Intel’s Compute Stick is a nifty little device that lets you turn any HDMI display into a full-fledged PC provided that you aren’t looking to perform processor intensive tasks, because it’s not really a powerhouse. The first-gen Compute Stick is powered by the Intel Atom Z3735 Bay Trail processor coupled with 2GB RAM, multiple reviews of the product suggest that this package is just not enough to get things done on the Compute Stick. This is why the next-gen Stick may have an Intel Core M processor instead.

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It has consistently been rumored for a couple of weeks now that LG is developing a new Windows Phone 8.1 handset which will be exclusive to Verizon. This would be LG’s first new Windows Phone handset in quite a few years since the company has mainly been focusing on its Android smartphones. A render of this Verizon exclusive was leaked recently and today specifications of the LG Lancet have appeared online.

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To get the word out about its new smartphone LG is conducting trial programs for the G4 in several markets around the globe. Under the program the company will hand out units to selected participants who will be able to use the device for a couple of weeks. All of this will be done before the device is released to the public by the end of this month. The LG G4 trial program for the United States will be kicking off soon.

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Samsung Electronics today announced the launch of its new memory card products released under the EVO Plus and PRO Plus monikers. The latest addition to Samsung’s microSD and SD card portfolio aims to cater to rising consumer demand for advanced multimedia memory solutions. The company says that the PRO Plus and EVO Plus lineups are optimized to meet “today’s user expectations.”

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Microsoft has taken its partnership with Dropbox to new heights recently so it’s not surprising to see that their services are now tightly integrated. Clearly they’re not content with just allowing users to create Office files stored in Dropbox within Office Online or automatic sync of changes made to the original file on the cloud storage service. This is probably why the Dropbox for iOS app will soon let you directly create Microsoft Office documents within the app itself.

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surface-2-review--007We know for sure now that Windows RT has reached the end of the road and that Microsoft will not be reviving this iteration of its operating system. The company filled the gap with Surface 3, a relatively cheap new tablet that goes in sale in the country today. Microsoft is offering to pay up to $150 to anyone who trades in their old Windows RT powered tablet for a Surface 3.

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JetBlue passengers will soon have access to a significantly large library of content to stream while they’re up in the air. It has been announced today that content from Amazon Prime Video will be accessible to JetBlue passengers on some flights, passengers need to be Prime members in order to stream content.

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Samsung has already received a lot of praise for the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge, particularly for its design, performance and the camera. There’s no denying the fact that Samsung’s new flagship devices have one of the best cameras that you can find on any smartphone in the market today, and it appears with the next major update for its flagships Samsung is going to improve camera features.

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t-mobile logo

T-Mobile may only be the fourth largest mobile carrier in the country but over the past few months it has taken a couple of steps that have shaken up the mobile industry in the United States. Moreover the carrier’s subscriber base is steadily increasing with each passing quarter and it appears to be on track to overtake Sprint which is currently in third position. Verizon recently launched a new “Never Settle” campaign and T-Mobile agrees with it, Magenta says Big Red subscribers shouldn’t have to settle for Verizon and instead they should switch over to the “uncarrier.”

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Since it was first revealed to a friendly group of reporters in January, HoloLens has enjoyed a great wave of positive comments, but depending on one’s own experience with Augmented Reality (AR), each person will have a different take on it.

I always had a huge interest for things related to 3D real-time graphics. A long time ago, I started coding 3D as a hobby in the demoscene, before making it a professional activity for many years. It was pretty awesome. I’ve seen quite a bit of VR and AR contraptions, so I think that I came into this with reasonable expectations based on what I thought is possible with the current technology. Here’s my take on HoloLens. Read full post →Microsoft HoloLens: My Experience