google physical key

Two-step verification is believed to be the answer for many of today’s security problems. When the infamous iCloud hack happened and Apple confirmed that its servers were never actually breached, it recommended that users turn on two-step verification. Google has been offering this extra layer of protection to its users for quite some time now but it has introduced a new method of strengthening this layer and it involves a physical USB.

Two-step verification requires you to enter a code that’s sent to your phone when you’re signing into your account through an unfamiliar device. Since hackers usually can’t read your texts it becomes much harder for them to break in.

Now security conscious users can add another layer of security. Called Security Key, it enables the USB drive to act as a physical key, and access is provided to the account only when it is ascertained that the site being accessed is truly a Google site and not a fake site that’s just pretending to be a Google site.

So it eliminates the need to enter a code. When prompted just plug in the USB and you’re good to go. However keep in mind that this does not work with every USB drive. You will require one that supports the Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) protocol from the FIDO Alliance, and it only works in the Chrome browser and Chrome OS.

nokia here maps

Not too long ago Nokia announced that it was releasing HERE Maps for Android. There was just one caveat though. The mapping software was exclusive to Android devices made by Samsung. Well there’s good news today if you have been waiting for Nokia’s mapping service to land on your Android device. Today the company has announced that HERE Maps is being released for all Android devices, so it is no longer exclusive to Samsung handsets.

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staples store

It seems like the list of major U.S. retailers hit by security breaches just won’t stop growing. Merely a month after it was confirmed that Home Depot had seen a security breach which left payment card information compromised there’s a new report out today about Staples going through something similar. Staples itself has confirmed that it is currently investigating a “potential issue” at several locations in Northeastern U.S.

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microsoft logoWith Microsoft’s agreement with Nokia, we all knew that the Nokia brand name used on their smartphones would not be kept around forever. In fact Microsoft had slowly hinted that they would be shifting the branding away from Nokia and possibly replace it with Microsoft. There have also been leaks which revealed the Microsoft branding on a possible smartphone.

That being said, Microsoft has recently confirmed to the folks at The Verge that they will indeed be rebranding their smartphones to the Microsoft Lumia moniker. Nokia France will be the first country to adopt the Microsoft Lumia branding for its Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts, and other countries are expected to follow suit in the following weeks. Read full post →Microsoft Lumia Moniker Will Replace Nokia Brand On Future Smartphones

samsung galaxy s5 plus 640x219Our smartphones are extremely powerful these days and as technology progresses, we can only imagine that they will get even more powerful. But the question is, do we actually need that much power? How many of us actually uses apps or runs activities on their phones that might require so much processing and graphics power?

Well if you are such a user, or if you’re hoping to future proof your smartphone for the next couple of years, you might be interested to learn that Samsung could be planning to roll out the Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus to other markets around the world. The handset originally debuted in Singapore as the Galaxy S5 4G+ which was a variation of the Galaxy S5. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus Appears On Samsung Netherlands’ Website

candy crush soda saga 640x236For some odd reason, Candy Crush is considered to be one of the most popular mobile games in the world. In fact last we heard, the developers of the game were raking in over $600,000 a day which is more money than most of us see in a few years. That being said if you’re a little tired of playing Candy Crush Saga, you might be interested to learn that King has launched Candy Crush Soda Saga on Facebook. Read full post →Candy Crush Soda Saga Makes Its Way Onto Facebook

doctor who 640x426There seems to be a growing consensus in which many believe that teaching children to program at a young age is a good idea for the future. We’ve seen apps created to do that and even President Obama has agreed that teaching programming courses in high school is a good idea and one that might be a necessity.

That being said, if you’re looking to teach your kids how to program in a fun manner, you might be interested to learn that the BBC and BBC Doctor Who Interactive have come up with a game that will not only be fun for kids to play, but will teach them the basics of programming at the same time. Read full post →BBC Creates Doctor Who Game To Teach Kids Programming Skills

About a couple of weeks ago, it was revealed that some of the Xbox 360’s features such as themes and custom background settings in the dashboard could be arriving for Microsoft’s Xbox One console in the near future. Well the good news is that you won’t have to wait too long because according to Microsoft, those features will be arriving in the November update.

Now Microsoft had recently released an update for the Xbox One and safe to say that the custom backgrounds were not part of it, but come next month that feature will be available to gamers. Gamers will be able to choose from pictures that they have unlocked via achievements, or upload a custom image of their own. Read full post →Xbox One November Update Will Feature Custom Backgrounds

lg g3 phone 004 640x426Samsung makes their own chipsets, Apple makes their own chipsets, Huawei has their own chipsets, so we guess it hardly comes as a surprise that LG has their own chipsets as well when it comes to mobile devices. Now we have been hearing about LG’s Odin chipset for a while now, although we have yet to see a device powered by it.

However according to a rumor, it seems that the wait could soon be over. The rumors are suggesting that LG could be planning to launch an Odin-powered smartphone later this month. Unfortunately the rumors are also claiming that the device will not be a high-end smartphone, but rather it will end up being a mid-range handset. Read full post →Odin-powered LG Smartphone Rumored For Launch This Month

amazon sign 652x350 640x343As it stands, Amazon is still having disputes with publisher Hachette which has led to books by the publisher having been pulled from Amazon’s website. Well perhaps to add pressure to Hachette to perhaps fall in line with Amazon’s demands, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Amazon has recently forged a new agreement with publisher Simon & Schuster.

Now Amazon has had a deal with Simon & Schuster for a while now, but apparently this new deal should be enough to get Hachette’s attention. The publication reports that Simon & Schuster will be responsible for pricing their books on Amazon’s website, although Amazon will reserve the right to discount books in some situations, although both sides are claiming it as a win-win situation. Read full post →Amazon’s New Deal With Simon & Schuster Could Be A Dig At Hachette