utorrent ad freeFor those who use torrent apps like uTorrent, you’re probably more than familiar with the numerous ads that are plastered throughout the application, which honestly is a bit of an eyesore. Prior to this, uTorrent was free and also ad-free, but over the past couple of years, its developer has decided to throw in ads. Read full post →uTorrent Will Be Ad-Free For $4.95 A Year

grass-nanocellulose-condoms-3Condoms are available in varying thicknesses, although despite how thin some brands are, there are still some who complain that the sensation isn’t quite the same. However since condoms are used to help prevent pregnancies and from passing/contracting STDs, it would be irresponsible not to wear one. Read full post →Scientists Create Thinner, Stronger Condoms With Grass Ingredient

pocket_appIf you are dyslexic or if you know someone who is dyslexic, you might be interested to learn that Pocket has recently announced that they have updated their app to make it more user-friendly to those with dyslexia. How did they do it, you ask? Through the addition of support for the Dyslexie font. Read full post →Pocket Updated With Support For Users With Dyslexia

If you’re looking to improve your skiing techniques without having to pay for a ski instructor, then maybe technology and wearables might be one way to go about that. In fact a company in London called Motion Metrics has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for a wearable called the Carv, which is aimed at skiers. Read full post →Carv Is A Wearable That Will Improve Your Ski Game

facebook logoWith Facebook being a social media platform where people can share their views, creating groups or pages specifically for people with those views, more often than not it tends to be abused, especially by hate groups and terrorists who might use the platform to spread their propaganda. Read full post →Facebook Has Some Creative Methods To Help Fight Terrorism

att-signRight now LTE is the fastest standard as far as mobile internet connectivity is concerned. Of course you speeds will vary depending on your country and also depending on how congested the network is, but as it stands, it is the fastest. However it is obvious that we can’t use LTE forever, which is why many are looking at 5G as the next step forward. Read full post →AT&T To Start Testing Their Own 5G Network

runkeeperIn more recent times, we have seen sporting goods companies take an interest in the mobile scene. Just last year Under Armour acquired a bunch of fitness-related apps, and this year it looks like ASICS wants in on the fun as well, and has recently announced that they have acquired fitness app Runkeeper. Read full post →Sportswear Company ASICS Acquires Runkeeper

rimowa-electronic-tag-2When you’re traveling and you’re checking in luggage, they will attach a huge tag to your bag. This tag basically identifies your flight, meaning that your luggage should end up where you’re going (although sometimes it does go missing). These tags are a necessity, but also a waste of paper and not to mention additional work for airport staff. Read full post →Rimowa Unveils Electronic Luggage Tag

gay stickersIn the recent years, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, along with messaging apps like WhatsApp, LINE, and etc. have grown to become more inclusive and thoughtful about people from different backgrounds and sexual preferences. For example Facebook allowed users to turn their profile photos into rainbows to show support for same-sex marriage. Read full post →Indonesian Government Wants To Ban All “Gay” Emojis

samsung 3d tvWhile 3D movies are still watched by many audiences around the world, the desire to own a 3D TV set at home isn’t quite at those levels. In fact several years ago, several OEMs bet it big that 3D smartphones would be all the rage, which we supposed made sense given how people reacted to movies like Avatar, and gaming consoles like the Nintendo 3DS. Read full post →LG & Samsung Will Reportedly Start Phasing Out 3D TVs