Smart umbrellas are not new. We have seen attempts at creating such devices with the Blunt + Tile umbrella and the Kisha umbrella, but another device by the name of the Haz umbrella has decided to try its hand at creating a similar device as well. The concept is pretty similar in which it is a hi-tech umbrella.

In fact it is so hi-tech that it even comes with a motorized opening and closing feature, which according to the company will apparently take about 2 seconds. Now this is actually quite slow compared to doing it yourself, but the selling point is that if your hands were full, then the motorized feature would come into play. Read full post →Haz Umbrella Will Tell You If You Need It

iPhone-6-review-6Recently we had heard how a massive fake iPhone factory in China was busted by the police. This is obviously good news since some of these fake devices can be rather convincing, at least to the untrained eye. However it seems that closer to home in Detroit, a trio of teenagers have recently been arrested for trying to sell fake iPhones themselves.

Now these iPhones weren’t even close to the real thing. In fact what these teens did was get their hands on empty iPhone boxes and stuff them with Play-Doh, seal it back up with plastic, and tried to sell them to retailers. The retailer obviously realized his mistake too late and then tried to set up an ambush with the police. Read full post →Teens Arrested For Trying To Sell iPhone Boxes Stuffed With Play-Doh

doogee homtomThere are lots of handset manufacturers around at the moment, some you might have heard of, some whom you’ve probably not. For example if we were to ask you if you knew who Doogee was, would you? Fret not because we have not heard of the brand before, but it seems that they are a brand that might be worth getting to know.

For starters Doogee is a brand based out of China and they are planning on launching a new smartphone by the name of the HomTom. So what so exciting about the device? Probably its selling point, which is a massive 6,250mAh battery that the company plans on stuffing inside the phone. Read full post →Doogee HomTom Will Feature A Massive 6,250mAh Battery

windows 10Yesterday we reported that Windows 10’s update files had reportedly begun to download in the background for some users. This also means that there are some users who have yet to receive the update files despite having reserved their copy. This is to be expected since we reckon Microsoft probably wants to stagger its release.

Now if you can’t wait for it to come to your turn, fret not because it seems that there is way to go about forcing the files to download onto your computer, thus allowing you to upgrade to Windows 10 on the spot. This is thanks to the folks at VentureBeat who have published the step-by-step instructions on their website. Read full post →Forcer Your Computer To Update To Windows 10

oneplus-2-review-02It was confirmed that when the OnePlus 2 was announced that the flat red USB-C cable we saw in leaked photos was indeed the cable that the company was planning on using with the smartphone. It is a rather striking looking cable and the good news is that OnePlus could be selling it by itself soon.

As it stands, the company is selling its micro USB cable by itself where it is priced at $10, but according to OnePlus CEO Carl Pei, they expect that its USB-C cable will be priced much cheaper at $5, but for now they will not be selling it separately, at least not until more stock has been made available. Read full post →OnePlus To Start Selling Its USB-C Cable By Itself Soon

windows-10-for-phones-leaked-buildSo Windows 10 has been officially released. This is great news for desktop users, but what about users on mobile devices? When will the Windows 10 version for mobile make its way onto phones? For those who are looking forward to the mobile version of Microsoft’s latest operating system, you might have to wait a bit more.

According to a report from iAfrica (via WMPowerUser), it seems that Microsoft’s Windows and Surface Business Group Lead Anthony Doherty revealed that Windows 10 Mobile would be released in November, or rather they are aiming for a November timeframe, meaning that there is a chance it might be earlier or later than that, depending on the situation. Read full post →Windows 10 Mobile Expected To Be Released In November

Guild-Wars-2With MMORPG accounts actually being worth a fair bit of money, due to rare mounts, armor, weapons, and time spent accumulating them, it isn’t surprising that you hear about accounts being hacked and having their items stolen from them. There are various ways to protect your account, depending on the game.

Now if you’re a Guild Wars 2 player looking to protect their account, you might be interested to learn that ArenaNet will be introducing an SMS verification system this summer. Basically this is like a two-step authentication security system to ensure that even if your account’s username and password has been discovered, they still won’t be able to get in until you verify who you are via the SMS. Read full post →ArenaNet Adds SMS Verification For Guild Wars 2 Players

A lot of games tend to have Easter Eggs in them if you know where to look. Blizzard’s games are no exception and in Diablo 3, the company has recently decided to honor one of the game’s deceased artists with a rare in-game item. The artist’s name is Kevin Kanai Griffith and passed away in October 2014 due to a rare form of cancer.

In a recent patch note, Blizzard revealed that the upcoming Kanai’s Cube is actually an in-game item that they named after the artist. For those unfamiliar, Kanai’s Cube was actually revealed last month and is basically the spiritual successor to Diablo 2’s Horadric Cube. Basically gamers can use the cube to enhance their gear and reforge Legendary and Ancient equipment. Read full post →Blizzard Honors Deceased Diablo 3 Artist With In-Game Item

nintendo-wii-u-review-10The Nintendo Wii U console was released in 2012, meaning that it has been in existence for about 3 years now. So how has the console done so far? According to Nintendo’s recent financials, it seems that the Wii U has finally managed to sell 10 million units since its launch, which is admittedly a tad slow but we suppose it’s still a good thing they got there.

According to the numbers, the Wii U managed to sell close to 500,000 units between April and June of 2015 – 470,000 to be exact. This is actually 40,000 units lower than Nintendo had projected but it still ultimately allowed the console to cross the 10 million mark. It was also revealed that the Americas is where the Wii U is the most popular. Read full post →Wii U’s Lifetime Sales Finally Hits The 10 Million Mark

Stolen-Xperia-C5-Ultra-in-Brazil-640x602We have been hearing about a certain Sony Xperia C5 Ultra recently. One of the features of the handset is its bezel-free display which helps create the illusion that its display is larger than it really is. It also helps to keep the phone nice and compact due to the lack of bezels. Now we can’t be sure when the phone will be released, but it seems that over in Brazil, someone had stolen a prototype of the handset.

According to the reports, it seems that a prototype of the Xperia C5 Ultra was stolen from a certification forum on the 17th of July. The thief then tried to sell the device on an eBay-like website but was promptly arrested before he could. Apparently the prototype was valued at $12 million, not so much because of its specs or materials, but rather the cost of the R&D that Sony had put into the device. Read full post →Alleged Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Prototype Recovered In Brazil