sharp-ffd-6[CEATEC 2015] Most of the time, we would associate modern day displays in just one form factor – a rectangular shape that more or less serves its function well. After all, the more fancy designs, such as a fully round display like those found on smartwatches in the vein of the Moto 360 happen to be in the realm of the fancy, right? Sharp begs to differ, and thinks that there is plenty of room for improvement where free form displays are concerned, taking into consideration the kind of work that they had already done in the previous year.

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omron-ping-pong-bot-3[CEATEC 2015] Omron’s ping pong playing robot is back again this year, and you can be sure that it too, would have drawn quite a significant amount of attention from the masses as well. Of course, what is the whole point of showing off old technology if you are not going to spiff it up with something new? Omron has done exactly that, where it does look as though the software upgrades and algorithms within are able to make it predict the ball’s movement better as well as make drop shots at the net which can be rather tricky to return.

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fujitsu-smart-ring[CEATEC 2015] Smart rings are the kind of wearable technology that have not quite made it to the consciousness of everyone at the office, or in industrial situations, as it does feel as though there is a whole lot more work that needs to be done still between now and the future before they become as ubiquitous as say, the smartphone. Having said that, this has not stopped the likes of 16Lab from churning out the waterproof Computing Ring last year, but Fujitsu wants to have a say as well with their ring-type wearable device that allows one to spell out letters in mid-air, only to have them magically appear on a screen. Perfect for those rural areas where a teacher lacks a blackboard and some chalk, but has a tablet and a portable solar power charger.

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fujitsu-interactive-shoes-1[CEATEC 2015] You do know that lovely feeling of having a brand new device or tool, making you want to use that particular device all the more often, right? For instance, a new pair of running shoes that not only look snazzy but are also a whole lot more comfortable than your previous pair could just jolt you into kickstarting that running program you’ve always targeted. Well, Fujitsu might have just the tonic for those who would like to learn to enjoy walking – by introducing a next generation shoe sensor, where the system is known as the interactive shoes hub.

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sharp-borderless-display-1[CEATEC 2015] Despite residing under a transparent showcase with a sign that museums and other historical places (and even high end stores that sell luxury items) would be familiar with, “Do Not Touch”, it seems that the Sharp Borderless Displays are not all that they seem to be. Inact, there is a very slight border as you can tell by the photos above and after the jump, but only just.

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boe-8k-display[CEATEC 2015] It goes without saying that any decent consumer electronics show would require some sort of “statement device”, where it is loud and bold, and brings forth superlatives to the fold. Well, as if moving on to 4K displays on mobile devices are not enough, how about enjoying 8K displays right in the comfort of your own home? BOE has just revealed what they deem to be the world’s largest 8K displays for the home, arriving in 98” and 100” for those with too much money to spare.

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[CEATEC 2015] It makes perfect sense that we have washing machines that are complemented by dryers. How about having a machine that is capable of folding your laundry so that you do not have to worry about getting that boring chore done? Well, it seems that Seven Dreamers Laboratories alongside Panasonic and Daiwa House Industry have come together to reveal what could very well be a new idea that might change the way we do our laundry. Known as the Laundroid (it has too much of a pronunciation connection to Android IMHO), this particular robot has been described to be a “fully automatic laundry folding machine”.

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dfree-1[CEATEC 2015] Growing old is a fact of life, and when we get closer to the age where we are about to bid this life goodbye, many things about our bodies – once so healthy and vibrant, start to break down. Well, it seems that pooping in one’s pants by accident is not the domain of those who are yet to be potty trained, but also folks who have lost control of their bowel movements, or are simply faced with a sudden attack of diarrhea. That would be a rather embarrassing moment, and it is something DFree hopes to prevent in the future. How does DFree work?

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dentsu-sciencejam[CEATEC 2015] If you have not heard of Dentsu Sciencejam before, perhaps knowing that they are the company behind these mind controlled wearable cat ears known as the Necomimi will ring a bell. Well, the company is certainly knee deep in technology that taps into one’s neural activity in order to bring something different to the table. As we all very well know, taking care of the infirm and elderly can be quite a daunting task, especially when you do not have the necessary know-how, so why not let technology help?

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wena-1[CEATEC 2015] Did you know that Sony has their very own crowdfunding platform over in Japan? It is aptly known as First Flight, which is a pretty decent title that works, in reality. Well at the end of August, we brought you word that Sony’s pseudo-smartwatch will be known as the Wena Wrist, and Wena by itself stands for “wear electronics naturally”. On the outer surface, it looks as though Wena is pretty much a traditional timepiece that you slap on your wrist and go ahead to meet the day’s tasks and challenges ahead, but underneath the hood, a very different story is told.

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