tpb mob oldnew 640x524Piracy is a big no-no, but it seems that despite the best attempts by law enforcement agencies, movie studios, record labels, and etc., websites like The Pirate Bay continue to operate. In fact The Pirate Bay has even seen an increase in traffic recently, suggesting that piracy is not going away anytime soon.

That being said, it looks like The Pirate Bay team has made piracy even more accessible by creating a mobile version of its website, as reported by TorrentFreak. Previously, the website that users would be taken to while browsing on their phones was basically a shrunken version of the website which wasn’t very usable. Read full post →The Pirate Bay Gets A New Mobile Website

gdocs 640x472If you have a project that needs collaboration and you want to ensure that everyone has the most updated copy, then Google Docs is the way to go. For those unfamiliar, Google Docs is Google’s answer to Microsoft Word. It’s a word processing application that stores and syncs across devices, thanks to the fact that it runs in the cloud.

Not to mention it is also free, so if you don’t need to full functionality of Microsoft Word, Google Docs is a great alternative. That being said, Google is hoping to lure more users of Microsoft Word onto their platform. They have recently made some changes to Google Docs that will basically convert Word’s tracked changes into Suggested Edits. Read full post →Google Docs Now Converts Word’s Tracked Changes To Suggested Edits

bose qc15There are many headphone companies around, although when it comes to “luxury” headphones, brands like Bose and Beats probably comes to mind. Both companies, in the audiophile world, are typically viewed as companies who price their headphones for more than they are worth. We guess this is subjective and it really depends on whether you can justify its price, but in the meantime it looks like Bose has hit Beats with a lawsuit.

In a recent court filing, Bose alleges that Beats had infringed upon five of its patents, all of which are related to noise-cancelling headphones. The patents in question include Method and apparatus for minimizing latency in digital signal processing systems; Dynamically configurable ANR signal processing topology; Dynamically configurable ANR filter block topology; High frequency compensating topology; and Digital high frequency phase compensation. Read full post →Bose Sues Beats Over Alleged Noise-Cancelling Patents

verizon logo stone wallWhile most carriers have done away with unlimited data plans, there are still many users out there who are on grandfathered plans, meaning that their carrier is honoring their earlier contract with the customer, even though the service/feature is no longer offered. That being said, if you’re thinking about abusing your data, think again.

Verizon has recently confirmed to the folks at Droid-Life that starting this October, users will see a reduction in their internet speeds if they fall under the carrier’s top five percentage of heavy internet users. This means that if you were to consume more than 4.7GB of data a month, you would see your speeds reduced until the next billing cycle. Read full post →Verizon To Begin Throttling Heavy Unlimited 4G LTE Users In October

cell phone unlockingBack in 2013, there was a brief period in time in which unlocking your cellphone would be considered an illegal act. This is because a provision in the Digital Millenium Copyright Act had lapsed, although thankfully there are some in the government who worked swiftly to address that issue.

Now about a week ago, a bill to allow the unlocking of cellphones was passed by the Senate, although if there was one thing that it still needed was the President’s signature, which he has recently announced that he will be signing very soon. Read full post →President Obama To Sign Bill That Makes Cellphone Unlocking Legal

arya starkThe Last of Us, for those unfamiliar, is a game created by Naughty Dog for Sony’s PlayStation platform. It is a survival horror game that has managed to develop a very huge and loyal fanbase and if you thought that the upcoming live reading of some of the game’s scenes was a pretty awesome concept, well here’s one that can possibly top it – a live action movie.

Now we know that Sony had already announced that they would be turning the video game into a movie, but speaking at the San Diego Comic-Con, additional details of the movie have been revealed, one of which is that the studio is currently eyeing is none other than Maisie Williams, better known for her role in Game of Thrones as Arya Stark. Read full post →Maisie Williams Considered For A Role In The Last Of Us Movie

facebook unfollowAccording to the CDC, Americans are recommended to exercise for at least 21 minutes a day, but we guess if you have the time and you’re aiming for a particular goal, the longer you spend at it probably wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Interestingly enough it seems that while many find it hard to do that 21 minutes a day, Americans have no problem spending 40 minutes a day on Facebook.

This is according to Mark Zuckerberg who revealed that little tidbit during the company’s Q2 earnings call. According to Zuckerberg, it seems that Americans spend a total of 40 minutes a day on the social network, and that 40 minutes accounts for one in five minutes spent on mobile devices, which as it stands has managed to cross the 400 million active users mark. Read full post →Americans Spend 40 Minutes A Day On Facebook, According To Mark Zuckerberg

artist scanner 640x361Scanners, at least flatbed scanners, are typically used to scan documents and photos, converting them into digital images that we can store on our computers. Sure, you could take the occasional object like a tablet, smartphone, or even a soft toy and scan it if you wanted, although sometimes the results aren’t exactly optimal.

However it seems that one artist by the name of Nathaniel Stern has decided to take digital scanning to a whole new level, by taking it underwater. Wait, do scanners even work underwater? The answer to that question is yes, it does, but only if you house it in a waterproof casing, which Stern did by cobbling together a case made from melted and welded plexiglas, plastic bags, duct tape, and so on. Read full post →Artist Uses Desktop Scanner Underwater To Create Abstract Art

coolest 640x640A couple of weeks ago we reported on a Kickstarter project called the Coolest. For those who might have missed, the Coolest is basically a Kickstarter project for a hi-tech cooler that you can bring with you on picnics, to the beach, barbeques, and so on. It featured a blender, built-in speakers, and even a charger for your smartphone – pretty cool, right?

Well it seems that we weren’t alone in thinking that because it seems that the project has managed to raise a whopping $7.2 million at this time of writing, and with 35 days to go, KickTraq believes that at the rate it is going, it could very well hit or cross the $21.7 million mark by the time the project officially ends – that’s a lot of money! Read full post →Coolest Kickstarter Project Is The Third Most Funded At $7 Million

gta 4 ice 640x340Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto IV is an old game. It was released back in 2008 and has since been succeeded by Grand Theft Auto V which sports new graphics and an open world gameplay. That being said it seems that there are plenty of gamers who are still playing the game and if you’re one of them, you might be interested to learn that the GTA 4 mod, iCEnhancer, has been updated to version 3.0.

The image above is one of the screenshots from the mod and we can’t say we blame you if you thought that it was a photograph upon first glance. For those unfamiliar with the iCEnhancer mod, it basically tweaks your game and makes it look a lot more realistic. While GTA 4 did sport some pretty decent graphics at its time, safe to say it definitely does not hold up to what we’ve been seeing these days. Read full post →GTA 4 iCEnhancer Mod Updated To Version 3.0