yahoo flickr 640x436While some of us use photo hosting services like Flickr just as a means to backup our photos or provide a gallery in which we can share with friends and family, there are some out there who use it for professional purposes where they can display their portfolio. Well if you’re a photographer looking to make some money from their photos, you might be interested to learn that Flickr has recently announced a new program called Curated Connections.

The idea here is to allow photographers to license out their photos to websites, photo agencies, editors, and even on Flickr or Yahoo’s own websites. In fact it seems that if you are good enough, Flickr will also try and hook you up with individual photo assignments from different clients who are looking for a specific image. Read full post →Flickr Announces New Licensing Opportunities For Photographers

iphone malariaThanks to our smartphones these days being more powerful than ever, packed with different sensors and apps that can take advantage of the hardware, it is not surprising to find that apart from playing games and taking photos, our phones could be used for more “serious” purposes. A team called IanXen has launched an Indiegogo project in which they are seeking funding to help end malaria on an Indonesian island called Bangka.

How they will do this is by using an iPhone equipped with a portable microscope, a lancet pen, and blood slides. This will allow them to make diagnoses in the field without having to lug around heavy medical equipment, thus making their work a lot more efficient. Due to its portability, they are also offering to sell backers their own RAPID kit in which the backers can then start using it to test in their own countries. Read full post →Researchers Want To Use iPhones To Help Fight Malaria In Indonesia

blackberryOne of the reasons why companies like Apple, Google, BlackBerry, and Microsoft advise users to download apps from the official app store is because apart from the cut they get from app sales, it is also safer. Most of the time they have systems in place where apps are reviewed and checked for malware before it is released to the app store, thus assuring users that their downloads are safe and clean (for the most part).

BlackBerry’s system is called the BlackBerry Guardian where it helps to scan BlackBerry 10 apps, but the good news for BlackBerry users who tend to download a lot of Android apps is that BlackBerry Guardian will now be applied to Android apps download from the Amazon Appstore and other sources. Read full post →BlackBerry Guardian Protection Will Extend To Android Apps

bbmOne of the unique features of BBM for Windows Phone is that it has been designed with the Windows Phone UI in mind, meaning that Windows Phone users can look forward to a unique interface to call their own. BBM on iOS and Android, however, look as though they were cloned from the original app for BlackBerry handsets.

Well the good news is that it looks like both the iOS and Android version of BBM could be set to receive a makeover. This is according to the folks at N4BB who had attended the BlackBerry Security Summit. During a Q&A session, they asked BlackBerry President John Sims if the UI of BBM for iOS and Android could change in the future. Read full post →BBM For iOS & Android Expected To Receive UI Makeover

sony china 640x440Cameras are not designed to be gender-specific, but apparently Sony decided that it would be a good idea to create a camera designed for women in mind. This is according to a recent post on Sony China’s website in which they are claiming that there will be a new lady-friendly camera that is planned on being launched soon.

Unfortunately the specifics of the camera remain unknown, but safe to say that the design of the ad with its perfume bottles certainly does want to appeal to the female market. It is also expected to be a camera designed to take selfies, which reminds us of cameras like the Casio TR-150 which has also been designed for selfie-takers in mind. Read full post →Sony China Teases Lady-Friendly Cyber-shot Camera

bolt instagram 640x384Back in 2013, there was a huge fuss over how Snapchat had apparently turned down an offer from Facebook worth $3 billion. From then, we had been hearing reports of how Facebook was attempting to create their own version of Snapchat. Recently we saw signs of such an app via Instagram called Bolt.

The app has been said to resemble Snapchat in terms of features and if you were wondering about whether or not it is real, well it is as Instagram has officially launched Bolt. Unfortunately it seems that the app is not available in all markets at the moment and has been limited to a release in New Zealand, Singapore, and South Africa. Read full post →Instagram’s Bolt App Is Official, Limited To Certain Markets For Now

foursquare logoAs you might have heard, earlier this year, Microsoft had invested $15 million into Foursquare and it looks like their investment could be paying off. According to reports, it seems that Microsoft is taking advantage of their investment in Foursquare by integrating it with Windows Phone 8.1 and using its location data to help improve Cortana, the company’s voice assistant feature for the Windows Phone 8.1 update.

According to Windows Phone 8.1 users, they have started to notice prompts on their phone where they are asked to add nearby suggested places to Cortana’s Notebook of features. For those unfamiliar, the Notebook is one of Cortana’s features where it will keep track of things that it has learnt about you so far. Read full post →Foursquare Integrated With Cortana In Windows Phone 8.1

microsoft logoSo we know that the Chinese government isn’t necessarily the biggest fan of Microsoft. They have refused to allow the installation of Windows 8 on government computers and have claimed that this will only allow access for spying. Well according to a report from Reuters, it seems that the Chinese government has recently begun an anti-monopoly investigation of Microsoft in their country.

This follows a recent raid on Microsoft’s offices in four different cities in China. According to the country’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce, they claim that Microsoft had failed to fully disclose information regarding the Windows operating system and its suite of Office productivity software. Read full post →Chinese Government Investigates Microsoft For Anti-Monopoly Activities

ea access 640x286Don’t you wish sometimes that your games could be cheaper than they currently are? Well we suppose sometimes there are sales, like the Steam Summer Sale that we can look forward to, but recently EA has announced a new EA Access program for the Xbox One in which gamers will be able to pay a subscription and get access to EA’s catalog of games.

The subscription is expected to be priced at $4.99 a month, but for those willing to take a chance, it will go for $29.99 a year. However as it stands, it seems that the service is limited to a bunch of users at the moment due to it currently being in beta, but EA did mention that they do plan to eventually roll it out to all Xbox One owners in the near future. Read full post →EA Access Subscription Feature Announced For Xbox One

The iPhone 6 has yet to be officially released, but it seems that if you wanted to get your hands on one, one particular retailer has announced that they will begin taking pre-orders for the handset. Unfortunately the handset will cost you at least an eye-watering $4,495. Ouch. Why is this? Well it is because the retailer taking pre-orders is a luxury retailer specializing in blinged out handsets.

Brikk has revealed several different designs for the iPhone 6 and it seems that the cheapest you can go for is $4,495, with the most pricey option going up to a whopping $8,395. We suppose on one hand they are expensive because they apparently sport 128GB of storage, which is one of the rumored storage options offered, but it is also thanks to the luxury materials used in the construction of the phone. Read full post →Luxury Retailer Accept Pre-Orders For Blinged Out iPhone 6