amazon kindle fire hdx 8.9 review 11 640x424While Amazon might have had lofty plans for the Fire Phone, safe to say that either they did not execute it properly or the features that they had imagined just weren’t what users were after. As you might have heard, the company has recently had to writedown $170 million because of the Fire Phone, but here’s one way they are making the purchase a tad more attractive.

AT&T, who offers the Fire Phone on contract, has recently announced a new deal in which it would allow customers to purchase both a phone and tablet at a relatively affordable price. For a limited time, AT&T will be selling the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch model for $49.99 if you were to purchase it alongside a Fire Phone. Read full post →AT&T Offers Kindle Fire HDX Tablet For $49.99 With Fire Phone Purchase

iPad air review app store 640x426In a recent teardown of the iPad Air 2, it was discovered that the tablet came with an NFC chip, but oddly enough despite sporting an NFC chip, it did not allow users to make payments via NFC using Apple Pay. It was then speculated that the chips could be used to allow iPads to receive Apple Pay, but then it was pointed out that the lack of antennas meant that it couldn’t.

So what is the NFC chip used for? Well for those who are wondering why Apple might have included the NFC chip if they didn’t plan on using it for commercial applications, the folks at 9to5Mac have learnt from their sources that a possible use for the NFC chip could be for a Secure Element for Apple Pay’s in-app purchases. Read full post →NFC Chip Found In New iPads Could Be Used As Secure Element

samsung nx 1 640x426Back in the day if you wanted to shoot a movie, you’d have to get a dedicated film camera as it came with video recording features that compact or DSLR cameras did not. Things have certainly changed as our cameras these days are more capable of shooting good quality videos. Granted they might not be as feature-rich compared to dedicated film cameras, but they’re good enough to get the job done.

Well Samsung is hoping to prove the doubters wrong. The South Korean tech giant has recently announced that they would be teaming up with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his production company, in which a short film will be shot in its entirety using none other than the Samsung NX1 camera. Read full post →Samsung NX1 Will Be Used To Film A Joseph Gordon-Levitt Short Film

sony xperia tablet z review 01 640x426It wasn’t too long ago that many believed that small tablets would be the way of the future, which led to the creation of devices like the iPad mini, Nexus 7, and Kindle Fire, just to name a few. However it seems that the future could be about creating bigger tablets, like the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 or the rumored 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

That being said, is Sony planning on hopping on board the large tablet bandwagon next? Well according to a recent post by DigiTimes, it seems that the answer is yes. The publication is reporting that Sony is working on a 12-inch tablet that they are expected to launch in Q1 of 2015. Sony will not be alone in their efforts as DigiTimes claims that other vendors are developing large-sized tablets as well. Read full post →12-inch Sony Xperia Tablet Rumored For Q1 2015

Nest Protect 2 640x426There are several home automation products available in the market today, although they all exist independently of one another. However wouldn’t it be better if your home automation products could talk to one another and work in harmony? Well if you own the Nest smart thermostat or the smoke detector, you might be pleased to learn that more third-party products can now interact with it.

Starting with the Pebble smartwatch, the watch will now be able to communicate with your Nest products and allows users to control and check the temperature in their home. There will also be a home manager product called ivee that will notify users when a peak energy event starts and when it ends. Read full post →Nest Adds Third-Party Home Automation Product Support

lol ss 640x359There are many, many, video games available today, but is there one that is the most popular? While it does seem unfair given that there are many different genres, the numbers don’t lie and according to a recent research conducted by Superdata (via Polygon), it turns out that the world’s most popular MMO is Riot Games’ League of Legends.

According to Superdata’s findings, the game is currently controlling a whopping 11.9% of the world’s market share in terms of MMOs. This is closely followed by the likes of Crossfire at 11.2%, Dungeon Fighter Online at 11.2%, and Blizzard’s World of Warcraft at 9.1%. Other notable games on the list includes Counter-Strike Online at 1.9%, DotA 2 at 1.7%, and Hearthstone at 1.4% Read full post →League Of Legends Pulls Close To $1 Billion In Revenue For 2014

elon musk blog photoWhile Elon Musk is interested in improving currently technology for the future, such as creating more powerful and efficient electric vehicles, it seems that he isn’t that big a fan when it comes to artificial intelligence. Earlier this year Musk was quoted as saying that he would like to avoid a future where we might see a Terminator-like outcome, you know, where robots enslave humanity.

That being said, it seems that his feelings regarding artificial intelligence was surfaced again during an interview he gave at the MIT Aeronautics and Astronautics department’s Centennial Symposium. According to Musk, “I think we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. If I were to guess like what our biggest existential threat is, it’s probably that.” Read full post →Elon Musk Expresses Concern Over Artificial Intelligence

iPhone 6 review 4 640x346Traditionally Apple releases a new iPhone (or two) every year. The major updates to design and hardware are usually done in a two-year cycle, but in between Apple releases refreshed hardware and improvements. Some argue that perhaps the “S” series of iPhones are a better buy as they tend to be more “refined”.

That being said if you like the idea of being able to own a new iPhone every year, Sprint has the answer for you. The carrier has recently announced an update to their “iPhone For Life” plan. Previously customers were allowed to lease an iPhone and swap it after two-years, but with the new plan, Sprint customers will be allowed to get a new phone every year. Read full post →Sprint’s New “iPhone For Life” Plan Allows For Annual Upgrades

rooms vs room 640x610Just the other day we reported that Facebook had launched a new app called Rooms. The idea of the app was to allow the creation of forums in which users could participate in them anonymous, as opposed to Facebook pages where your real name could be shown. However it turns out that perhaps Facebook’s idea might not have been so original after all.

According to Room Inc., the developers of the Room app (not to be confused with Rooms), they are alleging that Facebook has copied their idea and are at the moment considering taking legal action against the social network. Damien Rottemberg, the co-founder and CTO of Room was surprised to see Facebook’s app released. Read full post →Developer Claims Facebook Stole Their Idea For Their “Rooms” App

itunes radio australia 640x394According to a report earlier this year, it was revealed that digital music sales experienced a drop in sales for the first time. A later report corroborated this when it was revealed that digital music streaming was on the rise which could have contributed to the drop in digital music sales. After all why pay for an entire album when you could subscribe to a service like Spotify and access thousands of albums for the price of one, right?

Well it looks like things are looking worse. A recent report from The Wall Street Journal has revealed that as far as Apple’s digital music sales are concerned, it has dropped by an additional 13% in 2014. The publication speculates that the decline was foreseen by Apple, which was why the company opted to acquire Beats along with Beats Music. Read full post →Apple Sees 13% Decline In Digital Music Sales