DIY Aerodynamic Honda Motorbike

Motorbikes are already quite fuel efficient, but what happens when you need to save even more? Well, Allert Jacobs decided to pop a couple of modifications on his Honda ANF125i Innova motorbike, turning it from a 100+ MPG (miles per gallon) machine to a 200+ MPG machine, not too bad eh? A quick glance at the picture above and you’ll know that he was thinking about aerodynamics when he came up with this. Despite the modifications adding an extra 88lbs to the bike, it still manages to eke out more miles per gallon, which goes to show his design isn’t too bad. The only downside of this is probably the fact that you’re going to look more than a little weird, and everybody you pass by is going to be staring at you, but hey, you’re saving money!

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