MGS 5: Ground Zeroes Platform Exclusive Content Will Be Opened For All

Konami has announced that platform exclusive content for Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes, such as exclusive missions, will be opened for all next month. Basically what this means is that content that was previously exclusive to Xbox would be available for PlayStation and vice versa. Konami won’t be charging for this changeover, which will come through a DLC or downloadable content pack that will be released in May.

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Flexible Displays Rumored For Galaxy S6 And Galaxy Note 5

Its a bit early for these rumors but that has never stopped the rumor mill from churning. Apparently Samsung is going to resume work on one of its factories that will be dedicated to producing flexible displays. The company has made no secret of its intention to bring curved displays to the masses, and even latest rumors about Galaxy Note 4 suggest that it may have a curved display. The rumor claims Samsung wants to use flexible displays in both the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy Note 5.

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Amazon Reportedly Wants To Be Its Own Delivery Service

Order a package through Amazon and you may expect a UPS or FedEx truck to pull up outside your door bearing the goods. What if, in the future, it was Amazon that was delivering goods that you orders through its online marketplace? Word on the street is that Amazon is currently testing its own delivery service for the “last mile,” which is the final leg of a package’s journey to the customer’s doorstep. The service is reportedly being tested in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York where trucks with packages are going around, driven by contractors that Amazon supervises.

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Battery Life Improvement Noticed After iOS 7.1.1 Update

Earlier this week Apple released iOS 7.1.1 for iPhone, IPad and iPod touch. This is the first incremental update for iOS 7.1, which brought quite a few changes for Apple’s popular mobile platform. Some users had complained about loss in battery life after updating to iOS 7.1. The update actually had quite a few bugs that have been fixed by iOS 7.1.1. It appears that the latest update has also addressed battery life concerns as most users now report an improvement.

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Got Deep Pockets? Have Lunch With Tim Cook

Its safe to say that Apple CEO Tim Cook is a busy man. He’s tasked with running one of the biggest companies in the world that must meet its customers’ expectations with every product release. However, Cook still finds time in his schedule to do a bit of charity work. He is auctioning off the chance to have lunch with him at Apple’s HQ in the One Infinite Loop campus, located in Cupertino, California. This isn’t the first time that Cook has auctioned off a meeting with him.

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Vladimir Putin Calls The Internet A CIA Project

If you follow news you’ll surely be aware that tensions between the U.S. and Russia are soaring these days. Russian President Vladimir Putin is known for taking the hardline and not masking his displeasure with the West. At a press conference earlier today, Putin branded the internet as a “CIA project.” He said that Russia must fight for its interests on the internet, which he believes is “still developing” is a project of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

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Vic Gundotra, The Man Behind Google+, Is Leaving Google

After nearly eight years at Google, Vic Gundotra is leaving the company. He announced today in a touching story posted on his Google+ page. Prior to joining Google, Gundotra worked at Microsoft for a very long time. His most notable achievement at Mountain View includes leading Google+ from the very beginning. Google CEO Larry Page wrote a long comment on Gundotra’s post and said that he “built Google+ from nothing.”

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Amazon Puts Grocery Stores In Crosshairs With Prime Pantry Service

Online retailer Amazon doesn’t want you to head out for grocery shopping. In this day and age of modern technology, why should you? It already offers a service called AmazonFresh in select U.S. cities, allowing customers to order fresh produce dairy products and quickly-perishable items while promising next-day delivery. Amazon even has a gadget called “Dash” which lets you easily create grocery lists. Now it puts your local grocery stores in its crosshairs. Through the newly launched Amazon Pantry service, the retailer is allowing Prime subscribers in the U.S. to purchase 45 pounds of groceries for a flat $5.99 delivery fee.

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Facebook Launches Newswire To Deliver Breaking News

Facebook may be one of the best services on the web to keep in touch with people from around the world, but it may not be the go-to service if you want to read the latest news. Twitter is much more popular for that, it is undeniably one of the most strongest online sources for real-time news. Facebook has been trying to change that and over the past few months it has launched several features to do just that. However today, with the launch of Facebook Newswire, the folks at Menlo Park are making a statement that they’re serious about being in the news business.

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Archos 50 Helium 4G DetailedArchos has announced its latest member of the Archos Helium family, and that would be the Archos 50 Helium 4G smartphone. As you should be able to tell by now, the numeric figure in the naming convention drops a hint on how large the screen size is, where in the case of the Archos 50 Helium 4G, it would boast of a 5″ IPS High Definition display.

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