apple logoLike I mentioned earlier on, India will come under scrutiny today, as folks living the world’s largest democracy will eventually be able to check out just what the Apple Store experience is like after all this while. What took them so long, right? Anyway, the adage of better late than never holds true here, where consumers there will soon be able to enjoy the Apple Store experience as local electronics chain Croma works on rolling out store-within-a-store outlets at half a dozen locations which will dot the landscape of Mumbai and Bangalore.

Read full post →Apple Works With Croma For Official Retail Presence In India

gionee-f103It is starting to look as though India will come underneath the spotlight rather often in the upcoming few articles. After all, there has been some precedent set earlier on already as with OnePlus kicking off the manufacturing of smartphones over in India. Gionee themselves have just rolled out their very first ‘made in India’ smartphone, where it will be known as the Gionee F103. This particular handset will retail for approximately $155 after conversion, where you will be able to pick it up in Pearl White, Dawn White, and Black color options.

overwatchWhile Blizzard has released many titles over the years, all of them were based on existing franchises, even if they deviated from them quite a bit. This includes Hearthstone which is based on the Warcraft franchise, and Heroes of the Storm which is basically an amalgamation of all of Blizzard’s games to date.

This is why Overwatch is a game that many are curious about as it will be the first new franchise for Blizzard in a very long time. Now we have seen various gameplay videos and trailers in the past, but if you’d like to see how the game actually handles, you might be interested to learn that Blizzard will be livestreaming the game on Twitch this coming Thursday. Read full post →Blizzard Will Livestream Overwatch On Twitch This Thursday

tri force heroesWith internet speeds being a lot faster than they used to be, many gamers have turned to online games. Developers have also chosen to make games that require an always-on connection. However if you miss the days of going over to a friend’s house or having a party where there’s 3-4 of you playing at once, The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes might be worth checking out.

In an interview with 4Gamer (via Siliconera), the game’s director Hiromasa Shikata and the series producer Eiji Aonuma revealed that they plan to reward gamers who play the game together locally. This means that if you get your friends over to play the game instead of going online, there will be some exclusive perks you can unlock. Read full post →Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Will Reward Gamers Who Play Locally

snapchat-150m-photosWhile Snapchat started out as an app used to send timed photos to friends and family members, its userbase grew and to take advantage of that, the company launched a feature called Snap Channel. For those unfamiliar, basically Snap Channel is where the company would release original content as well as curated ones for its users.

Unfortunately it seems that the feature will now be shut down. Prior to this, the company had removed Snap Channel from its Discover tab earlier this month. They then stated that they were going to make some changes to it before reinstating it, but it looks like they decided to outright shut it down instead. Read full post →Snapchat’s Snap Channel Will Be Shutting Down

lumia-950xlWith iOS updates, Apple basically decides when they want to release it, and when they do everyone can update it right there and then. This is versus Android where first we have to wait for Google to release the update, then wait for OEMs to get the update and tweak it for their phones, and then wait for carriers to approve it before releasing it.

Safe to say that the multiple steps in the process can lead to delays when receiving updates. Now if you are eyeing a Windows 10 mobile like the recently announced Lumia 950 or Lumia 950 XL, you might be pleased to learn that Microsoft will be following in Apple’s footsteps and deciding when to release updates for their handsets. Read full post →Microsoft Will Decide When To Push Out Mobile Updates, Not Carriers

dropbox adobeIf you’re the type that views a lot of PDFs and you need to edit them for work, or maybe sign them digitally, you might be pleased to learn that Dropbox and Adobe have teamed up, with the former’s service now playing nicely with Adobe Acrobat DC and Acrobat Reader. By connecting your accounts to these apps, what happens is that you get to edit your cloud PDF files on the go.

In a statement released by Dropbox, “We want you to be able to collaborate with PDF files on Dropbox in as few steps, clicks, or swipes as possible. Ultimately, we want you to be able to work with any kind of file easily, from viewing to editing to sharing. Our collaboration with Adobe, the inventor of the PDF, is the next step in this process.” Read full post →Dropbox & Adobe Team Up, Make Editing PDFs In The Cloud Easier

letter sealingIn the recent years we have started to see more developers of messaging apps introduce more security features, like WhatsApp who has started to encrypt user data by default. While encryption is no doubt a welcome feature, there are some who aren’t too pleased about it, but it looks like nothing is going to stop the encryption train.

Popular messaging app LINE has recently pushed out an update to their mobile app. This update will introduce a new feature called Letter Sealing, which is basically end-to-end encryption. What this means is that your data and messages sent and received will be protected from delivery to receiving, so even if someone were to intercept the data mid-way, they won’t be able to read it. Read full post →LINE Messaging App Adds End-To-End Encryption

chronotriggerThere are plenty of great video games made by companies like Square Enix that only ever see a release in Japan. Usually when a localized version for the Western markets are released, it can be as late as several years, meaning by then gamers would have moved on to better and newer games.

However it seems that Square Enix could now be considering turning to crowdfunding to help bring localized games faster to the Western market. In the latest issue of Game Informer, there was an interview with Square Enix Europe CEO Phil Rogers who mentioned that they were toying with the idea of crowdfunding. Read full post →Square Enix Considering Crowdfunding To Localize Games For The West

star wars battlefront_2If you’re a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise, you’re probably excited to get your hands on Star Wars Battlefront, which based on feedback of the beta so far seems to be pretty well-received. Given that most games these days come with DLCs that are released later, perhaps you might be interested to learn that EA has announced the Ultimate Edition of the game.

So what is in the Ultimate Edition bundle? Basically it will contain the main game (obviously), along with the contents of the Deluxe Edition which includes in-game items like a DL-44 Blaster, Ion Grenade (instant access), Ion Torpedo (instant access), Ion Shock (exclusive emote), and Victory (exclusive emote). Read full post →Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition Bundle Announced