Battery life is always a concern with smartwatches. Most get you through the day but it all depends on how you’re using them and if they’re connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular network. Samsung has rolled out a new update for the Gear S3 today. It’s called a Value Pack update and it brings a handful of new features for the smartwatch. One of the features enables the smartwatch’s battery to last for 40 days.
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The Valkyria spinoff that came out earlier this year might have disappointed fans but they’re going to be delighted with what Sega has announced today. It has confirmed that Valkyria Chronicles 4 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch is now being developed. Sega, the publisher of this title, has assured fans that Valkyria Chronicles 4 is going to be released in North America and Europe as well.
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The Department of Defense probably didn’t want poeple to know that it has been collecting billions of public internet posts from news sites, social media networks, and online forums. The cat was let out of the bag accidentally when it exposed the internet surveillance data on its cloud-based storage server. The online storage misconfiguration allowed anyone with a free Amazon AWS account to browse and even download the data.
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Acorns is the fastest growing micro-investing app in the country. It relies on a round-up savings and investment system. The app rounds up the amounts of purchases to the nearest dollar and then invests the difference in exchange-traded funded that it manages for its users. It boasts 2.4 million investment accounts and continues to grow. Acorns today announced its integration into PayPal, the integration will help the latter’s users to grow their wealth.
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Uber has added several new features ahead of the holiday season when peak demand for rides is often witnessed. As countless people travel across the country to visit their family, Uber wants to make sure that its customers can relax in between the constant going. That’s why it has added these new features like live location sharing.
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Intel wants to remove the remaining barriers that prevent it from putting legacy BIOS into the ground. The company is now working on a plan to make that possible. Intel is looking to end support for legacy BIOS by 2020. It intends to do that by requiring UEFI Class 3 which doesn’t expose legacy BIOS interfaces.
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The biggest online shopping event of the year is just around the corner. If you’ve been meaning to pick up Nintendo’s gaming console, you will probably not be happy to hear that a Nintendo Switch Black Friday discount has been ruled out by the company. Nintendo has confirmed that it’s not going to cut the price of its console for this holiday season.
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Puerto Rico suffered widespread devastation after it was struck by Hurricane Maria. The island’s power grid was badly affected and residents were left without cellphone reception and internet access. To help restore cellular coverage on the island, the FAA has approved flying cow drones that act as cell towers in the sky.
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Uber has already demonstrated its self-driving car technology many times and it’s now ramping up its efforts to create its very own driverless car fleet. It has inked an agreement with Sweden’s Volvo to purchase 24,000 XC90 sport utility vehicles which will form its fleet of self-driving cars. The Volvo XC90 is already the base of Uber’s current self-driving test car. It has retrofitted the test cars with sensors and autonomous driving hardware to enable them to drive on their own.
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Nintendo has been making proper mobile games for the past couple of years. Its third title, called Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, was due to be released this month. Nintendo had previously said that it would release this title for smartphones in November. The company has followed through and it confirmed earlier today when this title is going to be released.
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