News_Republic_v5There are plenty of news apps out there that promises to be able to curate news that they think you might be interested in reading. News Republic is one of those apps and recently at MWC 2015, they actually won the “Best Mobile Media And Publishing App” at the Global Mobile Awards that was hosted during the event.

That being said if you’re already a user of News Republic, you might be interested to learn that the app has recently been updated to version 5.0, and with the update comes a host of changes, new features, and improvements that hopefully users will be able to appreciate. Starting off there is a brand new design where the home screen will be able to take users directly to the most important articles. Read full post →News Republic v5 Comes With A Host Of New Features

htc-one-m9-live-5Earlier today it was revealed that the HTC One M9 for the US would be available for purchase on the 27th of March, although this model is the unlocked model which means that customers would have to pay full price if they wanted to get their hands on it. However if you’d rather get it from a carrier, you might be pleased to learn that both T-Mobile and Sprint have announced they will begin taking pre-orders for the handset starting tomorrow as well. Read full post →T-Mobile, Sprint Taking HTC One M9 Pre-Orders Tomorrow

There seems to be a lot of emphasis placed on creating smartwatches that resemble traditional watches these days. We’ve seen efforts from the likes of Motorola with their Moto 360, and LG with their LG Watch Urbane. However it looks like a new competitor has entered the fray from the likes of Olio and their Model One smartwatch.

If you haven’t heard of Olio before, don’t worry because we haven’t either, although they do make some lofty claims. For example their CEO Steve Jacobs claims to have led development at Apple, Google, Beats by Dre, HP, and Amazon which are pretty impressive accomplishments, and he also claims to have gotten top talent from said companies to aid in the development of the Model One. Read full post →The Olio Model One Smartwatch Plays Nicely With iOS And Android

samsung-galaxy-s6-edge_012When Samsung announced the Galaxy Note Edge last year, they said it was a limited production device as they didn’t think it would be that popular, and it seems that with the launch of the Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung might have underestimated the popularity of the handset once again because according to reports, Samsung is expected to increase the production.

The report claims that Samsung will be tripling their order of Galaxy S6 Edge components, suggesting that the company is anticipating that the handset will have a lot of demand. This comes from the Korean media who reports that Samsung is currently looking for more touchscreen panel suppliers for the device. Read full post →Samsung Rumored To Triple Galaxy S6 Edge Production

paper-mario-heroSuper Mario is the most popular plumber around the world, but even the super hopper couldn’t stop the leaks to surface within Nintendo.

It appears that, A Reddit user recently uploaded an image of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door for the Nintendo 3DS, however, the image has been taken down from the website. Thanks to some ninjas on Imgur, some of the images and GIFs are still there to take a look. Read full post →Leak Unleashes Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, 3DS-Remake Launch?

htc-one-m9-live-2As it stands, the HTC One M9 does not come with built-in wireless charging and to be honest, we’re not sure if lacking that feature is a deal-breaker for many customers, although it would be a nice feature to have. That being said if you had a reason to get excited over the next flagship handset from HTC, how does wireless charging sound to you?

According to a report out of Taiwan (via TechRadar), they claim to have heard from HTC’s Senior Director of Project Management and Electrical Structure Howard Lee that wireless charging will be a standard feature in their next flagship handset. What this means is that the HTC One M10, or whatever they will call it, will come with wireless charging capabilities built into it. Read full post →Future HTC Devices Could Come With Wireless Charging

ingressBack in 2012 Google launched an augmented reality game called Ingress that was developed by Niantic Labs. It was an interesting experiment and surprisingly the game proved to be something of a cult hit where a quick search on Google+ shows that engagement does not appear to be slowing down, so much so that a report from The Information (paywall; via Android Police) has suggested that Google is thinking about taking the game and turning it into a TV show. Read full post →Google’s Augmented Reality Game Ingress Could Become A TV Show

night-vision-human-eyesOkay, so this might just come up as little freaky, but, a group of autonomous researchers announced this week that they have attained success in inducing night vision in a human test subject through injecting a liquid solution straightaway in the eyeball… Read full post →Fancy Becoming a Superhuman? Get Night Vision Injected In Your Eyeballs

Samsung-AMD-mergerAccording to a recent rumor coming from a Korean business media, word on the street has it that Samsung could be thinking about acquiring AMD which is a little odd when you think about it. Granted, both companies are in the computer business and both companies make their own chips, but they are also very different.

Samsung’s computers generally rely on Intel’s chips and AMD has little to no presence in the smartphone and tablet market. However, there are some possibilities to the rumored acquisition and that is Samsung could be interested in AMD’s vast patent portfolio when it come to the designing and building of chips, and let’s not forget the Samsung’s own decades of experience in the field as well. After all, Google did buy Motorola for $12B before reselling it (minus patents) to Lenovo for $3B, giving the patents a $9B value. AMD’s current valuation is $2B since its stock has been going down since 2012. Read full post →Samsung Rumored To Be Considering AMD Acquisition


The much awaited PlayStation 4 system update 2.50 has finally been released. We had been hearing about it for a few weeks now. Yesterday the confirmation came in from Sony. It detailed all of the features that this update brings to the console. PlayStation 4 owners can now fire up their consoles and download the latest firmware.

Read full post →PlayStation 4 System Update 2.50 Released