Gummy Bear earphones

Manufacturers are getting good at figuring out what we want, but sometimes you just can’t please everyone. Like in this case – music and gummy bears. I’m sure it’s a combination that a lot of people will agree with, but how can the two be brought together? Enter the Gummy Bear earphones. Sakar, an electronic accessories manufacturer has just announced that they will be selling a bunch of Gummy Bear products in the near future, and the earphones being one of them. And other than being in the shape of the iconic Gummy Bears that’s where all resemblance ends. These cute bears aren’t edible, and will have an ear bud and a wire sticking out of them. And instead of putting them into your mouth, they go into your ears instead for you to listen to music. So while it doesn’t bring the complete fusion of Gummy Bears and music, it is a pretty good attempt. I guess you could wear these earphones while listening to music and eating gummy bears at the same time. Just be careful so you don’t put these earphones in your mouth, after going into that waxy ear hole in the side of your head, I don’t think it’s going to taste very pleasant. There are no announced prices or availability for these earphones yet, but expect them to show up at retailers like Best Buy. Who’s interested in grabbing a pair of these babies?

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