When Samsung announced its intention to acquire Harman International, many speculated about Harman’s audio technology making its way to the company’s mobile devices. That turned out to be true when the company unveiled the Galaxy tab S3 yesterday which features audio “tuned by AKG.” For those who are unaware, AKG is one of the many premium audio brands owned by Harman. The company has now confirmed that it’s going to ship AKG earphones with the Galaxy S8.
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It was first reported several weeks ago that Microsoft has a new iteration of Windows 10 in the pipeline called Windows 10 Cloud. It appears to be a lightweight version of Windows that will compete with Chrome OS but reports suggest that users who want more will be able to pay to upgrade it to a full version of Windows 10. A new leaked Windows 10 Cloud build has confirmed that this edition of Windows will have the ability to run Win32 apps.
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The Samsung Flow productivity app comes pre-installed on the company’s new Galaxy Tab S3 and Windows 10-powered Galaxy Book tablets. The app lets users receive smartphone notifications on their tablets and even reply to them. It also allows for easy sharing of data between paired devices. Samsung has confirmed today that it’s going to bring Samsung Flow to more Android-powered Galaxy devices and Windows 10 PCs.
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According to a report, Microsoft is working on a new feature that will be included in the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update. The feature will enable users to block desktop apps from installing. The report mentions that this feature is included in the latest Windows Insider preview version of Windows 10, it has options to only allow apps from the Windows Store but appears to be configured by default to allow apps from anywhere to install.
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Chinese smartphone company Oppo said last week that it was going to show off its new 5x camera technology at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona. It officially announced its “5x Dual Camera Zoom” technology today. It didn’t unveil a new smartphone with this technology, mind you, but it goes without saying that one will arrive in due time which will showcase just what this new technology can do. Oppo says that this new camera technology has been designed to allow for 5x zoom in thin smartphones, which means it’s going to leave camera bumps in the past.
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Amazon-owned Twitch is already one of the biggest game streaming services on the planet and now it’s going to make its presence felt in other areas of the gaming industry. The company has confirmed that soon it will start selling games and in-game content as well. Stream viewers will be able to buy games made available by both big and independent publishers through the channels of their favorite streamers.
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Facebook confirmed a couple of weeks ago that it was working on a new dedicated video app for TVs and it has been officially announced today that this app has been released for Samsung smart TVs. Samsung confirmed today that the new Facebook video app is available on its smart TVs, including its 2017 QLED TV series. The app will also be available on all of Samsung’s 2015, 2016 and 2017 smart TV models.
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SanDisk iOS flash drive is a very handy tool when you need to transfer document and media from an iOS device to a PC. It has already been available with up to 128GB of storage but the company today announced at the Mobile World Congress 2017 that it’s adding another storage tier to its iOS flash driver which will now be available with an impressive 256GB of storage.
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Comcast has signed a deal with Google which is going to bring an official YouTube app to the former’s X1 set-top box. This deal is going to provide Comcast users with full access to the world’s largest online video service. Content from YouTube will be integrated alongside other on-demand content on the Comcast X1 set-top box for an improved user experience. That’s not all, the app is going to have a couple of other features which will make it very easily to use it on the set-top box.
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T-Mobile’s latest promotion kicks off on Wednesday which marks the start of the new month. Starting March 1st, the carrier’s new promotion will go live, it’s going to give existing subscribers with at least two lines of voice service another line of service for free after bill credits. This can be an extra voice line or subscribers can add a tablet, smartwatch, or SyncUp Drive if they feel like it.
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