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SoundCloud happens to be one of the widely used online services for listening to music. Established, upcoming and amateur artists alike upload their tracks on the service so that fans from around the world can stream them whenever they want, wherever they want. Up till now the experience has been ad-free but that ends now. The launch of On SoundCloud was announced today which will allow creators to make money from their work. For listeners, this means advertisements.

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comcast campus

Comcast today announced the launch of a new service called Xfinity on Campus which is aimed at college students across the country. The aim is to enable students to watch TV and on-demand content on internet enabled devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets when they’re on campus. Charges for this service will be included in a student’s room and board fees which means that it will only be available to those students who are living in on-campus housing.

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Some of us see self-driving cars as a staple in the future however there’s a lot of ground to be covered before these vehicles are ready for the real world. There are technological challenges to overcome as well apart from the regulatory and legal hurdles that self-driving cars will surely face. The latest wrench in the works has been thrown by the state of California. The state’s DMV has told Google that its prototypes much have manual controls which allow test drivers to take “immediate physical control of the vehicle.”

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microsoft logo1

There has been much speculation about the next Windows iteration recently, we have seen some details being leaked out as well and according to a new report published today the date of the announcement has also been set. Apparently Microsoft is going to announce Windows 9 on September 30th. At the press preview event the company is likely going to introduce changes that have been made to this iteration of its operation system.

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motorola focus66Motorola does not just churn out numerous smartphones and tablets, you know, as one of their more recent products would arrive in the form of the Motorola FOCUS66 Wi-Fi HD Home Monitoring Camera. Right now, it is going for just $99 over on Amazon, and when the promotional period is over, you will have to fork out the full price of $129.99 a pop. The Motorola FOCUS66 comes across as a device that delivers remote HD quality video streaming, although it would be prudent to be in possession of a decent Wi-Fi connection.

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t mobile lumia 2520

At Nokia World last year the company unveiled its Lumia 2520 tablet. It was Nokia’s last tablet before the company’s hardware and services division was acquired by Microsoft. While its unclear if there will ever be a successor to the Lumia 2520, since Microsoft already has a tablet lineup of its own, we’ve been curious about the Lumia tablet landing on T-Mobile. It was rumored once and now it has been spotted in T-Mobile’s “The Source for Business” guide.

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sony smart tennis sensorJust when you thought that Sony is pretty content at where they are with regard to the consumer electronics world, here we are with the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor that delivers real-time optimization of play across several tennis racket models, so that you will be able to improve on your game in the long run. The Smart Tennis Sensor has been specially engineered to work just fine, regardless of your tennis level. Offering real-time shot visualizations that are instantly available on a connected smartphone or tablet, it will also show off recorded video and shot metrics simultaneously.

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With the launch of Apple’s new smartphones believed to be less than a month away it won’t surprise anyone to see major retailers get rid of their stock. Over the coming weeks it’s possible that a number of other retailers may launch promotions to move their stocks of existing iPhone models. Walmart is the first one to go ahead with this strategy, starting today at the retailer is reducing iPhone 5c prices to just 97 cents. Previously the retailer was selling at $29.

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iphone6 128gbEverywhere we turn to these days, it seems that there is something about the iPhone 6 that will cross our paths, and in the latest rumor to arrive concerning the upcoming flagship device from Apple would be a 128GB iPhone 6. This “discovery” was made thanks to a leaked iPhone 6 document, although one might want to take what you see above with a pinch of salt, since nothing is confirmed or made official until it comes out from the horse’s mouth.

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kobo aura h2oIt looks like Kobo has plans for a brand new eReader, where this particular model will be known as the Kobo Aura H2O. Having passed through the FCC not too long ago, the Kobo Aura H2O will arrive with a high resolution E Ink display, accompanied by a water- as well as dust-proof case. As to its purported release date, it seems that we now have additional details, thanks to a leaked specifications sheet, an image, a possible launch date as well as an alleged price tag attached to it.

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