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Microsoft has steadily been rolling out updates for Windows 10 which bring bug fixes and performance improvements but the company is yet to release the first major non-patch update for Windows 10. It has not yet said when one will arrive but according to a new report the very first major update for Windows 10 could be released by November this year. It was previously expected that this update would arrive in October.

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Barnes & Noble today announced the launch of a new Nook tablet, it’s not the company’s own hardware as before rather it’s customizing a tablet from Samsung with its own software. The Galaxy Tab S2 Nook has been launched today, it’s called the “best ever Nook” which features B&N’s reading and entertainment software.

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It goes without saying that there’s a substantial amount of money in selling Star Wars merchandise, Disney knows that all too well and it has been selling merchandise based on the iconic franchise for quite some time now. Tomorrow through it’s going to start selling something that’s certainly going to appeal to a lot of Star Wars fans: a drone that looks like the Millennium Falcon. I can already see myself flying this drone around the house with the Star Wars theme blaring in the background.

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Skype version 6.0 has been released for iOS and Android today, it’s yet another update that makes some changes to the app’s overall design however it’s a major revamp this time around. The last major redesign was back in June 2014 when the company ported over design elements from Windows Phone to iOS and Android apps, it’s rectifying that situation with the new update today.

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A new report has been published today which claims that LG’s new Nexus handset is coming later this month, apparently it will be called “Nexus 5X” and it will be slightly more expensive than the original Nexus 5. LG isn’t the only company making a Nexus smartphone this year, it has been reported countless times that Huawei is building another one which is going to be priced competitively against leading high-end handsets in the market.

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Last month T-Mobile revamped SMS and MMS with new features that it collectively called T-Mobile Advanced Messaging, at that time the carrier said that it will provide more rich communication services in the near future and it’s following through on that promise today. T-Mobile has launched video calling today, you might think that’s not a big deal since there are countless apps out there that offer precisely the same thing, but it’s different from all of them. T-Mobile video calling will work on supported devices straight out of the box through the smartphone’s dialer.

This means that in order to make a video call users no longer have to search, download, register and start using a third-party application, they can easily initiate one from the dialer itself just as they would initiate a normal voice call.

Place and receive the calls as you normally would and simply select the video call or the voice call button to select the kind of call you want to make, there are no pesky settings to configure here.

Devices that have T-Mobile video calling will display a small camera icon next to contacts that also have compatible devices, T-Mobile is working with others so that video calls can work across wireless networks. Video calls can be made to and from any compatible device using LTE or Wi-Fi, just like HD Voice calls on the network the video calls will also move seamlessly between Wi-Fi and LTE.

Currently the supported devices include Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+, they’ll get the service through simple software updates while the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge will get the same update next week. Support for more devices will be added down the line.


Airbnb is a popular company that lets people rent out their rooms and properties to travelers from all across the globe, it’s at the forefront of the sharing economy and doesn’t look to be going away anytime soon. The company today launched its very first smartwatch application, it believes that the app can really serve a purpose on your wrist, keep in mind though that the app is only available for the Apple Watch. No luck for those with Android Wear or Tizen smartwatches.

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Samsung took its sweet time to come out with a high-end Android tablet but the wait is finally over. Recently the company announced Galaxy Tab S2 which is now the company’s flagship tablet, the Galaxy Tab S2 is available in two sizes, 8.7 inch and 8.0 inch both of which are available for purchase in the United States through retailer and carrier partners starting today.

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NASA is looking into several methods of space exploration aside from the obvious one which requires rockets and expensive spacecrafts that require a lot of fuel to carry out their business up in space. The agency is working on a new spacecraft concept which will basically hitch a ride on a speeding comet to discover the solar system, some of these comets and asteroids are whizzing by at over 22,000 miles per hour which is actually considered to be on the slow end.

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Not too long ago the first trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released, the little robots that featured in the trailer caught many fans attention most of whom though that the tiny robots looked quite similar to a giant Sphero robot with a little floating head. Orbotix was then asked if it would create a version of this popular Sphero robot that would look just the same as the one in the trailer. It’s already making the big one being used in the movie and now the company has developed a small version of that as well.

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