angry birds arcadeAngry Birds is a game that was originally developed for mobile, but as its popularity grew, so did its availability. Now if you’re looking for a new and unique way of playing Angry Birds, you might be interested in checking out the arcade version of the game which you can see for yourself in the image above.

This isn’t your standard arcade cabinet as you can see. Instead it seems to mimic those basketball games you get at the arcade but instead of throwing basketballs, you will be flinging birds at a 55-inch screen in order to try and knock the pigs down. As you can tell it will offer up a slightly different perspective from what you might be used to. Read full post →Angry Birds Arcade Game Looks Awesome

EEPowerBar_burnsThey say that you shouldn’t sleep with your electronics plugged in next to you for safety reasons, but for many this has become the norm. After all it’s convenient especially since our phones can also double up as alarm clocks. However in the case of Katy Emslie, she had an EE Power Bar plugged into her laptop when she was sleeping.

Unfortunately for her, the power bar exploded and rocketed across the room and under her bed where it started a fire. Naturally Emslie did what any person would do, which is try to put out the fire but in the process she sustained some burns to her hand (see photo above). Emslie stated that this resulted in her having to spend at least 5 hours in the hospital. Read full post →EE Power Bar Explodes, Causes Burns To Victim’s Hand

We’re not sure how many of you guys saw Knight Rider growing up, but if you didn’t don’t worry about it, there’s a 2015 movie in the works. Now for those who do, you might recall that the star of the show was the car itself, also known as KITT in which it would able to respond to voice commands, drive itself, and fire weapons.

Basically it was pretty awesome and while we’re not really there yet in terms of developing a KITT for ourselves, you might be interested in a replica. The folks at ThinkGeek have revealed a new USB car accessory that basically gives your car KITT-like abilities. In reality the accessory is basically a USB charger for your car. Read full post →Turn Your Car Into Knight Rider With The KITT USB Charger

chubby-lara-croftDo you feel as though some things in the movies , magazines, TV shows and video games have gotten some ideas horribly wrong, especially when it concerns the body of a woman? Most of the time, the “ideal” body shape of a lady seems to be unrealistically attainable, and body confidence campaigners have unveiled a chubbier Lara Croft.

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drone-chimpanzeeDrones do seem to be big business these days, and it there are rumors that even South Korean conglomerate Samsung themselves are getting into the drone business – the selfie drone business, of course. Well, there are many applications for drone use, including helping out in the conservation efforts that happen worldwide. Drones are useful to help monitor animal species as well as to look out for them nasty poachers, as drones are small and agile enough to venture into areas which are dangerous for humans, or difficult for them to access.

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kfc-printer-bucketThere are good ideas, bad ideas, and downright great ones. The thing is, you can never really quite tell just which particular one is going to take off – at least, not until you try it. Those who love chicken might be in for a real treat, assuming this latest idea from the world famous KFC would turn out to be true. The KFC Tray Typer was a pretty hilarious idea, and this time around, how about a bucket that sports a built-in printer?

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microsoft-logoLast year, it was confirmed that Microsoft would be coming up with a future flagship store on Fifth Avenue, although as to when that will happen remains to be seen. After all, there were also earlier rumors floating around that pointed to talks being in place to acquire retail space on Fifth Avenue. It looks like there is some progress since then, where the new store will be at 677 Fifth Avenue.

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dadssWe did make mention of the DADSS (Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety) system before just early last month, but it seems that DADSS is about to play a far larger role in society in due time. New York Senator Chuck Schumer announced on Sunday that he was co-sponsoring a bill to fund Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS).

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youxia-xChina, the world’s second largest economy, has certainly done its part in going up the manufacturing food chain, and you would be surprised that Chinese startup Youxia Motors has just made an announcement of its very first production car – and it will be all-electric, to boot. This particular model would be the Youxia X, and while it is not quite the rip-off that other Chinese cars were, the design is said to be inspired by the Tesla Model S, while one can also see semblances of Lexus, Audi and Maserati rides, too. However, one must note that there is no truly original design these days, or it is rather difficult to find one that is offered from scratch.

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periscopePeriscope has just introduced a brand new update to its iOS app, and in this particular update, there will be a mute feature in order to prevent you from being disturbed by whoever is broadcasting live all the time. The ability to mute someone does not mean that they are taken off your “following” list, and you can still be on the receiving end of their live feeds. However, you will no longer need to receive notifications whenever this muted person begins to “broadcast”.

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