Dead Island

Techland, a Polish game developer, recently released a trailer for an upcoming Zombie FPS (first person shooter) game called Dead Island, and it seems to have ruffled some feathers of the media. The cinematic trailer shows a family that gets slaughtered while on a beach holiday, and ends (more like begins) with a young girl being flung out of a window to her death. It is accompanied by a haunting piano tune and flashback sequences inserted between the chaos and in my opinion is very well done trailer, and impressive trailers are hard to come by these days. Especially if it’s just another rehash of the overdone zombie genre. Anyway, it seems like the regular media are up in flames over it while most of the gaming community are pretty impressed by it. Hit the break to watch the video, be warned though – it’s probably not for the faint hearted, and let us know what you think:

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