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Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture Gets New Trailer And Song Debut
It looks like Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is back – with a spanking new trailer to tease you, not to mention debuting a spanking new song along the way, now how about that? It is not too far away from Beta for Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture on the Sony PS4 platform (just a few weeks, in fact), and this means that those who are interested in the title […]

New Ant-Man Trailer Revealed
It is really interesting to see Marvel Comics do a whole lot more now than just comics. After all, traditional print media is slowly but surely dying out, and it is wise to see Marvel take a different approach to expand their revenue stream by diversifying it, through one large gamble – that of movies. While we have seen a slew of blockbusters from various hit franchises such as X-Men, […]

Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Trailer Shown
The brand new trailer for the upcoming Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire game has hit the Internet, and in there, it will debut Mega Rayquaza. Hence, it seems as though all of the other Mega rumors that you have been hearing about throughout the week are actually real, thanks to the Mega Rayquaza’s official debut. It does look likely that there will be a Special Demo of Omega Ruby and Alpha […]

Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor's 'Wraith' Gameplay Trailer
Where else but Middle Earth where an Elven wraith is capable of making its way back from the realm of the dead in order to stay in the body of a Ranger. This unholy alliance would then empower said possessed Ranger with the kind of strength as well as powers to obtain the very same revenge than he is so thirsty for against the orcs who stripped away all that […]


New Need For Speed Rivals Trailer Appear
Sometime in the middle of last month, we brought you word of a new Need for Speed movie trailer, after the announcement of such a movie being made at the end of September. Well, Electronic Arts (EA) also wants you to be aware that there is also a new Need for Speed Rivals trailer available to the masses, where the video would drop hints on what you can expect from […]

Dead Rising 3 Launch Trailer Is Chock Full Of Zombies
It does seem as though our society is unable to get enough of the zombie mania. The Walking Dead, in its fourth season already, still draws plenty of viewers every single week. Well, we are pleased to announce that Dead Rising 3’s most recent trailer, where it sports the title “Snowflakes”, unfortunately has very little snow inside, but what is more important, it does come with a fair number of […]

300: Rise of an Empire Trailer Now Out
300: Rise of an Empire is set to thrill movie audiences in March 7, 2014.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist Co-Op Mode Highlighted In New Trailer
A new trailer for Splinter Cell: Blacklist's co-op mode has been released by Ubisoft.

New Remember Me Trailer Highlights Enemies You'll Fight In Neo-Paris
Capcom’s Remember Me is scheduled to be released on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on June 7, which means the famous game publisher has a little over two months in order to start putting its marketing power behind its newest IP. Capcom has released a brand-new trailer for Remember Me which shows Nilin doing one of the things she does best in the game: fighting.The trailer, which is called “It’s […]

Modern Warfare 3 Advert with Sam Worthington, Jonah Hill and Dwight Howard
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has just added some star power to its marketing Blitz (at least on Xbox). Sam Worthington, Jonah Hill and Dwight Howard are featured in the latest video ad campaign for the mega-hit video game. Called “The Vet & The n00b Official Trailer”, this new trailer shows the Hollywood and TV-show stars as Modern Warfare 3 players. From New York to Peris, to Berlin, they […]

Max Payne 3: Pop Up Trailer released
Hungry for more Max Payne 3 footage? Well this week Rock Star didn’t release anything new, but they did update the first trailer with some interesting facts about the game. For example, did you know that all guns in the game are fully articulated, and every bullet is physically rendered? Rockstar Games did this so that Max can shoot dodge and use bullet time with great accuracy to avoid individual bullets. […]

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Luminopolis trailer
Are you a huge fan of the Ratchet & Clank franchise? Well, those who answered in the affirmative will be pleased to know that the dynamic duo’s latest outing, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Luminopolis just had its trailer released. Here’s a quick synopsis of what gist of the game is like.One of the frequent questions we get is how the evil Dr. Nefarious ended up with Ratchet, Clank, […]

Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 gameplay trailer released
Last week we showed you the first Battlefield 3 – Operation Guillotine trailer. Today, EA/DICE have got more footage for you, and again, it’s just in time for your weekend! This time around, they’ve released the first full-length trailer that features the first ever official Xbox 360 gameplay footage for Battlefield 3. Xbox 360 owners, you’ll probably want to hit the replay over and over again – it’s that good. […]

Max Payne 3: first official trailer released
The first few screenshots of Max Payne 3 were released two weeks ago, with a couple more last week, and now we finally have the first trailer that’s been released for the game, along with a short blurb describing the game’s storyline:“Still haunted by the memories of his traumatic past, Max begins a new life working private security protecting a wealthy industrialist and his family in São Paulo, Brazil. When […]

Sealander Amphibious Camping Trailer
The great outdoors is always an adventure that not all families enjoy – others pretty much prefer a more comfortable outing at a holiday resort that has everything done and prepared for you, although I must say that if you want to build character, then camping is a must – it also reminds me of those Calvin & Hobbes comics that only Calvin’s dad seemed to enjoy while the rest […]

Battlefield 3 - Operation Guillotine trailer released (updated)
Ready to kickstart your weekend with more trailers from your favorite upcoming game? The folks over at EA/DICE have heard your wishes and released a new trailer for the highly anticipated game, Battlefield 3. Titled Operation Guillotine, the trailer (also made completely from in-game footage) shows some pretty graphic and exciting scenes. It’s dark, it’s messy, but most importantly, it’s immersive and it really makes you feel like you’re in […]

StarCraft Universe (StarCraft 2 MMO mod) Gameplay Trailer released
One of the best things about games that come with official map editors or development kits is the content that comes from the modding community after the game is released. A lot of hit games have started off as small mods that gained massive success. Counter-Strike, Team Fortress, Enemy Territory and Defense of the Ancients – they all started out as user created mods that were created with the official […]

New Sonic game might feature old cuter Sonic
To celebrate the festivities for Sonic’s 20th birthday this year, Sega released a teaser trailer for a new Sonic game. From what little we could glean, it would appear the old Sonic (before he got green eyes and had super long legs) will be making a return, as he is seen running alongside today’s Sonic. Concerning the Sonic franchise, it’s time the series gets serious and went back to its […]

Dead Island trailer deemed too controversial?
Techland, a Polish game developer, recently released a trailer for an upcoming Zombie FPS (first person shooter) game called Dead Island, and it seems to have ruffled some feathers of the media. The cinematic trailer shows a family that gets slaughtered while on a beach holiday, and ends (more like begins) with a young girl being flung out of a window to her death. It is accompanied by a haunting […]

Gameloft Sells More Than 20 Million Games On The App Store
If there was any doubt that game development companies were serious about Apple’s iOS platform, the announcement by mobile game developer Gameloft that it has sold more than 20 million games on the App Store should blow away any such doubts. According to the company, of the 47 iPhone and iPad games that they launched from the beginning of this year, an amazing 42 of them have hit the top […]