Amazon isn’t the only retailer that’s looking into drone delivery. Walmart appears to be working on a similar concept but its solution might be a bit different compared to Amazon’s. Walmart has filed for a US patent for a floating blimp warehouse which will make delivers via drones. The idea is to have a floating warehouse up in the sky from where Walmart can instantly ship products to customers using drones.
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Chicago’s Board of Election Commissioners has said that personal information of almost 2 million registered voters in the city was exposed online publicly on an Amazon cloud server for an unknown period of time. The exposed personal information of the voters was compiled in a file that was discovered about a week ago by a researcher at a computer security firm.
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It has only been five months since Mass Effect: Andromeda was released. It’s the fourth major release in this franchise so far and it was much awaited by fans of the Mass Effect franchise. BioWare has now confirmed that it’s not going to release any more single-player updates for the game. Mass Effect: Andromeda is not going to receive any updates for in-game story content as well from now on.
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Henrik Fisker’s new electric car company, Fisker, has teased its first all-electric luxury car called the EMotion on multiple occasions. It’s going to be a new luxury all-electric car that’s going to rival the Teslas of the world. Fisker himself has confirmed that the Fisker EMotion all-electric car is going to be launched next year at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.
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It has been rumored repeatedly this year that Nest, owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet, is going to release a cheaper version of its popular thermostat. Nest is also reportedly going to launch more smart products this year, including a smart doorbell and a home security system. While more information about the new products is yet to surface, a new leak reveals the possibility that the new Nest Thermostat could actually get a complete redesign.
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Google continues to make changes to its core search product in order to enable users to find the information they are looking for faster and easier. It introduced text snippets a long time back, the snippets give a snapshot of the site’s content so that it’s easier for users to decide if they want to click through or not. Google Search has traditionally shown a static image thumbnail in search results but that’s changing now. Video previews will now be displayed for videos that surfaced in search results.
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Movie studios have been toying with the idea of offering digital rentals of new films just weeks after they hit theaters. Cinema chains have obviously objected to these plans but the studios are not shelving them just yet. Apple is said to be one of the major companies that studios like Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures are in talks with on ways to move ahead on this without theater chains.
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Google Home has had Bluetooth support ever since it was released but the device didn’t allow users to use that connectivity option for streaming audio over Bluetooth. It made no sense given that Google Home is a smart speaker and one of the basic features of a smart speaker is to enable users to stream music from their own devices over Bluetooth. Google briefly enabled this feature accidentally in June and then took it away. According to a new report, the Google Home Bluetooth streaming feature has now been finally released.
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It appears that Microsoft is soon going to launch a special edition version of the Xbox One S. This particular version of the console will be a Minecraft edition and if the leaked images are any indication, the console’s paint job will make it seem like it came right out of Minecraft itself. This special edition of the console will have Minecraft blocks etched into the Xbox One S.
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The Volkswagen Microbus is undoubtedly an icon of the automotive industry. Its distinctive shape and character make it one of the most recognizable vehicles ever made. Decades after Volkswagen stopped making them, it’s going to enter production again. Volkswagen has confirmed that it’s bringing back the Microbus but the new version is going to be quite different from the original Microbus.
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