Towards the end of every month Sony reveals the titles which will be offered for free to all PlayStation Plus members in the coming month. That’s one of the incentives PS Plus subscribers get, aside from the ability to play online. We’re only a few days away from December and today Sony has confirmed the PS Plus free games for December 2015.

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It was public knowledge that Fossil was working on an Android Wear-powered smartwatch, the company unveiled it last month, it’s called the Q Founder and today Fossil has finally released it. The smartwatch is part of the company’s Q line of wearable devices with the Q Founder being the flagship product. As previously mentioned it runs Android Wear and is powered by an Intel chipset.

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Volkswagen Group today posted a video on its YouTube channel detailing its plan for fixing the EA 189 diesel engines, the 1.6 and 2 liter engines were found to have cheat devices that cook results on emission tests. Millions of the company’s cars were found to be cheating emissions tests in North America and Europe, Volkswagen has now proposed two steps to fix these engines.

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Across the globe events are being conducted to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity. On this day in 1915 the German-born theoretical physicist presented his paper to the Prussian Academy of Sciences, paving the way for discoveries and explanations about the world and the universe. Einstein’s theory has been regarded as “the most beautiful of all physical theories” by the great Russian physicist Lev Landau.

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Not too long ago the world came to know that Wu-Tang Clan has made a new album but it’s not like any other album, it can’t be commercially exploited until the year 2103, which means you just can’t purchase Once Upon A Time In Shaolin online or in a store. However if you are a private collector with money to burn then you could most certainly pick up the only double album for a price “in the millions,” which one private American collector did.

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Toyota has announced that it’s issuing a recall for 1.6 million cars covering roughly 20 models in Japan in order to check if the cars produced between 2004 and 2008, including the popular Vitz, have faulty Takata airbag parts. Recalled cars will be inspected for any airbag defects. The latest recall follows the one Toyota made earlier this year in June.

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Ever since Apple Pay was launched earlier this year it has been rumored multiple times that Apple is working quite hard to bring its mobile payments service to China. The company first needs to ink alliances with local players in the market to ensure that Apple Pay has a chance of really succeeding in one of the most lucrative markets on the planet. According to a new report Apple and China UnionPay are inching ever closer to a formal agreement, the two parties apparently have a “preliminary” agreement already.

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There’s a reason why Microsoft decided that it needed to launch a new web browser built from scratch with Windows 10, that’s because Internet Explorer became widely known as the best browser for downloading other more capable web browsers. The plan seems to have worked, Microsoft Edge has been well received, and now the company can look towards streamlining IE. It has confirmed that support for all previous versions of IE except Internet Explorer 11 will be ended in January 2016.

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PBS has long been the home to Sesame Street but it was confirmed a couple of months back that Sesame Street is moving, that too to a cable giant that’s not exactly that well known for its children’s programming, nevertheless the Sesame Workshop has signed a deal which makes the next five seasons of this show exclusive to HBO. It has been confirmed today that the first Sesame Street season on HBO will air January 16th, 2016.

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The second beta test for Rainbow Six: Siege goes live later today, this latest open beta test has been launched to make sure that any lingering issues with the title can be discovered and fixed prior to the title’s release in December. About two months back a multiplayer beta was also launched and it was well received, players are going to put the latest one through its paces and their feedback will prove to be quite valuable for Ubisoft.

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