Pixel Qi has done some rather impressive work with their sunlight-friendly displays in the past, and said screens have already made their way to the offices of San Diego-based Sol Computers. According to Sol Computers, the company decided to settle on what Pixel Qi had to offer because of the higher rate of visibility. Too bad by throwing these displays into an otherwise mediocre hardware configuration, the price has increased to a crazy high amount – I mean, who would fork out $750 for a netbook that seems to have its specifications hail from 2010? We’re talking about an Intel Atom N455 1.6GHz processor with a 250GB hard drive inside, aided by a mere 2GB RAM. Heck, there is a Samsung logo under the display, which unashamedly tells everyone that this is but a repackaged netbook.

Of course, the inclusion of the Pixel Qi dual-mode screen allows you to use it in direct sunlight thanks to a user-togglable LED backlight, but that would mean a $350 or so premium over what Samsung would have charged.

As for the Sol Tablet PC, the same overpriced issue arises – it will cost a whopping $1,099, where it will be powered by Windows 7 Starter with 1GB RAM keeping the Intel Atom N455 1.6GHz processor company. No idea on whether the 10.1″ display will support multitouch capability or not, but to blow a grand on a low spec tablet? It does not sound too wise.

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