musk coast to coast teslaThe idea of a self-driving car is an interesting one. After all who wouldn’t like to be driven around, right? This comes in handy when the commute is long or when you know that there will be a traffic jam and you just don’t want to deal with it. Now we have seen companies like Google make great strides with self-driving cars, and overseas we have companies like Volvo who are starting to test their cars on the road.

With all this progress being made, when can we expect these self-driving cars to actually be made available to regular folks like you and me? In a year or two? Three? Well according to Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, it seems that we might have to wait 5 or 6 years before the technology is available, and also for laws and regulations to catch up to the new technology as well. Read full post →Elon Musk: Fully Self-Driving Cars Are 5-6 Years Away From Happening

microsoft mobile 640x259According to earlier reports, it was suggested that Microsoft could be thinking about dropping both the Nokia and Windows Phone brand from their smartphones. Given that Nokia Finland still owns the name, we guess this was to be expected, but to drop the Windows Phone branding? Well thanks to a redesigned Mobile Devices website, it certainly looks that way.

Some have speculated that the redesigned Mobile Devices website is an indication that Microsoft could really be looking at moving away from the Nokia branding in the future. No word on whether Microsoft will ditch the Windows Phone brand, although earlier leaked images did reveal a handset with just a “Windows” brand instead of “Windows Phone”. Read full post →Redesigned Microsoft Mobile Website Hints At Rebranding

gmv 2014 medium box 300x250

ip6 teardown 640x480When Apple unveiled the new iPhones last week, battery life of the devices were mentioned in days and hours, but specific battery sizes were a mystery. Well the good news for those who are wondering what the battery sizes are, you might be interested to learn that thanks to a teardown by the folks at iFixit and Macotakara, the battery sizes of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been revealed.

According to Macotakara who did the teardown for the iPhone 6, they found that the 4.7-inch iPhone has a 1,810mAh battery which corroborates an earlier rumor. This isn’t a huge leap over the iPhone 5s’ battery which is at 1,560mAh, but we guess it’s still a welcome upgrade nonetheless. They also found that the battery is fastened to the chassis via adhesive tabs, versus previous iPhones where the batteries were glued in. Read full post →iPhone 6 And 6 Plus Teardowns Reveal 1,810mAh And 2,915mAh Batteries

ff15 trailerIt looks like the folks over at Square Enix are not sparing any expense at all when it comes to making sure that this year’s showing at the Tokyo Game Show is going to appeal to just about anyone and everyone. After all, it has just been announced that Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, a title that will arrive on the Xbox One in North America later next March 17, 2015, will come with a $59.95 price tag. However, what makes this particular title all the more alluring is the additional “carrot” that Square Enix has thrown into the mix – each purchase of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will be accompanied by a voucher code that will feature a playable demo of the upcoming and highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV.

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mapssssHave you watched Minority Report? You know, an utopian society where crime is more or less non-existent – simply because “criminals” are caught before a crime is even committed, based on a system that claims to be able to figure out the thoughts and intent of a particular person. Hence, making the maxim “prevention is better than cure” lived out to the fullest. A team at the University of Trento, Italy, claimed that they might be on to something similar, being able to work out whether an area will feature a low or high crime rate – although the accuracy level remains at 70%.

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sony smarteyeglassIt looks like Sony themselves are about to make the jump to the world of smartglasses, too, with their latest effort being the transparent lens eyewear that they call the “SmartEyeglass”. Well, at least its software development kit (SDK) is now available, and the SmartEyeglass is meant to hook up to compatible smartphones (compatible here meaning smartphones which run on the Android operating system version 4.1 or later), allowing it to superimpose various information including the likes of text, symbols, and images, onto the user’s field of view.

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radinnWakeboarding might look like it is a bundle of fun, but do bear in mind that there is a minimum of one limiting factor which you might want to take into consideration – someone out there is required to pilot the boat if you hit the water. Swedish entrepreneurs Alexander Lind and Philip Werner hope to eliminate that side of the sport, and their collective thought processes have resulted in the Radinn electric wakeboard.

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lg billboard adSouth Korean consumer electronics giant LG knows that advertising does play a very important role when it comes to “persuading” the masses that their product (or products) are better than what the competition offers, highlighting device strengths while minimizing the weaknesses. Sometimes, just like how TVs and smartphone screens are moving as an industry these days, the “bigger is better” mantra is applied. This particular line of thought has also led LG to erect a humongous billboard advertisement that promotes the LG G3 flagship device over in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Along the way, LG has picked up the gong for this particular billboard being the “largest outdoor advertising structure” – having being certified by the Guinness World Records, too.

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notion ink cainAll parents have great hopes for their children, wondering just where all of that potential is going to go to. However, there are times when potential is “wasted” or gone unfulfilled, leaving the set of parents disappointed. I suppose Notion Ink here would play the role of the parent, what with their previous tablet attempts in the form of the Notion Ink Adam as well as the Notion Ink Adam II, where both of them happened to not take off in a big way at all. If at first you don’t succeed, try again, and this is why Notion Ink has come back with a new tablet – the Notion Ink Cain.

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nvidia gtx 980After leaking for a number of weeks, the NVIDIA new desktop GPUs have made it to the official list: the Geforce GTX 970 and GeForce GTX 980 cards are out and priced respectively at $329 and $549 (MSRP). Both are what’s commonly called “performance kickers”, which means that NVIDIA has worked on key metrics that would make them better products, namely higher performance per dollar, and higher performance per watt, two indispensable data points for anyone who wants something other than “absolute bragging rights (at any price)”. The GeForce GTX 980 is about twice as fast as the GTX 680.

But beyond the pure raw performance expressed as a combination of core throughput and memory bandwidth, NVIDIA is promoting four rendering “features” that it has worked on. None of them are key hardware features, but rather very well polished software features that have a true impact on gaming. Let’s go over the lis Read full post →NVIDIA Geforce GTX 980 + GTX 970: Beyond The Hardware Specs