clear_appWe’ve all made a post or comment or two in the past that might be embarrassing if we were to look back at it today, especially if it was made a few years ago when we were younger and more brash. Now those posts could potentially land us in hot water especially amongst our employers as some people have found out the hard way.

Thankfully you won’t have to live with your mistakes much long thanks to an app called Clear. The app is designed to help scour your social media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and delete content which it deems inappropriate. This is done through the series of algorithms and through the use of IBM’s supercomputer Watson which helps to filter the material. Read full post →Clear App Wants To Scrub Your Social Media Of Inappropriate Content

gta 5 pcSo you’ve got your hands on Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5 for the PC, but your rig at the moment isn’t capable of running the game at the higher settings, let alone in 4K, but is upgrading worth it? It’ll probably set you back a small fortune but here’s the good news, you might not have to because Rockstar has recently announced a contest in which they will be giving away a one-of-a-kind gaming PC. Read full post →Play Grand Theft Auto 5 At Max Settings With This GTA-Themed PC

iwcWe have seen Swiss watchmakers such as Breitling and Swatch making plans to enter the smartwatch business, but it looks like luxury watchmaker IWC will be sitting this one out. Speaking to Bloomberg, IWC’s CEO George Kern stated that his company will not be making a smartwatch anytime soon.

When asked about his thoughts on smartwatches, Kern believes that these devices will most likely end up competing with the lower-end market. He also states that IWC is a luxury brand and he does not think that Apple and their Apple Watch will not be able to compete with them, despite the Apple Watch Edition targeted at the wealthy. Read full post →Luxury Watchmaker IWC Will Not Be Entering Into Smartwatch Business

clic_marble_4We’ve seen a variety of iPhone cases that are largely made from plastic, leather, and metal. However if you’re after something that’s truly unique, you might be interested in taking a look at Native Union’s CLIC  Marble iPhone 6 Case. As the name suggests, this is an iPhone case made out of marble. Read full post →Native Union Unveils iPhone Case Made From Marble

How often have we seen movies, TV shows, and music videos in an attempt to be more PG-friendly have certain words censored, muted, or dubbed over? While it probably won’t affect the story much in general, it does make it rather awkward especially since the replaced words don’t really line up with the character’s lips on screen.

This is something that Disney Research has noticed which is why they are now looking at ways to make it more realistic. What they have come up with so far is an automated system which basically generates alternative dialog while keeping the words in sync with the person’s lips. This relies on the words or sentences having similar phonemes, which is basically the smallest form of speech that differentiates two words, like “pad” and “pat”, “bad” and “bat”. Read full post →Disney Research Finds A Way To Make Dubbing More Believable

apple watchAs the Apple Watch is a completely new product category that Apple is entering in, it’s hard to tell how popular it will be, which is why analyst Carl Howe believes that (via AppleInsider) the initial production of the Apple Watch is built-to-order where Apple only builds watches and bands based on the orders that they have received.

Howe writes, “Building huge inventories of all the models of watches and waiting for consumers to order them risks warehousing large quantities of unsold merchandise. That wastes capital. Instead, I believe Apple will build a smaller number of watches of each type for store and demo use and then do build-to-order final assembly of the actual cases and bands ordered.” Read full post →Initial Apple Watch Production Speculated To Be Built-To-Order

apple watchFossil is a brand that some of you guys might be familiar with. Along with creating a variety of leather goods, Fossil also makes fashionable watches where customers can customize their bands as well as pick from a variety of different watch faces. However according to Sterne Agee CRT analyst Ike Boruchow, it seems that he believes that the Apple Watch is significant enough to pose a serious threat to the brand.

Boruchow’s predictions are based on the initial demand that Apple saw for the Apple Watch, which according to another analyst has been estimated to have been around 2.3 million pre-orders. Boruchow states that this signifies very strong initial demand that could potentially eat into Fossil’s market share who sells about an estimated 30-35 million units annually. Read full post →Analyst Believes That Apple Watch Is A Threat To Fossil’s Watches

timber catchallWith us having so many different electronic devices these days, finding a place to charge them all can be a rather messy affair with cables strewn across the table and our devices lying all over the place. For those who have ordered the Apple Watch and have an iPhone, the good news is that Pad & Quill might have the perfect solution for you.

The company has recently unveiled their latest charging dock called The Timber Catchall. The name itself is rather telling and basically it’s a charging dock for multiple Apple devices, and it is made from wood which lends itself to a rather classy look. As you can see in the image above, it will be able to charge your Apple Watch and your iPhone at the same time. Read full post →The Timber Catchall Apple Watch And iPhone Charging Dock Is Beautiful

You might recall that last year during CEATEC, we reported that Toshiba was working on a humanoid robot called Aiko Chihira. Unlike most robots which look, well, robot-like, Aiko Chihira is very humanoid in its appearance which you can see for yourself in the video above that was uploaded by the Hindustan Times.

The good news is that if you want to see the robot in action, Toshiba and Tokyo’s Mitsukoshi department have partnered up and have installed the robot at the entrance of its department store where it will be able to greet customers upon their arrival. The robot is freakishly humanoid and has the ability to perform regular human functions, such as blink and move its mouth to sync with the recorded message. Read full post →Toshiba’s Humanoid Robot Will Now Greet Shoppers In Tokyo

Google Street View is a handy tool if you’re trying to look for a specific place and want some details that the map just won’t show you, and in some instances it allows users to “travel” the world by exploring the streets of cities that they haven’t gotten a chance to visit, even if it is all the way on the other side of the world.

Now if you’ve always been curious about the Loch Ness and the fabled Loch Ness Monster, you’re in luck as Google’s Street View feature has been extended to the Loch Ness, thus giving users interested in the area and the story the ability to explore it for themselves. While we doubt you will actually stumble across Nessie herself, it does make for some breathtaking scenery, even if it is behind the monitor. Read full post →Google’s Street View Now Lets You Explore Loch Ness