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Xterrain500 Bike Has A Really Fat Front Tire
I suppose that riding all-terrain bikes is not everyone’s cup of tea, although you can be sure that there will be plenty of fans for such a ride, too. The world of all-terrain bikes look set to have received an electric boost, where the Xterrain500 will even sport what is deemed to be a rather unique feature, where it will sport a custom 10-inch-wide front tire, now how about that?

AirHead helps prevent “helmet hair”
If you ride a bicycle or a motorbike, you’ll probably understand what it’s like to deal with “helmet hair” every time you go somewhere. Well, the folks over at Twowheelcool have come up with a solution to the problem called AirHead. It is basically a super soft washable silicone, non-allergenic, anti-static and anti-bacterial accessory which you place on the inside of your helmet. The AirHead increases air ventilation to reduce […]

Inflatable helmet pad makes your helmets safer
While helmets are required by law to be worn at all times when cycling or on a motorbike, the size and fitting of a helmet isn’t regulated by the government. And even though it is always safer to wear a helmet when riding, a badly fitted helmet can be just as dangerous as not wearing one at all. To counter this problem, some designers have come up with a concept […]

MotoCzysz E1pc electric bike aims to break records
Michael Czysz’s latest MotoCzysz electric motorcycle was recently shown off in its full glory, and boy it sure is impressive. With a carbon fiber frame and an engine that packs up nearly 200 horsepower, the bike weighs less than 500 pounds. Michael Czysz has plans for the E1pc to become the first electric bike to break the 100mph average lap at the Isle of Man TT.While the full specs of […]


Uno III three-wheeled bike right out of Transformers movie
For those of you who gain your thrills from travelling around on two wheels at breakneck speeds, then chances are you would have a beast of a motorbike in your garage. How about trying something out different with the Uno III? This is a three-wheeled bike that can convert wherever you are, Transformers style, popping up a third wheel to surprise and impress onlookers.Powered by electricity, the Uno III can […]

Inflatable crash helmets stay hidden until needed
If you’ve ever disliked the idea of wearing helmets while biking because it messes with your hairdo – you’re not alone. Well, a Swedish design company named Hövding has come up with a special crash helmet that resembles nothing like a helmet – until activated. This will allow you to look as stylish as possible while riding a bike (you can simply cover the huge neck collar with some sort […]

Saline Bird bike runs on compressed air
When you think of green vehicles, the last thing that comes to mind is stylish. But French designers Charles-Edouard Berche, Ugo Spagnolo , Adrien Fuinesl, Frédéric Dobbelstein and Jean-Philippe Paries beg to differ. They’ve come up with a concept design for an environmental-friendly bike called the Saline Bird. Featuring a sleek design, and made from mostly carbon fiber to keep the bike lightweight and sturdy, the Saline Bird makes use […]

Izh-1 motorbike gets 2012 design update, remains as a concept
Designer Igor Chak has taken the Izh-1 motorbike and refreshed it with a futuristic update, claiming that this two-wheeler sports more safety features compared to 10 Volvos combined, where it will make riding on the highways and byways a whole lot safer than walking. Among the safety features that you can expect to see within include dual front airbags, a type of crumple zone for front-on crashes, a radar system, […]

Ducati working on frameless superbikes
Mention Ducati and you know that you’re about to embark on an adrenaline-pumping trip, as the company is working on frameless superbikes. The first of these would be an aluminium version of its GP10’s revolutionary carbon design. This new patent application aims to protect the composite semi-monococque design, and is a direction where Ducati clearly believes that could revolutionize the next generation of superbikes. What do you think of a […]

DIY Aerodynamic Honda Motorbike
Motorbikes are already quite fuel efficient, but what happens when you need to save even more? Well, Allert Jacobs decided to pop a couple of modifications on his Honda ANF125i Innova motorbike, turning it from a 100+ MPG (miles per gallon) machine to a 200+ MPG machine, not too bad eh? A quick glance at the picture above and you’ll know that he was thinking about aerodynamics when he came […]

Moto-Terminator Concept
Titan Books has just released the Terminator concept art of the Moto-Terminator, where a Terminator robot is seen riding a motorcycle – in particular, the Ducati Hypermotard. When the Terminator decides to lower itself and fuse with the bike, it will turn into an automatic killing machine that comprises of red lights eyes, boasting weapons that would wipe out humanity in the blink of an eye while boasting such a […]