iwatch 640x360According to a report from yesterday, it was suggested that Apple could only begin shipping the iWatch this December. This is apparently due to production issues that apparently caused the delay and potentially limited quantity as well. This has recently been “confirmed” by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who estimates that Apple will most likely ship 3 million iWatch units by the end of this year.

This is compared to his earlier estimation where he estimated between 5-10 million iWatch shipments by the end of 2014, so safe to say that his new estimation is a sign that supply of the iWatch could be severely constrained. Kuo also seems to believe that Apple will be turning to the use of sapphire for the iWatch covers. Read full post →Analyst Cuts iWatch Shipping Estimates Down To 3 Million

Presenter View in PowerPoint for iPad 640x480Whenever a software is first released, naturally there will be some griping about how come there isn’t this feature, or why is this feature not working, and so on. Well Microsoft’s Office for iPad was faced with those comments at the start, such as the lack of a print function which was soon addressed.

That being said, Microsoft has since issued a new update for Office for iPad that will hopefully appease users and help make the app more appealing to those who are still looking for alternatives. Starting with PowerPoint, Microsoft has introduced a Presenter View where presenters will be able see their notes and see which slides are coming up next. Read full post →Microsoft Updates Office For iPad

iphone 5s review 007 640x426Sending in your phone for repair can be troublesome. This is because you don’t necessarily know how long it will take, and sometimes it can be pretty expensive too. Plus you can’t be sure if it won’t break again. Well for iPhone 5s owners, you might be pleased to learn that come 4th of August, Apple will soon start to offer in-store display replacements for your device.

Previously Apple had begun piloting the service at several of its stores, but according to 9to5Mac, they claim that the program will be kicking off in earnest this coming Monday. So why is this a good thing? Well having it repaired in-store will most likely have customers get their phones back within the day. Read full post →Apple To Begin In-Store iPhone 5s Screen Replacements This Monday

typo 2 640x426Remember the Typo keyboard accessory for the iPhone? For those who don’t, the Typo keyboard accessory is essentially a keyboard attachment for the iPhone. It allows iPhone users to type using physical keys as opposed to an onscreen keyboard. Now the first design of the Typo resembled BlackBerry’s keyboard design.

This did not sit well with BlackBerry who filed a lawsuit, although Typo later counters it by saying they did not steal the design. That being said, we guess Typo did not need the bad PR because the company has since announced the successor to the Typo in the form of the Typo 2, and as you can see in the image above, it looks nothing like a BlackBerry keyboard anymore. Read full post →Typo 2 iPhone Accessory Looks Nothing Like BlackBerry

app for 640x155It seems that BlackBerry World is currently plagued by a bunch of apps titled “App for” followed by the app’s name. As you can see in the screenshot above, there are apps like “App for Line”, “App for Shazam”, and so on. These are in fact bogus apps meant to trick users who did not know any better.

Some of them could be actual third-party apps, but for the most part we reckon they’re trying to capitalize on popular app names in order to get users to download their app instead of the official one. Well it looks like BlackBerry has had enough and have begun notifying the developers, asking them to change the name of their apps. Read full post →BlackBerry Clamping Down On “Apps for” Apps

lumia cyan windows phone 8.1 640x640While Windows Phone 8.1 is slowly making its way out to Windows Phone users around the world, there are a bunch of people who aren’t able to update yet. These are the users who had installed the Developer Preview of Windows Phone 8.1, and due to issues with BitLocker, the update is unable to be installed by them.

Now the good news is that Microsoft has finally addressed the problem and they are expected to be able to update to the latest version no problem starting next week. This was recently confirmed by Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore in a tweet. A user had asked Belfiore if he had to downgrade to Windows Phone 8 before he could update to Windows Phone 8.1. Read full post →Developer Preview Users Will Automatically Get WP8.1 Update Next Week

wireless charging padThe concept of wireless charging is great because it means that you won’t have to fiddle about with wires when you need to charge your phone. However it isn’t truly wireless because your device still needs to be placed on the charging mat. Well the good news is that the Wireless Power Consortium has recently updated the charging specification to Qi v1.2.

What’s the difference, you ask? Well the difference is that with the new Qi standard, they have made it so that the wireless power can be transmitted from up to 45mm. This is versus the 7mm found on Qi v1.1. What does this mean for the average user? Well it means that we could soon see wireless chargers being embedded into surfaces where they could not before due to the limited range. Read full post →Qi Wireless Charging Standard Updated, Sports Longer Range Now

halo mouseRecently we talked about a gaming mouse from Logitech in the form of the G402 Hyperion. As far as gaming mice are concerned, it is a pretty affordable mouse given its features, but if you’re looking for something even cheaper, Microsoft has you covered. The Redmond company has recently taken the wraps off the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Halo Limited Edition: The Master Chief.

While not exactly the shortest name as far as mice are concerned, it’s basically a small wireless mouse that is small enough to take with you while you’re out traveling. Gaming mice tend to be pretty big and bulky, but if you wanted something smaller and more portable than this might do the trick. Read full post →Microsoft Unveils Halo-themed Wireless Mobile Mouse

As we had revealed earlier this month, Titanfall’s next DLC is titled Frontier’s Edge and for those who have been looking forward to the DLC, well you might be pleased to learn that Frontier’s Edge is now live and gamers who want to check it out will be able to purchase it and download it starting today.

The DLC will introduce a trio of maps which includes Dig Site, Export, and Haven, and is part of Titanfall’s Season Pass. For those who did not subscribe to the Season Pass, the DLC is available as a one-off purchase where it is priced at $9.99. The DLC is available at the moment on the PC and Xbox One platforms, with the Xbox 360 version to follow shortly. Read full post →Titanfall Frontier’s Edge DLC Now Live On PC And Xbox One

watch dogs dlc packUbisoft’s Watch Dogs is based on the city of Chicago, but if you were wondering if Ubisoft could be taking the game to an entirely new city, you could be in luck. According to an official tweet from the Watch Dog’s Twitter account, they are teasing that with its upcoming DLC, the game could be shifting from Chicago to Camden, New Jersey.

The tweet mentions how the city has had the highest crime rate in the US in 2012, which is actually not true, but then again it’s a fictional video game so we guess they are allowed to take creative liberties. Ubisoft has yet to officially and explicitly confirm the speculation, but in response to a fan asking if this was an upcoming DLC, they replied that it would be coming this fall. Read full post →Watch Dogs DLC Could Take Players To A New City