Ford has just announced that they will be including the Auto Start-Stop technology in all of their non-hybrid cars by the time 2012 rolls around – this button will turn off a car’s engine when it comes to a stop, helping save fuel in the process. Currently, Auto Start-Stop has been available on gasoline-electric hybrid cars since 2004 onwards, and it will see action in the Ford Escape Hybrid, Fusion Hybrid, and Lincoln MKZ Hybrid next year. For the year 2012, this feature will also be added to non-hybrid vehicles in North America, coming in manual and automatic transmission gasoline-powered cars, not to mention Ford’s dual-clutch six-speed automatic transmission vehicles as well. Apparently, the new Auto Start-Stop for gasoline engines is touted to improve fuel economy by at least 4%, hitting as high as 10% depending on the vehicle size and usage. We’re all for technology that helps keep the environment green, so why not? 2012 can’t come fast enough for us.

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