One of the software complaints Apple faced over the years was how bloated its iTunes app was. Apple initially designed iTunes as a way for users to connect their iPods to computers and sync their music library, but over the years, it started to become a one-stop shop for various Apple services.

This eventually led to Apple splitting up the app into individual apps for music, podcasts, and so on. It looks like Apple could be learning from their iTunes mistake because it appears that the company could be developing a standalone music app just for classical music, at least that’s according to an APK teardown by the folks at 9to5Google.

According to the teardown of the Apple Music Android app, they discovered references made to an “Apple Classical”. Not much is known about this for now so there is a chance we could be wrong about what it means. However, at the same time Apple did acquire Primephonic, a classical music streaming company, back in 2021.

The company’s standalone app was eventually shut down and users were told to use Apple Music until the new app was ready. This has led to speculation that Apple Classical could be the replacement app that classical music fans could be waiting for. We doubt that Apple will be launching a specific app for every single genre, so this could be to cater to Primephonic’s subscribers who want an easier way to find and discover classical music without having to wade through Apple Music’s entire catalog.

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