Sanyo and Suzuki work together to release the Electric Drive System

Both Sanyo and Suzuki have teamed up to deliver what they call the Electric Drive System, where a prototype electric scooter known as e-Let’s will bring together the high performance in-wheel motor and a high efficiency control circuit. Relying on a dedicated charger and a battery system for electric motors’ that uses Sanyo lithium-ion batteries, the e-Let’s won;t break any springs on your scale, since it weighs almost the equivalent as the petrol-engine model. Not only that, you will also benefit from smooth acceleration, nimble performance, low noise, low vibration, and zero-emission environmental performance which are the main characteristics of electric scooters. We do wonder whether you might want to install a sound option that is found in the Prius which will emit some noise of sorts whenever the electric engine is running fully so that pedestrians know you’re around. The e-Let’s prototype electric scooter currently requires around four hours to achieve a single full charge via a 100V household outlet, which ain’t too shabby when you think about it.

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