ps4 remote play xperia z3When Sony announced the Xperia Z3, one of the features of the phone was the PS4 Remote Play. For those who might have missed the announcement or who are unsure as to what the PS4 Remote Play is about, it’s basically where the Xperia Z3 handset can act as a display in which you will be able to play your PlayStation 4 games on.

However according to Sony, the feature was meant only for Xperia devices, so for those who own HTC, Samsung, LG, or Motorola products, you would be out of luck – or are you? Well thanks to XDA Forum Member XperiaPlaystation, it seems that he has managed to port the feature so that it can now be installed on just about any Android device. Read full post →Xperia Z3′s PS4 Remote Play Ported To Other Android Devices

lg wine smartFlip phones aren’t particularly common these days, although at one point in time they were all everyone could talk about. Smart flip phones on the other hand are even rarer, although there are some markets out there that seem to be able to appreciate it, and we guess South Korea would be one of them.

LG has recently taken the wraps off their latest smartphone which is the LG Wine Smart. As you can see in the photo, the handset is a flip phone which actually runs on Android! It’s not the most powerful Android smartphone in the world, but it does have a regular keypad design so for those who aren’t a fan of touchscreen typing, this could be the solution. Read full post →LG Wine Smart Android Flip Phone Debuts In South Korea

gmv 2014 medium box 300x250

ip6 battery test 640x372While Apple might have boasted that their new iPhones had long battery life, a recent teardown revealed more specific numbers – 1,810mAh and 2,915mAh for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus respectively. The latter’s battery is significantly larger than its predecessor while the iPhone 6 only saw a jump of close to 300mAh.

However understandably with software improvements and a new A8 processor, perhaps size might not matter since it would be able to use the battery more efficiently, right? Well thanks to the folks at PhoneArena, they have managed to test out both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus’ battery and have since found it a tad lacking when compared to the competition, some of which are older devices. Read full post →iPhone 6 And 6 Plus Battery Tests Aren’t Very Encouraging

gtav details09122014 011 640x359The Grand Theft Auto franchise has largely been played as a third-person game. In fact even the early 2D iterations of the game only allowed gamers to play from a top-down perspective. However it seems that with the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto V for next-gen consoles and the PC, a first-person mode could be introduced.

This is according to a sighting by DrOversight who has provided a link to the Google cache page on Rockstar’s website. The page on Rockstar’s website has been edited since but according to the cache, it read that one of the new features gamers could expect was “A brand new first person mode for vehicles that shows the interior of the vehicle, including working speedometers, tachometers, dash lights, and more.” Read full post →GTA V For PC And Next-Gen Consoles Could Have First-Person Mode

powershot gx7 x 1 640x426About a week ago, Canon unveiled the PowerShot G7 X. What made the camera stand out from the rest is because the device is a compact camera that comes with a 1-inch sensor, which is pretty large as far as compacts are concerned. Sony has already beaten them to the game with the RX-series of cameras, but we guess better late than never.

That being said, it looks like Canon could be working on a compact with an even bigger sensor that might hopefully appease those who want a camera with good quality images, ability to capture shallow depth-of-field photos, and all in a more compact body, more so than a mirrorless camera. Read full post →Canon Working On New Compact With Large Sensor And Zoom

We know that there are plenty of mobile apps available on our smartphones and tablets that allows us to create music videos, but to use multiple devices at once to come up with an interesting and unique music video concept? That will probably take a fair amount of skill and coordination, but that’s what Ukrainian musicians Brunettes Shoot Blondes did in their music video for their song “Knock Knock”.

The video used a combination of iPhones, iPods, iPads, and even some MacBooks. According to the video’s description, all of it was recorded in real time and done in a single take, which most videographers will know does take a lot of skill to get right and to make it look smooth. Read full post →Band Uses Bevy Of Apple Devices To Create Unique Music Video

smartypanSo, you fancy being pretty useful and handy around in the kitchen, don’t you? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would know that having the right tools is just part of the program – there is also another thing which you will have to have, and that will only come with experience and skill. Still, why not have a particular utensil that can help you out in terms of your culinary adventures? The Smartypan happens to be a pan that has Bluetooth connectivity while working alongside a smartphone app.

Read full post →Smartypan Is A Smart Pan

Hydroelectric Tidal HouseWhat you see above might be something that would belong more in the world and realm of science fiction than it would in the real world, but it looks like the latter is more likely. I am referring to the Hydroelectric Tidal House which is no ordinary home as you can tell by its looks alone. Far from it – this particular bad boy is cast in concrete, where the outer semi-circular shell will help the house to remain attached the shoreline with sand foundations.

Read full post →Hydroelectric Tidal House Looks Out Of This World

gsmega 2Earlier this year, we saw a particular smartphone model make its way over to the FCC, which was speculated by some to it being the Samsung Galaxy Mega 2. Well, you can place all of those speculations on the backburner at the moment, as it looks as though the Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 has been spotted over on Samsung’s official website for the Thailand region, where Samsung has also listed down a slew of details in addition to some product images in order to let us have a better idea on how the smartphone would look like.

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oppo r31Oppo is a name that some of us might be familiar with when it comes to extremely slim smartphones that run on the Android mobile operating system, and it seems that they have a brand new handset that is tipped to make an appearance soon. After all, the Oppo R5 has been listed to have appeared over on the Indonesian Postel website, which normally points to a very real possibility of an upcoming release.

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