EA today detailed the next expansion for Battlefield 1. Called Turning Tides, the expansion is going to be released in December and it’s going to bring a lot of new content for players. New weapons, maps, a new operation, and more have been promised by EA. Players will experience all-out war on the new battlefields of Gallipoli and the North Sea.
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If you like to take a lot of pictures of your pets (then again, who doesn’t?), you might want to back them up on Google Photos as the service is better at recognizing your best friends. It can actually recognize your pets which means that you no longer have to search for their pictures on Google Photos by typing generic search terms such as “dog” or “cat.” It’s going to be much easier now.
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Bethesda confirmed last month that Doom would be making its way to the Nintendo Switch. The company didn’t say at the time precisely when the game will be released for Nintendo’s gaming console. It has confirmed that today, finally. Doom is going to be landing on the Nintendo Switch in November.
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Flirtey, a drone delivery service, has teamed up with an ambulance company to launch the first drone defibrillator service in the United States. The company’s drones will be used for sending out defibrillators and other emergency equipment by air in situations where they’re required. This partnership with the Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority will allow responders to dispatch an automated external defibrillator by air.
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There have been countless rumors about a new HTC smartphone over the past couple of weeks. Reports have suggested that the HTC U11 Plus is going to be unveiled by the company in November. HTC has now sent out invites for an event that’s scheduled on November 2nd. It’s possible that the much-rumored handset might be unveiled at the event.
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AT&T has started rolling out a new firmware update for the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) on its network. The entry-level handset was released last year and many who own it have been waiting to get a taste of Nougat on their handset. The wait is finally over for them. AT&T has now released the Android 7.1.1 Nougat for the Galaxy J3 (2016) on its network.
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Samsung today announced the launch of a new multi-purpose cellular IoT tracking device called Samsung Connect. It’s similar in function to a lot of trackers out there that you can use to keep an eye on things like handbags, wallets, and even on your pets. The company calls its Connect Tag a new way to keep track of loved ones, valuables, and more.
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The Google Wi-Fi router is a great option for those who want an effortless setup experience as well as advanced controls. Google continues to add new features to provide more value for money to customers who are using the Google Wi-Fi router. The company today announced that it’s adding a site blocking feature to the router, one that’s really going to appeal to families with kids.
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Senior Apple executive Eddy Cue has confirmed that the company is developing Apple Pay for India. It’s going to bring its mobile payments service to one of the most lucrative smartphone markets on the planet. It was only a matter of time before the company did that, given that some competing mobile payment services are already operating in India.
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Researchers recently revealed a critical Wi-Fi vulnerability that affects all modern Wi-Fi networks. The vulnerability can enable attackers to eavesdrop on Wi-Fi traffic between devices and wireless access points. They can even use the vulnerability in some cases to inject malicious code into websites. Tech companies are now taking steps to ensure that their customers remain safe as word of this exploit continues to spread across the globe.
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