Reverse Image Search is the ability to search the web based on an image instead of a text query. You can look up similar or matching images by providing a source image. If you want to check whether your images have been published somewhere online without your permission, or just want to find the origins of an image then you can perform a reverse image search to find all the copies of the image on the Internet. There are numerous reverse image search engines in the market, but below are the best and most popular reverse image search engines. Read full post →Best Reverse Image Search

pokemon-goPokemon GO is without a doubt the most popular game on mobile at the moment, or maybe even the most popular game overall. However what’s the point of being so popular if you can’t cash in on it, right? Turns out the folks behind the game, Niantic Labs, are most definitely raking in the cash. Read full post →Pokemon GO Is Reportedly Pulling In $10 Million A Day

solar panelsThe Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster happened about 30 years ago, and we suppose if anything it serves as a stark reminder of how dangerous nuclear energy is, despite its potential to do good. Interestingly enough it seems that the Ukrainian government has decided that maybe from the ashes of Chernobyl, something good could come from it. Read full post →Ukraine Government Reimagines Chernobyl As A Solar Farm

kickasstorrentsA little over a week ago, popular torrent website KickAssTorrents (KAT) had its domain seized and its alleged owner arrested. However if The Pirate Bay fiasco taught us anything, closing one torrent website only means that another will pop up, and sure enough the team at IsoHunt wasted no time in launching a KAT mirror. Read full post →Movie Studios Are Going After KickAssTorrent Mirror Websites

The point of Twitch is so that you can broadcast your own content. However sometimes you’re not always available because you know, real life and stuff, which also means that during the time you’re not hosting, there is nothing going on in your channel. However that doesn’t have to be the case. Read full post →Twitch Lets Users Host Other Streams From Their Mobile Phones

GearVR-2016-PressYesterday we reported that a blurry photo had surfaced which showed the alleged new Samsung Gear VR headset. It is a bit hard to tell from the photo exactly how the new Gear VR headset looks like, but now thanks to a report from, a newer and clearer rendering of the upcoming Gear VR headset has been revealed. Read full post →New Renders Of The Samsung Gear VR Have Surfaced

xiaomi vrWhen it comes to smartphone OEMs launching VR headsets, Samsung was pretty much first to the market with the Gear VR. We also have Google’s Cardboard headset and earlier this year we saw LG and Huawei toss their names into the mix. In fact just last month, we heard rumors that Xiaomi could be next. Read full post →Xiaomi’s VR Headset Could Be Launched 1st August

waze_child_reminderIt’s unfortunate but sometimes you hear about it in the news where a parent forgot that their child is in the car and run off to do their errands, only to come back a few hours later and discover their child has died due to a heatstroke. Thankfully the folks at Waze want to do something about it, and in their latest beta they included a child reminder. Read full post →Waze Beta Now Reminds Parents Not To Leave Their Kids In The Car

kickstarter-pledgeEvery now and then we cover projects launched on Kickstarter. The benefits to projects on Kickstarter is that instead of a group of people deciding whether or not a product is viable, it is left to the public whom the product will be sold to. Successfully funded projects are usually a sign that yes, this is something the people want. Read full post →Kickstarter Has Managed To Create Over 300,000 Jobs

nest camOne of the perks of having a “smart” and connected home is that unlike traditional household appliances, you can control these gadgets from afar, set schedules, and adjust them without having to get up from your bed. Now it looks like controlling Nest’s products have gotten much more convenient thanks to an update to its app. Read full post →Nest App Updated With Apple Watch Support