xiaomi mi 4 640x426When it comes to selling a product, there is no better way than to blow your own trumpet – that is, the speed at which a particular device would actually sell. It seems that the folks over at Xiaomi might be in a spot at the moment, having blown their own trumpet about selling out their supply of Xiaomi Mi3 smartphones in a matter of just 40 minutes in India. How about having sold 10,000 of Xiaomi Redmi Notes in just one second? The Taiwan Fair Trade Commission (FTC) will open an investigation into such claims after receiving complaints.

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usb plug n preyThe next time someone passes you a USB flash drive to plug into your computer, you might be a wee bit more wary. After all, researchers have successfully reprogrammed USB flash drives in order to have them infect computers on the quiet. According to the researchers involved, they claimed to have reprogrammed some USB flash drives’ firmware with malicious code, and this code will run via the gadget’s micro-controller in order to install malware on a computer as well as redirect network traffic without the victim being any wiser for it.

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playon wpFor those who are not in the know, PlayOn will deliver the wonders of streaming TV right to the big screen itself, as well as on computers. In fact, PlayOn will feature apps for just about any kind of platform that a customer would want, where users are able to make use of the service in order to check out their favorite TV shows regardless of where they are, although select channels will require some sort of subscription. Windows Phone has finally caught up with other platforms, Chromecast included, having seeing the PlayOn app debut on it.

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nokia teslaWe do know that Microsoft is not content to rest on their laurels, otherwise the company would not be where it is today. Having said that, their Windows Phone smartphones continue to see a portfolio expansion even in the months ahead, with some of the upcoming devices being given codenames – and one of them would be the Nokia Tesla. The Nokia Tesla is said to be the future Nokia Lumia 730/830, where it is tipped to arrive on AT&T when it finally rolls out to the masses.

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nflWhen it comes to the world of sports, you know for sure that winning plays a very important role, although it is not everything despite what many people think. The pressure to win has led some athletes to take short cuts – such as drugs and match fixing, while those who prefer the old school route would settle for hard work, plenty of training, psychology conditioning, and a little bit of luck when the situation to create history comes knocking on their doors. Technology, too, has helped athletes improve their game. Case in point – 17 NFL stadiums will make use of receivers as well as RFID tags integrated within the player’s shoulder pads in order to track one’s movement.

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john legereT-Mobile has definitely been making waves in the past year or so, announcing new plans and new programs, one of which saw the carrier willing to pay for a customer’s early termination fee as long as it meant that they would be leaving their carrier for T-Mobile. This is why it is hardly surprising that T-Mobile has crossed the 50 million subscriber mark.

The company had recently posted its financials for the second quarter of the year. According to the numbers, the carrier had managed to add 1.5 million subscribers, making it T-Mobile’s fifth consecutive period in which they added more than 1 million net subscribers. In fact they also managed to beat out AT&T and Verizon who added 1 million and 1.4 million subscribers respectively. Sprint on the other hand actually saw a loss of 245,000 subscribers. Read full post →T-Mobile Added 1.5m Subscribers Last Quarter, Crosses The 50m Mark

nyc2011 dre jimmy photo kevin mazur 640x425According to a report from yesterday, it was said that Apple was looking to cut as many as 200 jobs from Beats once the deal closes, which is expected to take place on the 1st of August. This is hardly a surprising move since companies tend to cut jobs once they acquire another company, unless they are planning on allowing that company run as a separate entity.

Well Apple has since confirmed that they will be letting some employees from Beats go. According to Apple spokesman, Tom Neumayr, “We’re excited to have the Beats team join Apple, and we have extended job offers to every Beats employee. Because of some overlap in our operations, some offers are for a limited period and we’ll work hard during this time to find as many of these Beats employees as we can another permanent job within Apple.” Read full post →Apple Confirms Impending Job Cuts At Beats

twitter before afterWhen a user browses a website on their browser, the browser of that platform will tell the server what kind of browser they are so that the server will know whether or not to deliver a website for mobile or a website for desktop. There are plenty of mobile-optimized websites these days, although it seems that many of them are giving Internet Explorer for Windows Phone a hard time.

What this means is that sometimes websites don’t render correctly or properly on Windows Phone, leading to a less than ideal browsing experience. According to recent reports, this has essentially forced Microsoft to make their Windows Phone user-agent identifier as Apple’s iPhone Safari browser. Read full post →Windows Phone’s Browser Masquerades As Safari To Deliver Mobile Optimized Websites

russia eraWhen it comes to Windows Phone-powered smartphones, most of us would think about the numerous devices from Nokia and their Lumia range, while HTC is rumored to come on board with the HTC One (M8) for Windows Phone. Having said that, Russian OEM Fly intends to join in on the Windows Phone fun with the Era smartphone.

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iwatch 640x360According to a report from yesterday, it was suggested that Apple could only begin shipping the iWatch this December. This is apparently due to production issues that apparently caused the delay and potentially limited quantity as well. This has recently been “confirmed” by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who estimates that Apple will most likely ship 3 million iWatch units by the end of this year.

This is compared to his earlier estimation where he estimated between 5-10 million iWatch shipments by the end of 2014, so safe to say that his new estimation is a sign that supply of the iWatch could be severely constrained. Kuo also seems to believe that Apple will be turning to the use of sapphire for the iWatch covers. Read full post →Analyst Cuts iWatch Shipping Estimates Down To 3 Million