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Sanyo and eInstruction offers interactive teaching solution
Sanyo decided to team up with eInstruction so that their efforts will result in a software and projector bundle that will deliver an interactive teaching solution – or at least, that is the final goal. This tie in will see a Sanyo interactive ultra short throw projector work in tandem with industry-leading interactive educational software programs from eInstruction, supporting both Mac and Windows platforms in order to make as far […]

Sanyo Eneloop winter gear upgrade announced
Don’t you think it is a bit too early to announce gear for winter as summer isn’t over yet, while autumn is still a few weeks away? Well, perhaps the folks over at Sanyo think that it is far better to be safe than sorry, and they most probably want to follow the Boy Scouts’ motto of being prepared. Hence, the announcement of upgraded winter gear from their Eneloop range.To […]

Sanyo Eneloop Mobile Booster updated
Sanyo has updated their Eneloop Mobile Booster in the form of the KBC-L54D (5400mAh) and KBC-L27D (2700mAh) models. Both of them will feature a similar design as that of its predecessors, but you can bet your bottom hard-earned dollar that they will be able to carry a larger amount of power – we are looking at an incremental upgrade of around 8%, alongside the ability to recharge either your smartphone […]

MIRAI SANZO is an Android-based smart home robot
We know that the Android operating system has been used in many different ways and can be programmed to run all sorts of electronics, and now the folks over at Sanyo Homes in Japan have managed to put it inside a robot. Called the MIRAI SANZO, this cute little robot  meant for “families of the future” in Japan.The Robot is shaped like a ball and will basically function as a […]


Sanyo XX batteries are powered by eneloop technology
Sanyo’s eneloop batteries is nothing short of legendary by now, thanks to their amazing capability of retaining a charge even when they’ve not been used for a long, long time, not to mention being able to recharge many times over without suffering from the “memory effect“. Well, Sanyo has just upped the ante with their new XX batteries, being the highest capacity eneloop ever, boasting Typ. 2500 mAh of power.Since […]

Sanyo introduces the PLC-WU3800 compact projector
Sanyo has just announced the introduction of the PLC-WU3800, a Wide XGA compact projector that is touted to have the highest brightness for a projector in its class. With the capability to go as bright as 3800 Lumens, it designed for use in lighted environments such as classrooms, offices and conference rooms. What sets the PLC-WU3800 apart from other projectors is its “Auto setup function” that makes it easy to […]

Sanyo eneloop mobile booster for instant backup
Sanyo has just introduced their KBC-L2 rechargeable battery pack, which is also known as the eneloop mobile booster, where it will offer instant back-up power for various portable devices such as cell phones, smartphones, portable media players as well as other USB-powered devices. The KBC-L2, being part of the eneloop family, will retail for $79.99 a pop. Sporting a couple of  USB outputs, you are able to connect two USB […]

HTC Arrive and Kyocera Echo product names surface
Is this a baseless rumor or a juicy leak? High quality vector graphics of some product names have surfaced and they’re apparently destined for Sprint. The HTC Arrive that is pictured here is apparently an upcoming Windows Phone 7 device and it so happens that the trademark for the “HTC Arrive” was registered recently too. The other device is listed as the Kyocera Echo and is apparently the retail name […]

Sanyo introduces the PLC-XU4000 ultra-portable projector with intelligent lamp control system
Aside from the PLC-WL2503, Sanyo has another projector in store for us, namely the PLC-XU4000. This ultra-portable projector features a high 4,000 lumens brightness and weighs 7lbs, ensuring that it’s easy to transport. It features a contrast ratio of 2,000:1 and Sanyo claims that the power consumption can be reduced by up to 69 percent compared to similar projectors from competitors. These power saving features are achieved by boosting the […]

Sanyo PLC-HF15000L projector offers 15k ANSI lumens
The brightness of a projector is extremely important, and Sanyo’s latest offering, the PLC-HF15000L will certainly carve a smile on your face – after all, it is capable of delivering a brightness level of 15,000 ANSI lumens, making it king of the hill for projectors in its class. Apart from that, the PLC-HF15000L will also feature Sanyo’s exclusive QuaDrive technology which results in superior color accuracy with a very wide […]

Sanyo To Produce The World’s Most Efficient Solar Cells
Green energy has taken another positive step forward as Sanyo has announced that it will begin mass producing a new type of solar cell. These new solar cells, dubbed HIT cells, boast the world’s highest cell conversion efficiency of 21.6%. It’s worth noting that Sharp showcased a solar cell that was capable of 42.1% efficiency a while back, but that was just a prototype. Sanyo’s HIT-N240SE10 is capable of 19% […]

Sanyo limited edition 8-color Eneloop rechargeable battery packs
Wow, has it been 5 years already? Sanyo has just announced that come November 14th, they will be rolling out limited edition 8-color glitter AA and AAA-size Eneloop rechargeable battery packs in Japan, where there will only be 200,000 limited edition packs made available. The 8 colors will be purple, pink, orange, yellow, light green, light blue, silver and black – totally different from the original white in which it […]

Panasonic and Sanyo launches EVERLEDS Lithium-ion Solar Street Light
Both Panasonic and Sanyo have put their thinking caps together, working in harmony to roll out the EVERLEDS lithium-ion solar street light. You just gotta love the name as well as the ring to it – EVERLEDS sounds as though it can last virtually forever, don’t you think so? Featuring Sanyo’s HIT solar cells that boast the highest-class conversion efficiency in the world, it can provide enough juice for the […]

Sprint readies LG Optimus S, Sanyo Zio and Samsung Transform
We’ve already had a hands-on of the Samsung Transform, but here are the vital statistics and how all three models will stack up in the world of Android phones. As mentioned earlier, they will all support Sprint ID, but this will focus more on the hardware specifications than services delivered with each purchase. First off, the Android 2.2-powered LG Optimus S will feature a 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen display, a 3.2-megapixel […]