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It would be safe to say that Pebble is still the most popular smartwatch out there despite the fact that there are now better alternatives available that have colored and even round displays. Even though Pebble’s black and white display might seem outdated right now it arguably still has the most amount of apps available and is still a wearable device worth considering. To entire potential buyers Pebble today decided to cut prices of both its smartwatches.

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Back in July we reported that the Spotify launch in Canada was imminent. It had put up a registration page for interested subscribers allowing some to try the service before it was formally opened up to everyone. Trials have been running since then but the day many Canadians have been waiting for is finally here. Today Spotify has finally been launched in Canada.

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tetris movieA movie about Tron is definitely cool – way too cool, and thankfully, the remake that was released a few years ago had the advantage of brilliant CGI getting the job done, although the actors, too, had to have their fair share of acting. However, just how the heck can one actually come up with a movie adapted from the classic ‘80s puzzle video game “Tetris” is set to hit the silver screen some time down the road.

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Microsoft has made no secret of its ambition to bring more OEMs in the Windows Phone fold. It has signed up several low cost OEMs based in emerging markets to push Windows Phone devices in the low end segment of the market. Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi doesn’t sell its devices in many countries but its known globally as a company that sells hundreds of thousands of units in seconds whenever a new device is put up for sale. If local reports are true then perhaps Microsoft might be considering a Xiaomi-made WP device.

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matchstickIf you thought that forking out $35 for the Google Chromecast is far too much of a burden on your pocket, or you are thinking that the entire ecosystem is not open enough for you, perhaps the choice of picking up Matchstick’s very own TV stick might prove appealing. After all, this particular TV stick will retail for $25 a pop as it hits the market in February next year.

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intel basis peakEarlier this year, we managed to catch a glimpse of the Basis B1 wearable device that featured advanced sleep analysis – and it might seem to be a pretty difficult act to follow up. However, that is not quite the case, as here we are with the Basis Peak health watch that is a whole lot more aesthetically pleasing compared to its predecessor, it is also set to arrive later this November, carrying an asking price of $199 a pop.

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windows10Forget everything that you have heard about Windows 9 – that is not going to be the next version of Microsoft’s Windows operating system, as it looks as though Microsoft has decided to skip a number and go straight for Windows 10. Could they be looking at working with even numbers only? Who knows? One thing is for sure though, there will be no Windows 9 or “Threshold”.

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ostrich pillow miniThe Ostrich Pillow started life off as an idea, and thanks to the crowdfunding platform that is known as Kickstarter, it became reality – and a hit, to say the least. Having said that, every hit deserves a sequel as long as there is more money to milk from the masses, which is why the Ostrich Pillow Mini has surfaced – also appealing to the masses over at Kickstarter in order to raise the necessary amount of funds to turn it from a dream into reality.

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galaxy note 4 issues

Samsung was pretty quick to jump on the #bendgate bandwagon, an issue that caused certain iPhone 6 Plus units to bend when they were carried around in a particularly tight pocket. Earlier this week a potential design flaw with its latest flagship, the Galaxy Note 4, was reported as well. Early adopters found that there was a gap between the display and the frame in which one could easy fit a business card. Samsung has now spoken out regarding this potential flaw.

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galaxy grand primeWe did hear about a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime that was leaked some time in the middle of this month, and it seems that whatever rumors that surrounded this particular smartphone will be put to bed as the handset has officially rolled out over in India, carrying the model number SM-G530H alongside it. This is a new and affordable Android-powered device which was first seen in Vietnam not too long ago.

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