Andy Rubin and Android logoAndy Rubin was one of the creators of Android and has been working at Google for quite some time now. He had at one point stopped working on Android and left to work in Google X where it seems that his interest was in building robots. However it looks like that has changed as The Wall Street Journal (via The Verge) is reporting that Rubin has left the company.

According to the report, Rubin will be leaving Google completely and will be creating his own startup company in which he will be helping new hardware-based companies get off the ground. No doubt this loss to Google will not be a small one. Google’s CEO Larry Page has commented on Rubin’s departure, saying, “I want to wish Andy all the best with what’s next. With Android he created something truly remarkable—with a billion plus happy users. Thank you.” Read full post →Android’s Creator Andy Rubin Departs From Google

A few months ago it was reported that the folks at Beamdog would be releasing Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition. For those unfamiliar with the Icewind Dale title, it was a game created by BioWare back in the day and is along the same veins as Baldur’s Gate. It features a similar-ish play style, graphics, and is also based on the Forgotten Realms’ universe.

Well the good news for old school RPG fans is that the game is finally here. The game has been released on Steam and is also available on Android devices. The game is also meant to be released on iOS devices like the iPad, although strangely enough we can’t seem to find it on iTunes. Perhaps it will pop up later. Read full post →Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition Has Been Released

ipad mini retina review 1 640x426When it comes to tablets, it is safe to say that Apple is still leading the way. However if the recent numbers from the IDC are any indication, it looks like Apple is slowly starting to lose its market share. According to the latest figures, Apple’s Q3 2014 market share for tablets is sitting at 22.8% which still puts them in the lead.

However it is also down from last year where it was sitting at 29.2%. Samsung is a close second at 18.3% although this too is down from last year’s 19.3%, albeit it isn’t as big a drop compared to Apple. ASUS has also experienced a slight dip from 7.4% to 6.5%, but interesting enough Lenovo and RCA are the only companies to have experienced a slight growth, although they are still far from overtaking Apple or Samsung. Read full post →Apple And Samsung See Tablet Market Share Slip

pcalc widget1 640x480According to a report earlier today, it seemed that Apple has decided to disallow the inclusion of calculators in its widgets area. Apparently this goes against one of Apple’s policies that states that Notification Center widgets are not allowed to perform calculations. Developer James Thomson was asked to remove his PCalc widget as it was one of the apps that violated the alleged terms.

Well it looks like Apple has since had a change of heart. Either the Cupertino company realized that such a policy was never in effect, or they decided to just give in to the masses, we’ll never know, but they have since reallowed the PCalc widget. This was confirmed by an Apple spokesperson to the folks at TechCrunch. Read full post →Apple Has A Change Of Heart About Calculator Widgets

meijer logoWhile Apple and Google have been rivals in the mobile scene, it seems that fans from both camps have banded together against MCX’s CurrentC mobile payment method. This is due to the fact that MCX will not allow the use of competing mobile payment methods which effectively takes away the options of those using either Apple Pay, Google Wallet, or Softcard.

That being said, it looks like at least one member of MCX has bravely decided to stand up to its members. The retailer in question is Meijer who has recently told Michigan Live that they will not be stopping the use of Apple Pay in its stores, despite the fact that they are part of the MCX group. Read full post →MCX Member Meijer To Allow Apple Pay In Its Stores

msi gt80 640x517Due to the design of laptops which are meant to be portable, the keyboards that usually come with laptops tend to be a tad cramped and are usually low-profile so as to fit within the device without it being too thick. Well it looks like MSI is going against convention and has recently announced the GT80 Titan gaming laptop, a laptop that actually comes with a mechanical keyboard built-in.

The keyboard will be built by none other than Cherry, the same company behind the mechanical keyboard switches found in many mechanical keyboards today. They keys MSI has chosen are the Cherry MX Brown keys which have been designed to be light with quick actuation, while still providing a rather satisfying click when pressed. Read full post →MSI Teases GT80 Gaming Laptop With A Mechanical Keyboard

sweden haunted adThe world of advertising does have its fair share of interesting snippets as well as ideas that help get the job done, which ultimately, would be to have the viewer make a purchase of a particular service or product. Well, an amusement park over in Stockholm has come up with a rather a terrifying technique, inducing one of the most basic instincts in humans, that is fear, to frighten passers-by on the street so that attention can be turned to their latest attraction.

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easy guitarFor someone who is musically deaf like me, learning to play a simple music instrument can prove to be extremely challenging, or perhaps even downright impossible. However, thanks to the advent of technology, there has been tools to assist in teaching folks like me on playing various instruments. I have always had a mind to learn the guitar, although I have failed miserably whenever picking up tips from YouTube tutorials. Perhaps picking up the new Easy Guitar system might have saved me a whole lot of headache and heartache.

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zelectric bugLike water and oil, old cars as well as all-electric drivetrains do not mix. Of course, this is but a general rule, and as we all know too well, rules are meant to be broken, as the saying goes, although this particular rule would only work best within certain enclosed systems. Having said that, here is a pretty cool idea that has been fleshed out, where it is known as the ZelectricBug.

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belt scooterWhen you have a particular product with a name like Belt Scooter, one can only sit back and scratch one’s head, wondering just what the heck it is. Well, as this particular name suggests, it might be a good idea to take things literally – at least in this case. What you are getting would be a belt – and a scooter too, at the same time, as it remains worn around your waist. is, as the name suggests, a scooter worn around the waist like a belt. The Belt Scooter happens to be the brainchild of designer Ádám Török, where this particular concept might eventually pave the way for a simple mode of transport that one is capable of wearing around one’s waist. In other words, it would allow you to be more mobile, and works great if your designated driver is too tipsy to drive you home, and you do not have a car to return home after a night of wild partying.

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