ip6 shipping 640x474According to a report from a few days ago, an analyst revealed that the demand for Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is still outstripping its supply. This is evidenced in the estimated shipping times in which customers were still told that they had to wait 3-5 business days before their order would be shipped out.

Analyst Gene Munster offered his prediction that availability should hit the 80% mark before the year is out and it looks like he could be right. According to the Apple Online Store, shipping times for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have improved to 1 business day for some models. Depending on your configuration like storage size and color choice, it might vary, but in some instances the estimated shipping has been set at 1 business day. Read full post →iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Shipping Times Improve To 1 Day For Some Models

z4 leakWith CES and MWC 2015 coming up in the next few months, we’re sure many are excited to see what kind of new mobile products companies might have in store for us. For Sony fans, chances are you guys are looking forward to the next flagship smartphone, which at the moment has been tentatively known as the Xperia Z4.

Well it seems that thanks to recent leaks, a potential design of the upcoming Xperia Z4 could have been revealed. This leak is courtesy of the recent Sony Pictures hack in which a lot of confidential Sony information was released, one of which is an alleged product placement pitch for the Xperia Z4 in the upcoming James Bond movie, Spectre. Read full post →Sony’s Xperia Z4 Might Have Been Leaked In Hacked Emails

sony pictures logo 640x360Is North Korea behind the hack on Sony Pictures? There has been a bit of back and forth on this with initial reports saying yes and later reports saying no, but all this while North Korea has denied their involvement, although they don’t seem to be too upset and maybe even a little happy that Sony Pictures has been hacked.

That being said in the latest update on the hack, CBS News Homeland Security Correspondent Bob Orr has recently reported that his sources have informed him that the FBI has “definitively” traced the attack back to North Korea. The evidence points at hackers directed by North Korea’s cyber unit in which they use data-wiping malware to steal Sony’s corporate secrets and computer files. Read full post →Sony Pictures Hack The Work Of “Sophisticated Actors”, According To White House

coffee app 640x418Our smartwatches are great devices to get our notifications on without having to whip out our phone, which in some situations might not be ideal or polite (like when in a meeting or on a date). However replying to messages via our smartwatch is less than ideal due to its small screen, and while there are keyboards that help facilitate typing on a small screen, it’s just not that fun.

Well for those who want to reply to messages via their Android Wear device without having to spend time typing out messages, then perhaps the Coffee SMS app for Android Wear could be for you. The app basically comes with hundreds of preloaded messages that users can scroll through, tap, and send, all from the comfort of their wrist. Read full post →Coffee SMS App Lets You Send Pre-Typed Text Messages From Your Smartwatch

WP 20141204 10 19 19 Raw 640x359As you might have heard, Microsoft has recently begun to push out the Lumia Denim update to its Lumia series of devices. This is a particularly important update especially if you love taking photos on your Lumia device and was hoping that Microsoft could make some improvements in that area.

Well you’re in luck because Microsoft has and in their latest Lumia Conversations post, Microsoft shares some photos snapped with the Lumia 930 after the update. Personally we wish Microsoft would have shared some before and after photos, but either way these new photos taken post-update do look good. Read full post →Microsoft Shows Off Photos Taken By Lumia 930 Post-Lumia Denim Update

Guitarists have been using effects pedals in their setups for years, whether it be live or recording in a studio, these pedals are pretty much an integral part of a guitar player’s setup. For the most part these effects are controlled via foot pedals or by a guitar tech at the back, but if you’d rather have the effects closer to home, Ibanez might have something for you.

About a few months ago, guitar manufacturer Ibanez announced the RGKP6 Kaoss guitar. This guitar will feature a special cutout in which a Korg mini Kaoss pad 2S can be installed, hence the name as this appears to be a collaboration between Korg and Ibanez. The Kaoss pad comes with 100 effects that users can tweak and manipulate using their fingers and given its positioning, should not really interfere with a guitarist’s strumming or picking process. Read full post →Ibanez’s RGKP6 Kaoss Guitar Comes With A Built-In Effects Pad

jins memeIf there is one drawback to Google Glass it is that it is obvious. We’re sure many people will find it hard to ignore the fact that you have a tiny computer module strapped to your glasses. Some people have taken exception to this as they believe that you are constantly recording/photographing them, so perhaps a more subtle solution is needed.

Well over in Japan they have the JINS MEME smart glass which as you can see in the image above, is a lot more conspicuous. The MEME glass was previously only available in Japan but the good news is that it looks like JINS will be bringing their MEME eyewear stateside and will also be giving a demonstration at CES 2015. Read full post →JINS MEME To Bring Their Smart Glass Stateside In 2015

Xperia E4 vs Xperia Z1 CompactThanks to a series of leaked photos from about a week ago, we managed to catch a glimpse of what appeared to be the upcoming Sony Xperia E4, the successor to 2013’s Xperia E3. Based on the photos it looks like Sony went with a new design for the Xperia E4, but given that none of this is official it’s hard to tell if they’re the real deal.

That being said if you’re looking for more “evidence” that the photos are the real deal, Polish website Teleguru (via Gizmobolt) has actually uploaded an entire hands-on review of the device. Now we can’t be sure if this means that the handset was released in Poland or if Teleguru got their hands on a leaked copy of the handset or maybe they just broke the embargo, but there are plenty of photos to enjoy. Read full post →Sony Xperia E4 Leaked In Full Hands-On Review

nexus 6 review display 8 640x426One of the features that was supposed to make it into the Nexus 6 was the double tap to wake up feature. Basically this allows users to double tap the screen of their Nexus 6 in order to wake it up from sleep mode, versus pressing the button on the side which sometimes can lead to the button wearing out, much like the home button on iOS devices.

Well safe to say the feature did not make its way onto the phone and the good news is that if you wanted it, XDA developer qwerp_ has managed to come up with a solution that does not require users to root their phone. However it does require users to have an unlocked Nexus 6 bootloader, which to be fair is a little easier to achieve than root. Read full post →Nexus 6 Gets Double Tap To Wake Feature, No Root Required

xbox one 640x365

Microsoft’s Xbox One isn’t just a gaming console. It has countless features which make it a much better option if you want gaming and entertainment side by side, PlayStation 4 just doesn’t hit that mark as nicely, and today the content sources on Xbox One are being increased yet again. A plethora of entertainment applications has been released for Microsoft’s latest console.

Read full post →Xbox One Gets A Plethora Of Entertainment Apps