iphone 6While smartphone OEMs are churning out phones with larger displays each year, it seems that the US market is one that has somewhat resisted the urge to get on board. However all of this seems to be changing, according to the recent numbers shared by Kantar Worldpanel in which it was revealed that phablet sales accounted for 21% of all US smartphone sales in Q1 2015.

Now 21%, depending on how you look at it, can be thought of as a small percentage of the market, but when you consider that last year that number was at 6%, this is a pretty huge increase and is a little over three times than the previous year! So who can the US smartphone market thank for this increase? As it turns out, Apple. Read full post →Phablet Sales In The US Sees Huge Increase From Previous Year

12809-7080-applestore-ioswatchcheckout-lIf you’re thinking of picking up an Apple Watch, at the moment your only option is to purchase it online, however according to Apple’s online store, it turns out that picking up your brand new wearable in Apple’s retail stores will soon be an option. As you can see in the image above, there is an option for picking up the device in store.

However at the moment it is unavailable to be selected as it says that the option will be made available soon. We can’t be sure of when exactly in-store pickup will be made available, but the fact that it is now listed does hint that it should be coming soon. In fact a report from last month suggested that online purchases are expected to carry on through May. Read full post →In-Store Apple Watch Pickup Coming Soon

lg-g4-industrial-design-33The LG G4 is the company’s latest flagship handset and while it does not use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, it still uses a Snapdragon chipset which means that it should support Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 technology. For those unfamiliar, basically Quick Charge 2.0 allows users to charge their phone in minutes.

However oddly enough it seems that the feature is not present in the device, meaning that if you were thinking of grabbing a Quick Charge 2.0 compatible charger, think again as it probably would not make a difference. We’re not sure why LG decided not to enable Quick Charge 2.0, perhaps there are additional fees they’d have to pay to use it. Read full post →Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 Not Enabled On LG G4

SMS (aka “text”) and Email are the most common means of communication. You can easily send a text or email to anyone if you know their required contact details and it doesn’t cost much either. However, there are times when you want to send a message across these two platforms. You can easily send a text to anyone’s email or email as SMS to any phone and there are many reasons for doing it:

  • Sending to an email address without data access
  • Sending SMS to a phone without paying an SMS fee
  • Sending an email to someone who only has SMS (no email)
  • Sending an SMS from the comfort of your computer

Whatever the reason, we are going to show you how you can send Emails to SMS and vice versa. The process is not difficult, but there are a few things to know. Read full post →How To Send Email To SMS (and Vice Versa)

google-logo-2011-10-25The latest Android Lollipop distribution figures are encouraging as they appear to have almost doubled from the previous month. This is a huge increase which seems to suggest that the latest build of Android is being adopted rather quickly, so how will its successor fare? We suppose it really depends on what Google is bringing to the table but the good news is that we won’t have to wait too long to find out.

According to the Google I/O schedule, Google will be hosting a session for “Android for Work” and in the description of the event, Google makes mention of Android M (it has since been edited and removed), which based on the naming scheme in the past, essentially points to it being the next major Android build. We’re not sure if Google will continue using 5.x or if it will be a jump to 6.0. Read full post →Android M Could Be Debuted At Google I/O 2015

moto-360-smartwatch-review-1Last year we were treated to a bevy of Android Wear devices from a bunch of different OEMs. It was an exciting year although for the most part, the wearables shown off appeared to be more or less the same in terms of hardware and features, with the main difference being its design. However this year, Google plans on “blowing our socks off” with new wearables.

According to the Google I/O schedule, Google’s ATAP division will be showing off some of the things that they have been working on which includes wearables that “we hope will blow your socks off.” They also add, “Our goal: break the tension between the ever-shrinking screen sizes necessary to make electronics wearable and our ability to have rich interactions with them. Why can’t you have both?” Read full post →Google I/O Will Have Wearables That Will “Block Your Socks Off”

qualcomm-snapdragon-800Does the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 have overheating problems? That’s what the rumors seem to be saying, but speaking to Forbes, the company’s VP of marketing Tim McDonough basically refutes it, calling it rubbish. “The rumours are rubbish, there was not an overheating problem with the Snapdragon 810 in commercial devices.”

McDonough seems to infer that someone is out to sabotage the company through the spreading of these false rumors. “Our point of view is that those rumours happened with the LG G Flex 2 and Qualcomm 810 being first to market with the premium-tier application processor. Then somebody decided to put out some false rumours about that, which is unfortunate but sometimes that’s how business is done.” Read full post →Qualcomm Speaks Up Over Snapdragon 810 Overheating Reports

google io

Google I/O 2015 is around the corner and we have a slight idea about what all is going to take place at the much awaited conference, that includes range of latest wearables from Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects division. The event also holds the potential announcement of Google’s upcoming version of operating system succeeding Lollipop, dubbed as Android M.
Read full post →Google I/O 2015 To Unveil Voice Access For Android Apps


Don’t keep your fingers crossed to get information regarding new and exciting things planned for PlayStation at GamesCom 2015. Instead Sony’s gaming unit is going to go with a much more intimate press event in Paris, this according to a new report, which claims that PlayStation isn’t going to have a presence at GamesCom 2015.

Read full post →PlayStation Won’t Have A Presence At GamesCom 2015


Initially exclusive to the Xbox, it appears that Titanfall 2 won’t be an exclusive to Microsoft’s console. Not much is known about the upcoming title at this point in time aside from the fact that the developers have never really denied that the next title could be available on multiple platforms. As far as the release timeframe for the new title is concerned, Electronics Arts said in its quarterly financial conference call that the Titanfall 2 release will take place in fiscal year 2017.

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