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Moto X Style

Motorola’s Moto X has been a successful device and now the company has come up with its next generation variants, named as Moto X Style and Moto X Play.

The Moto X Style will be called Moto X Pure Edition in the US, and it will come with pervasive LTE banding, which would enable it to be compatible with every carrier. The unlocked device will cost $399. On the other hand, the Moto X Play comes with a bigger battery, but a slightly smaller display. This time around, Motorola is focusing more on providing Android in its purest form along with its customization-focused Moto Maker service. It means that the Moto X Style can be personalized with the help of Moto Maker.
Read full post →Motorola Unleashes Moto X Style and Moto X Play

Google Maps provides amazingly detailed routes and makes navigation very simple. You can easily get to any area without finding yourself lost. However, the issue with Google Maps is that it requires an internet connection. If you are traveling to a place where data roaming is not available (or too expensive), this may not be an option.

Downloading the World’s map in that app does not seem like a feature coming anytime soon, but Google does offers you the ability to download a map of a specific area (square km max). If you are going to a place that will not have access to the internet, then this feature can be extremely handy.

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how you can download maps of a specific area and use it offline in Google Maps. Read full post →How To Use Google Maps Offline (Android)

windows-10In about a day, Microsoft’s Windows 10 platform will be officially released to the world. Of course you might recall that a previous report stated that not everyone will get the operating system right away and that it might be a while before it makes its way onto your computer, even if you have already reserved your copy.

However according to several user reports, it seems that Windows 10 has already begun to pre-download itself onto PCs that have reserved their copy of the operating system. Some users have reported that the GWX folder has begun to fill up with files related to Windows 10 which seems to be in line with what Microsoft had promised earlier. Read full post →Windows 10 Has Reportedly Pre-Downloading Itself Onto PCs

moto-g-3rd-genToday is the 28th of July which means that Motorola will be kicking off their event later today where presumably we will be treated to devices like the Moto X (2015) and the Moto G (2015). However it seems that over in India where Motorola is also hosting an event, the company has officially announced the new Moto G (2015) handset.

We can only assume that during Motorola’s US event that they too will announce the phone, but for now it seems that Motorola India might have gotten ahead of them. That being said, the device should be the same in India and in the US, so in terms of hardware, we doubt there will be any differences. Read full post →Moto G (2015) Has Been Officially Announced In India

Cat_40-3-630x420When it comes to rugged smartphones, chances are a brand you might think of is Caterpillar. If you did you might be interested to learn that the company actually has a new rugged smartphone in the form of the Caterpillar S40. The handset was announced today and it is expected to be officially released on the 1st of August across 60 countries.

As far as its specs are concerned, safe to say that the Caterpillar S40 is a rugged device as you can tell from the way it has been designed. It will be IP68 certified and will have a MIL-SPEC 810G, meaning that it will be able to withstand dust, water, and even drops. It also has the ability to track your fingers even if it is wet or when you’re wearing gloves. Read full post →Caterpillar S40 Rugged Smartphone Will Be Launch August 1st

nike face maskYou sweat because your body is too hot and sweating is one of the ways of your body cooling itself down. In fact you might notice how hot you feel after a vigorous exercise and how refreshing it is to jump into the shower right after that. Now it seems that Nike is working on a piece of tech that could potentially cool you down on the spot.

Dubbed the Ice Hat, this is basically a kind of mask that athletes can wear on their heads. The idea is that during games like football or basketball, instead of pouring water on themselves or wrapping a wet towel around their heads, this Ice Hat will be able to do the same thing for them in what we can only assume is in a more efficient and less messy way. Read full post →Nike Develops Face Mask That Will Literally Make You Cool

Burger_MFP_White_v4Google is a tech company. They specialize in search and they’re probably also well-known for other internet services like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Translate, and how could we forget Android? However it seems that at one point in time, Google almost got into the food business by bidding $200 million for a company called Impossible Foods.

According to a report from The Information (subscription required; via Business Insider), it seems that the deal fell through because the company felt that Google did not offer them enough to make it a tempting deal. For those unfamiliar with the company, they specialize in creating fake meat. Read full post →Google Almost Got Into The Burger Business

oneplus-2-review-04Yesterday the OnePlus 2 was officially launched, much to the delight of fans everywhere. The phone itself naturally has upgraded hardware specs but if you are particularly eagle-eyed, you might have noticed at least one feature was missing from the handset that was present in the OnePlus One – NFC.

Some of you guys are probably wondering why this is the case? As it turns out, it seems that the lack of use of NFC from the OnePlus One owners was the reason the company decided to omit the feature from the second-gen handset. According to OnePlus, “We heard from a lot of users of the One and saw most of our users weren’t using NFC.” Read full post →OnePlus Explains Why NFC Is Missing From The OnePlus 2

iphone theftSo with iOS 7, Apple introduced Activation Lock which was basically a way to disable a stolen iPhone. The idea is that if the thief is unable to resell the phone due to it being locked, it would deter them from stealing iPhones in the future. In fact upon launch, the feature was actually praised by government officials.

It was also discovered that iPhone-related theft in certain cities such as San Francisco had gone down. Unfortunately it seems that the success of Activation Lock in San Francisco wasn’t a very good indication of its success in general, because according to a recent report from The Wall Street Journal, it isn’t a dead ringer for success. Read full post →Apple’s Activation Lock Not As Effective In Some Cities

samsung galaxy folderYesterday we reported that LG had launched an Android-powered flip phone by the name of the LG Gentle. However it seems that Samsung has decided that they don’t want LG to have all the flip phone fun as they themselves have recently announced their own flip phone, the Samsung Galaxy Folder.

As you can see in the photo above, the Samsung Galaxy Folder is nothing to shout about in terms of design, but then again most flip phones these days aren’t exactly looking to win any design awards to begin with, but despite that there are still markets in which flip phones are still popular, such as South Korea, China, and Japan. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy Folder Is Another Flip Phone Powered By Android