e phone 640x319If there is one particular feature that smartphone OEMs love to boast about it would be the displays on their phone. For Samsung, it is the use of their Super AMOLED technology that gives off the vibrant colors found on most high-end Galaxy Android handsets, while Sony loves to boast about their Bravia technology, and Apple with their Retina displays. This is why it doesn’t really make sense for a smartphone to use e-ink as its primary display.

While there are color e-inks, safe to say that these displays are meant more for reading than actual viewing of websites, movies, videos, games, photography, and so on. However the folks at FormNation have come up with an interesting concept in which they took inspiration from the iPhone and have come up with a smartphone called the E-phone. Read full post →E-phone Concept Believes In The Beauty Of E-ink Displays

Nexus 7 stock shortagesWe have been hearing rumblings of a certain Nexus 8 for a while now, and for those unfamiliar, the Nexus 8 is said to be a new tablet from Google that is made by HTC. That being said, could we be getting closer to an official release? Well some have speculated that could be the case as the Nexus 7 on the Google Play Store has been listed as out of stock.

The Google Play Stores affected by the out of stock status are both the US and UK stores, so we’re not sure if other Google Play Stores around the world are experiencing a similar shortage as well. However like we said, this has prompted speculation that this could mean that Google could be looking to launch the Nexus 8. Read full post →Nexus 7 Out Of Stock On Google Play, Prompts Nexus 8 Speculation

htc one mini hands on review 13 640x425In the past and even today, we have seen Android OEMs release “mini” versions of their flagship smartphones, like the recently released Samsung Galaxy S5 mini and the HTC One mini from 2013 as some examples. However it seems that the demand for such devices is starting to wane, according to a report from DigiTimes who cites sources in Taiwan’s handset supply chain.

Their sources revealed that devices from LG and Sony in the form of the LG G3 Beat and the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact have sold less than expected. This is apparently due to an uncompetitive performance-price ratio. We have to admit that it is somewhat true. The specs of the “mini” versions of handsets are subpar at best and don’t really seem particularly appealing. Read full post →Interest In “Mini” Smartphones Starting To Wane

galaxy mega bulletWe have heard many times in the past of how cellphones have saved lives. No, not because they were used to pull up relevant medical information or made calls to emergency services, but because they actually managed to stop bullets in their tracks. Well if you’re looking for another feel-good story, here’s one.

It seems that over in Taiwan, a man was reportedly shot over a bar fight regarding a missing wallet. It started when a man named Han found a wallet on the street, after which he joked that there would be free beer. However the man who the wallet supposedly belonged to, Xu, got mad thinking that Han was trying to steal his money and pulled out a gun. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Stops A Bullet In Its Tracks

nokia x2 4We know that Nokia has officially sold off their mobile division to Microsoft, but does that mean that they are planning on sitting back and just collect money from their patents? Well from previous reports, that hardly seems like the case, and according to recent job listings, it seems that Nokia could be thinking about possible future Android handsets.

Now the Nokia that Microsoft bought focused purely on Windows Phone, although they did dabble in Android which was quickly axed by Microsoft, so perhaps the Nokia that Microsoft didn’t buy will pick up where they left off. Some of the job listings don’t particularly stand out as they call for positions such as engineers and designers. Read full post →Nokia Could Be Thinking About Launching Android Devices

macbook decal 640x496Stickers for laptops aren’t new, and neither are the decals for Apple’s MacBook laptops which takes advantage of the glowing Apple logo to create some pretty clever and creative stickers, like a decale of Snow White taking a bite of the Apple logo, using the glowing Apple logo to represent the Arc Reactor worn by Iron Man, and so on.

However recently Apple released an ad for the MacBook Air that basically showcased the different decals that one could use with the MacBook Air and interestingly enough, it seems that Apple’s ad did the trick for decal sellers as there have been reports that sales of decals have actually increased thanks to the ad. Read full post →MacBook Air Ad Helped Drive Sales Of Decals

BlackBerry LogoWhen it comes to BlackBerry, the outlook by many people is a negative one. The company has undergone several changes in CEOs until they landed on John Chen, and safe to say that the company is still struggling somewhat. In fact recently they have lost themselves a customer in Ford who revealed that they were planning to ditch BlackBerry phones for iPhones.

That being said, BlackBerry has recently appointed themselves a new COO in the form of Marty Beard and according to a recent Q&A he had with The Wall Street Journal, he seems optimistic about BlackBerry’s future and stated that they are going to prove a lot of people wrong. According to Beard, he believes that where BlackBerry is right now, there’s no place to go but up. Read full post →BlackBerry’s New COO Thinks They Will Prove A Lot Of People Wrong

mitro company logo 640x320Companies purchase other companies all the time. Sometimes it’s because they just want to get rid of the competition, and sometimes it’s because they want the company and the product that they’re selling, and sometimes because the other company would complement their current business very well.

According to a recent report, it seems that Twitter has recently acquired a password security startup called Mitro earlier this week, making it the second acquisition Twitter has made this week when they acquired Madbits. For those unfamiliar, Mitro is a password manager that allows users to share certain passwords with specified groups of people. Read full post →Twitter Acquires Password Manager Startup Mitro

hp smartwatch 640x425When it comes to smartwatches these days, safe to say that most designs leave a lot to be desired, except for the Moto 360 which looks more like a fashion statement than a smartwatch. Well if you’re in the market for another stylish smartwatch, you might be interested to learn that American designer, Michael Bastian, has teamed up with Hewlett-Packard to create a smartwatch that is expected to debut this fall.

While the full design of the watch remains unclear, the teaser image above does seem to hint at its stylishness. It would also mark HP’s entrance into the smartwatch game, although oddly enough it seems that the launch of the device will be exclusive to online retailer Gilt and it is unclear if it will eventually be sold in other channels. Read full post →HP Teams Up With Designer Michael Bastian For New Smartwatch

t mobile sony xperia z1s 09 640x360One of the cooler features of the Sony Xperia Z2 is the fact that it comes with front-facing stereo speakers, much like the HTC One M8, although we guess it’s not very obvious. However the fact remains that it is there and Xperia Z2 owners can probably appreciate the effect that it gives off when listening to music or watching videos on their phone without headphones.

This is a feature that is obviously lacking in the Sony Xperia Z1, or is it? Well thanks to XDA Developer dontbelieve, he has released a mod for the Sony Xperia Z1 that basically turns your earpiece into the second speaker for your phone. Combine this with the loudspeaker on the bottom and you’ve got yourself a set of stereo speakers! Read full post →Mod Turns Sony Xperia Z1′s Earpiece Into A Second Speaker