google nexus logoThere has been quite a number of speculation going around that Google could actually introduce a 5.9” Nexus X, simply for the fact that the company intend to have various options at various sizes . There is some common sense behind this idea, as when the next generation Nexus goes on sale, it would be available at 5”, 6”, 7”, 8.9” and 10”. Does this mean that there will still be a Nexus 5 model in due time?

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smg5309waSamsung is one company that loves to spread its bets, so to speak. Otherwise, there is no reason for it to target every single market segment when it comes to the different kinds of smartphones on the market, right? Well, it seems that there is yet another device that is all set to be released, and that comes in the form of the Samsung SM-G5309W. It is touted to be a 5” smartphone which will run on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 410 processor.

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Comments can be a good barometer of how your website’s “connection” with its readers are – and when you have invested plenty of time in a particular piece, it can get heartwarming to read a word of encouragement on the job that you have done. Not only that, there are some comments that would help us get back on the right path, so to speak, if we have veered away or performed way too many mistakes for a grammar Nazi to read past by without responding. Felix Kjellberg, who is better known as PewDiePie, happens to be one of the most popular YouTube personalities around with over 30 million subscribers, has decided to turn off comments on his channel, and this decision is final.

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chinamobileThe iPhone 6 from Apple is not ready to be unveiled until this coming September 9th, but this does not mean that interest has flatlined, but on the contrary, parties such as China Mobile has begun to accept preorders for not one, but both iPhone 6 models – namely the 4.7” and the 5.5” variant. This is more or less an unofficial confirmation that there will indeed be a 5.5” iPhone 6 device that is set to roll out.

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A research team from the University of Tokyo has revealed one of their latest creations, which is touted to be one of the fastest two-legged robots in the world. Just how fast is this little critter able to go? Well, we are looking at speeds of up to 4.2 kilometers per hour, which can be roughly converted to 2.6 mph. There are four-legged robots that can run at up to 10 times the speed though.

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cube iwork 7When it comes to the world of tablets, I am quite sure that many of us are familiar with the all conquering iPad from Apple, which does not look as though it is going to relinquish its throne anytime soon. Apart from that, there has also been a slew of Android-powered tablets that were introduced over the years, but what on the Windows front? Well, two Chinese manufacturers intend to add more zip to the world of Windows-powered tablets, where Cube and Ramos have unveiled 7” tablets that will be powered by Intel Atom Bay Trail processors and Windows 8.1 as the operating system of choice.

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Lenovo Y70 Touch 6

There are quite a few gaming laptops out there, and some are quite powerful and somewhat heavy, but few are touch-enabled, especially when they have a big 17” display. The Lenovo Y70 is the first such laptop from Lenovo, and Windows 8 users should appreciate the arrival of the touch option in this line of product from Lenovo.

Inside, you will find a fast CPU and GPU combo, namely (up to) the Intel Core i7 and the NVIDIA GTX-860M with 4GB of GDDR5 video memory – that’s a lot. This should allow gamers to play with the highest resolution textures, which is very nice considering how much detail they bring to games. Read full post →Lenovo Y70 17” Gaming Touch Laptop

Lenovo TAB S8 2

The Lenovo Tab S8 is interesting for two reasons: first, it is a very attractive tablet price aggressively at $199. Secondly, it is powered by Intel, which is slowly but surely gaining some design-wins in the Android space, so it will be interesting to hear from Intel what is the global progress on that front.

Back to the Tab S8, this is a no-nonsense tablet that has a clean and classic design, with a black glass front, metal trims on the side and a soft-paint surface in the back. It features a 1080p IPS display, which is a very nice piece of specifications for a $199 device. Since not all IPS screens are equal, and entry-level tablets like these are often challenged in terms of black levels, so I would recommend keeping an eye on that. Read full post →Lenovo Tab S8, Powered By Intel

Lenovo Erazer X315 6The ERAZER X310 and X315 are two version of the same Lenovo Desktop gaming system. Just by looking at it, you can guess what it is, and to be fair, I find the design to be largely reminiscent of Alienware, except smaller, which is not a bad thing at all. Read full post →Lenovo ERAZER X310 & X315: Affordable Gaming Desktop PCs

pepper saleSoftBank of Japan, a company that most people would associate with mobile phone services, has announced that they have worked on a plan to sell their very own robot known as “Pepper” over in the U.S. within a year’s time. Pepper happens to be a robot that stands at 1.2 meters in height, where it is capable of cracking a joke by pulling it out from its digital archives, while making an estimate on how the human it is interacting with at the moment is feeling based on one’s expressions.

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