Over in the US, you have carriers such as T-Mobile who offer up music and movie streaming plans for its customers that do not eat into their regular data. Basically as long as you are streaming from one of their partners, it will not count towards your data allowance which could save users a lot of data in the process. Read full post →Canada Kills Carrier’s Plan To Offer Unlimited Music To Customers

Our mobile devices typically feature different chipsets compared to those found on computers. However as mobile devices like smartphones become more popular, many are wondering if perhaps ARM-based chipsets could eventually replace more traditional processors? In fact Microsoft has attempted to do that with Windows RT, an ARM version of Windows 8. Read full post →ARM-Powered Windows 10 Laptops To Arrive This Year

As 360-degree videos are starting to become commonplace, there is one area that needs to be addressed and that is with image quality. After all being immersed in a video while wearing a VR headset is very different from watching it on a monitor, and the better the quality, the more immersive it can feel. Read full post →Insta360 Pro 8K Camera Up For Pre-Order

Since it would be an impossible task for most of us to learn every single language out there, this means that when it comes to watching foreign movies and TV shows, subtitles made by fans are a lifesaver. However it seems that fan subtitles are considered illegal, or at least that’s according to a recent ruling by a Dutch court. Read full post →Dutch Court Rules Fan Subtitles For Movies & TV Shows Are Illegal

Given how much time we spend on social media platforms like Instagram and considering how visual it is, it is not surprising that brands and companies are flocking to the platform and paying Instagrammers money to advertise their products. Dubbed “influencers”, this is pretty common especially amongst celebrities and professional athletes. Read full post →FTC Sends Advertising Warnings To Instagram ‘Influencers’

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung has opted to price the phone high than its predecessors. Why is this? Sure, some might call it a bit greedy, but as it turns out Samsung might have a pretty good reason, and that is the fact that it costs more to make than the previous Galaxy S handsets. Read full post →Galaxy S8 Reportedly Costs Over $300 To Make

The Like button has become pretty ubiquitous these days, where it provides users with a quick way to show their appreciation for a post or item they see online. However in an interesting move, it seems that Pinterest has decided that they will be removing the feature from its website. Read full post →Pinterest Will Be Killing Off Its ‘Like’ Button

So we’ve seen how drones can be used for photography, videography, even used to provide internet, and now it seems that drones have found a use in the study of animals. A pair of researchers have used drones in a bid to better learn about the behavior of bats while they’re in-flight that go beyond traditional ground-based monitoring tactics. Read full post →Drones Used To Study Bats To Learn In-Flight ‘Secrets’

People argue with each other all the time, whether you’re friends, family, or partners. Heck even strangers get into arguments with each other. However what if you could predict when an argument is about to break out? If you could, do you think you could work towards preventing it or acting in a way that doesn’t let it get blown out of proportion? Read full post →Researchers Use Wearables To Predict When Couples Start Arguing

The human body is a wonderment and it’s usually only when it’s too late that we can appreciate what it does for us. For example did you know your eye’s natural lens will automatically focus on whatever you’re looking at? We suppose it might be obvious, but it’s not really something we think about. Read full post →These Smart Glasses Can Refocus On What You’re Looking At