lumia-cyan-windows-phone-8.1We have seen how companies like BlackBerry have allowed Android apps to run on its platform. Granted it’s not the most optimized experience one can have, but if you wanted a particular app that wasn’t available for BlackBerry OS 10, then you would at least have this option. Now according to a report from Neowin, it seems that Microsoft is looking to offer its Windows Phone users a similar option as well.

This isn’t the first time we have heard that Microsoft was looking into that functionality although it seems that even after a year, Microsoft still has not given the feature a greenlight to ship alongside the Windows Phone platform. Instead it seems that Microsoft is developing the feature more as a backup plan in the event that universal Windows apps fail to catch on with developers. Read full post →Microsoft Reportedly Working On Windows Phone Compatible Android Apps

iphone 6With the Apple Watch featuring an OLED display, we suppose it is fair to assume and speculate if Apple could turn to using OLED displays for future iPhones. Unfortunately if you were looking forward to seeing OLED displays in future iPhones like the iPhone 7 in 2016, then you might be disappointed to learn that Apple could be passing on it. Read full post →Apple Expected To Stick With LCD, Not OLED For iPhone 7

pd_inklet_isoWhen Apple announced the new 12-inch Retina MacBook, they also announced that they would be introducing a new trackpad to its latest laptop and the refreshed MacBook Pros and Airs. What makes this trackpad so different is that it doesn’t actually “click”, but rather it relies on the Force Touch technology that can execute different commands depending on how hard the user presses on it.

This in itself should make for some interesting applications and one of the first few apps to take advantage of the technology is an app called Inklet. This is a drawing app that will allow users to take a stylus and draw on the trackpads, thus letting the stylus double up as a pointer of sorts. It can also be used to manipulate and draw over images on the screen and will also simulate functions one might expect from drawing tablets such as a Wacom. Read full post →Apple’s New MacBook Trackpads Can Double Up As A Drawing Pad

chrome_data_saver_1When it comes to surfing on your mobile device, data compression apps and tools make sense since most of us have a data cap as part of our plan. However when it comes to surfing at home on the computer, for the most part ISPs don’t really introduce data caps, and for those that do, some of them tend to be rather generous.

That being said if you are living with a data cap and share an internet plan with housemates or family members, then perhaps you might be interested in Google’s Data Saver extension for their Chrome browser. As the name implies, this is an extension that will supposedly help reduce the amount of data you consume while you browse. Read full post →Google Launches Data Saver Extension For Chrome

one_e9p_2The HTC One E9p has been leaked several times now but thanks to the latest post by @upleaks, clearer and more beautiful renders of the handset has surfaced, showing us the phone in all of its glory and also confirming in the process that there will be at least three different color options offered – gunmetal grey, gold, and dual-tone variants.

So far we have to admit that we like what we see and in terms of specs, the HTC One E9p is no slouch either, at least as far as the rumors are concerned. Now assuming the specs are the real deal and as a quick recap for those who might have missed our earlier coverage, the HTC One E9p is to sport a 5.5-inch QHD display. This alone gives the handset a much higher resolution than HTC’s flagship, the One M9. Read full post →More Leaked Renders Of The Upcoming HTC One E9p Revealed

nexus-9-review-7It has been a while since we’ve seen HTC release a tablet, although we suppose last year’s Google Nexus 9 tablet could be considered. However if you’re looking to see a HTC-branded tablet, word on the street has it that HTC is currently working on one and it seems that the device could pack similar hardware to the Nexus 9.

For starters the rumors claim that the HTC tablet will feature an 8.9-inch display with a resolution of 1530×2048 which pretty much makes it the same as the Nexus 9. However instead of an NVIDIA chipset powering the tablet, the rumor claims that we can look forward to a 2.2GHz Allwinner H8 CPU instead, and it will be paired with a PowerVR SGX544 GPU. Read full post →Upcoming HTC Tablet Rumored To Sport 8.9-inch Display, 16MP Camera

LG-Watch-Urbane-LTE-01Apple has gotten a lot of flak over the price of their Apple Watch which costs $350 at its cheapest and $17,000 (yes, you read that right) at its most expensive. However it seems that if you wanted to get yourself a nice looking smartwatch, you should be prepared to pay. The pricing of the LG Watch Urbane was recently revealed in South Korea where it is priced at 650,000 Korean Won. Read full post →LG Watch Urbane’s Price Revealed, Will Not Come Cheap

whatsapp-revenueIt is no secret that WhatsApp isn’t a fan of third-party clients which is why it does not come as a complete surprise to learn that the company has no immediate plans to release an API for developers. This was confirmed by WhatsApp’s co-founder Brian Acton during this year’s Facebook F8 developer conference.

When asked if WhatsApp planned to release an API so that developers could create compatible products, Acton replied in the negative stating that while he gets where these developers are coming from, it’s just not going to happen, at least not anytime soon if ever. “I am very empathetic to your cause. I receive emails on a regular basis from people who want to run their business or want to run something using WhatsApp as the backbone for communication, but we’re balancing that with the user experience.” Read full post →WhatsApp Has No Plans For An API In The Near Future

Step into any building and chances are you will probably come across at least one fire extinguisher. The fire extinguisher has not really changed in terms of design or content over the years but what if it was possible that we could extinguish an open flame using just sound? How cool would that be?

Turns out that a couple of students at George Mason University managed to do just that when they created a fire extinguisher that could put out flames using just sound. The idea isn’t actually new as DARPA had actually unveiled a similar concept back in 2012, but the students – Viet Tran and Seth Robertson – have managed to make it into a handheld extinguisher, thus making it portable. Read full post →Students Create Fire Extinguisher That Puts Out Fire Using Sound

News_Republic_v5There are plenty of news apps out there that promises to be able to curate news that they think you might be interested in reading. News Republic is one of those apps and recently at MWC 2015, they actually won the “Best Mobile Media And Publishing App” at the Global Mobile Awards that was hosted during the event.

That being said if you’re already a user of News Republic, you might be interested to learn that the app has recently been updated to version 5.0, and with the update comes a host of changes, new features, and improvements that hopefully users will be able to appreciate. Starting off there is a brand new design where the home screen will be able to take users directly to the most important articles. Read full post →News Republic v5 Comes With A Host Of New Features