fb tagOne of LinkedIn’s features is the ability to add tags to your profile. For those unfamiliar, basically what this does is that it lets you create tags to help make searching for you easier. So if you identify yourself as an artist or a designer, you can tag yourself that way so that employers or clients can search for you easily.

Facebook does not have such a feature, or at least until now where according to a report from The Verge, the social network is apparently testing out a similar concept as you can see in the screenshot above. The tags appear to work the same way as LinkedIn’s tabs so if you’re already familiar with the feature, then this shouldn’t really be too steep of a learning curve. Read full post →Facebook Reportedly Testing Out Profile Tags

monitor childrenldWe were all young once, and thankfully for some of us, our young and stupid mistakes were made in a time when there was no internet, no social media, and when the world was a lot less connected than today. Nowadays saying the wrong thing online can result in that mistake following you for months or years to come.

This is why a new campaign, dubbed iRights, has been launched in the UK where they are advocating for the rights of children to be forgotten. Basically the idea is that it will allow for children and teenagers to be able to edit or delete the content that they have posted online, thus giving them a second chance to scrub their mistakes from the internet. Read full post →UK Campaign Calls For Childrens’ “Right To Be Forgotten”

xbox oneEarlier this year Microsoft announced a nifty feature that would allow Xbox One gamers to stream their games onto the PC. This can be convenient since sometimes you might want to play your games in the privacy of your own room, or maybe someone wants to watch the TV but you don’t want to give up your gaming session.

However what if the reverse was possible? What if you wanted to play your PC games on the Xbox One in your living room where maybe you have a bigger TV setup with a better sound system? Turns out that it something Microsoft is interested in and is apparently working on such a feature. Read full post →Microsoft Wants To Stream PC Games On The Xbox One

If you have called the bank to talk to a customer service rep about your account, they will ask you to authenticate yourself through a series of personal questions, and in some cases they will even ask for a password. These methods are relatively secure assuming that no one else knows those details.

However it seems that over in the Netherlands, the ING bank will be rolling out a new security feature for its customers. This feature will allow customers to use their own voice as a password, meaning that even if someone called with all the necessary information, their voice was be a dead giveaway that they are not the authorized user. Read full post →Netherlands Bank Lets Customers Use Their Voice As A Password

spigen_note_5_caseAt the moment it’s really anyone’s guess as to what the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will look like. Sure, we’ve seen some alleged leaked photos but there’s really no way of confirming its authenticity. That being said, case maker Spigen is back and have recently taken the wraps off their Galaxy Note 5 cases.

Now you’re probably wondering how does Spigen know what the phone will look like? Chances are the case manufacturer is basing this on renderings and rumors of the upcoming phone, although there is the possibility that they were given an insider tip. After all in the past, Spigen has made several guesses in the past with regards to phones that haven’t been officially announced. Read full post →Spigen Unveils Cases For The Samsung Galaxy Note 5

2877887-fallout4_trailer_end_1433355589You might have heard that Fallout 4 will support mods, but if you were hoping that you will be able to gain access to modding tools at the launch of the game, prepare to be disappointed. In any interview with IGN, Bethesda’s Pete Hines addressed the question of modding tools for Fallout 4.

According to Hines, while the game will support modding, it won’t be at the start. However Hines notes that the studio’s priority would be the game itself. “Our entire focus is on finishing the game. Nobody cares about mods if the game sucks. This has always been our philosophy. We shift energy to construction tools, the creation kit, and all of that stuff once the game is done, and we start to figure out what all of that is going to look like.” Read full post →No Modding Tools For Fallout 4 At Launch

att-outside-logo-signBack in June, the FCC slapped US carrier AT&T with an eye-watering $100 million fine for allegedly misleading customers about giving them unlimited data. Safe to say this $100 million fine is a huge amount and it looks like AT&T is not too pleased about it, so much so that the carrier has actually asked the FCC to drop the fine levied against them.

According to AT&T, they claim that they did make the appropriate disclosures to customers and also pointed out that customers on their Unlimited Data Plan were more likely to renew their contracts than those who weren’t, suggesting that it did not really harm customers to begin with, despite the FCC ruling that found them guilty of misleading practices. Read full post →AT&T Wants FCC To Drop $100 Million Fine For Data Throttling

Back in June, Lexus surprised us all with an announcement of a hoverboard that they were working on. It was only a teaser and a couple of weeks ago, Lexus followed up with another teaser. Now if you’re sick of the teasers and want to see the actual hoverboard in action, you’re in luck as Lexus has announced they will be revealing the device in its entirety come 5th August.

In the meantime the company has released yet another teaser video that shows off the hoverboard in action, or at least we get to catch glimpses of it, but safe to say we are very excited to see the device unveiled for real. The previous video featured professional skateboarder Ross McGouran, so it will be interesting to actually see him ride the hoverboard in the final release. Read full post →Lexus Hoverboard To Be Revealed In Full August 5th

Last week Nokia teased that they had an event planned for the 28th of July and according to later speculation, it was suggested that maybe this event might have something to do with virtual reality. As it turns out the speculation was right, but if you were thinking it was a virtual reality headset, think again.

Nokia has officially announced the Nokia OZO which is a virtual reality camera designed for professional videographers who are interested in capturing content for virtual reality. As you can see in the images and video, the OZO has been designed to resemble a soccer ball and is spherical in nature which will house a bevy of cameras and microphones, thus allowing video and audio to be captured from virtually every angle. Read full post →Nokia Enters New Territory With The OZO Virtual Reality Camera

nokia-icon-review-002To date the majority of smartphones in the market, regardless of platform, are powered by ARM-based chipsets, although there are some exceptions which relies on Intel’s processors. Now according to a report from Windows Central, it seems that an Intel-based Windows 10 smartphone could be in the works.

Now this isn’t the first time that such rumors have surfaced, although additional details have since been released. One of those details is that the phone will be made from metal which is nice change of pace, especially considering that OEMs such as Samsung have also turned to using more glass and metal in their phones lately. Read full post →Intel Windows 10 Smartphone Rumored To Be In The Works