Robotic pancreas could help save lives

We’ve seen robots conduct marriages, so what’s new? Well, how about a robotic organ – in this case, a robotic pancreas that will function as a fully automated, self-regulating artificial organ of mechanical and electronic nature instead of biological, where it boasts the capability of sensing blood-sugar levels round-the-clock, making it release just the right amount of insulin at the right time without having the diabetic patient to perform any action on his/her part. Sounds perfect, but it will take some time before the robotic pancreas hits the market due to red tape, and we mean plenty of them. It seems that manufacturers were afraid of liability, academics were bent on achieving perfection, and the Food and Drug Administration was downright suspicious of a computer taking over the controls of a mechanism that involves life-and-death responsibilities. Well, there is always a price to pay, but will the benefits outweigh the costs?

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