Side mirrors on cars have been more or less a standard as far as we can remember. However, it seems that Honda believes that there could be a better solution in the form of cameras and they have since started to implement that with their Honda E compact EV, where they have taken the side mirrors off and replaced them with cameras.

According to Honda, “The next-generation camera technology helps the car retain a modern, clean and simple design, and complements the stepless A-pillars and flush ‘pop out’ door handles, also confirmed for the production version of the Honda e. Unlike conventional side mirrors, the cameras are contained within the width of the car and do not extend beyond the wheel arches.”

The company also claims that with the removal of the side mirrors, which can stick out a bit, it can help to reduce the drag of the car, which in theory should reduce the amount of energy required to move forwards, thus potentially extending the range of the car as a result. The cameras will transmit information to screens placed on the dashboard inside of the car.

One of the upsides is that drivers can choose between a “normal” view and a “wide” view, both of which are expected to offer an extended field of vision that will help make parking easier and also switching lanes. The side cameras are currently only exclusive to Europe due to the laws in other parts of the world, such as the US, where side cameras are still not yet allowed.

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