gta5-bmvRemember our report on the GTA Online Be My Valentine update going live? Well, it seems that this particular event is going to last all week long, from February 12 all the way to February 18. Here are more details on the new Till Death Do Us Part mode which will certainly make gamers fall in love with the game even more, as players will be awarded double the RP and cash, as well as picking up double rewards when it comes to playing the Till Death Do Us Part playlist. Should you happen to finish playing the entire mode, then you will be rewarded even further with fireworks as well as a firework launcher, now ain’t that a great incentive?

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gmaps-voice-disableEarlier this week, we did bring you word on what the latest Google Maps update (version 9.20.0) offered for users, and one of it was the ability for users to add places to their timeline – assuming you are not a paranoid android and do not think that you are being tracked with such information divulged. Well, it seems that there is more than what has been revealed that meets the eye with this particular update, and one feature that should have been there right from the very beginning has been implemented – the ability to disable voice guidance while you are driving and attending to a hands-free call.

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facebook logoIt looks like there is more than meets the eye with what is going on over at Facebook Messenger, especially since we received word that multiple account support could potentially roll out to the masses in due time. In fact, it seems as though Facebook Messenger will enable its users to send text messages directly from the Messenger app itself, now how about that?

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google-logo-flickrIt is all about efficiency these days, and hence, for Google to invest in two different photo storage and sharing applications does not make too much economic as well as operational sense, taking the more recent Google Photos and Picasa into consideration, with the latter being dated in nature. At long last, Google will address this dualistic situation with an announcement that they will not offer support of any kind for the Picasa desktop application from March 16, 2016, onward. Not only that, Google will move to archive Picasa Web Albums data some time down the road while simultaneously urging existing Picasa users to make the jump to Google Photos.

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google_self_driving_car_prototypeIf you have always wanted to get on board Google’s payroll but never really figured out just which area in which you can contribute to the company, perhaps the latest round of hiring by the tech giant is your cup of tea. Basically, Google is looking for help when it comes to the manufacturing of its self-driving cars, having posted many different kinds of jobs concerning its self-driving Google X car project, where special emphasis is placed in manufacturing.

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apple logoIt looks like the now infamous Error 53 has caused a black eye for Apple, as a class-action lawsuit has been filed against Apple, citing that the tech company’s actions happen to be a violation of California’s Unfair Competition Law. Just to get a better grasp of what the controversial Error 53 is all about, it is an iOS Time/Date bug which will end up bricking your precious handset.

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utorrent ad freeFor those who use torrent apps like uTorrent, you’re probably more than familiar with the numerous ads that are plastered throughout the application, which honestly is a bit of an eyesore. Prior to this, uTorrent was free and also ad-free, but over the past couple of years, its developer has decided to throw in ads. Read full post →uTorrent Will Be Ad-Free For $4.95 A Year

grass-nanocellulose-condoms-3Condoms are available in varying thicknesses, although despite how thin some brands are, there are still some who complain that the sensation isn’t quite the same. However since condoms are used to help prevent pregnancies and from passing/contracting STDs, it would be irresponsible not to wear one. Read full post →Scientists Create Thinner, Stronger Condoms With Grass Ingredient

pocket_appIf you are dyslexic or if you know someone who is dyslexic, you might be interested to learn that Pocket has recently announced that they have updated their app to make it more user-friendly to those with dyslexia. How did they do it, you ask? Through the addition of support for the Dyslexie font. Read full post →Pocket Updated With Support For Users With Dyslexia

If you’re looking to improve your skiing techniques without having to pay for a ski instructor, then maybe technology and wearables might be one way to go about that. In fact a company in London called Motion Metrics has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for a wearable called the Carv, which is aimed at skiers. Read full post →Carv Is A Wearable That Will Improve Your Ski Game