infocus-m812You might think that InFocus does deal a whole lot more in other portable devices such as projectors, but they are no slouch either when it comes to the world of smartphones. In fact, today marks the day where InFocus revealed their flagship handset to the market in India, where it was made available through Snapdeal (which seems to be a rather common route that handset manufacturers take in that part of the world), and the asking price of the phone stands at INR 19,999 a pop – which is roughly the equivalent of $300 after conversion, unlocked, of course.

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galaxy-view-fccRight at the beginning of this month, there were whispers going around that mentioned how the Samsung Galaxy View tablet was spotted in benchmarks, giving rise to hope that this is one tablet which will be able to make a mark of its own by the time it hits the market. It now looks as though that time is not too far off – especially when you take into consideration how the Samsung Galaxy View has already picked up the all important approval by the folks over at the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and through the various FCC documents, we have come to learn that this particular tablet will carry the model name of SM-T677A.

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Nexus-6P-UI-06There you have it – the Nexus 6P, a smartphone that was built by the third largest smartphone vendor in the world, Huawei, which became official in the previous week alongside the Nexus 5X from LG, will be arriving in Japan on the 9th of October. The thing is, you will not be able to pick up the Nexus 6P from just about any mobile carrier out there, since it looks set to remain as a SoftBank exclusive in the Land of the Rising Sun. Pre-orders for the SoftBank-bound handset is set to happen this 9th of October.

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There’s this old adage that goes, “better late than never”. Well, I suppose this can be applied to such a particular case that concerns the folks over at AT&T – since after waiting for what feels like an eternity, we are finally able to see Wi-Fi calling make it to AT&T. At the very least, for customers who happen to have the eligible plans and are running on iOS 9, of course. So far, there have been some AT&T subscribers who have been able to activate Wi-Fi calling on their respective handsets, and it seemed to run like a dream. Some T-Mobile users might smirk in this direction as they have Wi-Fi calling for some time already, but that’s all right.

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samsung logo 4Phones do happen to need an upgrade from time to time, and it does look as though such upgrades have become an annual affair for many a smartphone manufacturer. For instance, fall happens to be when a new iPhone is rolled out or introduced, and before that we have “pre-emptive strikes” by the likes of Samsung with their flagship Galaxy S range. Having said that, the Samsung Galaxy J2 which was announced just last month is barely old enough to warrant a successor, but this has not stopped the folks over at Samsung as there seems to be a Samsung Galaxy J3 that has already made it past the Geekbench test.

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Marvel today confirmed that the Ant-Man sequel will be released in 2018, it has made room in its schedule to release the sequel to this summer’s blockbuster which had a pretty nice $409 million run at the box office. Marvel also confirmed the title and release date of the next movie, Ant-Man and the Wasp is now slated to be released on July 6th, 2018 and will bring back hero Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne.

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If you’ve not been able to find the digital version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for Xbox One worry not because you’re certainly not alone. It appears that the digital version of this title for the Xbox One has been mysteriously pulled, it’s no longer available for pre-order either through and the Xbox Games Store, and to top it off there’s no official word from either Amazon or Microsoft explaining the reason behind this.

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fallout 4

There’s no doubt that Fallout fans are very excited for the latest addition to the franchise, much has already been said and written about Fallout 4 and now fans just can’t wait for the title to be released. It’s not going to be very long though and those who are planning to play on PC should take note because Bethesda today confirmed the Fallout 4 PC requirements, both minimum and recommended.

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DJI is widely known for making some of the best drones that average consumers can buy, its drones feature high-quality cameras that allow for stunning video captures with cinema-quality stabilization thanks to its gimbal technology. The company has now brought over that same level of stabilization quality literally to your hands, today it launched the DJI Osmo, a handheld stabilizer with an integrated 4K camera.

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Much has been said and written about the fate of BlackBerry’s smartphone business. Less than a decade ago the company was a market leader but it all come crashing down post-2007 when the iPhone arrive and the smartphone game changed. It was slow to adapt and was left to catch up with the pack that had leaped far ahead. As the company seeks to revive its handset business with the launch of its first Android smartphone BlackBerry CEO John Chen has said that BB might shut down its smartphone business if it doesn’t become profitable in one year from now.

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