Virtual reality (VR) technology might seem like a pretty obvious candidate when it comes to video games and entertainment purposes, but could it be used for more than that? That’s what Google thinks, and at the company’s Daydream Labs, they are testing out the possibility that VR could be used as a training platform to teach skills. Read full post →Google Wants To Use VR As A Training Platform

Out of all the Marvel series released on Netflix, it’s safe to say that Iron Fist was probably the least well-received. There are many reasons why the series did not resonate with audiences, which we’re sure led to some wondering about the possibility of a second season. For those hoping that the show will have a chance to redeem itself, you’re in luck. Read full post →Marvel Confirms Season 2 Of Netflix’s ‘Iron Fist’

The demand for vinyl appears to be on the rise. We’re not sure why, maybe because of the hipster trend where retro is suddenly cool again, but regardless of the reason, it’s hard to deny that there is an increasing demand for vinyl audio recordings. So much so that in order to meet demand and capitalize on the trend, Australia will be opening its first vinyl factory in 30 years. Read full post →Australia To Open Its First Vinyl Factory In 30 Years

The idea behind net neutrality is that all traffic on the internet is treated equally, meaning that you can’t pay money to ensure that your content is delivered faster. However it seems that Verizon has recently been caught trying to blur those lines during the week, as customers have started noticing that their connection to Netflix might be throttled. Read full post →Verizon Admits To Throttling Netflix As Part Of A ‘Test’

The last time we were treated to a Spawn movie, it was way, way back in 1997. While it wasn’t a terrible movie, it wasn’t exactly the best either. However given that back then movie studios weren’t exactly churning out superhero movies, for its time it was pretty decent. The good news is that if you were hoping for maybe a “better” treatment of the franchise, you’re in luck. Read full post →New ‘Spawn’ Movie Has Been Officially Announced

Landing in a new country at a new airport can be an intimidating experience, especially if it is in a country who speaks a different language than back home. However for the most part, most airports are pretty well equipped to handle tourists and visitors with clear signages in multiple languages. Read full post →LG To Deploy Its Guide Robots At South Korea’s Incheon Airport

HBO’s Game of Thrones series has a lot of titles that they can put to its name, although there’s probably one title that we’re sure HBO isn’t really liking so much, and that is the show being one of the most pirated series of all time. Given that each season seems to be drawing viewers deeper, and deeper into the world of Westeros, it looks like its piracy isn’t slowing down either. Read full post →Game Of Thrones Season 7 Premiere Was Pirated 90 Million Times

It is a rather unfortunate association, but Twitter has been getting a bit of a bad rep for being a platform for trolls and bullies, where people have been making all kinds of insensitive and hurtful comments to the point where users (including celebrities) have been driven off the platform as a result. Read full post →Twitter Claims There Is ‘Significantly Less Abuse’ On Its Platform Now

The thing with a lot of diseases and health problems is that it is usually better when it is detected early. In some cases early detection means a higher chance of being cured, or in some cases where it is incurable, early detection can mean that victims can take measures to slow its progress and to prevent it from becoming too severe, such as in the case of schizophrenia. Read full post →IBM’s AI Predicts Schizophrenia By Looking At Brain Blood Flow

Blizzard’s MOBA Heroes of the Storm has a pretty full roster, but it looks like Blizzard isn’t quite done adding new heroes to the roster yet. Blizzard has recently announced on Twitter that the next hero that will be added to the game will be none other than World of Warcraft’s Garrosh Hellscream. Read full post →Garrosh Hellscream Will Soon Be Introduced To Heroes Of The Storm