Last month LG unveiled the VR for G3 headset. It works like the Gear VR does for the Galaxy Note 4. You just pop in the smartphone and its display is then used to provide the VR experience. LG worked with Google on this headset and the design actually come from Google Cardboard, but LG opted to make it out of plastic instead. Today the company announced that the LG G3 VR headset is available in the United States.

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Last week we heard from U.S. carriers about their pricing for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Carriers also confirmed which colors they will offer to their customers. T-Mobile and AT&T confirmed from the get go that their customers will be able to get the new devices in gold as well. Verizon committed to the black and white color only, until today.

Big Red today reminded its customers that it will start accepting pre-orders for the Galaxy S6 from tomorrow. It’s the only major carrier in the country that decided to wait a couple of days after its rivals had opened up pre-orders.

Verizon also confirmed today that it is going to sell the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge in gold after all. Color difference aside, all units from Verizon will have the carrier’s branding plastered across the back.

So there are three carrier in the U.S. that are offering the new Samsung flagships in three colors. The bright blue and emerald green colors that Samsung showed off at MWC 2015 aren’t available in the U.S. just yet, and it is not clear when they will arrive.

You can either stay on the fence until it becomes clear when those colors will be available, or you can order the Galaxy S6 now from any of the major carriers to get delivery by April 10th.


Google today introduced a HDMI stick that you shouldn’t confuse with Chromecast. It’s actually a lot different from that streaming stick. It’s actually quite similar to the Compute Stick from Intel. Just plug it into any HDMI display and use it as a PC that runs Chrome OS. So basically its a computer that’s powered by Google’s cloud based operating system.

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Many people like sharing pictures of their children on Facebook, though as the company’s product manager Dan Barak points out, they tend to become scattered across different albums. Facebook also received feedback people who said that they needed to tag their partners so that the partner’s friends could see the photos too. They wanted a simpler experience and Facebook has come up with one.

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Many Galaxy Note 2 owners have been wondering if and when Samsung plans on releasing the Lollipop update for their device. Late last year Samsung Finland confirmed that this device would receive the Lollipop update at some point in 2015. Samsung hasn’t said anything about the update since then but there is now reason to believe that the Galaxy Note 2 Android 5.0.1 update might arrive when Samsung releases it for the Galaxy Alpha.

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Samsung hasn’t even released the Galaxy S6 yet but already there are companies in China creating cheaper alternatives for people who want a device that looks like the Galaxy S6 but doesn’t work like it. We know that many Chinese companies are involved in making clones of some of the best selling devices on the market. Each year we see many different clones of the iPhone and some even arrive before the new iPhone is even released. Something similar has happened this time around with Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone.

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The music streaming service already has some big players trying to become the leader and then there are new services that want a piece of the pie as well. Music mogul Jay Z recently purchased and relaunched Tidal. Aiding him in this attempt were some of the biggest names in music. According to a report Apple is trying to steal some of those top tier artists presumably because it too is coming up with a new music streaming service soon.

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collision-avoidanceThere are smartphones and smart watches these days, but so too, have we come across the likes of smart walking sticks in the past. Smart walking sticks do come in handy to assist visually impaired people in their moving around, since it would help them in avoiding the numerous obstacles that are in their way. Well, such technology could have been deemed to be useful and yet annoying, since the beeping could drive anyone nuts after a while. As for a true blue smart proximity sensor, it ought to do things differently – such as predicting a chance of hitting an object instead of letting the visually impaired person know that there is a nearby object. Researchers from Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Schepens Eye Research Institute have come up with a device that is worn on the body that does what was intended and mentioned.

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more-chromebooksThe world of Chromebooks is starting to get more crowded, as more and more models are being churned out. Having said that, this can only mean one thing – with a larger array of models to choose from, consumers will have a greater say as to what the next step the Chromebook industry should take. it has been four years since the Chromebook was introduced, and it looks like more models are set to hit the market soon. I am referring to the Haier Chromebook 11 that is available at Amazon as well as the Hisense Chromebook that can be picked up at Walmart. Regardless of which model you decide to pledge your allegiance to, these new Chromebooks will be speedy, lightweight, and come with an all-day battery life with a pre-order price tag of $149 a pop.

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Dropbox announced today that when you now preview a document using a web browser it’s going to load faster, look even better and offer more functionality. The biggest change that Dropbox has made is that the document toolbar is now at the bottom of the preview. This allows the toolbar to adapt to the type of file being previewed, be it a document, spreadsheet, presentation or PDF, on any major web browser.

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