Gogoro Smartscooter Goes On Sale

Right at the start of the year, we did bring you word on an electric scooter that hails from Gogoro of Taiwan. Well, that particular scooter does come with swappable batteries – which theoretically speaking, you need not have to charge your electric scooter ever again, although purchasing a new battery each time it runs flat would be a prime example of being a poor steward of one’s money. Having […]

Terra Motors’ A2000 E-Scooter To Help In Intra-City Commute

[CES 2015] Terra Motors of Japan is no stranger when it comes to manufacturing scooters which are meant to help folks get around the city in an eco-friendly manner, and this time around, they have unveiled the A2000 e-scooter that will succeed its predecessor, the A4000i, in a bid to further expand the e-scooter market around the world. Of course, it has not been too long since the A4000i was […]

Gogoro Electric Scooter Plucked From An Alternate Future

[CES 2015] Form and function ought to always go together – and we are firm believers of that, unless you happen to kickstart a brand new market which no one else has a stake in it, such as Henry Ford and his Model T at the beginning. Still, see how many different kinds of car designs we have on the road these days? So too, does the electric scooter – […]

Belt Scooter Helps You Get Around In A Novel Method

When you have a particular product with a name like Belt Scooter, one can only sit back and scratch one’s head, wondering just what the heck it is. Well, as this particular name suggests, it might be a good idea to take things literally – at least in this case. What you are getting would be a belt – and a scooter too, at the same time, as it remains […]


Propane Powered Motor Scooter

Going green seems to be the keyword these days, and have been for a fair number of years already. Having said that, if you were to pick up a scooter, just which particular model would you gun for? ProGo has announced their ProGo 300 Propane Powered Motor Scooter, where this personal mode of transport will be able to deliver the performance of a gas scooter, all with the amount of […]

Man Puts Giant Flamethrower On Mobility Scooter For The Heck Of It

If you’ve made a trip down to your local Walmart, you’ll know just how harmless scooters can be so long as the person riding it isn’t making their way to the last box of Cookie Crisp. Scooters have increased in popularity as senior citizens and disabled people have relied on them to make their way through the world, which is why we’re not entirely sure why someone went through the […]

Be.e Scooter Manufactured The Green Way

So you want to be part of the green brigade, so to speak, by walking as much as possible, taking eco-friendly public transport whenever possible, going organic with your diet, and even purchasing organic cotton shirts – as long as your budget permits it, that is. Well, the Be.e scooter might be your mode of transport of choice, as it is said to come with a body that is made […]

Moveo Electric Scooter Is Foldable, No Parking Spot Required

Depending on where you live, commuting can be a nightmare and that’s probably true for most big cities. To alleviate some of the road congestion issues, many use a 2-wheels transportation mode, motorized or not. The thing is: when you have a motorized vehicle, you may have a much harder time to park it than you would with a bicycle The Moveo Electric Scooter wants to fix that by letting you fold […]

MyWay – a cool ultraportable electric scooter

GreenReflex has launched a new ultraportable electric scooter called MyWay. It is a foldable transportation device that is powered by an electric motor and a Li-Ion battery. Its main advantage is being extremely compact (110 x 24 x 37cm, folded) and at 12kg, it is relatively light, thanks to an aluminum construction. It has a range of 30km (18.6 miles) on flat surfaces and your mileage will vary depending on […]

Solar-powered vehicles ensure you never have to pedal to keep moving

If you’re one of those folk who easily get tired when cycling a bike – you might not have to anymore, thanks to the wonders of solar technology. Case in point, the KPV – an electric scooter created by an inventory named Terry Hope. He managed to create a scooter that ran on electricity while the battery stayed juiced up with a multitude of solar panels to convert sunlight into […]

Bergmönch scooter collapses for easy transportation

If you have a penchant for the great outdoors, then surely you would have explored the avenue of mountain biking – but here is a new way of traversing and scaling those mountains, with the Bergmönch scooter. What makes this mode of transportation different would be the scooter’s ability to actually collapse, making it a whole lot easier to carry in the accompanying backpack, letting you carry it up in […]

Aqua Star USA AS-2 Scooter lets you explore the ocean at your leisure

If you’re too lazy to swim or learn how to dive, but you really want to explore the ocean there really hasn’t been any solution to the problem besides renting an underwater exploration DVD to watch or find someone who would take you on their submarine. Well now there’s a new option – called the AS-2 Scooter from Aqua Star USA.

Razor scooters encourage kids to vandalize and start fires?

If there ever was a children’s toy on the market right now that encourages vandalism or starting fires, Razor’s Graffiti and eSpark scooters would fit the bill. Their recently released scooters seem to paint the much frowned up activities in a good light.

e-Vivacity scooter from Peugeot

Peugeot is more famous for their cars than two-wheelers – in fact, you might just scratch your head and start to wonder just when did the French motor company ever release any kind of motorcycles or scooters? The answer is recently, in the form of the battery-powered e-Vivacity. Of course, this isn’t Peugeot’s first attempt where the electric scooter market is concerned, as they did make an attempt all the […]