fitbit surgePrior to smartwatches becoming so popular, Fitbit and Jawbone were some of the more prominent brands around when it came to wearables, although from what we can tell, Fitbit has clearly pulled ahead of the competition since. That being said, Jawbone is probably one of Fitbit’s more close competitors, which is why it wasn’t surprising to learn that Jawbone had sued Fitbit over alleged theft of its trade secrets. Read full post →ITC Judge Rules Fitbit Did Not Steal Jawbone’s Trade Secrets

Image credit - 9to5Google

Image credit – 9to5Google

Last we checked, iOS and Android were still the dominant mobile operating systems, which is why it isn’t surprising to see both companies try to poach users from each other’s platforms. In fact just last year, Apple released an app for Android that would basically make switching to iOS a piece of cake. Read full post →Android 7.0 (Sort Of) Helps Android Users Port Data Over From iOS

EOS M3 EF-M18-55STM FSLThe last time we saw Canon release a mirrorless camera was back in 2015 with the Canon EOS M3. So now that we’re in 2016, does that mean we can expect a new mirrorless from Canon? According to the folks at Canon Rumors, the answer is yes, and that we will most likely be seeing it by the end of the year. Read full post →New Canon EOS M Camera Could Be Launched By End Of 2016

dji drone arenaEver wanted to get your hands on a drone but you’re intimidated by how it looks and how it operates? We suppose that is an understandable concern, especially if you are planning on dropping hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a drone that you’d rather not crash if you can help it. Read full post →DJI Launches Drone Training Arena In Korea

fb messengerRight now if you wanted to message someone on Facebook Messenger and if you guys aren’t friends, you’ll get a message request. This lets you chat with the other person without necessarily having to add them as friends. However Facebook appears to be testing some kind of new feature for its Messenger app that’s a different take on the current system. Read full post →Facebook Testing A New ‘Add Contact’ Feature For Messenger

A couple of weeks ago, Valve showed off a new hero for DotA 2 in the form of the Monkey King. Granted the hero is based on existing mythology, but it is basically the first original hero that Valve will be adding to DotA 2 come this fall. In the meantime, DotA 2 players will be pleased to learn that they can play another hero while they wait. Read full post →Valve Releases ‘The Dark Rift’ Update For DotA 2 With New Hero

google daydreamAnnounced during Google I/O 2016 several months ago, Daydream is Google’s virtual reality (VR) platform. Similar with Google’s intentions behind Android Pay and Android Wear, Daydream is Google’s attempts at trying to standardize/unify virtual reality on mobile, especially since we are seeing a lot of companies trying to create their own solutions, like Samsung, LG, and Xiaomi, just to name a few. Read full post →Google’s Daydream VR Platform Could Be Launching In Weeks

Apple’s higher-end MacBooks and iMacs come with GPUs. They aren’t necessarily the most powerful GPUs, but they are there if you need to do things like edit videos, photos, or play games, in which they should be able to do a better job compared to an integrated GPU that the lower-end models sport. Read full post →The Wolfe Will Turn Your Mac Into A Better Gaming Rig

spotify-1Before Apple Music and Tidal came along, Spotify was the king of music streaming. In fact if we are to look at the numbers, Spotify is still leading the way, although Apple is not making it easy for them thanks to their deep pockets, industry connections, and the exclusives that they have been landing. Read full post →Spotify Is Having A Hard Time Negotiating Deals With Labels

visa nfc ringEarlier this year, we reported that Visa had created an NFC ring that would allow people to make payments using it. The ring was initially given to athletes taking part in the Rio 2016 Olympics, which makes sense since athletic clothing doesn’t really come with a lot of pockets for wallets, and wearing a ring could also be safer than walking around with wads of cash. Read full post →NFC Visa Payments Ring Can Now Be Pre-Ordered By Everyone