Want to stream Spotify? If you do, you’ll either need to do so from a computer or a smartphone with the Spotify app installed on it. But what if you wanted to stream it on a 2004 iPod? You might think you’re out of luck, but that wasn’t the case with Guy Dupont who decided to take his 17-year old iPod and give it a modern upgrade.

To give his iPod a much-needed upgrade, Dupont had to basically gut the entire device and remove nearly all of its innards, save for the classic and iconic click wheel on the front. He then replaced all of the parts inside with a Raspberry Pi Zero W that he managed to get to interface with the click wheel.

He also replaced the screen with a color LCD, a small motor for haptic feedback, and stuffed a 1,000mAh battery inside of it. This was made possible as the 2004 iPod is kind of huge compared to modern day smartphones, plus it helped that these days, components are getting smaller.

Dupont also went about recreating a new software using Python to recreate the scrolling interface. The end result, at least on the surface, looks like nothing has changed, but we can assure you that this is an iPod unlike any other you’ve seen.

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