iphone6 128gbEverywhere we turn to these days, it seems that there is something about the iPhone 6 that will cross our paths, and in the latest rumor to arrive concerning the upcoming flagship device from Apple would be a 128GB iPhone 6. This “discovery” was made thanks to a leaked iPhone 6 document, although one might want to take what you see above with a pinch of salt, since nothing is confirmed or made official until it comes out from the horse’s mouth.

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kobo aura h2oIt looks like Kobo has plans for a brand new eReader, where this particular model will be known as the Kobo Aura H2O. Having passed through the FCC not too long ago, the Kobo Aura H2O will arrive with a high resolution E Ink display, accompanied by a water- as well as dust-proof case. As to its purported release date, it seems that we now have additional details, thanks to a leaked specifications sheet, an image, a possible launch date as well as an alleged price tag attached to it.

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yahoo android appDo you still subscribe to normal magazines these days, after taking into consideration all of your mobile devices that you carry around which most probably has a digital copy of whatever off-the-rack magazine that you read? Perhaps, as there is just something about flipping through all of those glossy paper, not to mention free samples of products that are included from time to time. However, here we are with Yahoo having announced the new Yahoo app for Android which intends to deliver what they claim to be “the very best of the web”.

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htc 820 teaseHTC, fresh from having introduced the HTC One (M8) for Windows, are not quite done with rolling out new smartphones yet it seems. After sending out invitations to “Save the Date” for an “IFA Breakfast” session by HTC, there have been whispers of HTC delivering an octa-core 64-bit Android-powered smartphone, where some have said that it would fall under the “Desire” range, meaning it will not be on the high end side of things. Well, this time around, a teaser image has appeared that shows off the digits “820″.

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lg logo 001 640x480I like the idea of Vision 2020 as the year is just half a dozen years away from us, and it conveys the message of having perfect foresight. Having said that, companies such as LG, too, must have cast a wide net into the future to figure out that they will still be in the smartphone game by the time 2020 arrives, which is why LG has decided to file a patent application for names of its potential new flagship smartphones, all the way to 2020.

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beats solo2The folks over at ColorWare are famous for coming up with custom paint jobs that look extremely professional, ensuring that the piece of consumer electronics device sitting in your hands or in the middle of the living room will be very unique, and not likely seen elsewhere, too. This time around, ColorWare will offer the Beats Solo² headphones, where the pair of headphones itself is comfortable to wear for long hours on end, thanks to the presence of plush ear pads and a cushioned headband.

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fcc htc sprintThe FCC is one particular “loophole” that upcoming consumer electronics devices ought to go through before they are approved for commercial release. However, do take note that not all devices that gain FCC approval will eventually end up on the open market. This time around, a HTC handset has been spotted over on the FCC, where it carries the model number 0PCV100, making it a CDMA-based device that carries support for LTE bands 25, 26, and 41.

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opera windowsOpera Software recently announced that they and Microsoft have come together to sign a contract so that Opera Mini will arrive as the default pre-installed Internet browser where Nokia’s feature phones are concerned. In other words, the current Xpress Internet browser, which has been developed in-house by Nokia, and sees action on the Nokia Series 30+, 40, and Asha models, will eventually be a thing of the past. Existing users of such feature phones are encouraged to perform the update, and owners of new devices need not lift a finger since those handsets will arrive with Opera pre-installed, reading to go right out of the box.

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tesla s remote startIt looks like there is more than meets the eye where the all-electric Tesla Model S car is concerned, considering this 2014 ride will be able to play nice with an Apple iPhone. And by that, I mean the iOS-powered smartphone will be able to get the Tesla Model S started, now how about that? For those of you who are still on the side of Google and its Android mobile operating system, it is not a time to be a headless chicken at the moment, since it is mentioned that there is a version for Android in the pipeline at the moment, although the release date has yet to be determined, and it remains to be seen whether this remote start feature will be enabled to boot.

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Strike 1Some gamers believe that with gaming keyboards and mice, they are able to perform better than with regular keyboards and mice, and to a certain extent there is some truth to their justification. For example gaming keyboards and mice tend to have more buttons which gamers can assign with macros.

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