monkey selfieThe selfie has certainly attracted a fair amount of attention in the past, and even in recent times, there was this particular monkey that snapped a selfie, leading to a particular debate as to who owned the rights to the image? After all, the selfie was snapped by photographer David Slater’s camera by the monkey itself, leading Slater to lay claim to the rights of the image, and he ought to be paid for the image’s use although Wikimedia, the party that claims that since the monkey was the one who took the selfie, Slater had no part to play in owning the copyright. Playing the role of Solomon, the US Copyright Office has declared that any image snapped by an animal is unable to be registered and copyrighted.

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gear vr leakSamsung does want to get in on the virtual reality market as well, and they intend to dip their fingers and toes into this niche with the Samsung Gear VR. Of course, an image of the Samsung Gear VR was leaked a couple of weeks ago, this does not mean that there will be no more leaks down the road. What you see above are later leaks that show off alleged photos of the Samsung Gear VR from the front, alongside reflections from the factory’s neon lights, which does add some credibility to the shot, finished with the traditional blurrycam mode.

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jbstatue2When it comes to the iPhone, you know that there is an upcoming model that is about to roll out – and it is not too difficult trying to figure out just which particular model is one using at the moment. As for Android-powered devices, just how many different kinds and makes are there in the market? A few thousand? More like 19,000, actually, as OpenSignal recently revealed their “Android Fragmentation Visualized” report that pointed out a figure of 18,796 distinct Android devices for the year 2014, which marks a rather significant increase since August last year, where there were “only” 11,868 devices that were registered.

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ecs tablet fccHave you heard of ECS before? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might be pleased to hear that the ECS TC69CA1 has already been spotted over at the FCC, which means the tablet’s nod of approval would most probably translate to a commercial release in due time. The hardware specifications of the ECS TC69CA1 do seem to be rather similar to that of the 10” Education Tablet from Intel, which so happened to have ECS as the hardware manufacturer.

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chargespotWireless charging technology has certainly come a long way since it was first introduced, and even vehicles are working on delivering Qi wireless charging capability to passengers in a car. Here is another option for those who are considering picking up a wireless charger – the ChargeSpot, where this particular wireless charger has been specially developed, targeting various venues for it to see action, offices included.

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apple logo3It looks like it is not going to be all plain sailing with the iPhone 6 from Apple, as word on the street has it that there is a far deeper issue concerning Cupertino’s supply chain that was supposed to meet the preset deadlines, at least a few weeks before the iPhone 6 actually hits the market. The solution is not all that simple such as retooling and polishing the production process, but rather, it requires to “solve” a component design issue

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pokemon art academyI am starting to think that Pokémon is yet another gaming franchise that will not die out, and in fact, it is going to be milked for all it is worth – just like Mario as well as other franchises, like Grand Theft Auto. This time around, we have another title that falls under this franchise, where it is going to be called the Pokémon Art Academy. Arriving on the Nintendo 3DS later this October 24th, you can be sure that children everywhere will be on the lookout for it – even under their Christmas trees in December.

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warcraft wowWith the release of the Warlords of Draenor cinematic trailer, we’re sure it has inspired more than one inactive World of Warcraft gamer to reactivate their accounts. However depending on how far back you stopped, you’ll probably have to buy and catch up with all the expansions if you wish to experience all the game has to offer.

Thankfully Blizzard knows this and has since lowered the price of the Mists of Pandaria expansion, so if you’re missing the previous expansion, you might be pleased to learn that Blizzard has dropped the price of the game down to a very affordable $10. Prior to this, the expansion was retailing for around $20 which is still cheaper than when it first launched. Read full post →World Of Warcraft: Mists Of Pandaria’s Price Dropped To $10

super smash bros wily stageAs gamers might have heard by now, Nintendo has announced that they will be releasing Super Smash Bros. later this year, although it seems that Wii U owners can expect to get their hands on the game later than those on the Nintendo 3DS, but why is that? Doesn’t that seem a little unfair for Wii U gamers?

Well according to the game’s creator, Masahiro Sakurai, in his semi-weekly column in Weekly Famitsu (via Kotaku), he explained that the difference in the launch dates is because of the debugging process, which is usually pretty lengthy and time-consuming so in order to ensure that both versions of the game are relatively bug-free, they decided to separate the debugging periods. Read full post →Smash Bros’ Creator Explains Why Wii U Version Will Be Released After The 3DS

Earlier this year, Rovio announced that they had a new Angry Birds game in the works called Angry Birds Stella. This will actually be the tenth game in the Angry Birds franchise and will introduce gamers to a host of new characters. However apart from the introduction to new characters, the gameplay is expected to remain the same.

There will be new locations for players to play from, such as Golden Island, and the good news is that if you were looking forward to the game, Rovio has since officially announced that Angry Birds Stella will be seeing a release on the 4th of September which is a couple of weeks away, so gamers won’t have to wait too long to get their hands on it. Read full post →Angry Birds Stella Pegged For 4th September Release