htc-logo-sketchA couple of months ago when the first Stagefright vulnerability was revealed, OEMs scrambled to release updates for their devices. This was later followed by OEMs promising to issue monthly updates. This included companies like Google who promised monthly updates for their Nexus lineup along with LG and Samsung.

Unfortunately if you’re a HTC device owner hoping that HTC would announce something similar as well, you might be disappointed. This is according HTC Americas President Jason Mackenzie who recently tweeted the disappointing news. According to Mackenzie, while he did state that the company will aim for monthly updates, he claims that might be a bit unrealistic. Read full post →HTC Can’t Promise Monthly Device Updates

If you’ve ever tried to record video on your camera or GoPro, sometimes the resulting footage can be a bit nauseating to watch due to the camera shake. Sometimes this also renders the footage unusable. Now we have seen a variety of stabilizers released in the past, but if you wanted something stylish and function, the Aetho Aeon stabilizer might be the one for you.

Unlike some stabilizers that might require the user to wear the device on their bodies, the Aeon is a handheld gimbal. What it does is that it attempts to separate the GoPro from the gimbal via an axis. This allows the GoPro to maintain its position, while at the same time letting the user move their arms about freely. Read full post →Aetho’s Aeon Is A Stylish-looking Stabilizer For Your GoPro

proterra electric busElectric cars are seemingly the way of the future. Even speed enthusiasts are slowly starting to find more speedy electric options open up to them, along with traditional carmakers who are starting to look into creating hybrid devices. Going electric is one of the ways we can reduce carbon emissions, and so is taking public transportation like the bus.

However at the moment, buses themselves produce a fair bit of pollution, not to mention are rather fuel inefficient. Enter Proterra, a startup by Ryan Popple who was an early employee at Tesla who has since envisioned a future in which electric buses could make the regular, diesel-chugging buses of today obsolete. Read full post →Electric Buses Could Soon Make Regular Buses Obsolete

view-masterEarlier this year Google and toy manufacturer Mattel entered in a partnership which resulted in a hi-tech version of the View-Master. If you want to give your kid an edge over the other kids in terms of tech toys, you might be pleased to learn that after about 8 months, the View-Master virtual reality headset is finally available for purchase.

The device is priced at $30 by itself, and content packs which will be produced by NASA and National Geographic will be sold separately starting at $15 each. It is expected to be released over the next few days where it will arrive at retailers like Toys R Us and Walmart, although availability will only be online first before they make its way to physical retail stores. Read full post →Mattel & Google’s View-Master VR Headset Now Available For Purchase

nokia 1100Recently Apple revealed that they have managed to sell over 13 million iPhones over the weekend when the new iPhones were released. This is impressive especially when you consider that it beat out last year’s figures. However it seems that despite all of Apple’s achievements, they are nowhere near the Nokia 1100.

According to the latest figures, the Nokia 1100 is still the world’s best selling handset to date. It has managed to sell a whopping 250 million units since its release in 2003, putting it on par with its successor the Nokia 1110 which was released 2 years later. It’s particularly impressive when you consider that there are much better phones these days that have yet to topple the Nokia 1100 from its position. Read full post →The Nokia 1100 Is The World’s Best Selling Handset

Xperia_Z5_Compact_Colour_RangeLast month in a teardown of the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, it was discovered that Sony had included an extra heat pipe in the phone. What this does is that it allows for better heat dissipation, which is handy when you consider that the Snapdragon 810 chipset is said to be prone to overheating.

This was applied to the Xperia Z5, but there was no confirmation of whether it was the same situation for the Xperia Z5 Compact. Unfortunately according to recent reports out of China (via Tech Grapple), it turns out that maybe the Xperia Z5 Compact was not given the same treatment because now there are users who are reporting that their Xperia Z5 Compact phones are overheating. Read full post →Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Is Apparently Overheating For Some

huawei p9If the rumors are to be believed, Huawei is working on a new handset called the Huawei P9. Now thanks to recently tweeted photo by Steve Hemmerstoffer (of and @OnLeaks fame), one of the handset’s potential features has been revealed in the form of a dual camea setup.

Interestingly enough there are two panels shown in the photo, one saying LTE and one saying Delux, making us wonder if perhaps there might be two different models of the Huawei P9 that will be made available. However apart from that, both the panels appear to be similar with a dual camera setup, a flash unit, and another cutout which we’re not sure what it could be for, but laser autofocus is a possibility. Read full post →Huawei P9 Rumored To Feature Dual Camera Setup

vr proposalThe HTC Vive was announced this year and from what we know, it is only expected to roll out en masse come 2016. This means that for now, there aren’t many people who have it, save for employees at Valve and HTC where the device was developed thanks to the collaboration between both companies.

Taking advantage of this exclusivity is Valve employee Chandler Murch who decided to use the HTC Vive virtual reality headset to propose to his girlfriend (now fiance) Kelly Tortorice. According to Tortorice’s Facebook post, Murch had invited her over to Valve’s offices under the guise of testing out some of the virtual reality features. Read full post →Man Proposes To Girlfriend Using Valve’s VR Headset

xboxonecontrOne of the features of Microsoft’s Xbox One Elite wireless controller is the ability for users to remap the buttons on the device. Unfortunately for that privilege, it will set users back $150 which is admittedly a bit pricey just for a controller. However if you’d rather not spend that money, you’re in luck.

Recently Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra tweeted that the regular Xbox One controller will soon be able to have its buttons remapped as well. This is in response to a question from a gamer who asked why the feature was not present on the regular controller, in which Ybarra replied by saying, “It’s coming for all controllers soon.” Read full post →Xbox One Controller Button Remapping Coming Soon


Earlier this year EA confirmed that a new Need for Speed title is going to be released in a few months, many fans of the franchise were excited about the excitement particularly since no new addition was made to NFS last year. The new title, simply called Need for Speeds, comes after a hiatus of one year but does prove that it’s going to be quite a capable of game. Just looking at the in-game screenshots is going to make some fans’ jaws drop.

Read full post →Need For Speed Closed Beta Goes Live