automatic brightnessSo, you are thinking about getting yourself one of those fancy new smartwatches? If that is the case, then some modern day smartwatches do come with a fair number of sensors within, which makes perfect sense – after all, it would be some of those sensors out there that would make these digital timepieces “smart” in the first place. Having said that, Display Brightness for Wear happens to be an Android Wear app that was specially developed in order to offer smartwatches with the ability to gain auto brightness adjustment capabilities – especially when said device does not even come with its very own light sensor in the first place.

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lumia selfieWhispers have it that Microsoft is currently looking for an opportunity to roll out what they deem to be a “selfie phone” which is called the Lumia Superman. That’s not all, as Microsoft’s Stephen Elop did not only show off the Lumia Superman this week during an internal company meeting according to the Verge, but an affordable but pretty pumped up Windows Phone smartphone called the Lumia Tesla (at this point in time anyways) was also showcased.

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It is said that good things must always be shared with the rest of the world, and when it comes to the first person shooter Unreal Tournament and the upcoming release, here we are with what is deemed to be the first available gameplay footage for the masses to check out. This particular footage of Unreal Tournament does show off several early concept designs when it comes to the likes of maps and weapons, not to mention depicting a wee bit of team deathmatch action that the developers indulge in to let off some steam while working.

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eagles robot fansWhen it comes to the world of sports, you know that the home team will have the added advantage of not having to travel, in addition to enjoying the support of the home fans – who are sometimes known as the 12th man when it comes to the game of soccer (or football as the rest of the world calls it). Having said that, it is rather sad to see an empty stadium that lacks the vibrancy of live fans chanting support slogans as well as dressing up for the occasion. As for the Hanwha Eagles baseball team in South Korea, it looks as though home support has dwindled to such a depressing extent that they have to enlist robots to do the supporting instead.

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mota3D printers do seem to be dime a dozen these days, but how many of them are actually affordable to the masses? Well, here is something that you can afford for just a single Benjamin – and we are talking about the Mota 3D printer which costs all of just $99 a pop. The Mota 3D, as it is called, hails from a Kickstarter campaign, and many had hoped that it will be realized when the project finally rolls off the production line after raising up enough funds along the way.

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samsung logo 640x389It was not too long ago that we brought you word on how the Samsung Galaxy Alpha could very well arrive with a 720p display, and as with all rumors, time will be able to either expose or confirm such rumors. As for the 720p display on the much rumored Samsung Galaxy Alpha, it seems that the mentioned display’s resolution has been “confirmed”, courtesy of Samsung’s developer console.

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moto x review 11 640x426It goes without saying that a soak test is more often than not a precedent to an actual update release for a particular device. It makes plenty of sense after all – since it is always better to make sure that a particular update works well with a small sample of users, before it is publicly released to the masses. The Android 4.4.4 KitKat update has appeared in a soak test for the Verizon Moto X slightly more than a week ago, and it seems that the full update release has already happened – which means that all went well in the soak test.

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ps4 3d updateIt goes without saying that modern day hardware is able to last much longer than those in the past simply because of the introduction of firmware updates from time to time. This would make the hardware relevant to the present moment, in addition to ensuring that any older bugs and kinks can be worked out along the way. Having said that, we are pleased as punch to say that Sony has kept to their word in introducing the PS4 system software update version 1.75, right on schedule. Just what kind of features can we expect from this system software update?

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android tv dev kitIf you are remotely interested in developing apps for Google’s Android TV, then you will be pleased to hear that the first batch of dev kits for Google’s Android TV has already begun to arrive at the homes of developers. It was right after the announcement of Android TV over at Google I/O that developers could apply to have a shot at a preview console. This preview console will give developers a chance to design their respective applications, and now those lucky selected developers have begun to receive their units that comprises of an ADT-1 reference Android TV console in addition to a game controller.

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london adsThe great city of London, which has been promised to deliver 5G connectivity to the masses before the year 2020 clocks out and we usher in 2021, has yet another story that touches on the technological department. Basically, the police in London have come up with a new tactic to deal with websites that promote either piracy or illegal content. Basically, the whole idea behind this move is to stop such websites from obtaining advertising income, which in turn could prove to scare away a small number of users at the moment.

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