AT&T has just rolled out a rather hefty update for the Galaxy S5 but there’s no need to be excited, it’s not the one that people have been waiting for, it’s not Android 5.1 Lollipop. The update doesn’t even bump up the core Android OS version on the device as it merely brings performance, security and stability related fixes which just might help improve the performance of the Galaxy S5. No major new features or changes are included in said update.

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sony ps4

Every month Sony provides PlayStation Plus members with several new titles as a value added service to their subscription, and it’s the same story in July 2015. The company has finally revealed the PlayStation Plus free games for July 2015, there are six titles on offer with four titles just for the PlayStation 4 alone. This time around it’s more of an indie title affair for PS Plus subscribers, don’t expect any major games to be a part of July’s offering.

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batman arkham knight

Soon after Batman: Arkham Knight was released last week players on the PlayStation 4 have been unable to access campaign leaderboards due to a bug, it took a while for Rocksteady to acknowledge that this bug existed and that it was working on a fix but now the studio has finally released a patch which fixes the campaign leaderboard bug on the PS4.

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A purported Foxconn document has been leaked online today, the document includes manufacturing schematic which reiterates recent reports about the iPhone 6s having a 12 megapixel rear camera as well as 2GB of RAM. It’s quite soon for Apple to be talking about its next-generation iPhone so there’s no confirmation yet from the company regarding this and it’s very unlikely that it will say something before the time is due to show off the next iPhone.

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The market appears to be infatuated with HDMI dongles that house entire computers inside and that’s one of the biggest reasons why we’re seeing devices like the Intel Compute Stick. This dongle features a full fledged computer coupled with reasonable hardware specs that make it good for casual use. Initially it was only sold with Windows but starting next week a version of the Intel Compute Stick with Ubuntu preinstalled will go on sale.

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Android devices that are over two years old usually get dropped from the supported devices list so it was no surprise to see Google reveal earlier this year that Android M will not be available for Nexus 4, Nexus 10 and the Nexus 7 (2012). This means that folks who have these devices should either upgrade to a new one or keep their fingers crossed for Google to change its mind, and it seems possible that the company might very well change its mind.

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apple watch

Their fierce rivalry in the global mobile device market has not stopped both companies from working together, Apple and Samsung have had a robust relationship as far as component sourcing goes with the former often relying upon the latter’s components. According to a new report from Korea, Apple is contemplating having OLED displays for the Apple Watch manufactured by Samsung.

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It is quite common practice to upload all your important data on Email services in order to use them when required. This is quite handy, you can easily access the information and you will not have to worry about protecting a physical storage device. However, it seems we are forgetting that mistakes and accidents happen all the time, even if it is a Cloud service.

If you are depending on email services such as Gmail for all your important emails and data, then it is time to reconsider. You never know when your account may get terminated, glitched or hacked!

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There is a solution available for you if you feel the need to run Android apps and games on your Mac. BlueStacks first launched its Android emulator for Mac in alpha back in 2012 but today it’s finally bringing a final version of the emulator. The final verison of BlueStacks for Mac is available today and it lets you run Android apps and games on your Mac, without even requiring you to own an Android device.

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