Anyone who has been to Dubai would have seen the overdevelopment happen in that part of the gulf, where soaring skyscrapers with super ambitious designs bring some shape to an otherwise flat and hot landscape. Well, the Kinetower that you see here certainly won’t be out of place in that part of the world, but it remains a concept for now as part of Kinetic Architecture Studio’s ideas. This is a metamorphic structure which is touted to expand according to the intensity of sunlight – this is made possible thanks to the outer facade of the building that has been imbued with flexible and yet intelligent exterior openings which will bloat and open up, depending upon the availability and intensity of natural sunlight. Apart from being totally radical, this helps the building have its own “energy regulators” thanks to such “windows” that are made out of elastic, flexible and hardy materials. Although the technology spoken of is still in its infancy, we await with bated breath for the day when something like this becomes reality. Makes us feel as though this is a Concorde on land – now that legendary plane will extend when it hits supersonic speeds, only to contract later on.

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