apple store app securityWhile shopping apps like the Apple Store app makes shopping on our mobile devices easier, it can also be dangerous as someone could accidentally purchase an item using your account thus putting you out of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in a single click. Thankfully things are about to get safer in the latest Apple Store app.

Apple has recently pushed out an update to the Apple Store app, bringing it up to version 3.3. With the latest version, the main changes that Apple has made is in its security. Basically now users have the option of enabling  two-step authentication which means that an extra code will have to be entered to verify your purchases. Read full post →Apple Store App Updated With Two-Step Authentication

BlackBerry-LogoThere have been plenty of rumors surrounding who may or may not acquire BlackBerry, although to date we have yet to see any of these rumors come to fruition. Well here to add to the list is a report from DigiTimes who claims to have heard from industry sources that companies such as Microsoft and Xiaomi could be interested in the Canadian handset maker.

Along with these two companies, their industry sources have also suggested that more than one Chinese OEM was interested as well and have also named the lines of Lenovo and Huawei, claiming that by acquiring BlackBerry it would give them a larger presence in the western market. Of course it should be noted that they are referred to as potential investors so it seems that maybe their interest could be in its initial stages versus being in talks with the company already. Read full post →BlackBerry Eyed By Microsoft & Xiaomi For Acquisition [Rumor]

pebble timeEarly this year Pebble Time, the color version of the Pebble smartwatch, launched on Kickstarter where it was successfully funded. An update earlier this month revealed that the device had entered into mass production and was ready to begin shipping this month, although no specific dates were mentioned.

The good news is that if you were one of the Pebble Time’s backers and are looking forward to receiving your device, you should be able to expect it next week. This is according to a recent update on the Pebble Time’s Kickstarter page where the team behind the watch revealed that shipments of the device would begin on the 27th of May. Read full post →Pebble Time To Begin Shipping 27th May

weworewhatInstagram is more than just a platform where one can share photos of what they’ve eaten or where they’ve been. It can also be used as a platform to advertise to customers, kind of like how there are many bloggers out there who accept advertorials and do paid reviews for products related to their blog’s content.

However have you ever wondered how much these people potentially make? Well in the case of 22-year old Danielle Bernstein (@weworewhat), this personal style blogger reportedly can command as much as $15,000 per post on Instagram. How is this, you ask? The simple answer is exclusivity in which the clothes Bernstein wears in her posts do not contain products belonging to that of a rival company. Read full post →22-year Old Instagrammer Commands Up To $15,000 For A Single Post

klm planeCreating a social media presence for your company is more than just setting up a Twitter and Facebook account. There’s also more to it than just posting updates and announcements and a very good example of this is airline company KLM’s social media managers. Speaking to John Koetsier at VentureBeat, the company revealed that their social media managers have managed to nab the company about $25 million in annual revenue.

According to the company’s social media manager Gert-Wim ter Haar, “Social is more and more becoming a profit center. It’s first about service, then brand and reputation, but also about commerce … we have to make money.” For example social media can be where customers turn to when they are faced with problems. Read full post →KLM’s Social Media Managers Generate $25m In Annual Revenue

apple_watch_heart_rateA few days ago, Apple released the first ever update for the Apple Watch. This is something that should have been a good thing as updates usually mean bug fixes and various improvements. Unfortunately in this case, it seems that the update has messed up the heart rate monitor on the Apple Watch, making it less reliable than before.

According to various reports on online forums and Apple’s own support forums (via The Verge), users are complaining that the device basically stops measuring the wearer’s heart rate for long periods of time. Usually when one is in a more idle state, the Apple Watch will take the wearer’s heart rate every 10 minutes, but ever since the update, the timing is all over the place. Read full post →Apple Watch Heart Rate Monitor Becomes Less Reliable Post-Update

diyzerThere are plenty of websites out there that users can visit if they want to learn how to make a piece of hardware using available technology such as Arduino. How these websites work is that one person (or a team) creates a project and uploads the instructions and guides online where other people can then view it and follow it for themselves.

However a new platform has launched under the name of DIYZER and unlike similar websites, DIYZER hopes to differentiate itself by being collaborative. What this means is that instead of one person or a team working on something and then submitting it for others to follow, DIYZER will allow users to come together online and collaborate together towards creating the final product. Read full post →DIYZER Wants To Be The Stack Overflow For Hardware Devs

uber carMost of the issues faced by passengers of Uber’s services have usually been driver-related, but imagine if you could eliminate drivers from the equation, wouldn’t that make the service much more reliable? As it turns out this is something that Uber is considering. According to a report from the Pittsburgh Business Times, Uber’s test car was spotted on the roads of Pittsburgh recently.

On the side of the vehicle, the words “Uber Advanced Technologies Center” were spotted as well, giving away its identity. A statement provided by Uber spokeswoman Sarah Maxwell reads, “This vehicle is part of our early research efforts regarding mapping, safety and autonomy systems.” It should be noted that this isn’t a self-driving car (yet) but a vehicle that Uber uses for its research purposes. Read full post →Uber Moves One Step Closer To Creating Self-Driving Cars

swattingBy now we’re sure most of you guys have heard of the term “swatting” which is basically where the instigator calls the police claiming to have done something wrong and serious, and spoofing/giving them the address of their victim, in which an armed police team will storm that house to try and diffuse the situation, only to find out that it was a prank call.

Now this is an extremely dangerous prank as feelings are tense and the wrong move could result in an innocent person being shot. Recently in Canada, a 17-year old teen was arrested and has pleaded guilty to 23 counts of swatting and making false police reports. Based on a report by Canada’s Tri-City News, it seems that most of his victims were female gamers who declined or ignored his friend requests on games such as League of Legends or on Twitter. Read full post →Canadian Teen Pleads Guilty To 23 Counts Of Swatting

google-maps-update-1Earlier this week Google Maps came under fire when it was discovered that typing in a racial slur in the search box would zoom into the White House in Washington D.C. and also yielded results for Nairobi, Kenya. This snafu came about a month after the previous scandal in which a user used Google’s Map Maker tool to upload an offensive image to the service.

In all fairness this isn’t really Google’s fault per se, but rather its users who have abused the system which depends on user contributions to help expand Google Map’s features and functionality. However at the same time Google has since come forward and apologized for the screw ups all the same. Read full post →Google Apologizes For Recent Google Maps Incidents