With the release of iOS 10.3, you might have heard that Apple has made some changes to the file storage system in iOS where they are moving from HFS+ to APFS. For the average user this might not mean much, at least not at first, but the folks at AppleInsider have discovered that this actually resulted in the freeing up of storage space for users. Read full post →iOS 10.3 Seems To Be Freeing Up Some Storage Space For Users

You might have heard that back in 2016, Google launched a standalone keyboard app called Gboard which is now available on both iOS and Android devices. Now it looks like Google is deepening their grip on iOS users because in an update to its iOS app, Google is integrating Gboard into the Google app. Read full post →Google’s iOS App Comes With Gboard Built Into It

There have been some interesting iPhone 8 rumors in recent times, where there are some who are claiming that Apple might actually do away with Touch ID and replace it with a 3D laser scanner which does facial recognition. Is that true? We suppose that remains to be seen, but in the meantime it looks like Apple is still exploring fingerprint scanning technology. Read full post →Apple Granted Another Patent For An Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner

With Spider-Man officially making his debut in Captain America: Civil War and getting rave reviews for his performance, we’re sure many are looking forward to seeing Tom Holland star in his own Spider-Man movie. The good news is that following the first trailer that was released last year, we’ve gotten a new one. Read full post →New Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Released

So we have been hearing reports that the dock for the Nintendo Switch has actually been scratching the console’s display as users take it in and out. No doubt this is a bummer, although we guess that’s what screen protectors are there for. However if you’re after a potentially less scratchy way of docking your console, here’s an idea for you. Read full post →Gamer Turns Old N64 Console Into A Dock For The Nintendo Switch

Earlier this year HTC debuted to two new phones in the form of the HTC U Ultra and U Play handsets. We have to admit that while the specs on either phone are decent for high-end and mid-rangers, they weren’t exactly groundbreaking in terms of features and design, but that could change come this April. Read full post →HTC U With Touch-Sensitive Frame Rumored For April

Samsung is finally going to unveil the Galaxy S8 at its event in New York City and London tomorrow, ending months of rumors and speculation about its latest flagship smartphone. Since all of the leaks have told us pretty much all that we need to know about the Galaxy S8, what many are now interested in finding out is how much the device is going to cost, when it’s going to arrive, and if Samsung will offer any gifts to pre-order customers. It appears that at least in some markets Samsung will give pre-order customers a free wireless speaker.
Read full post →Samsung May Offer Free Wireless Speaker With Galaxy S8 In Some Markets

If you’ve been meaning to try out Mafia 3 which was released last year, you can now without having to put money down for the game. A new Mafia 3 demo is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The opening sequence which leads into the main story of the game can now be played for free. Mafia 3 has also gone on sale so those who are impressed by the demo will be able to pick it up at a discounted rate for a limited time.
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The AmazonFresh grocery program has gradually been expanded to more markets. It allows Prime subscribers to add fresh groceries from the online retail giant. The company is now expanding the reach of AmazonFresh to provide even more convenience to users. It has launched a new service in beta today called AmazonFresh Pickup. It’s a drive-in grocery delivery service which will deliver the good to your car’s trunk.
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It’s not uncommon for popular devices to face supply constraints when they are released to customers. Millions of people around the globe are waiting to pick up that particular device and it can be hard for the company to meet demand. A new report out of Korea claims that Samsung may struggle with trying to keep up with demand for the Galaxy S8. That’s not going to be an ideal scenario given that the company would want it to be smooth sailing with the Galaxy S8 as it’s the first flagship smartphone that it has launched following the Galaxy Note 7 disaster last year.
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