Apple Music Now Supported By Amazon’s Echo Speakers

Amazon has their own music streaming service and we’re sure that the company would love if all users were to sign up for it. However the reality is that many of us are subscribed to multiple platforms, like Mac users who own Android devices, or iPhone users who subscribe to Spotify, and so on.

Apple Music Connect Will Be Shutting Down In 2019

Musicians and bands already have their own social media pages like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram where they post updates like tour dates, new album releases, new music videos, and so on. Apple attempted to create its own social network with Apple Music Connect, but it looks like that experiment has since failed and will be shutting down.

Unofficial Apple Music Player For The Web Launches

We’re sure that Apple would love for everyone to sign up with Apple Music. However the service isn’t available for all platforms, such as Linux where iTunes isn’t available, meaning that Linux users who want to listen to iTunes will need to rely on their phones. That’s one of the main reasons why Redditor NaveedGol decided to make a web version of Apple Music.

Apple Offering HomePod Discounts For Apple Music Subscribers

Apple’s HomePod is one of the more expensive smart speakers around where at $350, it certainly puts it well above the prices of some of its competitors, although Apple argues that the HomePod’s audio quality more than makes up for it. That being said if you’re looking to save some money, you might be in luck.


Sony & Rhapsody Launching Audiophile Streaming Service In Japan

In the music streaming market at the moment, Apple Music and Spotify more or less reign supreme. However it seems that Sony wants in on the action and thinks that they might be able to set themselves apart by teaming up with Rhapsody and launching a streaming service in Japan aimed at audiophiles.

Apple May Be Considering Acquire iHeartRadio

Earlier last month it was reported that Apple could be considering making an investment into iHeartMedia which would not only give Apple a potential stake in the company, but also allow its Beats 1 radio station to be distributed further and reach more users, which in turn could also convince more users to sign up with Apple Music.

Apple Music Now Has More Than 56 Million Subscribers

While Apple Music got a later start compared to the other streaming services out there, it seems to be catching up pretty quick. Earlier this year it was reported that Apple Music had about 50 million subscribers, but now according to the latest figures from the Financial Times, it seems that that number has jumped to 56 million in about half a year.

Spotify Could Soon Allow Users To Import Their Own Music

Music streaming services are useful because they let you listen to music whenever you want while on the go, and also being able to search and add songs to your library without having to deal with cables and all that jazz. However streaming services aren’t 100% perfect as its catalogue does depend on the deals that they’ve made with various publishers and labels.

Apple Music Beta For Android Supports Tablets

If you’re subscribed to Apple Music and you’re using iOS devices like an iPhone and an iPad, then you know that Apple Music works across either device. However for those on Android, it is a different story, but for Android users who are subscribed to Apple Music, you might be interested to learn that the latest beta for the app now supports tablets.

Deezer Launches Updated Apple Watch App

Just last week, Spotify launched its official app for the Apple Watch which brought about native features and controls for Spotify on the smartwatch. Not to be outdone, it looks like Deezer has since updated its own app where it will now offer up a lot more features to the Apple Watch which we imagine the company is hoping will draw more subscribers.

Concept Case Turns Your Apple Watch Into An iPod

Apple’s iPod is no more, and that has been the case for several years now. Given that the iPhone and iPad do a more than capable job of storing and playing music, especially with Apple Music, it made sense that Apple would no longer need the iPod. However if you do miss the iPod, then this concept case might be of interest to you.

Tidal Music Now Available On Amazon’s Echo

Chances are when someone buys an Amazon Echo speaker, they are most likely buying it for Alexa and the various skills and connectivity options the digital assistant offers. However if you’d like to use your Echo speakers for more than just a medium between you and Alexa, you might be interested to learn that Tidal has launched for the Echo speakers.

Tidal App Launched For Samsung’s Smartwatches

Music is a great way to keep ourselves entertained or focus when we’re exercising, and if you’re the owner of a Samsung smartwatch, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Tidal has officially launched its app on Samsung’s smartwatches (via Engadget) where users will be able to use the app to play music on their wearables.

League Of Legends Put Together A Spectacular K-Pop Music Video

In the past few years, Riot’s League of Legends has remained one of the most popular games to play, and there have been numerous competitions based around it, so safe to say that the game probably doesn’t need to promote itself since its branding is already pretty strong, but hey, a little extra marketing probably doesn’t hurt, right?