Samsung’s Partnership With Spotify Will Bring The Service To All Its Devices

Several years ago, Samsung decided to get into the music business with the launch of Samsung Milk, a streaming service similar to that of Pandora. However a couple of years ago, the service was shut down but now it looks like Samsung has a new streaming service in the form of Spotify.

Drake Is The First Artist To Surpass 50 Billion Streams

As a musician, Drake seems to be breaking a lot of records. Last month his latest album managed to smash records on both Apple Music and Spotify, and it was also reported that his album had been streamed over a billion times in its first week. Thanks to those accomplishments, Drake has managed to break yet another record.

Spotify Integration Will Be Coming To Skype

Spotify has been slowly integrating itself into apps, allowing users to search, play, and share music directly in whatever app they’re using, such as Facebook Messenger. Now it looks like Spotify might have found a new home because it has been announced that Spotify integration will soon be coming to Skype.

Verizon Unlimited Customers Get Free Apple Music For Six Months

There are obvious advantages to subscribing to an unlimited plan with your carrier, namely in the form of unlimited data. However if you’re a Verizon Unlimited customer, it seems that you’ve just been given an additional perk in the form of a free six month subscription to Apple Music, which is available to both new and current subscribers.


Apple CEO Says They’re Not In Music Streaming ‘For The Money’

Why do companies launch services and products? Obviously it is to make money, but apparently to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, making money seems to be secondary when it comes to Apple Music. This is according to a report from Fast Company in which Cook was quoted as saying just that.

Apple Music Gets More Social With ‘Friends Mix’ Playlist

Have you always wondered what kind of songs your friends are listening? Due to the fact that we all have different tastes when it comes to music, this means that checking out what others are listening to can be great for discovering new songs, genres, artists, bands, and so on. If that sounds like something you might be interested in, Apple is here to help. Is Officially Done

For a moment in time, you might have seen a slew of videos of people dancing and lip syncing to songs via, a short-form video app that allowed users to be creative when it came to lip syncing their favorite songs. However it seems that is no more as the app is no longer available.

Best Buy & Target Are Phasing Out Sales Of CDs

Nowadays with digital distribution of music and movies, the physical medium is no longer as prevalent as it once was. There are some who still prefer physical media formats like the CD, but that’s clearly not as big as a market as it once was, so much so that it isn’t surprising that retailers such as Best Buy and Target are reportedly phasing out CD sales.

Amazon Launches Alexa Cast For Better Music Playback Control

With features like AirPlay and Google Cast, users of either iOS or Android devices have the option of sending content from their mobile devices, like their smartphones, to compatible devices like speakers, TVs, and so on. Now it looks like Amazon wants in on that action and has since launched a new feature called Alexa Cast.

Spotify Is Now Boasting 83 Million Paid Subscribers

Back in May, Spotify announced that they had managed to hit 75 million paid subscribers worldwide. This was huge as it meant that Spotify managed to retain their lead as the biggest platform for music streaming. Fast forward a couple of months later, it looks like they are still maintaining their lead.

Spotify Will Use Your Listening Habits To Suggest Festivals To Visit

There are music festivals for pretty much any genre of music, and while some festivals are pretty mainstream and well-known, there might be a ton of others that you might not be aware of. To that end Spotify wants to help you with that and have teamed up with Festicket to recommend users festivals to go to based on your listening habits.

iTunes Credit Card Fraud Being Investigated In Singapore

It is understandable that customers might be apprehensive when handing over credit card details to a company online. However given that a lot of shopping and purchasing does take place over the internet these days, there’s really not much choice, although to be fair many companies take active steps in trying to protect the details of their customers.

Spotify Now Lets Artists Submit Unreleased Music For Playlists

One of the great features of Spotify is helping people discover new music. This is done through curated playlists which are updated frequently. This is beneficial for music listeners who want to discover new artists and songs, but also beneficial for musicians and artists who are hoping to reach new audiences.

Apple Music Has Reportedly Overtaken Spotify In The US

Back in May, it was revealed that Spotify was playing home to 75 million paid subscribers, while Apple Music was reported to have clocked in at 50 million subscribers. Based on those numbers, some might be wondering how it would be possible for Apple Music to overtake Spotify by the summer as some analysts have suggested.