samsung j1As far as Samsung’s Galaxy J-series of smartphones are concerned, there is only one model at the moment – the Samsung Galaxy J1 which was announced earlier this year. However could Samsung have another J-series handset in the works? Possibly, thanks to a user agent profile sighting which revealed the possible existence of the Samsung Galaxy J7.

Just like the Galaxy J1, it appears that the Galaxy J7 isn’t particularly impressive in terms of specs, but for users after a mid-range handset with what we can only assume is an affordable price tag accompanying it, we suppose the Galaxy J7 would be it. According to the user agent profile the handset has been listed as packing a 720p HD display. Read full post →Possible Samsung Galaxy J7 Pops Up In User Agent Profile

mortal kombat xThe Mortal Kombat franchise is an extremely gory and gruesome one, with the developers coming up with all sorts of creative ways one could pull off a fatality. In fact a recent fatality compilation video had us cringing at just how gruesome things could get in the game, especially with its brand new graphics.

That being said it seems that despite the violent nature of the game, the developers at NetherRealm have a line that they will not cross. Speaking to the folks at GameSpot, NetherRealm’s head Ed Boon talked about the violent nature of the game and how there are times when even they think they might have taken things too far. Read full post →Even Mortal Kombat Has A Line The Developers Will Not Cross

microsoft__logoAccording to an earlier report, it was revealed that prior to Microsoft launching the original Xbox, the company had some pretty wild and crazy ideas on how to enter the gaming market, which at that time was dominated by the likes of Sony and Nintendo. One of those ways was to give the console away for free, but it seems that another way would have been to buy up Nintendo.

This is according to Seamus Blackley who was the original Xbox’s co-creator. In an interview with, it seems one of the ideas that was being tossed around at that time was to buy out Nintendo. “Some even pushed the notion that Microsoft should make a huge play and just gobble up Nintendo. ‘Just name it, name a bad idea and it was something we had to deal with,’ Blackley lamented.” Read full post →Microsoft Had At One Point Considered Buying Nintendo

There has been a lot of rumors that Metal Gear Solid’s producer Hideo Kojima could be leaving Konami. Given Kojima’s popularity amongst the gaming community, this is a big deal, and it looks like not only will future Metal Gear Solid titles be affected, but it could also have affected games in development such as that of the upcoming Silent Hills.

According to reports, it has been noticed that the Kojima Productions logo has been removed from the Silent Hills website. Instead only the icon of Fox Engine remains on the website. It is unclear as to what this could mean and how this might impact the development of the game. When contacted by IGN for a response, Konami pretty much game the same response they did last time. Read full post →Kojima Productions Logo Removed From Silent Hills Website

Xbox-Console-SetIt has been many years since Microsoft first introduced the Xbox gaming console and it seems that back then, Microsoft was considering how to break into a market that was seemingly dominated by the likes of Sony and Nintendo. In an interview with, it turns out that one of the ways Microsoft had considered was by giving the console away for free.

This is according to Oddworld Inhabitants’ Lorne Lanning who said that Microsoft had told them at that time, “We think you’ve got something that competes in that Mario space and we think Mario’s the thing to kill … We see that space. We want that audience. We love Oddworld so why don’t you get on this bandwagon? And we might give the box away.” It also seems that Microsoft at that time had considered that their core market would be the casual gamer. Read full post →Microsoft Considered Giving Away The Original Xbox For Free

kids_games1It has been argued that violent video games tends to lead to violent or bad behavior in children. In fact recently in the UK, there are some schools who plan to report parents to the police for letting their underage children play games rated for 18+ or older, claiming that such games could lead to “extreme violence”.

Now this is an argument that has constantly gone back and forth and now thanks to a new study conducted by the University of Oxford, it has been found that poor behavior in children might not necessarily be linked to violent video games. The study acknowledges that children who play games for more than 3 hours a day “are more likely to be hyperactive, get involved in fights and not be interested in school,” but they could not find a link between that behavior and violent video games. Read full post →New Study Finds Poor Behavior In Children Not Linked To Violent Games

verizon-logo-stone-wallAre you looking forward to the HTC One M9 or the Samsung Galaxy S6? As you might recall, both handsets are expected to be made available come 10th of April, but the good news is that both handsets can now be pre-ordered from Verizon as per our previous report, so if you had your eye on either handset just pop on over to Verizon’s website for the details.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 will be offered in three different storage sizes ranging from 32GB up to 128GB. The 32GB will cost $199.99 with a two-year contract, or $24.99 a month for two years with the Verizon Edge plan. For those who would rather have the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, it will be slightly pricier at $299.99 for the 32GB model or $29.16 on the Verizon Edge plan for the next 24 months. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC One M9 Available For Pre-Order From Verizon

Sometimes typing out long sentences on a keyboard can be rather tiresome compared to just saying it out loud, so Google does what Google does best by trying to find a way to help make your life more efficient. What Google Japan has come up with is a rather novel way of typing through the use of a party horn. Read full post →Google Japan Unveils Keyboardless Keyboard With Party Horn Accessory

Selfie sticks are pretty straightforward devices – attach your phone at the end, take a selfie, and you’re done. However there are more elaborate sticks with Bluetooth controls that let you take photos remotely instead of having to rely on a timer, but it looks like that isn’t enough for Motorola as they have recently debuted the Moto Selfie Stick. Read full post →Motorola Debuts Customizable Selfie Stick

We’re not sure how many of you guys remember MS-DOS from back in the day, but if you do, you might be interested to learn that Microsoft has launched MS-DOS mobile which they’re hoping will become an alternative to the Windows Phone platform. Before you start freaking out, we’re kidding, although Microsoft has indeed launched a MS-DOS app for its Windows Phone platform. Read full post →Microsoft Launches MS-DOS Mobile As A Windows Phone Alternative