Microsoft released a new Fast ring Windows 10 build for members of its Insiders program today. They’re the people that get to test upcoming Windows 10 updates before they’re rolled out to the general public. The company has also confirmed today that members of the Insider program can now test Windows 10 S builds before they’re released. Head of the Windows Insider program Dona Sarkar confirmed that Insiders are now able to install Windows 10 S and opt-in for testing new beta builds as they’re released.
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Monument Valley is a great puzzler game that has achieved global fame. The sequel to the game, aptly titled Monument Valley 2, was announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2017 in June. It has been available on iOS since then. The wait will soon be over for Android users as they can now pre-register for Monument Valley 2 on the Google Play Store.
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While Vertu many not be around anymore to sell you smartphones worth thousands of dollars, there are still plenty of companies out there who offer such devices. Take Lamborghini Mobile’s latest device for instance. A division of the iconic Italian supercar manufacturer, Lamborghini Mobile has launched its new Alpha-One Android smartphone which costs $2,450.
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As September draws near with each passing day, we continue to hear more rumors about the possible launch date of the iPhone 8. A report today claimed that the iPhone 8 is going to be launched on September 12th. When it does arrive, how much will it cost? Word on the street is that the iPhone 8 price is going to start at $999.
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The Apple TV might be a robust set-top box but it’s finding it difficult to compete against similar products from Amazon and Roku. According to a new report, the Apple TV is bleeding market share to these rivals as the proportion of U.S. households owning and using an Apple TV is shrinking compared to those owning and using an Amazon or Roku device.
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Hulu’s Live TV streaming service has so far been available on mobile devices and set-top boxes. It wasn’t possible to just fire up your web browser on a PC or Mac and stream live TV on Hulu. That’s possible starting today as Hulu’s Live TV service now has support for web browsers on PC and Mac.
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It was reported recently that Facebook might enable subscriptions in Instant Articles and the world’s largest social network has confirmed that today. Facebook users will soon be able to subscribe to publications after they’re read their stories in the Instant Articles section. Facebook will start testing Instant Articles subscriptions later this year in the fall.
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Image Credit: Reuters / Kim Kyung-Hoon

There’s a growing concern that robots will eventually replace humans. Many industrial jobs have already been lost due to the advancement of robotic technology and it seems that robots might end up replacing humans for administering funeral rites as well. A Japanese company has programed SoftBank’s Pepper humanoid robot to perform Buddhist funeral rites.
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Apple is yet to confirm when it’s going to unveil the iPhone 8. The company has traditionally unveiled new iPhones at an event in September so it’s expected to stick with the usual timeframe. According to a new report out of France, the new iPhone could be launched on September 12th.
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Snapchat is reportedly going to improve its video offering by launching its own scripted original content. According to a new report, Snapchat has already worked with many creators to develop shows for its platform. Partnerships have included tie-ins for broadcast behemoths like The Voice and The Bachelor. So it would make sense for the company to branch into this space on its own.
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