jobs-biopicThe late Steve Jobs has certainly left quite an impression upon the masses, and while his life has already spawned at least one movie, there will be an upcoming biopic which will star Michael Fassbender, one of the fast rising starlets in Hollywood. In fact, the upcoming biopic is said to feature recreated scenes of the famous unveiling of the world’s first iMac – an iconic machine all the way back in the previous century (1998, to be exact).

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Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk announced through Twitter today that the company has a new product line to announce on April 30th. Musk didn’t reveal anything else about the product line so that’s still a bit of mystery. The announcement will take place at Tesla’s Hawthorne Design Studio on Thursday, April 30th, at 8 pm.

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h1z1I am not sure about you, but there seems to have been a fair number of movies, books as well as comics that do depict what the world will be like in the event of a zombie apocalypse – not only will you need to contend with mindless hordes of the hungry undead, but you will also have to outwit yourself against other scheming human beings. Having said that, video games such as H1Z1 will place one in the shoes of someone who is trying to live through a zombie apocalypse, and in the game itself, there are dangers which have nothing to do with the undead.

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pirate bayPirate Bay, the popular website that carries a slew of information – where not all of them happen to be legal, especially where movies and music are concerned, came back from the “dead” so to speak a couple of months ago, with things seemingly running as though all was fine and dandy, but you can be sure that the hugely popular torrent site has not yet brushed away all of the challenges it faces. Last Friday, a judge in Spain did ask service providers in Spain to block access to the Pirate Bay with a time frame of 72 hours, and while some responded to that almost immediately, users were not deterred, having changed their DNS settings to a different one. Other countries, however, do have more sophisticated blockades, and this will affect IP addresses in addition to domain names, not to mention throwing in monitoring to the ring so that there will be no new ways to overcome the blockades.

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free-gs6The Samsung Galaxy S6 is definitely one of those smartphones out there that many of us would not mind to own, never mind the fact that we already carry an iPhone 6 in our pockets. After all, it would be nice to have the flagship models from two different camps, right? You get to enjoy the best of both worlds, literally speaking, and at the same time, also be able to approach the topic of which is the better handset or mobile operating system in a far more objective manner as opposed to you being a fanboy of just one make. Having said that, Sprint is about to embark on something that others might deem to be crazy – the first free phone lease in the wireless industry, and the prize would be the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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lg-g4-gfxbenchThe LG G4 has made an appearance over in the GFX Benchmark database, and from there, additional key hardware specifications can be gleaned concerning this yet unreleased handset (which could very well come with a stylus, of course). Of course, the hardware specifications seen do seem to jive with what we have heard on the grapevine to date, although the chipset in use itself happens to be a surprising one. In fact, it is touted to come with a hexa-core processor with Cortex-A57 cores in addition to an Adreno 418 GPU to handle the graphical heavy lifting.

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For most people Amazon is the go-to place whenever they want to buy something online. The online retail giant sells everything from groceries, FMCGs, clothes, electronics, appliances, watches and much more. Ordering things off Amazon is a breeze and now the company will allow you to order a handyman as well should you require one.

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asus-logoIt does seem as though Asus is about to jump aboard the bandwagon for the next big thing when it comes to smartphone technology, and that would be the incorporation of a fingerprint sensor. Well, Apple can more or less be credited for bringing this particular feature back under the spotlight thanks to the release of their iPhone 5s, and other manufacturers, too, would have liked to hop on board that particular bandwagon not too long after. Asus is one of them, where at a press conference in Beijing recently for the launch of the current Zenfone 2 in China, Asus CEO Jerry Shen did mention that the upcoming Zenfone 3 will boast of a fingerprint reader.

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lg-g4-stylusWe do know that LG is working to release their upcoming flagship device, which is known as the LG G4, but surely it would not hurt to be able to see and hear more about this handset, right? The LG G4 will no doubt take over from where the LG G3 left off in the previous year, and there has also been whispers going around that there will be an LG G4 Note on its way too, which will go up head to head against the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Having said that, some images of a rather mysterious LG device did make its way to the Internet in the previous week, where it was touted to be the LG G4, but then a new image of an LG device has surfaced, where it carries a stylus that keeps company what looks to be a similar device.

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Jon Stewart’s decision to move on from The Daily Show made many fans very sad. Once they got over the initial shock the inevitable question popped up in everybody’s mind: who is going to replace Jon Stewart? Granted that those are some very big shoes to fill but a relatively new cast member has been entrusted with that responsibility.

Earlier today the new The Daily Show host was finally confirmed. It’s Trevor Noah. People who were making lists of potential replacements for Jon Stewart probably wouldn’t have placed him very high in those lists.

That’s because Noah joined the show very recently and filed his first segment in December 2014. Since then he has filed just a couple more so he isn’t a household name in the United States just yet.

This obviously doesn’t mean that Noah won’t be able to do the job. The team obviously saw something in him which is why they decided that he will be the one replacing Jon Stewart. Noah knows that the bar has already been set pretty high:

It’s a long way to go before The Daily Show with Trevor Noah finally airs and we find out if Noah is up to the task or not. Fans of the show will anxiously be waiting to see how he carries the torch handed down by the inimitable Jon Stewart.