google_project_fiEarlier this year Google announced Project Fi which is the company’s attempt at being their own carrier, even though technically the company would be piggybacking on Sprint and T-Mobile’s network. Now Google had stated that they planned to start off slowly and at the time of launch, they stated that only the Nexus 6 was the only phone that was supported.

Apparently this is because of the hardware used that allows it to work on Project Fi. However it turns out that might not necessarily be true. According to XDA forum member Robpol86, it seems that he has managed to get Project Fi up and running on his Nexus 5. Naturally we’re sure many have tried it in the past, but perhaps his method could be worth checking out. Read full post →Google’s Project Fi Successfully Activated On A Nexus 5

htc-one-m9-live-9The camera on the HTC One M9 isn’t exactly spectacular despite HTC’s attempts. The company had pushed out an update earlier this year followed by another one a couple of weeks ago. However the update that was released a couple of weeks ago was for the global version of the phone, meaning that handsets on carriers had to wait.

The good news is that if you’re a HTC One M9 owner on Sprint, you might not have to wait too long. According to a recent tweet by HTC’s Mo Versi, he has revealed that the camera improvement update for the Sprint version of the phone is scheduled for a release on the 1st of July which is only in a couple of days! Read full post →Sprint’s HTC One M9’s Camera Improvement Update Coming 1st July

redmi-note2When a smartphone is about to be released, you can be sure that there will be plenty of fanfare and hype that surrounds it – more so when it is shaping up to be one of the movers and shakers, so to speak. Having said that, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 is no stranger to leaks, having first appeared in a TENAA listing earlier this year, along with a rumored leak in the middle of this month. The latest leaked image was purportedly taken from within the manufacturing facility that churns out the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 (among other hardware, this we are quite sure).

Read full post →Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Leaked

Hangouts_iOS_ConversationsEarlier this month it was reported that Google could be working on an updated UI for its Hangouts app. The report featured leaked screenshots of the upcoming UI changes and it was shown running on Android. However interestingly enough, it looks like the iOS version has beaten Android to the punch.

Google has recently pushed out an update for its Hangout app on iOS and with the update it brings it up to version 4.0 It also introduces the new UI that we saw in the previous reports. The most notable and obvious change right off the bat is the color scheme where it appears to be a darker shade of green. Read full post →Hangouts 4.0 For iOS Introduces A UI Makeover

lg-small-batteryIf there is one particular issue that modern day mobile devices have to grapple with, it would be that of battery life – there is simply way too many functions that eat into a device’s battery life too soon. Remember the good old days where old school Nokias like the Nokia 3310 was able to last for four, or even five days of regular use? Well, smartwatches might be the next wave of wearable tech to make it big globally, and hence, it would be prudent to pay attention to their battery life, too. It looks like the folks over at LG Chem intends to offer satisfactory battery life for smartwatches with their new hexagonal battery.

Read full post →LG Works On New Hexagonal Battery For Smartwatches

apple logoIf a company were to remain static in terms of its development, then it would be a real shame and pity, as other competitors would then overshadow and overtake it. Apple has more or less tried to remain at the forefront of things all these years, and this is why they are way up there in terms of market capitalization. Having said that, they have also ensured that their software as well as hardware get the necessary refreshes from time to time, and it is the iOS’ turn to obtain an update soon. Word has it that Apple will kick off seeding of its iOS 8.4 at 8AM Pacific time this coming Tuesday, June 30, which is a change from the typically Apple routine that seeded iOS updates at 10AM Pacific time in the past.

Read full post →Apple To Kick Off New iOS Version Seeding At 8AM PT June 30

Moto-G-2015-Leak-TechnoBuffalo-4-1280x720The Moto G despite packing somehow low-end specs is one of Motorola’s more popular phones. We suppose this is thanks to a combination of the affordable price tag combined with its specs which makes it a value-for-money purchase. Now we expect that Motorola will have a successor for us this year which we saw earlier in a video, but in case you wanted clearer images, you’re in luck.

The folks at TechnoBuffalo have managed to get their hands on what appears to be rather crisp and clear press renderings of the upcoming device, showing us what we might be able to expect from the phone. Now upon first glance it looks like the phone is similar in design compared to last year’s model, but that is in line with the previous leaks. Read full post →New Moto G (2015) Photos Leaked

ads_manager_androidThe ads we see on Facebook, Google, blogs, and etc. are usually created by someone. Presumably these ads are made on a computer and designed using software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and so on. However it seems that Facebook wants to promote the idea of being able to create ads while on the move.

Dubbed Facebook Ads Manager, this is an app that allows users to create and upload ads onto Facebook via their smartphone. As you can see in the screenshots, it will let users select images from their photo library to be used as an ad, target their audience, and check out the statistics of their ad to see how well it is doing. Read full post →Facebook’s Ads Manager Makes Its Way Onto Android

MarkZuckerberg-640x352Last week to celebrate the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriages, Facebook launched a tool that allowed users to put a rainbow overlay on top of their profile photo to show their support and solidarity for the LGBT community. However while it might seem rather innocent, it actually might not.

The Atlantic had recently posed the question of whether or not the tool was part of an experiment to perhaps allow Facebook to better keep tabs on its users, to which a Facebook rep responded by saying, “It’s not an experiment or test. Everyone sees the same thing.” However despite that statement, some are a bit skeptical especially when you consider that in the past, Facebook has conducted experiments on its users in which many weren’t too happy about. Read full post →Facebook’s New Rainbow Profile Tool Accused Of Being An Experiment

Video-recording your Android screen might sound like an easy task, but it is actually quite to do, without the proper know-how. Unlike Windows, Android doesn’t really makes it easier for the developers to just create a feature-rich android screen recording app.

Screen recording apps available on the Google Play Store mostly require you to root your phone, and most of them are paid apps. Even if you do find a free app, it may still require root access and will be very limited when it comes to features. Read full post →How To Video Record Android Screens (Free + No Root Required)