seek thermal 640x426We’re not sure how many of you guys will actually need thermal imaging, but in case you do, you might be interested in a device called Seek Thermal. This is a relatively affordable thermal imaging attachment for your smartphone that basically turns your phone into a thermal imaging device.

Seek Thermal will attach to the iPhone via the Lightning port and will rely on chalcogenide lens and a vanadium oxide microbolometer to help create the thermal imaging effect. Priced at $200, it is probably one of the more expensive iPhone accessories, but it is still cheaper than the FLir One thermal imaging case released earlier this year at $350. Read full post →Seek Thermal Accessory Brings Thermal Imaging To Your Smartphone

hearthstone 640x359Earlier last year Blizzard announced their new free-to-play card game called Hearthstone. The game has since come a long way and Blizzard released the game’s first expansion not too long ago where new cards and new mechanics were introduced. Now according to an earlier report, it was suggested that the next expansion will be a big one and will feature more than 100 new cards.

Well it turns out that is indeed in the cards (no pun intended). Speaking to the folks at Polygon, Hearthstone’s production director Jason Chayes revealed some additional details about the next expansion. For starters Chayes confirmed that the next expansion will come with more than 100 new cards. Read full post →Blizzard Looking To Introduce New Modes To Hearthstone’s Next Expansion

gmv 2014 medium box 300x250

Apple’s PR machine isn’t exactly what most people would consider to be forgiving. If you might recall, the folks at Gizmodo have been banned at Apple events for years following the incident where they managed to get their hands on a leaked iPhone 4 prototype. Well it looks like German publication Computer Bild is the most recent to feel Apple’s wrath.

The publication had not too long ago posted a video in which they tried to bend the new iPhone 6 Plus. This was because they had heard reports of iPhone 6 Plus units bending in the pockets of its users, and so they were curious and decided to see what the fuss was all about and went out and got their hands on a iPhone 6 Plus of their own. Read full post →Apple Bans German Tech Publication Over Bendgate Video

samsung logo 4 640x387Word on the street has it that Apple could be thinking about creating a larger iPad called the iPad Pro which would sport a massive 12.9-inch display, and would presumably allow it to compete against the likes of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. According to a recent report from DigiTimes, it seems that Apple could be tapping Samsung to provide the display panels for the rumored device.

The publication cites a report from Korea’s inews24 and stated that Apple had tasked Samsung to produce panels for two new iPads, and that one of the panels would be used for the rumored iPad Pro. The other panel is said to be of the 9.7-inch variety which would most likely be used for the next-gen iPad Air 2. Read full post →iPad Pro’s Display Panels To Be Supplied By Samsung [Rumor]

applepayinappsWith PayPal being a pretty common and accepted method of payment on the internet, it is curious as to why Apple did not adopt PayPal’s system for Apple Pay. Of course it could be that Apple would rather rely on their own services, but according to a report from Bank Innovation, it seems that there were talks between Apple and PayPal prior to the launch.

It seems that PayPal could have been Apple’s preferred payment process, however word has it that the talks soured which caused Apple to pull out from the talks. The reason things went south? Well if you might recall, PayPal had inked a deal with Samsung where PayPal would be linked with the fingerprint sensor of the Galaxy S5. Read full post →PayPal’s Partnership With Samsung Soured Their Relationship With Apple

We all have personal preferences when it comes to hardware, software, or brands. For example we have people who love the Windows platform, but then you also have those who argue that OS X is better. You also have iOS users who boast superiority while those running on Android, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry might beg to differ. Read full post →Hilarious Video Shows How We Sound When Debating Our Favorite Tech Brands

os x yosemite

Looks like Apple doesn’t want Microsoft to hog the OS spotlight today with its announcement of Windows 10. As Microsoft was unveiling its next iteration of Windows, Apple quietly pushed out the first GM Candidate for OS X Yosemite, a firm indicator that we’re on track for a public OS X Yosemite release in the very near future. For members of the public beta test program Apple today released OS X Yosemite Beta 4.

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SM A500 GALAXY A5 1 640x359

You might have heard about the Samsung Galaxy Alpha by now, its a new device that the company has launched recently and its main selling point is the fact that its partially made out of metal, a material that’s not commonly found in Samsung smartphones. It was reported soon after the launch that Samsung had three more metal based devices up its sleeve and the Galaxy A5 is said to be one of them. There have already been many leaks related to these devices and now the Galaxy A5 has been seen making the customary stop at the FCC.

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Motorola’s highly anticipated smartwatch was released recently though every time it has been stocked it tends to sell out. Now obviously no one knows exactly how many units Motorola has in each stock run but today is the third time that Moto 360 happens to be back in stock. The company just announced this via Twitter and urged interested customers to hurry up before it gets out of stock once again. Those wishing to purchase one can now head to Motorola’s website to throw their money at the company.

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Even though Apple has formally unveiled the Apple Watch earlier this month its not like the rumors are going to end. The company didn’t confirm some important details about the wearable device, such as its battery life, its exact release date, and the price of Apple Watch Edition models. This means we’ll have to deal with Apple Watch rumors until early next year when the device is slated to be released. A new rumor today suggests that the Apple Watch will actually enter mass production in January 2015.

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