iphoneteardownWhile a recent teardown of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus points to 1,810mAh and 2,915mAh batteries stashed underneath the hood, respectively, here we are with another teardown that points to a rough guesstimate of how much Apple would have had to fork out to build each new handset. So far, the $200 mark had not been breached in the past where estimations were concerned, with different iPhones speculated to cost anywhere from $188 to $199 thereabouts. However, it seems that the iPhone 6 Plus has managed to surpass the $200 mark, while the iPhone 6 remains right on target.

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pixma ip110Canon recently introduced a slew of new PowerShot cameras, but they are also knee deep in a different segment of the imaging business – one that involves printers, of course. Here is an interesting device from them that is known as the Canon PIXMA iP110 Wireless Mobile Printer, and we do wonder whether this particular printer will also be able to be hacked to run a game of Doom on it.

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gmv 2014 medium box 300x250

ios 8 releaseiOS 8 might have been introduced to the masses not too long ago, and would mean that one can start to look forward to the maiden bug fix update from Apple for iOS 8. Needless to say, as tradition would dictate, the initial update will target the less important bugs, so to speak, compared to actually getting the larger known issues settled. So far, there has been reported issues concerning Wi-Fi and battery life with iOS 8, and someone has even come up with a workaround for you to downgrade iOS 8 on your device to iOS 7.1.2.

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stack lightbulbWhen it comes to smart light bulbs, the market is starting to mature. We have heard about how LG launched its smart bulb earlier this March which will work with both iOS and Android platforms, in addition to General Electric’s Link smart light bulb that is relatively affordable at $15 a pop. Having said that, here is yet another player that might change things in the future – the Alba bulb from Stack.

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BlackBerry first rolled out the BlackBerry P’9983 Porsche Design last week, where the handset will continue from where its other two predecessors, the Porsche Design P’9981 and P’9982 left off, delivering a premium build as well as a premium price. What makes the BlackBerry P’9983 Porsche Design tick underneath the hood would be the BlackBerry 10.3 OS build that will feature BlackBerry Assistant, which so happens to be BlackBerry’s very own personal assistant that will have counterparts such as Siri, Cortana and Google Now.

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iphone6 bendSomehow, I cannot help but think back of Alanis Morissette’s hit song, “Hand in my Pocket” when I read about reports of iPhone 6 Plus handsets actually bending a few days after purchased, where there are even photos that confirm this allegation as you can see above. Alanis could release an updated version of the song, where the lyrics could go “I’ve got one hand in my pocket, and a bent iPhone 6 Plus in the other.” It looks as though it is not a good idea at all to place your newly purchased iPhone 6 Plus in your pocket – front, back or otherwise, for too long, lest it starts to warp.

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microsoft wireless display adapter

No matter how large the displays get on our mobile devices we’ll always want to have the ability to mirror content from our devices to the television’s significantly larger screen. Some smart TVs have built in support for Miracast streaming whereas dongles like the Chromecast can be hooked up to others so that content can be mirrored. There are already many Miracast enabled dongles out in the market and today Microsoft added one of its own to the mix.

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Samsung galaxy note 4 00 640x427Apple might be experiencing a phenomenal level of success in terms of its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, having sold record numbers during the launch weekend. However, does this mean that other players like Samsung ought to be quaking in its boots? Not quite, at least in South Korea, as Samsung has shared some of its sales figures of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 over in South Korea. Apparently, the three largest carriers there – LG Uplus, KT, and SK Telecom, all had 10,000 units each for pre-order from September 18th to the 25th.

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Apple’s new iPhones went on sale on September 19th and including the record number of pre-orders the company sold over 10 million units of both smartphones combined over the launch weekend, breaking all records set by previous smartphones. Sprint CEO remarked that this was the biggest iPhone launch that the carrier has ever seen. Now Sprint’s prepaid service provider Boost Mobile has confirmed that it too will be selling the new iPhones.

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oppo n3 coolingIt goes without saying that using normal plastic to manufacture the external chassis of your smartphone is not going to cut the mustard any more these days if you are going to compete on the high end side of things. Most of the flagship devices that we see these days will sport a milled aluminum chassis, or one that has quality metal accents at strategic places. Oppo of China does not want to miss out on this proverbial boat as well, so to speak, and has already announced a new flagship device that will be out next month. Known as the Oppo N3, it seems that there are new rumors that point to top grade materials being used to build the handset.

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