Why would you want to hide Android Apps when you have just got them installed? Whatever be the reason behind it, you do want to keep those applications away from prying eyes. We would also recommend doing the same to keep things secure and protecting your information from unauthorized access.

In this article, we have listed four of the best methods which you can follow to hide Android Apps. Read full post →How To Hide Android Apps

pokemon-go-trafficWhen Niantic first launched Pokemon GO, they experienced so much traffic that they had to shut the servers down and hold off on launching from other countries until they could resolve the issue. However it was only recently that it came to light just how much traffic the game got at its launch, and from that we can see why Niantic did what they did. Read full post →Pokemon GO’s Launch Traffic Was 50x More Than Expected

iphone-7-design-sideIt seems that it has been less than a month since the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have been released, but there is already a lot of talk and interest generated around the 2017 iPhone, which last we heard could be known as the iPhone 8. Now one of the rumors is that the iPhone 8 is expected to feature OLED displays, and it seems that Sharp is a potential supplier. Read full post →Sharp In Negotiations With Apple For The 2017 iPhone’s Display

Fingerprint scanners that authenticate users when logging into their PC? It’s been done before and for the most part, we have to say that it isn’t exactly a very popular feature. However if you’re looking for some security options, you might be interested to learn that BIO-Key has unveiled a trio of fingerprint scanners designed for Windows 10 computers. Read full post →BIO-Key Unveils Trio Of Fingerprint Scanners For Windows 10 Computers

We’ve all had bad experiences with customer service before, and we all react differently. Some of us file complaints, some of us pull our accounts out immediately, some demand to speak to a supervisor, but over in Dijon, France, a recent video has surfaced which shows a very angry Apple customer going around smashing the products in the store. Read full post →Video Shows Angry Apple Customer Smashing Various Products In-Store

A couple of months ago, Nintendo unveiled the NES Classic Edition, also known as the Mini-NES since this is essentially a shrunken down version of the classic console. However the device is only aimed outside of Japan, which means that Japan is left without a mini console of their own, or are they? Read full post →Nintendo Unveils the Mini-Famicom For The Japanese Market

Image credit - Engadget

Image credit – Engadget

There are some people who think that being a model is easy. You show up, people dress you up, they put your makeup on, they do your hair, and all you have to do is walk down a runway a couple of times, get your photo taken, and that’s done. However for those in the industry, you guys probably know it isn’t as easy as it seems. Read full post →Intel’s Wearable Shows A Model’s Stress Levels On The Runway

whatsapp-logo-newYesterday we reported that apparently WhatsApp said that they has no plans on complying with India’s high courts regarding the deleting of user data that they would be sharing with Facebook. Turns out there was some miscommunication because WhatsApp has since released a new statement which basically says that they will be complying. Read full post →WhatsApp Now says They Will Comply With India’s Court Order

microsoft-news-proMicrosoft might not necessarily have had the same success on mobile compared to Apple and Google, but it seems that they might have found the next best thing: software. In the past few years, we’re starting to see Microsoft start to wiggle their way onto iOS and Android devices, such as with their Office apps, and Android with their lockscreens. Read full post →Microsoft’s News Pro App Makes Its Way Onto Android

galaxy-note-7-s-pen_03-on-screenAs many of you guys have heard, Samsung has recalled the Galaxy Note 7 around the world, save for China in which they reassured users that their handsets were fine. They later changed their tune when they recalled some handsets that were part of the faulty batch that were shipped to the country for demo purposes, but ultimately it was handled. Read full post →China Says Samsung’s Handling Of The Note 7 Recall Was ‘Arrogant’