Microsoft had a lot to talk about at its event last week. It finally lifted the wraps off of Windows 10. Gave us a glimpse at some of the new features that its building and even unveiled its vision for hologram technology for the masses with HoloLens. Touched based Office apps also made an appearance during the event and now Microsoft has posted a video demonstration online to talk more about these apps.

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It has consistently been rumored over the past few months that Samsung is going to unveil two new variants of Galaxy S6. One of those variants is believed to be similar to Galaxy Note Edge which has a display that curves over the right edge. This variant is commonly referred to as Galaxy S6 Edge right now but a placeholder on Vodafone’s website hints that it may simply be called Galaxy S Edge.

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The new Battlefield Hardline beta is anxiously being awaited by fans of the franchise. It has already been confirmed that there will be no cap on progression level so players will really be able to put the beta to test. It appears that the Battlefield Hardline beta release date has been leaked. If the date is true then expect it to land in the first week of February.

Leaked release date for Battlefield Hardline beta comes through an email that was reportedly sent to several YouTube users by Ronku. For those who don’t know Ronku is Electronic Arts’ sponsorship program that pays YouTube users who cover games to provide coverage for EA titles.

Apparently this email was sent to remind YouTube users about the date on which the new Battlefield Hardline beta goes live so that they can get to work on their YouTube and Twitch assignments.

Reports on reddit suggest that some gamers already have access to the beta and they’re currently playing it to put footage together that will be made public once the beta launches.

If the date provided in this email is correct then the Battlefield Hardline beta will be available on February 3rd. The public release of this title is slated for March 17th, 2015.


Facebook makes it very easy to share pictures with friends and family. However the social network has often come under fire from privacy groups for its policies regarding use of user submitted content. “Reclaim Yourself” is an app that was released in December last year and all it does is add a watermark to pictures uploaded on Facebook so that they are less attractive for commercial use. Facebook has removed this app.

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Corporations and individuals are known to contribute thousands of dollars to politicians’ campaigns which is why its not surprising at all to see politicians voting to appease their donors. Comcast may have taken it a step further. The company is reportedly writing letters for politicians that lend support to the Comcast and Time Warner merger, and those politicians are simply putting their names on the letters and sending them to the FCC.

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Simply put Uber is an app for smartphones that let you summon a car to take you wherever you want to go. The company has had no shortage of bad press lately, it has even been accused to exploiting crises, mainly because of its surge pricing mechanism that bumps up prices when there’s more demand for cars. With a snowstorm expected to dump as much as two feet of snow from New York to Boston there will undoubtedly be demand for more rides, and Uber says that it will cap price surges so that riders don’t get hit with astronomical bills.

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There have long been indications that the Chinese market is going to overtake the U.S. to become Apple’s biggest market. Apple CEO Tim Cook himself pointed out this possibility back in October last year, he said that this was “just a matter of time,” and if analysts are to be believed this time has come. Analysts expect that Apple is going to confirm this possibility tomorrow during its Q1 earnings call.

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Motorola’s smartphones haven’t been officially available in China for a few years now but that changes today. There’s no doubt in the fact that Motorola’s acquisition by Chinese behemoth Lenovo had some part to play in this. Motorola smartphones are now officially back in China. The company has introduced some of its recent popular devices in the People’s Republic.

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In November 2013 Sony launched the PlayStation 4. It became apparent immediately that this console is going to do well in the market. For month after month it beat the Xbox One on sales. So far Sony has sold over 18.5 million units around the globe and its not slowing down. Its been over a year since this console came out, does this mean the time is right for a hardware revision? Some leaked PlayStation 4 Slim pictures are making the rounds and they’re likely fakes.

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At the International Consumer Electronics Show 2015 Dish announced its new internet TV service called Sling TV. This service is aimed at cord cutters who don’t want to pay cable providers but would like to watch TV channels. Sling TV brings a limited number of TV channels for a set price, $20 per month, and it has finally been launched.

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