ascend p7 18While Huawei did start off as a company known for their budget and low-end offerings, the company has been hard at work to try and shake that image with the release of their Ascend P-series of smartphones, like the Ascend P6 in 2013 which was followed by the equally impressive Ascend P7 in 2014.

So what does 2015 have in store for us? According to a roadmap posted yesterday that revealed Huawei’s plans for a wearable, there was also mention of the P-series. Huawei has since confirmed to us at Ubergizmo that yes, a new P-series handset is in the works and that we are looking at a launch in April and it is scheduled to take place in London. Read full post →Next-Gen Huawei Ascend P-Series Confirmed For Launch In April In London

surgical-robotIt does look as though robots are starting to help mankind out in many more practical ways than previously thought imaginable – while they are more or less indispensable in this day and age where the production line at factories are concerned, robots too, do assist in terms of automated writing, and in the realm of medical surgery to boot. Here we are with word that the very first operation was carried out in England by a surgical robot, which could be the medical breakthrough that could make new treatments possible for the first time ever.

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bluewireIn this day and age, it is not too much to ask for a device that is capable of recording not only audio, but a video call as well from both ends. However, to be able to find a headset that does just that – now this is something different which is pretty much a rarity. BlueWire is a unique Bluetooth enabled headset that will require just an app in order to transfer all of the recorded files onto your computer or other compatible devices, as it goes about its job of recording 2-way communications from your audio as well as video calls.

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robot-author-apNow here is a novel method to make sure that robots are able to help us out in our lives, making it better through the use of automation technology in order to write its earnings reports. In fact, The Associated Press (AP) claims to have generated 3,000 stories each quarter, which is ten times its previous output. This particular nugget of information hails from Automated Insights, which is the company behind the automation. Apart from that, it is said that these robot-generated stories also carried a whole lot less errors in comparison to the ones written by actual journalists.

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smart lock chromeosWouldn’t it be awesome to be able to lock/unlock your laptop using just your phone? It would certainly save you time from having to always enter your password and to manually logout of your computer everytime you step away. Now some of you guys might recall that last year, Google was working on such a feature for their Chromebook laptops.

The feature was announced at Google I/O last year and it was only in December that the feature began making its way into beta status where it was tested by developers. The good news is that it now looks like the feature is available for everyone. The Smart Lock feature has been rolled out and it basically requires the user to have a Chromebook running Chrome OS version 40+. Read full post →Google’s Smart Lock Feature Now Available To All Chromebook Users

twitter-crimeIn the battle for popularity between Instagram and Twitter, who do you think is the more popular? Granted both are different in their offerings, but if you had to pick, which would you think comes out on top? If you said Twitter, you would be right. This is according to a recent survey conducted by GlobalWebIndex (via AdWeek) in which Twitter came out on top.

The survey involved polling internet users aged 16-64 around the world, and as you can see in the graph above, it seems that Twitter is far ahead in the lead in terms of users who have an account and users who actually use the service. Interestingly enough it seems that Google’s attempts at a social media platform in the form of Google+ has outpaced Instagram and Twitter as well, although Twitter is a bit ahead in terms of active users. Read full post →Instagram Falls Behind Twitter In Number Of Users And Active Users

PSVitaCradle-670x344One of the cool features of the PlayStation 4 would be its remote play feature that basically lets you play games from the PS4 console on another device, like the PS Vita for example. Unfortunately due to the difference in design in the PS Vita and the PS4’s controller, some functions might take some getting used to.

The good news is that if you were hoping to make the transition and gaming on the PS Vita a bit more bearable and familiar, you might be pleased to learn that Japanese manufacturer Joetsu Denshi Kogyo has recently announced an accessory for the PS Vita that will add L2 and R2 trigger buttons to the handheld console. Read full post →PS Vita Accessory Gives The Handheld Console L2/R2 Triggers

boa-windowsphoneIt was not too long ago that we brought you word that Chase Bank would no longer support the Windows Phone mobile operating system, and when you see one of the market leaders make a move, what will the rest of the industry do? Bank of America, the second largest bank in the U.S., has decided to follow in Chase Bank’s footsteps – having made an announcement that they, too, will no longer support the Windows Phone platform.

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BlackBerry-LogoDo bear in mind that this might be a limited beta at the moment, and will not be made available to just about everyone at the moment, but at least it will appease some of the masses who were not too happy that BBM on iOS has already obtained landscape support. Thankfully, BlackBerry users have not been forgotten at the moment, and it seems as though landscape support will be part of the deal in due time, should everything else run fine and dandy where the beta is concerned.

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lg-g4-gfxbenchThe LG G4 has had its fair share of drama and rumors surrounding it, will it or will it not be revealed at Mobile World Congress at the beginning of March this year just happens to be one of them, and we have already answered that question recently. Well, what you see here happens to be a snapshot from the GFXBench site, where it shows a LG H959 device that will run on a 64-bit octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor, making us wonder whether this could very well be the highly anticipated LG G4.

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