Apple is expected to launch a new iMac in the near future that will be powered by its M1 chipset. However, a YouTuber by the name of Luke Miani could have beaten Apple to the punch by launching the world’s first iMac powered by an Apple Silicon chipset. How, you ask? By transplanting an M1 Mac mini into an old iMac.

According to Miani, it seems that the Mac mini’s motherboard is so small that it has no trouble fitting into the iMac’s case without additional modifications. He then took a HDMI display adapter to connect it to the iMac’s display connector which essentially meant that he was using the iMac more as a display than anything.

However, the fact that the Mac mini managed to get squeezed into the iMac’s chassis essentially gave it the illusion of the iMac being powered by an M1 chipset. That being said, this is far from a perfect transplant. For starters, the 2011 iMac’s display came with a lower resolution.

Secondly, as the Mac mini is essentially the heart of the computer, the fact that it’s hidden inside the case means that in order to turn the computer on or off or access the ports of the Mac mini, you’d have to remove the back panel of the iMac. However, it still does seem like a fun project and if you have some time to spare, you can check out Miani’s video above.

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