Enermax Aeolus N14 cooling pad targets netbook owners

Own a netbook? Well, netbooks aren’t exactly noted for shipping with high end specifications that will end up melting your family jewels if you use it for number crunching long enough, but with the advent of dual core processors in netbooks, things could heat up a little. Still, we don’t think it warrants a cooling pad, but if you’re a paranoid android, then go ahead and pick up the Enermax Aeolus N14 cooling pad for your netbook. Retailing for $27 a pop, this model comes with a 14cm fan which will ensure fresh air and its steel mesh paves the way for unrestricted air circulation. Being netbook-specific, this means it is portable enough due to its diminutive size, so forget about using a notebook with this. Features include another USB port that makes it a wee bit more valuable than we originally thought.

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