night-vision-human-eyesOkay, so this might just come up as little freaky, but, a group of autonomous researchers announced this week that they have attained success in inducing night vision in a human test subject through injecting a liquid solution straightaway in the eyeball… Read full post →Fancy Becoming a Superhuman? Get Night Vision Injected In Your Eyeballs

Samsung-AMD-mergerAccording to a recent rumor coming from a Korean business media, word on the street has it that Samsung could be thinking about acquiring AMD which is a little odd when you think about it. Granted, both companies are in the computer business and both companies make their own chips, but they are also very different.

Samsung’s computers generally rely on Intel’s chips and AMD has little to no presence in the smartphone and tablet market. However, there are some possibilities to the rumored acquisition and that is Samsung could be interested in AMD’s vast patent portfolio when it come to the designing and building of chips, and let’s not forget the Samsung’s own decades of experience in the field as well. Read full post →Samsung Rumored To Be Considering AMD Acquisition


The much awaited PlayStation 4 system update 2.50 has finally been released. We had been hearing about it for a few weeks now. Yesterday the confirmation came in from Sony. It detailed all of the features that this update brings to the console. PlayStation 4 owners can now fire up their consoles and download the latest firmware.

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verizon sign

Earlier today Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge will be released in the United States on April 10th. That’s the day when the new devices are released in 20 countries around the world. In the coming weeks and months Samsung will release the devices in more countries. Major carriers in the U.S. have already confirmed when they’ll start taking pre-orders for both devices. Verizon customers should take note: Big Red’s pre-orders open on a different date.

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iphone-thievesJust how low can humanity sink to just to obtain something that does not belong to them? While there are many smartphone thefts that occur each day, not all of them end this badly for the handset’s victim. Over in the UK, just a wee bit outside of Newcastle lies South Shields. That was the place where a 22-year old man was robbed of his iPhone 4, with two other men being the culprits, as the 22-year old man lay unconscious in the street, as he died of hypothermia later on in the night.

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We have some good news today for Formula 1 fans. Codemasters has confirmed when the next title in its F1 series is going to arrive. This will be the first time that an F1 title is available on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Codemasters today confirmed the F1 2015 release date and revealed that the title will be available for PC gamers as well.

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drones-masterIt was last year when we heard about Facebook working on Internet-connected drones, and it looks as though those rumors were spot on as the second day of the social network’s F8 conference saw an announcement that concerns the very first hardware that the company intends to make use of to make Internet connectivity available to just about every single person in the world. This would be done through a drone that has been given the codename Aquila, where the Aquila drone sports a wingspan that is comparable to that of a Boeing 767, and yet it will rely on lightweight materials that enable it to be lighter than a car.

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nose-vrIf you have had the chance to give one of the more modern virtual reality headsets that are in the market, I am quite sure that you would have walked away from the experience rather impressed, taking into consideration how far the technology has come since the early days of the Virtual Boy. However, this does not mean that everyone will be able to enjoy VR headsets, since there is still a bunch of people who find themselves getting sick from the experience. Apparently, there is a cheap – nay, close to free, method of keeping VR sickness at bay, and that would be to insert a digital nose in front of the player.

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sony-robotechA Robotech movie certainly sounds like a real dream, especially with the new kinds of animation techniques and CGI effects that has matured along the years. In fact, it is said that a Robotech movie has been In various stages of development for a while already, and with word that Sony Pictures having announced their procurement of the big screen rights, there is “the intention of moving quickly toward production of a future global franchise”.

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Just when you thought that there was nothing fresh on YouTube to check out any more, both Intel and Kolor have come together to roll out the what could very well be the 1st interactive 360-degree music video clip on YouTube. This particular music video clip is made possible after taking advantage of the brand new 360-degree video support available on the platform.

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