If you’re a budding musician looking to record their own music at home, chances are you turn to either free recording software or cheap ones since you’re just starting out. Now you might have heard of more complex and professional recording software such as Pro Tools which is a software used by many famous musicians and producers.

Previously the cost of Pro Tools was too high for amateurs to get in on the action, but you’re in luck because Pro Tools has gone free, sort of. Avid has recently launched a free version of Pro Tools called Pro Tools First. The software is expected to be released in the next few months and it is basically a way for musicians to try out Pro Tools without having to pay for it. Read full post →Avid’s Pro Tools First Is Free But Limited

qualcomm-logoAs you might have heard, Samsung could be dropping Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 from its upcoming Galaxy S6 due to overheating issues, or at least that’s what the rumors are saying. However if the newer reports are to be believed, it seems that Qualcomm is working on a fix that will address those issues specifically for Samsung.

Qualcomm is said to be working on a solution for the chip’s heat emissions and that they are expected to provide Samsung with the updated chipsets in March, although we’re not sure if this might be in time for the Galaxy S6 to go on sale. Given that we have heard that the phone will be announced in March, there is a good chance that the early batches of the Galaxy S6 could be pure Exynos, and that the Snapdragon 810 models will be delayed. Read full post →Qualcomm To Fix Snapdragon 810’s Overheating Just For Samsung [Rumor]

google-logo-2011-10-25A couple of weeks ago, we had heard that there was a web security flaw discovered in older Android smartphones. Naturally with the flaw discovered you would have thought that Google would jump on it and issue a fix ASAP, but they didn’t. Understandably some of you guys might be disappointed but Google has since offered an explanation as to why.

According to Google’s Adrian Ludwig, it is apparently not “safe” to patch pre-Android 4.4 versions of WebView, which is basically the framework that allows apps to display websites without the need for a separate browser. Ludwig also points out that the amount of code Google would have to comb through – 5 million lines of code for WebView alone – would take too long. Read full post →Google Explains Why They Are Not Patching Older Android Web Security Flaw

t-mobile scoreIf you are either a prepaid customer or a customer who has brought their own phone onto T-Mobile’s network and are looking forward to upgrade their phone via the carrier’s JUMP! plan, previously you would be unable to, but it looks like T-Mobile has decided to switch things up. The carrier has recently launched their new SCORE! plan which would allow customers to “score” themselves an upgrade.

Basically T-Mobile’s SCORE! plan is designed to tempt those on prepaid plans or those who paid full retail price for their phone to upgrade their phones early and would only cost them $5 a month. After sticking around for 6 months, customers can look forward to getting their hands on a new phone, although this would include entry level handsets like the T-Mobile Concord II, LG Optimus L90, or the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce 2. Read full post →T-Mobile Launches SCORE! Upgrade Plan

htc-logo-sketchOver the past couple of weeks, we have been treated to a series of photos that supposedly depicted the upcoming HTC One M9. We’re sure many of you guys were slightly disappointed by the photos as it shows that HTC did not really deviate much from the HTC One M8 design, which is not a bad design by any means, it’s just that we’re sure many had expected something much different.

The good news is that it seems these photos are fake. This is according to Evan Blass who some of you might know as @evleaks, the famed leaker whose track record on leaked handsets is/was very well known until he retired. According to Blass, the leaked photos were actually plants by HTC meant to distract you so that when HTC does unveil the handset, users will be surprised. Read full post →HTC One M9 Leaks Have Apparently Been Clever Plants All Along

Cyanogen-Inc-640x400CyanogenMod is a ROM that is very well known amongst Android users. It acts as an alternative to the skinned and customized versions of Android that OEMs tend to load on their phones and to a certain extent, it almost feels like stock Android, just with added features and functionality.

However it seems that the folks at Cyanogen Inc. aren’t too happy about their reliance on Google and are hoping to one day become more independent, or in the words of Cyanogen’s CEO Kirt McMaster, “We’re attempting to take Android away from Google.” McMaster spoke those words during The Information’s “Next Phase of Android” event that was held in San Francisco. Read full post →Cyanogen Wants To “Take Android Away” From Google


Before January 21st the reports were that Microsoft is going to unveil the consumer version of Windows 10 and talk more about its new web browser codenamed Spartan. No new hardware was expected. It surprised everyone when Microsoft unveiled HoloLens, a new device that aims to bring hologram technology to the masses. Could it at some point support Xbox One and PC? Microsoft isn’t closing the door on this possibility.

Read full post →HoloLens Support For Xbox One And PC Possible


Many have been waiting on Microsoft to confirm when it is going to release the next version of its productivity suite for desktop PCs. Microsoft has confirmed that the next version will be called Office 2016. It has also said that we should expect the Office 2016 release to take place later this year.

Read full post →Office 2016 Release Slated For Later This Year


Today we finally have a confirmation on the Homeworld Remastered Collection release date. This new title is a revamped version of the first two installments in this popular strategy series. Gearbox Software not only confirmed the title’s release date today but also as promised it showed off some gameplay footage as well earlier today at the Inside Gearbox Software Panel that’s taking place at PAX South.

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mother-blind-sees-baby-electronic-eyesA blind mother was able to see her newborn son for the first time thanks to a pair of special glasses. The eSight glasses capture an image and video and then present it in real time with enhancements for people with low vision. These enhancements make the eye perceive more than it would have otherwise been able to.

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