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Apple unveiled its next iteration of iOS earlier this year at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2014. The new software has been in a beta program since then in which it was seeded out only to registered developers. At its iPhone event on September 9th Apple finally confirmed the public release date of iOS 8. Those who have been waiting for the software to drop should hurry up and find a good Wi-Fi connection as iOS 8 has finally be released for all supported devices.

iOS 8 is now available for download over-the-air for all supported iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models. Those who don’t receive the update notification automatically should fire up the settings app on their device and head to the “General” tab followed by “Software Update.”

The update itself weighs in at over 1GB. Once it is downloaded the software requires at least 5.7GB worth of free space on the device for the installation to go through, so make sure that you have ample space on the hard drive before you start the process.

Apart from subtle user interface changes iOS 8 brings much better notifications, improved keyboard and Spotlight search, updated native applications as well as the ability to install third party keyboards on the device.

Do keep in mind though that there are millions of iOS devices owners around the world who are trying to update their devices at this very moment, so if download speeds seem a bit slow, that would probably be due to Apple’s servers being hammered.

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Wireless charging or inductive charging is a technology that hasn’t made it into a whole lot of consumer electronic devices up till now. There are certain manufacturers who are pushing out smartphones that are compatible with wireless charging but it will take a considerable amount of time before every other consumer electronic device supports it. If an evidence found in Chromium code is to be believed, Chromebooks might get the wireless charging ability at some point in the future.

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BlackBerry routinely joins forces with Porsche Design to create a special smartphone that usually costs more than a couple of grand. It has become an annual tradition of sorts over the past couple of years. Obviously the products are only ever purchased by people who appreciate and can afford the finer things in life, which is why it didn’t surprise anyone to see that the launch event for Porsche Design BlackBerry P’9983 took place in Dubai. Prior to the event BlackBerry showed off this device on its website and the event confirmed when it will be hitting the market.

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Do you feel as though living in this generation that wants things instantly – from instant noodles to instant search results and even immediate changes, has made life a whole lot more stressful? Take a look at any red light and you will find some motorists fidgeting anxiously, as though the traffic light should have been permanently green in whichever direction he is headed. Pedestrians too, are not free from this accusation, and there are times when the “red man” is ignored – as long as there are no cars or vehicles in sight, the road is game for crossing. Such complacency could lead to tragic accidents, which is why a “Dancing Traffic Light” was developed as an experiment by car manufacturer Smart.

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Last week Apple took to the stage at the Flint Center in Cupertino to unveil the Apple Watch, its first wearable device. The device has been shown off but it won’t be hitting the market until early next year. That leaves Apple will ample time to have units mass produced before the $349 base priced smartwatch goes up for sale. We hear today that the AMOLED panels for Apple Watch will be provided by LG Display which will ship about five million of these displays every month to Apple.

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Samsung galaxy note 4 00 640x427While there were rumors going around that cited how the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is tipped to be introduced to the masses at the end of this month (which has less than a fortnight remaining) over in South Korea, it seems that those rumors might actually be spot on. Word on the street has it that SK Telecom are currently working to launch the smartphone’s pre-order campaign tomorrow, and SK Telecom will not be alone in this endeavor as business rivals KT and LG U+, too, will be on board the same bandwagon.

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destiny 640x400It looks like the gaming juggernaut known as Destiny continues to roll onward, and after it generated a whopping $500 million in revenue on the first day alone, it looks like the game’s date with destiny (pardon the pun) continues as it has ended up as the best selling new video game franchise launch to date. In fact, Destiny has sold over $325 worth of products within the first five days of availability, and such data has been garnered from the likes of “Chart-Track, first parties, retail customer sell-through information and Activision Blizzard internal estimates.”

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More than one billion people from around the world use Facebook to stay in touch with their family and friends. The social network has lots of sharing features which one can use to share different kinds of content with their connections. It has a laundry list of privacy options as well which allow users to set exactly how can view what they share. However some users often find these options hard to understand. What Facebook is reportedly building now will be something they’ll all appreciate.

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apple watch trio 640x308Apple might have impressed a whole lot of people with their recent unveiling of the Apple Watch, but you can color the Institute of Advanced Motorists in the U.K. as unimpressed. Known as IAM in short, the body does share its concerns about the potential impact that this new wearable device might have on drivers. After all, wearable technology is slowly but surely rising up the ranks to be one of the major driving distractions since the popularity of mobile phones exploded through the roof – which in turn, would see a potential increase of more accidents on the road.

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Now that Apple’s iPhone event has been done and dusted we now look towards the company’s new tablet lineup for this year which is yet to be unveiled. Traditionally Apple’s iPad event takes place a month or so after the new iPhones have been announced so we were already expecting it to be conducted in October. A new report today suggests that October 21st has been penciled in as the date for the Apple 2014 iPad event.

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