[CES 2011] As we get more devices that can stream data and browse the web into our houses, some of us can bump into a simple, yet annoying problem: the lack of WiFi range. “On paper”, the range of WiFi should be more than enough, but depending on how your place is built (concrete versus wood…), some room might be on the edge of your wireless home network coverage. Powerline Ethernet (using the electric wires as network “cables”) is one solution. Extending WiFi is another. The Netgear WN3000RP is an add-on to a Neatgear-powered network and can be used to extend the volume covered by WiFi.Each WN3000RP can create a new WiFi “bubble” and by placing several, it is possible to extend the coverage significantly, although a couple should pretty much get the job done in most normal homes. You should know that the extended network will be slower: typically, each time the signal is “extended”, the data rate is cut in half. However, that is still much better than having no network at all. Additionally, even at half the speed, the network should still be significantly faster than most Internet broadband connections.

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