lumia_950_xlIf the recently leaked photos of the upcoming Microsoft Lumia flagship phones are accurate, we have to admit we are pretty excited for them. Not only do they look good, but their rumored specs also makes them one of the higher-end Lumia devices that we have seen in a while that are comparable to Android phones.

That being said according to a new report, the upcoming Lumia phones are expected to come with a nifty feature and that is Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology. This is supported by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 and Snapdragon 810 processors that are allegedly part of the upcoming phones. Read full post →Microsoft’s Lumia Flagships Rumored To Feature Quick Charge

The idea behind video services such as Vine and Instagram is to create videos that are short and sweet. For example on Instagram, videos are limited to 15 seconds long. Now if you are planning on recording videos on your GoPro and and don’t want the hassle of trimming your videos for Vine or Instagram on your computer, you’re in luck.

GoPro has recently announced a new feature for their cameras and their apps that will allow users to trim their videos on the fly at the touch of a button. This is done via the “Trim” button which can be found in the camera and on the GoPro app that will allow users to trim videos down to 1 second, 15 seconds, or 30 seconds. Read full post →GoPro Launches New Trimming Feature For Its Cameras And App

roadtrip chargerIf you’re traveling and you want to charge your phone, getting a car charger is a good way to charge your device while on the go. However once the car comes to a stop, charging stops too, so what if your phone has not been fully charged yet? Do you sit in the car and let the engine run while your phone charges?

That hardly seems like the best solution, which is why Nomad has recently announced the Roadtrip. As you can see in the image above, this is a charger designed to be used in cars. However the upside is that along with being able to use it in cars, it doubles up as an external battery pack, a 3,000mAh one at that. Read full post →Nomad Unveils Roadtrip Car Charger With Built-In Battery

nintendo 3ds animal crossingLast year Nintendo announced two new consoles in the form of the Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL. These are basically upgraded versions of the existing handheld console, but the company only chose to launch the XL version in the US. According to Nintendo back then, they claimed that the XL made more sense for the US market than the smaller version.

However a couple of months ago it was hinted that the smaller 3DS could arrive stateside and if you have been hoping that the reports were true, you’re in luck. Nintendo of America has officially announced that they will be bringing the Nintendo 3DS to the US on the 25th of September. Read full post →Smaller Nintendo 3DS Will Be Making Its Way Stateside

appletvAt the moment, the TV shows and movies you find offered on the Apple TV and iTunes are made by other studios and networks. This is how it used to be back in the day, although recently we’re starting to see efforts by the likes of Netflix who are starting to explore the idea of making their own content.

Now according to a report from Variety, it looks like Apple could be considering a similar move as well. The report claims that Apple is now eyeing the possibility of making their own original content, which we can only assume will be offered on the Apple TV. Given that the rumors of the next-gen Apple TV are claiming it will be a substantial update in terms of hardware and software, it wouldn’t be a surprise. Read full post →Apple Reportedly Considering Making Their Own Video Content

lg smart sensorAs we are starting to move into the era where more of our household gadgets are being connected to the internet, like our smart fridges, smart thermostats, smart light bulbs, and so on, there are still plenty of household appliances that remain “dumb”, either by choice or because no one has bothered creating a smart version yet.

Now if you’d rather not spend money upgrading your entire home just yet, you might be interested to learn that LG has announced a new sensor called the SmartThinQ. Basically what this does is that it will turn your more “dumb” appliances into smart ones. Of course it won’t necessarily make it better, but it will give it more functionality. Read full post →LG’s SmartThinQ Sensor Turns Dumb Appliances Into Smart Ones

LG G4 StylusWe have been hearing rumors that LG could be working on a device called the LG G4 Note. In fact earlier this year, the name of the device was trademarked in LG’s home of South Korea, and for those wondering how real this is, evidence has surfaced that seems to make a pretty compelling argument.

According to reports, it seems that the LG G4 Note moniker has been trademarked in the US as well. Of course this is just a trademark and does not necessarily mean that it will turn into an actual product. LG might simply be trying to protect its own intellectual property, although reports of an LG device with stylus support similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note series have been making their rounds for a while now. Read full post →LG G4 Note Trademarked In The US

Gear-S2-watch_lifestyle__01Earlier today Samsung announced their latest smartwatches in the form of the Gear S2 and the Gear S2 Classic. These are some pretty nice-looking wearables and the good news is that if you’re wondering where you might be able to get them, you’re in luck as several carriers have since announced that they will be carrying the device.

For starters T-Mobile has announced that they will be selling the Gear S2 later this fall. The price of the watch will be set at $5 a month, meaning that you’re basically buying it on an installment plan. There will be 500MB of data accompanying the plan, along with access to unlimited music streaming via Samsung’s Milk Music. Read full post →Major Carriers In The US Will Be Carrying The Samsung Gear S2

microsoft-hololens-hands-on-01We know that Microsoft is looking into augmented reality with the HoloLens, an interesting direction given that many companies appear to be focusing on virtual reality at the moment. However could Apple be interested in heading down the augmented reality route as well? In the past Apple has shown some interest via patents, and it seems that their latest hire is pretty telling.

The Cupertino company has apparently hired an individual by the name of Nick Thompson. Thompson used to be an engineer for the HoloLens project back at Microsoft, and according to his LinkedIn profile, it seems that he is indeed working at Apple as a CPU software and audio engineer. Read full post →Apple Hires Former HoloLens Engineer, Fuels AR Rumors

Claw machines have a pretty insane lure to them. After all for a dollar, you could potentially fish yourself something worth much more than that, or at the very least fish out something that would have cost you more had you been lazy and bought it at the store. However chances of you being successful with the claw machine are slim.

If you’ve always thought that maybe they were rigged, you are right. The folks at Vox have posted a video a couple of months ago which proves that claw machines are rigged, and they have also uncovered the various ways in which they can be rigged. Heck, some of the methods these days are so hi-tech that its operators can even control it via their smartphones! Read full post →This Video Proves That Claw Machines Are Rigged