In recent times we’re starting to see Facebook introduce ads in its videos, where sometimes when you watch a video halfway, an ad will appear. So far the ads only appear mid-way through the video and never at the start, but apparently this is something that Facebook wants to change as they have announced plans for pre-roll ads. Read full post →Facebook To Introduce Pre-Roll Ads For ‘Watch’ Videos

More often than not, it is usually cheaper to upgrade your computer yourself by purchasing parts from outside rather than directly from your computer maker. The only downside is that it isn’t covered by your warranty (and might void your warranty) and you’ll have to do it yourself, which can be daunting for users who aren’t familiar with the process. Read full post →iMac Pro’s RAM Can Only Be Upgraded By Apple, Authorized Service Provider

Vending machines are typically used to purchase things like drinks and snacks, but if you’ve ever been to Japan, then you know that the country’s vending machine game is next level. For example you can buy things like fruits, eggs, SIM cards, umbrellas, and more, so why not cars, right? Read full post →Alibaba Wants To Sell Cars Through A Vending Machine

Following the successful launch of the Amazon Echo, it really wasn’t surprising to see many companies follow suit with their own offerings, like the Google Home and the Apple HomePod. It also did not come as a surprise to learn that Samsung might have something up their sleeves as well. Read full post →Samsung’s Smart Speaker Reportedly Planned For First Half Of 2018

Many of us at some point during a movie regretted ordering a large drink, or having that spicy noodles for dinner, because unlike at home where you can easily hit the pause button, there is no pause button in the cinemas, at least not unless the entire cinema collectively agrees to wait for you while you run to the bathroom. Read full post →‘RunPee’ App Tells You When To Take A Bathroom Break During Movies

Skype’s video calls are useful for all kinds of situations, whether it be to catch up with friends and family while abroad, speaking to loved ones like your children, holding office/group meetings, and so on. It can and has also been successfully used to interview potential job applicants who might be from out of town or overseas. Read full post →Skype Introduces ‘Interviews Scheduler’ Feature

Following the rumors that Disney was close to buying Fox, the rumors have since been confirmed as Disney has recently announced the deal which is said to be worth $52 billion. What this means is that pending regulatory approval, Disney’s acquisition of Fox will also see some Marvel franchises return to the company (Disney owns Marvel). Read full post →Disney Reassures That ‘Deadpool’ Will Remain R-Rated

We already knew that the iMac Pro would not come cheap. When Apple finally announced the computer’s availability, it was also revealed that its starting price was at $4,999, which puts it well beyond the reach of the average computer user. Then again it does pack some impressive hardware and a custom T2 chip for enhanced security. Read full post →A Fully-Specced iMac Pro Will Cost A Whopping $14,000

Amazon seems to have some kind of on-again, off-again relationship with some of the big tech companies out there, such as Google and Apple. As you might have heard, previously Amazon decided to stop selling the Google Chromecast and the Apple TV, but now it looks like Amazon has decided to start selling them again. Read full post →Google Chromecast, Apple TV Will Be Sold By Amazon (Again)

If you’re wondering what the Samsung Galaxy S9 could look like, you’ll be interested to learn that a recent render of the phone has found its way online, courtesy of the folks at 91mobiles and @OnLeaks, which apparently are based on factory CAD renders. Whether or not the CAD renders were real remains to be seen, but for the most part the render above lines up with what we’ve been hearing so far. Read full post →New Alleged Samsung Galaxy S9 Render Shows Off The Phone’s Design