It’s common knowledge by now that Motorola will soon be launching a new smartwatch, the successor to the original Moto 360 smartwatch. There have already been many leaks related to the new Moto 360, we have seen multiple leaked images and read reports about the specifications it’s likely going to have. Today fresh new renders of the upcoming smartwatch have leaked online leaving no doubt in our minds precisely what the device really looks like.

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The Razer Nabu smartband was originally launched back at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 and since then the company has received a lot of feedback on features that users liked and the aspects that needed to be improved. Razer took in all of that feedback and re-designed the Nabu and that’s why it has now relaunched the wearable device.

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A new update has been released for Vine which brings perfectly looping music for six-second videos recorded using the app, the feature allows users to add music that perfectly suit their videos. Vine will select all of the music and handle the licensing end of things so that users can easily pick and choose the music to go with their video without having to worry about anything else.

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Netflix is among the few online video streaming websites that’s offering content streaming in 4K, it has a growing library of 4K content that features TV shows, movies and documentaries. Netflix enforces strict copy protection on content that it streams in all formats to ensure that streamed content isn’t recorded and distributed illegally, but it appears that copy protection on the company’s 4K stream has been compromised.

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If all of the recent reports are to be believed then at its event next month Apple is going to unveil a new Apple TV set-top box. It has been quite some time since the company launched a new set-top box so many are excited to see all of the improvements that Apple has made to this product. A new report published today claims that the new Apple TV is going to be more expensive than its predecessor.

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Your Android phone’s texting app may be quite sleek and fast, but eventually, you may grow tired of same interface and features. Fortunately, we got access to the Google Play Store, where we can find even fancier third-party texting apps.

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Drones aren’t going away anytime soon so we have to accept the fact that they’re here to stay, hovering above our houses and our parks, forever being a source of nuisance for people who dislike these machines. The fact is that drones can do much more damage than just record video of you without your permission, there are serious safety and security concerns with regards to sensitive military and government installations, which is why Boeing has developed a new laser cannon that takes out drones mid-flight.

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Amazon provides great value for its $99 per year Amazon Prime program, not only do you get access to a vast library of movies, TV shows, documentaries, music and much more, you also get free two-day shipping on Prime eligible items which are very easy to come by on Amazon. Over time the service really does pay for itself, but if Amazon decides to roll out a new program that it’s testing then not all Prime eligible products will be shipped in two days.

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Many of you may have read at some point that Apple is working on an internet TV streaming service, it doesn’t seem that implausible considering the fact that cord-cutters are making major players in the TV industry rethink how they do business. It seems natural for Apple to want a piece of that pie particularly when it’s going to roll out a new set-top box soon. However it seems like the company’s proposed price for subscription to its internet TV streaming service is what’s keeping it off the air.

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Razer has launched a new wireless controller for Xbox One, this pro-gamer-validated, tournament-grade controller is called the Razer Wildcat and it’s a good option for those who are particularly interested in e-sports. It features four multi-function buttons aside from the conventional array allowing gamers to re-bind any button on the controller for quick and easy access. The company says that Wildcat for Xbox One is 25 percent lighter than any other tournament grade controller.

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