Project Cars developer Slightly Mad Studios hopes that it will be able to satisfy fans’ appetite by giving them visuals from the game until it’s finally released. Only recently it announced that the Project Cars release had been delayed again. Last week it released a video which shows many of the tracks featured in the title. Today the developer released a video of the first DLC car for Project Cars.

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Under its “uncarrier” umbrella T-Mobile has taken certain steps that have shaken up the wireless industry in the United States. It started off with the Jump! phone upgrade program and now includes services like Data Stash. The carrier has now turned its attention towards carriers’ coverage maps. T-Mobile is doing away with “old-school” coverage maps and is introducing its Next-Gen Network Map which relies on “real-time customer experiences.”

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The world mostly relies on fossil fuels for its energy needs though sincere efforts are underway to end this reliance and shift towards greener alternatives. Solar and wind power generation are just two of the many proposed alternatives to make this happen. The People’s Republic of China has ambitions to lead the way in solar energy as it seeks to build a massive solar power station in space.

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The iPhone 5C was a bit different from Apple’s recent smartphones as metal and glass weren’t the defining features of its design like almost every other model. Many say that this was a failed experiment on Apple’s part which is why we haven’t seen the iPhone 5C’s successor yet. Recently there have been rumors that Apple is developing a smaller iPhone, one that’s now referred to as the iPhone 6C, and it’s believed to have a 4-inch display. Today a purported iPhone 6C rear shell has been outed in a picture.

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For some reason if you would like to pre-order the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge from Amazon instead of your carrier you can now do that. The online retailer today listed Sprint and AT&T models of Samsung’s new flagships. Both carriers have already confirmed the pricing for their units and it will remain the same regardless of where you place the pre-order.

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It has been rumored since last year that Apple is working on a larger iPad. The unannounced tablet is commonly referred to as the iPad Pro and is believed to have a 12.9-inch display. At one point it was claimed that this tablet would be unveiled in early 2015 and clearly that hasn’t happened. Some images have appeared online today claiming to show the purported iPad Pro.

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fb-new-placeThere is no doubt about it, that moving into a new building is always an exciting experience. After all, there is the smell of new paint to look forward to (not everyone would agree with me), in addition to spanking new furniture. The new Facebook building has something special, where approximately 70 feet above from the ground floor, one would be able to take a lovely walk through all nine acres of greenery. This particular walkway would be located right above the marshlands of Menlo Park, California, and the half mile loop should offer enough space for one to think – and who knows, come up with the next big thing for the social network?

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new-gmailGoogle’s Gmail is certainly one of the more popular and free email services around, and for many of us, it would definitely not be out of place to actually be in possession of more than a single email address. If you happen to be a student, you might end up with an account for school, while another would be for a campus group that you are in charge of, with yet another email for your personal blog. Parents are not exempt from having multiple Gmail accounts to take care of, too, but improvements have been made to the Gmail app for Android so that one can manage all mail from all accounts – even when you are on the move. And yes, this will also include @yahoo and @outlook addresses.

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spiritreeDeath and taxes – these seem to be the two guarantees in life,and there is no running away from either, no matter how much money you have left in your bank balance. Well, it is no surprise to hear that there are “green” funerals going around with folks being more aware of the environment as well as having to take care of it, and if you would like to go out with a bang at the same time offer a legacy to the future generations, Spiritree would then step into this niche market.

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xiaomi-basicThere are whispers going around that Xiaomi is working to roll out a new smartphone in the days to come, where certain sources have cited March 31st as the date to look out for, while others have pointed to the possibility of an April 8th release. The asking price for this particular handset would be CNY499, and if one were to make a conversion, it will amount to €75 thereabouts.

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