Head Shaving Helmet saves you a trip to the barbers

For those of you who would want to take the Kojak route (if you don’t know who he is, then chances are you’re a whole lot younger than I am) when it comes to your hairstyle, then you would find this Head Shaving Helmet rather…liberating. After all, it is touted to shave you completely bald in just 24 seconds, now how about that? This is made possible thanks to a couple of servos powering four razors, automatic shaving cream injection, and LED progress indicators. The moment it is activated, it will spread shaving cream over your noggin’, where the quartet of electric razors inside will then pass back and forth to turn you into a captured Samson. Something tells me it won’t do a really clean job since everyone’s heads are different.

Note: This is a joke, and we know that April 1st hasn’t arrived yet, so have a good laugh!

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