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This Future iPhone Concept Features A Detachable Display
Usually, the concept video for a smartphone is purely fictional and not practically feasible.However, there are some concepts that make us think twice – “what if” we had a smartphone exactly like that.It is definitely worth noting that the concepts are purely creative and encourage innovation in some way. And, this time, an iPhone concept caught the attention of a lot of users.As the new decade is almost here – […]

Toyota’s Concept-Ai Car That Wants To Befriend You
What is the whole point of a consumer electronics show if you do not have a few concepts that tickle the imagination? The engineers at Toyota would like to wow us with their vision of what a car in the future would look like, kicking things off with “Yui”. Specially designed from the ground up, the Toyota Concept-i offers hopes to inspire the future in terms of mobility by knowing […]

New Parking Signs For LA Are Simple And Brilliant
Yes, it is a saying that is true and worthy that one should not waste time trying to reinvent the wheel, but the thing is, just how many things, concepts, processes or devices out there that are as perfect as a wheel, and no longer needs any kind of improvement? If one were to figure out parking signs in downtown Los Angeles, it might be an extremely challenging experience since […]

Gigabyte BRIX Mini PC Prototypes Shown Off
Gigabyte shows off their BRIX mini PC concepts at Computex 2013.


Erick Tseng Envisioned Electric Display Wrapped Around Phone
A few years back, not many people would have thought that Android would end up being the tour de force that it is today, as the Android operating system proved to be one mobile operating system that was full of bugs. Of course, this was before the Google Nexus One was released that changed the general public’s perception on how an Android smartphone could look like, and that was followed […]

Renault Concept Car Boasts Of Neon LED Cocoon
Concept cars are one way for an automobile company to show the world what is possible, when all sorts of current restrictions are removed from the way, and one indulged in nothing but the power of imagination. Of course, this does not mean that all concept cars will not be realized off the production line somewhere in the world, but when it comes to Renault’s latest concept car, the Twin’Z, […]

Meet Pars, The Aerial Rescue Robot
RTS Lab, based in Iran, has developed Pars, which is an aerial rescue robot designed and made for “saving human lives”. The purpose behind building Pars is to rescue people who are drowning near coastlines. The robot can quickly move towards people who’re drowning off the coastline by user guidance and then activate its savior system which releases life tubes. It can also be used for maritime monitoring, aid in […]

Phinergy Air Car Concept
Everyone wants to be green and eco-friendly these days, and this is a good phase to go through, preferably when it ends up being a kind of lifestyle, too. Phinergy, a company that is based in Israel, is developing a new kind of electric vehicle that would definitely make rides like the Nissan Leaf look archaic, and I am not talking about just in terms of design, but more importantly, […]

Kia CUB Concept Has A Heart For Your Health
Most, if not all, of the vehicles that you see on the road these days started off as a concept. It makes perfect sense, as a concept would also allow a company to gauge the potential reception that a particular ride receives when it is finally released to the masses. Not only that, concepts will throw away all conventional thinking that boxes one in, and frees the designer to push […]

Virtual Library Concept Might Make Reading On Subways A Reality
For those of you who take the subway to work and back each day, chances are you would find that most folks have their noses and thumbs buried in a smartphone or tablet, as it seems to get more and more rare these days to see someone reading a book instead. These smartphones and tablets will most probably rely on a pre-loaded game or movie, since the New York City […]

PoolLiveAid Helps Beginners At Pool Play Better
Did you pay any attention at math class when you were in school, especially when it concerned angles? Well, maybe it is time to find out whether all that knowledge is put to good use by having some fun at the pool table. The thing is, if you do not have your nerves around you, then you would definitely be firing wayward shots all over. Sometimes, getting the right angles […]

AirGo Concept Makes Economy Class Flights More Comfortable
Flying cattle class, or rather, economy class if you were to use the proper term, is not something that most folks enjoy, but simply because of cost considerations, there is no other choice. Thing is, are there better ways to make flying economy class more comfortable? Malaysia-based engineering student Alireza Yaghoubi figured out that this is a proverbial broken wheel that needs to be fixed, and the AirGo concept of […]

NailDisplay Technology Puts Nail Polish To Shame
Girls, listen up! I am quite sure that you have managed to amass quite a collection of nail polish over the years, and if you are one who always wears a different color each day and love to accessorize your nails, perhaps it is time you checked out what the 22nd century has on offer – the NailDisplay. Sure, the technology that makes the NailDisplay work is not yet in […]

Audi Intelligent Swarm Tail Light Concept
I admit that Audi’s design ideas when it comes to their automobiles these days are nothing short of stunning and inspirational. The Audi TT was the first Audi car that really caught my imagination, and even until today, that iconic shape is able to hold its own, and one of the German automobile manufacturer’s most recent innovation would be doing away with the traditional tail-lights, but rather, install ‘swarm’ lights […]

iFlex flexPhone Concept Has Flexible Display
Are flexible displays the holy grail when it comes to portable consumer electronics such as the smartphone? I suppose you could say so, and Samsung did take a step in the right direction where flexible displays are concerned at the recently concluded CES 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Well, here is a concept that will run along the same line of thought – the iFlex flexPhone concept, being the creation […]

Bugatti Type Zero Electric Car Concept
Concepts are definitely an area that we love to check out, considering how everything does not need to remain bound under the natural law of physics. In other words, you can come up with the most outlandish ideas because somehow or rather, in that particular version of reality in your world, this is how things work. Well, a group of young design students in France are the ones behind this […]

Re:Sound Bottle Concept
Now here is a conceptual idea that you might want to embrace when it comes to adding some spice to your daily life – designed by Jun Fujiwara who hails from Tama Art University, this particular bottle is simple in its usage, although the design itself can be said to be absurdly complex, as it has a very heavy reliance on software to handle the recording, storing, and playback of […]

Sneaker Speaker Runs On Bluetooth Connectivity
Now here is a pair of speakers that would definitely change the way you look at audio playback – this speaker concept will more or less put sound on your feet, where it could eventually turn you into a mobile DJ. Thanks to New York studio Ray Kingston Inc., the Sneaker Speaker is actually a Bluetooth-enabled pair of speakers which are connected to the sneakers. The speakers will run on […]

Laser Beams Aid Pedestrians To Cross The Road Safely
I clearly remember that laser room in the first Resident Evil movie which was certainly a pants wetting experience for those in there, and I was quite bummed that the leader of the group tried his best to escape before the entire “net” of lasers sliced him to bits. Well, lasers could harm, and if used correctly, they could also help us humans. Not to bust a door open by […]

Traffic light concept might help reduce accidents
When it comes to traffic lights, the shift from standard ones to those that use LEDs has been a pretty significant jump for two reasons – it is a whole lot easier to view the current status even under bright sunlight, and if one LED goes out, the rest will still work instead of having the entire light go out of commission. Over the years, other small improvements include throwing […]