google logoLast month Russian search giant Yandex filed a complaint against Google to the Russian anti-monopoly body. According to Yandex, they claimed that Google was monopolizing the smartphone market by preinstalling their apps and services on Android phones, which for the most part is standard practice and to a certain extent, welcome by a lot of Android users.

However Yandex feels like this is an abuse of Google’s power and it looks like the authorities are siding with Yandex. According to a report from Reuters, the country’s anti-monopoly agency has told Google that they now have to change the contracts with its Android manufacturers with regards to preinstalling its own software and services. Read full post →Google Could Face Hefty Fine In Russia Over Alleged Monopolization

No one likes warm beer. Heck, in some countries in Asia, it is common practice to add ice to your beer to ensure that it stays cold. If you’re an avid beer drinker and would like the perfect beer fridge, you might be interested to learn that beer makers Bud Light have recently taken the wraps off a smart fridge called the Bud-E Fridge.

So what makes this a smart fridge? For starters the fridge does what all fridges do, which is to keep its contents cold. In this case, the fridge will attempt to keep your beers cold. However this is where the smart part comes in. The fridge will be able to tell how many beers you have stored in it with a maximum of 78 bottles. Read full post →Bud Light Unveils The Smart Bud-E Fridge

apple_logoYesterday we reported that according to security researchers Palo Alto Networks, an iOS malware dubbed YiSpecter was discovered. Based on what was described, which was a malware that could infect both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices, it sounded like quite a threat.

However if you’re worried about the security of your iOS device, you can rest easy as far as YiSpecter is concerned. In a statement issued by Apple, the Cupertino company claims that YiSpecter was actually addressed back in iOS 8.4 and if you have updated to iOS 8.4 or later, you should be fine. Read full post →Apple Claims YiSpecter Malware Was Addressed In iOS 8.4

Just last week Sharp announced a trio of new smartphones. Turns out that was not all Sharp had up their sleeves as the company has recently announced a new smartphone called the RoboHon. However in terms of design, the RoboHon will not look anything like the smartphones in today’s market.

As you can see in the video above, the RoboHon actually resembles a humanoid figure, a robot basically. Now we have to admit that it does seem a little hard to use a phone in this manner, but it’s definitely a unique idea that was cooked up by famed roboticist professor Tomotaka Takahashi. Read full post →Sharp Launches Humanoid-looking RoboHon Smartphone

tmo_updateThe thing about updates for Android phones is that if you’re living in the US and you bought your phone from a carrier, you usually have to wait for Google to first release the update, then for the OEM to get on it, and then wait for the carrier to approve it before it makes its way to you. This is versus international/unlocked handsets where a lot of the steps are skipped.

If you’re a T-Mobile subscriber and you’re wondering when the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update will make its way to your Android handset, you might be pleased to learn that the carrier has recently published a list of devices (via TalkAndroid) that will be receiving the update. Now if you don’t see your device on that list, don’t worry. Read full post →T-Mobile Publishes List Of Devices That Will Get Android 6.0 Update

star wars battlefront shipsThinking of getting Star Wars Battlefront when the game is released? If you are but you’re not planning on playing it on the console, you might be interested to learn that EA has officially revealed the system requirements that PC gamers will need in order to enjoy the game. So if you don’t have the required hardware, you’ve still got a month to go to upgrade your PC.

So what kind of specs are we looking at here? For those looking to get away with the bare minimum, it will require you to run Windows 7 64-bit or later. An Intel Core i3-6300T processor is required along with 8GB of RAM, and at least 40GB of hard disk space. In terms of GPU, Battlefront will accept either an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or an ATI Radeon HD 7850, both with 2GB of VRAM. Read full post →Star Wars Battlefront PC System Requirements Revealed

far_cry_primalIf you enjoyed Far Cry 4 and you’re looking forward to seeing what’s next in the Far Cry series, you might be interested to learn that it could be Far Cry Primal. Ubisoft has been teasing an announcement for several hours now, posting teaser videos on its Twitter page. However it would seem that thanks to a recent leak, the game has been revealed.

The leak came from IGN Turkey who accidentally tweeted out a picture (see above) ahead of schedule. The picture was accompanied by its title as well. Unfortunately apart from the picture and the name, not much else is known about the upcoming game. However based on Ubisoft’s teases, there seems to be a good chance that this could be taking gamers back to the ice age. Read full post →Ubisoft’s Far Cry Primal Leaked Ahead Of Reveal

Based on how things are moving along, it would certainly seem like virtual reality is the next big thing in tech. In fact some have even billed it as the last medium we can expect, but whether or not you agree with that statement is a debate for another day. However if you’re looking to hop on board the virtual reality bandwagon but can’t afford the gear, you’re in luck.

There is a Kickstarter project for an iPhone camera lens called SHOT. What SHOT does is it takes your iPhone and turns it into a virtual reality camera. How does it work, you ask? It works by cleverly combining two specially chosen fisheye lenses. The end result is a lens that can capture 360-degree photos, and 235-degree videos. Read full post →SHOT Turns Your iPhone Into A Virtual Reality Camera

porsche-mission-e-1Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto are two new infotainment systems offered by both companies that will help turn your vehicle into a more connected one. At the moment there does not appear to be a clear winner in terms of preference given that it’s still fairly new, and in some cases we have seen carmakers offer both as an option.

However in Porsche’s case, the carmaker has opted to go with Apple’s CarPlay and have recently explained why, which is something you might also want to take into consideration if you were to go for Google’s Android Auto. According to a report from Motor Trend, the fact that Android Auto requires a bit too much information is the reason they went with CarPlay. Read full post →Porsche Explains Why They Chose CarPlay Over Android Auto

google_play_musicThere are plenty of music streaming services at the moment meaning that companies no longer get to rest on their laurels even if they are the top dog. Now there are different models being adopted by companies. For example Spotify and Google Play Music has a free listening tier, while Apple Music only offers 3 months free, but after that users have to pay.

Now if you’d rather not pay without trialing the service, you might be pleased to learn that Google has brought back the one month free trial for Play Music All Access. For those unfamiliar, All Access is basically the paid tier of Google’s Play Music. With this one month free trial, users will get to experience the service like they would if they were a paying customer, letting them decide if this is something they want to continue paying for. Read full post →Google Brings Back One Month Free Trial For Play Music All Access