samsung-logoWe know we are probably a bit early and with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 having yet to be launched, it does seem premature to talk about the Galaxy S8, which presumably will be launching next year. However it seems that the rumor mill doesn’t care about premature as the rumors have already begun trickling in. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy S8 To Come With 4K VR-Ready Display [Rumor]

Last month during E3, id Software announced the latest Quake game that would be added to their portfolio: Quake Champions. Unlike previous Quake games in which pretty much the character model you chose was simply superficial, and that at the end of the day it really boils down to your skill level, Quake Champions will introduce a class system. Read full post →The Class System Of Quake Champions Explained In New Video

apple pencil trackpadOver the years we’ve seen how Apple has tried to transform their Mac computers and MacBooks into pseudo-iOS devices. For example we’re starting to see more “communication” between iOS devices and Mac computers, and let’s not forget the trackpads on MacBooks which allows users to interact with it like a touchscreen display. Read full post →Apple Patent Lets The Apple Pencil Work On The Mac’s Trackpad

miitomo-candyNintendo’s first mobile app, Miitomo, showed a lot of promise at the start, but later stats showed that gamers had stopped playing the game in droves. It has been suggested that the lack of progression is something that could have caused gamers to get bored fast, but the good news is that Nintendo has an update that gamers could be interested in. Read full post →Upcoming Miitomo Update Might Lure Players Back To The Game

SMS-based two-factor authentication is a pretty handy tool when trying to verify a user’s identity. This is because unlike instant messengers like WhatsApp, SMS can be used as long as you are connected to a carrier, meaning that when you don’t have internet access, you can still verify logins and credit card purchases. Read full post →SMS-based Two-Factor Authentication Could Be Banned Soon

flower-project1-2-1024x619When you’re out and you hear a song on the radio that catches your ear, you might turn to apps like Shazam or SoundHound to try and identify the song for you. That works great for songs, but what about nature? Sure, you might be able to identify a rose, a daisy, a cherry blossom, but what about the rest? Read full post →Microsoft Creates The Shazam For Flowers

blackberry neonWe have to say that right now we are a little confused with the phones BlackBerry has up their sleeves. We heard rumors about a certain Hamburg, but then another device codenamed Rome made an appearance on Geekbench. Let’s not forget that earlier this month rumors of a trio of BlackBerry handsets codenamed Neon, Argon, and Mercury were leaked. Read full post →Alleged BlackBerry ‘Neon’ Photo Leaked Online

overwatchAhead of Overwatch’s release, Blizzard did state that Overwatch characters could eventually find its way to Heroes of the Storm, which for those unfamiliar is a MOBA by Blizzard that features a roster of characters from Blizzard’s entire portfolio of video games, even the old 8-bit video games from Blizzard’s past. Read full post →More Overwatch Characters Could Be Added To Heroes Of The Storm

Swatting isn’t new, and it seems that Pokemon GO players aren’t immune to it either. Just recently Twitch streaming Summ1t1G was out playing Pokemon GO when he was swatted. In the video above, it seems that he was aware that there were police in the park looking for someone, who he suspected could be himself. Read full post →Twitch Streamer Gets Swatted While Playing Pokemon GO

wow goldBlizzard has stressed multiple times in the past that one should be wary of who they interact with on World of Warcraft. While most gamers are there to play the game, there are some who are there for more nefarious purposes, whether it be to hack your account and steal your gold, or worse, try to glean credit card information and steal your real-life money. Read full post →This World Of Warcraft Command Line Could Scam Gamers Of Their Gold