One of the biggest rumors for the upcoming iPhone 7 is Apple’s alleged plans to remove the headphone port on the phone. Instead in the future, users are expected to connect headphones to the iPhone via the Lightning port. This isn’t as absurd as you might think as other OEMs have recently ditched the headphone port in favor of USB-C as well. Read full post →Possible Lightning To 3.5mm Adapter Shown Off In Video

Come next week, Samsung will be officially taking the wraps off their next Galaxy Note handset, the Galaxy Note 7. So far everything we know about the phone has been based on rumors, speculation, and leaks, but it seems that Samsung has corroborated some of those claims in their new teaser video for the upcoming phone. Read full post →Official Galaxy Note 7 Teaser Video Released

lenovo_air_proBack when the first MacBook Air was launched, many weren’t exactly thrilled by the specs and its price, but over the years consumers have warmed up to the idea of an extremely portable and fast laptop, which is why following the MacBook Air, we’ve seen other OEMs try to create their own slim and fast laptops. Read full post →Lenovo Air 13 Pro Laptop Launched

high-speed-internetThere are many people out there who use VPNs not for nefarious reasons, but for simple and innocent reasons, like maybe to access websites that are being blocked by the government, or accessing content that might be geo-restricted, and so on. However it seems that over in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), using a VPN could land you in jail, and be slapped with a hefty fine. Read full post →Using A VPN In United Arab Emirates Could Land You In Jail

playstation_vrLater this year Sony is expected to launch the PlayStation VR, and while it might be the cheapest of the bunch (assuming you already own the PS4), there really is no point if it doesn’t have any games, right? Now during E3 Sony did confirm several PlayStation VR titles were in the works, but during their press conference in Hong Kong, the company confirmed an additional 13 titles. Read full post →Sony Confirms 13 PlayStation VR Games Are In Development In Asia

nexon car crashSure, many of us have had frustrating moments when it comes to game developers, such as questioning how they could have implemented certain features, why they changed certain aspects of the game, the price, the in-app purchases, and so on. To take out our frustration, some might have sent in emails, posted on social media, or just ranted about it to friends. Read full post →Driver Crashes Car Into Game Developer’s Office, Claims They Ruined His Life

sennheiser-pc-373dAre gaming headsets a necessity? Some might argue that they are. This is because some gamers do rely on sound to be more aware of their surroundings and where the enemy might be. Now if you are a particularly competitive gamer or if just want to have an edge over your friends, you might be interested in checking out Sennheiser’s latest offering. Read full post →Sennheiser Unveils PC 373D Gaming Headset With A Surround Dongle

Cortana windows 10Introducing a voice assistant like Cortana to a computer operating system was a pretty nice touch by Microsoft. It helps promote the use of the feature which could prompt users to download it for their phones, and it also makes it unique in terms of operation, which is why when Apple announced similar plans for Siri, we weren’t that surprised. Read full post →Windows 10 For Education Will Not Come With Cortana

dolly clonesCloning is a concept that’s probably been on the mind of many scientists decades ago, and back in 1996, scientists achieved a breakthrough in which they successfully cloned their first mammal in the form of Dolly the sheep. Naturally some questions were raised regarding cloning, such as is it safe, and will clones die earlier than their un-cloned counterparts? Read full post →Dolly The Sheep’s Clones Are Healthy

prisma appBy now we’re sure many of you guys have heard of the Prisma app, an app that was initially released on iOS that allows users to turn photos into pseudo-paintings thanks to an effect. While there have been apps that offered up similar filters in the past, Prisma seems to have done a much better job, and just recently it was released onto Android. Read full post →Primsa To Get Video Editing Feature In Future Update