released in October 2014 but since then the title has been delayed multiple times. As part of an arrangement with Sony, PlayStation 4 owners will get exclusive access to bonus DLC content. However it appears that this will be a timed exclusive so the possibility exists that this bonus DLC content will also make its way to other platforms after some time.

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When Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China was announced last year Ubisoft had intended to release it as part and parcel of the Assassin’s Creed Unity season pass. Now there has been a slight change of plans. Assassin’s Creed Chronicles is now a trilogy that covers China, Russia and India. It’s a three-part downloadable game series which starts off on April 21st when Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China gets released.

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Sony launched the PlayStation Home virtual world in 2008 for the PlayStation 3. The idea was to provide gamers with a virtual hangout where they could socialize with fellow players and play some social games. It later redesigned the service and even made major changes to it but outside of a niche community PlayStation Home didn’t really make a mark. That’s why Sony announced last year that it will shut down PlayStation Home, and now it has.

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cern-forceWho says that scientists do not have a sense of humor? Researchers over at CERN decided to have a little bit of fun this April Fool’s Day, having confirmed that there are more than just forces like gravity which have received their fair share of attention over the centuries, but it seems as though they have also stumbled upon what could very well be “the first unequivocal evidence for the Force.”

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