Pioneer is more often than not mentioned when it comes to home theater systems as well as optical drives, but what we have on the table today is slightly different from what many of you are used to – we’re talking about a cyclocomputer which is still in the works, powered by Google’s very own Android operating system that displays details in a far more graphically-enhanced manner. Sounds appealing, but we do think that this will run the risk of distracting cyclists who should be more focused on the road in the first place. Pioneer has also thrown in wireless sensors that will connect to the crank and measure the force of the rider’s pedaling, showing off relevant results as graphical vectors for each foot. We are pretty sure that additional information will be displayed and recorded, making this a purchase that is meant for the above average athlete instead of a regular Joe who wants to shed some blubber around the waist after the recent holiday feasts. Hopefully the display is easily readable under direct sunlight and won’t take up too much juice…

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