ipad-mini-3Tablets, unlike smartphones, aren’t bought by users on an annual basis as tablets tend to last longer, meaning that it might be a couple of years before customers see the need for a new one, which is why it isn’t surprising to learn that tablet sales like that of the iPad have seen a decline. In fact according to Apple’s latest earnings, it was revealed that the iPad experienced a 23% drop in sales compared to a year ago.

Is this alarming? After all 23% is a pretty significant figure, right? Perhaps to some this might be worrying, but Apple’s CEO Tim Cook seems to have played it off pretty cool. According to Cook, he points at inventory changes as part of the reason the iPad’s sales have suffered, but he also seemed to think that the iPhone and Mac had something to do with it as well. Read full post →Apple’s CEO Defends Slumping iPad Sales

black ops 3Are you looking forward to Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 3? If you are you might recall that a report not too long ago pegged the game for a release on the 6th of November 2015 and for those who are looking to get in on the beta, you will also be able to get in on the multiplayer beta whose launch date remains unknown, but presumably it will go live before the game’s release.

That being said for those who are wondering how much the game will cost, the standard version of the game will not deviate too far from regular prices and is set at $60. However for gamers who want more than just the game, there is a Deluxe version of the game that will also be available and it will cost gamers $100. Read full post →Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3’s Deluxe Version Will Cost $100

apple watchWhen the Apple Watch first went up for pre-order, those who were a day or two late were shocked to find that their order would only begin shipping out in June which was a wait of more than a month. However according to reports from customers who faced such delays, it seems that their shipping estimates are starting to improve.

Some customers are reporting that Apple has updated their order and instead of listing June as the estimated shipping date, it now states that they can expect a mid-May to early-June shipment. Granted it’s not a huge leap in terms of improvements, but we reckon it’s better than nothing. Read full post →Apple Watch Shipping Estimates Continue To Improve For Customers

GOW3R-1As gamers might have heard, Sony announced last month that they will be released a remastered version of God of War 3. This is good news for gamers who loved the franchise but would have loved to see it in a higher resolution and smoother framerate, and Sony’s announcement was basically a wish come true.

That being said for those looking forward to it, Sony has recently announced the game for Japan and in the process revealed two new screenshots which you can see in the images above and below. The screenshots were released in Full HD so that gamers will be able to see it in all of its glory, although upon first glance we have to admit that it already looks pretty good. Read full post →Two New God Of War 3 Remastered Screenshots Released

As we’ve seen in videos and heard the marketing promos from Apple, the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition will use sapphire crystal as its display, while the Apple Watch Sport will use Ion-X glass. However due to the curved nature of the display, there were some who were skeptical about the use of sapphire.

This is because sapphire when used as displays are typically made in one shape and style, so the curved form factor actually caused some to believe that maybe Apple isn’t telling the truth. Unboxing Therapy decided to find out by using a Diamond Tester to see if the display of the Apple Watch is truly made of sapphire crystal. Read full post →Does The Apple Watch Really Use Sapphire In Its Display?

Going camping is usually a pretty dirty activity as you’d have to sleep in the wild, do your business in the wild, and the idea of washing your clothes and having fresh ones to wear, well that really depends on how well you pack. However if you’d like your camping trips to be a bit more comfortable, the the Drumi washing machine from Yirego is the perfect answer to your problem.

Unlike most washing machines, Drumi uses no electricity at all. It does require some power and that is human power as users will have to continuously stomp on a pedal to get Drumi working, but depending on how long you want the drum to spin for, it will just be a few minutes worth of work. Read full post →This Washing Machine Uses No Electricity Whatsoever

DARPA has been working on guided bullets for a while now and in the latest footage released, it shows that their EXACTO bullet will be able to hit moving targets. Basically the idea of guided bullets is to help increase accuracy, especially in conditions that might not necessarily be ideal and would also allow novices to shoot just as much on-point as the professionals.

In the video above, DARPA shows how both the novice and experienced shooter can hit a moving target. However in the case of a more experienced shooter, the EXACTO bullet will also be able to hit actively evading targets as well which is even more impressive. According to Jerome Dunn, DARPA’s program manager, “True to DARPA’s mission, EXACTO has demonstrated what was once thought impossible: the continuous guidance of a small-caliber bullet to target.” Read full post →DARPA’s Guided Bullet Proves It Can Hit Moving Targets

moto-360-smartwatch-review-1Following the launch of the LG Watch Urbane on Google Play, it seems that older Android Wear models are seeing a cut in their prices as well. It has been noted that devices like the Moto 360 and the LG G Watch R have had their prices slashed from $250 to $180 for the Moto 360, and $300 to $250 for the LG G Watch R.

So for customers who are after some smartwatches but don’t want to pay too much money for the Apple Watch or the LG Watch Urbane, hopefully these new prices will make them more tempting. While we can’t be sure why Google has decided to reduce the prices of its Android Wear lineup, presumably it is so that more inventory space can be made for newer devices. Read full post →Moto 360, LG G Watch R See Their Prices Cut On Google Play

heroes of the dormWhile there are still some traditionalists who believe that games like football, basketball, hockey, cricket, golf, and etc. are considered “sports”, there are more modern views which have recently considered video games to be a form of competitive sports. In fact there are universities which offer scholarships for being good at sports, and recently gamers have also been granted visas to the US under “pro athlete” status.

Unsurprisingly not everyone is thrilled with this direction and one of those people is ESPN’s Colin Cowherd. Recently ESPN2 provided a two-hour long live coverage of Blizzard’s Heroes of the Dorm tournament which is a competition based on the company’s upcoming Heroes of the Storm MOBA. However it seems that Cowherd wasn’t particularly happy about the coverage and went on a rant. Read full post →ESPN Host Rips Into Live Coverage Of Blizzard’s Heroes Of the Dorm

tamagotchi_apple_watchWe’re not sure how many of you guys remember the Tamagotchi toy from back in the day. For those who are unfamiliar, basically it’s an egg-shaped toy with a display that will show you your “pet”. From there you’d have to feed it, clean up after it, and play games with it to keep it happy, much like you would with a real pet.

While it isn’t as popular as it once was, it seems that Bandai wants to try and recapture the magic by launching an Apple Watch version of the app. Given that the display of the original Tamagotchi is roughly the size of the Apple Watch’s display, if not a bit smaller, we reckon it makes a great fit, not to mention the addition of color will help modernize it a tad. Read full post →Bandai Brings The Tamagotchi Onto The Apple Watch