apple watch_4Last year the Starwood Hotels group announced that they would be allowing smartphones to unlock their hotel doors through the use of Bluetooth proximity keys. However if you’d rather not be fishing for your phone with your hands full, you might be interested to learn that your Apple Watch will also be able to unlock the hotel room doors at Starwood Hotels.

That being said, this is only applicable to those who are members of the group’s SPG rewards program. The new application will allow guests to check in to the hotel and basically walk into the hotel, head right up to their room and unlock it and start unpacking. This is compared to the more “traditional” process where one has to check in at the reception and wait to receive their key. This could be ideal for the business traveller who just wants to skip the process and get into bed ASAP. Read full post →Apple Watch Can Now Be Used To Unlock Rooms At Starwood Hotels

It is said that the ant is capable of lifting many times its body weight, which has been estimated to be 20-100 times depending on the particular species, so imagine if we could roboticize their ability, how cool would that be? Well that’s what researchers at Stanford have done when they created a gecko-like robot that is capable of lifting more than 100 times its weight.

According to the report from New Scientist, this ability comes from the robot’s feet on which there are adhesives placed. This helps to stabilize the robot while at the same time allowing it to climb up a wall. “The bots also move in a style that is borrowed from biology. Like an inchworm, one pad scooches the robot forward while the other stays in place to support the heavy load. This helps the robot avoid falls from missing its step and park without using up precious power.” Read full post →Tiny Gecko-Like Robot Can Lift Over 100 Times Its Own Weight

If you’re planning on buying the Apple Watch, expect that the Apple Watch bands will discolor and warp over time. This is according to an internal Apple support document obtained by the folks at 9to5apple-watch-bands-discolorationMac. According to the document, Apple appears to be informing its employees that the Apple Watch bands will eventually change shape or discolor over a period of time, so that is something to look out for if customers were to bring it back to the store complaining about it.

For example as you can see in the image above, the bands will eventually stare displaying creases in their material and will also slightly discolor. This isn’t so much a production issue but rather a result of wear and tear. In fact this could easily apply to just about any smartwatch out there, or even a normal watch where leather bands will start to display dents especially around the bit that is being buckled. Read full post →Apple Watch Bands Will Warp And Discolor Over Time, Apple Warns

apple watchThe folks at iFixit have recently torn down the Apple Watch and found that under the hood of Apple’s latest wearable is a 205mAh battery, and while the battery is small especially when compared to the Android Wear competition, the question is how long will it last you? Not as in can you get through the day on a single charge, but how long can the battery last before it starts to degrade.

The good news is that according to Apple, it turns out that the Apple Watch has 1,000 charge cycles in which it will be able to retain up to 80% of its original capacity. What does it mean? Basically you will be able to fully charge the Apple Watch 1,000 times and it will lose 20% of its capacity. That’s a good 2.5-3 years depending on how frequently you charge it. Read full post →Apple Watch Battery Found To Have 1,000 Charge Cycles

When you think of a premium Android phone, chances are your mind might drift to Samsung, and then you might also think of Samsung’s rival Apple and their iPhone. Apparently this is something that HTC does not want you to think about which is why the company has recently released a video in which they poke fun at both companies.

Basically the video is created to look like an ad for a medical product for a fictional disease called Bi-phonal Displeaure Disorder, which presumably means that the user can’t decide between an Apple and a Samsung. In the video, HTC then prescribes the best cure which is to get the HTC One M9 which we have to admit is a pretty funny and clever solution. Read full post →HTC Pokes Fun At Apple And Samsung In New Ad

haier-watch-1Haier might not necessarily be a brand many of us associate with wearables, but it is an area that the company will be looking into. Recently at the IFA Global Press Conference in Malta, Haier took the wraps off their smartwatch whose main feature is to help users keep track of their kids.

Basically the watch will be worn by your kids and thanks to its built-in GPS and accompanying smartphone app, parents will be able to keep an eye on their kid’s whereabouts throughout the day. Parents will also be able to set a specific geographical area in which they deem to be “safe”, so for example you could set your neighborhood as the safe zone, or your kid’s school, and so on. Read full post →Haier Unveils Smartwatch That Helps Track Your Kids

Cooking up something new in the lab #EarlyStages #TopSecret

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Cyanogen has been making waves lately especially after their comments about wanting to take Android away from Google, so we have to admit that we’re very curious as to what they might be up to when the company posted an image onto their Instagram account where they appear to be teasing an upcoming secret project.

According to the caption it reads, “Cooking up something new in the lab,” which was accompanied by “EarlyStages” and “TopSecret” hashtags. The image clearly shows a phone that is running on CyanogenMod but interestingly enough, it seems that the model number of the phone has been blurred out on purpose, perhaps to obscure what make and model it could be. Read full post →Cyanogen Teases Upcoming Secret Project

lg g4 leatherBased on leaked images and teasers, we know that the upcoming LG G4 will feature a leather back, but is this going to be the same faux leather design that Samsung used in the past? Or will it be the real deal? For those who aren’t fans of the faux leather design, you can rest assured knowing that LG will be using real leather.

In a recent post on LG’s website, the company revealed that the leather used on the upcoming LG G4 will be made using cow leather. Apparently this is more than just slapping a piece of leather onto the back of the phone because according to the company, it is a carefully crafted piece of material that takes a total of 12 weeks to complete. Read full post →LG G4’s Leather Back Apparently Takes 12 Weeks To Complete

google logoEarlier today we reported that it was spotted on Google Maps the Android mascot taking a leak on the Apple logo. It is unclear how it got there and it is speculated that it might be a user upload by the name of “nitricboy”, at least according to his profile on Map Maker. That being said the prank was done in bad taste and while Google might enjoy the occasional jab at Apple, even they felt it was too far.

So much so that the company has since apologized for it and promised to handle spam on its Map Maker better in the future. “Handling spam is a complex issue and we’re continuously working on ways to improve our systems, including new ways of preventing, detecting and taking down incorrect edits. We’re sorry for this inappropriate user-created content; we’re working to remove it quickly.” Read full post →Google To Improve Spam Detection After Google Maps Prank


BitTorrent has reportedly sacked few of its employees in the US. It has been revealed by the Buzzfeed along with many anonymous sources that the company has dismissed around 40 employees out of total workforce of 150.
Read full post →BitTorrent Reportedly Sacked 40 Employees In The US