moto x1 leatherOne of the key features of the Moto X isn’t so much its hardware, but its customizability that allowed users to create a phone that suits their aesthetic preferences. Motorola also threw in some interesting material choices, such as wood, which allowed the device to look and feel different from the competition.

Now one of the new options for the Moto X+1 has been rumored to be leather and thanks to a recent photo by TK Tech News, an alleged image of the Moto X+1 with a leather backplate has surfaced. It’s a bit hard to tell that it’s leather but according to the post, it is, although we guess you should probably take it with a grain of salt for now. Read full post →Possible Moto X+1 Prototype With Leather Backplate Spotted

lenovo inviteJust last week, Apple sent out invites to an event for the 9th of September which is where they will presumably announce the iPhone 6. The tagline reads, “Wish we could say more,” and it looks like Lenovo has drawn some inspiration from Apple’s invite because in a recent post on Twitter, the company reminded users that they had something to announce on the 4th of September.

As you can see in the image above, the design of the invite certainly looks like it could have been inspired by Apple. That and the fact that the tagline reads, “We can’t say anything either,” seems to be a subtle jab at Apple’s own invite. That being said, the invite clearly shows that Lenovo will be announcing the Vibe X2 at their event. Read full post →Lenovo’s Vibe X2 Invite Takes A Slight Poke At Apple

icewind dale enhanced 640x359For those who are fans of old school RPGs, you guys have probably heard and might have even checked out Beamdog’s Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition series, which includes the first and second game and the expansion. Well the good news is that if you’re after more old school RPGs, Beamdog and Wizards of the Coast have recently announced that Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition is in the making as well.

Given that Icewind Dale was released back in 2000, this means that 14 years has gone by and we’re sure there are many gamers out there who wouldn’t mind reliving some memories they had back in the day. The game is also slated to arrive on a variety of platforms, such as PC, Mac, the iPad, and even on Android devices and is expected to retail for $19.99. Read full post →Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition Announced, Available For Pre-Order

emojli 640x546Back in June, an unusual app called Emojli was announced. For those who are hearing about this for the first time, Emojli is basically an app that only allows users to send messages to one another using Emojis, which for those unfamiliar are those colorful emoticons that you’ve probably seen every now and then in messages you’ve received or seen on the internet.

Well for those who think that the Emojli app is a great idea, you might be pleased to learn that the app has officially launched and you will be able to get your hands on it via the iTunes App Store. Unfortunately it does not appear to be available for Android just yet, but perhaps they might release an Android version later, but for now it will be limited to just iOS. Read full post →Emojli Messaging App Launched, Lets You Chat Only Using Emojis

New Moto X Verizon Phandroid 640x315A couple of weeks ago, Motorola sent out invites to an event that they would be hosting on the 4th of September. While we guess the event could be for just about anything, many have speculated that the announcement could be for the new Moto X and possibly the new Moto G as well.

While it remains to be seen if that is the case, the folks at Phandroid have recently obtained a screenshot of what appears to be Verizon’s internal system which lists the Moto X. Now the new Moto X has gone by the Moto X+1 moniker, but according to Verizon’s system, it is simply referred to as the new Moto X. Read full post →The New Moto X Will Be Headed For Verizon

samsung logo 640x389We’re guessing if there’s one feature that Samsung fans are looking forward to with the Galaxy Note 4 would be its rumored QHD display. This would make it Samsung’s second smartphone to sport such a display, although it would be the first to be available around the world (the Galaxy S5 LTE-A was limited to South Korea).

That being said, is a QHD display a reality or just a pipe dream? Well for those who are a bit skeptical, hopefully this will clear your doubts. It seems that some details of the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 have been spotted on Samsung’s website via its UAProf. According to the UAProf, it lists the display of the Galaxy Note 4 as 2560×1440, effectively giving it a QHD display as previously rumored. Read full post →Galaxy Note 4 Spotted On Samsung’s Website, QHD Display Confirmed

ip6 logicSome of the rumors of the iPhone 6 that we have heard recently includes how the phone is expected to sport an NFC chip which will be used to facilitate mobile payments, and how the phone is said to come with 1GB of RAM, which some of you guys have understandably found a little disappointing especially when compared to the competition.

That being said, recent photos have surfaced which shows off a more fully assembled logic board that purportedly belongs to the iPhone 6. On this logic board, as you can see in the image above, it shows off a chip which “confirms” that NFC will be one of the features of the iPhone 6. The chip is apparently made by NXP Semiconductors which is also in line with an earlier rumor. Read full post →Alleged iPhone 6 Logic Board Shows Of 16GB Storage And NFC Chip

iphone 6 5s booting 640x480We can only hope and assume that with the iPhone 6, Apple will not only be bumping the screen size of the phone, but its resolution as well. After all what’s the point of having a large display but have low-resolution, right? Well previously we have heard some theories on the potential resolution of the iPhone 6 and those theories could have recently been proven.

According to the theory, it was speculated that the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 could sport a resolution of 1334×750, as suggested by John Gruber who used a bit of math wizardry to arrive at that number. Now thanks to a recent tweet by developer Steve Troughton-Smith, he has basically confirmed the resolution based on recently leaked videos of the iPhone 6. Read full post →iPhone 6′s 1334×750 Resolution “Confirmed” In Recent Video

area 51 640x373Alienware has been known in the past to create some pretty funky-looking computers with glowing lights and whatnot, although safe to say that the company’s latest computer is out of this world. Alienware has recently taken the wraps off their latest gaming computer, which is basically a refresh of their Area-51 flagship computer.

As you can see in the image above, it definitely does not look like a computer, at least not upon first glance. We guess you will either love it or hate it depending on your preference and your taste in aesthetics. That being said while its exterior might not sit well with some, we guess it’s the innards that truly matter. Read full post →Alienware’s New Area-51 Gaming Desktop Is An Oddly-Shaped Computer

apple logoAssuming that Apple does announce their mobile wallet system on the 9th of September, which credit cards will be supported? Well according to our previous report, American Express is said to be on board, but is that it? Well if you don’t use American Express you can rest assured knowing that according to another report from Bloomberg claims that MasterCard and Visa will be part of the mix as well.

Rumors about Apple working on a mobile payment system of their own isn’t new. In fact it has been making its rounds for quite a while now, although those rumors seem to have intensified lately with the upcoming announcement for the iPhone 6. One of the purported iPhone 6 features is NFC, which in turns will help to facilitate these payments. Read full post →Visa, MasterCard To Support Apple’s Mobile Payment System As Well [Rumor]