Car manufacturers are great at building cars (who would’ve guessed, right?), but they aren’t that great at developing nice media control interfaces. Besides, every car manufacturer has their own take on a media interface so there’s no uniformity. Fortunately, the tech companies decided to step in a few years ago and launched extensions of their mobile operating systems for the car, namely CarPlay and Android Auto. Plex today announced its support for Android Auto. It will enable seamless media integration in the car.
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Recently you might have heard that Dropbox had decided to revamp themselves, giving themselves a brand new, youthful, and more energetic look, so to speak. However it seems that changing its look wasn’t all that Dropbox has up their sleeves because the company has recently announced a new plan called Dropbox Professional. Read full post →Dropbox Launches ‘Dropbox Professional’ Plan

Crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter are great places to find new and exciting products that have yet to hit the market. It gives people a chance to discover something new and to be part of the process in making it a reality. So far we’ve seen quite a few game-changing products come from such platforms. Read full post →Indiegogo Launches Marketplace For Successfully-Funded Projects

For those who broadcast using the Facebook Live platform, you will be pleased to learn that Facebook has recently updated the feature and it will now include screen sharing. This was initially discovered by The Next Web’s Matt Navarra and as the name suggests, this lets users share their desktop screen directly with Facebook Live, eliminating the need for third-party solutions. Read full post →Facebook Live Now Allows Users To Share Their Screens

Image credit – UCLA Engineering

If there is one advantage that robots might have over humans is that they can’t “feel” what they are touching, meaning that picking up hot or cold objects that are too cold for our bare hands will not prove to be an issue with robots. However this can also be a disadvantage as it means that in terms of operations, robots can be less nuanced than humans. Read full post →Researchers Create ‘Skin’ For Robots That Will Allow Them To Feel

If you’re a fan of Pokemon, then you might have heard that Legendary Pictures managed to land a deal to make a live-action Pokemon movie, which last we heard would be based on Detective Pikachu. Last year we learnt that the movie has found its director in the form of Rob Letterman, but what about those who might star in it? Read full post →‘Detective Pikachu’ Movie Rumored To Feature Either Of These Actors

The way the Nintendo Switch has been designed allows gamers to play at home or on the go. The Joy-Cons have also been designed in such a way that it allows two players to play at once without having to get additional controllers, unless there are more players involved, thus creating a social experience right out of the box. Read full post →Ubisoft Could Be Bringing UNO Onto The Nintendo Switch

Apps like WhatsApp allow users to share their location with their contacts. However this location is static meaning that once it’s been shared, it can’t be changed unless you re-share it. For those who are interested in live location sharing, you might be interested to learn that WhatsApp has recently announced the launch of the feature. Read full post →WhatsApp Now Allows Users To Share Their Live Locations

As you might have heard, EA’s Visceral Games was developing a new Star Wars title. The title in question was meant to be an action-adventure style kind of game, which we suppose makes sense. However it looks like EA will now be taking the game in a completely new direction and will also be shutting Visceral Games down. Read full post →EA’s Upcoming Star Wars Game Will Be Revamped

These days game developers and publishers are no longer content in just selling players a copy of a game. Instead it seems that companies these days are trying to milk every dollar possible out of their players, and this is usually done with in-game transactions where players can spend real-life money to purchase things like skins, costumes, power-ups, and so on. Read full post →Activision’s Patent Helps Encourage Players To Spend Money In-Game