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The Xbox One and PS4 have different specs from each other, meaning that the way a game looks on one console might not necessarily be the same on the other. Of course developers aim to try and reduce the differences as much as possible so as to not show any favoritism, but sometimes the differences are pretty obvious. Read full post →Rise Of The Tomb Raider PS4 Gameplay Trailer Released

htc_marlinThe rumors are saying that HTC could be working on at least two Nexus phones this year: the Sailfish and Marlin. Now earlier a rendering of the Sailfish made its way online and was based on information told to Android Police, and now thanks to the folks at TechDroider, renderings of the Marlin have now been revealed. Read full post →This Is What The HTC Nexus ‘Marlin’ Could Look Like

Last week we brought you word that Blizzard was planning a new Hearthstone adventure that they would be unveiling this week. The speculation was that based on the invitation that Blizzard sent out that it could be based in Karazhan, an area in the Warcraft universe and also where Medivh, one of the key characters in the lore used to reside. Read full post →Hearthstone’s New Adventure ‘One Night In Karazhan’ Announced

rotary-inputOne of the features of the Apple Watch is its digital crown. Before the Apple Watch, smartwatches were mostly interacted with by touching its screen, however the digital crown on the Apple Watch provided users with another way of interacting with their smartwatch. However could the digital crown make its way to future Apple products? Read full post →Apple Patent Envisions A Digital For iOS Devices

Image credit - かげきだん ゆ

Image credit – かげきだん ゆ

Given the number of accidents and incidents related to Pokemon GO, we have stated it several times that there is a time and a place to play the game, and that your safety and consideration of others should not be given a lower priority just to catch Pokemon. This is why it did not come as a surprise that there are some places that have banned the game on its premises. Read full post →German Mayor Closes Bridge To Allow Pokemon GO Players To Play Safely

warcraft movie blurayMissed your chance to watch the Warcraft movie in the cinemas? Fret not because it looks like the movie’s DVD/Blu-ray release date has been revealed, so come 13th September you will be able to pick yourself up a copy if you’re so inclined. Even if you have seen the movie, we guess this would be a good way to rewatch it. Read full post →Warcraft Movie Blu-ray/DVD Release Set For September 13

note 7Thanks to all the leaked specs and rumors, pretty much most of the major features of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have been revealed. However thanks to new information from Talk Android and 9to5Google, additional information has been released that gives us a bit more information on what to expect. Read full post →Additional Galaxy Note 7 Specs Revealed [Rumor]

Gear-S2-watch_lifestyle__03One of the features of the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch is its rotating bezel that allows users to interact and control some functions of the watch. It sounds like Samsung is quite attached to the feature and believes it is useful because according to the latest rumors, the rotary bezel is here to stay. Read full post →Samsung Gear S3 To Maintain The Rotary Bezel Feature [Rumor]

new gear vrIt has been a while since Samsung launched their Gear VR headset, so we guess a refresh is more than possible. After all we’re sure that with the launch of other VR headsets and based on feedback that Samsung has a newer and improved model in the works, right? Thanks to the folks at Phones Review, an alleged image has surfaced. Read full post →Could This Be Samsung’s New Gear VR Headset?

Pokemon has always been something of a cultural phenomenon, but with Pokemon GO it has definitely elevated the franchise to a whole new level of popularity, which is why it is understandable that ever since the game’s release, Spotify has seen a surge in streams for Pokemon songs, the theme song in particular. Read full post →Pokemon Theme Song Sung By Original Singer Has All The Feels