The thing about buying new games when new consoles are released is whether you should buy the version for your current console or buy the one for the newer console. Well the good news for those who bought Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for the Xbox 360 and might have recently gotten themselves an Xbox One for Christmas, you guys can upgrade the game for free.

This was recently announced by Microsoft and Activision in which they revealed that gamers who bought the Xbox 360 version of the game will be eligible to upgrade to the Xbox One version for free. This offer will only last until the 31st of March 2015, so if you still have yet to get the Xbox One or have yet to upgrade, you’ll want to move fast. Read full post →Xbox 360 CoD: Advanced Warfare Gamers Can Upgrade To Xbox One Version For Free

nintendo-wii-u-review-9There have been rumors in the past that Nintendo is working on a successor to the Wii U system, a console which hasn’t been doing particularly well as of late. The rumors suggested that the company was working on a brand new system which has since been denied, although if a recent statement by Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto is anything to go by, we know that Nintendo is looking into it.

Speaking in an interview, Miyamoto revealed that the company is currently looking into a possible successor to the console. “For the time being, our focus is on the Wii U hardware, but Nintendo as a whole has groups working on ideas for new hardware systems. While we’re busy working on software for the Wii U, we have production lines that are working on ideas for what the next system might be.” Read full post →Nintendo Already Exploring Ideas For Future Wii Consoles

the interviewAfter debating how and whether or not to release The Interview, Sony Pictures has decided to release the movie online where users could watch it from a variety of different sources, such as Google Play,, Xbox Video, and YouTube Movies. That being said in terms of piracy, the movie is a hit with torrent users, but what about those watching it through popular channels?

Well as it turns out the movie is a hit amongst YouTubers as well as the movie was recently managed to top YouTube’s Popular Right Now charts. Of course it remains to be seen in the coming days if the movie will be able to hold its position into 2015, but for now it looks like the video has managed to achieve top status despite it being released recently. Read full post →The Interview Tops YouTube’s Most Popular Charts, For Now

If you’ve read Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit, you’re probably aware of the sword called “Sting”. It is a sword used by Bilbo (and later Froddo) and it glows blue when it detects Orcs. Pretty handy, right? Well thankfully we are in a world in which Orcs aren’t real, or at least that’s what we hope, so what use is Sting for then?

Well instead of being able to detect Orcs, how about if Sting could simply detect WiFi instead? Well if you thought that is a nifty idea, you can actually go ahead and create it for yourself. There is a tutorial on Make which actually shows you how to put together the sword yourself. The device will require users to get the replica Sting toy and a Spark Core. Read full post →Hack Turns Hobbit’s “Sting” Sword Into A WiFi Detector

sony_pictures_logoWe’re sure by now pretty much everyone has heard of the hack on Sony Pictures. Now the question is was Sony’s security inadequate to begin with, or were the hackers simply too good for Sony’s defenses? Well an earlier report had suggested that Sony was warned but did nothing, and now according to a report from The Intercept, it looks like the FBI foresaw a similar hack and had tried to warn Sony about it.

According to the report, the FBI had sent out a warning to critical infrastructure organizations, such as energy providers, warning them that a potential data-destruction hack could take place in 2014 which is similar to the one suffered by Sony. While the message was meant for critical infrastructure organizations, Sony could have potentially been warned about it, but why weren’t they? Read full post →FBI Reportedly Foresaw Sony Pictures Hack Back In 2013

game-of-thrones-free-burning-logo-401732HBO’s Game of Thrones is probably one of the biggest hits on TV these days. In fact last year we had heard that the TV show was a top torrent download but with 2014 bringing us new TV shows to watch, did Game of Thrones lose its steam? Hardly. According to a report from TorrentFreak, it looks like Game of Thrones has nabbed the crown of the most pirated TV show for 2014.

The TV show has managed to nab 8 million downloads via BitTorrent and if you’re wondering how the other TV shows fare, well it looks like they don’t even come close. AMC’s The Walking Dead managed an average of 4.8 million BitTorrent downloads and came in second place, followed by The Big Bang Theory at 3.9 million downloads. Interestingly enough How I Met Your Mother, which has since ended, managed 3.5 million downloads, beating out newcomer Gotham for fourth place. Read full post →Game Of Thrones Most Pirated TV Show For 2014

Skype-for-AndroidIf you are a heavy user of Skype on Android, you might be interested to learn that there was a bug recently discovered in the app that allows someone to spy on your Skype sessions. Basically how this works is that it involves using two devices on your end. Device A will make the call and ten disconnect while it is ringing.

The person you are calling will then automatically call you back after which you can just pick up with your second device. Of course both of this is dependent on you signing into the same Skype account. Thankfully this is a bug that Microsoft has since recognized exists and is working on a fix right now. Read full post →Skype For Android Bug Discovered, Lets Others Spy On You

uber ceoUber has a great idea which is to allow people who need a ride to get one anytime and anywhere, as opposed to having to rely on public taxis all the time. The concept is great and for many who have used their service, they can probably tell you many great things too, although the company has recently come under fire from taxi operators around the world.

Well it looks like over in South Korea, Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick could be in some serious legal trouble as the country’s law enforcement officials have indicted him on charges of running an illegal taxi service in the country. The company along with its rental agency MK Korea has reportedly broken laws that prevent car rental businesses from operating as a passenger-transport business. Read full post →Uber’s CEO Lands Into Legal Trouble In South Korea

A lot of smartphones and their user interfaces tend to be designed for regular people in mind, as opposed to being catered to users with special needs. Sure there are some accessibility options, but for the most part they feel like an afterthought. Well if you know someone who is visually impaired or who is old and has poor eyesight, perhaps the Koala phone launcher might be of interest to you.

The launcher is designed for those with visual impairments or for those who are old. Basically the UI is a blown up UI that offers users larger icons and font to make things more readable at a glance, as opposed to forcing users to squint in order to see simple things like icons or the clock or the date. Read full post →Koala Android Launcher Is For The Visually Impaired

spell-catWhile some of us still prefer tapping out keys on the keyboard when typing on our smartphones and tablets, there are some who believe that using keyboards like Swype is a faster alternative. For those who are unfamiliar with Swype, it’s basically a keyboard that lets you slide your finger over the letters you want to type out words.

Well wouldn’t it be more awesome if you could type out words and sentences in that method, except using your eyes? Well that’s an idea that Microsoft has and one that they have recently patented. The idea is similar to swiping keyboards, except that in this case the system would be able to recognize your eye movements instead, so users can glance left and right, up and down to type out their words. Read full post →Microsoft Patents Eye-Tracking Keyboard