Ad-Supported YouTube Music Now Available Google Home

If you’ve ever wondered if you should sign up and pay for a YouTube Music subscription, the good news is that now you won’t have to if you own a Google Home device. This is because Google has announced that starting today, YouTube Music will be free for users who stream it through a Google Home speaker.

Amazon Music Now Has A Free Ad-Supported Listening Tier

If there is one reason why Spotify is still dominating the music streaming industry, it is because they offer users a free, ad-supported listening tier. This means that users get to stream their songs for free if they don’t mind listening to ads every now and then. This is versus other services like Apple Music that only offers a free trial before users are required to pay for it.

How to Get a Refund From the Google Play Store

In real life when we purchase something that didn’t live up to our expectations or it turned out to be something we don’t need, usually we are able to return it to the store and get a refund. The same applies to downloaded apps, music, movies, and ebooks from Google Play, and here’s how you go about getting a refund for them.

Korean Pop Group ‘BLACKPINK’ Is Breaking YouTube Records

Several years ago, Korean musician Psy launched his “Gangnam Style” video on YouTube where it proceeded to break several YouTube records. Fast forward a few years, it seems that another Korean pop group by the name of BLACKPINK has also managed to break several YouTube records, this time with their latest hit single, “Kill This Love”.


Our Digital Music Might Not Be So Environmentally-Friendly After All

Digital music seems like a much more green answer compared to listening to music through physical mediums, like vinyl, CDs, and so on. However, as it turns out, digital music might not be as green as we had hoped for. This is according to a study by researchers at the University of Glasgow and the University of Oslo.

Music Streaming Accounts For Almost Half Of Music Revenue

When digital music was first introduced, it made a lot of sense as it helped users save space from having to store physical mediums of music, such as CDs. Now fast forward to today, music streaming seems to be gaining in popularity and it looks like it is now the dominant source of music revenue.

Apple Music Has Been Installed On 40 Million Android Devices

We know that some of you might have cringed a little when Apple announced that they would be launching Apple Music on Android. This is because of the divide between iOS and Android users, where it is very rare to see Apple bring its services to competing platforms. However, it’s not surprising as we imagine that Apple will probably want to attract as many customers as possible.

Spotify Will Use Algorithms To Help Create More Personalized Playlists

When it comes to music discovery, there are many ways in which we can go about finding new artists and songs. It can come from a friend’s recommendation, a movie’s soundtrack, or as we’re starting to see these days, the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning where music services attempt to learn what you like and make recommendations off of that.

Potential Pricing Of Apple’s Upcoming Services Revealed

So we know that come Monday, Apple could be launching a new video streaming service, a news and magazine subscription service, and also maybe even a gaming service. However if there is one question that is evading us all, it would be how much will all of these services cost Apple’s customers?

Facebook’s Watch Party Expands To TV And Music

Last year Facebook launched a feature called Watch Party. For those who are hearing about this for the first time, Watch Party is a feature which allows Facebook users to watch videos live together at the same time, kind of like being in the same room together with you and your friends, except that it is done virtually.

Tidal’s iOS App Gains Support For Masters Audio

The problem with music streaming is that in terms of quality, it might not be on the same level compared to lossless audio files. This is to be expected since such files can be too big to stream efficiently on the internet, plus usually not that many people can tell the difference anyway as such audio will require higher-end hardware to truly appreciate.

Apple Confirms ‘It’s Show Time’ Event For March 25

Last month there was a rumor that Apple could be planning a star-studded event for the 25th of March. The company is expected to launch its new streaming service and it was also rumored that many celebrities could be in attendance. Whether or not that is true remains to be seen, but at the very least Apple has confirmed that they are hosting such an event.

Apple Offering 10% Bonus When Adding Funds To Your Account

When you make a purchase via Apple’s App Store or iTunes, chances are you might make those purchases by tying a credit card to your account, where you’ll be charged each time you make a purchase. However it seems that Apple would much prefer if users were to load up their accounts with money and are now offering users an incentive to do so.

Music Streaming Services Are Fighting Royalties Increase

Royalties are one of the several ways that musicians earn money through their music. This is why it was a big deal when Apple initially refused to pay musicians royalties during the three month trial period of Apple Music. This essentially meant that musicians had to work for “free” during those three months.