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Pioneer Wants To Turn Your Smartphone Into An In-Dash Car Display
#CES2019 – If you are buying a new car, you might be given the option to choose an infotainment system that will support Android Auto or CarPlay. If you aren’t buying a new car but want those features, there are some aftermarket options to check out. However if you think that those are still a bit too pricey, maybe Pioneer could have something for you.

Pioneer’s Rayz & Rayz Plus Headphones Get ‘Hey Siri’ Support
With Apple choosing to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7 (and presumably future models), this means that users need to start looking for wireless headphones, or headphones with a Lightning connector, which admittedly are few and far in-between compared to “regular” models.

Pioneer Unveils New Android Auto In-Dash Units
While newer vehicles might give users the choice of having Android Auto or Carplay being installed for them, older vehicles don’t, although thankfully with after-party options being offered by manufacturers, those with older vehicles will be able to take advantage of the features offered by Android Auto and Carplay.

Pioneer Announces Rayz Lightning Connector Headphones
Lightning connector headphones have existed before, but ever since Apple decided to remove the port for good in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, they just became a lot more necessary than before, especially if you’re not really a fan of using wireless headphones. The good news is that Pioneer has you covered.


Pioneer Launches First Ultra HD Blu-ray PC Drives
While most of us prefer accessing media content via streaming services, there still exists a segment that would much rather stick with hardware. Pioneer today launched a couple of new products just for them. The company has unveiled its first Ultra HD Blu-ray PC drives today and has confirmed that they will be available for purchase next month.

Alpine Unveil New Wireless CarPlay System
[CES 2017] Carmakers are starting to include CarPlay and Android Auto options in their newer vehicles. However given that changing cars isn’t exactly the same as changing a phone or a tablet, safe to say that it might take a while before CarPlay and Android Auto systems make its way into the market.

Pioneer’s PLX-500 Turntables Will Digitize Your Vinyl Collection
With music largely being digital these days, and the convenience of being able to fit your entire library into your pocket, it seems that the need for physical mediums of music are left mostly to collectors. Now if you are a collector of physical mediums like vinyl but you also want the best of both worlds, Pioneer might have a solution for you.

Pioneer Launches All-Metal Android Audio Player For $500
Most people don’t carry a separate audio player these devices, even an iPod for that matter, because our smartphones are more than capable of providing us our music fix. For some though audio quality is paramount and for them there are several products available in the market, like the Sony NW-ZX2, at $1,280 it’s the most expensive Walkman Sony has ever produced. Pioneer has launched a similar product, it’s an all-metal Android music […]

Pioneer Launches Their First CarPlay Dashboard System
Earlier this year, Apple officially announced CarPlay which was formerly known as iOS in the Car. Apple has obviously partnered up with several car manufacturers in the process in order to bring the feature to future car models, but what about those who us who already have car and don’t think it’s a clever idea to buy a new car just for that feature?Well thankfully Pioneer announced that they would […]

Pioneer BDR-XU03J Could Be Thinnest Portable USB BD Player Ever
When it comes to portable USB optical disc drives, you might want to consider something which not only looks good, but is also slim and lightweight. After all, it is meant to be portable, is it not? Enter the Pioneer BDR-XU03J, which is a USB 3.0 Blu-ray Disc (BD) drive that measures all of just 1.2” thin. Yes sir, 1.2” thin, now think about that.

Pioneer HDJ-C70 Headphones For DJs Revealed
If you’re a DJ looking for a new set of headphones, or if you’re just in the market for a new set of headphones anyway, you might be interested to learn that Pioneer has announced a new set of headphones aimed at professional DJs in the form of the HDJ-C70. Unlike Pioneer’s previous headphones, the company apparently aimed for a new direction by making the HDJ-C70 lighter, thus making it […]

Pioneer Reportedly Working On Bringing CarPlay To More Vehicles
Earlier this month, Apple unveiled their new vehicle initiative called CarPlay. This was basically a rebranding of iOS in the Car that was shown off last year. CarPlay is a good idea but unfortunately it requires vehicle manufacturers to participate in the program and install the system into vehicles.Apple has done a good job of getting a variety of manufacturers to come on board CarPlay, but unfortunately not all vehicle […]

Pioneer DJE-2000 And DJE-1500 Headphones Announced
Pioneer has just announced the Pioneer DJE-2000 and Pioneer DJE-1500 in-ear headphones, where either one of these are able to offer DJs a professional option when it comes to in-ear monitoring, as well as whenever one is preparing sets on the move. There is not much choice to pick from where color is concerned since you can only choose from either black or white shades, but at the end of […]

Pioneer To Re-Enter TV Market
More than four and a half years ago, we brought you word that Pioneer had already announced that they were ready to throw in the towel where its TV business was concerned. It does seem as though the company is about to perform a U-turn on their decision, as Pioneer recently announced that they will make a return to the TV market, although on a far smaller scale. This re-entry […]