Sometime in the middle of last month, we brought you word of a new Need for Speed movie trailer, after the announcement of such a movie being made at the end of September. Well, Electronic Arts (EA) also wants you to be aware that there is also a new Need for Speed Rivals trailer available to the masses, where the video would drop hints on what you can expect from the upcoming game. Among the features and benefits in Need for Speed Rivals would be the in-game companion app, OverWatch, which has been bandied by EA to be “more than just a companion app.”


OverWatch can be summed up as the game’s social network, or a “gaming Facebook”, if you will. You will be able to keep track of your friends who are also involved in Need for Speed Rivals, checking out just what they are doing at that point in time in the game. It will be powered by AutoLog, where the app also paves the way for a different method of interacting with other players, not to mention to gain access to some exclusive content. I guess the face of racing games is slowly but surely changing, Drivatars and all. Do you like the direction where racing games are headed in?

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