whatsapp-logo-newWhatsApp is easily one of the most popular messaging platforms at the moment. We know that the company was bought over by Facebook for a whopping $19 billion, and last we checked the platform boasted 800 million active monthly users. That being said there’s definitely more to the company than meets the eye.

For those who might be interested in WhatsApp, an infographic about the company was recently released and along with it, hopefully there might be some information there about WhatsApp that you might not know about, starting with the fact that WhatsApp’s 800 million user base grew from what seems to be almost pure word of mouth. Read full post →WhatsApp Infographic Reveals Interesting Facts About The Platform

Apple’s Messages app is where users send and receive regular text messages as well as iMessages. It’s a simple app and rather straightforward in nature, but it seems that despite its simplicity, a recent bug has been discovered that basically causes the app to crash continuously. In more serious cases, it can even cause your iPhone to reboot suddenly.

It should be pointed out that the crash only occurs when a particular strand of text is being received. What this means is that it is unlikely that you will receive such a text by accident and if you do, chances are you are being targeted by someone, like a friend trying to mess with you or an attacker looking to cause some chaos. Read full post →Weird Bug Causes iOS Messages App To Crash Continuously

AndroidWithout fail, Google has issued an update to its Android platform on an annual basis, although in terms of versions Google made an interesting choice with Android KitKat which shared the same version as Android Ice Cream Sandwich in the form of version 4.x. For those who are wondering about the future of Android, you can rest assured as Google has you covered.

Speaking in an interview with Fast Company, Google exec Hiroshi Lockheimer confirmed that not only will we be getting a look at Android M, but he also confirmed that from here on out we can expect to see major Android updates released on an annual basis. We suppose this is more or less confirmed given Google’s history, but it’s good to be reminded about Google’s commitment every now and then. Read full post →Google Exec Promises Major Yearly Android Releases

halo3-freeFor fans of the Halo franchise, you guys must have been thrilled when last year, it was announced that a remastered version of Halo 3: ODST was in the works. Now the question stops being about “if” the game will be made, but rather “when” it will be released. The good news is that it will be released in a couple of days.

This is according to a recent listing on the official Xbox website (via IGN) in which the game was listed as having a release date for the 29th of May 2015. Whether or not the date was meant to be revealed or if it was simply used as a placeholder remains to be seen, but given that we’re only a few day away, we won’t have wait too long to find out. Read full post →Halo 3: ODST MCC Release Date Revealed On Xbox Website

snapchat-150m-photosOne of the ways Snapchat has managed to prevent users from taking screenshots of snaps that have been sent is by implementing a hold-to-view feature. Basically what this means is that in order to view the snap, users would have to press and hold the display in order to view the photo or video that was sent.

However it looks that feature could soon be removed. This is according to Snapchat’s CEO Evan Spiegel who spoke at the Code Conference in Los Angeles this evening. Spiegel was asked by the conference’s hosts Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg about the feature in which Spiegel said that the reason it was introduced was to circumvent the lack of a Screenshot API on the iPhone. Read full post →One Of Snapchat’s Key Features Could Be Going Away

nexus2cee_fire_thumbThe Amazon Fire Phone was launched with a lot of hype and high expectations surrounding it. After all the company’s Kindle Fire Android tablets proved to be rather successful, so it is assumed that the same could carry on in the Fire Phone, but unfortunately that did not happen, thus leading to Amazon cutting its price.

Well it looks like Amazon has decided to give the Fire Phone another price cut, this time dropping its price down to $179 fully unlocked, meaning that customers won’t need to sign up with a carrier or to a contract in order to buy the phone at that price. Even better it looks like despite the price cut, Amazon is still including a Prime membership for a year worth $99. Read full post →Amazon Fire Phone Price Gets Cut Again

touchid-not-workingWhen purchasing goods online, there are many methods of making a payment although PayPal is one of the more popular choices due to its ubiquitous nature and its security. Now if you use the app often on your phone and want to prevent others from snooping in on your activities or using it without your authorization, you will be pleased to learn that the iOS version has recently been updated.

The latest update to the iOS version of PayPal will come with support for Touch ID. What this means is that users can now use Touch ID to log into their PayPal app, thus preventing unauthorized access. We suppose this has been a long time coming especially since PayPal did announce that they would be bringing Touch ID support, but better late than never, right? Read full post →PayPal For iOS Updated With Touch ID Support

qualcomm-fingerprint-readerEarly this year Qualcomm announced a new technology that they are working on dubbed Sense ID. It sounds a lot like Apple’s Touch ID and rightfully so since Sense ID is also a fingerprint scanning technology. However if it has one advantage over Touch ID, it is that it relies on ultrasound to scan the person’s ID, versus the 2D method which is currently being used.

Now the question is when can we start seeing OEMs incorporate Sense ID into their products? The good news is that we won’t have to wait too long as Japanese carrier NTT DOCOMO has recently announced that they will be deploying Qualcomm’s Sense ID into phones that will be released on its network, which at the moment includes brands such as Sharp and Fujitsu. Read full post →NTT DOCOMO Will Be The First To Use Qualcomm’s Sense ID

ikea_wirelessAs you might have heard, IKEA is planning on integrating more wireless chargers into its furniture, and the good news is that if you were looking forward to getting your hands on IKEA’s wireless charging furniture is that it looks like the products have started to show up on IKEA’s website.

Previously IKEA had stated that the entire lineup will be available late Spring so we guess now’s as good a time as any. It should be noted that while the products have popped up on IKEA’s website, they aren’t available for purchase online. Instead IKEA has suggested on its website that customers might want to check IKEA’s physical stores for stock. Read full post →IKEA’s Wireless Charging Furniture Shows Up On Website

At the end of March this year, Microsoft made an announcement of their latest tablet, the Microsoft Surface 3, which is a device that Microsoft like to call “the full Windows experience”. I would like to think that the Surface 3 is meant to take over from where Windows RT left off, and hopefully, this time around, the Surface 3 will end up as a popular consumer-friendly device that folks would not mind toting it. As we all jolly well know, the success of a particular device would also hinge largely on the marketing and promotional materials, which is why right after the jump, you will be able to check out a quartet of more short videos in addition to the one above that promotes the various aspects and qualities of the Microsoft Surface 3.

Read full post →Microsoft Surface 3 Promoted Via Short Videos