iPhone 6 review 4 640x346Traditionally Apple releases a new iPhone (or two) every year. The major updates to design and hardware are usually done in a two-year cycle, but in between Apple releases refreshed hardware and improvements. Some argue that perhaps the “S” series of iPhones are a better buy as they tend to be more “refined”.

That being said if you like the idea of being able to own a new iPhone every year, Sprint has the answer for you. The carrier has recently announced an update to their “iPhone For Life” plan. Previously customers were allowed to lease an iPhone and swap it after two-years, but with the new plan, Sprint customers will be allowed to get a new phone every year. Read full post →Sprint’s New “iPhone For Life” Plan Allows For Annual Upgrades

rooms vs room 640x610Just the other day we reported that Facebook had launched a new app called Rooms. The idea of the app was to allow the creation of forums in which users could participate in them anonymous, as opposed to Facebook pages where your real name could be shown. However it turns out that perhaps Facebook’s idea might not have been so original after all.

According to Room Inc., the developers of the Room app (not to be confused with Rooms), they are alleging that Facebook has copied their idea and are at the moment considering taking legal action against the social network. Damien Rottemberg, the co-founder and CTO of Room was surprised to see Facebook’s app released. Read full post →Developer Claims Facebook Stole Their Idea For Their “Rooms” App

itunes radio australia 640x394According to a report earlier this year, it was revealed that digital music sales experienced a drop in sales for the first time. A later report corroborated this when it was revealed that digital music streaming was on the rise which could have contributed to the drop in digital music sales. After all why pay for an entire album when you could subscribe to a service like Spotify and access thousands of albums for the price of one, right?

Well it looks like things are looking worse. A recent report from The Wall Street Journal has revealed that as far as Apple’s digital music sales are concerned, it has dropped by an additional 13% in 2014. The publication speculates that the decline was foreseen by Apple, which was why the company opted to acquire Beats along with Beats Music. Read full post →Apple Sees 13% Decline In Digital Music Sales

inbox invJust the other day Google announced Inbox, a new email initiative by Google that aims to revolutionize the way we view our emails and access our messages. So far based on reviews of those who have tried the feature, it seems to be quite a success and a hit amongst users, which is why we can’t say we’re too surprised to learn that there are many who are clamoring for an invite.

Well the good news is that Google has since enabled a feature in Inbox that allows invited users to send an additional 3 invites to their friends or family who might want to check out the service. This is similar to how Gmail started out and how it spread – through the use of invites. This will no doubt curb the scalpers on eBay who are currently selling their invites for an otherwise free service. Read full post →Google Inbox Invitees Now Able To Invite 3 More Friends To The Service

apple beats 640x324When Apple acquired Beats, many were wondering what will become of Beats Music and iTunes Radio. After all both are sort of competitors as far as digital music is concerned, but will Apple keep one product and eventually phase out the next? Well according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, it seems like Apple could eventually merge Beats Music into iTunes.

The report states that come next year, Apple could integrate Beats Music into iTunes. In some way this isn’t too surprising given that Ian Rogers, the person who helped build Beats Music, is now in charge of iTunes Radio. There have also been talks about Apple possibly doing something new with Beats Music as opposed to killing off the service entirely. Read full post →Beats Music To Be Integrated Into iTunes Next Year [Rumor]

ipad lockAs per our report last week, one of the special features of Apple’s new iPads is the fact that it comes with a special SIM card that allows users to choose their carrier from a software menu, as opposed to having to physically swap out SIM cards belonging to other carriers. It sounds like a pretty great idea and perhaps an idea that could become the standard in the future.

That being said, it seems that not all carriers are playing nice. According to reports, it seems that if you were to choose AT&T’s service via the software menu, it would lock the SIM card to AT&T, meaning that users will be unable to swap to a different carrier in the future if they wanted to do so. Read full post →AT&T Locks SIM Cards In iPad Air 2 And iPad Mini 3

grandma wifi blockerFor many of us, not having a decent signal on our smartphones, or even being in a “dead zone” while the entire home has been set up to feature Wi-Fi connectivity is a nightmare, but for 72 year old grandmother Stefanie Russell, that would be heaven. It is not because she is a Luddite, but simply because she claims to suffer from a condition where being in the presence of a cellular signal or Wi-Fi network would end up giving her headaches as well as nausea.

Read full post →Grandma Intends To Protect Home From Wi-Fi And Cellular Signals

iphone bend burntI am quite sure that many of us are more or less fed up with the entire BendGate debacle concerning the iPhone 6, as there is a new DyeGate that has emerged as well. Having said that, it looks as though the end of the BendGate issue is not yet in sight, especially after it was alleged that an iPhone 6 was bent, catching fire afterwards, resulting in a second-degree burn to its owner. The iPhone 6 happened to be enclosed in a leather case that could very well have offered a certain degree of protection, but that did not seem to be the case – pun not intended.

Read full post →iPhone 6 Allegedly Caught Fire After Being Bent In Accident

robot cheekYes, we have read about a robot that can help combat malaria, with the potential for robots to provide a brighter future in the fight against the ebola virus, but here we are with a robot which is capable of performing brain surgery – through a very different means. This particular robot will go about its duty through the patient’s cheek, now how about that? Not just any brain surgery in general, but to make its way around corrective epilepsy brain surgery in particular, and doing so with a far lower risk than the normal method, not to mention in a less invasive manner.

Read full post →Robot Performs Brain Surgery Via Patient’s Cheek

ebola robotWhile we do know that robots are extremely handy when it comes to automating the entire manufacturing process, are there other ways in which robots will be able to help humankind? The bitter fight against the ebola virus is on, and there is a remote possibility that robotic technologies which used to be deployed in rescue and disaster situations to be repurposed in order to help contain the Ebola epidemic.

Read full post →Could Robots Help Contain Ebola?