08 Samsung Galaxy S i9000 Android 23 Gingerbread

Samsung Galaxy S users in the states must be green with envy now – according to some reports online, somebody at Samsung Germany stated that the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 (the version of the Galaxy S that’s been sold everywhere except the states, currently on Android 2.2) will be receiving the Gingerbread update this March. It these statements turn out to be the truth, the Samsung Galaxy S will be one of the first phones to officially receive the Gingerbread update with the other 2 phones before it being the flagship Google phones (Nexus S and Nexus One). It comes as no surprise that the Galaxy S phone will get the update, but seeing the pitiful state of the Galaxy S phones in the US (some are still stuck on 2.1), we wonder if we’ll be going through the same delays that we did waiting for Froyo?

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