Lightning connector headphones have existed before, but ever since Apple decided to remove the port for good in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, they just became a lot more necessary than before, especially if you’re not really a fan of using wireless headphones. The good news is that Pioneer has you covered.

The company has recently announced two new pairs of headphones that will be part of their Rayz lineup. The first will be the Rayz, and the second will be the Rayz Plus. Both headphones will connect to your iPhone via the Lightning port which means that they can be powered using your phone. However the Rayz Plus will actually feature an additional Lightning port on the headset itself in which users can use it to charge the phone at the same time.

According to Pioneer, they claim that the headphones use Avnera’s LightX technology which apparently draws the least amount of power from your phone, meaning that you shouldn’t have to worry about the headphones draining your phone’s battery too badly. The Rayz headphones will also have “smart” features such as noise cancellation technology where based on your ear and environment, it will be able to optimize the listening experience.

They also have on-ear and off-ear detection meaning that when you take the headphones out of your ears, it will pause the music, and will resume playback when you put them back in. The Rayz headphones are priced at $99.95 while the Rayz Plus are priced at $149.95 and will be available soon.

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