scosche-boombottle-plusIf you love cycling outdoors and want to listen to music, there aren’t many options that are designed specifically for cyclists in mind. You could buy mounts to hook up speakers to your handlebars, or you could wear earphones which is admittedly a tad dangerous since you need to be able to hear oncoming traffic.

However Scosche is here to the rescue with the BoomBottle+. As you can see from the photos, the BoomBottle+ has been designed for cyclists in mind as its shape will fit the bottle holder on most bicycles with each. Of course this means having to sacrifice your bottle of water, but if you’re carrying a bag you could always put your water in there. Read full post →Scosche’s BoomBottle+ Has Been Designed For Cyclists

LG_WATCH_URBANE_LIFESTYLE_01As far as a “new” smartwatch from LG is concerned, it is probably the LG Watch Urbane Luxe that was announced several days ago. This is basically the LG Watch Urbane made with 23-karat gold and with a heftier price tag, but according to the folks at Android Police, it seems that LG has a newer smartwatch in the works.

According to their sources, they have been tipped that LG will announce the device towards the end of the month, which is a bit odd given that IFA would have been a perfect opportunity to show it off. Not much is known about the watch right now, except that it will sport a circular face and will feature two additional buttons, meaning that in total the upcoming watch will have three buttons. Read full post →LG Has A New Smartwatch Planned For This Month [Rumor]

star_wars_battlefrontGiven that DICE knows a thing or two about shooters, safe to say that many gamers are excited to see what they can do for Star Wars Battlefront. So far from what we have seen about the game, Star Wars Battlefront looks pretty amazing in terms of graphics and in terms of gameplay, but there’s nothing quite like playing it for yourselves, right?

The good news is that if you’re curious about the game and wait for its release, you’re in luck because it has been announced that come early October, the beta for the game will be released on the PC, Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4. No specific dates were mentioned by EA, only that it will be released “early October”, so we guess we’ll just have to keep an eye out for it. Read full post →Star Wars Battlefront Beta Arriving In October

It looks like there is starting to be more and more publicity surrounding the HTC One (A9), which is a good thing, since HTC needs all of the help that it can get in order to regain its place in the pantheon of high end smartphones. This device is also known as the “Hero” smartphone, where it has allegedly been spotted in a video online. Touted by HTC to be a “handsome” smartphone, word on the street has it that the HTC One (A9) will be unveiled this coming September 6th, which is not too far away.

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ARCHOS Diamond Plus-pers2Another day, another smartphone is revealed. It does seem to us as though Archos is on a roll here, with their Archos Diamond Tab and Archos Diamond S being announced last month. Here we are with the Archos Diamond Plus, a new smartphone that will also be the second model under the Archos Diamond range.

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motox-pure-editionIt looks like those who have been waiting a long time for the Moto X Pure Edition from Motorola will be pleased as punch to hear that it is ready and waiting for pre-orders to be placed in the US – from tomorrow onward, that is. Just as speculated earlier on as well, the price will start off at $399 a poop, and the only way in which you will be able to eventually lay your hands on one of these would be to make use of Motorola’s Moto Maker service. In other words, every single Moto X Pure Edition sold will be an unlocked model, and one will be unable to pick up this device at any of the carriers.

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instagram-message-directIs it just me, or are companies on a spree to introduce a change in them today? First of all, we have seen how Google has a new logo, while the Nest Thermostat is revealed in its 3rd generation. Instagram does not want to lose out on change apparently, with improvements being made to Instagram Direct. Instagram Direct was first launched in 2013, where it functioned as a method to share moments with one person or a smaller group, and with over 85 million users each month that take advantage of Instagram Direct, improvements are certainly part of the deal, where it includes threaded messages and the ability to send content from your feed as a Direct message.

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3rd-gen-nestIt was not too long ago that we brought you whispers of how the Nest Thermostat could be experiencing a design refresh for its 3rd generation model, and here we are with word that the 3rd generation Nest Thermostat is now ready and kicking. This latest generation model will not be the massive upgrade that everyone is looking forward to as opposed to the previous generation, although you can be sure that they will pack in its fair share of improvements.

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If a company were to remain the same over the years, then it would most probably just trail off and die – so to speak, as the competition would definitely overtake them in whatever field that they are in. The same can be said of Google, too, where the search giant has definitely changed a whole lot over the past 17 years, and we are not talking just about their products, but also the look and feel. In fact, Google has shaken things yet again by unveiling a new logo which you can check out in the video above.

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huawei-honor-7__01Launched in the U.K just days ago, the design of the Huawei Honor 7 comes directly from another success story of the brand: the Huawei Mate 7. The Honor 7 is the new top phone in Huawei’s line of “Honor” phones, which is crafted as a premium product for their most demanding customers.

At the same time, it is designed to be affordable and retails for nearly half the price of classic high-end phones. Yet, Huawei is a huge company with a great business, so how can this all be reconciled? We took the Honor 7 for a spin and put it to the real world test, along with synthetic tests to observe and analyze how good it is, and where it stands in a competitive smartphone world. Large screen, large battery, great camera – at an affordable price. Let’s take a closer look. Read full post →Huawei Honor 7 Review