ps4-arkham-editionPlayStation fanboys, you will most probably be looking forward to the last installment of Rocksteady Studios’ Batman: Arkham series, which would be Batman: Arkham Knight. Well, if it pleases you to know that there is yet another collectible to look forward to, then the announcement of a new limited edition bundle that boasts of custom artwork which pays homage to the epic series will certainly make your day – and I am referring to the Limited Edition Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Bundle.

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mx supremeThe world of smartphones is certainly an interesting one, and you can be sure that there will be no let up where the kind of new releases are concerned. After all, technology moves at such a fast pace, that it is hardly surprising to see a slew of new models rolling out within a single calendar year. Having said that, there has been whispers going around that Nokia might actually be working alongside Meizu in order to make their way back into the smartphone industry, as the deal with Microsoft means that no new Nokia-branded phones will be released until 2016, and it seems that this alleged collaboration would be called the Meizu MX Supreme.

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Just last week we reported on a cool project by Erik Roystan Ross in which he recreated the first level of Super Mario 64 using the Unity engine. As we noted in our post, Ross had no plans to recreate the game in its entirety and was more about showing off the power of the Unity engine, but it looks like regardless of Ross’s intentions, Nintendo isn’t too pleased about it.

The company has recently sent Ross a takedown request claiming that the project infringed upon Nintendo’s intellectual property. The company claims that the game “allows users to play, an electronic game that makes unauthorized use of copyright-protected features of Nintendo’s Super Mario 64 video game.” Read full post →Super Mario 64 HD Fan Project Hit With Legal Takedown Request

xperia-t2-ultraThe largest handset that we’ve ever seen from Sony is probably the Sony Xperia Z Ultra which was launched in 2013 with a screen size of 6.44-inches, which is actually pretty damn huge for a smartphone. That being said it looks like Sony could be thinking about releasing a slightly smaller handset, according to a recent report from DigiTimes.

The report claims that Sony’s ODMs have begun to develop a 6-inch smartphone for the company and despite its large screen, it seems that it might not necessarily be a high-end device. Apparently this is still part of Sony’s strategy to focus more on mid-range models and upwards rather than focusing on entry-mid level smartphones. With its 6-inch display and its rumored mid-range status, chances are we could be looking at a successor to the Sony Xperia T2 Ultra, but that’s just speculation on our part. Read full post →Sony: 6-inch Device Planned, Aims To Ship 38m Smartphones [Rumor]

xperia z android lollipoThe original Sony Xperia Z was announced back at CES 2013 and at that time was probably one of the better-looking smartphones around. Now given that the handset is 2 years old and with many of its successors having been announced, is there still love for the original Sony Xperia Z? As it turns out there is.

Sony has recently shared a teaser on its Sony Xperia Google+ page in which a photo of the original Xperia Z was posted followed by the tagline of, “Coming soon…” The text in the post also more or less gave it away by saying that despite the handset being two years old, it looks like Sony will not be neglecting the handset and will be giving it its dose of Android 5.0 Lollipop. Read full post →Sony Teases Android 5.0 Lollipop For The Original Xperia Z

Speed runs in video games aren’t anything new and are usually a way for gamers to show off that they have managed to complete a level, game, or a boss in a record-breaking time. Some might find such a play style a waste of the game since a lot of the content is usually glossed over, but we suppose gamers have their own reasons for doing so.

That being said Bloodborne was only recently released about a week ago and it looks like one gamer who owns the YouTube channel Oginam_tv has managed to beat and complete the entire game in a little under an hour – 44 minutes to be exact. Considering the amount of time that developers have put into the game, 44 minutes is certainly a rather impressive figure although it should be noted that perhaps some might not consider this a legitimate speed run. Read full post →Gamer Beats Bloodborne In Just Under An Hour

canon_premiumLate last year we reported that Canon was working on a premium compact camera with a large sensor, and now thanks to a recent post on Canon Netherlands’ website (via PhotoRumors), it seems that the device could have possibly been revealed, which you can see for yourself in the image above where the alleged device is the one on the left. Read full post →Canon’s Compact Camera With Large Sensor Possibly Leaked In Photo

Earlier this month at MWC 2015, BlackBerry unveiled their latest handset in the form of the BlackBerry Leap and for those who are shopping about for a new smartphone but don’t want to spend too much, you might be interested to learn that BlackBerry has recently begun to accept pre-orders for the handset.

Pre-orders of the handset can be made via the company’s ShopBlackBerry website and will be limited to a few countries at launch. This includes the US, UK, and Germany, all of whom will be joining France in which customers in the country were able to pre-order the handset starting last week on the 26th of March. Read full post →BlackBerry Leap Now Available For Pre-Order

gta-5-pc-delayIt is no secret that despite what the label on the video game box says, children will still play games that are not meant for their age group, but who’s to blame here? Would it be shops and online stores that don’t check the age of their customers, or could it be the fault of the parents who enable such behavior?

As it turns out there are some in the UK who believe that it is the parents’ responsibility to prevent their children from playing games targeted at those aged 18 or older. In a letter being sent to parents of children in both primary and secondary schools in Cheshire, North West England, it seems that the schools are warning parents that if their child is found to be playing such games, the parents themselves could be reported to the police. Read full post →UK Parents Who Let Underaged Kids Play 18+ Games Could Be Reported

faa-amazon-droneAccording to a report from The Guardian, it seems that Amazon has decided to test out its drone delivery system over in Canada after facing some initial reluctance from the US authorities. The report claims that the company has begun testing out their drones in British Columbia and are trying to see if the drones are capable of carrying packages as heavy as 5lbs and flying through airspace of between 200 and 500 feets at speeds up to 50mph. Read full post →Amazon Begins Testing Its Drone Delivery System In Canada