ms k5We did talk about the K5 sentry robots from Knightscope not too long ago, and it seems that Microsoft, the second most valuable company in the world, intends to enlist the help of the K5 sentry robots to increase the amount of security on their campus. The K5 sentry robots will come equipped with alarms, High Definition sensors, microphones, heat detectors and cameras that will work in tandem with one another, keeping track of human behavior in the vicinity. It is hoped that this will help folks remain honest in a far less threatening environment.

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japanrobotJapan used to be the world leader where robotic technology is concerned, but their grip on the crown looks set to be slipping, as their supremacy in this particular field is beginning to see cracks appear due to other rival robot producing countries that are making leaps and bounds in terms of technological advancements. Hence, in order to stop the proverbial rot, the Japanese government are pumping in monetary investments to make sure that their maintain their edge in the industry.

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lg transpyreEarlier this month, the LG F60 smartphone with LTE capability was announced, and just in case you were wondering, this particular handset will eventually debut over on Verizon as the LG Transpyre. The LG Transpyre is made available to Verizon’s pre-paid customers, where it will normally cost $199.99 without any contract, but for Verizon’s pre-paid customers, they will be able to pick it up for $99.99 a pop.

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office skype chatMicrosoft continues in their effort to make co-authoring documents as well as projects a wee bit easier than usual, having introduced Skype chat to their collection of Office web apps. The Office Online real-time chat feature will play nice with both Word and Powerpoint at this point in time, which means those who rely on the number crunching Excel are left out of the equation at this point in time. However, it is not beyond reason to have expectations that this might very well change some time down the road.

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auraWireless charging is one particular step in the right direction that I am quite sure many gadget enthusiasts cannot wait to see implemented in various ways, as it would certainly help reduce the amount of pesky cables that normally snake across the entire floor. Having said that, how about wireless powered Christmas lights? This is what Aura is all about, being the first wirelessly powered Christmas lights ever in the world.

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bing hdIf you happen to be a huge fan of the homepage images over on Bing, then here is some good news for you – the folks over at Microsoft have finally announced that Bing’s homepage will how feature high definition images of up to 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, in addition to a slew of other upcoming features, of course.

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amazon logo largeAmazon has certainly done its fair bit when it comes to advancing the cause of smooth delivery of online purchases, and this time around, the company intends to enlarge their territory by opening up a road for itself in yet another market – which is that of the travel industry. In fact, the online retailer is said to roll out a brand new service which will be called Amazon Travel, and this particular venture is said to enable users to look for and book hotels.

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worlds largest selfieAh, the selfie. This particular word that has entered mainstream consciousness for what seems to be the longest time now (relatively speaking, of course), is set to scale new heights thanks to Microsoft. Over in a promotional event that was held in Bangladesh, Microsoft as well as Coca-Cola teamed up so that local citizens will be to register and participate in an event that will snag a world record in the process, being the world’s most populated selfie.

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samsung galaxy s5 review 009 640x360The Samsung Galaxy S5 is not exactly the newest phone on the block, and having said that, it is still a very decent flagship smartphone that is able to hold its own against some of the newer models out there in the market. While we have seen older Nexus devices get the Android 5.0 Lollipop update, the Samsung Galaxy S5 from Sprint continues to lag behind, where all of the long waiting time will finally be over as this particular smartphone model has just picked up the Android 4.4.4 KitKat update from Sprint.

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limboBirthdays are supposed to be a joyous occasion, and hence, it is no surprise that we hear of Microsoft marking the official birthday of the Xbox One with a fair number of treats, being one of the ways that Microsoft is able to say “thank you”. It seems that one of the perks is set to arrive for those who actually picked up the Xbox One console right from the get go. Yes, you read that right – early adopters of the Xbox One will be on the receiving end of a free copy of Limbo.

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