google search 640x526A little over a week ago, we reported that Google was planning on updating its voice search feature on Android to support multiple languages at once. Prior to this, users had to change languages if they wished to perform voice searches in different languages. Well the good news for those who speak multiple languages is that according to the official Inside Search blog, Google has begun rolling out the update.

If you have yet to update your Google Search app on your Android device, you should be able to find the latest version (version 3.6) from the Google Play Store. Once you’ve downloaded and updated it, head on over to the Settings menu, go to Search & Now -> Voice -> Languages, and select the languages that you want Google Search to understand. Read full post →Multi Language Support Update For Google Voice Search Rolls Out

Samsung Multi Charging Wall Charger 1So your wall outlet or charger has only one USB port, what does that mean? Does that mean you will have to decide between charging your phone, your tablet, your media player, your camera, and so on? Sometimes it can be a tough decision, but Samsung has decided to make your life easier by unveiling a 3-in-1 micro USB cable.

Now such cables aren’t exactly new, although usually they come in a variety of plugs to support different types of devices, but if you have no need for Lightning cables and other cables and just need micro USB, then perhaps Samsung’s cable could be the one for you. It’s pretty straightforward – you plug the USB into the charger or computer, and you will have 3 micro USB cables at your disposal. Read full post →Samsung Unveils 3-in-1 Micro USB Cable For $40

google play copycat 640x456As we’re sure most of you guys have heard, Dong Nguyen’s Swing Copters has made its way onto iOS and Android. For those unfamiliar with Nguyen, he was the developer behind the highly addictive and frustrating Flappy Bird game, and it seems that he has not lost his touch because Swing Copters appears to be equally frustrating and addictive, if not more. Read full post →Google Play Store Already Flooded With Swing Copters Clones

imessage spam inline3 640x383iOS users are probably pretty familiar with the iMessage function on their devices. Just like how BlackBerry’s BBM was, iMessage is currently an exclusive to iOS devices and can be used for sending and receiving messages, photos, and so on, which at the same time makes it ripe for sending or receiving spam as well.

According to security company Cloudmark (via Wired), they claim that iMessage is now a hotbed for spammers. They claim that almost a third of mobile spam messages are sent via iMessage, thanks in particular to the ease of sending said messages via Mac computers. According to Cloudmark’s Tom Landesman, “It’s almost like a spammer’s dream. With four lines of code, using Applescripts, you can tell your Mac to send message to whoever they want.” Read full post →iMessage Reportedly Being Used Heavily By Spammers

applepatentA few months ago, we reported that Google Now had been updated for Android where it could now remember where you parked your car. The feature is pretty basic as it more or less just saves the location of your parked car, but it looks like Apple could have something similar planned that appears to be slightly more hi-tech.

Apple has recently filed for a couple of patents titled “Automatic identification of vehicle location” and “Vehicle location in weak location signal scenarios” (via Cult of Mac), both of which seem to describe methods in which Siri, Apple’s voice assistant feature for iOS, could be used as a way to help drivers locate their cars in parking lots. Read full post →Apple Patent Describes Using Siri/CarPlay To Locate Your Parked Vehicle

Leica M P 240 camera frontLeica cameras don’t come cheap and are usually used by those who can truly appreciate photography, and by those who can afford it. That being said if you’re looking for a slight upgrade on the Leica M 240, you might be interested to learn that Leica has recently announced a slightly upgraded model.

This upgraded model comes in the form of the Leica M-P 240 which is essentially the M 240 with some slight changes, which hopefully for photographers will be for the better. The overall design of the camera remains unchanged, although with the M-P 240, Leica has done away with the Leica logo and the “M” letter on the front side to provide a cleaner look. Read full post →Leica M-P 240 Announced For $7,950

diablo3 ps3We’re sure many Xbox One gamers can appreciate Blizzard’s decision to bump the resolution of Diablo 3 on the console to 1080p. Previously it was at 900p and while we’re not sure if many gamers would have noticed the difference, it’s still a welcome upgrade nonetheless. Now according to Blizzard, it was at Microsoft’s insistence that they decided to upgrade the game to 1080p.

However in a recent tweet by Microsoft’s head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, that wasn’t necessarily the case. Spencer states that Microsoft did not force anyone to ship their games at 1080p. Instead he said, “We work with devs to make the game they want to make on XB1. Diablo III was coming through during GPU increases in June, was good partnership to create a great Diablo on XB1.” Read full post →Phil Spencer Refutes Blizzards Claims Of Forced 1080p Support

xbox oneSo we know that the Microsoft Xbox One console will be making its way to China this September, with pre-orders already kicking off, but exactly how many units of the Xbox One does Microsoft expect to sell in China? While we’re not sure how successful the console will be in the country, PCWorld reports that according to Microsoft’s Chinese partner, BesTV, the Redmond company will have 5 million units on sale at launch.

We should note that these are the number of consoles Microsoft will be making available. As to whether Microsoft will sell all of them, half of them, or none of them is really anyone’s guess, but given that this is the latest console from Microsoft, we reckon there should be a fair amount of interest in them. Read full post →5 Million Xbox One Units To Be Available In China At Launch

MOTO X OLD NEW WHITE 640x311If you’re the type that loves his/her tech leaks, then you might have heard how the famed @evleaks has recently announced his retirement. However perhaps as a final parting gift, @evleaks posted one last leak, and this time it is that of the upcoming Moto X+1, the successor to last year’s Moto X.

These are probably some of the cleanest images we’ve seen of the alleged handset to date, although once again we can’t be sure of their authenticity, but given @evleaks’ reputation and track record, there is a good chance that the images could be the real deal. The folks at Droid-Life have pieced together a comparison, as you can see in the image above, showing the old Moto X compared to the newer model. Read full post →New Alleged Moto X+1 Press Renders Leaked

Acer Chromebox CXI Power Button USB Side Angle

After launching the C7 Series Chromebook Acer reiterates its commitment to Google’s web based OS with a new product that it has announced today. The company announced the Acer Chromebox CXI series for customers in North America. Acer says this product is geared towards budget concious users, small to medium businesses and the education sector.

Read full post →Acer Announces Its Chromebox