facebook logoWhen it comes to drones, it can be a particularly sticky issue for the layperson. However, Yael Maguire, engineering director at Facebook Connectivity Lab prefers to drop the use of the word “drones” where “beaming” Internet to the developing world is concerned, as he is a whole lot more comfortable with “planes.” Still, a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, and Facebook as well as Internet.org intend to enlist the help of Internet-connected drones to help let the last 15% (an estimate) of the world’s population who have yet to get connected.

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delivery startupWhen the proverbial seven year itch strikes, many a time one would want to try something new. Perhaps it is time for a change in your career, or perhaps to take a different direction that will open up the doors to new frontiers. Having said that, for those who have personally enjoyed the local Apple Store in recent times, you would have to credit former Apple executive Ron Johnson for the job that he has done in the past. It looks as though Johnson intends to make a comeback to the retail scene, and he intends to do so with a brand new startup that will offer “a high-end, on-demand delivery service for gadgets.”

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gmv 2014 medium box 300x250

nintendo europe 2dsNintendo’s 2DS is not exactly a piece of hardware that evokes a sense of overwhelming excitement, but perhaps a change in its aesthetics might just persuade those who are sitting on the fence to make the jump. In a nutshell, Nintendo has announced a version of the Nintendo 2DS comes with a clear red or clear blue case design alongside having Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire pre-installed to help you get started right out of the box.

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The iPhone 6 Plus is definitely a beleaguered handset, as though it is the poster boy for bullying compared to its smaller sized sibling. Perhaps this is because the handset is easier to procure compared to the iPhone 6? Regardless, we have seen the iPhone 6 Plus go through a fair number of abuses – or tests, if you will, such as a drop test, being shot at with a 50-caliber rifle, being placed under liquid nitrogen while meeting its grisly end afterwards, not to mention being bent using one’s bare hands alone. This time around, when the iPhone 6 Plus goes up against thermite, you know for sure what the foregone conclusion is – it might not even need any human hands to bend in such a case as its courage melts in the face of 2,500 to 3,000-degrees centigrade (4,500 to 5,400 degrees Fahrenheit).

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moto360 bootloader unlockedIt goes without saying that each time there is a new batch of hardware that hits the market, you can be sure that hackers will be there to try to tinker and find their way around the software which has been loaded, prodding and looking out for any kind of potential “weakness”, so to speak. Hence, the first batch of Android Wear smartwatches that arrived did not have too much time before they were rooted and had their bootloaders unlocked in order for custom ROMS to be installed. The new Moto 360 from Motorola proved to be rather resilient in its own right, and since it relies on wireless charging, it is rather challenging to find a method to plug in a USB cable so that USB debugging can be enabled.

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You do not have to be the Incredible Hulk in order to bend the brand new iPhone 6 Plus, and with reports coming in of the larger sized latest generation smartphone from Apple actually bending even when placed in the front pocket of your pants or jeans, another question arises – can the iPhone 6 Plus actually bend using one’s bare hands alone? The outcome to that question can be seen in the video above.

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cortex m7ARM has just lifted the veil on their latest Cortex M7 processor that has been specially developed and designed in order to deliver additional computing power which embedded devices are starting to embrace with glee these days. Apart from that, it will definitely usher in more “smart” devices in and around the home, especially when we are talking about “Internet of Things” end points.

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iphone 6 water proof gaskets 640x480Smartphone OEMs these days are starting to introduce more protective features to their phones. While there have been plenty of water and dust resistant phones in the past, it is safe to say that Sony truly kicked things off with the Sony Xperia Z when the offered water and dust resistance in a high-end flagship device that did not compromise on its design.

Samsung followed suit with the Galaxy S5 and if you’re wondering when will Apple hop on board the bandwagon, it seems that they sort of have already. According to the teardown by the folks at iFixit (via 9to5Mac), it has been discovered that Apple has included rubber gaskets which are placed around some of the iPhone 6’s buttons, which you can see in the image above. Read full post →Rubber Gaskets Found Around iPhone 6 And 6 Plus Buttons Protects Against Water

squareregisteripadWhen it comes to mobile payments, there are several different solutions in the market today, with Apple Pay being the latest, so safe to say that many companies are trying to vie for space in an attempt to become the standard of mobile payments. Well it seems that Square, instead of trying to compete with Apple, has instead opted to embrace them.

According to Square co-founder Jack Dorsey, it seems that his company is looking to build a new register for sellers that will be able to accept Apple Pay as well as a myriad of other payment methods. That being said, Square does not seem to think that Apple is a competitor as they both build different products. Read full post →Square Building Registers To Support Apple Pay

activision blizzardAs many gamers have probably learnt by now, Blizzard has sadly cancelled its next-gen MMO which was given the codename “Titan”. According to Blizzard, they felt that while the game had some fun and original elements, it just wasn’t up to scratch. It was a brave call to cancel a game that was seven years in the making, but apparently it could have also been a bad one.

According to analyst Michael Pachter, he believes that Blizzard’s decision to cancel Titan could be a costly one. “At their lead time, there won’t be a game for years. So they have to deal with inevitable declines in revenues and no new game on the horizon. I think it is a problem.” Read full post →Analyst: Blizzard’s Cancellation Of Titan Could Spell Trouble