Samsung-Gear-VR-07A couple of weeks ago, it was announced that several companies would be creating virtual reality apps for the Samsung Gear VR. One of those companies was Hulu who promised that they would be bringing video content to the virtual reality headset, delivering what we can only imagine is a new experience of watching shows.

However the question here is when will the app be launched? Turns out if you have a Gear VR and can’t wait, you might be pleased to learn that Hulu’s app for the Gear VR is set for a launch in November, next month. This is according to a report from CNET in which Hulu’s head of distribution, Tim Connolly said, “We’re ready to go.” Read full post →Hulu’s VR App For The Gear VR Will Be Released In November

iPhone6s-2Up-HeroFish-PR-PRINTNow there has been quite a bit of fuss surrounding Apple’s new iPhones in what many have called “batterygate”. Basically for those who are hearing about this for the first time, the new iPhones feature A9 chipsets made by both Samsung and TSMC. However it was discovered that not only are the chipsets different in size, but apparently the TMSC version has longer battery life.

This is based on benchmarks which found that the TSMC outlasted the Samsung-made version by almost 2 hours, which is pretty insane. Now if you just bought yourself an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus and want to find out which model your phone has, it’s simple. According to CIO, you will need to download an app called the Battery Memory System Status Monitor from the iTunes App Store. Read full post →Find Out If Your iPhone 6s Has The TSMC Or Samsung-Made A9 Chip

google app indexing safariIf you use Chrome on iOS and you surf to a website like Instagram or YouTube, it will attempt to launch into the app itself as opposed to displaying the mobile web version of the site. In terms of functionality this would be so much better as far as certain apps are concerned, especially if they require you to log in.

However the feature was never available for Safari, at least until now. Google has announced that they will be enabling app indexing for Safari on iOS. According to Google, “That means that you can start getting your app content into the Search results page on Safari in iOS, simply by adding Universal Links to your iOS app, then integrating with our SDK.” Read full post →Google Enables App Indexing For Safari On iOS

stanford universityIt has long been a stereotype that computer science is only for the boys. This is further enforced by the fact that there typically tends to be more males registered for such classes compared to women. However with all the advancements that we’ve made as a society in breaking down these walls, all of that has changed.

According to a report from Reuters, it seems that the Computer Science major offered by Stanford University is now the most popular major amongst women studying at the university. To be more specific, 214 women are enrolled in that major, snatching the top spot away from Human Biology which used to be the most popular major for women, which now has about 208 female students. Read full post →Computer Science Now The Most Popular Major For Women At Stanford

lastpass logmeinIf you have a ton of passwords to remember and you’d rather not write them down on a piece of paper or notebook, then password managers might be a tool you could be interested in. However if you do use password managers like LastPass, you may or may not have received an email from the company informing you that they have been acquired by LogMeIn.

For those unfamiliar with LogMeIn, they’re a company that offers remote-access services that are sometimes used by technical support to help you with your computer problems. The company has reportedly paid a whopping $125 million for LastPass and for those worried about what this means, you can rest assured that nothing will change, for now. Read full post →LogMeIn Acquires LastPass For $125 Million

If you’re particularly concerned about your privacy and if you think it’s better to be safe than sorry, there are several options out there as far as smartphones are concerned. We have devices like Silent Circle’s Blackphone 2 which is aimed at keeping user data safe and secure, and we also have the GranitePhone made through a collaboration between Archos and Sikur.

For those hearing about the GranitePhone for the first time, the handset was originally announced at MWC 2015 earlier this year, but the good news is that the wait to get the device is over as it is now officially available. Customers interested in getting their hands on it can just hit up its website and order it for $849. Read full post →Archos & Sikur’s Privacy-Focused GranitePhone Available For Purchase

verizon signThe perks of going prepaid is that you get to decide how much you want to spend, versus post-paid where every month you pay a fixed amount regardless of whether you’ve used up all your minutes and/or data. However sometimes prepaid rates are a bit higher but we suppose that’s the price one has to pay for that freedom.

Now if you’re a frequent traveller who might not need that much data but wouldn’t mind it anyway, you might be interested to learn that Verizon has recently announced five new prepaid data plans that might be of use to you. These plans cover periods ranging from as short as a week and will go up to 2 months, so depending on how long you need it for, there might be a plan for you. Read full post →Verizon Announces Five New Prepaid Data Plans

oneplus fccOnePlus will be hosting an event next Monday in India where they are expected to announce something. Chances are it could be for a phone and thanks to a recent teaser posted by OnePlus’ CEO, there is an even higher chance that the mysterious handset will be none other than the OnePlus X.

In fact if you’re looking for more proof that the company has a new phone in the works, the folks at Phone Scoop have recently stumbled across an FCC filing in which a OnePlus handset (see photo to the right) has been spotted. Safe to say that based on this design that it looks nothing like the OnePlus 2. Read full post →Mysterious OnePlus Handset Makes Its Way To The FCC

auds droneFlying drones to take photos and stunning videos is a fun hobby and many great photographs and videos have been created because of that. However sometimes there are just some places where drones aren’t meant to fly over, like government facilities or the airport due to concerns about privacy and also potential danger.

In fact over in the UK to help prevent drones from flying over sensitive areas to either attack or to spy, a group of companies have come together and created a ray gun called the Anti-UAV Defense System (Auds). How it works is that it covertly jams a drone’s signal, thus rendering it unresponsive. Read full post →Trio Of UK Companies Develop A Drone-Freezing Ray

droneThere are places where you can fly drones legally, and there are places where you can fly them legally if you have a permit, and there are places where you can’t fly them at all. Just ask SkyPan, a drone film company who was recently hit with a proposed $1.9 million fine by the FAA for flying drones illegally in New York and Chicago.

Now we’re not sure if it was because of that or if it was already in the works, but the FAA has recently announced that they will now be testing technology that will allow them to trace the drones back to the owner. The testing of the technology will mainly target drones found to be flown near the airport, with the FAA claiming that one of the biggest challenges was attempting to locate the operator. Read full post →FAA Looking To Test Technology To Find Illegal Drone Operators