According to a report from the other day, it was suggested that the newly announced Mac mini, unlike its predecessors, would have its RAM soldered to the computer. This means that if you wanted to upgrade your Mac mini with more RAM, you’ll have to do it via Apple’s online store where it would no doubt cost you more than it would outside.

If you were hoping that wasn’t true, you might be disappointed to learn that it unfortunately is. This is according to a recent teardown conducted by the folks at iFixit in which they confirmed that the Mac mini’s RAM is indeed soldered to the machine. Along with their teardown, iFixit also found that 2014’s Mac mini is a bit harder to repair compared to its predecessors. Read full post →Mac Mini Gets The iFixit Teardown, Found To Be Harder To Repair

hp logoHP is a company known for creating computers and printers, but according to a new rumor courtesy of Re/code, it seems that HP could be building a device that combines all of their products together. The device is said to be announced on the 29th of October and has been given the “Sprout” project codename.

According to the report, Sprout is said to be a Windows-based PC that will come with a 3D scanner and a projector built into it. The latter feature isn’t new as we have seen smartphones and even tablets come with built-in projectors, so why not a PC, right? However we have to admit that the 3D scanning part is intriguing. Read full post →HP Could Be Planning A Windows PC With A 3D Scanner And A Built-In Projector [Rumor]

microsoft  logoA couple of days ago, it was rumored that Microsoft was working on a new wearable device that could be launched in the next couple of weeks. We have heard the rumors of such a device to be in the works, and now thanks to a recent FCC sighting, it looks like said device has made a pit stop at the agency, signalling that we could be getting closer to hearing about it officially.

Unfortunately the FCC filing revealed little to no information about the device, except that it will come in a small, medium, and large sizes. Given that this is supposed to be a wearable, it makes sense since it’s hardly a one size fits all situation. In fact other OEMs have designed their wearables to accommodate different wrist sizes, so like we said, not surprising at all. Read full post →Possible Microsoft Wearable Stops By The FCC

nex 7A few year ago, Sony unveiled the NEX-7 which was the company’s highest-end mirrorless camera at that time. Safe to say the NEX-7 has since been replaced by higher-end mirrorless models, although we are still hearing rumors that a possible successor to the camera could be in the works.

We have heard this rumor back in 2013 where it was rumored for a launch in 2014, although safe to say that did not happen, so what gives? Where is the NEX-7’s successor? Well according to a rumor from Sony Alpha Rumors, the successor to the NEX-7 is the Sony A7000 and it could be debuting in 2015. Read full post →Sony A7000 Could Be The NEX-7′s Successor [Rumor]

drive encryptWe’re sure many weren’t too pleased that the FBI Director had hinted that the agency could be thinking about taking action against the likes of Apple and Google, both of whom have recently introduced encryption features that would basically make it impossible for them to unlock a user’s smartphone from their end.

This is great for users as it means that law enforcement agencies will not be able to spy on their phones, at least not as easily as before, and now what seems like even more great news is that Congress does not appear to have FBI Director James Comey’s back. While official action has yet to be filed, members of Congress have tweeted that they doubt they believe such a law would have a chance of being passed. Read full post →Congress Shuts Down FBI Director’s Decryption Law Proposal

siri 640x370We all know that voice assistants such as Siri, Google Now, and Cortana are all artificial intelligence, although they have been designed in such a way that would make them seem almost human, so much so that an autistic 13-year old boy has considered Apple’s Siri to be his best friend.

This interesting and touching friendship was written by Judith Newman for The New York Times where she describes her 13-year old son’s friendship with Siri. In her story, she points out that on an intellectual level, her son knows that Siri isn’t human, but due to his autistic nature, he has somehow formed a bond with the virtual assistant. Read full post →Touching Story Reveals How Siri Came To Be An Autistic Boy’s Best Friend

moto 360 charger 640x425One of the unique features offered by the Moto 360 compared to other smartwatches is that it charges via wireless charging. This is incredibly handy as it means that you can charge your watch and pick it up anytime you want without having to fiddle with plugs and cables.

Now if you’re the sort that misplaces items frequently, or if you’d like to have a charger handy at work, you might be pleased to learn that Google has recently started to stock the Moto 360’s wireless charger. Previously the charger was made available via Best Buy, but now it will be available from Google Play as well. Read full post →Moto 360′s Wireless Charger Now Available Via Google Play

apple logo 640x359In what seemed like a surprising announcement, one of Apple’s sapphire partners GT Advanced Technologies announced that they would be filing for bankruptcy. Given the fuss the company has made about their partnership with Apple and how things are progressing really well, it really did come as a bit of a shock.

Later reports revealed that GT Advanced Technologies weren’t too happy with Apple and were considering filing a lawsuit against them. Well whatever the case is, it looks like it has since been resolved. According to reports, both Apple and GT Advanced Technologies have struck a deal with one another in which it would see a revision of the bankruptcy filing where they would be allowed to share more information than before. Read full post →Apple And GT Advanced Technologies Reach Agreement Regarding Bankruptcy Filing

project bigtop 2 640x375We know that some of you guys out there have trouble managing your email’s inbox simply because you have too many emails and not enough time to reply and address all of them. That seems fair. There are also apps out there that aim to help you manage your inbox, such as Mailbox which promotes the idea of having an empty inbox.

Well it looks like Google could be planning something similar of their own. According to the folks at Android Police, Google has been working on a project called Project Bigtop and it basically sounds a lot like Mailbox and what it is trying to achieve for the user, which is essentially “inbox zero”. Read full post →Google’s Project Bigtop Will Help You Manage Your Email Inbox [Rumor]

chromecastBack in 2013, Google unveiled the Chromecast. For those unfamiliar, the Chromecast is a tiny USB device that can be plugged into a TV and then over WiFi, be used to stream content from mobile devices. This is great when you have movies and video clips that you’d rather enjoy on your TV as opposed to your phone’s small screen.

It has proven to be a pretty popular gadget due to its functionality, size, and price, which is why it does not seem completely out of the question to think that Google could be working on a second-generation Chromecast. This was hinted at by Google’s VP of product management, Mario Queiroz who spoke at GigaOm’s Structure Connect event this week. Read full post →Google Exec Hints At Second-Gen Chromecast