htc re camera 8 640x426Earlier this month, HTC unveiled the RE Camera which appeared to be HTC’s take on an action camera that could give GoPro some pause. Now the camera comes in 3 different colors – white, blue, and orange, with the orange model being the most striking. However it seems that it was also the most popular choice as HTC has reportedly sent out emails to its customers informing them of a delay.

It seems that for those who pre-order the orange HTC RE Camera, it looks like there are some delays and could receive the camera later than expected. However to make up for the delay, HTC has offered customers a 10% discount on their pre-order which we have to say is pretty nice of them. Read full post →Orange HTC RE Camera Reportedly Delayed

Google Play Screenshot1 640x359As far as streaming set-top boxes are concerned, there are many options to choose from, such as offerings from Google in the form of Google TV, Amazon’s Fire TV, and Roku, just to name a few. You would think that they would all be competitors since they basically offer different sorts of content, but perhaps not.

According to a recent announcement by Roku on their blog, it has been revealed that the company has recently allowed its users access to Google Play movies and TV shows. This means is that if you currently have media content purchased from Google Play, you will be able to watch them on your Roku device. Read full post →Roku Now Able To Play Content From Google Play

A couple of weeks ago, it was revealed that BlackBerry would be updating BBM with new features and sure enough it looks like those new features are starting to roll out. In case you missed our earlier report, the new features of BBM includes some Snapchat-like features, which is called Timed Messages on BBM.

Timed Messages will act like Snapchat’s self-destructing messages where after a certain amount of time, the messages will be deleted. This can be set by the user to in the event your phone is lost or stolen, hopefully by then those messages and images would have been erased. The next feature is Message Retraction. Read full post →BBM Updated With Timed Messages And Message Retraction

motorola droid turbo hands on 3 640x426When the Motorola Droid Turbo was only a rumor, one of the rumored features of the handset is that not only could it charge fast, but it could feature a battery that would last users two days. Well the phone was officially unveiled a few days ago and it did sport a sizable 3,900mAh battery, but does it last two days?

Well according to the folks at Phandroid, the answer is sadly no. According to their initial round of tests, the phone managed around a day. The phone lasted them a good 21 hours and still had 17% remaining, which we have to say is still a pretty impressive feat for most phones these days which tends to die out pretty fast. Read full post →Motorola Droid Turbo Initial Battery Test Reveals About A Day’s Worth Of Use

htc 15 watt travel charger slide 01You might recall that Motorola unveiled the Turbo Charger a while back. The charger, for those unfamiliar, basically allows users to charge their devices faster assuming that it has Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 technology on board. Well it looks like HTC has decided to hop on the bandwagon and has recently announced the HTC Rapid Charger 2.0.

It will work similar to the Motorola Turbo Charger and will take advantage of the Quick Charge 2.0 technology found in the latest Snapdragon handsets. According to HTC, the Rapid Charger 2.0 will be able to boost a smartphone’s battery by another 8 hours of battery life in just 15 minutes. Read full post →HTC Rapid Charger 2.0 Announced

touchid 640x431There has been some debate as to whether law enforcement agencies can compel a company such as Apple or Google to unlock the phone belonging to either one of their customers, especially when it is locked by a PIN code. This is why both companies have released a new encryption method in which only the user is able to unlock the phone from their end.

That being said, it seems that this does not apply to devices locked using fingerprints. This was recently ruled by a Circuit Court judge in Virginia who stated that fingerprints are not protected by the Fifth Amendment, unlike PIN codes, which means that police can officially and legally compel a defendant to give up their fingerprint to unlock their device. Read full post →Judge Rules That Police Can Force Users To Unlock Fingerprint-protected Devices

xbox one hands on review 02 640x406In the past, the very idea of a new design when it comes to consoles more often than not involved the release of a spanking new console generation. However, over the years we have seen revisions made to current console versions, where a “slim” version would be introduced halfway through the console’s life cycle, and at times, these redesigned hardware do not only look slimmer, but sport more power efficient innards without compromising on performance. AMD might be in such a situation now, as it is suspected that they are working on a next generation chip for an upcoming “Xbox One Slim” console redesign.

Read full post →AMD Could Develop New Chip For Xbox One Slim

silver wired headsetIt is one thing to hear about the impending release of a particular device or accessory, and another altogether to see it finally hit the market. It was just in September when the Silver Wired Stereo Headset that features 7.1 virtual surround sound, custom audio modes and a retractable boom mic all was announced, carrying with it a $69.99 price tag, but today, those who have been interested in picking one up will be able to do so from retailers.

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I am quite sure that many people are looking forward with anticipation to the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop to the masses. In fact, one can more or less say that this happens to be close to, or on par with, Jelly Bean’s release that happened a couple of years ago. Just how will Android 5.0 Lollipop look like on the Samsung Galaxy S5? The folks over at SamMobile managed to obtain and install the latest Samsung build for Android 5.0 Lollipop, piecing together a video that you can view above at your own pleasure.

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vivo thin1It does feel as though the pressure to roll out the world’s thinnest smartphone is telling, especially among the various smartphone manufacturers. The folks over at Oppo certainly made the world turn on its head earlier this week after lifting the veil on their smartphone that measures all of just 4.85mm, which is roughly 0.19” in thickness. Apparently, that particular mantle is not going to remain with them for long, as their rival Vivo could be working on something that is slimmer, and we are talking about a rather considerable margin here.

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