If you want to use all of the features that an Android Wear smartwatch offers then you are required to hook it up to an Android smartphone. Most smartwatches aren’t 3G or 4G enabled so they need to feed off the data connection from the smartphone. There is no official support for the iPhone yet but Google has never outright denied that support for the iPhone is impossible. Word on the street is that Android Wear iPhone support is coming soon.

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It was first rumored last year that Samsung is going to ditch the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, a processor that is going to power many flagships this year, in favor of its own Exynos 7420 processor. Rumors had everybody believing that this had something to do with the overheating issues that the Snapdragon 810 was facing. It later turned out to be more of a business decision on Samsung’s part, to reduce its reliance on Qualcomm, and the company’s CEO has offered an explanation of sorts on this matter.

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Now that Samsung’s new smartphones have been unveiled we can focus our attention on what’s great and what’s not so great about the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. The latter is Samsung’s first smartphone to feature dual edge display, the display curves on both sides of the smartphone, and it appears to be getting a lot of positive reviews. A Samsung executive has hinted that the company might bring its dual edge display to the next Galaxy Note handset, which if history is any indication, will arrive this fall.

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It was first reported last year that Tinder may launch premium options for a monthly subscription. The new features were to be bundled into a subscription based package called Tinder Plus. Now Tinder Plus has finally gone live. Price points vary depending upon your location, and age, yes age is a differentiating factor here. Features include the ability to undo a left swipe and being able to search for potential matches in places other than where you currently live.

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Netflix is one of the most popular online video streaming services that operates in a handful of markets. The company isn’t as strict about blocking users from outside of supported markets like some of its rivals, Hulu is a good example, so Netflix loves in Australia and New Zealand have always been able to access the service by taking advantage of a couple of loopholes. They won’t have to do any of that starting March 24th because that’s when Netflix officially launches Down Under.

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Waze, a very popular turn-by-turn navigation app, is already used by millions of people for the convenience that it offers. Google acquired it back in 2013 and has kept it running since then. The company’s latest move could expands Waze’s presence even more by making sure that it is pre-installed on future Android smartphones. It would get the place on new devices like Google’s other apps such as YouTube, Gmail, Maps and more enjoy.

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Many of you might have heard about YotaPhone 2. Like its predecessor it is an Android-powered smartphone with two displays. Apart from the conventional one up front the YotaPhone 2 has an e-paper display on the back. It was never launched in the United States but that might change soon. The smartphone is expected to be launched this summer in the U.S.

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Back at its Windows 10 event in January, Microsoft confirmed many things that had already been rumored regarding the upcoming iteration of its operating system, including the fact that the company is going to ship a completely new web browser with it. The browser is known as Spartan and while the company has talked about it at multiple occasions, there aren’t that many photos or videos of it in action, so the video that went live today is going to interest those who have taken a liking to Microsoft’s Project Spartan.

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angry-birds-fireworks“Truth is stranger than fiction” as well as “art imitates life” ring true today, as we bring you some sad news of children who should know better. Angry Birds, the mobile game that has seen millions of different copies downloaded and installed all over the world, across many different platforms, proved to be the fatal inspiration for children who allegedly tied live sparrows to firework rockets – with the end result being ‘real-life Angry Birds’, no doubt giving our feathered friends a painful farewell along the way.

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About an year back Microsoft launched the Xbox One preview program. Those who got on this program were provided upcoming software updates that they could test before the updates were released for everybody else. People who don’t mind getting access to such software praise this program and they will be happy to see that the company is now expanding it to cover the Xbox 360 as well. The Xbox 360 preview program will also allow console owners to get their hands on software updates before everybody else.

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