One of the main components of an electric car is its battery. This is important because the battery essentially determines the range of the vehicle, like how long it can travel for before it needs a recharge. Sure, companies could rely on others to make batteries for them, but Ford isn’t doing that.

The company has announced that they will be launching a new battery development center in Michigan. This battery development center will be called the Ford Ion Park and it will be a place  where the company will be able to research and develop electric vehicle batteries. The goal is to create batteries that not only last long, but are fast to charge, and are also sustainable.

The company is also hoping that they will be able to develop a process that will allow them to make batteries quickly, cheaply, and also at scale. Ford is not alone in developing their own batteries, but they are kind of late to the party. Other carmakers such as GM are already building a couple of battery factories together with LG Chem.

Volkswagen have also announced plans to launch six gigafactories in Europe by 2030, and Tesla is also in the early stage of developing their own tables battery cells.

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