Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has just yet another trailer for the masses – and this time around, the Mortal Kombat X Official Shaolin Trailer will see the spotlight being shone on a trio of characters, where there is the sharp-witted Kung Lao (a traveling monk with a hat that does more than keep the sun out from one’s eyes), in addition to a newcomer to the series, Kung Jin, as well as the Bruce Lee wannabe, the Klassic Mortal Kombat Kombatant known as Liu Kang.

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oneplus-one-cm12If you happen to own the OnePlus One, a smartphone that certainly packs plenty of punch for its relatively affordable price point, chances are you would have done your fair share of checking to see whether the OnePlus One handset in your hand had picked up the Android 5.0 Lollipop update. All of that waiting would have resulted in more waiting, too, despite OnePlus having promised in the previous week to roll out the CyanogenMod 12S update as well as the new Oxygen OS for the OnePlus One users by the time March 30 rolls around. Apparently, this is not going to happen in a few days’ time, since OnePlus One’s representative, David, made a post on Reddit that cited giving away free handsets to a select few rather than rolling out the update.

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oppo-n1The Oppo N1 rolled out a couple of years ago, and that particular model certainly captured the imagination of the masses thanks to an innovative rotating camera lens, in addition to top class hardware as well as Android 4.2 Jelly Bean as the operating system of choice, skinned with Oppo’s Color launcher, of course. The Oppo N1 also held the distinction of being the very first handset to be on the receiving end of an official Cyanogen treatment, thanks to a collaboration between Cyanogen and Oppo.

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htc-t1hEarlier this morning, we did talk about a mystery tablet from HTC that has been rumored to come with an 8.9” display, in addition to a 16MP camera at the back. Unfortunately, that particular model did not come with a name that one would have been able to identify it with. This time around, however, it seems that HTC’s attempt to make their way into the China market will involve a slightly different naming convention, and this tablet could jolly well be known as the T1H. Should it be revealed, it ought to keep company the likes of the rumored HTC One E9 as well as the One E9 Plus, too, later next month, although the venue and exact date remain to be known.

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apple smart packageWhile the actual product itself is important, so is its packaging, otherwise we’d be taking our devices home in brown paper bags. The packaging is part of the entire experience one gets when opening their brand new purchase which is why companies like Apple have paid a lot of attention to its design.

Now according to an Apple patent discovered by Patently Apple, it seems that Apple could be thinking about taking packaging to the next level by making them smarter. No, this does not mean that we will be seeing our packaging come equipped with electronics, but rather it will allow the user to setup their brand new device without having to even take it out of the box. Read full post →Apple’s Packaging Of Its Products Could Soon Get Smarter

Hearthstone gamers who are looking forward to the next expansion, Blackrock Mountain, will be pleased to learn that Blizzard has confirmed the expansion’s release which has been pegged for the 2nd of April in the US, and the 3rd of April in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. The expansion is currently available for pre-purchase for gamers who want to get the exclusive Molten Core card back.

The latest Hearthstone expansion is the third in the series and was actually announced earlier this month, although at that time of announcement Blizzard did not set a release date. The expansion will be similar to the Curse of Naxxramas expansion in the sense that it will feature less new cards and will bring back the same format which are dungeon wings where players will have to defeat a variety of different bosses. Read full post →Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain Will Be Released 2nd April

With the more powerful hardware of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, at least over their predecessors, you would think that games ported from previous-gen consoles would look even more impressive on the latest consoles. Unfortunately it seems that is not the case with Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V.

According to several reports, users have complained that after updating the game to Title Update 1.08 on the PS4 and Xbox One, they have noticed what appears to be a downgrade in the graphics quality which you can check out for yourself in the video comparison above. Naturally this did not sit well with users who had no issues with the prior to this. Read full post →Rockstar Investigating GTA V Graphics “Downgrade” On PS4/Xbox One

half-life-2-coverThe Half-Life 2: Update, which is Valve-endorsed and is a fan-created mod, will be releasing on Steam tomorrow, free of cost. Thanks to the Romanian modder, Filip Victor, who stepped in to release the last version of the graphics update for the game. Read full post →Half-Life 2: Update Arriving On Steam, Free

playstation_mobileIt is that time of the year when most of us are busy with tax refund season, and being in line with that, Sony has struck the right chord with the consumers. Keeping in line with the released PS4 3.5 firmware, the PlayStation Store will is giving away a 10% off discount starting now and will stay till the afternoon on Sunday in the US, Canada, and Latin America. Read full post →10% Discount Weekend For PS Store Kicks Off

If you own a Nexus device then you know how great the “Vanilla” (or “pure”) Android OS is. However, that doesn’t mean that Nexus devices are not lacking any functions. There are many features that you might not find on a Nexus device but the best thing about Android platform is the fact that you can add anything to your device after it has been rooted.

Root permission grants you access to do almost anything with your android device, change the ROM, install new services, completely tweak the look of your Android OS, get rid of bloatware, etc. If you really want to root your Nexus device then we will teach you a simple method that will let you Root almost any Nexus device from the latest Nexus 6 to the old Galaxy Nexus, except for the Nexus One smartphone because that’s really old. Read full post →How to Root Any Nexus Device