Early adopters of computers who used those expensive machines for gaming at home would most probably have memories of the name Amiga – and it seems as though the company wants to invoke a little bit of nostalgia by rolling out a netbook which is powered by an Amiga operating system, no less. Touted to cost anywhere from $300 to $500, it will come with the AmigaOS4 operating system, where it will be sourced “in a special configuration from an OEM”, sporting an integrated graphics chip, 512MB RAM, and definitely storage amounting to a few GBs.

Do not expect superb performance capability though – this is a netbook after all, and you will get the basics such as USB connectivity, audio ports, an Ethernet port, and Wi-Fi support amongst others. It seems as though the Amiga netbook will be ready for a mass market release sometime in the middle of next year onwards, so there is still a good amount of time left to wait just in case you were hankering after one of these. I think at that kind of pricing, most folks would prefer something more established – like a tablet, perhaps?

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