If you like tower PC builds, there is a chance that you might have come across the NZXT H1 cases. They are pretty nicely styled and kind of resemble the Xbox Series X in terms of design, but unfortunately, it seems that they are also a fire hazard which is why the company has announced the recall of the H1 cases.

So what’s behind the potential issue? The case features a riser with two screws designed to house the GPU. However, due to the space constraint in the case, there might be instances where they isn’t enough clearance which could lead to a potential shorting of a 12V power rail on the connecting PCB.

NZXT had attempted to rectify this by sending out nylon screws to customers who purchased the H1, but in a statement on the company’s blog, they acknowledged that this was a bit shortsighted and did not solve the root cause of the problem. To that end, they have decided to simply recall all the cases instead and customers who purchased them can get full refunds.

They will also be sending out redesigned PCIe Gen3 Riser Assemblies units for H1 owners who would prefer to keep their cases and want to solve the potential shorting issue themselves. We’re not sure if there are plans to bring back the H1, but for now they will no longer be available.

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