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Seung-Gon Park, CEO of BallReady

Dogs can be great companions. Often called Man’s best friend, they have become the object of much affection by their masters who treat them more like kids than pets sometime. However, the reality is that pet owners go to work, and dogs don’t have much entertainment during the day.

Worse, some studies have suggested that dogs can feel distress or anxiety when left at home alone. The level of stress seems related to the alone-time for dogs in this situation. In some countries, “pets hotels” are seen as a solution to this problem, but they are expensive and not always convenient or available. Read full post →BallReady: Telepresence For Dog Owners

ps4 sneakers 2Gamers come from all walks of life, whether they’re high-ranking corporate executives, to artists, to college students, to fashionistas, and so on. However what do you do when you’re both a sneaker design and a fan of the Sony PlayStation 4 console? What do you do then? Well, you design a pair of custom PlayStation 4-themed shoes, of course!

That is what Jonny Barry of FreakerSNEAKS did when he created the pair of JRDN X PS4 sneakers. These sneakers are based on the Nike Air Jordan 4 sneakers which debuted back in 1989. According to the folks at Dualshockers who did an interview with Barry, it seems that the sneakers were an ode to his love of sneakers as well as being a self-proclaimed Sony loyalist. Read full post →PS4-themed Nike Air Jordan Sneakers Are A Thing

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galaxy tab s 8.4 05 640x387If you’re in the market for new tablets, you might be interested to learn that AT&T has recently announced that they will begin taking pre-orders for both the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and the Galaxy Tab S 10.5, both of which have been released earlier this year. The former will be priced at $429 on a two-year contract, while the latter will be priced at $529.

Pre-orders will begin today and customers who pre-order their device can expect that both models will begin shipping on the 23rd of September. We should note that both models are of the LTE variety, so you will probably want to get a data plan if you wish to take advantage of it. Both models are also expected to be made available via AT&T’s online store and their retail stores starting 26th September. Read full post →AT&T Taking Pre-Orders For Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 & 10.5

kindle paperwhite review text 640x427While tablets these days are perfectly capable of display e-books and being used to read them on, there are some out there who still prefer e-readers simply because e-readers tend to use the e-ink display technology which makes it easier on the eyes. E-readers also tend to have much better battery life so that readers won’t have to worry about running out of juice mid-sentence.

That being said, it seems that Amazon could be getting prepared to launch a new Kindle e-reader. This is thanks to Amazon Germany (via The Verge) who had several listings for a certain “Kindle Voyager” device. The e-reader is said to sport a 6-inch display with a pixel density of 300ppi, and apparently the release date has been set for the 4th of November. Read full post →Kindle Voyage E-Reader Spotted On Amazon Germany’s Website

Xperia Z3 Compact inferiorWhile Sony has some pretty decent high-end smartphones, like the recently announced Sony Xperia Z3, the company also has some low-mid range smartphones in its stable as well. Unfortunately it seems that those devices aren’t doing particularly well which is why Sony has recently announced that they will be revising their finances.

The company has recently quadrupled their forecast of the amount of money they expect to lose in the financial year, and it seems that the loss is largely attributed to the company’s low-mid range Xperia handsets that aren’t selling as well as Sony had initially hoped. Sony’s revised financials now state that its net loss will be about 230 billion yen, a leap from its previous forecast of 50 billion yen. Read full post →Sony Revises Their Financials, Expects A Much Bigger Loss

relonch 1 640x336Good photos are the result of many things taken into consideration – good composition and lighting, a good lens, a good camera, a good image processing engine, understanding your camera’s controls, and etc., just to name a few. Well the good news is that if you are looking to take your smartphone photography game to the next level, you might be interested in a device called the Relonch.

So what is the Relonch, well for starters it’s a rather interesting case. While your iPhone can hook into the case, the Relonch is actually a camera of its own at the same time as well. Yup, you read that right, your smartphone basically acts as a viewfinder, which in some way reminds us of Sony’s QX-series of lens style cameras. Read full post →Relonch Is A Camera Case For The iPhone

logitech keyboard 640x463If you’re looking for a gaming keyboard that is pack full of features, you might want to consider the recently announced Logitech G910 Orion Spark keyboard. As you can see in the image above, this does not appear to be your regular gaming keyboard and based on the specs and features, safe to say gamers will be getting more than what they bargained for.

The keyboard will feature mechanical keys which seems to be a popular choice these days as far as gaming keyboards are concerned. However instead of going with Cherry switches, Logitech has gone with Romer-G switches instead, which are apparently more durable, have intelligent illumination, and is said to have 25% faster actuation. Read full post →Logitech G910 Orion Spark Gaming Keyboard Announced

ice climbersSo it wasn’t too long ago that Nintendo had released Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS console. The game has since proven to be a massive hit and has since managed to sell over 1 million copies in Japan alone! Now we know that in the game, gamers have probably several different characters which are their favorite.

However veteran gamers will have noticed that at least one set of characters is missing from the game – the Ice Climbers Popo and Nana. For those who have played previous iterations of the game, the Ice Climbers have been included in the game, so what gives? Why were they omitted from this version of Super Smash Bros.? Read full post →Ice Climbers Missing From Super Smash Bros. Due To Technical Limitations

dropbox iosThanks to a variety of cloud storage services available today, there is no shortage of choice when it comes to choosing which service provider you would like to go with. Well the bad news is that if you’re planning on updating to iOS 8 later today, you might be disappointed to learn that Dropbox’s Automatic Backup function could run into issues with the new OS. Read full post →Dropbox’s Automatic Backup Feature Will Be Incompatible With iOS 8

samsung curved monitorSo we know that Samsung has curved TVs, but if you’re thinking that it might be a tad too expensive and too big for regular computer use, you might be interested to learn that Samsung has recently taken the wraps off the Samsung SD590C which is a 27-inch curved monitor.

The device has been announced in South Korea so we’re not sure if it will be making its way stateside. The monitor has been certified by the likes of US-based Underwriters Laboratories and Germany’s TUV Rheinland, which makes it the first curved monitor to receive such certification for its quality and performance. Read full post →Samsung Unveils 27-inch Curved Monitor In South Korea