The Gmail app has a pretty decent design and its more than capable of handling email. A few months back Google launched another app called Inbox that changes the way email is managed on a mobile device. The app still requires invites before it can be used and today is the first full day of Google providing invites for Inbox. Anyone can get an invite today if they send in their requests on time.

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htc-logoHTC has already taken steps to roll out various apps that would be pre-installed on their smartphones over on the Google Play Store, which means they can update these apps individually without having to wait for the mobile carrier to come up with an operating system update to do so – benefiting users of the handset in the progress since they will always have the latest version of said apps. Well, the Android version of the HTC Camera app has already received an update which will deliver the beta version of the Crop-Me-In feature – targeting HTC One (M8) owners, of course.

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jfoLiving with pollution – that seems to be what most of us are doing these days, especially for those of us who happen to reside in cities that are clogged up with cars and a blanket of haze that does not seem to lift – ever. Well, it seems that is the price to pay for “progress”. Here is a rather strange device that looks as though it would be better suited for medieval times – the Jacobson’s Fabulous Olfactometer, which is a helmet that lifts up a person’s lips mechanically. The reason for doing so? No, it is not meant to help you make a career out of funny faces to entertain the crowd, but rather, to detect the levels of air pollution in your immediate vicinity at a far higher level of accuracy.

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lego-helicarrierI am quite sure that many of us who have watched the Avengers, as well as other Marvel films that have the Helicarrier in there, would have been more than impressed with the architectural design and grandeur of it all. Having said that, since Lego has always been the plaything that allows the imagination of a child (and adult, of course) to go wild, here is one more to add to your Christmas wishlist – heck, any normal wishlist would do now, as waiting until Christmas might be a killer for some, in the form of the Lego SHIELD Helicarrier.

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A few months back Nokia announced a new tablet called N1. It said that this tablet would only be sold in China. When the first batch was released it sold out within minutes. This batch consisted of 20,000 units. Since then Nokia has released two more batches, and even though it didn’t say how many units were in those batches, both of them were sold out quickly as well. The one that was put up for sale today met a similar fate.

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s6-case-prototypeIt goes without saying that South Korean smartphone manufacturer, Samsung, will be rolling out their brand new flagship device later this year – where it will be called the Samsung Galaxy S6, continuing from where the Galaxy S naming convention left off. Tipped to arrive in March this year at Mobile World Congress, there has been some leaks of the handset in the past, and what you see above here happens to be an alleged prototype of the Galaxy S6.

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porsche-pajunWhen one talks about Porsche, one would definitely think of the iconic 911 supercar, which is not only compact, but packs quite a punch when it is driven. Well, over the years, Porsche has also moved on to explore other kinds of rides, including 4-wheel drives starting with the Cayenne, and they also have the extremely luxurious Panamera. Well, it is close to four years that rumors have been going around concerning a model known as the Porsche Pajun – and it looks like all that time waiting is about to bear some “fruit” at last.

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The Federal Communications Commission today voted to change the definition of broadband internet in the United States. This change, passed by FCC commissioners by a 3-2 vote, raises the minimum download speeds for broadband from 4 Mbps to 25 Mbps and minimum upload speeds from 1 Mbps to 3 Mbps. If the speeds they provide don’t reach this standard then internet service providers cannot call those connections “broadband.”

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Not all Samsung users are crazy about TouchWiz. Like many other Android OEMs Samsung too slaps on its custom skin on top of the operating system. It brings a unique look and feel to the company’s devices as well as some exclusive features. However as a result the software on these devices can be heavy and bloated which ultimately reflects badly on the user experience. A report published today claims that Samsung is going to trim the fat off of TouchWiz and that its diet plan for the custom skin is very strict.

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lg logoIt seems that there has been word going around that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor does indeed suffer from the issue of overheating, and taking into consideration the LG G Flex 2 handset that runs on the Snapdragon 810 chipset had already been announced earlier this month at CES 2015, it makes perfect sense for LG to step forward and perform some sort of damage control – by mentioning that their 64-bit octa-core smartphone does not heat up. In fact, the LG G Flex 2 was commended that it emits less heat than competing smartphones, now how about that? However, over at its recent Q4 2014 earnings conference, LG did mention shipping 60 million smartphones and experiencing an increase in revenue, as well as admission that it encountered “issues” in the initial batch of Snapdragon 810 processors, although the good news is, such “issues” have already been solved.

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