FaceApp Could Be Keeping The Rights To Your Photos

A couple of years ago, an app called FaceApp gained popularity thanks to its realistic filters. The app has resurfaced again and if you’re seeing photos of people looking artificially aged on social media, you have the app to thank for it. It seems like a fun app to play around with, but before you get too excited, here’s something to think about.

Nintendo Just Gave A Plane Full Of People Free Nintendo Switch Consoles

For most of us, flying to our destinations isn’t always the most enjoyable experience. There is turbulence, food that doesn’t always taste great, inconsiderate seatmates, and so on. However, it seems that a bunch of folks who took a Southwest Airlines flight just got the surprise of their life when Nintendo gifted each and everyone of them a free Switch console.

Braun Announces Plans To Get Back Into The Audio Business

Braun is a company that many would be familiar with for its grooming and shaving products, but did you know that before that, the company was actually in the audio business? It has been nearly three decades since Braun pulled out of the audio business, but now it seems that the company is looking to get back into the game.

Factory Workers In China Once Tried To Dig A Tunnel To Smuggle Out iPhone Parts

All companies have their own proprietary technology that makes each of their products unique to them. Apple is no exception where we imagine that the company is working around the clock to help prevent leaks, but it seems that at a point in time, there was an incident that happened in China that makes it worthy of its own movie.


Latest Figures Reveals Netflix Is Experiencing A Drop In New Subscribers

In the early days of video streaming, the competition wasn’t as fierce, and where companies such as Netflix reigned. However, in the past couple of years, we’re starting to see a rise in the number of video streaming services from the likes of Amazon, Apple, Disney, HBO, and more, and as such, it’s not surprising that Netflix’s subscriber count is taking a hit.

Belkin Unveils Wireless Charging Mount For Your Car

Charging your phone while you drive isn’t exactly a new thing, but in case you’re not a fan of plugging and unplugging your smartphone, then you might be interested to learn that Belkin has announced a new wireless charging mount that is designed to sit on your car’s air-con vent.

Google Removes A Bunch Of Apps That Could Be Used For Stalking

In this day and age, being able to look up someone’s information online is pretty easy, especially when in the age of social media, everyone seems to be more than willing to share their personal lives with complete strangers on the internet. This in turn has created a problem in which stalking someone from the comfort of your own home has become a thing.

Microsoft Embraces The $1 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate ‘Lifehack’

Usually when companies discover pricing errors, they will be quick to correct it. However, in Microsoft’s case, it seems that the company is embracing it and are actually encouraging its customers to take advantage of it, albeit for a limited time.

iPhone XR Was The Best Selling Smartphone In The U.S. Last Quarter

The iPhone XR appears to have received a lot of love in the United States. The latest data from Kantar World Panel reveals that it was the best selling smartphone in the country over the second quarter, accounting for 7.8 percent of the market. The top three best selling smartphones in the country last quarter were actually iPhones, the data shows.

Dedicated Fan Recreates Entire ‘The Office’ Set In Far Cry 5

The Office is one of those TV shows that never get old. It’s right up there with the likes of Friends and Seinfeld with the kind of following that it has. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a very dedicated fan recreated the entire Dunder Mifflin office set in Far Cry 5 with incredible accuracy.

First PUBG Official Story Trailer Has Been Released

Battle royale titles aren’t popular because of their back story. They’re popular because you’re dropped in a shrinking map with loads of other players to fight it out until you’re the last person standing. PUBG is looking to add a story element to the game, though, and the first trailer released to provide a sort of a story for the game takes things into a darker direction.

Spotify For iPad Finally Picks Up Multitasking Support

There’s some good news today for Spotify users on iPad. There’s a new update rolling out today for the Spotify app for iPad. The music streaming service has finally added multitasking support to the iPad version of its iOS app. This means that it gets support for features like Slide Over and Split View, a feature that Apple initially released back in 2015.

Firefox Will Warn You If Saved Logins Surface In Data Breaches

Data breaches are an unfortunate reality of the modern age. Compromised data spreads very quickly in these circles and can cause headaches for affected users. To make sure that you take appropriate actions if you find yourself in such a position, Firefox will start to warn users if their saved logins surface in a data breach.

2020 iPhone May Include A ToF Sensor

Manufacturers like Samsung have already shipped ToF sensors on some of their smartphones. We have set to see a Time of Flight sensor on an iPhone and that might very well happen next year. A new report claims that the 2020 iPhone will include a Time of Flight 3D sensor. The report says that Apple is working with its supplier to ensure that the sensor is ready in time for […]

Apple Could Buy Exclusive Rights To Original Podcasts

Apple serves a vast majority of podcast listeners through its Podcasts app so it wouldn’t be surprising if the company wanted to leverage that to not only retain that chunk of the market but also bring in more people. To that end, it’s likely that Apple might start throwing money around to pick up exclusive rights to original podcasts.

Google’s Controversial Chinese Search Project Shut Down

It was revealed a few months ago that Google was working on a secretive project for the Chinese market which would essentially have been a censored version of a search engine for the Chinese market. There was a lot of backlash, understandably, with even employees calling on the company to shelve the project. Google has now shut down its controversial “Dragonfly” Chinese search project.

Uber Wants To Help You Buy AirPods And Amazon Echos

Uber has a partnership with a startup called Cargo which allows its riders to purchase minor items like snacks or charging cables from consoles inside the vehicle. The two companies are now kicking things up a notch with a more substantial shopping experience that offers items like Apple AirPods and Oculus Go virtual reality headsets. Uber drivers obviously won’t be carrying around all of this gear with them at all […]

Oakland City Council Votes To Ban Facial Recognition Technology Use

The Oakland City Council has passed an ordinance which bans city agencies from using facial recognition technology. This makes Oakland the third city in the country to pass such legislation. The ordinance was passed unanimously by members of the city council which goes to show that they’re of the same mind regarding this.

McDonald’s Picks DoorDash As Its Second Delivery Partner

It was reported earlier this year that McDonald’s was thinking about ending its exclusive delivery deal with Uber Eats. The two companies had reportedly been negotiating on fees with the fast food giant looking to bring costs paid to the ride-share company down. The negotiations were also aimed at enabling franchisees to use delivery partners other than Uber Eats. There’s development on this front now as McDonald’s has confirmed that […]

Sprint Says Subscriber Information Was Accessed By Hackers Through A Samsung Website

Sprint has informed its subscribers about a security breach which has resulted in private information such as phone numbers, billing addresses, and more being compromised. This was due to a vulnerability present in a Samsung website, according to Sprint, which advertised an “add a line” feature for active Sprint subscribers.

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