Microsoft indulged into a bit of a numbers game at its event in New York today where it showed off some new devices, it felt that this was the right time and place to talk about how many devices have been upgraded to Windows 10 since the software was announced earlier this year in July. Turns out the number is quite high, there are more than 110 million devices out there that are running on Windows 10, Microsoft confirmed today.

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Today is a pretty big day for Microsoft as it has unveiled several new products such as the first laptop it has ever built, the new Surface Pro 4 tablet and new Lumia flagship smartphones. The new smartphones come with a feature that allows users to use their Windows 10 Mobile powered smartphones as proper PCs, Microsoft has also launched a new Display Dock today that makes the entire process much easier.

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Ubisoft has literally been teasing its new title for 24 hours, we did come across a leak in between which revealed what it is that Ubisoft is actually going to announce, and now it has come out and made the official announcement. It’s the next Far Cry game titled Far Cry Primal, as the name suggests, there will be primal beings like mammoths which will certainly make for an interesting experience. Ubisoft has confirmed the release date for this title today.

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Microsoft’s much awaited flagship Lumia handsets have finally been unveiled today but the company also had another device up its sleeve that’s meant for budget conscious customers and is more geared towards emerging markets. Its the Lumia 550 and it happens to be a very affordable smartphone that’s powered by Windows 10 Mobile. This new handset will replace the Lumia 640 and 640XL as the company’s primary offering for emerging markets.

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At its event today where it unveiled the new Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL as well as the Surface Pro 4 tablet Microsoft also unveiled an updated version of its activity tracker. Like the last one the new activity tracker is also called Microsoft Band, however there’s a fundamental difference, the new Microsoft Band has received design updates and it honestly looks much better than its predecessor.

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Microsoft finally unveiled the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL today, it was rumored time and again that these are the new Lumia handsets that the company is going to launch this year. They also happen to be the first Windows 10 Mobile powered handsets, and the specifications make them the two most powerful Windows powered handsets that Microsoft has ever released.

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Despite the huge success of the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones that sat the trend to wear huge cushions on the head, many people dream of discreet audio headset that blend into their elegant outfit.

The Tinsel team understood that and created the Dipper, an elegant necklace that provides full audio capabilities with two elegantly integrated earbuds, a microphone and three-button remote control.

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It has been consistently rumored for the past few months that Microsoft is going to unveil two new Lumia flagships this year, the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. At its event today the company formally unveiled its first Windows 10 Mobile powered flagship phone the Lumia 950. This is the first new flagship Lumia in 18 months so it’s certainly about time one was unveiled.

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It was pretty much public knowledge that Microsoft is going to unveil a new Surface tablet at its event in New York City today and that’s what it has done, aside from unveiling its first ever laptop. The new Surface Pro 4 has been officially announced, it’s thinner, lighter and more powerful than its predecessor and also comes with a new Surface Pen. As expected, it’s powered by Windows 10 and brings features like Cortana and Windows Hello to the tablet.

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Microsoft’s Surface brand has so far been limited to tablets but that changes today, at its event in New York the company announced an entirely new product called Surface Book. It’s a 13.5 inch Windows 10 powered laptop, this happens to be the very first laptop that Microsoft has built on its own. It’s much more than a conventional laptop though, the Surface Book has a couple of neat tricks up its sleeve.

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