Back in the day when it came to cars, you’d have your usual players like Toyota, GM, Honda, Ford, and so on. However, these days it looks like more tech companies are interested in dipping their feet in the automotive market. We’ve seen some of this ambition with dashboard systems like Android Auto and CarPlay, but it seems that this could grow into something bigger.

According to a recent report from Nikki Asia, it turns out that both Sony and Honda have entered into a memorandum of understanding with each other. This will result in a joint venture where both companies will work together to help develop and sell electric vehicles. It is also being billed as an open partnership that will also allow other companies to participate.

What’s interesting about this deal is that it now brings Sony one step closer to making their own EV plans a reality. The company had previously shown off an EV concept at CES in 2020 called the Vision-S, so this deal could allow the company to take that concept and with Honda’s experience and resources, turn it into an actual product.

Sony isn’t the only tech company interested in entering the EV space. Apple has long been rumored to be developing their own EV and earlier reports revealed that the company has been trying to hook up with various carmakers such as Hyundai, albeit with not much success, so if anything, it looks like Sony could have beaten them to the punch.

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