appletestedcasesApple has a few cases made by the Cupertino company for its iOS devices, however for the most part the company largely relies on third-party manufacturers to create accessories for its products. However we’re sure some of you might be wondering if a particular product is good or not, and that’s what reviews are for.

However perhaps in a bid to further reassure customers, Apple has launched a new page on its online store called “Tested cases”. As the name implies, this is a dedicated page on Apple’s website in which the Cupertino company themselves has mentions how they go about testing accessories that boasts the Made for iPhone/iPad certification. Read full post →Apple Launches “Tested Cases” Page To Online Store

apple musicWith Apple Music being integrated into iOS itself including the use and control of the service with Siri, we suppose it isn’t surprising that many users are finding it extremely compelling. In fact according to a recent finding, it seems that thousands of Spotify users appear to have left the platform in favor of Apple Music.

Now we should note that these numbers aren’t official numbers per se. Instead these numbers are based on social media status updates in which users are proclaiming to have waved goodbye to Spotify and choosing to go with Apple Music instead. However like we said these aren’t official numbers as these users could easily swap back to Spotify anytime they want, or maybe they changed their mind an hour later. Read full post →Report: Spotify Users Leaving For Apple Music

tinder celebrityFor those who have used Tinder, we’re sure at some point in time you must have come across someone using a photo of a celebrity as their profile photo. Heck, their name might also be that of the celebrity, but given that this is the internet, can you really trust what you see? Well thankfully just like what Twitter and Facebook has done, Tinder will now feature verified celebrity profiles. Read full post →Tinder Launches Verified Profiles For Celebrities

oneplus2-4gb-ramAre you stoked that the OnePlus 2 is about to be launched shortly – on July 27th, to be exact? Certainly there is a fair amount of buzz surrounding this particular smartphone, especially when it is about to be rolled out in what is touted to be the first virtual-reality product announcement in the world. Not only that, if the OnePlus One was anything to go by, then the OnePlus 2, if it lives up to its predecessor’s nickname of being a “flagship killer”, looks set to be worth checking out as well. It seems that more details concerning the OnePlus 2 have arrived – and the amount of RAM is set to get a major boost.

Read full post →OnePlus 2 To Have More RAM Than Before

doogee-f2015-liquid-metalDoogee might sound like a distant cousin of one of the more famous Internet memes, but let us leave it as that. Doogee happens to be one of the many smartphone manufacturers that are starting to emerge from China, where they have had their fair share of innovative products before such as the Doogee S6000 that is tipped to come with a 6,000mAh battery, while the Doogee DG700 Pro is said to feature a pair of 5” 1080 x 1920 resolution displays (goodness knows just what kind of battery life this handset has). Well, here are more details on another handset, the Doogee F2015, where it is touted to feature a liquid metal body. The use of liquid metal is said to enable the handset to be more resistant towards scratches and dents, as it absorbs vibrations better.

Read full post →Doogee F2015 Uses Liquid Metal For Chassis

galaxy-a8-leaksSamsung has not quite taken the official step to ensure or confirm that they are indeed the ones behind the Samsung Galaxy A8, although there has been a fair number of rumors going around that this particular device is about to be released. Still, this does not detract from the fact that the Samsung Galaxy A8 is indeed, well on its way to the market. After all, the Galaxy A8 had already picked up approval from China’s telecom authorities. A Chinese website has shared more details on the Samsung Galaxy A8 this time around, so head on right after the jump if you’re interested.

Read full post →More Samsung Galaxy A8 Details Revealed

hackingRecently there have been some news about a spyware developer company called Hacking Team. The company is apparently responsible for creating spyware which is used by governments and law enforcement agencies to spy on others, although the company has since made embarrassing headlines for being hacked themselves.

However it seems that in the hack, it was found that the Hacking Team had actually discovered a weaponized exploit that will take advantage of an unpatched vulnerability in Adobe Flash. What this means is that with the documents and files of the Hacking Team being posted online, hackers who have discovered the vulnerability will no doubt be rushing to take advantage of it before it gets patched. Read full post →Potential Flash Zero-Day Vulnerability Exposed In Recent Hack

mega man helmetIf you grew up playing games, chances are at one point or the other you probably have heard or even played Capcom’s Mega Man series. In fact the game, despite it being such an old franchise, is still going on strong today with Capcom teaming up with Nintendo to release Mega Man-themed consoles.

Now if you consider yourself a huge Mega Man fan, and maybe you’re the type that likes to cosplay as Mega Man, you’re in luck because it seems that Capcom has an official Mega Man helmet that you can actually buy. So if you’d rather not make one for yourself or resort to buying third-party creations, Capcom’s official merchandize might be of interest to you. Read full post →Capcom Has An Actual Wearable Mega Man Helmet That Lights Up

Drones are great for videographers and photographers as it allows them to capture footage that might be previously unavailable to them, thanks to the heights and angles that drones can get themselves into. Now if you’re a drone hobbyist and wouldn’t mind the ability to capture higher quality footage, then Yuneec might have a drone for you. Read full post →The Yuneec Typhoon Q500 Is A Sleek Drone That Can Shoot In 4K

ubergizmo-plus-smartnewsWe’re launching the Ubergizmo smartnews channel in partnership with App Reader Smartnews. If you haven’t tried Smartnews for yourself, it is an up-and-coming news reader that brings two wonderful features:

  1. The app is incredibly fast, thanks to the “Smart” mode that can show a news piece much faster than a mobile website would load – even an optimized one.
  2. It has a special algorithm that bubbles up popular news, not only based on classic “social vote” metrics, but also on actual user reading behavior.

Here’s how to get the app, and how to add the Ubergizmo channel in easy steps: Read full post →Read Ubergizmo With Smartnews