Q&D-Poor man's-Skinner-Sadist-Jeopardy game

Are you a fan of giving your friends or yourself electric shocks? If you are, get out your toolbox and hit the garage to build this quiz game that should give you some shocking results. Called the “Q&D-Poor man’s-Skinner-Sadist-Jeopardy game”, this game gives each player a controller to answer questions displayed on a computer. If a player gets it wrong – the player will get a charge of electricity sent to his/her wrist through a strap they all have to wear. That’ll teach you to get something wrong! And because each contestant has to answer each question, the chance of someone getting zapped by the game is pretty high. If you’re interested in building your own “Q&D-Poor man’s-Skinner-Sadist-Jeopardy game”, head over to Instructables for the details.

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