itunes12_home_sharingIt was recently discovered that in iOS 8.4, Apple oddly enough decided to kill off the Home Sharing feature for music. We’re not sure why they decided to do that, but it seems that the removal is only temporary because according to Apple exec Eddy Cue, he tweeted that the feature will be put back into place come iOS 9.

According to Cue, “We are working to have Home Sharing in iOS 9.” iOS 9 is Apple’s upcoming major update to the iOS platform and is expected to be released in the fall of 2015, presumably alongside the new iPhones. As for Home Sharing, in case you’re not familiar with the feature, basically it allows users to set up their music and videos on a central computer which acts like a server. Read full post →Eddy Cue: Home Sharing For Music To Return In iOS 9

whatsapp-logo-newLast year Facebook announced that they would be acquiring WhatsApp for a whopping $19 billion. As it stands both services exist separate of each other, but if the rumors are to be believed, it seems that WhatsApp could slowly be gaining some of Facebook’s features in a future update.

According to reports from WhatsApp beta tester Ilhan Pektas and ADSLZone (via TalkAndroid), WhatsApp could gain features such as “Like” and “Mark as unread” in a future update. The Like feature is interesting although we’re not sure at this point in time how it will work. Perhaps it will act in a similar manner as the thumbs up button on Facebook Messenger. Read full post →WhatsApp Could Get “Like” & “Mark As Unread” Features In Next Update

who_deleted_meWhen someone deletes you from their friend’s list on Facebook, presumably they have done so for a good reason. Maybe you guys only met once or twice, or maybe they don’t like the things you’ve been posting or sharing, basically the possibilities are endless, and for the most part we assume you have enough tact to not ask why.

However if you are curious to see who has unfriended you, there is now an app for that. Dubbed “Who Deleted Me for Facebook”, this app does exactly what the name implies – it will show you who has deleted you from their friends list. However it only works once the app has been downloaded and scanned your friends list, meaning that contacts who deleted you prior to the app being downloaded won’t show up. Read full post →This App Tells You Who Unfriended You On Facebook

groove-musicIt looks like Microsoft have decided to shelve the Xbox Music branding where its music and video apps for Windows 10 is concerned, having given it a rebrand to call it simply as “Groove”. What is Microsoft’s reason behind this new moniker? Well, it has been said that “Groove describes what people feel and do with music.”

Read full post →Microsoft Groove Is Xbox Music In New Wineskin

pegasus-2-plusThere is nothing quite like seeing the level of competition heat up in a particular industry among all of the players, as it is nice to see one company push the envelope for the rest to follow suit. Consumers, too, would be able to win out in the end since they get to enjoy better features for a lower price – if all goes according to book, of course. Having said that, the smartphone industry is an extremely competitive one, and the folks over at ASUS are also part of it, although they rarely move the earth when they reveal a new handset. Hence, it is no surprise that when the ASUS Pegasus 2 Plus X550 flew onto the scene over at a Chinese exhibition recently, not much fanfare was made.

Read full post →ASUS Pegasus 2 Plus X550 Debuts

motorola-fccThe folks over at Motorola happen to be working on the quiet on a bunch of smartphones, or so it seems. After all, one of such rumored handsets have snuck into the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) in the US in order to go through the certification process, and along the way, it obviously revealed some more details concerning the device.

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waze ridewithFor those who are unfamiliar, Waze is a navigational service that was bought over by Google and exists as a standalone app as opposed to being integrated with Google Maps, something which we’re sure many thought Google would do. That being said, the company will be expanding its offerings as it has recently announced RideWith, a carpooling service.

This service is expected to begin its pilot program in Gush Dan, Israel. The idea is like the title says, it is a carpool service that will allow commuters to carpool with other Waze users. All they would have to do is download the RideWith app and Waze users will be able to come pick you up if it’s on their way, like if you were headed to the same school, same office building, or the same area in general. Read full post →Waze Launches RideWith Carpooling Service

matt bonnerWe’ll admit that phones like the iPhone 6 Plus are a bit too big and unwieldy if you’re planning to use it with just one hand. However could it be too big to the point where it could lead to a person developing a tennis elbow injury from it? Well apparently that’s what happened with San Antonio Spurs forward Matt Bonner.

Speaking in an interview with Concord Monitor, Bonner claimed that he had developed tennis elbow and the pain resulting from it caused a huge distraction for him during his games. Bonner said, “It made it so painful for me to shoot I’d almost be cringing before I even caught the ball like, ‘Oh, this is going to kill.’” Read full post →NBA Player Blames The iPhone 6 Plus For His Tennis Elbow

hiroki totokiWhen it comes to smartphones, Sony makes some pretty decent handsets, especially in the camera department which is where Sony’s flagships typically shine. However the company’s market share is a pittance when compared to the likes of companies such as Apple, Samsung, and even Xiaomi.

So much so that previously we had heard rumors that Sony was planning to exit the smartphone business by selling off its assets. Now if you were a fan of Sony’s handsets and are a little worried about the company’s future, fret not because Sony has reiterated its commitment to their smartphone business. Read full post →Sony Claims They Will Never Sell Or Exit The Smartphone Business

umi-zero2Have you heard of the Chinese handset manufacturer UMI before? Neither have we, but it does look as though their latest device would be a smartphone that is worth checking out. After all, ever since the flip phone era ended, it is rather rare to see devices that come with two displays – the YotaPhone 2 notwithstanding, of course. UMI’s upcoming smartphone would be the new ZERO 2 device that will boast of not one, but two displays. A teaser image has already made its way to UMI’s official Facebook page, in addition to a “duplex life” punchline.

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