swatch watch 640x363Watches have been around for centuries and have evolved over the years in terms of its mechanism and its design. With the entrance of smartwatches, tech companies are hoping that their new wearables will pave the way for a new standard. Of course there are some who believe that regular watches will remain separate from smartwatches.

After all not everyone needs to be connected all the time, right? However there are some who believe that this could be the future, such as Elmar Mock who was the co-inventor of the Swatch watch. In a recent interview, Mock seems to think that smartwatches could be the future and that Swiss watchmakers should pay more attention. Read full post →Swatch’s Co-Inventor Thinks Swiss Watch Industry Might Have Missed The Smartwatch Boat

facetimeWith the amount of money that Apple is making and the pile of cash they are sitting on, it is no surprise that they are constantly being targeted by patent trolls who are hoping to make a quick buck by forcing Apple to settle patent infringement lawsuits. So far we’ve seen one or two patent trolls succeed, while others have failed.

However it seems that this has not stopped Secure Web Conference Corporation from trying their luck anyway. The company which is based out of Melville, New York, has recently filed a complaint against Apple, claiming that the Cupertino company had infringed upon a patent that they are using in their FaceTime technology. Read full post →Apple Hit With Lawsuit Over FaceTime Patents

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nvidia moon landing side by sideAs NVIDIA launched its new Geforce GTX 970 and GeForce GTX 980 graphics processors (GPUs), its “Demo team” has taken a stab at solving one of the big controversial stories of the century: was the lunar landing real or fake? There is ample literature on the subject and there is no shortage of reasons why some people think that the lunar landing and mission was shot in a studio.

One of the main arguments of conspiracy theorists was that the lighting seemed wrong in the scene where Armstrong comes out of the lunar module. It was suggested that there was a light next to the camera, which would mean that it was shot in a studio, since no such equipment was brought to the moon. Read full post →NVIDIA GPU & Physically Based Lighting Show “Moon Landing Was Real”

6 6 plus 640x332As we’re sure most of you guys are aware by now, but both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been released. However given that both phones are of different sizes and different prices, is there a particular model that might be more appealing than the other? Well according to an early report from MixPanel (via TechCrunch), it looks like the iPhone 6 is outselling the iPhone 6 Plus.

As you can see in the graph above, it looks like the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 model is clearly and very much so in the lead. In fact towards the end of the graph you can actually see that there is a slight dip in iPhone 6 Plus sales. However like we said, this is an early report and is by no means indicative of the future sales of both units. Read full post →iPhone 6 Currently Outselling The iPhone 6 Plus

1148leather2 1024x1024 640x211The Apple Watch has been pegged for a release in 2015 and one of the advantages that the device has over most smartwatches is that it charges by connecting a charger to the back of it that sticks to the device via a magnet, much like the MagSafe adapters used in the MacBooks. This makes it easier to charge the device versus more traditional chargers that need to be plugged in.

Now if you had plans to get your hands on an Apple Watch when it is released next year, you might be interested to learn that the folks at Dodocase have created a dock for the Apple Watch that you can sort of pre-order already. Customers who are interested can leave a $5 deposit at Dodocase’s website and can expect it to begin shipping in 2015 alongside the device. Read full post →Apple Watch Charging Stands Already Up For Pre-Order

apple pay 002 640x360Apple Pay is Apple’s latest service in which they will allow iPhone 6 and Apple Watch owners pay for their purchases at retail stores using their phone or their watch. Apple is definitely not the first to the scene with a mobile payment solution, but apparently Apple’s entrance has managed to stir up a lot of interest in the industry.

According to a report from Reuters, it seems that many companies and banks out there are rushing to try and out-do each other in terms of promoting their support for Apple Pay. When the service was announced, Apple revealed that they had managed to get several big names on board, but now according to the report, more companies are rushing to the table so as not to be left behind. Read full post →Companies Reportedly Rushing To Get In On Apple Pay

10545 2835 140919 A8 l 640x334Given Apple and Samsung’s relationship, many had speculated that for the A8 processor that Apple could be turning to TSMC to help manufacture the chips as opposed to Samsung, who used to be Apple’s go-to manufacturer for their A-series chipsets. Well thanks to the folks at Chipworks, it looks like the rumors were true after all.

Chipworks has found that TSMC was indeed the manufacturer of the A8 chipset used inside the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. TSMC is said to have used a 20nm CMOS process to help fabricate the A8 SoC, and that the A8’s contacted gate pitch of around 90nm is consistent with Qualcomm’s MDM9235, which is another chip fabricated by the company. Read full post →iPhone 6′s A8 Chipset Made By TSMC

There have been persistent rumors that Microsoft could be getting ready to drop the Nokia and Windows Phone branding. In fact recently an upcoming Windows Phone handset was spotted with just a “Windows” branding on the back versus “Windows Phone”. This seems to be in line with Microsoft’s plans to unify the Windows RT and Windows Phone platforms.

Well if you’re looking for further proof that this is the case, Microsoft has recently released two new ads that talk about the apps available on their Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 platforms, however interestingly enough not once during the ad did Microsoft refer to Windows Phone by name, instead choosing to refer to it as Windows. Read full post →New Microsoft Ads Makes No Mention Of “Windows Phone” Brand

microsoft  logoAs you might have heard by now, Microsoft has started sending out invites to an event on the 30th of September. It has been largely speculated that the event could be the announcement and possible release of the Windows 9 technical preview. However if you were hoping that would be the case, you might be disappointed.

According to the folks at WinBeta, they claim to have heard from their sources that the Windows Technical Preview might not be released on that day. Instead it is expected to be released several days later in the month of October. Instead the event will be more of an announcement and will probably just give the press a first look at what to expect. Read full post →Windows 9 Technical Preview Rumored For October Release

apple iwatch front ui 640x360With all the rumors flying around prior to the Apple Watch being announced, safe to say that it was probably one of the more hyped up wearables in 2014. While the device has finally been unveiled, was it everything that fans or the tech pundits had expected it to be? Some say yes, some say no, but it seems that the majority appear to be saying no.

In a recent survey conducted by Canadian investment bank, RBC Capital Markets, it was found that out of 6,000 people surveyed, only 11% of them said that they had plans to buy the Apple Watch. 24% went on to state that they are uncertain, meaning that assuming all 24% do end up buying it, that means only 35% of 6,000 participants would actually buy it. Those are some pretty low numbers. Read full post →Survey Finds That Not Many People Would Buy An Apple Watch