Apple Watch ‘Extreme Sports Model’ Might Launch In 2022
The Apple Watch is a fantastic tool when it comes to exercise monitoring and health tracking, but it’s not exactly a very durable device. This is because of the materials used which might be prone to scratches or even cracks, but that might change in 2022. This is according to a Bloomberg report which claims that an “extreme sports model” version could launch next year.

Amazon’s Luna Game Streaming Service Will Be Open To Prime Members This Month
Back in 2020, Amazon announced their entrance into the game streaming market by launching its Luna service. Unfortunately, as the service hasn’t been fully launched yet, the only way you could get in on it was to get an invite, but the good news is that if you’re an Amazon Prime customer, that will change this month.

Qualcomm Expresses Interest In Investing In ARM If NVIDIA Acquisition Fails
In 2020, NVIDIA announced that they would be acquiring ARM. However, it isn’t a done deal yet as it is still subject to approval by regulators, where a few months ago, the UK government has decided to block the deal. This means that there is a chance that the deal could ultimately fall through.

Razer’s 130W GaN Charger Will Cost You $180
Not all chargers were built equally. When you look at chargers for laptops, phones, smartwatches, and so on, you might usually pay attention to the power it can output, which is fair because obviously a higher output usually means that your devices can charge faster, so that’s reasonable.


The Beats Studio Buds Have Been Officially Announced
For the past few weeks, we have been hearing rumors about Apple’s new Beats earphones called the Beats Studio Buds. For those who were hoping that it might be announced at WWDC 2021, that was not the case, but it looks like Apple has finally unveiled it anyway.

Turtle Beach Launches A $350 Flight Simulator Controller
Microsoft’s Flight Simulator has one of the best visuals for a video game, and given that it’s meant to simulate the experience of flying around the world, it kind of has to have excellent graphics. However, if you felt that the experience could stand to be more immersive, then you’re in luck.

Some M1 iMacs Are Shipping With Crooked Mountings
The iMac has been designed as an all-in-one desktop system, meaning that the computer and display itself are integrated with each other to create a seamless look. However, that might not be the case in real life for some M1 iMac customers. This is because it seems that for some of them, Apple has been shipping out units that come with crooked mountings.This was initially reported in a video by […]

Apple Watch Series 7 To Sport Thinner Bezels, Faster Processor
Based on the designs we’ve been seeing from Apple’s products in recent years, it is believed that the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to adopt a similar design as well, which includes flat edges instead of the curved ones we’ve seen in current and previous models. Now according to a report from Bloomberg, more design details have emerged.

How To Check If My iPhone Is Still Under Warranty
Apple, as with pretty much most companies, provides customers with basic warranty, but if you’re wondering if your iPhone is still under warranty, then here’s how you check.

Google Workspace Is Now Open To All Users
For a while, some of Google’s products and services were divided between regular users and those in the enterprise space. One of those was Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) in which it was only accessible to those with an enterprise profile, but that has changed as Google has announced that Workspace will now be open to all users.

Netflix Releases Teaser Trailer For Cuphead Animated Series
A couple of years ago, Netflix announced that they would be developing an animated series for the indie hit game, Cuphead. The good news is that it looks like that time is almost upon us because Netflix has since published a teaser trailer for the upcoming series, and we have to say that we’re pretty excited.

Tesla Will Start Accepting Bitcoin Again When Miners Use Clean Energy
It has been suggested that due to the energy required to run a bitcoin mining system that in some cases, it’s actually better to just buy bitcoin instead of mining for it yourself. Also, a downside to mining for bitcoin is that the energy consumed might not always be clean, which is why months after announcing they would accept bitcoin, Tesla walked back on their plan.

iOS 15 Will Let You Drag And Drop Images And Text Across Apps
Want to drag and drop a file on your computer? No problem. Want to do something similar on your iPhone? That’s going to be tricky, if not near-impossible. However, the good news is that with iOS 15, Apple will be making that process easier by letting users drag and drop images and text across apps.

Netflix Confirms Castlevania Spin-Off Series In The Works
The fourth season of the Castlevania animated series on Netflix was confirmed to be the last, but it was also reported that Netflix was interested in expanding on the Castlevania universe. The good news for those who have enjoyed the series is that Netflix has since confirmed that a new spin-off series is in the works.

Ubisoft Launches Rocksmith+ Subscription That Teaches You How To Play Guitar And Bass
Want to learn a new musical instrument? If you do, some of you might recall that Ubisoft attempted to go down this path back in 2011 with Rocksmith. There was a sequel in 2014, but things have quieted down since then, at least until today where Ubisoft has announced the revival to its Rocksmith series with Rocksmith+.

Square Enix Announces ‘Pixel Perfect’ Makeovers For Final Fantasy 1-6
Over the years, we’ve seen Square Enix remake and remaster some of its Final Fantasy titles to make them more playable on modern day PCs and consoles. However, it seems that the company isn’t done remaking its titles just yet. At E3 2021, Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy 1-6 will be getting “pixel perfect” makeovers.

Diablo 2: Resurrected Will Be Released September 23
After releasing the technical alpha for Diablo 2: Resurrected earlier this year, Blizzard has since announced the release date for the game itself at E3 2021. For those who have been looking forward to getting their hands on it, Diablo 2: Resurrected will now be released on the 23rd of September later this year.

Microsoft Unveils The Xbox Mini Fridge
At Microsoft’s E3 showcase, the company showed off their next Xbox product, but it’s something that you might have never guessed – an Xbox Mini Fridge. Yes, you read that right, Microsoft will be making a mini fridge shaped like its new Xbox Series X console. It might sound like a joke, but Microsoft seems serious about it.

How To Take Full Page Screenshots In Safari For Mac
Need to take full page screenshots on Safari on your Mac computer? It’s actually a relatively simple process and here’s what you need to do.

How To Export Your Facebook Data
Your Facebook account holds a lot of information and data about you. Maybe you want to delete your Facebook account, but before you do, you might want to consider exporting your Facebook data to your computer first.

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