The Nintendo 3DS has been out in Japan for almost a month now. Included with the glasses-free 3D game system are those nifty augmented reality AR cards. Using the 3DS’s two outer cameras, the system can turn those flat paper cards into three-dimensional objects on the handheld’s screen. One example is an AR card that creates a 3D Mii. Not content with those miniature Mii’s, a group of crafty Japanese DIY-ers went ahead and blew up one of those fancy cards. Using a ton of ink and paper, the end result is pretty astounding – a gigantic Mii that is larger than life-size. To prove just how big their customized Mii really is, its creators laid the massive card next to Japan’s 59-feet tall Tetsujin-28-Go roboto in Kobe and scanned it from above. Did it work? Absolutely. The Mii’s a little bit pixelated around the edges, but boy does it look looming at such a height. Can’t wait to see how blown up versions of Target Shooting, one of the 3DS’s other included AR card game works out. We’d say, it’d probably be pretty awesome until the cops come around to spoil the party.

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