apple-pay-002While mobile payment solutions have been around for a while, it is safe to say that not many of them have seen the same fervent adoption compared to Apple Pay. Many banks and financial institutions have rushed to support the new service and according to a retailer, Apple Pay’s use is currently outpacing that of the competition.

This is why it doesn’t come as a complete surprise to learn that it is possible that Apple’s competitors are scrambling to launch their own payment services in a bid to compete with the company and get in on the action. A report from the Financial Times (via AppleInsider) has recently suggested that companies are looking to acquire payment services. Read full post →Apple Pay Has Competition Scrambling To Make Acquisitions Of Similar Services [Rumor]

apple-iwatch-front-uiIn a surprising confirmation the other day, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook revealed that the Apple Watch would begin shipping to customers in April. Previously the company had promised an early 2015 release, but apart from that they were a bit vague on a specific date, at least until now. That being said we’re sure many of you guys are curious about the device.

While the built-in features are plenty to be excited over, just like smartphones, having more apps would no doubt enhance the user experience which is why it doesn’t not come as a surprise that Apple is currently asking developers to have Apple Watch apps ready by mid-February. This is according to a source who tipped off the folks at MacRumors. Read full post →Apple Asking Developers For Apple Watch Compatible Apps To Be Ready By Mid-Feb

vine kidsVine plays home to all kinds of short video clips. Some are hilarious, some are weird, and some might not necessarily be safe for work OR kids. While we doubt Vine will be launching a safe for work version of the app anytime soon, the developers have since launched a special version of the app designed just for kids in mind.

The kids version of the app was conceived during Vine’s Hack Week, which is basically time given to Vine employees to work on their own personal projects outside of work, which is also where the idea came together. The app will function pretty much the same way as regular Vine, except that in this case the videos have been carefully curated to ensure that they are kid-friendly. Read full post →Vine Launches Kid-Friendly Version Of Its App

htc-one-review-m8-labshot-04So HTC has been rolling out Android 5.0 Lollipop for the HTC One M8, but if you were one of the ones who bought their HTC One M8 or One M7 from a carrier, it seems that you guys will have to wait just a little bit longer. HTC had previously promised to roll out the update within 90 days of Google releasing Android 5.0.

This would mean that that it should be arriving by the 1st of February. However according to HTC US product manager Mo Versi, the update for the carrier versions of the One M8 and One M7 have been pushed back by a bit. According to HTC, it seems that there are some issues with the update that have caused the delay. Read full post →Android 5.0 Delayed For Carrier Versions Of HTC One M8, HTC One M7

moto gBack in 2014, Motorola introduced the 4G LTE version of the 2013-launched Moto G. Motorola then released the 2014 Moto G but unfortunately that phone did not come with 4G LTE connectivity, which we thought was a little odd. However a recent leak by an online retailer a couple of weeks ago suggested that a LTE version could be on its way, and sure enough it has arrived.

The 4G LTE version of the Moto G (2014) has made an appearance on Motorola Brazil’s website where customers are already able to purchase the handset. No word on when Motorola will be bringing that particular version stateside or to international markets, but we will be keeping our eyes peeled all the same. Read full post →Moto G (2014) 4G LTE Model Launched In Brazil

Outlook-App-Charts1-592x1024As some of you guys might have heard, just yesterday Microsoft announced that they would relaunching the Acompli email app as a rebranded version of Outlook. The app was launched for both iOS and Android and as it turns out, it looks like the app is a hit, so much so that it has managed to displace the likes of the official Gmail app from Google.

The app has also managed to become one of the top 15 free apps in the US iTunes App Store at the moment, which is actually a pretty big deal and great exposure for Microsoft. Also considering that the app allows for multiple accounts which includes Outlook, Exchange, and Gmail, we wouldn’t be surprised if Gmail users decided to make the switch so as to better manage their accounts. Read full post →Microsoft’s Newly Launched Outlook App Overtakes Gmail On iTunes

verizon signWhen we receive our phone bills every month, perhaps we are looking at a bill to the tune of maybe under $100, or more if you have a family or business to run. However it isn’t very often that we see bills for a whopping $42,427.21 which is what a woman in Connecticut received from Verizon, and no it was not a mistake.

Usually bills this high is indicative of a mistake in the system, but in this case all the charges are accounted for. Basically the woman had allowed her friend to use her number, but the deal is that her friend had to pay the bills every month. Unfortunately the friend decided to skip town and let her holding the bag to the tune of a bill over $42,000. Read full post →Woman In Connecticut Receives $42,000 Bill From Verizon

231830_Marriott_RoofSignRemember when Marriott got hit with a fine by the FCC for blocking the personal hotspots of their guests? The FCC also announced that they would be aggressively going after other establishments who pull such stunts. Now Marriott has since changed their mind about blocking the personal WiFi hotspots of their guests, but if you recall, they did file a request at the FCC for permission to do so.

Now it looks like Marriott has decided to pull the plug on that too. In a statement emailed to the folks at ArsTechnica, Marriott’s CIO Bruce Hoffmeister was quoted as saying, “Marriott International has decided to withdraw as a party to the petition seeking direction from the FCC on legal Wi-Fi security measures.” Read full post →Marriott Pulls Their Petition To The FCC To Block Personal WiFi Hotspots

google now cardsThe Google Now Cards feature on Android is pretty useful. It has the ability to remind you of things like upcoming flights, track packages, show you information it thinks you might be interested in based on previous searches, currency exchange rates and foreign language phrases while you’re overseas, and more.

However if there is one thing that it lacks, it is that it is missing support from third-party apps. Now as useful as the contextual information might be, we’re sure many would think it’s a lot more useful if third-party app information could be consolidated there too, right? The good news is that Google has heard you and has since updated Google Now to include support for third-party apps. Read full post →Google Now Cards Updated With Third-Party App Support

bmw i3The modern day vehicle is chock full of electronics, so much so that their maintenance would require careful calibration as well as specialized equipment – which translates to a higher cost in the long run. Well, vehicles have also gotten “smarter” thanks to the kind of algorithms and systems that they have, and in the case of Tesla, a firmware update – changes in code, essentially, has resulted in a performance boost, now how about that? If one were to look at the flipside, such code could have flaws – and in the case of BMW, a security flaw did exist that made 22 million of its vehicles a potential candidate for break-ins.

Read full post →BMW Closes Security Loophole To Prevent Unwanted Vehicle Break-Ins