Sony PlayStation 3

Remember the reports of the latest PlayStation 3 patch that was said to implement a rootkit into the system that would allow Sony to check and modify the files on your PS3 remotely? According to some recent re-examination of the PS3 terms and conditions, it seems that Sony has had the right to do this ever since the console was launched in 2006. So by buying the PlayStation 3 and using it, you are basically agreeing to all the rules set by them in the end user license agreement (which most people probably never bothered to read). It looks like Sony has their back covered with some small print written a long time ago, and there’s nothing you can do about it save never connecting your PS3 to the internet again or by waiting for a hack from the developer community. Either way, if you don’t use your PlayStation 3 for anything illegal, this shouldn’t be a problem in the first place. Let’s just hope malicious hackers don’t find a way to abuse this opening and shut down PlayStation 3 consoles all over the world

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