ps4 hrdware large18 640x334It is no secret that Sony’s PlayStation 4 is doing well for itself. In fact earlier this year about half a year since its release, the Sony had managed to sell over 7 million PlayStation 4 units, so what about recently? Well according to Sony’s recent financials, it has been revealed that the company had managed to ship 3.3 million PlayStation 4 units from July to September.

Sony also noted that they had managed to ship 800,000 PlayStation 3 units during that same time period, although given that amount, it is safe to say that demand for the PlayStation 3 console is starting to dwindle, despite its larger library of games and more affordable price tag, but we suppose all good things must come to an end, right? Read full post →Sony Has Shipped 3.3 Million PlayStation 4 Units In The Past 3 Months

highlights inboxWhen we receive a new email, it will tell us who it’s from, the subject, and maybe a little snippet. This is great for regular conversations between you and your friends, family, or co-workers, but what if it is regarding a hotel booking or a flight that you are scheduled to take? Well Google’s Inbox has recently been updated and with the update, it will allow developers to make their emails stand out from the crowd.

This new feature is called Highlights and it basically shows the user at a glance the information that the sender believes is important. For example if you have an upcoming flight, airline companies who send out the email will be able to make it so that the “Check in” action is available at a glance, as well as the live flight status information. Read full post →Google Inbox Updated With “Highlights” Feature

viktor orban 640x438About a week ago, we reported that the Hungarian government was thinking about taxing the internet. This meant that internet service providers would be taxed depending on how much data was being transferred, and safe to say no one was happy about it to the point where there were protests regarding the proposal.

Well thankfully such a law did not come into effect. It has been reported that the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban decided to ditch the plan in the face of such huge opposition from his people. Orban confirmed that they would not be going ahead with the proposal on a radio show early Friday morning. Read full post →Hungary’s Prime Minister Ditches Internet Tax Law

golds gym microsoft band 640x480It is safe to say that many of us make resolutions at the start of the year where we promise ourselves and each other that joining a gym and getting into shape would be one of the goals for the year. It is also safe to say that there are a good many people who after a few weeks eventually give up, or worse, have yet to even start.

Well it seems that if you were to get your hands on the Microsoft Band fitness tracker, you might not have an excuse not to gym. Franchised gym Gold’s Gym has recently announced that customers who purchase the Microsoft Band will be eligible for a two-week trial membership at any of their gym locations. of course given that the Microsoft Band is only available in the US, your membership will be limited to US outlets. Read full post →Gold’s Gym Offers Fitness Plans, Free 2 Week Trial For Microsoft Band Users

currentc 640x299If there is a reason why many are against the CurrentC mobile payment system proposed by the MCX group is not only are they disallowing the use of other mobile payments offered by other parties, but it is also a slightly convoluted system which seems anything but efficient. However if there is one thing it has done, it would be to bring iOS and Android fans together to rally against the system.

Well as it turns out, it looks like CurrentC could have made themselves more enemies in the form of Windows Phone and BlackBerry users. It seems that if you’re a Windows Phone or a BlackBerry user and you were thinking of checking out the service when it launches next year, well you’d be out of luck. Read full post →MCX’s CurrentC Will Not Support Windows Phone Or BlackBerry

iphone 6 2 640x483We’re sure that there are users out there who might find displays above 4.5-inch or 5-inches a little too excessive, but if you’re a developer, chances are you might want to start developing apps for phones with large displays. This is because according to analysts at IHS, it seems that apps on larger displays have better engagement with its users.

What this means for the developer is that the longer the user uses an app, they will be able to pull more money in from advertising or users could end up purchasing more in-app purchases. According to Chris Hill, the senior VP of marketing at Mobida, “Analysis of the data clearly shows the positive impact larger screens are having on the industry.” Read full post →Analyst: Larger Displays Lead To Better App Engagement

os x yosemiteWhenever new software is released, there are bound to be some bugs that the developers failed to catch during their testing phases. Some of the reported problems of OS X Yosemite included Bluetooth connectivity issues, and now according to reports, it seems that WiFi connectivity issues can be added to the list as well.

According to a variety of reports across the internet, OS X Yosemite users have been complaining of WiFi issues affecting their computers. It does not seem to be limited to a particular Mac computer, thus hinting that it could be software related. Users are reporting that their WiFi connections have slowed after updating, and in some cases users are also reporting frequent disconnections. Read full post →OS X Yosemite Users Complaining Of WiFi Problems

A report from a couple of days ago had suggested that the Samsung Galaxy A-series of smartphones would be launched in November. Well as it turns out the report was close enough as Samsung has officially announced the Samsung Galaxy A series, which for now consists of the Samsung Galaxy A3 and the Galaxy A5.

There was no mention of the alleged higher-end Samsung Galaxy A7, but presumably that will be coming at a later date, so for now we guess we will have these two devices to contend with. Moving along, Samsung claims that these new A-series of handsets have been designed for a younger and more trendy crowd in mind. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5 Officially Announced

iphone6 bend testWhen the iPhone 6 Plus was launched, it had one huge problem – bending. There were numerous reports of people bending their new phones which led to it being dubbed “Bendgate”. According to Apple at that time, less than 10 people had actually officially complained about the issue to Apple, but interestingly enough it looks like Apple has decided to do something about it.

While Apple has yet to officially acknowledge it, there are some users who are reporting that Apple could have quietly strengthened the device without making it public. According to a post by a Reddit user, he claims that the new iPhone 6 Plus he bought is different from the one his wife bought shortly after it was launched. Read full post →Apple Might Have Quietly Fixed The iPhone 6 Plus’ Bending Problem

mgs v groundzeroesFor those of you living in the US, the very idea of actually packing your bags and uprooting yourself so that you end up in Europe can be an exciting experience, or a terrifying one, depending on your personality as well as the direction in which you are heading. Having said that, here is one reason to be in Europe if you have not quite made the effort to go there even for a visit – apparently, the final sticker price for boxed versions of Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes has received a reduction. Not only that, this particular price reduction is said to be a permanent one in the Old Continent.

Read full post →Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes Price Permanently Reduced In Europe