When listening to music, sometimes it’s nice to be in control of the songs you listen to, especially if you know what you want. However there are times when it’s nice to be surprised and discover new tunes, which is where curated playlists come in handy, and it seems that Apple is rolling out a new playlist for its Apple Music users. Read full post →Apple Rolling Out ‘My Chill Mix’ Playlist On Apple Music

Hailing a ride for someone else using your Uber account isn’t exactly new. Granted sometimes drivers might have a hard time locating their passengers if the person waiting for the ride does not look like the person in the photos, but it has been done before. However Uber is now making the feature more official. Read full post →Uber Now Lets Users Request A Ride For Loved Ones

According to Apple, the Touch Bar feature on the new MacBook Pro models is meant to act as an extension to the keyboard, as opposed to being seen as a secondary display of sorts. However it has not stopped developers from finding all sorts of ways to mess around with the feature, such as by installing Doom on it. Read full post →Someone Just Made Super Mario For The MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar

About a week ago, Blizzard announced and finally confirmed when we can finally expect to see the Necromancer class released for Diablo 3. The announcement at that time was for the 27th of June, and sure enough it has arrived alongside the latest patch for the game, patch version 2.6.0. Read full post →Diablo 3’s ‘Rise Of The Necromancer’ DLC Now Available For Purchase

If you’re a photographer that owns quite a few memory cards, there’s a good chance that maybe one of them could be a Lexar. Lexar is one of the more well-known memory card brands out there today, but unfortunately it seems that Lexar’s parent company, Micron, has announced that they will be discontinuing the products. Read full post →Lexar Memory Cards Have Been Discontinued

With juggernauts like Apple launching their own music streaming service and with massive resources at their disposal, it isn’t surprising that the competition is feeling the pressure. This is despite the fact that Apple Music is still a relatively young service, but based on the figures it looks like Apple is playing catch up and fast. Read full post →Pandora To End Operations In Australia And New Zealand

Back in May, it was reported that Google could be working on bringing a night mode feature to its Chrome OS platform. It looks like those reports were true because in a post on Google+ by François Beaufort, it has been confirmed that Google is currently testing out the feature which is called Night Light. Read full post →Google Testing Chrome OS Night Light Feature

So it has been confirmed that Samsung will be re-releasing the Galaxy Note 7 handset sans the exploding batteries, and a report from The Wall Street Journal has apparently confirmed what it will be called and when it will be released, which assuming they are correct is currently set for a release on the 7th of July. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ‘Fandom Edition’ Could Be Released July 7

It is safe to say that Facebook has definitely become the standard of social networks as the company has recently confirmed that they are now hosting 2 billion users every month. This was originally announced by Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a post on his Facebook page confirming the figures. Read full post →Facebook Now Boasts 2 Billion Users Every Month

Privacy is a huge deal which is why for some users, they prefer keeping their location data off. However some apps do require location data in order to function properly, such as mapping apps, and if you’re a little paranoid about what apps could be accessing your location in the background, iOS 11 should help to assuage some of those fears. Read full post →iOS 11 Will Make It More Obvious When Apps Access Your Location