mCube memsAs it stands, our smartphones and tablets come equipped with a variety of sensors that can track all sorts of things, but what if we could create wearables that won’t have to rely on our smartphone’s sensors in order to gather information? Wouldn’t that be a lot more efficient? Well a company by the name of mCube has come up with something along those lines.

The company has recently unveiled a tiny accelerometer which they claim is half the size of more traditional accelerometers. It measures 1mm long and what makes it even more amazing is that it combines and the component that detects movement and the component that processes the signals and data into one. Normally this would require two separate components, thus making mCube’s solution a neater package. Read full post →mCube Unveils Tiny New Motion Sensor

wowAccording to earlier reports, it seems that Blizzard’s World of Warcraft active subscriber base has dropped again. This hardly comes as a surprise because not only is the game old, but also because of the lack of new content, gamers have probably stopped their subscription while they wait for the Warlords of Draenor expansion which is pegged for a release in November.

However will Warlords of Draenor be able to bring back subscribers to the game? Will Blizzard ever see a rise in subscription numbers again? While we suppose the expansion will probably get gamers excited and see old player reactivate their accounts, it seems that Blizzard isn’t too optimistic about the future of World of Warcraft. Read full post →Blizzard Not Optimistic About World Of Warcraft’s Growth

xbox drive 640x484While we’re sure many gamers out there plan to eventually upgrade their consoles to next-gen consoles, like the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4, there are probably some gamers who are hoping to get an extra year or two of gaming on their current consoles before moving on. If you’re an Xbox 360 gamer who is still holding out, you might be pleased to learn that Microsoft has recently listed on its website a 500GB media drive that you can attach to your console.

This basically bumps your Xbox 360’s storage by an additional 500GB which is great for gamers who download a lot of games or who takes advantage of the Games for Gold offer. Unfortunately it seems that the 500GB drive is not available for pre-order at the moment, but its listing has us believing that it could be soon before Microsoft starts taking pre-orders for it. Read full post →500GB Media Drive For Xbox 360 Spotted On Microsoft’s Website

diablo3 ps3When Blizzard first announced that Diablo 3 would be arriving on the Xbox One, it was revealed that the game would only be playable in 900p resolution. Naturally this didn’t seem fair to Xbox One gamers since PS4 gamers got to enjoy the game in 1080p. However Blizzard later changed their minds and claimed that with a patch on day one, it would bump the game’s resolution to 1080p.

So who do you have to thank for the increase in resolution? While it might have seemed like it was Blizzard’s idea, it turns out it was thanks to Microsoft’s insistence that Blizzard finally managed to get the game to run at 1080p. This was revealed by Blizzard’s John Hight to Eurogamer where he said that Microsoft was not satisfied with the quality, thus forcing Blizzard’s hand. Read full post →Microsoft’s Insistence Forced Blizzard To Up Diablo 3′s Resolution to 1080p

valve steam prototype specsThere are many game developer studios around, many of whom create pretty amazing games. We’re sure many of you guys are wondering what it would be like to work for some of these companies, to be responsible for creating a game that everyone knows and loves and talks about it for decades to come.

Well in a recent survey conducted by the Independent Game Developers Association, they asked participants as to which publisher/developer that they would most like to work for. Well it turns out that out of the participants who took part in the survey, a good majority of them voted Valve to be the company they’d most like to work for. Read full post →Survey Finds Most Game Developers Would Want To Work At Valve

glass patentIt’s pretty easy to spot someone wearing Google Glass because of the way it has been designed, it makes it pretty obvious that the wearer isn’t wearing a regular pair of glasses. This can be detrimental to the wearer if they were to encounter hostility from others who might not appreciate the technology due to privacy concerns.

It is also not very discreet, but could Google be planning a version of Google Glass that looks more like a regular pair of glasses? Well according to a recent patent filing, the answer is yes. Based on the patent, it certainly does sound like Google could have considered creating a pair of Google Glass that looks like a normal pair of glasses. Read full post →Google Patent Hints At More “Normal” Looking Google Glass

fb browser 640x352If you’ve ever used Facebook on Android, you might notice that when you click on links, it tends to open in a separate browser, like Chrome, for example. This is compared to the iOS version of Facebook where it opens websites in the in-app browser instead, thus ensuring that users will never have to leave the app even when browsing websites.

Well according to the folks at Android Police, it seems that things could soon change for Android users. They report that Facebook for Android could soon be getting a built-in browser of its own. In fact there are some users who are already reporting that their Facebook app is doing that now, hinting that the changes could soon be rolled out en masse. Read full post →Facebook For Android Could Be Getting Built-In Browser

For the most part, OS X supports mainstream applications that are also available on Windows, but if you’re looking to use a very particular piece of software that just isn’t available on OS X, or if its OS X equivalent just isn’t up to scratch, then running Windows on your Mac is probably a good idea.

There are a couple of different options to choose from, like Boot Camp and Parallels, but if you’re a fan of the latter, you might be interested to learn that the developers have recently released Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac. With the latest release of Parallels Desktop, it will include support for Apple’s upcoming OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Read full post →Parallels Desktop 10 For Mac Announced With OS X 10.10 Support

sony curved sensorAccording to a report from yesterday, Sony is said to be working on a new compact camera called the KW1. What makes the camera pretty unique is the fact that it will feature a 1/2.3-inch Exmor RS sensor and a prime lens which is pretty unusual as far as compact cameras are concerned.

However according to the folks at Sony Alpha Rumors, it seems that they have recently “confirmed” another unique feature of the KW1, which is that it will be the first camera from Sony to utilize the company’s very own curved sensor. For those hearing about this curved sensor for the first time, Sony published a photo taken by the sensor about a month ago. Read full post →Sony KW1 Compact Will Featured Curved Sensor [Rumor]

htc att 640x379According to our report yesterday, it was revealed that the recently announced HTC One M8 for Windows would be making its way to other carriers before the end of the year. Presumably all the major carriers would be carrying the handset at some point in time, but in case you weren’t 100% convinced yet, AT&T has since launched a registration page for the phone.

We should point out that this is only a registration page where customers can register their interest. It is not a reservation website nor is it a page where you can pre-order the phone, but if you’re interested in finding out when AT&T will be releasing the handset, signing yourself up to be notified would be a good way to go about that. Or you could always check back with us in the next couple of months for the details! Read full post →AT&T Launches HTC One M8 For Windows Registration Page