Spider Optics System allows mini-sub robots to swim solo

There is nothing quite like the advancement of technology to make the world a better place, and Hawkes Remotes is currently working on a wireless ROV (Remotely Operated underwater Vehicle) which could potentially change the way we explore oceans. According to Hawkes Remotes CEO Jonathan Epstein, “The problem is, dragging cable through water is an ineffective way to go fast and far. These things are attached to power sources, they’re like building an electric car or an electric bike or electric plane with a large extension cord. And this is a large extension cord in a medium that is 850 times as dense as air, so it creates a huge amount of drag… and that creates a loss of range, of speed, and it makes it pretty difficult to maneuver. The result is that most ROVs can only free swim, from their point of tether origin, about 500 meters.” This has resulted in the company developing the Spider Optic System, where the fruits of their labor includes an ROV that discharged a silky millimeters thick fiber optic cable as it moves about underwater, similar to an aquatic spider. Being remote controlled still, the power line itself is now far less clunkier. Could this result in cheaper and more efficient ROVs?

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