Wargaming announced World of Warships last year and as the name suggests in this game players take control of full-sized naval warships against foes in a multiplayer setting. The concept itself is appealing if you’re into such games and this one has been developed with extreme precision, with warships being made up of 500 individual elements. With the closed beta for this title reaching its end, Wargaming has now launched the World of Warships open beta.

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You’ve read all the books and seen all the seasons, now where do you go for your Game of Thrones fix? Unfortunately it’s a pretty long wait until the next season comes out, but you can still hold on to the previous seasons by sending quotes to friends and family, after all, there’s nothing like sharing a few pearls of wisdom from Tyrion Lannister now and then. The app is, quite fittingly I might add, called Game of Quotes.

Available for iOS, the keyboard app is preloaded with hundreds of quotes from the various characters that we all know and love. It’s a pretty amazing collection considering that there are even quotes from the very first episode of the TV show.

Once the app is installed the keyboard can be pulled up within any iOS app and then preloaded quotes can easily be selected and sent.

There are hundreds of quotes from characters that have so much to do with the show’s popularity so it’s not like you can’t find one to suit any situation that you might find yourself in during a conversation, and the person on the other end would probably think you’ve typed it all from memory!

Game of Quotes is available for iOS devices and it costs $0.99.


In the coming years Apple Pay will be gradually expanded beyond the United States to various other markets, with the UK launch expected to come in just over a week. What would be the next logical frontier for Apple’s payments service? Would the company allow people to pay each other using Apple Pay? That appears to be a case since Apple has filed for a patent which covers person-to-person payments.

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If the Windows 10 version of Minecraft doesn’t get you excited worry not because there’s another version of this game in the works for which the company has teamed up with Telltale Games. It was revealed last year that Minecraft: Story Mode will be developed in partnership with the aforementioned studio and now Telltale Games has taken out some time to detail this new title, giving us an idea of what it would be like to play a story based version of Minecraft.

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Prior to the LG G4’s announcement it was rumored that the company had put the LG G Pro 3 on hold in order to focus more on this year’s flagship device. Now that the G4 is out in the market perhaps it’s time that LG went back to putting the final touches on the next G Pro handset. If rumors are to be believed then the LG G Pro 3 is shaping up to be quite an Android powerhouse.

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Rumor has it that Sony is working on three new smartphones called Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Compact and the Xperia Z5 Ultra, it’s expected that the company will release the Xperia Z5 by September this year. It’s going to be a proper flagship handset with specifications to match but it remains to be seen if it’s able to turn the fortune of Sony’s troubled mobile business around.

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Internet radio is an integral component of the Apple Music experience and the company is working hard to ensure that its internet radio offering is better than anything else that’s available in the market today. That’s why it has picked up some of the biggest names from the radio industry and paired them up with A-list artists to offer an experience unlike any other. Dr. Dre is going to be a part of that experience as well as he now gets his own show on Beats 1.

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The Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update is finally rolling out for people who own the HTC One M9 Developer Edition, it’s a pretty hefty update which bumps up the core Android OS version as well as brings some important improvements and enhancements for the device’s overall performance and stability. The wait is finally over for people who own the developer edition of this handset.

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The LG G2 is almost two years old now which is why after the handset was updated to Android 5.0 Lollipop a couple of months back many expected that the handset will not be updated to Android 5.1. No official word has come in yet from the company confirming or denying this but there appears to be hope now that the LG G2 Android 5.1.1 update might be released soon.

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Minecraft is already available on a wide variety of platforms and it almost seems like there aren’t any more mainstream platforms out there on which this game can be launched, Windows obviously has it but does creating a new version for a new iteration of Windows count? Probably, because Microsoft has seen it fit to introduce a separate version of Minecraft just for Windows 10.

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