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A couple of weeks back we heard that T-Mobile would soon be adding a new phablet to its lineup. The device is reportedly manufactured by China-based ZTE and it is said to carry the “Olympia” codename. Just yesterday we saw an allegedly leaked picture of the ZTE phablet. Today purported specifications of the phablet have been leaked online. It appears that the Olympia is going to be a mid-range device on T-Mobile’s network.

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At Google I/O 2014 the company unveiled Android L, the next major update for its mobile platform. At the event Google announced that it will be incorporating parts of Samsung’s Knox enterprise security suite to improve the security of the Android platform. The end game here is to make it easier for organizations to allow employees to bring their own Android devices to work and use them on corporate networks, thus eliminating the need to carry separate devices for work and personal content. Google has now explained some of the improvements that are possible due to Knox integration.

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A few weeks back there were rumors that Apple had roped Lakers’ legend Kobe Bryant to test out its new wearable device. Bryant was also spotted out and about at Apple’s HQ in Cupertino, California. As expected there was endless speculation about the purpose of his visit and neither the company nor Bryant’s camp said anything about the visit. In a new interview Bryant himself reveals that he did indeed spend a day at Apple, interacting with design czar Jony Ive to “talk product.”

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Apple is yet to officially announced the iPhone 6 and yet several online sellers in China have already started taking preorders for the next generation smartphones. China is one of the most lucrative markets in the world as smartphone adoption there grows whereas it reaches a saturation point in the West. Which is why a lot of companies are focusing on this crucial market, Apple being one of them. These online sellers require people to pay a deposit in order to secure a unit when the iPhone 6 finally comes out later this year.

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In a few months Apple is going to unveil its new smartphones and tablets. This year the company’s third iPad mini is going to be released. Last year it updated the tablet with a Retina display and a faster processor. Rumor has it that this time around there’s a big change coming. The tablet’s moniker will apparently be changed to Air primarily due to the fact that it is going to be 30 percent thinner than its predecessor. Apple crowned the 9.7-inch iPad with the Air moniker last year so it wouldn’t be a surprise if it did the same with the iPad mini.

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One of the things I like about binge watching TV shows on Netflix is that I don’t have to do anything to launch the next episode when the one I am currently watching ends. This feature is known as Post-Play and works with all TV shows available on the online streaming service. However this feature only works if you’re viewing Netflix using a PC or mobile app. Netflix’s Apple TV channel, or app if you will, has never had this feature, but that might soon be about to change.

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Twitch is a popular service used by gamers to broadcast their gameplay sessions. It happens to be one of the biggest drivers of traffic in North America. It is available for a variety of platforms and a device doesn’t necessarily have to be able to broadcast gameplay in order to allow users to view streams from other gamers. The official Twitch Android app has been revamped and it brings a number of changes, including but not limited to a new user interface.

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Not wanting to be left out of the wearable technology craze Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi today released its first ever wearable device. Called the Mi Band it is perhaps one of the cheapest devices of its kind. It can track several health related metrics such as sleep and steps and can also be used as an identity authenticator to unlock a paired Xiaomi smartphone.

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There are a lot of questions that potential customers ask when they go to buy an all electric car. Some believe that the batteries may prove to be a big fire hazard though there’s no evidence to support this theory. Others believe that the complicated software which is essential to the running of the car can be compromised and someone can simply wreak havoc while you drive. Turns out that’s not too impossible. A Tesla Model S was hacked recently and its doors were opened remotely while it was being driver.

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nvidia shield tablet 15 640x359NVIDIA has finally announced its SHIELD Tablet, which had been rumored to hit the market for some time now. As expected, the SHIELD Tablet will use NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 processor, which is its leading-edge mobile chip at the moment. If you don’t know what Tegra K1 is, you may want to check our post about the K1 Performance and what Tegra K1 (formerly called Tegra 5) is. Read full post →SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD Wireless Controller