Arlo Ultra Security Camera Announced

If you’re looking to beef up security at your home, you might be interested to learn that Netgear has recently announced its latest security camera, the Arlo Ultra. The company is no stranger to such devices, but one of the benefits of the Arlo Ultra is that it can record in 4K.

Netgear Unveils New Nighthawk WiFi 6 Compatible Routers

When it comes to buying a new router, it can be confusing trying to decide which router to buy, especially for the average user who might be baffled by the sheer number of choices that are available, and all the technical jargon that is used. For example there is WiFi 802.11ac and a/b/g/n which might mean nothing to users.

Ubergizmo’s Best of IFA 2018 Editor's Pick

The past few days were intense at IFA 2018 in Berlin, Germany. There were tons of interesting products to look at (and try!), and after checking out everything we could, here are what we think where the most impressive products at IFA, sorted in no particular order.This year, Samsung launched its Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Tab S4 ahead of the show, so follow the links to that […]

Netgear’s Latest Orbi Router Also Features An Alexa-Enabled Speaker

#IFA18 – Mesh routers are a great way to help ensure that your entire home is blanketed in WiFi. Netgear’s Orbi is one of the available mesh router systems available in the market today, and at IFA 2018 the company has since taken the wraps off the Netgear Orbi Voice. This is an interesting device as it combines a WiFi router with a speaker all into a single device.


Netgear Advising Arlo Customers To Change Their Passwords

Home security devices like security cameras are meant to keep our homes safe, but who’s going to keep the cameras safe? The onus falls onto the company behind those devices, and unfortunately for those who are using Netgear’s Arlo security systems, it seems that the company is asking its customers to change their passwords over a recent security scare.

Arlo’s New Security Lights Will Help Deter Would-Be Intruders

The darkness afforded by the night is sometimes what gives thieves and robbers a sense of security and confidence in that because it makes them harder to be seen, it makes committing crime a bit easier. Now if you live on a street that doesn’t have sufficient lighting or if you’re just looking to better protect your home, Netgear’s Arlo has unveiled new a security light system.

Netgear Unveils New Orbi 2-In-1 Modem Router System

For home users who do not have their own modem, chances are you might be leasing one from your ISP. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but if you’re hoping to save yourself some money on modem rental, then perhaps you might be interested in Netgear’s latest Orbi modem router system.

Netgear XR500 NightHawk Gaming Router

The XR500 NightHawk is Netgear’s first official Gaming router as the company wants to take some share of the juicy PC Gaming market. Netgear has taken notice that a large share of PC gamers play first-person-shooter (FPS) games that can be extremely sensitive to network conditions. As you have guessed, this is not something that the average router will excel at, hence this XR500 NightHawk design.

Netgear Orbi Outdoor Satellite Extends WiFi Reach

[CES 2108] Netgear has just announced that it will feature the new Orbi Outdoor Satellite at CES 2018. As you can guess by its name, this is a product designed to be located outdoors, and it extends the home WiFi network to up to 2,500 square feet, says Netgear.

Netgear Recalls Arlo Outdoor Camera Power Adapters Due To Fire Hazard

Netgear has a series of outdoor cameras for home security purposes, like the Arlo, Arlo Pro, and the Arlo Go. Unfortunately it seems that the power adapter that is used for these cameras is having issue, so much so that the company has issued a recall for them over the potential of a fire hazard.

Netgear Announces Arlo Outdoor Smart Home Security Light

When it comes to smart home security systems, there are many options to choose from. This ranges from smart home security cameras, motion sensors, doorbells, alarm systems, and more, and Netgear has recently announced a new addition to the already-growing list in the form of a smart home security light for outdoors.

Netgear Launches Arlo Pro 2 Wireless Camera

Netgear’s Arlo Pro wireless camera was well received last year so the company is now launching a successor. Netgear announced the launch of the Arlo Pro 2 today, and like its predecessor, it’s also wireless. However, it’s slightly more expensive than the Arlo Pro was as the resolution has been increased to 1080p. There are some other new features as well.

Netgear Vulnerability Lets Hackers Commandeer Routers

A new vulnerability has been found in Netgear routers which can potentially allow hackers to commandeer your routers. This vulnerability is said to affect more than a dozen Netgear routers and thus potentially affects thousands of units in homes and businesses across the globe. The vulnerability has been disclosed by a cybersecurity firm called Trustwave.

Telstra Launches World’s First Gigabit-Class LTE Network (Australia)

Telstra, the largest Australian wireless carrier, has announced that its Gigabit-class (~1000Mbps) LTE network is now operational. Telstra was aiming to have it ready by the end of 2016, so with a small delay, things are now up and running.