All sorts of rumors and reports have been circulating about the Apple iPad Pro even though it’s a product that hasn’t been officially confirmed or even talked about by the company. According to a new report the 12.9-inch iPad is going to bring several features that haven’t been found on the company’s tablets before, such as Force Touch, Bluetooth stylus and even NFC (Near Field Communication).

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windows media center

We know that Microsoft stopped developing Windows Media Center back in 2009 but an unmodified version was still available in an upgrade pack for Windows 8. Now though Microsoft has made up its mind to not keep it around for much longer. The company has confirmed that Windows Media Center will not be making an appearance in Windows 10 which means that PCs upgraded from Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 will lose the feature.

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Tesla’s all-electric cars aren’t exactly cheap. Customers can spend up to $90,000 on a new Model S which is why the company’s vehicles tend to be out of the reach of many average buyers. Tesla has started a new program though that ought to bring the price down for buyers who are willing to purchase a certified used vehicle. Like major car companies, pre-owned Tesla cars are now being sold by Elon Musk’s company.

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Slowly but surely hype is being created for Batman Arkham Knight, the latest title which is going to end Rocksteady’s trilogy about our beloved man in Gotham. The Batman Arkham Knight Season Pass has been detailed by WB Games and perhaps the most interesting revelation is that you will be able to play as Batgirl, the title will receive a playable Batgirl DLC later this year.

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xbox one

Windows 10 is expected to start rolling out this summer and it will arrive on all of the different supported platforms on its own time. Xbox One owners might appreciated the new software more because it will open up a whole new world of apps for the console. As per a new report “thousands” of apps will be available for the Xbox One when Windows 10 is released later this year.

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Videos are the best way to express pretty much anything, however, video format support is limited on most devices and services. You can’t just play an HD camcorder AVCHD video on a standard Smartphone.

The good news is, converting video format is actually quite easy and doesn’t take much time either. You can play almost any video on any device you want just by converting it to the required format.

Converting video format also affects the size of the video, it can increase or decrease. This is quite handy if you need to upload the video to any service where people could download it. Tampering with bitrate of a Video can also decrease the size of the video, however, the quality may also be sacrificed. You can check out this article “How To Compress Video”, if you intend to decrease size of a video.

In this Tutorial, we are going to address three different and completely free to use tools. You can just use the one that fits your needs perfectly.

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According to a new report Facebook is courting some of the biggest news outlets on the planet to convince them to start hosting their content directly on Facebook. This would mean that users wouldn’t have to click through to the news outlet’s website and instead their time on Facebook would increase. In return the social network is reportedly offering these outlets ad revenue generated from visits to the hosted content.

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It has been a very long time since Microsoft, or any other OEM for that matter, released a full-fledged flagship smartphone powered by Windows Phone. However Microsoft has kept the momentum going with several mid-range and low-end devices with which it seeks to infiltrate into new markets. It appears that one such device might soon be making its way to T-Mobile.

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VLC is one of the world’s most beloved media players. It’s used by millions of people around the world on a wide variety of platforms, this open-source media player is the darling of many. The official VLC app for Android has been updated recently and eagle-eyed users might spot a few changes, even if the app seems more or less the same. One major feature that has been added in the update is the ability to continue playing video in the background.

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LG has released a new application which allows people who own its latest and greatest Android Wear smartwatch to make calls directly from the wearable device. LG Call is the app in question and it’s only available for the LG Watch Urbane. The company has released other Android Wear smartwatches but this app will only work with the Watch Urbane.

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