xperia z3 leakWhen it comes to yet unreleased products, you can be sure that there will be plenty of rumors that will surround such unannounced devices. The same can be said of Sony with their Sony Xperia Z3 and Sony Xperia Z3 Compact devices, where the rumor mill has indeed been working overtime to point to an imminent release. The latest word on the street points to an IFA 2014 announcement later this coming September, although the folks over at Sony themselves have yet to confirm the company’s presence at IFA for this year’s edition.

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xiaomi dataEarlier this year, China-based smartphone company Xiaomi announced the Redmi Note. Just like the rest of Xiaomi’s handsets, the Redmi Note was an affordable and decently specced smartphone for its price. However according to recent reports, the handset might be doing more than what it has been advertised.

According to a post by Kenny Li of Hong Kong forum, IMA Mobile, it seems that he discovered that the Redmi Note was sending user data to Xiaomi’s servers in Beijing, China (pictured in the screenshot to the right). Apparently turning off the MiCloud service did not help, although it was pointed out that this only happened over WiFi. Read full post →Xiaomi Redmi Note Reportedly Sending User Data Back To China

appletv hbo go watchespnEarlier this year it was rumored that Apple could be launching a refresh of the Apple TV in April, although safe to say that did not happen. There have been many conflicting reports about the new Apple TV, with some claiming that it will be an ambitious effort by Apple, while others claim that Apple had scaled back their ambitious plans.

That being said, a recent report from The Information (behind a paywall) has revealed that the Apple TV has been stalled and could even be delayed until 2015 as Apple’s partners are hesitating. Apparently the cable companies have been described as “dragging their heels” and one of the reasons behind the delay is also the impending Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger. Read full post →New Apple TV Might Only Be Launched In 2015 [Rumor]

myriad 2 chipEarlier this year, Movidius came out with Myriad-1, its first “Vision Processing Unit”. It was adopted by Google for its Project Tango initiative, which has generated a lot of interest worldwide. Today, Movidius announces Myriad-2, its next-generation VPU, which is set to hit the market in products next year. Read full post →Myriad 2, Movidius’ Next-Gen Vision Processor

beats music 640x480A couple of months ago and after many rumors, Apple had confirmed that they will be acquiring Beats in the tune of $3 billion. The deal has yet to be finalized pending approval by regulatory bodies and while the deal does sound interesting for consumers and could usher in a new era at Apple, not everyone will be reaping the rewards of the deal.

According to a report by The New York Post, they claim that they have heard that Apple is planning to cut about 200 jobs at Beats Electronics once the deal has closed. The deal is expected to close on the 1st of August and the cutting of 200 jobs would essentially be about 40% of the company’s global workforce. Read full post →Apple To Cut 200 Jobs From Beats Once Deal Closes [Rumor]

verizon logo stone wallAccording to a report the other day, Verizon had announced that they would soon be throttling the speeds of its Unlimited 4G LTE users. This is apparently part of the carrier’s “network optimization” that would limit the speeds of extremely data-heavy users who might otherwise be clogging up the network.

In a way it makes sense and it does seem fair for everyone else who wasn’t grandfathered into those unlimited plans, but at least one person is not too pleased by it. The FCC’s Chairman, Tom Wheeler, recently penned a letter expressing his displeasure at Verizon’s move, claiming that he is “deeply troubled” by the news. Read full post →FCC Chairman “Troubled” By Verizon’s Plans To Throttle Its Users

chrome beta 640x297Back in June, Google released the 64-bit version of the Chrome browser as a beta to developers, but if you’re just a regular user who wants to see what all the fuss is about, you might be pleased to learn that Google has officially announced that the 64-bit Chrome beta is now open to the general public.

According to Google, “The new version replaces the existing version while preserving all your settings and bookmarks, so there’s no need to uninstall a current installation of Chrome.” So why upgrade to a 64-bit version of Chrome? Well according to Google, the 64-bit version of its browser promises to be faster, more stable, and more secure. Read full post →64-bit Chrome Beta Browser Now Available For The Masses

steve aoki 640x427Chances are when you think about Twitch, you think about live streams of video games and you wouldn’t be blamed. After all the platform is home to live gaming streams by gamers around the world, but it looks like Twitch is expanding its horizon and could soon start live streaming music. The streaming service will be kicking off with a live streamed performance by Steve Aoki, a DJ and a producer.

The stream will start at 7PM PT/10PM ET and will be streamed live from Ibiza, Spain. This will mark Aoki’s first broadcast on Twitch. So why the switch from video games to live music? Well according to the folks at Twitch, this is based on a user survey where they found that 80% of Twitch viewers wouldn’t mind watching live music on Twitch as well as video games. Read full post →Steve Aoki To Kick Off Twitch’s Live Music Stream

bb passport whiteThe BlackBerry Passport when first announced managed to raise a few eyebrows. Its odd choice for a 1:1 display was questionable, although it seems that there are many who are slowly starting to warm up to the idea of it. That being said, the majority of apps haven’t been designed for such aspect ratios, but BlackBerry is hoping developers will do something about it.

According to an email that BlackBerry has begun sending to developers, it basically reminds them that they should get their BlackBerry Q10 apps ready for the BlackBerry Passport. “As the release of the BlackBerry Passport approaches, we want to ensure that your apps will be part of the new product launch [...] The great news for you is that most apps that offer support for BlackBerry Q10 will also function seamlessly on the new smartphone. For your convenience, we will be automatically expanding your device support to include the BlackBerry Passport for your apps that currently support the BlackBerry Q10.” Read full post →BlackBerry Prompts Developers To Prep Their Apps For The Passport

canon teaserRecently we have been hearing rumors that Canon could be getting ready to announce the successor to the Canon EOS 7D camera. This is thanks to a recent listing on Amazon that marked the EOS 7D as discontinued, suggesting that successor could be on its way. While it remains to be seen whether or not Canon makes their announcement, Canon India has posted a teaser on their Facebook page.

As you can see in the image above, the teaser image reads, “Get your camera ready, something BIG is coming”. It is unclear as to what Canon could be implying by this, but given that they’re asking photographers to get their cameras ready, it seems to suggest that Canon could be gearing up for the launch of new lenses. Read full post →Canon India Posts Teaser On Facebook