When it comes to strapping your kids in the car, this usually involves the use of a specially-designed car seat placed in the backseat of your car/minivan. For the most part this seems to be the safest and most accepted way of strapping your kid in, however Volvo believes that this is a system that can be improved upon.

The company has recently debuted a concept in Sweden called the Excellence Child Seat. What this does is that it rethinks how a car’s interior layout is designed. Basically instead of placing your child at the backseat where it might be hard for you or your spouse to keep an eye on them, the concept reimagines the child seat being placed in the front passenger seat, with the seat turned back facing the passenger sitting behind. Read full post →Volvo Want To Make Cars Safer For Kids

google-sign-newOver in Europe, Google has agreed that users had the right to be forgotten, meaning that users could submit requests to Google to have any information on them that comes up in search results erased. Of course it should be pointed out that this only applies to Google’s search results, and that other search engines could potentially list those details.

However with Google being the giant of search engines, we suppose it’s a start. While this is a service Google mainly offers in Europe, over in the Japan the Saitama District Court has ordered the company to scrub the records of a man’s arrest from three years ago. The man in question was arrested for molesting a girl under 18 and was subsequently fined 500,000 yen. Read full post →Japanese Court Orders Google To Scrub Records On Man’s Arrest

apple-and-musicWhen Apple introduced iTunes back in the day, it changed the way many people consumed their music. Customers could now choose to pay for individual songs as opposed to having to buy an entire album, thus giving them more flexibility in choosing what they want to listen to. However it seems that those days are slowly leaving us.

According to a recent report from Nielsen, it has shown that streaming the past year has actually doubled since 2014. This represents a whopping 135 billion songs and videos users have streamed in the past year, and this only accounts for users in America, so we can only imagine that number must be even bigger when taking into account overseas markets. Read full post →Online Streaming Doubles In 2015, Digital Downloads Sees 10% Drop

apple musicLike all streaming services, there is DRM involved. This makes sense because it prevents piracy and also ensures that artists are paid properly, like if you were to cancel your subscription, it makes sense that you would no longer be able to access the songs on the platform anymore.

However given that there has been some confusion about DRM regarding Apple Music, the folks at iMore have published a report that clarifies the issue. Apple Music is confusing given that there is iTunes Match and iCloud Music Library. Both are the same in terms of their functionality in which music is scanned and matched against Apple’s catalogue, and those that aren’t matched are uploaded onto Apple’s servers instead. Read full post →Apple Music Is Not Adding DRM To Songs You Already Own

eminemGiven that Apple currently has industry veterans such as Trent Reznor, Dr. Dre, and Jimmy Iovine working behind the scenes, it isn’t surprising that these guys along with Apple’s branding and reputation are able to pull off some exclusives. If you’re a fan of Eminem, you might be interested to learn that the rapper has debuted his latest music video, Phenomenal, exclusively on Apple Music.

Is this surprising? Hardly, given Eminem and Dr. Dre’s close working relationship. In fact Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic” album was also another Apple Music launch where previously it was unavailable for digital streaming on any platform. Musician Pharrell also released an exclusive single for the music platform, and even Taylor Swift made her 1989 album available on Apple Music, making it the first streaming platform that will be able to stream the album. Read full post →Eminem Debuts “Phenomenal” Music Video Exclusively On Apple Music

nexus-5-review--018The LG G4 is the latest handset from LG and if the rumors are to be believed, LG will also be manufacturing 2016’s Nexus handset (or at least one of them). Presumably this will be based on the LG G4 but apparently that is not the case. According to a report from AndroidPIT, they have heard from their sources that LG has been confirmed to be building one of the Nexus handsets for 2016.

Interestingly enough it seems that the Nexus built by LG will not be based on the LG G4, leaving us to wonder what phone will it be based on then? Well according to their source, it will be based on an unreleased prototype meaning that this will be a Nexus whose design is not based on any of LG’s existing handsets. Read full post →LG “Confirmed” To Be Building 2016’s Nexus

oneplus headsetLast week we reported that one of the launch features of the upcoming OnePlus Two is that it would be launched in VR. It will be launched normally, of course, but as an added perk it will also launch in VR which we have to admit sounds like a pretty awesome idea. Now best of all is that OnePlus will be supplying the VR headsets themselves.

The good news is that if you wanted to experience the launch in VR, you’re in luck as OnePlus has recently put up its VR headsets on its website for ordering and shipping. It should be noted that the headset is actually a Google Cardboard and it will be free as all users will need to do is pay for the shipping themselves. Read full post →OnePlus VR Headset Now Available For Order & Shipping

It is safe to say that the HTC One M9 isn’t as well-received as HTC would like it to be. The phone has been found in the past to run hotter than other brands, and its camera also leaves a lot to be desired. However given those shortcomings, the HTC One M9 does pack pretty impressive hardware under its hood, but will it be good enough to beat out the competition?

Well HTC decided to find out by taking the phone to the streets and conducting blind tests with strangers, although given that these are ads shot and produced by HTC, we’re suppose in some ways it could come off as biased. The tests are meant to show off the speed, sound quality, and camera skills. Read full post →HTC Conducts Their Own Blind Smartphone Test In Series Of Ads

Oppo-Mirror-5s-2Oppo is a brand out of China who just like Xiaomi, have been known to create cheap and affordable handsets for the masses. The company has recently announced the latest addition to their portfolio in the form of the Oppo Mirror 5s. The company has announced previous Oppo Mirror smartphones in the past, so basically this is the latest one.

It does not exactly have the best specs or the specs necessary to take on the likes of Samsung, Apple, LG, HTC, and etc., but like we said price is probably its main selling point. In terms of hardware, the Oppo Mirror 5s will sport a 5-inch display with a 720p HD resolution. Not the highest out there but like we said, it’s probably done to keep its price down. Read full post →Oppo Mirror 5s Mid-Range Smartphone Announced

chrome 1bnLast week we reported that Hangouts for Android had managed to hit 1 billion preinstalls. This is impressive in the sense that it shows how many Android devices are out there, but at the same time we suppose it is “cheating” given that all Android phones come with Hangouts preinstalled, but the same cannot be said for Chrome.

Chrome for Android has recently hit 1 billion installs and is now part of an exclusive club in which only a handful of apps are able to boast that claim. What makes it even more impressive is the fact that unlike other Google apps and services that come preinstalled on Android phones, Chrome did not start out as being a preinstalled app. Read full post →Chrome for Android Hits 1 Billion Installs