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Yumi by Omate, Home Robot with Android and Amazon Alexa
Today, Omate, the company that made one of the first smartwatches powered by Android, unveiled the first Android-powered robot featuring Amazon Alexa.Equipped with a 5-inch HD tactile LCD display in landscape mode, Yumi provides access to the Android apps that work in that screen position mode, the user interface has been customized, and the start screen offers a wheel with the main menu categories (see the photos)Most importantly, you can […]

Intel Capital Announces $38 million Investments in 12 Startups
Today at its Global Summit in San Diego, Intel Capital announced $38 million of new investments in 12 startups that develop technology I four categories: autonomous machines, data and connectivity, sports and health and virtual reality.According to the company, the 17th Intel Capital Global Summit gathers nearly 1,000 entrepreneurs, investors and technology business executives who will help create the future of technology. Among the distinguished speakers are Salesforce CEO Mark […]

Twerking Butt Is One Of The Weirder Robots You’ll Find
I know that we talked about a robot that comes in a softer exterior which jumps about like a frog earlier today, but here is something that is far more hedonistic and less altruistic. I am referring to PornHub’s Twerking Butt robot. You can check out this Twerking Butt in the action video right after the jump, where it is basically a standalone derriere of its own – and being […]

9-Year Old Girl Pwns “Boys Only” Robotics Competition
Is it a day of girl power or what? Earlier on, there was a report of an 11-year old girl who used a sling bow to extract her own tooth, and here we are with 9-year old Cash Cayen who was informed that she could not participate in robotics event simply because of her gender. Like water running off a duck’s back, she went against the grain and was determined […]


Winking Controls Robotic Arm
Robot arms are nothing new in the world of technology, but those tend to be controlled independently of a human brain, or attached as a smart prosthetic to help the disabled out. However, University of Toronto student Ryan Mintz and his team have come up with something special, which is a robotic arm that is capable of responding to brain waves that are captured using a special headset. It is […]

Robot Used To Help Ease Child's Pain
A robot could be the tool to ease a child's mind off pain in the future.

B-Catch Project - Visual Path calculation by “Piggy” and DFKI
[CeBIT 2012] I did not expect to find this uber-fun demo at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) at CeBIT, but it looks like scientists can have humor sometimes.The technology behind this Angry Birds-like robotic character is quite complex and requires some serious research and development: it combines real-time image processing with probabilities modeling of knowledge about the characteristics of ball trajectories.Dr. Tim Laue and his team from […]

Smart fur might see more sentient robotic pets
Owning a pet dog is definitely fulfilling, as man’s best friend knows how to accompany you whenever you feel down and the whole world is collapsing around you, offering a tummy rub to brighten up your day. However, there are those of us who hate cleaning up after our pets, which is why a robotic dog like the discontinued Sony Aibo makes for an alternative choice. The Aibo came in […]

Tour Guide Robot to boost tourist arrivals?
Would the presence of Tour Guide Robots at crucial touristy areas actually signal the death of a real life tourist guide? Perhaps, but perhaps not. After all, a robot is still cold and calculative, and no matter how “warm” you want it to be in the voice recording, it will be unable to have the warmth of the human touch. The Tour Guide Robot project that kick started in 2006 […]

A robot that controls humans
No, the title does not have any typo on it – where the future might see a robot that is full well capable of controlling your limbs, instead of having you control its limbs. This idea might take some getting used to, but we’re talking about robots that were specially created to “power” humans with boosted capabilities. Researchers have successfully developed a prototype robot which is capable of controlling a […]

Body sharing robot lets you transcend space
Ever looked at your schedule and thought to yourself, wondering just how the heck are you going to manage being in two different places at the same time? Well, you can now do so in a sense, thanks to a body sharing telepresence robot that was developed by Dzmitry Tsetserukou of Toyohashi University of Technology in Japan, where his team will be able to receive information concerning the robot’s body […]

Flying robots construct 20-foot tower in France
Now here is something that might just pique your interest – a bunch of flying robots actually got down and dirty, constructing a 20-foot tower in France in the process. There is no need to employ anyone who suffers from vertigo, since these robots have no sense of fear, heights or otherwise. Pay a visit at the FRAC Centre in Orleans where you can check out the “Flight Assembled Architecture,” […]

Quadcopter robots is a work in progress
Robots are constantly being improved upon by scientists in laboratories, and they certainly do have a major role to play on the battlefield. Take for instance, the Predator drone that has been dispatching off high value targets for the longest time already without the need to risk the life of a human pilot. Well, it seems that quadcopter robots are being worked on to build structures autonomously. Hmmm, that’s new, […]

Guide robot at the Bucheon City Hall
Robots seem to be in the limelight a whole lot more often these days than in the previous decade, simply because they are able to do a whole lot more than their predecessors with the advancement that we’ve seen in robotics technology. Well, the Bucheon City Hall in South Korea did receive help from a service robot sometime last year, where that robot offered directions, validated parking, as well as […]

Dream Robo scales ladders in a jiffy
Robots are starting to get more and more agile these days, and the Japanese as well as the Koreans are spearheading this particular robotic movement with aplomb over the past few years. Dream Robo from Osaka-based industrial equipment maker Muscle Corporation are part of an alliance that involves a handful of other Japanese companies to work on a humanoid robot who can climb ladders without any help. It might not […]

Gumby-like robot moves around in style
We would have thought of robots to be hard and unyielding, but here is an interesting “soft” robot that was inspired by squid and starfish – allowing it to crawl, undulate, and even squeeze under obstacles. A team over at Harvard University has come up with this particular robot, allowing it to gain several advantages over other kinds of robots that have treads, wheels and rigid parts. Inspired by creatures […]

Nextage humanoid robot could be your colleague in the future
Nextage, a humanoid robot that was developed by Kawada Industries, was specially designed so that it can function with the rest of humanity without looking out of place. The start of a protocol droid, or someone – should I say something, far more suitable like Data from Star Trek? Kawada Industries mentioned that it is “logical for robots that work together with people to be human-shaped” – and I do […]

M3-synchy robot
Early last year, the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute (ATR) lifted the veil from the M3-synchy, where it was constructed via the robotics company known as Vstone. Specially designed to be tiny and portable, it delivers image and voice recognition functionality. At this moment, Vstone still sells the M3-synchy, although they do take orders from a rather similar product known as the RPC-S1.

Ant-Roach robot takes the inflatable route
I would not have figured out that robots in the near future might actually be of the Marshmallow Man variety, that is, it is inflatable. Well, this pneubot known as Ant-Roach is a 15-foot long walking robot, where it was developed by the folks over at Otherlab as part of their “pneubotics” project. Of course, they did not make a stab at it alone, but rather, did work in tandem […]

Titanoboa is the stuff of future horror stories
I am quite sure that you have seen your fair share of cheesy and corny horror flicks which involved giant man-eating snakes, or how about the snakefest known as Snakes on a Plane? Well, none of these will be able to compare to the behemoth known as Titanoboa – which was actually a species of snake of old, where it was thought to have reached a length of 50 feet, […]