Lumia 1320 635The other day thanks to an FCC sighting, some potential specs of the upcoming Lumia 1320’s successor was revealed, but what about the rest of the phone? Well if you’re curious as to what Microsoft could be bringing to the table, the folks at Nokia Power User have managed to get their hands on the specs of the upcoming device.

So far we already know about the camera upgrade which is a bump from a 5MP rear-facing camera to a 14MP rear-facing camera. The front camera has also undergone a massive upgrade from a 1.2MP sensor to that of a 5MP sensor, effectively putting it on par with a lot of other high-end smartphones out there. Read full post →Possible Lumia 1320 Successor’s Specs Revealed [Rumor]

google car 640x425You might recall that earlier this year, Google took the wraps off their self-driving car prototype which looked more like a buggy and looked like it was in its really early stages of planning. Well it seems that Google is done and have recently announced that they have completed their first fully functional prototype of their self-driving car.

As you can see in the image above, it does not look like Google has done much in terms of its design. However some obviously changes would be its sensor on the roof which appears to have been better integrated into the vehicle, where previously it looked like it was just strapped to the roof. Read full post →Google Completes Fully Functional Self-Driving Car Prototype

sony northkorea hack 640x359When it was “confirmed” by the FBI that North Korea was behind the hack of Sony Pictures, the US government had promised that they would launch an appropriate response. It was unclear what they meant but it looks like the taking out of North Korea’s internet could be one way of going about it.

According to reports, it seems that North Korea’s internet is down and under attack. While it is unclear as to who might be responsible for the attack, some have speculated the US government due to their promise of a response, but this is just speculation for now. Apparently the attacks started last Friday, worsened over the weekend, before it was finally taken offline. Read full post →North Korea’s Internet Knocked Offline In Speculated Attack

halo3 freeIt seems that in this day and age, visuals that come in High Definition quality are certainly in demand, or more or less expected. Having said that, we have caught whiff that development on a 1080p/ 60 fps remake of Halo 3: ODST has already kicked off over at Microsoft. Once completed, this particular game will be part of the Halo: The Master Chief Collection, when the latter is released.

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metal gear solid ground zeroes phantom painIt goes without saying that a title such as Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain will have a strong following – so much so that one can more or less expect it to be a surefire hit – even before it arrives in the market. In fact, this highly anticipated gaming title has its purported release date leaked online, although this rumor remains to be substantiated by solid proof.

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apple pay 002 640x360Now that electronic payment modes are getting more and more popular, it goes without saying that companies who do not want to miss out on the boat might want to align their business operations to include cashless transactions all the more. Interestingly enough, Disney wants in on the action as well, having announced that guests visiting Disney World in Kissimmee, Florida, will be able to make payments via Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

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xperia z3 punishAh, smartphones. These happen to be everyday devices that the modern day road warrior is unable to live without. The thing is, being able to do so much would also mean one thing – smartphones can be rather fragile, and they certainly are not cut out for the rough and tumble lifestyle, unless we are talking about one of those highly specialized handsets that arrive once in a while from various companies. Having said that, the Sony Xperia Z3, which is the most recent flagship smartphone from Sony, is quite a toughie – being waterproof and all, and just to get a better idea on how tough it is, why not check out our source right after the jump?

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problemsolverAre there moments in your life when you are looking for that “Eureka!” event to strike? You know, when you have been pounding your head for a solution to a particular issue, whether it is at work or a domestic issue, but have always ended up hitting the brick wall instead. Well, some of us might turn to some sort of food or drink to help “unclog” whatever seems to be stuck in our train of thought, but what about downing some alcohol to help chug the grey matter up there?

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I am quite sure that many of us would have heard of the company Meizu by now, where it hails from China, and they happen to have rolled out some pretty decent handsets in the past. However, it does look as though they will be rolling out a new brand this coming December 23rd – which is just one day away, and there will be an event that will be held in Beijing that will show off all of the relevant details. So far, there has been some leaks that dropped early hints, while you can check out the video teaser above which ought to whet your appetite.

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oppo r8205It does look as though the probability is extremely high for China-based smartphone manufacturer Oppo to roll out a couple of new handsets that will make up part of its R smartphone range – after appearing on the TENAA website. Having said that, such an appearance is more often than not a shadow of things to come – which tends to be followed up by an official announcement not too long afterward. Both handsets have been called the R8200 and R8205 at time of publishing, where they are not only close in terms of naming convention, but also happen to be near identical in hardware specifications, apart from the R8205 offering support for CDMA networks – everything else are similar.

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