Asus-ZenWatch-02It was last year that ASUS launched their smartwatch, the ZenWatch and it is probably one of the nicer smartwatches in the market at the moment, thanks to its sleek design and use of leather which lends itself to a rather classy-look. So with that being the first-gen ZenWatch, what could ASUS have up their sleeves for the ZenWatch 2?

As it turns out we might have to wait until 2016 to see it. This is according to a report from NDTV Gadgets who reports that according to ASUS’ CEO Jerry Shen, it seems that the second-gen ZenWatch is only expected to launch in 2016, meaning that this year won’t be the year that we will see it. Perhaps ASUS might have other wearables but as far as the ZenWatch 2 is concerned, it might be a no-show for 2015. Read full post →ASUS ZenWatch 2 Could Come In Male And Female Variants

Last year Samsung took the wraps off their Level On series of headphones. However if you were after a wireless version, you might be pleased to learn that the South Korean tech giant has recently announced their new Level On headphones which are, for those who love wireless headphones, completely wireless.

Basically these headphones are more or less similar to their wired counterparts. They will feature 40mm drivers and will come with active noise cancellation technology, which according to Samsung “accurately maps surrounding sounds for a clearer, uninterrupted audio experience.” The headphone cups will also feature touch integration which can be used to control media playback as well as S Voice when used with Galaxy handsets. Read full post →Samsung Unveils Level On And Level Link Audio Devices

Project Ara is Google’s somewhat ambitious goal of creating a modular smartphone where users could swap parts in and out depending on their needs. Unfortunately it seems that Project Ara is still quite a bit away from making its way into the hands of consumers. However if modular phones are your thing, then perhaps Fonkraft might be the one for you.

The creators of Fonkraft are trying to raise funds via Indiegogo and if successful, there might be a good chance of it making its way into the hands of users way before Project Ara does. So how is Fonkraft different? For starters its design is very different from what we have seen of Project Ara. Its base unit will feature a 5-inch Full HD display, but other than that users will be able to swap out components as needed, such as its CPU, RAM, GPU, camera, battery, and so on. Read full post →Fonkraft Smartphone Wants To Beat Project Ara To The Punch

tesla inviteTesla will be unveiling something new on the 30th of April which at the moment has been speculated to be a battery for the home. That being said the company has also started to send out invitations to the event which you can see in the image above and according to the invite it says, “The missing piece”, although we can’t be 100% sure as to what Tesla might be alluding to.

However it does show a white box which some speculate could be the battery cabinet that the company will unveil at its event. Not much is known about the device for now, but the idea is that it will help to store the energy generated by solar panels so that customers will have access to energy when they need it and stop relying on regular forms of energy in the process. Read full post →Tesla’s Invite Teases “The Missing Piece” For 30th April

beats musicIf the rumors are to be believed, there is a good chance that Apple could unveil a new music streaming service come WWDC 2015. While Apple has iTunes Radio and Beats Music, this new music service is supposedly a revamp of the company’s existing services, both of which aren’t doing particularly well at the moment, at least not compared to the competition like Spotify.

Speaking during Apple’s recent earnings call where the company announced $58 billion in revenue, the company’s CEO Tim Cook teased that they might have a new media product that might announce in the near future. Cook was asked about the recently launched HBO Now service which is a short-term exclusive to Apple devices. Read full post →Apple’s Tim Cook Teases Upcoming Media Product

apple-store-chinaIt is no secret that Apple is looking to expand and grow in China. After all given the country’s huge population and booming economy, it would make sense to market to them Apple’s products. In fact Apple has not been shy about their interest in China, with Apple’s CEO Tim Cook going as far as calling China one of their key markets.

Well as it turns out Cook was right on the money because during Apple’s recent earnings call, it was revealed that China has managed to overtake the European market as Apple’s second-largest market. Apple had reported a revenue of $58 billion and out of that $58 billion, a whopping $16.8 billion, which is almost a third of Apple’s revenue, came from the greater China region. Read full post →China Overtakes Europe As Apple’s Second-Largest Market

ipad-mini-3Tablets, unlike smartphones, aren’t bought by users on an annual basis as tablets tend to last longer, meaning that it might be a couple of years before customers see the need for a new one, which is why it isn’t surprising to learn that tablet sales like that of the iPad have seen a decline. In fact according to Apple’s latest earnings, it was revealed that the iPad experienced a 23% drop in sales compared to a year ago.

Is this alarming? After all 23% is a pretty significant figure, right? Perhaps to some this might be worrying, but Apple’s CEO Tim Cook seems to have played it off pretty cool. According to Cook, he points at inventory changes as part of the reason the iPad’s sales have suffered, but he also seemed to think that the iPhone and Mac had something to do with it as well. Read full post →Apple’s CEO Defends Slumping iPad Sales

black ops 3Are you looking forward to Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 3? If you are you might recall that a report not too long ago pegged the game for a release on the 6th of November 2015 and for those who are looking to get in on the beta, you will also be able to get in on the multiplayer beta whose launch date remains unknown, but presumably it will go live before the game’s release.

That being said for those who are wondering how much the game will cost, the standard version of the game will not deviate too far from regular prices and is set at $60. However for gamers who want more than just the game, there is a Deluxe version of the game that will also be available and it will cost gamers $100. Read full post →Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3’s Deluxe Version Will Cost $100

apple watchWhen the Apple Watch first went up for pre-order, those who were a day or two late were shocked to find that their order would only begin shipping out in June which was a wait of more than a month. However according to reports from customers who faced such delays, it seems that their shipping estimates are starting to improve.

Some customers are reporting that Apple has updated their order and instead of listing June as the estimated shipping date, it now states that they can expect a mid-May to early-June shipment. Granted it’s not a huge leap in terms of improvements, but we reckon it’s better than nothing. Read full post →Apple Watch Shipping Estimates Continue To Improve For Customers

GOW3R-1As gamers might have heard, Sony announced last month that they will be released a remastered version of God of War 3. This is good news for gamers who loved the franchise but would have loved to see it in a higher resolution and smoother framerate, and Sony’s announcement was basically a wish come true.

That being said for those looking forward to it, Sony has recently announced the game for Japan and in the process revealed two new screenshots which you can see in the images above and below. The screenshots were released in Full HD so that gamers will be able to see it in all of its glory, although upon first glance we have to admit that it already looks pretty good. Read full post →Two New God Of War 3 Remastered Screenshots Released