Usually, the concept video for a smartphone is purely fictional and not practically feasible.

However, there are some concepts that make us think twice – “what if” we had a smartphone exactly like that.

It is definitely worth noting that the concepts are purely creative and encourage innovation in some way. And, this time, an iPhone concept caught the attention of a lot of users.

As the new decade is almost here – the concept showcases a variety of possibilities that include a “detachable display”.

Instead of just folding your display, you can just detach it completely and use it as a secondary screen or attach both the screens for a bigger experience.

In addition to that, the concept also mentions the idea of transforming your iPhone into a tiny notebook while being able to detach the secondary screen.

If you take a look at the video above, you will find a lot of interesting ideas like self-healing display, flexible smartphone, charging the battery using the sunlight, and a lot to go on.

Of course, you should not expect these features to “actually” arrive on the next-gen iPhones. But, it is exciting to watch the concepts for potential innovations that we could keep an eye out in the new decade.

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