dfree-1[CEATEC 2015] Growing old is a fact of life, and when we get closer to the age where we are about to bid this life goodbye, many things about our bodies – once so healthy and vibrant, start to break down. Well, it seems that pooping in one’s pants by accident is not the domain of those who are yet to be potty trained, but also folks who have lost control of their bowel movements, or are simply faced with a sudden attack of diarrhea. That would be a rather embarrassing moment, and it is something DFree hopes to prevent in the future. How does DFree work?

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dentsu-sciencejam[CEATEC 2015] If you have not heard of Dentsu Sciencejam before, perhaps knowing that they are the company behind these mind controlled wearable cat ears known as the Necomimi will ring a bell. Well, the company is certainly knee deep in technology that taps into one’s neural activity in order to bring something different to the table. As we all very well know, taking care of the infirm and elderly can be quite a daunting task, especially when you do not have the necessary know-how, so why not let technology help?

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wena-1[CEATEC 2015] Did you know that Sony has their very own crowdfunding platform over in Japan? It is aptly known as First Flight, which is a pretty decent title that works, in reality. Well at the end of August, we brought you word that Sony’s pseudo-smartwatch will be known as the Wena Wrist, and Wena by itself stands for “wear electronics naturally”. On the outer surface, it looks as though Wena is pretty much a traditional timepiece that you slap on your wrist and go ahead to meet the day’s tasks and challenges ahead, but underneath the hood, a very different story is told.

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unlimited-hand-1[CEATEC 2015] We are all about increasing the amount of realism in every virtual field that we come across these days. For instance, the world of audio has progressed from simple stereo all the way to surround sound and other standards, while an increasing number of pixels are being crammed into each display that is implemented in devices these days. When it comes to the world of video gaming, you can be sure that technology continues to improve the realism experience, and UnlimitedHand has stepped in to help move this initiative along.

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robohon-1[CEATEC 2015] Japan certainly has its fair share of quirks and craziness, just like any other country with its own identity. Well, we tend to associate giant robots with Japan, as well as all sorts of modern day inventions, and here is a convergence device that certainly has its fair share of zaniness. The RoboHon from Sharp is different from the rest simply because this particular prototype robot will also be able to function as a smartphone, now how about that? Or should we call it a smartphone that has robotic functions? You be the judge, but perhaps this might be the beginning of the world of Transformers.

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panasonic-dmr-ubz1-2[CEATEC 2015] It looks like the next big jump in terms of visual quality would be UltraHD, and you can be sure that industry players are starting to ensure that they are well placed to meet whatever kinds of future potential demand. In fact, Japan will soon reveal a Blu-ray Disc player that will play nice with 4K UltraHD discs, and it will boast of the distinction of being the first such player of its kind in the world.

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robox-3d-printer-1[CEATEC 2015] 3D printers have been starting to catch on pretty well in recent times, as it gets more and more affordable and folks end up with more unique designs and creations. Having said that, here is one particular desktop 3D printer that might just interest you – where it is known as the Robox desktop 3D printer. What kind of advantage does Robox bring to the table – literally speaking?

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honda-fcv[CEATEC 2015] I know that Honda has showed off their Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) concept earlier this year at the Detroit Auto Show, but this does not mean that it does not deserve another shot under the limelight. This ride that clearly boasts of lines from the future, and it looks set to be the last of all the concept cars under the FCV badge until the production model hits the market. It is quite likely that the production model of the Honda FCV will arrive within a year’s time, before it is ready for prime time action in 2016.

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honda-power-exporter-9000-1[CEATEC 2015] Honda, a name that is well known where motoring is concerned, does not only churn out some spiffy looking, functional and reliable cars, but this time around they have shown off their Power Exporter 9000 – an external power feeding device which will allow AC power output from a fuel-cell vehicle (FCV) like the Honda FCV with maximum output of 9 kW.

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mac-pro-appleThe last time we heard about the Mac Pro it was back in 2013 when it was first launched to the masses. However after that we did not hear about any upgrades or hardware refreshes to the computer, but given that the Mac Pro is quite the workhorse, we suppose its hardware is more than capable of lasting more than a year.

However is a 2 year gap kind of pushing it? Perhaps, which is why  E. Werner Reschke at TGaap has speculated that later this month, Apple could host another event and this time instead of focusing on mobile, the event could talk about new hardware in terms of their Mac lineup, with speculation that a Mac Pro with updated specs could be announced. Read full post →Updated Mac Pro Speculated For Later This Month