galaxy-s7-pearl-blackBack in November there were rumors that Samsung was planning a glossy black version of the Galaxy S7 Edge. Given the popularity and response to Apple’s Jet Black iPhone 7, and how fierce the rivalry between Apple and Samsung is, it did not really come as a surprise. Now it seems that we have a date to look forward to: the 9th of December. Read full post →‘Pearl Black’ Galaxy S7 Edge Will Launch December 9 In South Korea

galaxy_a7_2017Samsung’s Galaxy S and Note series are the company’s high-end handsets, but if there’s one good thing about Samsung it is that they are pretty diverse in their offerings and have created low-end handsets to target emerging markets, and mid-rangers for those who don’t want to pay and arm and a leg for their phones. Read full post →Alleged Galaxy A7 (2017) Shown Off In Leaked Invite

We’ve seen drones used for infrastructure work, we’ve seen it used for photography and filmmaking, and we’ve also seen it used for search and rescue efforts. Now it seems that drones can also be used to help with the study of the environment as well as to check up on the health of the current ecosystem. Read full post →Parrot’s Drones Used To Track The Health Of Sequoia Trees

apple_musicDespite being somewhat late to the game, at least compared to the more established players at that time like Spotify, Pandora, and etc., Apple Music has been growing pretty fast and in an interview with Billboard, Apple’s executives have confirmed to the publication that Apple Music has since passed the 20 million paid subscriber mark. Read full post →Apple Music Hits 20 Million Paid Subscribers

pebble coreSometimes the goal of startups is to create a unique enough product or service and be acquired/bought out by big companies. Pebble has been a Kickstarter darling for quite a few years now, and recently we heard rumors that Fitbit could be acquiring the company which sounds like good news, right? Read full post →Fitbit’s Acquisition Of Pebble Could Kill Off Pebble Time 2 & Core

So far we have seen robots that can run insanely fast and navigate rugged terrain. This means that trying to hide from the robot uprising would be impossible as robots could basically outrun us and track us down even in remote locations. Soon it seems that even hiding behind a wall would be impossible as the folks at UC Berkeley have invented a robot that can jump a wall. Read full post →SALTO Is A Robot That Can Leap Over Walls

iphone-7-plus-dual-camera-BWith our smartphones sporting more-than-capable cameras, taking a photo on the go has become extremely easy. Just whip out your phone, fire up the camera app, and you’re good to go. This is compared to before where users had to bring around cameras which weren’t exactly convenient unless you had a reason for doing so. Read full post →Apple’s iPhones Account For 8 Out Of 10 Of Flickr’s Top Devices

gdocs-citationsWhen it comes to writing term papers in school, the importance of citing your sources is important. The format of the citation is also equally just as important as different types of academic papers may call for different styles of citation. We understand that it is pretty confusing, but not to worry as Google Docs will make your life easier. Read full post →Google Docs Update Makes It Easier To Write Your Term Paper

Image credit - Engadget

Image credit – Engadget

Back in August, Twitch revealed that they had acquired Curse, a gaming platform which provided users with access to game downloads, mods, and in more recent times, a chat application in which gamers could communicate with each other, kind of like the Skype for gaming. Read full post →Twitch Adds Video Calling To ‘Curse’ Game Chat App

pandora_logoA couple of months ago, Pandora announced a new subscription service called Pandora Plus in which for $5 a month, it would give users features like offline playback, song skipping, more replays, and so on. It was also largely considered a stepping stone towards on-demand music streaming, a new service that has been officially announced today. Read full post →Pandora’s Spotify & Apple Music Competitor Officially Announced