Where else but Middle Earth where an Elven wraith is capable of making its way back from the realm of the dead in order to stay in the body of a Ranger. This unholy alliance would then empower said possessed Ranger with the kind of strength as well as powers to obtain the very same revenge than he is so thirsty for against the orcs who stripped away all that he had – his family, especially. I suppose folks like this Ranger and Kratos should form some sort of social club to talk through their feelings of rage.


Well, the first ‘wraith’ trailer has now been shown to the masses, giving you a peek and an insight into how the title will pan out when it arrives. In the video above, you can check out how the wraith’s powers will be like while kicking the rear ends of all the other enemies.

Basically, in Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor by Warner Bros., you will be able to take advantage of the wraith powers at your disposal to control the orcs, and then use such slaves to perform some snooping around so that you can obtain additional and crucial information on your enemies’ strengths and weaknesses .

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